Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 11: The Rigel War and “Thoth-the-Rigelian”

by Wes Penre, Written on Monday, November 11, 2013 
Posted on Sunday, February 2, 2014
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. An Introduction: Rigel, the Brightest Star in the Orion Asterism

Rigel, also known as Beta Orionis, is actually a triple star system, consisting of Rigel A, which is a blue-white super giant, approximately 130,000 times as bright as our own Sun. Rigel B is a double system, consisting of two blue-white stars of the Main Sequence, bothwith the spectrum class B8-B9[1] (on the borderline of being white stars of A-type)[2], about 900 light-years from our solar system. This triple system is the brightest star system in the Constellation of Orion. Although Rigel has the “Bayer designation” Beta, it’s almost always brighter in the sky than Alpha Orionis, which is Betelgeuse. Rigel is the first bright star visible in the night sky when Orion rises in the southern hemisphere in the summer and is also visible in the northern hemisphere in the winter.[3]

I am not totally sure about the history of the Rigel system, other than it has planets, like most star systems, and some of them are inhabited, or were, at least, in the fairly recent past. I know I mentioned earlier that it’s generally quite unusual that life evolves on planets, but it’s more common in certain areas of the Universe than in others, depending on the intentions and the needs of the Creator Goddesses, and the overall politics in the sector of a certain galaxy. What is much more certain, however, is that there is life on or in the stars in the Universe.

Fig. 1. The star Rigel, compared in size with our own Sun.

People who have studied mainstream astronomy and astrophysics would argue with me and say that 1) the Rigel stars are too hot to have inhabited planets, and 2) the age of the star (approximately 80 million years) is speaking against any intelligent life in that star system. Of course, as I’ve stated earlier, both these arguments fall short in the light of theNew Era astronomy, astrophysics, and metaphysics. Life often develops and evolves on, and in, the stars themselves, and although I disagree that life can’t evolve in 80 million years, we are here talking about life in other dimensions than that of 3-D. If beings migrate from the star to one of the planets in their particular solar system, they can do so instantly, starting intelligent life in other dimensions immediately, if they so wish.

In a very recent Pleiadian lecture, a long-term listener was asking what the Pleiadians had to say about Orion. The Pleiadians didn’t say much, knowing that they need to hold their tongues on that subject because they are opposed to Orion in general. They said that the Orions had a military structure built up around their culture, and there is a huge stargate in the lower part of Orion’s Belt. That’s not too educative, but of course, the reason why there is a military structure built around the Empire is to protect the Queen and the Empire. Any military structure is unfortunate, but I am sure they are glad that they built one—what would have happened if they wouldn’t have had a strong military order to defend themselves? There wouldn’t be an Orion Empire, and the Queen would have been overthrown a long time ago. The saying, “it’s the nature of the Beast,” doesn’t only apply on Earth, as it appears. However, the Pleiadians mentioned something else, which was that it is one thing to watch an impressive military structure, and another to sit down with a being from Orion at the dinner table. We have strong military structures in many countries on Earth as well, but the citizens are often quite likable. Much more on the Pleiadian Agenda later, however, and what it is that they really want from us.  

II. The Rigel War—How Another Civil War was Manipulated into Being in Orion

In cosmic terms, the Rigel War was very recent. It was raging and seems to have started during the time when Lord was here on Gaia creating the human slave race for the gods—and from all I know, it’s still going on up in the Heavens. Lucifer’s DAKH warriors are very well trained in guerilla warfare, and himself is an expert in controland deceit and has trained many of his Minions in mind control and the “Art of Manipulation.” They know how to conquer weaker star races and win their loyalty by using these two techniques in conjunction with advanced technology. By “weaker star races,” I am not talking about the original Orion race but races undergoing evolution from being young members of the Orion Empire. If is also in charge of the Tablets of Destinies (or parts of them), he has that advantage as well. All this put together is the reason why the Rebellion has been going on for so many eons, and there is seemingly no end in sight. However, I know that the Orions are working hard to end it, as we speak—which is good news—but we better be prepared by educating ourselves, or we may be up for a shock one day soon.

Rigel is another of those strategic star system in Orion, which the Queen and the Khan don’t want to lose. However, a rebellion arose there as well, of course, instigated by Lucifer, who needs any strategic outposts he can get. As in Arcturus and other Orion star systems, the rebellion started from within and migrated out. When the time was right and the rebels had sufficient numbers, the rebels attacked, and the war was a fact. Prince Ninurta, again as Archangel Mikhael (also spelled Mikael, or Michael), Second in Command, came to assist with an armada of MIKH-MAKH warriors from Orion’s Belt, while Khan En.lil, Archangel Mikhael, First in Command, was busy fighting the uproar in Sirius.

As usual, when battles of this magnitude are raging in our sector of the Galaxy, weapons of mass destruction are inevitably used. Prince Ninurta knew, of course, that the people of Rigel were Orion citizens, and this made him very reluctant to attack. Unfortunately, one of Ninurta’s sisters had been kidnapped and was held as hostage by the rebels, who were very hostile toward the Orion Commander. In the meantime, on one of the planets, civilians were killed when they refused to follow instructions from the rebels.

