Third Level of Learning, Paper 10: The Splitting of the Worlds Part 2: Evolving without Technology

by Wes Penre, Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I. Confronting our Dark Side

    Now when the reader has read through three levels of material, about 1,500 pages all together, have you noticed something pretty astonishing? Although perhaps 2/3 of this material has been about the Sirians and their control over mankind, which could potentially make these paper “fear-based”, what do you feel right now? Do you feel afraid, or do you feel stronger and more uplifted than before you started reading it?

     Albeit, there are probably a few who would say they are afraid, the vast majority are probably feeling what I feel — enhanced spiritually. But how can that be? Most of this material, except the “Soulution Sections”, which end each Level, are not talking about uplifting things, but mainly about the slave society we’ve lived in since we were created as Homo sapiens.

     It’s because this material is telling the truth and therefore stimulate the neurological pathways, and also create new ones.

     There was a point in my writing, before I even started on Level I, when I realized that we as a species won’t be able to go any further until we’ve learned to confront our dark sides. We all have a tendency to be willing to look at our “good” sides, and all the new abilities we are going to achieve if we follow the Path of Light. But very few are digging deep inside their own roots and stir around in the darkness of the very soul. This, however, is what these papers have done. By telling the dark history about humanity, we have been able to see humanity’s own involvement in what has happened, and mostly unconsciously been able to call up the timelines connected to these major solidifying events. Albeit some of the true story about mankind’s past has been told elsewhere, some of the events that have been really traumatizing and hooked us in 3D, have never before been told. On top of that, very few have told us where we come from and who is our real Creator. The only version we actually have ever heard is the version where the coin is flipped; black is white, good is evil, foe is friend, and so on. What do you think happens when some beings (in this case EA and MARDUK) change history by turning the truth around and present its opposite as the truth? We will be stuck in our timelines, and past life events will keep us imprisoned in this reality, because we can never break the chain of events in our own minds. This is why I have been talking about that our timelines will merge before we can break loose and become multi-d. The events and the lies that have kept us stuck in the past must be confronted, pondered, and realized.

Figure 1. Neuro-pathways.

       But not only that. We must also break the chains from our future; the future timelines, such as those of the Machine Kingdom, which we don’t want to participate in, but perhaps we will — on a timeline or two. Therefore, we must also confront the future and merge these timelines as well. My efforts are an attempt to make this happen. However, I’m not the only source to make this happen, and it’s also part of a natural phenomenon which has to do with our alignment with the Galactic Centers.

     What will happen when you read this material is therefore basically twofold: 1) you have gotten a much truer history of mankind presented to you, which will flip the coin back with the right side up. You will see things for what they are and your timelines will unhook from events that were suppressed in space and time and therefore stuck there. Sometimes you feel you are able to expand on what is written here, and you create your own “bigger picture” — it just comes to you. Like a rubber-band, your timelines — past and future — will snap and return to you, and you become much more whole. This can be tough and traumatic at first, and requires courage, because some of these events include violence and grief, but once they are seen for what they are the emotional charge will be taken off of them and remain as experience only. This doesn’t mean you necessarily will remember all these timelines (or you would be quite overwhelmed), but you feel the emotionality of them. 2) By confronting the darkness of your own soul, you then stand on neutral ground and are ready to make atotally conscious decision about your own future for the first time ever, perhaps. Your heart chakra is opened, your neurological pathway clear, and new neuro-pathways opened. You are ready to meet new challenges, but this time they are based on your own decisions, not some manipulation done by an outside force. This is why you amazingly enough probably feel much more stable and sure of yourself now than you did before you read this material.

     There is a disinformation campaign being run as we speak (and has been for quite some time) that we should only look at the positive side of things, because then we will only get positive effects back. However, if we look at the dark side and that which is set up to scare us, fear and negativity is what we get in return. If we follow that advice we get blind to 50% of whom we are, and we end up with Steven Greer, who says that all aliens are benevolent, without exceptions. That’s blindness. No, we have to look at both sides of ourselves, and we need to start with the dark side, or the dark side will make it very hard to genuinely expand on the light side. By bringing up the darkness to the surface and take a look at it, we also are much less prone to being effected by the negativity around us; we simply don’t take it in anymore, because we know where it is and how it works. This is a requirement in order to be able to build the New Era. We don’t need to be 100% perfect with it, but if you’ve reached the point I’m speaking of, you know and feel what I mean. After all, we can talk about Global Warming, the toxins we spread around in our atmosphere in form of chemtrails (something Bill Gates clearly admitted to exist, by the way)[1], oil spill, nuclear fallout, etc., but the worst toxic “chemicals” we spread on the planet are those of our own, unconfronted negative emotions.

     Also, if we don’t know our own history, good or bad, we don’t know ourselves, and can’t create a harmonious future for ourselves. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying with me! The dark side of humanity’s history has now been confronted enough, in my opinion, for us to start concentrating on the positive paths. I am painfully aware of that only a handful individual so far have read my papers (around 60,000 all together since I launched Level I in October, 2011), and many of them did not complete them, but on the other hand, these papers are not written for those who just woke up and started looking for the truth. There is other material they need to look into first, such as that at I am convinced that much more people will find this material in the near future. It will be here, floating in time.

     I ask the reader to please do me a favor, however. Please download the pdf versions of each paper on your hard drive as soon as you can; hopefully already when you start reading a certain paper. By doing so, I know that this material is safe. Even if the Internet goes down in the future, the material lives on with you, the reader, and can be printed and spread in other ways. It also may save my life. And if not — even if they get to me — I can smile, because I know that my work was not in vain and will live on after my own demise. Thank you!   

II. Creating a Safe Environment for Self and Others

   I can’t stress enough how important it is to love yourself. If you don’t, you can’t love others either, and you get stuck. You need to feel deep inside that you deserve what is absolute best for you, now and in the future. For many people, these are no easy things. Deservability is a heart quality.

