Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 10: The Tablets of Destinies

by Wes Penre, Written on Friday, November 8, 2013 
Posted on Friday, January 31, 2014
Revised on Saturday, February 1, 2014
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. The Prisoners of the Abyss Revisited

On the E-Abzu throne he sat, sometimes with his son Marduk by his side, scheming and pondering. Lord was quite sure it would work—it didn’t conflict with any sciences, and he should know, being a highly trained scientist. Thus, it should be possible.

Almost nine light-years away from Ar-i-du, his best generals, and a lot of his most courageous warriors, were still stuck in the Abyss of the Dark Star, Sirius C. They, the so-called “Nommos,” had been put there by Khan En.lil and his son, Prince Ninurta, after the initial Cosmic War had ended—the war that is also called “Lucifer’s Rebellion.” Their Avatars had been made useless, so their Fires were unable to navigate them. In addition, they were sentenced to never be able to become Creator Goddesses. As as long as they were imprisoned, their Fires had no power to create in any meaningful capacity. They were now what we humans would call real “non-physical beings,” stuck in the darkness of the deepest Abyss of the KHAA, inside an electronic veil, or grid, which made it impossible for them to escape—at least without help from outside. Even if such help would be possible, the Nommos were still without power to move around on their own because their Avatars were “locked.” The Orions had really done what they could to make sure that these prisoners would never again travel around in the Universe—not until they were released by the Orion Court—if that would ever happen.  

Lord had a lot of attention on his old soldiers. It was not that he felt emotionally attached to them or that he “missed them” on any emotional level—he needed them, period! Generals, like those that he had during the Rebellion, were a dime on a dozen, and moreover, there were a lot of soldiers imprisoned in the Dark Star, and he needed good troops. A few scientists, as well, had shared the Nommos’s fate.

Not until he had noticed the capacities of the Ladies of Fire (the human females) and learned how they could access the Inner Sanctuaries of the KHAA during their orgasms, had a plan to release the Dark Star prisoners caught his attention. These extraordinary Ladies of Fire could be the solution! and his firstborn son thought that they had an ingenious plan, indeed, and this is how they plotted it:

Here on Earth, had his Minions[1]—the so-called ADAMA—being of his own “magnificent” blood. Their bodies had been powerfully programmed with his own DNA in combination with Gaia Apes and the Dragons/Reptilians from Alpha Draconis. The memories of everything had taught them in the ancient past was stored in their DNA and could be accessed. Usually, it was the same souls incarnating over and over, mostly throughout the same family lines. Although these beings were affected by amnesia that regular humans had to experience to its fullest, they still had an easier time to access their past life memories than regular humans did. This was before the Deluge, under the Atlantean Era, which we talked about in Level II, when ruled as Poseidon and Neptune. He had not yet set up the Grid around the planet, and there was no organized “Between Lives Area,” although the souls were programmed to reincarnate. However, in these days, there were souls who escaped and never reincarnated on Earth again. It was not until the Grid was set up in conjunction with the Between Lives Area that escaping became almost non-existent.

The plan was to “pierce” the electronic veil, which was set up around the Dark Star, and to get the Nommos’s souls out of there. However, it wouldn’t be enough only to pierce the veil—even if that would work and the prisoners could escape, they would be useless in their present condition—they needed new Avatars, so how could that be done?

After had prepared for it, the solution was fairly simple! already had the vessels that the Nommos could use, and those vessels (or bodies) were those of his Minions! All needed to do was

1.      Pierce a hole in the veil.

2.      Get the prisoners out.

3.      Embody them, using his Minions—the loyal ADAMA of his own pure bloodline.

So far so good, but there was an important piece that was missing in the equation. His Minions were, because of their bloodline, adequate shamans, and through rituals, they should be able to contact their brothers in the Abyss by nanotraveling while at the same time being in their bodies.[2] The purpose would be for the imprisoned spirits in Sirius to possess the bodies of the Minions here on Earth and escape from the prison. The prisoners, who were more powerful—or let’s say “experienced”—spirits than’s present Minions, would have special human hybrid bodies waiting for them in suspense, and as soon as the Nommo spirits inhabited them, they would come to life with help from technology. From where took the Avatars, which the Nommos would need, is anyone’s guess, but as the saying goes, “some things are better kept in the dark.”

However, there was one problem. Even if the Minions, by using shamanism, could pierce the veil (something Khan En.lil had strictly forbidden them to even try), and merge with the hybrid bodies, they wouldn’t be able to get the spirit out of the prison. Something more powerful was needed—something that Lord actually possessed!

He needed Ladies of Fire!

However, to be successful, these Ladies of Fire had to be gung-ho on the project, thinking it was for their own good and in humanity’s best interest. Therefore, spent a lot of time with the most powerful of the human females, was kind and loving to them, using his infamous charm, manipulating voice, and thoughts, to win their hearts and souls. The Ladies of Fire, already being aware of’s deceptive nature, needed to be worked on more extensively than that, but was both a master hypnotist and an expert on mind control. As a genetic engineer, he knew how the mind works—to the Ladies of Fire, this was something unknown.

Many times, he succeeded, but far from all the time. He used a made up story as a baseline for his hypnotic technique, telling the Namlú’u that Gaia was about to be invaded, and if they could only free Lord’s best soldiers, who were prisoners of war in a horrible place in another star system, the invaders wouldn’t stand a chance—in fact, Lord wouldn’t even let them enter the solar system. It was of course not true, but justified it by explaining that there was always a chance that the Orions would invade, so what he was telling the Lús had truth in it, he figured. He also flattered the females and told them that they had powers no one else had—it was just dormant. However, he, the Great Shaman, could teach them how to get their power out, and it had to do with rituals—especially a shamanic sex ritual, which today is called Tantric sex.

Fig. 1. preparing shamanic ritual.

After had managed to “recruit” what he considered enough females, the practice began. taught the Ladies of Fire how to start using their Fire again and how to become shamans. had no clue how to be a true shaman. As I stated in the beginning of Level II, the males eventually took over female shamanism, thinking they could do it better. They couldn’t, but up to this day, many male shamans think they can. Because of the male interference with some very sacred rituals, true shamanism, which originated in the stars, was lost on Earth. Nevertheless, these women whom taught, were talented, indeed, and was pleased—especially because he could participate in the female sex acts with some of the most beautiful females in the Universe.

One day, gathered the fairly big group of specially trained females and a large group of Minions in a remote and quiet area where they were not likely to be interrupted by anybody. Robust DAKH warriors, invisible to the females and the Minions, were guarding the area. No one from outside was allowed in.

The Minions created a big circle, where pentagrams and other magical symbols were created on the ground. It was totally dark outside, except for a huge bonfire burning in the middle of the circle. Everybody was quiet—the only sound was the spark from the fire.

Fig. 2. Ladies of Fire building a circle.

Suddenly, the female lead shaman entered the circle, naked and with her body painted. On her head was a bandana filled with feathers, symbolizing the aquatic Bird Tribe they are working on saving. She started dancing, and other females started pounding on drums. The shaman danced faster and faster, and other shamans entered the circle, also naked with feathery head dresses. As the beat of the drums stayed on a steady, fast, and complicated rhythm, the shamans danced themselves into a trance, shapeshifting into different entities, such as bears, birds, and fishlike beings, and then back to human form again.

The dance went on for hours, and became more and more sexual in nature. While the drums were still playing, males and females found each other, and started having prolonged sex, lasting all the way until dawn. The male’s main task was to bring the females to sustained orgasms, so that they, during their moments of ecstasy, could leave their bodies and pierce holes in the veil around the Sirian Dark Star.

One by one, during their orgasms, these female shamans managed to contact the prisoners of the Abyss. Many of the females, however, became so disturbed by the whole scenario, and mostly from the energy of the beings who were trapped there, that they stopped in the middle and redirected their energy., who was supervising the whole ritual, only participating on occasion, was concerned about the women’s reactions, and soon he noticed that the ritual didn’t work. It needed more preparation. The Ladies of Fires were way too “sensitive” and couldn’t handle the brutal warrior energies of the Nommos.

Not until a few weeks later, after using some more of his demonic techniques on the females, felt confident that the shamanic Ladies of Fire were ready to meet what was on the other side of the veil, and impatiently, he sat down to watch the ritual.

This time it went much better, and the Ladies of Fire managed to connect one on one with the imprisoned Nommo warriors. When the female orgasms were subsiding and the energies began to retract again toward their bodies, they brought Nommo souls with them, riding on the energy. In the circle, out in the desert where the Minions bodies were waiting in suspense, the Nommo spirits started using their own energy to possess the bodies.

By repeating this ritual, night after night, more and more Nommos were released from the Dark Star, until almost all of them were released (some of them were so bad off that they couldn’t be saved, and are probably still floating around in the Sirian prison.

Lord was very pleased, and he told these new souls, in their sturdy, hybrid bodies, that they were never to have children with lulus[3]. If they did, they could never acknowledge them as their own. wanted a very pure bloodline to serve him. Inbreeding was the solution for them to remain in power. Up until this day, the Global Elite are inbreeding, and it’s even coming out in the mainstream media now how people in power, who seem totally unrelated in genetic terms, have common ancestors. We can also clearly see this pattern amongst the Royal Families of the world—they never let their children marry somebody who is not of the bloodline.

Fig. 3. The current Swedish Royal family. Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustav are portrayed in the middle, and Crown Princess Victoria is to the left. Princess Magdalene and Prince Carl Philip are standing to the right.

A relatively recent example of this is the Swedish Monarchy. King Carl XVI Gustav’s eldest daughter, Crown Princess Victoria, fell in love with a young man and wanted to marry him. Her father, the King, went to the U.S. to meet with a Council. We were told (again in the mainstream media) that they had tested this young man’s genes, and he wasn’t “pure” enough, so the King told her daughter to stop dating him. Victoria was devastated but couldn’t do anything about it (interestingly enough, Victoria has showed signs of being bipolar and having eating disorders, something that has also been addressed in the media. These conditions always come from severe trauma—usually in the childhood, and were in her case not related to her refused love—her conditions were there long before that. Very often, these traumas have sexual abuse as a base. There is nothing glamorous with being one of the Power Elite).

