Second Level of Learning, Appendix B: Updates on ‘The Remarkable Michael Lee Hill Case’ Part 2: ‘The World Teacher of the New Era’

1. How Much Does the Government Know?

Let’s start Part 2 (click here for Part 1) with having Michael Lee Hill introduce his sightings to us. Here is a report, posted and broadcast in November 2010, and it was run by CNN ’19 Action News’, about the lights he had been filming much earlier. It’s a three part video, but each section is only 2 minutes long or so, and it is a great introduction to what is to come: This CNN site also lets you follow links to YouTube sites, where the reader can explore this phenomenon some more if they like. As we can see, there is an abundance of reports and information regarding this.

Also, here is a compellation of the best video clips and news reports of Michael’s sightings, called ‘Best Of Lake Erie UFO’s! – Appearing all Over America! – Proof Is In The News! (HD)’.

Multimedia A-2.

So far, we have concentrated our investigation on what is happening in the Lake Erie area, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see if similar phenomena have happened somewhere else in the world? Or is Lake Erie unique with its dancing orbs, moving themselves into position, forming triangular structures and such?

To start with, wouldn’t it be nice to know how much the government know about these UFOs that they often are so quick at explaining away as military experiments, illusions etc? In fact, we do know a few things about how much the government knows! First of all, we know that they are aware of that the Lake Erie UFO orb phenomenon is not local for the Great Lake, and secondly, we know that they have been hiding their knowledge about these kinds of UFOs from the public for quite a long time.

How do we know that? We know, because in 2006, the British ‘Ministry of Defence’ (MOD) released some classified UFO files to the public, which can be viewed here: When we open up the link, the best thing we are perhaps expecting to find is some general UFO document that doesn’t say much, just like it usually is when the government releases information of this nature. However, when opening up the first pdf file, the image hits us right in the face; it’s the exact same orbs that have been sighted, photographed and filmed over Lake Erie! (  So the phenomenon is not isolated only to the Great Lakes! And moreover, we can see that there has been a big cover-up in the United States regarding the orbs over Lake Erie, where so-called ‘experts’ have expressed their ‘informed’ opinions about that this can be, when in fact, their knowledge on the subject was there all the time. Instead, they try to make reliable witnesses look like fools.

In the MOD report it says, amongst a lot of other things that are indeed noteworthy:

“That Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP or UFO) Exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take off, accelerate to astonishing velocities and vanish. They can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamics characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile – either manned or unmanned.

The Conditions for the initial formation and sustaining of what are apparently buoyant charged masses (of Plasma), which can form, separate, merge, hover, climb, dive, and accelerate are not completely understood.

Dependent on a color’s temperature and aerosol density, it may be seen visually, either by it self generated plasma color, by reflected light, or silhouette by light blockage and background contrast.

Occasionally and perhaps exceptionally, it seems a field with, undetermined characteristics can exist between certain charged buoyant objects in loose formation, the intervening space between them forms an area, viewed as a shape, often Triangular, from which the reflection of light does not occur. This is a key finding in the attribution of what have frequently been called black “Craft”, often triangular and up to hundreds of feet in length. – The UK Ministry of Defence

This report is interesting in many ways. Although these lights show up clearly in many videos now posted on YouTube, I wanted to ask Michael Lee Hill how he would describe them. He told me:

“They are beautiful! Imagine a house sized ball of Light/plasma that is pulsating with what seems like the brightest most intense multidimensional colors I have ever seen. They usually appear as a single Orb. Then sometimes that Orb will “divide”, or another 2nd Orb will appear next to the first. Sometimes a third Orb will appear and then all three Orbs will join into a huge triangle formation and create what seems to be one solid Triangular craft.

Amazingly enough, Wes, the UK Ministry of Defense actually has detailed the behavior of these Orbs of Plasma/Light perfectly!”

That is indeed pretty interesting, and Michael is right. The following is what the Ministry of Defence has to say about these lights (and this is a quote from the above released information from MOD):

“That Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP or UFO) exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take off, accelerate to astonishing velocities and vanish. They can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamics characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile – either manned or unmanned.

The Conditions for the initial formation and sustaining of what are apparently buoyant charged masses (of Plasma), which can form, separate, merge, hover, climb, dive, and accelerate are not completely understood.

Dependent on a color’s temperature and aerosol density, it may be seen visually, either by it self generated plasma color, by reflected light, or silhouette by light blockage and background contrast.

Occasionally and perhaps exceptionally, it seems a field with, undetermined characteristics can exist between certain charged buoyant objects in loose formation, the intervening space between them forms an area, viewed as a shape, often Triangular, from which the reflection of light does not occur. This is a key finding in the attribution of what have frequently been called black “Craft”, often triangular and up to hundreds of feet in length. – The UK Ministry of Defence

So now we know that the exact same kind of UFOs have been seen by reliable witnesses (even the Coast Guard) over Lake Erie, Suffolk, Virginia (see ‘The Terrell Copeland Case’[1]), and the Great Britain, recorded by the Ministry of Defense. Now, are there even more places in the world where these specific types of UFOs have been sighted? Yes, there is!

2. The Portal — The Hessdalen Lights Phenomenon

Hessdalen is a central Norwegian small village located in a 9.3 miles (15km) long valley. We find it approximately 75 miles south of a larger Norweigian city, Trondheim. Normally, it would have been quite an insignificant little village, with only 120 people living there, and few people in the world would have known it even existed. However, Hessdalen has been quite well known internationally for occasional occurrences of a “sometimes ominous luminous phenomena called the ‘Hessdalen Lights’. The phenomena is monitored by the ‘Hessdalen AMS [Automatic Measurement Station, editor’s note]‘”[2].

These unusual lights have been reported in Hessdalen since at least back in the 1940s. However, there was a great increase in these sightings over the period of December 1981 until the summer of 1984, when people could apparently see the lights as often as 15-20 times a week. Then the amount of sightings decreased again to a relatively steady amount of 10-20 sightings a year, in average.

Figure A-8. The famous mysterious lights over Hessdalen, Norway

The light people see is often bright white or yellow (compare the Eastlake UFOs) and of unknown origin to the villagers and scientists. These lights are “standing or floating above the ground level.”[3] And these are not just flashing lights; they can be seen, sometimes for hours at the time!

Due to the increased sightings in the early 1980s, a research team nick-named ‘Project Hessdalen'[5] was initiated by Dr. Erling Strand in 1983. In 1988, the ‘Hessdalen AMS’, which basically is a research station, was built in the valley. It registers and records the appearance of these lights. Later, the EMBLA program was initiated. It brings together established scientists and students into researching these lights. Leading research institutions are Østfold University College (Norway) and the Italian National Research Council.[4] So it’s obvious that these lights can’t be easily explained. In fact, these research institutions, after almost 30 years of steady research, have no clear idea of what these lights are. In Wikipedia, it gives us a number of bullet points, showing us what some scientists are guessing that it is. However, none of these explanations includes that the lights has some kind of higher consciousness, which is quite apparent to anyone who has ever seen them. Nothing artificial can make loops and patterns like that. There are those who would object and say that nothing we know of could make patterns like that, but the thing is that anyone who is objective to start with will see that these lights are moving around by consciousness. I haven’t watches them on site, but it’s enough to watch them on videos to be able to tell.

But to make sure, let’s see what local eye witnesses think about the lights in Hessdalen:

Multimedia A-3.

I took a snapshot of the video, only 40 seconds into it. Where have we seen this exact formation before? That’s right, over Lake Erie! No doubt about it. I snapped this one in the precise moment when the lights created the famous triangular formation:

Figure A-9. UFOs over Hessdalen (snapshot from the video presentation, ‘The Portal”)

 One of the remarks a professor does is “where is the power cord; where is the fuel?” And he is nailing it down right to the point; these lights are not moving around with assistance from any known energy source, at least not to mainstream science.

Figure A-10. Researcher Dr. Erling Strand, University of Østfold, outside the ‘Hessdalen Interactive Observatory’

The video presentation, ‘The Portal’ (Multimedia A-3 above) is a 47 minutes long video, filled with very reliable eye witnesses that have all seen similar things. The light phenomena are changing speed, indicating no mass by physical means, and “seems to be able to take on pieces of plasma or energy from the ground while passing by”.[6] The same thing has been reported regarding the Eastlake UFOs. ‘The Portal’ continues the presentation by saying, “The phenomenon seems to radiate energy, due to the light and frequent change of color”.[7] But also, some eye witnesses have, in connection with the sightings, felt the foul smell of sulphur. Apparently, in 2004 the scientists detected the light phenomenon several times, directly above a specific sulphur mine outside the village. “So this mine must be very special”, says one of the interviewed locals of Hessdalen.[8] Although these lights have been seen hovering above the sulphur mine, it’s just another theory, they add. The lights do not follow any fixed pattern, and certainly don’t always hover over sulphur mines.

A spectral study has been done as well of the phenomenon, and it’s been shown to contain oxygen, nitrogen, and silica, which in reality means air and dust. But there were also traces of the rare element of scandium, which can only be found in Scandinavia! Scandium is an extremely hard substance which can be found in the production of Soviet hydroplanes. This material is strong enough to cut through ice caps![9] The same material was used in Soviet fighters (and perhaps still is?) The Soviets had developed high-strength weldable aluminum alloys using Scandium. Now, that is interesting, because it’s exactly what has been reported in the Eastlake UFO sightings! Eye witnesses have sometimes heard, sometimes seen (or both), how the UFOs have cut through the ice cap, making a massive sound. The Norwegian research team has now, as mentioned above, expanded their staff to include college students and others, because they need much more manpower to go to the bottom with this interesting phenomenon. It should be mentioned for research purposes that this phenomenon has also been observed in combination with the aurora borealis, starting out around 9:30 in the evening (fig. A-11).[10]

Figure A-11. The Light Phenomenon over Hessdalen in 2007, around the time of the aurora borealis (snapshot from ‘The Portal’)The exposure time in this photo was 30 sec, and according to the Hessdalen researchers, the best photo ever taken of this phenomenon.

What we’re seeing in the picture is the light starting out with the glowing orb to the left, moving all the way to the right, and back all the way to the left, past the start point. The distance between the far left and far right is estimated to be 10-15km, which is about 5-7 miles. The exposure time from the camera was 30 seconds. What surprises the scientists is when they look at the spectrum at the bottom (made on purpose by the camera lens) it’s continuous over the spectra, from red to violet. The way the spectrum shows up indicates there is no gas or fuel that’s running the ‘engine’ (if any), but it certainly looks like it could be a solid object, they say, or from plasma with high density, or molecular chemical compositions.

Figure A-12. Nikola Tesla

At the same time, the phenomenon is registered on radar. The interesting thing with the radar readings is that the object was only seen for a few minutes, but on the radar it registered for 4 hours!

A scientist that’s interviewed in the video is quite curious about the phenomenon, because it acts like a ball of fire, but it doesn’t expand, and in the combustion process, it should expand according to today’s scientific norms. So something must be able to hold that ball of fire together, he says, like a magnetic field; like a plasmoid; a magnetic field that ‘traps’ plasma and keeps it inside the volume of the orb. They are therefore looking for the mechanism that stores the energy, and why this power source is so incredibly powerful in its intensity. And what’s really curious about it is that the orb can keep this plasma trapped and in a powerful density over a long duration of time. This is mainly what the scientists are now trying to find the solution to. The scientist in the interviews ends off on a positive note, saying that this mysterious way of storing energy could be something we humans may be able to use in the future instead of petrol (gas), and nuclear power. He thinks there may be in the atmosphere, a natural storing mechanism not yet understood by science. Can this become the energy source of the future? they speculate.

The idea of extracting energy from thin air (or vacuum), is not new. Already in the 1920s, Nikola Tesla had discovered enormous energy potentials in what he called the ‘flux field’, or the ‘vacuum field’, by some scientists called the ‘plenum’ (in other words, the 96% dark matter and energy, which in alien term is called the ‘KHAA’, meaning ‘breath’). Today, we hear about this as ‘Zero-Point-Energy’. At this point, the narrator in the video says, there is no known way to extract this kind of energy, but suggests that this may be what we are seeing over Hessdalen; someone, or something is able to do just that, and whatever it is, it’s showing us that it’s doing it!

Lastly, the film producer is elaborating on that this could potentially be even bigger than that. Is Hessdalen perhaps a portal to another world, or another reality?

