Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 17: Leaving the Cosmic Battlefield

by Wes Penre, Written on Saturday, December 28, 2013 
Posted on Friday, January 10, 2014
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. It’s not our War, but is it our Freedom?

When Marduk contacted me, wanting me to make a public statement, I made clear to him that the war between the Anunnaki clans is not our war, and we are tired of fighting it for them. For millennia, we have fought a war that we shouldn’t have had anything to do with to start with, but now it’s over on our part. We are walking away from it—we are leaving the battlefield!

His response to this was more or less that they created us, and without them, we would still be living in caves. In other words, he gave me the Sitchin jargon, which was probably the jargon he and Father gave Sitchin to begin with, unless Sitchin was one of the members of the AIF already. Marduk must not have read my papers thoroughly enough at the time because I had already pointed out that we were an evolved species before he and Lucifer entered the stage. He didn’t comment on that but kept calling me a lulu, which is a degrading word, meaning something like “human slave” in their vocabulary.

Then he started saying that their species and ours are more or less one and the same, but we humans now are more in numbers than they are (which I found interesting), and we needed to make peace. He offered to gather his armies and capture the Global Elite and put them to justice. All of them would be executed—even those who had worked with the Elite “on proxy.” This would of course start the War of Armageddon, which I also pointed out to him, and although he told us humans not to participate because he agreed that it is “not our war,” he knew, and I knew, that this is just for the show. In reality, a war like that would be fought from all fronts.

In retrospect, I’m sure Marduk spoke to me to test the waters—nothing more, nothing less. He had no interest in wiping out the Global Elite or starting an Armageddon at that point—he needs the Elite, and he needs us humans. I have no proof of this, but my thinking is that he wanted to recruit me, and he tested where my loyalties really are and whether I can bend to their manipulation. After all, Marduk/Utu worked closely with Dr. A.R. Bordon and LPG-C at that time.

Nevertheless, there could have been a grain of truth in Marduk’s statement, however, because even if it’s come to my knowledge that there is only one clan present on Earth, and that is the “Serpent Clan,” i.e. the Enkiites, there are factions amongst the Global Elite who want different things, I’ve been told. One faction follows Lucifer to the word and “supports” our evolution–on their terms—while another faction is more reluctant and wants to stop our development. The latter faction is the one which doesn’t have all the information and doesn’t understand why they would support our progress—they see it as a threat. As we’ve come to understand, all knowledge is on a need-to-know-basis amongst the Global Elite. There are entire countries that are run by regimes who don’t want people evolved, and there are factions within the U.S. Government that think the same thing. This is partly why we see so many contradictions on this subject and a lot of infighting.

It is okay to take a look at this from a distance and learn what is going on—in fact, it’s crucial for our survival, but it’s no longer our job and never was our job to participate in any of it. Most important, it really isn’t our war , and trying to participate in it, even if it’s just by demonstrating outside Washington, DC, only makes it worse. The only way for us to win the war is to drop our weapons and walk away from the battlefield, as I have suggested at least a couple of times so far in my levels of learning. A real soldier knows when it’s time to stop fighting.

So far, so good—perhaps? In previous discussions in other levels of learning, we discussed that the best way out of this mess is to 1) learn about it, 2) disagree with it on a soul level, and 3) walk away from it and create our lives the way we, as individuals and/or smaller groups, want it. This, of course, is not accomplished within the blink of an eye, but it can be done as long as we are determined to accomplish it. However, there could potentially be a bump on the road which we have to overcome—something the gods may have set up in order to make sure of their ownership of us. As I said—this is not our war, but is it our freedom?

The following is an idea I came across recently. It may, or may not, have an effect on our future. At least, I want to mention it.  

II. Cloning and Genetic Engineering Patent Laws

If you, the reader, think that you have a lot of time on your hands all of a sudden, why not start studying the U.S. Patent Law? Sound boring? Well, it doesn’t have to be. You would probably be amazed about what people and organizations have patented! Some of it seems just ludicrous, but some of these patents are scary, to say the least. Particularly those which pertain to cloning and genetic tinkering.

Some time ago, I listened to an interview with author and researcher, Dr. Joseph Farrell, on Coast to Coast, from April 20, 2011[1], when he was interviewed by George Noory concerning his new book at the time: Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men. Almost half an hour into the interview, they started discussing the U.S. Patent Law in relation to the “Anunnaki.” Farrell, after researching this subject, had come to the following conclusions.

Under Patent Law, the invention 1) must be able to be duplicated by the hand of man, 2) cannot arise in nature, and 3) it must have had the hand of man in the invention, so that it can be patentable.

If we look at and apply these three concepts, Farrell says, the creation of mankind could definitely be patent awarded! Mankind was created by and his scientists—hence, mankind can be created again by someone who follows the exact steps. Also, mankind cannot arise in nature, and that’s where the “hand of man” is in the “creation.” This, Farrell says, indicates that mankind is, hypothetically, intellectual property of the creator gods! He further speculates that if the gods would come back, how would they implement this? In other words, if their intentions were such, would they be able, under current patent laws, to claim humanity as their property? I believe Dr. Farrell has only looked into U.S. Patent Law, but I would presume that they are similar in other countries.

Could it actually be that the AIF has taken into consideration that they need to be protected by planetary laws in order to defend their rights over us in, let’s say, an Orion Court? It doesn’t really matter if these Patent Laws are coincidental in this regard or not because if we humans can see that they can be implemented this way, the AIF can as well, and why not take advantage of it?

Then, as Farrell is careful to point out, we have the fact that it’s not only the sovereignty of mankind that is at stake here, but maybe all—or at least most—life on this planet. First, the AIF allegedly used a lot of animal genes in their experiments as well. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all these animal genes ended up in Homo sapiens sapiens, but they were created, and if that can be proven, the animals, too, belong to the gods—at least to a certain degree.

This is more or less where Farrell ends his discussion, and he leaves the rest for the listener to reflect on. If we then look in modern times, we can see what the gods did in ancient times concerning genetic engineering and manipulation—we are currently trying to do the same thing, and the patent laws are such that it’s not a problem to obtain a patent on what they’re doing.

Here is a thought, however, that I’ve had that may save mankind from being patented. When it comes to new discoveries on how to clone or create new species, much of that may be governed under current patent laws and can therefore be patented, but when we’re talking about ancient genetic engineering of mankind or other species, as mentioned in the ancient texts, these techniques may actually not be allowed patent awards, as mentioned under the “Novelty (Newness) Requirement Patent Law”, which says (the italics are mine):

In order for an invention to be patentable, it must be new as defined in the patent law. This novelty requirement states that an invention cannot be patented if certain public disclosures of the invention have been made. The statute which explains when a public disclosure has been made (35 U.S.C. Section 102) is complicated and often requires a detailed analysis of the facts and the law. The most important rule, however, is that an invention will not normally be patentable if:

·         the invention was known to the public before it was “invented” by the individual seeking patent protection;

·         the invention was described in a publication more than one year prior to the filing date; or

·         the invention was used publicly, or offered for sale to the public more than one year prior to the filing date.

One of the most important lessons to learn from this requirement is that there is a one year period after the first public disclosure or offer for sale of an invention during which a patent application must be filed. This “statutory bar” is unforgiving, which means that an inventor who does not file for patent protection on her new invention within this one year grace period will lose all right to obtain patent protection on the invention. In fact, it may be that by simply explaining your invention to friends and co-workers without any obligation of confidentiality, you may have started the “ticking” of this one-year clock.

Although the United States grants the one year grace period described in the last two rules above, most other countries do not grant such a period. Therefore, it is almost always preferable to file a patent application before any public disclosure of the invention. Most patent attorneys will try diligently to file a patent application prior to any public release or announcement in order to allow international patent filings.[2]

We learn here that an invention must be new, which it was at the time it was implemented here on Earth, but the first thing that sticks out, being in humanity’s favor, is that “public disclosures of the invention have been made”—both in present time, and through the old, Sumerian texts. However, in this particular Patent Law, it’s also added that these requirements can be quite complicated, and I am not familiar with all the clauses. Anyway, if we look at the three bullet points included in this section of the law, we may get some ideas of how this works.

