December 4, 2019: We are leaving YouTube on 12/10/19, but we have already created our own video channel. Please visit, https://wespenrevideos.com. Our plan is to keep everything on that site, including articles, interviews, e-books, and more. We also have a backup video channel that we monitor at FreedomTube: http://www.freedomtube.social/cmpgm-wes19 .

October 1, 2019: Más traducciones al español de los documentos de Wes Penre

July 15, 2019: People have had problems downloading “The Fifth Level of Learning” in PDF. It’s because the file is too large, I’ve noticed. Today, I divided Level 5 into two parts, “The Fifth Level of Learning Part 1” and “The Fifth Level of Learning Part 2.” If you want to download these files, please visit the page, “First to Fifth Level of Learning in PDF.”

July 2, 2019: New section added to this website, “Useful Tools,” which includes the greatly missed Quantum Pause, posted on my previous wespenre.com website. This section will probably be updated with more information in the future…

April 29, 2019: All papers now available for eReaders (ePUB). Click here!

March 22, 2019: “Life Physics Group Californina” (LPG-C) has changed their web address since these papers were written. This organization is mentioned a lot in these papers. New URL: http://www.lpg-c.org.

February 25, 2019: The Fifth Level of Learning has now been updated with all the pictures, as well, which means that all five levels should now be good to go–the Wes Penre Papers transition from the old server is thus completed.

Wes Penre en Espanol: https://wespenrepublicationsespanol.blogspot.com/

February 24, 2019: All pictures now embedded into the Fourth Level of Learning papers. Only the Fifth Level left.

February 23, 2019: Pictures are now also added to all the papers in the Third Level of Leraning. Two levels left…

February 22, 2019: All pictures should now be inserted into the entire Second Level of Learning. I will continue adding pictures to the Third Level.

February 21, 2019: All pictures should now have been added to the First Level of Learning. I will continue adding picture, paper by paper, to the Second Level of Learning and write a note in this update section when that level is completed. Then I will work myself through level by level, until all level have the original pictues included.

In the meantime, if you want to read the papers with pictures already included in all levels of learning, please consider reading the PDF versions, which can be found here: https://wespenre.com/category/level-1-5-in-pdf/.

February 19, 2019: Wespenre.com is up and running again–redirecting to this new website. I still need to upload a lot of images to this site, but other than that, all should be here now, except the translations to other languages.

February 16, 2019: Wespenre.com, the way it used to be, is in transition to this server, so it might be down on and off for the next few days. My website is mirrored here, however, although at the moment, there are no pictures visible in the papers: https://wespenrepapers.home.blog/site-map/ . The papers are available on this website in pdf, though, if you click here: https://wespenrepapers.home.blog/category/level-1-5-in-pdf/ . The purpose is to use this website/blog for all the Wes Penre Papers when the transition is complete, and the old site will be taken down in the process. Sorry for the inconvenience!

February 3, 2019: My website, https://wespenre.com/, is under transition. I am in the process of changing servers, which also means the website will look slightly different from the old one, as you might have noticed. The URL will still be the same once the transfer is complete, but in the meantime, the Wes Penre Papers can be found at both the old server and here, where I use a temporary URL, https://wespenrepapers.home.blog/.

Translations and other features from the old server will also eventually be transferred, but probably some time after the transition, which means they might not be available for a while. Feel free to go to wespenre.com already now and download the pdf versions of the translations, if you wich.

This new website will more or less only include the Wes Penre Papers. Articles and interviews can from now on be found here: https://wespenrepublications.home.blog/ . Sorry for the inconvience.

The website might be down for a little while during the transition, as well.

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