Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 11: Star Systems Not Mentioned in the Nakshatras

by Wes Penre, Written on Saturday, November 1, 2014 
Posted on Friday, February 13, 2015
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. Introduction

In the previous paper, we covered the stars and constellation included in the Nakshatras—exclusively so, with a few exceptions. We do happen to know of more stars and constellations connected with the AIF—some of them also mentioned in the Vedic texts. Hence, let us continue in a similar manner as in the previous paper; i.e. I highlight and underline a subject and we’ll discuss it, not using any specific order.

II. The Asterism of the Vedic Heaven

Vaikuntha. In the Vedas, we are taught that the “Supreme Abode,” also called Vaikuntha, Brahmaloka, and Vishnuloka, to name a few, is the ultimate place where the soul has been programmed that it wants to go after we die. In order to be able to do so, we first must have evolved enough, according to the Hindu principles, to be “worthy” to dwell in this Paradise, or “Heaven,” together with Lord Vishnu himself. This is, if you will, the carrot in the Hindu Religion—the goal every good Hindu is striving for.

Now, if we don’t have any idea of where this place called Vaikuntha is, it just becomes another nebulous Heaven, such as that in the Bible. However, isn’t that how it’s supposed to be in religions? We are not supposed to know exactly where this Heaven is located, are we?

Incorrect! In the Vedas, we actually learn where their Heaven is located. We learn that Vaikuntha is located in the constellation of Capricorn![1]Capricorn is the heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu and his consort, and this is the place an illuminated soul, who follows the guidelines of the Hindu religion, ultimately goes. This is the highest “loka” there is. Well, this may not be absolutely true because it also says that Vaikuntha or Brahmaloka is the highest loka in the physical universe. Then, of course, the follow-up question would be what is above Vaikuntha? That, however, doesn’t seem to be of our concern—Vaikuntha is Heaven, and what is outside the physical universe is apparently irrelevant.

Fig. 1. A Capricorn—half goat and half fish.

Studying the Capricorn Constellation is indeed interesting. Its name is Latin and means “horned goat” or “goat horn,” and it’s not unusual that it’s represented as a sea-goat, which is a mythical creature that is half goat and half fish[2] (fig. 1). Again, we have the fish symbol, which is the symbol of the Avian-Aquatic star race, represented by Lord in all his associations with either birds or water creatures. Thus, we have in Capricorn another reference to Lord—something we established already in a previous paper.

Another thing I find fascinating is the reference to goats when it comes to With Capricorn, we have one association, but there is at least one more that immediately comes to mind (see fig. 2 below).

I am sure many of the readers—although perhaps not all—have heard of Baphomet, which is a creature, drawn by Eliphas Levi (1810-1875) in 1856, although its concept existed long before that and was even used by the Knights Templar in the 14th Century and earlier. The name can be traced back all the way to 1098.[3] In the 19th Century, Baphomet became associated with the “Sabbatic Goat,” containing elements representing the “sum total of the universe,” e.g. male and female, good and evil, and so on. Although some deny it, it is obvious that the Baphomet figure is also connected with Satanism because it was adopted as a symbol by the Church of Satan.[4] That should hardly come as any surprise because virtually every secret society with any prominence has as its ultimate Grandmaster—even so, the Church of Satan and the Church of Set. This is also true with the Knights Templars, although they are using the “Malta Cross” as its main symbol—today used by the Red Cross Organization. The Malta Cross is originally the “Cross of Ninurta,” but was adopted by the Enkiites a very long time ago.

Fig. 2. Baphomet

Those who still doubt’s association to Satanism should consider the Satanic pentagram (fig. 3). Here, we see two names being represented within the pentagram—Samael and Lilith. We know that Lilith is the equivalent to a number of goddesses; Inanna and Isis being two of them. We also know that both Marduk and had a sexual relationship with Isis (and Marduk still has from all we know), until lost his ability for such activities. Could Samael be one of the two?

Well, Samael is an important archangel in the Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, and the name itself seems to originate in Judaism. In the Jewish lore, he is the main archangel of death! Although he is associated with the Hebrew god, YHWH, he is known to do evil deeds.[5] He has many other attributes—almost none of them good—but to show our case in point, we need to move on to look at Gnosticism. From having looked at Judaism and noticed that Samael is connected with death, we have a relatively strong association with Nergal, Lord of the Underworld.

Gnosticism, in addition, has the following to say about Samael:

Quote #1: In the Apocryphon of John, found in the Nag Hammadi library, Samael is the third name of the demiurge, whose other names are Yaldabaoth and Saklas. In this context, Samael means “the blind god”,[10] the theme of blindness running throughout gnostic works[citation needed]. His appearance is that of a lion-faced serpent.[11] In On the Origin of the World in the Nag Hammadi library texts, he is also referred to as Ariael, the Archangel of Principalities.[6]

Fig. 3. Samael-Lilith and the Satanic Pentagram

In the Realm of the Archons, is the Demiurge, so that explains it. Samael, in other words, in Lord Then it makes sense that he and Lilith are named in the pentagram—they were sexual partners and the originators of the branch of humans that was seeded by and Lilith/Isis immediately after the biblical Deluge. This is an important point because the people in the upper echelons of the secret societies fancy themselves with being direct descendants of Lord (or the House of David—same thing), and therefore being a direct bloodline of the gods.