For weeks, the MIKH-MAKH armada was surrounding the Rigelian planet without taking action, ordering the rebels to give up. Eventually, there seemed to be only one thing to do. Commander Ninurta sent down troops to the planet on a rescue mission. He wanted to release his sister, get as many innocent inhabitants out of there as possible, and have them transported elsewhere in order to save their lives. He also wanted to make it easier to get to the rebels without having to kill the citizens, if there was a chance.

The mission succeeded, and they managed to get a large number of the population out of there, although it was impossible to rescue everybody. When the mission was completed, Ninurta was relatively pleased with the result. He knew that innocent people would die—it was inevitable—but at least it could be restricted to a minimum thanks to his loyal and well-trained soldiers.

There was one big, black cloud on Ninurta’s heaven, however. He didn’t manage to rescue his Princess sister. In the last minute, the rebels apparently managed to hide her, and they transported her off planet to a hiding place in another star system. This was extremely unfortunate because Ninurta knew that the rebels could use his sister against him and threaten to kill her at any time.

Still, Archangel Mikhael was a warrior, and in charge of the famous MIKH.-MAKH army, so he couldn’t let this be an obstacle and a weakness, regardless how much it hurt inside. As a Commander at war, he had to act!

The MIKH-MAKH spaceship armada hit the Rigel solar system with full force, and planets again bounced out of orbit, and some exploded in the process. Fortunately, most of them were uninhabited, but not all of them. Some planets became wastelands, while others became barely inhabitable after the strikes.

In the meantime, the Queen and Khan En.lil were fighting in Sirius and managed to make good progress there, although they didn’t manage to end the war at that time. When Lucifer heard about the losses in Sirius, he dumped his Sirian hybrids in Alpha Draconis and let Marduk take command of them. The original inhabitants of Thuban took Marduk’s side in the war, after they had been forced to by Marduk and his legions to do so.

With a relatively large army, Marduk, who was instructed by his father to expand their “Empire” and conquer new star systems, decided to attack Vega of all places, and the Vulcans suffered enormous losses. The Vulcan race is peaceful, and they are not trained warriors— hence, they didn’t stand a chance against the Alpha Draconians. Those who weren’t killed managed to flee to Orion, where they were kept under the Queen’s protection. To viciously attack a species that does not have any warrior instincts is seen as a very cowardly act and is not forgiven by the Orion Queen. A similar thing happened on Earth/Tiamat when Lucifer (and Marduk—supposedly) attacked the Titan inhabitants, who lived there peacefully with both Vegans and the peaceful Namlú’u—killing and molesting where they could. In some aspects, the Vegan conquest was even worse because on Earth there were at least some troops stationed, while there were no military at all in the Vegan system.

Perhaps Prince Ninurta had hoped for a fast strike, and then it would be over, but this was not what actually happened. The rebels were well prepared and knew what to do, and experience had taught Lucifer how to fight back. However, to Ninurta’s surprise, his brother was not anywhere to be seen, although it was obvious that he was the one behind the Rigel Rebellion. His “fingerprints” were all over the place.

Although Ninurta knew he couldn’t kill his brother, he would love to meet him on the battlefield, and at least “tickle his nerves” a little bit. There was no way to terminate Lucifer’s Avatar at this time because if that was done, the Minions back on Earth were programmed to torture and kill off the human population. This was the only reason why Archangel Mikhael held back his “sword.” However, Prince Lucifer was not even there!

Ninurta gathered his Generals in the conference room onboard his own starship that was orbiting Rigel’s fourth planet, a giant gas planet, which looked dark green from the panorama window in the conference room. He looked at the Generals, one by one, with admiration and comfort. He knew he could trust each and every one of them—they would die for him, the Queen, and the Empire without hesitation—and with death, it could mean annihilation (destruction of the Avatar). His Generals were indeed fearless, and they were Ladies of Fire—tall and beautiful “Amazon Warriors;” most of them trained in Bellatrix (gamma Orionis)—the name which means “female warrior.”[4]

After a moment of silence, Ninurta ordered his Generals to strike again.  

III. Introducing Another Well Known Figure on the Stage

In the history of Gaia, he was known under many different names as he travelled around the planet. In Mesoamerica, he was known as Quetzalcoatl, the “Feathered One,” or the “Feathered Reptilian.” In Mesopotamia, he went under the name Ningišzidda. In Greece, he was Hermes, Tehuti, or Chiquitet in Atlantis,[5] Viracocha in the Inca culture,[6]Mercury in Rome, Merlin amongst the Celts, and Zoroaster in Persia. However, these names are just a few of all the names he was known as. In this paper, I will call him by his, perhaps, most famous name in the esoteric world. The name is Thoth, and that’s his Egyptian identity.

One of the big learning lessons in the Fourth Level of Learning is that the gods of the ancient world went by many names, and and Marduk took over the personae of many deities that had very little to do with them. Moreover, old records were altered and distorted to fit the agenda of the Alien Invader Force. As we have progressed, I have shown many references and sources, which prove that all the above was the caseHere is more of the same.