How did this Swedish love story end, then? Well, a much “better” match was found for Victoria—a young man who had a much purer bloodline. The two are now married. These people don’t marry for love, but for the sake of bloodlines. The parents want their children to marry someone who is as pure as possible because it helps the family to gain more power—both in the hierarchal structure and to gain more psychic powers. Eventually, when the parents die, they normally wait until there is a grandchild or a great grandchild about to be born. When this is about to happen, the older member of the family decides to die and immediately afterward takes the body of their own grandchild or great grandchild, whatever is the case.

Preferably, royal families can marry into other royal families of other countries and get a stronghold there, hopefully, creating an alliance between the countries—it happens every so often. If the couple happens to be in love—good for them, but if they’re not, they’d better   marry anyway and have offspring. Crown Princess Victoria is one day going to become the Queen of Sweden as a successor of King Carl XVI Gustav, who is of French descendant originally.

To return to our original story, Lord was very pleased—his plan had worked! Now, many of his Minions were possessed by Nommo spirits, who, by entering the Minion bodies, could possess new Avatars. They were free from the prison, in which they had been captured for a very long time. knew what he was doing. The Nommos, who once again could breathe the air of freedom, would now feel they were in debt to their master, who for them would always be Prince Lucifer—these were the only terms in which they thought of him. However, they never used Lucifer’s name when talking about him openly. Under such circumstances, he was just the Grandmaster, the Shining One, or the Overlord.

The Ladies of Fire, who had been trained and participated in the release of the prisoners, got their “reward” immediately: They had their memories totally wiped out, and none of them had any idea of what they had done.

Thus was the mindset of Prince Lucifer, the Brilliant One, the Shining One, the Master of Illumination, the Great Dragon of Old, the Great Serpent (all of these titles were self-proclaimed, of course). He thought, how could his parents and his “dear” brother underestimate him so? Couldn’t they see that he was the most Brilliant and Radiant One who has ever existed—in this Universe and beyond? They banished him from Orion’s highest dimensions. What fools! Still, this was only the beginning, he thought. They just wait and see! Before he, the Great Lucifer, is finished, the Orion Empire is going to shake and tumble in its very foundations, and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Now laughed aloud for a long time—it was as if he couldn’t stop.  

II. Pure Blood and Sex Worship

The sacred matrimony between man and woman is something that has been established here on Earth, emphasized as a virtue that should be upheld. Of course, not all cultures on this planet uphold this idea—there are those who have harems, and some cultures embrace polygamy—but in the western world at least, monogamy is the most common lasting relationship between a man and a woman. At best, such a marriage is supposed to last for a lifetime.

This is not something we humans came up with—it was the gods who taught us this. They stressed that we should mate with one partner only and stick with him/her. There is of a reason for this—the AIF wants to be able to keep track of all the bloodlines and know who is whom. Otherwise, they don’t care because they are hardly monogamists themselves.

Monogamy is a generalization—it’s always wrong to say that everybody is in a certain way—we are all individuals, and so are the gods (aside from those who are cloned). Still, there were those who married their daughters and sons, had sex with them at a young age, and produced an offspring. Grandfathers had sex with granddaughters as well—the list goes on.

To their defense (if I may call it that), many of these beings are next to immortal and have more offspring than we can count. To demand that they can’t have sex with their own children somewhere along the line would probably be to stretch it. Many times, I’m sure, they are not even aware of the connection, and even when they are, I don’t think there is an emotional problem for a 300,000 year old woman to have sex with a 900,000 year old male, if the reader gets the drift. It’s not like when a 14 year-old girl has sex with a 60 year-old man here on Earth.

Sodomy and perverted sex has never been the practice of the highest of the Gods and Goddesses, but very much so amongst the younger generation of gods, such as and his cohorts, i.e. the Olympians. Although we were taught by the gods not to do it (at least not to begin with), sometimes we saw the gods doing it, and as children often do, we imitated our “parents.”

Monogamy, however, is not a rule “set in stone” by any higher God, or Goddess, in the Universe. People are allowed to experiment, but monogamy in the western cultures is so deeply imprinted that it’s hard to break out of it. Even if both partners in a relationship are open for experiments with others “on the side,” or if they invite a third person—or perhaps another couple, and it goes quite well at first, it almost always ends with jealousy. At least one of the partners feels neglected and less loved when that person sees the other, whom he or she loves, being with another woman or man more passionately than with the original partner. Such relationships usually don’t last long.

Most people are so insecure within themselves that they look for others to love them—whereas, they must learn to love themselves first. Once people have learned how to truly love themselves as a composite (mind/spirit/body), they will notice that giving love to those around them (and that which is around them) is what is important—not necessarily to receive it from others. Of course, it’s a very nice feeling when somebody else loves you, but it’s when it becomes a necessity for a person’s existence to be loved by others that it’s destructive.

Nevertheless, we’re all on different levels of learning, so what is the answer to marriage? I would say, follow your own ethics and moral codes. Don’t care about what “society” wants you to do—instead, do what you want to do, so long as you don’t hurt yourself and others. No one has the right to tell you what you should do, and if it feels wrong, be strong enough not to do it! Being in a monogamous relationship is probably “playing it safe,” and if the married couple really loves each other throughout the entire lifetime, this is a wonderful thing! However, if they are together only because they are “supposed to” or because of their own insecurity only, it holds both partners back. Therefore, there is no good answer whether marriage is a good thing or not—it depends on the individuals. Unfortunately, many people who start waking up and, perhaps, don’t want to get married, feel like there is something wrong with them because society is almost forcing them to find a life partner. Sometimes it takes a while to break out of the “hive mentality” we’ve, in many cases, been living under.

By getting married, you take an oath that you should be with your partner until death separates you. That’s a heavy oath to take, and breaking it is connected with a lot of guilt for many people. In the future, marriage will be something of the past. It can be romantic and a fantastic experience to go through a wedding, but to take that oath is not in the best interest of the people involved because we don’t own each other. Marriage, the way it’s presented in the West, has little to do with pure love and sharing life together, even if it seems that way at first. It has, however, everything to do with ownership. Most people don’t think about that, and I’m sure many people don’t like what I’ve just said. That’s fine—it’s just something to ponder. On the other hand, marriage can also be what we make out of it—we can choose to skip all the nonsense about ownership and everything else that has been tied to it and simply call it a romantic decision—it’s up to us. However, in order to be able to do that, the couple has to be strong enough not to be affected by the negative aspects that have been attached to it. Some think they are that strong, but when it comes down to it, they fail—not because they are not strong enough, perhaps, but because they fall back into old patterns.

The Four Levels of Learning, which I have written thus far, are concentrated on certain beings, who are more or less our neighbors out there in the Universe. I have mentioned very little about star beings who are not particularly connected with the agenda that has to do with us humans. Hence, I can only speak for those beings with whom we’ve by now become familiar—and even so, I only know and understand these beings superficially. Underneath lies a web of complexity that I am not able to comprehend as a human being.

One thing with being human is that it’s perfectly okay to experiment with things (and I am not only talking about sex), so long as we don’t hurt ourselves or others. This is what’s important to think about. Then, the next question would be, how do we know when we hurt ourselves or others? It’s not always obvious. The answer is that it comes with higher consciousness and awareness. We become more psychic and can feel and sense the need of others, just as well as we can feel and sense when they are uncomfortable and/or hurt, physically or mentally. When this happens, it’s, of course, time to rethink what we’re doing.

Tantric sex[4] is an ancient practice (obviously so, if you read about the above rituals, which include a version of tantric sex), but it has had a revival within the New Age movement. This is not a coincidence. Here is a practice that is not obviously destructive to the persons involved, but higher awareness and consciousness is what will help us see through an agenda to reintroduce this practice in society.

By prolonging the sexual act and eventually getting a stronger orgasm is in itself not a bad thing—quite the opposite. In this practice, the male becomes something like a Man of Fire as well as the female becomes a Lady of Fire—both using their Fire extensively during the act. In a better world, this would be a very rewarding sexual practice. However, with the practitioners being clueless and mostly totally ignorant, their orgasmic energies are being sucked up by interdimensional beings. Not only that—if the practitioners don’t ground and protect themselves during the act, they can easily be possessed by beings who want to participate in the sexual act and gain from the energies that are produced.

Tantric sex (or tantra as it is also called) is one of the more powerful sexual interactions between individuals, and that’s why it’s reintroduced now in these times. A growing part of humanity is getting “riper” by the day, with increased awareness, consciousness, and psychic abilities. We are almost ready to be “harvested.”[5]

In general, most people who have sex don’t set goals for the intimacy. I don’t want to sound like an arousal killer here, but I do need to emphasize that it’s important to decide beforehand what the goal for having sex at a certain moment is. I brought this up already in Level I, but some things need to be reemphasized. Example of goals for your orgasm and where to target the energy involved, could be to enhance your own psychic power or that of the partner. It could also be to connect with the highest dimensions of the KHAA, where the Queen and King of Orion have their Court. As another example, it could be to heal yourself or others. These are just coming from the top of my head—anything is possible. However, it’s important to add that no one else, whom you have not included in the goal, is allowed to use any of the energy. That way, the orgasm will not drain you, and the energy goes where it is supposed to go.

The AIF wants to keep you ignorant about this so that it can use the energy to get into the sections of the KHAA, which otherwise are inaccessible for them. To put it bluntly—our future depends on how we use our sexual energy! If we allow the AIF to use it, it will be so much easier for them in the near future to shatter the Gates of Orion and break in. If this happens, humans will be used as shields and foot soldiers, and they will be the first to die. When I say “die,” I’m not only talking about physical death—I’m talking about having the Avatar shot into pieces, so the soul becomes a helpless “drifter,” without any interdimensional vessel with which it can move around.

I wish I had a magic wand with which I could wake up everybody on this planet. If I did have one, I wouldn’t need to write one single word more…

Also, now while we’re talking about the New Age and even the spiritual movement of increased awareness and consciousness, we all know the word enlightenment. We use it all the time to indicate that we are making progress—we say that we are becoming more enlightened. According to some of the records, it was, as Satan or Lucifer, who “enlightened” the people, beginning in the Garden of Edin. Those who have read my material, however, know that all did was to educate his own hybrid bloodline.