In relation to YHWH, allow me to insert a sidebar here. I hear every so often how people try to justify how YHWH/Jehovah is the same being as En.lil. There is absolutely no rationale to that. The same people who say that Jehovah is En.lil still claim that was the creator of mankind. Well, if he were, how then can En.lil be Jehovah? En.lil was not the creator of mankind, according to these sources, and not a geneticist (again, according to these sources). Thus, if created mankind, then he also must also be the biblical God, according to pure logic. God, in this sense, is Jehovah.

With all this in mind, it’s quite interesting to see that the goat’s head is being used in groups that are connected with, as well as his own constellation—Capricorn. Although I created a long sidebar here, I think it’s relevant to what we are discussing, and it certainly pops up when we start researching the constellation of Capricorn. Albeit being the smallest constellation in the zodiac, it is of great importance, and has one of the oldest mythological associations.[7] The hybrid symbol of a goat and a fish is quite old, and was depicted as such already in the Middle Bronze Age.[8] It even tells us in Wikipedia who Capricorn represents:

 Quote #2: “The constellation was a symbol of the god Ea [my emphasis] and in the Early Bronze Age marked the winter solstice.”[9]

Furthermore, the same reference gives us the association between Ea and Pan:

Quote #3: Capricornus is also sometimes identified as Pan, the god with a goat’s head, who saved himself from the monster Typhon by giving himself a fish’s tail and diving into a river.[10]

Another reference, discussing the astrological aspect of Capricorn, teaches us that this asterism is ruled by Saturn, which of course is another piece of evidence that it is who is the ruler of Capricorn.[11]

Moreover, here is another reference to in regards to Capricorn, again from an astrological standpoint. This time it comes from Encyclopedia Britannica:

Quote #4: Modern astrological figure for Capricorn as a fish-tailed goat derives from the depictions of the Sumerian god of water Enki, who was associated with semen and amniotic fluid, and hence with fertility, and commonly represented as a half-goat, half-fish creature.[12]

Amazingly enough, the findings made in these papers rewrite much of the mythology we have learned from scholars and researchers into the old Pantheons of the world. Still, the truth has been there altogether—in plain sight! I was going to say “hidden in plain sight,” but it’s not even hidden. “Someone” has not wanted us to make the real associations between the deities, and even managed to make us blind of what we see right before our eyes. The reader can see how extremely important syncretism is!

Fig. 4. Capricornus

As the reader must have noticed by now, the Vedic gods, the Sumerian/Akkadian gods, and virtually all gods around the world, are all one and the same beings, and the evidence is absolutely overwhelming. What the astute reader can see as well is how all these names have been manipulated so that those who committed (and still commit) vicious crimes against humanity, in particular, are often represented to be the “good guys,” while those who really see humanity with benevolent eyes are dressed in wicked clothing. There is no doubt that humanity has been double-crossed, manipulated, deceived, and pacified to such an extreme that we no longer can discern what is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white. The apathy that follows with such a dumbed-down population can certainly be seen everywhere around. That’s why even the smallest wakeup can set off the loudest alarm clock in a human being.

It would, perhaps, be interesting to know which star (or planet) in the Capricorn Constellation that is associated with Vaikuntha/Brahmaloka, but the Vedas won’t tell us that. The brightest star of the constellation is Delta Capricorni, also called Deneb Algedi, not to be confused with the star with the single name Deneb

Deneb Algedi is 39 light-years from Earth, which is fairly close, and its spectral type is A7, which makes it a white giant star, perhaps with some green at the edges. It also has a second star revolving around it, which is a G-star, with approximately 90% the mass of our own Sun. The A-star, on the other hand, has twice the mass of the Sun.[13] 

III. New Revelations on the Sirius-Isis Relation

Sirius and Ursa Major are probably, besides Orion, the two locations in space that we have mentioned the most. They have a tremendous impact on our civilization and have had since the beginning of the Patriarchal Era. This is why new information is constantly being added.

Sirius, we have learned, is quite a complex star system, where some planets are inhabited by beings who are loyal to the AIF, while other planets are still showing loyalty to the Orion Empire. A prison, located in the KHAA, is also a part of the Sirian system. Because of its complexity, it seems inevitable that wars and general instability must be present around Sirius, and it is very much so. The situation is unsustainable, to say the least, and it is not a location one would like to travel to. Battles between Khan En.lil’s and Prince Ninurta’s forces on one side and’s DAKH warriors on the other side happen every so often, while in between, there can be periods of armistice.

However, there is another reason why Khan En.lil and Queen Nin do not want the entire Sirius system to fall into the hands of the AIF, and it has to do with the royal bloodline of the Orion Empire—it has to do with Isis!

In esoteric texts, we learn that Isis is connected with Sirius,[14] but why does the Orion Royalty care about that? Well, Prince Ninurta is the son of Queen Nin, and he took Bau, also named Gula, as his consort.[15] Gula is known to be the daughter of Anu, and Anu is, as we know, Khan En.lil. Khan En.lil, from more recent research, has led me to believe that he is not originally from Sirius, but from Arcturus. However, he was a High Commander of the DAKH warriors before he made the Peace Treaty with Queen Nin, and therefore he traveled back and forth between the colonies. Somewhere during this time he must have met a Sirian woman, and from that connection, Princess Gula was born.

