Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 12: The Milky Way Spiral Arms and the Cosmic Slave Masters

by Wes Penre, Written on Friday, November 22, 2013 
Posted on Friday, February 7, 2014
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. The Milky Way Spiral Arms

Galaxies, according to astronomers, are put into different categories—just as stars are. The Milky Way Galaxy, in which we reside, is considered a spiral galaxy, for obvious reasons. In the middle of the galaxy is a core, which allegedly consists of a supergiant black hole, surrounded by millions of stars. This core is by some also called The Womb of the Mother and is a birth center of stars.

The theory states that in the beginning of the Galaxy, the “womb” shot out a myriad of nebulae and stars, which took a spiral form, and eventually, different spiral arms, filled with gas, nebulae, and stars, formed and created the shape of our current Galaxy.

Fig. 1. NGC 6744, a Milky Way look-alike.

There are many spiral arms in the Milky Way, but they all develop from two major arms[1] and get other names as we get closer to the outskirts of the Galaxy. The two major arms are the Perseus Arm and theScutum-Centaurus Arm, as depicted in fig. 2 below. These two arms shoot out from each side of the oval-shaped galactic core.

Fig 2. The most common spiral arms in the Milky Way Galaxy.

To begin, let us first get a little bit familiar with the spiral arm in which our own solar system is located. As we have mentioned earlier, the Sun is located at the fringes of the Galaxy and sits on the Orion Arm (see fig. 2above, where it’s called “2b. Orion-Cygnus,” and is written in orange). This is what Wikipedia has to say about the Orion Arm:

The Orion Arm is a minor spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy some 3,500 light-years (1,100 parsecs) across and approximately 10,000 light-years (3,100 parsecs) in length.[2] The Solar System and therefore the Earth lies within the Orion Arm. It is also referred to by its full name, the Orion–Cygnus Arm, as well as Local Arm, Orion Bridge, Local Spur and Orion Spur.

The Orion Arm is named for the Orion constellation, which is one of the most prominent constellations of Northern Hemisphere winter (Southern Hemisphere summer). Some of the brightest stars and most famous celestial objects of this constellation (Betelgeuse, Rigel, the stars of Orion’s Belt, the Orion Nebula) are located within the Orion Arm, as shown on the interactive map below.

The Orion Arm is located between the Carina–Sagittarius Arm (toward the Galactic Center) and the Perseus Arm (toward the outside Universe), the latter one of the two major arms of the Milky Way. Long thought to be a minor structure, a “spur” between the two longer adjacent arms Perseus and Carina-Sagittarius, evidence was presented in mid 2013 that it might be in fact a branch of the Perseus Arm, or possibly an independent arm segment itself.[3]

Within the Orion Arm, our Solar System and Earth are located close to the inner rim in the Local Bubble, about halfway along the Orion Arm’s length, approximately 8,000 parsecs (26,000 light-years) from the Galactic Center.[2]

Fig.2 above is a picture we are going to return to several times in this paper because, first, it is a very good picture, giving an excellent visual view of the Galaxy and its spiral arms, and second, it will be very helpful when we start talking about star races and their location in space/time and time/space.

If you study fig. 3 below, you’ll notice that there is a “trail” within these arms, which starts at the Perseus Arm. Follow that arm inward (to the right), beginning at the fringes until you come to a place where the Orion Arm branches off “downward” in the picture (here called the Local). Follow the Orion Arm, and you see the Sun’s position in red. Just where the Orion Arm ends, there is a connection between this arm and the Carina-Sagittarius Arm, which then continues all the way to the center of the Galaxy. We can of course also follow this trail, starting from the Galactic Center and moving outward. Along such trails we have differentGalactic Highways, such as Pesh-Meten, which is the commercial “highway” I’ve mentioned a lot in my papers. The Galaxy is also divided into sectors by trading star races, and Orion and our solar system belong to Sector 9. When we look at the Galaxy from this perspective, we get more order out of chaos, and the Milky Way doesn’t seem so vast anymore.

Fig. 3. Pesh-Meten.

Look at the trail again, and you will notice that our solar system (in red) is sitting on Pesh-Meten, which is the Galactic Highway I just made you look at, which goes all the way from the Galactic Center and out of the Galaxy where the Orion-Cygnus Arm disappears into space in the upper part of the map (from there, it continues through deep space until it reaches the Andromeda Galaxy, 2.2 million light-years away, and continues there). Hence, Lucifer knew exactly what he was doing when he was taking over Ar-i-du, our solar system! Earth is sitting like a plug right on Pesh-Meten, and by isolating Earth from the rest of the Galaxy and eventually closing the Saturn stargate, he blocked the energy, which previously flowed free along this long highway of business and trade. This was not taken lightly by many star races that had business going on at both sides of Pesh-Meten, where Ar-i-du sat in the middle.

Star travelers could of course take a passageway on either side of Ar-i-du—and they do—but it works like when you put a big stone in the middle of a creek—the water has to take routes around the stone on both sides, and the flow of the water slows down, and debris is gathering where the stream is almost standing still, and it’s piling up. A similar thing happened with the energy flow after a while, with the solar system sitting there, blocking the energy. In some places, the energy created back currents, and it could become a somewhat dangerous place to travel through. What happened was that the flow of business and trade also decreased with the flow of energy.

One thing I want to teach the readers to always pay attention to when researching the Pantheon and old records is how things are named—everything from the beings themselves, to planets, to suns/stars, to nebulae, to asterisms, and to galaxies. I would suggest that very little—if anything—is named randomly. All names are there for a reason—e.g. there is a reason why a spiral arm is named the Perseus Arm and not the Artemis Arm, just to make something up here in order to prove a point. It’s named the Perseus Arm and could not be named anything else because of its significance to “Perseus.” I hope the readers understand what I mean by this. Therefore, it becomes so much easier to know where to start researching if we are aware of this simple rule. How many people have actually seriously thought about why a certain planet is called Jupiter? Not many. Most people think it’s just something astronomers decided to do because it sounded cool. Far from it!

The Orion Arm is called that because this cluster of the Galaxy belongs to the Orion Empire—it’s a matter ofreal estate. We are not talking about the Third Dimension now, but all dimensions, all the way up to Satania.

However, let’s take a look at the spiral arms between which the Orion Arm is “squeezed in.” We have Carina Sagittarius on one side and Perseus on the other. Although our own spiral arm is generally known as the Orion Arm, it’s correct name is, as I already mentioned, the Orion-Cygnus Arm. Further down, we also have the Scutum-Centaurus Arm (see fig. 2).

First, what is a Sagittarius? A Sagittarius is a centaur (fig. 4).

Fig. 4. A Sagittarius.

Then, I mentioned Scutum-Centaurus, and “Centaurus,” of course, stands for centaur as well. Now we have not only one but two spiral arms referring to centaurs, oddly enough. In the papers, I have on a few occasions mentioned that and his scientists, when they did their experiments in genetics to create the perfect slave race, as a mid- station they created the centaurs, who were half man and half horse. The fact that these creatures actually roamed our world in ancient times has been confirmed by quite a few sources by now, so I have little doubt that this was a real species. In any case, why name two spiral arms after this rather odd creature? Isn’t that strange if a centaur is only a temporary experiment here on Earth—an experiment that didn’t even last long and  then was terminated?

It is not strange if we know what Nergal symbolizes. The reader may recall that Nergal is one of’s alter egos—the one he is known by as the King of the Underworld. Now, let’s take a look at Nergal again. In old Babylon, he was often depicted as a…yes, you guessed it—as a centaur! (see fig.5).

Fig. 5. Nergal depicted as a Centaur in the British Museum.

Could there possibly be a connection? Of course! We’ve learned by now that these things are not coincidental. However, before we go into the significance of this, let’s look at a few other Spiral Arms, and let’s start with the Norma Arm.

The Norma Arm starts at the Galactic Center and expands outward to become the “Outer Arm” and the “New Arm.” Thus, it’s quite far away from the Orion-Cygnus Arm, where our solar system is located. Therefore, how can it have any relation to us?

Well, if we look up Norma, we find something quite interesting.

Norma is a small and inconspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere between Scorpius and Centaurus. Its name is Latin for normal, referring to a right angle, and is variously considered to represent a rule, a carpenter’s square, a set square or a level.[3]

First, we need to know that the Milky Way Spiral Arms in some instances also have Constellations named the same. I would suggest that the name of the Constellations came first, and the Spiral Arms were named afterward. Hence, we have Norma located between Scorpius and Centaurus! There we have the centaur again, associated with Nergal/ As if that weren’t enough, there is also a reference to the square, the rule, and the level. Where have we heard of these carpenter’s tools before? The knowledgeable reader knows that these tools are used as symbols in Freemasonry!

The working tools of a Fellow craft are the square, level, and plumb-rule.[4]

 Consequently, who is in charge of Freemasonry, which is a branch-off of the Brotherhood of the Snake? The answer is!

Fig. 6. Freemasonic tools: the Carpenter’s Square; the Level, the Plumb-Rule, and more…

We now understand that the constellation of Norma is related to and is quite possibly one of Lucifer’s strongholds. What about the spiral arm called Norma, as well? Can it be that there are some very prominent star bases for Lucifer along this spiral arm as well? Following this array of sources, it is quite plausible. Can he be in charge of the complete spiral arm? That is highly doubtful, but as we’ve discussed earlier, there are a lot of different passageways or galactic highways following these spiral arms, and he may very well have taken over some of them—hence, he could be in charge of business and trade along such a passageway.

When we looked into the Norma constellation above, we found that it is located between Scorpius and Centaurus, and if we look at Scorpius, we find:

Scorpius, sometimes known as Scorpio, is one of the constellations of the zodiac. Its name is Latin for scorpion, and its symbol is (Unicode ♏). It lies between Libra to the west and Sagittarius to the east. It is a large constellation located in the southern hemisphere near the center of the Milky Way.[5]

Now we notice that Scorpius lies between Libra and Sagittarius! This is all about so-called “trails of stars”—in this case, star constellations—and it’s more related than any astronomer, astrophysicist, or astrologer may realize. As I’ve said repeatedly, names are not random! They have direct meanings, and they have hidden (occult) meanings. Here we have a trail of star constellations, conquered by Lucifer and his DAKH warriors. Also, we once again stumble upon the word Sagittarius, which is related to Nergal, the Centaur.

Now, let’s take a look at Cygnus, as in the Orion-Cygnus Arm. What does the word Cygnus mean? It means “swan,” doesn’t it? Let’s look it up.

Cygnus /ˈsɪɡnəs/ is a northern constellation lying on the plane of the Milky Way, deriving its name from the Latinized Greek word for swan. The swan is one of the most recognizable constellations of the northern summer and autumn, it features a prominent asterism known as the Northern Cross (in contrast to the Southern Cross).[6]

What is a swan? Of course, it’s a bird. Have we heard of birds before in relation to these papers? We have—in relation to the “Bird Tribe!” What is the Bird Tribe? They are the bird/aquatic species that followed Lucifer in his rebellion, and many of them were captured and put in prison in the Sirius C Dark Star—they are also called the Nommos. Is this a coincidence? Hardly! Especially not when it’s mentioned as a part of the word Orion (Orion-Cygnus Arm). Isn’t it more plausible that the word Cygnus is added after Orion because a certain being wants to brag and say that he is in charge of some of the Orion Empire? More literally, he is telling us that he is in charge of a part of Pesh-Meten. Earth is indeed sitting as a blockage on the exact border between the part of the spiral arm called “Orion” and the part called “Cygnus.” If we go back and take a look at fig. 2, we can see approximately where Orion starts in the upper part of the map and where Cygnus takes over in the lower part of the map. Earth is sitting right between the two! Does this mean that Lucifer, by putting a plug in the middle of the Passageway, only lets business and trade move into Cygnus with his permission? Could he possibly have the star races doing business in that area of the Galaxy (Sector 9) pay taxes to him in order to be able to move into the Cygnus Arm? This would be something that someone with his character would do, so who knows?

Here is another very interesting comment on the Cygnus constellation:

Together with other avian constellations near the summer solstice, Vultur cadens and Aquila, Cygnus may be a significant part of the origin of the myth of the Stymphalian Birds, one of The Twelve Labours of Hercules.[7]

In my papers, I have often mentioned that the AIF—or at least some of them—are man-eaters. They eat human flesh. The Stymphalian Birds referred to above are a clear reference to this, for us, horrendous habit of the gods. Let’s look up “Stymphalian Birds” to see what we can find:

In Greek mythology, the Stymphalian birds (Greek: Στυμφαλίδες ὄρνιθες, Stymphalídes órnithes) were man-eating birds with beaks of bronze and sharp metallic feathers they could launch at their victims, and were pets of Ares, the god of war. Furthermore, their dung was highly toxic. They had migrated to a lake in Arcadia to escape a pack of wolves, and bred quickly and took over the countryside, destroying local crops, fruit trees and townspeople.[8]

Ares, the “God of War” is a reference to Marduk (and in some respect, as they both were impostors, playing the role of YHWH), and in mythology, these “birds” are referred to as being his “pets,” which would be horrific enough, but I would say that this is just a cover-up, “blaming” this habit on pets, when in fact it refers to the gods themselves. Also, haven’t we seen depictions of some of the gods having long, sharp beaks? Aren’t some gods referred to as birds?

Then we have the Carina-Sagittarius Arm to the “left” of the Orion-Cygnus Arm, which can be best seen in Fig. 3. Sagittarius is obviously a very important word when we look either locally, at star constellations,  or at the spiral arm. It’s probably not a coincidence, either, that the Carina-Sagittarius Arm is the one closest to the Orion-Cygnus Arm because Lucifer expanded what was going to become his own empire. It’s reasonable to believe that stars and asterisms in the Carina-Sagittarius Arm located closest to the Orion-Cygnus Arm are occupied by Lucifer’s DAKH. When we look up Carina, we find that it means “keel,” as in the keel of a ship, and this is what we’ll find when we dig into the Chinese constellations:

From China (especially northern China), the stars of Carina can barely be seen. The star Canopus (the south polar star in Chinese astronomy) was located by Chinese astronomers in the The Vermillion Bird of the South (南方朱雀, Nán Fāng Zhū Què).[9]

Canopus (alpha Carinae) is the brightest star in the constellation of Carina,[10] and there we have a connection to birds again, although this time we have to look into Chinese astronomy and astrology to find it.

Last, we have the Perseus Arm, which some astronomer nowadays think that the Orion-Cygnus Arm is just an extension of, and if we look very carefully on star maps (see fig. 3), we can see that this can very well be a case. It looks as if the Orion-Cygnus Arm is branching off from the larger Perseus Arm, and if this is the case, the former is much larger in size than previously thought. I haven’t found anything worthwhile in regards to the Perseus Arm, however, which would indicate any extensive Luciferian involvement. Could it perhaps be that this outer arm is relatively free from their involvement? I have no way of knowing, but if so, it would be a very nice thing!

After having done research on the Milky Way Galaxy as a whole, there are a couple of things that strike me. First, it seems as if the Luciferian influence on the Galaxy is larger than I first thought—something I have also had suggested to me from anonymous sources. One of these sources said something to the following effect as a reply to a question I had at the time: “ has created more damage in the Galaxy than you may think…” It seems now that this source may be correct!

The second thing that strikes me is how often the centaur entity appears in the research. There is no doubt that this is related to Nergal, the King of the Underworld, who is often depicted as such a creature. Thus far, we have brought up Sirius and the constellation it belongs to—Canis Major—as one of the origins to some of the Luciferian followers, but I also suspected that the Luciferian forces had to be more widespread than that. Sure enough, research pointed at many other star systems and asterisms, which I have mentioned here in Level IV. However, there seems to be another one, which is more “close to home.” Let us take a look at the constellation of Centaurus. I found this quite fascination information:

The figure of Centaurus can be traced back to a Babylonian constellation known as the Bison-man (MUL.GUD.ALIM). This being was depicted in two major forms: firstly, as a 4-legged bison with a human head, and secondly, as a being with a man’s head and torso attached to the rear legs and tail of a bull or bison. It has been closely associated with the Sun god Utu-Shamash from very early times.[11]

Now we are a little bit ahead of ourselves because I have yet to release the paper that discusses Marduk’s involvement with the Underworld. I will go into more details about that later, but for now, just keep a note to yourself that Marduk, after the Deluge, was deeply involved with the Underworld. In the quote above, Utu Šamaš is associated with the centaur, or as they depicted it in old Babylon, a bull or a bison—the Bull being related to the constellation of Taurus and the Pleiades—EA’s resort. Utu is, as we’ve concluded earlier, the same being as Lord Marduk himself—the Sun god.

My last thing on Centaurus is the perhaps most compelling! The nearest stars to our Sun are Alpha and Proxima Centauri, being just about four light-years away from Earth. has taken on many different forms over the eons, and the centaur is only one of them. However, it’s closely related to his kingship of the Underworld. Are some of his cohorts originating in any of these two stars, or could it be that Lucifer conquered them some time in the past? Whatever the case may be, Centaurus in its entirety seems to have a very close relationship to Lucifer. I think that we may eventually find more information showing exactly how Centaurus is connected with Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. Some have suggested that Centaurus—perhaps as an asterism—is the home of the DAKH warriors.

The Milky Way Galaxy is large, however, and we need to keep in mind that whatever we see in the sky is only 4% of what is actually there. It may be true what my anonymous source said, but I am also convinced that large sections of the Galaxy are not under Luciferian command.

The readers may ask themselves—if the Orion Empire is so vast, how can Lucifer have taken over what seems to be such a significant part of the Galaxy? I think the answers lies in the 4%. When Lucifer, as, created us as a slave race and only let us perceive 4% of the Universe, which 4% is it most possible that he would let us see? The territories owned by the Orion Empire, or the territories owned by his boasting self? I would put my money on the latter. Not to say that everything he shows us are his territories—it’s probably far from it. However, some of the territories we can see, which are not what he considers his domains, could very well be territories he is planning to conquer—some of them with our help!  

II. Redemption or Annihilation?

I know that there are many who, just like me, have seen the connection, but some of them claim that he is redeeming himself, and that we should let him get that chance. Personally, I would consider that, if not for the sole reason to end this War of the Gods, which has lasted millions, if not billions, or years, so we humans can get released from our electronic prison and start living a cosmic life. In addition, by ending the war, it would free many other beings in the Heavens, too.

The crimes that have been committed over the eons here on Gaia are horrendous, and it would certainly be understandable if such an “amnesty” would not be accepted—regardless if such an acceptance came from we humans, or the Orion Council. I am only talking for myself now—I can’t speak for mankind in its entirety—and if people get educated on the subjects I have been addressing, they may judge differently than I do.

The Orion Council already spoke on the matter a very long time ago and accepted a redemption from Lucifer. So far, so good, but there is also where it stops. Lucifer has showed no interest whatsoever to redeem himself over the long eons. Instead, he has made matters worse by conquering worlds and stars with the help from his Draco minions and others and enslaved the populations. Neither has he showed any attempts to give up his master-slave relationship with mankind. The Queen of the Stars is still waiting for him to come to his senses, but even she is starting to get impatient, to say the least.