     Too many people sacrifice themselves for others. Since the old Shakespearean dramas and way further back, people have learned from Sirian art and manipulation that others are more important than you. They knew they could get away with that, because we humans basically have a good heart and care for each other. There are people who have set it as a goal in their life to help others. This is a very honorable thing and it’s nothing wrong with that. Only if you constantly help others over and over again to the extent that you exhaust and sacrifice yourself is it something you perhaps need to reconsider. If you’re one of those, what is it in yourself that you don’t like? What is it that makes you think that others deserve more than you? When others become more important than yourself, there is a lack of self-love, self-respect, and “deservability”.

     Then, of course, we have the other side of it, where you are not doing another person a favor when you constantly help her or him out. Everybody is on their own journey, and if you constantly interfere with the challenges this other person has to face, they will never learn. You may be able to solve the problem for them, but if you do, there is no lesson learned. Instead, giving a hint of advice to lead the person on the right track if they’re stuck is much more help than helping “hands on”. Then, of course, we need to use our judgment; if a person is getting raped, beaten up, or otherwise abused, we don’t just stand and look and tell ourselves it’s these people’s learning lessons. But the bottom line I am trying to get across is that when you start loving, respecting, and trusting yourself, it’s coming right out of the heart chakra, and you will notice that all your relationships, whether they are family, friends, or work partners, will be based on the same qualities. It’s inevitable.   

Figure 2. The seven body chakras. The 4th chakra is green and called the “Heart chakra”.

     What we who have decided to choose this alternative route, free from the Machine Society, are doing is that we are bringing ourselves and others outof the solar plexus chakra, based on fear, to the heart chakra, based on love and compassion. So in that sense you could say we are ascending, because we are vibrating on a higher frequency where fear is more or less out of our lives. This is also why we had to confront the fear on a mass consciousness scale (which includes the whole human soul group), to move up from the stomach to the heart. Those who will choose the Machine Kingdom are still living in fear, basing their entire existence on the solar plexus chakra. They never had the courage to look what was deeply embedded there, and their way of conquering their fear was to go with the fear mongers, thinking they could keep them safe as long as they do what the fear mongers say. This is how the tune goes, both on an overt and a covert plane. And when I’m talking about the heart, I clearly mean the heart chakra and not particularly the physical heart, although the physical heart is the physical part of it, and a portal into the deeper aspects of the chakra, dwelling inside of ourselves, on a subquantum level. People who think very little, or hardly at all, from their heart chakras, have a higher risk of heart attacks than those who have their chakras more open. So in the extension of things; the more chakras we have managed to open, in general, the healthier we become, and we enhance our longevity. Science says that the human body as it is can live maximum 120 years and that it is impossible to live longer than that. If this is true, it only goes for the old human, but not for Homo Nova[2], who will be able to live much longer than that in the future. Some may ask why we want to live that long if we get old and sick, but the whole point is that we should be able to live long lives without getting the regular elderly symptoms, so common and almost unavoidable for today’s Homo sapiens.

     We are all children of Nature — all of us. Although our bodies were manipulated many times throughout history, no one could take away the fact that we belong to Mother Nature. There are those who want to create the ultimate abomination, trying to disconnect our bodies from Nature by making us into machines so we never again will remember where we came from, and on many timelines they will succeed. I am not alone; there are others who strive towards the same goal as I do — to keep a branch of humanity alive, a branch which will not forget who our Goddess and Creator is, and our relationship and bond to her.

     This is why it’s so important that we reconnect with Nature. With that I don’t mean that we take Sunday trips into the woods, sit on rocks and drink warm chocolate. We can do that, too, if we like, but connecting with Nature is so much more than that. We see in Hollywood movies — the ones which are magical — how people talk telepathically with the animal and listen to the trees. This is what we’re going to be able to do (and many are already doing). On Earth everything is connected; rocks, plants, animals, and humans. What the Sirian Overlords did was to turn off our switch so the energies that connected us with Nature didn’t find anywhere to go. Now it’s our task to turn on that switch again.

     To learn about Nature is to learn about ourselves and vice versa. We all potentially have the ability to go out in the woods, up in the mountains, out in the desert, or to the beach, and just sit down and listen to Nature. Although there may be a stillness and an apparent silence where you stay, there is much going on in other dimensions of reality. All we have to do is to listen to what is there and start communicating. The trees have quite a story to tell, and so do the rocks, the rhythm of the waves, and the old mountains. Once upon a time we were the Guardians of all this, and we always knew what was going on around us. We knew that everything was encoded and bore the imprint of the original Creator God that created it. Through Nature we could communicate with the whole universe, and we could communicate with our own Creator Gods, regardless of where they were. Now it’s become a one-way communication. We can be communicated to, but we don’t respond because we no longer hear the communication in our bodies. Instead of using our bodies as an instrument to communicate in the Multiverse, we have become afraid of our own bodies. No wonder we get sick. When the body feels we don’t love her, and actually fear her, she responds by getting sick. Separation from the body is a separation from God/the Goddess.

     As a fun thing you can try in the beginning is to communicate telepathically with butterflies. They are enormously clairvoyant. Every summer, just because I enjoy it, I sit on my porch next to a flowerbed early in the morning and wait for the first butterfly to come. When it does, I start with saying “hi” to it, telepathically, and follow its path with my eyes. Then I tell it how beautiful it is and how much I enjoy having it around. Next, I ask it to come closer, and it does — carefully at first. I send a lot of love and affection towards it and that makes it come and circle around me and even land on the table just in front of me. When it takes off, I again follow its path and tell it how wonderful it is, and it’s like it wants to show off because I recognize it. Lastly, I tell her to go and ask more butterflies to come, and sure enough, a minute later several of them show up in the flowerbed, together with the original one. It works like magic, but still it’s so natural.

