Third Level of Learning, Paper 7: Riders on the Galactic Superwave

by Wes Penre, Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I. Discussing the Thuban Material from Papers 5 and 6

      Now when we have had it revealed to us what the Harvest is all about, and why we are contacted by a flood of channeled entities, we have an even better understanding of what’s going on here on Earth and in its vicinity. But before we move on and talk about the Galactic Superwave, or The Wave for short, I want to say a few extra words about channeling and the channeled sources.

     Many times I’ve wondered if the Sirian Alliance is capable of doing much of the channeling through machines, such as computers. In some material, like the Pleiadians, you can clearly hear that there are intelligent being on the other side, but when you read the RA Material, or listen to Elohim and quite a few others, it’s almost like a machine talking. The words don’t come easily and the information is hacking itself forward. Other info is quite emotionless and monotonous. Those who channel such entities may say it’s because of frequency problems etc., and to a certain degree they may be correct, but I more get the feeling of a machine talking. Still, if this is the case, how can a machine reply to some of these quite complicated questions; especially like those Don Elkins asked in the RA Material?

     It’s interesting then to notice what Bashar said as a reply to a questioner in the audience. Harone in this case, if the reader remembers, is a Zeta Gray, a master geneticist of a Zeta Reticulian hive consciousness:

“Question: What is the purpose and mission of the Zeta contact?

Bashar: The main focus of their work is multifold. We would say the idea that we would wish to stress the most is the idea that they are teaching you about fear. They are allowing you to move through your deepest fears, allowing you in an archetypal way to bring up those fears for transformational clearing. 

This is one of the reasons why they are interacting with you–in allowing you to understand that you are not a victim, but an equal participant.

Question: Is this interaction tonight being facilitated by a computer of some sort?

Harone: Yes.”[1]

     So they are admitting to that they at least use computers in the transmission. Of course, we are using computers, too, when applicable, but can still use our normal voices to communicate. The question is, how much is real live and how much is computer transmissions? James WingMakers said in his 2008 interview that ANU uses programs (so called memes) to transmit channeled material, and that no being needs to be present during the transmission. It sounds a little too fantastic, but with our limited knowledge of technology here on Earth, who knows?

     Why then do I spend time bringing this up? It is because if all these different “Harvest promoters” have programs already preset which can anticipate most human questions, the Sirians can make sure that the information is fairly consistent all over the board, if there is one or more key things they want to promote, such as that all aliens are humans from our future. I still don’t know exactly what to think of that, although I do know for a fact that many of the so-called “Grays” are us in the future. Now, James is saying that humans are the only 3D species in the universe, but he does not include the interdimensional beings in that.

     The way to look at this is as usual from within. I’ve learnt from my research that our divine bodies have the whole universe within them (and this includes the light-bodies), and when I said that in Level II, I did not mean only the 4% universe. So this is where the DNA comes into the picture. The fact that we’re only using a very small percentage of our DNA, and the rest is considered “junk”, we have the answer right there. The activated DNA (before the nano-second) was only a small part, which is comparable with the 4% universe, but now after the nano, all of us have had more of our “junk DNA” activated, and thus expanded our consciousness. This goes for those who are still asleep as well, although they still do their best to suppress that fact. Thanks to the nano-second, we have a large part of our junk DNA activated, which means our potentials are much greater. However, now is the time to start working on what we have as much as we can while still living under the Grid, and the rest will come to us once we break through the prison walls — all of which has to be done from within. My upcoming book will talk about these things.

     Interesting also is that Abraxas (Council of Thuban), Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll), and Germane (channeled by Lyssa Royal) talk about the nano-second starting in 1987, just like the Pleiadians do. The only difference is that they call it the “Harmonic Convergence”.

    i.i. Allies of Humanity and the Hybridization of Mankind

     Although I said earlier that the Channeling Series part of my papers is done, this whole level of learning will in one way or the other touch on the subjects of channeling and some other ways of communication with star beings and star races. I will go as far as calling it a common thread throughout the level. So I am now going to introduce to you another group which I haven’t mentioned yet. This group is called Allies of Humanity and is channeled by Marshall Vian Summers.

      According to Summers and his small group, which also includes his son, Allies of Humanity is a group of highly evolved ETs, who have known about Earth and our situation for a long time. Quite recently, there were factions within this ET group who wanted to help mankind out when they saw what a mess we were in and they doubted that we could work ourselves out of it. However, most of their community did not want to get involved, for they simply didn’t want mankind to take the step out in space. They’d rather see us quarantined here so we didn’t do the rest of the ET civilizations too much harm with our nuclear power and weaponry. Eventually, the smaller group managed to talk the rest of the community into helping us anyway.

Figure 1. Marshall Vian Summers

     Shortly after, Marshall Summers started receiving messages from a group which called themselves “The Allies of Mankind” (AOM for short). Their main message was advice for mankind not to receive any technology from what they called The Greater Community, which basically are the star races of business and trade out there, because if we do, these technologically based star beings will make us dependent upon them for our very existence. The Greater Community will, as far as it’s possible, offer their technology in exchange for something the governments may think is easily expendable (such as their own citizens) and humanity will get all this stunning tech. However, to get this technology running, we will be dependent upon them for spare parts, repairs and upgrades, and thus we will sell ourselves out to these beings. We will be put in an even tighter grip and our “freedom” will be dependent upon how much freedom the Greater Community think we should have.

     The way I see it is that those who already have us under their control strengthen it by tightening the thumb screws from any possible direction, and also gain our agreements to operate with total freedom when it comes to us. You see, if they cover every corner from where we could claim our sovereignty, it may not matter what we say; they can counter it by saying that we have agreed to do this and that, even if the agreements solely are between our government and them. As long as we see the government as our representatives, we have ourselves to blame. That is just the way it is. If we give our powers away to a government which we elect to “take care of our business”, then they greedily grab those powers and use and misuse them as they see fit. In the meantime, people in their naivety choose to think that the government has our best interests in mind. That is extremely gullible, dangerous and irresponsible. If we choose representatives to represent us, we’d better monitor them 24/7. Instead, they are monitoring us. Isn’t there something wrong with that picture? The bottom line is that if we don’t stop being so embarrassingly naive and irresponsible, we are selling ourselves out to ETs to a point of no return. We have more or less already reached that point.

