Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 13: The Garden of Eden Revisited

by Wes Penre, Written on Friday, November 30, 2013 
Posted on Saturday, February 15, 2014
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. Isis’ Confession

I n a previous paper, I started telling the story about Isis and how she got involved with Isis was the goddess who became the breeder, creating the human hybrid races that existed before the Flood. She was also heavily involved in creating’s Elite human hybrid race after the Deluge. However, she did not have anything to do with creating Homo sapiens sapiens. We were created from different genes, as we shall see. I also showed how she had been confused with Ninhursag, who is actually the name Prince Ninurta gave to Mother Goddess, and therefore, she was not the female who created the watered-down versions of humankind. Instead, Ninhursag was, indeed, involved in creating the previous, original womankind, who roamed the Earth before Lucifer arrived.

Over time, Isis slowly started waking up from the spell had put her under. Slowly, she began to feel deep regrets for what she’d done. Also, her real family—her father, Ninurta, and her grandparents, Queen Nin and Khan En.lil, must have thought very badly of her. She didn’t know what to do—she just knew she needed to get out from her imprisonment with Unfortunately because of the rape, she now had a son, Marduk, whom she loved—he was her son, after all. She saw how he had been manipulated from birth by his father,, and taken on his father’s values and hunger for power. Still, as a mother, she knew that Marduk was not evil deep inside, and she couldn’t leave him with—who would destroy him totally.

She needed advice and went to see her father, Prince Ninurta, who at that time was in Mintaka, Orion’s belt. Her father met with her, and Isis was very tearful and regretful when she talked to him. At first, Ninurta looked at her with stern eyes, willing to hear her out, but probably not willing to forgive what she’d done. He asked her if she realized the consequences of her actions. How could she, being from the House of En.lil, be so stupid that she went with Lucifer, the Archenemy of Orion, gave him a son, and started giving birth to a hybrid race, destroying her father’s Experiment? What was she thinking? Ninurta’s tone of voice when he was asking this was very demanding and damning. He made sure she understood that he didn’t want to hear any lies. If she wanted to talk to him, she’d better tell him the truth, or he would never speak with her again.

Isis was quiet for a moment, thinking about what effect she had created back on Earth. By giving a progeny, she and he were now inseparable. She had become known as “Lilith,” the “Mother of Demons”—her reputation as a whore was widely spread in certain circles.

Then she started talking and deeply apologized for what she had done. She told Ninurta that she had been raped by, and Marduk was the bastard son, who was the result of that act.

Now it was Ninurta’s turn to be quiet. Isis saw his black face turn paler, and his eyes narrowed. His breath became heavy, and his eyes started shooting arrows. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing! His own brother had not only forced his daughter into marriage, but actually done so by raping her!

Prince Ninurta knew his daughter well enough to see whether she was lying or not. Their communication was telepathic, and he would have noticed if there had been blockages in her thoughts, but there were no secrets she was trying to hide. Her energy flowed freely and effortlessly when she was “talking.” In this case, there was no doubt—what she was telling him was the truth.

The Prince was absolutely furious, and he looked at his daughter in rage and said that his brother was not going to get away with this! Isis protested, and said that he can’t kill because if he does, will terminate the whole human race and everything else that originally was created by his mother and himself.

Ninurta shook his head while still looking at her, and he said, “there are other, better ways to deal with that bastard than to kill him—believe me! This time he’s gone too far!” Then he looked at his daughter for a while, and his rage decreased a few degrees. He said to her—this time in a much calmer voice: “You come to me so I can forgive you. What your husband has done to you is unforgivable, but in order to get so totally under his spell after that, you must have had some feelings for him. At this time, my daughter, I can’t decide whether I’m going to forgive you or not. I need time to think this over. You went against everything your father stands for, and not only that—you also showed total disrespect for what your grandfather and your grandmother have taught you! I am not willing to take you in yet. First, I want to see some real proof from you that you are willing to give him up once and for all, and I want to see you help putting things right again!”

Isis bowed her head and nodded. She understood. Her father could be very stern, but she knew he loved her, and what he did was still in her best interest. After all she’d done, he could have abandoned her right there—and maybe not even being willing to see her in the first place.

Fig. 1. Isis, Lady of Fire.

Isis had a last request. “What about Marduk? He is innocent in all this—he was just a child under the influence of his manipulative father. Please, let him into Orion, and keep him there for protection. Deep within, he is a good person!”

Ninurta said he could not make such a decision alone, so he consulted his mother, the Queen of the Stars. The Queen said, “This thing is not to be taken lightly. My granddaughter has been forced into a marriage because of a rape. It’s intolerable. When it comes to my grandson, Marduk, time will tell. My doors are always open for him, but at the moment, his loyalty is with his father, and as long as he has not repented and redeemed himself, I cannot allow him into Satania. Nevertheless, let him know that the doors are open, and he is welcome to dwell here, once he has totally made up his mind and has proven himself worthy.”

Isis retreated from the Palace, where she had spent so much time in the past, when she was younger. She felt a sting in her heart because it was here she had grown up, and it was here she felt that she really belonged. For now, however, she had to leave—she had no choice. She knew they wouldn’t take her back and let her in, the way the situation was now—she needed to make amends. With a heavy heart, she left Orion and returned to Gaia, where her husband and son were playing their vicious games, in which she no longer wanted to have any part. She was not enjoying the reunion with her new family.

Not too far after Isis’ journey, Marduk asked her why he was banned from visiting his grandparents and from being lifted up into the Palace of Satania. Isis felt obligated to tell the truth—even the part where the Empire considered Marduk being someone who was his father’s son. She told him, as well, that the door was open for him in case he changed his mind. Marduk was furious and said that he certainly sided with his father, who had been so badly treated by his family. Later on, when he talked about this with others, he insisted that the Queen and the Khan refused to let him in, and that he was banned from Orion, although he was innocent and never participated in the original Rebellion. This was not true, however, because the Queen had said in front of witnesses that Marduk was welcome back when he got his act together.

It is probably quite true, however, that Marduk was manipulated by his father to side with him, and it is very plausible that promised Marduk that he could take Prince En.lil’s place in the Heavens, once the Great Cosmic Wars were over.

II. Prince Ninurta’s Confrontation with on the Rigelian Battlefield

When Isis had left Orion, Prince Ninurta didn’t waste any time. He put on his armor, gathered his weapons, and prepared himself for war. He didn’t assemble any troops or anybody at all to follow him—this was entirely his own battle.

Still enraged, he travelled the short distance of about 200 light-years between Mintaka and Rigel, where the frenetic, destructive war was ongoing. The giant white-blue star showed up in front of him—extremely bright and quite large. Rigel, the second brightest star in the Orion Constellation—once a peaceful place, where star beings were evolving in happiness and companionship, was now turning into a wasteland. When Lucifer’s Angels and Demons entered the stage, everything changed. A civil war had already started from inside, from Lucifer using the same manipulated techniques that had showed to be so useful in the past.

The Rigel solar system has several planets orbiting the gigantic sun, and at least one of them carries life in a meaningful form. The main intelligent life forms in this solar system, otherwise, are star beings, i.e. they live inside their Sun, and are interdimensional.

Ninurta, however, aimed for the seventh planet, counting from the Sun and outward. In size, it was 1 ½ the size of Earth, and the life forms were therefore larger in stature than humans are. Many of them were Reptilians.

Ninurta used his perceptions and his technology to figure out the status of the planet, and he checked the star constellations to make sure he arrived in the right time period.

A Harvest of Death. Gettysburg, July 1863. Timothy O’Sullivan. (War Dept.) Exact Date Shot Unknown NARA FILE #: 165-SB-36 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 253

When everything looked right, he descended through the thin clouds and landed on the top of a mountain (mountains are Prince Ninurta’s sanctuary), where he hid some of his baggage. He used supercharged binoculars to see what was going on far down on the ground level. What he saw was a fatigue battlefield. It was huge, and dead bodies were lying everywhere. If the readers have ever seen a picture of the aftermath of “The Battle of Gettysburg,” this scenario was similar (see fig. 2). The only difference was that this battle was still raging, although Ninurta could tell that the solders on all fronts had battle fatigue. One bomb went off and hit a target, but then it took a while before the attack was returned. Beings were running back and forth between sheltering trees, bushes and rocks, in order to change positions.

Somewhere in all this chaos, he knew that his brother was leading one of his legions. Khan En.lil was still busy fighting the war in Sirius, and Queen Nin was writing a peace agreement with an old enemy on another flank of the Orion Empire.

Ninurta didn’t waste any more time. He hurried down the mountain, fully armed, dressed in a well protecting armor, which was light to carry, but made all the difference if he was being hit by laser or electromagnetic weapons.

