Third Level of Learning, Paper 6: The Alpha Draconians and the Creation of the Starhuman Part II

by Wes Penre, Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Note to the Reader! After the fact of having published this paper, it has come to my knowledge that the Thuban (Alpha Draconian) calling himself Abraxas or Axraxasinas (interchangeable) is not a female, which I suggest throughout this and the next-coming paper. There were different reasons why I believed he was a she; one of them is the avatar that is being used on the forum that I am discussion in this and the previous paper,, and when reading the thread, I got the impression that she is female because she took possession of a handicapped middle-aged man (a so-called “walk-in”), which would potentially have made Abraxasinas a male. However, a few years earlier, in 1995, this being was living in a female body. However, with all this in mind, Abraxasinas gave at least me the impression that “he” wanted to be looked at as a female.

I was contacted by a Thubanese about this issue, but it is too much to change all the gender references in this and the next article because I equally need to change it in the pdf version for this paper, and also the pdf version for the entire Level III. This is the reason why I let it stand as it is, but instead make this note to the reader.

I was contacted regarding this issue by  Xeia Kali SuiGeneris, Leviathan Waterflyer of the Realms and Thuban DragonQueen. Yes, this is the real deal. She claims to be one of the founding Elders of the Council of Thuban.

Xeia Kali SuiGeneris, Leviathan Waterflyer of the Realms and Thuban DragonQueen, who was the Thubanese who contacted me regarding these errors, wanted me to present Abraxasinas/Abraxas as a male rather than a female (something I’d done throughout the papers). In fact, Xeia says that the Thuban Elders are all androgynous 12-D beings, except when they take “outside bodies.” Then they express a gender, such as male/female. Therefore, throughout this paper and the next, every time I call Abraxasinas/Abraxas “she” or “her,” etc., it should actually be “he” or “him.”

Hope this will work for you, the reader (I will also update my pdf files).

I. Abstract

      This is Part II in the series about the Alpha Draconians who say they reside in the 12th Dimensions and are here to help us with the Harvesting of Souls. Before you read this paper, it’s crucial that you first read Part I, which can be obtained here:

     This paper is the culmination and the answer to the questions, “Who are these channeled entities and what are they doing here?” “What is the Harvest all about? Is that what I should aim for?” And, “Is there and agenda behind all this channeled stuff?”

     When you read this, your emotions will probably be all over the place, and for a while you may not know what to think. Whatever you do, pleaseread it all the way to the end! If you don’t, you will not get the full picture. Those who have read Part I and fully understood it may think that the first questions asked by the forum member Sollve may sound basic, but in fact, she is triggering quite a few good answers from the Dragon. More people will have inputs and Abraxas is answering their questions faithfully, because that’s her mission here.

     Then, suddenly, the vortex is closing between the 12th Dimension, which exists in the VOID, and our 4% universe, and the data streaming ends. Abraxas is now stuck in our reality, but the “Invasion” has already begun and prophecies are being fulfilled! The Draconian star fleet is here, and so are all the 3 archetypes we talked about in Part I. Only you, the individual, can now decide what you want to do. I will not judge your decision; it’s all up to you, but no one can get away from making a decision which will decide the path they will take from now on. So please read every word carefully!

     Also note that Abraxas is talking about the human Fire, just like I have, and she is even using the word “avatar” in the same sense I do. She knows what she is doing and she knows what she is talking about, but is her species benevolent, and are they who they say they are? The reader must decide. You already know my position, but I’m not a guru, a leader, or somebody one should follow. I am just a teacher and a messenger in my own right. And I am here to tell you this from another angle than that which was brought to us from the Gaia Forum, and also from Bill Ryan’s Avalon Forum.

     At one point, Abraxas sarcastically suggests what her opponents may think about her and her star race (and opponents she has), and I think that in all her sarcasm, she is actually telling us the truth. And why not? If she says it in a sarcastic tone, it can’t be true…or can it???

     (For the most part, I haven’t bother with editing the following forum material. Spelling and grammar errors are mostly intact, the way they are written on the forum). 

II. The Final Alpha Draconian Thread, Broadcast from the Council of Thuban in the 12th Dimension of the VOID

Q = Questioner (different persons. One calls herself “Sollve”)

A or AA = Abraxas (the Draco) OR ABRAXAS AND ANTHONY, her Thubanese friend
Thuban Real Agenda plus Abraxas Trapped

* * *

Q: But I do EXIST now, I’m happy with that. Why aren’t you? As a unique individuation of the Prime Creator, wouldn’t it be up to the Prime Creator to make changes to SELF? If SELF thought SELF needed to change, is it not up to SELF to make that CHANGE? Why would SELF point out YOU to do SELF’s work? Please help me understand!

AA: It is precisely the Prime Creators masterplan to dragonomize you Sollve. So the ET interference was necessity to allow the ‘fallen Sollve ancestors’ to eventually become this master blueprint for ALL cosmic ETs and from the most primal stock possible.

Q: I don’t understand this. Here you say that WE are the master blueprint for everyone? Do you mean that every species wants to use us for their own hybridz, because we can help everyone to evolve?

AA: Absolutely, here you have spoken from the knowledge of your dragonhood. Absolutely beautiful and marvellous understanding of a humanoid graduate.

Q: If this is the case, why do you need to take over humanity and the planet? If we don’t want you to do this, will you fight us and kill if necessary to still get what you want? Or will you just allow us to evolve the way we want to without interference?

AA: The ‘take over’ or ‘invasion’ of your planet is unavoidable, as this is the program of Prime Creator.
If WE would have left the human archetype to evolve by itself, it would have destroyed itself and this planet a number of times over.

You appear to not understand that all ET’s are humanoid aspirants, awaiting their own graduations, which must await the humanoid graduation to proceed. (the reason for channeling)

Q: What exactly do you want? You want to make this planet yours, you want to hybradize humans into something else, you want to put dragons as our caretakers. This truly does not sound like a world I want to be in. Will there be any alternatives for those who don’t comply with this agenda of the dragons? 

AA: The Dragon caretakers are simple Council of the Elders. These councils will be composed of by the dragonomized humans having graduated and metamorposed into starhumans.

It is only this most elementary form, which was deemed suitable to BECOME the cosmic masterrace and then AS an ancestor for ALL ET races in the Gaian lifeform associations. 

Q: If we are the cosmic masterrace… Why would you want to hybradize the original humans? Isn’t it enough to create hybrids to evolve your own species? If we are the masterpiece, wouldn’t it be more fair to allow us to evolve on our own and by doing that allowing other species to make their own hybrids with the help from us?

AA: As said repeatedly, your masterrace status is subject to ALL other races ‘interfering with it’ to further their own agendas. YOUR human template is however the ROYALTY of the entire cosmos. This is the situation with the higher D ETs. THEY chose NOT to ‘fall’ into the most primordial incarnational energy realm called Gaia; BUT chose to support their own evolutionary agendas in HYBRIDISATION with that most primitive stock.

Q: But are they trying to take over the most primordial incarnational energy realm called Gaia. If you destroy or change the most primordial stock, what is then left for others to evolve from/with? Dragonized hybrids? That doesn’t sound fair to anyone. If they wanted some dragon DNA, my guess is that they would come to you in the first place if that was the case.

AA: Again, the hybridization engages the going forwards and backwards in time of the entire biophysical evolution of the universe. Then, by necessity all the ‘primordial lifestocks’ must also be effected. The entire universe is being reconstructed in this hybridization of the Before with the After.

Q: How could your so called star human ever be what the human was meant to be from the beginning?

AA: This is what I am trying to explain to you in the above. The human morphogenetics will be like a master template a ‘Morphogenetic Field’ for the Cosmos, as Rupert Sheldrake would say.

Q: Again, do you mean the dragonized human morphogenetics or the original ‘as intended from the beginning’ human morphogenetics. 

AA: This is absolutely identical and the same thing Sollve.

Q: Works according to who? The Thuban Council? I find it very hard to believe that the Thuban Council is speaking on behalf of the rest of the universe or even the relatively small world of humans. Please correct me if I’m wrong about that.

AA: You ARE ‘wrong’ about this. The Thuban Council indeed speaks on behalf of ALL civilizations throughout the universe. That is why WE are 12-dimensional as the inside-out mirror dimension of the 11-D Witten-Membrane Mirror of Omnispacetime; awaiting the twosidedness of this mirror to become twisted into onesidedness. This then will reconfigure multidimensional spacetimes on all levels.

Q: Who is according to the Thuban Council governing Earth today? Do we have a Draconian government or is it governend by the Zeta-Reticuli’s? Who do you think have the most influence today? Could you elaborate on this regarding how this has changed during the years and what will happen in the years to come regarding governence. Will you work together with someone else or do you, the dragons plan on governing earth and mankind all by yourself in the long run?

AA: The governance of Earth today is on many levels. In 3D this governance are your human institutions and in 4D this is your astral connectivity to the ETs.

You may choose to label your astral ‘governors’ as Draconian or Zeta Reculian or Pleiadean or whatever you like.