     Summers’ transmissions from the AOM started already in 1977 and has continued up to this day. As usual, we have to be careful with all those groups of star beings who are contacting us, and investigate them from every angle to see if they are who they say they are, and the following quote from Summers, and especially the last part, must be a mandatory promise from all star beings who are contacting us, in order for us to accept them at all:

“The unpopular truth is that the human family is not ready for a direct experience of Contact and certainly not ready for an intervention. We first must put our own house in order. We do not yet have the species maturity to engage with other races in the Greater Community from a position of unity, strength and discernment. And until we can reach such a position, if ever we can, then no race should attempt to directly intervene in our world. The Allies are providing us much needed wisdom and perspective, yet they are not intervening. They tell us that our fate is and should be in our own hands. Such is the burden of freedom in the Universe.”[2]

      This is exactly what we want to hear, but even if so, the ETs may very well play on that fact and tell us exactly what we want them to say so we can accept them. Anything is possible in a web of deceit, but as always, we need to use discernment, and if nothing else, distinguish the diamonds from the rock. I suggest the reader checks out Marshall Summer’s website and build their own opinion: I am going to use a few ideas they present to us in Summers’ books, on their website, in their lectures and newsletters wherever it adds to our knowledge base before we move on. And again, remember that things are never black or white; it’s both. In a Multiverse anything a being can imagine is possible, and what a being can imagine changes from day to day, and therefore the Multiverse does as well. So even if data sometimes are in conflict with what you understand as being the truth, your truths are “just” your own version of the Multiverse; there is an endless of others, and they are in constant change. Thus is the fluidness of the Multiverse. 

     What I like with this group is that they show us exactly how the Sirians Alliance will establish themselves here on Earth after the Invasion, a process we are in the middle of. I have talked so often about the future Machine Kingdom, and especially after the Channeling Series you just completed reading, I think you can see where I’m heading with this. We now at least know who most of the Grays really are — us in the future. But to come to a point where humanity (or a big split of humanity) no longer value their bodies at all and are willing to sacrifice their divine birth right for a lesser cause, an intervention in the natural evolution is necessary. Humanity needs high level nano-technology to get to that point. We already have most of it, but those who bring it to us (the Sirian Overlords) need to come out of the shadows and become more part of our community in a more open way for this to work in the long run. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to make an announcement on TV saying, “We are here and we are your friends!”, although they may take a similar approach. Another possibility is simply to mingle with us, and by using their superior knowledge and IQ, they can directly infiltrate all the areas in life necessary to bring about total control. Before this “silent invasion” started, there were still a few Sirians here in human bodies, working among us, but it was more common that they controlled the situation from remote, outside of our reality, from what some call the “lower 4th Density”, or the “5th Dimension Negative”. My research has led me to the conclusion that a silent invasion is what we’re in the midst of right now.

     I think I have made it quite evident so far that the silent invasion has started, and now we need to tail the Sirians to watch and see what their next steps will be. The Sirians have been very clever in stopping any intervention from more friendly star races by dividing and conquering mankind. Therefore, it is just like the AOM[def] say:

“Perhaps you might wonder why diplomatic efforts are not established to contact the leaders of humanity. This is reasonable to ask, but the difficulty here is that there is no one to represent humanity, for your people are divided, and your nations oppose one another. It is also assumed by these visitors that we speak of that you are warlike and aggressive and that you would bring harm and hostility to the universe around you despite your good qualities.”[3]

     We may argue that we don’t want a One World Government either, based on the control system we have today, so therefore it may seem like a catch 22. At the moment it really is, and hence in my opinion the so[u]lution to the problem is the splitting of worlds as I’ve been talking about. And then again, the responsibility comes on us. Can you, the reader see, that we can look at this from all different angles, but the soulution is always the same; saying no to the current regime and build something new.

     Digging further into Summers’ material, we notice that the star beings he is in contact with are very well aware of the “Gray agenda”, i.e. humanity time traveling back to the period around the nano-second in order to get their basic human genetics back. It’s like writing something on a computer and click the save button, and after that you can’t undo, because the undo button is “grayed out”; you are stuck with the changes you made. If you’re not pleased with what you did, you have to start all over and rewrite it the way it was written before you made the changes. This is pretty much what the Gray agenda is all about, but on a much grander scale, of course. 

     The big misunderstanding in the UFO community is that they are looking for what they want in all the wrong places. They all want for humanity to get in contact with spiritual, wonderful being from outer space, and not the malevolent ones, of course. Therefore, they look up in the sky for UFOs, hoping that the “good guys” will land. But I agree with what the AOM say here, and I am using quotes from them to back up my own thoughts on all this:

“Those who engage in space travel do not necessarily represent the spiritually advanced, for those who are spiritually advanced seek insulation from the Greater Community.”[4]

     And this is exactly what I have stressed since Level II, where I started talking about the separation between the 4% and the 96% universes. The spiritually advanced beings nano-travel without technology and have no wish to engage themselves with beings whose purpose is greed and power, which is the case in the Greater Community, according to the AOM. I must say I feel exactly the same; knowing that I am a spiritual being of Fire in a divine body, I seek contact with likeminded out in the universe. And in the universe, like attracts alike, and if we keep our intentions alive, our own vibrations will attract the alien communities we wish to learn from and mingle with. We, who have a good understanding of whom we are have no interest in participating in a game which is based on “if I give you this, what is in it for me?” That’s the STS  game, if there ever was one.

     It’s quite obvious that the AOM know about the Gray time travelers (as well as the Sirian Alliance, which is the Greater Community), as hinted in the following section of Summers’ free e-book, “The First Briefing”, which can be downloaded from their website (the next two books come with a charge):

“The visitors seek to disable people from having this vision and this Knowledge within themselves, for your visitors do not have it within themselves. They do not see its value. They do not understand its reality. In this, humanity as a whole is more advanced than they are. But this is only a potential, a potential which must now be cultivated.”[5]

     I find it valuable to bring these things up again, because they will sling-shoot us right into the next topic of the Superwave. The time jumping Grays do seek to find the mysteries of our emotional body, which is the main focus of their abductions, while the Sirian Grays (in their “space suits”) are the ones who are more into suppressing our visions and emotions, except for those they can feed on. Hence, there is a tension between the time jumpers and the Sirians in certain terms, because the Sirians suppress what the Grays try to extract. According to Summers’ contacts, none of the abduction scenarios are benevolent, regardless of what the abductees may think! I tend to agree with this statement. I know we are living in the midst of a Living Library, but as a species, we are in a critical developing stage, but perfectly capable of evolving ourselves, without any outside interference from other star races, who have obtained their permission to do so through clever manipulation.