So, what is known so far about the pulsating orbs of light UFOs showing up worldwide? The following is the conclusions from over 25 years of research and after Italian SETI scientists got involved with much more sophisticated equipment:

  • The phenomenon is identified as a bright flying object with special characteristics making it unique to science.
  • The phenomenon is more complex and diverse than expected, indicating more than 1 single kind of phenomenon.
  • The phenomenon is sometimes made up of separate units that may depart and fly away.
  • The speed varies from still to 8km per second.
  • The phenomenon changes course in speeds indicating no mass by physical means.
  • The phenomenon seems to be able to take on pieces of plasma or energy from the ground whilst passing by.
  • The phenomenon seems to radiate energy due to the light and frequency change of colour.
  • Many interesting spectra in the optical and radio frequency range have been detected but more data is needed to draw proper conclusions. 
  • These scientific data are quite sensational! We are dealing with a real existing phenomenon which can be observed even though this is difficult.[11]

For a layman it would be convenient to brush these phenomena off as atmospheric balls of light, which do exist and is an atmospheric phenomenon, and therefore moving back and forth on some atmospheric ‘current’, but this is not logical when we observe how the orbs move and the typical, precise formations they are taking. It’s easy to see that it’s not random, and therefore most likely is something controlled by some perhaps higher intelligence.

3. BAASS and the Bigelow Investigator

BAASS means ‘Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies’, and sounds like a government organization. However, it is not. It is a company, owned by real estate billionaire Robert Bigelow of Las Vegas, Nevada.[12] In late 2009, Robert Bigelow made a deal with MUFON (the ‘Mutual UFOs Network), which is officially a non-profit organization which investigates UFO sightings. It is one of the largest and oldest UFO organizations in the United States. Bigelow has promised to provide MUFON with whatever they need to find actual hardcore proof of the existence of alien spacecraft (and of course, alien beings). This means, foremost, alien debris of crashed UFOs etc. For many UFO enthusiasts, this is met with both positive and negative responses. Positive in the sense that MUFON now have the funding they need to expand their investigations, and negative in the sense that some feel that MUFON is now owned by Bigelow. And MUFON has been working as an independent research group, allegedly.

Figure A-13. Billionaire Robert Bigelow, big UFO ‘enthusiast’?

However, the above debate is probably not even what is the most relevant. In a policy from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Order JO 7110.65U with effective date, February 9, 2012, it says under Section 8. Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Reports:

9-8-1. GENERAL

a. Persons wanting to report UFO/unexplained phenomena activity should contact a UFO/ unexplained phenomena reporting data collection center, such as Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) (voice: 1-877-979-7444 or e-mail:, the National UFO Reporting Center, etc.

b. If concern is expressed that life or property might be endangered, report the activity to the local law enforcement department.[13]

This should be quite concerning for the serious UFO enthusiast and researcher, because it shows a definite link between Robert Bigelow’s BAASS and the Federal Government. So the FAA, as of February 2012, wants us to report UFO sightings to a private company, under the disguise of a very government sounding name (similar to the ‘Federal Reserve’, which is not Federal at all, but privately owned by International bankers, such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers). And of course, if we follow the trail, we find MUFON on the other side, collecting funds from Bigelow, who has his government connection. So, privacy and integrity is therefore most likely to go out the window, although I’m sure MUFON hasn’t been working in public interest for many, many years. This is all, as usual, just the tiniest tip of the iceberg.

So, how does Robert Bigelow come into the picture in regards to the Eastlake UFOs, which is the story line for this paper? Well, in the midst of all happenings in Michael Lee Hill’s life, he was contacted by Investigator Gary Hernandez, who said he was looking into the Lake Erie phenomenon. In August of 2010, Hernandez sent a message on Michael’s facebook page, inquiring about what Michael knew about the Eastlake UFOs. In short, they communicated some back and forth, and Michael was sharing some information with the investigator, because he wanted the story to come out in the open as much, and as soon as possible.

Figure A-14. BAAS Investigator, Gary Hernandez

In November, curiously enough, Investigator Hernandez, in a facebook message I have in my possession, told Michael there were certain things he couldn’t tell him due to the nature of a contract Hernandez had signed. He added, “I don’t want to disappear now!”, indicating that he was at great risk if he told Michael about classified things. A few days after that he wrote:“In regards to BAASS I am the only investigator who has been revealed through the Isles of Capri, Fla., Niagara Falls, Canada , the Lake Erie incident and the skin walker ranch .org website [Wes’ emphasis] under whos [sic] involved (it just so happened that I was an aggresive [sic] investigator and was written about often). If the report is viewed by the screeners I will be identified. I would like to speak about it but we must keep BAASS out of it for it is a keyword in the system.”

Apparently, Hernandez wanted to keep the Skinwalker Ranch in low profile as well, breaking up the web address in several parts (see bold emphasis above). We will discuss that place a little bit as well in a moment, but first, let’s see what he meant when he was telling Michael about being the ‘aggressive investigator’. Let’s back up a little bit.

Eugene Ehrlikh of Cleveland, Ohio, had filmed some UFOs over Lake Erie, and the media got involved in the case, just like it had with Michael Lee Hill. So MUFON thought they should get involved as well, and sent an investigator named Tom Wertmen to the sighting spot. MUFON’s conclusion over what they saw was planet Venus, but they changed their minds saying that what Ehrlikh had filmed was aircraft coming in and out over Lake Erie from Hopkins-Cleveland International Airport. Investigator Wertmen allegedly had spoken to traffic controllers at the airport, but no references or names were disclosed. This event has been documented by Lon Strickler on his blogspot.[14]

Strickler continues to report that both Ehrlikh and Hill simultaneously had filmed the same UFO event over the lake, without any knowledge of each other. Both were then presenting their material on ‘The Alien Agenda’ radio show. A few days later, on April 8, 2010, Ehrlikh was called by someone who introduced himself as an investigator from BAASS, something which was later confirmed as being correct. The caller introduced himself, and although Strickler doesn’t mention him by name, the investigator was Gary Hernandez. Hernandez then demanded that Ehrlikh gave him the exact coordinates where the sighting had taken place, and when Ehrlikh started questioning the caller, Hernandez told him that these lights were not of terrestrial origin, but alien, and that there was big money involved in trying to get this technology. Ehrlikh then hung up the phone. Ehrlikh didn’t have any particular problem, allegedly, to talk to MUFON or some other UFO investigative organization, but like Strickler says, when someone calls, beings quite ‘aggressive’, and demanding information from the witness, it is indeed time to question the motives of the caller.

So, Hernandez is calling both Ehrlikh and Hill to investigate the sighting, and he reveals to the first that this is alien technology that we are seeing in the skies above the lake (and if he is correct, in other parts of the world, too), and that there is a lot of money invested in this. And indeed, although he seems to have had more cold feet when talking to Michael, in the beginning of their communication he hinted at the same thing, saying (and I quote): “In Regards to the Lights over Lake Erie I am not absolutely convinced that they are coming from conventional aircraft. As an investigator I must be completely objective with any UFO reports which has had multiple witnesses. BAASS employees are paid professionals, all the investigators are formal Law enforcement detectives who have a higher level set of skills and experience. MUFON Takes anyone who pays the money and passes the test and works for free. That does not make them a credible source for information for me to except [sic] they’re [sic] conclusion.”

However, as time went by and he apparently got more confident with Michael, he told Michael that they knew what the Lake Erie phenomenon is, because it is the exact thing that is happening in Hessdalen, Norway. But not only there; these object were also flying over Utah Skinwalker Ranch, which is owned by Robert Bigelow! He said that his conclusion regarding these orbs is not that they are what people think and expect, which would be ‘physical metal, nuts & bolts UFOs’, as he put it, but instead more like portals and have to do with time travel. These were Hernandez’ own words, according to Michael Lee Hill.

The results from years of study at the Skinwalker Ranch was released in a book called, ‘Hunt for the Skinwalker’, by Colm A, Kelleher and George Knapp[15]. I need to add the synopsis of the book here, as presented at It’s pretty interesting:

The author of the controversial bestseller Brain Trust brings his scientific expertise to the chilling true story of unexplained phenomena on Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch — and challenges us with a new vision of reality.

For more than fifty years, the bizarre events at a remote Utah ranch have ranged from the perplexing to the wholly terrifying. Vanishing and mutilated cattle. Unidentified Flying Objects. The appearance of huge, otherworldly creatures. Invisible objects emitting magnetic fields with the power to spark a cattle stampede. Flying orbs of light with dazzling maneuverability and lethal consequences. For one family, life on the Skinwalker Ranch had become a life under siege by an unknown enemy or enemies. Nothing else could explain the horrors that surrounded them — perhaps science could.

Leading a first-class team of research scientists on a disturbing odyssey into the unknown, Colm Kelleher spent hundreds of days and nights on the Skinwalker property and experienced firsthand many of its haunting mysteries. With investigative reporter George Knapp — the only journalist allowed to witness and document the team’s work — Kelleher chronicles in superb detail the spectacular happenings the team observed personally, and the theories of modern physics behind the phenomena. Far from the coldly detached findings one might expect, their conclusions are utterly hair-raising in their implications. Opening a door to the unseen world around us, Hunt for the Skinwalker is a clarion call to expand our vision far beyond what we know.”[16]

And this place is owned by billionaire Robert Bigelow! Can anybody sense a bigger story here? For those who are interested (and I’m sure most of us are), there is an interview on YouTube with the above authors:

Multimedia A-4.

But as far as Michael Lee Hill goes, the Bigelow part of the story doesn’t end here. After Hernandez had contacted Ehrlikh (and Hill as well), he got a phone call from ‘The Alien Agenda’ radio program, he told Michael. The caller asked Hernandez, “Why are you contacting Lake Erie UFO witnesses??? Didn’t MUFON already state “Case Closed”; that they were just airplanes???”

The conclusion I must come to, in regards to what we have discussed in this section, is that MUFON, Robert Bigelow, and the U.S. Government are working together to cover up the real agenda behind ‘investigating’ the Lake Erie Phenomenon, which in fact is worldwide. Their real agenda (on a lower top level of the Shadow Government) is again to research nano technology, because that’s where the future is. Like one of my sources once said, “those who control the nano world are in control of the Universe.” This is big, much bigger than people think. The biggest investments will be in the smallest of worlds — the super subquantum, or the nano world. And those who know what they are doing, and why, will achieve what they want, using any means to get it. Those who have read this whole series of papers, of which this is the Appendix, know what I’m talking about.

4. Michael Lee Hill Being Severely Beaten Up Not to Talk, and CBS Interview Being Tampered With During Broadcast!

Not everything has gone smoothly for Michael Lee Hill, as we know, in order for him to get his information out. We started out with discussing how two of his major projects were tampered with to such a degree that they never happened, but that’s not all! A pretty severe incident happened in 2007 when all this was relatively new to the media and the Eastlake UFOs were more or less only known to the locals.

While I was gathering information for this series of papers, Michael told me he had had some quite unpleasant encounters with so-called Black Ops (Black Operations)[17], intimidating him to stop what he’s doing, but never more so than in 2007, when he was attacked out of the blue and had his jaw chattered in three places, in an attempt to silence him, only one week before he had his first CBS interview.

Michael says it almost worked! When he came home from the hospital with his jaw all wired up, he couldn’t even talk. He literally had to relearn how to speak, because his lower jaw was (and still is) in a ‘new arrangement’. Shaken up and disappointed, he was going to call and cancel the interview when something came over him and he thought, ‘F… it! Even if I have to mumble through the interview, I will not back down!”

So, the CBS team came to his house, sat up the equipment, and the interview started. Michael, in a bad shape, mumbled through it all, but that’s not everything. All of a sudden, in the middle of the interview, at the exact moment when they were going to broadcast the UFO footage, the CBS equipment started going haywire, and there was a total, and unexplainable, power outlet! Even the CBS news anchors were freaked out and actually mentioned on the show that it certainly seemed like they were tampered with. Fortunately, they got through the interview.

So, Michael sat there with his TV on, and his jaw all wired, but still excited to watch the program, when something strange interrupted the whole interview. I’m sure the reader can imagine how Michael felt at that moment. “Thankfully,” says Michael, “I had the tape rolling. This is the actual broadcast:”

Multimedia A-5. CBS equipment going haywire.

Afterwards, CBS told Michael that ‘something’ shut down the whole actual studio computer system when they tried to broadcast the interview.

A few years later, Michael was interviewed again by CBS, because by then his story had grown to such a degree that his footage had gained massive attention in the mainstream media, to a point that it had gone ‘viral’. One video alone has over one million viewers on YouTube. In his next interview with CBS, they actually bring up what happened last time they interviewed Michael and tried to air it:

Multimedia A-6. CBS interviews Michael the second time and mention the disturbances during the previous interview.

Michael told me while he was sending me this material that it’s easy to imagine how scared he was when this second interview was going to be broadcast. As he put it, “I was expecting a knock on the door from the Men in Black or something.”

Nothing happened this time and the CBS interview aired just fine, but that didn’t calm Michael down. The day after the broadcast, he was still extremely nervous due to what had happened the first time. He thought these people might come and beat him up, and perhaps kill him, after the fact. So, he decided that in case something would happen to him — now or in the near future — he needed to get his information in the hands of someone he trusted. The one person he respected the most in the UFO field was David Sereda. So the very next day after the second broadcast, he sent four loaded DVDs with all his footage to David. He thought that even if the Black Ops people would kill him, it would only show that he was legit, because Sereda had his footage.

Figure A-15. Film Producer, David Sereda

David Sereda ended up using some of it in the ‘Dan Akroyd | Unplugged on UFOs’ documentary[18], and that was the beginning of a partnership between David Sereda and Michael Lee Hill, which led to that Michael wrote the music to David’s excellent film, ‘From Here to Andromeda’[19], and David used some of Michael’s footage in it as well.

Figure A-16. Dan Akroyd

So, after all the mishaps, it ended well. But like Michael said to me; if the Black Ops people who broke his jaw had succeeded with intimidating him to the degree that he would have cancelled the first CBS broadcast, none of what followed would have occurred, and his partnership with David Sereda would never have happened. The fact that these people attacked him was the reason why Michael got so much attention, and if he hadn’t been so scared for his safety, he would never have sent the DVDs to David Sereda. Here are Michael’s own words: “That is how the Light works. Their tricks are not working anymore, and in fact, they backfire and result in exactly what they are trying to prevent. Even more so than if they do not do anything.”

Ain’t that the truth?!

5. Michael’s Story is Taking Off…

Michael has a lot of gems in his archives due to all the sightings he’s had, and the research he’s did. As an example, here is an actual broadcast from Cleveland, Ohio radio station 1100 WTAM where both Michael and David Sereda attended. Afterwards, the DJ gave Michael a CD with the calls coming into the station during a Lake Erie UFO Mass sighting, and it is also well documented that the military was all over this area, as well as FEMA. Michael created a video with those actual calls:

Multimedia A-7. Unusual Mass Lake Erie UFO Situation Reported Live on Cleveland Radio!! – Hear the Actual Calls!

Jeff Rense published his article on this same incident at Strange Rumors Of Northern Ohio Activity
By Kenny Young  
10-2-4 (

Unusual Situation Reported In Northern Ohio

Apparently on Wednesday morning, September 22, numerous callers to Cleveland, Ohio radio station 1100 WTAM reported a rainbow-like aerial situation similar to a ‘Sundog.’ The situation complicates, however, as others begin describing unusual contrails, jet scrambles and other military activity all across northern Ohio. One caller, Amin, describes an unusual light seen the night before Sept. 22 while driving home from Detroit around 1:00 a.m. while another caller, Kevin, claims the similar sighting of a ‘bluish green light’ around 10:35 p.m. on Route 8 near the Stow, Ohio area (north of Akron). At daybreak the morning of Sept. 22, northeastern Ohio skies were allegedly ‘ripped’ with jet vapor trails.

One caller, Don, is a truck driver with a route between Cleveland and Youngstown, and alleges that his GPS (Global Positioning System) that pinpoints his mapping location on a laptop computer, began malfunctioning between 8 and 9:00 a.m., although working flawlessly beforehand. Stranger still, another caller named Dave claimed that Route 12, a south/north road out of Fostoria, Ohio, was blocked by “tons” of army trucks and traffic was being diverted.

This activity was briefly referenced on the Cleveland UFO E-list by George Pindroh, but with no new information. Secondly, I did receive three E-mail advisement’s regarding this activity from various contacts, along with one copied message from ‘June’ that states: ” I talked with my Mom today, and she told me that on channel 19 at 5 pm, Wed., Sept. 22, the TV news anchor said that there were hundreds of reports of UFO’s all over the lakefront area of Ohio. He said that after the commercial breaks he would give the details. My mom was very curious and waited to hear the news. When the news came back on, NOTHING. So the story was squashed. I talked to a few people at work today, and yes, they had heard about the sightings. Everyone was talking about it. So lots of people here in Ohio heard about it before the news was suppressed. According to my Mom, the TV anchor said that people saw what looked like a huge cloud with rainbow colors along with many UFO’s that were not disguising themselves as clouds. I also learned that fighter jets were sent out after them.” (Note, I do not know June who copied me on her comments to a few other researchers, but she signed her name with the addition of “In The Light,” and I cannot vouch for her comments — KY)

Thirdly, a comment about the WTAM radio activity was filed to the National UFO Reporting Center (N.U.F.O.R.C.) website, but also containing no new information.

Further, Mrs. Donnie Blessing, Southern Ohio State Director for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) spoke with a gentleman from Cleveland named Ken who contacted the Cincinnati UFO Hotline (513 – 588 – 4548) on September 28th to advise of a UFO sighting in Canada on September 21st. While taking the information, Ken advised that his wife knew of the strange reports on WTAM radio station on September 22, and further informed of UFOs and numerous (presumably) responding military helicopters seen near the Perry Nuclear Power Station. This specific detail has been considered most intriguing. At this time, we know of no substantive information to link this reference of a UFO situation near the Perry Nuclear Power Station to the September 22nd activity reported by WTAM radio.

Oddly, there was previous UFO activity reported ‘on the record’ by a Lake County law officer referenced in conjunction with the Perry Nuclear Facility in June of 2004, that report is located online at: 

So unusual was this September 22nd activity that radio station WTAM created a special web page for the situation. The page contains audio clips of the many callers that are available from the exact URL location: along with the following comment by talk show host Mike Trivisonno:


On Wednesday morning September 22 nd , 2004 a caller rang the WTAM morning show, Wills and Coleman in the Morning, to report the sightings of strange colors in the sky. Other callers reported seeing the same thing while others tried to describe and/or explain the image.

Afternoon host Mike Trivisonno was curious and ventured into his backyard to see for himself. Although he did not see the lights he did see something peculiar, jet contrails all over the crystal clear Cleveland sky. The contrails extended in all directions as far as the eyes can see. The contrails formed a checkerboard pattern. In all of Trivisonno,s years on this planet he had never seen anything like it. Or maybe it was he just never noticed it. He played the phone calls from that morning and mentioned his observations on his #1 rated afternoon show that day and asked the question “What the heck is going on

The callers responded. Below are some of the calls that were made to the show on the 22nd . While Triv,s question was never definitively answered, conclusions can be made. What do you think?

We do not know how long the WTAM web page and subsequent audio clips of the callers will remain posted and active.

If you have any information regarding a UFO situation taking place near the Perry Nuclear Power Station involving military helicopters or a jet scramble in response to a perceived UFO situation near the Lake County facility, please call at the contact information given below.

Filed, October 2, 2004 Kenny Young — UFO Research Cincinnati UFO Hotline = (513) 588 – 4548

As we can see, there is hardly any limits to how much information there is to get on people having seen UFO activity over Lake Erie.

I personally believe that the reason why Michael’s footage and what was going on at Lake Erie took off so fast, and got out on YouTube, going ‘viral’ so quickly, is that those who tried to stop him in the beginning decided it was better to leave him alone. It was too late to do something drastic, because just like Michael says, it would draw even more attention to the story.

However, Michael’s story is not only about mysterious lights over Lake Erie. If the government had reasons to be concerned over Michael’s original footage going public (which they obviously were), they had even more reasons to pull their hair over his case a few years later, as we shall see.

But first, let’s review what is so special about these lights over Lake Erie and other parts of the world. We know of at least a few reasons why the government did not want too much public attention on the Eastlake UFOs; they wanted to investigate this on their own, without the place being invaded by UFO enthusiasts. Just like Dr. Strand said back in Norway, the way these lights operate may be a source of energy for us humans to use in the future. Of course, Dr. Strand was thinking in a positive way when he said that, but there are always factions of the government (or amongst those who control it) who want the technology for themselves and not to be used for public benefit.

The other reason why the PTB (Powers That Be) want to put the lid on the orb phenomenon is that they understand that these lights are not just aerial phenomena, but alien in nature, and quite multi/interdimensional. And in spite of the fact that a disclosure would reveal a lot of government secrets that would alarm the public, it’s also very hard to explain how aliens (who most people think are very physical like us) can be interdimensional, and appear and disappear in front of people’s eyes. And if such star races have evil intentions towards mankind, how can we defend ourselves against them? And even worse; if people find out that malevolent star races can actually insert themselves (as nano-beings) into some people’s heads, how can we defend ourselves against those? The government would not have an answer and would not be elected for the next four years…

Of course, the highest level of government knows what these orbs are and where they come from, but the whole political system is built like a hierarchy on a need-to-know-basis; that’s well known. You need a certain clearance to access certain information, and no one has the whole picture. This is why one level of the government is working on a certain project regarding phenomena such as these orbs, while another, higher level, has a totally different agenda which they are working on.

So, it was probably a mix of all this which made the PTB take action against Michael and physically beat him up, and intimidate him on other occasions. When they noticed it was too late to intervene, they let go off Michael, because there was not much they could do — the cat was already out of the box.

Maybe they thought it would all end here, and after a year or two, people would forget about the orbs, and everything would go back to ‘normal’ again from the government’s point of view. Little did they know what would come next; Michael wasn’t finished yet!

After the CBS interview in 2007, the ‘Eastlake UFOs’, as the phenomenon now was coined, became well known in the UFO community, but also amongst people in general, as we can see from the amount of viewers Michael has had to his YouTube account. But soon enough, the story developed much further…

As I have already covered in my first article about Michael, in the May 6, 2011, ‘PFC Paper #2: The Remarkable Michael Lee Hill Case’ , both Michael Lee Hill and the Virginia residing Terrell Copeland have a history of being abducted by aliens. Already as a little child, Michael was visited by the ‘Grays’. Apparently, they, and what seems to be the military, were abducting him not only in his childhood, but also as an adult. At one point, he was waking up in the middle of an abduction, while they were still doing an operation on him, and once he got conscious enough, he felt an incredible pain. The man he saw when he opened his eyes was quite human in appearance, and when Michael screamed in pain and said, “For heaven’s sake, I’m awake!!!”, the man said, “Sorry, I thought you were asleep” where after he he was given anesthesia, and Michael fell asleep again and has no more memories from the incident.

Just before I started writing my initial article on Michael, Bill Birnes and his ‘UFO Hunters’ had interviewed Terrell Copeland regarding his UFO experiences. After the interview, Bill Birnes, stunningly enough, tells Terrell that he is an alien hybrid, and that he is sure about it! How he could be so certain is unknown to me up to this date. Bill must have done some research on that and noticed the exact things in Terrell that identifies a human/alien hybrid. One thing we know made him certain about Terrell’s hybrid status was the CK level (Creatine Kinase) in his blood. It was extraordinary high. It super oxygenates the bloodstream. A super high level of CK indicates renal and heart failure, but also leads to severe muscle damage in a person. The normal level is between 60-400ul, while Terrell’s level was 2000ul! Still, he was able to function like any healthy human being, and he had no signs of renal or heart failure, and no muscle damage whatsoever. He is a medical phenomenon!

Bill Birnes had also heard about Michael’s sightings and noticed that the UFOs he had filmed were identical with the ones Terrell had seen. So Bill put two and two together, visited Michael, took him to do a blood test, and when he was at the hospital, waiting for his blood to be drawn, he was introduced to Terrell for the first time. Both their bloods were drawn that day, and it showed that both Terrell and Michael had an extremely high CK level in their blood; Michael’s was elevated to around 2000ul as well!

So Bill Birnes explained to a perplexed Michael that he, too, is a hybrid. All this was filmed and aired on ‘UFO Hunters’. The doctors could not explain this and told the film team (this is on film as well) that if a person has this high level of CK in their blood, they can’t function. Still, both Michael and Terrell are as healthy as can be. Even a Harvard professor was involved in this and was stunned over the results!

Although this experience was quite stunning to Michael, it actually explained a few things that had happened three years earlier, in 2008. A friend took him to New York to attend the annual ‘Sirius Rising Festival’ (interestingly enough it has the name ‘Sirius’ in the title), something that is also well documented in my first Michael Lee Hill article in ‘The First Level of Learning’. This New Age festival lasts a few days, and people who are into New Age, metaphysics, and spirituality in general, meet and have fun.

However, in the midst of everything, Michael made friends with a big guy who was also attending the festival. He said his name was Loki, and that someone there wanted to meet Michael. So Loki took Michael to a round gazebo, which they entered. Inside were a male and a female, sitting on a beautiful bed, which took up most of the space in the gazebo. Michael felt quite disoriented while he was inside, oddly enough, and wasn’t even sure where the exit was at times. He was not drunk or high on any substance. The strange thing with the male and the female was that Michael could not see their faces! Everything from shoulder and up was blurry. He found this very strange, but stayed anyway.

The reader can review the whole story in my original paper, but to make a short synopsis, the male started interrogating Michael about a Cost to Coast appearance and the Lake Erie UFOs. The Coast to Coast appearance they were focusing on was the one where David Sereda was interviewed, talking about a testimony from Boyd Bushman, a retired Senior Scientist at Lockheed Martin, regarding UFOs and alien technology used by Lockheed Martin (and other big corporations). The male said this interview had upset many insiders, and wanted to know if Michael knew anything about this? (The Bushman interview is extremely interesting and revealing. I posted it on my blog, and it can be watched here by following one of the links: As the conversation went on, the male got really upset with Michael, who now started to feel quite uncomfortable, to say the least. He told the male that he was not the one doing the interview; it was done by someone else.

Then the male calmed down and decided to test Michael to see how much he knew. A device was put to his forehead. It was supposed to remove some ‘memory blocks’. Afterwards, the male told Michael he was the ‘King of the Anunnaki’ and that Michael is one of ‘them’. Michael got the feeling this male was Marduk Ra himself, the ‘King of Anunnaki’ (the Sirian star race) on Earth. Marduk (if it was him) said there was a plan in changing the Anunnaki leadership on Earth and a new change of plans, all supposed to take place ‘before 2012’ (a statement that gives more validity to my thought that the change in leadership is already taking place in the nano-world, just like I said in a previous paper). ‘Marduk’ said that Michael has a big role to play in this new ‘game’.

Before Michael left the gazebo, he quickly turned around, because he wanted to see the faces of the male and the female. Shocked, he noticed that they looked like gargoyles!

Figure A-16[2]. Marduk, as Michael saw him when he turned around. Someone used this picture as an avatar on a forum, and Michael’s hair stood right up when he saw it! He says it is as close to the real thing he’s ever seen!

The next morning (Michael was still at the ‘Sirius Rising Festival’), an attractive young male and female came walking up to him and they said they were the persons he’d been talking to the night before. They now looked like any human being, although they obviously were not. Still, they could mingle with everybody on the festival without standing out as looking different. Michael and the couple spent the whole day together and Michael started feeling relaxed with them. It ended with that they’d keep in touch. Marduk, whom Michael now said was a beautiful soul (or at least acted that way), told him that now that they knew Michael was one of them, he will be safe and protected. This was Michael’s first encounter with the Sirian Anunnaki.

To make a long story short (again, the whole thing can be read in my original Michael Lee Hill paper), Michael then had encounters (mostly per emails) with the Australian S.A.A.L.M. (Supreme Anunnaki Assembly of Lord Marduk) and LPG-C, who are supposedly working on different sides in the conflict of ownership of planet Earth, but as we shall see, are really not. So, a perplexed Michael had to go through a lot of different changes and surprises after the initial meeting with Marduk (whether this being was Marduk or not is quite impossible to say, because these star beings can shapeshift. Their ‘gargoyle’ faces and the difficulty Michael had to distinguish their faces at first, indicates to me that they showed themselves off this way on purpose. Marduk himself is not gargoyle-like, but looks quite human, just like the male Michael met the day after, but he could have showed himself off to Michael as an Alpha Draconian, or similar, to prove that he was alien. Sirians, me knowingly, have never showed their ‘real faces’ here on Earth, even when shapeshifting).

But like this wasn’t enough, other strange things happened to him as well. Friends, whom he had had for years started having their faces disappear in front of Michael when they were sitting in the hot tub together, and another time, a girl friend he had used some special device that she put around Michael’s privates, and the device had a very sharp needle-like edge, with which she stung him right into his penis. It looked like a small metal tube that had been bent into the shape of a heart and the bottom of the heart tube came down into a small blade/scalpel. Michael told me you wouldn’t even know it was sharp unless you really looked at it. When she used it on him it felt like being stung by a hornet. Thus, she took a blood sample of him and ran away with it. It sounds quite obvious both to me and Michael whom she must have been working for.

Much of what has been brought up in my papers regarding Michael Lee Hill may sound too fantastic to some readers, and I can understand that. But personally, I know Michael well enough to guarantee that what he has been telling me (and others) is the truth as he knows it, and the experiences he has had are his own as he remembers them. This situation of his is complicated enough for him not to exaggerate it, or alter it in any shape or form. He does not want confusion; if anything, he wants clarity!

It would be have been enough to end everything here, and it would still make a most remarkable story. But as a matter of fact, the story does not end here; it has just started…

6. Giant UFO Base Under Lake Erie?

Michael is pretty sure (and has got it confirmed) that the people he met at the ‘Sirius Rising Festival’ were Sirians connected with S.A.A.L.M. in Pine Gap, Australia, i.e. they were of the Marduk clan. It has now, more or less, become an official version that the Sirians (which I prefer to call them, as the readers know) consist of at least two clans, the Serpent Clan and the RAM Clan (ENKI’s clan and ENLIL’s clan), but more significantly, the Marduk clan (of ENKI’s Serpent clan) and the Incoming Sirians (the RAM clan). We have been told that the Marduk clan is more or less in charge of Earth, and the Incoming Ša.AM.i are here to clean house. Personally, I believe it’s just a show, so that we can get distracted while the real nano take-over is happening. But that’s just for the records; let’s continue with Michael’s story, which gets more and more interesting, and perhaps bizarre, depending on how we look at it. Still, it fits into the bigger picture like hand in glove.

So, it’s important here to distinguish between the Marduk/S.A.A.L.M. people Michael met in New York and the UFOs over Lake Erie, Virginia, Norway, and other places in the world, which are the Incoming Sirians. This has also been confirmed to Michael by Dr. A.R. Bordon of LPG-C.

Figure A-17. Artist’s impression of an underwater UFO.

There are with no doubt a lot of UFO bases on our planet. Some of them are pure military, using reverse engineered alien technology, while others are shared bases between the military and different star races (mostly of the Sirian Alliance), and some are pure alien UFO bases. They are located all over the world, even in such remote areas as the Arctic and Antarctica (or especially in those remote places, I should say), but also in places like the Andes mountain ranges in South America, where one of the biggest UFO bases is allegedly located. Every big continent has them, as it seems. In North America, the biggest one in the world, allegedly, is located in Lake Erie, and much of it is supposedly underwater!   

Figure A-18. UFO snapped over Lake Erie in 1952.

There is no one who can debate it anymore; the UFO phenomenon of the American northeast is a proven fact. It has been going in (in recorded history) for more than 100 years, and the reports of sightings back in 1880 can be traced back to the vicinity of Lake Erie.

Figure A-19. Classic saucer-shaped UFO over Cleveland area, 1954; the so-called ‘George Adamski Type’.

In modern time, it’s been debated for decades that Lake Erie harbors a base, perhaps both underwater and underground near the lake, as we shall see in a moment.

Figure A-20. Squadron of ‘scout craft’ UFOs photographed over the lake.

Back in the old days, when UFOs were still called ‘Flying Saucers’, there were a lot of sightings around Lake Erie. It was very common that people saw them in broad daylight, because those Flying Saucers appeared more solid than the lights that are more commonly seen today. The infamous US Air Force Project Grudge—later Project Bluebook—launched investigations several times to research sightings of otherworldly craft near Lake Erie. Their conclusions appeared in cut and dried reports buried within with columns of statistics. No wonder, as in reality, they were probably investigating themselves. In the beginning of the 1950s (but we know it was even earlier than that), the President of the United States made treaties with the Sirian Alliance, in this case, the Grays, let the aliens do their abductions and got technology back. In the beginning, people around the world could see Flying Saucers that were indeed military reverse engineered alien craft hover over the lake, but were of course common in many other places of the world.

Figure A-21. The ominous ‘Men in Black’ investigated some Lake Erie sightings.

The more interesting investigations in that time was performed by nameless, ominous men, looking quite identical to each other, who only identified themselves as ‘representatives of the United States Government’. These mysterious men interrogated the witnesses, trying to intimidating them into silence. These men, with their specific characteristics, became known in the Flying Saucer circles as the ‘Men in Black’. The results of their investigations were never released. Alien clones, somebody?

Today, most people think of Men in Black as three entertaining comedic films, released on purpose so the masses can laugh, both at the film and at those who think it has some real substance to it, but back in the 50s no one was laughing.

Figure A-22. Frame of video taken of craft hovering over Lake Erie. 

Men in Black often appeared after sightings near Lake Erie and it was back then that prominent Flying Saucer investigators such as Major Donald Keyhoe, Gray Barker and Morris Jessup focused some of their attention on the mysterious comings and goings of the unidentified aerial craft haunting Erie. 

National organizations such as the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) and National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) also had thick files on sightings in and around the growingly eerie Lake Erie. 

Researcher Robin S. Swope recently compiled a very impressive case book of stunning sightings occurring around southern Lake Erie over the past few years. 

In his book, A Hidden Underwater UFO Base in Lake Erie Swope describes sustained UFO flaps and many sightings of massive craft plunging into the lake. 

Figure A-23. Artist’s depiction of incredible U.S. Coast Guard sighting. 

He spotlights an amazing encounter between the U.S. Coast Guard and a UFO. They witnessing a mammoth craft landing on the lake and launching a flurry of small scout ships. Of course, as is the norm, the mainstream American media chose to ignore the incident concentrating there attention on the travails of Britney Spears. 

The record of incidents since 2000 has ticked upwards and it’s safe to say that more UFOs are being tracked, seen and encountered in the Lake Erie area than during all previous years.

Figure A-24. Artist’s depiction of UFO ascending from underwater, including witnesses

Swopes writes in a blog post that “Recently places on the western part of the lake such as Sandusky and Cleveland have been hotbeds of UFO activity and similar lights have been filmed, making them a YouTube sensation.” 

“These UFOs have been investigated by world-famous UFO researchers [and] Cleveland UFOlogist Aaron Clark in the March 8, 2007 Cleveland Plain Dealer declared that ‘Some believe there’s a UFO base on the bottom of the lake.'”

As a matter of fact, not only the ‘Lights in the Sky’ have been reported in mainstream media, but so have also the alleged underwater/underground bases! Here is some evidence of that:

Does Lake Erie Harbor an Underwater UFO Base?

Around 9Pm on Saturday September 17th 2011 unknown air borne phenomenon was observed over Lake Erie near western Erie County Pennsylvania by two households.

Two residents of Japan street in Millcreek Township had stepped outside for a smoke when they noticed 6 orange glowing objects in the sky, car alarms and police sirens had gone off at the same time as the incident and the pair went over to their neighbors house to verify what they were seeing. Here is his testimony as per the MUFON database:

‘It was approximately 9-910pm. My neighbor and his friend knocked on my door and started to tell me about these abnormal lights they saw in the sky. Then we saw one orangeish light in the sky. It was North/North West from my house, so it appeared to be above Lake Erie.

The light was visible for about a minute. It appeared to be moving west(left in the sky) slightly, the light started to fade a little bit, then completely disappeared. During this time the light moved up and down slightly. The light was orange, but didn’t appear to be a fireball. It was not making any sounds that we could hear. 

My neighbor and his friend then told me that maybe 4-5 minutes before, they stepped outside their house to smoke. They saw 6 orange lights (like the one I saw). The lights appeared to be north/north west (again appearing to be above Lake Erie) They ran into their front yard to get a better look. The six lights appeared to be in some sort of formation, moving together. During this time multiple car alarms in our neighbor hood alarmed (I heard these while I was inside my house) The car alarms were on different streets. After about a minute or two, they came and knocked on my door, that is when I saw the one light I previously mentioned.

When I first saw the object, I wasn’t sure what it was, planes usually appear higher in the sky. Also I’ve never seen a plane with an orange light like that. I really couldn’t think of any logical explanations, especially after the story my neighbor and his friend told me of seeing six lights. We all found it to be slightly odd that there were a number of car alarms that had gone off as well. I have no clue what it was, but it was definitely out of the ordinary.’

The witness had contacted me on Facebook within minutes of the sighting asking if I had heard anything about the phenomenon, his description of the object was similar to the UFO filmed over Moscow on September 9th of this year:

When the witness saw this video he said the object was very very similar to what he encountered on the 17th. Could this be the same or same type of object?

Southern Lake Erie has been a hotspot of UFO and aerial phenomenon lately. One of the chapters in my latest book ‘Eerie Erie: Tales of the Unexplained from Northwestern Pennsylvania‘ (The History Press, July 2011) is titled “A Hidden Underwater UFO Base in Lake Erie” in this chapter I recount the mass of UFO sightings above and below the waters of Lake Erie within the past few years. Massive objects being reported crashing into the waters on the Lake’s Southern shore, an amazing incident of a large UFO landing on the icy Lake that launched scout ships witnessed and recorded by Coast Guards, and many more.

On August 8th of this year, a fireball was detected by all-sky cameras from the Southern Ontario Meteor Network at 1:22 a.m. EDT. According to, 

‘It was picked up over Lake Erie and proceeded south-southeast over Ohio,’ said Bill Cooke, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environments Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. ‘The meteor was last tracked north of Gustavus, Ohio, and the potential impact zone for meteorite fragments is a region east of Cleveland’.

A similar object impacted in lake Erie in 2008. On November 13th 2008 the Ashtabula Star Beacon reported that multiple witnesses from Ashtabula to Madison Ohio had heard and witnessed a large object crash into Lake Erie’s southern shore. At first police and local authorities thought it to be an aircraft, but Madison Township police Sgt. Rick Barson is quoted in the Ashtabula Star Beacon as saying, ‘We had enough information from two people in separate places that seemed to have seen the same thing, but we had trouble getting a good description that would fit the type of craft we believed this plane could be.’ Later NASA would claim that the object entering the lake was a meteorite, but that is not what the witnesses saw, they saw a craft of some sort.

