4. Fourth Level of Learning: Lucifer’s Rebellion

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Paper #1: An Introduction to the Fourth Level of Learning (Published on January 4, 2014)

I. What Has Happened in the World Since the Third Level of Learning?
II. Fear-Mongering at its Worst
III. What This Level is About

Paper #2: Setting the Ancient Records Straight: Who is Who and Who Did What in the Pantheon? (Published on January 4, 2014)

I. Confusion of Epithets and Distortion of Records
II. Who is Really Who of the Major Gods and Where is the Confusion?
    ii.i. King Anu and Mother Goddess, the “Queen of the Stars” 
    ii.ii. Prince Ninurta and the Titans
    ii.ii.i. The Saturn and Orion Connections
    ii.iii. Prince En.ki, Lord of the Earth 
III. In Summary

 Paper #3: The Relationship Between Asterisms and Certain Star Beings (Published on January 9, 2014)

I. Required Knowledge About the KHAA
    i.i. What is “Space”?
    i.ii. Are the Planets in the Universe Really Teeming with Life or Are We Mistaken?
    i.iii. What is a “Star Being”?
II. Asterisms as “Real Estate”
III. The Home Stars and Constellations of the Gods
    iii.i. Arcturus, the Royal Star
    iii.ii. The Origins of the Swastika, the Ancient Symbol
    iii.iii. More about Draco and the Bear Constellation
IV. Some Last Words in Preparation…

 Paper #4: The Cosmic Wars Started in the VOID… (Published on January 10, 2014)

I. From Creation to Nanotravel
II. Dimensions Versus the Electromagnetic Spectrum and the Electric Sun
III. Stars as Portals and Birth Centers of Soul Fire
IV. What Do Beings in Other Parts of the Electromagnetic Spectrum Look Like?
V. The KHAA “Universities”

 Paper #5: Lucifer’s Rebellion (Published on January 14, 2014)

I. What Led Up to the First Cosmic War
II. Preparing for Revenge
III. There Was a War in Heaven
IV. The Soul Prisoners of the Dark Star
    iv.i. The Nommo, the Aquatic Bird Tribe
    iv.ii. The Imprisonment of the Luciferian Rebels
V. The Sirian-Arcturian Alliance
VI. Who Was the Consort Who Helped En.ki Create Homo Sapiens?
VII. The Ongoing Rebellion

 Paper #6: The Sirian War and the Golden Age (Published on January 17, 2014)

I. Archangel Mikael and the Sirian War
    ii.i. Confrontation
    ii.ii. The Sirian Catastrophe
III. The Matriarchs and the First Golden Age
    iii.i. The Prince of Ar-i-Du
    ii.ii. When the Lion Slept with the Lamb
    ii.iii. Misdirected Sexual Energy

 Paper #7: The Solar War (Published on January 21, 2014)

I. The End of the Golden Age
II. In the Aftermath of the Solar War
III. The Mining Operations, and Lucifer Becomes “En.ki”

 Paper #8: “The Orion and the Artemis Myth,” “The Real Story of Isis,” and Genetic Manipulation(Published on January 23, 2014)

I. Introduction to The Orion and Artemis Myth
    i.i. The Mythological Version of the Story
    i.ii. Interpretation of the Story
II. Ladies of Fire
III. The Story of Isis
    iii.i. A Backdoor into the KHAA?
IV. The Miners’ Rebellion
V. Rape and Manipulation in the Garden of Edin
VI. Genetic Manipulation, the Mars Laboratories, and Khan En.lil’s Protest
VII. The ADAMA—Enki’s Own Bloodline
VIII. The Fake Primordial Dragon—the want-to-be Emperor of the Universe

 Paper #9: An Introduction to the Underworld (Published on January 26, 2014)

I. What is the Underworld?
II. The Underworld and the Afterlife
III. The Queen of the Underworld

 Paper #10: The Tablets of Destinies (Published on January 31, 2014)

I. The Prisoners of the Abyss Revisited
II. Pure Blood and Sex Worship
III. The Fine Line Between Evolving Naturally and Evolving into Future Slavery
IV. Programmed Crystals and the “Tablets of Destinies”
    iv.i. The Tablets of Destinies—Ownership in Descending Order and the Battles Around Them
    iv.ii. Tiamat Loses Possession of the Tablets of Destinies to Marduk
    iv.iii. The Tablets go from Marduk to Khan En.lil
    iv.iv. Khan En.lil’s Tablets Stolen by Zu
    iv.v. Ninurta’s “Inventory of the Stones”
    iv.vi. Lapis Exili—the “Stone of Exile” in Lucifer’s Crown Revisited
    iv.vii. What Were the MEs of Destinies?
    iv.viii. The Tablets’ Journey into the Underworld
    iv.ix. The Tablets Changing Owners Again, and Isis Getting Second Thoughts
    iv.x. Where are the Stones today?
    iv.xi. The Tablets of Destinies as Weapons of Mass Destruction and More…

 Paper #11: The Rigelian War and “Thoth-the-Rigelian” (Published on February 2, 2014)

I. An Introduction: Rigel, the Brightest Star in the Orion Asterism
II. The Rigel War—How Another Civil War was Manipulated into Being in Orion
III. Introducing Another Well Known Figure on the Stage