     The AOM say that the “visitors”, who are the Sirian Alliance, are involved in 4 main areas, which are:

1. Influencing important people in power and in charge of religious institutions.

2. People who have spiritual inclinations and wish to open themselves to the greater powers of the Universe.

3. This area of involvement include establishing themselves in the world in strategic places, near population centers, where their influences on the Mental Environment can be exercised.

4. The last is the interbreeding with humanity, because they can’t come in their own shape and form, as their physical bodies can’t live on Earth, This last influence has been going on for hundreds of years or more…[6]   

     Again, this coincides very much with my own research, and what we at this stage are most interested in researching is the 4th area of influence; the “Interbreeding Program”. Let’s see what they more specifically have to say about the 4th area:

“Now we must speak of the fourth area in which your visitors seek to establish themselves, and that is through interbreeding. They cannot live in your environment. They need your physical stamina. They need your natural affinity with the world. They need your reproductive abilities. They also want to bond with you because they understand that this creates allegiance. This, in a way, establishes their presence here because the offspring of such a program will have blood relations in the world and yet will have allegiance to the visitors. Perhaps this seems incredible, yet it is so very real.”[7]

     …and also very well put! Hereby the Allies of Humanity have expressed and exposed one of the Sirians’ next agendas! This step is very necessary for them, and by doing this, they also put themselves in charge of the Living Library. They will establish their own species here on Earth, bond with us and become our superiors and ride us right into the Machine Kingdom while most people don’t suspect anything. We humans have been taught since the beginning of time that we need leaders to be able to function; we need them to decide in what directions we should go, or we’re hopelessly lost. And this is how humanity still subconsciously thinks.

     The hybridization of humanity has been going on for a long time. This was in fact what Hitler’s Aryanism was all about, so also according to the Cassiopaeans:

“A: The concept of a “master race” put forward by the Nazis was merely a 4th density STS effort to create a physical vehicle with the correct frequency resonance vibration for 4th density STS souls to occupy in 3rd density. It was also a “trial run” for planned events in what you perceive to be your future.

Q: (L) You mean with a strong STS frequency so they can have a “vehicle” in third density, so to speak?

A: Correct. Frequency resonance vibration! Very important.

Q: (L) So, that is why they are programming and experimenting? And all these folks running around who some think are “programmed”, could be individuals who are raising their nastiness levels high enough to accommodate the truly negative STS fourth density — sort of like walk-ins or something, only not nice ones?

A: You do not have very many of those present yet, but that was, and still is, the plan of some of the 4th density STS types.”[8]

     And now we understand why many of these channeled sources actually tell it as it is to the best of their ability; they are humans in the future, and have a somewhat love-hate relationship with the Sirians. These time jumpers are coming here with help from technology developed from the Machine Kingdom Era, which is already now in its beginning stage. Most of them are here without Sirian consent, as it seems, desperately rebelling, trying to recreate the human race in the future.

      Anyway, the Cassiopaeans tell it exactly as it is. The hybridization has been going on much longer than World War II, but even if it wouldn’t, and you are a researcher and a mathematician at the same time, perhaps you can estimate how many vessels there will be available for the Sirian Alliance once they arrive here in clusters — generation upon generation of recreating hybrids. However, it’s of course impossible to get an exact amount; we can only work with probabilities and possibilities. For example; how many of the Aryan vessels bred by the Nazis have stayed “pure” and not bred with bloodlines outside the ones vibrating on Sirian frequencies? Impossible to say. However, it seems like they need 200 million bodies. These 200 million Sirian ETs will then take leading positions where the PTB now are in charge, and the “changing of the guards” will silently be completed. In reality, the changing of the guards is just a formality; it’s the “Masters” coming down in 3D to play with us directly instead of pulling the strings on the PTB puppets from outside our limited perception of the light spectrum.

     The hybridization of the Aryan race was after the war secretly transferred over to the U.S. by the International PTB. The most brilliant scientists — many of them geneticists — were saved from German justice and continued where they left off once they entered American soil. I am of course talking about the infamous “Project Paperclip”, or “Operation Paperclip”[9], which is pretty well known to the public by now. 

     The above Cassiopaean quote is from a session back in 2010. Here they say that the real invasion has not yet taken place. Well, now it has — or the beginning phase of it has. And still, most people say that 2012 went by as any other year, more or less. Well, only on the surface; the prophecies were actually played out, but not in 3D! However, it was 3D that was affected the most behind the scenes.

      So we know the Sirian plan and how 200 million souls are supposedly going to manifest in our reality, but then we have the rebellious Grays. People who have had encounters with the Grays often describe them as the archetype of Grays that we know; with big black eyes and a big head on a very thin, short body. Long arms, perhaps 3 or 4 digits on each hand, and no genitals (if the witness got to see that much). But there are other, slightly different descriptions of Grays as well, where the eyes are smaller, for example. Others are tall; human height or taller, with long snouts. Some of them are Sirians in their space suits, who can manifest here for a short amount of time. Others are reported by authors like George LoBuono to be intergalactic visitors of a not-so-kind type (the Verdants). These beings travel with their thought, and with the Gray insectoid/reptilian template being the best body template in the known universe when it comes to interstellar travel, the Verdants seem to be able to manifest in our 3D reality.

     Then we have the future humans, who look slightly different from each other depending on where in time they are visiting from. No matter from when they come, they have “evolved” and are actually vibrating on a higher frequency than current mankind. So for them to manifest here, a certain procedure has to be done, it seems. According to the Cassiopaeans again:

“Q: (L) Okay, in this KRLL document there was a statement made that the Grays and other aliens use glandular substances extracted during physical exams of human beings, what they would call the gynecological and the sperm extraction exams, that they used these glandular substances to get high or to feed on, that they are addicted to these, is this a correct assessment?

A: No.

Q: (L) Do they use glandular substances at all?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What do they use glandular substances for?

A: Medicine.

Q: (L) And what or who do they use this medicine on?

A: Themselves.

Q: (L) And what does this medicine do for them?

A: Helps them cope with 3rd density. It helps them to be able to manifest themselves in a more solid manner.

Q: (L) Do they also use sexual energy given off by individuals to maintain their status in 3rd density?

A: No. That feeds them in 4d, as we told you before.”[10]

     So during abductions, our future selves are apparently withdrawing samples from our glands in order to manifest more solidly here when needed. According to this quote, it’s not only the Grays that do that (something I can’t confirm or dismiss). The last part about our sexual energy I have already covered in detail in previous papers.

