Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 16: The Ongoing Battle over the Material and the Spiritual Realms (What is Matter and What is Spirit?)

by Wes Penre, Written on Monday, December 23, 2013 
Posted on Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Revised: Saturday, March 8, 2014
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. The Hologram Makers

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon[1], but in the Greek tongue has his name Apollyon[2].[3]

In previous levels of learning, as well as in this Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 14, we discussed how the star races were concerned that humanity soon will be able to travel in space, and if we don’t evolve, we will be a danger to the rest of the Galaxy. This was one of the reasons for the Deluge, and now we are facing the same problem again—extinction or survival.

Although there are benevolent star races in the KHAA, who are concerned about our behavior and want to stop us before it’s too late, there are also less benevolent ones who are sharing the same kind of thoughts. We’re talking here about the star races who are on Lucifer’s side in this “Cosmic Play.” Many of these star races are getting very concerned that we will escape the trap en masse. If we do, they think that we will come after them, and they know that with extended perceptions, we are much superior to them in the sense that our Fire is burning higher, faster, and more furious. However, once we humans are free from the trap, we will not become like them, and this is what they don’t understand. We are not a violent species when we are free from indoctrination, and our purpose would not be to go to war against them. This shows how little they understand humans in general. They may have manipulated us genetically, turned off the majority of our DNA, learned how our bodies work on a more scientific level, but they still don’t understand our emotions.

Our emotions are our downfall and our blessing at the same time. They can be used against us (which they are), but we can also understand other species better. This is why we got the emotions in the first place. It was mainly so we could understand and communicate with Nature, of which we are a part. When the Namlú’u walked the planet, they could understand and communicate with their entire environment—this was their purpose as Guardians of the Living Library. Many think that this was done telepathically, but it was not. It was done by “thought.” I don’t mean that they were thinking something, and the plants and animals picked it up—that would still be telepathy—but I mean that these beings connected with one of the Inner Sanctions (but not the Inner Sanction) of the VOID or the KHAA, where thoughts reside. By intentionally tuning into that section of the VOID, they could instantly make themselves understood by their environment, including all the elements—air, water, earth, fire, and ether. In the first paper of Level I[4], I explained how this works on a subquantum level, by introducing LPG-C’s (Life Physic Group California) subquantum research, which partly consists of ET science. In that paper, I wrote about the Thought Superdomain that “surrounds” our Universe/Multiverse (which they call the Unum). This is the level which the Primordial Womankind tuned into, and when doing so, they could also understand species who visited our planet. This was of course crucial because if they couldn’t “read” these beings, they wouldn’t know which knowledge of the Living Library that being was in need of.

The AIF knows about this, and there is no end to what they needed to do in order to keep us ignorant and under control. Think about it—why do they need to take all these actions in order to keep us in check? Obviously, they are very afraid of us and the power that resides inside of us, or they wouldn’t have to do it. Look at the following list of things they have done and created in order to entrap us—then ponder in wonder:

1.      The Grid.

2.      The Between Lives Area (BLA).

3.      Amnesia.

4.      DNA reduction.

5.      Reduction of our perceptions to include only 4% of the entire Universe—a tiny piece of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, which we call visible light.

6.      Lie and manipulate.

7.      Population reductions.

If you think that this is quite impressive, it is! Still, we haven’t really talked a lot about the major thing that they have done, which is the main entrapment—senior to any of the above. The seven items I listed, however, are tightly connected in a subordinate fashion to what we’re now going to discuss—the Holographic Universe!

I am sure that almost all readers have heard about it, and many probably have studied it to quite some extent and have been wondering when Wes is going to bring that up, if at all.

Well, now is the time. I have based the previous three levels of learning on the LPG-C “Working Model,” and the Universe according to the Orion Empire (the “Orion Model”). Both these models are accurate models, although that of the Orion Empire is more expanded, only because the AIF, who LPG-C were connected with, just revealed so much. I am not suggesting that what I’ve written about in relation to the Orion Model is a perfect model because, again, I am limited in my own understanding of the Multiverse, being a soul in a limited human body, but it’s enough for our purpose.  

i.i. Back to the Planet of Power—Saturn as a Holographic Projector

The reader will have noticed that the planet Saturn has been mentioned frequently in my papers as a very important planet for many reasons. It’s been highly worshipped throughout history—especially within secret societies, in so-called black magic(k)[5] and satanic rituals, where “evil spirits,” demons, or interdimensional beings are called up. The magician can then make a pact with the entity that shows up within the circle and the pentagram that is drawn on the floor. He (most often a male) thinks that by getting the power from the entity, he can rule, get riches, women, or whatever he desires, and in exchange, he sells his soul to the Demiurge/Leviathan/Satan after death. This is the most commonly told version of a Satanic ritual.

Saturn was also Prince Ninurta’s planet during the Golden Age—before Lucifer and his Fallen Angels came. It had a stargate connected to it, which probably connected to many different locations in time/space and space/time—such as Pesh-Meten, the commercial galactic “highway” and to the gates of the Orion Empire, perhaps. According to the Pleiadians and others, there is a stargate in Orion’s Belt as well, and perhaps the two connect.

The Ra Material discusses the Council of Saturn, which consists of a council of Elders, who decide who may enter our solar system and who won’t be allowed. During the Golden Age, I’ve been informed that there was a “council” of sorts at that time too, but it consisted mostly of MIKH-MAKH warriors, who guarded the gate from intruders. Once Lucifer took over, he either created the rings of Saturn, or even if he didn’t, and they were already there, he placed an Interdimensional Council in the rings. This council is still there and has a similar function as the MIKH-MAKH warriors of Ninurta’s Golden Age, with one important exception—they are the ones responsible for the Third Dimension! The Ra people from the Ra Material call them the Council of Saturn or the “Council of Nine.” In this Ra Material session, Don Elkins[6] asks the question, as usual, and the channeled entities reply:

Questioner: …Who are the members, and how does the Council function?

Ra: I am Ra. The members of the Council are representatives from the Confederation and from those vibratory levels of your inner planes bearing responsibility for your third density. The names are not important because there are no names. Your mind/body/spirit complexes request names and so, in many cases, the vibratory sound complexes which are consonant with the vibratory distortions of each entity are used. However, the name concept is not part of the Council. If names are requested, we will attempt them. However, not all have chosen names.

In number, the Council that sits in constant session, though varying in its members by means of balancing, which takes place, what you would call irregularly, is nine[7]. That is the Session Council. To back up this Council, there are twenty-four entities[8] which offer their services as requested. These entities faithfully watch and have been called the Guardians[9].

The Council operates by means of, what you would call, telepathic contact with the oneness or unity of the nine, the distortions blending harmoniously so that the Law of One prevails with ease. When a need for thought is present, the Council retains the distortion-complex of this need, balancing it as described, and then recommends what it considers as appropriate action. This includes: One, the duty of admitting social memory complexes to the Confederation; Two, offering aid to those who are unsure how to aid the social memory complex requesting aid in a way consonant with both the call, the Law, and the number of those calling (that is to say, sometimes the resistance of the call); Three, internal questions in the Council are determined.

These are the prominent duties of the Council. They are, if in any doubt, able to contact the twenty-four who then offer consensus/judgment/thinking to the Council. The Council then may reconsider any question.[10]

Evidence that what I’m writing about is correct is given by the Ra people themselves:

Questioner: Is the Council of Nine the same nine that was mentioned in this book? [Questioner gestures to Uri {Geller}.]

Ra: I am Ra. The Council of Nine has been retained in semi-undistorted form by two main sources, that known in your naming, as Mark and that known in your naming as Henry. In one case, the channel became the scribe. In the other, the channel was not the scribe. However, without the aid of the scribe, the energy would not have come to the channel.[11]

The channelers of the Council of Nine (the AIF) are Mark Probert and Henry Puharich:

Questioner: The names you spoke of, are they Mark Probert and Henry Puharich?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.[12]

Furthermore, the Ra people are telling us from which dimension the Council of Saturn operates:

Ra: This Council is located in the octave, or eight[h] dimension, of the planet Saturn, taking its place in an area which you understand in third-dimensional terms as the rings.[13]

The Ra people give us a lot of information here, which coincides with my own body of research, and it tells us that Saturn, indeed, is an important planet in our solar system. We also learn that they operate from the eighth dimension (Ra calls it density), which is the last dimension of the universe of visible light. Personally, I don’t like to number dimensions and densities because the boundaries are so fuzzy and uncertain. We notice this all the time—depending on whom we’re asking (particularly amongst channeled entities)—they give us a different dimensional system. I think the best way to describe this phenomenon is by referring to the Electromagnetic Spectrum. The Third Dimension is simply the spectrum of “visible light.” To try to explain these things, and at the same time making sense, is difficult at best, and impossible at worst. However, we know that the Council of Saturn, who is creating our Third Dimension, is located in the upper echelons of this physical universe, which makes sense.

Fig. 1. The Rings of Saturn

I’ve been writing about the Golden Age, and what a different Earth that was from the one we’re living on now—it’s like night and day. The reader can take the “night and day” quite literally, actually, because the Earth before the Invasion was existing in the KHAA (the “dark” night), while the present Earth is perceived to exist in the “visible spectrum” (daylight). Not that the KHAA is “dark” once a being is able to dwell there—it’s just another spectrum of light—but to us, in our limited state, the KHAA is darkness.

The AIF used Saturn, being the most powerful stronghold in the solar system, as their main base, from where they projected a hologram that was overriding a previous hologram. The Third Dimension, whether we are discussing the Golden Age or the manipulated version, is a program—a software program of sorts—which once was projected within the KHAA as an Experiment—a hologram projected by thought, idea, and intention. Some say it was “dreamed up.” Thus, the original Living Library existed in the KHAA before it was hijacked. It was a projection, which made it seem physical. The AIF, however, created their own program with assistance from advanced technology, where matter became much more solid, being energy in form of a small spectrum of light.

Saturn thus became the projector of an overriding hologram, in which the creators could decide what to show and what to hide. Some even say that nothing of what we perceive with our senses is “real”—it’s just a copy of the original universe, and a copy which makes us perceive only about 4% of what is actually there.[14] The KHAA is thus the real universe.

In David Icke’s books, Human Race Get off your Knees and Remember Who You Are, he elaborates on his theory that those who operate Saturn and our own Moon are working hand in glove to keep us trapped. I, too, believe this is the case, with Saturn as the main projector and the Moon working as an enhancer of the holographic images in order to pinpoint a reality on us here on Earth—the reality we are accepting as the true reality (which most people do). The question is whether the Moon was even here before the solar system was hijacked. It may very well be a construct, created by the AIF. The reason I think so is that I suspect that the Moon may be hollow. Scientists were stunned when they noticed that the Moon sometimes “rings like a bell,” which indicates that it may be hollow—perhaps even a spacecraft. Who is flying around in hollowed-out craft? The reader knows the answer…   

i.ii. The Magicians of Time and Space

By some, they are called the Anunnaki, and these people usually claim that the Anunnaki are the Originator of Magic—the Master Magicians of Time and Space. Although this sounds to me like a joke, in one way it is true.

The AIF created the distorted Third Dimension, but just like the Archons, they can’t create something out of nothing—they may be scientists in a “copy-cat” kind-of-way, but they are not artists. They take something that’s already there and manipulate it—often to something less than the original. If the original were beauty, they would create ugliness; if the original were powerful, they would create weakness; if the original were stable, they would create something unstable, and so on.

In this case, we had a full Universe to “play around with,” and most dimensions were available to us. We were part of an Experiment that we had agreed to and which we loved playing in because it was about Nature. In the middle of a functioning Experiment, the AIF came and shrank our Universe by 96%, and that became our new Universe. In this new Universe, they kept us imprisoned on a small planet in the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy, and that became our Universe. On that little planet, we let a small number of extraterrestrials tell us what we can and can’t do. We let our “Free Will” be determined by these beings, who in fact were strangers here—they didn’t even belong here.

Many “New Agers” say that the Global Elite and the extraterrestrials, who are in charge of them, are reflecting our own level of consciousness—we are in this poor state of mind because we have done bad things in order to deserve the Global Elite, who are controlling us. Not until we change our mass consciousness will the Global Elite change as well. These New Agers further say that no one individual can be free on his or her own—we have to work on the mass consciousness to be free. In other words—this whole mess started with us humans doing criminal and unethical things, and then we “pulled in” the Elite—this probably also sounds familiar to those who have read “Hidden Hand,” who claimed the same thing.[15]However, he is far from the only one saying so.

I would say that this is nonsense! This is probably an idea that comes from the Global Elite,or the “Alien Masters” themselves to keep their own hands clean. I can hear a familiar Luciferian voice in the background saying: “Don’t attack us—it’s not our fault! You were the ones who asked for us to control you because of your own behavior! We were just your catalysts!”

My readers know the story—humanity lived in a Golden Age, and then the Alien Invader Force (AIF) descended and started a war here, where after they started trapping human/Namlú’u souls into third dimensional human bodies. In light of this information, how can the New Age hypothesis be correct? Someone is trying to make criminals out of the “victims,” although I don’t like using that word. I just want to set the records straight—who is the criminal? Is it the person who storms into a 7-11 store and starts shooting people left and right, or is it the person who gets shot?

Of course, then we have all this talk about co-creation. Channeled entities suggest that in the Between Lives Area (BLA), souls make agreements with each other in order to help each other evolve. It may go something like this: “I will be the bully in the next lifetime and treat you really bad so that you learn how to become stronger and how to say no.” The other soul replies: “That sounds good, Arthur. I’m with ya!” Although agreements may sometimes be made between souls in the BLA, this has been taken to the extreme. People starve to death in Africa while flies are biting them and sucking their sweat and blood from top to toe, and instead of having compassion for these people, New Agers say that the Africans “deserve it” in some twisted way because they need that experience in order to evolve further. What I see is a very dangerous path, where people stop caring for others because if people are in trouble, they need to experience it, and they should be left alone. To the defense of those who have such ideas, however, they still think we should help, but only if the person asks for it. I agree with that part. People sometimes do need to be left alone to reflect over their situations, but we need to use discernment. My concern is that “someone” is trying to sneak a new set of moral codes into society, where everyone is on his or her own, with no help from anybody. In the extension, this is possibly what could happen. I want to give a heads up on these things because they may sound good to a certain extent, but watch out for hidden plans behind the scenes—always! Constant alertness is what is important. Don’t stop trusting people, but learn to see red flags. Never stop caring and be compassionate about other people.

