Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 16: The Destiny of a Royal Species

by Wes Penre, Written on Wednesday, December 24, 2014 
Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2015
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. Beyond Quantum Physics—Some Things Science Needs to Grasp

Quantum physics is not something an ordinary person learns in a day—most people don’t have the patience to learn the equations, the evidence, or the mathematics to grasp this complex science.

However, does it have to be that complex? Why are we giving up as soon as we just hear the word “Quantum physics” or “Quantum mechanics?” It’s because we have been taught that we are too dumb to learn it—only highly intelligent people with their IQ off the chart have the ability to learn it.

Nonsense! If we want to learn how certain scientists came to their conclusion, we may have to learn the complex mathematics behind it, but that’s not what we want to do anyway. We want to know what quantum physics and quantum mechanics are, and how they work, right? The question is: do we need to learn it? I would say we do—at least the basics of it, and I am going to give you the basics right now. In The First Level of Learning, I began rather rudely by explaining the “Working Model” of the “Life Physics Group-California’s” (LPG-C) Quantum physics and Subquantum physics. I wanted to show that if I explained it on a layman’s level, people would notice that they can understand it, and encouraged, they would continue reading. I was right because I’ve had many success stories from people who have said that for the first time they have been able to grasp such constructs, and now an entirely new world is opening up for them.

I love to hear things such as that! However, now I need to tell the proud reader that the LPG-C’s science is not necessarily the best on the market. Is it working, as they say? Maybe, but I don’t completely agree with their concept. They are basing their hypotheses on a universe with the number 7 as a base, while I believe a hypotheses with the number 12 as a base works better for our particular universe. The reader probably noticed that in Level II.

Despite these different opinions, there are still things that are common between the 7 base and 12 base science—even if we count in mainstream scientists’ “Standard model.” I want to explain once and for all, for everybody who wants to listen, how Quantum physics works in its essence—without any models or different opinions. Simply—this is how it works! It will be very simplified, but only simplified enough to be useful.

First, old science thought that it was matter that created consciousness. This means that intelligent life is made from a sperm and an egg. A baby is growing, either in the egg itself, or in the womb of the mammal. At first, it’s just matter without consciousness, but as the brain starts developing, consciousness is added—bit by bit. When the baby is born, the brain where consciousness is supposedly seated is hopefully fully developed. We have an infant, created by matter and with consciousness added—i.e. matter creates consciousness.

Not until very recently have mainstream scientists started thinking that this is wrong. In fact, it’s the other way around—it’s consciousness that creates matter. Most scientists today are embracing Quantum theory in some regard, which this is—something that Albert Einstein already knew existed, but he called it “weird stuff.”

Not only that—Quantum scientists claim that the physical universe actually doesn’t exist! By now, I’ve lost most people who haven’t read about Quantum physics before—understandably so. Hang on, though—I’ll explain.

Regular people who hear this probably say that it’s not true because they can see the physical universe right in front of them—they can touch the table, and it’s solid. They can see the Sun, and it’s there. They can smell the flowers, and the smell is there. They can hear the birds because the birds are there, and they are solid. They can taste the food, and it’s real. These are the five senses, which are the cornerstones of the physical universe. However, what for most people counts as the physical universe is what you can touch—that’s the ultimate proof that it exists.

Now I’m going to prove that it doesn’t! The bottom line in Quantum physics is that everything that exists is “wave forms.” Thus, particles do not exist by themselves, and particles are what builds a chair, a table, a physical universe.

I will give an example of why particles don’t exist by themselves. Let’s say that person A and person B are facing each other across a table. Behind person A is a window with trees outside, and behind person B is a road with cars driving by. Person A can’t see the window and the trees, and person B can’t see the road and the cars because they are both facing in opposite directions. Therefore, you can say, e.g. that for person A, the window and the trees don’t exist because he can’t see them—they only exists in wave form. However, if person A quickly turns around, there are the trees! It means that an object does not exist until it’s observed! This is another Quantum physics axiom.

What person A just did was to transform wave forms into matter as soon as he observed what was behind him! However, who transformed it? Was it his body, or was it his consciousness? It was of course his consciousness—the thinking unit, the “I AM.” We also call it the soul and sometimes by other names.

At this point, I can usually hear a lot of protests. The skeptics would say, “if this were true, everybody would see their own things—we would not all see the same things!” This is a very good point. How can I, who never have been to Los Angeles, see the same buildings as someone who’s been living there for years? How can we see the same dog running down the street? This must be proof of matter creating consciousness, and not as Quantum physics say, that consciousness creates matter!

Actually not. Now we are touching on the subject of DNA. We are supposedly, as humans, possessing 12 stands of DNA, but 10 of these strands are dormant and are called “junk DNA” by scientists—they don’t seem to have any value. What remains are 2 strands of DNA, which is allegedly the amount of DNA strands humans operate with. Because of these two strands of DNA, we are living in the physical universe and perceive the same things—we have 5 senses. Depending on how the DNA is constructed (and it’s constructed similarly in all humans), we perceive certain things. These certain things then group together and create a “mass consciousness,” which is the consciousness of all living creatures on this Earth. This mass consciousness hangs like a cloud, or a “Grid” around the Earth, containing the physical reality that we perceive together.

Thus, we humans are the ones who are creating our common reality as long as we’re in our bodies, and we perceive our existence through our programmed 2 strand DNA. What we are supposed to see is already pre-determined by the creator gods who created Homo sapiens sapiens—they fused parts of the DNA together to get certain effects, and they added their own DNA to the mix to have their own beingness included in the 3-D “reality.”

Fig. 1. Double Helix DNA, or the “Medical Caduceus.”

What about the other 10 strands of “junk DNA?” The late Dr. A.R. Bordon of LPG-C always got upset with me when I started talking about 12 strand DNA—he said it’s ridiculous because there are thousands upon thousands strands of DNA in the human body—not only 12! In fact, he is right, but he was still a scientist, and I am a metaphysicists and a layman. In metaphysics, 12 strand DNA means something else—they correspond with the chakra system. When we say we have 2 strands connected (more or less), it is the two root chakras, which have to do with survival and sex. The rest are highly suppressed. Only seven chakras/DNA strands belong to the body, and the remaining 5 are outside the body, stretching out into the Universe. Most aliens have all, or almost all, of these chakras activated and can therefore enjoy all the different dimensions and densities. However, when they want to mingle with humans, they have problems. They need to force themselves to stay in this reality because humans are stuck here in their Double Helix DNA, while Earth and its life forms would appear more fluid to them. Thus, the easiest way for them to interact with us is either by channeling, or to somehow get a human body here—by birth or as a Walk-In. Only the human body is constructed in a way that we can enjoy both the physical world and the metaphysical world at once. However, this ability has been inactivated in the human body ( fig. 1 above shows a picture of the Medical Caduceus, which is the symbol used in today’s medical field—it’s basically two serpents coiling around a staff with Marduk’s Flying Sun Disk on top. This is also Lord’s ancient symbol for 2 Strand DNA or the Double Helix).