When he arrived at the bottom of the mountain, he ran across the battlefield, and took shelter behind a rock formation. Primitive bullets from a primitive population swished all around him, and some hit him in the side, in the back, or on the side of his head, but he kept running. These bullets didn’t do anything to him—the armor easily took care of them. He couldn’t be too careful, however, because there were those out there whose weapons actually could penetrate his armor, and if so, he had no one who could help him heal. He did carry some medical instruments, which he could use to heal himself from serious wounds, in case he was badly hurt, but how effective they would be would depend on the situation.

Ninurta sat behind the rocks for a while and studied the environment. He knew his brother all too well, and if there were somewhere on this planet, on any battlefield, that Lucifer would fight, it would be right here. He would use his advanced weapons against a civilization that was superior in numbers, but inferior in technology. These were the kind of odds Lucifer liked to play with—he called them “fair,” when in fact he had all the advantages.

Ninurta smiled sadly to himself when he thought about this, but then went to action. He jumped up on the top of a rock, showed himself as being totally fearless, and put a bullhorn to his mouth. He blew in it the strongest he could, and a loud tone rang over the battlefield. So loud was it that all firing stopped. Everybody wanted to see where that loud noise came from. He had gotten their attention!

When the sound from the horn had echoed out and faded, Ninurta changed to an amplifier in which he could speak, so that his voice could be heard over a relatively long distance. He shouted:

“Lucifer, Prince of Lies, King of Rape, Heir of Nothing, in control of nobody, where are you hiding? Do you recognize the voice of your own brother? Yes, I have come to see you, and where do I find you? In a place where death and terror reigns—where rats and cockroaches thrive, and a foggy darkness is all there is to see. Aren’t you supposed to be the Prince of Light? But you see, there are cracks in all darkness—that’s how the light comes in! And I am the Light, my brother, and the Light right now is your worst enemy! Come out from your hiding place, so I can see you!”

The battlefield was totally quiet—one could almost hear a needle fall. No one wanted to miss this scenario and what would happen next. Ninurta peered out over the field, where an early morning mist laid like a coating over the bluish landscape. No birds were singing—it was almost as if this entire god-forgotten place was abandoned, although Ninurta knew better.

Then, out of the shadows, came a tall gestalt. His armor was still clean, as if he still hadn’t been in battle at all, and in his hand he carried some kind of gun, although it was not pointed at Ninurta at that moment.

Ninurta jumped down from the rock and stood on the ground with his armed crossed, waiting for his brother to come closer. Lucifer stopped 20 feet from his brother and looked at him with a smile.

“You are calling me many names, brother. You, who think you’re so good that you can win everybody’s heart. You sure convinced our parents that you were better than I, didn’t you? They even chose you as the heir of Orion, although I am the eldest of us two. People call me “smooth talker,” and a “trickster,” but that’s just because they don’t know you. You have fooled the entire Royal Court, but one day, your false character will burst at its seams and you will be revealed for whom you are. When that happens, no one wants to have anything to do with you, my brother, but then it’s too late. I have already built my own Empire, and in a very near future, it will supersede Orion tenfold. Then, Orion will be no more. It will be under my jurisdiction, and its name will be changed to what I find appropriate. “Orion, the Hunter?” You’re such a liar. And you have the stomach to call me a liar? What do you want? I am fighting a war here, and I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you!” Lucifer’s hand around his gun hardened.

“Be careful so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot, dear brother!” said Ninurta with a loud and stead voice that could be heard over the battlefield. “It looks quite new, as if you haven’t used it before. I would put it aside until I’d learned how to use it, if I were you! But enough now! I haven’t come here to engage in a word battle with you. I have come here to take revenge for my daughter, Isis!”

Lucifer’s eyes narrowed. “Isis? What about her? She is my consort now, as you very well know. The House of En.lil is losing its family members because they realize, one by one, that they can’t stand living amongst you, isn’t that correct? Isn’t it a little too late to think of revenge now after all the years Isis and I have been married? You have a grandson, too, brother. Too bad you’re so out of touch with your family—both your daughter and your grandson. It can’t be because of me, can it?”

“Stop your idiotic word games, Lucifer!” Ninurta shouted. “You raped my daughter, and your son is a bastard, that’s what he is! How dare you rape my daughter? Did you think you could do that without being reprimanded? Did you really think you could get away with it?”

“So what are you going to do? Kill me?” Lucifer laughed sarcastically. “You know you can’t kill me. You love your mother’s gift way too much for that. My sentimental brother doesn’t want his Living Library destroyed, does he? I, on the other hand, can kill you without any major repercussions. So what is it that you really want, Prince of Lies?

“Fight me, Lucifer! Show me that you are as quick in battle as you are with your tongue! Throw away your heavy weaponry and let us only use our knives!”

“You are shielding yourself—I can’t read your intentions—so I know not what you have in mind. But I am not afraid of you, brother. You are a great warrior, but so am I! And remember that you can’t kill me, if that’s what you are planning. I have people who would destroy your solar system in next to no time!”

“Don’t you worry about that, you little coward. Show yourself off instead! Show that you can defeat me! Show all these soldiers, hiding in the bushes, that you can defeat me!”

Both of them threw their weaponry on the ground, took off their armor, but kept their long, sharp knives, which looked more like scythes than they did knives. The two brothers put themselves in position, while soldiers popped up from behind their shelters to get a better look at what was happening. All fighting, except between the brothers, had now suddenly stopped. Beings from both sides of the battle, who had been trying to kill each other just a few minutes ago, had put their weapons down, and now standing up, they were totally visible to their enemies, who could easily kill them. However, it was as if all grudges were forgotten. As long as the battle between these two powerful brothers took place before their eyes, there was no conflict existing between all these soldiers.[1]

Ninurta didn’t want to wait for Lucifer’s first attack—instead, he was the one who attacked first. Steel turned against steal, and two strong bodies ran into each other with such an effort that one could hear their lungs emptying. The two combaters grabbed each other, fell to the ground, and rolled over, while they were punching each other hard in the face and in the chest. Ninurta could feel the sting from Lucifer’s sharp knife cutting through the skin on his right thigh, and he kicked his brother away from him to get a chance to reposition himself. He felt the warmth from the blood running down his leg. He knew immediately that the wound was just shallow, and nothing to worry about.

Lucifer, however, took advantage of the situation when he saw that he had wounded his brother, and rushed toward him at full speed. Ninurta saw the rock that was lying slightly to the right of himself, and when Lucifer came closer, he kicked the rock toward his brothers feet.

It had the exact effect Ninurta had hoped for. was not prepared, and didn’t expect the stone to suddenly appear in front of his feet, so he tripped on it and fell flat on his stomach.

Ninurta was over him in the blink of an eye, and turned him around on his back. had dropped his knife when he fell but couldn’t have done anything anyway, sitting tight in Ninurta’s grip. Ninurta had a stretched arm and hand around’s throat, and his knee on his chest, so that he couldn’t move. Ninurta, in rage, showed his scythe-like knife to and held it close to his eyes.

“This knife, my brother,” he said, showing his teeth, “I suggested we should use as our only weapons for a very specific reason. You see the shape of it? It can be used to cut somebody’s head off—something I could easily do to you right now!” Lucifer was sweating but did what he could not to show fear.

“You wouldn’t kill me!” he said, but this time he sounded less convincing.

Ninurta looked at him with disgust. “You’re right! It’s your lucky day, and I won’t kill you. However, you interrupted me before I was finished talking. I was going to say that this knife is also perfect to use for another purpose. Can you imagine what that would be?”’s eyes widened in pure terror. “You wouldn’t…!”

In the next second, Ninurta hit’s face with his fist, cut up his pants with the sharp knife and castrated his brother in a matter of seconds. He took his privates and threw them away, out over the battlefield. He whistled, and a bird of prey descended from the skies, grabbed’s privates and flew away with them.

Ninurta stepped back and cleaned his knife, while lied on the ground, screaming in pain. He couldn’t believe that he no longer had his testicles!

Ninurta put on his armor again, stuck the knife into his belt, and looked at his brother without remorse.

“Listen and learn, brother!” Ninurta said. “You knew as well as anybody else that you don’t mess with an evolving race on an evolving planet. So what do you do? You walk around and copulate with every female in sight, although you know that this is strictly forbidden. Then you genetically engineer and manipulate the same evolving race and make them into slaves. After that, you create an Elite bloodline, consisting of your purest genes, and that of my sister’s, so you can make sure that your offspring has Ninurta’s blood running through their veins—through my daughter! This way you think in your sick mind that you will have enough Royalty to outdo me and get your heirship back. I have a surprise for you! It will not succeed! The Khan and the Queen will not change their minds, and their words can supersede the laws when it’s absolutely necessary. Do you really think that your behavior will make them vote in your favor? That’s an insult to me and to my parents!