When Ninurta married Gula, he married a female who was half Sirian and half Arcturian, but still of the Bird Tribe, just as Khan En.lil is—his people, even though they may have originated in Arcturus—had colonies in many other star systems—one of them in Sirius. Gula, most of the time, seems to have spent her time in Sirius—more so than in Arcturus. Out of the marriage between Ninurta and Gula came Isis, who thus is half Sirian/Arcturian Bird Tribe and half Orion Dragon Race. When Isis had grown up enough to take care of herself, she spent most of her time in Sirius—perhaps, she liked one of the planets there and felt some connection to it, I don’t know.[16]

After that, Isis’ story became quite complex. In a twist of fate, she came to Earth, and got raped by Ea. When Ninurta found out, he castrated, and put a curse on him, so that he never could sleep with a woman again and certainly not have more children. Isis, as Inanna, descended to the Underworld to see her alleged sister, Ereškigal but got kidnapped and raped repeatedly by Marduk. An evil plan evolved that Marduk and Isis were going to create a new human race after the Flood. Some of these children were going to only be allowed to inbreed to keep the race “clean,” while the rest could breed as they wished.

There seems to have been a time when Isis agreed to this, but we don’t know whether it was in order to save her life because later on, when and Marduk had begun to trust her, she fled and hid in her father’s Mountain Paradise in the ancient Garden of Eden. When she saw what her father had built for humankind and the rest of the planet over a long period, of which only ruins were left, she started crying for days—regretting everything she’d done and feeling deep shame. She decided to recreate the Garden of Edin, and she did so. Being of a Royal descent, she also had magic capabilities that were almost lost at that time. Shortly after the Flood, she made herself androgynous and started having offspring with herself—something called parthenogenesis.[17] All her offspring were red-haired, as she was. Where this new race went is unknown—it’s believed it still exists here on Earth, but went underground—literally.

Isis is still on the run—both from her father (to whom she felt she caused so much shame) and the AIF—but it is quite possible that she is still dwelling somewhere on Earth. The thing is (and it is possible that Isis thinks she blew her opportunities) that she is still the Heir to Orion! If something happens to Queen Nin, Isis will be the next Queen of the Stars, according to Orion law. Because Isis is Prince Ninurta’s daughter, Prince Ninurta would be the new Khan En.lil (now he is “only” Prince En.lil), and his daughter would inherit the throne. If Lucifer would have played his cards well, he would have been the new Khan En.lil and his first-born daughter would have been the new Queen of the Stars. However, this will never happen. Now, with Isis on the run somewhere on Earth, Queen Ereškigal took over the role as the “breeding machine” together with Marduk, and people, such as me and you who write and read this, are most probably the descendants from Marduk and Ereškigal—genetically speaking. However, it is more complicated than that because the two most certainly had (and have) sex, which brings offspring, and these offspring have sex, etc. Still, the bodies that Ereškigal and Marduk had then, and have now, are human bodies that originate from the time before the Flood. Therefore, we may also have a lot of earlier DNA in our bodies—even some Namlú’u, although it’s probably watered down. In order to create a pure Mardukian/Ereškigalian bloodline, however, they also used genetic engineering and manipulation to get it just the way they wanted it to, and this engineering included adding quantities of Orion and Sirian DNA to the new human species.

The takeover of Inanna-Isis by Ereškigal in the ancient texts is clever. I would even like to go further than that and show the reader how the AIF made the Mountain Goddess (Ninhursag aka Mother Goddess) into a war goddess. Let’s start there and work our way through to Ereškigal’s takeover.

Quote #5: The origin of this motif is compared to the Sumerian myth in which the goddess Ninhursag created a beautiful garden full of lush vegetation and fruit trees, called Edinu, in Dilmun.[18]

This is the Queen of the Stars creating the original Garden of Edin.

Quote #6: …it is possible to distinguish two different strata – one primitive and the other advanced. The primitive form of Durga is the result of syncretism of a mountain-goddess worshiped by the dwellers of the Himalaya and the Vindhyas, a goddess worshiped by the nomadic Abhira shepherd, the vegetation spirit conceived as a female, and a war-goddess.[19]

Here, we start to see a distinction between a peaceful Mountain Goddess and a goddess worshipped by the nomads, with “the vegetation spirit conceived as a female, and a war-goddess.”

From there, the myth of Inanna was created to emphasize the term of a war goddess and that the females are warlike in their behavior.

Quote #7: Inanna … is the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, and warfare, and goddess of the E-Anna temple at the city of Uruk, her main centre.[20]

Inanna, in this reference, still has some peaceful aspects to her, such as love and fertility, until…

Quote #8: Additionally, the myth may be described as a union of Inanna with her own “dark side”, her twin sister-self, Ereshkigal, as when she ascends it is with Ereshkigal’s powers, while Inanna is in the underworld it is Ereshkigal who apparently takes on fertility powers, and the poem ends with a line in praise, not of Inanna, but of Ereshkigal.[21]

With that, the “takeover” is quite complete. Inanna descends to the Underworld to meet with her “twin sister-self;” her “dark side,” described as Ereškigal. Then, when Inanna-Isis ascends again, she does so with Ereškigal’s “dark powers,” while when she is in the Underworld, however, her fertility powers are taken away from her. This is exactly what we have discussed a few times in the papers, but what is interesting with this is that the Sumerian poem ends with a praise of Ereškigal—not of Inanna!