Thoth’s reputation on Earth is twofold. Some say he came as a great teacher, while others say that he seems to have started out that way but turned his teachings into disinformation as he went along or used his information to trap rather than to free.

Who else is known as a “great teacher,” a god of Wisdom coming to Earth to teach humankind different things? The same thing is said about, as we showed in a previous paper. Thoth, just like, had a tendency to favor Elitism. Although, in both cases, some esoteric material was released to the common man—it was never understood because the real teaching took place between “locked doors,” where only the initiates were invited.

In the paper, “Introduction to the Underworld,” I also clearly showed that both and Thoth have solid connections with the Underworld.

There are records here on Earth today, saying that Thoth descended on our planet from the “blue star,” which is another name for Rigel in Orion. In esoteric circles, this is how he is presented. Researcher Dan Winter, whom I otherwise don’t have much in common with, is, however, correct to some degree concerning Thoth.

On the website,, Thoth is one of the main characters discussed. Although most of it is channeled material (St. Germain, and supposedly “Thoth” himself), which always should be investigated with a fine toothcomb, they have Thoth’s esoteric origins correct.[7] Another thing I agree with Dan Winter about is when he’s discussing the Feminine Fire—he is one of the few researchers on this planet who have found out about that.

Winter says about Thoth’s origins, allegedly told to him by the “Master” himself:

Atlantis. Thoth came to Earth from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion with an energetic patterning called the Enochian Table, which is mathematically encoded into the plan of the Great Pyramid as blueprint to the Enochian Table. However the name Thoth became associated also with Hermes, the Greek God of Mercury (spiritualized mind), and Trismesgistus (meaning thrice great).[8] 

The reference to the Great Pyramid of Giza is not coming from Dan Winter and his research alone—it is commonly known in many esoteric writings. Winter also mentions that Thoth and Imhotep, the “Great Architect” of the Pyramids (according to Egyptian history), are one and the same. This is something the respected author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell brings up as well in his book, “The Cosmic War…,” where he spends a long section talking about Thoth in relation to war and manipulation of mankind.[9]

After a correct introduction by this being, who calls himself Thoth, the deception starts (and I bring this up, because I believe that many people think that Thoth is a representative for the “good” forces):

Orion is divided into three zones. The upper zone is ruled by the star Betelguese. Here are the Councils of Light. The lower zone is controlled by the Rigel and is the home of the Lords. In the central portion of Orion is a Zone of Overlap. This area could be referred to as the Great Light for it represents the sacred, alchemical union of dark and light into One.Betelguese is on their right path (male polarity). Rigel is of the left path (feminine polarity). As stars of the Living Lights (Angelic Domion). Beteluguese [sic] contains the raw energy, somewhat like a divine battery, while Rigel transforms that energy into the sublime substance of Divine Reason.[10]

This is the exact reason why some beings—whether they are who they say they are or not—are channeling through mediums. They want to twist information to form a bigger picture—an “overlap” to the real one—which then will work as the new reality with which these beings can play in order to prepare us for a new control system, which is, as we know, in the making. Some call it the New World Order, or the One World Order. Although, in the background, this is already accomplished, they just need to make it “in the open” and prepare people to accept it. Orion is not separated in the fashion that this entity apparently told the medium, but most important of all—Thoth has nothing to do with “feminine polarity,” as we shall see, but certainly the left path when it comes to magic. However, I’m sure, for future conveniences, he likes to present as being connected with the Divine Feminine in general.

The following quote from the website,, mentions a few things of interest. Again, in this channeled material, Thoth is revealing what he wants us to believe is his Rigelian origin and other things of interest (the italicemphases are mine):

‘Thoth’, ‘Toth’, Tat-tet and ‘Tehuti’ are all forms of the same root, which are titles meaning, ‘one who gives breath to’, or the ‘Grand Communicator’. Toth-Mus-Zurud was known in Atlantis as the ‘Sword of Orion’. His origin is Ultra-Terrestrial, from the ‘Eighth Sphere of Heaven.’ He tells me that this denotes the dimension of his realm, which is the eighth. In that dimension he contains the genetics of the Light Races of Orion with the sun of his creation being Rigel. As he communes with me in this time-space, Thoth or ‘Tehuti’ is both Toth-Mus-Zurud and Thoth, Raismes of Aphra (translated as ‘mouth of sun of the altar place’). When he ascended at the end of his ‘Raismes’ life experience, he did not at that time take his physical body with him, but instead left it in a state of suspended animation. He later returned to re-claim this form, merging it with his higher Light Body as Toth-Mus-Zurud. In this way, he descended through the nine layers of the Earth into the interior world or inner cavity of the planet, wherein he now dwells with the Central Earth Tribes.