     What happens here is that I am not necessarily communicating with the insect itself, but with the intelligence behind it; the God or Goddess who created her. The fact that a human once again recognizes that there is intelligence in the small things makes the force want to play along to show me that what I’m doing is noticed and appreciated. Try it! Practice! Do it with other insects too, if you wish, and with squirrels and birds. You are going to find that you are able to attract a lot of animals in your yard, or whatever environment you live in. Then they are going to return because they feel and recognize your energies. The animal and plant Queendoms know who you are. By doing this, and by accomplishing the above, you prove to yourself that everything in the universe is connected and in communication across the dimensions. We are only trapped here if we agree to it. I spoke in earlier papers about us being “allowed” to enter 8 of the 12 major dimensions, and only a very limited part of them (4% of the whole universe), but disagree with this, open up your chakras, one by one, and you will see that eventually, a whole new universe is opening up before your eyes. You are manifesting your Inner Universe in the Outside Universe in order to be able to explore, but in reality every cell in your body is a galaxy, just like Abraxas, the Dragon walk-in, said on the Gaia forum (see Level III, papers 5 and 6). As above, so below. Go inside, and the whole Multiverse will open up, literally.

     However, this will not happen in one day; it’s a process, and it’s practice that is leading us there. Still, we need to understand that all the above is possible to regain, and in an upcoming book I will go into details about how we can obtain these abilities and much more; i.e. the process of becoming multidimensional. The first thing we need to do, however, is to create a safe environment for ourselves, now that we know what we’re facing when comes to high-tech timelines and artificial intelligence.

     Regardless if you’re all alone, have a small or large circle of friends, if you’re married and have family or not, you need to create your own “Local Universe”. I first heard of this concept from James of the WingMakers when he explained it in an interview with Mark Hempel. I then knew right away that this is the way to create our new timelines in the beginning of the New Era, i.e. now, in this present moment. The Local Universe is defined as your local environment, which could be your neighborhood, your town, or a wider area in which you operate. If you take this area and tell yourself that this is your current Local Universe, which at any time can expand or retract, and then fill that area with whatever you wish that area to be or become — you do it in your mind. You also include the safety or people, animals, and whomever or whatever lives in this specific locality. Perhaps you live in a Local Universe which is more or less how you want it to be, and you feel safe, or maybe there are quite a few things you need to improve to come to that point? No matter which it is, you are now going to imagine exactly how you want your Local Universe to be in order to be safe and according to the reality you wish for yourself. Then you hold that picture and tell yourself that this is your Local Universe in which you live, and these are the things you want to approve (or keep as they are). Don’t force that reality on your environment; just put a light thought and a positive emotion to it and let it go. Then, if something happens which is not in line with what you want to be safe, you once again put your picture there, lightly and with a positive emotion, and let it go. Soon enough, you’re going to notice that things around you start to change and the energies are going to twist and bend in the direction towards your goals.

     Under some circumstances, if the reader lives in a very bad neighborhood with a lot of crimes and people who emit an unusual amount of fear, it may not matter what you do; you will still live in a very unsafe area. In that case, there is no other option than to move. You may tell me that your circumstances are such as you can’t move, but then your energy must go towards making that your first goal instead of what I’ve suggested above. Optimally, this would already have been taken care of during the nano-second.  

     For this to really work, you need to understand the dynamics around it. When I say Local Universe, I really mean it. That is your universe in which you currently live. Let’s say you live on the American west coast. Then, what happens in Israel and Palestine, in Syria, or in Egypt, is not part of your Local Universe. Neither is Washington DC and the political environment there. If you read the newspaper about war and disaster in one area of the world, you must remember that it’s another Local Universe you are reading about, not yours. This is very important to understand, because people have a tendency to sympathize with what is happening outside their own Local Universe. Sympathy pulls those energies towards you; it has that quality, and that is not what you want, because then things soon may start going “wrong” in your own environment. You don’t want to pull in negative energies in your space if you can help it.

     In the extreme, the same reader of the newspaper may feel that they want to take the first plane to the area of unrest and do something to help. This is their choice, but know in that case that you extend your Local Universe to that war zone, and it will in one way or the other affect your whole Local Universe, which will then have a tendency of unrest. In addition; when you leave the area of unrest, the same unrest you came to help resolving will continue just like before. One thing Homo Nova has to understand is that we can’t solve the world problems, because they don’t want to be solved. The Sirian Alliance is there, seeing to that the wars and unrest are always happening regardless of what you do. Your task is to create peace and rest in your own area. When you do, others will feel it and start doing the same thing, and it will spread amongst the mass consciousness so others, outside your Local Universe will start to apply similar ways of living. Eventually, people can extend their areas, combine their areas and change the vibrations more rapidly amongst those who are still receptive to those positive kind of energies. This is in no way a suggestion of limiting your space. At any time, we can go visiting other universes (other parts of the world) to study them or enjoy what they have to offer, but keep in mind that we’re only visiting, and when we come back home, our task is as always to keep our local universe safe. I hope the reader gets the drift here.

III. Building Communities

     Some people will notice that they are able to create such a safe environment exactly where they live, with their current neighbors and in the current little town in which they may live and therefore have little need to move to some kind of community to live with likeminded. There is no need to change something that is already working for you. In other cases, Section II above has prepared you how to use your energy on your environment; an ability you may want to use when it’s time to perhaps get together with likeminded.

     Like we talked about in the previous paper, businesses will move into the big SmartCities and leave nearly nothing left in the smaller towns and cities, which will sometimes become just like ghost towns. Here is where some people with a similar mindset may want to build their new communities, which are based on self-sufficiency. People will build their own gardens and plant their own food and live close to Nature. Those who have studied rituals will know how to make contact with Mother Earth through those, which will help the crops grow, etc. This is basically nothing new, but more a matter of going back to the “old ways”, before we became “civilized”.

     This way of living may in the beginning be attacked by the authorities, who will create laws against planting anything at all that is not GM food (genetically manipulated food) and Monsanto based, and people may have to shut down their gardens, only to either start them up again when the government inspector has left, or move to somewhere else until the authorities give up. They will have plenty to take care of elsewhere, and the communities will be more and more, which will eventually make it hard for the inspections to take place at all. And people will become quite clever at tricking the government once they learn how their bureaucracy works. It can be frustrating and inconvenient at first, but it’s a matter of being persistent.

