AUDIO: The First Level of Learning Paper #1:  Exploring the Unum–The Building Blocks of the Multiverse (February 16, 2011)

Narrated by Angela


1. ENS (Extension Neurosensing) — A New Advanced Form of Remote Viewing  

2. The Idiomaterial Universe  

3. Seven Levels of Manifestation (LOMs)

4. The 7 Superdomains

4.1. The Prime-Causal Superdomain

4.2 Thought Superdomain

4.3 Unisonic Superdomain 

4.4 Logomorphic and Syntonic-Diffusive Superdomains

4.5 Templaic/Quantum Potential Superdomain

4.6  4-Space/Time Superdomain 

5. The T-Boundary 

6. Regions of the Unum

7. Subquantum Vacuum-Plenum 

8. The Overfunction and the Akashic Records 

9. The “Big Bang” Theory Revisited

Acronyms used in the text: