Third Level of Learning, Paper 8: Galactic Federations and Councils

by Wes Penre, Saturday, March 23, 2013

I. Abstract. Galactic Federations and Councils

       Somewhere along the line, almost any channeled source we listen to is going to mention that they belong to one Galactic Federation and Council or another. This is normally presented as a positive thing, and people who are digging into the material feel that there is a chance in the future that humanity may join as well. Then there are others, like the Pleiadians, who don’t like Galactic Federations. They have been channeling their information for almost 25 years, and every so often they get a question about Galactic Federations. It has come to a point where they get almost irritated and just say, “We are not hot on Galactic Federations.” 

     When I decided to look into these space organizations, I did my best to look at them objectively to see if I could find a connection between some of them, or if they all are separate from the others. What I did was to gather all the different federations and councils I could find out there and listed them. Then I tried to find out which specific group was talking about which council, and if these groups had any relation at all. The result is going to be presented in this paper.

II. A List of Galactic Federations and Councils

     This list is far from complete, and I actually looked into more than these, but to save the reader from too much headache, I narrowed it down to those that I found at all significant for us in today’s world; many of which we will stumble upon sooner of later in our research if we are into the UFO field. So, here they are, in no specific order:

The Council of Zindar/Zendar/Saturn

The Council of Thuban

The Nibiruan Council and the Galactic Federation of Worlds

The Council of Nine

The Galactic Federation of Light (Previously only “The Galactic Federation”)

The Ashtar Command

The Allies of Humanity

The Greater Community

The Galactic Federation of Planets

The Council of 12

The Council of 24

The Elohim Council

The Guardian Alliance

The Andromedan Council

The (Galactic) Federation

The Confederation of Planets

The Orion Federation

Sirian High Command

The Galactic Federation of Planets

Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets (IFSP)

     As the reader can see, there are a lot of councils and federations, and it seems like a lot to research and perhaps the subject for another 10 papers, but fortunately it’s easier than it looks like at the first glance. We have already gained knowledge from the previous papers in Level III, and that will show to be of some significant help. It’s also not my purpose to go into each group in detail; all I want to do it to show the connection between them and what effect that may have on us here on Earth. That is the only thing that is interesting at this point. Also, some of the Federations listed above are just other names for the same group, as we shall see. I think the reader can see the significance of bringing this up in order for us to distinguish who is who (something no one, amazingly enough, as done before, frm what I know).

III. The Galactic Federations and Councils Under the Microscope

     When we listen to channeled material where they say that they are not part of any hierarchy, and that hierarchies are oppressive and unfair and create different classes of people, most people think that sounds good. However, what I show is that most of these sources belong to a Federation, Confederation, or a space council of some sort. It looks like no matter which council or federation they are members of, it’s a part of a larger hierarchy that is taking us all the way from the bottom (the councils and federations here on Earth, resulting in the Illuminati Pyramid), out into the astral, to the next star system, across the whole galaxy and beyond, perhaps ending in the KHAA with the Thuban Council.

     So let us take a look at these galactic and intergalactic organizations and learn who is who and what is what. The following organizations will be listed in hierarchy order where possible. The first one is therefore the highest federation known to me in a descending hierarchy. 

iii.i. The Council of Thuban

      This is supposedly the oldest council in the Milky Way Galaxy, residing in the 12th Dimension, which is outside of the physical universe, in the VOID. They call themselves Dragons, but say they are the “good Dragons”, admitting to that there are lower dimensional Dracos who are not as friendly. Thuban is a star system in the Draconis constellation, and because it’s the brightest star, it’s called Alpha Draconis.

     The Thubans say that they are a big part of our ancient history and participated in the early seeding of our planet. They are supposedly the ones who planted the reptilian brain into our mammal brains. 

     They claim to be in service of the One Creator (all star races are, whether they are good or bad, Wes’s comment), and say that the Sirians are humanity’s best friends[1]. 

     The reason they have contacted us here on Earth at this time is because they are allegedly in charge of the Harvest. Abraxas, who is a High Council member and a walk-in, is telling us that the Thubans need to genetically manipulate Homo sapiens into becoming dragonized “Starhumans”, ready to approach the 5th Dimension. It has to be done with technology, and this is the way God intended it to be. According to Abraxas, there is no such thing as “natural ascension happening without interference”. Interfering with, and genetically manipulate, an ascending species is the natural way, she says.

     All star races who promote the Harvest are in one way or another talking about a Superwave heading towards Earth. Some say it originates from the Galactic Center, others say it originates nowhere; it’s always been there and will always be. The Harvest and the ascension will happen when this wave, upon which 200 million star beings ride, reaches our solar system. Those who have 51% or more of their heart chakras open are potential graduates.

     Many of those who have not at all prepared themselves and know nothing about what’s about to come down will have their neurological systems fried and they will die in the process. Others will go through extreme hardship with strange weather phenomena and sickness, but some will still survive. Those who are ready to ascend, however, will feel very little discomfort, but instead feel great joy, and for a short moment under the transition from 4D to 5D they will feel the Oneness with the whole universe, which is an indescribable “euphoric” feeling. 

     The Thubans say that they are us in the future, but also our ancestors — the ferocious Dragons. They claim that the whole universe consists of only humans in different stages of development. Due to that time is simultaneous in a fluid Multiverse, Earth is now being visited by our future selves in form of the Grays, who are here to steal our DNA in order to regain their emotionality and personalities; both of which they lost along the way in the Machine Kingdom we humans are about to create for ourselves in our present now. In other words, there are no other “aliens” in the universe except humans in different stages of development! This is what the Thubans are teaching, and this is what most other channeled sources and Galactic Federations are teaching us as well, although most people ignore that fact and don’t even notice it. Whether this is true or not is something time will show; we need more evidence in order to once and for all establish this as the truth, but I must say that in the light of evidence based on intensive research, it looks like this could be the case.

     Thuban Guardians will wait for those who are due to ascend and will transport them to the correct place in the astral where they can obtain their 5D bodies which are there for them, ready to use. And here is the confusion: will the person incarnate as an adult in an adult body, or will this super-enhanced body be placed as a fetus in an impregnated earth woman for the 5D human to incarnate in? We don’t know, because we never get any clear answer to this.We get the impression, however, that the Harvest may happen between lives but can also take place while the spirit is still incarnated. Our friends and neighbors will still live around us even if they don’t ascend, but those who ascend will vibrate on a much higher frequency, and after a few generations, those who don’t progress cannot hold the higher frequencies, and that’s when the splitting of the world will take place.

     Sources and references:;;

iii.ii. The Council of 24

     In 1973, J.J. Hurtak wrote a book he called “The Keys of Enoch”. It is laid out like the Bible with chapters and verses, like it was meant to become a substitute for the Bible. The author says the material therein is channeled from a source he mentions on occasions as “The Council of 9”. We will go much deeper into that council later in this paper. Anyway, in The Keys of Enoch (in the glossary) it says: “…the 24 are the Council governing spiritual civilizations in the Son universe which is not to be confused with the Twenty-Four Elders.[2] The “Son universe” is defined as the universe of Christ, and Christ as we know him is no one less than ENKI himself. In the Thuban hierarchy, the Council of 24 is an assisting council to the Thubans in the lower 9th – 11th Dimensions.

     The RA Material mentions the Council of 24 as well: “…there are twenty-four entities which offer their services as requested. These entities faithfully watch and have been called ‘The Guardians.'”[3] According to RA, the Council of 24 is also part of the Confederation[4] (more about them later).

     Sources and references: The Keys of Enoch by J.J Hurtak (the glossary); The RA Material,;

iii.iii. The Council of 12

     There appear to be several different Councils of 12. If we start by continuing the Thuban hierarchy in a downward fashion, the Council of 12 is a lower council than that of the 24.

     The Elohim mention them as well in Wynn Free’s e-book in the conversation that follows:

Do you report to a group that’s higher than yourself regarding delegation, of functioning or of oneness?

We report to, and receive guidance from, the Council of 12.

Is the Council of 12 a higher density than you? Do they administrate this realm, which is lower in density?

They administrate more than one realm. They administrate their own realm of the Elohim, the different levels within the Elohim and the different jobs the Elohim provide. The repairing of life models would be one example. Healing in response to prayer is another section. The Council of 12 does not directly administrate Earth. They are a group of 12 highly evolved individual souls who administrate the Council of Elohim who then, due to their functions, connect directly with earth and other realms.

Is the Council of 12 overseeing this communication that we are having at this moment?

We do coordinate through the Council of 12, and we receive advice and counsel from them. 

Are we speaking to an individual soul who represents the entire group, or do we have a portion of the group present with us?

A portion of the group is present. Yesterday you had one individual come in at one point, the passionate individual who was also a member of the Council of 12.

How many souls in the Elohim are paying attention to us right now as we do this communication.


1,200? And there’s a total of 5 million?

That’s about right.” [p.79-80 op. cit.]

This means that the Council of Elohim, although claiming to be the Creator Gods of this Universe, has quite a few councils above them in the hierarchy.

     In the Book of Job, it says that the 12 are, “…sons of Heaven working with YHWH to supervise the creation and regeneration of the lower world” (Job 38:3-7). This is a pretty interesting quote, because with the knowledge we now have gained, it’s easy to see that the “sons of Heaven” are the Patriarchal Sirian Alliance, who are creating and maintaining the status of the “lower world”, which would be us. YHWH in this case is ENKI, the Orion star being.

     Zecharia Sitchin also mentioned the Council of 12 in reference to the Anunnaki/Sirians, and he talks about the “gods” who sit (or sat) on that council. They were: ANU and his wife ANTU, NIN-HUR-SAG, ISHKUR, ENLIL, NINLIL, ENKI, NINKI, NANNAR, ISH.KUR, UTU, INANNA, MARDUK, NINURTA, NERGAL, and NINGISHZIDDA (Thoth). We are now down to the 4th Order of Archetypes.

     I’m not sure how Sitchin counted, but when I count, the above group adds up to 16, not 12, but they could have been on rotation. Dr. A.R. Bordon and his Life Physics Group California (which was dissolved in the beginning of 2013) claimed there are about 300 earthbound Anunnaki (Sirians) trapped here now, and the self-proclaimed King of this group is MARDUK, Lord ENKI’s son. ENKI, having 100% Orion genes, but his wife being Sirian, made their offspring, MARDUK, an Orion/Sirian hybrid. However, this earthly Orion/Sirian Council differs a little bit from Sitchin’s council with the same name, and the member do also. In the LPG-C version, many seats are held by unknown Anunnaki (the number after the name indicates the rank of the person, where 60 is the highest, indicating the King. MARDUK proclaimed himself to that title): MARDUK (60), ZARPANIT (55), NABU (50), Unknown (45), GIBIL (40), Unknown (35), Unknown (30), Unknown (25), Unknown (20), Unknown (15), NUSKUM (10), Unknown (5).
. I also included this table in Level I.

