Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 12: The Aldebaran Paper

by Wes Penre, Written on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 
Posted on Friday, February 16, 2015
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. Lucifer’s Refuge

Not only was his pride hurt—he felt extremely embarrassed where he sat and licked his wounds on the top of a mountain on a planet in the Spica star system. Here he was—his entire fire and avatar felt shattered, and his entire being was vibrating from the wounds his brother had given him in the recent, terrible fight on the top of this cursed mountain.

He closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. Only a few miles from here, in the city of Asâša,[1] the final plans had been carefully laid out by the rebels. Everything was so bright, so certain—the word failure simply didn’t exist. He was so sure that they were going to succeed. He knew it might not be easy, but his plan was brilliant, just as everything else that came from the mind of the “Bearer of Light.” He was surprised how easy it had been to recruit some of the Neteru[2]—they were ready to follow him instantly, as if they had been waiting for a rebellion to happen, and there was no betrayal written in their Fires, or he would have seen it.

Albeit he had been so easily defeated by his brother, Archangel Michael Second in Command, Lucifer was surprised that the Prince hadn’t destroyed his avatar and annihilated him—he could have done it so fast and effortlessly once the Prince of Light was defeated, but he didn’t. That would have been the height of humiliation! Of course, Prince Ninurta knew that even if he had annihilated his brother, Lucifer’s numerous other soul splits that were spread out over the Universe would still survive, and so would his personality. Beings who live for millions of years in a certain avatar and have their personality splits, similar to us humans, don’t have amnesia as we do. Therefore, all these soul splits carry the same personalities, so if one split is annihilated in a war, for example, thousands of other splits with the same personality live elsewhere and one of them can take over. This is how beings survive and protect themselves from being totally annihilated in the Universe.

What Prince Ninurta did, however, was to strike the Stone of Exile, the Lapis Exilis, from Lucifer’s head. He separated the invaluable stone from Lucifer’s magnificent Crown of Gold, and both the Crown and the Stone fell off from Lucifer’s head and disappeared into the abyss. As far as anyone knows, both the Crown and the precious stone are still buried somewhere in the Spica star system. Although Lucifer’s DAKH Warriors managed to conquer Spica at a later point, Lucifer never managed to find his precious Crown, nor the jewel.

Lucifer, wounded in both his body and his soul, saw Prince Ninurta’s ships with their Red Cross symbol leave the planet and instantly disappear into the deeper dimensions of the KHAA. The Prince of Light, soon to be entitled the Prince of Darkness, noticed that his brother had damaged his avatar, but he didn’t destroy it. It wasn’t so bad that he couldn’t repair it himself, but while he was doing that, he was wondering why Prince Ninurta had spared his life. In his brother’s eyes, Lucifer had committed High Treason, for which the penalty was death by annihilation of all his soul splits. Normally, this couldn’t be done without a trial first, but in battle, Prince Ninurta could have annihilated him and gotten away with it. It went beyond Lucifer’s comprehension because if the situation had been reversed, Prince Lucifer wouldn’t have showed any mercy. Apparently, his brother and the Orions, in general, talked about compassion—yes, he had heard about it, but he never totally understood what it meant. Lucifer was a full-blood Orion himself, but he still didn’t get it. Why show any type of mercy toward your enemies? It didn’t make any sense!

Fig. 1. Prince Ninurta in battle against the Neteru on Spica.

Suddenly, Lucifer was distracted in his thought by a presence behind him. Quicker than the lightning he was on his feet with his spear-like annihilation weapon pointed in the direction from where he perceived the presence. Before him stood a gigantic being, horrific to behold! He was dressed in a worn down dark-brown cloak with a hood that was covering his head. His eyes were bright red and penetrated Lucifer were he stood. His mouth was half open and showed a long row of long, pointed teeth, sharp as razor blades that could tear flesh and bone from any celestial being in the Universe, from what it looked like. Where the hell did this beast come from? Were there some unknown species dwelling under the surface of the Spica planet that the Orion Empire didn’t know of?

Lucifer’s first thought was not to think twice and just wipe this strange apparition from the face of the Universe—without asking any questions. First of all, Lucifer didn’t want to be disrupted now by anything, and second, this kind of being, whom he’d never seen in his life, in spite of all the travels he’d done across the Universe, certainly must mean trouble.

Prince Lucifer pointed his weapon toward the beast, ready to pull the trigger, but something held him back for a second. The being still stared at him with his evil eyes, but showed no signs of wishing to fight. He held a similar weapon in his hand to the one that Lucifer had, so obviously he’d gotten it from Orion, or he had stolen it from a dead Orion warrior. However, this beast did not point his weapon toward Lucifer, but instead it was pointed toward the ground. All he did was to stare at his adversary.

It was an awkward moment that followed. Lucifer hesitated to blow this being to Kingdom Come, and for several seconds, the two just stared at each other. For a split second, Lucifer felt as if he knew this being from somewhere—and that he knew him well. Still, he couldn’t decide whether he knew him as a friend or a foe. The next moment, Lucifer decided not to take any chances with this strange creature—let’s annihilate him!

It was then that the being started communicating. For the first time since the two encountered each other, one of them now opened up his mind so that the other one could perceive his thoughts, which previously had been blocked.

“Wait, wait!” the creature said with a nervous voice. “Don’t shoot—it’s me! I’m sorry, I forgot…!”

In the next moment, the creature shapeshifted into a humanoid with black skin. He shrunk slightly and became a few inches shorter, but was still of an impressive stature. His cloak shrunk accordingly to fit his new body type, and he pulled off his hood, so that Lucifer could clearly see his head and face, which was covered with a semi-long black beard, carefully braided. His hair was curly and long, landing on his shoulder. He looked at Lucifer with a grin.

“I’m sorry, father!” he said. “I used that mockup in the battle and forgot that I still had it. Phew, you almost killed me!”

“Maybe that would have been just as well, Marduk!” Lucifer lowered his weapon and walked the few yards to where the mountain top ended, and a deep precipice led down to the valley below. “Take a look, my son. I’ve been thinking!”

Marduk stood beside his father and stared down into the valley, about 3000 feet from where they stood.

“How did you find me here?” asked Lucifer.

“It was easy. I was fighting down in the valley when I suddenly saw lightning and thunder on the top of this mountain. Heavy rocks fell down from the cliff and split into a thousand pieces before they landed in the valley where the fight was raging. No one seemed to notice because everybody was so caught up with fighting. I noticed, however, and I figured it couldn’t be anyone but you. I wasn’t sure whom you were fighting against, though, to create all that impact. I decided I had to figure out what was going on and assist you if necessary. It happened so fast that I forgot to change form. I used the beast mockup down there—it scared the hell out of some less experienced Orions. Anyway, it seems as if I came too late, albeit you seem in good shape. Whom were you fighting with?”

Fig. 2. Khan En.lil on his Throne in Orion.

Lucifer’s fury came back, and he threw his weapon and buried it deep into a tree. His eyes were like laser beams. “My brother! My Crown is gone! Do you understand what that means? That creep, by refusing me to wear my Crown, I can never again claim the Throne of Orion—I can never become Khan Lucifer. I have lost that right forever, no matter what I do! He’s my little brother, for heaven’s sake! He has no right! He has no right! I am the eldest, and I have more power!!!”

He calmed down a little. “At least I thought I had,” he added. Then he fluffed himself up again. “Oh well, a battle lost, perhaps, but not the war! I will show him! And I will show my stepfather, my mother, and every single soul in this stupid universe who is the cleverest, the strongest, the best strategist, the best actor, the best manipulator, and foremost—THE BEST WARRIOR in the whole Universe! Come, my son! We have a lot of planning to do. One day, I will sit on the Throne of Orion, and I will be the Khan Almighty! When I’m done, there will be no Queen of the Stars anymore—only a Khan King! The Queen’s Throne shall forever be empty! I declare war against the Orion Empire, and I have a plan! It just needs to be adjusted a little bit, and I need your help. After all, when I’m done with these beings, you’ll be Crown Prince Marduk, which is your rightful title!”

Marduk smiled and nodded his head. “Well spoken, father! I am with you all the way! Where are we going?”

“Aldebaran! Alpha Tauri! That will be my resort for now, where we can plan everything, step by step, so we can take them all by surprise. But first, before I strike against Satania,[3] I will strike where it hurts the most. I want them all to suffer—my brother included! Also, Aldebaran shall be my stronghold because it is very strategically located. It’s located between Aries and Orion in a straight line, making a ‘trail of stars.’ By occupying Aldebaran and most of the Pleiadian star systems, we can create a disruption—a congestion—which makes it extremely hard for the Empire to communicate between the star systems along this trail of stars. First, but second in importance, is that there are asterisms on this trail that are very central to the Orion Empire, and if we can disrupt the communication from Orion to those asterisms and the other way around, we have created a lot of damage already there. Second, and even more important, is that this trail of stars is under my brother’ s, Prince Ninurta, control! He will be furious!” Lucifer burst out in a hysterical laughter, which Marduk after a while started participating in, when he began to understand the consequences of what his father was planning. To make sure that his son really got it, Lucifer continued explaining:

“You see, it’s already done! While we were here, fighting in the Spica system, some loyal Neteru officers led a strike on Aldebaran. The Orion Empire had the star system under control, and quite a few MIKH/MAKH warriors were stationed there, but there were not enough of them. One of my best Generals planned the strike with great brilliance, and after a short but intensive battle, we managed to drive the Orions out of the Aldebaran system, which now belongs to us! Spica is already ours, albeit it annoys me that my brother, as a last misdeed, managed to chop the Crown off my head!”

“At least he didn’t annihilate you, father,” Marduk interposed.

“He might just as well!!!” Lucifer shouted. “This is humiliating!” Then he took a deep breath. “Well, you’re right, Marduk. If he would have annihilated me, it would be the height of intimidation. I will show Ninurta what a terrible mistake it was not to catch me and put me on trial. He’s going to regret it a hundred times over! Then I will show him who is the real Prince En.lil—you, my son!”

Lucifer took a last look at the battlefield, 3000 feet below, and now he smiled. Spica was his—no use to stay there anymore because from thereon, his trusted Generals could handle the situation themselves. It was time for him and his son to establish their resort in the Aldebaran system.

In the next second, the two men of impressive stature transformed into two round, shining orbs and disappeared into the KHAA. A thought later, they both arrived in Aldebaran.

Fig. 3. “Trail of Stars” (thick light-blue line). Aldebaran sits like a 
“blockage” in the middle of Aries and Orion. 

II. The Invasion Came, Comes, and will Come from the Pleiades!

The Sumerian and the Babylonian/Akkadian texts were altered many times in the ancient past, as we discussed in previous papers and so were the Vedas, until the AIF felt more at ease with what they released to the public. Some people think that the oldest Sumerian or Vedic records, for example, which they have found deeply buried and perhaps untouched for thousands of years, must be legitimate, telling the true story. What people are not thinking about, though, is that the records were manipulated in the first place in many cases, so it doesn’t matter how old they are.

We have talked about Satyaloka, also called Brahmaloka, being the highest of the lokas in all the Puranas. It is also sometimes called Brahmapura and is the topmost loka in the material universe.[4] Notice, however, that it is the highest loka in the material universe—not the spiritual universe aka the KHAA. The material universe is the universe you and I can perceive with our 3-D senses. In other words, Satyaloka is very low in comparison with what is hidden from us.

Now, if we go back to the Nakshatras (pull them up if you want to and keep them in a separate tab to compare:, which we talked about in the last two papers, we see that one of the Nakshatras, 4;9; is called Rohini, the “red one”—a name for Aldebaran. It’s also known as brāhmī. Moreover, the Deity of Aldebaran is Brahma, who since the invasion of Earth is also known as Lord Vishnu, aka Lord[5] All this is evident from what we have discussed so far regarding Aldebaran (in fig. 3, we can also see the “trail of stars” Lucifer talked about.)

I also mentioned that at least parts of the Pleiades are under Lucifer’s control, which is confirmed in the Nakshatras as well. Nakshatra 3 is called Krittika, which is “an old name of the Pleiades.”[6] Again, according to the same Nakshatra; who is the Deity of the Pleiades? The answer is Agni. Does the reader remember who Agni is? I know it’s confusing with all the names, so I will remind you—Agni equates to

However, not only Agni/ is associated with Aldebaran; so is also Inanna/Ishtar/Astarte/Isis. Let’s take a look.

Quote #1: In the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the earliest works of literature, the goddess Ishtar sends Taurus, the Bull of Heaven, to kill Gilgamesh for spurning her advances. Gilgamesh is depicted as the neighboring constellation of Orion, and in the sky they face each other as if engaged in combat.[7]

So, Ishtar is backed up by Taurus, the Bull, meaning that she has some kind of say in the ruler-ship of Taurus. Gilgamesh was the human/AIF hybrid who wanted the Immortality of the Gods and was looking for the Elixir that could help him achieve this, but regardless of Ishtar’s antagonism toward Gilgamesh, Taurus is facing Orion as if in combat when we look at the star constellations.

Now, didn’t Gilgamesh blow it when he refused to have sex with Ishtar? Did he really understand who Ishtar was? When we read Ishtar or Inanna, we read in it a totally different being than is intended—Ishtar and Inanna were taken over when Inanna went to the Underworld to meet her “twin sister;” the darker aspect of herself, and Ishtar now became Ereškigal! The Queen of the Underworld had power over life and death, and if someone could give Gilgamesh the Soma, the “Life Elixir,” it was her. He spoiled it (good for him).

However, what does Orion have to do with it? Let’s continue.

Quote #2: ‘In early Mesopotamian art, the Bull of Heaven was closely associated with Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of sexual love, fertility, and warfare. One of the oldest depictions shows the bull standing before the goddess’ standard; since it has 3 stars depicted on its back (the cuneiform sign for “star-constellation”), there is good reason to regard this as the constellation later known as Taurus.[8]

The way I see it is that after Lucifer’s Rebellion and Lucifer being cast out of “An,” Heaven, he took his resort to Aldebaran and the Pleiades—a sanctuary he soon also came to share with his future consort, Queen Ereškigal. The Taurus/Bull constellation is depicted in the night sky as facing Orion in combat, which is Lucifer’s future goal. The Invasion will come from the Pleiades as well as the Invasion came from the Pleiades!

Having listened to the Pleiadian lectures over the years is paying off! There are things I wouldn’t have been able to put together if I hadn’t listened to them and read Barbara Marciniak’s channeled books. In a lecture that now is a few years old, the Pleiadians said that their ancestors were the branch of the Fallen Angels that descended to Mount Hermon, led by the “dark angel,” Azazel.[9] They were the Giants who came and raped human women and created Giant offspring, the Nephilim. What the Pleiadians never said is that these Giants from the Pleiades were no different from the original AIF team. The Invasion came from the Pleiades because that’s where Lucifer resided at the time when he decided to invade Earth! “Azazel” and his team are in no shape and form differentiated from the rest of the AIF. It’s just that at one point in time, some of the AIF Minions decided (or were ordered to?) create a new life form on Earth—the Giants. It was an experiment like everything else. As a side note, they also got the pleasure of seducing human females, whom they found irresistibly attractive. Hypothetically, these beings could, in their interdimensional form,have sex with human females—especially in dream state—but that’s not what they wanted. They wanted to experience sex the way humans experience sex. How did they do that? By taking on human male bodies, of course. That’s how they did it, and that didn’t create any Giant Nephilim—how could it? No, the Nephilim were created in laboratories—possibly on Mars. Still, the issue is—the Alien Invasion, which forced the Orion settlers here on Earth to retreat back to Orion, came from the Pleiades!

Now, if we look at the constellations again (fig. 4 below), with Taurus facing Orion, this has two significances. First, it symbolizes this ancient battle between the Pleiades and Orion here in our solar system, but it also symbolizes a future threat from the Pleiades, saying, the day will come when we will invade Orion and take over Satania—Orion’s Inner Sanctuary, and the sky will show everybody that we mean business!

Fig. 4. Taurus, the Bull, attacking Orion, who defends himself with his club. In the right eye of the Bull we can see Aldebaran shine.

The Bull has already horned Orion once in the War of the Titans, and in the night sky, we see him on his way to horn him again.

Another interesting thing here is something else I learned from the Pleiadians. I have brought it up before, but not in this exact context. The Pleiadians say that we humans will have a great part in the future war between the Pleiades and Orion. As I mentioned earlier in this paper, the entire Pleiades, or Taurus Constellation, is not yet under Lucifer’s control. In the future, however, it seems as if Lucifer wants the entire constellation to be his to rule—possibly because it will be a strong and strategic military unification in a future war. Here on Earth, we have already started planning for all this with our research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Supersoldiers, cyborgs, cloning, and Singularity, etc. On the timeline where this will be brought to fruition, humanity as a Social Memory Complex (SMC), will be the foot soldiers who attack the Pleiades that are not yet under Lucifer’s control. This independent part of the Pleiades will fight back, and a terrific civil war will break out in the Pleiades. The future humans (a faction of which we call the “Gray aliens”) will fight ferociously and without fear because our emotions will be controlled by proxy, possibly from a location on Saturn. According to the Pleiadians themselves, this is what is happening in the Pleiades “as they speak!” They try to convince us that is amongst the rebel group who wants independence in the Pleiades, and he wants mankind to evolve “naturally,” without technology, while En.lil is the “bad guy,” who has instigated the process leading to the civil war in the Pleiades. The Pleiadians are thereby saying that they are working with to help us humans here in our time (the twenty-first century) to choose a more peaceful timeline without AI, cloning, and all the rest of it. That way, hopefully, the violent timeline that led to the war in the Pleiades will be erased and at the same time save the beings in the Pleiades from our ferocious selves, armed to our teeth with En.lil’s deadly weapons.

Not even with the most objectivity one can imagine would the above agenda make sense. The evidence against it is, as they say—overwhelming. However, the reader can clearly see how we are being deceived from many different angles at once, and it’s certainly a great task to keep our minds straight in all this. The bottom line is, however, that the AIF, once again from the Constellation of Taurus, want to attack Orion, but this time with a much greater force, where we humans are a part of the agenda.

It’s evident that Lucifer/ at one point retreated to the Pleiades, and better yet, Aldebaran. With this in mind, suddenly evidence in other aspects of the larger scheme of things start emerging. One example is the consistent myth that En.lil was Jehovah. This can now be totally debunked by just picking evidence left and right. I picked the following because it comes from a “neutral” source, without any agenda in the Jehovah case.

Quote #3: It [the Bull] has been associated with the animal that Adam first offered in sacrifice, or with the later victims in the Jewish temple; and the Christian school of which Novidius was spokesman recognized in Taurus the Ox that stood with the ass by the manger at the blessed Nativity …[10]

The Bull goes way back in mythology and tradition, obviously, and was the first animal Adam supposedly offered to “God.” Why a bull? Because it was the animal most closely connected with God, aka Lucifer.

As we can see, Aldebaran and the whole Taurus Constellation, plus the Pleiades in specific, have a very important part in the past, present, and future of our sector of the Galaxy, including our own solar system to a large degree. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more—a lot more!

III. Some Present Time Connections between the Bull and the Pleiades in General

The Pleiades have a great deal of importance in today’s New Age movement, as I think most of us have seen. However, in that sense, this asterism has taken on a relatively benevolent role. Not so much so by the New Agers themselves, but through manipulation that has hit the target from many different angles.

Many say that the New Age Movement actually started with Madame Helena Blavatsky and her channeling of the Ascended Masters—which with time developed into the so-called Ashtar Command. Out of Blavatsky’s teachings came the Theosophical Society, a highly Luciferian movement. We are going to discuss this movement quite extensively in this paper because it’s highly relevant in today’s politics.

Ashtar is said to originate in Sirius, but it also has tentacles that are reaching out toward Arcturus and the Pleiades, and they are usually portraying themselves as the attractive tall and blond “Nordics.” We discussed the Ashtar Command to some extrent in The Third Level of Learning. Blavatsky and her successors, Alice Bailey and Anne Besant also wrote and talked about the Egyptian Goddess, Isis—Mme Blavatsky even wrote a book called Isis Revealed. We don’t need to look very far before we can see that there is a connection between Ashtar, Isis, Sirius, and the Pleiades.

In previous papers, I have emphasized the importance of sound in this Third Dimension. How words are pronounced and the similarity between many of them when they are spoken can be of great importance and is deeply embedded into our DNA. In what we just discussed, we have a few different names that are connected by the sound of them—Ashtar, Ishtar, Astarte, Attar, Astar, and Ast. Now, let us distinguish and then connect.

Astarte is simply the Greek name of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar,[11]  and so is Attar[12] and Astar.[13] The word Ast means “Female of Throne,” or “Queen of the Throne,”[14] and refers to Isis[15] who is the heiress of the Throne of the Orion Empire. Thus, we can see that all these names and words are associated with the same being—Ishtar/Isis. The Ashtar Command can now easily, by sound, be interchangeable with the Ishtar Command, and we can get a good hint where this channeling comes from.  

If the Ashtar Command is telling us that they come as our Saviors, or are our beneficiaries, and we feel we can relate to that, we are indeed deceiving ourselves and are in deep trouble—obviously so, from what we have learned in the Wes Penre Papers.

The Ashtar Command goes back to a channeler called George van Tassel, who claimed to be channeling this group of beings in the early 1950s. Since then, many channelers claim to have had contact with this Galactic group of ETs or spiritual entities. They have often predicted end-of-the-world-scenarios with themselves being the saviors of mankind. The origin of these beings differs depending on whom you are talking to, but there are many who say they have been told by the Ashtar Command that they reside in one of the Pleiadian star systems.

Although Marciniak’s Pleiadians do not want to discuss the Ashtar Command and don’t believe in Saviors whatsoever, these beings are still promoting themselves as benevolent toward mankind and are said to be working with Thereby, we can sense a “good cop, bad cop” situation here, confusing the masses and putting the ETs in two camps—good and bad Pleiadians. Psychological warfare like this is a must in mind control, and it’s not absent here, either.

Fig. 5. Ashtar Command’s Logo with the female vagina in the center.

Here we have the mission of the Ashtar Command, also called The Galactic Federation of Light:

Quote #4: “The Ashtar Command is the airborne division of the Great Brother/Sisterhood of Light, under the administrative direction of Commander Ashtar and the spiritual guidance of Lord Sananda, our Commander-in-Chief, known to Earth as Jesus the Christ. Composed of millions of starships and personnel from many civilizations, we are here to assist Earth and humanity through the current cycle of planetary cleansing and polar realignment. We serve like midwives in the birthing of humanity from dense-physical to physical-etheric bodies of light, capable of ascending into the fifth dimension along with the Earth.”

“We of the Brotherhood of Light, and we who serve in the Intergalactic Fleets and Cosmic Federation Councils, come forth to bring you knowledge for a most eventful and confusing transition …”[16]

The readers probably have noticed that what we’re now discussing is to some degree a recap of the Third Level of Learning,but it’s very important and worth repeating—repetition is also something that is bound to happen when the things we are discussing are beginning to come full circle.

Marciniak’s Pleiadians (from now on called the MP) boldly state that the Galactic Federation of Light is disinformation, but does this mean that the Ashtar Command and the Federation don’t exist? Not necessarily. They exist but are not what they say that they are. Ashtar and Ishtar are two names that are too similar to be ignored—the AIF work extensively with sound. This means that Ereškigal—herself a Pleiadian resident who took over Ishtar’s/Inanna’s and Isis’s role—is most probably in charge of the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command.

To add to the confusion, we have the MP who reject the Ashtar Command and any Galactic Federation, but when we study Ashtar, these websites often promote the MP—so it’s making it very confusing and putting people in different camps, which is also the intention. It’s actually brilliant because as long as people arein different camps, nothing “earth-shaking” will happen, and time is just running. Ten years later, such movements haven’t moved an inch—it’s all by design. 

IV. Vril, Hitler, and the Aldebaran/Pleiadian Connection, and who are Supriem David Rockefeller, Michael Noel Prescott, and the Modern Thule Society?

One thing is certain—Aldebaran and the Pleiades have played a big role in virtually all mythology around the world. There are many other star systems that are also mentioned in different mythologies, of course, but few of them are mentioned as often as Aldebaran and the Pleiades. This is something we can’t ignore—we would certainly be fools if we did. Instead, we should look into everything that has to do with this asterism except when it’s obvious disinformation.

There is one myth that never seems to escape me. I have tried to put it in the peripherals, ignoring it, and shaking it off. I have had many opportunities to just discard it, but it clings to me and slides off as a slippery serpent.

What I’m referring to here is my book, The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller, which I wrote back in 2009 and which you can find online if you go here: The publication of this book was followed by a couple of very stormy years when people were lively discussing it. The first edition had half a million hits on the Internet in the first two weeks after the publication.

The book is the story about then 34 year old Marduk-wanna-be, Supriem David Rockefeller. The reader who is not familiar with him and what went on around his character, I would suggest at least skim through the e-book to get a general idea.

Fig.6. Supriem David Rockefeller the way he looks like today.

Much of the book is disinformation but quite cleverly done. I could have taken down the book long ago, but I have no intentions to do that. This is definitely one of these books you need to read between the lines—that’s where the real story is, and that story has some quite interesting things to tell us.

In fact, Supriem talked to me about Supersoldiers before that term had become widely discussed, and he claimed to be a vehicle for Marduk/ (sometimes the two were mixed), and Lucifer (same entity), who had still not been activated. He was still Chris Raynes, an “ordinary” man who had been raised by a somehow ordinary family. He legally took his name Supriem David Rockefeller in 2010, after having used that name for years. He claimed that his mentor is the old David Rockefeller himself, and that the Global Elite has big plans for him. The office of David Rockefeller denies that they have anything to do with Supriem, but that is not evidence enough—if Supriem does have Rockefeller connections, their office would of course deny it, and if he doesn’t have Rockefeller connections, they would deny it as well.

The David Rockefeller connection is very hard to prove, but I never put too much importance on that particular subject—there were other things about Supriem that were more interesting.

As I mentioned above, I had half a million visitors in the first two weeks! I had (and still have) never heard of something like that. This is something David Icke and others who are as famous as he is might have, but I was not a very well-known researcher at the time because I never did videos, interviews, or anything which would increase my “fame.” I had exposed the Global Elite for 11 years and never come close to something like that, but the Supriem info took off like wildfire, and it was discussed all over the Internet! In many ways, it still is! How is that possible?

In the beginning, Supriem did all he could to debunk me, and I was even threatened. He did not want me to write what I’d found out about him, which is another odd thing. However, when he realized that I was not going to drop the subject, he fed me with disinformation, i.e. some information had truth to it, and some was obviously false. After much consideration, I decided to tell the story from his angle, with and without the disinformation. This is why I named the book “The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller.”

Supriem said his body was chosen to host Lucifer’s soul, and Supriem was preparing for this takeover. My understanding was that it would happen as a “walk-in,” where the soul of Lucifer/Marduk/ descends into the human body, and Supriem’s soul is pushed to the background.

Fig. 7. Johann Adam Weishaupt

Suddenly, I found out that he had “competition.” The Bavarian Illuminati is a secret society that has lived underground since the late 1700s when it orchestrated the French Revolution. This is historical facts and can be read in history books and online. Some of America’s Founding Fathers had a connection with this revolutionary society, run by a German Grandmaster named Adam Weishaupt.

After Weishaupt’s society had witnessed that the French Aristocracy had gotten beheaded in the guillotine, the Bavarian Illuminati was heavily attacked and fled underground. The German authorities thought they had managed to destroy the secret society. However, the Bavarian Illuminati suddenly ascended, becoming the instigators of the Russian Revolution, after which Communism was established in Russia under Lenin’s regime. The entire Russian Royal Family—the Romanovs—were brutally murdered.

Today, they claim to be a peaceful society that wants to create change via peaceful means. Their website is They read my story about Supriem and wrote an article about it on their own website, suggesting that Supriem very well could be part of something called “The Brotherhood of Shadows,” where twelve candidates—all born in the 1970s—were having their bodies manipulated in order to host the soul of the “Demiurge,” who in their philosophy is the ruler of the Archons[17] (yes, this society has Gnostic roots). Only one candidate will prove himself worthy, and the other ones will be defeated and killed (they may even kill each other). Two other people who claim to be candidates for hosting the soul of Lucifer are Michael Lee Hill, who the reader knows from papers in previous levels of learning. The other one is James Casbolt, aka Michael Prince, a well-known mind-controlled survivor who can be found all over the Internet.[18] Who the other nine candidates are, I have no idea. I don’t even know if any of these candidates are legitimate, but they sure make a big fuss about it themselves. There has been a huge debunking program against James Casbolt, and I think most people today think he is a fraud or a hoax. To me, that does not resonate. Of course, it depends on what we mean by “fraud and hoax.” Similar to any other of these mind-controlled so-called “Supersoldiers” who come out and speak, he is not going to tell us the whole truth—only what his handlers allow him to say. Sometimes he lies. He has been very blunt with stating this fact to the public, and still the public attacks him for being a liar instead of listening, and again—reading what’s between the lines! What is this guy really saying? We are not going to learn anything if we throw out the baby with the bathwater.