Now, what about the AIF being magicians that we talked about? Yes, in their own way, they are magicians. The AIF know how the hologram works, and they know what “tricks” they can play with it. They can suddenly show up in a place as Reptilians or even as humans, talking and socializing with others, only to suddenly disappear in thin air. They can show their spaceships in the sky so a whole village can see it, and then they just disappear in a ball of fire. They can do a lot of tricks because they know that they are dealing with illusions, but we don’t. We get upset or excited when these things happen.

Has anybody thought about why Lucifer is called the “Light Bearer”? It almost makes him sound benevolent and nice, doesn’t it? Light Bearer…hm. Does it mean that he is surrounded by the most magnificent light and can say the words, “Let there be light!” and there will be light? Or, does it actually mean that he is the one who is bearing the little tiny spectrum of light that we humans are able to perceive? If this was a “$10,000 Question”, I would vote for the latter.

Isn’t that what Lucifer did? He brought Light into the world and the Universe as we know it—“Let there be light!” This is why so many worship him. Without him, we would be blind and fumble in the dark! In that case, remember that the light we perceive is only 4% of the Electromagnetic Spectrum—what about the rest of the spectrum? Why are we cut off from that light? It doesn’t look like light to me, you may say, and stare out in dark space, and from your limited perceptions you would be right. The Universe is teeming with life, but the very majority of it resides in what we call darkness. What we need to realize is that this so-called darkness is just other frequency bands, and when we are able to perceive them, it’s no darkness there anymore! They shut off our DNA—the DNA which when activated can experience the rest of the spectra as well. So much for Light Bearer.

These entities, who are guarding us to make sure we don’t regain our abilities without them being in charge, ready to capture us, can have a lot of fun with us and our miniature reality—just like a little boy has fun with his train set that his dad built for him. The AIF, however, don’t feel any empathy and compassion when they are “playing.” And for us, their game has been deadly serious. It’s time to disagree with this seriousness and tell ourselves that getting out of this silly trap is easy. Put the AIF “over there” and then go in your own direction. Do it in your mind. Then live your life as you want it to be, and take some consequences if necessary. What has always been your passion? Do it! And what is just as important—teach your children this!

When you and I grew up, many of us had no clue what consequences certain actions had. We got some money? We bought a house and a car—on credit, of course. We got married, and our income increased, so we bought a bigger house, leading to more debts, and so on. Almost everybody made this mistake, so we never thought something was wrong with it, until we started having trouble paying because of so-called “inflation,” which is a made-up term built on a lie about the value of money, supposedly reflecting the value of silver and gold that are stored in vaults somewhere. These silver and gold reserves justify the printing of money. Then woops! There comes the magician again, and there is no reserve. Money was just an illusion, but we still need to pay. Someone always gets rich on other people’s misery.

Instead of coming in a hard situation where your hands are tied—a part of slavery today—where you have to work for the System until you die, in order to pay your debt, you teach your children never ever to buy anything on credit, and always go for their passion, wherever it will lead them. If they do, they will be just fine, and they have a much better chance to build a life which is not so dependent on the System. Explain to your kids what is really going on in the world, little by little, so you don’t overwhelm them. Also, don’t only tell them—let them experience it, let them see it, hear it, taste it, and smell it! Only then do they know it’s real. Children grow up in blindness only because the parents are blind—there is no one to guide them, and there is no one to tell them what they can do to get a rich life. Most people think that living a rich life means having a lot of money. Yes, money can buy you freedom to a certain extent, if you use it for that purpose, but the true richness is what you can find within yourself—and the best of it all is that it doesn’t have to cost anything!  

i.iii. Freezing Realities

Saturn is considered being “Father Time,” which we mentioned in the previous paper. He is the one who decides how long the eons should be, the year, the month, week, day, hour, minute, second…linear time! Once we humans have agreed that we live on a timeline with a past, present, and a future, we have truly lost our multidimensionality. Now, most people think that what is in the future can never happen before what happens in the present and vice versa. People think that time is really set in stone—the past will never come back and can never change, and we know nothing about the future. Still, as I mentioned in Level I, extraterrestrials—whether they have the technology to do so or just the power of thought and intention to do so—could “insert” an entire civilization here on Earth from what is perceived as one second to another. You look out over a field and there are only flowers and bushes as far as you can see. In the next second there is a big city where there was an empty field! How is this possible? It’s the simplest thing if you have what it takes to do it because you can build it outside of this reality and then just insert it as you “insert” a new house in your toy train landscape. It takes a couple of seconds.

The Pleiadians said recently that is quite a common occurrence throughout history—more so in ancient times than now—ETs froze our reality quite literally to get a job done here[16]. Let’s say a team of scientists are on the way to the Sahara to check out some rumors that giant skulls, 300ft tall, are buried in the sand and have been dug up by some locals. The AIF doesn’t want these scientists to see that such tall beings once walked on the Earth, so they freeze the entire hologram—including the people—insert themselves at the finding place, and remove the skull. When finished, they “unfreeze” the hologram again. The scientists get to the site but find nothing. This is just an example from the top of my head, but according to the Pleiadians, this can be done and has been done. I am not the least surprised, having the understanding I have. 

i.iv. Father Time in the New Era

The AIF, just like myself, are convinced that we are now entering a New Era, and this is when Father Time—Saturn—is playing a big role. In Greek mythology, Saturn was known as Cronus, or Kronos (there are many different spellings), and he was also the father of the Titans, as we learned in the first papers of this level of learning. Originally, Cronus was Khan En.lil and Prince Ninurta, respectively, while Poseidon was a “younger god”—the head of the Olympians, who overthrew the Titans and took over our solar system. Once that was done, Poseidon (Lucifer/ took on the role of Cronus and became Father Time. This is where people have the most problem. These beings, whom I call the AIF, are out to conquer everything that is owned by the Orion Empire, in order to boost their own egos and power. Then they take over the identities of the ones they have conquered—including their names and titles. This is the reason why Lucifer has so many names and titles—he has conquered them! This is also why he can have names and titles which contradict each other. He rules under one name, Poseidon, which is him as an Olympian god, but he is also Cronus, his opponent, who’s a Titan. For example, scholars are connecting Saturn with Ninurta, making him the evil guy, who is keeping us imprisoned here, with Saturn being the planet which projects the hologram. If people knew that Ninurta is out of that picture since 500,000 years ago, and Lucifer/ took on that title/name, things would start to fall in place. Wrong beings are being accused for wrong things, while the real criminals go free and are looked at as liberators.

The New Era which the AIF wants to ring in is the Era of the evolved human, who is spiritually and physically savvy enough to take that extra leap, which is required in order for the AIF to invade Orion. They are soon there, and this is why we start seeing so many UFOs on television right now. Sightings are shown on CNN, ABC, NBC, BBC, and so forth. They want to prepare people for Disclosure in a sense. It’s not going to be a real and honest disclosure, of course. Why would the government, which has so incredibly much to hide, suddenly set the record straight when it comes to UFOs, extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, and multidimensionals? Please think about it. If they disclose anything of value at all, it must be in their interest, not in ours! This is why I have such a hard time comprehending why so many people believe in all these co-called Disclosure Projects. It’s way too naïve. I really hope, if the day comes when “disclosure” happens, that people are smarter than that. It’s bad enough how otherwise nice and very compassionate people believe in such things as the Harvest being a good thing, particularly so now, when there is so much information out on these subjects.

When the nanosecond was over by the end of 2012, I decided to immediately suggest a New Era for those who are choosing a new beginning. I set January 1, 2013, as the beginning of the New Era, and simply called this Year 1 (as I write this, we are just 16 days from January 1, Year 2 AN (after nano [second]). The new species, who will be the new Guardians of the Living Library, I call Homo Nova. I have no idea if any of this will be adopted in the future, but I do believe that the new probability, which will eventually build a world void of the Alien Invader Force, will start the new time count with the end of the nanosecond in mind. I also believe that the Era we have just started will be the last one, in the sense that soon enough we will not pay attention to linear time anymore—at least not as a fixed concept of past, present, and future. As we become more Multidimensional, time as we know it will be less and less important. Time is a “stopper” and a “distracter.” Time is always holding us back, while no-time opens up all probabilities and possibilities. Time has had its advantages in 3-D, but when we are moving away from this fixed reality, linear time has to go.  

i.v. Passion—a Way out of the Trap!

Now and then, we hear the expression, we should be living our dreams. This is one of my favorite expressions of all time because it’s so true that it actually explains Paradise in one single sentence!

With dream, I mean passion foremost. Then, when we’ve gone as far as we can with that passion, we go for the next passion and so on. Sometimes, we can work on more than one passion at the time. Living like this creates true happiness. Also, it’s in his or her passion that a person is the strongest. It’s very hard to manipulate a person who knows what he or she wants. Such a person is not the first targets of the AIF because they arehard to mind-control and manipulate. Therefore, the greatest favor we can do to our kids is to suggest to them that they live out their passions, as long as these passions are not hurting them or anybody else. Can you imagine a whole generation living out their passions, totally discarding everything the “authorities” tell them they “must” do? I would love to witness that! The society would look a whole lot different from now, but overall, it would probably be workable.

Without having an inkling of what life will bring, it’s hard to live our passions because we are always told that we need an education, a good job, to be a good citizen of the society, and to help building on the society we have. All these ideas are just “stoppers.” That’s what led us into modern slavery in the first place. If we live our passion and are true to ourselves, the rest will resolve—we will have what we need because the passion is so strong that reality bends according to our will power. Still, passion comes with some discipline because it’s easy to totally live our passion and forget that we have other duties, too, such as taking care of property, socializing, and even such simple things as providing food for ourselves and others.

Being passionate about something is not selfish—quite the opposite. By showing that someone can live like that, you inspire many people to attempt the same thing—and those who are brave enough will succeed. Also, being in the energy field of a person who is passionate is very inspiring and uplifting. What better things can you do for others than that? You are living your life in full and inspiring others to do the same. Also, you show that it’s possible not to agree with being a slave worker for the Companies of the super-rich. For those who are thinking “Service-to-Self” and “Service-to-Others,” this is probably one of the best Service-to-Others I can think of. To live out our passions means that we are creating something—we are working as creators! Therefore, if we live out passions that are not harmful to oneself or others, we are automatically building a new world, using stepping -stones created from very positive energies. This kind of creation will automatically include beauty in some form, and beauty is one of the most important things in the Universe—beauty and love go hand in hand. Look around you, and what do you see? In essence, you see an incredible creation we call Mother Earth. This planet is no less than absolutely beautiful—a masterpiece created by the most brilliant forces of the Universe and beyond. Nothing on this planet is created by mistake—everything has its place, and I mean  the Living Library, not what the AIF or immoral humans have created (or uncreated). Then, take a look at the Universe with its stars and galaxies—isn’t that absolute beauty? No one can say that beauty is not a major part of Creation.

Passion is also a way out of here—it’s one way out of the trap and a good one too! Let’s say that I die after a lifetime of having expressed my passion most of the time, and I’m feeling content, saying to myself that I had a good life despite the slavery going on here on Earth. I leave my body and slip through a hole in the Grid. What do I see?

The thing is that we see what we are prepared to see. Those who are totally prepared to be recycled again and become another slave worker, who “accidentally” slip through the Grid, won’t see much else than the darkness we see when we look up in the night sky, and someone will probably come and pick them up and lead them toward the Light. Those who are in the know about things, and aware of the 96% versus the 4% Universe will probably see the Universe as it is, which is allegedly an enormously amazing sight. If those people still want to go back to Gaia and work on stabilizing the New Era, they can return through the Grid and reincarnate without going through the Light.

People who have left their dogmas, religious beliefs, and other beliefs we’ve been putting on ourselves from having listened to “authority,” have no problem seeing the KHAA for what it is—and I’ll tell you that I don’t know myself what to expect out there. I only know that it’s not necessarily exactly the same as we experience when we see the night skies. What is there in addition to stars, planets, nebulae, and galaxies? I don’t know. However, passionate people know what they want and have a much easier time creating their own reality, and that’s what it’s all about in the Free Will Universe. Either someone else is creating it for you (and you may not like it), or you’ll create it yourself. You’re absolutely free to experiment as much as possible—it’s just a soul who has been so traumatized that he or she can’t make up his or her mind about things that is in trouble. Otherwise, the Universe is our playground—become a child again and start creating! That’s what it’s there for. Don’t be afraid because there is really nothing to fear except your own fear, as a famous American President once said. The good thing with passion is that it also works if you want to return to Earth and the New Era. It will create miracles down here!    

II. The Abduction Agenda Revisited

This is quite a worn out subject, the reader must think, but there are still a few things I think are worth mentioning about it. To summarize what I’ve said earlier, people—mostly of specific bloodlines—are abducted either by government agencies, the ETs themselves, or a mix of them both, for a few reasons, primarily. They want to deep study how our DNA has developed, and perhaps make changes when necessary in a certain number of individuals in order for the ETs to feel comfortable to incarnate either into the abducted body or into its descendants.

Fig. 2. Alien abduction.

First, Ea has over the years conquered new star races, and new star races have joined his cause. These new star races, if they have Ea’s permission, are also to be incarnated here in small groups, so they can be part of the future Global Elite.

Second, the “old” star races, such as the Alpha Draconians, who have been with Ea for quite some time now, are the ones who need to adjust the human DNA of the bloodline, or bloodlines, they have selected as their future vessels.

Third, we have races of “genuine” Grays, who are basically us in the future (see Third Level of Learning), who want to retrieve our DNA in order to recreate the biological body form they once had but lost in a future Machine Kingdom.

Fourth, we have the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) that either abduct people on their own, mostly for genetic research, or work together with the AIF in the abduction scenario.

What is common for the first three categories is that the abductors lack human emotions (one could say that those of the fourth category do too). The Pleiadians, in a lecture I just heard, said that the abductors keep their heart chakra closed. In a warzone, I would assume that this is a “normal” thing to do to mentally survive, and this sector of the Universe is a warzone, apparently (just don’t think that it’s like that everywhere). When I talk about the MIC, more often than not, the people who operate on the abductee are emotionless mind-controlled slaves who are programmed to do their job, and when it’s done, they go home to their families and forget all about what they have done. Then, above these people are of course the emotionless Elite hybrids who have another mix of DNA in them, which makes them less prone to feel. These days, most of these Elite bloodlines are also possessed by the Nommos and others. Because of all this, the abductees often have to suffer when they are kidnapped.