     It’s quite interesting to see now, with all this knowledge, how all these star beings in their own way think they benefit from the so-called ascension or Harvest. Even if most time jumpers are rebelling against the Sirian regime in the future, this is the time when a change needs to be taken place for their future to change. So in that sense, the Gray/human hybrids think they can take advantage of the Sirian invasion, because at the same time, Mother Earth is ascending to a higher frequency together with parts of humanity, who are evolving naturally. Everybody is watching that process, and the Grays try to learn from it so they can genetically manipulate their own faction of our species in a way so they can have control over the process. This can only be done with technology.

     The problem the Grays have is that they don’t understand emotions — we know that — but if they would have, they could have solved their problem a long time ago. We are human beings, and as such we are different from other star races. If there is something we can perhaps see as a positive “side effect” from ENKI’s creation of Homo sapiens, if we subscribe to the WingMakers’ story about the holographic bodies, is that we got a wide range of emotions. As Homo sapiens we have always had that, and the Grays know it — that’s what makes us human. But they can’t for the life of it figure out what it is or where it comes from. They know, however, how ENKI and his geneticists started the Experiment. They inserted themselves in the prehistoric apes and modified the DNA from within. This is part of genetic engineering on a multidimensional scale. The Grays have tried the same thing by inserting themselves into human bodies in today’s world, but have still not figured it out. It’s because they don’t understand how the emotional body was created in the first place, or how it works.

      Just before I started writing this paper, I looked through some of the Cassiopaean material (it is extensive to say the least) and just “happened” to stumble upon this, also from 2010:

“Q: (L) I read the new book by Dr. David Jacobs, professor of History at Temple University, concerning his extensive research into the alien abduction phenomenon. [Dr. Jacobs wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the history of the UFOs.] Dr. Jacobs says that now, after all of these years of somewhat rigorous research, that he KNOWS what the aliens are here for and he is afraid. David Jacobs says that producing offspring is the primary objective behind the abduction phenomenon. Is this, in fact, the case?

A: Part, but not “the whole thing.”

Q: (L) Is there another dominant reason?

A: Replacement.

Q: (L) Replacement of what?

A: You.

Q: (L) How do you mean? Creating a race to replace human beings, or abducting specific humans to replace them with a clone or whatever?

A: Mainly the former. You see, if one desires to create a new race, what better way than to mass hybridize, then mass reincarnate. Especially when the host species is so forever ignorant, controlled, and anthropocentric. What a lovely environment for total destruction and conquest and replacement… see?”[11]

     I couldn’t have said it better myself. The part of humankind who doesn’t wake up is for a slight moment going to wonder where all these new brilliant talents come from all of a sudden, but then they’ll just accept the facts that this is whatever it may be — who cares? — and will go back to sleep again; especially so after have been introduced to the newest high-tech devices. People will drool — but only in the beginning… 

     This is what we’re up against, because for people to wake up, we need to change the way the human race, from the point ENKI created us, are thinking; we need to change our most fundamental way of being. This is what makes it so difficult; we have to change how the human mind is trained and manipulated. In order to do so, we have to restimulate the very essence of the being; the human Fire, which once upon a time was known as the Namlú’u. It’s when our old, original selves wake up to whom we are that progress can happen. Not all souls in the human soul group are “sleeping Namlú’u”; some were created directly from the universal energies at the point when ENKI remodeled the human template. There is no reason why these “younger” souls can’t wake up as well, but it makes sense that the Namlú’u spirits, who once knew freedom, will be the forerunners. The rest were born in slavery, don’t know any better, and will have to learn by observation. The latter are the ones who most easily and most likely will follow the Sirians into the Machine Kingdom and become the Grays, but even some of the once so wise Namlú’u souls will fall into this trap, unfortunately.

     So let us move on now to the main part of this paper; the Galactic Superwave. I talked about it already in Level I, but put it aside, instinctively knowing that the time was not right to look into it any deeper at that time. I knew it had to wait until Level II or III. I’m glad I did, because this is where it fits in.   

     By the way, according to Abraxas of the Thuban Council, the first Starhuman was born on December 21, 2012 (these symbolic dates again). Since then, allegedly many Starhuman babies have been born on Earth. Still, the majority of people on this planet think that aliens, if they exist, are far away, on planets who don’t care at all about “insignificant Earth”, and that we are isolated here. Little do they know what is happening on their own home planet. We all hope that this will change… 

II. The Galactic Superwave and the 200 Million

     All channeled material (except the RA Material, curiously enough) talk about “The Galactic Superwave”, or just “The Wave”. Laura Knight-Jadczyk, who transmits the Cassiopaeans, wrote more than 1600 pages on the subject! That’s how important she thinks it is. I have read some of it, but not all of it. Much of it is Laura’s own musings on the subject, interpreting the Cassiopaeans and adding her own ideas; sometimes also challenging them, which I think is healthy and shows integrity on her part.

Figure 2: Laura Knight-Jadczyk

     So, what is the Wave really? What is the sources’ own definition of the Wave? Well, the following is according to the Cassiopaeans:

“Oncoming wave is a transformation from third density to fourth density; so events happening due to the approach of the wave are causing changes across densities and realities! In third density, you will notice changes that will have third density explanations, but they are a manifestation of the approach; you see them as third density because that is your current point of reference! Remember that all reflects in and across all density levels but also there is a merging upon arrival of the wave, it is realm border crossing!”[12]

    What is “realm border crossing”? The realm border is like a dimensional boundary. Planet Earth is currently fluctuating between realms, or densities, and the Wave as a Realm Border is like a cut-off point between one reality and another, or like Laura Knight-Jadczyk put it; a “realm curtain”. This is, according to this source, a natural process in the cycle of the universe and happens every 309,882 years, which is almost exactly 12 processional cycles. If you divide 309,882 with 12, you get 25,823.5, which is pretty much one orbit around the zodiac. This galactic wave is therefore thrown out with an enormous force every ~309,000 years from the Galactic Center, expanding outwards. The Wave is not a light wave the way we look at it, and is travelling faster than the speed of light. It’s a 4th Density (5th Dimensional) phenomenon, meaning that every planetary body that comes in its way is crossing the realm border from 3D to 4D (or 4D to 5D if we’re talking about dimensions). This also means that once the Wave has passed, the planet stays in 4D until the next wave, 309,000 years later. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a reference so far as of what happens when the next 4D Wave comes. Does Earth move into 5D (or the 6th Dimension)? There are indicators that this is not the case, because the Cassiopaeans explain in one session that planets that are already 4D will not be affected by this incoming wave. So, there is an apparent contradiction, unless there is information I am missing.