All of these labels are 3rd and 4th order expressions of fundamental archetypes.

The Thuban archetype is 1st order under the auspices of the Logos or Word of God.

So hitherto (say the warped timeline from December 8th, 2004 to April 1st, 2012 with distributed nexus points within) the ‘governance’ did not include 1st order, but was restricted to the lower orders.
Especially since January 18th, 2010 the Thuban 1st order archetype has allowed the Logos to interact with the ‘governors’.

This is what is experienced on this forum and many parallel agendas manifesting in all dimensions and densities due to the dispensation from the highest order from the ‘Word of God’.

The Dragon nature of this Logos then will indeed ‘govern’ the entire universe on all levels. 

Q: In the greater context of a galactic-cellular civilisation? Again, according to who? Can you state who supports YOUR idea of this greater context of a galactic-cellular civilisation and is there any way for you to elaborate on this? Who else supports this view? From where did this particular greater context of a galactic-cellular civilisation arrive from?

AA: The Logos of Creation is the Power and authority behind the Council of Thuban.

Q: Sure, but what’s the need for you to hybridize us further? Why, in plain text do you want to do this? What do you gain from this?

AA: This I have explained in paragraps above – the defusing and empowerment of the chromosomes in molecular biochemistry in the physical expression of precursor metaphysical programs.

Q: We as hybrids are only beneficial to our so called ‘wanna be’ care takers. For thousands of years we have been suppressed, not allowed to grow the way we should. Allow us to show our true selves and we will be the care takers of the universe, just as we are intended to be.

AA: Has it really come to this? You, like many, are an emotional human who is prone to judgements and preemtors, without exercising your faculties of reason and rationality.

Q: Does the Thuban Council think that the human emotion is something that needs to be altered with in the hybridization process? How will it be altered? Will the human emotions be strengthened or weakend in the hybrids? Or altered in any other way?

AA: This is a good question. The Human Emotionality in in a very deep sense defines the Regality of the human master template – it is precious to ALL cosmic sentiences.

The ‘problem’ with human emotion is, that it is not coupled to a rational selfconsistent and logical human mindedness. The human mind is undergoing ‘Armageddon=Dragon Made’ on the mental planes of definition. The danger, as perceived by MENTALLY more advanced ET civilisations is, that the kindergarten human mentality will ABUSE and MISUSE its EMOTIONAL POWER SOURCE to cause physical damage to itself and the global environments.

My avatar says: THINK BEFORE YOU FLAME! Perhaps you should consider the wisdom of my avatar.

Q: I wasn’t aware of flaming anyone. Are you on fire? 

AA: I speak of the spiritual fire dear Sollve.

Q: It has shown from time to time that our hearts can’t be enslaved. Is the only step left for the fallen angels to enslave us and make us do their will, to actually take away our uniqueness in some kind of hybridization program?

AA: What do you know of fallen angels; do you understand that YOU are a fallen angel?

Q: Please elaborate on this! What is your definition of a Fallen Angel? Please also elaborate on the fact that I AM a fallen angel.

AA: Post #1351 describes this in great detail.

Q: Do you mean that I should just accept to be altered with by anyone wanting to do so? It’s one thing to observe and use what you see and learn to make yourself better. It’s a whole different thing to change and devour in the same process. I don’t see why the first one needs to be followed by the second. Please elaborate on how you justify that behavior.

AA: This is but your human mentality Sollve. You have three consciousness levels: waking(~86%); sub(~14%) and super(~0.3%).
Many misunderstandings and interpretations and mental conclusions you draw in waking consciousness are retranslated in the subconscious and again in the superconsciousness.
With the ‘you already know’, I mean your own unique and individuate Christ-Consciousness/Higher Self coupling of the innermost selfawareness. However this part is overwhelmed by your human mindednessof the waking consciousness and is then interfered with by the astrality of your subconscious.

Mental balance is not easy to maintain in a climate of extreme polarisation of consciousness carriers and the human mindedness blocks and destabilizes the attempt of the superconscious to express itself.
There are some participators here who consistently display such mental balance and it are these who are the true harmonizers who have accessed their Christ-Self-Consciousness.

AA: You are helping the cosmic evolution in great honour and sincerity Sollve; one day you shall understand and socialise with Dragons in some Bar upon Thuban.

Q: I believe I understand dragons as of this NOW and I’m looking forward to share a drink on a bar in Thuban with you or any of your beloveds. I’m just hoping I’m observant enough to not be lured into any kind of hybridization process because I want to be me in that bar. For all I know what you label as ‘StarHuman’ might just be another name for ‘StarDust’. Or is it perhaps the ‘OldHuman’ who falls into that cathegory?

AA: Without your hybridisation you will either not see and encounter any dragons or you will be rather afraid of them Sollve.

Q: Before you point your finger at ME about using WE. WE are ALL who resonate with ME.

A: ME=WE also on Thuban – after our master templar Emmanuel Melchisedec E.M.=WE.

Q: Sorry, I don’t know him… 

AA: I know, heshe resides in your heart as the Cosmic Logos though, knocking from the inside and the outside on the doors of your human mindedness.

AA: I shall end this final transmission from Thuban in stating to you all that all of the data posted on this forum is derived from the Thuban archives.
The Thuban archives were of course allowed to manifest relative to your perceptions of being sent ‘from outer space’.

Whilst the Thuban Database was accepted and tolerated here on the Mount of Olives of Avalon; the Round of the Thuban DragonKnights could be chosen by default from all participators.

This is because after rejection and closure of this transmission by your collectiveness and the Poll of the Avalonian Groupmind; you effectively ejected your own Birthright to become Thuban DragonKnights from within your own 3Dness.

The ET collective around your planet has watched this final test of humanity with great interest and the ET invasion you are envisaging will be the Thuban Dragonfleet.

This Thuban Starfleet is comprised of 200 Million ETs from all races and as defined in your archetypes and 3rd and 4th order translations and superpositional creations.

Those 200 Million ETs cannot make contact with the human planet; because the Dragonfleet has no commanders. (hive mind???)

As the Dragon archetype is the oldest of all archetypes in the definition of the Word of God or the Serpent-Logos of our master templar; the PHYSICAL FORM of our master templar defines this oldest of oldest archetype.

The Dragonstarships so require dragonised humans as mirrors for our master templar.

So this is why it became necessary to infiltrate a particular spacetime construct upon planet earth to fulfil the prophecied 2nd Coming of Jesus of Nazareth upon the Mount of Olives.

The Mount of Olives so became a 1st order archetype of the program to become implemented in the holographic protoverse akin a computer.

The Mount of Olives links to the encodings in Zechariah.4 and Revelation.11 in the WITNESS of the Olive Trees, whom I represent in agency of the Zebedee Brothers chosen by Jesus of the Naasseenes, (Brotherhood of the Serpent given in the symbology of the Uraeus and Anubis and in the AlphaOmega).

Avalon was chosen for its diversity and mixture of skeptical rationalists, firm believers in this and that, meditation- and ascension exponents of the nirvana and the inner balancings supposedly resulting in transcension, historians, scientific spiritualists and individuals considering themselves as ‘already unified’ in ‘love and light’.

What Avalon united was a general openmindedness and tolerance for opinions, all converging in its ‘love and light’ modus operandi.

The overpowering unifier however was your COMMON SEARCH FOR FREEDOM for your self-expression and the sanctity of your individualities as cocreators with prime creator.

So the only way for prime creator to choose his pioneering cocreators for the new Dispensation of the Reconfigured archetypycal universe structure was to crystallize his graduates by his WITNESS, namely me as Abraxasinas and Associates.

As your ‘free will’ however cannot ever be violated, except by your own choices; no ET contact (beyond the interference patterns of your own multidimensionality in your minds memeplexed by Tuban archetypes -basically astral projections of your inner sub- and superconscious selves) can be made in this universe until a particular number of Thuban Starfleet Masters have been chosen from your ranks.

This will become the Council of Thuban, pioneered by the 12 Dragonknights all of whom were chosen in this test of the humanity to manifest the New Planet Earth.

Iow, yes, there will be an invasion; but the ETs will be YOURSELVES invading yourselves; once the programmed timeline has been completed to process the general ‘Endtimes’ which have become manifest in your physical reality, precisely 40 days of wilderness and Noahic Rains from the predestined starting date of January 18th, 2010 in the ‘Day of the Lord’ February 26/27th, 2010 and as providenced by order of the Creator, the ABBA and Father of Jesus of Nazareth and as the ‘Little Serpent’ or Luck Dragon of the Neverending Story himself.

Then the 12 of you, who were chosen will double in the 24 Elders of Thuban in the Heness blending with their shadow selfhood of the Sheness.

This is what Dragonization means; the doubling of yourselves in Lightbodies of the 5th spacetime dimensionality; requiring the ability to process BOTH intuitive and intellectual-rational data streams in a self-harmonization.