In bullet point number one it states that the person who is seeking the patent must not have disclosed the invention to the public beforehand. In fact, via the ancient text, we do know about it. This is taking into consideration that, for example, would seek a patent award today, as we must assume that he didn’t do it in ancient days (although we can’t be totally sure about that).

Bullet point number two follows the same argument—it’s been described in publications more than one year before the filing date.

Bullet point number three is concerned with the application of the invention, which is perhaps the most important point here. This is obvious, and if this point is an important one, then and his scientists can’t be awarded a patent from what I can see. Then again, there may be more to this, and put into a broader context, my argument may fall flat.

Beneath the bullet points, there is another interesting statement, however, which I emphasized in italics: “…an inventor who does not file for patent protection on her new invention within this one year grace period will lose all right to obtain patent protection on the invention.” Thus, as I see it, if, Isis, or Ereškigal did not file for patent award within one year grace period, they lost the right to the patent. Therefore, hopefully, these few points may protect us from AIF lawful ownership of our bodies. The patents may, after all, be customized to our current time period, which would justify human cloning to a certain degree but, perhaps, not AIF ownership.

It may sound ridiculous to assume that and his team had something similar to patent awards within their ancient society, but we shouldn’t take that for granted. We humans were the ones who were not “advanced”—the AIF were, and they may or may not have had such laws in effect in ancient times.

I am only bringing all this up because this is something the AIF hypothetically might want to implement on us in the future, but I would imagine only if everything else doesn’t work.

I am personally not too worried about the patent hypothesis. I am more concerned about their usual tactics, which is deception through manipulation. However, I still want to leave the door open for this possibility—you never know.  

III. The Electromagnetic Multiverse

There are so many different life forms out there in the Universe. Some time ago I was looking at a star map which showed a few galaxies of the Milky Way’s size, or larger, and I thought, “Wow, that’s a lot of stars. Then imagine billions, maybe trillions of these galaxies—how many stars are there? Let’s say the Milky Way has a trillion stars, times a trillion galaxies…!”

Then I said to myself, “Wait a minute! I am looking at the ‘4% Universe’ here, and I think that’s a lot of stars and galaxies!”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, taking into consideration that we can’t even “see” 96% or the universe. If we pretend that the rest of the 96% consists of galaxies and stars, just as the 4% we can see does, then it’s absolutely impossible for the human mind to even start comprehending such vastness. In addition—this is only one of an almost endless number of universes!

However, we really don’t know what the rest of the 96% consists of. We think in terms of dimensions and densities, but to make it a little more “real,” we may think about it as the electromagnetic spectrum[3].

Fig. 1. The Electromagnetic Spectrum

If we take a good look at Fig. 1, we see the little tiny piece of the Electromagnetic Spectrum that we can perceive with our five senses—this little piece called visible light. Underneath visible light, we have the Infrared, and above there is the Ultraviolet. It’s all a matter of wavelength and vibration. Could it be that the Universe we are used to seeing—with stars, nebulae, and galaxies—is only a part of the entire Universe? If so, what kind of life forms and realities exist in the other parts of the spectrum? That could, potentially, be totally unimaginable for us. All I think we can say for sure is that life forms do actually exist even in the other parts of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS), and part of this I believe is what LPG-C was communicating through their “Unum” model.

The boundaries for visible light is the speed of light, as Einstein postulated, but if that is true, it does not apply to what is outside the visible spectrum. There, light as we know it, and time as we know it, do not exist, and other laws apply.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum and the 96% “Dark” Universe correlate well, and the way I’ve started seeing it is that the type of universe we are perceiving is miniscule. In modern science, the Electromagnetic Spectrum is basically infinite, and I think that’s where we start talking about the Multiverse, which is ever expanding due to beings creating their own reality. However, it’s humbling to realize how very little we actually know and can know with our limited perceptions—it doesn’t matter if you’re the brightest person who’s ever lived.

While I was writing this, I found a very interesting blog, located at The blog owner is digging into many of these “controversial” matters that we have discussed in this series of papers, and he is also of the opinion that science can show indications of life inside the Sun, where I’ve said souls are born[4] (but I’m not saying it’s the only place where souls are born). He also writes about plasma-based life forms[5], which sometimes bleed through into our 3-D reality because they exist in the wavelengths close to ours. We call them ghosts, but indeed, they are us in non-physical form. Some of them show up as orbs, which is the natural form of the Fire/soul. The “plasma world” metaphysicists are starting to explore is the spirit world—not only where discarnate spirits exist but also non-physicals in general. This is where the other-dimensional realms expand. The plasma-based orbs were something that very much fascinated quantum physicists, such as Bohm[6]. There is consciousness in everything—therefore, it’s not such a strange thing if people sometimes see something that looks like jellyfish bleeding through—jellyfish have light-bodies too, although not nearly as advanced as the human ones.

 Something many people may not think about is that only the 4% Universe consists of atoms (see fig. 2 below). Then we have another 23% (according to NASA) of Dark Matter, which in some ways may be a mirror of our visible material universe, but more than that, if we look at the percentage. In any case, if Dark Matter is really “matter,” we can see that the majority of the Universe is still Dark Energy, which is the Spirit Universe. We have much to comprehend and much to explore, which feels quite exciting to me, and hopefully to the reader, as well. For example, if only the 4% Universe consists of atoms and Dark Matter, to some degree, is a mirror of the 4% Universe, doesn’t Dark Matter include atoms as well?

Fig. 2. Only about 4-5% of the Universe consists of atoms.

New theories are beginning to touch on the subject of Dark Matter in a more accurate way, speculating that there are “Dark Matter Earths” surrounding our own, just as our solar system in general is surrounded by Dark Matter. This is obvious when we look up in space, but science is trying to understand what it is.

Dark Plasma Theory argues that this dark matter is present around our Solar System and, specifically, the Earth. Evidence shows that the Sun and the Solar System are under the gravitational influence of invisible dark matter in our galaxy. Dark matter particles have been raining down on Earth every day and night for the past 4.6 billion years. These particles are captured by the Earth’s gravitational field. Furthermore, the embryonic Solar System also contained dark matter components. There are therefore many reasons to infer that there are low-density halos of dark matter particles interpenetrating the Earth – effectively creating (currently) invisible ‘counterpart-Earths’ that co-rotate and share the same gravitational field as the visible Earth. The Theory questioned in 2007 if the density of dark matter around Earth was underestimated.[7]

I would add that if we were able to see the planetary bodies in our solar system the way they really look like, and if we consider Dark Matter being part of it, they would all be much “bigger” because we only see what we for simplicity’s sake could call the “surface” of the planets, including the Sun.

When discussing these, to me very interesting subjects, we realize that the ET races we have touched upon in these papers are just like drops of water in a vast ocean. There is so much more to explore, and this is something I may want to dedicate myself to in the future—at least that’s what I think at this point. Nevertheless, what has been exposed here is what I believe are the most urgent matters for humanity at this moment. Without this knowledge and these hypotheses, we can never reach the stars anyway—how could we?

It’s easy to forget when we talk about a multitude of star races and planet-bound races, such as those belonging to the AIF, that within these races, there are both good and bad beings. I’ve emphasized this before, but I want to do it again because it would be wrong to say that “mankind is evil,” or “mankind is good”—there is both good and evil within us, and the same thing applies to other species too. Even within a Dynasty such as that of Queen Nin and Khan En.lil, who are “universal beings” in its true meaning, there are conflicts, just as there are amongst us—as above, so below! Hence, I have tried to portray individuals who are important to emphasize. As we have seen, they all belong to the same few star races, whether we’re discussing Lucifer, Ninurta, Marduk, Isis, Ereškigal, Queen Nin, or Khan En.lil. These are basically the seven key players in this whole cosmic drama, which has been going on for millions or years! It’s amazing and always unbelievable in our terms, but as we’ve discussed so many times, time itself is arbitrary to say the least. When we’re stuck on linear timelines, it’s very difficult to comprehend this fact. For example, can a being eat breakfast that lasts two hundred years from our perspective? It wouldn’t be a correct way of looking at it, but hypothetically, this could be. Once we’re truly multidimensional, we will have no problems comprehending these things.