In the Age when Toth-Mus-Zurud descended into to this world, he dwelt primarily in Atlantis, with periods of time spent among the Tribes of the Central Earth. Thoth’s entire ‘mission’ was threefold. One was to bring to Earth the ‘Enochian Table,’ which was knowledge of sacred geometry for specific Earth structures to be built upon this sphere to aid us in our return to the Attasic Universe. Originally, those whom Thoth calls the ‘Master Builders of the Sun Bow,’ set up patterns and grids upon and within the planet, from which sacred temples arose. But as the etheric veil of the Earth deteriorated, greater consciousness patterns were needed to be nested within the Gaia-form of this worldHis second planetary objective was to supervise these constructions, so that they would be accomplished according to the Greater Plan. Thirdly, he was to bring to this realm a great deal of knowledge that had been lost from the hearts and minds of the Earthborn. This he gave us in such works as the ‘Emerald Tablets,’ and many other books on such subjects as sacred geometry, alchemy, healing sciences, and the true Genesis of our universe. All of his ‘writings’ as ‘The Thoth’ were not done pen in hand, but as direct transmissions into the akashic records. Many channel-scribes through the ages have tapped into the Akashic Repository of Thoth, and written from his Record.[11]

Apparently Thoth, as it seems, has been channeling through quite a few mediums over the millennia, and he has been quite consistent in referring to his Orion/Rigelian origins. Here he also tells us about nanotravel, and his three main purposes with coming to Earth. In fact, I’d like to make some comments on the emphasized parts because they are quite important.

If the reader still can recall, in Level III, I was discussing the Alpha Draconian influences on mankind, data-streamed by a lady who calls herself Abraxas. She was talking about the Eight Dimensions, where many beings dwell. Up to that dimension, souls can usually travel quite freely, but to penetrate the Ninth Dimension, the soul will need permission—the Ninth through the Twelfth Dimensions being the upper echelons of the Sanctuary of the Orion Empire. In the above quote, Thoth claims to be dwelling in the Eighth Dimension, which means he doesn’t have access to the additional four dimensions. This is the same restrictions Lucifer and his Fallen Angels got when they were cast out of Heaven. Furthermore, Thoth mentions his physical body being in suspense—something I’ve been talking about throughout all the Levels of Learning. Then, just like, he descended to the Underworld, where he now is dwelling.

In the second paragraph, Thoth mentions something quite interesting. He claims that one reason for coming here was to give us the ability to return to the “Attasic Universe,” which is nothing else but the Inner Sanctuaries of the Orion Empire (Satania). The following definition gives hint of what the Attasic Universe is, but is mainly explaining matter and anti-matter, which is the Material Universe versus the Spirit Universe. It is true what it says in the sense that you can’t enter the Spirit Universe in a material body and vice versa.

akashic definition for: Attasic Universe

A neutral universal field that holds the balance between the universe and anti-universe preventing these two potentials from coming into direct contact with each other, which would result in the destruction of both. It is the unified field of all consciousness where there is no separation. All time fields and universal strata striking a harmonic in the center of the soul’s Atoma or ‘inner heart sun’, which is the composite of all seven chakras. The Attasic Universe is the charge of release from time / space / matter divisions.

The entrance point for the souls of earth and their universal realm into the Attasic Universe is the “Golden Star of Mazuriel.” The “touch point” in this universe for Mazuriel is the “Lion’s Gate” of the Constellation of Leo.[12]

In the previous quote by Thoth, it’s also of interest that he admits to that the Grid is about to come down, which is also something I have stated since Level II.

The last thing he talks about is his Emerald Tablets of Thoth, which were given freely to mankind in order to educate us—or so he says. In fact, the material this Thoth character was giving us is a mix of both useful and twisted information in typical manner. The true information—as much as he wanted to give us—was instead discussed within the old Mystery Schools. What I am getting at here is that Thoth, just like, put himself on the pedestal, both showing themselves off as wisdom teachers, when the information—the part that was true—originates from the Queen of the Stars.

Another source telling us about Thoth’s supposed Rigelian connections is from an article called “The Gate of the Sun, the Solar Logos & the Lion” in “Temple Doors Issue 4—1997 (TD-9704),”[13] which basically is about Thoth’s relation to the Sphinx, but this is what it says about Thoth in relation to the star Rigel:

The Lion of Leo represents the passage between the lesser Solar Logos – the astronomy of our physical sun, and the greater Solar Logos. Thoth has told us in the past that Leo was the constellation of access to the Golden Star of Mazuriel, which is the highest ‘threshold level’ Solar Logos for all worlds of this universal system. Ultimately, the Golden Star of Mazuriel represents the full Christic consciousness, and thus represents the future consciousness of this and many other worlds. The Solar Logos of Earth’s true planetary design in the ultimate configuration involving our physical sun, Rigel and Mazuriel, is the Blue Star Rigel in Orion. With the Golden Star of Mazuriel in the picture, the Solar Logos associated with the Blue Star Rigel becomes an intermediary logos, or bridge between the consciousness of our current physical sun, and that of the Golden Star of Mazuriel. Thus the Solar Logos of the Blue Star Rigel will generally be referred to as the greater Solar Logos for the Earth herein, and for all intents and current purposes it is. However, in the next level of cosmology beyond that logos, the Solar logos of the Golden Star of Mazuriel would truly be the greater Solar logos for all worlds in this universal system. The Blue Star Rigel is the greater Solar logos only for the Earth and Venus to our knowledge at this time, but it is the stepping stone to the Solar logos of the Golden Star of Mazuriel. Keep in mind that when we are speaking of Rigel being a stepping stone to the consciousness of Mazuriel, the stellar representative of the Christ, we are looking at some very long cycles in terms of linear Earth reality, literally many thousands of years. But in the higher dimensional realities where time is not so large a part of the reality, it is but one revolution on the spiral of the cosmic clock.