     Here the odd numbers were females and the even numbers were males. Someone has hidden all female participants except one, which is quite peculiar. ZARPANIT, the female who is mentioned, was a mortal human woman, whom MARDUK married here on Earth and who later died from defects coming with higher age. NUSKUM, surprisingly enough, says Bordon, was a servant to ENLIL.

     It seems quite obvious that we on this level in the hierarchy are touching on the 4th Order Archetype, which more or less is the Sirian Alliance. They seem to have their hands on the Council of 12, according to more than a couple of sources. However, according the, the Council of 12 consists not only of members of the Sirian Alliance, but of different star races. This, however, would make sense in regards to the earthbound, as the Council of 12 which Bordon claims was set up entirely by MARDUK).

     If Sitchin was correct, and the Council of 12 actually consists of members of the Sirian Alliance, we have in that case a direct connection between the Council of Thuban, the RA Material and the Sirian Alliance itself. I have reasons to believe that there is indeed a connection, and that Sitchin in this case was correct, because the Book of Job is quite telling, and more evidence which will be revealed later in this paper will strengthen that theory.

     If we go back to Wynn Free’s Elohim group, the “Elohim” are of course mentioned in the Bible, and most non-Christians researchers today are in agreement with that the Elohim in the Bible are the “Anunnaki”, or the Sirian Alliance, as I call them. Wynn and his group, however, deny this and say that “their” Elohim are of a much higher rank than that, because they are the Creator Gods of this entire universe!

     Well, I have to agree with Wynn’s group here, because they are probably telling it as it is. However, Wynn’s group are not totally aware of what it is the Elohim are saying. First of all, when they are talking about the Elohim being the Creator Gods of the universe, we are still talking about the 4% universe we humans are aware of. The Elohim may claim that they are the creators of the universe, and in that respect they are not lying; they are just manipulative. Evidence point in the direction that the Elohim channeled by Wynn’s group are the Sirian Alliance!In fact, that is exactly what the Elohim themselves are telling us. If they are taking advice from the Council of 12, they are saying that the 12 are more knowledgeable than they are, and thus higher up in the hierarchy. And evidence is showing us quite clearly that the Council of 12 is run by the 4th Order Archetype, which is the Sirian Alliance (see previous paper on the Alpha Draconians, where the Archetypes are discussed in depth).

iii.iii.i. The Andromedan Council (The Council of 12)

     So, here we have another Council of 12, apparently, unless Sitchin’s description of a council with the same name is false (or this Andromedan one is). For our purpose, it’s almost irrelevant, as we shall see, because even here in the Andromedan list of membership planets, the Sirians are mentioned, so the connection is still there.

     The following is from the Andromedan Council. This is what Tolec, an Andromedan contact, says about the Council of 12:

“The Andromeda Council is an intergalactic governance & development body of aligned benevolent star systems & planets of sentient intelligent life… for worlds in both the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies.

The chaired members of the Andromeda Council comprise a total of twelve (12) distinct representative council member races.

The Council has,

  • a non-voting Chairman from the star system Zenetae, planet Tishtae
  • a non-voting Vice-Chairwoman from the star system Mirach, planet Terial

The Mirach star system and planet Terial are located in the Milky Way Galaxy, though they can be seen from Earth as being in the Andromeda Constellation.

The Zenetae star system itself is physically located in the Andromeda Galaxy. These two people, as many on the Andromeda Council, live & vibrate in a 4th dimension/density reality. 

There are also some 3D, third dimensional like Earth; 5D, fifth dimensional, and 6D, sixth dimensional, people that are members of this governance body as well. There is one council member per seat. There are living accommodations on the primary Andromeda Council biosphere, where these meetings are held, for the people who live in all of these dimensions of life. 

Many of the member races of the Council are acknowledged throughout the Universe to be some of the same races that originally seeded Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the variety of humans on the planet today.

It is said these races have already been through the process of transformation, of upliftment – the elevated vibration, density, and spiritual consciousness of the 4D, fourth dimension.

Members of the Andromeda Council are from the star systems and planets listed below:

Star System: Arcturus – Planet: Pitolla
Star System: Antares – Planet: Nikotae
Star System: M103 – Planet: Legola
Star System: Procyon – Planet: Kaena
Star System: Vega – Planet: Percula
Star System: Capella – Planet: Pershea
Star System: Polaris – Planet: Ventra
Star System: Sirius A – Planet: Toleka
Star System: Deneb – Planet: Ritol
Star System: Tau Ceti – Planet: Xeta
Star System: Alhena – Planet: Degaroth
Star System: Betelgeuse – Planet: Etorth“[6]
Figure 1. The Symbol of the 
Andromedan Council

     They are reassuring us that once we are getting visited from certain planets, where the Sirian Toleka is one of them, it’s going to be fun here on Earth. Oh, I bet it will! They are also inviting us to the Galactic Federation of Light, which is an obvious Sirian Federation, which we will see once we get to that section.

     The above Andromedan Council contact can be found at, and is not the same contact as Alex Collier has had, apparently. On Collier’s website, at, Collier says he has been in contact with a group who calls themselves “The Eleven”[7]. Collier is not as obvious to “figure out” as many of the other contactees of Galactic Federations and Councils. I can understand how he could be so popular in the 1990s and during the first decade of the new millennium, because there is a lot of truth in what the Andromedans told him.

     Alex Collier is referring to the Andromedan Council as a political body, like a United Nation of the Milky Way Galaxy. Andromeda in this case does not refer to the Andromedan Galaxy, but the Andromeda star constellation. Here are a few key points that Alex Collier wants to point out regarding the Council and what they have had to say to him:

  • The Council consists of 133 representatives of planetary systems and races. 

  • It has operated for thousands of years under strict codes and guidelines of conduct. 

  • The Council is not coming down here to save us. They don’t think we would benefit from that, and instead we should work on our own ascension, which is happening from within. Some wait for some Ashtar Command to come down and save us, but that is not going to happen. In fact, they add, the Pleiadians are looking for Ashtar, because he is considered a space pirate in their eyes (more about the Ashtar Command soon). They say that the Ashtar Command are responsible for much of the bad things that have happened here on Earth — a lot of it (and I agree).

  • The Grays want to have a soul, but they don’t.

  • In 1994, there were 72000 walk-ins on the planet.

  • So this is like the front-runner. Their hope is that the total will be 144000, and that these 144000 souls, or walk-ins, will be able to stir enough change, that they themselves may not have to physically intervene, and therefore the integrity of non-intervention maintains itself. In other words, they don’t have to violate their own laws, because now it’s us doing it. It’s a human in a human form. The Andromedans are offering this opportunity; they hope that 553 million souls or more will ask them for help. Once they know the whole picture, then something can be done (here we have the 144,000 mentioned again. Be prepared, because we are going to hear this number over and over again! Wes).[8]

     Collier also confirms what Abraxas said regarding the 12th Dimension (albeit, Collier is calling it the 12th Density — same thing). In an article from 1995, Collier says: 

“Do you remember in one of the earlier lectures, we talk [sic] about the new vibration? The new color sound vibration that’s coming out of the black holes, which the Andromedan has referred to as the new 12th density, 12th creational density. I have some information that Moraney has relayed to me regarding the changes that occurred on the 11th and now the 10th. 


Now this is the highest consciousness dimensional realm in our universe.”[9]

     This, of course, depends on how we look at it. After the vortex opened (Collier calls it a black hole), it may seem like the 12th Dimension suddenly is a part of our universe, but it’s not. This is clearly explained by Abraxas in the previous papers. It’s still a confirmation. He also gives us an idea (for whatever it is worth) when the Wave will come:

“But the last time I asked this question which was approximately a year ago, they said that between 435 & 510 million people would literally move to 5th density, December 3rd, 2013. Now I’ll be, I have to tell you, I’m a bit confused regarding this number and it’s not that I don’t believe them. It’s just that there are many psychics and other ET races that discuss 2024, 2031, other numbers like this.

According to the Andromedans, and I can only give you that because that’s all I have contact with. They said that by Dec. 3rd, 2013 the planet and the race will be in 5th density. But I’m not going to tell you about 5th density yet. We’re going to talk about 4th density. Now, according to them the planet has tried to get into 4th density with humanity on it twice before. And twice before, there was a terrific and terrible war. The last time was when Atlantis sank.”[10]

     Like I said, the Andromedans have mixed up dates and numbers before, so let’s not take it too seriously, and especially as this was predicted nineteen years ago. It still sounds like a possible guideline. Here is something, however, that comes directly from Collier himself, and I find that quite insightful:

“There’s still going to be people who don’t understand what’s happening. There are still going to be people clinging to their religions and begging for someone to come and save them. And they may in their own way create that. They may create a savior. And for those of you who are new here, the Andromedan Perspective is, don’t wait for anybody to save you, be your own savior because that’s the only way you permanently evolve.”[11]

     I think he is absolutely right here. People on Earth are going to create their own savior — the archetypes are already here, so it’s been worked on behind the scenes. I am talking about Maitreya now — these are the times when all probabilities are played out in a cacophony of alternatives. Take your pick and go for it! But it’s not always going to be that way; it needs to be that way now so that people can live out and discharge their timelines. It’s not even necessary that all probabilities are played out in full; some can be started and then abandoned…

iii.iv. The Confederation of Planets

     This confederation consists of approximately 53 civilizations and about 500 planetary consciousness complexes, according to the RA Collective. It contains both those from our own solar system who have evolved to dimensions higher than our 3rd, but also consciousness complexes from other solar systems. The RA Collective themselves belong to the Confederation of Planets, and when they refer to that there are those from our solar system who have evolved to become members, they refer to themselves, because they claim to be originally from Venus, which was the planet on where they once upon a time evolved. I also get the feeling that the Grays, who are us in the future, may very well be members of this confederation. They, too, of course evolved here in our solar system, and one stipulation to become members of this confederation is that you must be a collective of beings, a so-called social memory complex, or consciousness complex. Single beings, or even beings of a whole planet, who have evolved can’t be members, unless they have merged into this complex hive community of which both RA and the Grays can consider themselves being part of.