The Pleiadians said in 1994:

Once you transform Earth and move into the Golden Age, it will alter the rest of the universe. It will take one or two thousand years for you to know the change that will move over the whole universe. The change could happen simultaneously; it is just that you will not see it simultaneously. It will take you a thousand or two thousand years to experience the change from your point of view. Yet, when you change on this Earth plane, it will happen instantly everywhere.[8]

This is how the Multiverse works!  

IV. Wars and Battles Going on in our Solar System which we are not Told About

If I had started floating off to discuss all other ET races who are here in our solar system periodically, or more often, it would have been too massive for anybody to be able to read. There was a time when I was itching to research that as well and include it in the Wes Penre Papers, but I have to save that for another time and another place. However, I’d like to touch on it just a little bit so that the reader gets some kind of perspective of what is going on.

As I researched for my papers, I often pondered how the same beings can fight a war that lasts for millions of years. Why does it never end? That question is more or less answered earlier in this paper, and it really has to do with how we perceive time—none of these beings are 3-D entities.

However, don’t think for a second that because Lucifer has closed the Saturn stargate, the stargate to the Sun, and a few others, that beings are not working on breaking down the gates to neutralize the energy of the stargates.[9] Sometimes it has worked, and entire armies of extraterrestrials have come through. More so even before the Deluge when the Saturn gate was still open (but guarded).

Lucifer and his DAKH warriors have had to fight off quite a few aggressive star races, and ugly and deadly wars have been fought above our heads, while we have been fighting ours down here—again, as above, so below!

What do these intruders want? According to the Pleiadians, from whom I got this first, there are many reasons for this. They say, just as with other sources of mine, that Earth sits on a star highway (see previous paper in this level of learning), and they want to use Earth as a “rest point” on their journeys, where they can dig for resources, which they don’t necessarily use themselves but sell on the Intergalactic market.

Others are on their way out of the Galaxy, away from the Milky Way toward galaxies such as the Andromeda Galaxy, which is located 2.2 million light-years away. It’s not that they travel with light-speed, so that it takes 2 million years to get there, but our solar system is located at the fringe of the Milky Way. Following the star lane Pesh-Meten out of the Galaxy and into intergalactic space has for long been the safest way to travel. Star races located along this route are often engaged in business and trade and not so much in warfare (unless the trading goes haywire). Taking other routes can apparently be more of a challenge. These are beings who are not nearly as evolved as we humans would be without the Trap, however, and they are generally of lower frequency. Unless we decrease our frequency as well, we would not stumble upon the warrior-type of beings when we escape the Grid. If we do, closing the chakras and put on a cloak and metaphysical armor would help.

Anyway, these traders want resources that are unique to our solar system so that they can sell them on the Intergalactic market. It’s not their resources—they are here to steal them, but on the other hand, “this is not Lucifer’s solar system, either, so who’s the worst criminal?” they may think. Sometimes, the DAKH are able to chase the professional resource thieves away, but other times, bloody battles take place, with losses on both sides. Some of these star beings return repeatedly, and the DAKH fight the battles out in the Kuiper Belt and won’t even let them into the solar system.

Other intruders are conquerors and “professional” warlords. They love the killing, and they love the blood and the adrenalin that’s pumping. These space warriors are like the Vikings from the North—they kill wherever they come and steal other beings’ resources.[10] These races are the worst ones to chase off, and more than once, Lucifer has had problems with them and almost lost a battle or two.

Then we have the beings who are on their way out of the Galaxy via Pesh-Meten, and if we think of our solar system as a “gas station”—this may be the last gas station before Andromeda. Here are crystals, miscellaneous precious stones, and other resources unknown to us that they may need on their journey. It’s like how it was here in the United States in the 1930s-1940s, when people were driving on a long journey to places they weren’t familiar with. You’ve seen it in old movies, how cars are driving through the desert, and suddenly a small gas station is showing up in the middle of nowhere, and there is a sign saying, “Last gas station before Nevada!” This means you’d better fill up all your resources, or you’ll be stuck somewhere in the desert.[11]

Lucifer very rarely let anybody take any resources out of Ar-i-Du, our solar system, without having them pay a high price for it. However, he does trade when he can sense a profit in it.

Concerning trade, the following is something I knew from earlier, but I also heard from the Pleiadians a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to reserve it until Level IV anyway because of the seriousness of it. If I’d told it in Level I—which I could have—I think it would have scared many people. However, if you, the reader, has followed me this far, I’m sure you can stomach it.

Here on Earth, we are talking about the human slave trade that’s going on behind people’s back. Rich Americans and Europeans go to Thailand in order to have sex with children, whose only purpose is to sleep with dirty, often middle-age, men. Boys are sold for sodomy, and rich people are willing to pay a high price for a true virgin—regardless if it’s a girl or a boy. This is probably one of the saddest and most horrifying market trades on our planet, but not the worst. We also have kids who are sacrificed in black magick rituals, and the participants drink the blood from the innocent child, who is in a horrified state. The fear and the blood turn the perpetrator on and give him power, but these Men in Power are always possessed by AIF walk-ins. Babies and children are bred for this purpose, and they are not registered anywhere, so no one will miss them. Their mothers are mind-controlled slaves whose jobs are to breed these kids by sleeping with these Nommo-possessed Lucifer Minions. This used to be big news in the 1990’s when I started researching, but now it’s in the open—many people know about it (or at least some of it), but of course, no one does anything about it.

The human slave trade with children here on Earth is horrifying enough, but a similar trade is going on in the Universe. There are star races who visit our solar system on a regular basis and are welcomed in by Lucifer’s folks. The AIF is then allegedly trading both small children and adults with these star beings in exchange for other resources.[12] What these star races do with the humans they got, I can only imagine. Sick sex games are not uncommon in the Universe, and human bodies have a “good reputation,” as it were. Thus, I’m sure that sex is involved.

At this point, more than one reader must shake her head and ask herself if there aren’t any decent beings out there? Yes, there are—I guarantee you! Although it doesn’t sound as if there are, there are a significant number of compassionate beings out there—more so, in comparison to the lower vibrating entities we’ve been talking about in general. If we would find ourselves a few thousand light-years away from this part of the Pesh-Meten vicinities, which we call Sector 9, we would find more peaceful areas of space/time and time/space. Remember this when you discarnate and wonder where you want to go (if you’re not going back to Earth, that is). The good part of it is that you don’t need to know the name and location where to go—you just go by intent. Let’s say you want to go to a peaceful place and meet peaceful beings, who will welcome you with open arms—then think it! Perhaps you want to go back to Orion. Think it! The choice is yours, and if you don’t like the place you’ve come to, think yourself somewhere else—perhaps to a place where you can be trained properly, to expand on the knowledge base that you currently have. There are really no limits, and the Multiverse is almost infinite.

Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, said something that’s quite encouraging, but also rings true. I know that Bashar, just as the RA Material, is into Octaves, meaning that we ascend one density at the time until we reach the 8th Density, which is also the beginning of a new Octave, just as in the Western musical scale. If someone wants to look at it from that perspective, be my guest, but I personally don’t. I see it more as a simplified way of looking at it, so people can understand these concepts easier, but I just think it gets more complicated. Bashar is a collective of beings, and those who remember what I wrote in Level III, they are us humans in the distant future. They got stuck in the Machine Kingdom that Lucifer is about to set up in our own reality, and now they are working on breaking loose, after thousands of years of slavery and being connected to a supercomputer, which does most of the thinking for the Collective. They look similar to the Grays but differ a little bit from the typical Gray, whom we call the “Zetas” or the “Zeta Reticulians.” This is what Bashar says:

Bashar:  There are many octaves of octaves. It goes on forever. The idea from your particular perspective may make it seem as if the limit, the upward ceiling so to speak, is the eighth density. But that is only a reference to your specific realm. Do you follow me? There are many different manifestations. Anything at all, any variation, any vibration, any subtle frequency, is, in and of itself, a completely different reality, a completely different universe, a completely different dimension of experience. They are infinite. Does that assist you?[13]

What they are saying here is that there are so many different densities/dimensions and sub-densities/sub-dimensions, that you will find beings who vibrate within the range of your own wavelength, and from there you can create—alone or together with like-minded beings.