In spite of all this, we are back to the wave forms. Out there in the Universe, everything is wave forms, and that’s why aliens can create whatever they want—a customized universe, solar system just for them, or whatever they want to create. Usually they keep it on a fluid level—not a physical level—and thus they can destroy their creation anytime they want. Via “thought,” or something that seems similar to telepathy, two aliens can communicate with each other and show each other what they have created. They simply think something and then send these thoughts to another beingwho the thoughts are meant for. Thereby, two or more aliens can agree to live in the same reality because after “pictures” in thought form (as waves) are sent between them, they have a common universe to live in. This means that a world such as the one we live in, which becomes solid matter as soon as we observe it, is quite uncommon in the Universe.

If the reader’s awareness is high enough you can now comprehend a little better how the real Universe appears —it’s only wave forms for you to create from. Therefore, dimensions and densities are endless—only limited by your personal ability to create them and perceive them. This should create a wow! feeling inside the reader if understood.

We can also see how Lord and his scientists created the 3-D solid Earth in which we are stuck through our limited bodies. The Universe we see in the sky is a construct as well. It’s not that it doesn’t exist, it’s just that in reality it’s much more fluid and much more alive. There is no darkness out there, and there are no huge distances between stars and galaxies. With our limited world view, it’s almost impossible to imagine the full picture. Not even in our avatars (light bodies) can we see more than a partial fluid universe—not until we pass the Grid will interesting things begin to happen.

Quantum physicists, as David Bohm has said: “out there” is nothing but wave forms that are transferred into sticks and stones and other familiar objects that make up our world. This is true, as long as we have a brain, but what about when the body and the brain die? Well, consciousness lives on in a myriad of small “fires” that make up the avatar, and once outside the physical body, these fires can perceive more than they did in the limited physical body, but they still see what’s going on in the physical world, which means that the avatar is still transferring wave forms into matter because that’s what it is programmed to do. Thus, I would say that the brain is just a mediator between the physical and the metaphysical, and the transformation from wave forms to particles is done by the “mind,” which is part of the avatar—not the brain. The avatar/mind is hence transferring information via the brain to the physical universe. Metaphysical beings are built by fire and avatar (which consists of several light-bodies), but they don’t have a body with a brain as we do—instead, they have the mind doing the bidding directly.

In summary, electrons act both as waves and particles. Not until something is observed does it become a fixed particle in space/time. When an electron is not observed directly, it is always a wave. The word “quantum” in itself means “wave/particle,” which is exactly what it is we are all dealing with.

I’m sure many readers want to know how an observer, such as yourself, can transmit a wave form into a particle just by looking at it. The answer to that question is short and “simple”—no one really knows. It’s one of these mysteries that always cloud the scientific field on one level or another, and scientists are, as you read this, curiously looking for the answer to this question.[1] The easiest way to think of it is to look at the electrons as wave forms of infinite probabilities. Everything you can think of and things that have yet not been thought of exist in these wave forms and can  be transferred into particles at anytime.

I think what we humans have the most difficulty understanding is that this gigantic physical universe does not exist as particles but as waves. Only the observer can make it into particles that we can see; therefore, the Universe of particles only exists when we observe them and create the particles we want—potentially. At least that would be the case if we were really allowed to create our own reality and were not programmed into being limited.

Thus, the brain as a mediator, receives information from inside each being, and the eyes are then transmitting this information to what we perceive as the “outside world.” Still, the outside world is only a projection of what is inside of us. The outside world does not exist if we don’t keep creating it, over and over.

Of course, we know who created all this in the first place, even if the scientists don’t. There is still a stretch for scientists to think in terms of “God” or “Goddess.” If only mainstream science and metaphysics could blend and work together, quantum leaps would truly become a reality!

The fact that the Universe is a hologram, however, has already been established amongst Quantum physicists. David Bohm already knew that.

Quote #1: University of London physicist David Bohm, for example, believes… that despite its apparent solidity, the universe is at heart a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram.[2]

If the Universe is holographic in nature to begin with, it’s relatively easy to imagine how beings in possession of “advanced science”—at least from a human perspective—can alter the hologram so that we humans see it exactly the way these creator gods want it to be perceived. It’s done by manipulating our bodies, which were originally much more “fluid” or “wavy,” and making them more solid, but only as long as consciousness inhabits it! Adding alien DNA to our bodies makes it easier for the ETs to access the bodies directly, when needed.

What about enlightenment? New Agers talk about Love & Light and that light carries information. They are correct in this. Then many of them say that darkness does not carry information; therefore, darkness has no information and is not part of enlightenment. They “know” this basically because channeled entities have told them this. However, very few of them understand what this really means.

If we translate this to what I have discussed with you in my papers, does that mean that Light is bad and Darkness is good because Light seems to be connected with

No, and this is exactly where the misconception lies! It’s not that the light we see is “evil” or doesn’t transfer information—it does, and it does so in spite of’s manipulative system.

The reason why dark matter and dark energy are considered “dark” is because we can’t see it. If we look up into the night sky, we see twinkling stars and a few planets. This is when we use our naked eyes. The rest of the night sky is dark. If we use a telescope, we can see a little more of the Universe. We see more stars but also galaxies, nebulae, and some other things named by scientists. However, the great majority of the space out there is still dark. This darkness consists of approximately 96% of the Universe, and what we can perceive is only 4%. We have discussed this many times before, but I want to discuss this again from a slightly different angle to make sure that everybody “gets it.”

The question remains, “why is the majority of the Universe dark?” One answer is because programmed our DNA in such a way that we can’t see 96% of what is there. This is correct but only a partial answer.

Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a room, and this room is pitch black—you can see absolutely nothing. A person beside you turns on a flashlight and directs it randomly to a spot in the room. Now you can see some furniture, but the rest of the room is still pitch black. The analogy thus far is equivalent to you seeing only 4% of the Universe (approximately 2% of the room).

The person beside you is now turning on a slightly more powerful flashlight and you can now see a few more pieces of furniture in the room, and you also see a few other things, such as plates and glasses on a dinner table. This is equivalent to 4% of the Universe, or the Universe seen through a telescope, we could say.

Next, the person beside you turns on the light switch, and the entire room is now lit up. Suddenly you can see everything there is in the room. You notice there are more things than just furniture, plates, and glasses! There are also books, a computer, and many other things that you didn’t know existed in that room. We can pretend you hadn’t even seen such things before. This equates to 100% of the Universe.