     RA says that it is a true Confederation in that its members are not alike, but allied in service according to the Law of One. They are available through our thoughts. This means that you can call upon them, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them are benevolent; you need to know whom you are calling for. To be in service in accordance to the Law of One can potentially mean both negatively and positively (STS or STO).

      It looks like the Council of Thuban, followed by the Council of 24 and 12 are the top of the Pyramid in this universe, and nothing can bypass them without them knowing about it. Then, beneath the Council of 12, the Councils and Federations start to branch out in different directions, depending on the purpose with them. Still, they all have to answer to the three councils here above.

iii.v. The Council of Zendar and the Rings of Saturn

     This Council is also called the Council of Zindar, or the Council of Saturn, and is commonly mentioned in the RA Material. This is the council that is allegedly in charge of our solar system. Before anyone can land on any of our planets (and on Earth in particular) they need to have the permission to do so by this local council. They are, in other words, the ones who can decide who is allowed to enter 3D on Earth, and when RA landed here a few times in the past, they first went through the Council of Saturn, who gave them permission, opened the Quarantine, and let the RA star beings through. Some members of the Council are also situated in the center of our planet, as Guardians of Mother Earth.

     When Don Elkins asks the RA Collective where this Council of Zendar is located, they answer him that they are in the 8th Dimension of the Planet Saturn[12], which we with our 3D understanding view as the rings of Saturn. This makes sense, as the 8th Dimension is the highest dimension in this physical universe. Once you enter the 9th Dimension (which you can’t without permission), you are in the VOID. Also, when asked why the Orion Group (the Sirian Alliance, whom the RA Collective say are of the 4th and 5th Density Negative) on occasion have been seen flying through the Quarantine, and if they have been granted permission, RA replies that sometimes there’s a hole in the Quarantine, and the Orion Group can manage to break through that way, and sometimes they are allowed permission to create a balance between positive and negative here on Earth.

     This is very interesting, to say the least, because here is evidence that there is an 8th Density Council, which guarantees that no one in the solar system, on any evolving planet, enters the KHAA without their permission, but it also works the other way around, of course. If beings from the KHAA, such as members of the Thuban Council, want to come into our reality, they will be given the go-ahead by Zendar. But even more interesting than that, in our case, is that they let through ships and hollowed out asteroids from the Sirian Alliance. I have a hard time believing that the Sirian Overlords can fool the Council just because they hide inside of asteroids. So apparently, it’s okay with the Council that we have the situation we have on the planet today. Either there are a lot of holes in the Quarantine, or does the Council of Saturn think that we have a balance on the planet right now? Hard to believe.

Figure 2. NINURTA

      Another relevant question would be if Zendar has something to do with the Harvest, and if that is the reason why they let so many hollowed out asteroids and Sirians in spirit onto the planet right now? Well, that is the only thing that makes sense. Think about it for a moment. The Council of Saturn sits in constant session in the rings of Saturn, in the 8th Dimension. First of all, where does the name Saturn come from? Well, in the Mesopotamian pantheon, Saturn was also the name for NINURTA, son of ENLIL![13] And NINURTA is a representative of the 4th Archetype, which is the archetype directly associated with Earth and our mythology. His mentor, interestingly enough, was ENKI, who gave him several powerful Meš. I am sure there are more reasons why Saturn was named after NINURTA, but one of them could very well be because NINURTA is in charge of the opening of the vortex on our side of the solar system, which perhaps will open (or has opened) in the vicinity of the planet Saturn. Here may also be the vortex which opens into the VOID, where the 4% universe hologram in regards to humanity is maintained (after all, this is close to what researcher David Icke has concluded in his book, “Remember Who You Are”. He says that Saturn probably plays a main role in how the holographic universe is created. He theorizes that the hologram is projected from Saturn via the Moon and further down to Earth). Anyway, on the “other side” of Saturn, figuratively speaking, is the 9th Dimension, which the Council of Zendar is protecting, as well as the entry into our solar system. I wonder if all solar systems have a council like this, or if it is because Earth is “special”?

Figure 3. The Rings of Saturn

     I get this very feeling that the 2nd and 4th Orders of Archetypes are going to be the main players here for a while — interplaying with each other. The 4th of course being the gods of old Mesopotamia, and the 2nd being the Dragons of the VOID, the Council of Thuban. Now, keep in mind that these archetypes have been created by us (perhaps with some help from the Sirians themselves), and when looked upon from the viewpoints of the VOID, the 2nd and 4th archetype orders may very well be the same, or on the same “level”; both being of the 12th Dimension. 

     The Cassiopaeans also mention the Council of Zendar in a few places.

“The Zendar Council is a sixth level density council which spans both physical and ethereal realms and which oversees dramatic development points at various civilizational sectors in lower density levels.”[14]

     Here they mention the 6th Density instead of the 8th Dimension in the RA Material, but it all depends on which dimension/density system we use. In another session from July 23, 1994, the Cassiopaeans say that the Zendar Council is a “two cycle exchangers mission”, which may sound cryptic to begin with, but if we think about it, we have just completed one cycle and started a new, and what is the mission in between? To complete the Harvest! It sounds to me that this council has as one of its missions to see to that the Harvest is completed, whatever it takes. And letting the Sirian Alliance pass through their filter is nothing they see as unusual; it’s a part of their mission. Interestingly enough, the Cassiopaeans, in the same session, refer to Jesus as a member of this Council of Saturn! This, dear reader, is not as unbelievable as it sounds, as we will see when we move on. Just keep this in mind. We know Jesus from the Bible as the Son of God, but we know him as the son of the Goddess, right? And who is that? ENKI. So, if Jesus equals ENKI, we also have whom I refer to as “Space Jesus”, whom is extremely relevant in channeled material and in New Age philosophy. The Bible talks about the “Second Coming of Jesus”, but so does New Age. Many are those who say they channel Jesus, or the Federation/Federations Jesus is said to belong to. People shake their heads and think this is nonsense, but looked at from the right angle, it’s really not. Not if we know who Jesus is — ENKI, son of the Goddess! In another session from May 31, 1995, the Cassiopaeans compare the members on the Zendar Council with angels wearing wings, and that this is where our concept of angels come from. The Winged Sun Disc? Jesus and his angels? Are we getting closer?

     There is more evidence showing who the Council is allowing permission. Here is a direct quote from RA, telling us that they are granting permission for entities to pass the Quarantine in spirit form!

“Secondly, there is permission granted, not to break quarantine by dwelling among you, but to appear in thought-form capacity for those who have eyes to see.”[15]

     The more I look into this whole concept with channeled sources and Federations I see a connection between it all, which has to do with the concepts of the 4% and the 96% universes. There is so incredibly much that we haven’t been told but have the right to know. Still, the evidence is there if we are willing to dig deep enough. The Council of 9

     This is a big one, because this council has had such an influence here on Earth, at least over the last decades. It has long seemed to me that this council has been the one which has as its responsibility to interact directly with us here in 3D, in order to get the process going, leading up to the point of the Harvest.

Figure 4. “Henry” Andrija Puharic

     I posted an article about the Nine on my Illuminati News website[16] back in 2005. Although that article was quite biased, having a Christian slant, it had a lot of valuable information in there and was well researched. In December 1952, Andrija Puharic, whom at that time was the head of the “Round Table Foundation”, and strongly into the paranormal, invited an East Indian psychic named Dr. D.G. Vinod, who began to channel the Council of Nine. An inner circle of people came regularly to listen to Dr. Vinod channeling these nine deities. Yes, they claimed to be the Ennead, the nine most prominent “gods” in ancient Egypt (the Orion Group). Interestingly enough, three years later, Puharic met with some members of the UFO movement in Mexico, who also claimed to be channeling the Nine, and their transcripts referred to the sessions transmitted to Puharic’s group. So, obviously, there was more than one group of people channeling The Nine.

Figure 5. Uri Geller bending metals with his mind

      The continuous story goes that Puharic, who himself was a psychic, eventually got in contact with a young Israeli psychic named Uri Geller. The reader probably knows about him. He was famous in the 1970s for bending spoons on international TV. He also managed to bend spoons in people’s homes while they were watching the program. Puharic was the person discovering Geller. And from that comes a very interesting story. Uri Geller, while set in trance, unpredictably started channeling “something” called “Spectra”, which was supposedly a conscious super-computer aboard a spaceship! Puharic suggested that this might have something to do with The Nine, and Spectra confirmed this, and said they had programmed Uri Geller since he was a child to be a super-psychic! They also told Puharic that his life mission was to use Geller’s talents to promote a mass landing of spaceships, which was supposed to be controlled by The Nine. In 1973, Geller left his “mission” and didn’t want to have anything to do with The Nine again. So Puharic found another psychic, Phyllis Schlemmer. She became the channeler of “Tom”, who was one of The Nine.

      I find this extremely interesting, especially as I suggested earlier that some of the channeled material could be done on a super-computer, which could answer most of the questions people have. It sure seems like that may be case! I hadn’t read the Illuminati News article again since the year I posted it, and just reviewed it now after I stated that some channeling seems to have been made from computers. Some may suggest that this super-computer is set up by the Military Industrial Complex, but it’s doubtful. Hypothetically, they could have received the technology to do so from ETs, but this story seems to be much bigger than that, which we will notice when we move on. But before we do, there is another short, but interesting story to tell about Bashar, the famous channel by Darryl Anka. In one session the following happened, according to this blog owner (I have had this confirmed, by the way):

“This part jumped out for me: “A guy asked three questions. First about Chem Trails, second about H1N1, third about compulsory vaccines, To each question Bashar answered “That data is no longer available from this terminal”. He said that he answered this way because all of these are negatively oriented, fear inducing belief systems. We can not extend frequencies and energies in those domains.

Is this related to the ‘weird’ ending of a previous session, where we heard “This terminal has no more data” ?”[17]

     Well, to me it sounds like a lame excuse. Bashar has always answered whatever questions the audience has, without fail, and now, all of a sudden, they refuse to answer “negative” questions? And why do they call themselves, “this terminal”? The term “terminal” is normally related to computers! 

     Anyway, let’s continue the story about The Nine. To make a long story short, the small project which started with Puharic and his group in 1952 soon grew to enormous proportions. A lot of very famous people around the world started attending The Nine’s sessions; such multi-billionaires as the Bronfmans (Canadian, international businessmen, members of the Global Elite — the Illuminati), European nobility, scientists from Stanford Research Institute, and a political, personal friend of the sitting President, Gerald Ford. Other members were the famous author (at the time), Lyall Watson, the influential counter-culture guru, Ira Einhorn, and last, but not the least — Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek!