     There are going to be people who want to have nothing to do with technology or society whatsoever and simply move up in the mountains or deep into the forests and build their communities there, like many did in the 70s and 80s. Some say that wouldn’t work, because it didn’t work back then, but back in the hippie era, very little was known about what is going on in the world. The young generation felt something was wrong and that there was too much corruption in high places, but they didn’t know what we know now. If they would have, these people would have been more serious about it, and there would have been a much greater chance that it would have worked.

     Lastly, some communities are probably also going to be built out of anger and disgust. People will be so furious when they notice the extent of deception their leaders have subjected them to that they will leave society in pure rage and build their own communities, refusing to pay taxes that support the crimes of the few. These communities, over time, may very well also turn into very positive ones, so there will be many different ways how these communities will start. Other people may prefer to live alone but still be self-sufficient and only sporadically connect to a community, and that will also be well accepted. There will be many different ways to do this, and how it’s done is not of that much importance; the important thing is that we break out of the manipulation we are living under and refuse to be slaves under the Machine Kingdom. It’s the thought form that is important, and that we put energy on that thought form.

     People are asking if these future communities will have any leaders. I would think that there will be a mix; some communities will have their local leaders, which the rest of the community has appointed. These local leaders will not live in a special building where they can get away with doing harmful things, but will live among the rest of the people, like one of them. The only reason someone is appointed will probably be because some people have excellent leader skills, which is not a bad thing if they lead from their heart chakra and listen to the rest of the community and don’t make important decisions behind their backs. The best leader is one who knows what the people want and gets the job done in such a laid back way that the people think it was them who did it, and it was done exactly the way they wanted it!

     Other communities may prefer not to have leaders, but instead have other ways to deal with things internally.

IV. Humane Meritocracy

      So far, all political systems have failed, regardless of which time period we are looking at. I know that interdimensional forces have had their hands on everything, which certainly has contributed to the failures, but we still need something new and fresh.

     A few years ago, I looked into the philosophy of The Bavarian Illuminati in its present form, which supposedly is different from how it was back in the revolutionary days of the late 1700s, when Adam Weishaupt was the Grandmaster of the Order. I was at the time also into the WingMakers philosophy and noticed that the two had much in common. The common thing that stood out the most was to merge religion and science in order for mankind to evolve. There was also a lot of other philosophical teaching I liked on the Bavarian Illuminati website, which you can find at What I liked the most was the idea of Meritocracy, although I didn’t agree with all the rules and regulations connected to it. I am not going to go into their philosophies here — that’s something the reader can do if you feel inclined — but instead present my own solution to the political problem.

     First of all, I am not for any political solution at all; I simply don’t like politics, because it limits people under laws and regulations. That’s exactly what has kept us from expanding both spiritually and mentally. So my solution will therefore be non-political. The question is, how do we create a community, or a new society where the citizens will feel valued, loved, and happy? And how can we manage a society which is not based on money, and where everything is free? Alex Collier, when he explained to the Andromedans how our monetary system works, they stood and listened in awe and finally said something to the effect, “why do you have to pay for things on the planet where you were born?” There is a lot of wisdom in that single question.

     My solution is Meritocracy, just like the Illuminati suggests, but to make sure people know that I differ in opinion, I will call my version of it Humane Meritocracy, at least for now. In short, this is how it works: in the near future society, people will be much more psychic and observant when comes to their environment. Therefore, they will notice very quickly if a little child has a certain talent that he or she is projecting. Perhaps the child starts singing before they can talk; maybe they’re very interested in playing an instrument? It could be they like to build things? Maybe they lean towards astronomy, cooking, playing doctor…the list goes on. One of the most important task for a parent will be to recognize these talents in the kids and let the kids develop them as they wish without interference other than if they hurt themselves or others.

     When the kid becomes a little older, the parents may ask them what they want to be when they grow up. You will get the answer right there, and it may or may not correspond with what the parents thought it was. Either way, support the kids. Elementary school will be very different from now, and the general subjects will bring up things that the pupils will really need to learn; not irrelevant stuff that doesn’t have any value in the future for anybody. But the key thing is that both the teachers, parents, and the kids work in unison to find out what the kids like to do the most and enhance that. It is okay for the kids to change their minds when they get a little older — many probably won’t, but find early in life what they want to do if they are encouraged. Soon we have a society built on merit, not on Elite Bloodlines and how they want things to be. If a kid likes to hammer and build, maybe carpentry or construction work is something they want to do, while others want to entertain. All the variety will put each person in the right place and people will be happy doing what they’re best at and like the best. Money is unnecessary, as everything is built on barter. No trade is more worth, or higher in rank than any other trade, as they are all important for the group. If someone wants a house built, carpenters can do it, and you may give them something you have in exchange. If you don’t have something that is considered being of equal value, you contribute with what you have or with what you can do, and that’s fine. Many people will have many talents, being both carpenters, entertainers, and gardeners in one, and if so, they can decide what they want to contribute with at the moment and switch between the trades to make life more interesting. And there will be local libraries which have material where the information is undistorted and helpful for the individual to expand their awareness, and time of the day will be spent on spiritual enhancement. The purpose is that people will get much more freedom and be able to create their own day and still be able to survive. 

     All these things need to be talked about within the community so the details can be discussed and agreed upon. But I think Humane Meritocracy may be a good beginning for our new societies. Someone may come up that works better, and if so, then that is what we should use! Mine is just an idea, but I do think it’s important that every person feel they are in the right place and are able to make a contribution of some kind. And why not do it in an area which you are skilled enjoy working in, anyway?