Now, when the entire Universe is “lit up,” you realize that there is no darkness—everything is light in different nuances! You also realize that you have been deprived of 96% of this light; therefore, 96% of the information that is carried across the electromagnetic spectrum in the form of waves. You notice that the Universe is fluid and you can create your own version of things as you please, or as much as your current abilities permit.

This is still a very simplified analogy and description of what to expect in a “full” Universe. This is about what most of us humans can grasp at this point, however, depending on how well our neurological system is developed. When I explain that everything is now light instead of darkness, that too is symbolic and not exactly how it works. Just as the person in the middle of the pitch-dark room had never seen books or computers before, there are “things” across the electromagnetic spectrum that none of us has ever consciously perceived before—hence, there is no way for me to describe it. The only way to find out is to experience things first-hand.

Stars, planets, galaxies, and other things we can perceive now are also real in a 100% universe—there is just more added to it. Also, imagine walking through a city in broad daylight with a blue sky above. The city is all lit up, and there are buildings everywhere. These building exist in the middle of the night as well, but are then only partly lit up. Even in daylight, however, there are brighter and darker parts, and I can imagine that this is also the case in the Universe.

With all this explained, the reader can see that the little light we can perceive in our 4% universe still carries information and is not to be disregarded. With more light and less darkness, we just add more information and knowledge to it.

II. In Preparation of a Cosmic Trial

Now Level V is coming toward an end, and that’s also the end of the Wes Penre Papers. These papers have, to a large degree, dealt with Planet Earth and what and who it is that have created our realities for us. By now, the readers, hopefully, know much more about this than they did previously. We also know that “out there” in the Universe, in the Orion Empire, there is a Dragon Queen and a King of the Bird Tribe who are “Guardians,” we might say, of this and other Universes. They seem to be the ones who are looking over them to make sure everything is “in order,” and that the goals of a certain universe are met. We know next to nothing about other universes that may act as “parallel” universes to ours, so we don’t know how much “on target” these universes are. What does seem to be the case, however, is that this particular universe (or some parts of it) is not on target. Taking into consideration that this is a universe of Free Will, there are serious “bumps on the road,” to put it mildly. We think it’s screwed up here on Earth, but as above, so below. At least this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy (Sector 9) is dominated by war and unrest. Lucifer and his crew have done more harm than many humans here on Earth have a clue about. I am fairly certain that their empire reaches far beyond Sector 9—they have infiltrated other parts of the galaxy—parts that are thus far unknown to us when we look at a map over the Milky Way. The reader was given a hint about this in Level IV when we discussed where the AIF star races originate from and which parts of the galaxy they seem to have conquered. If this is correct, which it certainly seems to be, they have their fingers in exopolitics on the other side of the galaxy, as well as in remote spiral arms.  However, I hear that these rebels are fewer in number and their Empire is far smaller than that of Orion.

There were times in the past when the Orion Empire participated in wars and even instigated them, but they have learned and don’t do that anymore. The main military activity is to defend the remote borders of the Empire—not to expand it by force. This is why it’s hard to get rid of the rebels. If their leaders get caught, they will be put on trial, and believe it or not—humanity will have a say in the verdict! Are they to be annihilated or put in electronic prisons for the rest of eternity? Will we show mercy and pardon those who are willing to change? All these choices are something to consider already now because according to my sources, there is a chance that this can happen soon—it all depends. I would imagine that even humans who escape the trap might be summoned in the future to participate and be witnesses in such a trial.

Fig. 2. An artist’s view on the “Second Coming.” This interdimensional being will supposedly appear as the Savior regardless of which religion a person is believing in. He will be able to connect them all and create a One World Religion. (Illustration by Frank Tobin).

III. Don’t Get Fooled by Sudden “Revelations!”

There are researchers who claim that it’s impossible for humans to have travelled to the Moon; therefore, the Apollo Project was a hoax.

Personally, I do believe that man has been to the Moon—both in ancient times (Atlantis) and recent time (20th Century), but I agree that the Apollo project must have been a hoax—we no longer need to be “conspiracy nuts” to say that. It has been more or less scientifically proven.

In early December, 2014, NASA came out and said that they have discovered something similar to a “Grid” outside Earth such as a Quarantine force field.[3] Now, NASA is discussing whether Earth is under a spiritual or physical quarantine, as many have suggested (that would be us, the metaphysicists). This electron barrier exists in the van Allen Belt, and according to scientist Daniel Baker, who is also Director of Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, this force field reminds him of the kind of shields used by TV series such as Star Trek, where these fields were used to stop alien energy weapons from vaporizing starships.

Many have, as we know, speculated that there cannot have been any human moon landings because of the highly radioactive van Allen Belt outside the Earth’s atmosphere in combination with a quarantine, which would stop any attempt to reach the Moon, if off-worlders would so decide. Then, the article discusses the views on this matter by Michael Tsarion, David Icke, me, and other researchers.

In these papers, we have discussed the radiation in the solar system and the space beyond. We have also discussed what kind of space suits would be needed in case humanity still would like to go to the Moon, Mars, and other planets. I believe that these space suits have been made available to mankind; therefore, we have been able to go to the Moon, but not with the Apollo Program. It was done with a secret space program, financed by the Black Budget. However, when humanity started examining the Moon too aggressively, we were told to stay off and were sent home, never again to return. When this happened, there was no longer any reason to keep the Apollo hoax alive either. Since then, man has not been to the Moon, except those whom the AIF has decided to either kidnap, to send to the Moon for military purposes, or as human slaves, working under the Moon’s surface as miners.

The fact is that, as I’ve said all along in these papers, in order to travel through space, we need either something as resilient as “Gray” body types, or we need to learn how to nano-travel. The latter would be the optimal solution, of course.  It is interesting  that science is starting to realize this, too, or should I say—now is the time for NASA to come out with some information they have been aware of all along but never released to the public. However, the times they are a-changing. Some humans are getting a little smarter and start seeing through the lies, and NASA and other organizations need to catch up, and release new information that is needed in today’s world. Additionally, they need to prepare for what potentially is to come—the Second Coming of Christ.

The readers may have noticed that ever since 2012 has passed, a new type of revelations have been made by the Establishment. Both religious leaders, such as the new Pope, and science have come out with information that no one thought was possible. We can also see that if we put the pieces together, two by two, a scenario begins to emerge. For the untrained eye, all these revelations may seem unconnected, but they certainly are not—everybody is working in unison to create a New World Order, a One World Government, and a One World Religion!

Fig. 3. The van Allen Belt, surrounding Earth.

IV. The Collapse of the Medical Industry

What I’m trying to explain here is that over the next few years, the readers may notice that certain organizations—both private organizations and governmental organizations—will come out with revelations that can be jaw-dropping at times. This means both “positive” and “negative” information, depending on how we look at it, but these revelations will affect a large majority of the population in one way or another. New policies will be written that will infuriate people in general, and many will feel more hopeless than before. Such policies will be affecting the medical field in particular. The medical field is collapsing from within—I am working in the medical field, and I can clearly see it coming. Insurance policies are getting more and more complicated, and no one knows anymore what is up or down. People are told one thing by one provider and another thing by someone else. Many people will become increasingly sicker.