Figure 6. Gene Roddenberry, father of “Star Trek”

     Roddenberry deserves his own paragraph here. He was a member of The Nine Group in 1974-75, and even produced a screen play for a movie about The Nine. It is also suggested that Roddenberry was deeply inspired by the information he’d received in The Nine sessions when he wrote the early Star Trek movies; The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine (which was quite a give-away). One of the characters in Deep Space Nine was Vinod, by the way, and we know that Dr. Vinod was the first known channeler of The Nine.

     Another major key figure in The Nine Group was J.J. Hurtak (Dr. James J. Hurtak), who was appointed “second in command” by The Nine, after Puharic. Dr. Hurtak also individually channeled The Nine in 1973 and forward, all which ended up in his famous book, “The Keys of Enoch”, which is laid out in chapters and verses, in two columns, just like the Bible. Here is a quote from the Introduction to The Keys of Enoch:

“And I was taken from this region of the stars into the Mid-Way station of Arcturus, the major programming center of the galactic Council serving the Father on this side of our galaxy, which is under the direction of the Council of Nine — the governing body of our local universe.” (Keys of Enoch, 1977 edition, Introduction p.vii.)

     The famous people involved in this channel group never ends. Richard Hoagland, known NASA “avant-garde” researcher, is also under their influence. David Myers and David Percy were Directors of Operations for Hoagland’s “Mars Mission”. In fact, Hoagland’s interpretations of the monuments on Mars comes directly from The Nine sessions. Another author whom some readers may know of is Peter Farley, who wrote a series of books, where the most well-known is “Where Were You Before the Tree of Life?” He, too, is heavily influenced by The Nine, and even states that in the book.

     There is a lot to say about The Nine, which goes far beyond the scope of what I’ve just told you, and I will move on and make that connection in a second. But before that I want to mention a little bit more about Andrija Puharic. He was also an army doctor in the 1950s, and deeply involved in CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind control program. He worked together with the notorious Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, who experimented with putting voices in the head of involuntary guinea pigs! The following is a direct quote from the article I posted back in 2005:

“These techniques included the use of drugs, hypnosis and beaming radio signals directly into the subject’s brain. And, significantly, he was engaged in this work at exactly the same time that The Nine made their first appearance at the Round Table Foundation. The Foundation itself is now known to have been largely funded by the Pentagon as a front for its medical and parapsychological research. Puharich was still working for the CIA in the early 1970s, when he brought Uri Geller out of Israel. Puharich’s use of hypnosis is particularly interesting in The Nine circle. In the case of Uri Geller and Bobby Horne, he first hypnotised them and then suggested that they were in touch with The Nine – and lo, they were! Ira Einhorn – a close associate of Puharich’s during the 1970s – confirmed to us that he believed that Puharich was “humanly directing” The Nine communications.”[18]

     This is rather disturbing information, isn’t it? Well, I wanted to bring all this up, because a few papers ago, I mentioned that some of the channeling is done by the MIC, and that we must learn to distinguish between that and the “real thing”. Or could all channeling be done by the CIA and the MIC? After the above revelations, it’s easy to believe that, but that is not the case. Channeling has been practiced long before the 1950s — even in ancient times there were psychics who could contact beings “not from here”. However, it is possible that more channeling in present time than we may think is transmitted by humans. The technology is obviously there. It has been developing pretty rapidly since the 1950s, and even the 1970s, of course. For those who want to read more about Puharic and Uri Geller in reference to The Nine, here are two interesting webpages: and It seems like Puharich, by the end of his life, was very scared of what he had found out, and it was apparently not only CIA mind control. He was desperately looking for someone who could channel The Nine again. What was he so afraid of?

     Now, let’s move over to the RA Material, which also talks about The Nine, or the Council of 9. However, the RA sessions were later in time than Puharich’s group, so does the RA Material mention him at all? Well, fortunately, Don Elkins asked quite a few questions about Puharich and his group, and I want to quote a few of these conversations. I will post them in a row here underneath and we’ll discuss them afterwards (note that Andrija Puharich used an alias as well, and went by Henry Puharich):

“Questioner: Is the Council of Nine the same nine that was mentioned in this book? (Questioner gestures to Uri.)

Ra: I am Ra. The Council of Nine has been retained in semi-undistorted form by two main sources, that known in your naming, as Mark and that known in your naming as Henry. In one case, the channel became the scribe. In the other, the channel was not the scribe. However, without the aid of the scribe, the energy would not have come to the channel.

Questioner: The names that you spoke of. Were they Mark Probert and Henry Puharich? 

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.””[19]


“Questioner: Andrija Puharich will be visiting later this month. Can he read the unpublished healing material?

Ra: I am Ra. The entity of whom you speak has a knowledge of this material in its conscious memory in somewhat altered form. Therefore, it is harmless to allow this entity to become acquainted with this material. However, we request the mind/body/spirit complex, Henry, be sufficiently prepared by means of meditation, contemplation, or prayer before entering these workings. At present, as we have said before, this mind/body/spirit complex is not of proper vibrational distortion.”[20]


“Questioner: Was the reason that “The Nine” transmitted this principle in this form the… was the reason for this the first distortion?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect.

Questioner: Can you tell me why they gave the principle in such a veiled form then?

Ra: I am Ra. The scribe is most interested in puzzles and equations.”[21]


“Questioner: I am sure that we are getting into a problem area with the first distortion here with a difficulty with a bit of transient material, but I have questions from a couple of people that I would like to ask. The first one especially is of no lasting value. Andrija Puharich asks about the coming physical changes, specifically this summer. Is there anything that we could relay to him about that?

Ra: I am Ra. We may confirm the good intention of the source of this entity’s puzzles and suggest that it is a grand choice that each may make to, by desire, collect the details of the day or, by desire, to seek the keys to unknowing.”[22]

     Don Elkins, in the third quote, mentions “the first distortion”, which for the reader’s knowledge is the Law of Free Will. Apparently, Elkins was visited by Puharich in the early 1980s because he thought that Puharich could benefit from the information given by the RA Collective. It seems quite obvious that Elkins didn’t know about Puharich’s CIA connection. When asked questions about Puharich and The Nine, RA replies accordingly to how the question is asked, which their norm was, and this is why the truth about Puharich is not clearly revealed. RA, however, indicates that he is not “of proper vibrational distortion” to receive some RA material. This means in “RA language” that Puharich is not vibrating on a very high frequency, i.e. he is not honest in this case. If Elkins would have known more, RA would have told him the truth about Puharich. However, it seems like at least some of the channeling of The Nine by Puharich’s group was authentic, but distorted due to the scribe’s/channelers interest in “puzzles and equations”.

     Anyway, it’s time to leave Puharich and his group and move on. The Council of 9 is mentioned by a number of channeled sources, where the RA Collective and the Elohim are two of them. RA refers to them as a part of the Council of Saturn, being responsible for the planetary development in conjunction with its intelligent species (mankind).

“In number, the Council that sits in constant session, though varying in its members by means of balancing, which takes place, what you would call irregularly, is nine.  That is the Session Council. To back up this Council, there are twenty-four entities which offer their services as requested. These entities faithfully watch and have been called the Guardians.

The Council operates by means of, what you would call, telepathic contact with the oneness or unity of the nine, the distortions blending harmoniously so that the Law of One prevails with ease. When a need for thought is present, the Council retains the distortion-complex of this need, balancing it as described, and then recommends what it considers as appropriate action. This includes: One, the duty of admitting social memory complexes to the Confederation; Two, offering aid to those who are unsure how to aid the social memory complex requesting aid in a way consonant with both the call, the Law, and the number of those calling (that is to say, sometimes the resistance of the call); Three, internal questions in the Council are determined.

These are the prominent duties of the Council. They are, if in any doubt, able to contact the twenty-four who then offer consensus/judgment/thinking to the Council. The Council then may reconsider any question.”[23]

     So, in other words, the Council of Saturn, which is the “Grand Council” of our solar system, works in liaison with the Council of 24, 12, and 9, in descending order, where each council has its own duty. The rank of the councils seems here a little vague, when RA is saying that the 24 are a backup council. I pledge to the reader to keep this in mind when considering the hierarchy, as it may, or may not change the order. However, according to the Thuban Council, the 24 and the 12 are above the Council of Saturn, while the Council of 9 is below in the hierarchy. This is also confirmed by RA in the last paragraph above. The Council of 9, as well as the other councils mentioned above are also members of the Confederation of Planets (also see above where it has its own section). The RA Collective is a Social Memory Complex, and as such has been approved by the Council of Saturn to become members of the Confederation of Planets. Due to that they are members, the Council of Saturn approved their visiting Earth a few times in the past. However, to RA’s own admission, they failed each time in their interaction with mankind and had to leave.

     Lastly, but not to the least, we may wonder if there is a direct Sirian connection to the Council of 9, which may be immediately related to the 4th Order of Archetypes that we are used to hear about; the names that by now are so familiar. And indeed there is — right from the Dragon’s fiery mouth! In the Thuban thread on the Birth of Gaia Forum someone asks Abraxas if there is a Sirian connection to the Council of 9, and here is Abraxas’ reply:

“The Sirius connection is appropriate as Sirius A is the brightest and closest Star to Earth in the ET agendas (Nommo of the Dogons and the DogStar Sirius Astar-Isis connections and so on).”[25]

     As we are getting closer to being able to “map” the 4% universe, we need the hierarchy to see how it is set up. Once we know that, the rest is just details, more or less. When Lucifer and his angels rebelled, they did not rebel in the 4% universe; there was no such at that time. There was only one, big 100% universe. The perception of a much smaller universe was set up later by ENKI/Lucifer and his crew to counteract Mother Goddess’ beautiful creation in progress. Note also that the Cassiopaeans are talking about the Council of Saturn being angelic beings with wings. And how are Lucifer and his dark angels usually portrayed? With wings and with great beauty. This is far from the stocky, hairy dwarfs we talked about in Level II as being the physical template for the Sirian Overlords. See, that is the difference between a physical adaptation to a harsh environment and the beautiful light-body. Anyway, this smaller universe is kept “real” with the help from holographic technology; no doubt. I believe David Icke is on the right track when he is talking about holographic relay stations. His theory is that there is a holographic station on the Moon, which relays to a larger one on Saturn, which then relays to an even larger one on … well, in some other solar system, perhaps Sirius or Alpha Draconis, as far as Icke is concerned. But how about if these holographic relay stations exist in different frequencies, in different dimensions?