Lake Erie has a long history of unexplained aerial and underwater phenomenon. For centuries Lake Erie has been host to a phenomena that many in past eras have called “Wizard Lights”. In the December 12, 1867 issue of the Brooklyn Eagle there is an article “A Curious Phenomenon on Lake Erie” in which is recounted the instance of a burning ghost ship seen off Erie. The writer reports that local sailors have been seeing these lights for over 50 years throughout the lake. When rescuers would venture off toward the burning lights, they would simply vanish. Soon the sailors would nomore go to the rescue when these lights appeared, they knew that they were something odd…something otherworldly.

Recently places on the western part of the like such as Sandusky and Cleveland have been hotbeds of UFO activity and simular lights have been filmed, making them a Youtube sensation. These UFOs have been investigated by world famous UFO researchers and even the focus of such cable television shows such as “UFO Hunters” and “UFO Files”. Cleveland ufologist Aaron Clark in the March 8, 2007 Cleveland Plain Dealer declares that “Some believe there’s a UFO base on the bottom of the lake.”

After compiling incidents from MUFON, eyewitnesses and other UFO databases, I have noticed that there have been an alarming amount of diverse UFO sightings above and below the surface of Lake Erie within the past decade. Does Lake Erie play host to some sort of underwater UFO/USO base? Something is happening below its murky waves, something unexplained.

That’s No Moon – Who – Or What – Is Buzzing Northeast Ohio?
Volume 15, Issue 21 Published September 26th, 2007
Many Uncrazy Clevelanders Have Seen Strange Lights In The Sky. Who – Or What – Is Buzzing Northeast Ohio?

By John Lasker

To suggest that Northeast Ohio could be witness to the next mass UFO sighting does not officially make you a member of the tin-foil hat crowd. If you believe even just a few of the witnesses, Cleveland and its surrounding communities might already be a hotspot.

During the previous two years, the Cleveland UFOlogy Project, considered the oldest of its kind on this side of the globe, has documented 20 credible sightings. The 2005 documentary Dan Akroyd: Unplugged on UFOs highlighted the peculiar lights over Lake Erie near Eastlake, where witnesses reported their latest sighting just this past June. Earlier this year, an “orb” was videotaped over the Key Bank Tower during a peace rally, and the incident made it on the CBS nightly news.

The hype continues: Literally hundreds of thousands have downloaded Internet videos of Northeast Ohio UFOs. The Cleveland Office of Homeland Security has investigated. And one of the Eastlake UFO witnesses says he’s signed a contract with a History Channel for a documentary.

“If you take all of the people in Ohio who are interested in this subject, I bet half of them are from that part of the state,” says Central Ohio-based William E. Jones, state director for Ohio MUFON, or Mutual UFO Network. “A lot of folks up there have seen things over the years. More people are interested up there. I don’t know why.”

Sam Phillips has long been a fixture of Cleveland’s music scene. He’s an accomplished drummer and “hand snapper,” and appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show. When interviewed for this story, however, he was homeless and sleeping at the homes of friends and family. Phillips taped a strange light spinning and hovering over the Key Bank Tower on March 10, during a peace rally.

“This is not about me,” says Phillips, who admits he has become obsessed with what he saw that night. “There’s a pattern here. There’s a riddle here. And I want answers. I want an explanation.”

He believes it wasn’t coincidence the sighting took place over a peace rally. During the sighting, he recalls saying that our “brothers and sisters are going to come down from the universe and humble our ass.”

Phillips’ story, however, is but a sidebar in the current wave of Northeast Ohio UFO mania. Taking center stage is Lake Erie, and Michael Lee Hill of Eastlake.

Hill, like Phillips, is a musician. In 2001, Grammy-award winner and guitar legend Steve Vai picked Hill as the winner of a national guitar contest. Hill is gregarious, upbeat and likeable. He’s unconventional and complex. He’s certain that the UFOs he has seen are targeting him.

“I’ve had contact my whole life,” he says. “I remember asking my mother, “Why do Santa’s elves keep visiting me?'”

The recent visitations started in earnest five years ago, not far from the coal-burning power plant, he says. While walking on the beach, not far from his home, Hill said he witnessed a top hat-shaped craft hovering and pulsating over the shoreline. This same area is also famous in UFO lore for a 1988 encounter documented by the Coast Guard.

Hill started taking a video camera to the lakefront. Since then he’s captured scores of bright lights that appear to hover over Lake Erie. He’s uploaded many of his videos to YouTube, and those caught the attention of David Sereda, who directed the Akroyd documentary. Hill created the music for Sereda’s latest project, From Here To Andromeda. Hill also says he recently signed a contract for a History Channel project, but the channel did not return Free Times’ calls.

“I really do consider myself a spiritual messenger; I know it sounds freaky,” says Hill, adding that the UFO filmed over the Key Bank Tower is one of the same orbs he captured over Lake Erie. “There’s a huge story unfolding here. I think they’re absolutely sending us a message. I believe they are here to help us become a galactic society.”

At the other end of the spectrum is Eastlake resident Gary Strauss, who says adamantly, “I’m not one of those UFO people.” He’s a chemist and a supervisor at a local laboratory. He’s lived in his home on the lake since 1984, in the same neighborhood as Hill, though they’ve never met.

Early on the morning of June 21, Strauss and his son saw four bright lights, shaped like the tip of a Sharpie marker, high above the water. The lights were in a line parallel with the shoreline, positioned at 11 o’clock and 30 degrees above the horizon.

Then one vanished. Then another. Soon all four were gone. Suddenly, they reappeared in the shape of a diamond. Then they went flat again. This went on for more than an hour.

He called the Eastlake police and they dispatched an officer. Strauss remembers the officer saying, “What is that?”

The following day, his son checked the Internet for lights over Lake Erie and found one of Hill’s videos. He recalls his son shouting, “That’s it! That’s what we saw!”

But unlike other Lake Erie witnesses, Strauss doesn’t believe the lights are extraterrestrial. He guesses they’re the result of government or aerospace industry experiments with new technology. “They’re bouncing radar off some type of object,” he speculates. “Some form of radar reflection technology. I’m just making an educated guess.”

Nevertheless, he’s intrigued.

“I look outside a lot more. I want to see it again,” says Strauss. “This time, I’m going to have my camera.” But he rejects the suggestion that it’s anything more than curiosity: “No. I’m not obsessive. Absolutely not.”

The Eastlake police actually had two witnesses that night. A detective, who asked not to be named, told the Free Times that he too saw the lights, but from a different vantage point.

The Eastlake police asked the Cleveland office of Homeland Security to look into the sighting, and the detective says he was told later that on the night of the sighting, the Canadian Coast Guard was near the opposite side of the lake searching for a man who had been reported missing. A Canadian Coast Guard helicopter dropped flares, connected to miniature parachutes, over the water. Later it was discovered the man had drowned.

Strauss finds this implausible, believes the lights appeared in a straight line, then vanished, then reappeared in a diamond formation.

The Bush administration reportedly has funneled billions to the aerospace industry to develop space-based weapons under the guise of missile defense. Secret military space-plane programs are believed to have been revived as well.

Another possibility are LAGEOS, or Laser Geodynamics Satellites. Publicly, the government says two are in orbit, and both are roughly the size of a basketball. They are made of brass and partially covered with a retro-reflection material that returns light in the direction it comes from, similar to a road sign.

There’s also NASA’s Glenn Research Center at the Plum Brook site in Sandusky. The site is home to the world’s largest space environment simulation chamber. That chamber will test NASA’s new spacecraft, Orion, which will take the US back to the moon. Recent upgrades to the Plum Brook site will also allow it to test “next- generation lunar landers, robotic systems, and military and commercial aircraft,” according to NASA’s Web site.

“So here I come walking out of the TV station one night in November maybe a decade ago after our early evening newscast,” says Ted Henry of New Channel 5. “In perfect formation there were five large objects flying smoothly in my direction. It was stunning.

“What I saw was the undersides of five flat objects flying in exact formation. The front two were enormous, maybe the size of several football fields, and the three trailing were smaller, flying in a slightly irregular pattern.”

“What do I think they were? All I can really tell you is what I saw.”

Henry has talked about his sighting many times on the air. He puts the experience this way: “One thing is certain, for people who see something in the sky, as I did over Cleveland years ago, it can be a life changing experience.”

But has anybody ever seen those underground bases in the Lake Erie vicinity? Is there any first hand witness to those; someone who has basically been under there and seen them?

Well, I’m sure most people would expect a ‘no’ to all those questions, but supposedly, there are those who have actually been there and walked around in at least some of them! One of these people is allegedly Dr. A.R. Bordon of LPG-C. The reason he would have had the ‘privilege’ is because his connection with the incoming Ša.AM.i group of Sirians.

The following conversation was taking place in December 2011 between Dr. Bordon and Michael Lee Hill in a ‘live chat’:

Dr. Bordon (AR): You know what’s down below in places in central and southern Ohio?

Michael Lee Hill (MLH): I do not know what is below, I hear a very old base?

Anunnaki Base in particular?

AR: One local man I only know as Bill knows of an access point to what looked like small cities down and off 75. Visited the site with him in 07. (Michael, who lives in the area, says to me that Route 75 leads to Right Patterson Air Force Base! Wes’ comment)

MLH: What does it look like? I am all ears.

AR: Living quarters carved into soft stone and granite in part. Large round central area. I’d estimate it to be about 200-300 feet below surface.

This Bill character was quite a guy; used to work at the base near Dayton.

So, A.R. is confirming that this base is not only existing, but also that it is ‘not ours’, according to Michael, meaning it is not owned by humanity. A.R. doesn’t have to tell us who owns it, because of all the information we have from elsewhere, we know it’s the incoming Ša.A.M.i.

But when comes to the United States, why is Ohio the place with the most frequent UFO sightings in America? Is there anything special with that area making it such a large center for the incoming Sirians? Why not some sparsely populated mountain ridge somewhere in a very remote area? In fact, A.R. says that Michael is sitting on top of the perhaps largest alien underground base in the world!

Well, there is actually a good reason why the incoming chose Ohio, and we are going to go into that now.

7. They Were Beings of Huge Stature

We know from the Bible; we know from Sitichin’s work, and we know from my own papers, that a lot of genetic experimentation and manipulation was taking place here on Earth. Around 500,000 years ago, this planet was taken over by Sirian forces, who later on replaced the slave workers of their own kind with a new species that they created in laboratories by mixing their own DNA with existing species already living here on Earth. That eventually turned into Homo sapiens, or Homo sapiens sapiens, which is us.

But there was another genetic line that was created here as well, which resulted in beings who, according to Lord ENLIL, contaminated the whole Experiment. At one time, Pleiadian Giants, so-called ‘Fallen Angels’, descended to Earth and mated with human females, whom they considered irresistible. So, in laboratories they mixed their own Giant genes with that of humans, Sirians, and even Aryans (from Orion), and the offspring became Giants, the infamous ‘Nephilim’. They could reach from 6.5 ft to nearly 300 ft in height, and were the ones who built many of the incredible stone formations all over the world; including some of the pyramids.

According to the Bible, they all drowned in the Flood, but my own research is showing that some of these Giants survived the Deluge and continued to spread over the world, and once again became ‘Men of Renown’. We also know that Lord ENLIL was furious when he found out that species whom he thought were extinct due to the Flood had been saved by his stepbrother, ENKI. One of these species was the Pleiadian Experiment, the Nephilim!

However, there was allegedly a compromise made — perhaps we could call it a treaty — where it was decided that if the Nephilim should be allowed to survive, their DNA needed to be altered to lower their stature. So, in that sense, over generations most of the Giants actually became extinct, as these beings now had more human-like offspring. Indeed, with time, it became nearly impossible to tell who was of the Nephilim and who was a ‘normal’ Homo sapiens. Although, I should add, there are still a few Giants alive on this planet, but they are currently residing underground. The Nephilim I am talking about are walking around among us, and no one can tell by just looking at them.

Interestingly enough, the spokesman for the secret society, ‘The Priory of Sion’, Nicolas Haywood, has started to come out in public, revealing some of their inner secrets. The Priory of Sion was mentioned in the book, ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ in relation to the Jesus and Mary Magdalene bloodline. Michael Lee Hill has had the opportunity to talk to him as well, and Haywood indeed confirmed to Michael that the Jesus and Mary Magdalene bloodline is the Nephilim hybrid bloodline, that goes all the way back to the Anunnaki, as he put it. Michael found it interesting that Haywood mentioned the Anunnaki in this regard. In relation to my own research, I can both confirm and dismiss this, depending on what we mean by the Anunnaki. Most people who use this term for the ancient visitors are taking it from Sitchin’s work. Sitchin says that it means ‘those whom to Earth from Heaven came’, and that includes more than one species. I also know from an impeccable source that the man we’ve come to know as ‘Jesus’ married a Sirian woman, Mary Magdalene. It’s beyond the scope of my knowledge whether Mary Magdalene had both Sirian and Pleiadian blood in her, which would make her a Nephilim, so I will leave it with that. I know, however, that Jesus was Aryan (Orion).