     The new human, Homo Nova, is already psychic, whether we are aware of it or not. Coming together in groups will enhance those abilities in people and those who thought they weren’t will notice that they actually are. We will realize that to totally understand another being, whether it’s another human, an animal, or a plant, we need tobecome what we want to understand. The Native Indians have a good saying for it: “Before you judge somebody, you need to be able to walk in that person’s moccasins”. The same thing goes if you want to understand Nature. Let’s say you are wondering how it is to be an ant; then you have to sit down and patiently watch what ants are doing and transfer parts of your consciousness into one or more of these ants and live like them. Not until then can you understand what it means to be an ant. The same thing will happen in communities. The evolved human will not judge another until he or she has walked in that person’s moccasins, and therefore much of what now in 3D is a hassle will be much easier as we have changed our frequencies and learned to live accordingly with our new abilities. The old human “reacts” to its environment, while Homo Nova, who have merged their timelines, will act rather than re-act. Thus, obstacles we were used to having are no longer an issue, but new obstacles will build instead, which will feel much more challenging, often in a positive way, than those built on functional insanity, which is the definition of the Old Era.

V. The Divine Feminine in Future Societies

     In the future societies, and the more awareness grows, the Divine Feminine will be much more predominant as a “religion”. It’s not a matter of a religion of worship at all, but the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine will be totally understood. The female will be much more respected and attended to than we are used to in today’s society. If you are really willing to listen to your wife, you notice that she carries a lot of wisdom which you may wonder where it all of a sudden comes from. Well, it was always there, but suppressed, perhaps unintentionally by yourself, but definitely by society in general.

     We are not looking at a society where we worship our women; we still need to look for balance, but we will notice more and more that when we need good advice and spiritual enhancement, we will more often than not attend to a woman. Wisdom must be protected, and we men will protect our women; it’s part of our job. We will also think of it as obvious that the universe is feminine in nature and that everything was feminine to begin with.

VI. Indigo Children

     I have not mentioned much about these phenomenal kids in my writings so far, and that’s intentional. I am very ambivalent when comes to using these terms, because they have been so used, misused and abused by those who don’t have any good intentions towards this new generation of children. They are children, period, and I don’t like to put labels on them.

     Especially during the nano-second, we have seen kids with extraordinary abilities being born into this world. These children are “simply” the new Homo Nova in enhanced bodies that vibrate on a higher frequency than their environment. That makes them very talented and they often have psychic abilities way beyond other children around them. As soon as this was noticed, society, and even their parents, were quick at labeling these kids and therefore making them special and for more than other kids. This has created two major problems.

     The first problem is that these poor kids are prone to feeling alienated from their environment and other children, and they often have a hard time with relationships with others. Also, it’s difficult for them at times to live up to their expectations. If their parents, teachers, and society in general call them “special”, they have to really show that theyare special, and often get the feeling that whatever they do, it’s not enough. “Am I ‘special’ enough now?” “Today I couldn’t do what I could do yesterday. I feel like a failure”. These kind of thoughts will come up in many of these children. Of course, their parents may be proud over their kids having these extra talents and want to “brag” about it and show the world what their very own child can do. But we need to understand that this can be quite destructive for the kids themselves. Instead, recognize the abilities in your children, because more and more of them will be born from here on, and let them develop these talents in their own pace. Never say to your children that they are “special”! This goes for so-called Indigo Children or “regular” children, respectively. We have had enough of Elitism, and this is exactly what we are coming back to if we call someone special. They will have enough problems as it is to adjust to a society that doesn’t understand them; they don’t need their parents and others to put additional pressure on them. Remember that these kids are our future! Let’s not start our New Era with traumatizing our talented kids by labeling them “special”.

Figure 3. A so-called “Indigo child”, having special talents and psychic abilities.

     The second problem is that when we are announcing that so and so parent has an Indigo child, the government knows where they are and are often quick at targeting these kids. They want them to experiment on, now and in the future. Again, the Sirians don’t understand higher consciousness in the form the Namlú’u of old had it; they don’t understand Homo sapiens, and they certainly will not understand Homo Nova. There will be a turning point when the Alliance no longer will harass those of higher consciousness, and leave us alone, simply because we understand the rules now and can say “no” to further manipulation, abductions, and experiments. Homo sapiens can’t, because they are too deep into it at this point and the majority of them seem to be beyond salvation, unfortunately.

     However, Indigo children is a quite new phenomenon, and both human military and the Sirian Alliance want to know what’s going on with these kids, and perhaps, as a last attempt, they can learn how we function and be able to break the originally DNA code. Therefore, scientists have been working with these kids with the parents’ consent for quite a while now to figure out how their psychic abilities work and where their extraordinary talents come from. Some parents, proud over their child, have been happy to let scientists make experiments on him or her, unfortunately.

     So, bottom line in my opinion is to leave these kids alone and let their development come in their own pace. In the meantime, treat them as regular children, have them play with regular children and make them feel that they belong. Acknowledge and encourage their talents, but don’t make them feel special and for more than other kids. In the future, when these kids are born within the communities, their talents and abilities will be considered quite normal, and we will not pay much extra attention to them in that sense, because most people will be like them.

VII. Another Choice for the Future: Do We Want to Come Back to Earth or “Move On”?

     This is something I have brought up as a side note in an earlier paper: when this lifetime is over, do you want to come back to Earth and help building the New Era, or do you want to leave Earth all together and go out and explore the universe as a multidimensional being?

     Yes, from what I have learned, we actually have a choice. Now that we know fairly well how the trap is set up, with Quarantine, Grid, Veil of Amnesia, and the Between-Lives-Area, we have much more choices we can make, which also bypass the trap. However, keep in mind that there is only a handful of humanity which has taken part of this material and similar, so many advanced souls, who don’t want to have any part in the Machine Kingdom, will still be born into the trap. They will, as they always have, go into the light, fly through the tunnel and everything will have its routine, as usual. If they are not educated enough they will be back here with only their “common sense” that it is wrong to participate in the Second Industrial Revolution.