I know this sounds pretty discouraging for a person who reads this and actually is an abductee, having experienced all this agony and pain. However, there is a solution to this, which also may prevent future abductions. My suggestion is to go to a regression therapist. Some of you who read this may say, “I’ve already done that and they are still taking me!” This may very well be true, but the regression therapists have in that case not helped you looking for the correct thing yet—that is why. It is a good idea to first re-experience the abductions in the sessions in order to get rid of the feeling of trauma around the experiences, but then it’s time to start looking for what I call The Agreement. Somewhere, buried underneath all this, is an agreement with the ETs to let them abduct you. This agreement could have been done between lives, where everything feels easy because you don’t experience the “heaviness” and difficulties of the material world and the counter-energies from the AIF, who rule down here.

More commonly, there was a manipulative agreement, which the abductee subconsciously or unconsciously may or may not be aware of. An encounter between lives or in a present or a past life with these beings may have resulted in a manipulative agreement that you would void immediately if you could.

And you can! Once you are ready to look for it, tell the therapist that you need to find the initial agreement in regression. It could take a while to find it (hopefully it won’t), but once you find it, you will know you did. Then you just tell the ETs—out loud and/or just telepathically—that this agreement, or any agreement that you have with them, is now void and that you won’t permit them to take you again under any circumstances. This should help. Sometimes, regression therapy in this sense is not even necessary—you just let them know that any agreement you’ve done with them is void and that you have changed your mind. It’s only when that doesn’t help that regression therapy, in order to find the agreement, can be helpful.

The toughest cases are those who say that they sympathize with their abductors, and even if it physically and mentally hurts, the abductors are in such need of doing what they’re doing that the abductees want to help them—the so-called Stockholm Syndrome, after a kidnapping drama in Stockholm, Sweden, in the 1970s, when the people who were kidnapped started sympathizing with the kidnappers, once they began to know them. The ETs may have told them that the abductee is helping their race survive. These people first need to convince themselves that the abduction phenomenon is not benevolent—and especially not when pain and suffering is involved—and the cycle needs to be broken. This, however, is something for the regression therapist or any psychic who’s taking on the case to work out with you.

The bottom line is that humans here on Earth should not be abducted. We are an evolving race, even though we’ve been tampered with and should, as such, be left alone. There are star beings, however, who come here in physical (enter a human body from birth), or contact selected people on a soul level to help us humans break the spell, but they do so by following certain universal rules and protocols, and they don’t break them. In addition, they certainly don’t, in any shape or form, hurt the people they are contacting.   

ii.i. Atlantis All Over Again

There are researchers who say that we live in a time loop. With this they mean that we start from a rather unevolved stage and evolve up to a certain point, and then a catastrophe of some sort happens, which brings us right back to the start again. It’s like a DVD you have finished, and then put it on from the beginning again.

I think there is some truth in this. Although I don’t think we repeat every single moment of a previous cycle, I do believe we make the exact same mistakes over and over again unless we break the cycle as a mass consciousness. We are just now at such a breaking point.

In Atlantis, approximately 13,000 years ago, we were engaged in the same things we are engaged in now—more or less. They were into space travel (much more so than we are), and they were heavily into genetic engineering—similar to when and Isis experimented with different versions of Homo sapiens. At that time, the AIF, Elite human hybrids, and scientists were working together to create genetic alterations, just like we do in Area 51 and other military bases today—on Earth, on Mars, and most likely on the Moon and other places.

Fig. 3. Barbara Hand-Clow, Pleiadian channeler.

Barbara Hand Clow is another channeler of Pleiadian energies. It is not the same group of Pleiadians as Barbara Marciniak is channeling, but the two groups recognize and apparently used to support each other’s efforts, although that has changed. Hand Clow’s Pleiadians once said:

I, Alcior, am an Atlantean stellar being . . . I am a carrier of the blood of the stars—one of the pure stellar beings who traveled here from outer space. As for the earth-born people, some are indigenous while some are mutants spawned by “stellar implantation.” …from their central genetics laboratory in Atlantis, we stellar beings bred ourselves with Earth beings. Stellar sources mixed with Earth creatures have varying offspring. In this photon laboratory, I study how the stellar imprint affects the Earthling. We tell the people that we are doing this in order to eliminate disease, but the real reason we are doing it is to gain control of the Earth.

…the only way extraterrestrials, such as myself, can understand humans is by means of decoding human DNA…. The Atlantean project is to assist in the process of the stellar encodement of humans… In other words we read the cosmic evolutionary cycles through humans on earth!… we need this information in order to determine the stability of Earth in the Solar System—particularly so that we can evacuate Earth at certain times… That is why we first came to Earth three hundred thousand years ago… For example, a photon from the star Aldebaran contains information on the functioning of Aldebaran consciousness. It is very musical, very mathematical, very harmonic, and very powerful for the right hemisphere of the human brain.

When the crystal is charged, all of the mutants will move into “stellar fusion.”… Mutant Earthlings will fuse with the powers of their own original stars, we will live on Earth when we want to, and the rulers of Atlantis will control it all.[17]

Well, that doesn’t sound very nice, does it? Essentially, it tells it the way I have described it in my papers. Aldebaran has been mentioned over and over again in my work in connection with the Pleiades, starting with my e-book, “The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller” in 2009. This is, without any doubt, the base Lucifer chose when he fled to the Pleiades after Lucifer’s Rebellion and it still is his main base outside of this solar system—there doesn’t seem to be much doubt about that either.

I also find it noteworthy that this Alcior being says that they really don’t understand humans, and as I’ve mentioned earlier, this is very true. Then, of course, we have the main message in this channeled sequence, which is that when time is right, “mutants” of a certain star system will merge with their own “gods,” in a sense that they will be drawn to them, and the old visitors will come down here and rule on Earth as they did in Atlantis. Well, this was channeled back in the 1990s, I believe, and much has changed since then. Much of what Alcior is talking about has already happened or is currently happening.

Some of the abduction phenomenon is also pertaining to what Alcior says, meaning that the star races are checking in on their own “mutants,”—or “hybrids,” as we usually call them here. Anyone who is willing to open his or her eyes will notice that all these things are really happening around us—it’s not science fiction anymore—and never was.

It was after channeled messages such as this one that Marciniak’s Pleiadians withdrew from Hand Clow’s group—they didn’t want to be associated with this “truth.” It strikes me kind of funny, though, that Marciniak’s group was fast with acknowledging Hand Clow in the beginning, but then they changed their minds. Nevertheless, Marciniak’s group must have known the other group well enough for them to acknowledge them in the first place. Just because Marciniak’s Pleiadians no longer want to talk about the other Pleiadian group, does that make Alcior’s statements less true? I am still referring to Marciniak’s group to quite some extent in my papers, even though I have serious doubts regarding their real intentions. The majority of their information does not only ring very true but also coincides with other, bona fide information I’ve found elsewhere. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because sometimes a group, such as a channeled collective, can afford to tell the truth, if it is necessary for us to know it in order for their agenda to become fulfilled. This is a quite complicated subject, where things are very entwined and, apparently, contradictory until we understand that their strength lies in the contradictions themselves.

For a long time, I thought that their agenda would also benefit us, but when I found out that their own teacher, whom they are talking about so often, in fact is Ea himself, I became very alert, of course. Are the Pleiadians really a rebel group with peaceful intentions who themselves have been deceived by Ea, “the Trickster,” or are they fully aware of who Ea is? They now keep claiming that Ea has changed (Lucifer has redeemed himself, in other words), but if this is the case, why is the Global Elite still here, continuing their negative influence on mankind?

We know that the Earth scenario is rather complex—hence the amount of papers on the subject—but once we separate the different agendas from each other, we notice that they are not only quite similar to each other, but they also are different version of a larger agenda, which is common for all these groups, and that is power and control over humans so that we can be used in a future galactic war. Then, once we understand that, we also understand that it is only as long as we get involved in their business that we are really affected. Although we are prisoners in boot camp, we actually still have Free Will, if we are willing to acknowledge it to ourselves. We can actually escape at any time, once we know how. And we do! The real escape will not take place until after this lifetime is over, if we choose to leave this solar system. If we do, we are free to go. Those who want to come back into a higher frequency version of Earth can also do so and help build a new reality for mankind.

However, it is important to stress that it’s not a good idea to run out and jump off a cliff in order to “get free” or to “escape” because that won’t do it. All accounts worth considering say the same thing—suicide is connected with guilt and other lower emotions on the other side that attract you to the lower astral planes, and that’s not where freedom lies, and that’s not where you want to go.  

III. Jumpstarting the Machine Kingdom

People who wait for Ea to come back as—the Savior, stop waiting! He is already here. He’s been here in the vicinity for quite some time now—I would say at least a few hundred years. Before that, Marduk held the fort while his father was doing business elsewhere—in the Pleiades. I suspect that he has spent quite some time in Maïa and Electra (two of the Pleiadian stars) to educate a group of “rebels” who would later contact us and teach us about, the “good guy,” who is returning at the same time as En.lil (Ninurta), the “bad guy.” After all, that’s what Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian lectures are more or less about these days.

Just a few months ago, Marciniak’s Pleiadians have started talking almost exclusively about the Anunnaki and the two half-brothers, who opposed each other—one is thinking with the left side of the brain, and the other one is thinking with his heart. Then they go on to say that they have been trained by and worked together with for quite some time in order to “educate” mankind. So if you want to hear some propaganda, listen to the Pleiadian lectures. Additionally—they tell it much the way Sitchin had it, which most truth-seekers today already have discarded as half-truths. However, with the knowledge you—the reader—and I have by now, it’s very interesting to listen to the Pleiadians because it’s much easier to pick out the diamonds—oh yes, the diamonds are there, and they are beautiful. In other words, we can learn a lot from the Pleiadians if we listen to them with our current knowledge in mind.

However, Electra and Maïa are the star systems in which I think Ea has resided for some time, teaching his interdimensional Minions how to approach humans in a way that we will respond the best, although there is still a chance that even Marciniak’s Pleiadians have been deceived, not that Ea is an expert on being a teacher of humans either—he and his son have had a very hard time understanding humans, and they still don’t understand us—but Ea knows how to manipulate. The Pleiadian lectures are for those who are evolving quickly, and Ea needs to address these people in order to get them on his side before it’s too late and people start seeing the truth about him. Sorry, Ea, it’s a little too late already!

In any case, Ea is back and so is En.lil, apparently—according to the Pleiadians (although, we already knew that). They are correct when they say that the water is Ea’s domain and the air is Khan En.lil’s (Prince En.lil’s domain is the mountains). However, the only water and the only “ocean” Ea is in charge of are the water, rivers, and the oceans here on Earth—he is not in charge of the Primordial Waters/Ocean, which is the KHAA, regardless of what he says. Those who are really into distinguish between fresh- and saltwater because he was actually the one who turned freshwater into salty oceans. During the Golden Age, the oceans were made out of freshwater because at that time, there was an abundance of everything, for everybody. By turning the oceans into saltwater, Ea deprived us of most of the Earth’s water resources because we can’t drink it. What are the consequences? People in some countries go thirsty when there should be more than enough for them to drink. Then again, it’s by design.

According to the Pleiadians, Ea is currently residing under the ocean floor, and they say that the government is trying to bomb the ocean to get him out of there. I don’t believe for one second that they are bombing the ocean for that purpose—especially as the top echelons of the world governments are Ea worshippers, but I do believe that Ea does reside deep down under the ocean. In fact, I think his main base may be the waters just outside the coast of Oregon, USA—close to where I live. This is where there was a grandiose UFO sighting in March of 2012, if I recall correctly. A group of UFOs suddenly shot up from the ocean and took off into the air. This also made the middle level military nervous, apparently. The Pleiadians talked in some length about this incident and kept telling us about the “good brother” and the “bad brother” again, reminding us whose domain the ocean is and whose domain the airways are. They made it quite obvious that they were of the opinion that the UFO sighting was Ea’s ships. So it looks as if Ea and I are not so far from each other, distance wise. Also, LPG-C was in California, which is also on the American West Coast, and they were in contact with Ea’s people big time—something we will go into very shortly.

In Level III, I talked about a major return of the AIF here on Earth and that it was already happening. I am quite convinced that this is correct. The abduction scenario has been present for hundreds, even thousands of years, but has become much more frequent lately. This is partly because the AIF is coming very close to being able to do a mass invasion. Most of this mass invasion will be the rest of the Nommos being released from the Sirian prison, possessing human Elite hybrid bloodlines, but some people, in general, will also be prone to possession, unless they are well protected and are staying grounded.

Over the centuries and the millennia, there has been a great mix of bloodlines here on Earth because of interbreeding between human races. Many say that this has “watered down” some of the Elite bloodlines, and as true as that may be, the opposite is also true, which is that the “common” bloodlines have been enhanced with “blue blood.” This has apparently been the purpose, and the most useful of these “sub-elite” bloodlines can now be used by the Invader Force to incarnate in or to do a walk-in[18]. This is also one of the purposes with the abduction phenomenon. Some say that these bloodlines are the RH-, of whom the Khazars were a major branch. As we know, the RH- females don’t mix very well with the RH+, and there are complications at childbirth, unless the mothers get medical aid.  

iii.i. Memories are Stored in Stones and Bones—the Truth About the “Consciousness Meters”

In Level I, I wrote about “Consciousness Meters” for those who still remember. For those who don’t, I will give a quick recap here. The story states (this also comes from the Pleiadians) that once in a very distant past, so-called “Consciousness Meters” were set up here on Gaia, and these “devices” would measure how fast the mass consciousness and awareness increased amongst the most intelligent species on the planet (which many say is Homo sapiens sapiens, but that could be debated[19]), and when these measures reach a certain level, the Consciousness Meters send a frequency out in time/space to notify the ancient beings who once set them up and left them there when they themselves abandoned our planet.

In a recent lecture, the Pleiadians said it was their ancestors who did it. They said it was done by the “good Pleiadians” and not the ones who tampered with our DNA and created Giants. These “good” Pleiadians supposedly put them up here before Lucifer’s Invasion, half a million years ago. I know that some channeled material confirms that the Pleiadians were here before the Invasion as part of the original Living Library setup team, but my own research, in which I have tried to be more precise, I haven’t seen any indicators that the Pleiadians were part of the Original Planners. It’s not, however, because some people say that the Pleiadian star system is too young for this because that’s not true either. Any star system we can see from Earth in our telescopes or in our most advanced machines, exists both in the KHAA and in the universe of “visible light,” and just because a star system “appeared” in the 4% Universe at a certain time, it doesn’t mean that the same star system didn’t exist in the KHAA long before that. Also, a star system can fade in and out of visible light.