Now, if we look at the word “enlightenment,” what does it actually indicate? It is very close to Enlilightenment, isn’t it? All we need to do is to add another letter: l. If we look at the real ancient history, who was it that “enli(l)ightened” the primordial humans, the Namlú’u, who were the humans, intended to evolve on this planet? It was Khan En.lil and Prince En.lil (Ninurta), together with Queen Nin. It may seem like a play with words, but words are powerful and often have meanings that are not obvious when we first look at them. They can also mean something different for an aware person versus for someone who is still asleep. Words and languages are very multidimensional. This is another idea to ponder.

In summary, when’s troops are released from the Dark Star, he will have minions he can count on who will do their job with intelligence enough to possibly get it right. The Nommos are also less prone to breed outside the bloodlines and will keep the hybrid bodies “cleaner” (I will sometimes call’s Minions the Nommos, regardless of the fact that far from all of them have Nommo souls. Still, it’s the Nommos who are in charge of the Global Elite here on Earth).

The long-term plans that and the Nommos have are sinister, which involves us humans to a very large degree. The only way they can accomplish those plans, however, is through manipulation, and thus far, they have succeeded beyond their own expectations.  

III. The Fine Line Between Evolving Naturally and Evolving into Future Slavery

In Level III, I revealed a lot about the channeled entities and their agenda. Those who have been into channeling or read or listened to a lot of different channeled material know that the term The Harvest comes up every so often amongst many different channeled sources. There are many New Agers who follow these sources and their channeled messages to the letter. Many of these entities promise that if we evolve enough and dedicate more than 51% of our time to Service to Others, we will graduate, either to the Fourth or the Fifth Density, where everything will be less dense and everybody will be happier and more compassionate and live by the principal of unconditional love. However, if you dedicate less than 51% of your time to serve others rather than yourself, you won’t graduate—instead, you be moved to another planet in the Milky Way Galaxy where time will start all over again, and you will have to deal with the Nommos one more time in another time cycle, which may last anything from 13,000 to 75,000 years. Those who graduate, however, will stay here on Earth, which will ascend together with the evolved people to the Fourth or Fifth Density.

Some channeled sources say that you will evolve automatically, all by yourself and your own doing, while perhaps the majority claim that the ascending ones will be picked up in spaceships and spend some time in an intermediary station, while the people who are not evolving will be moved to the other planet, which has been prepared for them somewhere else in the Galaxy.

If we think about it, doesn’t the word “harvest” have a creepy feeling to it? Harvest has to do with becoming ripe enough to be picked, doesn’t it? The reason people stay with these channeling groups is because the entities have a warm and fuzzy feeling about them—people claim they have extraordinary “good energies,” and when they read their messages—or preferably hear them in live sessions—they feel very good. Hence, there can’t, in the minds of the believers, be anything negative about them.

What these people don’t understand is that it’s a piece of cake for the sources to transmit whatever energies they want without feeling anything near to what they transmit. However, not even when you point this out will the followers see that this may be the case. I think the reason for this is that they want it to be true so much that they don’t want to rethink under any circumstance. It’s nothing different from someone who is stuck in a religion.

Moreover, the followers then point out that the entities who are channeled can heal sick people or people with obvious physical ailments and add this to their argument for the benevolence of the entities—entities who are also sometimes able to predict the future to some degree. None of this is strange—of course, these beings have technologies far more advance than ours—technologies which can also work on proximity.

Some other arguments that the followers of these channeled entities have are that the entities evidently are helping us evolve, and those who don’t believe in what these entities say about the Harvest are those who really are deceived and are the ones who have to suffer while the followers of the channeled entities are being harvested. The followers also argue that the information they are given can be proven to be true and useful.

I would argue with that and say that the more deceptive the channeled source is, the more it wants to be as truthful as possible! This may sound like a contradiction, but it’s not. The only way the entities will get a lot of followers is if they are truthful. In fact, they can be as truthful as they possibly can, as long as they are able to twist a small part of the information in the direction that they want the followers to go. Most channeled entities want us to evolve because they want us ripe enough to be able to harvest us.

Being harvested doesn’t take you to a higher density or dimension—that’s not the real purpose for the Harvest. Although we are said to be living in the Third Dimension, in reality, we move through dimensions all the time when we’re thinking and when we’re dreaming. The Third Dimension, however, is the “main” dimension where our attention returns and where we are manipulated to be stuck. Then, when we evolve, it means that our thoughts are constantly moving up into higher bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, and we become more fluid, and we can eventually move freely between the higher dimensions (nanotravel). It happens gradually, and it’s not as if one day we wake up and find ourselves in a totally new environment—in a new dimension. If you read this, you are already operating in higher dimensions than you did let’s say 5-10 years ago, although it’s happened so gradually that you may not have noticed. However, all you need to do is to think back a certain number of years, and you will definitely notice the difference. In fact, you live on a slightly different “version” of Earth than you did at that time—one that fits your new, higher vibrations better.

As we have discussed at an earlier time, the AIF wants to harvest those who evolve so they can use their energies for food and create a future army that is able to penetrate the Gates of Orion—Orion being the original “Edin.” They may very well pick people up in spaceships, or they may not, but either way, the outcome will be the same. They may even create something similar to the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions they are so eagerly promoting, but it will remain a prison. It will work as a “container” for those who are later to be used by the AIF—against these people’s knowledge. Will they be further mind controlled? Most probably.

Some might say that they would rather move up a notch to a “Fourth Dimension” than to stay here, even if it’s a prison, but remember that we are not intending to stay here in the trap—our intention is to break free. However, in order to do that, it requires some work. We won’t be “beamed up” to a higher dimension—we need to create the reality we want, and we do that by “thinking” ourselves to the desired reality, and we do it by breaking the spell that the AIF has put on us, as we’ve discussed many times before—there is no other way to do it. We need to claim our sovereignty and let no one else decide what and whom we are and what we are going to evolve into.

As the readers can see, it’s a fine line between evolving the natural way and evolving to suit the AIF agenda. The only reason why the Nommos leave us alone to evolve is that they count on that most of those who are evolving will still be at their service in the future. They are aware that they may lose some on the way, but that’s acceptable to them. They don’t want souls who they can’t control, anyway, and most important—they also see it as a payment toward the “debt.” By letting a few escape, they think that they have met the obligation to let people evolve on their own, if they wish to. They want to show that they are not forcing anybody to do anything, and that whatever we do, we do it out of free will. In their mind, no one forced us to believe what the AIF has been saying or doing—it’s all by choice. I doubt that they will get away with that forever.  

IV. Programmed Crystals and the “Tablets of Destinies”

As the astute readers may have noticed, I spend less time in this level of learning on presenting a timeline and more on adding information to a timeline I have already presented in Levels I and II.

The information in this level is more multidimensional and fluid, showing that the order of things is not that important and certainly not as important as just presenting the information and letting the timeline work itself out for the readers. Or, even better—the timeline can be totally disregarded, and the information automatically becomes entirely multidimensional, as in dream state.

The Tablets of Destinies, or the Mes, or MEs (the singular is Me [ME],  pronounced “May,” like the month of May), play a crucial role in the Wars of the Gods. I have mentioned them occasionally in the other levels, but now we will study them a little deeper. First, however, we need to grasp the concept that is the King of the Underworld, and that it’s a part of being the Lord of Earth—it’s all self-proclaimed, as usual.

In the previous paper, I mentioned that there was the self-proclaimed Goddess, or Queen, living in the Underworld. To understand how became the King of the Underworld, using a different title than “Lord,” we need to start by looking a little bit more into this particular deity, who had already claimed the title as Queen of the Underworld—Ereškigal.

iv.i. The Tablets of Destinies—Ownership in Descending Order and the Battles Around Them

The MEs (Tablets of Destinies) are extremely old and must have been created at the beginning of the Universe—possibly by the Goddess herself in her manifestation as the Queen of the Stars. The legend states that the MEs hold the memories of the entire Universe, from beginning to end, and that they contain the information needed to create biological life forms in the Universe, which the Goddess is the Creatrix of.

Hence, it’s only natural that the Queen of the Stars was the original owner of these MEs, and according to the Enûma Eliš, she is known as Tiamat.

Again, we have to deal with the rewritten history in favor of the Patriarchs, but it’s getting easier and easier to see through these distortions. In Enûma Eliš (the Babylonian Creation Story), we read that Tiamat is a chaos monster, a primordial goddess of the ocean, mating with Abzû (the god of freshwater)[6]. If we disregard the term “chaos monster,” which is a term set by the Patriarchal Regime, we start getting on the right track already. Later in the same article, Wikipedia acknowledges Tiamat as the Creatrix of the Universe[7] and the sacred marriage between Abzu/Khan En.lil and Queen Nin in the ancient Peace Agreement.[8] As stated in Level II and onward, the story of the Universe is told in the ancient scriptures—it’s just a matter of finding it. Dr. Farrell, who did some more in-depth research on Tiamat, equates her with the ruler and, perhaps, the Creatrix of the Milky Way Galaxy.[9]  

iv.ii. Tiamat Loses Possession of the Tablets of Destinies to Marduk

Thus, Tiamat was the first deity in possession of the Tablets, which she gave to Kingú[10] (sometimes spelled Quingu—another name for Prince Ninurta, and sometimes Archangel Mikael as Khan En.lil), whom she and Khan En.lil had chosen as the Khan’s successor to the Throne of Orion. Prince Ninurta supposedly fastened the Tablets to his breast,[11] which makes me think of a device of the size, or smaller than that of a cell phone, but still more powerful than any devices we know of.

As we saw in a previous paper, Marduk and Lucifer may have worked together to destroy their grandmother and mother, respectively, by defeating her in a horrific battle, which bounced planets out of orbit and destroyed parts of the planet Tiamat, also called Maldek and Old Terra.