     The reader may recall from earlier papers that channeled and other sources say that those who won’t graduate will be transported to another 3D world in another part of the galaxy, while the Alpha Draconians firmly state what I have always said; the more evolved human will live side by side with those who still haven’t “woken up” until the worlds “split” due to the gap between the frequencies. No one can “prove” these things, other than putting puzzle pieces together and choose sources we see as more reliable than others. The “proof” will come once we die and go to the 4D realm. So it’s useless to argue about these things and until we get there, we just need to follow our instinct, and follow the threads of information we consider valuable. However, when I hear that people in the current incarnation are going to be picked up in spaceships and people will die in droves and be shoveled over to another 3D planet, I don’t believe any of it. Still, there are channeled sources who promote this agenda.

     Now, on this Wave, 200 million+ non-physical star beings are apparently riding. I am putting a plus sign there, because the 200 million are chosen members of the Sirians Alliance, residing in different star systems, and when the Wave reaches their star system, they jump on it and ride it towards Earth. However, there are also a few other star races, not affiliated with the Sirians, who are also riding on the Wave. I almost get the picture of these star beings standing at the railroad station, waiting for the train, and when the train arrives to their station, they hop on and merge with those who are already onboard. Then the train continues to the next star system. And here’s a surprise for some people; 36 million of the 200 million souls are Nephilim spirits, according to Laura’s group. This highly surprised Laura when she heard it, and she asked them if the Nephilim are considered benevolent in the eyes of humans, and the Cassiopaeans said no. The answer was that they are the soldiers of the “lizzies”, which is another name for the Orion Group, aka the Sirian Alliance. We’re going to talk a little bit more about the Nephilim before this paper is finished.

Figure 3. The Nephilim.

     Now, here is the kicker! At one point Laura is asking the Cassiopaeans where they are transmitting from, and they mention another star system. When Laura asks them where the Cassiopaeans went, the source tells her that they are the Cassiopaeans, but when the Wave reaches another star system, they call themselves the name of that star system. For example, let’s say the Cassiopaeans are jumping on the Wave in Cassiopeia, to explain this in simple terms. Then the Wave moves on until it comes to Arcturus. Then they call themselves the Arcturians(!) This creates a whole new concept when comes to channeling, doesn’t it? What they call themselves depends on where the Wave is at the moment.

“Q: (L) I got it! You mean that you are the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and now you are the “Cassiopaeans” because you “are where you are”! And you are riding the wave. Is this wave a straight line connecting all these constellations?

A: Circuitous or cyclical route.

Q: (L) So, is it like a spiral?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So we really need to set up a map so we can draw it?

A: Yes. When we speak from Orion we are “Orions”. When from Pleiades, we are “Pleiadian”, and so on.

Q: (L) So, all of these channeled books you have mentioned are coming from the same basic source, through different channels, that they are able to connect with because of their different positions in space time and preparation level of the channels, is that correct?

A: Close. We have given you a Wave crest locator. We are from where we are and speak. Get it? We are where we are.

Q: (T) So, you are not really Cassiopaeans from the Constellation Cassiopeia?

A: We are Transient Passengers. When Wave reaches Earth, we merge with you[*].

Q: (L) When you were at Orion, did you merge with the Orions?

A: Not on same frequency for realm border crossing.

Q: (L) What effect did the wave have on the Orion sector?

A: None. Already at fourth density level.

Q: (L) Where did the wave originate?

A: Did not.

Q: (L) Has it always been cycling through the universe? [**]

A: Close.

Q: (T) Okay, you are riding on the crest of this wave in 6th density, is this true?

A: Yes. We are you in 6th density.”


Q: (L) You have said that when the wave arrives that you will merge with us. Is this the same thing that you are talking about when you say that you are us in the future?

A: No.

Q: (L) So, we are talking about two separate events or subjects, or two separate points in space/time, is that correct?

A: No. You are again slipping into trying to apply 3rd density logic to higher levels of density reality. We are trying to help everyone to advance[*]. []

     Laura, however, is still calling them the Cassiopaeans and they call themselves that, too, as long as they are communicating with Laura’s group. However (and here is where it gets confusing, because it means that it’s almost impossible to know which beings are channeled), if the same Cassiopaean group would contact me now, for example, they may actually call themselves the Tau Cetians if that’s where they happen to be at the moment. Unless I particularly asked, I would never know that they were the same as the Cassiopaeans, i.e. Laura’s group. The Cassiopaeans, and others as well, call this “transient passengers”. Some are coming to observe and perhaps interact with humans on an individual basis, while others, just like we’ve discussed so much, come for more malevolent reasons, seen from our viewpoint. They are here to invade us, like the Cassiopaeans say in an excerpt from a 2010 session, included in Chapter 2 of Laura’s online book, The Wave. Laura is asking if everybody (as in “aliens”) who wants a piece of the Earth action is riding on the Wave. The answer is confirmative, and the Cassiopaeans reply, “At Realm Border Crossing.”

     Once the Wave hits, and you have your heart chakra opened 51% or more, you’re a candidate for the Harvest, which we have talked about earlier. And no; if you feel you do not want to have anything to do with the Harvest you don’t need to shut down and not open your heart chakra. Just because you are a candidate, you can say no to the Harvest, but you will do that between incarnations. Don’t worry about it; once you’re a discarnate spirit, things are a whole lot easier and you will remember when you read this paragraph! Say “no”, you don’t want to participate, and they can’t force you. We certainly need to open up our hearts, but those who agree with me in this matter will choose another direction, away from all this overwhelming technology nonsense. However, to be able to do that, we need to know what nonsense we’re talking about.

     Interesting with the Cassiopaeans, who are the ones with the most information about the Wave, is that the more I read the material, the more I see how they confirm what my own research has showed me over the last couple of years. Here is another example; 309,000 years ago mankind was semi-fourth density, and when the lizzies/the Sirian-Orion Group came, there was a fall in density, and after the genetic manipulation, Earth and its intelligent inhabitant went from 4th to 3rd Density. When you read this, think Namlú’u when they describe the semi-fourth beings. This also confirms James WingMakers’ story about how higher dimensional Atlantean beings were seduced and manipulated into taking 3D human bodies. And this Cassiopaean session is from 8/29/1999, which is nine years before James presented his story:

“Q: (L) Well, this is one of the problems I am dealing with in trying to write this history of mankind. 
As I understand it, or as I am trying to figure it out from the literature, prior to the “Fall in Eden”, mankind lived in a fourth density state. Is that correct?