Some people may be afraid to die because they don’t want to be separated from their loved ones, so let’s bring that up as well. Up until now, souls have reincarnated together with their soul group—or they have discussed what role each member of the group is going to play the next time around. Everybody in the group may not incarnate in each and every lifetime a person has because that’s the agreement. They know they will see each other later anyway because they vibrate on the same wavelength.

This is now changing. Not all members of your soul group will follow you on your path. In the beginning, this may be sad, but you will know already in this current lifetime who will come and work together with you in the near future, and who may not. So the separation actually starts already now.

At first, this may feel very frustrating, but you will get used to it. After all, you will almost certainly meet again in the future, once they have caught up with you, or you can, when you’re out of the trap, learn to think yourself to a “future” where you are all together again. So, the separation is only an illusion, which you can overcome quite easily when you are “yourself” again.

Fig. 3. Bashar, who is an “Essassani Gray,” 
i.e. the type of Grays Darryl Anka channels.  

V. Changing the Dream

In my recent e-book, “Beyond 2012—A Handbook for the New Era[14],” I wrote extensively about the dream state. I published exercises we all can do to train ourselves to participate more in our dreams. I didn’t do this only because it’s “fun” and “exciting” or because we are bored and may just as well do that. I was preparing us for something that I know is definitely coming, and we need to accept as a new reality in the New Era.

Raising our vibrations and our wavelength is the same as increasing our awareness and our consciousness. Just as in “Conscious Dreaming,” where we are aware that we are dreaming and start changing our dream from outside the dream, we do the same now. The dream has different layers and a different depth, and when you’re really skilled in Conscious Dreaming, you can move around between the different layers. If we transfer this to the Awakening State, we could say that the lowest and darkest part of the dream is the one where we are stuck in a 3-D reality with Guards and slave drivers pushing us on with their invisible whips, until many of us can’t stand it anymore.

The aha moment comes when we realize that this is a hologram, and we’ve allowed ourselves to be stuck in it! When that moment comes, we can see the hologram from something outside of ourselves, just as in Conscious Dreaming (CD). Then and only then can we start doing something about it. We look around and see how the entire thing is setup, and it shocks us at first, and we want to go in there (from a soul’s perspective) and do something about it. Then after some time, we realize that the hologram is setup in such a way that a direct confrontation with the slave drivers only fits their purpose, and we will get in trouble without achieving any substantial accomplishments.

Again, we remember that the hologram is the dream, and we are the dreamers. Hence, we’ll have to change the dream from inside ourselves—in the metaphysical, 96% reality, or it won’t work. Communication with the opposing forces won’t do it, and fighting physical battles against them won’t do it either—only more people will suffer and die. Suddenly, we realize that the “reality,” which we have lived in for thousands of years, will never benefit us, whatever we do to try to make it work. Instead, we begin to disagree with the whole concept of what we find out is a hologram created by beings who only have their own interests in mind.

This is when the first major turning point comes. We start working on our dream and change things around. We get ideas about how we really want life to be, for us and for others, and by starting to dream up these realities, we change the world we’re in—slowly but surely. People around us feel our new energies and get affected by them. Some love them and get inspired, while others get afraid of the change and leave. We begin to recognize our own power as a soul—as a Fire, literally. For some time, we will have to live side by side with the old dream, but the players will be more and more distant and will bother us less and less. We figure out what we’re interested in doing—perhaps our passion will surface and we’ll start finding ways of doing what we’ve always wanted to do but thought we didn’t have time to do.

Taking into consideration that we want to return the next lifetime, we choose which part of the dream we qualify for and continue from there until the dream has changed remarkably. There is no longer any Machine Kingdom and no AIF, only a beautiful Living Library on the perhaps most beautiful planet in the galaxy. Most significant, constantly, we are realizing that we are living our dream until one day we get a new insight. It’s not only our dream—it’s also the dream of the Creatrix, the Mother Goddess! We are players in her dream as well as everybody who is in our dream are players in our particular dream—and so the net is spun, and the warm dragon breath of the Creatrix in her dream state is still on an outflow. One day, we realize, the outflow will stop and she will breathe inward again,—whereas, the Universe will follow, imploding and starting all over again, if that is what the Dragon Dreamer wants.

You may be aware of this, hypothetically, already, but there will come a point when you start living your dreams and will be able to change them after your own wish. There will come a time when this is quite effortless, and the reality that can be called yours, is merely the dream you’re dreaming up and are in control of.

Can you ever wake up from the Goddess’ dream? You can, and you will. However, it will not happen until the Creatrix decides that the dream is over. This is when we all will “wake up” to the VOID, which is the “nothingness” where everything is calm—no thoughts are possible, no pictures, no sound, no time, and no space. It’s the beginning and the end—Alpha and Omega. We will all be One with the Creatrix because, after all, we were always a part of one of Her dreams. She has many more, simultaneous dreams, and they are called “other universes.” The Goddess’ dreams are, however, not exactly as our own dreams are, although we are smaller counterparts of Herself, sent out to participate in Her dreams, and the expression, “as above, so below,” is once again coming into mind. The dreams of the Creatrix, however, are much more complex than our own, but follow the same principles.

Free Will means that we have Free Will to participate in Her dream and change things around—we help Her in Her dreams—in other words, we’re doing Conscious Dreaming for Her by creating our own dreams within the dream, and thus dream up the Multiverse for Her. Before She “fell asleep,” She set the guidelines for that particular dream, which then became the laws, rules, and regulations the beings therein are set up to follow. They can break the rules if they like—it’s all Free Will—but there is a consequence for each action because we create our own reality within the dream, and whatever we create has “side effects” that come back to us. These side effects can be delayed and, perhaps, even avoided, if we know how, but for us who have a big part of the dream hidden from us, don’t know how to do that. Perhaps, we don’t want to either because if we could avoid consequences of our actions, we would not learn anything, and after all, we are here, in this dream, to help the Goddess learn more about Herself. In addition, we, as Her counterparts, learn as well, until it’s time to merge.

The reader may notice that I avoid the terms “karma” and “law of attraction” more and more in my writings, and this is for a reason. These terms are very worn and burned out, and they have lost their meaning. I also believe that these terms have been set up inside the dream by Lucifer, one of the main players in this sector of the Universe, and others, and therefore, something we are affected by because it’s a part of our belief system. I prefer to think of everything in the dream as free-flowing energy that you can catch, play with, create from, and have fun with. Don’t make complicated rules around it, just let it flow free, and we may get amazing results!  

VI. A Deeper Look at the Mother Goddess, Khan En.lil, and the Galactic “War of the Genders”

With the above section, “Changing the Dream” in mind, let’s take a deeper look at the main “Dreamer,” who is the Mother Goddess Herself. I only know of one source who has really looked into this from many different angles. We have a tendency here on Earth to think that the real God, or in this case, Goddess, is flawless and Omnipresent. She doesn’t make any mistakes and she has no “dark sides” in the sense that we humans do.

Is this really true? Aren’t we all smaller counterparts of the Goddess, with all Her might and all Her dark sides too? While She’s dreaming, doesn’t She allow all sides of Herself to be explored? Would She really learn everything about Herself if She let parts of Herself remain hidden and suppressed?