The claim that the Pleiadians should have been a part of the Original Team is lacking in my research. In any case, today the Consciousness Meters are not used by the Original Team to measure consciousness, but they are used by the AIF to do the same!

Fig. 4. The South African shaman, Credo Mutwa.
Fig. 4a. Researcher and lecturer David Icke (left) with Credo Mutwa (right)

These devices are actually no devices at all, just ordinary stones placed on our ley lines. The saying is that memories are stored and preserved in “stones and bones,” and that is quite true. This is another Pleiadian saying, but those who have read David Icke know of the South African shaman, Credo Mutwa (fig. 4), who has “confirmed” much of Icke’s Reptilian stories from African legends and mythology. He is, just like shamans all over the world, reading our history in stones and bones because he knows that memories are stored there. In other words, whoever set up the Consciousness Meters used stones to measure increased consciousness on our planet. Then, when consciousness and awareness reach a certain point, the gods can return.

From what it seems, we are now very close to that point. The nanosecond is over, and many people throughout the world have increased their awareness a thousandfold or more. So it’s time for the gods to separate the wheat from the chaff—thus they use the term “Harvest.” The fact is that they want to keep both those who did not evolve during the nanosecond and those who did—the two categories will just be used for different purposes, as we have discussed earlier. The technologically inclined people will be the Machine Riders in the Machine Kingdom, while those who are more spiritually inclined will be used as mediums, in order for the AIF to eventually invade Satania in Orion. It’s similar to wars here on Earth—first out are those who build the bridges over the rivers, and then the soldiers follow in their footsteps. The spiritually evolved people are the “bridge builders,” while the rest are the “soldiers.” By using our Fire, they hope we can help them open the Gates to the Inner Sanctuaries of Orion. Will it work? Unless the “spiritually inclined” don’t wake up to the simple facts I’ve been giving, I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, many truth-seekers still think that the Orion Empire is the enemy! I can imagine that papers such as these are not very well received in Lucifer’s camp—they want us to believe that Orion is the Enemy #1—this is very important to them, obviously.

There is still evidence that the Orions were here before Lucifer came. I’m not saying that Lucifer is not originating from Orion—he is—but there are artifacts that are even older than 500,000 years, which still refer back to Orion. We are looking at the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the Sphinx, and other well-known monuments and artifacts, and we consider them being ancient, although there are monuments elsewhere in the world which are much older. In Level II, I wrote that Mother Goddess, who created this universe and all the others, created universes in groups of 12, and she herself has the 13th “seat.” Hence, 12 and 13 are very important numbers. In Ecuador, there is an ancient pyramid that has thirteen levels beneath the eye.[20] However, the most interesting part is the base of the pyramid, where there is a depiction of the Orion Constellation with words in a very ancient language. Professor Kurt Schildman, President of the German Linguistic Association, who is fluent in more than 40 languages, has said that it was older than the oldest known human writing! He called it pre-Sanskrit. David Icke, in his new book, “The Perception Deception,” writes:

His translation of the writing on the bottom of the pyramid was: ‘The son of the creator comes’. This is a familiar theme, of course, but my question is what son of what ‘creator’? I’ll explore this later. Klaus Dona says that the same form of writing has been found around the world in locations such as Colombia, the United States, France, Malta, Turkmenistan, Australia and Italy, and it has similarities with writing found on Easter Island, a remnant of Mu/ Lemuria and famous for its unique wildlife and massive and unexplained statues of the ‘gods’. ‘Pre-Sanskrit’ means that the writing must be more than 6,000 years old and it is highly likely to have been the written communication of the once-global ‘Avatar’ society.[21]


“Pre-Sanskrit,” according to Klaus Dona, has been found all over the world, being more than 6,000 years old. However, if Icke is right when he says that it was written by the “Avatar” society, it was written during the Golden Age, and I agree. The Pre-Sanskrit language would then be the ancient Orion language, used by Prince Ninurta and his team of Original Planners. Furthermore, I would suggest that the translation very well could have been “The son of the Creator [or Creatrix] is here.” If there is something translators of the ancient languages have had trouble with, it is the denotation of female versus male aspects of words and terms. It is a very important thing to distinguish between genders in Orion language.  

iii.ii. LPG-C and the “Nibiruans” in a New Light 

There is one very basic thing we need to be aware of, and when we are, things are getting much easier to understand. A lot of confusion will fall aside, and Lucifer’s limited light will expand manifold and eventually reach the KHAA—all for our benefit.

The group of “Anunnaki,” who are here on Earth now and those who are waiting to come down belong to the AIF. If there is any presence of the Original Planners—the Primordial Dragons—in Earth vicinity, they keep themselves very much in the background and are not part of any of that which we are discussing here. The AIF can, and do, come in all disguises thinkable and beyond but are still the AIF. Another good example of this is the Anunnaki with whom LPG-C (Life Physics Group California) were, and are still, in contact with after the demise of their Chief Scientist, Dr. A.R. Bordon.

To begin with, the LPG-C members know Sitchin’s work by heart, down to the smallest detail, which was something Dr. Bordon told me himself. They are really embracing “the old man” and promote his work. However, they also embrace very legitimate quantum physicists such as David Bohm and many others. Also, Dr. Bordon did not stick under the table with that much of the “Working Model,” which became their model of the Multiverse, they had learned from the Anunnaki, while much of the rest came out of ENS (Extra Neuro Sensing)—their form of remote viewing. This kind of remote viewing—or a very similar technique, almost down to the letter—has also been used by George LoBuono, a self-proclaimed remote viewer, who is also an author of the book, “Alien Mind.”

A few months before Dr. Bordon died, he sent me and other members of their group (not belonging to the “Inner Circle”) papers which indicated that much of the wisdom LPG-C had received from ETs came from Thoth, or his counterpart, Ningišzidda. In this series of papers, we’ve learned that Thoth, the “feathered serpent” of the Bird Tribe, is no one less than himself, the “God of Wisdom,” as the old mythology says. Hence, Ningišzidda, Thoth, and are all the same being. LPG-C, however, just as Sitchin, distinguish between and Thoth/Ningišzidda. Moreover, both LPG-C and Sitchin put the Anunnaki in two “camps,” the “Enkiites” and the “Enlilites”. This is not wrong, but they want us to believe that the “En.lil Camp” is still present here on Earth, and has been here just as long as their opponents.

When Michael Lee Hill, claiming to be a Nephilim descendant and’s counterpart, made clear that he’d seen Marduk at the Sirius Rising Festival in New York, and that Marduk is just playing the “bad guy” in order to wake up humanity, A.R. jumped on the bandwagon, and started “working” on Michael. Eventually, it was not so bad to be in connection with Marduk, after all, although Bordon had declared Marduk as the main bad guy on this planet. But wait! Didn’t A.R. say that Marduk is dead (see Level I)? So that doesn’t add up. Also, me being contacted by “Utu” actually means that I was contacted by Lord Marduk himself because Utu and Marduk are one and the same, which I proved earlier in this level of learning. In addition, the “King of Nibiru,” whom Marduk contacted in order to consult in the matter between Marduk and myself, was said to be Nanna, or Nannar, who I have showed, by using syncretism, is again Lord Ea/! Nannar and Bordon were also friends, according to Bordon himself.

Still not a trace of the “Enlilites,” whom A.R. and Sitchin claimed were highly present on “Nibiru.” The Enlilites A.R. was talking about have all showed to be Enkiites, by using syncretism! Very interesting, indeed.

Now, what is left of the stories LPG-C was telling us? Oh yes, Pine Gap in Australia and the WingMakers! Pine Gap was said to be Marduk’s headquarters here on Earth, something I actually believe is true—it’s at least one of his and Ea’s main headquarters. From Pine Gap comes an organization called S.A.A.L.M., which means “Supreme Anunnaki Assembly of Lord Marduk.” This group was said to be an enemy group to LPG-C.

The WingMakers, with their front person, James or Mahu Nahi, a self-proclaimed Anunnaki, if we follow the trails, also see Marduk and Pine Gap as the “bad guys.” Still, according to A.R., Mahu Nahi is an imposter, who infiltrated the WingMakers website back in the late 1990s, taking over from the originator of the site. Looking at this in retrospect, I do not believe that this is the case—Mahu Nahi, or whatever his true name is, really is the originator of the WingMakers site. The opposition between LPG-C and Mahu Nahi is just a front. In reality, they are on the same “side”—they are both Enkiites! To make it really easy, all we need to do in order to find evidence of where the WingMakers stand is to look at the covers of the music CDs and other symbolism shown on the website, Utu Šamaš’s Sun Disc is frequently displayed, i.e. the Sun Disc of Marduk Ra, the Sun God.

S.A.A.L.M., which is supposedly the enemy of both WingMakers and LPG-C, I have reasons to believe is just another front for the same group of organizations working together. S.A.A.L.M. is very real, however. I came across some highly secretive letters written by members of this group—correspondence between the members. It was very serious material that was not supposed to come in the wrong hands—the site was password protected, and had other levels of security measures to it—but one of the leaders of the group wrote in the exact same style as A.R. Bordon did—it was so similar that I could not tell the difference. It makes you wonder!

Consequently, what do we make out of all this? Well, it’s not so complicated. Lucifer, the great manipulator, working as, the trickster and master magician, is setting up a great game board here on Earth. By creating all these different factions, which seem to be working in opposition to each other, he can sit outside of the game and pull the strings of his puppets. In reality, there are no factions working against each other—they are all on the same side! The “other side” that he is claiming exists, actually doesn’t. The Enlilites are busy elsewhere, and it’s not on Earth and hasn’t been for many eons now, while the Enkiites are the ones who have been present here for hundreds of thousands of years. Being the trickster he is, Ea is making his son, Marduk, into the bad guy, and himself into the good guy in the LPG-C/WingMakers “game.” LPG-C and the WingMakers are only two groups played out against each other, while there are hundreds of other groups doing the same thing, within politics, religion, and all the rest of it. It makes Earth look like it’s being visited by a myriad of different alien species with a lot of different agendas, when in fact the visitations are pretty limited to just a few groups. Even those few groups are part of the same agenda, pinpointed down to just a very few beings, as I said before, but these beings have Minions to back them up and to safeguard them against us humans. They are afraid of us, which is something I’ve really come to understand. When setting up a number of different factions such as this, Ea creates confusion and separation, turning one part of humanity against another—it’s a part of the entire control mechanism.

To sum it up, Dr. Bordon and his team, as well as the WingMakers, S.A.A.L.M., and the Labyrinth Group (a free-standing part of the National Security Agency [NSA], according to the WingMakers story), are all well aware of what I’ve been exposing here. They know perfectly well that I am correct in this, and that they are all puppets in the game. Also, we can always speculate who Mahu Nahi really is. I can tell with quite some certainty that he is not human—something he also agrees with. He tells us that he was born outside Barcelona in Spain in a human body, but his spirit is not human.

In the last part of his life, which ended in July, 2013, A.R. Bordon had apparently addressed a concern to Michael Lee Hill, saying that he (A.R.) had upset the Anunnaki pretty badly, and he was nervous about it. Supposedly, he had done something that was against their purposes and goals. Interesting then, that just a few months later, he died from Stage V Pancreatic Cancer! Being a little conspiratorial here (and why not?), it makes me wonder if this very painful and fatal disease (the same kind of cancer that my mother died from just a few months prior to A.R., by the way) was given to him with a purpose to kill him, for the same reason that he mentioned to Michael Lee Hill, namely that he had upset his alien “superiors.” It sounds as if A.R., at the end of his life, was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It strikes me kind of funny that A.R. was involved in finding a cure for cancer by the time of his death and earlier. A friend of mine has neck cancer, for which he refuses traditional treatments, and instead is working on treating naturally. A.R. offered to cure him, and guaranteed he had the means to do so. My friend, not trusting A.R., politely declined[22]. The moral of this story is that if A.R. actually had the cure for cancer (working with the Anunnaki, who of course already have the cure for cancer, being scientifically advanced as they are), why didn’t he cure himself? After all, he said that cancer all stems from one single source, i.e. all cancer can be cured!

Fig. 5. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife had a treatment for cancer decades ago.

The cure for cancer has been known for a long time already, and if we go back and study the work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, to name one, we see how the solution was suppressed by the Powers That Be, and Rife’s work never saw the light of day.[23] Now, by the same token, if A.R. did not have the cure for cancer, why would he offer to cure my friend? The cure could allegedly have been completed remotely, so my friend didn’t even have to go and meet with A.R.—all my friend needed to do was to send A.R. and the scientists he was working with a few strains of his hair, including the roots. According to A.R., the DNA is all represented in the hair, so that was all he needed in order to cure my friend remotely. Giving me 100% guarantees that the procedure would work, one would think that if it didn’t, what would A.R. gain from that? After all, he said he’d help my friend because of me and what I’d done for mankind. This was before I had put all the puzzle pieces together in the way I have done today in regards to LPG-C.

These questions will probably remain unanswered, and bothering the rest of the former LPG-C on this matter would most certainly be fruitless (they are now dissolved and have gone “undercover,” becoming a more secretive group again, which actually happened before A.R.’s demise and not because of it).

Another question that needs to be addressed, although that too must be unanswered for now, is whether Dr. Bordon really is dead, or if he is just going undercover again. Maybe he’d come to a dead end and needed to disappear from the public arena and, perhaps, will take on another disguise in the near future. Again, this is another conspiratorial subject, but it’s all in the nature of things, isn’t it? At any rate, I will always recognize A.R.’s very personal way of writing. I haven’t seen anybody write as he did. This is why I am certain that he was the author behind several top secret S.A.A.L.M. documents, although he denied it when I confronted him with it.

With all this said, what conclusions can we draw? Why did LPG-C work for Ea and the AIF? Were they ignorant of this, after all, and in fact really were trying to save mankind from an alien invasion as they said they were? Did they actually work to achieve the sovereignty of humankind that they promoted?

