5. Fifth Level of Learning: The Vedic Texts

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Paper #0: Introduction to the Fifth Level of Learning — Important Overview  (Published on January 9, 2014)
I. When We Thought It Was All Over
II. Fukushima and how the Effects from Radiation can be Used by the Alien Invader Force
III. The Different Sections of the “Fifth Level of Learning”
iii.i. The Vedic Books in Comparison with other Sacred Scriptures
iii.ii. Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the ET Connection
iii.iii. Maitreya and the Second Coming—not only a New Age Program
iii.iv. Our Destiny
 Paper #1: Hindu Cosmology (Published on January 10, 2014)
I. Did ETs Transcribe the Vedic Texts?
II. How the Word “KHAA” is Used in Egyptian and Sanskrit Languages
III. The Vedic Overview of the Multiverse
IV. Time and the Yuga Cycles
V. The Cosmic Hierarchy
VI. The Netherworld in the Vedas
VII. The Divine Feminine in the Hindu Religion
VIII. Cosmic Energies and Different Methods of Space Travel in the Vedas
    viii.i. Lingam and Yoni—Male and Female Energies
    viii.ii. Laghimā-Siddhi — Mystic Power to Overcome the Force of Gravity
IX. Māyā—the Illusion of the Vedic Universe
X. Star Beings in the Vedas and How they Travel
 x.i. The Star Lanes Described in the Vedic Texts
    x.ii. Pitr-yāna—the Star Lane of Death and the Planets of Hell
     x.iii. Deva-yāna—the Pathway of the Gods