Furthermore, do you think you can rape my daughter and not get punished for it? If you touch one more hair on Isis, I will gladly kill you—slowly! And I will annihilate you and destroy your Avatar!

Now, listen very carefully, my brother! This is my curse on you: No longer do you have any privates that you can use to continue producing your bloodline, or any bloodline at all, for that matter. You’re finished—no more intimacy with any woman—anywhere! Whatever you do from hereon in an attempt to regain your fertility will fail. You will never again, as long as you live, be able to create offspring. No more progenies! This, my brother, is my curse, and it is effective immediately. You have raped your last woman, and this is my revenge for having raped my own, beloved daughter! No more offspring, no more sex! Now, take this to clean up your mess and get the hell out of here!”

Ninurta threw at him a few small towels and some disinfection medicine, which also stopped the bleeding. He did not want his brother to bleed to death because he knew that wouldn’t hesitate to put his threat into reality and blow the Ar-i-du solar system into pieces.

Death in itself wouldn’t be the end of—he could shape another interdimensional body, as long as he had his Avatar—both and Ninurta knew this, of course, so it was no point in just cutting’s head off.’s fear in that instant, when Ninurta had the chance to decapitate him, was more in fear of losing his Avatar. Indeed, the only thing that would have killed, right there and then, was if Ninurta had destroyed his brother’s Avatar. This, he knew, he wouldn’t do under the circumstance.

However, how could Ninurta be so sure that wouldn’t go back to Earth, after the humiliation he was experiencing on the battlefield, and just annihilate all humans? Ninurta knew he wouldn’t because then’s penalty would be eternal death. Was it possible that would start treating humans worse in revenge for what Ninurta had done to him? Yes, this was certainly plausible.

Prince Ninurta sat down on a rock, studying his brother when he cleaned himself up. Once he was done, fled from the battlefield and left Rigel. Shortly after, Ninurta left as well, and returned to Mintaka. Warriors justice had been made!  

III. Back to the Drawing Board was furious, humiliated, desperate, and for the first time in his life, really depressed. He had no way of breaking his brother’s spell—at least there was no way that he knew of. What was he supposed to do now? Not only had he been deprived of the pleasure of having sex, but he also couldn’t continue his planned experiment with bloodlines, using women as breeding machines.

After he’d fled from the battlefield in the Rigel star system, he went to Aldebaran and settled there. It seems as if that’s the place where he usually withdrew when he had to think, or if he were in trouble—it was his own sanctuary.

Soon, however, the solution came to him—he went to get his Mes made of sapphire and sent a communication to his son, Marduk, back on Earth, to immediately leave what he was doing and come to Aldebaran. Marduk, quick to please his father at this point, obeyed, and soon the two sat together in the Constellation of Taurus.

When had described what happened in Rigel, Marduk flew up, furious like someone who had just been robbed of all his personal items. “I will get that bastard!” he said, and was almost already out the door. calmed him down and commanded him to sit down again. “I don’t have time for revenge right now,” said, when in reality he was afraid of his brother. “That’s not why I called you over here!” Then he explained to Marduk the more serious situation—at least from his viewpoint—and that was that he no longer could reproduce. Marduk sat quiet, wondering where his father would go from here.

“Now it’s all up to you, my son”, said and put his hand on Marduk’s palm. He looked his son deep into his cold, black eyes. “From now on, you will be the breeder! Your semen will represent my semen, and thus, whomever you impregnate will still be of my pure bloodline—and yours too, for that matter. I want you to copulate with Isis, and I want you to do it a lot! The more offspring she can give you, the better. I don’t want any f..king engineering in this case—I want the hybrid bloodline to be pure as pure can be. This is very important. Do you know why?”

Marduk thought he did, but remained quiet. withdrew his hand from Marduk’s palm and leaned back in his chair.

“I need a breed of human hybrids that is above all other human hybrids back on Earth. I want them to be highly intelligent, having eaten from the Tree of Life—well, to some extent—and be 100% loyal to our cause. Even if you and I are away from Earth at the same time, I want to make sure we can trust this Elite with controlling and manipulating the masses and be able to do it right. I want us to promise them a reward for being loyal.

We will give them riches. We will give them almost everything they may desire in the material world, for they will be the leaders of the people until it’s time for us to take over entirely in the open in the future, at the time when we’re strong enough to take down the Orion Empire…”

“But father,” Marduk interrupted, “we already have such an Elite, who the masses look up to as the emissaries of the Gods. We have our High Priests!”

“Ah, that’s not enough!” crossed his legs (oh, that hurt!). He paused and continued. “The future on Earth will look very different from today. One day, the world civilization will blossom, and the humans will have the technologies of the Gods—or some of them. In fact, we will give it to them! We will prepare mankind for what’s to come. In order to take Orion, we need a high tech civilization. We need hybrid leaders who know how to really run a country—or a world civilization, too, for that matter. They will be assigned different tasks, and all these tasks will have as their purpose to control all different aspects of life. We will continue educating the Elite within the Mystery Schools and the secret societies, and they will learn on a need-to-know basis. The rewards will be in line with how dedicated they are. They will be taught that they will incarnate over and over within the same Elite bloodlines and never have to be commons—unless they disobey, of course. If so, they’ll be slaves just like the rest of the people next time we recycle them.

That’s not all, however! We need to keep track of each person’s weaknesses amongst the Elite. If it’s sex, we’ll give them sex. If it’s gold, we’ll make sure they get gold—as illegally as possible. Then, if they disobey, we leak their crimes to the public, little by little, until they learn to keep themselves in check. See, I don’t trust anybody anymore. You are the only one I trust, my son!

So, I would like you to return to Earth and start reproducing with Isis. You see, the offspring will have our DNA—our blood—and my brother’s blood as well, through his daughter. Do you understand what this means?”

Marduk nodded. continued anyway. “This means,” he said, “that by using my brother’s blood when we create the Elite, we may safeguard our position in the Orion Empire. My bloodline may be considered purer than Ninurta’s, and I may bypass him in the Pantheon, so that they have no other choice than to make me the heir of Orion. That would be the real revenge on my brother! Then he can take my place and see how that feels for him! We are already planning to do all this, of course, but my brother may think that because he castrated me, I’m out of the picture. No way! You will be our assurance, Marduk. And as a reward, you will be the Crown Prince of Orion, once I take over. What do you think?”

“I’d be happy to accommodate you, father,” Marduk said in a low and chilly voice. “You are brilliant as always!”

“Good! I think I’m about done here, actually, so let’s return to Earth together. From now on, you will take my role, and I will take on quite another…”

So this became’s new plan. Isis would continue being the breeder, Enki and Isis would continue to stay married—at least for a while—and Marduk would take over’s business on Earth for some time.

Father and son returned to Earth.  

IV. Takes on the Role of Mother Goddess

On Earth, the new plan was set into motion. explained to Isis that in a huge battle in Rigel, he fought like a hero, killed a lot of enemies with his own hand, and in the end, the enemies fled as soon as they saw him. However, as it sometimes goes, her husband had gotten some war injuries, so Marduk had to take over the part of creating progenies with her.

Isis was less than thrilled to hear this. She was happy not to have to be intimate with her husband anymore, but having sex with her own son was not very tempting! Still, she felt she had no choice., on the other hand, decided to take on the role of Ninhursag—the Goddess herself. He started dressing up like the Goddess in order to look as feminine as possible. This was not too much of a stretch because in Orion, males address themselves as females when they present themselves to the Court, anyway, to remind themselves of their androgynous origins.

Now, because did not have any manhood anymore, he instructed his High Priests to castrate themselves as well, to honor Many people in’s Priesthood did what was required of them to show their respect and loyalty, but not everybody had the “courage” to do this. Those who didn’t had to resort to wearing pouches and tassels around their waists to show that they were of the Goddess.