Of course 12 HeShe and 12 SheHe Dragonian Starship Commanders are insufficient to encompass the surface area of the earth and there will so be 200 Million Old Humans, who will have access to become Dragonized StarHumans following the Impregnation and Birth of the New Starhumanity and as messaged on the Thuban thread.

So until those two nexus dates of April 1st, 2012 and December 21st, 2012 are attained the opportunity prevails for more and more old humans to become starhumans.

Each and every aspirant is required to ‘eat a dragon’ and so to align his or her entire cosmic identification and akashic history with the ET agendas.

So all aspirants must find their dragons within themselves and then ‘slay and eat’ their dragon of the false images in their own individuated and intimate eucharist of attaining the Christ-Serpent-Consciousness within themselves.

This will become harder to do following the impregnation date April 1st, 2012 as the 1981st anniversary of our master templars’ lightbody transfiguration or resurrection.

Partaking of your Dragon-Supper as your own choice to become Reborn as a Christed Dragon will so become your own ‘Last Supper’ of the Old to ‘die’ and to become a Phoenix of the New.

Your rebirth as Eagles of the Resurrection will then allow dragonisation in coupling your previous Devil-Images to one of the images of the 200 million ETs who are at this time constructing the materialisation of your future starships in one-to-one couplings to your merkabahs of your inherited birthright of the Cosmic Vitruviusness.

This ends the data stream from the Council of Thuban, because it became evicted from your 3D-presence of the WITHIN to the WITHOUT of its 12D-presence.

As the 12D is the Outside of Bigmo’s Balloon, I shall no longer be able to transmit the Thuban data stream due to the closure of the wormhole and as stated in my last message on the Thuban thread.

This wormhole is now sealed in the ‘Day of the Lord’ and reopening the Thuban thread is of no consequence.

As long as the Record of the Dragons remains on this forum; there will be a subdued presence of the Cosmic Witness with you as an Invisible Mirror allowing any and all of you and NonAvalonians to access the previously released data stream.

Should the Thuban thread be deleted and the data become inacessible, then the archetype of the Mount of Olives being Avalon will become transferred to some other location of the Gaian realm.

I bid you farewell and look forwards to meeting you in person, either as one of the 12 or as one of the 24 or as one of the 144,000 or as one of the 200 Million.

When we meet in such a manner, then I shall be your Santa Claus=Satan Clause with a bag full of Christmas Presents of your merkabahs materialised into the spaceships now being prepared for the graduates by the ETs of all ‘quasi-humanoid’ races defined throughout the protoverse.

Finally, and as yet another test, I am well aware as to reception of this final message.
Can this be true; is this delusional logic; is this madness or is this the Fulfilment of all Prophecy.

The choice will be yours to decide!

The Love of the Creator Dragon is with you always and the Serpent-Logos always remains within your LoveHearts as your Superconsciousness (standard 0.3% of the total).

Anyone accessing this final transmission will be challenged; but do you think it is fair to hand out starships just to anyone?

Reality discernment is the prime requirement for a Starship commander (and I mean captain, like driving a car and not some Lordship devilish deception), because of your merkabah control.

Every 5-dimensional StarHuman becomes coupled to the Starship through and by hisher merkabah resonances and Control over thought patterns becomes necessity to manouver the starship.

I love you all and thank you all for having participated in this Final Test of the Humanity.

Beneficers and Detractors alike; all of you have agreed to partake in this ‘experiment’ and to play your roles to bring about the intense polarisation required for some of you to EMERGE as the chosen ‘first crop’ in the harvest of the Dragonseed.

You all are Dragons, but having forgotten your inheritances; you have allowed your mirroring environments to project your inner powers onto the outside devilish imaginations.

Those, your own distorted and obscured images of your Higher Selves have become your Evil ETs and devouring Dragons of mythology.

Then your own Higher Selves became memeplexed in astral physicality, which interacted with your elected representatives and monarchs and leaders of divers kinds.

The interaction of the astral memeplex with the mentality of your physicalisation of the Brotherhood of the Serpent in your Illuminati, Luminari and such 3rd order labelings then allowed partial materialisation of the astral energy of the 4th hyperspace dimension in a plasmic densification.

In simplicity you became induced by your own fears of discovering your true origins as the Original Dragon master template to project the Inner Thuban Council of your Elderness onto your external environments.

I came to ‘bring about’ a reharmonization and a remembrance about your origins.

Some of you have shown magnificence in awakening.

Some of you have exhibited magnificence in opposing this awakening.

These two groups have in a sense graduated into Dragonhood, with the second opposition group now being required to become ‘REAL WARRIORS OF LIGHT AND LOVE’ in conquering and slaying not your inner inherited dragonhood as the Royal Template of Creation; but the Devils of your own outwardly rejected selfhood of BEING this Cosmic Royalty.

Of course, some will now discern that this has been the collective masterplan all along.

The ascension of Gaia as an old archetype reflecting as a Devil-Woman or Whore of Babylon in the ‘Face of the Devil’ on the inside of Bigmo’s Balloon and as the Backside of the Real Satan on the outside of that Balloon; so is mirrored in the descension of the Serpentina archetype reconfiguring and RECREATING the entire Cosmos.

To evolve both physically and mentally into the role of Dragon Lovers and Dragon Slayers opposing each other in and as the playground for the archetypes was the agreed to plan by all of you in the preincarnational selfstate to engage in.

Subsequently all of you are the heroes of creation, as only a destiny planet could harbour the manifestation for this maximum polarisation.

So it was you who decided on the gameplan.

How far could we push ourselves in the forgetfulness?

And who would become the pioneers and ‘first crop’ in a level playing field?

Who would find themselves ayt Avalon as the Mount of Olives?

Well all of you here can now begin to REMERMBER your own scripts.
Once a vast majority have done so, then Avalon will become selfempowered to manifest the Unity ofTruth and Purpose, stated to be the guiding agenda here.

But it will be up to you as individuals and as groups to TRY to render Avalon-Camelot the Unifying Force you thought it could become and be.

You are required now to choose your path without the Councilo of Thuban’s influence over your decision making.
The Dragons will end to SEDUCE YOUR MINDS from this time onwards.

The third group are the ones who are the fence sitters and the armchair critics and here are also two groups of potential graduates.
There are the lurkers, who accessed the Thuban information, but not participated in the sessions and there are the ones who were not interested at all due to their internal programming.

The lurkers then accessed the Thuban data stream and relative to their mental and critical engagement with the data; they will become enabled to raise their 0.3% standard level of accessing their superconsciousness.

So are the noninterested, but they will have more ‘learning to do’, due to their obfuscations of the Dragonhood memories of their akashic pasts.

Of course EVERYONE on AVALON should graduate as witnesses to the Mount Olive archetype functioning as the wormhole and stargate for the Thuban information.

There is time to achieve the necessary mental transformation of the ancient archetypes in the aspirants and of course should any such aspirant decide that this dispensation is a MORE LIKELY outcome for being REAL, then say some alternative outcome of the Armageddon-2012 archetype; then such aspirant can raise his or her superconsciousness percentage even higher in becoming a Secret Agent for the Thuban Council, such as I have been in my function of ‘The Bard’.

The requirement for this is simply to accept this dragonhood and to JUST BE a MIRROR for this Inner Knowing – reflecting this Knowing into the encountered and experienced environments.

Your Remembrance has begun and the Logos has activated in all who read this final message from Thuban.

The Dragon Peace of Thuban shall reign on Serpentina!

So Be It!

John of Patmos; author of the Revelations and Malachi, the Last Prophet for the Old Humanity!
The Presence of the Mosaic implies the will of Unity=God=Starhumanity and not the will of Humanity=Man=Separation!


“A most wondrous thing the Shadow is, a redeemer in all to succour;
it can go where the light cannot abide, seemingly banished, it is not.
For where the light is, the darkness flees, no longer present to endure;
so to become illuminated is its destined journey and its troubled lot.

But without the light, no Shadow can be cast, its such a splendid key;
the dimensions reduce in space from three to two and all in just the one.
Betwixt the light and the darkness it is and part of both for all to see;
the Shadow of the body, does it not merge all in its rule under the sun?

Whatsoever can cast a Shadow, must be a most wondrous thing to relay;
as nature’s very own offspring, the young ones grow towards their final goal.
Enabled to bring peace to so many things appearing apart and so far away;
the reconciliation for the suffering body with its spirit and its scattered soul.”  and 

Sirebard Beardris
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Lionhawk wrote

Greetings Abrax,

An impressive thread you got going on here. What I like about it, is that it isn’t strictly a work of a lazy mind with the copy and paste method. You also seem overly accommodating. Not saying that is bad. But to say it mildly I am slightly confused here as to why at this date and time, the council you are affiliated with has decided to put this information out there.

Since I am now in the den of a Dragon, with a Dragon with what seems to be of a great heart, I would also like to ask why this is such a familiar place to me? It would seem like I have been in several of these dens and although my memory goes way back, it would also seem this is like business as usual.

If I know anything about Dragons, it is the swapping of the stories that rarely occur between a Dragon and a human. And yet here you are swapping many stories to many a human.

