3. Third Level of Learning: Bringing our Inner Darkness Into Light

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Paper #1: In the Aftermath of the Nano-Second (Posted on January 19, 2013 )

I. Follow Your Passion
II. Our Most Common Mistakes As Truthseekers
III. Responses Thus Far
IV. What Actually Happened in 2012?
V. “The Second Level of Learning” in the Rearview Mirror
     v.i. Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis
     v.ii. Some Updates Since the Completion of “The Second Level of Learning”
VI. A Look at What is Coming

The Third Level of Learning, Paper #2: In Wait For Things to Come (Posted on February 1, 2013 )

I. The First Alien Invasion and its Main Distraction — Nibiru
II. What We Don’t Know is Bound to Kill Us!
III. Channelers Who Have Opened Up Their Chakras Start Channeling … Who?
IV. Dimensions and Densities According to Different Channeled Sources
V. RA and the Different Light-Bodies
   v.i. The Veil of Forgetfulness
   v.ii. The Orion Group — Friends or Foes?

The Third Level of Learning, Paper #3: Channeled Entities Part I — the Harvesters of Souls (Posted on February 10, 2013 )

I. Some Major Channeled Sources
   i.i. The Elohim
     i.i.ii. The Cosmology of the Elohim
     i.i.iii. Angelic Beings from Outside Time
     i.i.iv. Channeling the Elohim
     i.i.v. RA, The Council of Elohim, The Council of An, and the Council of 12 — All Familiar Terms!
     i.i.vi. The Possible WingMakers Connection, Elohim Connections with Famous Humans, and Ancient Visitations
   i.ii. The Cassiopaeans
     i.ii.i. Being us in the Future
     i.ii.ii. Transmitting from Different Futures
     i.ii.iii. The Channeled Sources — Do We Really Need Them As Much As They Need Us?
     i.ii.iv. The Hybridization of Mankind and its Implications
     i.ii.v. An Interesting Connection!
     i.ii.vi. Orions — “The Transient Passengers”
     i.ii.vii. The Giants of Ancient Times
     i.ii.viii. Some Final Statements from the Cassiopaeans

The Third Level of Learning, Paper #4: Channeled Entities Part II — Channeling the Grays (Posted on February 20, 2013 )

I. Abstract. A Short Summary
II. Channeling the Zeta Reticulians
    ii.i. The Zeta Agreement
    ii.ii. Grays Speak!
    ii.iii. The Collective “We” – Who Are They?
III. Understanding More About the Gray Hive Mentality
IV. How a Hybrid is Created
V. Disclosure

The Third Level of Learning, Paper #5: The Alpha Draconians and the Creation of the Starhuman(Posted on March 6, 2013 )

I. Alpha Draconians — Dragons from the VOID
II. Understanding the Basics of Alpha Draconian Cosmology and the Draconian Star Race 
    ii.i. Dimensions of the VOID and the 4% Universe
    ii.ii. Bigmo’s Balloon
III. Humanity as One Big, Universal Family 
     iii.i. The WingMakers Interview from a New Angle
     iii.ii. Ascension Equals Descension
IV. The Archetypes
V. Gaia as the Center of the Galaxy
v.i. Gaia’s Sink Hole Vortex and the “Alien Agenda” Explained
VI. Birth of the Starhuman
VII. The Harvesting of Souls and the Dragonized 5D Starhuman Template
      vii.i. What is the Procedure?
      vii.ii. The Dragons are Here!
VIII. Draconian Law and Constitution of the Future Serpentina/Earth

The Third Level of Learning, Paper #6: The Alpha Draconians and the Creation of the Starhuman Part II (Posted on March 6, 2013 )

I. Abstract
II. The Final Alpha Draconian Thread, Broadcast from the Council of Thuban in the 12th Dimension of the VOID
III. The Vortex Between the Universe and the VOID Closes and Abraxas Trapped in the 4% Universe
IV. Epilogue

The Third Level of Learning, Paper #7: Riders on the Galactic Superwave (Posted on March 12, 2013 )

I. Discussing the Thuban Material from Papers 5 and 6
   i.i. Allies of Humanity and the Hybridization of Mankind
II. The Galactic Superwave and the 200 Million
III. In Summary

The Third Level of Learning, Paper #8: Galactic Federations and Councils (Posted on March 23, 2013 )

I. Abstract. Galactic Federations and Councils
II. A List of Galactic Federations and Councils
III. The Galactic Federations and Councils Under the Microscope
     iii.i. The Council of Thuban
     iii.ii. The Council of 24
     iii.iii. The Council of 12
       iii.iii.i. The Andromedan Council (The Council of 12)
     iii.iv. The Confederation of Planets
     iii.v. The Council of Zendar and the Rings of Saturn
     iii.vi. The Council of 9
     iii.vii. The Council of Elohim
     iii.viii. The Nibiruan Council and the Galactic Federation of Worlds
     iii.ix. The Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light
IV. Afterword

The Third Level of Learning, Paper #9: The Splitting of the Worlds Part 1: The Machine Kingdom (Posted on April 5, 2013 )

I. A General Look Ahead: 2013-2034
II. The New SmartCities
III. “We are your Ancestors and Friends!”
IV. The Hybridization Program
     iv.i. What Happened to the Microchip Program?
     iv.ii. The Hybridization Program Revisited
V. Life in the SmartCities
    v.i. Welcome to the Machine!
VI. When the Robots Outsmart us!
VII. The Larger Story around Lucifer’s Rebellion
VIII. The Hell Dimension

The Third Level of Learning, Paper #10: The Splitting of the Worlds Part 2: Evolving without Technology (Posted on April 9, 2013 )

I. Confronting our Dark Side
II. Creating a Safe Environment for Self and Others
III. Building Communities
IV. Humane Meritocracy
V. The Divine Feminine in Future Societies
VI. Indigo Children
VII. Another Choice for the Future: Do We Want to Come Back to Earth or “Move On”?
    vii.i. Suggestions how to Bypass the Sirian Trap in the Afterlife
VIII. From Here and Into a Future Which is Very Bright After All

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