     It’s not going to take long before communities are set up, and there are already those which are, and those which are in the planning. Beings who in this lifetime have decided not to go for it, will have the same feeling in the next life, because their vibration is high enough to seek in the right places. Each generation will have an easier and easier time with that. This material, which I personally stand for when comes to its value and validity, although a few details may be slightly off, something that’s inevitable, is for those who are ready to take the information in. You will be the ones to inform others in the future communities how things really work behind the scenes. That’s why it’s so important that you download the pdf files — all of them — and if you can afford it, print them out and save them, in case the whole computer system breaks down in the future, or regular people won’t have access to it. Also, in some communities, no technology whatsoever is accepted (which I personally think is too extreme, but it’s everybody’s choice), so print-outs would work fine there. Hopefully these papers can be safeguarded for future generations as well in one form or another. Also, if I, in the future, find some smaller errors I have made, I may or may not update these papers. Even if there are such errors, they will quite irrelevant in the scheme of things, because the papers as a whole tell the story like it is, with our without these minor errors. They  are not merely theory, either, but can be practiced (and don’t forget the breathing exercise and other important articles, written by me or others.

      vii.i. Suggestions how to Bypass the Sirian Trap in the Afterlife

     Some people who are here now, and were grown-ups during the nano-second, took bodies on Earth for perhaps the first time, basically coming from somewhere else. They are here on a mission to wake people up during this transition period and will then leave and not return to Earth again in a long time, if ever again. Once their mission is over, they will exit their bodies and go back from where they came. These are beings of higher consciousness, whose whole mission was to vibrate on a level so that others could feel it and raise their vibration as well, and thus create a ripple effect across the planetary mass consciousness, in order to save a faction of mankind from becoming cyborgs.

     Others are humans who have worked on themselves across the incarnations and been able to raise their vibrations with hard work and by staying focused. These humans have gained a lot from the nano-second and may as well as the non-human category have a strong feeling of having a mission they need to complete. Most of these people will sooner or later in their lives realize what their mission is and start working on it, and very little besides that matters to them. They dedicate their lifetime to completing this mission. So, overall they are very similar to the non-human category, with the exception that they are human and have lived many lives here on Earth, just like any other human, but chosen a spiritual path more often than the average human.

    Other categories are those who have woken up because of the vibrations of others and started educating themselves, while again, the vast majority haven’t learned much over the millennia and simply need a lot of more time to learn what others learn relatively quickly. Unfortunately, if this last category doesn’t wake up yesterday rather than today, it’s going to be too late.

     Now, what we want to do with the knowledge we have gained and the awareness we have reached is up to each and every one. If we start with those who decide that they are done with experiencing Planet Earth and want this lifetime to be their last one here, there are a few choices they can make, once they leave their physical body.

     Those who have seen the Grid around the planet right now are telling me that it starts looking like a Swiss cheese with a lot of holes in it. This means that it’s much easier to escape now than it was a couple of generations ago. The holes depend on that more and more people are waking up and are no longer contributing to the vibration range that the Sirian Alliance has set out. The Overlords have therefore had a heck of a time keeping up with “patching” the Grid, but have seemingly given up, realizing it is not worth the effort, because it’s like a rotten garden hose. When you repair it in one spot, it starts leaking somewhere else.

     Hence, when you leave your body, you will have the option to say no to spirit “guides” who are trying to get you to go into the light, and instead disappear out through a hole in the Grid. The universe you will see there is quite different from the night sky you have been looking up into, and space that you’ve seen in photo-shopped NASA pictures. What you will see is a universe full of stars everywhere. Where there previously was just “black” space, there is now light. Remember that you have only been able to experience 4% of the universe; the other 96% we have called the KHAA or the VOID, but this “VOID” is filled and teeming with stars, nebulae, and life. The sight of it all will be so stunning that you as an Avatar will most probably just stop and “gasp” with your light-bodies. You will be able to experience both space/time and time/space at will!

Figure 4. Maybe this is more like how the universe looks like when you pass the Grid, although you should probably remove most, if not all, of the “black space” from this picture.

     Now, all this 100% universe is yours to explore as a Divine child of the Mother. You have many choices. Being discarnate, you can just nano-travel wherever you want. You don’t have to worry about how to do it; you will know. All that’s needed is a thought and you’ll be on your way. For example, think yourself to a friendly planet where you know you would like to live, and you’ll be finding yourself outside its atmosphere. It is my understanding that according to the Law of Non-Interference, if the Council of Zendar is speaking the truth that you have the right as a discarnate to enter the atmosphere of the planet and hover around to “check things out” as long as you don’t interfere with anything and anybody. If you find that you like what you perceive, you have two choices I am aware of; you can either make contact with the beings who live there if they are aware enough to be able to receive your communication and able to process it. If not, you can ask either the planet herself or the Sun of that solar system for permission to incarnate there. If you are approved, you may go ahead. If not, you must abide to that decision and move on to some other solar system and try again. In general, the universe is a friendly place, but not always, of course. The reason a solar system may turn you down is not because there is something wrong with you or they think you’re “evil”, but normally because your Avatar may vibrate on a frequency that does not match the planet and its inhabitants.

     In fact, you may even want to browse the universe for a while before you even decide where you want to go and stay. Typically, I would imagine that most humans would want to incarnate on a planet in a solar system relatively close to Earth, only because we feel safe being “close to home”, even if there are light-years between. We have a tendency to forget that distance is not a huge obstacle in the Multiverse. Wanting to be close to home, of course, is only due to insecurity and a little “home sickness”, but not something that will bother the soul for a long time. Instead, why not explore other parts of the galaxy as well, albeit you may find that the biological life forms there are quite different from here. Other kind of soul groups may live there, creating other kind of life forms for their own amusement.