This entire cosmology involving more than one Solar Logos (as well as the lion / Lion symbology) is also seen in the Sphinx’s history according to Thoth. In the original rendering of the Sphinx, Thoth tells us that it was a female human body with a Lion’s head, then later it was changed to the body of a Lion with a human head: female at first, then later it was changed to be a male head.

The Sphinx, despite its current appearance (as opposed to the original version Thoth revealed to us), still contains much of the original Light which it was imbued with, and can currently be used to access the vibratory frequencies of that original consciousness, if one but understands how to move through the more recent ‘maze’ of vibrations that overlay the original energy that was programmed in stone.

This is actually nowhere near as difficult as it is to access those same consciousness codes through most of the other remaining ‘ancient’ temple structures in Egypt, as most of those were not even built during the ‘Time of the Light’, but much later upon certain sacred centers of the Earth. At those temples it is necessary to access the sacred energy emanating from the Earth itself, more so than the temple.[14]

Interesting is the reference to the Sphinx originally being a female lion, but of course, in due time, with the Luciferian Patriarchs loose on the planet, the head was changed to that of a male, and the Sphinx became masculine. Its counterpart is the now famous “head on Mars,” which both Richard Hoagland and Joseph Farrell in their very convincing research say is a Sphinx as well, but with the head of Marduk![15]

Not only in the channeled material, but in the work that has been preserved as well, Thoth is stressing that he came here to educate humanity. However, when we read the advanced science and everything else he brought down here, it is easy to see that it was not the masses he wanted to educate, but the High Priests and those initiated in the Mystery Schools, i.e.’s Minions. Although much of his material became available to the public, we can imagine that it was poorly understood by the uneducated masses. This is not so strange, because the information was not meant for them!Also, in the usual manner, Lucifer’s angels never revealed anything really “secret” to the masses—the real important and interesting material was meant for a few selectees. The most well-known work of Thoth amongst the general public is probably “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth,” which can be found online.[16]

Also, Thoth’s teaching in quantum physics laid a base for the LPG-C (Life Physics Group California) 3% rule, on which they borrowed the principle that if 3% of humanity can agree on a certain principle or idea, the rest of humanity will follow. I believe there is something to this idea, just as I suggested in Level I, but we also know that the AIF wants us to evolve, so accomplishing the 3% rule will also be in their interest as well as in ours. The scientists of LPG-C are quite strictly following Sitchin’s research, which is also backed up by the “Nibiruans” that LPG-C scientists are in contact with (they assumingly still are, even after their chief scientist, Dr. A.R. Bordon’s recent demise). After progressing with my own research and studying the LPG-C ideas some more, I wouldn’t sign on the line and commit myself to follow their ideas of human “ascension,” however. Anyway, Thoth as a channeled source says in a Q&A session:

[Questioner]: What is the ‘Dynamic of Existence, the Metatronic Fulcrum’?

Thoth: “FULCRUM” is the vibrational / symbolic / code name given to a projection through time on the planet Earth that was begun by the ENNEAD. FULCRUM is brought through a ray of Seraphimic projection or being – a Seraphim Archangel… FULCRUM then, is the complete function and purpose of this projection, and Merkrael is the entity consciousness assigned to carry out this function by the ENNEAD. Merkrael is not Michael. However, the former must precede the latter in works. Just as Michael must open up through activity, the passage for the New Man.

“The purpose of FULCRUM is: To create quantums of accelerated knowledge within humanity, working in coordination with the natural 100th Monkey law of connectiveness, i.e.: understanding quantum leaps through humanity once a certain number of Earth souls relates to that understanding and physically applies it in some way. FULCRUM carries this further in bringing specific situations forward to allow for a more ordered revelation and use of this quantum power.”[17]

Here we can see where LPG-C got some of its ideas. It had a lot of affinity for Ningišzidda, who it said was a great teacher. It claimed that it was in contact with him until he “died” here on Earth a few years ago, according to what Dr. Bordon told me (meaning that Ningišzidda simply “jumped bodies”). Ningišzidda and Thoth are one and the same.[18]

Although we still can find some of Thoth’s extensive work today, much of it has supposedly been lost—some of it burned up when the Library of Alexandria was put on fire. However, some of it was rescued and preserved by the High Priests and kept within the Mystery Schools and secret societies. According to Dr. Farrell, “in some versions, forty-two volumes of his [Thoth’s] works were removed from the Library of Alexandria prior to its burning, and secreted with ‘initiates’ who buried them in the desert for safekeeping.”[19] If this is true (this information originally comes from Sitchin’s “The Wars of Gods and Men,” and that’s what Farrell partially means with “in some versions”), there is an enormous amount of information that is hidden from the public. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the volumes that were buried in the desert soon were dug up again and became highly protected. It also makes you wonder if the “public versions” were, perhaps, intentionally burned on the order of so that he once again could keep humanity in the dark. Things change, and so do plans and targets within a greater agenda. Therefore, what once was revealed will suddenly fit the agenda better if it again is hidden.