     Apparently, our 4% universe is made up of 8 Dimensions and a vast number of densities. To keep each dimension stabilized in its illusion, there needs to be a hologrammic output in charge of each major frequency. This is another theory on how it may be set up. Then, of course, there is a main server put somewhere, most likely in the 9th Dimension, overviewing the entire 8 Dimensions of the holographic 4% universe. The 3D version of the hologram is the distortion of our own, current 3D bodies. However, that will change. Once we break out and see through the lie, our bodies are set up to do miracles. We can not only see the hologram for what it is, but like a person watching TV, we can “turn it off” as the distraction and distortion it is and begin to experience the 100% universe! Little do humans know how powerful our bodies are! And instead of nurturing and taking care of them, we abuse them and destroy them with GM food, drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. Instead of expanding multidimensionally, we expand our bodies in 3D physicality and gain weight until we can’t even move without wheel chairs.

     However, what I was going to say before I went off track was that just because ENKI, ENLIL, and the rest of the so-called “Anunnaki” gods are considered 4th Order Archetypes here on Earth, it doesn’t mean they are stuck in the 4% universe. ENKI, for example, I am sure is operating across the dimensions and outside the 4%, in the VOID where the so-called Dracos exist. They are again the same crew of rebels, and they are many in numbers. The Book of Revelation indicates (although there are different interpretations) that Lucifer seduced a third of all “angelic beings” to rebel against the Goddess, and if this is true, it’s probably a lot, although like UTU told me, we humans have since long surpassed them in quantity. My point is that only a few of these rebels have actually visited Earth, while the rest dwell in other dimensions, and many, like the Thubans, have been waiting in the VOID. We get a hint, however, when we hear the number 220 million. Was that the amount of Sirians that rebelled together with ENKI? It sure sounds like it!

     Well, we can now truly see that it’s impossible to fight something like that, and if we didn’t know better, we would give up right now. Fortunately, victory doesn’t come from battle; no one in their right mind is going to try to fight this force which is apparently coming in with the Wave. Instead, this is a great opportunity for us to show that we can separate ourselves out from that insanity, create our local, stable universes where these energies can’t affect us, and prove that we can evolve without their “help” and their technology.


iii.vii. The Council of Elohim

     Now, I believe we are coming down to a level when we are really communicating with the Sirian Overlords directly, and I am talking about the Orion Group that is currently present on our planet and her vicinity. I here need to refer mostly to Wynn Free and his group, who have helped out a lot by channeling this source, and Wynn’s e-book is of great assistance in order to further understand this source.

     Wynn told me in person that many people who attend these sessions (many of them are actually conference calls where people can listen in, comment, and ask questions directly to the Elohim) get an almost euphoric feeling in the energy field of these beings, and they feel a tremendous amount of love (and light) from being present in the sessions. Wynn and his team understandably so use this fact as an advertisement for more people to tune in and join the team. When I spoke to him, he said he has never encountered so much love from anybody in his entire life as he has from channeling this group. He sent me a few YouTube videos and asked me to listen to them to see what I thought and felt (see previous paper on channeling, where I posted some Elohim videos). He also wanted me to join a conference call, in hope that he and I could perhaps start working together on some project.

     I must say that I like Wynn; he is a very likable person. My readers know, however, that I am always reluctant to join and work with groups on these subjects, because that’s not how I operate the best. But regardless, Wynn and I differ when comes to the authenticity of the group he is involved with. He says that the strong emotions that are transmitted from this source should be good evidence that they are benevolent and have our best interest in mind. Still, he is telling me that he was very skeptic for a long time and it wasn’t until quite recently that he totally understood that they are here in our best interest. So, in other words he has done his research, and I believe him. It doesn’t mean that my research necessarily coincides with his.

     I have listened to all the videos I can find on the Internet on this source, but must confess that I have yet to participate in a conference call. However, the videos haven’t had the effects on me that they supposedly have had on so many others. I am aware of that listening to a YouTube video is not the same as being in the same room as the source, but regardless, nothing of their channeling is touching me. When I read the RA Material, listen to the Pleiadians, and listen to and read other channeled info, it usually touches me more than the Elohim material does. If the reader has a different, and more positive experience, I acknowledge that, because we are all different. But instead, I found the channeling not flowing, but usually hacking itself forward, almost like it was transmitted from a computer. I am aware that this will probably upset many fans of the Elohim, but I am being honest.

     Also, remember that this is just my experience and is not a guideline for how others should feel. One thing I have mentioned before, however, which holds true, is that only because a channeled source is capable of transmitting a lot of love and light it doesn’t make them more “authentic” or benevolent. I am actually going to contradict Wynn here and say that the more love and light they transmit, the more fake they probably are. You see, strong emotions are quite genuine for us here on Earth; “that’s what makes us human”, like some star beings say. Beings out there in the universe, in other dimensions, don’t inhabit those strong emotions. If you listen to a lot of channeled material that is more genuine, you notice that they often lack our wide range of emotions. They are more logical, right to the point, practical, and focused. But you can’t really say they are emotional. So I will suggest that channeled sources who transmit a lot of so-called “love & light” are doing so from have “sampled” human emotions and are transmitting them back on us in huge quantities in order to hook us to their message. Even the Pleiadians, when you listen to them, are not emotional. They do have a sense of humor, but lack our range of emotions. And in my opinion, the Pleiadians are a good source, for good and bad. They are honest with their shortcomings and they admit to bad things they have done, but they also show us their very benevolent sides, and this group is “real”; they are themselves in all aspects. There is no fake about them. I wish I could say the same about the Elohim source. Yes, you feel very good after have listened to let’s say a Pleiadian session as well, but not because of the strong emotions, but due to the huge quantity of truth vibrations that are transmitted on the channel. This is different from “love and light”.

     But let’s look into the Elohim a little bit more. Wynn Free’s e-book, “The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You”, downloadable for free on the Internet, starts out with saying that this Elohim source are the God in the Bible. If this is true, I can almost stop right here, because we already know who that group is — exactly! The Sirian Overlords! This is from the Introduction of Wynn’s book:

“What if this group intelligence, identifying itself as the God in the Old Testament, is now explaining how they function and how they interface with our realm in a way that’s never been presented in the history of humankind?”[26]

     And then Wynn continues a little bit further down:

“In the initial phases of this contact, when the source first identified itself as the Council of Elohim, I immediately did a Google search on the word Elohim and found definitions like “the Creator God of this realm,” “the name for God in the Old Testament” and “the group who was speaking to Joseph Smith when he founded the Church of Latter Day Saints.” When I asked them in a channeling if they were the same, they answered in the affirmative.”[27]

     I have no reason to doubt what Wynn is saying here — why would he write this if this wasn’t what they told him? And being familiar with Wynn, I know that he is also aware of Sitchin’s Anunnaki, and in the above quote they are right out saying that they are them!

     Well, that saves us a lot of research, because we now have established a few things. The Elohim are the same Elohim as in the Bible, and they also are the God in the Old Testament, who was a mix of different entities; such as ANU, ENLIL, ENKI, and even MARDUK from what it seems. They were also the ones establishing contact with Joseph Smith, and if so, they were also Jesus in the New Testament; Jesus in form of a bloodline incarnation of Lord EA, i.e. ENKI.

     We also know that they take advice from higher Councils, such as the Council of A’an and the Council of 12. We have already covered the latter, but not the first. A’an could mean just “Heaven”, but could also refer to ANU, ENLIL’s and ENKI’s father. Regardless, we can now more clearly see the structure and don’t need to spend too much time with the Elohim. Even Sitchin said that the Elohim in the Bible were the “Anunnaki”.

     What I see so far is a long hierarchy of Councils, and one Confederation, starting at the top at a place outside our “local universe”, which is different from the local universe I’ve been talking about in earlier papers. My definition of the local universe is the same as James Mahu Nahi of the WingMakers; it’s the universe you create around yourself, your dear ones, and your community. It’s the space in where you live and exist in this reality. When these beings talk about the local universe, they talk about the 4%. Another definition of “local universe” may be our Sector 9, or our galaxy, the Milky Way, but these beings are clearly speaking of the 4% universe.

     In the KHAA we have the Council of Thuban, which is supposedly consisting of a group of very wise beings of a Draconian, dragon-like feature. Under them are the Councils of 24 and 12 (there are more, but their missions are similar, so I won’t go into them here), which are either in the 9th to 11th Dimension (still within the KHAA), or borderline 8th and 9th Dimension. They are, from what I understand, mixed Draconian and humanoid Councils. Lord ENKI, of course, has a hand in them all, because he was, together with his father, “ANU”, the one who created the 8 Dimensional universe, if we are to believe the WingMakers, and must therefore also sit on the Council of Thuban. The Confederation of Planets is a Confederation which only accepts Social Memory Complexes, which are collectives of beings, such as the Grays. Under them, we have the Council of Zendar or Saturn, which has as one of their duties to approve collectives to membership in the Confederation, but also have the duty as “Watchers” over our solar system, and thus will decide who can enter and who can’t. They were the ones who sat up the Quarantine to isolate humanity in order for us to have a 3D experience, which started out as a part of a larger Free Will Zone where everything goes if the being is willing to take the consequences (karma applies when dealing with 3D). The Quarantine is there to stop beings from interfering with our development here. However, according to the Pleiadians and others, we are also guarded in the sense that good forces are overlooking us and we can ask for help. Help will arrive, but not in a way that directly solves our problems, but makes us see a slightly bigger picture so we can more easily solve the problems that we may be stuck in. However, it’s a matter of seeing the signs.

     The Council of Zendar are also the ones who decide when the Quarantine should be lifted. When it is, any type of beings can come in, but we can also see the bigger picture — the real universe. The Quarantine is not equivalent to the Grid, as the Grid is something we humans create with our thoughts and belief systems. The stricter our belief systems and the harder the manipulation, the thicker the Grid. Only we humans can dissolve the Grid with a common effort. 

     Lastly, in this direct hierarchy we have the Council of 9, which consists of 9 members of Royal Sirians and Sirian/Orion hybrids, such as MARDUK. They are the ones who have direct contact with the planets in the solar system. If we are to believe LPG-C, we also have a local Council of 12 operating here, directly on the Planet. If this is the case, it’s a local council which doesn’t necessarily answer to anybody higher than the Council of 9.