     The above choices is if you still want to be planet-bound. Another option is to be like Q in Star Trek; you can manifest yourself exactly as you like and create your own solar system from your own thought and imagination. They will be as “real” as any other solar system (Q did this, too) and the planets as solid as Earth. You can imagine beings living on these worlds and they may look like something from your wildest imagination. You may attract other Avatars who are hanging around in space and you can play together. Then, if you get tired of it, you can erase it in a second, because it was just a solid hologram in the first place. When you’re a 100% universe “citizen”, you can create with your mind whatever you like. Even space wars that are not real. Spirits are very playful and can be pretty “childish”, but in a good way, most of the time. You will get the hang of it pretty quickly. All we are doing when we are “playing around” like that is that we take subquantum particles and put them together into forms and shapes, and make them come close together enough to create visibility in whatever dimension you’re creating them.

     Another thing you may want to do is to “knock” on Orion’s door. The Empire is out there, and beings from there are your Original Creators. Think yourself to Orion and you’ll be there. The Empire is guarded to avoid attacks from outside, but as evolved humans, we should have no problems being let in. What’s waiting there, we can only imagine!

     As the reader can see, the options are many, you can even visit other galaxies and stay there, if that’s what your heart tells you. You will have access to almost the whole electromagnetic spectrum, and not only the little tiny piece which is the 3rd Dimension, set up as a trap. Freedom is out there!

     Now, there is a totally different option that we have as well. If we leave the solar system, we also leave the human soul group in search of new adventures. But we can also choose to stay within the soul group of Homo Nova of the New Era, continue incarnating on Earth, and build the New World. There are a lot of advantages to this, as well. First, you will keep your Divine physical body which the Goddess once gave you, and which the Orion Group never managed to figure out. We still have our divinity intact, but still, even with our upgraded bodies, watered-down to some extent compared to those of Namlú’u and her forerunners. However, we are quickly on our way to regain the multidimensional abilities we had then. Our goals, if we choose this route, should be in line with once again being the Guardian of the Living Library of the New Earth. This time we will be a little more shaken up, but a whole lot tougher than the original human, who basically didn’t really know and understand evil. In that sense, we are wiser now.

     The whole universe is within our divine bodies. Everything we see projected outside is basically coming from within; we must not forget that. Our bodies are multidimensional in its most optimal sense! Many times we have heard how the Sirian Alliance cut off strands of our DNA so we only can perceive a part of the whole (4%, actually). In fact, what they did was to close down the majority of almost all of our chakras, except the lowest ones that had to do with survival and fear. They didn’t really cut anything off, but left about 96% of the DNA dormant (the “junk DNA”). This is the reason why we only perceive and can see 4% of the universe. When we look at the night sky, there seems to be such a long distance between the stars, and most of the universe is dark space/matter. In reality, this is not so. We only see 4% of all the stars out there; even on the NASA photos (if we see any stars at all in them after they have photo-shopped them). The Pleiadians explain this pretty well when they say that the body has 7 chakras and an additional 5 are outside the body. This means that the trap is set up so you can’t perceive almost any of the upper body chakras when your Avatar enters the body. However, to also have control over the astral (the 4th Dimension), they have shut down the 5 “cosmic” chakras as well, which you otherwise would have access to when you leave the physical body. These chakras are shut down within the light-bodies, and are also to some degree controlled from the Grid, from what I understand. In other words, when you leave your genetically manipulated Homo sapiens body and go into the astral, they make sure you don’t pass the Grid, or you would get all, or most of your perceptions back. However, in the astral your chakras are more opened than they are in the physical, manipulated body, so that you are able to reflect over your life and decide new goals, which you normally don’t reach.

     In 3D, the astral has been hijacked by the Sirian Alliance in order to have control over the soul after body death so that she doesn’t escape. The spirit guides have the function to “steer you right”, i.e. into the Tunnel, towards the Light. Abraxas, the Alpha Draconian, talked about the astral and the Afterlife dimension as a twist of the 7th Dimension, which I see can be interpreted as if the Overlords took a part of the 7th Dimension, and “twisted” it in time/space so that it could be used for their own purposes, and it became the circle around the Earth, which we know as the astral plane. It shouldn’t be there in the first place, so it’s an arbitrary that we now must be able to bypass.

     The Ra Material says:

“Each time/space is an analog of a particular sort or vibration of space/time. When a negative time/space is entered by an entity the next experience will be that of the appropriate space/time. This is normally done by the form-making body of a mind/body/spirit complex which places the entity in the proper time/space for incarnation.”[3]

     This means that while a being is in incarnation (space/time), they are, due to their experiences, shaping their mind/body/spirit so that it can fit the corresponding place in the astral (time/space) after death. This, in turn, would hypothetically mean that if the Sirians are in charge of 3D corresponding time/space, those who vibrate higher than within those margins would not qualify for the Sirian trap in time/space. The reason for this, if correct, is as I see it that the Sirians created a “radio station”; a frequency band in which they can have Homo sapiens operate under their control from higher dimensions. So, there is a limit to that frequency band, and if you exceed that limit, you will not go to the manipulated time/space. And if RA is correct, which I believe they are in the above case, it means that we shape our “wholeness” in our lifetime here on Earth, and after death, all we need to do is to reincarnate again, without going into the Tunnel and towards the Light. The new body we will get in our next incarnation was already formed in this incarnation, so when the whole mind/body/spirit complex (as RA calls it), now shaped in a form and within a frequency outside the Sirian limited frequency band, incarnate again, it will automatically shape a higher dimensional body. We are at that time way closer to all together operate outside Sirian 3D frequency, and my estimate, based on the above, is that already after a couple, or a few generations, the Sirian control will not be perceivable from the New Earth vibration we will operate within.

Figure 5. The Sirians will no longer be able to seduce us and manipulate us into entering their time/space astral prison.

     This does not guarantee total freedom from amnesia in the next incarnation, unfortunately. At least not for everybody, albeit I’m sure for some. Still, more memories and a lot better intuition would help the incarnated person to continue their mission in the right direction. After all, evolution does not go backwards, and once you’ve achieved a certain vibration and level of awareness and consciousness, you won’t lose it in the next lifetime.