In his jealousy, Lucifer has built his own empires throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, where the one consisting of the asterisms and stars Ursa Minor, Spica, and Alpha Draconis is only one in a series of smaller empires. The intention is quite obviously to supersede Orion and create the greatest empire in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Still, he must know better. The Orion Empire expands far beyond the Milky Way Galaxy, in which we live. It includes many star systems and star constellations in our neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy, approximately 2.2 million light-years away from the Milky Way, and whole clusters of galaxies farther out and even reaches into other universes, totally separated from ours. The Empire of the Queen of the Stars goes beyond what humans can comprehend. How can Lucifer even in his wildest dreams think he can beat that? And then, what? Is he going to declare war against Orion?

Yes, that’s exactly what he is planning to do. He wants it all, and he still wants more. There is no such barrier for Lucifer where he may say, “OK, that’s enough!”

Obviously, this being is delusional in many ways. He may be brilliant, but his brilliance has also made him blind. Things that we humans can quite easily see—such as what I just mentioned—he can’t envision. But on the flipside, he is not so different from humans—his anger and his rage are blinding him, and he refuses to see failure as an option. He is fighting a war he is bound to lose—there is no way for him to come out of it as the victor. He may win a battle here and there, which he has, but the war is already lost. The questions are,when will it all be over, and what will it take to get to that point?

An obvious question arises from this information, however—a question I know that many readers have asked themselves. I have addressed it before, but in the scheme of things, I’d like to bring it up again. The question is, if the Orion Empire is that vast and powerful and Lucifer is “nothing” in comparison, why hasn’t he been taken out a million years ago, before he even had the chance to take over planet Gaia?

This is a much more complicated question than it may seem to be. Of course, guerilla warfare comes to mind. Nations in the past have lost against rebels who were using guerilla warfare, so that’s nothing new. Although Lucifer can never win, he can drag it out for eons by using this kind of warfare. Still, I don’t think that’s enough to hold the Orion Empire back. It has to be more “tricky” than that, and this is where using star races as “shields” come into play. Lucifer simply hides behind the races he has enslaved and doesn’t hesitate to slaughter them if his life or his freedom are at stake.

Therefore, he takes advantage of other’s compassion. The Council has hesitated for a very long time, not wanting innocent star races to be used—sometimes perhaps without their knowledge, but mostly, they have no choice. Still, on occasion, the Empire has felt forced to interfere regardless, and innocent lives have been taken in the process. Also, when it comes to Earth, it’s been pretty close more than once that the Council has voted for our annihilation in order to get to Lucifer—the last time that it occurred was just a few years ago, according to some. Before that, it was the Deluge. Our problem is that the gods are once again considering interference.

If this occurs, what would it mean for humanity? Well, it’s quite obvious. Mankind is almost totally ignorant of the existence of these gods in the first place, and if an Orion armada would storm into our solar system, it wouldn’t be a 3-D armada anyway, and we wouldn’t even know that they were coming until the war was upon us. The Orions would never kill innocent humans if they could avoid it, but and the Global Elite would. They would use us as shields, and the Orions would have to kill us to get to the rebels.

I think that the first thing we would notice, in case the Orion fleet took everyone—including the Global Elite—by surprise, would be that worldwide military would be mobilized immediately. People would see military on the street worldwide, but no news about what was occurring. Total confusion would follow—everybody would wonder what was going on and demand an explanation. Martial Law would be declared. Much would be done outside the scope of the military handbook because at this point, wouldn’t care if he followed the rulebook or not.

Only a few people on the planet would understand what was going on. I’m sure has planned what to do if something like this occurred, and I’m not a military strategist, so I can only guess.

An army of supersoldiers are already trained for emergency situations, and they would do what they were told, regardless of what the orders were, as long as the orders came from the “right place”. would mobilize this army, ready to kill off human citizens—most possibly whole cities would be nuked if necessary. This Supersoldier army is also trained to be interdimensional and multidimensional soldiers. They would be our intermediary, able to nanotravel with help from technology (the AIF does not want them to nanotravel without being under the control of the AIF).

The main confusion would occur because the Orions are interdimensional and wouldn’t come here in human bodies. To us, they would be invisible, vibrating on a much higher frequency than any of us. It would be like fighting ghosts—literally—they would probably bleed through and then disappear in a whirlwind. There would be weather changes, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, huge storms, and other anomalies.

The Orions would never harm humans if they could avoid it, but in such a hypothetical war, humans would be sacrificed by the millions, perhaps billions. would probably contact the Orion fleet and threaten them, saying that if they did not withdraw, he would start nuking major cities on Earth, starting with New York or Tokyo.

Soon enough, he would realize that the Orion fleet meant business, and as soon as the armada progressed further, would execute his threat and have one of the major cities nuked, with millions of people killed.

After that, everything would go downhill. The AIF that is stationed on Earth, including, would do everything they could to flee, while the military continued bombing cities and targeting spaceships interdimensionally.

Would the Orions even try to reach the human population? Yes, I’m sure they would. If there was a chance to get people out of here, they would do it, regardless of how few people could be saved. A TV announcement would hardly do it because even if people eventually would believe that an alien force was closing in on Earth, no one would know who was the friend and who was the enemy. This would be the exact confusion that would benefit the best, but not the Orions, nor mankind. The chance would be great that humans would start fighting humans, taking side in the battle without even knowing who’s side is what.

Unless has thought this through down to the smallest electron, he and his minions would hardly escape. The Orion armada would most certainly have blocked all the exits from the solar system, down to the subquantum levels. and the rebellious aquatic Bird Tribe would be annihilated one by one, having their Avatars blown to pieces, and it would be over. Perhaps that would take care of the problem once and for all on a cosmic level, but what would happen to Mother Gaia and the human race? Very few, if any, would survive. These gods, as we know, have technology to blow up planets, regardless of size. As a final revenge, I wouldn’t be surprised if blew our planet to pieces, just before he was annihilated. He would think, “What do I have to lose? After all, it would be the ultimate revenge!”

This is one case scenario, but a very scary one! Nevertheless, I think the readers can imagine that this couldactually happen, and that it even is likely, unless we do something. We can’t hide our heads in the sand anymore, thinking that the less we know, the better. If we do, we contribute to our own destruction. It’s time to stand up against this insanity and simply not agree to being slaves anymore—as we have discussed in previous levels of learning. Most of the “spiritual community” doesn’t even understand to which degree we actually create our own reality—very few people have any real grasp of it. However, before this level is completed, I hope the readers will have a good picture of it. I will do my best to share my own insights on this, and you can see if it works for you.

If Lucifer were really trying to redeem himself, he would not use his own lineage—his human-Orion hybrids—to continue this master-slave situation on Gaia. He would take down the Grid and open the Saturn stargate. He would stop these suppressive reincarnation cycles and start helping those in need on this planet, in order to rectify what he has done. Instead, what do we see? We see a Global Elite, who desperately try to hang on to their power, doing what it takes to maintain global dominance. That is not what I call redemption.  

III.’s Interactions with the Orion Council

We all know the story by now. The AIF took an existing, already evolved race, manipulated and genetically engineered its genes, left a big chunk of the DNA dormant, and after a lot of experimenting over a very long time period, they came up with the first human slave race that they were quite satisfied with.

This new hybrid race replaced the alien workers, who were in cahoots with Lucifer. This was something that was not only morally or ethically incorrect, but also against Orion law. Queen Nin, Khan En.lil and Prince Ninurta had already lost the original Living Library to Lord, but when it became known in the Pantheon that he was in the process of creating a hybrid slave race by manipulating DNA of existing, evolving beings on an evolving planet, they did what they could to interact.

According to the Sumerian tablets, in Sitchin’s translation, Khan En.lil and Prince Ninurta were the ones who were most against genetic manipulation, contrary to what many people think.

Enlil objected to Enki’s plan.  Don’t create a Nibiran/Apeman slave class here on Earth, Enlil reminded Enki, “On our planet [Nibiru], slavery has long ago been abolished, tools are slaves, not other beings.”

Ninurta added that to get gold better, Enki should make machines, not slaves.[12]

To this, responds, followed by Khan En.lil’s comment:

“Earthlings we create,” Enki replied, “shall helpers, not slaves, be.”

Enlil still protested: “To clone hybrid beings is in The Rules Of Planet Journeys forbidden.”[13] got the last word:

Enki responded, “a new species create we shall not; the Apeman of Earth [Homo Erectus] is in his fashioning essence [genotype] as we of Nibiru [Homo Sapiens, Sapiens] are. Our ancestor the Apeman is; into us he evolves. Quicken Apeman shall we, speed him but some millions of years to what has only always been his destiny.”[14]

If we put together the whole drama and what has happened here on Earth since the AIF took over, the above conversation makes total sense, whether the translation comes from Sitchin or somebody else. “En.lil” and his son, Prince En.lil/Ninurta, did not want any tampering done with their creation. It is obvious that this planet was a Living Library and an Experiment from the beginning and somebody else’s property—not’s. All along, we humans, who have looked into the old Sumerian story, have believed in the lie that “En.lil” was the bad guy who tortured and dominated mankind, while was the being with a “heart.” This is simply not so—and can’t be—because Khan En.lil and his son, Ninurta, were not even here at the same time as and his cohorts. The records were manipulated during the Babylonian Empire. The scribes only wrote down what they were told.

The real story is there, fortunately—because, once upon a time, it was written down as well and brought forth orally from generation to generation. This means that and his son could not just make things up as they wished. First, they had to destroy as many original records as possible (many were destroyed when the Library of Alexandria was put on fire) and then rewrite history in a way so that it didn’t totally conflict with the real story behind the cover stories—the changes had to happen slowly. In these papers, I am trying to show the readers that it is possible to still find the truth, but one has to be very persistent and willing to deal with whatever comes up, regardless if it is uncomfortable or contradicts the “mainstream” way of looking at things. The person who is willing to do this can’t have any preconceptions that he or she refuses to let go of, if and when necessary. It’s a process, and it’s an opening of new neuropathways and chakras.