Unfortunately, evidence shows that this is almost certainly not the case. The LPG-C, no doubt, consist of highly intelligent people—something I know firsthand—so I will not buy into that they are ignorant about all this. That leaves us with only one option—they worked with on purpose. Did they perhaps not know what his agenda is? Maybe they thought is trying to help with freeing us. That’s impossible, I’m afraid, because they claim that there is an Enlilite on Nibiru’s throne (King Nannar), and A.R. said that Nannar was a very good friend of his. We know that Nannar is just another name for, so that hypothesis doesn’t work either.

We can go on and on, trying to defend LPG-C by finding a reason for their cooperation with the “Nibiruans,” but there is no reason for them to do that, unless they were working against mankind. If so, would we want to call them “traitors?” Perhaps, but I think it’s more complicated than that. For example, as I mentioned, Mahu Nahi (James of the WingMakers)[24] , admits to being an ET, but who was A.R.? Was he really a human? My opinion, based on all my arguments here and previous evidence being built up throughout the levels of learning is that he was an “Anunnaki” himself. Reading between the lines, he actually hinted at it. I have little doubt that this is the case, and it certainly explains why he would go against mankind. Of course, there have always been humans who have sold their souls, too, so in that sense, the evidence may not be foolproof that he’s an ET of the AIF, but either way, the effects will be the same. Moreover, if A.R. was an AIF member, it’s more than likely that all the rest of the LPG-C Inner Core group members are as well.

This may be much for the reader to ponder, but it was necessary to have it all said because we are approaching the end of the Wes Penre Papers[25]. More and more is being exposed these days, and although I’ve spent so much time and effort on these papers, I believe I’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg. 

iii.iii. What is Agenda 21?

I think many people have heard the term Agenda 21 and that it’s connected with something bad, but few people know what it is. Some, when they start understanding that so-called “conspiracy theorists” are opposing it, they lose interest.

This is a big mistake, and we all need to know at least the basics of it because it affects us all.

Fig. 6. The Agenda 21 Cover

Agenda 21 stands for a global plan for the 21st Century, and it has been developed during United Nation summits.

When we read a summary of the Earth Summit, it sounds similar to one of those many different programs on how to stop starvation in the world, how to protect the environment, how to strengthen the role of children and women, business and industry, workers, and farmers It also says the program is going to work on science, education, and financial mechanisms.

There have been many objections to this Agenda, e.g. many have protested to the fact that local governments have very little say in what is decided under the umbrella “Agenda 21.” Others think it’s good because it’s “voluntary.” Well, that’s a good way to put it—the EU was also voluntary, until non-EU countries noticed that they were sanctioned out from business and trade to a large degree if they didn’t join. Ultimately, they joined because it made it easier for businesses to continue trading, which of course supports the country’s economy.

Agenda 21 is a global one—there is no doubt about that. It’s a huge plan for the Global Elite to ring in the New World Order and a One World Government—something that has always involved ETs, of course. Twenty years ago, when most of us “old timers” started looking into the New World Order agenda, we didn’t know that there were ETs on top of the hierarchal pyramid of power, but it didn’t take long before we got such indications. Agenda 21 is a program which will prepare the entire world to acknowledge the ET presence on Earth and make us accept it! After all, that’s what the One World Government has been about all the time.

Glenn Beck, the famous TV personality, and Harriet Parke have written a book called, “Agenda 21,” which is actually a thriller[26], but the authors are pointing out what they think are the dangers with Agenda 21—such as mothers, who are not allowed to raise their kids—the babies will belong to the State. Well, this is what the new Bavarian Illuminati says as well on their website, I debated this with Mike Hockley, who is a pseudonym for their prolific writer. He claimed that this is not what this society means, but rather that not all women are fit to raise their kids, in which case, the State should raise them. Sure, if we have a hopeless methamphetamine addict, being a mother who can’t take care of her baby, or if there is some other major problem, the State can go in and save the kid. Reading their website, however, doesn’t give that impression—perhaps because I’m used to reading vague statements from people and organizations who then can change these statements, claiming that this was what they meant all the time. The Bavarian Illuminati is talking about a future State, of course, and not a State where Bush or Obama are Presidents, but instead they are talking about highly trained Bavarian Illuminati members in a Meritocracy society. Sorry Mike, but the way your website is written and the summary of all your visions, may sound good to the uninitiated who has no reality on secret societies and how they work, but the tone of the website shows one of anger and even hate, which is a big red flag and should be so for others as well. We don’t want to exchange one oppressive ruler for another.

Beck and Parke can, of course, hide behind the fact that their book is a work of fiction when they say that there is no government and no authorities in this new world and all food and necessities are portioned out very strictly, but I think the theme of the book is showing a nightmare scenario that will also be a reality when Agenda 21 has gained ground.

The John Birch Society has taken a lot of slash over the years, being accused of both this and that, but to be honest, I have read their well-written articles for years (not all of them, by any means, but those that pertain to my work), and I find their points of view and their research quite deep and accurate many times (although, not always). Whatever their motives may be, I believe they have a pretty sane view on Agenda 21.

Fig. 7. Arthur R. Thompson, CEO of the John Birch Society.

Their CEO, Arthur R. Thompson, has written a short article on their “Stop Agenda 21” page of their website, where he says that Agenda 21 will be put in place in order to curtail our freedoms to travel as we please, own our gas-powered car, live in suburbs or rural areas, and raise a family[27]. He is also concerned that we no longer will own our property. He ends his article with saying that we can stop this on a local level, due to the voluntary nature of the program, but I’m sure that sanctions will, in the long-term, force states and communities to join (The John Birch Society [JBS] was established with the purpose to educate about the dangers of Communism and has often been ridiculed for its “fanatic” obsession about this political system, but now, fifty to sixty years later, Communism, in the sense of a One World Government, is more of a threat than ever. The JBS has also always, at least officially, been against the New World Order and the One World Government. In groups such as this, we should look for hidden agendas, however, but we should also see what relevant things they have to say).

The Pleiadians (again) had their say on Agenda 21 in one of their recent lectures, and they mentioned similar restrictions as those of Thompson’s, although they never mentioned JBS. However, they did mention something I think is quite relevant. Since the Industrialism really became prominent, people have been able to travel more and more and take longer and longer trips, instead of being more or less stuck where they lived, by moving around on horseback or in horse-drawn wagons. Regular people can buy a ticket from the U.S. to Egypt to study the Great Pyramid in detail, or they can travel anywhere else in the world, too, for that matter—except to countries that are closed to foreigners. In other words, we have gained a lot of freedoms over the last one hundred years or so. We have the Internet, where we can communicate freely—in most countries—and connect with anybody who lives on the other side of the planet, if we wish. We have been able to buy technology that will enhance our lives, such as dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators, and freezers. We have cars to travel around in, and we have freedom of speech  (well, at least to a larger degree than we used to a few hundred years ago). For being slaves, we have had a short time here when we have gained more freedoms.

This is of course not coincidental either. There are many reasons why the Global Elite let us have these freedoms—such as they wanted to study us in a sort of “behavioral program for lulus,” to see what we would do—ready to immediately stop it if it went out of hand. In any case, these freedoms will now, one by one, be taken away from us again in the name of “national security,” “bad economy,” and for other similar reasons. We have already noticed that it’s getting much more cumbersome to travel—especially by air. All prices go up, so people who previously had a lot of choices where they wanted to put their money now have to restrict themselves to a much larger degree. The nanosecond is over, and thus the Experiment up to that point, and now it’s time to reduce the population again and put restrictions on those who survived.

Thompson and others bring up the subject on raising families. Besides what we have discussed here regarding taking children away from their parents, there is another issue here. The food is so polluted, as is the environment, and the mothers who are supposed to raise these kids are often living extremely unhealthy lives (something I see from working in the medical field), and once the babies are born, they pump them full of extremely poisonous vaccines. This is something that really saddens my heart. These little babies can’t protect themselves! The consequences are often very sick children who have many issues, such as allergies, poor immune systems, autism, ADHD, poor mental development, cancer, and much, much more. This is very deliberately done in order to reduce the population. Because both women and men eat and live unhealthy, they become infertile, and many couples will pay thousands of dollars for the woman to get pregnant—making babies that used to be free! Those who can’t afford that will live without children—unless they want to adopt. In addition, many of those who can produce children get babies who fall into one or more of the above categories, and they will never grow up to live a normal life. This means that their parents, who are supposed to help the child with its upbringing until it’s 18 or 21 years old (depending on the country), now have to take care of them, perhaps for the rest of their lives. Of course, there are other reasons for infertility, and there are other things that set us back, which people can’t do much about—such as chemtrails, which makes it’s even more important that we do things, and eat things, that boost our immune systems. If we don’t, we certainly will have a population reduction in the next few generations.

I am not proposing that we should let the population grow until it’s out of control—because we are soon reaching a population level which may be critical for the survival of the species. Although it’s a lie that we don’t have food enough to support the entire world population if we really wanted to, we will soon come to a point when it will be hard to support a growing population. What I object to is the means by which population control is managed—we are not supposed to make people suffer in order to reduce the population. If we were civilized enough, we would have an ethical discussion about what to do in order to keep the world population at an acceptable level.

I am saving the following Mr. Thompson argument until last because it has to do with the Machine Kingdom. He says that it will be almost impossible to live in suburbs and rural areas—he means, of course, that everything will be centralized—such as jobs, malls, and retail stores—all of that which people think they need and are obvious ingredients to live convenient lives. Agenda 21 is very much tied into the Machine Kingdom. We brought up the Machine Kingdom frequently in previous levels of learning, so I won’t go into any of those details here, other than to state that it has already started, and it is expanding quite rapidly! In an era when everything is named “Smart” (smart cities, smart phones, etc.), we have the signature for the Machine Kingdom. I find it sad when teenagers sit on the bus (yes, I’ve been commuting some lately) with not one, but two smart phones open at the same time—one in each hand—like a computer with two monitors. This savvy teenager, whom I was watching, was clicking on both of them at the same time, like a piano player who is playing the bass notes with her left hand and the melody with her right hand. I just wish she would have used her talents on the piano instead of the phones. How she managed to get off at the correct bus station is another mystery—she never seemed to look up from her phones.

In a pdf file that the John Birch Society has compiled, it tells us about “Smart Growth,” which is a smart-program that will attempt to scare people away from continue living in suburbs or rural areas. Smart Growth is informing us what will happen if we live in different areas[28]. If we insist that we want to live outside Smart Cities, this is what will happen to us or what will affect us if they will have their ways:

1.      Increased gas prices

2.      Manipulating transportation patterns

3.      Forcing people to migrate from rural areas to cities

4.      Denying human access to tracts of land

5.      Population reduction/limiting number of children

6.      Seizure of private property[29]

This will all be done incrementally, so that it looks like it’s your own free will to leave the urban areas and move into the Smart Cities in order to save money. In reality, many have no choice but to move because the gas prices will be too high, and other transportations, such as buses, will be highly reduced, as well, into just a few routes that are extremely long, so it will take a very long time to travel from A to B. In the cities, the businesses, at which you shop and work, are not very far from home, and transportation will be a minor issue.

Eventually, when people leave the rural areas, these will often decay, says this JBS Report, and it’s exactly what I have suggested in Level II. Plants and animals will take over, and things left behind when people move will be overgrown. We will see real “ghost towns” where no one lives and to where no one travels. These are obvious consequences.

Then they will try to make National Parks out of these abandoned areas, and if someone is still living on their own property, refusing to move, and that area is now becoming a National Park, this person will be forced to move, and there is no guarantee that he or she gets reimbursed for the property. It will be more and more obvious that people, in fact, never owned their property on which their houses stand—it belonged to the government from the beginning. This ownership doesn’t have to be implemented constantly, and when it’s not necessary, the government doesn’t care if people sell and buy property which they basically, unbeknownst to them, don’t own. As long as the government, at any time, can seize the land, that’s the way it wants it. Buying and selling property, of course, helps boosting the economy.

Therefore, what are people going to do if all rural areas, one by one, will be declared National Parks? Do they have to become nomads or similar to the European Gypsies, who were always forced to move their trailers from place to place when the police came to chased them away? I remember this all too well from my Swedish upbringing because Gypsies were fairly common in Scandinavia, which I think they still are. I was always welcome into the Gypsy camps when I was 11-13 years old, and I sat there listening to their music and watched them dance. I was deeply impressed, and I loved it, although I could also, as a musician, hear the pain that was subtly present in much of their music.

I believe there are at least two solutions if we want to continue living in communities in the rural areas. The more people wake up and refuse to follow suppressive government rules and regulations, the bigger the chance that they give people what they gave the American Indians—Reservations! Yes, but isn’t that slavery too? Aren’t we then giving into the government? Not as I see it. I look at it as the first step of really breaking free from the tyranny, and then we can expand from there. I know that some people who read this will object, and that we still, if we live on Reservations, need to give into government rules and regulations. This is true, but I still believe that from that point we can overcome. I’d rather do that than to be part of the slavery in the Smart Cities.

The second solution is that by raising our frequencies, we will end up not having to live in the reality where this will be a major problem. Ideas will come which will help us overcome such obstacles. In times of need, people become brilliant with figuring out how to survive. In fact, look at the homeless people. Don’t you sometimes wonder how some of them can survive on the street, 24/7, 365 days a year? Well, with time and when the need is imminent, they get brilliant ideas which will assist them in their survival—ideas you and I haven’t had, because there hasn’t been any need to develop any such ideas. This is how it works.

Fig. 8. Abandoned smaller town in a futuristic Earth, where people move into Smart Cities

Also, those who have raised their vibrations and want to come back to Gaia in the next lifetime will qualify for more options. You would hardly incarnate in the Middle Ages where starvation is common amongst people in general, and you live half your short life in exquisite pain. Instead, you will have the options of incarnating into a body in the near future where building the New Era is on the schedule. Or you may choose something else—because of your increased awareness, you definitely will have more choices.

Just for the record, there is a section regarding “Property Rights” in the “United Nations Environment Programme,” “Section Property Rights and the use of biological resources” of Global Biodiversity Assessment (1996), which says the following on Property Rights:

Property Rights are not absolute and unchanging, but rather a complex, dynamic and shifting relationship between two or more parties, over space and time.[30]  

These hostile environment policies go back at least to the 1976 United Nations Conference on Human Settlement. Under “Section D. Land,” of The Report of Habitat, we can read the following regarding ownership of land:

Land, because of its unique nature and the crucial role it plays in human settlements, cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by the individual, and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of the accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes.[31]

Apparently, private ownership will thereby become collective ownership. For many years, I have said—particularly on the Illuminati News website[32]—that the Global Elite is working toward something that can be compared with the kind of Communism they had in the former Soviet Union. Part of that is what we’re seeing here. People think they are safe if they own their land by paying off their mortgage, but that doesn’t necessary have to be true. When times are good, it’s quite unlikely that the government would seize people’s property left and right, but when the times require it—it would!