The question is; how much of all this is true? If Marduk,, or Lucifer wants to descend and stand in front of us, claiming to be our Savior, he either needs a hybrid body of flesh and blood, strong enough to house the form of energy we’re discussing, or he shapeshifts into human form and appears as real as you and me. However, in the long run it’s easier to have a real 3-D body. Supriem has been abusing his own body for many years from drinking huge quantities of alcohol. Does he want to prove that his body can handle it—that it’s strong enough to host the body of the gods despite this? Also, if so, why are he and the others so eager to let someone else—be it a god or whomever—take over their bodies? The answer is mind-control. These candidates, if they really exist as such, are programmed to see it as an honor to be the one to host the soul of such a deity.

There are several reasons why I am not totally writing off these stories. Supriem, for example, started promoting himself as Supriem already as an adolescent. He is now, on the Winter solstice of 2014, 40 years old, and he hasn’t changed his story in these 25 plus years! Why would a person dedicate his entire life to such rubbish, if that’s what it is? I can see a teenager doing it—maybe even an immature adult, 25 to 30 years old, but after that it becomes rather ridiculous and boring, one would think. He has to grow up sometime, but he is still claiming to be who he always said he is.

Fig. 8. A young Supriem

For this to be consistent over all these years, there must be some kind of truth behind it. Mind-control? Certainly, but for what purpose? Is it really for the purpose he says it is, or is something more sinister happening here?

Supriem has on and off been working together with Michael Noel Prescott, a black magician (although he wouldn’t call himself that) who calls up demons with the help from Aleister Crowley-based magick and a German offshoot of the Thule Society (Thule Gesellschaft). The front person for this offshoot is a German researcher into ancient prophecies going under the pseudonym Jarl Vidar. Jarl claims that he has the sign of Osiris tattooed on his body since birth, and Osiris is, as we know, an Egyptian name for Lord

Fig. 9. Thule Order, German “Freiherr,” Jarl Vidar.

Supriem claims that he is in contact with certain extraterrestrial beings who are helping him in his quest, such as the Sirians. Jarl Vidar also claims ET connections to his secret society. He is waiting for the gods to appear so the Battle of Armageddon can start. This way, Earth can be cleansed from unwanted humans, and only a fragment of humanity will survive. The gods will then help humanity build the New Earth, so we can enter the New Aeon—the New Golden Age. These gods are the “Anunnaki,” and according to the Thule Society, they came to Earth a long time ago from the star Aldebaran![19]

In 2009-2010, I communicated with Jarl Vidar, and he decided to give me two “plates,” which he said were ancient plates, found in a sarcophagus in Antarctica by a German expedition in 1939. There are many more plates, he claims, but they are kept under strict security by the Thule Order. Jarl does not yet have access to them all.

These so-called Ilat-Litum Plates contain the story of the gods from when they landed on Earth and up to recent time. They also include a prophecy of when these gods will return and “cleanse” the Earth. The prophecy is written in code, apparently, and Jarl is trying to decipher the codes. Supposedly, a stargate needs to be opened by the Thule society here on Earth—a project in which Tibetan monks participate. The stargate will let the gods through. Jarl also claims to have access to the mythical interdimensional realm of Agartha—the Hollow Earth.

Fig. 10. James Casbolt, aka James Prince.

Jarl told me that the gate is now open, which would mean that the gods are either here now or can come anytime. This is all according to Jarl and the Thule Society, of course.

The Ilat-Litum Plates were found in Antarctica, deeply buried under the snow. The reason the expedition found the plates was because they followed the instructions from the so-called Vril Ladies of the Vril Society who supposedly channeled these Anunnaki beings from Aldebaran, 65 light-years from Earth. These Vril Ladies were led by a young medium whose name was Maria Orsic. These women all had extremely long hair in a time where short hair was in fashion—back in the early 1900s. They were also red-haired, and their hair worked as antennas, we are told. The story of the Vril Society and Maria Orsic can also be verified. There is much information on them—they really existed and they are said to have channeled entities from Aldebaran. The reason I think that the Aldebaran story has some value is because of some additional information I have gathered.  The reader will soon see what I mean.

The Anunnaki told the channelers where to find the plates, and allegedly the sarcophagus was found exactly where it was supposed to be. The plates were in an ancient language and were translated into German by Tibetan monks. I received the German translation of the first two plates, which I translated into English, with a lot of help from German readers of my websites. For the first time, the Ilat-Litum plates were translated into English, and the result can be read here: (scroll down).

As we can see, the plates tell a different story about and the Anunnaki than what we are used to hearing. This is the story the Thule Society is working with.

What I am telling the reader here is only a short synopsis of the “Supriem Myth,” but the whole thing can be read in details in my e-book. The story ends with that the Vril Ladies, who allegedly were not Nazis, had their information stolen by the Nazis, and the Vril Society had to go underground. Maria Orsic and the other women in the society (only women were allowed) supposedly fled to Aldebaran. If this is true or not is up for debate, but these women all disappeared in 1945. They could, of course, have gone underground as well or been executed by the Nazis.

The Vril Ladies also channeled information from the same beings on how to build flying saucers, and these blueprints came into the hands of the Nazis who then built the so-called Foo Fighters that were encountered by the Allies during the end of World War II. The allies reported that these Foo Fighters challenged every known physical laws by the way they flew. Allegedly, this alien technology was brought to the United States immediately after World War II ended. The most brilliant Nazi scientists were smuggled over to the United States in something called Operation Paperclip—something that has been acknowledged by the U.S. Government. The late Verner von Braun was one of the brilliant rocket scientists that were brought over here, and he and his colleagues were supposedly in possession of this ET technology. Shortly after World War II, the U.S. started building flying saucers, and with time, more advanced crafts were developed, after they got more technology from the aliens in the beginning of the 1950s when President Eisenhower met with the “Grays.” Today, Lockheed Martin is the Company that possesses most of this alien technology and are using it to support the Military Industrial Complex. In fact, I would say that Lockheed Martin is part of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). All this is general knowledge and can be read about all over the Internet. 

Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor and scientist who conducted horrific experiments on children—and twins in general—during the Second World War was also transferred over to America under the umbrella of Operation Paperclip. He became known as “Doctor Green” and was under this code name able to continue his research in the field of mind-control. Because of his research (and because of a few other scientists and medical doctors as well), the U.S. now has very sophisticated and evil mind-control programs. In the year 2000, I was living together and doing research together with a lady who had been subjected to extensive mind-control by Doctor Green, aka Doctor Mengele.

The reason I am recapping this whole story is because in the midst of it are the ETs, who allegedly come from Aldebaran. Their story is very questionable, as the reader can see, but that is not the point. My suggestion is that the Ilat Litum Plates are only one batch of plates, cuneiform, and other kinds of text that lie hidden and buried all over our planet. Some were probably buried in the past, while others might have been inserted from the future in order for us to find them at a certain point in time to strengthen the “evidence” of the agenda the AIF might have.

There is always this option that the Ilat-Litum Plates are false altogether and just fraudulent from the beginning to the end, but if so—who wrote them, and why? It makes more sense to me that they are written the way they are for a reason, and I think they were probably written by the AIF—or their Sages, to be exact.

What it boils down to, anyway, is the common connection with Aldebaran and the Pleiadian star sign.

Another thing that has come to mind is a question I have, and I’ve mentioned this earlier: are the red-haired Vril Ladies actually descendants of Isis’ creation of the “Ladies of Fire” in Prince Ninurta’s sanctuary—his Garden of Eden—back in the time after the biblical Flood? I find this thought intriguing and not something I would discard immediately.

In the beginning, when I exposed Supriem Rockefeller, Prescott, and the Thule Order, I was attacked by them and even threatened. They did not want the information on the Internet, exposing what they were doing. Also, they didn’t want the world to know that they are in possession of what they call a “Vril Machine,” which can take advantage of the universal energies, which they call the “Vril” (a term coined by the science fiction writer, Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton—and of course, many truths are hidden under the veil of “fiction”), and thereby activate a third strand of human DNA (most humans have a double helix, but Thule could allegedly activate a third helix and thus create “super humans”). However, when they realized that I would not stop exposing this, they decided to give me selected information that I could publish (and of course, they gave me a lot of disinformation as well), but they became more friendly with me. Jarl Vidar even told me that if I come to Europe again, I could visit him and stay a few days, and he would take me to Agartha, and show it to me, and I would get to meet some of gods, who still live there. Also, for those who are wondering—I am sure they will not “take me out” if I go to Jarl’s place. That’s not the way they operate.

I definitely don’t want the reader to take the Supriem/Thule story at face value because that would be a big mistake. All I want is to mention it here, and if the reader wants to learn more, please visit my e-book, download it, and decide for yourself what fits into the bigger picture and what does not. What I am saying, though, is that there are too many “coincidences” between this story and the research I have provided in these papers. When we continue through this paper, the reader will be given more information about Aldebaran and how it relates to my research. This will show the reader exactly what I mean.

Hitler was also channeling the “gods,” according to a documentary on Swedish Television in the 1990s called “Hitler and the Occult,” and he was afraid. He told his closest generals that he had seen the gods—the pure Aryan gods—and they were horrifying. He was afraid of them. Still, he wanted the future humans to be like them. The author and researcher, Steve Omar, also mentioned this in his “World War III” article from 1999, where he said, “It is a well-documented publicized fact that Hitler often went into trances and spoke to his military commanders. His chair press officer, Dr. Dietrich, testified his belief that Hitler was possessed by demons. Hitler told his High Command his belief in the Supermen who had ruled the planet in the times of Atlantis and Thule, and after the war of the gods that led to the fall of Atlantis, the Supermen, who were the Masters of the World, had gone underground…”“The New Man is living among us now! He is here! Isn’t that I enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the New Man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him!”[20] 

V. The Nazis, Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, and the Aldebaran Mystery

Quote #5: “We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped.” Dr. Hermann Oberth, rocket engineer for the Third Reich, and later advanced rocket technology for the American manned space launches.

When asked by whom, he replied: “The people of other worlds.” [21]

Fig. 11. Hermann Oberth (left) and Wernher von Braun (right).

Most readers probably know about Wernher von Braun, the famous rocket engineer who worked for the Nazis during World War II and who was secretly transferred to the U.S. after the war so that he didn’t have to stand before the War Tribunal. Instead, the U.S. allowed him to start working for their government. It resulted in von Braun becoming one of the leading rocket engineers for the Apollo Project.[22] He said already in 1959:

Quote #6: We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and within six or nine months time [sic] it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter.[23]

I would suggest that these “powers” are nobody else but the AIF, and there is a trail to follow, making it evident that those who gave them the technology were coming from Aldebaran.

I find it quite remarkable how Dr. Steven Greer and his team can say that all ETs that are currently in contact with us here on Earth are benevolent. I know that I have mentioned this a few times before in my papers, but now we are getting down to the “real deal,” so to speak, and we have no other choice than to look closer at the Steven Greer phenomenon. Only by taking a first look at the situation is telling me that something very fishy (a pun to intended) is going on with the Greer team. Greer’s perhaps closest assistant was also the assistant to the late Wernher von Braun until the day he died in the 1970s. Her name is Carol Rosin, and people immediately recognize her because of her thick long white hair (fig. 12).

Fig. 12. Carol Rosin, Steven Greer’s assistant.

She has said that one of the last things von Braun told her was that the Powers That Be had a very special ace up their sleeves, and that was a fake alien invasion. I don’t doubt that he was right about that, except that we are already invaded, which is something that von Braun denied and Rosin does, too. Rosin was the one who made the jaw-dropping statement that if there were malevolent aliens, they would already have invaded us and taken over the planet by now. Because this hasn’t happened, all aliens are good. This is actually what she said in that announcement. One would think that someone of her intelligence would know better than that. The whole concept of that statement falls into pieces if the Earth, for example, would have been invaded already before Homo sapiens were created, and the invaders work behind the scenes. Since she mentioned this in public, Greer’s followers—and even others who are convinced that all aliens are benevolent—have ever since repeated Rosin’s remarkable statement as if it were an axiom!

The fact is that Rosin is intelligent, which we notice when we hear her speak, and of course she knows better than this. Albeit what she said is jaw-dropping, it is also very revealing because it tells us that Greer and his team are not honest with their audience. Both Greer, Rosin, and others who work on their team know better than making such a stupid statement and believing it. It is also extremely arrogant of Rosin because she thinks that people, in general, are stupid enough to buy into what she’s saying. Although there actually are people who do buy into it, I would hope that the majority who have done their research would be clever enough to see through her lie. Personally, I am glad she said it because it proves to me that they are aware that we have been invaded, or they wouldn’t have tried to cover it up with such a blatant lie.

Fig. 13. Dr. Steven Greer with his ET space brothers 
(the picture is of course not real and was never intended to be).

Here is the short version of the ET history from the beginning of the 1900s and up to today’s Greer projects: The Vril Ladies channeled ETs from Aldebaran, which allegedly led them to the Ilat-Litum Plates. The Nazis got ahold of the information after raiding the Vril Society. The women who belonged to the society had to go underground, or they may have been killed—one story mentions that they flew to Aldebaran. Then Hitler got in touch with the “Aryan Masters;” supposedly interdimensional beings; inspiring Hitler to create a new world that would only consist of blond, “Nordic,” Aryan people. von Braun and Oberth worked for the Nazis, doing back engineering of ET technology, although they said afterwards that they did it because otherwise they and their families would have been killed. They claimed they did not share Hitler’s Nazi beliefs (which may or may not be true). It is well known that many Germans did what the Nazis told them to do because they were afraid for their lives, so it could possibly be the case even with these two scientists. However, if they weren’t Nazis, they still did a good job hiding the fact that the technology they were working with came from malevolent ETs (I’ve mentioned this before, but it never stops amazing me how I was approached by the Greer team when I suggested that at least some of the visiting ETs are not working in our best interests. Mind you that this was back in 2001 or 2002, shortly after the “Disclosure Project.” Greer’s team was very strict making sure that no one would approach them with the idea of malevolent ETs). Today, nothing has changed. Dr. Greer is organizing expeditions to which nearly anybody is welcome (if they can pay the fees), and Greer will show the members of the expedition UFOs flying around in the night sky. When I said that nearly anybody is welcome, I meant that literally. In fact, no one who is of the opinion that there are malevolent ETs in Earth’s vicinity is welcome on these trips. You need to be of the mindset that all ETs are our space brothers and sisters, and we should embrace them all, and start working together with them. Needless to say, this is a very dangerous and irresponsible approach to the whole UFO and ET phenomena.