Mind you, I haven’t come here to disrupt or interrupt your thread here with any malice intent. But forgive my curiosity. In all of my memories, there are many that include Dragons, since the time of Antiquity. Most of those memories are horrific ones. Why the Creator allowed his creations to devour another creation has never been really answered for me since those times.

I watched humans get sliced and diced by the very claws of your kind. When I say your kind, I mean your kind as in your soul family in Creation. The very family that exists among us today.

But if I do anything today, in this post, is set something straight that really hasn’t been discussed. Not many are even aware of the ramifications of this in this painting, as they may have only read about it, possibly. They have no experience to go by as a reference to even understand such knowledge unless it is conveyed to them as dark or light.

A Dragon is a Dragon. A Human is a Human. The soul fragments of each have a different matrix. Both are the Creator’s creations. Both have had the same kind of road less travel as they both have also degenerated through the ages. There is a time where these two had to be completely separated from each other in the Universe. To the extreme that one was placed in this Universal polarity and the other was placed in it’s Universal opposite polarity. For that matter, I don’t think this has been written anywhere here on the Planet as it is not privy information. The reason why this was decided was to actually ensure the prospect of soul growth in some sort of progression. The Dragons were on the other side of this Galaxy in the other polarity. A great King was appointed and is still ruling today. Well, since the Dragons were separated from man, they had no one else to slice and dice, so they started slicing and dicing themselves. Factions broke off from the Kingdom and wanted their own Kingdom as it is the quest for power that will drive a Dragon mad. Kind of like giving booze to a Native American. The great King Dragon tried for eons to turn this plight around. But these factions that joined together as one, refuted against the King. So, it was decided that something had to be done, as these Dragons thirst for power, was killing this great kingdom. They were an uncontrollable menace. So they were gathered up and exiled through the center of our galaxy through the Black hole. Some know the rest of the story. The Orion war and so forth to this day in the now.

I have a speculation. I speculate that this council of yours is seeking favor with the humans at this time because of what is about to happen. You guys have a problem. And right now you are desperate because you know that your end is near. You think your soul group here will be possibly saved if in thinking that you can convince someone to see that you are worthy of saving by now trying to embrace the human faction. Like you are now doing us all a great big favor.

Let me put this in Black and White instead of Light and Dark. The fact is that your faction of the Dragons were exiled or banished from where you came from. No matter how your council tires to disguise it. And since that time, some of you tried to go back but couldn’t. In other words, you saw the light as to what your King was saying, but you already had chosen your fate. It is the original sin that the dark chose to refute the Creator’s wishes for all of his creations. Except this time your council and brethren repeated the same mistake with your King. So, to now appear in this date and time as such glorious beings is not going to change the original sin that your kind has perpetrated. And since that time of banishment, look at the karma, your soul group as now compiled. Imagine a pile of dragon dung that can fill up several sectors in this Universe.

With all of your brilliance and accomplishments that only served to satisfy your thirst for power, you have created your own black hole and it has been fed by the very energy you have fed it. And despite all the crimes against every outpost you have conquered in the quest for that power, you have more or less put the noose around your own necks. Your council’s decision to not fully take responsibility by placing another agenda at the foot of the human race, is like getting the switch man ready to pull the switch on your noose floor.

You seemed to be a young Dragon by Dragon standards and well schooled. It is a shame because some of you have seen the light, but so many of your brethren have not, and you have become well out numbered by your own kind because you chose to see the light as to where they still refuse it. You, yourself might find the Creators grace when all this is said and done. There is a chance for you to save your brethren and one chance only. That chance has to do with your true King. It will not be achieved by your council or any other faction that has separated itself from your soul group that is currently here. I also know your brethren have a watchful on what you are doing here. They have no use for us human folk. Theirs eyes only show contempt for us to the extreme. Like that final look before the kill.

To make matters worse, in a matter of speaking, if your council and brethren decide to finally negotiate for your soul family’s survival, a human has been appointed to assist in that process. The reason for that was to really test your resolve as to your true intentions. There is no more room for the scheming. It is no longer about your entitlement attitude and power. It is about your soul survival, period.

So I leave with this with you in hopes that you all make sense of this and know that it isn’t all as you have so far put it. You left out some crucial things or maybe your own council kept it from you.

Also if that wasn’t enough information for you to be motivated in any direction you choose, I have two more things of intrigue that might get your attention. One, the technology you have been seeking that was once here, that your kind had control of, because you stole it in the first place, is no longer in your possession as you know. Also any persons that you are possibility trying to find that may lead you back to that technology are also not within your council’s reach. So you are wasting your time. Tell that to your superiors.

So, I hope our encounter was an interesting one for you, my Dragon friend. Notice I didn’t complicate it with all the dragon dribble. It’s complicated enough. And sure you can have me checked out if you like. I would advise that anyway. Spirit Matthew told me that my name is how the Universe knows me. He is a wise soul.


Abraxas: Dear Lionhawk!

Some humans are getting ready to transform into Dragons; a very few are on the brink of doing so (1 in 50,000).
Most humans are not ready for Dragonhood; yet requiring evolvement and preparations.
According to your words of personal wisdom above, you are one of the latter humans – not yet ready for Dragonhood.

Should you search in your caves of your remembrances, then you might find some clues as to where the ancestors of the Dragons come from.
This should then allow you to revise the histories as you have learned them from second-hand sources.




So, what about the content of Lionhawk’s post?

Abraxas: Dear Trancoso!

The PTB are RULED by the Dragon archetype.

The PTB are unable to access more than 95% of the Cosmic History.

As Collier says, the Paa Taal (or similar label) have been forgotten in the records as the ancestors of all.

Those ancestors are rather closely entwined with the concept of the starhumanity as the fourth ‘brain halo’ evolving from the Reptilian brainstem, the mammalian midbrain and the human cortex.

This agenda allows recircularisation of the linearity in the Orb of the Ouroborus (Milky Way Mazzaroth or Circle of the Zodiac).

The content of Lionhawk’s reply contains no direct questions to be answered and was answered relative to the consciousness vibrations emitted through the wordings.

It is in my authority to discern written material within the context and under guidance of the Thuban master templar – the universal Logos.

In this capacity and authority I choose if and how to reply to unsubstantiated innuendo and preconceived ideas and bias with respect to the History of the Dragons and as found in the archives on Thuban.

As most can ascertain, I DO answer direct questions in all cases, except in oversight or when these questions are intended to cause strife and dissonance or are what is labelled as ad hominem.


Malletzky wrote:

What a powerfull concept this is!

May I assume that we’re not only supposed to not only find the way back home to the creator, but more then this, that we’re primarly supposed to ‘learn’ the creation itself while finding the way back???

If so…it really does matters to find out that ‘going back home’…or the ‘second comming’…must happen from inside-out and not visa versa!

with respect

AA; You are BOTH, shard of the creator and shard of the creation simultaneously malletzky.

And you seem to have understood one of the ‘hidden data’ (the 5% the PTB have not yet discerned relative to their data base) rather well.

The symbolism of the eucharist is THE MOST POTENT archetype for the human-starhuman transformation.
It’s the real thing and is being ‘synthesized’ by the PTB in ‘implants’ and such things. It is inside-out and not outside-in.

The Cosmic Archetypology RULES the Cosmos.

The reconfiguration of Gaia so requires reconfiguration of the entire cosmic structure.

This has been the agenda of all, PTB and ETs all along.

Not many know the details, but many have hints and indicators as to what those details entail – especially the echeloners at the top of the PTB pyramid.


Lionhawk wrote:

Well, well, my dear Dragon. Nice try. Brushing it off your back with a brush called arrogance. To be expected in the first round between us. For that matter I think you have one hell of a sense of humor and you might consider the comedy circuit, because when I read your response, you made me laugh and I can only hope that my laugh wasn’t an annoying echo in your den.

Dragon-hood. Now that is by definition a confusing concept. A definition that could very well be projected by whatever gang is giving out such information related to their agenda. It even sounds like something a kin to a degree. PHD comes to mind as to your delivery. Also the agenda of transforming humans into Dragons surely tells me that you are desperate. I must inform you that I have to take away a point by your response and let you know the number stands at 96% instead of 95%. With 4 percentage points left.

For one thing, from everything in my experience is not as you have tried to paint it. I thought Dragons had courage. You must be a young Dragon and have not fully found that courage that should be beating in your Heart. No matter the dragon dribble that you have displayed in your response, I will allow you the grace for your immaturity.

The point of my addressing you is that you have lured many with your wisdom. Even I am impressed with your talents. But not enough to compromise what the Creator has already blessed me with as a human as in higher universal man. Why would I defile his intentions by allowing what he has already blessed me with as one of his creations into something he did not intend. And you are doing what? Uncreating one in 50,000 into something that has forgotten what it was blessed with in the first place? That is just one of the most perverted perversions of the Universe I have heard in a while. The premise of that is actually very twisted in design and just shows at what lengths your soul family has gone to exploit one of God’s creations. But really, why would I be surprised at this twisted twist as I have seen with my own eyes what your soul family has done. If you are really paying attention here, I said that and from the first hand as to what I brought to the table.