Tiamat, the planet, was then thrown out of orbit and became Earth/Gaia, as we also have discussed earlier. Tiamat, the Queen and spirit, who was the counterpart to the Queen of the Stars, stayed as the spirit, inhabiting the remainder of the planet, which now, by Mother Goddess followers, is called Gaia. Prince Ninurta, many Vulcans, and surviving Titans fled the solar system and returned to Orion and Vega. The solar system, Ar-i-du, was now under Lucifer’s regime.

Furthermore, the legend says that Prince Ninurta, who still possessed the Tablets of Destiny, had to hand them over to Marduk because he was the winner of the battle, and he and his father were the new rulers of the solar system, although it can be wildly disputed because the solar system was taken over by force. There was no written agreement, and there will never be. According to the mythos, it was the Elder Deities who approved of giving the Tablets to Marduk—henceforth, he became the head of the Babylonian Pantheon.[12][13] We can, of course, question whom these “Elder Deities” really were and whom they were working for. It makes it sound as if they were Khan En.lil and, perhaps, Tiamat herself being defeated and stripped off all her powers. This doesn’t sound plausible, unless there is some Universal Law that says that it has to be done this way. Another option is that the records are written in such a way that Marduk and wanted the Earth population to think that they were given the Power of the Universe by the defeated Gods. If the latter is true, the Tablets were possibly stolen from Ninurta before he fled from the solar system 500,000 years ago. The records say that Ninurta was later captured and slain, and his blood was used to create the hybrids—humankind. This may very well be true, if we consider the 3-D body that he possessed while being on Earth as the one in question. If so, we have his blood in our veins—although diluted. Even if the blood is coming from his third-dimensional physical body, it still contains a soul aspect of the immortal person, as discussed elsewhere. Therefore, this hypothesis might be plausible.

Fig 4. Some say that the three discs hanging around Marduk’s neck are the Tablets of Destinies, and they are also depicted on his hat. But were they really discs, or where they stones, rather? Or were they maybe both?

As a side note, also keep in mind that there are at least two sides of gods fighting each other—they are the Enkiites and the Enlilites, as I discussed at length in Level I. Very rarely did an Enkiite side with an Enlilite, or vice versa—not after Lucifer’s Rebellion. They usually stayed within one of the two family branches and were quite loyal to the people of the side they had chosen. Therefore, when we hear that someone who is of’s family kills or hurts someone from his own family, it’s probably disinformation or should, at least, be researched in more depth before it’s used as evidence.

In any case, the Tablets of Destinies changed ownership from Tiamat to Ninurta and then to Marduk, who became the Chief god of Babylon because of the possession.

Here, we pause. What I wrote in the last paragraph is something I have a hard time digesting. Most texts tell us that Marduk became the Chief god of Babylon because he stole the tablets from Ninurta. This doesn’t make sense because Babylon was not built until much, much later. Hence, it makes much more sense that it was Lucifer who stole the tablets from Ninurta, and at a later point, he gave them to Marduk, who then became the Chief god of Babylon. When we look at this in context, it seems as if Lucifer wanted to give Marduk credit for slaying Tiamat so that Marduk had something to brag about when he became the head deity of Babylon. In ancient times, stories such as these created respect in a certain person, and Marduk, who didn’t have much to fall back on, needed a big story to command respect—it has always been important for the AIF to push the fear button. Consequently, I support the hypothesis that Marduk was born on Earth, i.e. he was not even born when the slaying of Tiamat occurred.  

iv.iii. The Tablets go from Marduk to Khan En.lil

Then, we have a typical example of what I was explaining above regarding the “House of En.lil” and the “House of” (the Enkiites and the Enlilites). Most records state that after a while, when Marduk had become the Ruler of Babylon, he handed the Tablets to “En.lil,” which in this case would be Khan En.lil, and not Prince En.lil (Ninurta). So, let us ask ourselves, why would Marduk, who is of the House of, hand the Tablets over to En.lil, who is the Chief God of the House of En.lil? That doesn’t make any sense unless there is information missing (which always is an issue) or records have been rewritten. However, there is another possibility.

One of the problems with interpreting the ancient texts is that the scholar or interpreter takes for granted that everything therein happened on Earth. Nothing can be further from the truth. Some of the stories (or parts of stories) didn’t even happen in our solar system. We discussed earlier that as soon as Marduk had grown up to become a DAKH warrior, his father, Prince Lucifer, gave him his own domains, which were Alpha Draconis (Thuban) and Ursa Minor.

Khan En.lil did not travel to Earth in person after Lucifer took over the solar system—nevertheless, Marduk handed the Tablets to En.lil. How could that happen? It happened because Marduk was probably not on Earth at that point, but either in Thuban (Alpha Draconis) or one of the stars in Ursa Minor. Both these star systems were at war with Khan En.lil and his MIKH-MAKH warriors from the Orion Empire. I would suggest that in one of the battles, Khan En.lil or one of his generals confronted Marduk and, perhaps. imprisoned him until he voluntarily handed over the Tablets to Khan En.lil. After that, Marduk may have fled back to Gaia. This is a hypothesis that I can’t back up, but it’s the most plausible one, as I see it, and much more likely than Marduk, being in possession of the MEs and having gained power from them, suddenly handed them over to his archenemy and grandfather, Khan. En.lil.  

iv.iv. Khan En.lil’s Tablets Stolen by Zu

The next incident in which the Tablets of Destinies changes possession was when Khan En.lil supposedly was taking a bath, and his servant, Zu (or Anzu, or Apsu—all spellings exist), stole them.

I have a few problems with this part as well. First, would Khan En.lil really be so careless that he put the Tablets somewhere so they could be easily stolen? If they really were stolen by his servant, the only option I can think of would be if Zu had watched the Khan put them away and supposedly locked them in somewhere. If there was some sort of combination or code involved to get to the records (I would presume there must have been more than one code in order to keep thieves away), Zu must have seen how his employer did it.

This is not impossible, of course, but is it likely? If these Tablets are as important as they seem to be (more about this soon), it appears that there is no way that the being possessing them would be sloppy with them.

Second, who is Zu? In the old myth, Zu is depicted as a giant bird being[14], who can breathe both fire and water, which I find interesting—we talked earlier about the Bird Tribe, and how Lucifer’s people are mainly associated with birds and water (aquatic beings). Zu is also sometimes seen as a lion-headed eagle (a “griffin”).[15] We can see this depicted in an old artifact. In fig. 5 below, we can see Ninurta fighting and defeating Zu, the lion-headed eagle, i.e. the griffin.

Fig. 5. “Ninurta fighting and defeating Zu, the lion-headed eagle, i.e. the griffin.”

Some legends say that Zu was Khan En.lil’s servant, who somehow stole the Tablets. Whether this is true, or not, isn’t crucial to the story, so it is still okay if we agree with the records.

According to the story, Zu stole the records and fled up to a mountain and hid there, trying to create a stronghold. With the records in his possession, he thought he could defeat any enemy who would come and try to bring the records back to the Khan.

Khan En.lil got furious when he became aware of the betrayal, and he called upon his favorite son, Prince Ninurta, and asked him to go and bring the records back and put Zu on trial—or kill him.

Ninurta armed himself and went after Zu. When Zu saw Ninurta coming, he used the Tablets against the Prince, in order to kill him. Ninurta, who had the records in his possession earlier, knew what they were capable of, but he also knew that in order to use them accordingly, the owner had to be knowledgeable enough to program them and use them as a weapon.

This is an example of the power of the Tablets of Destinies:

(Anzu) was holding the gods’ Tablets of Destinies in his hand.
And they influenced (?) the string of the bow; the arrows did not come near his 
body. Deadly silence came over the battle, and the conflict ceased.
Weapons stopped and did not capture Anzu amid the mountains.[16]

Supposedly, Zu also managed to create bad weather, fogs, and storms in his attempts to stop Ninurta. Khan En.lil had at this time probably stationed himself in the Sirius system because of a great war that was raging there against the guerilla warfare the Sirian enemy used, as discussed earlier. So we can assume that this all happened on a planet around Sirius A or Sirius B.

A new, terrible battle started between Ninurta and Zu, where Ninurta probably had troops at his convenience to surround Zu. Although Zu was alone, barricading himself on (or inside?) the mountain, he was the one in possession of the MEs, and therefore, he had the advantage.

The war at the mountain was not just a battle with guns and laser weapons—the weapons used had apparently the same kind of destructive abilities as those used when Tiamat was defeated, and our own Earth was split in two parts. We will go into more about what kind of weapons the gods used (and probably still use) a little later on. They have powers that we humans have a very hard time even dreaming of. Some of the weapons used between Zu and Ninurta are said to have been weather weapons.[17]

After a lot of killing and destruction, Ninurta managed to defeat Zu and bring him back alive together with the Tablets. Zu was found guilty of theft and was executed by Ninurta’s own hand. According to Zecharia Sitchin, Ninurta slayed him by cutting his throat with a knife.[18]   

iv.v. Ninurta’s “Inventory of the Stones”

The Enûma Eliš tell us that when Ninurta had possession of the Tablets after he had defeated Zu, he did not give them back to Khan En.lil as expected, but kept them for himself. Some scholars have interpreted this as if he didn’t want his father to have them and stole them from him, but in fact, he did an inventory of the “Tablets,” which now are referred to as “stones” in the text;[19] something  which seems much more accurate. Perhaps there are tablets as well that include text, but the most powerful part of the Tablets of Destiny are the “Stones of Destiny;” stones that are most probably different kinds of crystals.

The Exploits of Ninurta[20] discusses Ninurta’s inventory at length and is very helpful when it comes to learning the names of the Stones and what he did with them. One of these Stones was the U stone. The text states that Ninurta took it in his hand and spoke to it in anger, cursing the stone.[21] The U Stone is one of the Power Stones that the Prince seized from Zu and discharged whatever programming could have been put into that stone.