Fig. 14. Vimāna.

To recap—if we choose to start in the beginning of the 1900s, the trail of interest starts with the Vril Ladies and brings us up to date with Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project,[24] his “Orion Project”[25] and his “Sirius Disclosure.”[26] [27] The main message that Greer’s team wants to get across is that the ETs use anti-gravity when traveling through space in their crafts, and that the Powers That Be are in possession of this technology but are hiding it from the public. The reason for this is that anti-gravity is free, and if it were to be used instead of oil and petrol, the Illuminati families would lose one of their main income sources. Greer claims that he is in touch with some members of the Illuminati families (Laurence Rockefeller is allegedly one of these people), who want to help Greer with his mission (I’ll leave it with that for now and let the reader ponder over what that liaison means). The Free Energy subject is true to a certain extent, and the use of anti-gravity amongst some ET species is true as well. These two subjects are used as the driving force behind Greer’s projects. I agree with Greer, however; energy should be free for all people on Earth.

The ancient Hindu texts talked about the Vimānas—the flying vehicles we discussed in previous papers. Some of them seem to have been using anti-gravity, if we read the texts carefully. The following is from the epic poem, Samarangana Sutradhara  (literally, “controller of the battlefield”[28]) and is amazingly similar to what we are seeing today in videos showing the erratic patterns of UFOs moving across our atmosphere.

Quote #7: Strong and durable must the body of the Vimana be made, like a great flying bird of light material. Inside one must put the mercury engine with its iron heating apparatus underneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury, which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky. The movements of a Vimāna are such that it can vertically ascend, vertically descend, or move slanting forwards and backwards. With the help of machines, human beings can fly through the air and heavenly beings can come down to Earth.[29]     

In the early 1900s, there were three dominant secret societies that had goals to harness Vril, or Prana—the fundamental cosmic life-force energy. They wanted this cosmic energy to work harmoniously with our 3-D world. What they were really talking about already then was Free Energy. The name of these three secret societies were the Vril Society, the Thule Society, and the Black Sun Society.

It was in 1919 that the Grandmaster of the Vril Society, Maria Orsic, gathered members from the three societies, and she told them that she was in telepathic communication with an alien race that resided in the Aldebaran star system, 68 light-years from Earth. One batch of channeled messages was revealed to have been transmitted in a secret German Templar script, which was unknown to her. A second transmission was in an ancient eastern language, and the third set was recognized by Thule Babylonian scholars as ancient Sumerian.[30]

Fig. 15. One of the “flying machines,” “Vril 7,” which construct was channeled by Maria Orsic.

Maria, together with another female medium of the Vril Society known by the esoteric alias Sigrun, then began translating the messages Maria had received, using assistance from contemporary linguists in order to complete the task.[31] It turned out to be instructions how to build a circular flying machine! This was a very exciting time for these secret societies, which were mainly into researching the Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations. Another goal of theirs was to create a new Atlantis, which correlates with the dream of earlier secret society members, such as Sir Francis Bacon, a Rosicrucian Grandmaster and possibly also a Freemason. As we discussed earlier, Bacon’s vision came true the same day the Declaration of Independence was signed in the United States. Thus, we can see that strong forces were at play when making Bacon’s vision come true.

There has been much discussion why this Aldebaran civilization would give instructions on how to build flying machines driven by Vril power to this female secret society. Lieutenant Colonel Wendelle Stevens,[32] for example, who is a researcher and a retiree from the USAF, hypothesized that the Aldebarans wanted to present an alternative energy source for the human civilization—perhaps a way to decrease wars on Earth. Personally, I’d rather play the Devil’s advocate and say that anybody who seriously worked toward building a new Atlantis was supported by’s Aldebaran-Pleiadian faction. There is no doubt that the AIF wants to recreate the Atlantean civilization on Earth with the United States being the “Headquarters.” Free energy will most probably sooner or later be a surrogate for oil because it’s necessary to move forward and have the human race prepare for becoming a spacefaring race—one step at the time. However, the result of this may not at all be what some visionaries here on Earth dream of.    

Dr. W.O. Schumann and his team from the University of Munich who studied Maria Orsic’s channeled material soon realized that the information included advanced physics, and they started building the crafts per the instruction given to them by the ETs. Already back in 1922, a first prototype was well on its way to being developed. At the same time, the National Socialist Party (the Nazi Party), led by Adolf Hitler, rose to power, and their ideals were partly taken from the visions of the Thule, Vril, and the Black Sun societies and their utopia of a New World Order.

After some discouraging test flights of an early prototype of the saucer-shaped back-engineered crafts, the scientists eventually, in 1934, managed to create a vessel, 5 meters long (about 16 ft.), which could actually fly.[33] However, it didn’t take long until the development of the flying discs were taken over by “Division SS E-IV” of the Nazi military.

Although Hitler banned all secret societies in Germany after he’d come to power, the Vril and Thule societies were still working behind the scenes, now run by the Nazis, and the development of flying saucers continued. Thereby, Hitler’s dream of developing Free Energy Propulsion more and more became a reality.[34] This technology came in handy in his warfare program—or so it was planned—but his dream about Free Energy was also a part of his utopian New World Order, One World Government goal, where Germany would sit in its midst as the Superpower in a world-wide Aryan Nation.

Fig. 15. Nazi flying disc.

In 1942, the Vril-2 craft was fully developed. This flying saucer was capable of vertical lift, and when it was activated, the craft displayed effects common to many UFO sightings today—blurring of visible contours and “luminous ionization colors relative to the craft’s engine acceleration—varying from orange to green, blue to white.”[35] It was also capable of making 90 degree turns—something we can see in the UFO sightings today. It could run with a speed of 12,000 km/hr. (7450 miles per hour), with full speed right angle turns, having no adverse G-effect on the pilot.

Between 1941-44, the famous “Haunebu” series was developed.

I first learned from Jarl Vidar of the modern branch of the Thule Society that Aldebaran has two inhabited planets orbiting the star [fig. 17 below]. I recently noticed that the author, Jim Nichols, mentions the same thing, claiming that Maria Orsic came out with this information in 1943.

Quote # 8: By Christmas of 1943, medium Maria Orsic of the Vril Gesellschaft, claimed that subsequent transmissions from Aldebaran revealed there were two habitable planets orbiting that star and that the ancient Mesopotamian civilization of Sumeria was linked to earlier colonies of Aldebaran explorers. The seers discovered that the Aldebaran written language was identical to that of the Sumerians and was phonetically similar to that of spoken German.[36]

Fig. 16. “Haunebu 2”, developed in 1943.

This is also what I was told by Jarl Vidar—the language was not only Sumerian, but also phonetically similar to modern German. This was of great help when it was translated into German, I was told.

In addition, the Vril Ladies were told that there is an existing wormhole between Aldebaran and Sol—our Sun. When Hitler and Himmler became aware of this, they allegedly sent a Vril-7 saucer through the wormhole in order to test and see if the information was correct. The result was disastrous! The Vril-7 came back with its hull reportedly aged as if it had been flying for a hundred years, and its surface was damaged in several places. However, there is no report telling us how far the craft managed to fly into the wormhole. Did it reach Aldebaran, did it get half-way through the wormhole and back, or is this information unknown to this day?

Fig. 17. Sumi-Aldebaran, the star system of Alpha Tauri. The two alleged inhabited planets are called Sumi-PP and Sumi-AN (image coming from the archives of the modern Thule Society).

The Vril and Haunebu discs were used by the Nazis in the war on a few occasions, and they were said to have created a lot of damage for the allies. The allies called them foo fighters.

Quote #9: In WWII, the so-called “foo fighters,” a variety of unusual and anomalous aerial phenomena, were witnessed by both Axis and Allied personnel. While some foo fighter reports were dismissed as the misperceptions of troops in the heat of combat, others were taken seriously, and leading scientists such as Luis Alvarez began to investigate them.[4][page needed] In at least some cases, Allied intelligence and commanders suspected that foo fighters reported in the European theater represented advanced German aircraft or weapons, particularly given that Germans had already developed such technological innovations as V-1 and V-2 rockets and the first jet-engine fighter planes, and that a minority of foo fighters seemed to have inflicted damage to allied aircraft.

Similar sentiments regarding German technology resurfaced in 1947 with the first wave of flying saucer reports after Kenneth Arnold’s widely reported close encounter with nine crescent-shaped objects moving at a high velocity. Personnel of Project Sign, the first U.S. Air Force UFO investigation group, noted that the advanced flying wing aeronautical designs of the German Horten brothers were similar to some UFO reports.[5] In 1959, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, the first head of Project Blue Book (Project Sign’s follow-up investigation) wrote:

“When WWII ended, the Germans had several radical types of aircraft and guided missiles under development. The majority were in the most preliminary stages, but they were the only known craft that could even approach the performance of objects reported by UFO observers.”[37]

Fig. 18 (top). A Vril-7 seen from the top. Fig. 19. A Vril-7 seen from the bottom.

In 1944, when the Nazis began to realize that they might actually lose the war, they quickly started hiding their secret technology. General Hans Kammler was supposedly in charge of some of these projects, and the Vril Projects would most certainly have been a top priority. By 1945, Kammler had secured all top secret SS projects that were missile or aircraft related. Some suggest that much of it was hidden somewhere in Antarctica—one of the last unexplored frontiers.[38]

No military aid came from the alleged ETs from Aldebaran to help the Nazis in their need, but maybe they offered a safe haven instead? Jim Nichols writes on his website:

Quote #10: Neither was military assistance forthcoming from Aldebaran, but perhaps safe haven was offered instead, as a massive 250 foot diameter Haunebu III dreadnaught armed with four, triple-gun, heavy caliber naval turrets and capable of space flight was allegedly completed by April of 1945. With the specter Russian, British and American armies all relentlessly advancing on the German heartland, supplies, scientists, and saucer components were being steadily evacuated from Europe by U-boats to secret enclaves in Germany’s Antarctic colony–Neuschwabenland, a vast tract of land at the South Pole which had been annexed by Germany in 1938.

Just one month prior to the Haunebu III’s completion a cryptic message was sent by Maria Orsic to all members of the Vril Society, simply stating “None are staying here.” The psychic medium Maria was never heard from again, perhaps having escaped–like Kammler–to South America, the Antarctic, or possibly even… Aldebaran![39]

That was the end of Maria Orsic and her Vril Society. The society in itself has survived and still exists today, but Maria and the rest of the Vril Ladies were never heard from again. Since then, many researchers have looked into this mystical phenomenon, and many books have been written about it. Wikipedia says:

Quote #11: Le Matin des Magiciens, a 1960 book by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, made many spectacular claims about the Vril Society of Berlin.[14] Several years later writers, including Jan van Helsing,[15][16] Norbert-Jürgen Ratthofer,[17] and Vladimir Terziski, have built on their work, connecting the Vril Society with UFOs. Among their claims, they imply that the society may have made contact with an alien race and dedicated itself to creating spacecraft to reach the aliens. In partnership with the Thule Society and the Nazi Party, the Vril Society developed a series of flying disc prototypes. With the Nazi defeat, the society allegedly retreated to a base in Antarctica and vanished into the hollow Earth to meet up with the leaders of an advanced race inhabiting inner Earth.[40]

Interestingly enough, if only a fraction of the story about the Nazis and their UFOs are correct, it was certainly the beginning of a very long series of sightings, which have not ended up to this date, and many of these sightings include flying saucers. From 1947 through the 1960s, the UFOs that people reported they had seen were very similar to the Nazi “foo fighters.” Compare the Nazi Haunebu III with the craft that George Adamski reported that he had encountered in the 1950s-60s (fig. 20and fig. 21).

Fig. 20. Haunebu III.

Fig. 21. An Adamski craft

Now the question is, how much of all of this is true and how much is disinformation? As usual, it is a mix—there is no chance we can say otherwise. However, there seems to be quite solid evidence that Maria Orsic and her colleagues actually did have contact with a species from Aldebaran—written down sessions have been found from those encounters as well as documents showing blueprints of crafts that looked very similar to Adamski’s alleged UFOs.

The next question would be, were these blueprints ever used to build something that could actually fly? Apparently, attempts were made to construct what had been transmitted between the civilizations. Additionally, we have those who say they saw the Nazi flying saucers at close range—both flying in the air and sitting on the ground, but we don’t know if the witnesses are credible or not. However, the allies did report on the so-called foo fighters during the war, which strengthens the evidence that the Nazis actually had the technology to build advanced crafts that did not follow the law of physics as we know them. We must of course ask ourselves where the Nazis got such advanced technology from.

Only two years after WW II ended, a flying saucer crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. The year was 1947. This must be the most investigated singular UFO incident in the history of man, and there is hardly any doubt that something not from this world crashed near Roswell that day, and it was most likely flown by an intelligence not from here.

From having investigated the Vril channelings, I have little doubt that they were actually channeling the AIF from Aldebaran, Taurus. They fit too well into the entire line of incidents that have happened since the mid-1800s and forward. The Aldebarans offered us humans technology to use in order to build, not only craft intended for warfare, but also craft that was capable of leaving the atmosphere and going into space. The early attempts to build flying saucers done by the Nazis were not good enough to fly through wormholes, but it doesn’t mean that the information given to us wasn’t—we may just not have been savvy enough to understand how to properly build them at the time. However, they also gave us free energy—so called “zero point energy,” which the Greer team and others are talking so excitingly about now. This means a whole new way of doing things—no more oil, for example, and the ability to perform space travel with spacecraft through wormholes and stargates. In other words, we could reach other star systems (we know there are faster ways to do it, such as nano-travel, but zero-point energy is at least a beginning). Also, we would never again have to pay for gas to run our vehicles, and warming up our house would be free. Still, this is just the beginning! Therefore, I agree that this part of Greer’s project is exciting because the result may cease human suffering (if used as intended, of course).