Now, there is supposedly one way to tell whether a person is of the Nephilim hybrid bloodline or not, and that is to draw their blood and check the CK level. The Nephilim have a sky high level of Creatine Kenase in their blood!

Sound familiar? In these papers, we are thus far aware of two people with a sky high amount of CK; Terrell Copeland and Michael Lee Hill! I don’t know if anyone has been in contact with Terrell since the blood test, but Michael has had it verified by a number of ‘people in the know’ that he indeed is of the Nephilim bloodline, and he is quite sure himself that this is the case, because it seems to explain a lot of things for him.

Now, let’s see why Ohio is such a hot spot for UFOs.

The author and researcher, Fritz Zimmerman, recently released a book called, ‘The Nephilim Chronicles; Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley‘[20]. An introduction to this book, about which Zimmerman has held quite a few lectures, can be found on YouTube. This particular one is a promotion to a lecture he actually held at the Pythagoras Conference in 2011:

Multimedia A-8. Fritz Zimmerman at the Pythagoras Conference.

This is a part of the YouTube text that is posted beneath the video (the emphasis is mine):

“Discover a giant race called the Dinaric whose remains have been found in Jerusalem, in burial mounds at Stonehenge and the Ohio Valley. Discover the ancient Amorite Babylonian symbols that are evident at Stonehenge and the many henges in the Ohio Valley. Discover the evidence of advanced mathematics discovered by the Amorites and how it is evident at Stonehenge and within the earthworks in the Ohio Valley. This is a must read for anyone who wants an affirmation of one of the most mysterious chapters in the Bible.”[21]

In other words, what Zimmerman exposes in his book and talks about in his lectures, built on his own vast and assuring research on the Nephilim subject, is that they migrated to America and to the Ohio Valley area from all parts of the world, and settled down there. Due to this migration, we can assume that there are a lot of Nephilim hybrids in the Ohio Valley area.

Probably, the main reason why the Sirians have the perhaps largest underground base in Ohio is because the Nephilim bloodline moved there. Since the Giants of old are being in liaison with the Ša.AM.i, this could explain why the incoming Sirians have chosen the Lake Erie area as their largest underground base. The Nephilim bloodline is important to the Sirians, even if it wasn’t always that way, and this must also be the reason why Michael was born a Nephilim hybrid. For some reason, Michael needs to be of the Nephilim bloodline in order to perform his task.   

8. Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Water of Life

We can understand the bloodline connection, but if there are quite a few who are of the same blood as Michael in the Ohio Valley area, did they just randomly pick one of these people and said, “Let’s choose him!” No, that doesn’t sound like the Sirians at all, so let’s see if we can come to another conclusion.

Michael says that he is the ‘Maitreya’. When most people think about the Maitreya they think of the second coming of Jesus, or some other aspect of him, who will save mankind from the evils of the world. So, is that who Michael says that he is? A world savior?

Michael has probably gotten this question a few times, but his answer is that Maitreya only means ‘loving kindness’, and doesn’t mean the savior of the world. But on the other hand, he feels that he does have a task to complete as a teacher. I will explain what he means by that, and much of it will be in Michael’s own words — directly and/or paraphrased — but also including my own comments.

Michael starts with giving me a few quotes:

“The Maitreya is known by another name which is Enki of the Anunnaki — Preparing the Way

Benjamin Creme is a Scottish author, artist, and esotericist, with connections to the Theosophical Society, once founded by Madame Helena Blavatsky. Creme is probably the best known spokesman for the coming of ‘Maitreya the World Teacher'[22] The Theosophists, through Annie Besant, once tried to introduce Krishnamurti as the Maitreya, but he later separated himself from them and became a teacher on his own.

Figure A-25. Lord EA

Alice Bailey, who said she was in telepathic communication with one of the ‘Masters’ (although she didn’t expose who), told Creme that he would also get in telepathic communication with this Master, who supposedly would be Maitreya. In 1975 (the same year crop circles started showing up around the world), Creme started receiving messages from Maitreya and began to tell the world about it in 1977.

Figure A-26. Benjamin Creme, 2008

Creme says that the Maitreya is the ‘Water of Life’. The only Master who would fit that title is Lord Enki (Prince EA). He is known in history and mythology under the term ‘Water of Life’, because he was the prime geneticist in the team who created Homo sapiens. So there is no doubt whom Creme and Bailey have been referring to. In order to understand the whole concept of what is happening here, we need to study the WingMakers Material, Zacharia Sitchin, and Theosophy, as they are all related. They are all talking about the return of a ‘World Teacher’ in the passing of an Old Age and the beginning of a new. The Old Age is of course the ‘Age of Pisces’, which is the age we are living in now. The New Age is the ‘Age of Aquarius’, which some say will start in 2013. ‘Aqua’ means ‘water’, and it’s been well known in the esoteric world that the Age of Aquarius is the Age of ENKI, the ‘water carrier’ and the ‘water of life’. In ‘Isis Unveiled’, Mme Blavatsky says (my emphasis at the end):

Those who are so ready to accuse the Chinese of irreligion will do well to read Schott’s Essays on Buddhism in China and Upper Asia.** “In the years Yuan-yeu of the Sung (A.D. 1086-1093) a pious matron with her two servants lived entirely to the Land of Enlightenment. One of the maids said one day to her companion: ‘To-night I shall pass over to the Realm of Amita’ (Buddha). The same night a balsamic odor filled the house, and the maid died without any preceding illness. On the following day the surviving maid said to her lady: ‘Yesterday my deceased companion appeared to me in a dream, and said: “Thanks to the persevering supplications of our dear mistress, I am become an inhabitant of Paradise, and my blessedness is past all expression in words.” ‘ The matron replied: ‘If she will appear to me also, then will I believe all you say.’ The next night the deceased really appeared to her. The lady asked: ‘May I, for once, visit the Land of Enlightenment?’ ‘Yea,’ answered the blessed soul; ‘thou hast but to follow thine hand-maiden.’ The lady followed her (in her dream), and soon perceived a lake of immeasurable expanse, overspread with innumerable red and white lotus flowers, of various sizes, some blooming, some fading. She asked what those flowers might signify? The maiden replied: ‘These are all human beings on the Earth whose thoughts are turned to the Land of Enlightenment. The very first longing after the Paradise of Amita produces a flower in the Celestial Lake, and this becomes daily larger and more glorious as the self-improvement of the person whom it represents advances; in the contrary case, it loses in glory and fades away.’*** The matron desired to know the name of an enlightened one who reposed on one of the flowers, clad in a waving and wondrously glistening raiment. Her whilom maiden answered: ‘That is Yang-kie.’ Then asked she the name of another, and was answered: ‘That is Mahu.'[23]

Here is the significance of water again in relation to mankind, but not only that. Where have we heard the name ‘Mahu, the Enlightened One’ before? For those who remember my ‘First Level of Learning’ may remember my papers on the WingMakers. James, who is the spokesman for that site says he is the head of the Corteum, which is the star race who is helping Fifteen and the ‘Labyrinth Group’ develop Blank Slate Technology. James’ real name, he admits, is Mahu Nahi.

Can someone smell a bigger story here? Madame Blavatsky started it with channeling the ascended masters of the ethereal Great White Brotherhood, and Alice Bailey and Annie Besant took it further, until it landed on Benjamin Creme. All these years, the Theosophical Society has been waiting for the ‘World Teacher’ — the Maitreya — to incarnate here on Earth. And we know, from reading the WingMakers material ( that James aka Mahu Nahi is talking quite a bit about Theosophy.

And now Michael Lee Hill has been in contact with Benjamin Creme. This wouldn’t have happened if the energies didn’t lead Creme to Michael.

Benjamin Creme further says (and here he is quoting from his messages from the non-physical planes):

“I come that men may have life and that life more abundantly.”

Maitreya as the dispenser of the ‘Water of Life of Aquarius’

Maitreya will perform one of his major tasks in the new time ahead. As he so eloquently puts it in Message No. 42 (the emphasis is Michael’s):

“Many times have you heard me say that my coming means change. 

Specifically, the greatest change will be in the hearts and minds of men, for my return among you is a sign that men are ready to receive new life. 

That new life for men do I bring in abundance. 

On all the planes this life will flow, reaching the hearts and souls and bodies of men, bringing them nearer to the source of life itself. 

My task will be to channel those waters of life through you. I am the water carrier. I am the vessel of truth. 

That truth shall I reveal to you and lift you into your true nature. 

I am the river. 

Through me flows the new stream of God-given life, and this shall I bestow on you. 

Thus shall we together walk through my garden, smell the perfume of my flowers, and know the joy of closeness to God. My friends, these things are not dreams. All of this will be yours. My mission will vouchsafe this to you.”

His is the task to transmit these waters of life: as physical life, nourishing the very cells of our bodies; as a new livingness — love and light within our hearts; and as life more abundantly — love, light and power within and above the head of the disciple of the Christ, enabling him to cooperate more fully with the Plan issuing from Shamballa, the ‘Centre where the Will of God is known.”

Now, let’s compare Creme’s messages with Sitchin’s description of Lord ENKI (again, the emphasis is Michael’s):

“Enki, the great chief scientist of the Anunnaki, was the leader of the first team of Anunnaki to come to Earth. His name, EN.KI, meant “Lord of Earth” in Sumerian. But that title was granted to him only later, after the arrival of his half-brother Enlil (EN.LIL = “Lord of the Command”). The original Epithet-name of Enki was E.A., commonly taken to mean “He whose home is water.”[24]

Enki was depicted by the Sumerians as a seated deity outpouring streams of water.

Figure A-27. Prince EA (ENKI) and the stream of water.

Enki was the prototype of the Water Bearer Aquarius and his zodiacal constellation.

Figure A-28. EA in Sumerian depiction and the sign for the Constellation of Aquarius.

So, it’s not really news that the Age of Aquarius is the Age of ENKI/EA, and some are expecting his return in one form or another. According to the Theosophical Society (although they have been reluctant over the years to tell his name), the World Teacher will be ENKI.

But when you ask Michael if he is ENKI, his answer is both yes and no. He said to me: “I have lived in many incarnations; one as a monk in Tibet”, but he is quite certain that he is the Maitreya the world has been waiting for. He tells me that ENKI and Maitreya are just two different labels for the same incarnating ‘Soul/Higher Self (Oversoul)’. He says he is Michael, he is ENKI, and he is Maitreya as well. “I have had many, many names. What I am is nameless, but not voiceless”, he says.

He explains further that he is ENKI’s counterpart here on Earth, and if we look up the definition of ‘counterpart’ in ‘’, we find one definition saying: “ of two parts that fit, complete, or complement one another.” That would probably be our best definition, meaning that ENKI as a full being is the Higher Self, the Oversoul. This Oversoul can then split herself into different fragments in order to live different incarnations, like I’ve explained throughout my papers. Currently, to my knowledge, and if Michael is correct, we have two incarnations of ENKI that I am aware of. It is that of Anton Parks[25] and Michael Lee Hill. Both are here to teach; Michael being the older one and Parks the younger. It would, however, be interesting to check Anton Parks’ CK level!

We are all aware of what Prince EA did on Earth as Lord ENKI in the past, when he created Homo sapiens as a slave race to the Sirians, and how he also elevated certain bloodlines to rule over Earth when the gods were absent, but as ‘puppets’ to the Sirians. These bloodlines are of course the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. ENKI had a certain affinity for the Pleiadians at that time, and when the Pleiadians created the Nephilim, Lord ENKI was all for it, while Lord ENLIL was not. A renegade group of future Pleiadians, channeled through Barbara Marciniak — a group I’ve listened a lot to — say they are related both to ENKI and the Sirians in the past. They have come to clear their karma and also, allegedly, to help us through these hard times called the nano-second (1987-2012). They want to make sure there are humans who choose another timeline than that of the ‘Machine Kingdom’, which will be brought down by the Sirians. If we do, it can change their timeline as well and erase the tyranny they live under in their present time (our future). They admit to have done both good and bad things back in the days of Mesopotamia, and earlier, and their ancestors were the ones who created the Nephilim together with Lord ENKI and his consort, NIN-HUR-SAG from Sirius.

So, everything is related in one way or another, and it all adds up. We are close to come full circle, which I find extremely interesting, and a New Age can begin! We humans have lived in total oblivion, while secret societies in the background, good and bad, have worked hard to accomplish their goals for the New Era, which is supposedly starting now around 2013.