The educational system will also change, of course, to more fit the “Smart” Agenda. The children will learn in school, in a more imposing way than now, that the individual is not the most important, but the community is. Henceforth, the country is more important than the community, and the global society is most important of all. Everybody is just a small worker ant in a huge Big Brother Global Society, where all we can do is to contribute our little part to the whole. The reader can probably see by now how some channeled entities are indeed not individuals, but collectives. Many of them come from our future when programs such as Agenda 21 have been implemented and new programs coming out of that and so on. The individual loses his and her value, and eventually, humanity will more and more stop thinking individually. When a certain point is reached in this regard, a super-computer will do the rest, just as I’ve suggested in earlier papers. This super-computer will be the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the human collective—the thinking unit, which will be programmed by the AIF in such a way that the entire humanity is trapped in the programs the AIF choose to implement. We then have the ultimate controlled society—a Collective Social Memory Complex!

There is much more to know about Agenda 21, and as a starter, I would suggest that the reader studies JBC’s pdf file on the subject (, and if you want to know more, there is a lot of information on the Internet. For our purpose, I think we have gotten a broader view now on how the Smart Cities will take over, and the authorities will do all they can to force people into the big cities.  

IV. Disclosure of the ET Agenda in Mainstream Media

Many UFO researchers have been waiting for Obama to disclose the ET phenomenon to the public. At first, when this didn’t seem to happen, they justified it by stating that Obama had been suppressed on the issue, but his program was to reveal the truth about what’s been hidden as soon as an opportunity arises—it’s just a matter of time. Now, some of these same researchers have woken up to the fact that our President, perhaps, won’t disclose any of the sort.

I have no idea whether Obama is going to reveal anything at all, but if he does, we know it’s not going to be the truth. I don’t know why anyone with any knowledge about how things work behind the scenes would think that Obama would be an enlightened being, sitting where he sits in order to assist mankind. That, to me, is an impossible equation. He never had that intention, and no President of the United States has had that intention since John F. Kennedy—and even he was corrupt in some ways. The Elite, especially the International Mafia, who was working hand in hand with the U.S. Government—and still is, has been extremely careful whom they allow to be President since the Kennedy’s tried to reveal certain truths. JFK also had plans to expose what he knew about the “alien agenda.” Ronald Reagan knew some of what is going on—the Space War for example—but he didn’t go to any length to do anything about it. As we are well aware, Reagan was shot, too, as the Kennedys were, but Reagan survived. After Reagan, the man who had been the President of the United States behind the scenes since JFK now officially became the leader of the country—George Bush Sr.! That took care of putting stops to any disclosures. After having been a sitting President for four years, Bush withdrew and continued working in the background again, but neverceased to be the real President of the United States. Despite his old age (he’s in his 90s now), he is still the man behind Obama. So, does anyone think that anything of value, when it comes to ET Disclosure, would come from George Bush?

What we see in the mainstream media, however, is an increase of reports from people who have seen UFOs in the skies. There are articles on CNN,, and other “bona fide” media report about water on Mars and life on other planets—not to forget the History and Discover Channels that are really out there “exposing” the ET phenomenon. Hence, if we call that “Disclosure,” the media is full of it.

People in the UFO community hold the History and Discovery Channels high on the list of programs disclosing the alien agenda, but are they really disclosing anything of real value? I have watched a few of these programs, and it’s only emptiness—an hour with little substance. They put on people who appear to be very enthusiastic about the whole thing to make it sound exciting and revealing, but when it’s over, all you’ve learned is some things about stargates and Reptilian entities that have been spotted here and there. Of course, they don’t reveal any solutions to anything, and they are very careful not to mention nanotravel and how aliens really shapeshift. When they talk about the Anunnaki, they are heavily promoting Sitchin’s version. In other words, all I have seen is the AIF, who owns the media, dictating what they want released in order to fit things into their agenda—nothing new there, in other words.

The AIF, who is behind all this, will never disclose anything that would jeopardize their Agenda—that is obvious! Why would they do that, and what makes people think that they would? The AIF are not stupid. What they do want, however, is to reveal a version of the truth, which they want us to believe in so that we are prepared and don’t totally freak out when the time comes, either for their staged “Second Coming” or the fake mass landing of either a benevolent or malevolent star race. This is all a show to push a long planned goal—something we have talked about earlier.

If the Second Coming is next on the Agenda, then the Ashtar Command will be the group they will use in order to present their “Space Jesus.” In Level III, we discussed in detail who this Space Jesus would be—Lucifer himself. Surprise, surprise! Where does the Ashtar Command say that they come from? Arcturus! Who is in charge of Arcturus? Khan En.lil and Queen Nin are in charge as part of the Greater Bear and the Orion Empire. Then, why does the Ashtar Command claim to be from Arcturus? It claims this because sometime in the future, if something goes wrong and humanity figures out that Arcturus is an important part of the Orion Empire, the wrongdoings of the Ashtar Command will perhaps be blamed on the Orion Empire, Khan En.lil, and Queen Nin. In fact, the Ashtar Command does not have ties to Arcturus but to the Lesser Bear (Ursa Minor), over which Lord Marduk is in command. This, however, has been a well-kept secret.

The show is actually already on the road, as we’ve discussed before. Ea is here, residing under the ocean floor, Marduk is also here, with his headquarters probably in Pine Gap, Australia, which some say is the most safeguarded and protected place on Earth, with the real base being located underground.  

V. “Uncle Lu” Wants You to Evolve for his Cosmic Army!

Sometimes it’s funny how obvious things are once we’ve seen through the veil of lies and deceit. Not too many years ago, I thought that we who want to evolve into higher awareness and consciousness would have to be careful so that the Dark Forces don’t come and kill us. There was a time when everybody talked about how careful we must be but at the same time be brave enough to reveal what we had found out. If we died in the progress despite this, so be it!

This is, of course, not true. If the Dark Forces wanted us dead, we wouldn’t sit here. “Uncle Lu”[33] and his AIF are very happy to see us evolve because that’s a part of the plan.

If you were Ea and you wanted to know who is evolved and who is not, what would you do under today’s circumstances? Well, why not check the Internet and see who is making websites on “evolved subjects,” and who is following and surfing in on such websites? That would certainly be one way to do it. The Internet was of course set up by the Elite to track people and to see what they are up to. Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle-blower, just revealed that the NSA are tracking billions of cell phones and can pull up a five-year history, at least, on more or less anyone who owns a cellphone. Also, they can see who is looking at porn online, in case they need to use that against those people sometime in the future.

Fig. 9. “Uncle Lu wants you to evolve for his Cosmic Army. Enlist now!”

There is no reason to freak out about this because it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Don’t think that you are the only one they are not tracking—we are still their slaves, and they want to know what we are doing, 24/7. Some readers may feel this instant urge to stop going to websites such as mine when they read what I just wrote, but that’s not very helpful. It’s not that the FBI or NSA are going to come knocking at our doors—they don’t need to do that, and they have no wish to either.

What the AIF is doing is to put people into different categories—she is “evolved,” he is watching soap operas and drinking beer, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with spiritual subjects, while he is materialistic down to the core. They want to group people and keep statistics so that they know who is most likely to fit the category of moving into Smart Cities and who is an “outcast.” In general, it’s not as if one category is more valuable than another—the AIF can make use of most of us, although there probably are some people they don’t mind sacrificing to keep the population on a tolerable level.

So why do they want us to evolve? I have touched on that earlier, but let’s go a little deeper into it. In fact, there are at least two different main categories of evolved people—those who are into New Age and Ascended Masters and those who realize that the answers are inside and that we don’t need any saviors or gurus. The AIF prefers the first category—they can be very useful as supersoldiers because they are psychic (which the second category is as well, but the second category is harder to control). They will most possibly also be the ones used to get into the KHAA through the backdoor. I mention this again because there is one thing we haven’t brought up yet in relation to this, and that is the difference or, perhaps, the intertwining between the physical world and the spirit world. There is some information we haven’t discussed, which we will discuss in this paper and in the next, the last one.

Another thing I’ve noticed that many people have difficulties with is the 4% and the 96% Universe, which is understandable because it’s an entirely new concept that needs time to sink in and become a part of our neuropathways. People who have read my papers still talk about traveling to other planets, hoping to find life there. In other words, they think we can build spaceships that will take us to solar systems many, many light-years away—perhaps moving through “hyperspace” via Einstein-Rosen bridges (the “folded space theory”) and arriving in another part of the galaxy or the Universe. This was a theory I supported in Level I as part of the LPG-C “Working Model” hypothesis, and this is something many astrophysicists support today as well. It would “work” even with their “Standard Model,” they claim.

Hypothetically, this could work, so let’s say we arrive in a solar system 3,000 light-years away. The foreign sun looks similar to ours, and even the planets in the solar system are spread out in a similar fashion as in our own solar system. Therefore, we land on a planet which is on a perfect distance from the Sun, and we expect to find life there because the chances of this would be very high—especially as this planet, let’s say, is almost a copy of Earth.

However, our disappointment will be big when we notice that all we find is a barren rock in space. There is no life—not even the smallest plant!

Anyway, we don’t give up, so we go ahead and visit a lot of solar systems with planets that hypothetically could contain life, but there is no life anywhere. It feels as if we’re alone in the Universe.

In fact, the above scenario is very likely to happen if we don’t learn about the 96% and nanotravel. As long as we’re in human bodies, which have the majority of their DNA disconnected, we will only perceive 4% of the Universe. This is also the reason why we don’t find life where we expect to find it. The “Third Dimension,” as we perceive it, is Lucifer’s Realm. Since he locked us into this frequency band by disconnecting our DNA, we have been quite alone in the Universe, seen from our point of view. The only reason there would be life on another planet somewhere out there would be if Lucifer (or someone else) created a similar experiment somewhere else, within the same locked-in frequency band. Otherwise, we can’t perceive what’s out there in the Universe. However,  the Universe is teeming with life, but we can’t see it! We can land on a planet that contains a lot of life, but we don’t notice it. Life just doesn’t happen by itself in the Third Dimension—it has to be created from an outside source. Therefore, life on planets only exists in solar systems where star beings have decided to use one or more of the planets to create life there for any reason. Many times, the planets in the solar systems remain barren. Instead, star beings live in the stars (suns) in the KHAA (the 96%), or in space (also the KHAA), where they create whatever they wish to create. The choices are limited only to a being’s imagination. These things are very important to understand or the reader misses the entire point with space travel and beings on other worlds. Of course, here is where nanotravel comes into the picture—once we humans have “plugged in” our “junk” DNA, we will be able to perceive the whole spectrum of dimensions and densities, and we will for the first time connect with the real Universe. The Universe we perceive now is quite barren and depleted of life as we know it. As long as the astronomers look for life the way they currently do, they will not find anything.

In previous papers, we have mentioned other species who live on planets. Some of them live in the Sirius star system, others in Rigel, and so on. However, even if we, with our limited bodies, would be able to travel to these particular planets, we would find them barren, with no life upon them, although there are entire civilizations living there. Again, the reason we can’t see or perceive them is because they are existing outside our tiny band of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Thus, as long as we’re trapped in these manipulated human bodies, we are more or less alone in the Universe.

Another option is to escape the trap once our current bodies die and we can go through a hole in the Grid. You, the Soul fire and the Avatar, can then go out and explore the real Universe, which is now suddenly teeming with life.

Now, after we have refreshed our memories, we can continue talking about the physical world and the spirit world in more detail.  

VI. Spirit and Matter—What is the Difference? What is it the Alien Invasion Force Really Wants from Humans?

Many think that the negative ETs are after our souls, but if the AIF beings are made up of Fire, and thus have souls, why would they want our souls when they already have souls of their own? One could say that they might want our souls to dominate us, but isn’t that what they are doing already and have done here on Earth for so long now?

In the papers thus far, we have thoroughly discussed that a) the AIF want our Fire (especially the female Fire) in order to invade Orion, b) they want bodies of certain bloodlines to stay pure so that they, the AIF, can inhabit them, c) they want supersoldiers for their Cosmic Army, d) they want our souls to evolve, and e) they want slaves to boost businesses and do their work in general.

Still, there is something in addition to all this—something more important—that they want as well, which we have not touched on yet, but the time to do so is now! I’ve saved it for last because for us humans, it is very important to comprehend what I’m now going to tell you. Therefore, please read it carefully and make sure you really understand it. If needed, go back and review it a second time and a third time. I don’t care how many times you read it as long as you really grasp it. I will spend some time on it and slowly get to the point, as you will notice. I decided to do it that way, but it’s well worth it. So, here we go.

If dominating us would be the end game for the AIF, why then does it look as if the Global Elite are changing things around, as if they are planning something new or are waiting for something? Also, what we just discussed was that the Global Elite is not stopping us from evolving either—they want our souls to evolve, but in their usual manner, they need to keep us confused, not knowing what exactly it is that they want. Even Sitchin wrote that and his scientists were quite careful to make sure that they created a species that would eventually evolve on their own.

Moreover, why did the AIF want to keep the template of the original humans and just add their own genes to it, doing so in moderation only? They could have used already existing humans and added their own genes in much greater number than they did, but it was important for them to keep the primordial humans as intact as possible. It was more important to make the existing template more sturdy and accustomed to hard labor, which the primordial humans were not designed for, rather than adding too much of their own, alien DNA, which automatically would have made them stronger. Also, they disconnected us from the Multiverse and locked us in a frequency that they knew was only temporary—in time, humanity would evolve anyway, and they welcomed it! In this sense, Sitchin was correct, although he taught us that it was a benevolent decision from to allow us to grow. Not so, as we shall see. We have discussed earlier about and his team want us to evolve for reasons such as using us as a more delicious food source, but also they want to use our Fire in conquering space (including Orion). However, is that all? Is there a deeper reason why the AIF team wants us evolved?