Otherwise, the castration became a part of the initiation into’s Priesthood, which was named after his firstborn son, Marduk Ra, and became known in Egypt as the “Priesthood of Amen[2]. He rose to power and became the Chief God in the Babylonian Empire. Of course, this was also the time (after the Flood) when he and had the great opportunity to change the ancient records, and have the Priesthood write new ones. Therefore, Marduk is depicted as a benevolent Chief God in Babylon. In the records, he became known as a healer, and the one who brought peace to the Babylonian/Akkadian Empire by running off the oppressive Nabonidus.[3]

In the Priesthood Ecstasy Rituals, the eunuchs then played the role as the Goddess. Even today we see priests of Eastern sects castrate themselves in the name of their religion, and Kings and other rulers used eunuchs as guardians in their harems, as they were thought of as being asexual, which was not always the case…

Out of all this, a story, recently covered correctly by researchers, such as Sir Lawrence Gardner, emerges. By creating the mixed bloodline with (via Marduk), Isis, and Ninurta (via Isis), they corrupted and took over something that was created earlier by the real Ninhursag (Mother Goddess, just before the time of the Golden Age, referred to her people as the “Tan,” or simply “Dan,” or “Danu.”)[4] By Isis and creating this new bloodline, they are laying claims to the throne that Ninurta has inherited. In fact, the Isis/Marduk/Enki bloodline becomes what is referred to as the “Grail Line,” or that of the “Fisher Kings.”[5] They are signifying the aquatic Bird Tribe of, which we were discussing earlier in conjunction with the Sirian Wars and the Dark Star.[6]

This bloodline has been very well protected throughout history, and something similar to a “police force” was formed already in an early stage. Isis/Ishtar/Lilith/Inanna now becomes the handmaiden to[7] The Secret Police is wearing one of Ninurta’s symbols, the “Celestial Cross,” to signify that they are protecting the seed line of Isis/Ishtar/Inanna (see fig. 3). The offspring are now direct descendants of Ninurta and are thereby claiming his right to the Throne of Orion, which was given to him by Khan En.lil and Queen Nin. Ninurta’s inheritance, which now claims includes the Earth, Sagittarius (the Constellation directly related to the Milky Way Galaxy), Ursa Major, and a lot of other asterisms belonging to the Orion Empire. The Tribe of Dan becomes a direct line, as well, to Ninurta’s Throne, via the seed line created by Marduk and Isis. So those who are of the Tribe of Dan and are still alive on Earth today are the offspring of Marduk and Isis, and therefore, also’s bloodline. Isis then becomes the “Eve” (the originator) of this bloodline, and she is instructed to have sex with the progeny of this seed line to keep it as pure as possible. In the ancient records, it says she has a Temple where this takes place, and she is working as the “breeder.” Foremost, as Inanna and Ishtar, she then becomes known as the “Harlot,” or the “Whore of Babylon.”[8] It is her seed line that is the one designed to rule the Earth, and the way it was done, this seed line has a direct link to Prince Ninurta of Orion.

Fig. 3. The Knights Templar, wearing Ninurta’s Celestial Cross.

This is a serious attempt by and his son to take the power away from Ninurta and give it to themselves, believing that the more purity they can provide via themselves and a long line of progenies, the better their chances are to inherit the Throne of Orion in a more “legal” way, regardless of what the Queen and the King of Orion think about them.’s and Marduk’s hope is that the rulers of Orion will have no choice other than to accept them. In order for this to work, they believe, the father and son need to seed a long line of progenies for the laws of Orion to take effect in their favor.

They probably understand that this may be a long shot, but these beings are obsessed with succeeding, and they are taking everything they can into consideration. This does not at all exclude a real invasion of the Inner Sanctuaries of the Orion Empire, and if this option needs to be played out (which seems to be the case), humanity is involved big time, working as foot soldiers for the gods.  

V. Isis’ Escape   

One morning, when Marduk, whistling and in good spirit, went to Isis’ palace to do his “ritual,” he found to his astonishment that she was gone!

He called her name, shouted her name, and turned her place upside down as he got more and more enraged, but she was nowhere to be found. There were no notes—nothing!

Furious, he left the building and went to see his father. He told what had happened—that Isis was gone—and if Marduk had been upset, it was nothing compared to How dared she? He raged out, and Marduk called for his most reliable army officers, commanding them to find her. Within the hour, a whole army was set out to find Isis, but nothing of what had happened could leak to the person on the street. No one was to know that Isis had escaped from her husband, the great King Marduk.

The situation was serious, in case Isis was not to be found, or if she were found dead. This would mean that’s plan to find the backdoor into Orion had more or less failed—no more progeny from the bloodline of Ninurta! Marduk’s loyal officers were provided with crystals, so they could quickly communicate with their king.

v.i. Amongst the Ruins of a Queendom of Old

Isis had had enough. Little did she know that when she got back after she had talked to her father, she would have to sleep with her own son. That was the final decision that made’s spell over her break.

In desperation, Isis was fleeing in the cloak of the night and managed to get out of Babylon before dawn. Tirelessly and aimlessly she fled, northeast bound, without realizing where she was going. It was as if her subconscious mind was driving her.

Many days and many nights she was finding her way through the wilderness, toward the mountains which stood in her way. Although she was very cold at times, and both hungry and thirsty, she found that the mountains attracted her, reminding her of her father, whose sanctuary was the mountains. Before falling asleep in caves at nights, she was thinking about her father—how he had taught her shamanism and even how to create new species. She smiled to herself because it seemed as if she still remembered how to do all that.

One day, after had been on the run for more days than she could remember, she suddenly stood in front of some great mountains, and she stopped in awe. Her heart started beating faster in her chest, and her breathing sped up. On unsteady legs, she slowly walked toward the mountains. Something was very familiar about them, and it was as if she knew exactly where to go next.

She found the way in between two tall mountain ranges—like a passageway, which led into something that dwelled on the other side of these majestic peaks.

Suddenly, she came to a huge opening between the mountains, and she stood in front of a giant, clear-blue lake. Now she knew where she was! Without being consciously aware, all these days she had walked and walked, just to end up here in her father’s old sanctuary—in his ancient Mountain Paradise from where the Golden Age stemmed!

Fig. 4. Lake of Mountain Spirits, surrounded by the Sayan Mountains.

Isis looked around. The autumn leaves had fallen, and a cold wind was blowing between the mountains. The lake was overgrown, and so were the meadows that surrounded it. This place had been abandoned for a very long time, and what had once been an extraordinary beautiful place—in fact, the most beautiful place on the surface of the planet—the original Garden of Edin—was now a wilderness, void of the beauty she so well remembered. She had reached the area of Lake Baikal, surrounded by the Sayan Mountains in today’s southern Siberia, and she was finding herself standing before what remained of the “Lake of Mountain Spirits”(see fig. 4 above).

Isis fell on her knees and started crying. What had she done? How could she have been so mindless and so stupid? How could she have let Prince Lucifer put spells on her without her hardly even trying to break them? She had put shame on her father and everything he stood for. For eons, he had built an incredible paradise on Earth—something that was unheard of anywhere else in this Galaxy—and his daughter had sided with his father’s enemies! Where was her father now, when she needed him the most? Why hadn’t he helped her more?

A flood of shame and self-pity came over her where she sat, with a cold wind blowing through her long, red hair. For a long time, she couldn’t stop crying, but finally she fell sleep, totally exhausted.

When she woke up the next morning, the mountain winds were still howling, and she was cold to her bones. She got up and washed her face in the lake, and she saw the reflection of her face, looking back at her, like a mirror in the water. A very torn and tormented face, weather-bitten and tired, stared back at her. It was still a beautiful face, but it didn’t look at all the way she was used to. She let her hand move over her forehead, her temples, and her cheek, and she saw her reflection imitate her movements. She was almost in a trance, but in reality, it was the final wake-up call!

Suddenly, she stood up, took off her clothes, and dived into the lake—in spite of the cold weather. Amazingly, she found the water warm to her skin, as if the lake wanted to comfort her—to make her warm.

After a long swim, she got up, felt refreshed, and washed her clothes. She put them on rocks on the beach because she wanted them to dry. Yet, how could they dry under such harsh weather conditions? The winds were still blowing cold, as if they wanted her to freeze to death.

Naked, she stretched out her arms and looked up toward the mountain range from where the winds came. She smiled, and her eyes were suddenly determined, and they glowed like fire. She spoke, and her voice echoed between the mountains, sounding louder than the storm.

“Mountain Spirits, Storm Spirits, Water Spirits, don’t you know my name? Don’t you recognize who I am? Can’t you see the resemblance when I’m standing here naked—both in physical form and in spiritual form? Don’t you remember who was your Creatrix? Can you recall who cared for you? Who was it that nurtured you a long time ago?”

She paused, and the echo faded after repeating her words. The storm subsided just a little, as if the Storm Spirits and the Mountain Lords were considering her words, but still were not convinced.

She continued. “I am Isis, daughter of Prince Ninurta and granddaughter of Lady Ninhursag, the Queen of the Stars! The lineage of Orion is back, and with that the Great Shaman. I am asking you, Spirits of Storms and Winds, and I am asking you, Lords of the Mountains, to stop making me cold. Let the winds stop and the clouds wither! Let the Sun once again kiss the mountainsides and the valleys. Let this sanctuary—the Legacy of my Great Father—once again blossom! Let the river flow freely, and let the lakes be filled with the purest, most transparent water this world has ever seen since the days of Ninurta! Let the flowers grow in all colors, shapes, and forms, and let them invite insects to suck their nectar! Let me fill the valleys with animals that once again live in peace, eating only the beams of the Sun!”