A: Semi/sort of. fourth density in another realm, such as time/space continuum, etc.

Q: (L) Okay, so this realm changed, as a part of the cycle; various choices were made: the human race went through the door after the “gold”, so to speak, and became aligned with the Lizzies after the “female energy” consorted with the wrong side, so to speak. This is what you have said. This resulted in a number of effects: the breaking up of the DNA, the burning off of the first ten factors of DNA, the separation of the hemispheres of the brain…

A: Only reason for this: you play in the dirt, you’re gonna get dirty.

Q: (L) What was the motivating factor for playing in the dirt? What essential thing occurred? You said once that it was “desire-based imbalance.” What was it a desire for?

A: Increased physicality.

Q: (L) What was the objective sought for in this desire for increased physicality?

A: Sensate.

Q: (L) How was sensate first experienced so that these beings had an idea that they could get more if they increased their physicality?

A: Not experienced, demonstrated.

Q: (L) Demonstrated how, by whom? The Lizzies?

A: Basically.

Q: (L) Demonstrated in what way? Did they say: “here, try this!” Or did they demonstrate by showing or doing?

A: Closer to the latter.

Q: (L) They were doing things, experimenting, playing, and saying: “look, we are doing this, it’s so great, come here and try it?”

A: Not really. More like: “we have this, you could have this too.””[13]


“Q: (L) Okay. The “Fall” occurred. It seems like, and some of the archaeological studies indicate, that for many thousands of years, there was a peaceful existence and a nice agrarian society where the goddess or female creative forces were worshipped. At least, this is what a lot of present-day books are proposing…

A: No. These events took place 309000 years ago, as you measure it. This is when the first prototype of what you call “modern man” was created. The controllers had the bodies ready; they just needed the right soul matrix to agree to “jump in.””


Q: (L) What did they decide about sex? I mean, sex was there. They were having sex. Is that it? Or, did they understand the cosmos as sex?

A: More like the former. After all, that is what got you guys in this mess in the first place! Just imagine the sales job if you can: “Look how much fun this is! Want to try it? Oops, sorry, we forgot to tell you, you cannot go back!””[14]

     I find it rather fascinating that I came to the same conclusions in my own research as what the Cassiopaeans told us almost 14 years ago. It also shows me that I am not totally alone to have come to the conclusions I have here presented in paper format.

     Wynn Free’s group that is channeling the Elohim (who have been compared with “The Council of Nine” by many visitors, and me included; something we will talk about in a later paper, are also talking about the Wave. Wynn mentions this in his e-book, “The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You”, in the chapter named “Ascension”. But firstly, on page 127, the Elohim say:

“Those that choose not to ascend will remain with the third dimensional life process and will undergo great difficulties. They will be rounded up to begin their renewed progress in third dimensional activities in another area.

Council of Elohim

     This tells us where they stand in all this; they are one of the groups proclaiming that these who won’t ascend will go to another planet. And they continue telling Wynn some quite disturbing data. They say that after the shift (from 3D to 4D), the “slate will be wiped clean”, which means from memories. This very much coincides with both the WingMakers material, LPG-C, and the S.A.A.L.M., who all talk about Blank Slate Technology (BST, or “The BEAST”. See Level I for more info). However, the Elohim are more liberal here (maybe to keep us calm) and say that the memories will always be accessible (but they don’t say how). Still, the bothersome memories we will have in the shift will be diminished or erased! Well, that’s a pretty stunning statement, and contradicts all other material, which say that we need to take responsibility for our own timeline and work through our difficulties.

     The Elohim also say that the Veil is getting thinner, and by the time of the Shift it will be thin enough so the Elohim (and other ETs) can more easily communicate with us. This coincides with the Bashar video I was talking about earlier in this paper, which unfortunately was taken down. The Elohim call the Shift a transition to the 4th Dimension, which of course confuses the matter for the non-informed reader, where other information indicates a shift to the 4th Density or the 5th Dimension. I guess we just need to learn to think in terms of the group we are currently researching. So, when we talk about the Elohim, we talk about an ascension to the 4th Dimension, and when comes to the Cassiopaeans, it’s the 4th Density. I am going to use the term each group uses, respectively.

     Anyway, the Elohim further talk about how mankind after the Shift will be able to much more easily use remote viewing due to that the Veil is getting thinner, meaning the boundary between dream state and the conscious mind is what is thinning out. The ones who welcome us on the other side, being our guides, helping us through the Harvest process, are the RA and the Elohim Group, they say. I find that interesting, because the Thubans say the same thing regarding themselves. Well, there is no doubt they are all in this together, because we hear this information directly from the horse’s mouth.

     Elohim, too, talk about a portal that is opening, just like Abraxas did when she mentioned the vortex opening between Sirius and Earth. And all this I am mentioning regarding the Elohim can be read in Wynn Free’s free online e-book. There they also say that the ascension will happen in spurts, and that the first people who ascended did so in 2008, and the next spurt was estimated in 2009 (the book was written before these dates).

     Now, back to the Cassiopaeans. I am going to use them, and have used them, as a major reference when it comes to the Wave, because Laura has done a great job compiling the information, and I strongly advise the reader to look into it, even if her book is 1600+ pages and more than 40 chapters long. Other sources mention the Wave in their channeling, but are never as specific as the Cassiopaeans, because Laura and her group concentrated a lot on this subject for a long time.

     ii.i. The Return of the Nephilim

     The Nephilim as the soldiers of the Sirians? This is how the Cassiopaeans present them. If you recall from Level II, the Pleiadians were here, giant in stature on their home planet, assisting the Sirian Alliance in genetically manipulating mankind. These Fallen Angels inserted themselves in human males and started having sex with human females, whom they found attractive. It sounds like the Pleiadians were here both to have sex with women and let their DNA be seeded and mixed so they had vessels they could use here in 3D. Hence, they used Sirian/Orion labs to mix Pleiadian genes with the genes of humans. The result from these experiments became the Nephilim, the Giants that walked the Earth, according to Bible texts and other old, sacred scriptures. The Pleiadian spirits then jumped bodies between human males and the Nephilim. Depending on how giant the Nephilim were, only a few of them could have sex with human women, or they had to have sex with each other, and thus created more offspring who were giants.