     So, this is more or less what we’ve learned from the channeled sources themselves, such as RA, Elohim, the Alpha Draconians, and the Cassiopaeans. It sure looks like a hierarchy in a Sirian Empire, doesn’t it? It seems quite obvious who is in control. But is ENKI and his cohort in charge of everything in this “local universe”? Or is this just something they want us to believe? Are there also benevolent forces here who want to see us succeed on our own, or is it just us against the Sirian Alliance?

      No, we need to remember that the 4% universe is not a universe that is isolated from the KHAA; it’s just the Sirian Overlords who have, with their superior technology, isolated us from the 100% universe. There are more beings out there, such as us humans in the future, who are also stuck in this specifically projected holographic universe, because they, too, have our DNA. Therefore, they never developed true multidimensionality where they could become members of the true Galactic Community, but a synthetic version of the same, built with a technology which makes them as imprisoned as we are.

     Earth is an Experiment, and it started out as a benevolent one. The Goddess wanted to see what happens if she created a type of being who voluntarily descended from Goddesshood to matter, as Guardians of a Living Library. This Experiment went just fine until Lucifer and his rebels, the Patriarchs, descended here as well and took over the place. They enslaved the androgynous race that lived here and started new genetic experiments to create a better, more sturdy slave race, because the Namlú’u were not built for slave labor. The rest is history, but the point is that Lucifer hijacked the Experiment and created his own, in which we still sit. He is even in charge of our evolvement and have thus created false routes to false higher densities and dimensions, where more spiritually evolved beings can ascend. However, the Sirian Alliance is waiting for us in whichever dimension we evolve to and manipulate us further from there unless we educate ourselves and learn to distinguish between friend and foe! Evolve with help from technology and you’ll end up like the Grays, or evolve from educating yourself and raise your own frequency, and you’ll end up in the KHAA — the real universe in which you belong. No rusty spaceships needed there, and no Gray “space suits”. That’s only in the 4% universe.

     RA makes the Council of Zendar look benevolent and is there in order to protect us. Depending on how you look at that, it is true in a sense. They, and the Sirian “Guardians” are protecting us from ourselves and from other potential star races whom they do not want to interfere with their Experiment. They have plans for us, and they don’t want us to know that from being told by another star race how things really are, or they don’t want us to find out by just going out there and start mingling with those who would mean us well. Thus, so many precautions.

     Before we move on to the rest of the Galactic Organizations, I want to suggest to the reader that perhaps all the ones that you have heard of are not benevolent. This doesn’t mean that benevolent ones don’t exist, but they won’t make their present known. They have very strict protocols how things should be done, and that does not include hovering around in spaceships in the atmosphere and tease ignorant humans, making them believe they are seeing UFOs. The UFOs from the benevolent ones — the few that are here — are cloaked and not of the 4% universe dimensions. Therefore you can’t see them, except on rare occasion, when they are accidentally bleeding through and mysteriously disappear. But if you see triangular space craft or other nuts and bolts UFOS, it’s our own military testing ET technology, or military and ETs working together with human/ET technology. Even most of the UFOs that appear and suddenly disappear are not the real deal; it’s government/military technology again, showing off in order to prepare people for a more space oriented future.

     As I am writing this, Dr. Steven Greer and his team are almost finished with their “Sirius Movie” (interesting title), which will launch in California in April 2013, with a huge promotion program. It will show us a lot of filmed “UFOs” (or should I say military holograms, conveniently showing up wherever Dr. Greer and his followers happen to be?), and promote that we need to go from using oil to zero point energy. That sounds all good, but there is also a big promotion of technology in everything Greer is doing, and he is never talking about true multi-d, where we travel in our thought. Instead, he is saying that all ETs are good and we should embrace them all and learn from them. Dr. Greer, dear reader, is a very powerful tool in the upcoming Machine Kingdom and nano-technology research. Greer has the kind of backup so he can potentially pull something like this off, and we are getting closer to the “splitting of the worlds”. I just want to mention this, because I read about it yesterday. The sad thing is that this former Emergency Room doctor knows exactly what he is doing. He is not being manipulated!

iii.viii. The Nibiruan Council and the Galactic Federation of Worlds

    Now it starts to get really interesting, because we are getting down to a level where the Sirians, who are directly involved with Earth (the old Sumerian characters themselves) are getting involved in the channeling, as it appears. 

Figure 7 and 8. Lyssa Royal and Jelaila Starr, respectively

    The Nibiruan Council is channeled by Jelaila Starr, who in my opinion has an interesting, hybrid-like look to her, just like Lyssa Royal (fig. 7 and 8). When I read through the material on her website,, a certain pattern starts to emerge; a pattern the reader is going to be aware of as well when we move along to the Ashtar Command and The Galactic Federation of Light.

     Mrs. Starr claims to be a 9th Dimensional walk-in (and if so, she’s operating from the KHAA, just like Abraxas of the Thuban Council), and charges $125.00 to find out if you happen to be a Council member as well. She and her husband have thousands of members all over the United States, and once you enter their workshop, according to former members, uncomfortable cult-like mind control is starting to show its face. You are told that it’s your free choice to do whatever you like, but if you don’t do what they teach you, you will miss the stargate and thus the ascension. It’s apparently fear-based in order to bring in as much $$ as possible. A six days “Galactic Training” by the way, cost $800.00 in 1994. 

Figure 9. Jehova and Jelaila Starr in her natural 9D state. She is a Feline, and she does what she can to look cat-like in her human picture (see fig. 8)

     According to Starr and her husband, whom she is working together with, Nibiru is certainly not the home planet of the Sirians, but instead a Battleship (so far, I couldn’t agree more). It contains a mish mash of galactic races, travelling in this hollowed-out planet(!) across the universe to bring peace and happiness wherever they appear (well, now we start to disagree, I believe. Peace-bringing force???).

     The Nibiruan Council is the largest of a number of Councils all over this, and other universes, Starr says, and the 9th Dimensional members meet in what they call the “Great Hall”, a place where they discuss how to easier bring peace into the universes.

     The Galactic Federation of Worlds is, according to her website, the largest federation in the universe, and was founded at the end of the First Galactic War that was fought in the Lyra constellation between Lyrans, Reptilians, Felines, and Carians. They now wanted to avoid a similar war to happen again, so the GF (Starr’s abbreviation of the Galactic Federation) was founded by beings from Lyra and Orion. They claim that today there are millions of members across the galaxy.

     In fig. 9 we see Jelaila Starr in her natural state, married to the Reptilian Jehova. However, she could not make this “alliance marriage” last because of Jehova’s continuous wars. This story is of course stolen from a true one, which was the alliance marriage between the Orion Queen and the Sirian King of Kings. So, indirectly she is accusing the Orion/Sirian alliance marriage to have broken up, and this because the Orion Queen started a lot of wars. If we turn that around, we come closer (but only closer) to the truth.

Figure 13. Devin

     Above (fig.13) we can see Devin, the “reigning patriarch of the Royal House of Avyon”. He is Jelaila’s brother and Guide while she resides in 3D, and it’s interesting to hear that he is a patriarch, and in the same article she mentions hers and Nibiru’s connection to Sirius:

“Jehowah is the current ruling patriarch of the 9D Royal House of Aln. Enki is the reigning patriarch of the 5D House of Aln at this time. Until recently, Marduk, Enki’s firstborn son was the current commander of the Federation Flagship Nibiru, having seized control of it from his grandfather Anu.”[31]

iii.ix. The Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light

     This is a pretty interesting crew of “Ascended Masters”. It’s very well-known and supported in New Age circles, but doesn’t start there. It goes back at least to Helena Blavatsky and her “Great White Brotherhood” (white as in light). This is all obviously Sirian in nature, and they don’t make any efforts to hide this either, as we will find out. But let’s start with how they promote themselves in present time, which I want to concentrate most of Level III on, anyway.

     As the reader can see so far, all these Galactic Organizations are Sirian in nature, and so are all the “bottom” ones; they only differ in name and approach in order to reach as many people as possible and pull them into a common belief system of gods and external saviors. What these Sirian organizations have in common as well is that they are quite popular, because the Overlords have found a niche that is working. Such as this:

“Ashtar Command is a service-oriented, peace-keeping fleet with craft from at least a dozen major galactic civilizations integrated into a unified command structure. It serves in different places, and in different capacities, throughout the galaxy as the need arises.”[28]

     Furthermore, it says on the same website as the above quote is borrowed from (a website supported by both Dr. Richard Boylan and Dr. Michael Salla, by the way. What is up with all these PhDs, one may wonder?) that the core system of the Ashtar Command include Sirius B, Arcturus, Aldebaran, and Altair. I also find it amusing how we always see Sirius A, B, and C as 3 totally independent star systems. Of course they are not. They are extraordinary close in their location to each other and are of course all under the command of the Sirian Overlords (if Sirius C even has inhabited planets orbiting it anymore since it went nova). Regardless, it is obvious, and even logical, that the wolfen/reptilian Overlords are the commanders of the whole Sirian star system.

     Lord Ashtar and his crew are supposedly the military force operating in the spaces around our planet to protect us from intruders. They are in direct connection with Sirius, where they return every now and then to attend the vast Sirian learning centers[29]. Otherwise, they are members of a larger space organization called the Federation of Planets, which supposedly is like an interplanetary United Nation System[30], but differs from the Confederation of Planets, which we talked about earlier, which requires that the members as Social Memory Complexes, something the Sirians are not, albeit Dr. Bordon in his essay, The LINK, suggests that they are on the brink of getting there.

Figure 14. Commander Ashtar his Space Fleet

     So the Ashtar Command is the airborne division of the Brotherhood of Light in today’s channeling, under the administrative direction of Commander Ashtar. His spiritual guide is Lord Sananda, also known as Jesus[32]. This is the first real reference in my papers to whom I call “Space Jesus”. Lord Sananda (interestingly enough we are going to hear the title “Lord” many times in these “lower” level channelings) is mentioned ever so often in conjunction with Commander Ashtar, but is also channeled by himself by quite a few New Age channelers. And who is this Space Jesus who is referred to so often and is also said to be returning in a Second Coming? Well, I haven’t seen it mentioned directly anywhere, but to me it’s obvious that Lord Sananda is Lord ENKI, who is the sole “Second Coming of Jesus”, just as he was the First Coming, too.