Queen Nin, Khan En.lil, and Prince Ninurta have had their names and characters pretty much destroyed by the AIF, thus being blamed for most of the crimes that were done by and those who were conspiring with him. To discover this was a shock to me because to begin with, I was no different from anybody else—I had bought the false stories as did most people. When I discovered what really happened—or as close as possible to what happened—I felt a moment of loneliness, thinking that once I know this, I can’t go back. Not many people at this moment would support my hypothesis, so I’d better back it up as best as I can.

Fig. 7. A member of the Bird Tribe (left) and (right)—
Lucifer and his representative in a Council Meeting.

Anyway, the fact remains—despite what many people have believed so far, “En.lil” had nothing to do with most of the things that have happened on Earth over the last 500,000 years. There is one exception, however, and that is the Flood—the Deluge that happened circa 11,000 BC. The whole Orion Council was involved in the biblical cataclysm, but that’s something we will discuss in an upcoming paper. Furthermore, most of the internal fighting that supposedly was going on between the En.lil and clans, written in a partly narrative form by Sitchin in his “Earth Chronicles,” did not happen, either, the way it was described. How could it, when what we know as the “En.lil clan” wasn’t even here? What is true, however, is that there is a war between the clans which has been ongoing since Lucifer’s Rebellion, but most of it was not played out here on Earth! The fact that was in bad standing with the Orion Empire did or does not stop him from travelling the Universe and at times meeting with family members and Council Meetings. These gatherings are, of course, not in a friendly manner and are reflected in the old records, although these conflicts have to a large degree been re-transcribed so that it appears that they all happened here on Earth.  

IV. Our Inherited Sexual Aberrations and Obsession for Gold and Precious Stones

We have some serious problems here on Earth, and the police force, social workers, and psychiatrists would certainly agree with me.

Humans have sexual problems that can be so severe that they hurt others for life or even kill their sexual victims. There are rapes, which is one of the optimal vicious acts to be in control of another being—more so than enjoying the sex act itself because the act is just a way of showing domination. In a relationship, the criminal male rapes his girlfriend after a verbal fight, just to show who is in charge. The rapist on the street is someone who is suffering from feeling no self-value—he’s at the bottom of the totem pole and doesn’t even yet know how to be a human. Therefore, in desperation to gain control over someone and hopefully not feel so worthless (in his own eyes), he rapes somebody.

Then we have the pedophile. He has an obsession to rape somebody who may be as young as a baby up until the girl or boy reaches puberty—then, in most cases, the rape stops (but not always).

Many rapists, whether they rape adults or children, rape both sexes. Like I said—it’s not about sex, it’s about control—and then it doesn’t matter to those sick people which gender the victim is (note: I use males overall here, as if it is only males who commit these crimes. This is not true, although they are in the majority. There are women who are just as bad—some of them are even more violent than men are).

Did you know that rape case statistics indicate that this crime has plummeted since the 1970s? Hence, there are fewer rapes being reported today than 40-45 years ago![15] I find this quite interesting. First, we should celebrate the fact that fewer people became victims!—however, there is another side to this. In the 1960s and 1970s, the talk about the Anunnaki and the “Return of the Gods” was starting to create its impact on the Western society, at least, and that’s where these statistics come from. Can it be that certain people got “restimulated” by this information, and their “godly genes” started “reminding” some people about how it was in ancient times, so these aberrations began to spread in the mass consciousness? After all, we do have the genes of the gods!

On the slightly brighter side—many people also have an obsession for gold and precious stones. They love gold and diamonds but may not know exactly why. If you ask a female, she may answer that she thinks they are pretty and make her attractive, while a man says that to wear gold watches, gold bracelets, and gold necklaces are symbols for wealth, power, and control. Either way, owning precious stones does something to the person—in a minor or major way, these stones change the personality of the owner.

We also love to give each other golden rings or rings with diamonds when we get married, and we exchange these rings on the Wedding Day. Why do we do that? Very few people know that this is coming from the gods. “I give you this ring, and in exchange, I own you!” This is exactly what the gods did to each other, or to humans, so we got this habit from them.[16] I don’t mean that married couples should now flush down their rings in order not to own each other, but it’s something to think of—in subtle ways, these habits remind these energies to come alive again and can have at least a minor impact, unless the couple are aware of it and tell each other that the ring for them means something else. Don’t say “bond” because that ties you to each other, and soon it will trigger feelings of guilt and other unwanted emotions. Couples who are still wearing rings could come up with a new meaning for this symbol, e.g. making it a sign for an enormous amount of love for each other.  Just be careful so this doesn’t create a “must” so that at moments when you don’t feel great love for your partner you feel guilty. You can see how this can tie people to each other for all the wrong reasons. Instead, marry without rings, if we are to marry at all. However, that is for another time—I have rocked the boat enough already.

We have all heard how the gods came down here to mine gold, precious stones, tin, and other things. This was not their main reason, but it is still a common thing in the Universe. Trading between star systems is commonplace. The AIF, after Tiamat was struck and split into becoming the asteroid belt, was almost immediately there to mine gold and precious stones. All moons and smaller planets in our solar system have been and are currently being, mined for different minerals by the AIF, and they don’t want any snooping humans out in space to see what they are doing because the evidence of their intrusion is everywhere.

Fig. 8. Space stations for extraterrestrial gold miners.

If it weren’t so serious, I would think it almost amusing to see how we mimic the gods. When criminals are caught, we put them in prison and more so in the past than we do now—perhaps, we used to put the criminals on hard labor. We often see movies in which people in overalls are hacking stones apart, all trapped in chains with prison guards watching over them, so no one gets too lazy. This is nothing new. We discussed the Sirius system previously,and the prisoners who were imprisoned in the Dark Star. They, too, like many other criminals out there in the Universe, have to do hard labor when they are in prison. Often, it is related to the damage they have done. If they have destroyed something, they simply have to restore it while they are serving “time.” In the Sirius system, particularly, there are apparently planets with a shorter lifespan that need to be mined while it’s still time, and this is a common job for prisoners—they are sent there from many star systems in this sector of the Galaxy. It’s almost like “community service,” where the criminals learn the hard way to take responsibility for their actions.

Obviously, we have inherited the DNA of the gods, and we are now dramatizing their own sexual aberrations and other obsessions, without even being aware that we are doing it. Remember that the gods are living a very long time—some say it’s almost eternal. We live 60-90 years, approximately, which is nothing compared to them—a blink of an eye, more or less. Once we have started learning something, we die, reincarnate, and forget almost everything we have learned—we need to start all over again. The Pleiadians say that this is one reason why so many star races want to incarnate here—they evolve faster and learn more by living a shorter lifespan and then forget[17], until the day we leave the trap and, hopefully, can put it all together. The hypothesis states that if we are forced to learn under harsh circumstances, we learn faster than we do if we have “eternal” life, in which not much new happens, and we don’t learn very much even in millions of years. This is why, according to the Pleiadians, many star beings out there may know a lot more than we do, but they are actually less evolved—especially spiritually and emotionally.

Nonetheless, the reason the gods did not want us to eat from the Tree of Life was because they could see the consequences. It was not only that they felt threatened by a hybrid race that would “become like them”—it was also because they didn’t want an overpopulated planet. The first humans that and Isis created, who couldn’t reproduce, had a much longer lifespan—hypothetically—but they worked themselves to death at a young age anyway, so they couldn’t enjoy their potentially long lifespan. However, when mankind became able to reproduce, the gods understood immediately that they would be very hard to control if they were allowed to live thousands of years. In addition, the longer they lived, the more they would be able to discover. This is the main reason why they left so much of our DNA dormant. “Only let the humans know what they need to know in order to help us,” was the motto.

The gods, however, from living so long, probably got bored after a while and started experimented in areas that were basically taboo—such as “perverted” sex and other things. This idea, again, comes from the Pleiadians in one of their Summer 2013 lectures, and even if this may have contributed, I believe there was more than that behind it. Violent sex and violence in general toward another being—whether it’s in an act of war or in peace times—is an attempt to control the other being.

We already know that the gods were very sexual beings—some more than others—and they typically had sex with almost any woman they got their eyes on, but let’s make a list over the abnormalities the gods were involved in—things they thought of as quite normal, apparently:

·         Rape of women (and sometimes men)

·         Violent sex

·         Tantric sex

·         Pedophilia

·         Parent having sex with daughter or son, creating offspring

·         Grandparent, or great grandparent, having sex with granddaughter, or great granddaughter or great grandson—creating offspring

·         Polygamy

·         Creating a harem, where the women were no better than sex slaves and servants to the males.

·         Building whorehouses.

·         Kinky sex in general (such as anal sex, sex including feces, blood, and urine, etc.)

·         Sadomasochism, which became “official” with the AIF lackey, Marquis de Sade, in the 1700s.[18] 

These are just a few of the different sexual practices that we have inherited from the gods through our DNA. Some of these practices were basically done for the “pleasure” of the god, while others were for pure domination. However, there were some practices, such as Tantric sex, which the gods wanted humans to participate in, as we have mentioned earlier. When the female, in particular, got her orgasms, the energy found its way right into the KHAA and the inner sanctuaries of the Orion Empire. The AIF certainly fed on this and stored much of the energy for themselves.

Now, what about gold and precious stones? Are star being women also fond of gold, diamonds, and other precious stones and metals, just like human women are? In a sense, I think they are—we can see both the Orion hybrid women, sitting on their thrones, and the pure blood AIF wearing necklaces, earrings, “third eye” stones, etc. That was not at all unusual, but to wear these things for pure looks was again not the main purpose with them.