It took no more than a minute for the storm to subside and the clouds that had covered the sky to wither. The bluest sky was opening up, and a warm, yellow sun shone over the valleys and the mountains, heating up the landscape. The Mountain Lords had heard her and saw who she was, and they obeyed.

Isis laughed—a relieving and happy laughter which echoed all across the ancient Garden of Edin. She didn’t know it, but even though her father was not there, he saw her, and he was pleased. He was proud of his daughter’s change and her recalling her heritage. She was still the great shaman she used to be at the time of the Golden Age when she was invited into the Garden to be taught the skills of her father. She had been an excited and fast learner—a true Lady of Fire.

An idea started taking form in Isis’s head. “Look at this beautiful land,” she thought. “I could certainly try to rebuild at least some of what my father once created here. I could make a beautiful Garden—I could invite animals and tame them! But most important of all—I could recreate womankind! To honor my father, I could recreate the great Namlú’u and close the Garden of Edin for the Patriarchal Regime. The Mountain Lords could help me with that. I could put a spell around this wonderful Paradise!”

And so she did. She still remembered how to seed life, and in spirit and in flesh, she created a new womankind, in her image and in her liking. Once again, a tribe of women lived in a revived Garden of Edin.

She also managed to resemble an army of loyal soldiers, who, together with the Mountain Lords, would protect her and her Creation. The Divine Feminine was once again at work on Gaia. Isis could feel the spirit of her grandmother emerge in the Paradise Valley.

VI. The New Women of Fire

Rumors started reaching Babylon. It came to Marduk’s attention that up in the north, there was a tribe of mountain people, who possessed great power—and more curiously—they were all women!

It didn’t take long for Marduk to understand that this was the work of Isis! In vain had they looked for her—it was as if she had been swallowed by the Earth Mother herself, never again to be found. Now he understood that she had gone to her father’s old sanctuary—a land the Patriarchal Regime could never claim as theirs.

The fact that Isis had created a new species—a new womankind—was very bad news for Marduk and his father. This meant that Isis now had more rights to the Throne of Orion than they, who had created a mix of males and females, had. Isis, surrounded by a lineage of feminine “pure-bloods,” was definitely in favor before Lucifer’s own creation. This had to be stopped!

Marduk sent out an army under Ninurta’s Bear Emblem, which signifies Ursa Major and Orionites tied to Arcturus—the birthplace of Ninurta’s and’s father, Khan En.lil. In their usual manner, they stole what they could from the Matriarchs and transformed it to fit with the Patriarchal Regime. In this case, the emblem was used intentionally, in an attempt to trick Isis into thinking that those who came were sent out by her father, Prince Ninurta.

Isis was not stupid—she was no longer under Lucifer’s spell and could certainly think for herself. When the army arrived, Isis asked the Mountain Lords to let the rains fall, thus using the same weapon as her father had used nearly 500,000 years ago, when he was defending his Garden of Edin from the attacking forces of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels.

Marduk’s army was swept away by the powers of the Weather Spirits, and many of the invaders drowned. Only a few could retreat and get back to Marduk’s palace alive. In the meantime, Isis and the females she had created, fled from the Mountain Paradise, knowing that it was just a matter of time before Lucifer managed to break in. Although Isis was an excellent shaman, she knew she had indeed forgotten some of her skills, and she was not as powerful as her grandmother and her father had been in protecting the Paradise. Still, her father also had had to flee, after some bitter fights with his brother’s army of dark spirits, a long time ago. was again enraged. This woman had a tendency to really be a pain in his neck. How many times had she infuriated him by now? And once again, she had escaped Lucifer and destroyed his plans behind his back. Why was she avoiding him? Why all of a sudden was she against him? What had broken the spell? These were thoughts running through Lucifer’s clueless head.

However, things suddenly changed in’s favor. One of Isis’s creations—a Lady of Fire—was captured and sent to Marduk’s palace. He and his father found to their great disappointment that this woman was as perfect as was intended when Isis created her. There were no flaws in Isis’s Creation!!! After had come over the worst shock, they were starting to think about what to do next. As they saw it, Isis had betrayed them horribly, and who knew how many of these Women of Fire were out there in the world?

After a bit of pondering, the two plot makers came up with a solution. Once again, they had to make up a story—a new lie. If anything of this came out to the world, the story Marduk, as the authority in Babylon, would tell the people would be that Isis in her insanity had started to mix genetics and created highly imperfect beings that could be very dangerous because they were involved in witchcraft. They could put curses and spells on anyone they met, and it wouldn’t take much for them to do that.

Therefore, with Isis being “mentally challenged,” now decided that Marduk, Isis’s son, should be the Champion of the Gods, who superseded Isis’s attempt to restore Planet Gaia to the point when her father, Prince Ninurta, was here. His “magnificent self” was then looked at as being “lifted up to the KHAA.” Thus, he took the title of “Khan” for now. If he will ever inherit the Throne of Orion, he will be the Khan-Khan-Ur, where “Ur” means “one of a kind,” i.e. the “One God.” At the moment, he was only Khan-Khan-Us, where “Us” denotes “one of many.” From now on, all of Prince Ninurta’s characteristics, as well as Khan En.lil’s, would be passed on to Marduk via Isis, his mother. His symbol became the “Ankh,” which can be translated to “An” (Heaven) and “KH” or “KHAA” (life, Universe). (Ankh also works as an anagram for KHAN—if we change the letters in “ANKH” around, we get “KHAN”). Thus, he was claiming the “Throne of Isis” (Isis is often depicted with an Ankh), and this would give the impression that Marduk had a direct link to the KHAA and the Inner Sanctuary of the Orion Empire, and only through him could humanity communicate with the gods. As we can see, was now working more in the background, letting his son gain more and more power—at least as a front to the people. Marduk also claimed the same title as Khan En.lil, but in fact, behind the scenes, it’s himself who was claiming the title. Still, it’s complicated due to’s castration. After that, Marduk became the male breeder and would technically be the one who inherited the Throne of Orion, in case their plan would succeed. However, knowing, he certainly had plans that would not allow that to happen either. He would never seriously allow his son to take his place in the ranking of the gods.  

Fig. 5. Isis, kneeling, holding an Ankh.

In addition, and Marduk would do everything in their power to find Isis and put her to “justice” because she had offended them both with her misbehavior., who took on the role as Ninhursag (which we saw earlier), would now become the “Hunter of Fire,” tracking down and killing the females whom Isis created.

Last, from a rewriting of records, Isis was now being identified with the Goddess Bau, or Gula, who was actually Prince Ninurta’s consort. Wikipedia says:

Nintinugga was a Babylonian goddess of healing, the consort of Ninurta. She is identical with the goddess of Akkadian mythology, known as Bau or Baba, though it would seem that the two were originally independent. She was the daughter of An and Ninurta’s wife. She had seven daughters, including Hegir-Nuna (Gangir). She was known as a patron deity of Lagash, where Gudea built her a temple.

The name Bau is more common in the oldest period and gives way to Gula after the First Babylonian Dynasty. Since it is probable that Ninib has absorbed the cults of minor sun-deities, the two names may represent consorts of different gods. However this may be, the qualities of both are alike, and the two occur as synonymous designations of Ninib’s female consort.

Other names borne by this goddess are Nin-Karrak, Nin Ezen, Ga-tum-dug and Nm-din-dug, the latter signifying “the lady who restores to life“, or the Goddess of HealingAfter the Great Flood, she helped “breath life” back into mankind. The designation well emphasizes the chief trait of Bau-Gula which is that of healer. She is often spoken of as “the great physician,” and accordingly plays a specially prominent role in incantations and incantation rituals intended to relieve those suffering from disease.[9]

As the readers can see, it’s a jungle out there— now, we have at least three goddesses who are related to the Creation of Homo sapiens and Homo sapiens sapiens. These goddesses are Ninhursag, Isis, and Bau. According to the altered records, these deities are supposedly one and the same because they—again supposedly—helped create mankind. However, as we know, Ninhursag is Mother Goddess herself, who created the primordial womankind—the Namlú’u—but never worked with to create mankind. In fact, Isis was intentionally given the name and characteristics of Ninhursag by the Patriarchal Regime, in order to blame Mother Goddess for, and associate her with, the creation of Homo sapiens.

Fig. 6. Fragmented sculpture of Bau in the Louvre, in Paris, France

Later, when it was appropriate and in order to blame Ninurta, Bau, his consort, was associated with “giving breath” to the humankind that was created after the Flood and with restoring the species that existed beforethe Flood and who would finally help create Homo sapiens sapiens, when this was, in fact, done by a fourth deity, as we shall see in a few moments. Bringing in this fourth deity became the solution now when Isis was out of the picture, refusing to work with her new husband, Marduk.