I know this can be tough for many, but I highly suggest that we all do the absolute best we can to leave the medical system totally and find healing amongst alternative sources. I’m sure that all kinds of people are reading these papers—some of you may be quite sick and are therefore dependent upon the medical system. Believe me—I can totally see how difficult and frightening this may be, learning that the rug will be pulled from underneath. However, I am just telling it as it is because we all need to be forewarned. The medicine we have had access to for decades will either no longer be provided because of new rules from insurance companies and the medical industry in general or the rules to get the medications will be stricter.

Here in America, with Obama Care, there are not enough providers for an increase of patients in a sicker population, and people in need of care will have to wait until it’s sometimes too late.

With this in mind—and it is very real and will be worse—we all need to rethink. You who read this paper and are psychic, intuitive, and feel an urge to help others would be able to create an ever-expanding business in the alternative field of healing. It is eminent and imperative that as many people as possible who can, should open up practices to offer alternative help. When the medical field really crashes, there are still those people that the ill can go to and actually get well! Few people know how much the medications contribute to their poor health! If they eventually could go off all of these medications and seek professional help in the alternative field, many lives could be saved.

Have faith and hang in there. The alternative field will expand out of pure necessity. These practitioners may have a hard time to begin with, having all the government restrictions and rules to deal with and authorities who try to shut them down, but soon enough, these attempts will stop because people will demand that these practices continue. Kudos to those who already are in this alternative field and are doing excellent work every day, many times saving the lives on those whom the medical industry had no idea how to deal with!

V. More on the Chakra Manipulation and the Entrapment in the 4% Universe

In Paper 9, we talked about who is in charge of the chakras, and research shows that it is Marduk in his many disguises. This is clearly indicated in the Vedas and is quite a shocking revelation because both in New Age and in what I call the “Spiritual Movement” (which is basically the same—something I’ve found out in another shocking way), we work with the chakras and the Kundalini. I want to remind the reader that the revelation that it is Marduk who is in charge of the chakras and the Kundalini experiences (where he and other AIF members are eating from our energy explosions) is very new to me, and I am currently working on determining the consequences of this and what it all ultimately means, so please bear with me.

In spiritual exercises, people who are waking up are using the chakras and opening them up, one by one, to take in the energies from the Universe. The question is—from which universe???

As I just recently told the reader, I have looked a little bit into George Kavassilas’ work, and I listened to an interview he did, called, “The Birth of a New Earth: Ep. 14—The Real God vs. Religious Imposters,” where he was interviewed by “People’s Voice,”[4] he talked about the chakras and Kundalini. He said that information regarding this has long been hidden inside secret societies, but now, suddenly, the Internet and the book market are overflowing with this kind of information, and “everybody” is using it! Why?

George speculates that it is because it is “Harvest time!” The AIF wants us to start using chakra techniques and certain types of meditations in order to open ourselves wide open, so that beings from other dimensions can come in and suck us dry of energy. When we have a good meditation session we feel quite well, and when we have a Kundalini experience, we feel quite ecstatic. How is it then that someone is sucking us dry? If that were the case, wouldn’t we feel awful instead?

Not necessarily. These beings are not sucking us totally dry, even though I used that expression above. They want more food in the future, and if the person can rebuild some of his or her energy again, they can have another feast. In a moment , I will explain why a person doesn’t feel drained immediately after a vampire has sucked their energy out.

At the top of the most prominent secret societies, they have much more knowledge than regular people, but not nearly as much as the AIF.  Nevertheless, they know enough to understand fairly well what they are doing when they are “leaking” information out into the society. In the 1960s-70s we had the hippie movement, which eventually led to the New Age movement, but essentially, it’s the same thing— one was developed from the other. It’s from the hippie movement that much of the spiritual movement comes, and these days, we know that the hippie movement was orchestrated. When it was out of control, they sent in a mind-controlled slave, such as Charles Manson, who abruptly ended the movement of the “flower-power children.” To make sure that it was done properly, the establishment also made sure that rock groups and heavy metal groups such as Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath were introduced to the next generation. Alice Cooper has  said in an interview that one of his and his band’s purposes was to kill the flower-power movement, and they looked at themselves as the anti-hippie movement band number-one. Love & Light became Hate & Darkness—just the other side of the coin. The result was a 1980s when violent crimes skyrocketed and fights between groups became much more common. Bruce Springsteen, with his dark lyrics about gang fights, also had some impact.

The flower-power movement had to be balanced with something much darker. Eventually, when it was dark enough, a “new” spiritual movement arose. It had been there all the time in the background, but it suddenly received more attention from people who were fed up with punk rock and death metal. The New Age movement really took off, and now we have darkness and light working side by side (look at Lady Gaga and her ilk representing the dark side). Love & Light, which found a foothold in the 60s now has established itself, perhaps even more so, via the New Age. However, what kind of Love & Light are we talking about? Whose Love & Light is it? We are back to the channeled material, and so it goes—on and on in circles.

It may seem that I am taking off in a totally different direction here from where I started, but I’m not—it is all connected. However, let us return to the chakra system again.

Channeled material is notorious for telling the listeners to open up their chakras—mostly the crown chakra, the Third Eye, or the Heart chakra—and let energy and light in. The keyword here is “in.” Anyone who is telling you to open yourself up and let the light and energy from the universe flush through your body system is ether an imposter, is being manipulated by an imposter, or is unwittingly spreading disinformation! This is one very important thing I have learned from all these new revelations I’ve had.  

What happens when you open up your chakra(s) on request from the AIF in disguise? Well, two major things may happen, and they may happen quite close together—or even simultaneously. You let your inner energy out—you own ESSENCE. At the same time, by request, you are pulling in synthetic energy from the synthetic 4% Universe. Thus, the predators can feed off your powerful energy, while you get their constructed, useless energy (compared to your own energy) in exchange. What a rip-off! When this happens, you won’t notice the difference at first because the AIF sees to it that the energy they give you in exchange makes you euphoric! They are giving you a synthetic version of Love & Light, and you suck it in like there’s no tomorrow! Sometimes you get a spiritual high from it, and it can even heal ailments in your body, if that is their purpose.  Nevertheless, the energy you obtain from outside of yourself is not your inner energy, and it is not the energy of the Divine Feminine! Speaking of giving our power away—this is a prime example of that, isn’t it?