Ninurta then deprogrammed a series of stones and “fixed the destinies” of them all. Below is the entire, lengthy inventory of all the Stones—what their names and destinies were. Just as Dr. Farrell did in his book, I have decided to quote this passage of the ancient text at length so that the readers can enjoy and learn from it:

“U stone (emery), since you rose against me in the Mountains, since you barred the way (2 mss. have instead: seized me) so as to detain me, since you swore to put me to death, since you frightened me, Lord Ninurta, on my great throne; you are powerful, a youth of outstanding strength: may your size be diminished. A mighty lion, confident in its strength, will tear you into pieces, the strong man will fling you in his hand in combat (1 ms. has instead: for strength). Young u stone, your brothers will heap you up like flour. You will lift your hand against your offspring, sink your teeth into their corpses. You, young man, though you may cry out, will end as ……. Like a great wild bull killed by many people, be divided into portions. U stone, you will be hounded from the battlefield with clubs, like a dog chased by shepherd boys. Because I am the Lord: since cornelian is polished by you, you shall be called by its name. And now, according to the destiny fixed by Ninurta, henceforth when u stone touches it, there will be pierced cornelian. Let it be so.”

The Hero addressed the cu and gasura stones. The Lord enumerated their characteristics. Ninurta son of Enlil fixed their destiny:

“Cu stones, since you attacked against my weapons; gasura stones, since you stood fiercely against me like bulls, since you tossed (?) your horns in the dust at me like wild bulls, you shall be …… like butterflies. My terrifying splendour will cover you. Since you cannot escape from my (1 ms. has instead: his) great strength, the goldsmith shall puff and blow on you with his breath. You shall be shaped by him to form a matrix for his creations. People shall place the first fruits of the gods on you at the time of the new moon.”

My King stood before the sajkal stone, he addressed the gulgul and sajjar stones. Ninurta son of Enlil fixed their destiny:

“Sajkal stone, since you flew up against me ……; gulgul stone, since you sparked lightning against me ……; sajjar stone, since you shook your head at me, since you ground your teeth at me, the Lord! The sajkal stone will smash you, sajjar stone, young brave, and the gulgul stone will destroy (gul) you. You will be discarded as contemptible and valueless (saj nukala). Be a prey to the famine (cagjar) of the Land; you shall be fed by the charity of your city. You shall be accounted a common person, a warrior among slave-girls. They shall say to you “Be off with you, hurry!”, it shall be your name. And now, by the destiny fixed by Ninurta, henceforth you shall be called a bad lot in the Land. So be it.”

My King stood before the esi stone. …… he spoke in hymnic language. Ninurta son of Enlil fixed its destiny:

“Esi (diorite), your army in battle changed sides separately (?). You spread before me like thick smoke. You did not raise your hand. You did not attack me. Since you said, “It is false. The Lord is alone the Hero. Who can vie with Ninurta, son of Enlil?” — they shall extract you from the highland countries. They shall bring (?) you from the land of Magan. You shall shape (?) Strong Copper like leather and then you shall be perfectly adapted for my heroic arm, for me, the Lord. When a king who is establishing his renown for perpetuity has had its statues sculpted for all time, you shall be placed in the place of libations — and it shall suit you well — in my temple E-ninnu, the house full of grace.”

My King turned to the na stone. He …… the body from the na stone. Ninurta son of Enlil cursed it: “Stone, since you said, “If only it had been me”; na stones, since you bewitched my powers — lie down there, you, to be worked on like a pig. Be discarded, be used for nothing, end up by being reduced to tiny fragments. He who knows you shall reduce you to liquid.”

My King turned to the elel stone. Ninurta son of Enlil fixed its destiny: “Elel, intelligently you caused terror of me to descend on the Mountains where discord had broken out. In the rebel lands you proclaimed my name among my people who had banded together. Nothing of your wholeness shall be diminished (?). It shall be difficult to reduce your mass to small pieces. My divine ordinances shall be set out in straight lines on your body. You shall be greatly suited to the clash of weapons, when I have heroes to slay. You shall be set up on a pedestal in my great courtyard. The Land shall praise you in wonder, the foreign lands shall speak your praises (2 mss. have instead: elevate you).”

The Hero turned to the kagina (haematite) stone, he addressed it for its hardness. Ninurta son of Enlil fixed its destiny: “Young man worthy of respect, whose surface reflects the light, kagina, when the demands of the rebel lands reached you, I did not conquer you ……. I did not notice you among the hostile ones. I shall make room for you in the Land. The divine rites of Utu shall become your powers. Be constituted as a judge in the foreign lands. The craftsman, expert in everything, shall value you as if gold. Young man of whom I have taken possession, because of you I shall not sleep until you come to life. And now, according to the destiny fixed by Ninurta, henceforth kagina shall live! So shall it be.”

The Hero stood before the jicnugal (alabaster) stone. Ninurta son of Enlil fixed its destiny: “icnu, whose body shines like the daylight! Purified silver, youth destined for the palace, since you alone held out your hands to me, and you prostrated yourself before me in your Mountains, I did not smite you with the club, and I did not turn my strength against you. Hero, you stood firm by me when I yelled out. Your name shall be called benevolence. The treasury of the Land shall be subject to your hand, you shall be its seal-keeper. (1 ms. adds the line: The Anuna …….)”

My King turned to the algamec stone and frowned. The Lord spoke to it angrily in the Land. Ninurta son of Enlil cursed it: “What provision did you make to assist my progress? Be the first to go into my forge. Algamec, you shall be the regular sacrifice offered daily by the smiths.”

My King turned to the ducia stone. He addressed the nir, the gug (cornelian) and the zagin (lapis lazuli); the amac-pa-ed, the caba, the hurizum, the gug-gazi and the marhali; the egi-zaga, the girin-hiliba , the anzugulme and the nir-mucjir stones (1 ms.: the …… and the gazi-musud stones). The Lord Ninurta, son of Enlil, fixed their destinies for …… the waterskin: “How you came to my side, male and female in form, and in your own way! You committed no fault, and you supported me with strength. You exalted me in public. Now in my deliberation, I shall exalt you. Since you made yourself general of the assembly, you, nir, shall be chosen for syrup and for wine. You shall all be decorated with precious metal. The principal among the gods shall cause the foreign lands to prostrate themselves before you, putting their noses to the ground.”

My King turned to the jir-zu-jal (flint), and frowned. The Lord spoke to it angrily in the Land. Ninurta son of Enlil cursed it: “Ah, duplicitous jir-zu-jal, what then? They shall split your horns, wild bull, in your Mountains. Lie down before the ……. You were not equal to me who supported you. I shall rip you like a sack, and people will smash you into tiny pieces. The metalworker shall deal with you, he shall use his chisel on you. Young man, massive, bearer of hatred: the carpenter, saying “I wish to buy it for my work”, shall wet you with water …… and shall crush you like malt.”

My King turned to the iman stones, he addressed the alliga stones. Ninurta son of Enlil fixed their destiny: “Iman stones, in the Mountains you cried out against me. You fiercely uttered battle-yells. I shall enflame you like fire. Like a storm I shall overturn you. I shall strip you like rushes. I shall rip you up like weeds. Who will assist you then? Iman stone: your cries shall not be valued, no attention shall be paid to them. Iman stone, alliga stone: your path shall not lead to the palace.”

My King turned to the macda stone. He addressed the dubban and urutum stones. Ninurta son of Enlil defined (?) their characteristic behaviour: “Macda stone, dubban stone, blazing fires; urutum stone, which nothing resists; when the gasura stone …… and you were set ablaze, you burnt against me in the rebel lands like a brazier. Since you all stood against me in the land of Saba: macda stone, they shall slaughter you like a sheep. Dubban stone, they shall crunch you for pulverising. Urutum stone, they shall sharpen you for the battle-mace; with bronze, the arrowheads of the gods, they shall smash you with the axe, stinging with fierce swords.”

My King turned to the cagara stone. Ninurta son of Enlil fixed its destiny: “Cagara stone, who smash (?) your head against anyone travelling alone in the desert, in the Mountains when my arms were occupied you tried to trample on me. Since you glutted yourself in the battle, the reed-worker shall make the reeds jump with you. You shall be thrown onto your couch; the appearance (?) of your mother and father who bore you shall be forgotten (?). No one shall say to you, “Get up”, no one shall have the feeling that he misses you, the people shall not complain about your loss. In praise of the eternally-created powers in Ninhursaja’s resting place, you shall be discarded on the dais there. They shall feed you on malt, as they do for sheep; you shall content yourself with a portion of scattered flour. This shall be the explanation for you.”

My King turned to the marhuca stone, Ninurta the son of Enlil pronounced its destiny. “Marhuca, …… the string in my place, …… you were taken, since you did not participate in the crimes of your city, ……; you shall be the bowl under the filter-jug, the water shall filter into you. Marhusa, you shall be used for inlay-work, ……. You shall be the perfect ornament for sacred brooches. Marhuca, you shall be duly praised in the temples of the gods.”

The Hero turned to the hactum stone and frowned. In the Land the Lord addressed it angrily; Ninurta the son of Enlil pronounced its destiny: “Hactum stone, you cried out against me in the Mountains. You yelled fiercely with wild battle-yells. With your yelling, you fixed a lila demon in the Mountains. Young man, because of your digging, Ditch (hactum) shall be your name. And now, according to the destiny of Ninurta, henceforth they shall say hactum. So be it.”

My King turned to the durul stone. Ninurta son of Enlil fixed its destiny: “Durul stone, holy garment of mourning, blinded youth whom people carve, in the Mountains you prostrated yourself before me. Since you said to me, “If only it had been me who broke the bars of the gates, if only I had stood before him, before my King, Lord Ninurta”, your name shall be magnified of its own accord wherever it is mentioned. As the connoisseur says of precious metal, “I will buy it”, so the foreign nations, like musicians playing the reed-pipe, shall pursue you.”

My King turned to the cigcig stone, he addressed the engen and ezinum stones. For the ug-gun, the hem, the madanum, the sajgirmud, the …… and the mursuh stones, Ninurta son of Enlil fixed their destiny:

2 lines unclear

“with ribs drawn in, balancing on the haunches, heart elated, legs bent like a bear, ……: I shall come to you; now, being an ally, you come forward from all of them; who shall extend the hand to them? You were the club, you stood as the doorway.

3 lines unclear

In the Land, the champion shall always look (?) with favour on you.”