Bau, who previously also was associated with the Bear of the Northern Sky—Ursa Major—and was also the consort of Ninurta, had, in the altered records, now taken over the characteristics of Isis/Ishtar/Lilith, the consort of Marduk, Satan himself! Taking on characteristics which were not their own was, as we know, a big part of’s and Marduk’s revenge on the Orion Empire. Then they could, when necessary, blame all of their own crimes on those who had nothing to do with them. Much more about this later.

However, the cover-up doesn’t end here—there is more! After Isis had left, Marduk was standing there without a Woman of Fire—he had no one to continue the pure Ninurta bloodline with. This was the last riddle that had to be solved by the two plot makers. As usual, there was a solution!

Both Marduk and descended to the Underworld!

VII. The New Isis of the Underworld

The Queen of the Underworld was listening very carefully to her husband’s,, story, when he told her the truth about what had happened in terms of Isis. The story interested her in more than one aspect because Inanna as Ishtar was also her older cousin, as I will soon show the reader.

Eventually, came to the point. His plan was simple. He promised Ereškigal, the Queen of the Underworld, that she could take Isis’s place in the Pantheon, if she started posing as Isis/Ishtar because it had to be a well-kept secret that Isis had escaped. In exchange, Ereškigal would become the Queen of Orion once the Empire was conquered, and would be the King—thus taking over Khan En.lil’s position. All she needed to do was to become the new “mother of mankind!” Marduk and her would copulate and create the new human species (which eventually would be us, Homo sapiens sapiens). The Queen didn’t hesitate for one second because this was all she could wish for in one big package! She could be the mother of the new slave race and the Queen of the Stars. She wholeheartedly agreed and took on the guise of Isis/Ishtar—and in one aspect, Inanna.

This may come as a shock to many, but it’s well recorded. In fact, most records say that Ereškigal is the daughter of Nanna (Nannar). In a previous paper, I proved that Nannar, Sin, and are one and the same. This being the case, then must be Ereškigal’s father!

Why, then, does it say so often in the records that Ereškigal is Innana’s/Ishtar’s younger sister?[10] To answer this question, I suggest the reader reads the following reference (the italics are mine):

She (Ereškigal] is known chiefly through two myths, believed to symbolize the changing of the seasons, but perhaps also intended to illustrate certain doctrines developed dating back to the Mesopotamia period. Ereshkigal is therefore the sister of Ishtar and from one point of view her counterpart, the symbol of nature during the non-productive season of the year. As the doctrine of two kingdoms becomes crystallized, the dominions of the two sisters are sharply differentiated from one another as one of this world and one of the world of the dead.

One of these myths is the famous story of Ishtar’s descent to Irkalla (or Aralu), as the netherworld was called, and her reception by her sister who presides over it; Ereshkigal traps her sister in her dark kingdom and Inanna/Ishtar is only able to leave it by sacrificing her husband Dumuzi in exchange for herself. The other myth is the story of Nergal, the plague god. His offence against Ereshkigal, his banishment to the kingdom controlled by the goddess and the reconciliation between Nergal and Ereshkigal through the latter’s offer to have Nergal share the honors of the rule over Irkalla. In later tradition, Nergal is said to have been the victor, taking her as wife and ruling the land himself.[11]

If we read the above reference carefully, what do we see? Isis (the same deity as Ishtar and Inanna), being Ninurta’s daughter, is “descending” to the Underworld, where Ereškigal “kidnaps” her identity and becomes Isis’ counterpart in the Underworld— Ereškigal becomes Isis, the breeder! In reality, as it says in the quote, first paragraph, the dominions of the two sisters are sharply differentiated from one another as one of this world and one of the world of the dead. This means that Isis continues to live on the surface of the Earth (away from her suppressors), while her cousin, Ereškigal,’s daughter, and now his wife, takes on her characteristics but continues to live in the Underworld! In the second paragraph, it tells us that for Isis to be free from Nergal and Ereškigal in the Underworld, she has to give her husband, who is actually Nergal/, in exchange for her “freedom.” In other words— marries Ereškigal, but Marduk becomes the breeder (not mentioned in the quote). This is what the records actually say, and it’s easy to see this now when we know what we know.

In addition, let’s take a quick look at Dumuzi as well, who Isis left in the Underworld so that she could stay on the surface—all according to the myth. If we research Dumuzi, we find the following (the italics are mine):

 Aside from this extended epic “The Descent of Inanna,” a previously unknown “Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi” was first translated into English and annotated by Sumerian scholar Samuel Noah Kramer and folklorist Diane Wolkstein working in tandem, and published in 1983. In this tale Inanna’s lover, the shepherd-king Dumuzi, brought a wedding gift of milk in pails, yoked across his shoulders.[12]

Keep in mind here that the myths say that Dumuzi is Innana’s/Isis lover and husband. Now, look at what Dumuzi is called—the shepherd-king! Isn’t that interesting? Who else was called the “Shepherd King?” Here is a hint:

The first indication that the God of Israel is a shepherd to His people Israel is found in Jacob’s words of farewell blessing to his sons in Genesis 48. Jacob, Abraham’s grandson, spoke of “the God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked, the God who has been my shepherd all my life to this day, the Angel who has delivered me from all harm…” (15-16 NIV) [from “Jesus, the Shepherd King”].[13]

As we can see—and this is known to all Christians—both “God” and Jesus are shepherds (and Jesus is known as the Shepherd King). According to my research, Jesus (Ea-Su) is, and YHWH and his counterpart, Jehovah, are both as well. Consequently, Dumuzi, whom Isis symbolically exchanged for herself, is Now, when this has been established, the entire quote above makes sense and fits right into our story.

In conclusion, Ereškigal took over the role as Isis the Breeder, and because Isis was no longer’s lover and still lived on the surface, an “exchange” took place, where Ereškigal took Isis’s place, both as’s/Nergal’s/Dumuzi’s lover and husband. Ereškigal became the new breeder, helping to create Homo sapiens sapiens, i.e. us. This means, in plain language, that genetically, today’s Global Elite are the descendants of Marduk and Ereškigal! Therefore, they have’s DNA via both these beings, and they have Ninurta’s DNA via the genes that were still used from the bloodline that existed before the Flood (I will make bullet points of this in a moment to make it easier to understand)., in some instances, also took on the role as the god Apollo or sometimes Apsu, and Ereškigal also became known as the Queen of Apollo. In more recent history, when in the Hindu tradition took on the name of “Shiva,”[14] Ereškigal became famous under the title “Queen of Shiva” or “Queen of Sheba.”[15]

Fig. 7. Nergal, King of the Underworld

As the readers may have noticed, much of this part of the “Isis story” is taking place after the Deluge, and in this and a few following papers, I am going to go back and forth on the timeline between what happened just before the Flood and what happened after. Much of what is now explained happened during the Babylonian/Akkadian Empire, when had assigned the leadership in that part of the world to his son Marduk, the biblical Satan, but the first version of’s Minions, who we today call the Global Elite or the “Illuminati,” were of the same seed line as that which had been used before the Deluge, and that was theLucifer-Isis seed line, created by copulation between and Isis. Thus, the Marduk-Isis seed line was the second version of the Global Elite, created in Babylon, after the Deluge. The third version was the Marduk-Ereškigal seed line, to which the majority of the Global Elite of today belongs. The Powers That Be (PTB), thus, are of pure Orion blood and a mix between Ninurta’s line through Isis and Marduk, who represents the Luciferian/Satanic bloodline.

Fig. 8. Ereškigal, as the Queen of Sheba, visiting King Solomon.

They are all virtually the same because Ninurta and had the same parents, but for the gods themselves, the difference is considered huge because the more righteous Gods of the Pantheon want to have no part in Lucifer’s tricks and manipulative manners. They must feel highly assaulted the way they’ve been depicted in the eyes of humans after the records were distorted in Babylon.

Homo sapiens sapiens—today’s version of mankind—was recreated after the Flood from the template used before the Flood, with some adjustments, as we shall see in a later paper.

Last, a fifth version of humankind was created by Isis, who basically recreated the androgynous Namlú’u, the primordial womankind.  

vii.i. A Summary of the Different Bloodlines that Created, Before and After the Deluge

I am aware that all these bloodlines can be very confusing, but have no worries—I will not leave you in confusion. Hopefully, the following numbered lists will help the reader sort this out. It may be a good idea to go back to this sub-section every so often to review the information.