Although our lineage is very difficult to trace, we have roughly four genetic lines going on right now here on Earth:

1.        The bloodline. This bloodline is rare because Prince Ninurta found out quite soon after that his daughter had been raped and made pregnant. Prince En.lil ended this bloodline by castrating There may still be some people on Earth who would be able to claim being of the bloodline. One such lineage could be some of the American Indians, although they would in that case not be the only ones.

2.       The Marduk-Isis bloodline. This is a slightly more common bloodline than #1, but it also stopped when Isis fled. It could, in some sense, be said to be the same bloodline as #1, as father and son are both fathers to these lines of human offspring.

3.       The Marduk-Ereškigal bloodline. This is the absolute most common bloodline on Earth today—the so-called “O” blood type. Probably between 95-99% of humanity of today is of this bloodline.

4.      The Isis bloodline. Here we have Isis’ red-haired bloodline. She produced only androgynous offspring, i.e. women with thick, red hair and white skin. In the next paper, we are going to discuss this bloodline a little more.

The problem we may have in the future, in case Isis comes back and one day inherits the throne of Orion, there may be those here on Earth, who either claim to be of one of the bloodlines #1, 2, or 4. If so, they may think themselves being superior to the majority of the population, which is of bloodline #3. Wars may even break out between members of #1,2, and 4, although it seems as if the fourth bloodline may not be as warlike and selfish as the first two are because they don’t have’s and Marduk’s blood in them. The reader may be able to see now why mankind has such an easy time to take to weapon and go out to war—we have the bloodline of, Marduk, and Ereškigal.

Now, does a person have to have red hair to be of Isis’ bloodline? No, and we don’t necessarily have to be women, either. It depends on what happened later. If Isis’ offspring were androgynous, they could at any time have mated with males as well and started a new male-female bloodline, while some of them stayed pure to their androgyny. It’s more the character of the being that determines which blood dominates the body. Isis’ offspring would obviously still be quite psychic.

The Global Elite claims to be of one of the two first bloodlines mentioned above, and they would probably be correct.

Much of this information was discussed in Level IV, but I want the reader to know that Isis, after she has repented and was shown worthy, is meant to inherit the throne of the Orion Empire, and her father, Ninurta aka Prince En.lil, will sit beside her. 

IV. Ursa Major, the Wounded Bear

Why wounded? Because parts of Her body have been taken over by our infamous intruders, as discussed elsewhere. The Great Bear Constellation was once the Pride of Orion—something Prince Lucifer knew, of course, and it was therefore the reason why he wanted to take it over. He managed to invade some of the constellation, but far from the entire Ursa Major. He also wanted to create a distortion in the communication between the stars in the Orion Empire by putting himself in a strategic spot where he could distort the energy flow between the stars.

It is believed in some parts of India that the seven main stars in the Big Dipper are the depiction of Vishnu’s Seven Sages.[22] The names of these Sages (which are also the names of the seven stars in Big Dipper) are (followed by their western names):

1.        Kratu – Dubhe (Alpha Ursa Major)

2.       Pulaha – Merak (Beta UMa)

3.       Pulastya – Phecda (Gamma UMa)

4.      Atri – Megrez (Delta UMa)

5.       Angiras – Alioth (Epsilon UMa)

6.      Vashista – Mizar (Zeta UMa)

7.       Bhrigu – Alkaid (Eta UMa)

Albeit the above names are correct, they are also listed differently in other Hindu texts.

The Saptarishi (the Seven Sages or the Seven Rishis) are mentioned many, many times in the Vedas, and they are generally said to originate from the Big Dipper, being the “Patriarchs of the Vedic Religion.”[23] The Big Dipper asterism is also called the Saptarishi.[24] Some of these rishis were supposedly created as the “mind born sons” of Brahma—the representation of the Supreme Being.[25] [26]

Sages and Rishis are not exclusively Vedic and Indian concepts, however. Also in the Sumerian texts, there are Seven Sages mentioned. Here they are called Abgal,[27] or Apkallu in Akkadian.

Quote #9: The Apkallu (Akkadian) or Abgal, (Sumerian) are seven Sumerian sages, demigods who are said to have been created by the god Enki (Akkadian: Ea) to establish culture and give civilization to mankind. They served as priests of Enki and as advisors or sages to the earliest kings of Sumer before the flood. They are credited with giving mankind the Me (moral code), the crafts, and the arts. They were seen as fish-like men who emerged from the sweet water Abzu. They are commonly represented as having the lower torso of a fish, or dressed as a fish.[28]

As we can see here, the Great Bear Constellation (Ursa Major, Big Dipper) is attributed to as himself, and to Vishnu, his Vedic counterpart. Hence, according to both these mythos, was the creator of the Great Bear Constellation as well as the Seven Sages. Now, it is also said that it was the Abgal/Saptarishi who wrote down our ancient history. If it is true that is their creator, whom would these Sages listen to when it comes to writing down our history? The people of its time and their records and traditions, or their own creator?