One of my trusted sources said once that ENKI is not bad in himself, but he is spontaneous, and doesn’t always think about future consequences. When he created mankind he did it partly to help his Sirian friends, who needed slave labor in their mines. But he also had other intentions with manipulating our genes. He wanted to fulfill his Mother’s wish to let her Fire be inserted in the human race; his Mother being the physical manifestation of the Mother Goddess — the ‘Queen of the Stars’. ENKI did that, and the only way for him to accomplish it here on Earth, where his stepbrother ENLIL was in command, was to go along with his brother’s wishes to a certain degree. His intention, however, was to educate an Elite of humans to know the secrets of who they were and the purpose of their mission here on Earth. So he created the ‘Bloodlines’, while he kept the rest of humanity in ignorance. Thus, he had created Elitism on Earth in old Sirian manner. And as everything went out of hand, the Sirians took over totally and could unhindered suck the Fire out of humans and feed off the fear they were creating wherever they showed up.

This was not exactly how ENKI had planned it, and he had to admit to himself that his plans had failed and he had also betrayed his Mother by making a pact with the Sirians. I asked my source where ENKI is now and what he is thinking about all this, and my source said that when ENKI realized what he’d done, he probably said to himself, “Oops, too bad! Didn’t mean to do that! Oh well, no use in crying over spilt milk!” With that, my source meant that ENKI has (or had) a tendency to do things too spontaneously without thinking of the consequences in the future, and when he saw what he’d done, he didn’t want to take responsibility for it. However, said my source, when comes to where and what he is doing today, he is probably sitting somewhere thinking about how he can turn all this around and make it right!

So, that’s the good side of ENKI. He created Elitism, which has created confusion amongst humans and a huge power rush amongst the ‘selected ones’, and we have the world we have today, including Marduk, ENKI’s son, and his two sons running much of the show behind the scenes. We also have a patriarchal regime running this planet, with tyrants filling our lives with fear and stopping our direct communication with Source (the Mother Goddess) due to that the Sirians created what Mahu Nahi of the WingMakers calls the HMS (Human Mind System)[26]; I call it the ‘Grid’.

But, the New Age has for long been ‘reserved’ for ENKI, according to old tradition and myth, and perhaps now is the time for him to send down his counterpart to Earth to ‘make things right’ and work as a World Teacher. This sounds very much like the Second Coming in the Bible, and of course it has all to do with prophecy, like I’ve said for a long time now; the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel are the most profound prophecy literature we can probably find.

According to Michael, Marduk is actually a very nice person, and his task has been a heavy one. He has had to play the ‘bad guy’ to be the ‘catalysts’ for mankind, so we can wake up and raise the frequency enough on this planet for his father to be able to return and spread his message. In a world where the frequency is low, ENKI’s message would not come across, i.e. you can’t throw pearls before swine.

When I ask Michael how it feels to be the Maitreya, he says that he actually just feels like ‘Michael’, but he now knows who he is and what his purpose is. His future will tune itself, to use a musical term (Michael being a musician), and his vibration will be just right for him to fulfill his mission. That is the whole idea, at least, so we’re told…

9. Michael Lee Hill, LPG-C, S.A.A.L.M. and the Death of 4 Billion — What is Actually Going On?

This is pretty much where it stands today. According to Michael, the good and evil that has played itself out here over the last few thousand years has been a necessity to build up to what will happen in the New Age of Aquarius. In fact, we are looking forward to a Golden Age, where mankind can stand on their own feet for the first time and realize what real sovereignty means. This is what Michael says he pretty much wants for himself and mankind, and so far, his goals and mine are the same.

Michael is working very closely with Dr. Bordon and a few other Nephilim hybrids at the moment, using their psychic powers to allegedly steer Nibiru off course, and possibly in the future dissolve the ‘Wave of the Supernova’, as I’ve called it, where intense energies will reach Earth and possibly destroy the whole civilization. Michael says that they have had incredible results from their sessions, and that Nibiru already is about 1º off course, to our favor. That’s not enough, but they are working on it, to hopefully be able to save our planet from the impact as much as possible. Nibiru, according to both A.R. and Michael, is quickly approaching and is going to reach its closest point to Earth in December, 2012. So there is not much time… This sounds like a very wonderful thing, and if there wasn’t so much more to the story, I would be extremely delighted! Again, I believe Michael; I know he is as honest as he possibly can, and what he’s doing in his way to contributing to the establishment of a new Golden Age for mankind. However, there is more to this, and I’ll explain:

The other side of the story would be that this whole thing is a deception, and that there is a very dark agenda to this, where we are fooled into thinking that things will be okay, when instead the Sirians, in line with their normal mentality, are taking over from the nano world, as described throughout my papers. I have come to trust my sources very much and some I consider good friends of mine, showing me without any doubt that they are genuine and what they have told me is from the absolute best of their knowledge, and part of their way of living. Partly because of this, I have to say I am very suspicious about any agenda put out by the Sirian Alliance. Also, according to my sources, Marduk is always bad news, and he is not here as a catalyst, although he per default is working as one to a lesser degree, with or without his own wish in the matter. But he is also a great deceiver, who can be whoever he wants to be; he can shift personality and shape at will. One source told me a couple of months ago, that of all the Sirians, Marduk is probably the worst (although he is actually half Aryan, being ENKI’s son). My source said that he is even worse than ENLIL.

I told in my papers that there seems to be a faction of the Sirians who are actually more highly evolved than the royal families who came down to Earth 500,000 years ago. Some of those who came never changed, while there were those who evolved and realized that what they were doing did not benefit anybody; neither themselves, nor others they came in contact with. I understand through my sources that ENKI is basically good hearted but needs to learn to take responsibility, and that he probably feels bad for what he did here once upon a time. So, perhaps he has been working with a faction of Sirians and others who will help him steer mankind back on track, and that this part is actually happening, making Michael’s story credible; time will tell, like I said in my first paper on Michael Lee Hill, but as much as I want to believe that, there are some very dark sides to this that I can’t ignore.

I know that Michael is also in contact with beings who seem very highly evolved, like a certain musician I was mentioning in the original paper, and when I listen to him performing, he is truly increasing the vibrations of the listener. There is a very wise being incarnated in that body; a teacher in his own right.

Here are the things I can’t ignore, however. One is LPG-C’s connection with Utu of the RAM Clan (ENLIL’s clan). As the reader knows by now, I have been in contact with Utu, and in spite of his all his knowledge and the language he is using, his message did not impress me. And in one of my papers from The First Level of Learning’, May 26, 2011: ‘PFC Paper #3: New Revelations on the Story About the Wingmakers, The Labyrinth Group, and S.A.A.L.M’ , it is evident that Dr. Bordon was a part of S.A.A.L.M. (Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk, headquarters located in the infamous Pine Gap, Australia) under the pseudonym ‘P4’, something that will be even clearer when the reader takes part of the info by following these links:,; and

My suggestion is that you read them after you’ve finished this paper, as I am going to summarize them here below, but to see the absolute validity to them, I highly recommend that you read the evidence by following these link. There are the real documents, as they were written. A lot of evidence is also in there. At that time I let the information speak for itself; I didn’t comment on them, because that would have burned my bridges at the time. I left for the reader to figure it out. Now, however, the time has come to conclude.

S.A.A.L.M. is also supposedly the highest degree of Freemasonry existing on Earth (note: on Earth! that is) and another name for it is ‘The 33rd Degree of Zion’, and the members are allegedly reporting directly to Lord Marduk. According to their ‘first-among-equals’, which are the founding members, the 33rd Degree of Zion is an organization in itself, absolutely top secret, but non hierarchal, just like A.R. says about LPG-C.

Figure A-29. The old login site for S.A.A.L.M., retrieved from the Wayback Machine. Please read the white text by clicking on the picture (better solution)

The first protocol that was posted on bibliotecapleyades website (the links above) says that the first-among-equals were P6, P2, and P1. So P4, aka A.R. Bordon, was not a first-among- equals, but he is at LPG-C. In S.A.A.L.M. he was (at least officially) ‘just’ a bio-scientist within the group. It was mentioned in the leaked documents that P2 was (is?) Dr. Henry Kissinger. I can’t confirm that, but would it surprise anybody? His code name would in that sense have been ‘Spartacus’.

The protocol for being a member of S.A.A.L.M. is listed here: P6, a first-among-equals, is listing 11 items which are the 11 rules the S.A.A.L.M. member needs to follow (11 is one – if not the – most important power number for the Illuminati[27]). Breaking one of the more important rules is punishable with death.

The first 50 members of the group are considered ‘founding members’, where the number ’50’ must be symbolic for the ’50 epithets of Marduk’ (type in ‘Marduk’ in Wikipedia, and you’ll find them mentioned there). The nine first ‘P’ members are listed in one of the protocols that were hacked from the S.A.A.L.M. server:

P1 Plato

P2 Spartacus

P3 Aristotle

P4 NingShaazur

P5 Mithrus

P6 Asmodeus

P7 Cicero

P8 Templar

P9 Annanaues

Dr. A.R. Bordon, being P4, therefore has the code name ‘NingShaazur’, a name I don’t recognize from the Mesopotamian era, but which sounds very Aryan/Sirian. One member is called ‘Traveler-1’ as well, which is interesting, as one of the founding members of LPG-C has the code name ‘J. Traveler’.

A.R. has always repeatedly said that LPG-C is a NON GOV.ORG, which means they are not reporting to the government (except when really necessary, for National Security reasons) and P6 says that S.A.A.L.M. is a NON GOV.ORG as well.

P6 then goes on with explaining Life Physics in its most basic terms, and also includes that this information needs to be out in public domain, and certain actions be taken by 2011. He also makes it very clear that membership within their group is ‘by invitation only’ and is by no means for everybody — in other words, it’s per definition a secret society. Their intention, when Michael showed up on the scene, was to recruit him into this group.

Just like James Casbolt (former MI6 Intelligence agent) says on his website (taken down since years back), that this is a very real group. The evidence for that is overwhelming, so it’s no idea trying to convince me that this is some elaborate hoax, because anyone who reads the material can tell that it isn’t — it’s very real. It contains disinformation to protect the groups’ more sinister purposes, but other than that, it’s very genuine.

The purpose of S.A.A.L.M. is to accomplish a 25,000 year old goal by Marduk, to keep this Sirian/Aryan star being on the throne of Earth after 2013 and in the same breath kill off a few billion people (see links above). Whether this will happen or not, or if it’s a cover-up for something bigger that only a few insider know of, remains to be seen. One such thing could be the take-over of Earth from the nano-world. Marduk is said (or was said in 2006) to live in an underground base under a lake in Tanzania, Africa, and has a temporary home around Mt. Ziel, close to Pine Gap, Australia. He presumably has had two to residences at his convenience for the last few thousand years. A.R. at one time told me that Marduk is dead and died here on Earth, buried in an unknown location, and his two sons had now assumingly taken over. This, of course, is just smoke and mirrors, because even if Marduk really died, he can easily take on a new, grown-up human body and continue his work with only minor interruptions.

While we have our attention on what Marduk will, or will not do, the real nano invasion can take place unnoticed. There is little doubt that ‘P4’ is A.R., because it’s fairly easy to recognize his writing style, and from the context of P4’s writing it’s evident that it’s him, and to this group Dr. Bordon discusses his ‘Life Physics’, ‘Accelerated Learning’, his research on ENS (advanced remote viewing), Topological thinking, and Blank Slate Technology. Knowing that, we may question his motives for doing so, in case someone got the idea that he may have had infiltrated S.A.A.L.M. in order to expose its agenda, and therefore working as a double agent. This does not seem to be the case, however.

The part about ‘Accelerated Learning’ is especially concerning when in the wrong hands! When A.R. found out that Michael had met with Marduk and been accepted as ‘one of them’, and indeed also as the Maitreya, A.R. started giving him tasks to read, which had to do with LERM (Light Encoded Reality Matrix), which is a Sirian technology, where the expert can bend light so that anything material can appear just as the person wants it to — out of thin air! This is used by ETs all the time while on a material world, but what does it mean in regards to Michael? I don’t know about the conclusion the reader is making, but mine is the Anti-Christ creating ‘miracles’. When mastering Accelerated Learning, which is the way to learn LERM, Michael can perform what looks like ‘magick’, when it’s nothing of the sort. Still, it will create a whole lot of believers! The WingMakers define LERM as follows:

“LERM is essentially an infinite field of possibilities, or, as Aristotle referred to it, Potentia. This Potentia is like fertile soil from which physical objects are created. Those who can orchestrate LERM through the application of their consciousness are able to manifest reality and not simply react to it. This manifestation can be instantaneous because again, quantum objects originate in non-time and non-space.” [from ‘The Second Dr. Neruda Interview’ at]

Isn’t it interesting then, that James Casbolt and his wife back in England sees a triangular craft outside their residence in October 2006, emitting the same kind of lights that Michael later said he’d seen over Lake Erie? And after he’s witnessed this, he is contacted by someone calling him ‘Brother James’. First of all, let me explain. When you are part of a secret society, you are called ‘Brother’ by your fellow members. However (again interestingly enough) ‘Brother’ is also what the Ša.AM.i call each other when they have a lower status than ‘Lords’, ‘Prince’, or ‘King’, but still is considered Sirian-friendly. A.R. used to call me ‘Brother’ for a long time, and so did Utu. In this case, James is called Brother by the anonymous email writer in more sarcastic terms.