In summary, the following Elite (Minion) species were created before and after the Deluge, in descending order:

1.      The Lucifer-Isis seed line. This bloodline was the original Elite bloodline, which created long before the Deluge—the Minions he initiated into his Mystery Schools and secret societies. These Minions became Lucifer’s High Priests. However, even after the Deluge, Lucifer and Isis continued creating this bloodline for a while, until Isis escaped. This bloodline exists up to this day, and those who belong to it consider themselves being of higher rank than the other two bloodlines below. The “Lucifer-Isis Bloodline” is called the Luciferian Elite Bloodline.

2.      The Marduk-Isis seed line. After was castrated by Ninurta, he let his son, Marduk (the biblical Satan), take over the breeding business. He had him marry Isis, and together they created the FirstSatanic Elite Bloodline.

3.      The Marduk-Ereškigal seed line. When Isis escaped, Ereškigal took over the task of seeding an Elite bloodline. This is the main Elite bloodline in today’s world, and is the Second Satanic Elite Bloodline.

Something and Marduk may, or may not, have anticipated when they created these three versions of Elite Bloodlines was that these bloodlines would start fighting against each other to win the creator gods’ favor. Mentioned above, those of the first “Luciferian Elite Bloodline” feel superior to the others because of their more ancient lineage. Many wars throughout history have had totally different causes than what people have been told, and some of them have really been wars over territories and real estate. Sometimes the three Elite groups work together because after all, they are fighting toward a common goal. Yet, they often disagree on how to get there and who is supposed to have the most control. We see this struggle repeatedly in today’s world, as well as in the old world, and as usual, it’s us, the common population, who have had to suffer the most.

When we are listing the rest of the different races here on Earth throughout history, it becomes much more complicated because the DNA of many different star races has been used in a multitude of experiments. We have often discussed how and his cohorts tried many different ideas before they agreed upon which race or species should be the primary one. Sometimes, they just terminated the “mistakes” they made, and entire species were killed off, while at other times, they let their mistakes be, and they just continued their experimentations. Hence, it’s virtually impossible to list all of that, and of course, similar to any other researcher on these subjects, I only know of a handful of all these different varieties of genetic manipulations that have been done throughout time. Therefore, I’m just going to list three of the ones that still existed after the Flood and up until this day.

1.      Homo Sapiens sapiens. The Flood was supposed to wipe out all of humanity in conjunction with all the abominable races in existence on the planet at that particular time, but the DNA of some of these races (perhaps all of them) were saved, as we shall see later. After the Flood had subsided and the water subsided, new experimentations in genetics started again. A new version of Homo sapiens, now named “Homo sapiens sapiens,” the “thinking man,” was created. That is of course us, the general population. We are created through a gigantic mix of different DNA from many different species—both preexisting here on Earth and from beings from the stars.

2.      The Nephilim Bloodline. Many people think that this bloodline was wiped out with the Flood, but this is not the case. This bloodline has been traced to many different parts of the world and still exists today.[16] The Nephilim are the “offspring” of Lucifer’s Fallen Angels and preexisting humans and “apes,” which resulted in the Giants of old. However, most of these “offspring” were created in genetic laboratories on Earth and on Mars. The point is that these experiments were “unauthorized” and done mainly by the Pleiadians, who themselves were giants. As we’ve discussed in a previous Level of Learning, the Pleiadians have admitted to this in channeling sessions with Barbara Marciniak as the channeler.

Some of these Giants fled underground just before the Flood, while others survived by fleeing to higher ground. Their genes were also kept safe together with other DNA while the Flood was raging. Giants have since then been more common on our planet than the general population thinks. Both in Canada and in the United States, huge creatures were allegedly still walking around in the wilderness when the white man came, and legends about these Giants have been kept in memory by the Native Indians.[17] In general, stories about encounters with Giants have been quite common in many cultures all over the world—until perhaps 250 years ago—since then, the encounters have been less, and when they happened, they have been suppressed by the media.

3.      Giants. I am listing Giants in their own category because that makes more sense to me. Some researchers call this the “Giant gene.” When they use this term, they are normally referring to people who are in the approximate range of seven feet and up[18]. In society in general, we rarely see someone taller than seven feet, but in other parts of the world, larger beings than that have been spotted and encountered (see item #2 above). Giant skulls and skeletons of beings of very large stature have been found by archeologists and general people all over the planet, and some pictures have been taken, and videos have been posted on YouTube. Two great researchers in this field are Brien Foerster and Steve Quale. Although some of these pictures may have been faked and posted by Intelligence Agencies, and others, in order to counter the real pictures out there so that matters can be confused, but there are quite a few pictures that can’t be explained.

Giants were, and are, a part of the Nephilim, but not all Giants are Nephilim.

Fig. 9. Robert Wadlow, the tallest man known to have lived (2.72 meters or 8 feet 11 inches) with his father, Harold Wadlow (1.82 meters or 6 feet 0 inches)Robert Wadlow, the tallest man known to have lived (2.72 meters or 8 feet 11 inches) with his father, Harold Wadlow (1.82 meters or 6 feet 0 inches)[19]

The last, but certainly not the least, important species I need to mention here in its own category is

1.      Ladies of Fire—the second race of Namlú’u. This is the species which Isis created on her own while visiting her father Ninurta’s old Mountain Paradise—the Garden of Edin of old. This is a recreation of the Primordial mankind—the androgynous Namlú’u, shamans who can create life without copulating with a male, but who can also reproduce by having normal intercourse. This species will become very important as our story progresses. These “Ladies of Fire” are still here on this planet today—many are in hiding, while others eventually blended in with the rest of society and created families and married men amongst Homo sapiens sapiens.

In addition, we could actually add another race of humans to the second list above, but to make sense in the context, I’ve decided to mention it as the very last species.

4.      Human/Namlú’u hybrids. These hybrids would look just like you and me but, perhaps, have more red in their hair and a fairer skin. The people of Ireland come to mind, and although not all Irish women are Namlú’u hybrids, many of them probably are. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, the Ladies of Fire must have had a resort on the British Isles, and particularly in Ireland. How do we look at women with red hair in general? As fiery, more energetic than average, determined, and having a strong will and strong intentions. Could we perhaps also add that red-haired women are more psychic than average? We see both women and men everywhere in society who have the attributes of red, or reddish, hair and fair, sensitive skin. We don’t even think twice when we see them. They blend in with the rest of society with its huge variety of human hybrid races.

I understand that some of the above statements are generalizations, but I do believe there is some truth to it. Not that I am proud to share “beliefs” with the former Nazis, but they also believed that women with long, red hair had more psychic power and abilities than women in general. The Vril Society[20], which consisted of a group of red-haired women, often with extraordinary long hair, started out in the early 1900s as a society which used the “Vril Power” (the Primordial Power of the Universe, compared with “The Force” in George Lucas’ “Star Wars” movies) to increase their psychic abilities. It is said that they used their hair as an antenna to pick up and to send the Vril energy. I wrote a lot about this secret society in my e-book, “The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller” back in 2009[21] and told the story of Maria Orsic and her group of psychic women, who later were used by Hitler and the Nazi Party to channel information from the Anunnaki. Maria, in particular, managed to get in touch with a group of ETs which were located around the star of Aldebaran in the Constellation of Taurus, to which the Pleiades also belongs. These ETs were said to be the Sumerian gods, and in particular was mentioned. We know that fled to Aldebaran after his Rebellion and created a hybrid race there.

Fig. 10. Maria Orsic of the Vril Society (notice her long hair).

Maria Orsic and some of the “Vril women” suddenly disappeared from the face of the Earth, never to be seen again. This happened just before the end of World War II. The legend states that these women went to Aldebaran, and some say that Hitler went there, too, and that the body they found in the bunker was not that of Adolph Hitler. If any of this is true or not, I have no way of knowing at this time. The Vril women could just as well have been murdered. They could also have been transported in secret to the U.S. as a part of Operation Paperclip—the U.S. Government would certainly have been interested in their abilities. Still, if they did, I doubt that these women would have cooperated with the Americans—the Vril women had great integrity. Would they work under torture? It’s impossible to know. 

What is quite interesting in all this, however—besides their connection with Nazi Germany (no, they were not Nazis) is the connection between the Vril women and how they connected with the Pleiades. Were these Vril women in fact Isis’s Namlú’u—the Ladies of Fire who had been in hiding for centuries? Their long, red hair and their psychic abilities make me wonder. If so, it raises a number of questions:

1.      Were they actually murdered, with their bodies hidden, and the records of what happened erased?

2.      If so, who killed them? The Nazis or the Allies?

3.      Did they just flee and went back into hiding?

4.      Were they kidnapped—either by the Nazis or by the Allies?

5.      Were they indeed going to Aldebaran? If so—knowing that it is’s territory—what happened to them there?

6.      Moreover—if they were Isis’s Ladies of Fire, why did they come out in the open as they did?

These are many questions that we don’t know the answers to. If we start researching this subject, we get many different opinions and answers—some more likely than others—but there is no substantial evidence of what really happened to these women. 