The Hero turned to the kurgaranum stone. He addressed the bal stone; the Lord Ninurta, son of Enlil, fixed the destiny for the yellow-coloured cimbi (kohl): “Since you said, “I will bring forth the people”,

1 line unclear

you …… as if …… the young man who has obtained (?) glory for you; the young artisan shall sing your praises. You shall be favoured for the festival of spirits of the dead; on the ninth day of the month, at the new moon, the young men shall …… for you.” He assigned …… them to the cult of Ninhursaja.

The Hero had conquered the Mountains…[22]

As the readers can see, much of the above programming is “mythological” in nature, and it makes it hard to make any logical sense of it, but there are other passages which are more right to the point. I will let the readers find those and interpret them because this ancient text may have passages that are quite self-explanatory to some people, while other passages are more logical to others. I don’t want to get in the way here, but I will make a few comments.

As Dr. Farrell points out in his book, The Cosmic War, there seems to be at least two obvious purposes with Ninurta’s inventory. First, those Stones that were programmed to hurt him in any way or even kill him or in any other way could be of grave personal danger to his own life or power or to the power of the gods, whom he represented, were destroyed, and second, the stones that weren’t of any danger were put aside and apparently used “elsewhere.”

There were basically forty-one stones that were preserved and used somewhere else. These were the Cu, Gasura, Esi, Kagina, Jicnugal, Ducia, Nin, Gug, Zagin, Amal-Pa-Ed, Laba, Jurizum, Gug-gazi, Marhali, Egi-saga, Girin-Hihiilba, Anzugulme, Nir-muckir, Gazi-musud, Marhuca, Hactum, Durul, Cigcig, Engen, Ezinum, Ug-gun, Hem, Madanum, Sajgirmud, Mursum, Kurgaranum, Bac, and Cimbi stones.[23] As Farrell points out, there are a few breaks in the text, which could mean that there were other stones mentioned, which now are lost to history.

Many of the above stones were apparently going to be used for “decorative” purposes and as ornaments and ceremonial purposes,[24] if this is the correct interpretation (which I personally doubt), while in the case of the “Kagina Stone” (see the above list), it was decreed an odd destiny. It is said that its “surface reflects the light,” and it should be used “as a judge in foreign lands,” and that because of this, it should “live.”[25] The “Jicnugal Stone” was apparently awaiting a similar fate. This one should be a “seal-keeper” of “the treasury of the land.” So, as we can see, the owner of the stones could program them as he or she wished, and the stones abided by the energies and intentions that were put into them. It seems similar to programming software for computers so that certain tasks can be accomplished. However, when it comes to programming the MEs, it doesn’t say whether there is any technology involved or whether the owner simply puts his or her energy into them. After all, some of these Stones are capable of carrying the memories of the entire Universe, if the mythology is telling us the truth.[26] For those who remember Level I and the subquantum physics of Life Physics Group California (LPG-C), they taught us that there are seven Superdomains in the Multiverse, and these Superdomains are formed from within the “T-Boundary” (Thought Boundary), which is the term for thought implication “on top,” moving downward through the “Levels of Manifestations” (LOM), which can be equated to the seven Superdomains. So, the “Unum” (LPG-C’s term for the Multiverse) is surrounded by a “Thought Boundary,” which is the summary of all past, present, and future thoughts, which then spread through the “lower” Levels of Manifestation, and can be picked up by beings anywhere within the seven Superdomains.[27][28] Dr. Ervin Laszlo, in his book, “Science and the Akashic Field,” says something quite similar: “…all information that constitutes the universe is stored on its periphery, which is a two-dimensional surface.”[29]

Some of the Stones Ninurta was using in his inventory, such as the “Cu Stone,” the “Gasura Stone,” and the “Hactum Stone,” had clearly been used as weapons, and Ninurta continued to use them for the same purpose.

Other Stones that had been used against Ninurta in the war with Zu were being destroyed. Such Stones were the “Sajkal Stone,” which had “flown up” against Ninurta, and the “Sajjar Stone,” which “shook its head” and “ground its teeth” against him. Another Stone to be destroyed was the “Gulgul Stone,” which interestingly enough had “sparked lightning” against Ninurta, and was capable of producing enormous electrostatic displays, and thus could be used as a weapon, amongst other things. The Sajjar Stone was pulverized by the Sajkal Stone, so the Stones were sometimes apparently used to destroy each other when the owner so desired. However, it is indicated that the three stones above were particularly difficult to destroy, but it was done.

The rest of the Stones that were destroyed in similar and slightly different ways were the “U Stone,” the “Na Stone,” the “Algame Stone,” the “Jir-Zu-Jal Stone,” the “Iman Stone,” and the “Alliga Stone.”

The “Cagara Stone,” which also had been used against Ninurta in the war, was preserved but hidden. Dr. Farrell suggests that this stone was very difficult (maybe impossible) to destroy and was, therefore, hidden in the mountains where it could do no harm. However, it was not hidden in any mountain but was discarded “on the dais” of Ninhursag’s “resting place.”[30] Perhaps the readers remember that when Prince Ninurta created his Garden of Edin in the Golden Age, he named the mountain after his mother, the Goddess herself, and called it Ninhursag. This is clear evidence that this Stone possibly still exists here on Earth. Why is this significant? It is significant because it gives us a clue when the war between Ninurta and Zu took place. We know that Lucifer and his Fallen Angels descended on Earth about 500,000 years ago, and shortly thereafter, the “Solar War” happened, when Ninurta was defeated by Lucifer’s army. We now also know because Ninurta “buried” the Cagara Stone in a mountain that surrounded the Garden of Edin that this happened before Ninurta was exiled from Earth, i.e. about half a million years ago. Therefore, it’s fair to assume that Zu was a member of the Invader Force and not En.lil’s “servant.”

Another case where the Stone had been used against Ninurta was that of the “Elel Stone,” which the Prince kept anyway, despite the harm it had tried to do to him. Ninurta says in the epic, The Exploits of Ninurta, the following about this Stone: “Nothing of your wholeness shall be diminished. It shall be difficult to reduce your mass to small pieces…You shall be greatly suited to the clash of weapons, when I have heroes to slay. You shall be set up on a pedestal in my great courtyard.”[31] Ninurta’s sanctuary had always been the mountains, and the “courtyard” was therefore most probably a mountain, or rather the Mountain of Choice, where he took retreat, but also built his “fortress.” Remember that Prince Ninurta’s original Garden of Edin on Tiamat was a “Mountain Paradise.”

When the Inventory was finished, Ninurta obviously had access to all the Stones he needed, which were connected to the MEs of Destinies. Apparently, these stones had tremendous powers—not only as weapons, but could be programmed in whatever fashion the owner wanted. Ninurta, however, is known in ancient text as a “Warrior God,” being in charge of the Goddess’s defense forces, so it makes sense that he programmed quite a few Stones into becoming some kind of weapons. Lapis Exili—the “Stone of Exile” in Lucifer’s Crown Revisited

Now we come to something really interesting. There are still those who claim that Lucifer is not, but “En.lil.” There is much evidence, which I have showed that clearly indicates that is the real Lucifer, and here is another very clear connection.

The readers may or may not recall, but in “Paper #5: Lucifer’s Rebellion,” I mentioned that when Lucifer fell from Heaven, Archangel Mikael (Prince Ninurta) struck the Stone of Exile, Lucifer’s crown jewel, from his crown, and the stone, made of sapphire, fell into the Abyss and was lost. This story was told by the famous researcher on Freemasonic history, Manly. P. Hall, as an important detail in Freemasonic teachings[32] (Hall himself, contrary to what many researchers claim, was not a Freemason, but a researcher into Freemasonry. Many say that he was the greatest researcher into this organization that has ever lived. Although he lived a long life, there are speculations that he indeed was murdered, and looking into the circumstances around his death, it looks as if it’s more than a conspiracy theory).

At the moment, it’s important to keep in mind that Lucifer’s crown jewel was made of sapphire. The Egyptologist, Sir E.A. Wallis Budge, wrote a book with the long title, “Amulets and Superstitions: The Original Texts with Translations and Description of a Long Series of Egyptian, Sumerian, Assyrian, Hebrew, Gnostic and Muslim Amulets and Talismans and Magical Figures, with Chapters on the Evil Eye, The Origin of the Amulet, The Pentagon, the Swastika, the Cross (Pagan and Christian), the Properties of Stone, Rings, Divination, Numbers, the Kabbalah, Ancient Astrology, etc.,” (Oxford University Press, 1930) where he, amongst all these other things, goes into astrology. Many people still think that astrology is just something fun that you read in the newspaper, or it has to do with the subtle influences of the stars and planets on our daily lives. However, there is, as Budge noticed, much more to the ancient view on this subject, and it all connects to Lucifer, as we shall see. Budge says:

The old astrologers believed that precious and semi-precious stones were bearers of the influences of the Seven Astrological Stars or Planets. Thus they associated with the-
SUN, yellowish or gold-coloured stones, e.g. amber, hyacinth, topaz, chrysolite.
            With the MOON, whitish stones, e.g. the diamond, crystal, opal, beryl. mother-of-pearl.
            With MARS, red stones, e.g. ruby, haematite, jasper, blood-stone.
            With MERCURY, stones of neutral tints, e.g. agate, carnelian, chalcedony, sardonyx.
            With JUPITER, blue stones, e.g. amethyst, turquoise, sapphire, jasper, blue diamond.
            With VENUS, green stones, e.g. the emerald and some kinds of sapphires.
            With SATURN, black stones, e.g. jet, onyx, obsidian, diamond, and black coral.[33]

Isn’t it interesting, then, that both Jupiter and Venus are associated with sapphire, according to this list by Budge? These two planets are both also associated with Lucifer! Venus is the bright “Morning Star,” and the Bible connects Lucifer to the “Morning Star,” which most biblical researchers associate with Venus. Jupiter is associated with Zeus, whom we have showed corresponds to Lord (and sometimes Marduk). So, here we have the clear association between the sapphire in Lucifer’s crown jewel, Jupiter, being associated with and sapphire, and Venus being associated with Lucifer and sapphire. These are hardly coincidences!