Manly P. Hall, the famous researcher into the history of Freemasonry and who we have mentioned earlier, is showing in his book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, that Thoth was the originator of many Mystery Schools. Sitchin also correctly states that Hermes-Thoth is of first importance to Freemasonic scholars because he was said to be the author of the Masonic initiatory rituals, which were borrowed from the Mysteries established by Thoth.[20] He was one of the foremost when it comes to the founding of Esotericism. He is also known as bringing down hieroglyphic writing[21]from the stars. This information alone has too many correlations with to be just coincidental.

Who was it that started the secret societies—The Brotherhood of the Snake or The Brotherhood of the Serpent being the first of them—and created an elite here on Earth to have people who could help him control the masses? Prince Lucifer, aka Lord, did!

Quetzalcoatl was known amongst the Mayans as the “Feathered serpent,” and who is it that is connected with the bird/aquatic race, and who is known as the “Serpent of Wisdom,” or the “Wise serpent” in the Garden of Edin? Quetzalcoatl, amongst the Aztecs, was also related to Venus[22], the “Morning star,” which in turn is related to Lucifer. Thus, we are coming full circle.

One book that according to Manly P. Hall was lost to the masses is the Book of Thoth. He claims that the book is still in existence, though, and “continues to lead the disciples of this age into the presence of the Immortals.”[23]Furthermore, Hall said that “its faithful initiates carried it sealed in a sacred casket into another land.”[24] Where have we heard something similar to that before? Wasn’t that how the Ark of the Covenant was transported in Genesis in the Bible, carefully led and monitored by the biblical imposter, Yahweh, who stole the name and authority from the Mother Goddess herself and changed genders into a masculine God? I’m sure “someone” was overlooking the transportation of the “Book of Thoth” as well, to make sure it remained in “the right hands.”

Could it be that this was the book, which told the true secrets of the Universe—a piece of work that “God” was willing to kill for if a commoner got  hold of it?

Last, Hall rubs in how Elitism was the name of the game when it comes to Thoth’s material:

…the apostolic succession from the first hierophant initiated by Hermes himself remains unbroken to this day, and those who are peculiarly fitted to serve the Immortals may discover this priceless document if the will search sincerely and tirelessly for it.[25]

I assume that this is similar to the Holy Grail in the King Arthur Saga, an endless search for something so secret that it had to be carried around in a casket under strict security. Only the “best of the best” (whatever that means) is entitled to learn about this document. The “Immortals,” of course, refers to the gods themselves—the Fallen Angels.

It is quite obvious when I look at Thoth’s mission here on Earth that one of his main tasks was to teach humans how to read and write (he was the one who did that, according to some mythology) so the AIF could have human scribes, writing down on stone and in cuneiform what the gods dictated to them. Because we humans have a tendency to think in pictures, using hieroglyphs was apparently the way to do it. Thoth was also the originator of science, magic, and alchemy on this planet[26]—again according to our mythology—but then we may ask ourselves, what science and what magic? This was already known to the ancient shamans and the whole Namlú’u race, for that matter, but the knowledge was of course “forgotten” after the Fallen Angels came and took over.

The confusion over who is whom in the pantheon is showing again in the case of Hermes-Thoth. Some say he was the son of and Marduk’s brother,[27] while others suggest that Thoth and Ninurta are the same being.[28] Others claim that Marduk and Thoth were archenemies[29], when in fact Marduk in this case is confused with Ninurta, who indeed was an enemy of Thoth. As we can see, the confusion knows no limits. Only in light of painting the bigger picture can we clearly see where many people go wrong on this subject.

Fig. 2. Thoth with is Ibis head.

Thoth was often depicted in a male, human body with the head of an ibis—a large bird still dwelling by the Nile river. This associates him with the Bird Tribe we were discussing earlier—the star race being part of Lucifer’s Rebellion, and some of them later being put in jail in the Dark Star. In Atlantis, he was known as Chiquitet or Tehuti and was often shown carrying the staff with the double helix, which is Lucifer’s/’s symbol (fig. 3)—another piece of evidence that Thoth is’s counterpart.

Fig. 3. Thoth the Atlantean, with the Double Helix staff. Horns in any shape and form symbolize the male aspect—the Patriarchal Regime.

Quetzalcoatl, known as Thoth’s counterpart, we have learned, was known as the “Feathered serpent” and as the “Shining One.” The Shining Ones appear in multiple cultures, myths, and legends around the world and were named that because of their “ethereal” appearance—i.e. they appeared in their light-bodies/Avatars—something a number of researchers call shapeshifting. As I mentioned earlier in this paper, this was often how Thoth appeared. The result is that the Shining Ones always looked different than the people of the culture in which they appeared. They were the ones who many call the “Anunnaki,” but I call the AIF.