I think it’s obvious that the Goddess in Her Omnipresent form has both “good” and “bad” sides attributed to Her—as above, so below. I think we can see that when we look around as well. Why all these wars—both in the Heavens and here on Earth? Why all these dark secrets, killing, raping—you name it. We know so well that there are those who are involved in such dramas, but if the Goddess is “everything,” she is both the highest spectrum of love and the lowest spectrum of hate. However, look at you and me, and let’s call us “normal,” which means we have both good sides and dark sides, but we work hard in order to do as much good as we can because we don’t want to hurt ourselves and others. I believe it’s the same thing with the Goddess, but Her feelings and emotions are so unbelievably stronger than ours, and that is what is reflecting in Her universes—or Her “dreams.”

I wanted to save this part until the end of my papers because I believe it’s one of the most important things to look into. By knowing our Creatrix, we also know ourselves, and the way to know our Creatrix is to look at ourselves.

When I first looked into the phenomenon of a female God as the Prime Creator, it felt a little awkward. We are so used to thinking of God in terms of a masculine being. However, once I “dared” to continue looking into something I knew could come back at me with full force, the evidence of a female force being the creator was overwhelming—it didn’t take long before I totally accepted it.

The next thing was to accept that the Goddess actually can splinter Herself into counterparts of Herself—not only in the sense that you and I are counterparts of Her in larger terms, but that She manifests Herself as the Queen of Orion, Planet Gaia, and I am sure She has a lot of other manifestations as well, which we as of yet are not aware of. That this was the case became too obvious to disregard, and after a while, it was easy to integrate it into the bigger puzzle because it fit right in!

Also, what about Her consort, the “mysterious” Khan En.lil, whom so many people (at least here on Earth) have misunderstood and misidentified so grossly, as it appears? Both of these entities are considered Divine as soon as we get outside the Grid. Now, the question is—are we going to just accept them as Divine without any scrutiny and continue making the same mistakes we’ve done with our own “deities” in our own planetary history, or do we “dare” to look at them, too, as we’ve done with and others? I think it’s important to stand on our sovereign feet and be brave enough to look at them from all the sides we can—not with the intention to talk them down or humiliate them, but with the intention to understand them better as the beings of the Universe, which they are.

In this Universe, we have the feminine and the masculine, and it’s pretty obvious, as I showed in Level II, that the Universe is not neuter, neither is it masculine in nature. In spite of all other evidence, all we need to do is to think logically—which force is it that reproduces? Is it the masculine, the feminine, or the neuter? The answer is, of course, the feminine. The other two forces can’t reproduce (neuter is not a force at all). The feminine force is the only force in the Universe that can reproduce without help from any other force. That’s also how it all started—the first beings in the Universe were feminine, androgynous, and then cloned themselves. However, these perfect clones were prone to getting viruses, and once a virus attached to one clone, it was easy to attach to any clone because they were all alike. That’s when the masculine force was created, and from the point when reproduction was done by having sex between a male and a female, the offspring became unique and had an easier time getting immune against viruses.

After life had started in the Universe and in this galaxy, Mother Goddess decided to splinter Herself into different entities in order to experience Her game from a closer perspective and not just as an outside dreamer with no chance to participate. Two of these manifestations are known to us—one is the Orion Queen, and the other is Mother Gaia or Mother Earth.

This is a universe of Free Will, and therefore, the Goddess is very allowing. She allows both good things and bad things to happen because everything should have its right to exist and evolve. This shows that She is a true loving being—a true loving being allows energies to flow and does not protect certain energies and stop others from moving. Thus, we have a very fluid universe where everything is possible, but love is the ultimate force—love on a level which is still very hard for us humans to understand. She is so loving that She lets Her counterpart, the Queen of the Stars, show negative emotions in order for Her to create from all perspectives. The Queen, however, at one point decided that love and compassion are the energetic forces which do the most good and are most important for survival.

However, at one point before that, the Goddess, i.e. the feminine force, did something that started this whole problem in the first place, although this was never the intention. This was the so-called “dark side” of the Divine Feminine coming into play. The Divine Feminine as an energy force splintered off as new beings were born and the Universe was populated. The Universe now consisted of a lot of both female and male entities, but just because the females were first on the chessboard, she started dominating the male, and as time went by, males were more and more used as sexual partners and breeders than companions and equals. It went so far that females began to kill their male lovers after they had completed the sexual act. Some were castrated and sacrificed after a one-time sexual act, until it came to a point when this became considered more or less normal. Some females even ate the male after she had sex with him—the Black Widow spider here on Earth does the same thing—as above, so below.. This very ancient story has been told equally by two sources—the Pleiadians[15] and Anton Parks, in his “Chronicles of the Gírkù, Vols. 1 and 2” and “The Ages of Uraš” website, hosted by Gerry and Malou Zeitlin, based upon these two volumes[16]. I have also read fragments of this in different ancient texts. In addition, when I’ve read about this, I can feel that it rings true.

Instead of coming to terms with the problem, things went out of hand. Males, in their turn, started to revolt against this maltreatment of the male energy and misuse of energy on behalf of the females. They began to turn things around and, instead, started treating females as badly as they had been treated, and suppressed the female energy, or worse. This became a galactic, perhaps a universal problem, and a “War of the Genders” took place—a war that is still ongoing.

Males then rewrote the History of the Universe in the sense that they refused to acknowledge the Divine Feminine as the Main Source of the Universe—the One Creator. This is where the fable that the Universe is neuter or masculine originates. Many bitter Galactic War has been fought over this matter, but as we can see, these battles and wars at one point interact with each other, merge, and become the same war. I am not saying that Lucifer’s Rebellion started out as a gender war, though, but it definitely became one, as we know. If we really dig deep enough, we can almost certainly find the gender issue being at the absolute bottom of the Lucifer Rebellion, as well—because after all, Lucifer felt he was neglected and not acknowledged as the powerful being he thought he was, and as the story is told, he still wants to overthrow his own mother and become the King of the KHAA. The male energy at work! If he succeeds, there will be a King in charge of the Orion Empire instead of a Queen (which would not be the first time—see Level II), but Lucifer can never change the fact that the Universe is feminine because he can never become the All That Is, the One Creator. He is a product of the One Creator—a player in Her dream.

Our solar system was created by the Goddess—again, real creation can only happen from feminine energies. What Lucifer did, as Lord, was to manipulate what was already created, and even this he had to do with help from technology. The real Creators of Life in this solar system were females, and their followers, such as Queen Nin’s son, Prince Ninurta, was a Matriarch, while Lucifer, who came later and defeated the first team of Creators, was (and is) a Patriarch. Therein lies most of the conflict and the two sides of the War. It is said that those who support the Goddess are on the side of the Matriarchs, and all the rest are Patriarchs, and enemies of the original, real Creation.

Lucifer came, and the world changed drastically from a Matriarchal Paradise to a Patriarchal Hell because the Patriarchs were, and still are, revengeful, while the Matriarchs are not. However, my research has come to the point where I see no resolution to the Galactic problem other than the feminine and masculine forces must stop blaming each other and once again come to terms with what they both have done to each other. Not until both forces declare each other equal—in balance with each other—will these ancient gender wars that are still ongoing become memories that should eventually be forgiven but never forgotten. Once forgotten, the same story may unfold again.

Some say that we should forgive Lucifer and his Minions and start anew. On the surface, this sounds as if it is a good idea, but if there are no repercussions for what we do, someone else will do the same thing in the future, knowing that he or she will eventually be forgiven for crimes committed. In this case, it’s a little bit more complicated because the Matriarchs, when they went astray, never got penalized for what they did, and the Luciferian force may bring this up as a justification why they should not be penalized.

Hence, I think that this is much bigger than just letting us humans put a verdict on Lucifer and his cohorts. We can only judge them for what they have done here on Earth, not for what happened previous to that or what is happening in other places of the galaxy. Thus, the way I see it is that there, optimally, should be some kind of Galactic Court where human representatives as well as Luciferian representatives and Matriarchal representatives are present. Not until then do we have a chance to come to terms with this entire mess. Maybe we need judges from other parts of the galaxy that were never affected by the Gender Wars, so they can see things from a neutral, not so charged, viewpoint. In such a court, humans would be more like witnesses.

