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I am a researcher and a writer, and I am researching metaphysics, extraterrestrial intervention with Earth, spiritual growth, Artificial Intelligent, and much much more. Some people might know me from my website, wespenre.com, where I posted "The Wes Penre Papers" between 2011-2015. This blog contains my continuous research, following upon the context of the papers.

AUDIO: The First Level of Learning Paper #2: Known Life Forms within the Milky Way and Beyond

Narration Posted on October 2, 2023

Narrated by Angela

Known Lifeforms Within the Milky Way:

Different Lifeforms in 4 Space-Time:

Different Lifeforms Beyond 4 Space-Time:

Indexing of Planetary Bodies:

Observership and Common Reality:

Space-Time vs. Time-Space:

Wormholes (Einstein-Rosen Bridges):