However, the person doesn’t know this, and he or she wants more! Hence, people who experience what they think are genuine Kundalini experiences and are part of, let’s say, channeling groups have a tendency to return to these groups repeatedly to get a new “high.” It’s almost like a drug addict who needs more and more dope to get that euphoric feeling back. Also, similar to the drug addict, the “energy addict” may, if he or she stops attending such meetings, feel drained of energy and begin to feel depressed and may even become suicidal. This is because he or she drained of his or her own life force, while a synthetic life force has been pumped into his or her beingness. In this lies the danger!

What I am attempting to convey here is that we are so anchored in the 4% Universe that when we meditate (at least some of it), we experience things in the 4% Universe when we think we are experiencing it in the 96% Universe! Then, across the dimensions, energy beings are waiting to eat the energy that we are practically handing over to them more than willingly.

Many people try to access knowledge through their pineal gland (the Third Eye), while Kavassilas, for example, purposefully lets his pineal gland be calcified—not because he is drinking fluoride water (which he doesn’t), but because he is not using the Third Eye (the sixth chakra). He knows that the “knowledge” he receives through the sixth chakra is only knowledge accessible to him from the “Synthetic Universe,” which is his term for the 4% Universe. Instead, he is “listening to his Heart!” I intentionally excluded the word “chakra” after Heart because he is not using the Heart chakra in the way many others are using it—he is using his heart to gain knowledge from inside his own body! That is, of course, something totally different—in fact, it is quite the opposite from what we’ve learned. What the Pineal Gland does, according to Kavassilas, is that it calibrates us to the 4% Universe, and the more we use it to gain knowledge, or for other spiritual purposes, the more of the 4% Universe we get into our own beingness! If he is right, we suddenly have seen a new depth of the rabbit hole. The reason I am bringing this up is because it makes perfect sense. Everything we, in our trapped condition, access from outside of ourselves must, of course, be from the control system. On the contrary—everything we access from within is coming from us!

George explains in the same interview that I mentioned earlier that the chakra system our Homo sapiens sapiens bodies are equipped with are just a synthetic system, built by technology, and the chakras, as well as a Kundalini experience, is an “energetic technical implant”—the foundational based energies of the synthetic dark and the synthetic light.

Again, I want to review Quote #33 from Paper #9, “The Vedic Players and their Counterparts in other Ancient Texts,” just to refresh the reader’s memory. This is a quote from the Vedas. My emphasis is in italics.

Quote #2: According to Kundalini yoga, Ganesha resides in the first chakra, called Muladhara (mūlādhāra). Mula means “original, main”; adhara means “base, foundation”. The muladhara chakra is the principle on which the manifestation or outward expansion of primordial Divine Force rests. This association is also attested to in the Ganapati Atharvashirsa. Courtright translates this passage as follows: “[O Ganesha,] You continually dwell in the sacral plexus at the base of the spine [mūlādhāra cakra].” Thus, Ganesha has a permanent abode in every being at the Muladhara. Ganesha holds, supports and guides all other chakras, thereby “governing the forces that propel the wheel of life”.[5]  

There we very much have it—it can’t be any clearer than this! What we need to think about and what is very important is that we should never do exercises that require from us to download light from outside. Instead, we use the heart area to explore the light within only! Also, always use the Grounding Cord[6] several times a day! Breathing exercises are crucial in order to connect with the KHAA—what is between the atoms in the micro cosmos! This is explained well both on my website,, and in my “Beyond 2012—A Handbook for a New Era.”[7]

George also makes a distinction between Heart chakra love and Soul love, and he says there is an important difference. The synthetic masculine and feminine are emanations from the Synthetic Universe and whom he calls the “god entity” who created that universe because he tries to replicate the real Creator (or Creatrix. George is acknowledging the Divine Feminine as the Creatrix). In the Synthetic Universe, there are also expressions of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. However, the god entity has his own version of what the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are. We have noticed this, of course, in these papers as well. Depending on which Era we are discussing, we have the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine at play as the Prime Creator. It’s all about what is convenient for the AIF at a certain point in time. The Vedas, if anything, are presenting both sides of the coin in their own versions, imitating the real Goddess in Her manifestation as the interdimensional Divine Feminine as the Queen of the Stars or the Queen of Orion. Therefore, a skeptic could say that even after the Alien Invader Force appeared, the Divine Feminine played a role in the development of mankind. If the AIF have been so influential, why did they let this happen? First of all, they didn’t “let it happen”—it was by design, as I just stated.  There was a need for it, but instead of acknowledging the existence of such a Creatrix without giving their own power away, in the Synthetic Universe, it was always connected with worship, which again, gave the power away to the AIF.  Simultaneously, they couldn’t just ignore the Divine Feminine either because we do have memories inside that stem from the time before the invasion. When these memories get restimulated and come up to the surface, there needs to be a synthetic program that corresponds to these deep cell memories. Thus, the dots people are connecting are often based on information they can find here in the Synthetic Universe in one form or another and that will satisfy people’s hunger for knowledge. In reality, this knowledge stops somewhere within the Synthetic Universe and doesn’t reach out beyond it. Hence, except for a very few people in the history of mankind, everybody who felt enlightened were only enlightened by the 4% Universe!

As we can see, there is nothing “out there” from which we can truly expand ourselves. The true Expansion must come from within! If it doesn’t, it’s not true expansion but a simulated expansion built on advanced technology! This entire concept is something that needs to be pondered upon because it’s deep!

If we expand on this concept a little more, the readers can see why we don’t need gurus or teachers to teach us about enlightenment because the only thing they can teach us is about the false light. Why? Because that light comes from without! Therefore, a way to know if a person is a real teacher or not is if he or she is telling the student to look within instead of outside of himself or herself! The goal, however, is for the teacher to get to the point where the student can see this clearly enough to start practicing it. That part is not easy. Most people read something, find it relevant, but don’t practice it. Then it’s just useless information. It’s when the person starts practicing it to a point where it becomes a part of that person’s beingness and daily life that success has been gained. Then it wouldn’t even matter if the student dies and decides to come back to teach, for example. He or she practiced in the previous life, and that affects all that person’s lifetimes. In the “next” incarnation, it remains a part of the beingness—it will not disappear because of amnesia.

What I really want to emphasize here is that it’s okay to listen to what others have to say, but it always has to be compared with one’s own inner self to see how it resonates. If the information only feels exciting, and there is nothing more to it, it probably does not resonate with the inner self—it’s just candy for the analytical mind and part of the trap. It’s when the person has an “aha” moment and can expand on the information he or she has been given by looking inside that the information has value—otherwise, it does not have value. People are also on different paths, which means in this case, that some information may resonate with one person but not with another, and that’s okay. This is why it’s so important not to force one’s own reality on others. It’s easy to get excited over something that resonates with us, and we want to share that with others. Then, when we meet people who can’t see what we have seen, we may want to argue ourselves into that other person’s beingness, which is a break of Free Will, and there we have one of the main reasons why Free Will is a law in this universe. The reader can probably see how it’s all connected! If there is one universal law that most people break all the time, it is the Law of Free Will. If it were correctly applied, the world would be a totally different experience and a much better place to live!