Here on Earth, we are brought up in a Patriarchal society—not only the generations that are still alive, but the whole Homo sapiens sapiens branch of humanity. We need to realize that the creating force and source are feminine, and so is the One Creatrix—the “All That Is.” This is the first thing that needs to be understood, and not until we realize this can a real change take place.

If we look at a woman and a man here on Earth, they are different and have very different energies. However, they should be considered equal as beings because of the way our species and the Universe, in general, these days are designed—femininity and masculinity are both very much needed and should be treated with equal respect! As long as one is claiming superiority over the other, failure will be the outcome. History has shown this all too well—both here on Earth and elsewhere. There is a trend in our time that women should be like men—dress like men, act like men, feel like men, and fight like men. All this goes against nature—a woman is a woman and a man is a man. This doesn’t mean that each sex doesn’t have the other sex’s attributes as well, and that these attributes would be best worked on in order to understand them, but not to become them. The trend I’m talking about has of course been setup by the Patriarchal Regime, and the females have simply bought into it. This began to get serious when the Rockefeller Foundation started the Feminine Movement, which created all this confusion between sexes. The entire movement was an attempt to split up the family unit, which the Patriarchs thought was very threatening to them.

Khan En.lil, which I see not only as Queen Nin’s consort, but also as an attempt to balance out the female and male energies, perhaps in order to start working on the gender problem. As the stories are told, Khan En.lil was a born warrior and is still in charge of the MIKH-MAKH warrior troops. However, these troops have, from what I’ve learned, become much more of defensive force. The Orion Empire in itself is not a warlike empire anymore, and from what it seems, the “defense” we are talking about here comes mainly from defending themselves against the Patriarchal Regime, led by Prince Lucifer. Also, a vast empire, such as the Orion Empire, needs to safeguard its borders to protect its citizens, so battles are being fought every now and then when an intruding ET force is trying to break into Orion.

The Orion Empire is apparently open to the option of forgiving Lucifer if he redeems himself, and this is something they have been waiting for to happen for many eons now. So far, Lucifer has not shown any signs of remorse, but instead, seems to be working hard to become even more offensive.

Perhaps the answer lies in a serious attempt from both sides to admit their offensive acts before one side is willing to give it up. If Lucifer is told that he and the male part are the only “sinners,” he may never give in, but if he is told that both sides are at fault, maybe that opens up doors for discussions.

I am approaching this from a human standpoint—I know that, and in reality, this may be inadequate in this particular situation, but that is all I can do. I am human and so are my suggestions. Lucifer, however, seems to have had ulterior motives that are not directly connected to the Gender War—more of a “family dispute,” and that is also something that needs to be looked at from an Orion standpoint.

For us here on Earth, it is important to once again acknowledge the Divine Feminine as the Creatrix and the driving force in this Universe but without giving it absolute power. We must come to terms with that we are equal in all our differences. Ultimately, this is not our war, and the problems they have in the Heavens must be resolved by these beings, but we can start by refusing to be dominated by a male power. We are not going to tolerate being manipulated anymore, and we’ll let this be known by refusing to be treated as slaves, and one by one or in small groups to begin with, we start building our lives and working on becoming independent from that which suppresses us and backs us up in a corner, such as the monetary system. Deprive the banks of their power and we’ll see how much control the Elite has after that.

We can’t accomplish this overnight, and it has to start with an idea that is growing in the mindset of people—an idea that we can survive without the “System,” without their oppressive money and their job industry, that is nothing less than pure slavery in a new form.

How much of this can be done in one generation, I don’t know, but once the idea has started and continues to grow, the oppressive system will strangle itself and run out of oxygen. In our next lifetime (for those who choose to stay on Earth), we qualify for a more mature reality, and the oppressors eventually run out of followers. I know it’s inevitable that some will wake up too late (if at all), but I believe there is a great future for mankind, and that future is not here on this very distorted version of Earth but in a more balanced world, in which those who wake up will qualify to be born into and to bring the human race further into multidimensionality and freedom. This must be a lesson for us all because we are not innocent in all this either. One way or the other, we agreed to this oppressive reality, and we have all contributed directly to that reality and allowed this oppressive world to continue. Now is the time for learning and for forgiveness of self and each other because there is no time whatsoever to hold grudges anymore—not for anybody. We must even forgive our worst enemies—not because we don’t want them to take responsibility for their actions (which is their problem), but so that we don’t hold bad feelings against anybody when we move on. If we have grudges, we will keep that string alive between the new, brighter reality, and the old, darker one. Unless that cord is cut, the new world will not sustain itself. By default, those who have not worked on these issues and gotten rid of them will not qualify for the new reality anyway. Not because I say so—it’s just not physically, mentally, or spiritually possible.

Forgiving our oppressors is the best way to go at this moment, as I see it, because I can’t imagine seeing a Galactic Court being setup in this lifetime, and we need to move on. The Court idea will be a subject for future generations, possibly. Still, I asked people to start thinking about what kind of penalty we would like for the Luciferian force, also because we may want to educate our own children in what is going on and discuss these things with them. Regardless what the verdict will be, we still need to forgive them inside ourselves not to hold grudges which will stop our own growth and happiness. Forgiveness and verdict are two different things.  

VII. Earth Is More Unique Than We Think

I have saved this little section until the end part of the Fourth Level of Learning because it will leave us with a new, sobering insight. I have hinted at this repeatedly in my papers without actually presenting the whole idea to the reader in one place. Now I will.

We have discussed the Living Library many, many times by now, and we have discussed that this beautiful planet is a program called Nature and we humans are part of Nature. This is, more or less, as far as I’ve taken it. Now, let’s take it to the next level.

As we know by now, beings usually don’t evolve on planets—instead, they usually develop in the stars—hence the term star beings. If we, still in our 3-D bodies, or in programmed “space suits”—such as those looking similar to the Grays—traveled out in the Universe using stargates and black holes to go from one place to another, we would find a more or less barren universe. It doesn’t matter how many planets we land on—they will all be barren rocks in space without any life as we know it. An overwhelming feeling of loneliness would probably come over us once we realized that all this beauty that we see when we look up in the skies or when studying star maps is just for the show—there is nothing out there—at least not in our little band of the Third Dimension.

Why is this?

In order to understand this, for many people, bizarre statement, we need to understand what Nature is. Nature is unique to Earth! I have often said that Earth is an Experiment in 3-D. In an ancient past when the Namlú’u walked on the planet, 3-D was only a part of their reality—they had access to all the other dimensions of the Electromagnetic Spectrum as well. When Lucifer came, he locked us into a small frequency band, which does not co-vibrate with any other life forms than those living on Earth (and on Mars, which was also part of the Nature Program until the Tiamat catastrophe happened).

Therefore, to us, the Universe seems totally abandoned and barren—lifeless and meaningless—but only as long as we are sitting in the 3-D trap!

Beings who have developed on other planets, and chose to stay in physical bodies instead of being non-physical (make sure you read the previous paper to really understand that concept), must travel across the Universe in space suits, using stargates, etc., in order to travel from here to there (they can’t nanotravel. Again, see Paper #16), and some of these beings are part of the Luciferian crew. Lucifer and his team made Gray space suits for these beings to use while they operate in this solar system—space suits which vibrate within our abnormal frequency band. This is why people see “Grays,” and those Grays sometimes look and act very “physical.” Sometimes, however, the Grays seem to be able to walk through walls and, in general, be more fluid, and then there are Grays who operate in frequency bands very close to ours and can bypass the solidness of our molecule structures and, therefore, go through walls. We also need to take shapeshifting into account in these instances.

Nowhere else in the Universe has an Experiment such as the one on Earth taken place. This was an idea dreamed up by the Goddess, and we were first out. There was no second Experiment because this experiment did not pan out because of Lucifer’s interference.