     There is also stories of these giants mating with human women, but like I just said, that must have been very uncommon due to the size of the Giants’ phallus. However, the stories go that when human women who mated with Pleiadian Giants were to give birth, the process split them open and the mother died; the baby was too big! This could only be the case with the smaller Giants, however, who were perhaps between 7-8 feet. In fact, there were Giants here on Earth in those days who were up to 300ft tall! The Cassiopaeans explain it as I do in one of their sessions which I have lost the date and URL to, unfortunately:

“Q: (L) At the time of the tower of Babel it says that the Nephilim looked on the daughters of men and took wives as if there were some friendly interaction of some sort… does this mean they broke ranks and had feelings for their human “wives”? 

A: No. Another deception of history. Picturesque way of describing genetic experiments.”

     I have listened to Pleiadian lectures where they confirm all this regarding themselves, and that Giants were actually still walking the Earth during Roman times (the Roman fought them up north, on Celtic land), and they were not too uncommon even in the 15th Century CE. On occasion we see humans who are between 7-8ft tall today, even. Anyway, if we go back to biblical times, Atlantis and Lemuria, the Nephilim were very common, and many of them were put in leading positions by ENKI and his people to be the rulers over mankind. Many Nephilim were very wise and some of them were benevolent and taught humans practical things they needed to know how to do things better. Others had a horrible temper, and some ate humans for breakfast. Others taught us how to make weapons and how to use them to become soldiers. They also taught women how to paint themselves to look more beautiful and to enjoy and wear jewelry. By the Nephilim, humanity was taught vanity in some respect, but also beauty, which is supposedly a Pleiadian trait.

Enoch 8:1-3: And Azazel taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways. Semjaza taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, ‘Armaros the resolving of enchantments, Baraqijal (taught) astrology, Kokabel the constellations, Ezeqeel the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiel the signs of the earth, Shamsiel the signs of the sun, and Sariel the course of the moon. And as men perished, they cried, and their cry went up to heaven.”

     With time, more genetic manipulation was done, and the giant gene was taken out of the Nephilim DNA. After a few generations, most of this species were born much smaller, but still looked quite sturdy. We can see these offspring even today in men and women with unusually thick bone structure and sometimes a tad taller than humans in general. Nephilim hybrids are still among the ruling class around the world; they were chosen by ENKI to be rulers of mankind, in conjunction with those who had the purest Orion blood, coming from ENKI himself. ENLIL, ENKI’s stepbrother, however, did not like the Nephilim at all, thinking they contaminated the human Experiment, and most of them were wiped out in the Deluge on ENLIL’s command.

     Michael Lee Hill, whom I have written papers about, and who himself suggests he could be a Nephilim hybrid, said in a radio show recently on “Other World Radio Network” that he’d spoken with the Grandmaster of the Priory of Zion, who confirmed just about everything I’ve said in this subsection. And speaking of Michael and the Nephilim hybrid colonization around the Great Lakes in the past, I found this on the Cassiopaean site:

“Q: (L) I was reading some of the transcripts earlier today. One of the things I read was about the Nephilim and their interactions with human beings and about other planets and molecularization, etc. Then, I was reading about the planet Kantek. Are there any human beings, on Earth, at the present time, who carry in them the Nephilim genes?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Would these Nephilim genetics be passed down in the natural way, or would they be the result of genetic manipulation by genetically altering a fetus and then putting it back? 

A: No to latter. One clue: double Y chromosomes. 

Q: (W) That’s male… 

A: Nephalim were. 

Q: (L) They, were male. Women are a double X, men are XY. 

A: Prisons are filled with double Y’s with monstrous personality disorders, almost always Caucasian and over-sized. 

Q: (L) On TV they interviewed a serial killer. He was HUGE! He described killing. The shrink who was analyzing said he did it because he wanted to get caught. I did NOT get that feeling. I think he did it just because it was what he did. Is there any other clue you can give?

A: Nephalim are not currently on your world, just trace residuals. 

Q: (L) Trace residuals in people. And there are supposed to be 36 million of them coming… 

A: With the wave. “

     Don’t get me wrong; I am not suggesting that Michael Lee Hill is an over-sized criminal of course, but the above is yet another indication that there are remnants of the Nephilim still here on the planet.

     So what does it mean when the Cassiopaeans say that the Nephilim are coming back? Did they ever leave the planet? No, of course they didn’t — how could they? The Nephilim were genetically modified to fit in the earthly environment and couldn’t space travel. Are they then talking about the spirits of the Nephilim? Yes, this is one option, and these spirits would in that case be Pleiadians. And like Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians say in their lectures, “Just because someone comes from the Pleiades, it doesn’t mean they’re benevolent beings.” I mention this here, because the Cassiopaeans are telling us that the Nephilim who are returning are Sirian soldiers. Marciniak’s Pleiadians are also talking about the return of the Giants, which will be soon, and it will be a mix of good intended and not-so-good-intended Giants. The Nephilim, according to Sitchin, are the Fallen Angels themselves, such as ENKI, ENLIL, MARDUK etc. I don’t agree on that at all, but it’s now recorded in our Akashic Records, due to Sitchin, and therefore the channeled sources, who draw some of their information from our Akashic records, are using this definition as well and mix it with the true definition, which can be confusing for people.

     Here is an excerpt from a Cassiopaean session, mentioning the return of the Giants, or the Nephilim (from November 2, 1994):

“Q: (L) Who carved the stone heads on Easter Island?

A: Lemurian descendants.

Q: (L) The natives say the stones walked into position. Is this true?

A: No.

Q: (L) Well, how?

A: Tonal vibration.

Q: (L) And what did these stones represent?

A: Nephalim.

Q: (L) Is this what the Nephilim looked like?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Does that mean that the Nephilim were present in Lemuria?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Where was Lemuria located?

A: Pacific off South America. Right near, all around Easter Island is remnant of Lemuria.

Q: (L) What happened to Lemuria?

A: Submerged close to time you refer to as Fall of Eden, approximately.

Q: (L) Well if the Nephilim were brought here nine to twelve thousand years ago [as you have said previously]…

A: Last visit. Have been here 5 times. Will return.

Q: (L) The Nephilim are going to return? [I was pretty shocked, to say the least!] Where do the Nephilim currently live?

A: Orion.

Q: (L) They live in the constellation Orion? Where is their planet?

A: Don’t have one. In transit.

Q: (L) The whole dad gum bunch is in transit?

A: Three vehicles.

Q: (L) How many Nephilim does each vehicle hold? [At this point I think my voice was shaking.]

A: About 12 million.

Q: (L) Are they coming to help us? [I was hoping!]