While we are referring to Budge, let us also look at something else he says that has to do with astrology. He states that the Babylonian zodiac in use throughout Babylon was “set up by Marduk” after his conquest of Tiamat, and that its signs “were different from the old ones, which he had disbanded!”[34] However, that’s not all. Budge also produces the previous zodiac in use by Tiamat, Kingú (Ninurta), and their associates prior to the war that destroyed her!

This is very interesting information and shows that the war that ended the Golden Age of Tiamat was relatively mainstream information in the 1930s. It also shows that Marduk created his own zodiac based on his agenda, which included domination and manipulation of intelligent life on Earth, in conjunction with his father, who was Lucifer himself. Last, it also shows that the Tablets of Destinies, which Marduk stole from Tiamat (the Orion Queen), included astrological information that was written and transcribed on tablets (or/and in stones). We now also get a deeper insight in what the Pleiadians mean when they say that “information is stored in stones and bones.”[35] Again, we may argue whether it was actually Marduk or Lucifer who slayed Tiamat. Marduk could have been the one who changed the zodiac, depending on when it was done—immediately after Tiamat was defeated or in Babylonian time—the latter rather seems to be the case:

Babylonian astrology was the first organized system of astrology, arising in the second millennium B.C.[1] There is speculation that astrology of some form appeared in the Sumerian period in the 3rd millennium BC, but the isolated references to ancient celestial omens dated to this period are not considered sufficient evidence to demonstrate an integrated theory of astrology.[2] The history of scholarly celestial divination is therefore generally reported to begin with late Old Babylonian texts (c. 1800 B.C.), continuing through the Middle Babylonian and Middle Assyrian periods (c. 1200 B.C.).[3][36]  

iv.vii. What Were the MEs of Destinies?

As I mentioned earlier, Prince Ninurta didn’t give the stones/tablets back to Khan En.lil. Dr Farrell is asking the question if Khan En.lil wouldn’t be angry? Another betrayal? Here is, unfortunately, where Dr. Farrell, who otherwise is doing excellent connections, go for the more accepted version of alternative history—he thinks Ninurta is not as close to the Khan as he is. Ninurta is Khan En.lil’s chosen one, and the Khan trusts his son implicitly. If Ninurta kept the MEs, we can rest assured that this was what the Khan wanted. I am sure Ninurta had been assigned the mission to reprogram the stones.

However, let us stop here for a moment to see what the Tablets really were from what we have gathered thus far.

·         Under some instances, the Tablets (or rather the Stones) could be used as communication devices over long distance.

·         They were actually “physical” objects, whether they were physical in a higher dimension or if they were also physical in our dimension. The Tablets seemed to have written instruction on them, which makes them sound like fairly large objects, which I don’t think they were. I believe these devices were fairly small—probably the size of a smart phone or less.

·         At least some of them were light-emitting crystals and could hold memories from the person who owned them, or had owned them earlier, and held the memories of the Universe itself. There was a strong connection between the Tablets/Stones and the electromagnetic field.

·         They were objects of technology.

·         The MEs were, perhaps, primarily weapons . They had enormous capacities as such, which we will cover in a moment.

·         It seemed as if the MEs were “addictive” just like gold could be addictive to the gods. The MEs changed the owner, often for the worse, although this seemed to happen mostly when they came into the wrong hands. There was peace and a Golden Age here on Earth when Tiamat was in possession of them. Not until Marduk or Lucifer stole them did evil came into the picture. However, was it the MEs that changed the person, or was it the person who changed the MEs?

·         These powerful Stones and Tablets could influence astrology and astronomy. As we know, Marduk changed the entire Zodiac after the Solar War, and he did it with some help from these Mes because, as Dr. Farrell says: “The movements of the stars and planets, after all, were the movements of the ‘gods’ themselves, decreeing the fates or ‘destinies’ of things on earth below.”[37] The reader may remember from earlier in this paper how I wrote about Sir Budge, who said that Marduk set up the new Babylonian zodiac after the War of the Titans (The Solar War), where he destroyed the Queen’s planet and defeated the Goddess herself, and the star signs were different before then— of course, they were different because the Earth was thrown out of orbit and put in a new position between Mars and Venus during the war. Budge even has a star map from before the war[38]—a star map that must be more than 500,000 years old! You should still be able to order this book. Dr. Farrell also agrees that the information about the original star map must go back that far in time.

·         Interestingly enough, Farrell, in an earlier book, connects the Tablets of Destinies with Thoth/Hermes, who was titled the “Egyptian Wisdom God.”[39] This is interesting because we are going to tell the truth about Thoth also in a while. Don’t be disappointed if things are not as we thought they were.

·         MEs can be (and actually are) used in “channeling,” where the vessel holds a precious stone in her hand, allegedly to stay “grounded.” Sometimes the vessel picks the stone, but who programs it? Chilling questions.

·         Last, but not least—a quite disturbing matter is that it seems as if these MEs of Destinies can be used, and have been used, to manipulate the local space and time: the “destinies” of objects themselves—including humanity! They can certainly also be used to create and cure disease, often on a large scale (think the Black Death and the Plague, but there is of course more. How about AIDS?)

We know that we have been manipulated over the millennia, and we know how difficult it is to break free from this. However, let’s say that a stone (or stones) are programmed to transmit a certain frequency on which subliminal messages are transmitted to the human brain in order for us to commit. If they don’t want robots, they can let us move between certain frequencies, but always in a “safe” fashion, so we don’t actually challenge the gods and their Minions.

Despite this impressive list, I am absolutely confident that we have only touched the surface of what these MEs can do. If they contain the memories of the entire Universe (if this is true), then by definition, they can be used to do anything—only the owner who programs them is the limit. These MEs know neither good nor evil—only what is programmed into them. In addition, they are only faithful to their owners because the owners have programmed them to be that way.

Nevertheless, before we go on and discuss a little bit about the MEs as communication devices and weapons that can destroy solar systems in a moment, let’s just follow the trail of the Tablets of Destinies to what seems to be the final destination. The question is, who is in possession of them now?  

iv.viii. The Tablets’ Journey into the Underworld

We know that Ninurta did the Inventory of the Stones of Destinies and discarded and reprogrammed most of them, but does the story end there? Is Ninurta still in possession of the Stones and Tablets?

The answer is no. From Ninurta they went to Ereškigal, the dubious Queen of the Underworld. Some records will have it that Nergal and Ninurta are one and the same person, but that is not correct. Although they have a few general similarities, the differences far outnumber the similarities. We already made it clear in Paper 2 and 3, but let’s get into a few more details here, which strengthen the evidence.

The problem is that the historians can’t have it both ways. Nergal, supposedly, married the Queen of the Underworld, Ereškigal, after raping her for six days. This is quite a hideous act, regardless of how we look at it, and a total disrespect for the female. If Nergal equates to Ninurta, he would be the enemy of, who evidently overthrew him, as he was in charge of the Olympians. Then, why would Nergal, as Ninurta, reveal his intentions to Marduk, as Stephanie Dalley says in her Mesopotamian research? In addition, what were Ninurta’s intentions and plans? Those are as follows:

“…I shall make Anu and Ellil lie down like bulls, to right and left 
of your gate.”
Prince Marduk listened to him,
And the speech that Erra (Nergal) made was pleasing to him.[40]

Who in this whole ancient history of the gods spun webs of deceit against his mother and father? Was it Ninurta, or was it Lucifer/ This question is easy to answer. Wouldn’t it then fit right into the puzzle if Nergal was the same person as Suddenly, everything falls into place, doesn’t it? Ellil in this text is, of course, “Enlil,” who is Prince En.lil, Lucifer’s brother. “Anu,” in this contexxt, is, of course, Khan En.lil.  Ninurta, as we have seen, was the son who embraced the Matriarchal Religion of the Mother Goddess, while embraced the Patriarchal Religion of a male God and so did his son, Marduk. Therefore, why would Ninurta commit such terrible acts toward his parents, who had always treated him good, and he them? In addition, why would he speak of himself in third person? Was he going to commit suicide? If we exchange Nergal for, we get the right picture and can move on—exchange him for Ninurta, and nothing makes sense.

For some readers, another name may pop up in their heads when we’re talking about the King, or Lord, of the Underworld—especially those readers who may be somewhat familiar with the Sumerian mythology. Which male deity, besides Nergal, was said to be the Lord or King of the Underworld? That’s right—Osiris was! In addition, who is Osiris affiliated with on many accounts?! Consequently, again we have Nergal/ There is more to this “Underworld Story,” which I will reveal in a future paper, and that information will certainly be set in stones—much more trustworthy stones than some of the “manipulated stones” from Babylonian times.

The question is, however, how the Tablets of Destinies traveled from Ninurta to Ereškigal. I know there are missing pages in the text, and some of these missing pages could very well be the sequence telling us how the Tablets changed hands again. I haven’t found any trustworthy information how this happened—other than it did happen. However we look at it, Prince Ninurta lost the Tablets again, and they came into Queen Ereškigal’s possession., who received the message from somebody that the Tablets could be found in the Underworld, stormed the Seven Gates of the Underworld/Hell and raped the Queen. She saved her life by agreeing to a treaty with him. She married him and gave him the Tablets. Nergal/ also became the King of the Underworld—a title he has maintained until this very day.  

iv.ix. The Tablets Changing Owners Again, and Isis Getting Second Thoughts

Pleased with himself because he now owned these powerful MEs, once again ascended up to the surface of Gaia and went to his palace in Eridu, where his other wife, Isis/Inanna/Ishtar was waiting. Rumors had, of course, come to her before arrived, and she knew more or less what her husband had been up to. She wasn’t too happy., on the other hand, couldn’t be in a better mood. He asked her why she wasn’t happy? After all, he now was in possession of the most powerful MEs in the Universe, and he now had the Power he had wanted since before his Rebellion. He had no second thoughts about raping Ereškigal and marrying her, although he was already married with Isis, who some sources indicate was Ninurta’s daughter through the Goddess Bau.

Isis decided to take revenge (most records call her Inanna, but I am convinced that they are one and the same)[41], so she smiled at her husband, stroke his hair, and said that this had to be celebrated. flew up and said it was a great idea! He invited family and friends to a big party, and everybody got drunk and had a wonderful time. Isis, on the other hand, stayed sober but made sure she acted as if she were the cup-bearer for her husband and constantly refilled his glass with liquor[42]. In all his drunkenness, fell for Isis’ charm and gave her hundreds of Tablets of Destinies.[43] Soon enough, got so drunk that he fell asleep in his chair.