In the Vedas, we also learn that Lord Vishnu is the creator of the Devas, Asuras, and the Nagas—in addition to being the creator of the Seven Sages. This only makes sense, of course, if we think of Vishnu/ as the Creator of the Universe, which he is not. Still, he is not lying when he’s saying this because he is the Creator of the Holographic Universe—the illusion—that we are currently living in and slowly but surely we are waking up from.

BUT! Is he the creator of all these demonic beings? I think it depends on how we define them. However we twist and bend it, he can only be the creator of the Devas if he and Shiva/Marduk are the only Devas around (not including the real Devas—Khan En.lil and Prince Ninurta. Queen Nin and Princess Isis are not Devas, which is a male title—they are Devis). Of course, this is one way of looking at it—Vishnu and Shiva are the only Devas—the rest of the star beings mentioned in the texts are not Devas; they are just star beings. Other names mentioned, being titled “Devas,” are simply just Avatars of the two main Devas—Vishnu and Shiva. This makes Vishnu the creator of all Devas, as Shiva is Vishnu’s son.

Then, could Vishnu also, through demonic genetic experimentation, be the creator of not only the Nagas and the Asuras but also of the Rakshasas and other demonic creatures? Perhaps, it is something to think about.

If this is true, it’s tempting to go even further, and say that the star races mentioned in all these different mythologies are beings created by this heavenly scientist, but I believe that is to take it a little bit too far. We humans, with our limited knowledge of technology (at least we common humans) couldn’t possibly begin to understand the possibilities of where genetic engineering and manipulation can take us. When we say, “Nah, that can’t be true,” we are seriously limiting ourselves in our thinking. I believe anything can be done with the right knowledge—limitations are only set up by limited minds. With that, I’m not saying that is alone in all this and that the whole thing with his troops and followers is a lie—I’m just saying that if it would be, there is no reason to be surprised. I’m just trying to expand everybody’s mind…

I also found a reference regarding the Rakshasas, the murderous man-eaters we’ve discussed in a previous paper. They are here supposedly giants, originating from the Altair star system, only 16 light-years from Earth.[29] Altair is of the Aquila constellation, also connected with eagles, which again references the Bird Tribe. As we are on the subject of star races created by Vishnu/, the Rakshasas are apparently one of them. This has been indicated before in these papers, although they have now been depicted both as giants and dwarfs, which makes me wonder if there are at least two different Rakshasa tribes. If so, this is nothing extraordinary. If we look up Rakshasa in Wikipedia, we find the following link to Kashyapa, who  is associated with “The tracing back to Kashyapa is not necessarily a later edit, but is not mentioned in the dense Hymns of the Vedas because of poetic choice. The knowledge of the Rakshasa lineage traceable to Kashyapa may have been known at the time of the compilation of the Vedas.”[30]

To show the reader how the idea of two “Seven Sisters” came into existence (one of the Seven Sisters is located in the Big Dipper and the other one is said to be the Pleiades), we need to take a look at another mythological piece about the Big Dipper and the Seven Sages called Rishis.

Quote #10: 

The seven Rishis

According to the epic Mahabharata, composed after the Rig Veda in about 500 B.C., the stars of the Big Dipper were the seven sages called Rishis. These seven sages are said to be those who made the Sun rise and shine. They were happily married to seven sisters named Kṛttikā. They originally all lived together in the northern sky.

But one day, the god of fire, Agni, emerged from the flames of a sacrificial offering performed by the seven Rishis and immediately fell in love with the seven Krttika. Trying to forget his hopeless love for the Krttika, Agni wandered in the forest where he met Svaha, the star Zeta Tauri. Svaha was at once infatuated with Agni.

To conquer Agni’s love, Svaha disguised herself as six of the seven Krttika. For six times, Svaha made love to Agni who believed that he had conquered the attractive wives of the seven Rishis. Svaha could mimic only six of the Krttika because the seventh sister, Arundhati, was too devoted to her husband to be imitated. After a while, Svaha gave birth to a child that she named Skanda. With his birth, rumors began to spread that six of the Rishis’ wives were his mother.

Six of the Rishis divorced their wives. Arundhati was the only one that remained with her husband as the star Alcor. The other six Krttika went away to become the Pleiades.[31]

This story tells us that the Seven (male) Rishis were happily married with the Seven Sisters named Kṛttikā (Sanskrit for the Pleiades). We also see Agni’s (’s) association with Zeta Tauri (Tauri=Taurus—the “Bull”). Then, when we look up Zeta Tauri, we learn that this star is also a “celestial gate.”[32] The Pleiadians, channeled by Barbara Marciniak, talk about the Pleiades having star gates that act like “hubs,” and connect the Pleiades with a lot of other places in the Galaxy. Many different star races pass through these gates on a regular basis, according to them.

Fig. 5. This picture shows two different views of the constellation, The Big Dipper. The upper image is what we see from Earth and the lower from a different location in space.