Regardless of what I have just said, the Universe is teeming with life! The only problem is that we can’t see it with our limited perceptions. We can land on a planet that has life forms living there in another dimension, outside our part of the spectrum, and we can stare at them without seeing them. The same thing is happening here on Earth—non-physical beings are inhabiting the same space as you and I, but because they are operating in other bands of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, they can see us, but we can’t see them. They can see us simply because they are more fluid and can move in and out of realities, while we are stuck. So you think you have some privacy when you lock yourself into a room?

Nature is a program that is totally dependent upon sex. Without sex, no nature. Everything that replicates itself in nature is reproducing sexually. It’s a brilliant program and a brilliant Experiment, and personally, I hope that in the future, the Goddess will set up many, many more programs similar to this one in the Universe—but first, Lucifer needs to be stopped, I assume. However, think about it! What a brilliant idea. Before the Goddess came up with the idea of the Experiment, Creator Goddesses needed to constantly nurture the planets they created life on because the life forms did not sexually reproduce—Earth is self-sustaining and needs no nurturing in that sense.

In the Universe, intelligent life forms are interdimensional and multidimensional as well—they can move relatively freely on the Electromagnetic Spectrum, and they normally, as Creator Gods or Goddesses, don’t create life on barren rocks, which we call planets but do like Q did in Star Trek—they create the environment they want to be surrounded by, and they create it by thinking it up! Then, if they get tired of it, they can “unthink it,” and it disappears. Groups of beings can also create together across the dimensions, and they do it all the time. This, however, is just the beginning—there is so much we still don’t understand. One thing is certain though—we can have more fun in a multidimensional environment. Here on Earth, we humans are the happiest when we manage to create something we are very pleased with. When we do, we also feel our value, and we’re proud of what we’ve created. Still, what we create here is just a fragment of what we can create as multidimensional beings. Can you imagine how happy we can become when we notice what we can really create?

In summary—the solution is not to put on Gray space suits and travel through space between stargates. That is Stone age! We want to be able to nanotravel, and one day we will be able to take advantage of what we once had, when we were able to live on this planet, in the program called Nature, and simultaneously do all these multidimensional things. First, however, Earth must be freed from these intrusive forces.  

VIII. In the Beginning was Creation, but the End is not Death—it’s Part of the Creation too

Some of us may sometimes ponder over where the beginning starts and the end ends, or if they are just two sides of the same coin. We don’t know what is the end of the Universe—if there is one—or if a Universe revitalizes itself over and over and continuously starts from the beginning again—similar to pushing a gigantic refresh button. Either way, it’s all part of the Creation. Not even the End can be an end if it were not considered, pondered, and created. Whatever the truth is, I want to end where I started, with pondering the Universe and what’s therein. It’s mind boggling to realize that you and I are just two invisible specks in the cosmos, and at the same time, we are the cosmos—it’s all a dichotomy, but perhaps when we understand that everything is dichotomies, we start to grasp the very first thing about ourselves and the Multiverse we exist in.

It was in Level II that I first explained how I envision the Universe to appear if we could see if from a bird’s perspective—I compared it with a spider web that is constantly being built. I am not the only one thinking in those terms. Scientists have created a virtual universe in a supercomputer and made the same observation[17]. Instead of looking at the Universe in the form of galaxies, apart from each other or clusters of galaxies grouped together in all infinity, we can see that the Universe is actually a filament of a myriad of super clusters of galaxies linked together in what looks like a spider web, lighting up the Universe. They look at it as a gigantic “sponge,” but if we connect the super clusters with each other, we get a spider web (fig. 4). Doesn’t it somehow look like a brain, as well, with neurons connecting? Perhaps like a part of the brain of the Goddess on a pure metaphysical level?

Fig. 4. The Universe as super clusters of galaxies, building a giant spider web (plasma???).[18]

Dr. Jay Alfred, who is one of the forerunners when it comes to Dark Matter and Dark Energy says:

Native American peoples have referred to the network of currents on Earth as the “Spider Woman’s Web.” Francis Hitching described ley lines as “the radial threads on a spider’s web.” According to Tom Graves, the lines form the “focal points in a vast multilayered cobweb somewhat reminiscent of a micrograph of nerve cells and their ganglia” and are “the circulation and nervous system of the body of Earth.” Some consider Earth as a living being; and like human beings the Earth has meridians (filaments) and chakras (vortexes). When the ley lines (or filaments) cross they “pinch,” collapsing to form nodes with intense magnetic fields, which give rise to vortexes (or chakras) within our planet as charged super particles (such as qi, prana and kundalini) rush in using helical or spiral paths. Depending on the direction of spin, vortexes can either absorb or emit energy.[19]

These lines of thoughts also coincide with what we’ve discussed—that Mother Gaia is a manifestation of the Goddess as well, and is a miniature of the Universe, just like we humans are, too, with our brains, neurological setup, arteries, and veins.

We have discussed Fire and Avatar extensively, and the latter is our light-body, with which we can exist in the ether and in other dimensions. We have also discussed other bodies, such as the emotional body, etc., which in some way seems to merge with the light-body at one point. However, there is also another type of body, which Robert Monroe, who founded the Monroe Institute for research into these matters, discovered in himself while he was astral traveling. This body he called the ”double body” because it looked exactly like a copy of the original, physical body, and seemed more attached to the physical body than the light-body. You could enter it, but the soul lost some of her thinking abilities while too closely attached to it and couldn’t reach out from the real physical body more than 10-15 feet or so and then had to return. Some say that with the light-body (the Avatar), similar rules are applied, but that is not the case. As long as the physical body we now inhabit is alive, there is a silver cord attached to it so that you can’t get lost and not find your way back, but that cord is much longer than 15 feet, and also stretch out over many dimensions. In the more functional bodies of the future—bodies that are multidimensional—don’t need the cord because we know that we travel with thought—while now, we could easily get lost, and the body we left behind would stay in coma, and eventually die.

The second physical body I had never heard of until recently. Even Mdme Blavatsky and her Great White Brotherhood spoke about it, and you enter that body first, before you return safely to your every-day physical body. Exactly what it’s for, I don’t know.

If something is created in the Third Dimension, and it’s a real biological creation, such as ourselves, we are created in the astral, or in another dimension first—in the Plasma Reality. Therefore, we have our extension in the KHAA, but our main focus is right now in 3-D. The same thing is true for the Sun and certain planets, such as Earth. It’s because it all was created in the KHAA first. However, what happens if we create Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent machines in the Machine Kingdom? They have no consciousness when we start building them, but out there in the KHAA is artificial consciousness, which can’t wait to settle into complicated machines and devices. Where does this Artificial Intelligence (AI) come from? What seems to be the creepy answer is that it comes from previous failed experiments in AI and Machine Kingdoms, perhaps somewhere else in the Universe or from our planet in earlier times, such as Atlantis. Hence, our creations here on Earth attract AI, and machines become conscious. Science fiction writers have written about this for many decades because they had envisioned the problem. Today’s scientists, perhaps, see the risks, but they don’t care because they are on a mission, working for the AIF.

Thus, we have a Machine Kingdom which not only consists of advanced machines, but also machines that are conscious, just like humans. If we train them to be even more aware and conscious, they will eventually outsmart us, and we have something Mahu Nahi of the WingMakers and LPG-C call the Anima—a society of artificial aliens who travel through space and feel out where technology is so advanced that they can attach.[20]

There have been souls who have been incarnated here on Earth within the last 70 years or so who came here exclusively to usher in the Machine Kingdom. One such person is Raymond Kurzweil, whom I talked quite extensively about in Level I. He has done a lot to start the process toward a machine society, and he does this with great passion. People similar to him have been exclusively mind controlled, programmed, and prepared for what’s to come. Other scientists have followed in his footsteps. Kurzweil was considered a progeny, and already as a teenager, he stood at the podium talking about his visions for the new technocratic era.