 Paper #12: The Milky Way Spiral Arms and the Cosmic Slave Masters (Published on February 7, 2014)

I. The Milky Way Spiral Arms
II. Redemption of Annihilation?
III. En.ki’s Interactions with the Orion Council
IV. Our Inherited Sexual Aberrations and Obsession for Gold and Precious Stones
V. Two Versions of Homo sapiens sapiens–It’s all in the Blood
VI. How En.ki Planted Criminal Souls in Human Bodies, and more on the Human Star Race
VII. The Luciferians’ Own En.lil
VIII. Another Look at the Biblical YHWH
IX. From One Thing to Another

 Paper #13: The Garden of Edin Revisited (Published on February 15, 2014)

I. Isis’s Confession
II. II. Prince Ninurta’s Confrontation with En.ki on the Rigelian Battlefield
III. En.ki Back to the Drawing Board
IV. En.ki Takes on the Role of Mother Goddess
V. Isis’s Escape
    v.i. Amongst the Ruins of a Queendom of Old
VI. The New Women of Fire
VII. The New Isis of the Underworld
    vii.i. A Summary of the Different Bloodlines that En.ki Created, Before and After the Deluge
VIII. The Knights of the Celestial Cross
IX. Evidence of Marduk Marrying Isis

 Paper #14: The Antediluvian Times and Utnapishtim’s Heavenly Ark (Published on February 21, 2014)

I. En.ki Breaks his Oath with the Council of Orion
II. Concerns from other Star Races, Leading to the Decision to Terminate Mankind
    ii.i A Multitude of Different Soul Types Inheriting the Earth
III. Forty Days and Forty Nights
IV. The Saturn Stargate Closed!
V. Some Afterthoughts

 Paper #15: The Postdiluvian Times–Lucifer Building his Plan (Published on February 26, 2014)

I. The Creation of Modern Man—A Species with a Destiny
    i.i. The Grays and the Martian Slave Race
    i.ii. The Creation of a Special Species and their Neo-Atlantean Destiny
II. The Cosmic War Escalates
III. The Reincarnation System is being Refined! (Additional Ideas on How the Afterlife is Set Up)
    iii.i. More on How to Escape Lucifer’s Afterlife Trap
IV. Babylon the Great—Setting the Records False
    iv.i. AIF Leaders Promoted to Khan Kings, and En.ki becomes Ea (E-Abzu)
    iv.ii. Marduk Rises to Power in Babylon
    iv.iii. Syncretism and the Babylonian Empire
    iv.iv Ruling with Help from the Zodiac
    iv.v. Nimrod and the Tower of Babel
    iv.vi. The Everlasting Babylonian Empire

 Paper #16: The Ongoing Battle over the Material and the Spiritual Realms (What is Matter and What is Spirit?) (Published on March 5, 2014. Revised on March 8, 2014)

I. The Hologram Makers
    i.i. Back to the Planet of Power—Saturn as a Holographic Projector
    i.ii. The Magicians of Time and Space
    i.iii. Freezing Realities
    i.iv. Father Time in the New Era
    i.v. Passion–a Way out of the Trap
II. The Abduction Agenda Revisited
    ii.i. Atlantis All Over Again
III. Jumpstarting the Machine Kingdom
    iii.i. Memories are Stored in Stones and Bones—the Truth About the “Consciousness Meters”
    iii.ii. LPG-C and the “Nibiruans” in a New Light 
    iii.iii. Agenda 21
IV. Disclosure of the ET Agenda in Mainstream Media
V. “Uncle Lu” Wants You to Evolve for his Cosmic Army!
VI. Spirit and Matter—What is the Difference? What is it the Alien Invasion Force Really Wants from Humans?
    vi.i. The Fine Line Between the Physical World and the Spiritual Realm
    vi.ii. The Main Reason for the Ancient Gold Rush?
    vi.iiii. They Want us to Be Aware, but not Aware Enough to Realize Who is Pulling the Strings
    vi.iv. Death was the only Option for the AIF
VII. The Archons

 Paper #17: Leaving the Cosmic Battlefield (Published on March 6, 2014)

I. It’s not our War, but is it our Freedom?
II. Cloning and Genetic Engineering Patent Laws
III. The Electromagnetic Multiverse
IV. Wars and Battles Going on in our Solar System which we are not Told About
V. Changing the Dream
VI. A Deeper Look at the Mother Goddess, Khan En.lil, and the Galactic “War of the Genders”
VII. Earth Is More Unique Than We Think
VIII. In the Beginning was Creation, but the End is not Death—it’s Part of the Creation, too

 Appendix Paper A: Protocol of a Meeting between Human and Extraterrestrial Galactic Representatives on Planet Earth in 2011 (Published on March 7, 2014)

i. Introduction to the 2010-2011 Plenum Meeting, Presented by Wes Penre
ii. The Protocol: Link Report from Extraterrestrial Meeting in 2011, by Dr. A.R. Bordon
A. Executive Summary
B. Scientific/Technologic Measures Taken to Ameliorate the Main- and Side-Effects of Said Passing Through
C. Episodic Presence of the Itinerant Gravitational Wavefront Passing Through the Solar System in Approximately 22 Months

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