As a side note, the star name Alcor is also used by “The Alcor Life Extension Foundation” in Scottsdale, Arizona. They are preserving dead bodies, hoping that with a future technology they will be able to revive them.[33] I found it interesting that the name is connected with the above-mentioned star. In reality, the “Alcor Foundation” is just a front for something much more sinister—getting people used to extending life with technology so that the Global Elite can create cyborgs, artificial intelligence, and ultimately, a Singularity—having people getting used to it and approving of it.

In Quote # 10 above, we see that because of the relationship between Agni and Svāha, the Rishis became furious and divorced the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. However, they did more than that. In his book, “Traditions of the Seven Rishis,”[34] John E. Mitchiner says, in general, that Kṛttikā can be attributed to the oldest era of the Seven Rishis, to the Pleiades in relation to Kali Yuga and its cycles. Thus, linking the Pleiades to Ursa Major, the casting out of the “wives” from Ursa Major began the commencing of the Era of the Seven Rishis, or better yet, their “casting out” from the Pleiades, also in regards to creating “laws” for humanity—something they certainly were in the process of doing under the leadership of (Note that  here we are talking about a much older era, which probably is paving the way for the more recent version, written by the AIF. In this older version, the Rishis of Ursa Major are in service to the Orion Empire and not to the AIF infiltrated Ursa Major and the Pleiades. Remember that the AIF, when the can or want to make it sound as if they have more power than they have.)

This is more important than people might think because one of the main reasons parts of humanity are holding on to is because he created “laws” here on Earth—laws that were supposed to be in our favor. Not so. The above story about the Seven Sages and the Seven Sisters is of course an allegory. What it shows is that the Orion Empire, here associated with the Big Dipper, still, at times, has a hand in this malevolent “game,” managing to steer the Enkiites off track. Another such interference was when the Pleiadians started mating with their own creations, with the resulting Nephilim. The AIF, with as their spokesman, was warned that he had let things go too far and that he now had broken a number of Cosmic Laws—desperately trying to cover them up by creating his own laws instead and have humans agree to them.

The Orion Empire must have intervened at the last moment—they only had a small time window before the AIF had put new laws into place—telling, who was summoned to a Galactic Meeting, to destroy his abdominal creations and experiments. When they noticed that despite swearing an oath to do so, he repeatedly went behind the back of the Orion Council, which, in the long- term, led to humanity, together with all the great number of abominable monsters that took no responsibility for, being wiped out in the Great Deluge, approximately 11,500 years ago.

However, learned his lesson, but not in a way that the Council had hoped. saved the DNA of species he wanted to reseed after the Flood had subsided, and although he still had the genes of Homo sapiens preserved, he never reengineered them the way they were before the Flood. He used the DNA, though, but improved it slightly, and thus created Homo Sapiens sapiens, today’s human. That would be the three different bloodlines we discussed earlier in this paper. The lessons that had learned were not to leave Planet Earth alone and not to create creatures just for the fun of it and then leave them to their fate. Instead, he became more covert with his plans, and he slowly (in our way or measuring time) built his plan toward what we have today and to where our future is going—toward a monstrous Machine Kingdom!

I sometimes read posts and articles by devotees to see how they think and where they are at in a specific moment. They think that the laws he created here on Earth have to do with making us civilized, so we didn’t aimlessly walk around and kill each other over each other’s women or over other people’s food, to use some basic examples.

In reality, something very different happened. We have mentioned a little about Yugas in these Level V Papers—a yuga being an era. Or rather, a Yuga Cycle had a duration of 12,000 years, with each Yuga lasting approximately 3,000 years. This cycle is encoded in the “Saptarsi Calendar.” The term “Saptarsi” refers to the Seven Rishis representing the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper. Every 3,000 years, being the beginning of a new Yuga, these “enlightened” Rishis came down on Earth to spread the “laws of Civilization.”[35] In other words, each Yuga had its own Laws of Civilization, as it was ruled by a new deity—or rather, the usual deities took turns to be the ones to do this! For example, when Marduk is in charge over a Nakshatra, his laws are the ones that should be obeyed; whereas,’s laws may be slightly different. The AIF Empire is vast (although not nearly as vast as the Orion Empire), and when, for example, is not in charge of a Nakshatra, he can leave the “problems of Earth” behind and mind his business elsewhere while his son takes care of Earth and its business. Hence, the laws that are mentioned are not laws to teach humanity how to expand themselves but how to expand the agenda of the AIF. It never included putting a stop to slavery. This is the great misunderstanding by those who believe that has our best interests at heart. We need to wake up to this fact—urgently!

Does this mean that Marduk and are separated from these Rishis/Sages and that they just send down seven teachers—so called “Ascended Masters”—to our own age and let them take care of business? No, only partly. We learn in the Vedas that Agni, the Fire God, is the Head of the Rishis, and as such is called Eka-Rishi.[36] Agni, as we learned, is a Deva, and his Sumerian name is Sometimes he came down himself to teach mankind, but that happened less and less, often after he personally educated a part of the early mankind, who had better brain capacity than the average slave, as told in Level II. After a while, however, he let either the High Priests (our days’ “Grandmasters”) and their begotten teachers do it themselves, or he let Rishis do it. Rishis could sometimes be “enlightened” humans as well. Brien Foerster is an archeologist who specializes in elongated skulls from Peru. He has noticed that skulls that were bigger and had elongated craniums also had higher brain capacity. A normal human has 11-1200 cubic liters worth of brain capacity; whereas, the elongated skulls that have been found, even in Antarctica, have a capacity of 1500 cubic liters. The latter could have been the type of human educated.  