I have learned, from listening to the lectures, that the Pleiadians are non-physicals, i.e. they don’t have any bodies. At first, they were reluctant to admit it, but lately, they have given in, and now they don’t mind saying that they are non-physical beings—they are not only beings who leave their bodies to channel their message to mankind but also they are really non-physical. The only thing they can do is to create things the “Q-way” (referring to Star Trek), but they don’t have access to a planet as we do. They said straight out that we should be happy to live in a body on this planet because most non-physicals are jealous of us. Although being a non-physical can be exciting for a while, the knowledge that there are those who have access to the Third Dimension (we humans) makes them want to experience what we do. They envy our abilities to have sex, to be able to smell and taste, to eat good meals, and to have a “physical” experience in general.

Dr. A.R. Bordon, who was in contact with the AIF, often mentioned that he was puzzled over what it was that made humans “royal.” Now, after the fact, I know that he knew the answer to that question but pretended he didn’t. Alex Collier, claiming to have had contact with the Andromedans, also said many times that humans are considered being “royal” by other star beings. Although we have the Fire of the Goddess, I wondered myself for a long time what it is that really makes us royal. Was that really it—that we have the Fire of the Goddess? Don’t other star beings actually have that, too, when we really think about it? After all, soul-wise, we are all created by the Mother Goddess in her overall Divine form, where she exists in everything, as in the term, All There Is. Therefore, we have the soulfire in common with all other star beings who have a soul and are not Artificial Intelligence. In that sense, we are all royal, but what is it that makes mankind stick out? Human souls are part of the Goddess’s very special Experiment that only includes human souls, and in that sense, we may be considered royal—something we’ve discussed before, but it sounds as if there is something missing here. There must be something more to it. Hence, let’s continue pondering this for a while.

What is it that we have that other star beings don’t have? Does it have to do with the physical or the spiritual world? You would probably answer “the spiritual world,” but is it actually that obvious?

Let’s take a look at the mind for a moment. What is the mind? Is the mind physical or spiritual? If we listen to human scientists, the mind is equivalent to the brain, and if this is true, the mind is definitely physical, and the mind dies when the body dies. The mind, of course, is what we consider being the “individual” or the “personality.”

In mainstream physics, psychology, psychiatry, and similar sciences, the brain is the thinking unit. They have come to this conclusion because when studying the brain, scientists can see how electromagnetic impulses activate different parts of the brain, depending on whether we are thinking abstract or concrete thoughts. The brain is also sending impulses to the rest of the body to accomplish certain tasks, such as lifting an arm, walking, talking, and so on. Moreover, the brain is responsible for automatic functions, such as breathing and heartbeats.

So far, so good, but one question remains: from where do these electromagnetic impulses (or pulses) originate? Do they really originate in the brain, or do they come from elsewhere, using the brain to control the body? Conservative scientists deny that incidents such as Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) can exist because if they do, their whole brain theory is invalid. If a person can have an OBE, the brain can’t bethe thinking unit—but whatever is leaving the body is—we usually call it the soul. Nowadays, OBEs are so common that scientists haveto address them, so they say that it’s just the brain playing tricks on the body when we are close to death and is caused by the lack of oxygen to the brain, i.e. we are hallucinating.

I am saying that the electromagnetic impulses that can be measured in the brain are indeed these small fires I’ve been talking about since Level II—fires that send out bioelectricity,[34] and the bioelectricity they are sending to the mind is what takes care of the thinking, not the impulses sent to the brain. The brain impulses are what takes care of body functions. Of course, then we have “left brain thinking” and “right brain thinking,” which seemingly contradicts what I just said—at least to some degree. In reality, it doesn’t. To understand this, we need to know what the mind really is and how it works. However, before we discuss that, we also need to acknowledge that each chakra has its own “brain”—thus we say that “she is thinking with her heart” (heart chakra), or “he is thinking with his genitals” (his second chakra, which has to do with survival and procreation).

In metaphysics, we say that the mind survives body death. Does this mean that the mind is the same as the soul? In a very vague manner, metaphysics often explains the mind as being one with the soul, which then makes the soul our personality. In metaphysics, this makes sense because there we also learn that we always take the personality with us—regardless if we are alive of “dead.” However—metaphysics, the way it’s known by man—usually doesn’t mention Fire, which in my papers is explained as being equivalent to what people mean by the soul.

If we take this one step further, I’ve also explained that our personality actually can be destroyed and is being destroyed, on very rare occasions, in space wars. This is done by destroying our Avatar or Light-body. Therefore, the mind is actually non-physical, the way we are looking at things from our 3-D perspective. The mind is the Avatar, and the mind is created by millions of small fires, which make up the bigger Fire, which is the soul. With very advanced technology, the Avatar can thus be destroyed, and the millions of fires (bioelectricity) will be spread out in space, losing their ability to unite, and thus losing their mobility. When this happens in a battle and allies are present watching it happen, there are also weapons that can reverse the damage and save the “mind,” making the being “whole” again. If that doesn’t happen, the particular soul/avatar will now become One with the Universe and lose her individuality.

Thus, the Fire and the Avatar are apparently something we have in common with other star beings as well—physical or non-physical. Thus, if the AIF wants something from us humans that they don’t have themselves, it’s apparently not the mind because they already have a mind.

Now when we have a metaphysical understanding of what the mind is, we can also better comprehend what is happening in the human brain. If the mind equals the Light-body, the Light-body is surrounding the physical body, keeping its shape and form in 3-D reality. Therefore, when we activate a certain thought pattern, it manifests first in a certain place in the Light-body, which corresponds with the place in the physical body. Hence, when we think scientific thoughts, the left side of the brain gets more activated and “lit up,” and in case we think more fluid, artistic, and multidimensional thoughts, we activate the right side of the brain. What happens in the Light-body/Avatar will also happen in the physical body—they communicate with each other, and respond to each other. Taking this to an extreme—if someone would destroy our Avatar while we are still in a physical body, I would imagine that the physical body, which is dependent upon the Avatar and its fires, would simply dissolve into “nothingness” in front of people’s eyes.

Considering the physical, we also have beings who have developed and evolved on planets, as we have, although it’s not as common as we may have thought. However, from an interdimensional perspective, we will definitely find species that have developed on planets as discussed in Level II where I said that these races could at one point choose if they want to continue living on their planet or if they want to leave their bodies behind and become non-physicals and thus being able to nanotravel and create in the Q-way.

This is exactly what distinguishes us from other beings, whether they have evolved on planets, in stars, or elsewhere.

The royal part of humanity is the “physical” body!

This is the whole point for Queen Nin’s and Prince Ninurta’s “Experiment.” The Goddess wanted to create a template, which becomes one with the soul and mind—thus we have the soul/mind/body complex. On other planets, where beings evolve, similar to us, they come to a point where they have to choose whether they stay in a body and travel through space in a “space suit,” created to withstand the harshness of traveling in space, using Einstein-Rosen bridges to travel from one point to another, or leave their bodies behind and become nanotraveling non-physicals. They have to choose one or the other—they can’t have it both ways!

The difference is that we humans can have it both ways!

Our original body templates were built in a way so that we can enjoy both the physical world and the spiritual realm at the same time. We can stay on Earth, using our Fire and Avatar to nanotravel, and come back to Earth and continue our business here. That is, of course, if we aren’t trapped beneath the Grid in bodies that have been impaired. The original Experiment worked just as planned until the Invader Force came.

The choice ETs have in regards to how they want to live in their reality is everything. As long as they choose to be planet-bound with physical bodies, they have to take the bodies with them when they travel in space. This doesn’t mean that these being have to be locked into a Third-Dimensional reality—their bodies may be much more interdimensional than ours—but the Fires and Avatars that occupy these bodies are stuck with them as long as they decide not to become non-physicals, or they may not be evolved enough to be able to make the choice.

Here on Earth, we have a lot of people who have had encounters with the Grays, as we have discussed earlier. These “Gray bodies” are perfect space suits, and are used solely by Lucifer’s Minions, who are living in physical realities.

What we need to know is that the Grays are unique for being Lucifer’s Minions—they come from worlds which he has conquered or worlds where he has recruited the inhabitants to follow him. All stationary beings, living on planets, need a space suit which can tolerate the harsh space conditions, but that doesn’t mean they have to look exactly like those Grays that we see. If they have never encountered Lucifer and his army, they will look different because they have no way of knowing what Lucifer’s “Grays” look like. However, even if they have never heard of Lucifer, the space suits will probably look similar to those of the Zeta Grays because it’s the kind of suit which has the best qualities when it comes to space travel. A species has to be quite evolved to realize this and be able to create such “space suits.” The “Verdants” are a good example of a species who apparently has developed without Lucifer’s influence, but this race still has a space suit similar to what we call the “Zeta Reticuli Grays.” In Level III, we also encountered the Grays, being versions of us in the future—half human and half machine—but they are still associated with Lucifer and his Machine Kingdom and thus often look similar to the Zetas.

Fig. 10. “Gray alien”—the perfect space suit?

The South African Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa, who David Icke mentions often in his work, told Icke that he had examined Grays who had been found dead in the African bush. He said that the exterior part indeed is a suit of some sort and that it is very hard to penetrate. The sharpest axe they could get ahold of was required to break through the suit, and inside the suit they found a reptilian being.[35]

I would say that the above story is about 50% true. It is true that the Gray “body” is a space suit, which the AIF uses to travel in space, but to say that we need an axe to break through the suit I believe is totally made up. However, the rest of the story is as unbelievable as they come! There are no “beings” inside the space suit—Reptilian or not. What the AIF does is that they transfer their consciousness into this robotic, half biological body, and then use it to travel in space. Hence, it doesn’t matter how many autopsies that are done on these beings—there is no other physical body inside the suit.

I know that people have encountered other kinds of beings besides the Grays, but we also have this phenomenon called “shapeshifting.”

A lot of Lucifer’s Minions out in the Universe are his own hybrids in one form or another. When he has conquered a world somewhere, he is fast with creating his own kind there because they are easier to control, and they can control the rest of the population that are now prisoners of war and can choose either to join Lucifer’s mission or to be terminated.

In addition, he has also seeded new, previously barren worlds with his own hybrids, who then of course are physical beings who need to travel in space by using Lucifer’s technology, i.e. to transfer their consciousness from their original body to a Gray spacesuit.

Then we have beings, such as the Nommos, who chose to follow Lucifer. Many were killed in the Sirian Wars, but their Fires and Avatars were imprisoned by Khan En.lil in the Sirian Dark Star. Moreover, their privilege of becoming Creator Gods was taken away by having their Avatars damaged. In their cases, their Fires can still hang on to the damaged Avatar in order to keep the Fires together, but they would never be able to use their Avatars to travel through space anymore. Because of the fate of his Minions in Sirius, Lucifer created a bloodline here on Earth that could house the souls (Fires) of the Nommos. By breaking into the Sirian prison, many Nommo souls could be released and transferred to these human hybrid bodies on Earth, specifically created to fit the Nommo Fires. Although they brought their damaged Avatars with them, these bloodlines will never be able to nanotravel—not even with a human hybrid body because their unrepairable Avatars will not be able to handle it. The Nommos are forever restricted to travel through space in spaceships or hollowed-out crafts using Gray spacesuits.   

vi.i. The Fine Line Between the Physical World and the Spiritual Realm  

If we really ponder what we have discussed in the previous section, what is the actual difference between the spiritual realm and the material world? When these matters are discussed by people in general, these terms are constantly being thrown around without any real comprehension of what they really mean.

From what I have concluded here, the human form consists of at least three different parts: the soul/Fire composite, the Avatar/mind/Light-body, and the “physical” body that we use in the Third Dimension. The latter is also called the “Human Template,” which is not necessarily restricted to our planet. This template always consists of a head, two arms, a torso, and two legs. However, in our original human form (the Primordial Womankind), these three components, which make up humankind, were basically all One unit. Thus, these three units, making up One human, can’t exist without each other or we won’t be human anymore. Not until the AIF tampered with our DNA was there a separation between the physical world and the spirit realm. 500,000 years ago and further back, there was no “death.” The lack of death was a big part of the whole original Experiment!

As mentioned in Level II, Mother Goddess wanted to create this Experiment as a Living Library, existing in the KHAA. Many Creator Gods were involved in the process, and it was done without technology. The Living Library was a “program” called Nature, set up in the Spirit Realm and equivalent to the KHAA. It is my understanding that if this would work, it could be a forerunner for similar programs to be created elsewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy and in other galaxies as well. It would add a very interesting component to this Universe. Also, the Goddess wanted to see if beings created as a “three parts unit,” in this program called Nature, could evolve into compassionate and loving beings. The whole Experiment was supposed to happen in “one go,” meaning that multidimensional beings could hold their position as planetary, stationary entities with an important duty to guard and maintain the Library, and at the same time travel across the Universe by riding their Avatars—so-called nanotravel—when they needed to or wished to do so. If everything went according to the plan, these androgynous beings would become very multi-faceted, using all their abilities as multidimensional beings with all their DNA developed. There were no “strings attached” for the souls involved in this project, and they were always welcomed into Orion and the Inner Sanctuary of the Empire—Satania. Indeed, the Namlú’u nanotraveled back and forth between Orion and Earth. In charge of this project was Prince Ninurta, stepson of Khan En.lil, son of Queen Nin, and brother of Prince Lucifer, aka Ea.

The Project went exactly as anticipated, and everybody was happy until the Invader Force came. Once Lucifer took charge, death came into the picture—death and separation. He created another hologram based on limitations instead of Free Will and endless possibilities. The Namlú’u went from being totally free to becoming the ultimate slave race. This was too much for many of them, and they didn’t survive.

What we usually refer to when we discuss the physical world, or even the physical universe, is all that which we perceive as solid enough to be perceived by our five senses. In other words, we are discussing energy trapped in matter, where matter is condensed energy. The Third Dimension is a low frequency band that lacks fluidity—it’s similar to putting water in a bucket and then freezing it. It’s not fluid anymore.

Now think about this really carefully: the AIF are famous for their technology, and they are travelling around in hollowed-out asteroids and planetoids. Is that physical or is it spiritual? It sounds pretty physical to me. Then, many of them need specially designed space suits to be able to take their bodies on space journeys. That sounds quite physical to me too. Then, what do they do? They invade a world that is not physical—Planet Earth or Gaia! Thus, we have physical beings invading a spiritual world! Isn’t that exactly the opposite from what we have been taught in regards to the Anunnaki? After the Invasion, the AIF were quite fast with decreasing the frequency of the planet so that it started vibrating in a lower part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which we today call 3-D. In addition, they disconnected the “spiritual” part of our DNA, if we put it bluntly, which lowered our body frequency to a very solid reality—the so-called physical world, which these beings were so familiar with. Add to this a Pleiadian lecture I listened to a few months ago, where they say that the “Anunnaki” (yes, they call them that) are not very spiritual beings. They are more into technology.