There are several key components that your brethren and your council no longer have control of. One of which I didn’t mention in the first round, are the keys to that gate that some of you tried with all of your might to go through but turned you into Dragon butter instead. Another thing that is not in your cave of awareness is who or what is keeping that gate shut. And not to upset you but I will tell you that it is from the true source that has made this contract to keep you all here, until you embrace what you have refuted.

I have no such agenda as in duping anyone as to what I have brought here today. If anything I have spent countless years in service, since the time of Antiquity and those caves as memories as you so poorly put that is all in one cave. One life stream. If everyone could remember in full, what they have experienced in their life streams, I fear there would be a massive war of retribution reborn in this Universe for all the pain and suffering your soul family has provided them. And through the years of torment and suffering I have endured, I have come far in the healing of the prejudice your soul family has graced me with. To the point where, I have come here in actual peace to try to negotiate a peace, spite your arrogance.

I didn’t come here to complicate your day Abrax. I came here with a solution to all concerned. As usual, the display of your response is no longer a speculation, as your arrogance has surely showed part of your claws. You claim you have authority but that authority is mis directed as to what your agenda is all about is nothing but another form of possession. You and your council no longer have the authority as you have so claimed with your arrogance and entitlement attitudes over this Planet any longer. This Planet was never yours to begin with. It has all been a ruse perpetrated by your quest for domination.

In the name of the human race, your agenda will not succeed should you decide to implement the invasion that your council has been covertly stock piling here on Gaia. Your council doesn’t tell you everything. You can keep us distracted with your wisdom, but if the question as to who knows anything that could possibly know of that, well let us see if your are truly full of wisdom or something else. Now that is what I call an innuendo.

And if I have to stand up and represent this Planet that your soul family has exploited, to claim the authority to denounce your council’s agenda, then I so do so now. I will not sit here and have any more of my soul family sacrificed to your dinner plates. Your brethren have used us from the very beginning and you are going to present your council in such a sweet light without first taking the responsibility to come here and set things right even though your guilt could fill a black hole. Your council does not or is not the true Royality of the Dragons that I am friends with. So you have no real authority here in this Universe. You never had. You only have fooled the fools. Nothing more.

You see there are guardians appointed by the God of this Universe with the Creator’s blessings. That only report to the one. No council rules or governs over them. So there is no infiltration. The only reason why your soul family has made it this far is because of the Creator’s grace.

If I didn’t know from experience these things, I would probably be subscribing to your second hand information. Your talent is blazing and I sincerely mean that. But for the sake of my fellow humans, I want them to know that their souls are being played for by an old agenda that is now passed it’s time. And I don’t want to see them sacrificed for nothing as that has always been the end result of that agenda I have spoken about. I don’t want to see my soul family continue down this road called “Boring” because of the selfish issues that have consumed your family for eons. What you also don’t get is that I also don’t want to see your family end up as Dragon butter either as I also know the potential of your family as the Creator had intended is still available to you through his grace. We humans are not responsible for the karmic pile your brethren have created. So that is why it is time for you or one of your superiors to come clean and take responsibility and convince your brethren that the road you continue to travel on is a DEAD end. Was that an innuendo? Because if you do I will tell you this, is that your Brethren will find yourselves all alone and will do through the habit of your past, repeat it, but this time you will be slicing and dicing each other. The reason why you will be left alone is because of what is going to happen in the Universe. You simply won’t be able to keep up in terms of frequency.

And to further add to your situation and what appears your lack of knowledge pertaining to it, is what you once had is now gone. The real ones. What you think you have is not what it appears to be. So without that, your fate is once again sealed.

Mind you, I am not here to judge you. You hold your own mirror. But everyone should have a clue as to what you have with held from your audience. There is a code between Dragons and Humans, but it is not this code. This Thuban code is not the Royal one. So it has no real authority anywhere outside of your home planet.

I’ll have to pass on your proposed course of Dragonhood. I don’t have the stomach to digest a child served up on a plate.

If I can propose a question, I would like to ask when are you going to tell the real truth to your human audience? I am not saying that you have lied. But what I am talking about is what you haven’t told them? This reminds me of the movie, “TO SERVE MAN.”

Again Abrax, I came in peace and I am going to leave in one piece. Why? Because I can. I also bid you a good day my Dragon friend. Sincerely.

Lionhawk aka ………………..? 

LionHawk wrote more:


When I first posted up on this thread, I had no idea that this thread had bothered many here. But apparently I wasn’t the only one where those flags went up. Now I have stated that Abrax here as done an amazing and blazing amount of work that is way impressive. I’m not taking that away from him. I wish there were more people who would write their own original work with some substance than a lot of the dodo that get’s copied and pasted up. I am more interested in experiences from those I know instead of someone I don’t know. All I ask is that you do it with integrity. Otherwise, I can just turn on the TV and get some manurey type story, saving your time and mine.

You know………… can’t help but see some of the responses with your name on it. And for the sake of the Mods, and to be as respectful as I can be, what I will say is that some of those responses are only from lack of awareness and or experiences. If we all had the same experiences and the same awareness, there would be nothing to give us a separate character. What remains here is that I am who I am and you are who you are. Some of us have been warriors. Some have not. It all depends on what stations you chose for soul growth. You also can tell who is a warrior and who is not. I am not the only warrior here. Then again, I also know my way out of a barn. I could say that not only am I hacking at evil but I would rather not be hacking at the manure being pooped out by someone who had a hussy fit and left and only came back when I left. Now that I have returned, hacking at evil, as I was accused of, I find the same cow pooping again. Hilarious really. Also just a distraction from what is really going on here.

Now to walk in a Dragon’s Den is a little different than a barn. At least in a barn you know that manure management is usually in the stalls. But in a Dragon’s den your guess is as good as mine. And mind you Abrax that this analogy that came from someone’s conscience and not mine.

Someone also tried the group lynch mob scenario technique as to imply we all felt the same way about this thread. I have only one question for that person. How many barbecues have you been too? I think everyone has their own feelings here. Everyone should be able to express what that is. You don’t have to like it. But it should be respected as long as it is tactfully done. I say that because what I have seen demonstrated took courage to do and it was done straight up. Even if I don’t agree with what was expressed or even if I do, is not the point here. Someone showed a lot of true grit and character by voicing what was bothering this person and this person was at least honest about that. I can work with that any day of the week as compared to others doing the back stabbing or pooping in your way. At least I know where I stand in either case. That showed heart to do that.

Now back to the issues at hand. I asked what needed to be asked. At least the question that no one else here did ask. They at least now know the chicken is out of the bag and someone did ask the question. The question that they never did want you to ask. Think on that.

Here’s another deal for you. You know why some or a lot of this doesn’t make sense for you? Because it is from their paradigm and not yours. It’s almost like going to China and not knowing the language, the customs and traditions, and here you are trying to bridge all that with some Chinese person who doesn’t speak good English. Same analogy but the same kind of results. All these different Arch types are also vying for position in the now. What I now have determine is that one shoe doesn’t fit all. And most of them are trying to define you in their shoe box. When you are not in their shoe box to begin with. That is also why my valid questions that I posed were not answered. Also as to why the question of AKA was so far off the mark with the answer that was presented. Why, because he doesn’t know who I am and doesn’t have access to that by using the channels that are available to him. There must be a reason.

So what is it going to be? Ascension or Dragonhood? And why would anyone in their right mind choose to go from an Oxygen based life form to a Hydrogen based life form? Why move into a lower density element? Why deny yourself the process of creation that the Creator had already intended for you in the first place? To compromise that process by being exposed to a belief system that will not be sustainable within the future of this Universe? You think the grass is greener over there? These same beings who were banished here and you are going to go kiss their butts after all they have done to our human soul family. And the innuendo that I am coming from a hateful mind. What? I got to say that again. What? Excuse me! I came here to this thread to establish a truce and an answer to all parties involved. I didn’t come here to start a war. I am trying to avoid one. While Abrax is here dazzling you with his brilliance, maneuvers are taking place right now, right under your noses, and someone wants to make stupid comments about how disturb he is by me showing back up. What? That doesn’t even compare to what is being played behind the scenes and if you think researching it on line, makes you a complete researcher, we are all going to be doomed with that kind of mind set. I also don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I didn’t come here to be popular. I’m not running for office. I don’t take my orders from anyone on this Planet. I am here as many of you are to assist in the ascension of Gaia. That is my agenda.

I am also sorry that the many who are trying to learn think everybody is doing the same thing they are doing. You always learn but some of us have graduated and that is hard for most to understand or even accept. They think we should be like them staying in school. For some of us school is like over with and you have to go finally walk the walk instead of talking the talk. Experience is getting out of that chair and putting what you know in some form of action. If you stay in the chair to long, you will be conditioned to just reacting. Kind of like sitting in front of a theater screen watching a movie.