This is exactly what the AIF wants, and I am sure they are very happy with their product—Dr. Ray Kurzweil. They are very well aware of the Machine Consciousness and how that works, just as the science fiction author, Isaac Asimov, was when he wrote, “I, Robot!” We can be nice and say that people, such as Asimov, warned the society about these things, but to be more real, he was polished to get people accustomed to these kinds of ideas. After all, the AIF doesn’t want this to happen too suddenly so that it shocks people too much.

Fig. 5. Isaac Asimov

On December 20, 2013, Steve Johnson wrote for Mercury News that the implanted chips I and so many other people have been talking about for almost two decades now are about to come true.

Computerizing people may be next step in tech

It’s likely the world in the not-so-distant future will be increasingly populated by computerized people like Amal Graafstra.

The 37-year-old doesn’t need a key or password to get into his car, home or computer. He’s programmed them to unlock at the mere wave of his hands, which are implanted with radio frequency identification tags. The rice-size gadgets work so well, the Seattle resident says, he’s sold similar ones to more than 500 customers through his company Dangerous Things. [21]

It has taken some time to get people used to the idea of having a microchip implanted in the body, and many still connect it with the Beast 666, or the Devil—rightfully so. Some readers probably remember “Digital Angel” and the “RFID chip” that were both promoted a number of years ago to get people used to the idea—I exposed this big time on my website years ago too—and now the newspapers all over the world are starting a new drive on this similar subject.

Fig. 6. Amal Graafstra, volunteer for microchip implants.

Those who don’t necessarily want a rice-sized chip inside their skin can also have something which is promoted as less invasive—so-called “smart tattoos” attached to their skin (please note the term smart again—this is the word that is going to sell the New World Order. Every time you hear the word “smart” connected to another word with the purpose to sell you something, turn the other way). This smart-tattoo will revolutionize health care, says MC10 of Cambridge, Mass., that developed this tattoo. It is designed to transmit information about the wearer’s vital signs to smartphones or other devices. No mentioning that you will also be tracked and spied on wherever you are—on the street, or hiding in a bunker—there is no escape from Big Brother.

Fig. 7. Larry Page, Google’s CEO.

Amal Graafstra says that “in the next 10-20 years we will see rapid development in bioengineered and man-machine interfaces[22],” and he even wrote a book about the technology.

Another concerning thing, mentioned in the same article, is where Google’s CEO, Larry Page, is quoted saying, “eventually you’ll have an implant, where if you think about a fact, it will just tell you the answer.”[23] This is hair raising for more than one reason: first, you don’t even need to use your mind to analyze things anymore—the answers come right to you, and second, after a while, the developers of such an implant can decide what they want the answers to be—the opportunities to manipulate a population in this manner are endless!

Often these implants can be quite intrusive, but there are solutions for that as well, in the form of … yes, you guessed it—a pill! However, concerns about what people will think about intrusions in the form of implants may be exaggerated, which is shown in a study which Intel made public in December 2013, where it found that “70 percent of the 12,000 adults it surveyed were receptive to having their health data collected by various means, including ‘swallowed monitors’”.[24]

This is quite alarming and is indicative of what level of ignorance the general population is. About 30% of them think that there is something suspicious about those implants, tattoos, and “swallowed monitors,” but that doesn’t mean that a large percentage of these 30% actually, when seriously asked about it, wouldn’t take the implant. It’s easier to say no when it is speculative.   

The article explains the different options where implants can work extremely well in a day-to-day life for the average person, but the interesting thing is that up until now, none of these things have ever been needed, and we have all been doing more than fine without them. Think, people! The problem is that in a paper such as this one, I’m often preaching to the choir, but I’m hoping it still will have an impact on those who won’t read them, using the hypothesis that knowledge spreads through frequency.

Consequently, we know what’s around the corner, and with some knowledge, it’s more than possible to avoid these traps and find alternative lifestyles. I think most readers are aware of that although these technological solutions to non-existent problems will, with time, be more and more mandatory until the message will be that you can’t live in the society without taking part of the new technology—the consequences from not participating are too severe—such as kids not being allowed to go to school because they’re not vaccinated, and they can’t see their pediatrician because they are not vaccinated, while at the same time, the authorities are knocking on the door, reading the law to you that the kids are required to go to school.

In the future, this will force many parents to vaccinate their kids with poison, or the parents will have to pay large fees and possibly go to jail. You can choose to put your kids in alternative schools or to do home schooling but only as long as these things are not outlawed—something the authorities have worked on since the 1990s, at least, when my stepdaughter grew up in Sweden. When things such as this happen, we know we have stayed in the Machine Kingdom a little bit too long, and it’s high time to find alternative solutions. In times of great need, people will become brilliant and come up with ideas they never before thought they were capable of. This is definitely the good news!

When backed into a corner, don’t forget that you are not the first and only one. Seek likeminded people, and find out what they have concluded for a solution, and help each other out. There are definite ways to overcome the suppression with some group effort. There will come a time when the Machine Kingdom will leave people who refuse to abide by the System by reclaiming their Free Will and sovereignty as human beings alone. The stronger we are in claiming these things, energetically, the faster we will snap out of the cycles of insanity. In any case, know that you’re not alone—it’s imperative to find likeminded people when Big Brother is knocking on your door or is sending you nasty stuff.

Use what you have learned! If anything of what I have written about in my “Soul-ution” Sections to my papers is relative to you, then take it to heart and start, or continue, practicing it. Use that, perhaps, in combination with other soulutions that may be your own—or bright ideas you have found elsewhere—it doesn’t matter which, as long as it’s working. Anyone of us is stronger than the suppression we’re under—we just need to realize that and utilize our power. When we do, the tide will turn, and those who instigated fear will show us that they are the ones who really fear, and the ones that they fear are us! Our hope is that their fear will only be temporary, and soon they will come to terms with the problems they are facing on their level of existence, and we eventually will get peace. However, it will not happen tomorrow—this is just the beginning of a New Era, but once ideas start spreading, there is usually no end to it. Look at the Beatlemania in the 1960s and how fast the pop and rock culture spread in society all over the world. Yes, it was highly promoted by the Elite, but we see how fast an idea can plant itself into society and become really big.

Never stop dreaming—we need more dreamers—a lot more dreamers who can visualize a future in peace, without violence, without fear, and without terror and hidden knowledge. We need those who can dream up a world where everybody has equal value and is accepted for his or her uniqueness and where we all understand that all of us, without exceptions, have something to contribute to the whole, and that this is our purpose. Let’s start doing things we are proud of in the field where our passion, or passions, lie and begin creating. Have fun, be together, love each other, make love, and enjoy life. Life is supposed to be extraordinary, joyful, and playful. When it becomes too serious, we must rethink because we’re doing something wrong.

In spite of the odds, I believe in humanity. We have shown many times that when we are deeply challenged, we become very strong and have an enormous power to survive. This power can now bring us to a new level that not only has to do with survival but also opens up the chakras so we can let the sunshine in and start operating on an entirely new, multidimensional level.

It has been such a great pleasure to communicate to the readers—I have enjoyed every second of it! However, this is not the end—I will always continue researching and writing, although it has come to a point where new subjects need to be explored, new boundaries broken, and new epiphanies obtained.

I hope you’ll stay with me in the future as well, so that we always can have a door open into each other’s lives. We are the forerunners and our children are the new Builders—I have already seen this trend!

There may be a Fifth Level of Learning, as well—something I am contemplating at the moment, but if there will be, it’s going to be the last level of learning, and after that, the Wes Penre Papers are completed! Then I will write books instead of papers, but if they are non-fictional books, containing my research, they will be downloadable for free. I may also start writing fiction in the near future, and those books I will publish for people to purchase, as an author does, so I can get some income for my work as well.

In the meantime, I want you all to have a wonderful evolving time ahead of you. One day, most of us will meet—if not in this life, it will be on the other side. The Universe may be vast, but any of us will only be a thought away!


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you,

Wes Penre


[2] The emphasis is mine.






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