F sharp (F#) is the frequency of Mother Gaia[8]—just something to keep in mind. The Earth Goddess, whose children we are, vibrates in F#, but we humans are still vibrations way out of tune with that. A musician, as I am, knows better what that means, but anyone can easily study it for free on the Internet. Any vibration in music has its own musical note—such as C, D, E, F, G, A, B. That becomes a musical scale. Between these notes we either have sharp notes—e.g. we have a D, and the sharp note is D#—or flat notes—e.g. we have a D and it’s flat note is Db. The sharp notes would be C#, D#, F#, G#, and A#, while the flat notes are Cb, Db, Eb, Gb, Ab, and Bb (we also have some “church keys,” which are written as double sharp and double flat, but that’s nothing we even need to go into here). This won’t resonate with a person who is not a musician, but it’s a guideline what to look for if you’re interested. However, a song that is written in the key of F# would harmonize well with Mother Gaia, although this is a very unusual key to write a song in because it may be hard to play on many instruments. Guitar players often use capos when they play in such keys. I can only think of one song off the top of my head that’s played in F# (although there of course are many others), and that is “Positively 4th Street” by and with Bob Dylan.

VI. The Machine Riders versus our Inner Divinity, or “The Ultimate Hijack!”

I am not the only person to have said this, and I am sure there are readers who are aware that we have all of the answers “inside.” Humans are often lazy by nature (and don’t think that I am different), and we want answers presented to us on the table—we want others to figure it out for us.

This is not the way to do it.

People may say that I am contradicting myself because here I have written thousands of pages trying to educate others of what I have learned. It may very well be that I am contradicting myself to some degree, but the intention behind it is that the reader picks up on what resonates “inside,” and then investigates further in order to expand on concepts that resonate. This is very important because otherwise the reader just digests the reality of another person. It will go in one end and out the other. It will not really do anything for the development of the person.

However, why should we always look inside? Evidence is evidence, and proof is proof regardless of who is pointing it out, isn’t that correct? Well, the relevance is how well the receiver of the information processes the information. It may be true, and it may be proven, but if it doesn’t light up something inside of the receiver, the information is not communicating to that same receiver. Therefore, the “proof” may not be true for that person—at least not at that particular moment. Either the person hasn’t processed it enough inside, or the “proof” does not resonate with what that person needs to learn.

The fantastic thing is that the human body has the whole Universe inside of it! Many of us have said this many times, but does this statement really make people blown away in awe? It should! Still, it is very hard for people to grasp this and really look inward and task the body, “Is this real?” “Is this correct?” and wait for the body to respond. The marvelous thing is that the body does respond. Different bodies may respond differently to questions, but they do respond, and it’s up to the soul that inhabits it to learn how the body works and how it communicates! Once the soul has figured that out, there is no longer any real need to look for answers outside. We may get information from outside—we get that constantly—but the processing should automatically happen inside! We are too eager to say, “John Smith knows what he’s talking about. If he says it is so, it must be so!” We all do this to some extent, and the first step is to learn to recognize when we do it, catch ourselves, and say to ourselves, “Oh, I should really listen to what my body has to say about this instead!” and then ask the body. If you think about it, the body is actually often giving you the answers and you know that it’s true in an instant. Someone may come up with a statement, and you immediately know that it’s true—you don’t even need to question it because you already got an instant response from your body. You’re just not aware  that it’s actually coming from the body.

Remember that I told the reader that our bodies are the main things the AIF wants from us. The AIF all have fire (soul) just as we do. They also have a mind, just as we do. The only thing they don’t have, which we have, is a human body. This is why they want our bodies so badly—they know it is Royal and they know it is Divine! We have the Akashic Records of the complete Universe inside our original DNA—we are like a Cosmic Encyclopedia. The only problem is that at the moment, we have forgotten how to access it. Yes, our DNA has been deactivated to a large degree, but we can reactivate it just by starting to look for answers inside. Because of normal universal processes that occur all the time, but were sped up tremendously before 2012, we did start getting information from inside—sometimes we were aware of it, sometimes we are not. It was actually a co-creation between the human body, the human soul, and galactic energy boosts that began to lighten up our dormant DNA. Now it’s just a matter of doing it more on our own again when the galactic energy wave has passed.

Then, of course, the AIF want our bodies because of the dual process of nano-travel and staying in 3-D that our bodies are capable of. This is BIG, as the reader can envision. No wonder that beings who have no business being here want to hijack our divinity and capabilities—they know they can use them for their own, selfish purposes! They are trying everything—they are abducting people, inserting their own DNA into their bodies, making them procreate, hoping that the offspring will have what they need in order to incarnate into a human body in a way that they can use our capabilities. They haven’t figured it out yet, and the reason they haven’t is because they are not meant to have our bodies.

Consider the following —the AIF, at times, have used souls from other parts of the Galaxy (and perhaps from other galaxies as well) because they needed more slave workers. Then they forced these captured souls to incarnate on Earth in human bodies to do the dirty work for the slave masters. Won’t these slaves from outside also inherit the capabilities of the human body? The answer to this question is apparently yes. Originally, there were certain souls that were designed to be here on Earth and in the primordial human bodies that already had these desired capabilities, and they were the only ones who were meant to participate in this Experiment. Now, from what it seems, there are quite a few non-human souls added to the mix. What will happen with them if humanity discovers how to use their body with full capacity? Will the bodies work the same way for them as they do for the original, human souls who got trapped here to begin with when the AIF came? The answer is quite possibly yes.

Then comes the big question: if the above is true (which it most probably is), why doesn’t the AIF just take human bodies and start operating them at full capacity?

We already partly covered this question earlier, and we know that they can’t do that because the genetically altered human body that we currently inhabit is not yet evolved enough, albeit it’s getting there. Hence, the real question is—can’t the AIF just wait until the bodies are evolved enough and then just take them over and get the abilities as well?

Yes, they can! This is exactly part of what they are planning to do! Forgive me that it took a number of paragraphs to get to this point, but the questions I was asking are questions that I know some readers have; therefore, I want to go through the entire thinking process to get to the point where a real answer is possible.

Again, this is exactly what they are planning to do. When our bodies are evolved enough, they can take human bodies, use Earth as a stronghold, and at the same time nano-travel as they always have. The additional plan is making humanity lose their biological bodies, which instead will be cyborgs—half human, half machine—when Transhumanism takes off big time!