Fig. 22. Holloman Air Force Base

Now, let us go forward in time a little bit—about nine years from the end of WW II to be more exact. Many of the readers have heard of the Eisenhower Meetings, in which the President had three encounters with ETs![41] According to lecturer and author Timothy Good, the first one took place at a remote air force base in New Mexico in 1954. Eisenhower and the FBI claimed that they had arranged the meeting by using telepathic communication with the aliens. The two parties then showed up on three different occasions at the Holloman Air Force base, and there were many witnesses to the incidents. Another meeting happened at Edwards Air Force Base in California.[42]

Also, according to Good, the first encounters Eisenhower had was with the “Nordics,” but it was the “Grays” that he signed the agreement with. [43]

Some say that the first aliens they met with—the Nordics—did not offer any weapons or technology whatsoever, but instead offered spiritual development in exchange for humanity to scrap all nuclear weapons. This was allegedly turned down by the Eisenhower administration[44] (Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians have said on many occasions that they were the “Nordics” who offered this particular exchange program). According to Sgt. Charles L. Suggs, a retired Sergeant from the Marine Corps (his father had the same name), was a former Commander with the US Navy when he attended the meeting with Eisenhower at the Edward Air Force base. Suggs Jr. revealed to a researcher in 1991 what happened at that meeting.

Quote #12: Charlie’s father, Navy Commander Charles Suggs accompanied Pres. Ike along with others on Feb. 20th.  They met and spoke with 2 white-haired Nordics that had pale blue eyes and colorless lips.  The spokesman stood a number of feet away from Ike and would not let him approach any closer.  A second nordic stood on the extended ramp of a bi-convex saucer that stood on tripod landing gear on the landing strip.  According to Charlie, there were B-58 Hustlers on the field even though the first one did not fly officially till 1956.  These visitors said they came from another solar system.  They posed detailed questions about our nuclear testing.[45]

These beings sound very similar to the Tall Whites, who since then have been given a piece of land in Nevada, up in the mountains outside Nellis Air Force base, where they can mind their own business. I talked about these “Nordics” in Level I. We have pretty good evidence that these ETs are actually there.

Fig. 23. A Tall White with one of their children.

Moreover, we have another whistleblower, whoI find being of a less trustworthy nature. His name is John Lear, a former Lockheed employee. He has come forward on a series of subjects and has sometimes been caught lying. With that said, it doesn’t mean he is lying on all accounts, so I will include the following quote because so many researchers have agreed that it rings true in the scheme of things.

Quote #13: In 1954, President Eisenhower met with a representative of another alien species at Muroc Test Center, which is now called Edwards Airforce Base. This alien suggested that they could help us get rid of the Greys but Eisenhower turned down their offer because they offered no technology.[46]

Former Master Sgt. Robert Dean, just as the famous researcher and former Navy Intelligence Officer William (Bill) Milton Cooper (who was shot dead by police at his property in Arizona in the early 2000s), had access to some top secret documents while working in the intelligence division for the Supreme Commander of a major US military command. While on duty, he happened to see the following documents. He claims the following:

Quote #14: The group at the time, there were just four that they knew of for certain and the Greys were one of those groups. There was a group that looked exactly like we do. There was a human group that looked so much like us that that really drove the admirals and the generals crazy because they determined that these people, and they had seen them repeatedly, they had had contact with them, there had been abductions, there had been contacts… Two other groups, there was a very large group, I say large, they were 6-8 maybe sometimes 9 feet tall and they were humanoid, but they were very pale, very white, didn’t have any hair on their bodies at all. And then there was another group that had sort of a reptilian quality to them. We had encountered them, military people and police officers all over the world have run into these guys. They had vertical pupils in their eyes and their skin seemed to have a quality very much like what you find on the stomach of a lizard. So those were the four they knew of in 1964.[47]

The ET group that Eisenhower allegedly signed the treaty with were the large-nosed Grays from Orion, according to Bill Cooper in his book, “Behold a Pale Horse.” He claimed years before being killed that he’s seen the documents himself.

Quote #15: Later in 1954 the race of large nosed Gray Aliens which had been orbiting the Earth landed at Holloman Air Force Base. A basic agreement was reached. This race identified themselves as originating from a Planet around a red star in the Constellation of Orion which we called Betelgeuse. They stated that their planet was dying and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to survive there.[48]

According to our astrophysical knowledge here on Earth, Betelgeuse is a Giant red star, which at one point, relatively soon, will explode into a nova or a supernova, which will then of course kill all life on orbiting planets, so in that sense, the Grays may have been correct. Knowing that our scientists are aware of the life cycles of stars (or think they are aware), the Grays could very well have chosen a star such as Betelgeuse that is on the borderline of becoming a nova, pretending to be from there, and thereby their story would make sense to us humans.

On the other hand, if we go back and look at the Nakshatras in Paper #10: The Nakshatras—The Gods and their Star Systems, Betelgeuse is ruled by Rudra, i.e. Marduk.[49]

Cooper continues explaining how the treaty was made and what the conditions were.

Quote #16: The treaty stated that the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep their presence on earth a secret. They would furnish us with advanced technology and would help us in our technological development. They would not make any treaty with any other Earth nation. They could abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring of our development, with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point of abduction, would have no memory of the event, and that the alien nation would furnish Majesty Twelve with a list of all human contacts and abductees on a regularly scheduled basis.[50]

Unfortunately, President Eisenhower, albeit reluctant to sign the treaty because of citizens being abducted against their will, was soon talked into doing it. The punch line came from one of his Generals, who said something to the effect, “What if we say no? What would stop these aliens from abducting humans anyway? Then we would miss out on our benefit from the agreement—the technology.” This apparently had a great impact on the President, and he signed the treaty. The mindset seemed to be that there was no way we could fight this high technological alien race, and in order to be able to benefit at all from their presence, we had to play by their rules.

It soon became evident that the aliens were not trustworthy. They abducted many more people than they reported to the US Government, and the Government also found out that the aliens had made treaties with other governments in other countries (such as the former U.S.S.R.), although they had promised not to do that.

Who were all these aliens? Well, the Government obviously thought that they were all of different species and came from different places in the Galaxy, but remember that these beings can shapeshift, and if they want to come in “physical,” they can always appear in their Gray space suits. In other words—there are no star races who can, in present time, come to Earth and make treaties with humans without being part of the AIF—the AIF would never accept it. With this in mind, Marciniak’s Pleiadians may very well have told the truth when they said that they were the ones behind the “spiritual” treaty because they, too, are part of the AIF. We were in that case once again dealing with the Aldebarans.

However, why would the AIF care to sign a treaty in the first place? Because they wanted our consent to mass abduct people. I haven’t seen the original treaty myself, and therefore I don’t know how it’s worded, but it seems to me that when having the President’s signature, they could do more or less whatever they wanted. We have been told that only a small number of humans were allowed to be abducted per the agreement, and the ETs soon exceeded that “small number.” After a certain time, they also didn’t report whom they were abducting, but and his people are no fools—they know what they are doing! If they seemingly broke the treaty, they did so, knowing that they could get away with it in front of a Galactic Court, which doesn’t follow the same stipulations as we do on Earth.

If the Nordics were siding with the AIF, why did they offer spiritual information to the Government? It’s of course all a farce. They knew all too well that the U.S. Government (as well as any other government) would never give away their power by letting their citizens get educated on spiritual matters. They were expecting a “no” from the Government, and thereafter they could offer the “real deal,” i.e. technology in exchange for abductions. At least the AIF had offered us a spiritual solution (although they would never give it to us), and in a Galactic Court of Law they could say that humanity’s representatives (the “elected” governments) were offered a spiritual solution but rejected it. By now, we know how these beings think—at least at some level.

During WW II, the Aldebarans wanted to give free energy (zero-point energy) to the Nazis, together with technology. However, Hitler’s One World Government vision did not happen, so what did the aliens do? They wait a few years, and then they showed up in person—this time in the U.S. first (from what we know—they may have visited some other governments first, but it’s unlikely), and offer them technology, amongst which zero-point energy was probably one of the technologies. If we are to believe what Greer is saying on this subject, the Shadow Government is sitting on the zero-point energy technology, but is not going to use it in humanity’s best interest.

According to my research, the second nation that was contacted by the AIF in the 1950s was the Soviet Union. Allegedly, today’s Russia has a very intimate pact with the AIF, which has made Vladimir Putin feel that he is invincible. The arrogance this man is showing the world is only in part his basic personality, but he also is convinced that he has a strong ET back up. The World Leaders are all AIF minions, of course, albeit some of them are not even clued in on the ET issue. This is how and his star races want it in order to be able to divide and conquer. In today’s world, my bet is that the U.S. has the strongest support by the AIF, but Putin is made to believe that he has the greatest power. It’s all very well planned, and by playing it in such a manner, the AIF can take almost any action and still come out on the other end as the winners—their goals will be met regardless.

It is interesting how it works. Those who think they are the most clever (the world leaders) are in fact the most stupid, thinking they have something to gain from following the ET rules. There is no one on this planet who is indispensable —regardless whether we are talking about a starving kid in Africa or a top level Elite. The only difference is that the former dies under much more pain and suffering, while the latter dies rich—most of the time. Regardless, their billions of dollars can’t buy them eternal life, unless the ETs say that they agree to give it to them. For them to agree to do that, the humans have to sell their soul to them. Then, of course, there is no such thing as eternal life in the physical world—here everything must decay sooner or later. All the AIF can offer is a longer lifespan. Then, after let’s say 900 years, when the body with the delayed aging process finally has come to the point where it can’t sustain itself anymore, in spite of longevity processes, what will happen then? The person will die anyway, but for him or her death is different—the person has sold his or her soul to the Devil—literally. What will happen to that soul? Whatever the AIF decide should happen to it. That soul has no choice whatsoever in the matter. 

v.i. Vril in Comparison with today’s Quantum Mechanics

The Vril force is something that allegedly was used in antediluvian times, and was only re-discovered by the Nazis and others. The Vril force is the energy field that was also studied by Nikola Tesla, the “suppressed scientist.” What is now called scalar technology is based on similar theories deriving from quantum mechanics.[51]

Fig. 24. Atlantis.[52]

In other words, it is another term for the life force of this universe, and this force can be tamed to do a lot of things for us—good and bad. We saw examples of this in George Lucas’ “Star Wars” series, in which they simply called it The Force. Speaking of Hollywood—they always base their science fiction movies on real things, as the reader well knows, and so was of course also the case with the Indiana Jones movies, which were based on Nazi secrets and information coming from the Thule and Vril Societies.

The Thule and the Vril Societies researched ancient Tibetan, Indian, and Greek historic and prehistoric texts, just as I have done.[53] They came to the conclusion that the Earth goes through cycles of global cataclysms, and when these catastrophes hit, beings on the surface who were not always humans the way we see ourselves, fled underground. Both Thule and the Vril consider the Earth being hollow and inhabited both by other branches of humanity and interdimensional “gods” who have lived there for millennia. The legend goes:

Quote #17: Ultima Thule is supposed to have been the name of the capital city of the continent of Hyperborea, which was older than Atlantis. According to occult teachings, the Hyperboreans were the most highly technologically and socially advanced society that existed in the pre-Flood age.

When the Flood came the Hyperboreans used the large tunnels which penetrate through the Earth’s crust to permanently settle under the Himalayas.

According to some legends they named their new kingdom Agartha or Agharti and its capital city was Shamballah, which was the mythical paradise below the surface of the Earth.

There are many scientists and researchers who believe that the founders of Hyberborea, Atlantis, Thule and other ancient civilizations were beings from other planets.

There are also a growing number of Biblical scholars who believe that these ‘aliens’ did not come from other planets, but other dimensions, and that they were actually the fallen angels who mated with human women who produced the Nephilim.

The Nazis believed that the Nordic-looking “gods” who came from the stars were a genetically distinct race from another world, had RH negative blood type, and did not “evolve” from apes in Africa.[54]  

The German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), wrote about the Übermenschen, or Supermen, and he thought we humans originated from Hyperborea, and that we have the potentials to become gods. He also wrote about the Vril force and the “herd,” which he considered being the ordinary people who live by the rules and laws of the corrupt society. Today, we usually call them “sheeple.”  

Many teams of scientists supposedly worked with unlimited budgets during WW II to achieve Hitler’s dream of a fleet of invincible flying saucers. However, despite all the efforts and the apparent help from alien technology, the best things they could accomplish were the Vril and the Haunebu series.[55] The ETs, who supposedly went under the name Vril-ya, offered to the Thule and Vril society members unarmed saucers, not to be used in war. According to the records we have at this point, it was the Nazis who added the weapons to the saucers.

Of course, if we rely on this information only, it makes it seem as if the “Vril-ya” were friendly toward humanity and only wanted to give us free energy and have us learn how to “tame” it. The Nazis became the bad guys, which they obviously were, but there is much more to the story.

Fig. 25. Vril Nazi UFOs

We know from other sources, such as the documentary I was talking about earlier, which also includes interviews with Nazi survivors, that Hitler was in telepathic communication with the ETs (it sounds as if he actually channeled them), and he told his generals how powerful and frightening they were. Hitler told them they were Aryan Giants, and he called them the “Master Race.” Although he was afraid of them, they were also serving him, and they were supporting Hitler’s Master Plan to create a New World Order consisting of only the Aryan, blue-eyed, and blond race (which is interesting because Hitler was neither blue-eyed, nor blond). Were these aliens perhaps a different group of ETs? I doubt it because they also supported his Vril and Haunebu projects. Thus, as always, the ETs were playing both sides.

We also learn that the Haunebu series were built to be solid enough to protect the pilots from the highly radioactive van Allen Belt between the Earth and the Moon, and these crafts could allegedly fly to the Moon but were not able to leave the solar system because that had to be done through wormholes or stargates, and the tests that were done in that field of research failed.

Rumors tell us that the Nazis landed on the Moon in 1942 and built permanent bases there.[56] If this is true, are the miners who remote viewers such as Ingo Swann encountered on the Moon German slave workers with ET custodians watching over the project?[57] (Ingo was discovered by one of the guards when he remote viewed a mining area on the Moon, so he quickly withdrew his consciousness and returned to his body—quite shaken up). Marciniak’s Pleiadians as well talk about human slaves workers on the Moon, and that the reason we the Americans and others don’t invest in Moon projects anymore is because the Moon is inhabited by ETs who use it as a base, and they don’t want humans to come and snoop around. If it is true that the Germans established a base there in the 1940s, was it, in that case, a joint project with the AIF?

Fig. 26. Nazi Haunebu Series. See how similar they are to George Adamski’s sightings.