As for being connected with the Underworld, took on a certain personae, and Nergal is one—something I showed in a previous paper. Thoth, as another of’s aliases, is also connected with the “resurrection of souls.”[30]This is fascinating because what exactly does “resurrection of souls” mean in this context? We know that when the human souls leave their body at body death, they go through the “tunnel” toward the “bright, white light” (unless they decide not to) and get recycled back to Earth again. This process is strictly directed and monitored by the AIF, so with this in mind, I ask the question again: “what does ‘resurrection of souls’ mean in this context?” If Thoth is, which the records indicate, it means, as I’ve said repeatedly, that is in charge of the resurrection/recycling process—there is hardly any doubt about it. However, there is more! The mythology also tells us that Thoth is judgingthe dead![31] Isn’t that supposed to be done by someone who is in possession of the Tablets of Destinies?[32] In other words, it’s easy to see that three beings—Lord, Queen Ereškigal, and Marduk (more about him in conjunction with the Underworld in a later paper)—are the ones responsible for the recycling of souls. I am also quite sure that etheric soul fragments of all the three of them sit in the chairs of the Council of Elders,[33] before whom each soul allegedly has to stand, so that the goal for the next lifetime can be decided. The mythology clearly says that Thoth is judging souls in person (see endnote #30). Keep in mind that these beings are interdimensional, and can bi-locate (i.e. they can be in more than one place in space/time or time/space simultaneously).

Fig. 4. Quetzalcoatl as depicted in the Codex Borbonicus, which is an “Aztec codex written by Aztec priests shortly before or after the Spanish conquest of Mexico.”[34]

In addition, is said to “return” as a Savior of mankind in today’s New Age beliefs in the form of “Space Jesus,” Maitreya, Ashtar, and as himself. Quetzalcoatl also made a promise to one day return to Mesoamerica. This was so strongly embedded into the beliefs of the Aztecs that they made no resistance when Hernandez Cortez and his bloodthirsty murderers came down on them. The Aztecs thought it was their “Serpent God” returning. Ironically, is not “returning;” he is already here, and has been here for a very long time.

Moreover, the Aztecs presented their Quetzalcoatl as no less than the “creator of mankind!”

He was a creator deity having contributed essentially to the creation of Mankind.[35]

Who do we know is the “creator of Mankind?” Is it a being called “Thoth”, or is it

Also, the astute reader may remember that I showed evidence of that Sin (Nannar) is another of’s aliases. Sin is also being related to the Moon, as a Moon god. Just as a reminder, let’s take a look at this again (my emphasis is initalics):

Sin /ˈsiːn/ (Akkadian: Su’en, Sîn) or Nanna (Sumerian: DŠEŠ.KI, DNANNA) was the god of the moon in the Mesopotamian mythology of Akkad, Assyria and Babylonia.[36]

Then, let’s take a look at Thoth:

Thoth was originally a moon god.[37]


In art, Thoth was usually depicted with the head of an ibis, possibly because the Egyptians saw curve of the ibis’ beak as a symbol of the crescent moon. Sometimes, he was depicted as a baboon holding up a crescent moon, as the baboon was seen as a nocturnal and intelligent creature.[38]

Now that I’ve presented Hermes-Thoth as to the readers, what part did he really have in the Rigelian uprising? Obviously, “Thoth” wants to give the impression that he was born in Rigel, perhaps for two main reasons. One, he wanted to separate himself out from, and two, if is accepted by mankind as the “good guy,” the attack on the Rigel system would seem like a malevolent one, although it was, in his role as Thoth, who started the Rigel Rebellion. is a very clever being, who can manipulate an untrained mind in a second, and by creating a character such as Thoth, he strengthened his stranglehold on us humans.

The AIF knows that our species has an “expiration date;” not only because they did things to make sure that we have one, but also because it is built into the DNA of any physical being, animal, and plant. It is also built, on a larger scale, into the mass consciousness of a species, whether the AIF likes it or not.

·         The Moon is set up in order to keep planet Gaia locked within a certain frequency.

·         The Grid keeps the species mass-controlled because it is built with energy transmitted by humanity’s mass consciousness (and it is to a large degree our own common belief system that holds it in place).

·         Our bodies have amnesia programming built into them.

·         A large chunk of our DNA is dormant.

These are things that the AIF did in order to slow everything down—not to speed it up, as some people say—although in the long run, they embrace the Expiration Date of our species. Although these beings may be master geneticists in some respect, they can’t stop a soul from evolving because of the “Cycles of Time.” As we have discussed in other levels of learning, the new species is evolving now, and you, the reader, are evolving with it.

My point is that this is the reason why beings such as “Thoth” released much of his material: so humans could take part of it to enhance our evolution. Much of it was not understood at the time it was released, and it was not meant to be understood. Either plans changed and they were hidden again (and supposedly destroyed to some degree), or perhaps they were released so that they would be mentioned in the old records. This comes in handy now with all the channeled material, which is pointing toward these records. These records will assist some of humanity to achieve higher awareness, but they still keep humans within a certain frequency. Nevertheless, they are part of the plan, and they give the false impression that they were written by a benevolent being, which is an important part of the agenda. The Internet is very much working as a hub to help beings evolve, making it easier than ever to find information we need.