Can the reader see now in what direction this entire AIF project is going? The AIF will take over our evolved, sovereign human bodies and use them for themselves, while we humans will lose our humanity and become half machines! The AIF will manipulate us into accepting this, promising us immortality—or next to immortality—if we take on the cyborg bodies. Yes, the humans who accept this will get a much longer lifespan, which will be very attractive to them—especially if the AIF starts hinting that the Afterlife is not a picnic. People will be even more scared to die and will therefore accept the deal with “immortal” bodies. These bodies will also have abilities far beyond what we are capable of today, but these abilities will be achieved with technology and not by evolution. Of course, the technology will ultimately be controlled by the AIF, so the abilities people would be getting would benefit only the AIF in the long run—not the humans. Moreover, these abilities would be restricted so that the AIF would not be threatened by them. However, when humans, who at first refuse to “take the chip” and accept the cyborg bodies, notice how much longer these bodies last—having no diseases, pain, or discomfort—they will eventually be tempted to accept the cyborg bodies. The ones who will resist past that point will be very few, and the question is whether the AIF will even let them live. It would be in their interest to get rid of these people once and for all.

We can also see how history is bound to repeat itself.  Using similar deceptive statements, the AIF tempted the souls of Primordial Man to enter the genetically engineered bodies. Although it didn’t have anything to do with immortality at that time but more about interesting experiences within these bodies, a manipulation to get souls to inhabit certain bodies did take place. Now they are planning a similar thing with the cyborg bodies.

This, however, is not all! What does the reader think will happen if these “Machine Riders,” who accepted the artificial bodies, start realizing the truth that they have been manipulated again into taking these bodies and the AIF stole the biological, evolved bodies? What happens if the Machine Riders realize their mistake and want their bodies back? Do you think the AIF will let them have them back? Of course not. What consequences will this have? Well, the cyborg people will be able to nano-travel, but the artificial bodies they are stuck in will be highly dysfunctional here on the planet over time. They are designed to be used as Supersoldiers or for other specific tasks, and they are all run by a Super Computer—the so-called “Singularity.” We have already seen the Grays from the future—their bodies are deteriorating and the species is dying. This is us in the future if we follow the World Leader and become a cyborg race. They are now returning to our time, attempting to determine exactly what went wrong and correct it. Thus far, it doesn’t seem as if they have succeeded. It seems as if the AIF abandoned this future human cyborg race at one point, and after some time, of course, the artificial bodies will deteriorate.  

There is even more to this, however! These Machine Riders have also lost their passport into Orion. This is not a situation I want to occur. Also, the Orion Empire is not the only place these Machine Riders would be shunned. Any star system with ethical and moral rules would refuse them for the same reasons as Orion would—the humans can’t be trusted! If the AIF’s plan is panning out, humanity will also have gone to war against Orion, which, of course, does not make things better! The question is whether these human souls would ever be accepted into the higher realms of the Universe. Even if they would be accepted, after having to prove themselves repeatedly—for a very long time, the Machine Riders would be relegated to an existence where beings with lower moral standards would reside, and they would constantly have to defend themselves against beings of a violent nature. Some might say that if these Machine Riders would manage to work themselves up from such a dark place it would be an incredible life experience for them, and they would gain much respect that way. This is true, but only if a being needs these kinds of experiences. I do not think that I do!

In fact, the most likely scenario would be that the AIF—some of them inhabiting human, biological bodies, while others remain interdimensional— would use the Machine Riders as cannon fodder in cosmic wars, and in a war against Orion in particular. Some readers may have asked themselves whether the Machine Riders would rebel against their oppressors at some point—just as the robots do in the science fiction books—but that is more than likely not going to happen. At that point, when the Supersoldiers—half machine and half humans—are being sent to war on the cosmic arena, rebellion is way beyond the capability of the Machine Riders. The AIF will have made sure that this kind of thinking is disabled from the human psyche. As we can see already now, scientists are pushing Singularity, and when the Supercomputer is put in place and we have the hive community that the AIF wants, people will do as they’re told. Then, will these Machine Riders ever have a chance to get into Orion or any other star system with good moral standards? I don’t want to say that they never will come to the point where they can, but it will take them more or less an eternity.

Now, I’ll say it again—look inside for answers! I think most readers who have come this far in reading these papers will understand the danger that I’m conveying in the paragraphs above. Moreover, I think most of you tell yourselves that at least you will not be one of these Machine Riders—you may even think they are stupid or naïve. However, don’t be fooled—the manipulation and indoctrination is enormous, and they know how we humans think. They have studied us for thousands of years. Just look at their advertisements and video clips. People think they don’t fall for that, but companies spend millions of dollars to advertise their products, and suddenly you see people everywhere carrying these products around—even when they don’t need them! Many of them are people who still think they won’t fall into the trap and buy things because of an advertisement. This is not true. Even the most alert of us fall for it sometimes because they address our subconscious mind—much of the advertisement these days is subliminal. When you see someone on the street with the product or you happen to see it in a window or in a store, there is a chance you will buy it. Hence, don’t think that you are immune to AIF manipulation yet—we still have our blind spots. It’s so easily done that suddenly we sit there with all these products, which are the introduction to the Machine Kingdom. The AIF does this step-by-step. It may start with a smartphone, and before you know it, you are hooked.

This is why we must learn even more how to be alert for their manipulation. Question everything—even if it seems obvious. If it’s still obvious after careful consideration, it may actually be obvious, but make sure to make sure. You may tell yourself that a few technical devices every now and then can’t be harmful, and that they are actually quite helpful. You tell yourself that you understand the agenda behind it, and if you buy the product you won’t fall for it—after all, you’re aware and will only use it for practical purposes.

That’s how the AIF expect us to respond, and that’s how they get us hooked! The technology—particularly to begin with—will be very “helpful” and make daily life easier in stressful situations, but remember that these stressful situations are also by design, making the products a necessity. The AIF are smart and know what they’re doing—they’ve thought of almost everything. Therefore, stop every once in a while and give yourself a reality check—“where am I in regards to technology now? Am I buying stuff they use to manipulate us with? Have I been tricked into doing something I wouldn’t have normally done?” There are questions you can ask yourself. With the risk of being repetitive—don’t think you’re immune to their manipulation! We are still learning. Although we may know much more than people, in general, we still need much more practice before we are so good that we can see through every single move the AIF is doing. Hence, reality checks are definitely necessary. I certainly need to do them too. It’s when you realize that you are still prone to fall for their tricks that you are really making progress. If you say that you are smart enough to see through each of their maneuvers, you really need some practice. No one is that smart yet. They work every day to outsmart you, and often, they have the knowledge how to do it.   

I know that some of what I’m writing here is repetition, but this is the last paper, and I want to make sure that the readers recall some highlights..