Gold is a great insulator and conductor and was definitely used for that—something we humans are well aware of, too. Gold is also used to enhance life. The readers who read Level I may remember that the gods were snorting gold as if it were cocaine, and they actually got addicted to it, according to Dr. A.R. Bordon. For them, it is supposedly a great life enhancer—if it would work as well for us is questionable—especially with our dormant DNA. However, some people who have been very sick, such as those with bad arthritis, say they benefit a lot from taking monoatomic gold. This could be the case, but will these people also enhance their lives? That remains to be seen.

Gold in the sense of a life enhancer has been a little overrated on the Internet the last decade or so, as more and more websites have promoted the “nectar of the Gods” and the “Secret to the Tree of Life.” This is nonsense, in my opinion. The real life enhancer for the gods is blood! Menstrual blood is said to do the trick to some extent (perhaps also for us humans), but those gods who are fortunate enough to come across S-MAor SOMA, know that it is the real Elixir of the Gods! I discussed this in detail in Level II and how the Orion scientists managed to mix the blood of the Queen (she is cold-blooded, due to being of a dragon-reptilian race) with other substances. This elixir could enhance her own physical existence with millions of years, and when the scientists even managed to create a similar substance for warm-blooded beings, other star beings could enjoy immortality. In Hinduism, this “drink” is called amrita[19]. This will be discussed even more in the Fifth Level of Learning, which is estimated to be published sometime during 2014-2015.

Not all beings in the Universe have access to the Tree of Life and the S-MA[20], but members of the Orion Royal Family have it, of course, and others may receive it when they deserve it—perhaps after having done something outstanding for the Empire, or in general. It seems, however, as if the gods have to use gold as well in order to keep their bodies young. One hypothesis is that the elixir gives them a very long lifespan, while the gold may make their bodies in constant good shape, even at an advanced age. This is purely my own guess, that’s all.

Precious stones and crystals, in particular,, are used for many things—they can be communication devices, store memories, and as we have seen in the case of the “Tablets of Destinies” in a previous paper, they can also apparently be used as weapons and memory banks for the entire universe. There are many so-calledMes in the possession of the gods, and in some respect, they were probably used similarly to how we use our cell phones, iPads, and other smaller devices that many people carry with them on a daily basis—devices we look upon as totally natural. Still, a time traveler, from let’s say 1985, would be totally stunned if he or she would enter today’s reality and see all these people walking down the street, totally absorbed in these little devices. Unfortunately, regardless of how “convenient” or “fun” these devices may be in the hands of the owners, they are the beginning of the “Machine Kingdom.”[21]  

V. Two Versions of Homo Sapiens Sapiens—It’s all in the Blood!

I’ve gone through the creation story a couple of times before in my papers (Level I and II), so I am not going to repeat myself here—I just want to present an update. and Isis were the two main characters who created the early Homo sapiens and all the abominable experiments that went along with it. Eventually, they mixed’s genes with ape women—in this case, Homo Erectus, who were not as smart and advanced as the Neanderthals. After experiments back and forth, they also used the Namlú’u genes (some say they were the equivalent with the Neanderthals, who were much more spiritual and advanced than our modern science want to acknowledge), which in this case also included DNA coming directly from the Mother Goddess. This mix was then inserted into Isis’ womb, and she gave birth to the first humans.

Eventually, Isis’ body became too worn out to be used as a breeding machine, and other AIF females were used for the process. DNA were made dormant, so that the exact IQ could be established, and the lifespan they wished for the new hybrid race was limited. This is the so-called “Abel bloodline,” which most people on Earth originate from—more or less. I say “more or less” because with time, there were certain changes made to our DNA, using other star beings, and there were some additions and subtractions happening on that level. Although, in general, what they created were our first ancestors.

Then, I have talked some about a second bloodline, who became’s Minions—today’s Global Elite, sometimes called the Illuminati. These people are very different than we are in regards to their DNA. wanted to create a bloodline that was a lot smarter than the regular human slave worker, so he used the Namlú’u genes and mixed them with his own DNA, thus creating a much “purer” hybrid race. These became the Ruler Class, known as Kings, Queens, Pharaohs, Caesars, Tsars, Presidents, Dictators, and more. Behind the scenes, but still very much in charge, we have the “Money Lenders,” or the “International Bankers,” as they are called today. We also have the CEOs of Industry and Trade, Priests, High Priests—in some cases Priestesses and High Priestesses–Media Owners, people sitting on the Boards of Education, and so on. Above all these people, we have the Secret Elite, whom nobody, except the very few, even know the names of. They are super-rich—much richer than any other human on this planet, and still they are never mentioned in Forbes. They prefer to be totally anonymous and answer only to the gods themselves. On the top of the pyramid of any secret society, we have Lucifer himself, regardless of what offended members may say about that.

This is the Cain bloodline, the “Serpent line,” or the “Holy Grail,” as researchers, such as Sir Laurence Gardner, now deceased, put it. The Cain bloodline is also the “Jesus bloodline” that so many people speculate about. Did Jesus get married? Of course he did—many times. However, he may or may not have married more than once as his incarnation as Jesus Christ, but as the immortal being he is, he has been married over and over and had thousands upon thousands of lovers. We are talking about Lucifer, of course, then more known as Ea. Jesus and Lucifer are one and the same—syncretism at play again.

In other words, Gardner is correct in the sense that there is a hidden, “Holy Grail” bloodline, which the Elite want to keep as pure as they possibly can. Of course, many of these Elite members have bastard offspring, but they were more or less “cast out” and created their own watered-down bloodlines all over the world. Therefore, we have the Morgans, the Buchanans and the Bauers, etc. amongst regular people as well, although those names are Elite bloodlines. Some of these people claim family ties to the super-rich Elite, and on some level, the ties are there, but they would hardly ever be acknowledged by the real Elite—the “bastard” bloodlines are too watered-down to be useful. Therefore, these people are often as much slaves in the eyes of the Elite as those whose names are Anderson or Taylor.

We know that the reason the Elite need to inbreed is because if their bloodlines are not pure enough, they can’t host an interdimensional being such as and the AIF. We also highly suspect that many of the Global Elite people have been taken over by the AIF already and are now not only remotely run by them, but more directly so. As we discussed in an earlier paper, many souls, whom managed to release from the Sirian prison—the Dark Star—are now inhabiting human bodies here on Earth, but more are waiting to be released when a new chance arises (if ever).

Mankind, in general, is considered coming from the line of Seth, who also had the mix of Namlú’u blood in him. Not only that—when the Luciferians descended in the solar system and fought off Prince Ninurta and his team, Lucifer managed to wound Ninurta and stole his blood and sampled it. Later on, when Homo sapiens sapiens were created, Ninurta’s blood was used as well.

The Bible discusses how Cain slaughtered his brother Abel. This story has many layers to it and also indicates the end of the Namlú’u bloodline, which “God” ( didn’t care for. Hence, the Abel line, as I see it, was destroyed symbolically when created the Cain line (the Kings that had the “Divine Right to Rule”), and the Cain line took over the “Divine” role. Metaphorically, Cain “slaughtered” Abel, whose bloodline disappeared from Gaia.

The story about how the Cain line became the Jesus line instead of the Seth line has also been told and thoroughly researched by Sir Laurence Gardner.[22]

Another interesting note comes from author and researcher Peter R. Farley, in his free e-book, Where Were You Before the Tree of Life (The Experiment—the True History of the Darkness and of the Light), where much of his information is channeled from “The Nine”—something Farley himself admitted. We have in Level IV been talking a lot about the Bird Tribe as being associated with Lucifer’s rebels. The Nine mentions something very similar when it comes to’s experiments, which eventually led up to the creation of mankind.

“Enki was, in fact, able to create his own version of evil spirits –called Enkum—“part human, part animal” – extensions of his research involving the creation of man. These were warrior like beings with the bodies of cave birds. The Anunnaki were often said to wear bird masks, great wings, even bird claws, much like the later gods in Egypt. Lilith, “she of the night” and the howler,” said to be Adam’s first mate, had wings and was always portrayed with owls.[23]

Almost wherever we look in regards to’s people depicted in the old records, we’re bound to find some reference to birds, whether it’s like Peter Farley mentions here, or it could be human-like figures with bird heads, associations to vultures, eagles, hawks, ibises, and more. All of this is referring back to the Bird Tribe of Orion. Other depictions we see are also those of aquatic beings, such as men with fish heads or fish torsos. Then there are the reptilian artifacts, which, foremost, equate with those from Alpha Draconis, who are not to be confused with the primordial Dragons, who are the race that created the Universe and the primordial “womankind,” whom I call the Namlú’u.

It’s very important to understand that it’s not the “Grail Bloodline”—the Cain bloodline, which became’s Minions that is significant to the Luciferians. It’s the Seth bloodline that is important to them—the Seth bloodline being the “common man.” Much attention has been put on the Cain bloodline, which is fine because we need to know about them, but it’s easy to put these people on a pedestal, making them more significant and “godlike” than we are. Remember that this is not the case. We are the god(dess)like ones—the ones with the Fire of the Mother Goddess. Although many of us may be “born out of the Sun,” spirit-wise, this whole solar system was created by Mother Goddess and given as a “gift” to her son, Ninurta, so he could create in it and expand the Living Library the way the Goddess had intended it. has certainly also “helped” expanding the Living Library, but the “essence” of it—the real “spirit” and the original meaning how it should be done got lost when the Patriarchal Luciferians arrived. The entire brilliant idea with the Living Library and a world of compassion and love was destroyed.’s minions have bodies that are not at all as “Divine” as ours are, but still created them that way to have his “signature” on them. Also, the spirits that inhabit them are not of this solar system. The members of the Global Elite are a mess. We, perhaps, think of humans being a mess—overworked, manipulated, traumatized, etc. This may be so, but the people of the Elite don’t sleep at night—their bodies are sick, and their minds are always worrying: “Am I pleasing my Masters enough? Am I doing things right, or will they replace me? Will they kill me? Set me up?” That is the real day in the life of the Elite. Therefore, don’t think for a moment that they are senior to us in any way. I’m so very happy I am not one of them. They may look down on us because right now they believe they are the ones who have power, but deep within, they envy us for who we are and for what our true destiny is (or is meant to be). They wish they were us!   