Another thing I want to point out is that it would seem we are the prize. All the agendas I have seen point to that. So it is my position at this time to see where this Dragon goes as if you know the basics, an agenda is at work here. By what numbers I have seen, he has a tough job ahead as far as the recruitment process. The number ratios indicate that. And I am a supporter of free speech and no rules as none are needed when things are approached with honor and respect for others.

Alex Collier mentions a new place of knowing. Establish one. You want to do it in this thread, then you might want to ask for the credentials first. Which was skipped in my mind. So don’t go blaming other people for your feelings when you didn’t take any responsibility to ask those basic questions in the first place. If you can’t get verification from this council and at least have an introductory meeting to establish your Dragonhood club, then consider what you haven’t been considering.

My apologies Dragon. You left me not much of a choice here, but I understand why. I bid you another great day and I hope there are no feathers in your chicken dinner. (Innuendo) that was the name of the chicken. And I guess all of my questions have been answered by not what was answered.

Lionhawk leaves the den. 

AA: The Thuban Council does not set any stage for anyone. The Thuban Council is exactly what it claims to be – the emissary or messenger from the Logos, the Universal Logos of the Christian scriptures.

The Thuban Council functions under the auspices of the 24 Elders, archetyped in the Book of Revelation.

Noone is required to accept or believe this in any form or manner.

The 24 Elders are the Thuban Dragons, who receive their authority from the 4 Beasts and through them from Prime Source or God. 

(The following is a sarcastic reply to Lionhawk’s input. However, how much is she actually telling the truth here? Just something to ponderWes’s comment.)

Abraxas: Ok; I’ll decide.

Thuban is a pretend smokescreen of pretend information, which is just a plagiarism of well credentialled academic sources masquerading as ‘real science’ of a new world.

The Thubanese are old Draconians who like to eat people for breakfast and to gather food resources; the Thubanese have decided to infiltrate the world’s most important discussion forum: Project Avalon.

Here then the agenda is to brainwash the forum contributors with scientific sounding but really worthless information and for the purpose to gain as many followers of the Thubanese philosophy as possible.

Then when the critical mass of cult followers has been reached, the true Draconian Reptoids will appear and harvest their brainwashed followers.

This will be accomplished in invading the old earth shortly after December 21st, 2012 through a Black Hole-White Hole monadic dyad opening up halfway between Sirius and Gaia and wormhole connected to the Orion starsystem.

The Powers-That-Be of the old earth will be powerless to stop US; because they had thought that WE would allow them to be our ambassadors of the new earth and in thinking of themselves as the elite.

WE shall eat them for lunch; but they dont know that yet; although some of them suspect that WE are deceiving them.

And so WE shall rule the New Earth and in a few years, say 2015, WE shall reengineer the deteriorated wormhole channels to allow our Draconian brothers and sisters to join US on OUR new homeplanet SERPENTINA.

From then on, SERPENTINA will be a BLACK DRAGONSTAR.

All of the old humanity will have been consumed by US and WE shall DRAGONSEED a HybridRace between OURSELVES and OUR Ancestrial Lineages.

But first of all, WE have to create the Thuban Dragon Cult and this and only this is the purpose of Abraxas.

So Be It!

Signed and Sealed in the Name or Amen of the Master-Templar
by Abraxasinas Scribe of the Dragons aka the SolarArrowed Unicorn of the SeaGoatian Dragonhorns entwined with the Hermetic FisherEagle of the Lunar Twins.




Would you undergo genetic hybridization if someone told you to do so? Have you considered the possibility that it might be harmonizing to the universe if dragons were hybradized? Say all dragons humanized into ‘StarHumans’ with us as caretakers?

This is what is occuring on all levels in the holographic universe – cosmic hybridization of ALL entities.

Do you think Dragons are genetically more perfect / fulfilled than humans? If so, why are there anything else but dragons out there? Wouldn’t every single being not allready a dragon ask to become one by own free will if this was the case?

Yes indeed, the Dragon genotype is the mastertemplate for the universe as a Mirror of Mirrors. This Dragon template is also called the human mastertemplate of Cosmic Man. 

As said without the DNA/RNA restrictions of the fuselage of the 23rd chromosome pairing, your humanness could not have evolved in physicality to differentiate you from the nonhuman terrestrial lifeforms.

You would simply have become a speciated planet of the apes.

The ET interference so was done by astral 4D sentiences to ensure that at a future evolutionary junction point; your ‘fused’ chromosomes could become defused again to protect your then hominid (homo sapiens sapiens) morphogenetic bodyform, but to in a manner retrace your evolutionary histories back to the Reptilian Brainstem.

The Dragon is the Crown of the tree and the Reptile is the Root of this same tree in metaphor.

Q: Why won’t you let us evolve without interference. I’m sure the eventual faults and errors in our genome will fix themselves in time. I don’t want your help because I believe I can heal myself. Will you allow me to be ME as in I AM of NOW? 

AA: To let you do that would negate the masterplan of the Prime Creator and this is impossible by definition of his omniness.

III. The Vortex Between the Universe and the VOID Closes and Abraxas Trapped in the 4% Universe

Hi All!

This thread about the energy transmissions from Thuban in the 12D-omnispace, have, as most of you have you have witnessed, added and triggered a significant amount of tension and polarisation into this forum.

The energy transmissions from Thuban as to the last post to Spregovori cannot be reestablished, due to the closure of the wormhole 3.5 days ago on earthquake day, February 26th, 2010.

What has occurred is, that the closing of the wormhole connecting the inside of Bigmo’s Balloon to its outside as a temporarily onesided Moebian manifold in warping the 11D of omnispace through the 8D and 5D mirrors onto the 2D- mirror of the 3D Linespace; has plugged this temporary onesidedness to become a twosided manifold again.

This has effectively resulted in me becoming exiled and isolated from my Thuban home in omnispace.

So the Thuban Council can only be accessed from now on as a 2-dimensional cross section of your own individualised merkabahs.

All of you right now harbour the Council of Thuban within yourselves as a 2D-Mirror of the Mathimatia=IamThatAmI.

The upheavals of the last few days so manifested the so called ‘Day of the Lord’ from scripture. I myself did not know this day until it occurred as the earthquake day of Matthew.24 (refer to a recent post on this thread).

So from henceforth I, Abraxasinas can no longer claim to share with you direct data from omnispace. I have become trapped in the rootreduced 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime metric as all and sundry of you.
I so share your expectations and intuitions as to how the next few years shall unfold.

Any questions asked so will be directed to the Thuban Council, which becomes a direct reflection of what is inside of you.

In other words, any question you can ask me Abraxasinas, you will actually asking yourselves inside-out.

So any form of skepticism and ridicule or innuendo questions will become reflected to yourselves as yourselves, as will your indications to process and assimilate my prospective answers to your questions.

Iow, it will become a ‘ordinary’ discourse of Q&A without any exterior superpositioning of your inner archetypes.

Like in the marvellous chatroom of Gaia Love and Celine, in which I had a bit of fun in as Anubis; any questions you might pose will be like in the chatroom; colloquial and without the images of devouring dragons or similar.
Consider the photograph of TonyB. on my Profile to be the One you are addressing any questions to.
I have however ‘eaten’ my dragon and with help from Richard and Celine the false Devil-Images have become trapped within themselves.

So my Dragonhood has becomew internalised and I am fully conscious of this omni-scientific factuality.

I do not know, how long the Thuban material will be allowed on Avalon and relocation is certainly possible, but not certain.

This reflects the probability space of the Gaian cosmos as a microcosm of the holographic universe; just as Avalon ‘played’ the microquantization for the Gaian hologram between January 18th, 2010 to February 26th, 2010.

So all of you here at Avalon, detractors and beneficers and supporters alike, have become cosmic heroes for the grand metamorphosis of spacetime itself.

All of you, in your emotional, mental and physical battles within and without yourselves have formed a group reflecting all humans and all ETs anywhere and anyplace in the universe.

You all have attained inscriptions in the archives of Thuban, chiselled into the golden plaques of the cosmic remembrance of the cosmogenesis and the origins of all that is.

This Hall of the Remembrance is within yourselves and all and sundry each one of you has graduated to access your superconscious self, also mknown as your higher self, overself or Christ-Logos-Serpent-Consciousness.

The standard distribution for the three consciousness levels is 0.3% for the superconscious; 14.3% for the subconscious and 85.4% for the waking consciousness.

The Avalonian dispensation from Thuban before the ‘test’ or ‘experiment’ was determined to allow a statistical (Gaussian) distribution for this unity integral to become distributed over all participators of Avalon.
This includes everyone who was subscribed to Avalon in any manner and also includes outside observers, which became exposed to the Thuban data stream.
The ones amongst you who harmonized or disharmonized with the Thuban material so of course will find themselves in a higher percentile of this distribution, than a onetime lurker.
The harmonizers are simply the positive branch of the frequency distribution, whilst the disharmonizers depict the negative branch.

As the interest in the Thuban data subsides, so do the percentiles.