When the Rigel War started, Homo sapiens sapiens were not even created yet. This war seems to have happened relatively close to the Deluge, but our planet had not yet been flooded. All these abominable creatures that and his team of scientists had created were still roaming the Earth, and Atlantis and Lemuria were still the two prominent cultures on the planet. was traveling back and forth between Rigel and Gaia and has been known to us through this time period as “Thoth, the Atlantean,” or Tehuti, but also under other names, such as Poseidon and Neptune. In his most famous work, “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean,” which was found in the pyramids of South America, he talks about his life and that he is a “Divine teacher.” Interestingly, he also explains in his Emerald Tablets why Atlantis was destroyed, and this explanation fits right into’s Elitism. He says that the reason for the destruction was that “confidential knowledge was imparted to unworthy people and the latter began using it for evil purposes. They adopted bloody sacrifices — and this resulted in numerous incarnations of hellish beings among people. This led to quick degradation of incarnated people in Atlantis.”[39]

This is textbook manipulation. At the time of Atlantis, was the one who supported bloody sacrifices, and he didn’t instigate it at that time but continued using it for “evil purposes.” Also, was the one who let his experiments in genetic manipulation result in “numerous incarnations of hellish beings among people.” Nonetheless, it was these abominable monsters and degraded humans that were the main reason for the demise of Atlantis, but it had nothing to do with “unworthy” people getting confidential knowledge. However, this is what wants the people of Gaia to believe happened, so it can be justified that only the few initiated should have access to such lofty information.

All this is cleverly done. Look at you now, for example. Don’t you think that you have come a long way in just a few years in your own evolution? Don’t you think you have evolved into a more clever and “better” being than you were, let’s say, ten years ago (and this is regardless of how “good” you were back then)? If the answer is yes to those questions, don’t you think you would be “worthy” by now, if we use’s own term, to receive a great part of “confidential knowledge?” I would say so. However, if you knocked on the door to the secret societies, which hold on to this knowledge, and asked them to share it with you right now, do you think they would? Of course not. If Thoth were here now, do you think he would release it to you? No, he wouldn’t. So let’s ask ourselves—why not? The answer is simple; you are not of’s pure bloodline—you are not one of his Minions.

Not even during Atlantean times was confidential knowledge released to the public. Some knowledge was released, but the quality of that information was not of the kind that was released in the upper echelons. The same information that we have at our convenience today is approximately the same information that was released back then. It was basic spiritual information (“basic” in relative terms, that is, compared to the information that was actually written down by Thoth), and it was hardly because average people got hold of information that things ran amok in Atlantis. If things went so bad because people were educated, why didn’t Poseidon and his “Kings” set up laws against human sacrifice and blood sacrifices in general? They didn’t, and the reason is because the AIF has always encouraged blood sacrifices—that is hardly a secret. We need go no further than to the Bible. Didn’t Jehovah/Yahweh demand blood sacrifices every so often from the people? Our history is full of examples where the “gods” demand blood sacrifices in order to forgive the people. “Give me a virgin, and I’ll forgive you!”

Why are these beings so concerned with blood rituals? We’ve discussed that in earlier levels of learning, but let’s review it again. The gods get energized from the blood of a human or an animal that has been sacrificed under fear and terror. These beings feed on these kind of things. Also, a part of our soul is running through the blood. Consequently, don’t think for a moment that they wouldn’t encourage such behavior. In other words, Thoth is not telling us the truth about the destruction of Atlantis. What else did he lie about? Well, at least it may encourage the reader to look at his material with new, more critical eyes. If you keep in mind what I’ve told you in this paper, you will be amazed about what you’ll find when you read the Thoth material.

Other cultures worth looking into in this respect would, typically, be the Mayans and the Aztecs, but also the Incas in South America. They were all big on human sacrifice.[40] I also bring up the Incas for a specific reason—if you look at the name “Inca,” it’s very close to “,” isn’t it?[41] This is how the AIF has always played with words and names.

So, the story portrays as the one who instigated the uprising in Rigel, turning not only the Rigelians against the Empire, but also creating a civil war inside the Rigel star system. This made the war very complicated, and it became another of these wars that has lasted for a very long time. Even if the war is not raging at the moment—the tension is still there.

Although the records state that Thoth was born in Rigel, that is not true, when we know that and Thoth are one and the same. It’s all about misdirecting our attention, and they have succeeded pretty well so far. Rigel has very little to do with, except that is from Orion, and Rigel is an Orion star. Otherwise, Rigel was just another star system that wanted to conquer.

We are going to leave the Rigel War for a while and come back to it later. In the meantime, we are going to look into something else that we haven’t talked much about before, but it is important. Therefore, let’s move on to the next paper.


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you!

Wes Penre

[1] There was [however] long-running controversy in late 19th and early 20th centuries over the possible visible binarity of Rigel B. A number of experienced observers claimed to see it as a double, while others were unable to confirm it—indeed, the proponents themselves were sometimes unable to duplicate their results. Observations since have ruled out the likelihood of a visible companion to Rigel B. (Source:

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