 Paper #2: The Avatars of the Gods and the Evolution of Species (Published on January 12, 2015)
I. The Soul and the Subtle Body
II. The Divine Avatars of the Gods
III. A Myriad of Alien Star Races – The General Confusion
IV. Becoming ONE with the Creator—Is That Really the Goal of the Species in the Universe?
V. Freedom Through Individual Achievements
 Paper #3: The Vedic Deities and Entities and their Place in the Hierarchal Structure(Published on January 14, 2015)
I. Parallel Universes and Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions in the Vedas
II. The Material versus the Spiritual Universe
III. Vedic Deities and Entities
    iii.i. Devas and Devis
iii.ii. Sages/Rishis
iii.iii. Asuras
iii.iv. Rakshasas
iii.v. Nagas
 Paper #4: Lokas–The Realms of Gods, Men, and Demons (Published on January 19, 2015)
I. The Lokas
    i.i. Satyaloka
    i.ii. Tapoloka, Janaloka, and Maharloka
    i.iii. Svargaloka
    i.iv. Bhuvarloka
    i.v. Bhurloka—the Earth Loka
    i.vi. The Seven Paatalas
    i.vii. Naraka—the Vedic “Hell”
II. The Significance of the Pole Star
III. The Underlying Vedic Tradition in Today’s UFO Community
IV. The Evolution of Consciousness
V. More on Different Space Travel Techniques
 Paper #5: The Cosmic Wars from a Vedic Perspective (Published on January 21, 2015)
I. The Everlasting Star Wars
II. Bringing the Cosmic Wars Down on Earth
    ii.i. The Vedic Story about the Namlú’u
III. The Invasion of Vega
    iii.i. The Owners of the Lyran Star System
 Paper #6: How the Vedic Gods Set Up Their Manipulative System (Published on January 25, 2015)
I. Introduction
II. Human Evolution According to the Vedic Literature
    ii.i. Cloning in Ancient Times
III. The Lord of Karma, The Shadow Planet, and the Black Sun
IV. Mother Goddess and the Theft of Amrita, the Elixir of Immortality
    iv.i. The Aquatic Bird Tribe Revisited, and the Birth of Garuda
V. The Mother Goddess Component in the Patriarchal Vedic Texts
VI. Teachers of the Arts
 Paper #7: Deities Exposed in Hinduism and Middle-Eastern Mythology (Published on January 26, 2015)
I. “Lord of the Host” and “Leader of the Devas”
II. More Interesting Revelations Regarding the “Jesus Myth”
III. In Summary: Who’s the Father and King, and Who’s in Charge of the Devas and of the Asuras?
IV. What Did All These Sailors See? Were They All Just Drunk, or are Mermaids for Real???
 Paper #8: The 3-D Slave Race and the Hi-Jacking of Human Consciousness (Published on January 31, 2015)
I. The Ancient Cosmic Wars Recapitulated
II. Ancient History is Preserved in Stone and Bone
III. The Masters of the Black Arts
IV. Flesh Eaters and Blood Drinkers
V. The Truth About the Buddha
VI. How to Pay Off Our So-Called Karmic Debt
VII. The Vedic Gods Enter the Living Library
VIII. Solid 3-D Encounters Between Vedic Gods and Humans
IX. Vimānas, the Flying Machines of the Gods
    ix.i. Vimānas as War Vehicles on Land and in Space
X. The Humanoid Template
XI. The Deluge Told from a Vedic Perspective
XII. Vedas in the New Age Movement
    xii.i. What Will the Sixth Root Race Bring About?
 Paper #9: The Vedic Players and their Counterparts in Other Ancient Texts (Published on February 6, 2015)
I. Syncretism
II. Mother Goddess–the Queen of the Stars
    ii.i. Aditi
     ii.ii. Durga, the Mountain Goddess
    ii.iii. Bhuvaneshvari
    ii.iv. Brahmin, Devi and Shakti
III. Khan En.lil–King of Orion
    iii.i. Brahman and Viśwákarma
IV. Lucifer, aka Prince Ea, En.ki, Vishnu, and his Various Other Aliases
    iv.i. Lord Krishna
    iv.ii. Lord Rama and Hanuman
    iv.iii. Varuna, God of the Oceans
    iv.iv. Yama, God of the Afterlife
    iv.v. The Ādityas of the Zodiac
    iv.vi. Agni—another Schizophrenic God?
V. Marduk Ra–Lord of the Sun and the Earth
    v.i. Surya–Lord of the Chakras
    v.ii. Ganesha, the Elephant Man
    v.iii. Skanda and the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades
    v.iv. Tvastar and Viśwákarman
    v.iv.i. Viśwákarman—Blacksmith of the Hindu Gods
    v.iv.ii. Hiraņyagarbha
    v.iv.iii. The Golden Grounding Cord
    v.iv.iv. Tvastar
VI. Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Lilith, and Aphrodite
    vi.i. Lakshmi, the Goddess of Fertility, Love, Beauty, and Wealth
    vi.ii. Dānu, the River Goddess
VII. Ereškigal—the Goddess of Death
    vii.i. Kali—Shiva’s Consort
VIII. Arjuna, the Ultimate Hero
 Paper #10: The Nakshatras–The Gods and their Star Systems (Published on Wednesday, February 11, 2015)
I. The Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions
II. Star Systems and Constellations in Domain of the Orion Empire
    ii.i. The Orion Empire in the Vedas
III. Domains Conquered by the AIF with Marduk in Charge
IV. Star Systems and Constellations under En.ki’s Control
V. Asterism Ruled by Queen Ereškigal
 Paper #11: Star Systems Not Mentioned in the Nakshatras (Published on Friday, February 13, 2015)
I. Introduction
II. The Asterism of the Vedic “Heaven”
III. New Revelations on the Sirius-Isis Relation
IV. Ursa Major–the Wounded Bear
V. The Origins and Dwellings of the Vedic Demigods—Lord Vishnu’s Minions
    v.i. Additional Information on the Asuras
VI. Locating Stars and Constellations in Relation to Ursa Major
 Paper #12: The Aldebaran Paper (Published on Tuesday, February 16, 2015)
I. Lucifer’s Refuge
II. The Invasion Came, Comes, and Will Come from the Pleiades!
III. Some Present Time Connections between the Bull and the Pleiades in General
IV. Vril, Hitler, and the Aldebaran/Pleiadian Connection, and Who Are Supriem David Rockefeller, Michael Noel Prescott, and the Modern Thule Society?
V. The Nazis, Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, and the Aldebaran Mystery
    v.i. Vril in Comparison with Today’s Quantum Mechanics
VI. The Seven Root Races
VII. The Little Fairy People of Kashmir
VIII. Agartha and Ultima Thule, the First City of the Aryans?
IX. Shambhala and the Final Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
X. Pioneer 10’s and Voyager’s Secret Space Missions
 Paper #13: Death and Afterlife in Hindu Religion and Egyptian Mythology (Published on Thursday, February 19, 2015)
I. Transmigration of Souls in the Vedic Texts
II. The Pitrloka planet, Heaven, and the 28 Hells of the Vedas
III. Description of the Vedic Hells
IV. Which Soul Goes Where After Death?
V. Some of Today’s Recently Achieved Knowledge Originates in the Vedas
VI. The Akashic Records and the Vedas
VII. Karma, and how we are Affected by a “Shadow Planet”
VIII. Beings in Charge of our Chakras and Kundalini
IX. Exit Plan
 Paper #14: The End of Kali Yuga–When World Religions Become as One (Published on Monday, February 23, 2015)
I. In Extraordinary Times, Religious Saviors are Promoted
II. The Yezidis
III. The End of Kali Yuga and the Start of a New Era
IV. Humans, Get Into the Fold—The Crop is Ready to be Harvested!
V. Alien Abductions and Human Misconceptions on the Alien Topic
VI. Maitreya; the World Leader. Bogus or the Real Thing?
VII. In the End, Only What is Inside Counts
 Paper #15: It’s Not He, or She, or Them, or It that You Belong To (Published on February 25, 2015)
I. Science Catching Up
II. Some of our Present Challenges
III. Have we been Ascending of Descending over Time?
IV. More Relevance from Carlos Castaneda
V. Becoming “One”—Another New Age Teaching or the Natural Journey of Consciousness?
VI. The Ego–Our Worst Enemy or a Friend on our Journey?
VII. The Next Mass Event
VIII. They are Here and they are Working Hard
IX. Wes Penre’s Untimely Death—as it is Written in “The Hidden Quatrains of Nostradamus”
X. In Memorial—Dr. Lloyd Pye
XI. Pope Francis and the One World Religion
 Paper #16: The Destiny of a Royal Species (Published on February 26, 2015)
I. Beyond Quantum Physics—Some Things Science Needs to Grasp
II. In Preparation of a Cosmic Trial
III. Don’t Get Fooled by Sudden “Revelations!”
IV. The Collapse of the Medical Industry
V. More on the Chakra Manipulation and the Entrapment in the 4% Universe
VI. The Machine Riders versus our Inner Divinity, or “The Ultimate “Hijack!”
VII. Some Last Words …

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