     The Jesus story is a complex one. In reality, ENKI himself, or his counterpart, incarnated into his own pure bloodline here on Earth around 2,000 years ago, just as he before that incarnated as Osiris and Mithra to mention a few. So, as Osiris he incarnated as his own grandson, which is not so strange if we know how souls can split themselves, or when their physical bodies die, they take a new one.

     So, is the Jesus story of the Bible true? Did Jesus/ENKI actually perform all these miracles? My research has led me to conclude that he did perform some of them, while other magical acts were made up in order to more easily construct a religion around his incarnation. He also had a “twin brother” according to some records, who was not really his twin, but step-brother, ENLIL. And yes, Jesus got married and this “new” bloodline still exists today within the Global Elite. ENKI did not die on the cross, but was most possibly swapped with somebody else, while ENKI himself, in this incarnation, went to Europe and much later died somewhere in Tibet. So that part of the story, told in the book, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” is true, although the authors never made the connection to ENKI (or it was purposely withheld). At this point, I am not even so sure that the Sirian Overlords mind if I mention the ENKI/Jesus story, because now when the Age of Aquarius is starting, ENKI is returning, and I believe that at that time the true Jesus story (or a version of it) will be told to us, because it fits the Agenda.

Figure 15. Commander Ashtar (left) and Lord Sananda/ENKI (right)

Indeed, the Ashtar Command, in addition to being a peace-bringing universal force (according to channeled material), is also the “Servants of the Most Radiant One”, which is the Christ, or Lord Sananda. They are also, interestingly enough, “the midwives in the birthing of humanity from dense-physical to physical-etheric bodies of light, capable of ascending into the fifth dimension along with the Earth.”[33] So, here is another armada, apparently consisting of millions of spaceships, helping us in our ascension/Harvest process. And who said we are alone in the universe? Well, much of this is figuratively speaking, because the Alliance wants us to have the key parts of the story together regardless of whom we are listening to — the RA Material or Ashtar-Athena. They want us to know that there will be a Harvest (and it will), and it’s all for the good. However, in their minds, we humans are too dumb and foolish to manage that process ourselves, so these ever-so-kind beings have even prepared new bodies for us. Of course, they are not telling us that these new bodies will also, just like our 3D bodies, contain the holographic implant of a 4% universe. To the Sirians it is very important that we believe in their story of the Harvest, so they can provide us with the correct kind of bodies, because if we do our ascension process all by ourselves, lo and behold! we may end up in bodies that don’t contain the implants and holographic images, with most of our DNA intact!

     But it’s getting better:

“A major focus at this time is the activation of the collective Messiah, the 144,000 ascended masters (referred to as Eagles within the Command) who form the Legion of Special Volunteers. These are the star-seeded emissaries from the Office of the Christ, through the interstellar Councils of Light, here on earth assignment. Their awakening is crucial to the transition of the planet.

Hence, we and our earth-based representatives are here to facilitate the awakening of the Eagles and other Light servers. Our mission administers the sacred ordinances of the Lord God Most High and functions through the Elohim, the Councils of Orion, the Great Central Sun hierarchy and Order of Melchizedek.”[34]

     Once again we hear about the 144,000. It’s mentioned in the Bible, and they want us to really have that figure in our heads. In relation to previous material I have presented, I think it’s fairly easy for the reader to interpret the above quote by “Adonia”. Just like I have done in the Level III papers, they want people to eventually put the pieces together, hoping they have done a good job enough for us “dummies” to “get it”. With “get it” they mean getting their dumbed-down version, which teaches that it’s all benevolent, and that we shouldn’t fear if millions of souls are coming to Earth and help us out in the “dressing rooms” to make sure our new bodies fit. “Oh, a little too much fat at the waist? Sure, we’ll just adjust your light-body a little bit!”

Figure 16. The Sirian Lord Sai Baba, the “Tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu”???

     The Ashtar Command channeling is the source which is really promoting the Second Coming of ENKI/Christ with full blast. They go on and on about how wonderful it’s going to be. They also mention that all true, spiritual teachers or avatars represent a multidimensional collective, focalized and extended through “The Office of the Christ”. This office is anchored as a Trinity, and it’s currently held by Lord Jesus, Lord Moses and Lord Elijah. (Amen). They even say that the pedophiliac guru, Sai Baba, has ascended to Cosmic Christhood and also Father-Mother Godhood “as an extremely rare full avatar, known as the Kalkhi Avatar or tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.”[35] Wonderful! Another sex-fixated Sirian Lord ascending to the Heavens!

     The Ashtar Command makes sure we understand that the 144,000 is not a limit of how many will ascend to the 5th Dimension. Of course not, we have 220 million intruders on their way, more than willing to possess whomever they wish. But first they must have the permission, something they already have by now, many times over. Not from 220 million humans, but from those who we’ve put in Office to represent us. This is well hidden in seemingly super-benevolent messages like this:

“We abide strictly within Confederation policy of noninterference with free will. While we may point out the possible consequences of some of your choices of action, we allow you to live, express and govern your lives and planet as you choose. The only exception would be if your actions could jeopardize survival of your planet and populations a whole or have repercussions throughout the rest of the solar system. We are, however, always available to respond to your specific requests for assistance. We are enthusiastic about joining with you in more conscious interaction and co-creative endeavor.”[36]

      “Requests for assistance” and “joining with you in more conscious interaction and co-creative endeavor” certainly have double-meanings. Say that they want to intrude. They already have the permission, so they are not breaking the Confederation policy of noninterference. The interaction they are talking about sounds like a cozy thing, but if you think about it in regards to possession, that part of the quote has its second meaning, for sure.

      When we continue researching this source, they too recognize only one race, “the race of humanity — heavenly Universal Man.” But overall, they are doing a good job presenting a pretty positive picture of themselves, although one give-away that they often use is UTU SMAMASH’s Winged Sun Disc as their logo, and they don’t hide their connection with Sirius, because they want to put Sirius in a benevolent light.

      On the following website, where they are channeling Ashtar Sheran (another name for Commander Ashtar), the following is revealed about the Ashtar mission:

“The Ashtar Command has a multifaceted mission. The first mission is to assist the transformation of humanity and planet Earth from the present third/fourth dimension to the fifth dimension and Earth’s seventh Golden Age. The second mission is to maintain the stability of the Earth’s polar axis and continually monitor its magnetic field. The third mission is that The Ashtar Command is prepared, if necessary, to evacuate the planet and relocate the total population in the event of a natural catastrophe. The fourth mission is the return to Earth of the Christ and other Lords of Light. The fifth mission is to bring planet Earth into the United Confederation of Planets.”[37]

     This sounds very familiar, of course, and seems to be almost a common mission statement for all these channeled sources that have anything to do with the Harvest. And we know of the Confederation of Planets from the RA Material, and it’s covered in this paper (see subsection iii.iv.). According to RA, we have to be a social memory complex before we can apply for membership to the Confederation, so does this mean that Ashtar and Lord ENKI want to create a collective consciousness of mankind? Yes, why not? If you were them, wouldn’t that be a great plan? If we’re all One Mind, although separated in bodies and souls, we could very easily be manipulated into doing exactly what the Overlords want us to do without any protests. Once the “One Mind” has agreed, it’s a done deal. Isn’t that what the Machine Kingdom in its extension is all about, anyway?

     I have often mentioned that the Sirian Alliance has as its main goal to take over the Goddess’ role as the One Creator. The Queen of the Stars is related to Orion. Orion is the star constellation, and it’s those related to the word Orion that the Sirians want us to concentrate on as our main enemies. Every now and then they give a hint. So also Ashtar:

“Many of the Ashtar Command walk among us on our streets on Earth without us even being aware of it. The Ashtar Command serves in a certain sense as heaven’s policemen, there are actually six planets in the Orion system, and a group called the Deros, from inner space, that have had to be cordoned off so beware of anything to do with the Orion Nebula.”[38]

     It looks like here they are referring to the old battles that took place around 500,000 years ago, when the Sirian Alliance landed on Earth and defeated the Orions who were here at the time. I described that in detail in Level II.

     On almost all websites that are talking about, or are channeling the Ashtar Command, they say that Ashtar is working in tight connection with the Arcturians. We are manipulated to believe that the Arcturians are non-physical, or interdimensional beings of light, who are very benevolent, and if there are any allies of mankind, it would be them. But of course, the rabbit hole goes deep. Most people I know think the Arcturians are our allies, but then again, how could they, if they work with the Ashtar Command? I also clearly recall that Michael Lee Hill, who says he is in contact with the Sirians (and I doubt it not), also has a highly evolved Arcturian friend, who supports his Sirian connection. Well, things are coming together.

     Before we move on, I want to add that the Federation the Ashtar Command works for goes under many names. One of those we already know as the Confederation of Planets. Another one is the Galactic Federation of Light. These are one and the same. Almost every truthseeker is familiar with the Galactic Federation of Light, and they either think it’s good, or it’s bad. Many also know they are connected with the Ashtar Command, and then it depends of what they think of Ashtar. There is no doubt, however, that the GFL (common abbreviation of the Galactic Federation of Light) is connected with the Sirians.

     A lady who signs off as “Mary Lou” is right on the ball. She says on her website:

The Galactic Federation and an Earth Cataclysm
On Sunday, June 6, 2010, Dennis Whitney, author of a blog called Strange Planet, posted an entry titled, “Who Is This Galactic Federation of Light? And When Will They Intervene, If They Really Do Exist?”

Dennis seems convinced that the Galactic Federation [the GL has recently added “of Light” to their name] is genuinely concerned about the human race and that they’re standing by to help in case of a catastrophic emergency [most likely one that they would like to create].

If you read Dennis’ blog, particularly the section that contains a message from the Ashtar Command, you’ll learn that in the event of an Earth cataclysm, the GL wants to “levitate” humans to their small ships that will then act as taxis to and from their larger ships. Fortunately, there are enough people saying Prayers at Sun Events in advance of a GL-planned cataclysm that this is not going to happen.

Mary Jo “[39]

     The link Mary Jo is providing is dead, but her statement says it all. Why do you think they come in 20 million ships? Didn’t Abraxas say in the Gaia thread that each human who is getting harvested is going to get their own spaceship? She did! But why and for what purpose? They have not told us that. However, from what we already know, we can make a qualified guess. Why do some of these channeled sources say that the transmission to the 5th Dimension will happen here and “now”, meaning before the person is dead and enters the astral? And that there will be earthquakes and catastrophes for those who stay behind? This is possibly the reason why some say that the ones who qualify will be “levitated” in spaceships, and that there will be little hope for many of those who stay behind. However, if that is what’s going to happen, it’s going to be staged. It’s not going to be natural!