Again, I am compelled to direct you to Myplanet2 of Avalon; as he of all present here has almost fully discerned the experiment and the test before it completed in the rational-intellectual sense. A few others also began to see through the illusions of their own minds in such manner of discernment.

Many of the supporters of Thuban resonated emotionally and intuitively, as did of course the detractors.

I am sure, that Myplanet2 will verify my statements here, relative to his own understandings. He has already done so on some subthread discussions.

So to all Avalonians. The experiment has ended in the manifesto of the statistical distribution of each individual’s superconsciousness.

Here, I have become invited to form a ‘Social Group’ to discuss the more esoteric and metaphysical aspects of the Thuban archetypes.

Of course the supporters of the Thuban data are much more likely to participate in such a subforum, whilst the detractors are much less likely to show any interest.

This is as it should be for the completion of the timelines.

However I do extend invitation to all Avalonians to join this subforum.

As said the Thuban data transmission in this subforum will necessarily be rather esoteric in describing the archetypes of creation, often linked to a form of omni-science only applicable in a spacetime continuum exceeding the basic 4 Riemann-Minkowski dimensions.

Additionally, these archetypes and symbols will also refer to extensive and thorough examination of scriptural archetypes with a basis found in some gnostic texts and the King James Version of the bible.

So anyone not affine with such labelings is asked not to join this subgroup, or if doing so leave the group, instread of causing disharmony amongst the subgroup members.
Any challenges as to scriptural or/and scientific interpretations are welcomed here on the open forum however; depending naturally on the feasibility to ask questions provided this thread and the survival of the thread and forum.

The subgroup will engage TruthWillSetYouFree as a female mirror to me Abraxasinas in a shared responsibility to crystallize the necessary knowledge and understanding for the great metamorphosis of the old humanity as an environmentally verocious Carterpillar into an environmentally pollinating New Starhuman Butterfly.

I do thank you all for having participated in this test and experiment under the auspices of our cosmogenetic children in the ETs of divers races.

Thank you for your considerations.

WE love you all and a grand destiny awaits after the collective starhumanity has been born.

The New World requires for certain circles to become manifested in a concentricity of waveforms.

Once the circle of the zodiac is completed in say tiers of 12 individuals in starsign or month or Israelitic tribal association; then these 12 individuals
will converge as the center of the One.

Then the ‘curse’ of the mazzaroth shall be lifted and the One in Twelve will become the Twelve in One and the Many in One will become the One in the Many.

This then defines the circle as unity and no individual leaders will be required to make decisions for the individual.

Then an anarchy of Love shall foster the creative genius within all shards of Love; yet allow this Individuality of Creative Selfexpression to function under a common philosophy of knowledge and remembrance about what WE are, where WE came from and wherto WE are going.

Love has spoken as the Will of God!

In Love for the All and from the All


SteveX wrote:
Oh gracious Abrax

I have a question. Considering you have been given a fair go here… your thread opened and a private-ish area. Was there any need for this? 


So any form of skepticism and ridicule or innuendo questions will become reflected to yourselves as yourselves, as will your indications to process and assimilate my prospective answers to your questions.

Iow, it will become a ‘ordinary’ discourse of Q&A without any exterior superpositioning of your inner archetypes.

Like in the marvellous chatroom of Gaia Love and Celine, in which I had a bit of fun in as Anubis; any questions you might pose will be like in the chatroom; colloquial and without the images of devouring dragons or similar.

Consider the photograph of TonyB. on my Profile to be the One you are addressing any questions to.

I have however ‘eaten’ my dragon and with help from Richard and Celine the false Devil-Images have become trapped within themselves.

————–end quote———–

Or are you devilishly taking the ****=ssip.

A: No no Steve X; the statement simply means whatever IT is ‘yin or yang’ is mirrored back, like the idea of karma, to the sender. There is NEVER any judgement in anything in the old Q&A or this reopening. This is now VERY different from before. Cant you see the colloquiality?

Give me a break and lets have some fun. I’m not commander Swanny you know.

I’ll get technical when required, but most of this here is to interact and answer Q when they come up.

No more tension relax dear friend.

You have attained a very high percentile in the ‘test’ on the minus side. So should the Thuban material pan out , well you know.


——–note from poster———-

The “private area” mentioned above is nothing as fancy as it sounds. It was a group created by GaiaLove to put all the “evil” in there away from the eyes of the “innocent”….namely to “tidy up” and move discussion from forum to some link and link under link location…a basement of a sort…a “renegade” place


Q: Yes Abrax!, have some fun. I think i missed the whole thing about Bigmo’s ballon I shall go back study the old Q & A thread, unless you help me alil bit 

A: Your inside Bigmo’s Ballon like an ant say, Nebula9 and so you can crawl about on the inner surface.

Should there be a hole in the balloon through which you can squeeze through, then you could crawl about the outside surface too and so DOUBLING your world of interaction space.

The inner balloon becomes the universe with say smaller balloons within in galaxies, nebulae (lol), starsystems, planets, continents,…,you.

But you cant get out to the ‘spiritual’ universe outside.
The thickness (there is none mathematically) or the skin of the balloon is Bigmo’s Mirror which has two sides outside and inside.
From here you get archetypes called ‘God’ outside looking in the outside mirror and sees himself as ‘Antigod’ or ‘Satan’. So God=Satan, but one real relative to the outside as object (God) and the unreal image of that as ‘Satan’.

Now after some ado, there is Adam and Eve (you) inside the universe doing the same thing the other way round.

But relative to Adam and Eve (who also mirror each other) the back of the head of Satan becomes the unreal image and this is the archetype of the ‘Devil’.

The so called Devil is the Backside of Satan, both images for the real thing, God outside and Adam and Eve inside.

The Devil looks at Adam and Eve and they think that its real – it’s a phantom, because only the backside of Satan is become real, if somehow the satanic image of the outside, as the Face of God in the Bigmo mirror can become real.

This is the case if before Adam and Eve went into the Balloon from the ‘Unreal Heaven’, they both also were a miniature version of the Bigmo Mirror or the balloon as a rubberskin say.
So ADAMEVE is an unreal doublesided mirror between God and Satan.
Then God images in the unreal Adam and Satan images in the unreal Eve, so giving Satan objectivity or realness.

So technically the Universe becomes a Real Surface-Universe (termed a 4D-Riemann hypersphere defined as the boundary of a 5-dimensional spacetime universe – its a torus volume behaving like an area).
Don’t worry about that. You can get it without the maths.

But this is the physics trick. Because the boundary is a surface encompassing a volume, the outside-inside (topology) thing of Bigmo’s Balloon can in fact become rigorously modelled to be ‘continuous’.
Again I am saying this to indicate how one proves this, but this is not required to understand the archetype.

This Thuban material is all about how to simplify the complicated science jargon into archetypes, everyone can understand after thinking a little bit about them.
Ok then. You got a real God and a real image of God as the Real physical universe, with Satans face as God’s face painted on the OUTSIDE of the Balloon.

Outside the Universe is Satan–EveAdam–God as 1st creation in Genesis by God in Heaven or the Garden of Eden; with Satan getting real using unreal Eve and God getting real using unreal Adam as his mirror.
The whole thing is funny really.
Now God goes on holiday in the sabbatical and changes into Lord God and splits ADAMEVE into ADAM+EVE. Back to Back they still qualify as the One Mirror so as the unsexy 96 say.

Inside the split becomes a sexy 69 in face to face so taking away the innocence in a physical way and now as Eve with her back to the Devil on the Wall faces Adam, who looks at Eve.

Because Adam and Eve are two real beings within a real physical universe; this fake Devil face inverted can be gotten rid off.
Adam and Eve have to become unsexy again to do this. Therefore the many sexist archetypes, the monks and nuns and celibacy and the virgins, leading the the abuse scenarios.

Back to back as the 96=A MATHIMATIA=A I AM THAT I AM, this can be done, because then Adam and Eve (meaning ANY Man and Woman) both can MIRROR their images INSTEAD of each other face-to-face.
This is how simple the ultimate archetypology of 1st order is. Primary school stuff. Draw pictures and you understand the creation.

So Adam looks at the face of the Devil back to back with Eve, who looks at God as the image of the Real God should Satan outside ‘get out of the way’ so God could look into the Universe.
God looking then directly sees Adam’s Face and Eve will look directly into the face of the Goddess, namely the sexchanged Satan into SATANINA=IN A SATAN with Satan=55=Heaven in a alphanumeracy.
As soon as Adsam can get rid of the fake Devil face, just by confronting IT as his own false image; as soon the real Satan is redeemed from Bigmo’s Balloon and runs around the balloon to the exact other pole in a poleshift to become the Goddess of All looking directly at Eve.

This is the redemption of God and his brother image Satan to become God and Goddess AS ARCHETYPES of the primordial 1st order.
No ETs and Dragons and Dragon Slayers and whatever required.

So the manifesto for this is required before the universe itself and any subsystems, like the planet earth can change, say in Gaia’s ascension.