He says the the ‘Zetan ship’ (indicating the ‘Grays) is theirs (meaning it’s a human craft, owned by S.A.A.L.M. and/or Marduk’s Sirian clan. Michael claims that the lights over Lake Erie are from the ‘Incoming’ Nibiruans, which in that case is not true. Michael got the information from A.R. that the Eastlake UFOs are not from the Mardukian side). The anonymous writer goes on explaining that Casbolt is microchipped and can be tracked at all times. It’s also mentions that S.A.A.L.M. has until 2012 to put Marduk into the public domain. This was exactly what was told to Michael by Marduk himself at the ‘Sirian Rising Festival’.

In a correspondence from 2006, S.A.A.L.M. was revealing that the financial meltdown would happen in 2008. And they were correct! Let’s hope they’re not correct when comes to the 2012 target to eliminate the majority of the world population. However, A.R. said recently that there will be ET ‘intervention’ before the end of the year!

In 2006, it came to the knowledge of some senior members of the group that a security breach had occurred within the group, and that a few bio-scientists were the cause to this. It was assumed by the senior members that the breach happened because the scientists were not savvy with security matters, but we also know that A.R. has background within the Intelligence Community. If he had any rank there (which he had), he would have known how important security is. Now, the question is, was Dr. Bordon one of those who created the security breach, and by doing so letting non-members have access to all the sensitive information? If that is the case, did the security breach happen on purpose because there were a few scientists who wanted to expose S.A.A.L.M., or did it happen out of negligence? If A.R. was involved in the breach, I would quite certainly exclude negligence, and if he was not involved, it seems evident that he agreed with the goals of the group; to keep Marduk on the throne and kill off the greater part of humanity. Why otherwise introduce the science and the time travel technology to the group?

A.R. was also the scientist in charge of deciding when to release ET info to the public in form of essays. This was prematurely done, I think, by me. I got hold of two essays written by Bordon and another scientist, ‘The LINK’ and ‘Between the Devil and the Incoming Rock’ by an informant I had, and posted them both on my website. Shortly after, I was contacted by A.R., who told me something to the effect that it was actually time to publish these essays anyway, and that’s how my relationship with LPG-C started.

But why talking badly about Marduk, like A.R. did in his essays, if in secret he and his group were supporting him? We can only speculate, but again, it could be to S.A.A.L.M.’s advantage to play both sides. It was already known from history that Marduk is bad news, so they may have had to present him as that, while another side presented him as a ‘catalyst’, but basically a ‘good guy’ with mankind’s best at heart.

Casbolt was recruited by S.A.A.L.M. after he’d been on air on the Daniel Ott Show, talking about his background as a mind controlled slave for MI6. Once he got his hands on the leaked document that came out from the security breach, and there were people who were going to expose it to the public by holding lectures about it, the same people dropped dead under mysterious circumstances, such as heart attacks, etc. This can easily be done on proxy. We must also raise the question that because Michael has been seeing the same lights over the Great Lake as Casbolt did in England, and Casbolt is microchipped, does that make Michael microchipped and traceable as well? Can they control his thoughts? Just questions we need to ask ourselves.

On September 18, 2006, Casbolt got another letter from a S.A.A.L.M. member, mentioning both Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski (frmr advisor to President Jimmy Carter) as members of the organization, which is apparently privately funded by families such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

One of Casbolt’s close friends, who was one of those who was preparing to expose S.A.A.L.M. to the public, died on stage from a heart attack, from had been a healthy man. Shortly after, Casbolt got a letter from S.A.A.L.M. again, and the agent told him in quite threatening terms that this is what happens if you plan on talking in depth about Marduk in public. The letter is dated October 25, 2006.

Also, we need to bring up some photoshopped pictures that circulated on Casbolt’s site before he took it down. They were supposed to be of ENLIL and his son, NANNUUR, but were manipulated pictures of Brzezinski and Kissinger. It was so badly done that anyone with any critical thinking could see they were fake. It was deliberately done this way, and is confirmed in another letter from S.A.A.L.M. to Casbolt, after the publication of the photos. This letter is dated Nov. 30, 2006. I debunked these photos as well in the ‘First Level of Learning’, and earlier in an early version of my e-book back in 2009, ‘The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller’. These photos were made to discredit Casbolt, but as usual, it was cleverly done, because Brzezinski is supposedly ENLIL in his human form, and Kissinger is NANNUUR. I have Brzezinski being ENLIL confirmed by a source of mine, so I now have that from two different sources, independent from each other.

This way, S.A.A.L.M. didn’t have to lie when he saw to that Casbolt got hold of the pictures — they were actually genuine in its highest sense. They did lie, however, when they told Casbolt that ENLIL is Marduk’s son, which of course is not true, but something Casbolt posted as well, which had as its purpose to discredit S.A.A.L.M. in the public domain, so they could remain a secret organization even after the security breach. It worked for years, but if someone is not resolved, it has a tendency to once again come to the surface, like it does now.

We can’t get around the fact that A.R. was at least at one time was a member of both LPG-C and S.A.A.L.M. The leaked pages, posted on the Internet by former(?) MI6 agent James Casbolt, were from around 2007, while LPG-C has been around quite a bit longer, according to A.R. LPG-C is officially against Marduk and his agenda, while S.A.A.L.M., as we evidently know, is supporting the tyrant. Of course, the leaked information was never supposed to see the light of the day.

A.R. working together with Utu doesn’t make me more convinced that he has our best interest in mind, unless I am missing something really essential here.

After Casbolt had released the S.A.A.L.M. information, he was contacted by a member, which presented Dr. Bordon as some kind of renegade, which could very well had been done to disinform Casbolt, who of course published that email. This way, Casbolt unwittingly paved the way for A.R. to enter the stage as a supposed Marduk opponent.

The leaked S.A.A.L.M. documents were quickly taken off the Internet, but could still be found on the ‘Wayback Machine’. That’s where the above, very evil, and very revealing files were retrieved from.

Lastly, before we round up, I want to mention that nowhere in LPG-C’s teachings is the Divine Feminine or the Mother Goddess mentioned. Both LPG-C and S.A.A.L.M. are, regardless of what they say, an extension of the Patriarchal Regime. And as such, they are not to be trusted — at least that’s how I see it.

Now, A.R. is apparently supervising this meditation group which Michael Lee Hill is a part of, and their agenda is to save us from the Incoming Planet when it gets too close to Earth and steer it off course. The question is if this is legitimate, or if Nibiru actually was never a threat to begin with this time around? Therefore, is the meditation session directed towards something that is non-existing? And if so, will the same group take credit for have saved the world, and this will eventually bring Marduk to the throne of Earth, pretending he was behind this group in the first place, saving the world for us?

There could be a similar agenda going on if the above is not exactly perfectly spotted. Regardless, I stand by my theory that the invasion is taking place in the nano world as we speak, and everything else is distraction.

(I also want to add because people have asked: LPG-C is gone. Their website has been taken down (, and I heard that due to various things that have happened, LPG-C as an organization does no longer exist. However, the research group it consisted of, led by Dr. A.R. Bordon, is still intact).

10. Some End Words for the End Time

We humans were meant to be the Guardians of this place! Will we be able to put our feet on the ground and say with great determination, ‘no more!’ and walk away from it all to become our own sovereign beings, away from slavery and amnesia, and will we be guided on that mission (and if so, by whom?), or will the dark forces win and take over in the anticipated Machine Kingdom?

I would say, both will happen! There is not only one Earth; there are as many Earths as there are humans, and more. Being multidimensional means that we know the power of thought and that we create our own reality! Therefore, we are the ones who decide which Earth and which reality/universe we want to live in! The more we know, the better choices we can make. But the truth remains: some will choose darkness, others will choose light, but both will exist simultaneously, side by side in different worlds. And even in these different worlds, light and darkness will always coexist. The choice is not to get rid of one or the other — not as long as we live in the material world. The choice is to find the balance we need and want, and we do so by creating our own thoughts, one by one, have a clear mind and clear intentions, without sloppy thinking, and act upon our thoughts and our dreams in our local universe, which is our immediate environment. By doing so, we inspire like-minded to follow, and the world we want will be created before our eyes, or we will merge with one that is already existing because it matches our frequency.

Michael’s efforts to get this information out has been sabotaged in the past; we know that as a fact. And this is what it is all about; there are those who do not want the information about Nephilim hybrids still walking around on Earth to come out in the open. And there are those who don’t want ENKI’s efforts to send a fragmented part of himself as a World Teacher to succeed, either, perhaps? But remember, the Sirians are very manipulative, and they have done everything in their power to elevate ENKI to look like a savior and a true friend of mankind while they have hidden the dark sides of what he did to Homo sapiens. Why has ENKI been described in such sacred ways? Can there be a not-so-benevolent agenda behind that? Are they using ENKI to easier be able to achieve more sinister goals, like the ones described above?

There are many layers to every agenda, and a person can only see so much of the whole picture. But know for a fact, that when you tell yourself that you know it all, that’s when your ignorance is speaking. This is also true when comes to the dark forces. There is always a higher purpose to everything; we can only decide which layer we want to experience at the moment, and it’s related to how much we know and how well are neurological system is developed. We don’t want any of it? If so, that’s another choice we have; just to walk away from it all.

This reality wouldn’t exist without belief systems. That is what keeps this 3D intact. We tend to attack each other because we have different beliefs, when in fact we would have to let all belief systems go for this reality to cease to exist. It’s nothing wrong with belief systems; they are there to serve us and teach us something, but the difference between a person who is enlightened and one who is not is to which degree a person can change his or her beliefs, or how stuck they are in them. The more fluid one is in ones belief systems, the more enlightened. Why? Simply because we have more choices. We can experience more, which makes us more knowledgeable and wiser, and the faster we can reach the stars. Most people are very rigid in their beliefs, and not until they become more fluid can they evolve.

Therefore, when you listen to somebody (including me), don’t be dogmatic about it. You earn your freedom by using your ability to think freely. Ultimately, we are all ONE, but our goals now are not to become ONE, but to learn from each other by being separate from each other – each with their own personality. This is important to remember. We are born into a universe to let the Goddess experience herself, and metaphorically, we are her neurosensors, and as such, her teachers. We are ONE with her, but can’t assist her if we are not separated.

And in all this: why choose Michael as a vessel for the ‘World Teacher’, if this is truly what he is? Well, I am sure that his bloodline was very carefully checked beforehand, and when it was decided that it was pure enough to host a certain soul, ‘Michael’, the soul, incarnated with full amnesia. Not until the last decade did he start to wake up, but all his life he has had ‘ET experiences’, where they have most certainly tampered with his genetics to fine-tune his body.

The rest is history.

When I bring up the dark sides of this agenda with Michael, he agrees with me, and says that although he disagrees with Marduk and his plans, he sees Marduk as a catalyst for mankind, and that he uses as much evil as necessary to wake mankind up. The more asleep we are, the more darkness/evil does he and his clan have to express in order for us to react and change. This is all in line with what ‘Hidden Hand’ said about catalysts, and to a certain degree also the RA Material. Although we do need catalysts at times to be able to look at ourselves and find the goodness in our hearts, I don’t see the point in having to terminate billions of people because mankind is ‘asleep’. That is not the way we learn, as I see it. It’s happened before, on Old Terra, and that traumatized the souls for millions of years to such a degree that they became ‘lost souls’, as described in the Ra Material.

Mankind was born in slavery, and has lived in slavery ever since. Who created us and who created the slavery? The same ‘Masters’ who are now claiming to be our catalysts. All we know is slavery, and yes, many are waking up at this time, but we learn in our own pace, and creating such a mass trauma as a termination of most of mankind is not helpful. Michael says that in all this, what he is experiencing is pure love, and that’s what he feels he is emitting, and that is his message. And as long as that is the case, he will move on with his path to possibly become a World Teacher. I know he is referring to the splitting of worlds as well, just like I have been doing in my papers, and that we all have a choice which world we want to live in — we even have the choice to be terminated.

This is the message to mankind. I have presented it as it is known to me and hope it may be useful for the reader in order to make a conscious decision about our future. That is all I wish to accomplish. If I can accomplish that in just a few individuals, I can find peace inside in the sense that I feel I have accomplished what I came here to do. And I am far from alone. Together we can raise the frequency above all this evil and create a world we wish to live in.

We need teachers! There is absolutely nothing wrong with teachers. But always listen and hear what the teachers have to teach. Are they teaching the old ways of the Mother Goddess and the Divine Feminine, or are they telling you about a male God, or of a neuter Universe? If a teacher is teaching you about the Divine Feminine and the Old Ways of the Goddess, I would lend an ear, but if not, I wouldn’t bother.

However, in a Free Will Universe we have choices, and there are many dishes on the table. Choose the one you like the best, know your own power, and change your mind anytime it feels like the right thing to do. Life will always be as wonderful as we make it.

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