The Nazis also built secret bases in New Swabia, Antarctica, before and during WW II, and this is probably where many of the Nazis who were not part of the Operation Paperclip Program fled. If captured, they would have been put on trial and executed. New Swabia is also one of the places where the Nazis built the Flying Saucers during the war, using Vril Power to make them fly. The last known Flying Saucer that was built was Haunebu III, which was several stories high, crewed by 32 people, and could operate for eight weeks without being recharged. It could allegedly reach a speed of 40,000 km/h,[58]which is approximately 25,000 miles/h. This was the vessel that tried to penetrate the wormhole and came back damaged.

Are the Nazis still operating in New Swabia, creating more advanced space craft? Probably not because the United States took care of the best German scientists after the war, and those who escaped to Antarctica were probably not qualified to continue the process. One option, however, is that the Germans also still operate on the Moon together with the ETs, creating some of the interdimensional UFOs we see today.

If this is true, there may be two competing forces creating UFOs today—the Germans on the Moon and the rocket scientists who work for NASA and who created the CIA and INTERPOL. These NASA scientists, often German Nazis, created the Apollo rockets in order to distract humanity while they covertly dedicated themselves to much more advanced technology.

Why competing, we may ask? Couldn’t the Germans on the Moon and the US NASA projects merge and thus create much more sophisticated machines? Technically they could, but again, the AIF needs competition—they want people to take different sides to create conflicts leading to stress and eventually to war. This is, of course, only true if the Germans have bases on the Moon.

VI. The Seven Root Races

Don’t let it come as a surprise that almost all high ranking Nazis during the war were initiated in one secret society or another, even though all secret societies were officially banned in Nazi Germany. Also, what most people don’t realize is that the SS and the Gestapo were secret societies as well. Hitler wanted everything to be on a need-to-know basis. This way, he could have good control over what occurred in his Third Reich. Most of these secret societies had to do with the Seven Root Races, of which the Nazis were trying to build the Fifth Root Race, the Aryans. This all went back to Mdm. Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society, which taught the exact same thing, and Hitler was just attempting to continue by building the next Root Race, and thus be a great part of human history—always remembered. He certainly succeeded with the last part, and I, too, hope that he will never be forgotten, but for a different reason. Forget him, and we’ll make the same errors again!

The four Root Races that have seen the light of day so far, according to Blavatsky’s channelings were,

v The Etherian Root Race

v The Thule Root Race

v The Lemurian Root Race

v The Atlantean Root Race[59]

The Fifth Root Race is thus the Aryans, and the last Root Race is not named, but the Sixth Root Race has a name, however.

v The Koradi Root Race.[60]

v (The Seventh Root Race).

It is evident that the Global Elite are following the information from Blavatsky’s Ascended Masters and the Seven Root Races to determine the future of mankind. However, Blavatsky’s successors have continued getting information from the Aldebaran star race, and esoteric women such as Alice Bailey and Anne Besant changed some of the earlier information—or some might say they expanded on it. Whatever the case, as time went by and Hitler came to power, he became the man to introduce the Fifth Root Race. When he failed, Theosophists such as Benjamin Crème dedicated his life to finding the Maitreya, who could introduce the Fifth Aryan Race to humanity. Innocent and pleasant as he seems, he is everything but. He may think he is a messenger of the good forces, but his goal is to introduce this so-called Superman Race, which at the same time will eliminate those who are not blond, tall, blue-eyed, and have the DNA of the gods floating in great majority through their veins. This means, no more black people, no more yellow people, no more red people, and so forth.[61] Apparently, Maitreya himself does not need to have these characteristics if we look at the man with the black hair and black beard who has been promoted over the last decades. However, as mentioned earlier, Benjamin Crème has now begun to doubt that the bearded man is Maitreya and has instead started focusing on Michael Lee Hill, whom we know from this series of papers. Hill is taking this as a very good sign, and after having been groomed by the late Dr. A.R. Bordon, he is now quite certain that he is the Maitreya. On the other hand, Supriem Rockefeller and Michael Prince are certain that they are the Maitreya, too, so it seems as if the Brotherhood of Shadows is very much in the loop of things. Understanding that this is only a scratch on the surface, we still get an idea of how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

It seems as if the AIF is looking for breeders for the next generation of the human species, which will still be what Hitler called the Aryan Race, albeit we are now talking about the Fourth Reich instead of Hitler’s failed Third Reich. This is probably one of the reasons for the underground bases, where ETs in combination with the military and top scientists/geneticists are creating the new mankind for the Aquarian Age. This is where mankind will split off in yet two new versions—the aware Homo Sapiens sapiens (Homo Novus) and the Superman: the Machine Man. I sometimes get this chilling vision of an Earth with emotionally cold humans, tall, blond and terrible. The hair—both on males and females—are cut very short, and it’s hard to see who is a man and who is a woman. Below them in rank are the cyborgs, who will do all the work for them. The cyborgs will be strong so they can fulfill the tasks of the new Elite (and above them, the same old AIF). The body parts of these cyborgs, having increased physical strength, are improved a hundred fold, and their minds are controlled by a super computer, which decides exactly what these cyborgs should think and what they should do. There will be some individual thinking remaining, but it will be kept to a minimum. It’s hard for me to image a future more terrifying than that, and it’s not a world I can even remotely see myself living in.

VII. The Little Fairy People of Kashmir

In almost all folklore we hear about fairies, dwarfs, goblins, and other mystical “little people,” and we often tell these stories to our kids who sit there with wide-open eyes, listening to fascinating stories that “imaginative” authors have come up with. Most of us have probably read at least a few little short stories about these creatures, but where do these stories come from? Do they have any basis in reality? According to researcher Richard L. Thompson and many others, they do.

The Vedas tell us that there are beings who have lived both on Earth and on other planets throughout their history, and they may not at all have looked like us. Others may come from the stars, the Vedas say, while a third group were “born” here.[62]That may seem like a confusing statement if we didn’t know that Lord Vishnu was a master geneticist. In all level of learnings, we have discussed how this being, under different guises, has created a huge variety of life forms—some that he was pleased with and others which he didn’t think much of and left to their fate.

We have also discussed different parts of the world, having their ancient history, but we have discussed very little about the Far East and Kashmir in particular.

What I find interesting are the beings that were “born” here but don’t look like us. In the Vedas, they are called the Nāgas, Yaksas, Pisascas, Yamadūtas, and more. These beings were of different characteristics, and many of them could shapeshift. Most of them were probably abandoned projects of Kashyapa, the Avatar of Vishnu, who also was a geneticist. These “abandoned beings” had genetic “cousins” as well who were actually accepted by Kashyapa and are still working on his team. As it says in the ancient texts, Kashyapa created the Nāgas[63] but also many other beings in the Indian texts. It is actually well covered in the Nīlamat Purāna. The NīlamatPurāna is devoted to the history of Kashmir, as told by Nila,[64] the son of the Sage, Kashyapa.

Fig. 27. Kashmir, with the river Jhelum passage.

Today, Kashmir looks much different than it did when the Purānas were written down. Now it’s surrounded by high mountains that are unbroken, except for one single gorge to the south, through which the river Jhelum can flow. However, this has not always been the case, according to the Purānas. Once, there was no gorge, and the Kashmir valley was surrounded by a huge lake called Satīsaras.[65] The name comes from Satī, the wife of Lord Shiva (Marduk), who would even take excursions by boat on its surface, as the legend says.

Fig. 28. Shiva/Marduk boating excursion on the river Satīsaras?

Kashmir, as we shall see, has some similarities with the Garden of Edin, which in fact was located a little higher up north, around Lake Baikal. Without exposing its real location, the AIF Rishis may have exchanged Lake Baikal for Lake Satīsaras and would thereby have distorted the information.

In the Purānas it says that at one time, a demonic being named Jalodbhava (meaning “arising from the water?)[66] took up his residence in the lake, devastating the beautiful surroundings. The Devas asked Lord Vishnu to destroy Jalodbhava, which he did. The way it was done was that the mountain side was cloven in the south, so that the water from the lake passed through the gorge and created a river instead. The demon became visible and could thus be killed, deprived of his natural element.

After the demon was killed, the Nāgas, who were the original inhabitants of the valley, moved back in together with the descendants of Manu (human beings) and the Pishachas. The Nāgas took up their abodes in lakes and springs, while others took up the posts as the goddesses of the newly formed rivers.

The Pishachas were known to be flesh-eating demons who could stand extreme cold—actually preferring it. The climate around Kashmir and its valley was icy cold, which made it very hard for the Manu to survive—indeed, they could only live there during summertime and had to migrate during the harsh winters. Eventually, a number of rites were done by the gods in the upper echelons, which freed the country from both the Pishachas and the extreme cold. The Kashmir valley now became a pleasant place to live in.

Thompson teaches us that Kashmir indeed was a lake in the Pleistocene period[67] of geological history.[68] Radiocarbon dating tells us that the geological changes happened over 31,000 years ago, i.e. long before the biblical Deluge.

Albeit the modern scientists claim that there were no humans in the area by that time, I think this should be taken with a pinch of salt. Almost every week we read in archeological magazines and hear on CNN or some other big news channel that they have found remains of human bones in places that they were not expecting to find any.

However, my point is that the Nīlamat Purāna refers back to when Kashmir was an abode of Nāgas, Devas, and several other nonhuman intelligent races with superhuman mystical powers.[69] According to the texts, these beings were all descendants of celestial Sages, such as Kashyapa, and theses Sages in turn were descendants of Brahma, the first created being in the Universe (according to the AIF and their texts, that would be Lord Vishnu, while in reality, the first created being in the Universe was female, and an Avatar of the Divine Feminine). When humans (Manus) were introduced to the Kashmir valley by Kashyapa, it was already populated by all these mysterious beings with supernatural powers. It is more than likely that the stories of the “little people” and other strange tales originate from the Kashmir valley in a very ancient time. In more recent times, similar stories have been told by the Celts of Ireland. That country was once also inhabited by races of mystical empowered beings—in that particular case from the descendants of the goddess Dana. At one point, human beings entered the stage, but before that, higher dimensional beings inhabited the lands, and they could take many shapes and forms. The Vedic texts, however, are more detailed because many of the Celtic texts disappeared and were allegedly destroyed when the violent Christian Crusade plagued Europe. 

VIII. Agartha and Ultima Thule, the First City of the Aryans? 

Fig. 29. Agartha (the Inner Earth) and its different entrances.

The Inner Earth, depending on whom we are asking, is populated by mysterious beings—many of them having fled there in the distant past, when living on the surface for one reason or another became too harsh and threatening. According to the Ilat Litum Plates that I was mentioning earlier, and which I discussed at length in “The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller,” Chapter 10, the Anunnaki from Aldebaran landed on Earth and were met by a Reptoid race that was residing here on the Earth surface at the time, allegedly either descending from the Dinosaurs or genetically manipulated in a more distant path by other ETs. A war broke out, which the Anunnaki won (sounds familiar?). The Reptoids who survived the war fled underground and have lived there ever since (if there is any truth in this, it may be the reason why we have the many Reptilian sightings, when these beings sometimes come out of caves—or people who have explored such caves have happened upon them). These Reptoids (if they exist) are not necessarily hostile to mankind, but they consider this planet being theirs and not ours because they were here first—before and his team started genetically manipulating us (personally I believe that the Ilat Litum Plates—albeit having some truth to them—were placed here on Earth to be found in our times with the purpose of muddying the water by introducing an alternative history of mankind—still including the gods in the story).

Other stories state that the Hollow Earth has more or less always existed and been inhabited long before there were any humans walking around on the surface. These beings were (and still are) interdimensional and therefore can’t be found just by organizing an expedition to Agartha. Many of the UFOs that have been seen today are supposedly originating from these interdimensional Hollow Earth inhabitants. Their crafts would be the ones that go in and out of our reality and sometimes only quickly bleed through from other dimensions into ours.

Then there are those who say that the Hollow Earth is almost like our surface but inverted. In the middle of our planet is a “Central Sun,” and if we would travel there we would see a blue sky with a yellow sun and clouds floating by, etc. There would even be rain and other weather phenomena that we also have here on the surface. The story states that this is not something unique for Earth but quite common on most planets—they are hollow.

The Vedas are also bringing up the subject, as we know. They discuss the Underworld, similar to the ancient Egyptian texts, going into details about death and the afterlife, with certain beings in charge of this whole process.

These stories are just examples, and I am again only scratching the surface of plausible and non-plausible stories out there. Otherwise, I could go on forever, telling the weirdest stories the reader has ever heard. I won’t do that—it’s strange as it is.

With all this in mind, what then is the truth, if anything? Is the Earth really hollow? I believe it is—to a certain extent. I can even stretch myself to imagining that there is an “Inner Earth,” but if you and I would visit it without preparations and abilities to freely visit different dimensions, we wouldn’t get very far. We all know that there are caves, which go fairly far down, and there are caves and caverns that certainly can be inhabited by different beings—even humans. Remember how we’ve talked about the Namlú’u, who fled underground—that’s a true story. Then we have the Giants and perhaps part of the red-haired species that Isis created in her father’s Edin Paradise, thousands of years ago. There may even be a Reptoid race, which is a genetically manipulated species that and his scientists abandoned long ago (in addition, we may have the Reptoid race that the Ilat Litum Plates discussed). The Reptoids are perhaps not even shapeshifters, but real flesh-and-blood Reptilian beings who people sometimes encounter.

Now, let’s follow one legend to see where it takes us. The German Thule Order (or Thule Society) believe that there is an Agartha inside the Hollow Earth, and this was also the belief of Hitler and the Nazi Party and all its secret societies. This is also the belief of Jarl Vidar of the modern Thule Society, whom I discussed some things with while I was writing the Supriem book back in 2009. He doesn’t only believe in it—he also claims that he’s been there several times.

According to the legend, the Capital City of Agartha is Ultimate Thule, from which the Thule Order got its name. The German researcher, Jan van Helsing, writes in his book, Secret Societies and their Power in the 20th Century, about Ultima Thule. I quoted this in the 2009 Supriem book, but I’ll quote it again because of its relevance here.

Quote #18: “ULTIMA THULE” apparently was the capital city of the first continent peopled by Aryans. This was called HYPERBOREA and was older than Lemuria and Atlantis (continents with advanced cultures since submerged). The Scandinavians have a tale of “Ultima Thule”, the wonderful land in the high North, where the sun never sets and the ancestors of the Aryan race dwell.