Now, we have two types of Rishis—we have’s and Marduk’s Rishis, whose job (among other things) is to create Laws of Civilizations in the beginning of each Yuga (this means that we soon will see them again, as we are right now at the beginning of a new Yuga, when Kali Yuga is coming to an end). Then we have the Elder Rishis, who cast out certain aspects and who called themselves Rishis from Ursa Major.  These “outcasts” left the Dipper and went to Taurus and the Pleiades instead, where they continued their agenda. Agni ( was one of those who were cast out and so was his consort, Svāha, whom can be traced back to Ereškigal. I mentioned above that it was Svāha who took on the guise of the Seven Sisters and thus tricked them into sexual escapades with her. Hence, because of her sexual perversion and crimes, Ereškigal was cast out as well, together with her husband at the time.

V. The Origins and Dwellings of the Vedic Demigods—Lord Vishnu’s Minions

We have already mentioned the most important star races associated with Lord Vishnu—recorded in these papers as his “Minions,” with capital “M” if they are non-humans, and with a small “m” if they are humans, loyal to the Global Elite—wittingly or unwittingly. However, let us see if we can get a little more specific about the star races.

I think it may be of some value to dig a little deeper into them because otherwise they can easily be seen as something abstract, without any real reference point. In particular, I would like to discuss two of these types of beings some more.

v.i. Additional Information on the Asuras

The Asuras can, if we generalize it, be equated to the “Anunnaki,” but in my opinion, that is too vague and too general. The Asuras are basically a specific star race, perhaps, inhabiting different star systems, but they have one thing in common—they are aquatic! This means that they prefer to live in and under water—hence, it would be safe to say that they evolved on one or several water worlds—at least worlds that were dominated by water. We immediately remember the Nommos and their association with Sirius.

However, it is not as simple as that (nothing is, is it?). Let’s look at the Srimad Bhagavatam, written down around 1900-2000 BC, according to many sources.

Quote #11: SB 2.5.34: Thus all the universes remained thousands of eons within the water [the Causal Ocean], and the Lord of living beings, entering in each of them, caused them to be fully animated.[37]

SB 2.5.35: The Lord [Mahā-Viṣṇu], although lying in the Causal Ocean, came out of it, and dividing Himself as Hiraṇyagarbha, He entered into each universe and assumed the virāṭ-rūpa, with thousands of legs, arms, mouths, heads…[38]

SB 2.5.36: Great philosophers imagine that the complete planetary systems in the universe are displays of the different upper and lower limbs of the universal body of the Lord.[39]

Here, we are also referring to another kind of “water;” the Causal Ocean, which is defined at as follows:

Quote #12: Causal Ocean is the substance (originally a cloudlike darkness in one corner of the spiritual sky in Vaikuntha) from which the material world is created. Material nature resides eternally within the Causal Ocean. To initiate the material creation, Maha Vishnu glances at Material Nature, thus agitating her to begin expanding the material elements. Viewed from inside the material universe, the same Causal Ocean appears like a surrounding shell of water and is named the Viraja River.[40]

According to Vedic traditions, the Causal Ocean is the darkness out of which the physical universes are created, and the physical universes are the 3-D universes. Maha Vishnu is “the Supersoul of all living beings in all material universes.”[41] In other words; we have been discussing our Oversoul a number of times, but Maha Vishnu would be the Oversoul of Oversouls—including all souls in all physical universes. Mind you, in all physical universes! This means the soul fragments that your Oversoul are sending out into the 3-D universes to explore them.

What exactly does this mean? If we are to believe the Vedas in this respect, the soul fragment that is me—my personality—is a part of the material universe. Therefore, if the material universe (or universes) ceased to exist, would the “I” soul fragment cease to exist as well? Then, which material universes is the Vedic text talking about? The “real” universes, or the ones Vishnu/ created?

There are three aspects of Vishnu as a complete entity—1) Maha Vishnu, being the Oversoul of Oversouls, 2) Garbodakshayi Vishnu,[42] from which Brahma, the incarnated interdimensional “being” emerges, and 3) Ksirodakasayi Vishnu,[43] who lives in the heart of every living creature.

It’s easy to understand that this philosophy is attractive to seeking souls because it carries so much truth. The only problem is that this whole concept is stolen from Mother Goddess, who is the real Creatrix. Many times, I’ve been writing about how disinformation needs to contain a majority of the truth in order to attract a greater number of followers, but then there is a little twist to it that makes the revealed truth more or less useless if we buy the whole concept. This is a magnificent example! The different aspects of the Godhead are explained in a way that is very close to the truth, until Lord Vishnu is inserted as the Creator instead of Mother Goddess. This little twist makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Mother Goddess is suddenly kicked out!

To be fair, there are texts in the Vedas that praise the Goddess (Devi) as the Creatrix, too, such as Devi Bhagavatam, The First Book, Chapter VII: On the Praise of the Devi,[44] but that is not the predominant text that most Hindus follow. Hinduism became a patriarchal religion a long time ago.