VI. How Planted Criminal Souls in Human Bodies, and more on the Human Star Race

Here is another thing I have found out from an “impeccable source,” as they are usually called in the news media. When some star races out there in the Universe discovered what Lucifer had done here on Earth, they asked him if the criminals in their star systems could be metaphysically transferred to Earth and forced into human bodies. These star races are also in opposition to the Orion Empire for unknown reasons and have taken Lucifer’s side. In other words, they were asking for permission to transfer the souls of executed or dead criminals in their star systems over to us and let them get trapped in Lucifer’s reincarnation cycle. Many times, Lucifer gave his permission!

This is more shocking than it may sound at a first read. We can compare it with what the English did when Australia was being populated with people from outside the continent. They used the new continent as a dump-off for criminals from the British Islands, so Australia became a huge prison camp—guards included. With time, Australia generally became just as civilized as any other place on the Earth, but I’m not sure that the same thing happened when they started dumping criminal souls from other star systems here on Earth.

This has gone on for quite a long time, but we can see how many criminals over history have stood out because of their horrific crimes. One must expect that at least some—if not a majority—of these criminals are originally from other star systems.

Of course, I’m sure there are a few—a very few—people here on Gaia, who basically are not from Earth but have managed to sneak in here “by mistake” when the AIF had their guard down or there was a hole in the Grid. This happens, and some of these souls may have come here in order to help humanity out in this mess, but most souls on this planet belong to this particular solar system and have always belonged here. Then we have a significant number of Namlú’u souls trapped here as well, whose souls are from Orion and some Vulcans from Lyra, but the majority of souls that inhabit human bodies of the Abel bloodline are younger souls who were born in this solar system, unless they were transported here as criminals.

The vast majority of humans are children of our own Sun, and at the time when Lucifer created his colony here in Ar-i-du, he also trapped many young, playful, but innocent souls, who were hovering around Mother Gaia to see what was going on. The story states that the AIF even has a “soul catcher,” which works almost like a vacuum cleaner but which specializes in sucking in souls who they can use to enliven the slave bodies that are created here on our planet continuously through the sexual reproduction system. Therefore, the majority of souls have evolved here in our solar system, but got trapped by the AIF at one time or another. People often wonder where all the souls come from when there are more and more bodies being born on the planet—this is part of the answer. However, during the nanosecond, there were billions of souls hovering around Earth to participate in that speed-up process, in order to evolve more quickly. You know this already, but you who read this can consider yourself lucky to have lived during the nanosecond, regardless of everything else that may be wrong with this planet. It has helped your soul evolve!

Another thing I’ve found out is that the Grid, as we know it through my papers, was not set up until after the Deluge, about 13,000 years ago. The same is true for the recycling trap, including the “tunnel of light” and the “Between Lives Area.” Before that, souls who had been attached to a manipulated human body often came back due to implants and pictures that stuck in the mind of the soul, even without the Afterlife Implant Stations. However, there were also many souls who decided to leave after a lifetime here on Earth and were permitted to do so. Lucifer had no problems with finding souls. After the Flood, had to make a “closed system” out of Ar-i-du, and Earth in particular, in order to protect himself more carefully because of increased tension between himself and his Minions, versus the Orion Empire on the other end. This is when he created the Grid and changed our frequency—Earth became denser. In addition, the Saturn stargate became more heavily monitored, and it was next to impossible to find Earth to begin with due to its weird frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum and because the stargates were closed to outsiders—even the one in the Sun—Earth became considered a “locked-in system”.  

VII. The Luciferians Own “En.lil”

I think what has shocked me the most from having researched this level of learning is to learn how and his Luciferian Minions have altered the ancient scriptures so that they can accommodate their own agenda. Cleverly, they have taken on the roles of other gods and goddesses in the Pantheon and changed history by changing the characteristics of the beings they have taken on.

One such shocking example is that of En.lil. Just as everybody else, little did I know and understand about this character, although I thought I knew enough about him to be able to judge him. Not so.

Interestingly enough, I did know that En.lil, just as, is just a title and not a name. However, I didn’t realize that this title could apply to more than one person to begin with. Now I understand that there are many en.lil’s. One of them is the King of Orion, another is the son of the King of Orion (Prince Ninurta), and a third one is Lord himself, who took on that title without earning it and started acting in the name of the King of Orion and his brother, the Prince. Every so often, he also mixed the two because he really just wanted us to think that there is one En.lil, and that En.lil is “bad.”

This is not an attempt to glorify the real En.lils—not at all. They, too, have their shortcomings, just like everybody else, but I always like to look at beings’ intentions—are they basically good, or are they working to create evil? When I look at the King and the Prince, I see two warriors, just as I see a lot of other things in them. The Orion Empire is constantly attacked by those who want the power that such an empire automatically signifies. In the distant past, just as I explained in Level II, the Orions were a warrior race, and the Queen was a warrior queen—a conqueror. This was a part of the evolution of that kind of star race. Remember that the Queen of the Stars is a personification, a soul fragment, or an incarnation, of Mother Goddess, just as Mother Gaia is another one. This whole concept can be confusing and very hard for us humans to comprehend, so it is explained to us in very simple terms. I have brought this up elsewhere but would like to recap in order for us all to grasp the concept—at least on the most simplistic level.

The Universe is the creation of a Mother Goddess, who is in everything that is—she is what metaphysics calls “Source,” “First Source,” or “All That Is.” The only difference is that I have showed evidence that the Universe is feminine in nature and that God is feminine and not masculine or neuter. Other than that, there is no difference between what I teach and what other metaphysical researchers teach in that respect.

I also agree with most other researchers that at one point, Source (the Goddess) became “bored” and “lonely” and wanted to explore herself to learn more about herself. Hence, she created the Universes, which are enormous holograms in which separated soul fragments of herself are allowed to go out and create. You and I are two such soul fragments. The Goddess created us as different individuals so we could create all different things that are possible in order for the Goddess to learn everything there is about herself from different viewpoints in different dimensions.

With time, the Goddess wanted to participate in more intimate ways, so she “inserted” herself in different places in this universe and others. One of these “insertions” is her life as the Queen of the Stars—the Orion Queen. As such, she has powers as the Goddess but is also playing the same “game” as others out here. This means she is part of the physical world as well as the metaphysical world, and she interacts with others. In such ways, she is experiencing “good” and “evil” and all different aspects of life. However, her goal is to unite and bring everybody into compassion and love on the highest levels. First, everybody must learn by experience—in certain terms, she also has to learn. I hope this helps you understand a little better how things work. Nevertheless, this is an incredibly simplistic but good way of looking at it.

Khan En.lil (King En.lil) is often referred to as just “An” or “Anu” in the ancient texts. These two terms both mean “Heaven.” Anu is therefore referred to as the “King of Heaven,” and this is where the confusion comes into play. The Goddess as the original Creatrix has been deleted from the old records (but clear references can still be found to her if we really look, and I have showed the readers that), and only “King Anu” has remained. Thus, he has become the King of Creation, the King of the Universe, and the King of the “Anunnaki.” We suddenly have a masculine, patriarchal universe.

Matters become worse when Ninurta, in some instances, also gets merged with his father and is referred to as both Anu and En.lil. Then, Ninurta’s name is changed to En.lil in the records by Marduk in Babylonian times, and we have the scenario that Sitchin and others played out.

Just as in a Shakespeare play, we now have the characters ready, and we just have to write the plot. Marduk and did that part quite thoroughly, and then we have their false creation—the false picture of reality. With the characters at hand, they now can use any of them for any purposes they want because the original characters, upon which the “Shakespearean play” is based, are not present and can’t object to the script. The actors have free hands!

Therefore, making a long story short, Lucifer walked into Prince En.lil’s (Ninurta’s) Garden of Edin and rapes an “Eve.” Then he abducts another one, steals a “rib” from another, and so it continues. All the time, the blame is put on “En.lil”—in this case Ninurta, whose Garden it was in the first place. Consequently, the story that En.lil should have raped the Eve does not make sense. Then, in the context of things, and as we go along and learn the real story, we can see that there is no doubt about who is the real rapist, and just as a criminal often tends to do, is then hiding, or backing up, other criminals/rapists and defending them. We have seen that happen, too, in the story I’ve told.

In fact, “En.lil”—both the King and the Prince—were against sexual interaction with womankind, whom the Goddess had created and Prince En.lil as Ninurta had nurtured to such an extent that he managed to create the Golden Age. This is all backed up by evidence, and we can clearly see it if we study Greek mythology, such as that of the Titans and the Olympians—stories that are told in most cultures. Only the names have changed, and the plot is slightly different, but still clearly recognizable. is of course Poseidon and Neptune in the Pantheon, and it’s easy to see that Poseidon was an Olympian and not a Titan. Ninurta as Cronos, however, is a Titan. I clearly showed this in a previous paper. The Olympians are the “younger gods” in the sense that they came to Earth later. When they arrived, the Titans were already here. Thus, however we bend and twist this, there is no way we can make a Titan. Still, he is sometimes addressing himself as Cronos, the Titan, as well! By doing so, he is free to use the Cronos character with the purpose to do evil. These evil deeds are then being automatically blamed on En.lil/Ninurta because people who research the Greek Pantheon see that Cronos was the bad guy. What researchers amazingly haven’t understood is that can’t be both an Olympian and a Titan simultaneously. In reality, he was an Olympian, but in the rewritten part of the story, he also took on the role as Cronos and gave En.lil a bad name.