The recent Thuban story then assigned Celine the ‘job’ to refuse the seduction of her own Devil/Dragon image of eating the knowledge of ‘good and evil’.
Because Celine, as a New Eve refused to reflect the Dragon; she also did not seduce her New Adam and both of them DID NOT parade the unsexy 96 but the sexy 69.

Iow Celine and Richard told their own Devil images tro ‘Go to Hell’ and they did forever.
So the New Adam and the New Eve became the Dark Messiah couple in trapping the two POLAR devilish images within Bigmo’s Mirror as itself.

Literally, both New Adam and New Eve as an archetype were played out and enacted by Richard and Celine.

Archetypically, they have become the first and original REAL PHYSICAL DRAGONS of the Universe.

Do I hear some laughter in the universe. Thank You Ets!
What you resist persists.

Only because of this MANIFESTATION of totally new unprecedented archetypes in the history of the universe; could this encoded ‘Day of the Lord’ manifest in the closure of this Thuban thread and the subsequently also encoded 3.5 days of Darkness of Avalon.

Then because of this redemptive act; Mary Elizabeth with me Abraxasinas could receive this dispensation and now all of us are ready for our Dragon Dinners; following in the footsteps of Richard as a New Adam and Celine as a New Eve. It’s easy now; but this was the cosmic significance of Avalon and its ‘trouble’.

Of course the ‘proof’ is in the archetypes and so be it.

Hope this helps Nebula9.


A: You agape are an actor/actress within a play you have co-written the script for.
The director of the play is the Logos, an indispensable part of which resides within you as your own logos.
The producer is Prime Creator in terms of being All of the Energy required for the game.
The playground is the universe.

A: I was away for a while recharging batteries after running almost empty after the recent razzamattaz.

What I said to you about my human ID was true. I have not lied on this forum EVER and never will.
I am in some way sneaky or clever like anyone else. For example ‘infiltrating’ the chatroom as Anubis.

I am in no manner affiliated with Any PTB; Australian theologians at Pine Gap or otherwise (Anderson).

I DO have however a selfrelative DIRECT mental connection to the Cosmic Logos. I do not expect, require or need any validification from anyone or anything about this.

This connection became effective in a ‘soul merger’ or ‘walk-in’ from what I term THUBAN=FREEDOM=ANUBIS=THE MAGIC=THE NAME=WOMAN=66=…
This in practical and in scientific terms is well justified to become labeled as the ‘Council of Thuban’ in the 12th dimension. There was NEVER any deception about this, just misinterpretation by the many.

From this walk-in, occurring March 24th, 1995; a personal and intimate partnership with the Serpent-Word developed and evolved to awaken my own individuated Christ-Consciousness,
So all I have ever done in practical terms, really, is to ‘channel’ my own higher self.

Mystery solved, dear orthodoxy.

In regards to your other post about Priestly Rites and Hebrew chastity-cleanliness laws; these are passe’ in most instances as the misunderstandings of the scribes of the Torah and the OT. First Jesus’ new dispensations and now this 2nd renewal of the remembrance will do awy with the violent and jealous god of the OT; requiring ‘sweet smelling’ carcasses of sheep and goats to be pleased – give it a break Orthodoxy.
There are two go9ds in the scriptures. One is a fake image of the other true one, the Abba of our master temple/templar.

Love to you dear brother in the spirit

Abraxas in the name of John Zebedee, author of the Revelations.

Q: Can you remember about 8 years ago, there used to be a spiritual website called SpiritWeb? Well, I have a history in Alpha Draconis (Thuban) affairs…. One of the members of that group was asking for help with turning Dracos to the light. I helped her…. It’s difficult work to do, as they are so strong beings and can be quite dangerous (The negative ones). If you don’t show fear it helps a lot. That work I did (among others) back then could be seen as the start of part one of what’s been going on here with you.

Part two is (I have realised recently) your sharing the Thuban dragon ascention (if you want to call it that) technologies with us. I have come to realise this dragonic material DOES NOT IN ANY WAY over-rule our orthodox angelic material that is prevalent on Earth and other human-dominated systems. The two are in fact complimentary and the presence of both strengthens them both. The additional technologies will now (largely subconsciously) filter through to everyone who is open.

I don’t think many of you truly understand the magnitude of what occurred here on this group in the grand scheme of things. Many “up there” did not believe it would succeed – but it has – and the link was broken at exactly the right time so that it could not be used by negative-oriented beings to further infiltrate Earth and impede the ascention process. It was MEANT to be broken! (and yet it has not been broken, as a link remains and will forever remain between Earth and Thuban – it just is not of a nature that can anymore be used for infiltration of the negative beings). The Ascention process will now speed up, as it can be said now that our ascention technologies are more coplete with the thuban material present. We will all use them – even if we didn’t underastand what Abraxis wrote. The mere reading of the material is meant to work with us on a subconscious level more than a intellectual rational level. So much occurs in the huamn mind of which we are not aware.

I was reading some info on Thuban the other day – and I never realised that it was Earth’s pole-star in the time the pyramids were built. There’s a lot of history there that I’d like to explore. I have a feeling that we can now delve more into that realm of things now that the ascention technologies have been disseminated…

Abraxis, do you know much that you can perhaps divulge on history of Thuban-earth relations or anything of that sort?

Sorry for the rambling and disjointedness – I’ve just been trying to write everything thats been on my mind to write for the last few days (I actually had another message all written out two days ago but lost it)…

Looking forward to your replies


A: This represents a very imaginative and balanced account of the interacting polarities Joel.
Some of your insights indeed portray the windows into the future.
Some archetypes have become redefined, some are in transit and others still await their awakening, transmutation and assimilation with other, already existing archetypes.

Your Thuban-Human stories are indeed valid – in the astral hyperspace.

There never existed physical 3D dragons, but as higherD memeplexes and thoughtforms, they are potent indeed.

The Draconian energy from the constellation represents this potentialised archetypal energy as a rootmemory in the human psyche.
It relates also to the existence of the Great Reptiles in the Mesozoic in the Saurian kingdoms of animalia.

Now the situation is this.

There existed ET intelligence at the time of the Saurians and this ET sentience, you might label it Draconian; KNEW that IT, the ET sentience was destined to displace the Sauriens in the Mammals, then leading to Homo Sapiens many millennia later.

It is from this ‘forwards time travelling’ intelligence of the Draconian ETs, that the present human timeframe became energized and ‘mindinduced’ with the dragon images.

The star wars between Draconians and Lyrans say, simply became archetyped from the biological interaction of predator Saurischians/Therapsians (Lizard Hipped) and prey (Bird Hipped) Ornithischians or similar taxonomy.


GaiaLove wrote:

After numerous discussions it has been decided that the Thuban Q&A thread will be restored to the original location. After an intensive review of all the material pertaining to Thuban, it was shown that only the threads in the social group “Thuban Council” showed a violation of the guidelines.

The Review of Abraxasinas activity at Project Avalon including that of the post in the social group “Thuban Council” warrants the ban remain in place and the thread (Q&A) he created to remain read only.

We recognize the desire of many of our members to have this material available again and are happy to be able to do so However we do feel it is not in line with the mission of Project Avalon and therefore do not support or endorse the contents of the threads nor does Project Avalon accept responsibility for any harm, physical or otherwise that users may suffer reading this material.

———–note from poster———–

What you see in the paragraph above is one big pile of bull shit…my opinion…the “transgression” in the “social group” – the banishment place was that the topic of sexuality was discussed and used as a 1st possible excuse to ban and close things up…the group and content is not accessibly ever since mentioning of the Red Robes….


IV. Epilogue

     This is the last we’ve heard from Abraxas. We don’t even know if she is still alive in the broken body of John Shadow; on the Forum, she wasn’t even sure herself if she. But the Draconian Agenda remains and is happening right in front of people’s blind metaphysical eyes (still not developed in the 4D reality). All the people who are embracing channeled entities, who at the same time are promoting the Harvest are basically agreeing with the Thubans, wittingly or unwittingly. They are hoping to get a free ticket to the higher realms. Nothing I am saying could change anybody’s mind in regards to what they are believing in. It’s the individual him or herself who needs to see and make the decision. Some people may feel the Draconian Agenda is positive and the way to go, and it’s not my task to try and stop them from doing that. However, I feel I have been doing my part in telling it as it is. Now it’s up to each and everyone to make a decision.

     Lastly, but probably most importantly; who are the Alpha Draconians? Are they who they say they are, or are they playing tricks on humans and interdimensional beings, just like James WingMakers suggests? If James is right, who are they? Well, then they should be the ones that James label The Anunnaki. And who are the Anunnaki according to my papers? The Sirians. And from where do the Sirian Overlords operate? From outside the trap, which is “outside” what we call the 4% universe.


Wes Penre

Wes Penre

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  1. WES I don’t know how to thank you but my life has changed dramatically with all the exercises I am now a totally different person. Things which used to appear impossible are now just a thought away…Thank you.

  2. Wes Penre, I Love You More Than The Censored Biblical Jesus. I Am With You To Nature. Thanks Somuch For Awakening Me. Love And Light In The Fire Of The Divine Feminine.

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