     Regardless of what is coming down, it’s important that we’re “going up”, so to speak. We need to really work on our own energy fields so we are not available for this kind of nonsense — none of it. People need to realize that we can do it and that it’s no fairytale! These things can be simulated in labs. If something vibrates fast enough, it’s going to be invisible in relation to what is vibrating slower. And it may sound unbelievable, but the difference in vibrations between those who are not spiritual at all and those who are, is way apart! It’s just hard to imagine because we can’t see it with our naked eyes, but we can feel it.

     Personally, I’m not an oracle, a prophet, or a fortune teller, but I have intuition, and I am learning to think and feel with my heart chakra, getting better and better at it. This has helped me a lot over the years, and what I feel in regards to this is that there will be a splitting of worlds. Of all the research I’ve done on this, that’s what definitely feels like the correct thing. And not only does it feel right, it’s also how the energetic Multiverse works. It’s a natural process. Of course, that process can be interrupted by malevolent forces, such as the Sirians, if they want that to happen, but knowing their tactics fairly well (they are more predictable than they may think), all it is is fear mongering, which they feed on. They need people to serve them, and they need the Machine Kingdom to become reality. That is what they really aim for. Also remember that the Sirians’ hands are tied, too, in certain ways. They have to restrict themselves to following the Law of Free Will, and that’s why they are really afraid we’re going to see through their manipulation. Because when that’s done, and if we need help to run them off, there are benevolent forces that will see to that it will happen. There are many out there who are just waiting for the Sirians to make a mistake so they can run them off. It was easy to take over the planet once upon a time when those who lived here were unprepared, but the situation is different now.

Figure 17. GFL and the Ashtar Command mass landing in 2012.

     The Sirians want to spread confusion, because that’s how they can keep people from knowing what’s really going on. A perfect example is the following link,, which is the Galactic Federation of Light’s website. The headline says: “Galactic Federation of Light Ashtar Command, Worldwide Disclosure 2012!” Underneath it says there is supposed to be a mass landing and a disclosure before 2012 is over (this was written before 2012, obviously). The GFL and the Ashtar Command were supposed to come down and pick people up, and we all know that that didn’t happen. But the page is still up, and that’s not by accident. They want to confuse us out of necessity.

     Still from the GFL’s website; here is their Sirian connection clearly documented. They are also promoting Sheldan Nidle, who is an obvious disinfo agent.

“‘I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that our ships are gathering for the grand announcement that will allow us to land on your Earth by invitation.’

– SaLuSa / through Mike Quinsey 20th July 2011″[40]

     So, Mike Quinsey is promoting SaLuSa from Sirius, and Dr. Michael Salla, known exopolitical researcher, embraces Mike Quinsey, so what do we make out of that? Who can we trust? And here is another lie the GFL has spread:

“Then there was a flurry of bold maneuvers this summer which terminated the existence of many dark-run underground facilities and their access tunnels. These actions led to the arrest of tens of thousands of dark subordinates.”[41]

     Of course there were no mass arrests, but who else was spreading similar lies last year? Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock. Although, to be honest, I believe David is genuine, even though I don’t agree with much of what he’s teaching, but Fulford knows exactly what he’s doing — spreading disinfo. He was talking about Global Elite mass arrests until his face went blue, and he called up one witness after the other; one less credible than the other. He gave date after date and nothing happened, and still people continued listening both to him and Wilcock, who tirelessly parroted Fulford, word by word, on his Divine Cosmos website. Now we get a hint on whom Fulford is working for.

Figure 18. An introspect Benjamin Fulford

    The New Age term “light-workers” also stems from the Galactic Federation of Light, and is therefore a term I avoid in my own research. I do not like to be called a light-worker, because I am not associated with GFL.  

IV. Afterword

     The reader may think; why is all this so negative? Where are the good ones, and how come that all these federations and councils seem to be working against us? The answer is quick and simple: we are stuck in what I call a 4% universe, and therefore, what is affecting us is the 4% universe. It’s because this is where we perceive that we’re living. This 4% universe is set up by malevolent forces, so therefore what we need to learn first is often of a malevolent nature. The 4% universe is heavily controlled with hologrammic equipment. Think the “Matrix Series”. If people would only understand how much truth there is in those movies!

     It is quite clear to me by now that the 4% universe is all about humans in different stages of development. The oppressors knew that mankind was going to evolve; it’s such a natural state of being that they can’t really stop that process. So ENKI and his cohorts had to think out a universe where even those who evolve stay trapped. Of course, he knows how dimensions and densities work in the “real” universe, so he just had to mimic that and program it into the “software”, which is the human body. The hardware are the hologrammic computer systems which keep it all in place. Hence, we ended up with eight dimensions within which we are free to evolve, similar to how it would look like in the 96% universe. The whole difference, however, is that in the 4%, everything is controlled.

     So how come there are only humans in the 4% universe? It’s because it’s the human template — the human DNA — that is trapped! It’s humanity as a whole and no one else. The universe outside the trap is teeming with life in all shapes and forms, but in the free universe you are also free to travel across the dimensions. Evolution in the 96%, from what I understand, is mostly a process of learning about oneself. By learning about oneself in the free universe we can create so much more, and it becomes a universe of magic! Yes, there are stars and galaxies and all the rest of it in the 96% as well — that’s the “hardware” — but by living as a spiritual being in that hardware universe you are absolutely free to create anything and travel instantly wherever you want. The only restriction is your own imagination! That is why art in all its forms is considered so valuable here; people have this feeling that we can create universes with it, and we can! 

     The 4% universe has its timelines, and humans have evolved on several of them. Some became non-physicals, who can travel the dimensions, using stargates and star-lanes, and others became the Grays. Not all beings in the 4% need spaceships to travel; some actually seem to have developed nano-travel, but only within the 4%. Like Abraxas says, you can’t get to the 9th Dimension without permission. And who is giving us that permission? Well, we already know the answer to that. However, this is all based on restrictions built into, and strands taken away from, our DNA, now lying dormant. This is why those who decide to evolve without help from Sirian technology, and who have seen through the veil of manipulation, can reshape their whole RNA/DNA structure and no longer be stuck in the hologram. This is what I am talking about. Those who decide to take this route don’t have to go through lifetimes after lifetimes of being stuck in a restricted universe that is controlled; we can do it by reconstructing our light-body, using our Fire. See the trap for what it is and the trap will eventually disappear, because it’s held in place by frequency. Supersede that frequency band and you’re out of here!

     In elementary school we learnt about the electromagnetic spectrum. A tiny bit of it is visible, but most of it is not. We are stuck in the visible spectrum, which is the 4% universe. Increase your vibration until you start perceiving things outside this tiny piece of spectrum and you are breaking down the prison walls. If you’re reading this, you are already well on your way of doing that! Oh, but you are not feeling very psychic? Don’t worry, you will. In fact, you already are psychic, but it takes more to shatter the Quarantine, the Grid, and all the rest of it, before you can really break through. Some people have become quite psychic over the last few years, but those who feel they have not, although they’ve been working at least as hard on it, need not to worry. For you it will eventually come in “bigger chunks”, once you let go. Again, do not worry — it will happen if you consistently keep doing what you’re doing to raise your frequency. You are not “behind” in your development because you are not as psychic as your friend. No comparison between us is necessary and should be avoided; every one of us needs to work on ourselves and everything will be just fine.

     Out there in the 96% universe our friends are waiting. All those who are monitoring our progress now and at the same time are benevolent and really love mankind are doing so, not from the 4% as much as from the 96%. Everybody in the 4% universe has an agenda whether they are benevolent beings or not. In a prison, everybody’s agenda is to get out. The Multiverse, however, is benevolent and loving; the restricted 4% universe is not. A million words can be spent on talking about the “real” universe, but I believe no one can make it justice. Imagine a universe where you can create freely without having some government or organization telling you to stop doing it. The reader gets the drift, I’m sure, and can see the difference between enslavement and freedom, as much as it is possible to see it from our restricted perspective.

     Those who tell you that we need to evolve so we can join this or that Galactic Federation of Council are either trying to manipulate you, or they are themselves deceived. The federations they are talking about exist in the 4% universe, and we should have no interest in joining any of them. This is why I like the Pleiadians. They don’t tell you about the 4% vs. the 96% universe, but they answer people’s questions insightfully so we can really gain from the reply and comments that often follow, once they have our permission to talk about it. They know what this is all about, and as I am researching it on my own, I ever so often get things that the Pleiadians have said verified. Over and over, this is happening. They, too, don’t want us to join any of these space organizations, because they obviously know they are not in our best interest.   

     Our job, if we really want to break out, is to work on ourselves and get to the KHAA. It will happen on a one on one basis and rarely in a group. We have to earn it from hard work — that’s the only way. But once we’ve mastered it, there are beings on the other side who will be extremely happy to see us — each and every one of us. This I can confirm!

     But is the 96% really such a Paradise all the time? No, it’s not. There are warlike beings there, too, because you are free to create what you want, but you have the freedom not to mingle with them. No one is going to draft you; if you go to war, it’s your own choice. 

     So, no Galactic Federation for us; we don’t need them, and they will drag us down into the rabbit hole again. No, thank you! We are on our own with lots of benevolent beings watching over us, and “being on our own” in the evolving process is actually not a bad thing. You are the only one who knows what is best for you, anyway. How can somebody else tell you? You are a unique being after all, in an intelligent cosmos. Use what you have and you will notice that you have more than you could imagine even in your wildest dreams. It’s not that we have to work to get to a state of being of some star races, either. Our state of being is already divine and magnificent. Other star races are jealous, but the benevolent ones are jealous in a “good way”. We just need to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m not talking about the astral light between lives… 

     [Last note: There are certain federations and councils I have not brought up here because of space issues. I meant to mention The Guardian Alliance, for example, who are data streamed by A’shayana Deane, but decided not to. Her information is too complicated to even start getting into in a paper like this. I honestly do not know who the Guardian Alliance are, as they seem to be in conflict with the Thuban Council, but it could be because there are different factions within the Sirian Alliance as well, who don’t totally agree with each other. However, after have read the “Voyagers” books, I do not have a good feeling about any of it. It is extremely fear-based and technical, and thus very hard to understand for the average person who is not highly educated in quantum physics etc. The information also often contradicts everything you learn elsewhere. The reader is of course free to have their own opinion about the Guardians, but mine is that they are definitely not working in our favor.]


Wes Penre

  Wes Penre

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