A: No. Wave, comet cluster. All using same energy.

Q: (L) Using same energy to what?

A: Pass through space/time.

Q: (L) Does this mean that without this comet cluster they cannot pass through space/time?

A: No. “Slower.”

Q: (L) So, it is slower for them to come here without this Wave. Where is the Wave coming from?

A: Follows cluster.

Q: (L) It follows the cluster. What does this Wave consist of?

A: Realm border.

Q: (L) Does the realm border wave follow the comet cluster in a permanent way?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is the realm border associated with the comet cluster each time it comes?

A: No. Realm border follows all encompassing energy reality change; realm border will follow this cluster passage and has others but not most.”[15]

     There are a couple of things in the above transmission that are interesting. First of all they say that the Nephilim reside in Orion, which would be true, because the Pleiades are still considered part of the Orion Empire. The Orion connection is also mentioned in Neverend Wikipedia, under “Watchers”, which has a pretty extended exposé on the Nephilim. Here is a tidbit:

“The two main groups of Nephilim are the Antediluvian Nephilim and the post-flood Nephilim. Both groups conducted genetic experiments on man, but the post-flood Nephilim continued even after being told not to by God. The Nephilim have since allied themselves with light and dark factions including the Annunaki and Orion.”[16]

     So, the Cassiopaeans mention comets as well in regards to the Wave. Have you noticed lately (this was written in mid March 2013) that there has been a big increase in comets in the solar system? Or at least, it’s reported more often now in the media, because these comets are passing quite close to Earth. My readers know about hollowed out Sirian space craft in form of comets, asteroids, and planetoids. We may therefore ask ourselves; how many of these comets were inhabited by Sirians? Now, if we read the above Ouija session, they mention a cluster of asteroids, which most certainly contain Sirians who are chosen to come here to Earth to take over the direct leadership of our planet.

Figure 4. Comet PanSTARRS, passing so close to Earth in the beginning of March 2013, 
that we could see it after twilight with our naked eyes.

III. A Summary and a Few More Tidbits

      So, if the channeled sources are telling us the truth, a Galactic Wave which works as a “Realm Border” is on its way towards our solar system from outer space. On this wave of energy ride approximately 200 million star beings, eager to interfere with human development. 36 million of these beings are allegedly Nephilim (Pleiadian soldiers), ready to defend the Sirians if something goes wrong, now or in the future. The Sirian Overlords themselves are riding on the Wave themselves, apparently coming in clusters of comets (battleships).

     Once the Wave arrives, it will cut a boundary between the 4th and 5th Dimension, and what will happen to people here on Earth depends on whom you’re asking. Some say that those who are ready to graduate (51% positive) will be “raptured” by the Wave right there and then and a moment of “illumination”, where they experience being One with the whole universe, occurs. These chosen ones will feel a second or two of incredible bliss before they enter the 5th Dimension. Those who are left behind (the majority of mankind) will suffer catastrophes in form of earth quakes, floods, and other planetary weather phenomena which will wipe out a big chunk of the population, and the rest will be swept away in the astral to a planet in another solar system where they will wake up with a blank slate (no memories of whom they were before), and they have to start from the beginning and experience 3D again from the ape stage and forward.

     Another version is that those who graduate will feel great joy when the Wave arrives, and when they die from this lifetime, RA, Elohim, or Thuban spirit guides will help these people through the process of graduation, and when they reincarnate, they will do so in 5D bodies, which will have a much wider perception of reality than those in 4D (or 3D, depending on how we look at it). Those who don’t graduate will continue reincarnate in oblivion, and after a few reincarnations, the worlds will split due to the big differences in frequency between 4D humans and 5D humans, and they can no longer perceive each other’s realities.

     And lastly, the Thuban version, where they say that new, dragonized Starhumans are being born as we speak, and we will be genetically manipulated into becoming more reptilian. Hybridization, by the way, will happen regardless of which version will be the correct one. Also, who says that not all of the three versions above can happen? The Multiverse is fluid, and we choose our own reality.

     On top of all this, the Sirian Overlords and their allies will use hybridized bodies to incarnate here on Earth and put themselves in leading positions (they are the so-called Orion Group according to most channeled sources). High technology of a kind we can’t even imagine in our current state will be introduced to mankind on a regular basis, and those who are ignorant will fall for this and become the Machine Riders in the new, global Machine Kingdom, which will eventually turn humans into cyborgs, and eventually into the Grays. The Pleiadians say that we can expect cyborg technology to be introduced in a big way already by 2035. That is within the lifetime of many young readers of this material; maybe even in my own lifetime if I live that long. This is what many researchers call the New World Order and a One World Government.

     All I can say is we have to see how this pans out. We know at least what the plans are. Unfortunately, these are no fairy tales; the material is backed up with evidence. It’s all part of the since long planned prophecy, and many organizations here on Earth are working hard to fulfill these prophecies, although very few know what they are really all about (there are many crackpots as well in this business). But that doesn’t matter to the Sirian Alliance; the fewer who know, the better. As long as their “helpers” do what they are supposed to, things will turn out in Sirian favor; at least that’s what they think.

     And then we have us, who know about all this. This knowledge is carrying us forward up to higher frequencies. We need no technology to do so, because we will do it the way it was meant to be done; we do the work ourselves, and that work is 100% inner work. Remember, we have the whole existence — past, present, and future — embedded inside of our physical and metaphysical bodies. We are in charge of our own future and we can create it exactly the way we want it to be. Of course, this is something I am very eager to research further and further. I already have a whole book in my head which just more or less needs to be written; something I will do after Level III. I am sure that book will be followed by more books, and more books, because life is an endless learning process, and this is all the documentation of my own journey, which I am happy to share with whomever is interested to read about it and perhaps find a diamond or two.

     I hope you will follow me to the next paper!


Wes Penre

Wes Penre

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[*] And this is exactly what these 200 million non-physicals are coming for — to merge with us. This is exactly Abraxas’ point as well; it sounds okay if presented in a certain way, but once we look through the agenda…They are not trying to help us advance; they think they are helping themselves to advance, plus they need to feel they are in control over us. Therefore, everybody is pointing fingers at each other in order to confuse the matter. Are some of these 200 million us in the future, i.e. Grays in different stage of evolvement (or devolvement rather)? I would say definitely so, but the majority will be of the Sirian Alliance.

[**] Here the Cassiopaeans look at Laura’s question from a bigger picture, from which the Wave has always existed and has no beginning or end, it just is because time does not exist on the highest level of thinking.

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