The problem is that those who research the old ancient records don’t go back far enough in time to see the connections. If they went back 500,000 years in history, they would find that this was the time when the Titans were defeated by the Olympians. Then, if they looked at the consequences of this, like we have done here in these papers, it would be very obvious who is who and who did what. However, because of the lack of understanding what really happened back then, has managed to get himself a good name in our alternative history book, while En.lil is the evil one—sometimes even referred to as Satan.

I am not saying that it’s an easy task to put things right—it’s certainly not—and I don’t blame those who have fallen for the rewritten version of alternative history. In order to get the entire picture, it’s not enough to study the ancient cuneiform and other similar resources—we also have to study metaphysics, or we’re hopelessly lost. Even then, it takes time to get it right, and we must allow ourselves to make the mistakes necessary to eventually get the more correct version. I say “more correct” because I think it’s very difficult—maybe next to impossible—to get it totally right. We just have to make sure we create a better and better version of what really happened as we go along.

Another typical example is that of YHWH. Who was he? Many say he was a composite of beings (something that I’ve suggested as well), and most truthseekers are of the opinion that the angry and “insane” version of YHWH was En.lil, while the softer version was Some have also suggested that the “bad” YHWH may have been Marduk in combination with En.lil. The result is that En.lil always seems to be connected with the angry, unjust part of this mysterious “god.”

First, it doesn’t make sense that En.lil had anything to do with the biblical YHWH at all because neither Ninurta nor Khan En.lil were even here on Earth. There is plenty of evidence that Prince Ninurta was chased off the planet and had to flee out of the solar system as far back as 500,000 years ago. He is still mentioned in ancient history as being present on Earth long after he was chased off—however, that would of course not make sense. Instead, some of these stories, where Ninurta supposedly was involved, did most likely not happen on Earth, and other stories were simply rewritten records, where and his cohorts took on the role of Ninurta. These impostors were no fools—they knew what they were doing, and they did it in order to confuse humanity, so that most of us hopefully, never would find out the truth.

Here is an example of what I mean when I say that the En.lil title was taken over by the Patriarchal Luciferians. The following “project team,” which consists of ten researchers, who have looked into the Sumerian Pantheon, did a good job at seeing through quite a few lies, although I am certainly not in agreement with all of it. They also had six professors who assisted them in the project, which doesn’t have a specific name, other than that they are listing and explaining “Ancient Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses.”[24]

In the first millennium the great gods Aššur, Marduk and Nabu were supreme, but Enlil’s power was clearly remembered for even they were referred to as the “Assyrian Enlil” or the “Enlil of the gods” (Edzard 1965: 61).[25]

Most people wouldn’t reflect on this statement because they don’t have the entire story, but here it clearly says that Marduk and his son took on the title “En.lil.” According to their research, which in this case corresponds with mine, “En.lil” is definitely a title. However, the way it works in the Heavens, you just don’t take on such a title without the consent from those who have the authority to give out such titles. Obviously, no one belonging to the Patriarchal Regime had, or has, such authority. They simply created their own laws and regulations.

Consequently, if Ninurta and Khan En.lil were not even present here on Earth, who then was YHWH? Well, we probably only have two alternatives remaining— and Marduk! Now, was YHWH a composite of both of them, then, or was he one of them? Let’s take a look at that, once and for all.  

VIII. Another Look at the Biblical YHWH

The “Great Deception” has a lot to do with how Marduk and his father rewrote the records, not that they did it. They figured out how to do it most efficiently because they had seen over due time that humanity, despite how they’d been manipulated, still had a lot of trust for people and things—contrary to the gods themselves, who barely trusted anybody, we humans decide to keep trusting until we get blindsided. We, too, become more suspicious the more we are deceived, but we have a hard time giving up that trust in our hearts. In the matter of the gods, it hasn’t served us very well, but in general, it’s a very noble and good thing—if we only could use trust in conjunction with more discernment, we would be better off.

When I realized that YHWH could not be En.lil, regardless how I bent and twisted things, I wanted to know if the biblical God was still a composite being, or if he were only one with Multiple Personality Disorder(MPD). In addition, who was he (or “they”)?

When I started restudying this subject, I soon concluded that YHWH, after all, had to be—there were certain criteria that talked in his favor, so I began to look into these. The most compelling was the following.

Dr. Joseph Farrell in “The Cosmic War” manages to give the reader rather convincing evidence that YHWH was, and I was convinced when I read it. Concurring with me, regardless how “disturbing” it may be, Farrell says, is the absolute best candidate for the Sumerian Lucifer character.[26] Then, when he starts connecting the dots, which lead to was also the best candidate for being the God of the Old Testament, it becomes unusually “chilly,” as he puts it.

In Exodus 3:13-14, “God” is talking to Moses from the famous Burning Bush, so he doesn’t have to reveal his face (I’m sorry, but how cheesy can it be?) The following is played out:

13 And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel and shall say unto them, The God of your father hath sent me unto you; and they shall say unto me, What is his name? shat shall I say unto them? 
14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.[27]

This statement from God, “I AM THAT I AM” has been endlessly quoted by religious people all over the world, but very few understand what it really means. Dr. Farrell may have figured it out after having read David Rohl, a scholar in alternative theosophy, and it makes sense. Here is what Rohl has to say about the above Bible quote.

And we have learnt, Enki… was called Ea in Akkadian (East Semitic)—that is to say in the Babylonian tradition. Scholars have determined that Ea was vocalized as “Eya”. So, when Moses stood before the burning bush and asked the name of the god of the mountain, did he really reply “I am who I am” (Hebrew Eyah asher eyah)? This puzzling phrase has long perplexed theologians but now there is a simple explanation. The voice of God simply replied “Eyah asher Eyah”—“I am (the one) who is called Eyah” the name of Ea in its West Semitic (i.e. Hebrew) form. Scholars have simply failed to recognize this is another of those characteristic puns in which the Old Testament abounds, “I am (asher) Ea (Eyah)” is a classic biblical play on words. It also explains God’s apparently nonsensical instruction: “This is what you are to say to the Israelites” “I am has sent me to you.” 
            “Eyah” or simply “Ya” is the hypocoristic form of the name Yahweh found as an element of so many Old Testament names. So Enki/Ea, the god who created Man and then later warned Zuisudra/Utnapištim of the impending destruction of mankind, is one and the same as the god of Moses.[28]

So, according to these two researchers, the correct translation should be “I am the one who is called Ea,” and if so—there we have it! Rohl goes so far as to let the Hebrew word “Ya” transform into “Yahweh,” and if he is correct, that makes sense as well—not that Ea is Yahweh, but that he took on that title from the Mother Goddess, who originally bore that title. Regardless of who stole the title YHWH from the Goddess proves that thefts like this were done and certainly not as a one-time thing—it was a part of the pattern, just as when and Marduk stole the titles of En.lil and Ninurta and used them irresponsibly to make us get a wrong impression of these two deities. The Patriarchs were very careful not to say too many kind words about anybody who stood by the side of the Mother Goddess.

However, as Farrell is pointing out, YWHW as the Creator of Heaven and Earth in the biblical tradition, as well as the creator of mankind, has little to do with, the sorcerer—especially as YHWH seems to prohibit such practices. What he fails to understand, however, is that the original YHWH, who created “Heaven and Earth,” was a female Creatrix and the original YHWH. When the AIF took over, they blended the YHWH female Goddess of all creation with their own inferior characters. Hence, if Ea became YHWH of the Bible after mankind was genetically manipulated into existence, it makes sense that she became a he and that he was a sorcerer, but he did not want the general population to be sorcerers. “Sorcery” was an occult trait that you learned within secret societies and not something that ordinary people should occupy their minds with. Therefore, when we realize these things, everything seems to be put in place—it definitely looks like Ea was YHWH.

BUT there is more to this story, so let’s keep on looking. There are also certain indicators that YHWH is associated with Lucifer’s son, Lord Marduk, and we will take a look at a few of these indicators.

We know that gold, precious stones, gems, and minerals were very important to the gods—so important, actually, that many individual gods were associated with certain stones, as we saw when we compared the planets in the solar system with certain Sumerian gods.[29]

We know from previous papers that the stone in Lucifer’s Crown, which was lost in the battle between Lucifer and Ninurta when the latter threw Lucifer out of Orion’s Inner Sanctuaries, was a sapphire, and that sapphire, in many ways, is related to Prince Lucifer.

However, Lucifer is not the only deity in the Heavens who has a weakness for sapphire. If we look at the table depicting planets connected to certain precious stones, we find that Jupiter is associated with sapphire as well, and Jupiter is said to be Marduk’s planet. Then, to narrow it down and connect the dots some more, the first Laws of Moses, which he received from YHWH, were inscribed on sapphire! This means there are great chances that YHWH was either or Marduk, or perhaps both of them. In some traditions, “The Book of Thoth” was inscribed on sapphire as well, which tends to show that these three beings were quite tightly connected, if we didn’t know that Thoth and are one and the same—not because they happened to “like” sapphire, but because sapphire meant something more to these beings in the sense of their usability. I haven’t heard of any other beings in history who have used sapphire in the sense that these two beings have— and Marduk. So, in reality, we have twocandidates for the title of YHWH, the Imposter.