VIII. The Knights of the Celestial Cross

As we learned in Level II, another name for Mother Goddess is Mary, which stems from the Orion form MA.UR, where “MA” denotes “mother” and “UR,” as we discussed in relation to Marduk taking the title Khan-Khan-Ur, means “the one and only,” i.e. “The One and Only Mother.” Now, because Isis returned to the Mountain Lands of her father Ninurta and restored womankind, she became associated with Mother Goddess herself as well as the originator of this species. Therefore, we have the title “Ava” (from where the form “Eve” is built) and “Mary”—“Ava Mary,” or “Ava Maria,” meaning something to the effect of “The Original One and Only Mother.” In other words, Isis became known in history as Mary Magdalene—the feminine side of the Grail Bloodline which is spoken about in Sir Laurence Gardner’s book and in other places.

Gardner, in his own way, is describing, to some degree, what happened to those who were of Mary Magdalene’s pure bloodline and the patriarchal side of the coin—the mix between Marduk and Isis, as well as the Marduk-Ereškigal seed line.

There is much in the Gospels that we do not presume to be there because we are never encouraged to look beyond a superficial level. However, we have been aided greatly in this regard in recent years by the Dead Sea Scrolls and by the extraordinary research of Australian theologian Dr Barbara Thiering. The Scrolls not only explain the offices of the Messiah of Israel; they tell about the council of twelve delegate apostles appointed to preside over specific aspects of government and ritual. In turn, this leads to a greater awareness of the apostles themselves through understanding their duties and community standing.

We now know that there are allegories within the Gospels: the use of words that have hitherto been misunderstood. We know that baptismal priests were called ’fishers’, while those who aided them by hauling the baptismal candidates into the boats in large nets were called ’fishermen’, with the candidates themselves being called ’fishes’. The apostles James and John were both ordained ’fishers’, but the brothers Peter and Andrew were lay ’fishermen’, to whom Jesus promised ministerial status, saying, ’I will make you to become fishers of men’.[22]


Apart from eventually becoming a fisher, Jesus was also referred to as the Christ – a Greek definition (from Khristos) which meant the King. In saying the name Jesus Christ, we are actually saying King Jesus, and his kingly heritage was of the Royal House of Judah (the House of David), as mentioned numerous times in the Gospels and in the Epistles of St Paul.

From AD 33, therefore, Jesus emerged with the dual status of a Priest Christ or, as is more commonly cited in Grail lore, a Fisher King. This definition, as we shall see, was to become the hereditary and dynastic office of Jesus’s heirs, and the succeeding Fisher Kings were paramount in the continuing Bloodline of the Holy Grail.[23]

Superficially, I brought up the “Jesus myth” in Level II, hinting that Jesus, as we know him, is associated with but not Marduk, which would be more in line with what Gardner states if we compare with my own line of research. Hence, the “error” here lies in the confusion between bloodlines. As we saw earlier in this paper, there are actually three slightly different Elite Bloodlines created by or Marduk, respectively, as the male contributors.

The “Fisher Kings” became one of the terms for the Merovingian Kings, who were the Elite Bloodline of the Patriarchal Regime—the bloodline Marduk and decided to protect as their own main Elite Bloodline. It needed to be protected—therefore, what can be compared to as a “police force” or “semi-military force” was created. This force wore the “Celestial Cross,” which is the symbol of Ninurta—something that was never spoken of. The “Ninurta bloodline” survived through Isis descendants, also known as the “Grail Bloodline.”[24] This police force was, of course, the Knights Templar, and although they had different tasks to perform, the protection of the Holy Grail Bloodline was their main duty.

Fig 11. A Knights Templar—a Protector of the Holy Grail—wearing the Celestial Cross of Ninurta

Although under false premises, the Templars protected the female line of Queen Isis, a.k.a. Mary Magdalene. Gardner mentions this as well in his “Bloodline of the Holy Grail.”

This was especially apparent during the Age of Chivalry, which embraced a respect for womanhood, as exemplified by the Knights Templars whose constitutional oath supported a veneration of the Grail Mother, Queen Mary Magdalene.[25]  

IX. Evidence of Marduk Marrying Isis

In order to understand how Marduk and Isis/Inanna are related, we need to start looking at a goddess called Sarpanit. Wikipedia says,

In Babylonian mythology, Sarpanit (alternately Sarpanitu, Zarpanit, Zarpandit, Zerpanitum, Zerbanitu, or Zirbanit) is a mother goddess and the consort of the chief god, Marduk. Her name means “the shining one”, and she is sometimes associated with the planet Venus. By a play on words her name was interpreted as zēr-bānītu, or “creatress of seed”, and is thereby associated with the goddess Aruru, who, according to Babylonian myth, created mankind.

Her marriage with Marduk was celebrated annually at New Year in Babylon. She was worshipped via the rising moon, and was often depicted as being pregnant. She is also known as Erua. She may be the same as Gamsu, Ishtar, and/or Beltis.[26]

Sarpanit was Marduk’s consort when he was the Chief God, which was during the time of the Babylonian Empire—the same period we have covered in this paper. However, few people have even heard of the name Sarpanit, so who is she?

According to the quote above, it says that Sarpanit may be the same as Ishtar, who is the same as Inanna and Isis. Furthermore, it also tells us that this goddess is sometimes related to Venus. So, which goddess in the Mesopotamian pantheon is associated with Venus? Isn’t that Inanna? If we type in “Inanna” in Wikipedia, we get, plain and simple:

Inanna was associated with the celestial planet Venus.[27]

As the readers can see, this deity is also, according to Babylonian myth, the creator of mankind. So there we have it—Inanna/Isis was the goddess who really created mankind (together with and Marduk), and not Ninhursag.

In the above example, it becomes obvious that the goddess who was married to Marduk during the time of the Babylonian Empire was Sarpanit, which is another name for Inanna, Ishtar, Lilith, and Isis.

Perhaps the reader now starts to see how the few can control the many—it is very cleverly done, and it’s been done in almost all aspects of life. As long as they can keep up with the deception, humanity will continue being enslaved. However, it’s not even necessary to go into all these different aspects in detail—it’s enough that we know how it’s done, and we can start seeing the pattern in which they are manipulating us. Then it gets easier and easier to see through their lies—there is no longer any way for them to regain our trust.

In the next paper, we are going to look deeper into the story about the Deluge—another story well worth looking deeper into…


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you!

Wes Penre

[1] If my memory serves me well, a similar thing happened between the Nazi soldiers and the Allies just before the Battle of Dunkerque started in WW II. The German soldiers and the Allies ate, drank, and laughed together, just to start fighting again the next morning. Isn’t this a typical example of how people get manipulated into war, when in fact they don’t hold any grudges against each other?

[2] See Chapter two in my E-book from 2009, “The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller,” where he, supposedly being one of twelve potential vessels for Marduk in our time, talks about the old Mardukian Priesthood, “The Priesthood of Amen.”


[4] In the Sumerian and Orion languages, D and T are interchangeable.

[5] See Gardner’s work to learn more about this.

[6] Here is a typical case when we have to think multidimensionally, with all time being simultaneous. The “Bird Tribe,” from our linear point of view, is also the name of an older species, as discussed in earlier papers. Or, can it be that they are actually one and the same?

[7] Lilith being a handmaiden to Nergal is mentioned in a more subtle way in Gardner’s ”Genesis of the Grail Kings,” p. 317, in his “Fourth through Sixth Generations of the Grand Assembly of the Anunnaki.” However, Gardner uses a parallel hypothesis, saying that Lilith was the handmaiden of Inanna. In our hypothesis, Isis and Inanna are one and the same.


[9] Emphases added.

[10] The Sumerian hymn, “The Descent of Inanna.”




[14] I am planning to write future papers on how the different deities in the different cultures correlate across their religions and end up being the same characters under different names and titles. It’s too much and too confusing to go into these details in this Level of Learning, but a “Fifth Level of Learning” is planned to follow after this one, and it will be almost like taking a scholarship on this subject. For now, I am asking the readers to play around with the idea that and Shiva may be one and the same, as well as Queen Ereškigal of the Underworld and the famous Queen of Sheba are counterparts as well. As the reader will finally see, the evidence of all this is compelling, to say the least!

[15] Ibid.

[16] See “The First Level of Learning” and the “Third Level of Learning”—the papers about Michael Lee Hill and his experiences with the “Anunnaki.” One seed line of the Nephilim has been found in Ohio and can allegedly be traced by taking blood samples.

[17] The story of the Nephilim Giants has been told in details in Pleiadian lectures, but can also be studied elsewhere in alternative history research.


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