That is correct. These beings are far from spiritual. We, humankind, are the spiritual ones—we are the ones who sit on spiritual knowledge. Isn’t it funny then how the AIF have sometimes presented themselves as “spiritual teachers?”

This is why they need us—they need everything that has to do with emotions, spiritual knowledge, and compassion, not only because they lack these but also because without them, how can they get into Orion, which is in the Spiritual Realm—the Spiritual Dimensions? In hollowed-out asteroids? No, they need our bodies to get access to the Spiritual Realm!  

vi.ii. The Main Reason for the Ancient Gold Rush?

Although some think that the Anunnaki were actually not mining gold here on Earth, but that the mining had other purposes, I am pretty sure that gold and precious stones were what they were after. What I don’t believe, however, is that they dug for gold in order to enhance the atmosphere of some nebulous planet called Nibiru. They needed gold—and lots of it—mainly for a totally different purpose, and we have touched on that before as well.

Fig. 11. Nefertiti bust. Note her elongated skull.

If the AIF were actually much more physical beings than we are, then there may be an urge for them to stay alive and not dying over and over again, or even more important, perhaps—they don’t want to grow old if they can help it. This is one aspect of it, but even more likely than that is that gold enhances the bioelectricity of the body and the brain, and thus these beings can function on a higher level, in a higher capacity.[36] Eventually, this also increases the size of the cranium. Thus, we find elongated skulls all over the planet, and if we look at the skulls of many pharaohs (Nefertiti [fig. 11] and Tutankhamen [fig. 12] are perfect examples), who were Ea’s Elite hybrids, they had elongated skulls too—Nefertiti, more so than Tutankhamen. I am not saying that all beings with elongated skulls achieved those by inhaling gold, but some of them probably did. If gold enhances the brain power of these beings, they may also have found a way to increase their lives with help from technology.

Fig. 12. Reconstruction of Tutankhamen— hybrid. This is how he most likely looked like in real life. Artists put skin on his skull, and this is what they got. 

We know that Earth has an abundance of gold if we dig for it and had even more so half a million years ago, so this planet must have been a real “gold mine” (literally and figuratively speaking) for them. All the digging they did all over the planet (and there is a lot of evidence for it) was probably well worth it.

A word of caution here, however. I do not recommend that we humans experiment with gold—especially if we are not totally sure of what we’re doing.

I’d like to place a last note on the AIF and their “physicality.” Some readers may ask themselves how these beings can be more physical than we are, when they, in fact, can move in and out of the dimensions. I can understand if this thought comes to mind, but the truth of the matter is that the AIF only have access to eight dimensions (something I’ve mentioned a few times in the papers), which are the dimensions of the physical universe. The dimensions above the first eight are the upper KHAA dimensions, or the “spiritual universe,” to which the AIF have no access.  

vi.iii. They Want us to Be Aware, but not Aware Enough to Realize Who is Pulling the Strings

Now we have established that the bioelectricity that runs through our physical bodies is very important to the AIF. Each time we enhance our bioelectricity, they want to be there and take advantage of it if they can. Therefore, it’s quite easy to imagine that they want to have us monitored and under surveillance—especially in these times when so much preparation is being made. The increased surveillance is justified under the Nation Security Laws and Regulations—the AIF and the Global Elite haven’t gone through all this effort with creating global terrorism for nothing. We know that as a consequence of staged events, such as 9/11, school shootings etc., our freedoms are taken away from us, one by one, and the government is telling us that it’s all for the good because by doing so, it’s easier for them to protect us. The majority of the population seems to believe this to be true.

If people only realized what they are doing when they are letting the authorities find out everything about them in order to “protect” them, they would be horrified. Not only that—they are also monitoring us from the lower astral, something we also mentioned earlier. When we have sex here on Earth and we are having orgasms, these register in the astral (and in higher dimensions), and look something similar to lightning striking upward, into the VOID. They can immediately see if it is a female or a male orgasm depending on the intensity and nature of it. Sometimes it happens that two people having sex have orgasms simultaneously, which is extra powerful. Orgasms open the chakras and release bioelectricity into the KHAA—all the way to the highest of dimensions in the highest of the electromagnetic spectra. This is the energy the AIF wants to collect and store for their own use—both in present time and in the future. This also means that very little of the bioelectricity that is released actually reaches the goal, which is the Inner Sanctuaries of the KHAA—most of the energies are hijacked somewhere on the way.  

vi.iv. Death was the only Option for the AIF

That which the AIF most desired was also what they were most afraid of—our physical bodies. In order to control us, they had to let our physical bodies go through “death”—a separation that they considered being necessary. If they let us live forever, we would soon figure out who is controlling us. Instead, they decided to let us go through body death and be born again in a new body. Eventually we would evolve, but on their terms—at least that’s what they thought.

This was a much better way to go from the AIF’s standpoint—no Tree of Life, only the Tree of Knowledge, but a little at the time and under strict control. In order not to letting us evolve too fast, they had to induce fear into our daily lives and make sure we had enough problems to deal with so that we didn’t have time to think too much about who we are. For millennia, our spiritual development was severely suppressed, or we would have evolved too fast. The AIF had to introduce linear time into the equation—time which was determined and controlled from Saturn, the “Time Keeper.” This way, they could put us on a schedule, which would slow us down even more. In other words, in order to keep us in check, they had to invent more and more sophisticated ways to control us. Someone compared it with holding down a balloon at the bottom of a pool—as soon as we let go of the balloon, it quickly floats up to the surface.

The dilemma was that they needed a certain number of people on the planet, and a certain number of these people needed to be evolved so that they could be used by the AIF. Therefore, they needed a population growth, which had to be more rapid the closer we came to the nanosecond. They figured out that to be able to get a certain number of the population evolved enough, they needed around seven billion people on the planet. However, they also needed to create an environment in which seven billion people could live. This is when the Industrial Revolution came about, and the Rise of the New Atlantis—the United States of America.

From there, we slowly but surely moved toward a more global society. People became healthier, started living longer, and getting children was, under certain circumstances, encouraged. The world population, in spite of two World Wars, increased exponentially, and now, by the end of the nanosecond, we are about seven billion people on the planet, which apparently is the ceiling for how many humans the AIF wants on the planet at this particular time.

But why did the AIF want so many people on Earth at the same time? They must be extremely hard to control. In actuality, it was not as hard as it sounds. When the world population increased, the technology became more and more sophisticated. Beings from space landed and visited with the President of the United States (other heads of states were visited as well), and advanced technology was offered in exchange for the right to abduct a certain number of people.

President Eisenhower’s treaty with the Grays is now classic, but these kind of treaties go further back in time. The Nazis had also access to advanced technology—advanced enough to build Flying Saucers and more.

Television was introduced in the 40s-50s, and that was a success for the AIF. The TV got the majority of the population hooked, and through TV, the Global Elite could spread their propaganda and were thus able to keep a large number of people in check. The Internet did the same thing, and then the cell phones and smart phones. Hence, to have a few controlling a large population with time became a piece of cake.

Today, the world population is seven billion people, and the nanosecond is over. It was quite a large number of people who did evolve, even if statistically they were just a small percentage, and this was the whole idea with a huge population increase. A certain percentage evolving out of seven billion people was what was needed to have an effect on the mass consciousness. Therefore, from what it seems, everything went per the plan. Now, it’s just a matter of having as many evolved people as possible follow the Luciferian Agenda without being aware of it. This is being worked on day and night by infiltrating the Spiritual Movement. The channeling phenomenon is a big part of it, and so is the infiltration of the Internet by government agents, who are opening forums, commenting on forums, introducing ascended masters on the scene, creating websites that reveal a lot of truth but with an intention to mislead, and much, much more.

They encourage us to evolve, but they want us to evolve in a direction which is set up by them—the AIF. People have the right to choose their own paths, but at least I want to share my own conclusions when it comes to increased awareness, and I want to throw out a few warnings as well so that, hopefully, at least a few people think twice before they do something they may regret. My advice is as follows, but remember that these are my conclusions, and the reader may take it or leave it. We all basically have Free Will to go in whatever direction we want, and with this said, here we go:

1.      Always look inside yourself for answers. If something feels right for you, look deeper into it. If it feels wrong, it probably is.

2.      No one has the right to tell you what to think and what to do with your life. You are in charge of your own destiny, and it’s your responsibility to make decisions that will assist you in your spiritual growth.

3.      Don’t force your own beliefs and convictions on others. If they want to hear what you have to say, say it, but don’t try to convince anybody. It’s perfectly fine to give information to those who are asking for it, but respect if they want to stay with their old beliefs. When they are ready to move on, they will. Only they can decide when.

4.      You are a sovereign person. No one owns you, and you own nobody. Never compromise with what you feel is true, but at the same time, always be open for new ideas if they can benefit you.

5.      Don’t wait for a savor, or saviors, to come down from the Heavens to save us! If someone—be it an angel, a new Messiah, the Ashtar Command, or anybody else—comes down to say that he or she is here to save mankind, or those who want to be saved, walk the other way. These beings are alwaysdeceptive and have their own agendas that no sane person wants to become part of.

6.      Don’t fall into the Harvest trap. When you hear about harvesting of souls, where the “chosen ones” can go to higher dimensions, while the not so lucky have to stay behind, say “no thanks” and walk the other way.

7.      Disagree with nearly everything the “System” has taught you in order to keep the System going. I know you can’t just walk away from everything because you have a certain setup having to do with your immediate survival, and you probably don’t want to end up homeless on the street, but disagree and refuse what you can, and “think” the rest: “I disagree with this, and I disagree with that.” This will stay in your energy field and work for you once you leave this reality (see item #8).

8.      When your day comes and it’s time to leave your body, you have different choices. A) You can go through the Tunnel toward the Light and continue doing what you’ve been doing for thousands of years now—recycle into a new body and start all over. B) You follow your Guide (or Guides), who probably are benevolent, but will have you end up in the same place as in A). C) You can tell whomever wants to guide you that this time you don’t need their assistance, and that you have seen through the trap. You disagree with everything these controlling forces do, and you are going to go your own way. There may be those who will try to convince you otherwise, but you continue being determined and instead you go through a hole in the Grid (you will see the Grid when you look for it). Once you’re outside the Grid, you will see the Universe the way it really looks like, and as one of my sources told me: “What you see will be very hard to describe to someone who can only perceive things with their five senses.” Now you’re free to explore the Universe. You’re only a thought away from wherever you want to go. You never get lost because you can think yourself back to where you started, if you wish. You can also “knock on the door” to the Orion Empire, and they will most probably let you in because you are an evolved, human soul. D) Instead of going toward the Light, you can look at Earth and decide when and where you want to incarnate next time, in case you decide to do that. Now, with your knowledge, you qualify for more evolved realities. There is no longer any need to incarnate in, let’s say, the Dark Ages. You now have the opportunity, if you so wish, to incarnate on a future, parallel version of Earth, which is in a better condition than the one you just left.

I want to make sure that the readers understand that just because the AIF is looking for evolved people, it doesn’t have to be you. We are all here to evolve, so it is important that we understand what is required from us in order to do so without interference. This time we just need to be smarter than we were the last time, just before Atlantis sank under the ocean.

The Pleiadians, too, are talking about the Grid, and that it now has holes in it. This is from “Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library” from 1994:

It used to be that you would have to learn many disciplines and prepare your body for years before you could successfully experience Kundalini energy. It was indeed the rare individual who was able to access Kundalini, for a number of reasons. Earth was surrounded by a fence of frequency control. As Kundalini rises in the body, it meets the cosmic forces that come from outside the body, and the body becomes alive and energized. It is just like pulling a pillar of light into the body. Those who would keep you from knowledge have had their boundaries penetrated, and the frequency-control fence around the planet is like Swiss cheese, in other words, there are holes and other forms of light can now come in.[40]

This quote confirms what I have been saying now for a couple of years. Not only can light come in, but the holes can also be used to escape the trap we’re in.

I know for a fact that there are beings out there who are quite frustrated by now to see what is happening here on Earth. The AIF has been in control over this planet for hundreds of thousands of years now, but there may be a time, not too far into the future, when the Original Planners will return. When no one has anything to lose anymore, this may actually happen.

If one day soon, Lucifer’s control is over, who then will judge him, the Global Elite, and all those who followed them for their own greed and their hunger for power?

I don’t think many people have thought about this, but it is us humans who need to judge them—perhaps every single one of them. Here on Earth is where the crimes were committed, and we are the “victims” of these crimes. I know that the Orion Empire will require that we humans come with a verdict. Therefore, you who read this right now may want to at least start pondering over what you want to say on this matter. Who knows? Perhaps Lucifer’s control system will break down sooner than we think? If so, how would you judge the AIF? What will be your verdict?  

VII. The Archons

The new thing that some people do, I’ve noticed, is to compare the “Anunnaki” with the Gnostic Archons. Those who have researched the Archons can see that their story is almost identical with that of the AIF. Lucifer/Ea would be the Demiurge, and his Minions are the Reptilian-like Archons, who serve the Demiurge. They were born in this solar system before mankind, and they are said to have manipulated our genes and added their own to ours.

The Archons can’t create anything from scratch—they don’t have those creative abilities—but they can take something that is already created and manipulate and destroy it. They are jealous of us humans and want what we have, but they can only exist in our dimension for a very short time, and then they must leave.

They can, and do, possess humans—especially those in power, but they are at the same time afraid of us, and they are afraid that we will figure out who they are because that will be the end of their power over us.

The Archons exist in other cultures as well and are also known under the name “Jinns” or “Djinns.”

As the reader can see, there are many similarities between the Archons and the AIF, but we need to remember that these demonic entities were discussed long after the Anunnaki mythology. Hence, it’s much more likely that the Archons, in fact, are the Gnostic way of describing the AIF, not the other way around.


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you,

Wes Penre

[1] In Hebrew, Abaddon means “Destruction” or “Destroyer”, which also is the definition of “Shiva” in the Hindu tradition. As I will go into in much more details in Level V, Shiva is equivalent to In the Bible, he is known as Lucifer and Satan.

[2] Equivalent to whom we also call Apollo, which is mostly the name for Marduk, but when plays the role of his own son, he is (syncretism)

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