Then, there are strong indications that Marduk certainly had a hand in the creation of the imposter YHWH, and this indication comes from a quite unlikely direction—a book review that I found. This reviewer is, by all means, not reviewing my material, but a book at where the author spends a lot of time trying to prove that YHWH was The reviewer strongly disagrees with this claim. Although the reviewer, I believe, is correct on many points (I haven’t had the chance to check all his references, which will be endnoted after the following quote), his point does not in any way exclude that had a hand in it—only that the name YHWH was inserted into the Old Testament once it was translated into Hebrew, which was not the original language in which the Bible was written (again, see quote below). Instead, based upon the evidence this reviewer is providing, YHWH is no less than Lord Marduk.

For example, he mistakenly assumes the “original” old testament (OT) is a Hebrew document written in Hebrew, and that “Yahweh” is disclosed as a principal player (and thus is a principal player). Sadly, he spends a large portion of his book arguing that Yahweh is Enki – provoking a host of collateral conclusions, based upon this (faulty) presumption.

In fact, the original old testament (OT), including the book of Genesis – the creation story (which Roberts relies upon) was written in Babylon during the Israelite captivity and afterwards (cc 570 to 510 BC, during the reign of Tabopolassar II (aka Nebuchadnezzar), Cyrus). It was written by a new religious group known as the Jews, not Hebrews. (NOTE, Judaism was the product of the Babylonian captivity and is very distinct from Hebrewism.) Furthermore, it was also written in cuneiform/Aramaic – not Hebrew, and absent any reference whatsoever to “Yahweh.”

This material, because the original OT wasn’t written by Hebrews, wasn’t in the Hebrew language and there wasn’t any disclosure of any “Yahweh!”

In its subsequent translation into Greek neither the name “Yahweh” nor any derivative thereof is found (Greek LLX Septuagint version, cc 250-100 BC). Naturally, one would assume if the original was devoid of any reference to Yahweh that an honest translation would also be devoid.

Interestingly, in the Greek version there is also no descriptive/identification of “who” the “Lord or God of Israel” is other than “Kyrios,” which translates merely as “Lord.”

It wasn’t until well after Christ’s time that the OT was translated/revised from its Greek version (not from the original cuneiform) into a Hebrew language version (Masoretic Text 700-1000 AD). Thousands of material differences exist between the two versions. It was in this later Hebrew language version that the term/personage “Yahweh” finally shows up (for the first time).

Historians have several lines to establish there was no earlier Hebrew OT version. One line is that both Philo and Josephus (prominent Jewish historians about the time of Christ) quoted many passages of the Old Testament — always directly in Greek from the Greek Septuagint, even when they wrote in Aramaic. They were scholars of the day and also very Jewish. If a Hebrew OT existed, they would have used it instead of the Greek Septuagint. At a minimum, they would have mentioned its existence, if it existed. They didn’t, because it did not exist.

It should also be noted, the Babylonians and Assyrians during the period of captivity (and thus the Jews who drafted the original OT) knew of a god named “Yahweh,” who was a “local” lessor/low powered/low level tribal god that resided on Mt. Horeb. Mind you he was not an important regional god, much less a powerful national god, nor an omnipotent (universal/Chief) god — but, rather a low powered/humble “local” tribal god. The indigenous tribesmen felt he could even be beaten in battle, if they could get him off the mountain into the plains.

Did this low level local tribal god at the time of drafting the original OT in Babylon somehow magically become an all powerful omnipotent universal (chief) god — when the OT was finally translated/revised into Hebrew 700-1000 AD?

Compelling (virtually indisputable) extrabiblical evidence supports all the above, if one bothers to look for it and read it.

Obviously Roberts didn’t. So, he doesn’t know the original old testament wasn’t a Hebrew document not written in the Hebrew language, and absent any reference to any omnipotent god named Yahweh (until the later revision/translation into Hebrew). Roberts is essentially relying upon the modern King James revision of the OT (derived from the Masoretic text).

Relying upon this conveniently available modern OT (e.g. King James) without testing its reliability/authenticity against earlier versions and extra-biblical references is (forgive me) lazy and poor scientific method/scholarship.

So how valid can Roberts comparison be that Enki was one and same god as Yahweh, if Yahweh truly didn’t exist as the omnipotent god of Israel, in the first instance (e.g. in the original cuneiform Babylon OT)?

Perhaps the better question is who was the unnamed god Kyrios “the Lord of Israel” disclosed in the original and Greek (non-Hebrew) OT versions?

On this score, the answer may be found in indisputable contemporaneous archaeology (e.g. the 2600 year old “Cyrus Cylinder” discovered 1879 in Babylon). In other words, there is archaeological evidence from the same time/place as the original cuneiform OT from the very King who released the Jews from captivity.

In this remarkable stone cylinder Cyrus’s very words ordering the release of the Jews from captivity and the rebuilding of the temple in Judah (which Cyrus incidentally financed) were recorded.

The Masoretic 700-1000 AD text gave Yahweh credit for Cyrus’s order (“I will raise up Cyrus in my righteousness: I will make all his ways straight. He will rebuild my city and set my exiles free,” Isaiah 45:13).

Amazingly, in the “Cyrus Cylinder” Cyrus expressly discloses the name of the god who ordered his decision. But, hold on to your pants, it was not Yahweh, nor was it Enki, nor was it Enlil (and all were known at the time). It was none of them.

Rather, Cyrus gave credit for his order to his god, the god of Babylon (who had orchestrated Cyrus’s earlier conquest of Babylon without shedding a drop of blood). It was the new chief god of the pantheon — Marduk!

It was Marduk– Marduk — who ordered Cyrus’ release of the captives and the building of the temple of Judah.

So, Yahweh did not exist as an omnipotent god when the OT was drafted in Babylon, and even if he did, he couldn’t have been Enki.

By unquestionably assuming the validity of the Masoretic text and thus the existence/importance of Yahweh, Roberts commits fundamental error. He also makes the same mistake by assuming the validity of the Book of Genesis as provided in the Masoretic text. This of course (unfortunately) causes Roberts to create a product that grossly misleads his readers.[30]

Of course, the reviewer doesn’t know the “hidden history of mankind,” so his assumptions that couldn’t have been involved at all (and neither could En.lil) can’t be taken at face value. However, his research does show that it’s more than likely that Marduk was involved.

Although the name YHWH was not mentioned in the early writings of the Bible, two things still ring true. The “God” referred to, when we discuss YHWH, is the same being as Kyrios, the “Lord [of Israel].” YHWH is, like the person I quoted says, the Hebrew name of the same deity, but the Hebrew name is taken directly from the Orion language. Those who translated the Bible into Hebrew knew this very well! What the “ reviewer” doesn’t know is that Marduk and were still the ones lurking in the background when the Hebrew version was written! It was not until the Hebrew version was written that it was decided that the name of the Orion Queen, Yahweh, should be used as the ultimate humiliation—turning the Divine Feminine into the Divine Masculine. Before then, father and son just changed the gender of the Goddess to God—a male deity—to emphasize their patriarchal hierarchy. Therefore, saying that had nothing to do with the biblical “God” is not proven in the reviewer’s text—he simply doesn’t go back far enough, something that Dr. Farrell does, however. The fact remains that today, the Hebrew version of the Bible has been used to translate the Bible into the most common languages in the world—English being number one. This is, of course, no coincidence, if Marduk and at one time, after the turn of the First Millennium after Christ, decided to use Hebrew names in the “World Bible”—words such as Yahweh.

The “local god” the reviewer mentions may, or may not, have existed, but even if he did, he is outside the scope of this story and of very little interest for us. Nevertheless, he may be a curious side note to research for those who are interested.

Now, to summarize, let’s hypothesize. If you were in this particular duo ( and Marduk), would it matter to you which one of you played the role of YHWH (if we are still using the Hebrew name)? If you were on a mission somewhere else in the Universe, and you were the one who originally played the male YHWH, would it matter to you if your co-conspirator, Marduk, filled in, similar to what happens when you are sick, and someone else fills in for you at work? You both know the job. In YHWH’s case, it would explain the different personalities of the “god” at different times—he simply was a composite being.

I believe that when push comes to shove, YHWH was both and Marduk—thus YHWH’s schizophrenic nature. I find David Rohl’s interpretation of the Exodus section above particularly interesting, and if he is correct, that shows that probably was the original entity behind YHWH—Marduk filled in later.  

IX. From One Thing to Another

In the next paper, we will address some subjects which lead up to the Deluge, which happened here on Gaia approximately 13,000 years ago. Although we have discussed this subject at length in other levels of learning, it’s well worth addressing one more time before we lay it to rest. There are still things related to this devastating “catastrophe” that have not yet been discussed, or even addressed, by other researchers—at least not from what I know—and it’s very important to understand this subject as much as possible. The reason for this is because it still sits as a trauma in the mass consciousness of mankind and can possibly lock many people into this current reality unless it is addressed accordingly.

As the readers may have noticed, we haven’t discussed Atlantis, Lemuria, or any other of the past great civilizations at any depth in this level of learning, and although we are going to mention them soon, we have already learned about them in previous levels of learning, and they are not crucial to go into again at any length—what needs to be said about them for the purpose of these series of papers has more or less already been said.

The Big Goal with these Levels of Learning is to help people free themselves from the bondage and the slavery of this plane of reality we call the Third Dimension. If the topics I have discussed with the reader have helped open your chakras in order to see new realities, possibilities, and probabilities, then my Big Goal is accomplished. I am aware that for this to happen, in order to make a difference on a more global scale, the incidents that hang us up here in 3-D need to be addressed—one by one and up to a certain level. Then the rest should come more naturally for the true inquirer. Important, too, is that the readers think for themselves. These papers hopefully will serve as guidelines and food for thought, but in general, they are written to give you ideas as you move on through the material and start seeing reality from your own perspective. You are a unique being, and the way you see things will be different from another reader because your experiences are different. Keep this in mind because it’s a powerful statement if you understand it in depth.


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you!

Wes Penre

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Note: The comments in the above reference list are made by the reviewer, not by this author.

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