Does that make all beings created in this universe aquatic? Yes, in some sense it does, but when we’re discussing the Asuras, we are also discussing beings who evolved living in water, such as the water of planetary oceans. We hear of UFO sightings fairly often, where USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) or even strange beings have been seen underneath the surface of the ocean.

Fig. 6 USO, allegedly encountered by Russians.

An interesting aspect regarding the Asuras is also what happens if we pay attention to sound, which is actually an important aspect when we are trying to understand mythology and ancient texts. Asuras sounds quite similar to Ausar and Osiris, and in the Vedas, it says that Kashyapa is the father of the Asuras, and Kashyapa is equivalent to Vishnu, which we learned earlier. Ausar and Osiris, of course, are Egyptian counterparts to Vishnu/[45]

Fig. 7. Egyptian relief of the god Osiris.

What we need to keep in mind is the different concepts of time. Time is different depending on where in the Universe we are located. It can be quite confusing to read the Vedic concept of time, which doesn’t seem to match our way of thinking at all. It’s not because the Vedas are necessarily wrong, but they are measuring time from the perspective of the gods, and therefore, we get these enormous numbers when they count the various yugas. We have a tendency to think that everything centers around us here on Earth, but first, we have to deal with a Multiverse where everything appears to happen at once and still doesn’t (think dream state). For us, this is confusing, but for star beings, it is perfectly normal. The different empires out there have existed for a very long time from our perspective but, perhaps, only in a blink of an eye if you ask a star being. Moreover, time is subjective and is experienced differently by different beings—even amongst star beings. They are able to stop time, speed it up, and slow it down—at least to a certain degree.

My point is that the Luciferian Empire has existed a long time, and it has grown bigger and bigger over the eons, just as the Orion Empire and other empires have as well. Vishnu, the genetic manipulator, has had a lot of “time” to manipulate the star races he has enslaved and/or brought into his ever-increasing empire the way he wants them—including making mistakes which he never adjusted, exactly as he did here on Earth. It seems evident that Vishnu has an association with water—something we also notice in the Sumerian texts—and he has bases under the oceans of the Earth, as well as on dry land, and he is often depicted in a boat, floating on water. He is of Dragon blood, born without a father, but as the interdimensional being that he is, he can adjust to almost anything by just changing shape and form. However, not all star races have the capabilities to do that—sometimes because they are not trained, and sometimes because they are not evolved enough. Hence, it may be appropriate to assume that he takes a race which is evolving in water and genetically sets them up to function both under water and on land. If such a race is going to spend a lot of time in the water, it’s better to take a “water race” and adjust them to become a land-living creature and a sea creature than to take land creatures and make them function under water. The Nommos are probably good examples of such a race. They may very well be the Asuras that the Vedas mentioned, originally coming from Sirius.

VI. Locating Stars and Constellations in Relation to Ursa Major

Fig. 8. Parts of the Northern Hemisphere, in relation to the Big Dipper.

Ursa Major may be the “wounded bear” in the sense that some of the asterism has been taken over, but it is still a great stronghold for the Queen of the Stars and Her consort.

We have mentioned quite a few constellations in previous papers, and it’s hard to get a visual, so we know where the stars and the constellations are located in relation to each other. Of course, there are excellent maps of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres one can buy, and there are some on the Internet as well. I found a fun page to look at if you are interested. The address is To get a little taste, here is one of the star/constellation maps presented (fig. 8). This page doesn’t nearly give a full view and understanding of the relation between the stars etc., but I found it quite entertaining, and decided to end this paper with a little exercise.

Also, on the same website, perhaps, the most ancient version of the Artemis Story, covered in Level IV, is presented. The reader may find it interesting.

Quote #13: A more ancient belief behind the story of Callisto is that the Great Bear is really Artemis herself, and that Callisto is another name for Artemis. Artemis is the ancient queen of the stars and the ruler of the Arctic Pole. The she-bear is her symbol. She is the “Sounding One” and the “Lady of the Wild Mountains” giving off a “brilliant blaze” as she hunts. She is the queen of the inviolate meadow far from the haunts of men. She is the queen of the crescent moon, moonlight being her actual presence, and she is believed to cause wild animals and trees to dance.[46]

The next paper will be entirely dedicated to Aldebaran—Alpha Taurus in the Pleiadian star sign. We know that this is the star Lucifer fled to after been cast out from Heaven, but Aldebaran has a lot to tell us—both ancient stories, such as Lucifer’s refuge, and more recent stories—as recent as World War II, actually. What we will discuss is quite important in the scheme of things and will further help us understand the bigger picture. Paper #12 is connecting dots that I think have not been entirely connected before. I was quite proud of it when it was finished.


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you,








[8] Circa 2200 BC, according to Mesopotamian chronology, where the Bronze Age is recorded as have been between 2900-1530 BC.

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[16] Isis/Ishtar is the daughter of Ninurta:

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[25] “Mind born sons…” Does genetic experimentation come to mind? Perhaps even cloning?


[27] The author and psychic, Anton Parks, made a whole alien species out of the Abgal—something he unfortunately often did—the same thing with the Kingu. Parks could be much more correct if he didn’t fall into that trap. Then, because these Sages are aquatic, he automatically put them in the Sirius star system.







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