     These new, more evolved bodies will rather quickly become multidimensional and be able to work as such from the will of the Avatar. After a few generations, when the Grid and the Quarantine for sure are lifted, just as the Veil of Amnesia will be for everybody in the New Era, full multidimensional freedom will occur. And what does that mean, and how does that differ from the person who escaped through the hole in the Grid and became multi-d in a multidimensional universe?

     The difference is that those who decided to stay and create the New Earth will have the ability to remain on Earth, in their enhanced bodies, who are Divinely multidimensional, and at the same time use their Fire and Avatar to nano-travel anywhere in the Multiverse, including to Orion. You will have the advantage to live on one of the most beautiful planets in the universe, but connect with your space brothers and sisters whenever and wherever you want. You can go to their home planets, or you can go out in space and create the exact things the person who escaped through the Grid can do. Also, you will be the Guardian of the Living Library once again, which means that beings from all over the universe (and we are not talking about those beings who are trapped now) can come to Earth and learn from the knowledge that is stored in the Living Library and within our very bodies. Our bodies have all the memories from the entire universe, from beginning to end, inside of them! And we are the only ones who have access to all that information! No other bodies in the entire universe beside the human bodies have those abilities. So if you escape through the Grid you lose your Divine physical body and that aspect of multidimensionality.

     These are basically the choices we have as Homo Nova. To get a fuller understanding of what the Living Library is, and how everything on this Earth and everywhere else has consciousness, I highly recommend the following video, which is showing you how advanced the plant life is. Brilliant scientists have already discovered this, but they can’t figure out how plants can think and have emotions without a brain. Well, it’s actually a no-brainer, because the answer is Consciousness! Plants may not have a neurological system, but they do have consciousness. Watch this very enlightening movie, but please watch it all:

VIII. From Here and Into a Future Which is Very Bright After All

     Some people may ask themselves, what happened to the “3% rule”? Remember we talked about that, especially at Level I, and this was in regards to LPG-C and their hypothesis that if approximately 3% of the population could decide on a plan for the future for mankind, the rest will automatically adjust. This, in turn, is based on the scientific experiments which led to the 100th Monkey Syndrome. I still think that it may possibly be a valid hypothesis, but there is a big problem with it, and I wonder if LPG-C eventually realized this as well. The problem is that it’s only good in theory; we will never be able to gather 3% of humanity under the same umbrella. If we had more time, we might, perhaps, but not as things have developed. This is a shame, and it’s sad on behalf of those who will decide to take what they think is the “easy path”, when indeed it will turn out to be the most difficult one, and the one that could possibly lead to their own demise. This is ironic, because those who choose the Machine Kingdom will do so partly because they are promised almost eternal life. As it turns out, it’s all a deception, because if Lucifer and his angels get what they want, that faction of humanity will end up being “star dust” in a war against their own creators. This means they will become scattered pieces of fire as a part of the rest of the universe, without any personality and without any mind. This is what the weapons of the Gods do. However, we haven’t seen any evidence that a war against Orion will actually happen in the future, but we know that on certain timelines, mankind will become cyborgs and lose all the abilities their Divine bodies had, and they will deeply regret it. They will do all they can to become human again, but from all I’ve seen, they will not succeed. Be happy that you are one of those who choose to evolve without technology!

Figure 6. The number of Earths are almost infinite. Although some of us will perceive ourselves as living on the same planet, we are actually all living on our own version of it.

     Still, we must not forget that even if the 3% Rule is not a possible anymore, the Pleiadians confirmed that there are enough evolved beings on this planet to put life onto the timeline of the New Era and the New Earth. The spiritual battle we have fought within ourselves is in that sense already won. Now we need to uphold our positions in space and time and time and space to build our new future. And keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with leaving at this point and disappear through the Grid when this lifetime is over. We are all the pioneers. If we leave now, we have already done more than can be expected of us under the circumstances, and now it’s soon time for the next generation to take over. The future of the Earth is in the hands of those who will stay, but the gratefulness will always be with those who leave as well. You will be remembered and honored!

     The Veil of Amnesia is due to the disconnection between dream state and the awake state. That disconnection was done by the space pirates who took over our beautiful planet. In the future, the connection will once again be reestablished automatically as our vibrations will heal our RNA and DNA, but there are already now ways to do this, which also gets us ahead of the game. The dream state is indeed the awake state and the other way around. Just like so many other things, the Overlords took the truth and turned it around; the lies became true and the truth became the lies. In an upcoming book, I will, among other things, work with the reader on how to reconnect the unconscious with the conscious mind and thus make a much more multidimensional being.

     I will be in touch and tell you about the progress of my next project. With this, the Third Level of Learning is complete. This also means that all levels of learning are completed, and there will be no more papers. As it looks like, I will from here on communicate mostly in book format, with the intention of giving them away electronically, in pdf format, still free of charge as usual.

     Thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying with me to these last words in this paper. It has been an incredible journey for myself, and I hope for the reader as well! Spend as much time as you need to ponder over this material and come to your own conclusions about it. This is my research and my recommendations, but I’m only one person of 7 billion, and we all have Free Will to do what we want with information that is given to us.

     I hope I will see you also reading my future material. Besides books, I will most probably also write and post articles, perhaps on, but also at, which you can subscribe to by going there.

     Have a peaceful, blessed, exciting and enlightening journey, full of joy and love. The future, my friends, is very bright, after all. We will all be more than fine!


Wes Penre

Wes Penre

This is the end of “The Third Level of Learning”, and “The Wes Penre Papers” all together. This paper is the last in the Three Level Series about humanity’s position and role in the Multiverse!

Notes and References (hit the back button on your browser to go back from where you came after have read the note):       

[1] See,

[2] Indeed we are as we speak turning into a new species — and upgraded version of Homo sapiens, and we have done it without technology. I call this new species “Homo Nova” here, but in the future we will have to come up with a name for the upgraded version of ourselves.

[3] Ra Material, Session 70, Question 14.