Isis made sure that was still snoring, and then she ran northward with the Tablets, toward her own city, Uruk.

When woke up the next day with a horrible hangover and noticed that “his” Tablets were gone, he became furious. What had he done? Why had he given them away to Isis??? How was that possible, and why had she accepted them? He, who always had been so good to her (ever since the day he first raped her). Although did all he could to stop her, the power now transferred northward from Eridu to Uruk.

The continuing story is telling us about how Isis’ gardener, named Shukaletuda, is raping her while she is resting under a tree in Uruk. She wakes up and realizes what happened. The rapist is long gone, but Isis is not giving up that easily. She lets a plague spread over the world in order to get him, according to the myth (was she using the Tablets of Destinies to produce this terrible disease?), and Shukaletuda went to for advice, believing is his father, which he very well could have been. “In classic Enkian fashion, the father advises Shukaletuda to hide in the city where Inanna will not be able to find him.”[44] This is not the only time is hiding rapists away from their victims— being a notorious rapist himself. The story ends with, however, Isis/Inanna manages to threaten to help her find the rapist, and tells her where he’s hidden the rapist. Shukaletuda is killed by Isis’ own hand.

I am always very amazed to find out how self-serving many of these gods were (and are). It’s always, “what is in it for me?” or “Service-to-Self” (STS) as we used to call it in earlier levels of learning. Murder and rape is nothing for these gods if they can gain something from it. Sometimes, the only gain is just pure joy and pleasure. We see very little (if any) spiritual advancement in these beings, compared with many humans at this point in time. They may be more intelligent in certain terms and have more knowledge and experience, but it does not, in my opinion, make up for their lack of spiritual awareness. Of course, they know that they are spirits, but they do not seem to know the word “compassion.”

Inanna/Isis was of the House of En.lil, while Marduk was of the House of, which made their interests clash. Isis was still married to, despite their fights, and they stayed together until after the Deluge, 13,000 years ago. Isis, as Inanna, was often, however, in a rebellious state against the Patriarchal gods, which was the cause of many wars and devastating battles throughout history.

It seems, however, as if Isis had access to the Tablets of Destinies for millennia, but despite wars and battles between “Gods and Men,” as Sitchin called it, Isis used the MEs less destructively than many or her predecessors had done. It was not until after the Deluge, at around 2250 BC, when the Babylonian Empire was supposedly founded[45] and Marduk became the ruler that the Tablets changed owners again. It seems as if that was the time when Marduk got his hands on them and crowned himself, not only the King of Babylon, but the King of Earth. Eventually, the Tablets were handed over to Marduk’s father,, who most possibly is still in possession of them. As such, today, and his son consider themselves the Rulers of Gaia.  

iv.x. Where are the Stones today?

As previously stated, the Tablets/Stones are most certainly still here on Earth today, or at least somewhere in the solar system. We know that at least two of them were hidden by Marduk before Anzu stole them from Khan En.lil. Marduk admitted to this in the “Erra/Nergal and Ishum” text, where he confessed that he “changed the location of the mesu-tree (and of) the elmesu-stone and did not reveal it to anyone.”[46]However, at a later point, he seems to have revealed the secret location to Nergal, his father.

Dr. Farrell, in “The Cosmic War,” connects some dots which will tie the stones to a few possible locations, which are “far beneath the sands and rock of the deserts of Mesopotamia and Egypt: Giza, Babylon and Nimrud or Nippur—site of Ninurta’s temple—in Iraq[47], and possibly Baalbek in Lebanon…”[48]

Dr. Farrell suggests that texts and legends associated with the MEs, from Thoth’s Emerald Tablets to Ninurta’s missing stones of power, all indicate that something of the original Tablets of Destinies survived. I would agree, except that I think most of them did—only the ones that were destroyed intentionally when they were changing hands are “missing.” I would say that enough of the MEs are existing even today, and the owner is able to wield tremendous powers through them. By the way, the Americans, in particular, are very dominant in the Middle East at this time and have been for a while. Certain channeled sources, such as the Pleiadians, have indicated that they are not really fighting for real estate purposes, oil wells, democracy, or any other reasons that have been used in the media, but to find what is underground! They have only mentioned “Anunnaki” bases in this regard, but maybe they have gotten some hints where the two “Marduk stones” are hidden?  

iv.xi. The Tablets of Destinies as Weapons of Mass Destruction and More…

For some years now, I have suggested that the stars are not only suns that are warming up a solar system—they can also be communication devices. Moreover, they are connected and are sending information between each other.

Although one gets the impression that stars, just like asterisms and galaxies, etc., are grouped together in smaller units, it also makes sense that these groups can communicate with other groups of stars outside their own “family” in an endless network that becomes galactic, intergalactic, and in the expansion of things—universal. As I suggested earlier, our Sun may be getting a lot of information from Sirius, although much of that may be artificial and manipulated with technology.

While we’re at the subject of technology, the Tablets of Destinies seem to fit right into that category. In fact, if we are to believe Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s research and ideas, which he shares with many other prominent researchers, such as Paul LaViolette, Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, and Ervin Laszlo, the Tablets could be used as weapons of mass destruction of a kind that is hard for us humans to comprehend. Indeed, they have also been used as such, here in our own solar system! After reading Farrell’s research and those of his colleges on this subject matter, it’s difficult not to give credit to what they have found out.

Fig. 6. Other-dimensional weapon of mass destruction

Trying to describe this to the readers, I would like to start by citing Paul LaViolette, from his book, The Talk of the Galaxy.

Optical phase conjugation is most commonly known for its use in military laser weapons systems for destroying enemy missiles. In this application, a laser beam is directed at a distant moving missile target and light rays scattered back from the target are allowed to enter the phase conjugator, a chamber containing a medium having nonlinear optical properties. In this nonlinear medium, the scattered rays interact with two opposed laser beams of similar wavelength to form a hologram-like electrostatic light refracting pattern called a “grating”. Once this grating pattern is formed, the system has essentially locked onto its target. A powerful laser weapon is then discharged into this holographic grating pattern, whereupon the coherent laser light reflects (from the grating) in such a way as to produce an intense outgoing laser beam that retraces the paths that had been followed by the incoming rays that had originally been scattered from the missile. Consequently, the outgoing laser pulse converges precisely back onto its missile target.[49]

Forgive me if I am getting a little technical here, but once I come to the point, it will be easier to understand what I’m getting at.

Phase conjugation, as mention by LaViolette in the above quote, is best understood by breaking the components down as Dr. Farrell is doing:

1.      A coherent beam of electromagnetic energy is aimed at a target, and the beam is reflected back to the transmitter.

2.      The returning beam is then split in a non-linear medium and interfered in it, which creates the “granting”,or, as Lt. Col Tom Bearden would put it, a “template” for action. The reason that an interference pattern is created is that the atmosphere distorted the returning or reflected beam, thus making it of slightly different frequency from the outgoing wave.[50]

I am not going into the more exact technical details, which are all outlined in Dr. Farrell’s book, but the Tablets of Destinies were a catalogue of a grating or interference patterns of various celestial bodies for a phase conjugate mirror of great sophistication.[51]

In other words, these weapons could be used for the purpose of mass destruction, spanning over multiple dimensions! The gods could “fire off” the weapon from one dimension, or frequency, in which they were either “hiding” or had positioned themselves at the moment of firing, targeting a faraway star, if they wished, “sucking up” a certain quantity of energy from that star, making it act like a “mirror,” and thus letting the beam bounce back, returning to its firing point in a slightly different angle, i.e. dimension, and hit the target full blast, but leave the shooter unharmed!

This, Farrell suggests, was exactly what happened when Tiamat was destroyed! Marduk fired off his weapon from let’s say a Fifth Dimension, and the beam came back, hitting Tiamat in the Third Dimension, splitting the planet in two pieces—one big piece (which became Earth/Gaia), and a lot of smaller pieces, which became the asteroid belt!

In Level II, I suggested there were more, just as disturbing weapons, if not worse, which are not necessarily due to the direct use of the Tablets of Destinies, but almost certainly from the use of MEs! I was mentioning weapons that could destroy the Avatar of an enemy, which would make the Fires of the soul float around in the Universe like fish that have had their fins cut off—they don’t get anywhere and are victims of the cosmic currents that will take them anywhere. Eventually, the Fires dissolve and become One with the Universe. The personality that once was, is now gone.

There are of course other uses for ET weapons that we don’t know of and wouldn’t understand even if we did know about them. However, what we do know, or have an inkling of, is bad enough in my opinion. The Law of Free Will has its advantages, but also its clear downsides—it creates “good” and “evil,” and somewhere on the way, it creates duality in order to have someone to learn from, someone to try to match and exceed, and someone to fight.

There are also strong indications that someone in possession of the Tablets and Stones of Destinies can tune into the Universal Energy Field in its entirety. Exactly what does this mean? If a being has less than the best of intentions, the readers may want to ponder over what kind of power such a being would have…


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you!

Wes Penre

[1] When we are discussing them in the time period before the Flood, I will from here on call’s ruling Elite bloodline his Minions, with a capital “M.” When discussing them after the Flood, I will call them the Global Elite

[2] Today’s Global Elite are also shamans, although their abilities have declined. However, they can still, by using Tantric sex and other rituals, do quite powerful things.

[3] This is’s and the AIF’s degrading name of humanity in general. They look at Ninurta’s and the Queen Nin’s original bloodline, from which created his first successful hybrid race, as lulus, which could be translated similar to “ape people”—stupid and ignorant. In other words, that’s how they look at you and me. When I communicated with Utu Shamash, he kept calling me a lulu.


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 [Revision, February 1, 2014] In the original edition of this paper, I referred to that the King of Sweden was associated with Napoleon III, which was in error. Carl XVI Gustav’s forefather, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, was a Marshal in France during Napoleon I Bonaparte’s regime, and became King Carl XIV Johan of Sweden.

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