Another thing I’d like to emphasize is the idea of “Oneness.” We all know how this is promoted everywhere in the alternative field—much of it comes from channeled material. The problem with their version of Oneness is that it has to do with a collective “hive mind.” They want us to believe that this is the future of mankind and any other species in the Galaxy that is evolving. As we move up the dimensions and densities, we will become more and more “One” with each other. This is not true! First, we are not moving up any dimensions or densities. If we were free from AIF oppression and the Grid were lifted, the dimensions and densities would automatically be available to us. Only in’s version of the Universe are there dimensions and densities to ascend toward and Ascended Masters to listen to. Second, why do we want to become a “Social Memory Complex,” aka a “Hive Community?” Don’t we, after all, value our privacy and our ability to act independently from the rest of our species? Or do we really want to be One with everybody so that we all are telepathically connected at any time and think collectively? Of course, this is not even taking the Super Brain (Supercomputer), which makes the real thinking, into consideration. The promoters of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Singularity rarely—if ever—tell us that part. Also, in these hive minds, every action that is done and every thought that is made is for the group—never for the individual!

I found another article by George Kavassilas in which he discusses these hive minds. George claims to have experience with a lot of nano-travel, although he doesn’t call it that. However, his view and knowledge regarding these cosmic hive minds resonates well with me.

Quote #3: These collective hive minds have over time become quite powerful, relative to life in the lower domains, feeding off other beings and gathering large quantities of knowledge. When one is connected to a hive mind, a feeling of euphoria is experienced and access is granted to a large bank of knowledge. Journeys via these collective hive minds can even be taken through the 3rd and 4th dimensions using an aspect of mind or astral travel and therefore one thinks that they have merged with “god”. I know this information sounds incredible, but it is true. I know of people who have already had these experiences with gurus.[9]

I know that most readers have encountered people who are channeling hive minds, and I am sure that most of these Social Memory Complexes are just as deceived as many other star races in the 4% Universe dimensions.

The next thing that I want to mention is the importance of spiritual exercises. I strongly suggest that you read my e-book, “Beyond 2012—A Handbook for the New Era,” if you haven’t already, and even if you have, please use the exercises therein. You don’t have to use them all, but choose a few that you feel comfortable with. Then, after, let’s say, a few months, check out the exercises in the book again and see if there are some other ones that now will work for you, which you skipped earlier. At the moment of this writing, you can download the e-book here:, although this web address may change in the near future, as I am intending to put it on another domain that I’m planning to create soon. will only contain the Wes Penre Papers. In any case, I will announce at where this e-book will be available in the future.

Breathing exercises are probably the ones I’d like to promote the most, and the one I have presented since Level I, I still think that it is one of the best, if not the best one I’ve encountered out there. It’s originally from the WingMakers’ website and is called the “Quantum Pause.” It can be studied at

VII. Some Last Words…   

We are now getting toward the end of The Wes Penre Papers—A Journey into the Multiverse. It has been a tremendous pleasure to research and write these papers, and I have learned so much myself from studying all the material necessary for these levels of learning to come into fruition.

I am fully aware that The Wes Penre Papers could go on with maybe another 10 Levels of Learning. We could continue discussing all the other ancient texts as well—such as the Norse saga, the Islandic hymns, Celtic mythology, Mayan and Aztec texts, North Indian legends, Viking lore, and so much more. As the reader can see, it’s almost endless. Still, if I were to research all the above, it would still lead to the exact same conclusion—all these ancient texts are about the same gods, and they tell the same story but in different words! When I was sure that the reader would see this without having to go through all these texts, the papers had come to their conclusion. Also, the reader can only digest so much, and to continue, I think, would just defeat the purpose.

Now, after the fact, is every single word in this series of papers correct? Well, I make mistakes and sometimes draw the wrong conclusions just as everybody else does. However, I believe there is more than enough truth in these papers to give the reader a huge push forward in the right direction—regardless of in which direction the reader chooses to go!

Here is some last advice I want to give to the reader—first, how do you know that you are evolving? Well, in order to evolve, you can’t be afraid to investigate things because they are “way out there” and don’t fit in with your current belief system. For something to include plenty of truth, it has to be “way out there.” We are only aware of such a tiny piece of the electromagnetic spectrum, so what is “out there” that we haven’t seen? Is it going to fit in with your current belief system?

Of course not. The trick is not to have things fit into your current beliefs—the trick is to expand on the beliefs you have, but your goal is to let go of your current beliefs and embrace something much bigger and much truer!

Even though you might think that you have learned many things recently—five years down the line, you may want to look back at where you are right now and say, “Oh boy! I didn’t know much back then, did I?” If you can do that, then you know you are evolving!

I want to thank my family for having had such patience and for giving me such wonderful support, although I’ve been up half the nights and worked a regular job 40 hours a week. It has sometimes worn on me because of lack of sleep and the amount of concentration and focus that has been necessary, but now when this project is finished, I feel I’m coming out on the other end as a much stronger, but also a much wiser person. My hope is that the readers will feel the same.

I also want to thank all my Facebook friends who have supported me all the way from the beginning to the end. You have been absolutely wonderful, and I love you all!

Thank you also to the people who have tirelessly contributed with articles and advice via email on a regular basis. I have found some very good material from the stuff you have sent me (and continue sending me)!

Then I want to thank my editor, Professor Bob Stannard, who emailed me one day out of the blue after he had read my papers from The First to the Third Level of Learning. Without asking for any compensation whatsoever, he offered to edit everything I wrote from that point and on. So far, he has edited “Beyond 2012—A Handbook for the New Era,” and “The Wes Penre Papers: The Fourth Level of Learning and The Fifth Level of Learning.” He has done a fantastic job, and I am forever grateful for all his advice, his learning lessons in grammar, his editing skills, and his kind, patient, and enthusiastic attitude.

There are so many more people I could thank as well. The feedback on these papers has been beyond anything I could dream of. I have received tons of very positive correspondence from people who have read the papers, saying they have literally changed their lives! All this fantastic feedback has greatly contributed to my ability to get this job done!

I already have ideas for new material. There will be no more papers, however—instead l will concentrate on writing e-books from now on. Similar to the Wes Penre Papers, they will be downloadable free of charge, but from a new domain, which name and address I will announce on my “News & Updates” page[10] once it’s been set up. I will also let my readers know about my progress by announcing all new publications on my Facebook page, which you can find by searching for “Wes Penre” on Facebook. Finally, I will announce updates on my blog, “Blogging on the Wes Penre Papers,” which can be found here: This blog will also be considered completed as soon as the new domain is published. A new blog will then be created, which relates directly to my future publications.

Thank you for reading my series of papers, and I hope they have given you some new insights that you can use in your present life and in the future! I also hope that you keep an eye open for my future publications. That would truly be an honor!

Wes Penre (


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you,

[1] See Stephen Davis’ “Butterflies Are Free To Fly—a New Radical Approach to Spiritual Evolution.”

[2] Talbot, Michael. An essay also entitled The Holographic Universe, op. cit.