Hyperborea was up in the North Sea and sank during an ice age. It is assumed that the Hyperboreans came from the solar system Aldebaran which is the main star in the constellation Taurus, and that they were about four meters tall, white, blond and blue-eyed.

They knew no war [1] and we[r]e vegetarians (so was Hitler). According to alleged Thule texts they were technically very advanced and flew “Vril-ya”, flying machines that today we call UFOs. These flying disks were capable of levitation, extreme speeds and the maneuvers known from today’s UFOs due to two counter-rotating magnetic fields and they used the so-called Vril power as energy potential or fuel (Vril = ether, Od, Prana, Chi, Ki, cosmic force, Orgon…, but also from the academic “vri-IL” = as the highest deity = God-like), i.e., they take the energy from the earth’s magnetic field (free energy) like the “tachyon converter” of Captain Hans Coler. When HYPERBOREA began to sink the Hyperboreans are said to have burrowed with huge machines gigantic tunnels into the Earth’s crust and settled under the Himalayan region. The subterranean realm is called AGHARTA and its capital SHAMBALLAH. The Persians call this land “Aryana” the land of origin of the Aryans.

Here we should mention that Karl Haushofer claimed that Thule was actually called Atlantis and – contrary to all other researchers of Tibet and India – he said that the surviving Thule-Atlanteans were separated into two groups, a good one and an evil one. Those who called themselves after their oracle Agharta were the good and settled in the Himalayan region, the evil ones were the Shamballah who wanted to subjugate humanity and they went West.

He maintained that the fight between the people of Agharta and Shamballah had been going on for thousands of years and that in the Third Reich the Thule-Gesellschaft as Agharta’s representative continued it against the representatives of Shamballah, the Freemasons and the Zionists. This perhaps was his mission.

The head of this subterranean region he said was Rigden Iyepo, the king of the world, with his representative upon the Earth’s surface, the Dalai Lama. Haushofer was convinced that the land below the Himalayas was the birthplace of the Aryan race, which he claimed to have confirmed during his Tibet and India travels.

The symbol of Thule was the swastika counter clockwise. Tibetan lamas and the Dalai Lama personally testified that people from Agartha were still living today. The subterranean land that is anchored in almost all Eastern traditions has spread over the millennia under all of the Earth’s surface with huge centers under the Sahara desert, the Matto Grosso and the Santa Catarina mountains in Brazil, Yucatan in Mexico, Mount Shasta in California, England, Egypt, Czechoslovakia.

It seems that Hitler especially sought to discover the entrances to the subterranean world Agartha and to get in contact with the descendants of the Aryan “God people” from Alderbaran-Hyperborea. In the myths and traditions of the subterranean world it is often said that the world’s surface was yet to suffer a terrible world war (Third World War) which would though be ended by earthquakes, other natural disasters and a switching of the poles and the deaths therefrom of two thirds of humanity.

After this “last war” the several races of the inner earth would reunite with the survivors on the surface and that the thousand-year GOLDEN AGE (age of Aquarius) would be rung in. Hitler wanted to build an outer “Agartha” or “Aryana” with the Aryan master race, and Germany should be its home. During the existence of the “Third Reich” two large expeditions were sent by the SS to the Himalayas to find those entrances.

Further expeditions searched in the Andes, the Matto Grosso mountains in the North and the Santa Catarina mountains in the south of Brazil, in Czechoslovakia and parts of England.

Some authors claim that the Thule people believed that – quite independently of the subterranean tunnel and city system – the Earth was HOLLOW, with two great openings at the poles. Natural laws were quoted, “as above, so below”. Since blood, body or egg cells, a comet or an atom all have a nucleus and a hollow space surrounding it that is enclosed by a “corona radiata”, an envelope, and the actual “life” is taking place in the core, one has deduced that the Earth was built after the same principles.

Druses confirmed this, as they were hollow and the “life”, the mineral and crystals, were in the interior. Therefore the Earth also had to be hollow – apparently agreeing with the views of the Tibetan Lamas including the Dalai Lama – and had a nucleus, the Central Sun (also called the “Schwarze Sonne”, the Black Sun) that gave the interior an even climate and permanent sunlight, corresponding in the microcosm to the central sun of the galaxy in the macrocosm.

They maintain that the actual life in our planet takes place in the interior – the master race lives inside and the mutants on the surface – and that this was also the reason why we wouldn’t find any life upon other planets of our solar system, because their inhabitants live inside. The main entrances are at the North and South poles through which the central sun is shining and producing the aurora borealis. In the interior the land mass was exceeding the water mass.

The polar explorer Olaf Jansen and others said that the water in the interior was fresh, which could explain why the ice of the Arctic and Antarctic is made of freshwater, not salt water. It is interesting to note that this view of the make-up of the world is shared and supported by the polar explorers Cook, Peary, Amundsen, Nansen, and Kane and, last but not least, Admiral E. Byrd. All had the same, strange experiences contradicting existing scientific theory.

All confirmed that after 76 degreed latitude the winds became warmer, that birds flew north, that they found colored and gray snow which when thawed left colored pollen or volcanic ash. The question arises: where do flower pollen or volcanic ash near the North Pole come from, as not a single volcano is marked on any of the accessible maps? Further, some of the explorers found themselves in freshwater seas, and all say that at a time during their travels they had seen two suns. Mammoths were found whose flesh was still fresh and whose stomach contained fresh grass.

If you are further interested in the hollow Earth and the experience of the different explorers, some titles are listed under “Further Reading” at the back of this book. The “Hollow Earth” theory has so far remained just a theory to the public, although some authors and explorers claim to have visited there and even – like Admiral E. Byrd – had taken numerous pictures. It cannot be denied that all the Arctic explorers had had extraordinary experiences that so far cannot be explained, which points to something strange happening there.

But the theory that the Earth had a molten core has equally remained just a theory. The fact remains though that the subterranean man-made tunnel and cave systems do exist. They can be found in almost any country of the world and by the largely still existing light source (a greenish glow that gets brighter the deeper one enters the tunnels), by the smooth walls and the unknown machinery that was found in the Boynton Canyon in Sedona, Arizona, are witness to a technically advanced culture that existed millions of years before. Relevant literature is listed at the back.

The myths of a “Hollow Earth” were enough for the Thule people to go out to start a serious study of the phenomenon. Therefore there was at least one expedition to the Antarctic during World War II. (Details follow).

To show that the story of the Aryan-Hyperboreans was not entirely invented I would like to mention two examples: When the Spaniards under Pizarro came to South America in 1532, the natives called them “ivicarochas” (white lords). According to their legends there was a master race of very tall white people who centuries before had descended in “flying disks” from heaven. They had long ruled in some of the towns and when they disappeared had promised to return.

When the fair skinned Spaniards arrived, the natives thought them to be the iviracochas coming back and therefore in the beginning willingly gave them their gold. Similar occurrences took place when the first white travelers arrived in Tibet and other Himalayan regions. They were scrutinized in astonishment by the Tibetans and asked why they came from BELOW (the foot of the mountains) rather than from ABOVE as they usually did. (CHAPTER 32: ADOLF SCHICKLGRUBER AND THE ‘THULE-GESELLSCHAFT’) [70]

This is a central part of the belief of the Thule and Vril Societies—the Earth is hollow, and this hypothesis is built on the statement, “as above, so below,” which is said to originate from the Freemasons, although in reality this expression is much, much older. Freemasonry is of course only a more recent secret society in a long series of such, which have only changed names over the eons. However, in the top echelons, the same information has just been transferred over. The expression, of course, originates from the gods, and it has validity. The only problem is that if Earth, in this case, is the “below” part of this expression, we need to know exactly what the “above” part contains, or we make the wrong assumptions. This is also exactly where we humans usually fail—from lack of knowledge. My point is that we need to be careful before we jump the gun and say that we know how things are, only based on the ancient statement. I have, just like the Thule and the Vril, suggested that there may very well be life on some planets (even in our own solar system) that are not located within the “habitable zone.” The reason scientists don’t believe this (albeit they have recently started to reconsider to some extent) is that they only look from a 3-D perspective. Life may exist both on the surface and in the interior of seemingly lifeless planets, and we will not be able to perceive it until we have expanded our consciousness across the dimensions.

There are those who claim that they have visited Earth’s interior and seen life prospering there. Some of these witnesses, such as Admiral Richard Byrd, are considered “credible witnesses,” and they have jeopardized their jobs and reputations to tell the world what they have experienced. There are those who say that the climate inside Earth is not very different from that on the outside, and there is an interior sun—the so called “Central Sun” or “Black Sun,” warming up the environment. Furthermore, these visitors have been shown around by apparently friendly beings who are living there.

This, of course, sounds very strange to most people. Did the witnesses really experience what they say they did, or were they hallucinating, dreaming, or having a mental breakdown of sorts, or were the experiences actually true? It’s hard to imagine that some people, who have nothing to gain but much to lose, would follow through with such disclosure if it were not true, as far as their experience goes.

The most probable explanation to what happened to these witnesses is that they actually did have their experiences but maybe not in 3-D. What seems to have happened is the same thing that often happens in alien abduction cases. Their consciousness, i.e. the soul and the avatar, are abducted from a physical 3-D body at rest and brought to the Inner Earth. Thus, the experience happened in the astral, i.e. in another dimension. If we listen to some of the more credible channeled entities, they will tell us that living in other dimensions is often not so different from having a 3-D experience—you still feel that you have consciousness and a body, and the environment can be very 3-D like. In other words, the abductee may think that he or she is experiencing something in 3-D, when, in fact, the experience takes place in some other dimension. If the abductors want the abductees to have this kind of 3-D like experience in another dimension, it’s not hard to manipulate the abductees into believing that they are still in 3-D. Then there are others, who actually know that visiting Agartha is an other-dimensional experience.

Let us go back to the question, “is the Earth hollow?” I would say yes, but you can’t do what the characters in Jules Verne’s classical book, “Journey to the Center of the Earth” did—travel to the Inner Earth in your 3-D bodies. The experience has to be interdimensional! This, however, is not the view of fundamental Theosophists who claim that Agartha is both physical and spiritual (a concept originating from Mdme Blavatsky and Nicholas Roerich), and they depict it to be a vast amount of caves underneath the mountains of Tibet, inhabited by evil demons, such as the Asuras.[71] This is interesting because from a Vedic perspective, the Asuras are connected with Lord Vishnu, who is said to be the “father of the Asuras,” i.e. these beings are genetically engineered rather than just being fathered by him. I don’t reject the hypothesis that there are 3-D beings living beneath our feet, but they are  dwelling far closer to the surface than the mythological Agartha, which is allegedly located at the center of the Earth—around the Earth’s core. The entrances to the caves that are leading to the Inner Earth are said to be carefully watched by Tibetan monks, whose leader is the Dalai Lama.

Ultima Thule—often mentioned by the Thule—means “most distant Thule” and was said by the Nazis to have existed in the far north, in line with Iceland or Greenland,[72] and was the first city, or capital, of the Aryan race. According to Blavatsky, Ultima Thule existed in the sunken Atlantis—thereby they were taking Plato’s account regarding Atlantis as true.[73] In reality, the legend of Ultima Thule goes back to some speculations by Ignatus L. Donnelly that this lost landmass was the home of the ancient Aryan race. This, of course, goes hand in hand with what we have discussed throughout the papers—the “Aryans” being the “Orions,” but not the Orions as an entire species or Empire, but as a few invaders who were running Atlantis and their inhabitants. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the Atlantis most people are associating with was just another continent, which sunk beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The “Aryans,” however, were not particularly in charge of Atlantis in the sense that this landmass was an Empire, isolated from the rest of the world, or a “country” led by a ruler. In reality, the world at large was at some point totally ruled by the Aryans (the LucifARYANS, if you will), and the continent Atlantis, or Thule, was just a part of this Empire.

The Thule Order and the Theosophical Society were very closely connected from the beginning to the mid nineteenth century, despite some differences in beliefs and philosophy. While the Theosophists talked about Ascended Masters, the Thule members discussed the Norse gods, albeit in the larger scheme of things, they were of course talking about the same gods. Today’s Thule freely talks about the gods (“die Götter” in German) and ETs interchangeably, and the general idea is that they will return, and that they originate in the Aldebaran star system. 

IX. Shambhala and the Final Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

The Thule member I have had sporadic contact with since 2009, Jarl Vidar, often mentioned Shambhala as a part of the Inner Earth complex but never got into any depth about it. As being one of the gods’ “chosen ones,” Jarl infrequently visits Shambhala. He claims to have the sigil of Osiris, and is therefore interesting to the gods. What the truth of the matter is in regards to this I can’t say—I can only relay what he told me. As the reader of my book, “The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller” can see, Jarl seems to be connected to this whole “12 Candidates” story—most possibly unwittingly so. He just “happened” to stumble upon Supriem at one point, shortly before I did so myself. Of course, I don’t buy into the entire concept of Supriem (hence I call the book, “The Myth About…”), but I would be foolish to entirely discard it becasue there are too many coincidences. Whatever the truth of the matter is, time will tell.

Shambhala (which is the oldest Sanskrit spelling of the word) has an interesting connection with the Hindu religion. It says in Vishnu Purāna 4.24 that the village Shambhala will be the birthplace of Kalki, the last incarnation (Avatar) of Vishnu, who then will usher in a new Golden Age—Satya Yuga.[74] Of course, the Thule and other secret societies are well aware of this, just as they are well informed about mythology in general. This is what their mission is all about—to usher in a new Golden Age. They may not have interpreted these myths accordingly in all regards, but they have studied them quite closely. Again, what they, and the occult world is waiting for, is the Return of—plain and simple—and will be the Maitreya, i.e. the New Messiah. This is also why Jarl Vidar was (and is) so interested in Supriem Rockefeller because he claims to be the vessel for Marduk, once he decides to use it. As I see it, Marduk may be the Anti-Christ—the one who comes first—and will be the Savior, the Maitreya. Therefore, in one way, the New Age of Aquarius is the end of Marduk’s Era here on Earth, and he is turning the planet back over to his father.

Thule does not take a side in anything that is related to prophecy—they are merely interesting in seeing to that the prophecies are fulfilled as they are supposed to be. This is the reason why they don’t mind a Battle of Armageddon or a severe population reduction in general. If something is a part of the prophecies they have studied and put together, they support it, and they do it to such a degree that they are even supporting the dark side. Why is that? Because they “know” that if The Battle of Armageddon is played out as the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel prophesize, the Anti-Christ is coming, and the New Messiah is resolving it all. Then a New Golden Age will arise from the Ashes of the Phoenix (and with the “Phoenix” we have the “bird” connection again—as in “Bird Tribe” or “Neteru,” which is the Egyptian word for them[75]). Also, at least the present branch of the Thule is well aware of the “Anunnaki,” which we know from the Ilat-Litum Plates.

I know for a fact that secret societies that are connected with and his ancient Brotherhood of the Serpent (which is most of them) are waiting for the prophecies to be fulfilled. I am talking about Bible Prophecies now, but there are other prophecies that are relevant to them as well—such as the Mayan, Aztec, and some obscure prophecies, not well known to “outsiders”. This is the reason why I don’t want to discard any of this occult stuff because it all matters. It is all energy put in that direction, and those involved in the occult circles are very serious about this—it’s not something they do in their spare time for lack of something else to do—they even do occult rituals related to this. Major secret societies, such as Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, the Golden Dawn, the Theosophical Society, and the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), have more power to set aside for these things than small branches of the Thule Society, but all of it counts because it’s a joint effort. People may disregard them as being foolish, but that is foolish in itself because if a large amount of energy is put into something, it is bound to happen. Hence, we can’t stop these for us “negative intentions;” instead we need to put as much, or more, energy toward a different goal—a goal we support (it’s not advisable to try to counter the negative intentions—that will only create a problem, and the negativity will get stuck in present time and continue to exist. The definition of a problem is two counter-intentions, which energies clash into each other and get stuck). In some probabilities, the Bible Prophecies will come true in their entirety, but if we, each being a sovereign human, put our personal energy to what we want, we can at least prevent some of the things we don’t want from happening in our reality. Unfortunately, there are some human soul fragments that are bound to experience a future where most of the dark subjects I’ve brought up will happen.

 Shambhala is closely associated with the New Golden Age in most mythology. It may have other names or be spelled differently, but it is all the same place. In Buddhism, it stands for a society where all beings are enlightened—a Buddhist “Pure Land,” centered by the capital—Kalapa.[76]

Now, who is the ruler of Shambhala, if not Lord Maitreya?![77] The Kalachakra Prophecies say that when the world has declined into war and greed and evil rules, the 25th Kalki King will arise from Shambhala with an enormous army and fight all the dark forces, where after, he will usher in a New Golden Age. This will occur worldwide. Scholars, such as Alexander Berzin, have calculated when this prophecy is likely to be fulfilled, and he has estimated the date to 2424 AD.[78]

In the Kalachakra Tantra, Shambhala is said to have an “outer,” an “inner,” and an “alternative” meaning. The outer meaning teaches that Shambhala exists as a physical location, but only those with appropriate karma can reach it and experience it.[79]The 14th Dalai Lama said during the 1985 Kalachakra initiation in Bodhgaya that Shambhala is definitely not an ordinary place. He said,

Quote #19: Although those with special affiliation may actually be able to go there through their karmic connection, nevertheless it is not a physical place that we can actually find. We can only say that it is a pure land, a pure land in the human realm. And unless one has the merit and the actual karmic association, one cannot actually arrive there.[80]

There are different opinions as to where this particular place is located, but generally, it’s said to be in central Asia—north or west of Tibet.[81] Curiously enough, Mongolians claim that Shambhala is located in certain valleys of Southern Siberia! This brings us very close to where Prince Ninurta’s original Garden of Edin is said to have been located—around Lake Baikal. Altai folklore (Altaians are a Turkic people, living in the Siberian Altai Republic), place Shambhala at Mount Belukha, or it rather says that the Belukha Mountains are a gateway to Shambhala,[82] while modern Buddhists locate Shambhala in the Himalayas, in which is now called Dhauladhar Mountains around Mcleod Ganj in India. This is also where the Dalai Lama has his official residence.[83] From there, he manages the Tibetan government while in exile.[84] I am quite convinced that the Thule are more in line with the latter, as they allegedly are in collaboration with the Dalai Lama.

Fig. 30. The mysterious Belukha Mountains, a gateway to Shambhala?

The inner and alternative meanings of Shambhala refer to more spiritual locations, such as the mind (inner) and body (alternative).[85]

Shambhala was of major importance for the Nazis as well—they thought that if they could find its location, it would bring them more wisdom and more easily usher in the Third Reich. Therefore, Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess sent a German expedition to Tibet in 1930, and then another one in 1934-35, and a last one in 1938-39. More recently, occultists who know about the Nazi connection to Shambhala and have felt an obligation to comment say that there is an evil, manipulative link to Agartha and Shambhala, related to an amoral conspiracy.[86]

The bottom line seems to be that Shambhala has much to do with prophecies that lead to the Second Coming of Christ. This doesn’t mean that the Messiah will appear even close to any of the places mentioned as possible locations of the mysterious Shambhala—he may more likely appear in Israel, Russia, or Iraq—but Shambhala will probably be of significance when, and if, the drums start rolling, and the whole drama is set into motion.

Fig. 31. Mcleod Ganj Town in India—the official residence of the Dalai Lama.

X. Pioneer 10’s and Voyager’s Secret Space Missions

Those who are of my generation and were interested in UFOs and aliens when we were young can probably still recall the excitement we felt when we heard that Pioneer 10 had been launched—setting course out into the solar system—and beyond!!! Yes, we were aware that this probe would probably not reach any alien star system within our lifetime, but it still felt pretty cool that it was on its way, and maybe one day, its signal would be picked up by some alien race, light-years from Earth, and be pulled in by their spaceships to be examined. One could only hope that these aliens were benevolent and wouldn’t start a space war against us. Well, the whole thing tickled our imagination—that’s for sure.

Fig. 32. The Pioneer 10 Message

I was also quite excited about that Pioneer 10 was going to take a number of pictures of the planets in our own solar system as it passed them by. These were going to be high resolution pictures, and we were probably going to learn many new things about them. However, after taking pictures of Saturn, Pioneer 10 was going to leave the solar system. Then we heard about this second probe that was going to be launched a little later, and this new one was going to pass all planets in the entire solar system. All this was going to happen well within my own lifetime.

However, where exactly are the Pioneers supposedly heading? Do they have a destination, or were they just aimlessly sent out into outer space once they left our solar system behind? If there is a destination, I don’t remember hearing about it, and therefore—not knowing better at the time, I assumed that they were to continue out in space toward some star cluster somewhere, where our scientists may have considered there would be some chances to find intelligent life.

Now I know better, but does the reader know where Pioneer 10 is heading? Well, they actually told us all the time, but most of us probably missed it! Even if I wouldn’t have missed it, it wouldn’t have meant much to me then. I assume the same thing is true for many of the readers as well.

However, take a look at fig. 33! What does it say that the probe is heading toward?

Fig. 33. Follow the arrow and take a look where Pioneer 10 is heading toward!

Pioneer 10 is heading toward the Constellation of Taurus! Not only that, it is aiming at Alpha Tauri—Aldebaran![87] It says it may arrive there in 1,700.000 years!

For the ignorant, this seems like just a random target. Aldebaran? OK, why not? It could just as well have been Betelgeuse or Alpha Centauri. BUT! Wait a minute! Aldebaran is 68 light-years away (although it says 53 light-years in this sketch). Why so far away? Why not aim at Alpha Centauri, which is our closest star system? Why 68 light-years? As a matter of fact, it takes NASA 2 million years to get the probe to Aldebaran. Sitting here, writing, I am almost embarrassed that they can send out a probe into space that takes two million years to reach the target, especially when we, the regular people, who are not rocket engineers, astronomers, physicists, or what is required in society in order to have a valid opinion about any of this, know that there are possibilities to reach the stars in virtually no-time! Think about it—it’s almost comical.

The Aldebaran target may be curious even for the reader who has read these papers. Well, Aldebaran is Lord’s star! We know that, but why send a probe to’s star? Obviously, already knows where we are. Hence, let’s examine this a little further.

In the 1970s there were two probes sent out to seek contact with other civilizations in other star systems (at least, this was the official goal), and they were Pioneer 10, launched in 1972, and Voyager 2, launched in 1977.

Pioneer 10’s first space mission was to complete a voyage to Jupiter and take photos of our biggest planet in order to learn more about it. This mission is completed. After that, Pioneer 10 became the first space probe to achieve escape velocity from the solar system in order to boost its speed out into deep space.[88]

Fig. 34. Pioneer 10 in Deep Space.

Both Pioneer 10 and its successor, Pioneer 11, also included at the behest of Carl Sagan, the famous astronomer, a 6.0 by 9.0 inch gold-anodized aluminum plaque, in case any of the two probes would ever be found by another intelligent life form out there (see fig. 32). The plaques feature two nude humans—a male and a female—along with various symbols that are supposed to be universal in nature and can easily be interpreted by another intelligent species. The plaque also tells where the human species who built Pioneer 10 and 11 originate from .[89]

On November 6, 1973, Pioneer 10 reached Jupiter on a distance of 25 million kilometers. Plenty of pictures were being taken, and other information was also collected. All in all, everything went as planned. On June 13, 1983, the probe crossed the orbit of Neptune, and the mission came to an official end on March 31, 1997, having reached a distance of 67 Astronomical Units (AU)[90] from the Sun. Despite the distance, the satellite could still transmit coherent data after this date. The final weak signal received from Pioneer 10 was on January 23, 2003, but it was so weak that it could barely be detected. The distance from Earth was then 80 AU, i.e. 12 billion kilometers.[91]

This sounds like the end of it, but the interesting information is what follows. This is from Wikipedia (my emphasis in bold):

Quote #20: On September 9, 2012, Pioneer 10 was predicted to be 106.696 AU (1.59615×1010 km; 9.9180×109 mi) from the Earth and 106.676 AU (1.59585×1010 km; 9.9162×109 mi) from the Sun (about 10 billion miles); and traveling at 12.037 km/s (26,930 mph) (relative to the Sun) and traveling outward at about 2.539 AU per year. Sunlight takes 14.79 hours to reach Pioneer 10. The brightness of the Sun from the spacecraft is magnitude −16.6. Pioneer 10 is heading in the direction of the constellation Taurus.

If left undisturbed, Pioneer 10 and its sister craft Pioneer 11 will join the two Voyager spacecraft and the New Horizons spacecraft in leaving the Solar System to wander the interstellar medium. The trajectory is expected to take it in the general direction of the star Aldebaran, currently located at a distance of about 68 light years. If Aldebaran had zero relative velocity, it would require more than two million years for the spacecraft to reach it.[92]

The following is from NASA’s own website.

Quote #21: Pioneer 10 explored Jupiter, traveled twice as far as the most distant planet in our solar system, and as Earth’s first emissary into space, is carrying a gold plaque that describes what we look like, where we are, and the date when the mission began. Pioneer 10 will continue to coast silently as a ghost ship into interstellar space, heading generally for the red star Aldebaran, which forms the eye of the constellation Taurus (The Bull). Aldebaran is about 68 light-years away. It will take Pioneer 10 more than two million years to reach it. Its sister ship, Pioneer 11, ended its mission September 30, 1995, when the last transmission from the spacecraft was received.[93]

Here we have evidence that Pioneer 10 is actually heading toward Aldebaran. What about Pioneer 11, and the two Voyager probes that were launched in 1977? Where are they heading?

According to Wikipedia, Pioneer 11 is heading toward the Constellation of Aquila, the Eagle,[94] while Voyager 1 is supposedly not heading toward any particular star system or constellation. Voyager 2, on the other hand, is heading in the direction toward Sirius[95] and will pass the Sirius star system on a distance of 1.32 parsecs, which is 4.3 light-years, or 25 trillion miles.[96] Keeping in mind that Sirius is located approximately 8.6 light-years from Earth, Voyager 2 will not, although heading in that direction, pass the star system at any close range.

Thus, at least three of the probes are heading toward AIF dominated star systems or asterisms—the exact ones we have been discussing perhaps the most! Still, the most interesting one is Pioneer 10, heading for Aldebaran. Why?

I have tried to find an explanation to this by researching it, but haven’t found any as of this date. Those who mention it are just copying the information that Pioneer 10 is directed toward Alpha Tauri, but no one has found it odd or even commented on it. No one has asked himself or herself why NASA picked this particular star—we humans have a tendency to accept what authority says without questioning it. We don’t even know that there are questions to ask.

Regardless, the probe is on its way and will reach’s stronghold in two million years. I can imagine him sitting there in Aldebaran in excitement, eagerly awaiting its arrival! No, of course not. This must be some kind of symbolic gesture—I really don’t know. There is also a chance that this actually is a coincidence, but it’s hard to believe…

In the next paper, we are going to take a short break from the stories that lead up to the Second Coming and instead discuss the Afterlife in the Vedic literature.

In the few papers following upon that, we are going to finish by showing where all this leads to and how the AIF’s goal is most probably going to be achieved. The reader will see that the information and disinformation intentionally being released in unison to mankind will have a common goal—the truth, the half-truths, and the lies are all equally important for the AIF in order to reach their goal to put Lord in official charge of Planet Earth.

When that has been achieved, the Lord of Lies will have an entire species (humanity) on his side, and he can use us as he pleases in future galactic wars. From a cosmic viewpoint, humanity as a species will then have agreed with the AIF and are considered “their people.” Therefore, humanity will be looked at as a very dangerous species—being a great obstacle in the way of bringing peace to the Galaxy. Only the few humans, relatively speaking, who are not accepting such a future have the chance to free themselves from the ultimate slavery that is planned for the human race.

If some of the readers don’t think this is possible, think again. It has already happened! In one or more realities, humanity has turned into a cyborg race. This is proven by the visiting “Grays” who say they are from our future. BUT, are they? I think the evidence speaks for itself…


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you,

[1] Fictional city, made up by me. Me knowingly, there is no city with this name.

[2] The “Bird Tribe,” which is Khan En.lil’s race. With the famous Peace Agreement, Khan En.lil’s Neteru warriors signed up to serve in the Orion Army instead, and were now called the DAKH Warriors. However, some of the Neteru didn’t think their Khan should have joined forces with the Queen—they considered the Neteru Fleet being superior to that of Orion, and that the Khan could have defeated Orion. This was the reason why a reasonable number of the Neteru Tribe changed sides and went with Lucifer instead. Thus, they committed High Treason at that point.

[3] The Inner Sanctuary of the Orion Empire, where the Throne of Orion is located. It is said that the location of Satania is in the Mintaka star system in Orion’s Belt.



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