Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 15: The Postdiluvian Times and Lucifer Building his Plans

by Wes Penre, Written on Thursday, December 12, 2013 
Posted on Thursday, February 27, 2014
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. The Creation of Modern Man—A Species with a Destiny

It didn’t happen overnight, but eventually, the water subsided on the previously so beautiful Planet Gaia, and landmasses began to rise over the oceans again. The storms subsided and finally stopped, and everything was quiet and calm. The clouds in the sky started withering, and after a while, a bright sun shone over a clear-blue sky in many parts of the world. The canopy, which had covered much of the planet before the Flood, was now gone. The lands slowly dried up.

For the first time in eons, Antarctica was ice-free, and the long Ice Age was over.

As Sitchin correctly surmises, this is the time, directly after the Flood when Antarctica was clear of its ice-pack for the first time in eons, a time when the maps of showing the details of an ice-free Antarctica were made which later became available during the 14th and 15th centuries in Europe around the time of Columbus.[1] 

The Living Library was more or less destroyed, except for what had survived in high places, but worse than that—at first, when the oceans withdrew their excessive amount of water, lots of dead bodies were found floating ashore. These bodies were not only humans, but animals, and other creatures, too. It was not a pretty sight!

After some time, the survivors, who had found their shelters in the mountain caves, or even underground, now started climbing down to lower ground, or to higher ground, respectively, until they reached sea level, in order to try to find more food, or to get away from their neighbors, who attacked them, trying to steal what little they had. This was really “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” existence, where people had to gather in groups in order to survive. Most people armed themselves with whatever they could find or create from their environment in order to kill intruders, and perhaps even eat their bodies after they had killed them. Most of all, people feared the Giants, who had, to a certain extent, survived as well.

In addition, there was another group of beings, who also had survived the Flood, and who now were extremely hungry and thirsty. We can read about them in a book by Stephanie Dalley, called “Myths from Mesopotamia,”

Now it is the gods’ turn to go hungry: 
“like sheep, they could only fill their windpipes with bleating
Thirsty as they were, their lips
Discharged only the rime of famine.”[2]

As we can see, Lord didn’t save all of his men, either. Some of them were left on Earth to die from thirst and starvation. In addition, they had to fight off their own creations, or they would themselves be killed. No longer did they have technology to defend themselves with. Perhaps, some of the ET survivors were also Ninurta’s MIKH-MAKH warriors, who never made it off the planet before the catastrophe was a fact.

As time went by and and his Minions were waiting elsewhere (probably on Mars) for things to settle down enough on Earth for their return, more and more people and creatures died on Earth. The animals were those who had the greatest chance to survive.  

i.i. The Grays and the Martian Slave Race

Also, before the Flood occurred, evacuated a limited number of Homo sapiens to Mars, where they were put in underground cities, some sources suggest. and Marduk had told them about a catastrophe that was going to hit Earth, and they needed to be evacuated. Space travel within the solar system was, if not common for humans, still occurring, so the shock one can expect would happen when they were leaving their planet to go to Mars was not overly great.

Once the space shuttles had taken them from Earth to Mars, they were all bunched together in a big group and put in some kind of “storehouse” in one of Mars’ underground cities, where an artificial atmosphere had been created under an invisible cupola. The gods had even created an artificial sky and a heat source, looking very similar to our own Sun, which made the weather quite inhabitable but more on the tropical side because the gods liked it that way.

However, in the storehouse it was always dark.

As soon as the catastrophe on Earth was over and depending on the outcome, these Homo sapiens had been promised to be taken back to Earth at the gods’ first convenience, or transported elsewhere if necessary, but the gods never kept their word. Instead, these humans, who looked very similar to us but have the genetics that were common on Earth before the Deluge, are still living on Mars up until this day! In their usual manner, the AIF have used them as slave labor on Mars instead of transporting them back to Earth.[3]

However, fairly recently, a tribe of the small “Grays” have allegedly helped some humans escape from their Mars prison (this would be the descendants of the humans who were abducted and transported to Mars before the Deluge). Remote viewers, working for the government, have apparently remote viewed how the Grays drove shuttle traffic between Mars and Earth in their saucer-shaped ships, transporting willing “Martians” back to their home planet, Earth.[4] These human descendants were then hidden inside a mountain complex somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico, I believe, and perhaps in some other places too. The environmental circumstances are not exactly the same in the Martian underground facilities as they are here, quite obviously, and some adjustments needed to be made. Also, the Martians don’t know how to interact with the everyday human of the 21stCentury, so no one knows at this point how the project will turn out. A classified level of the U.S. Government is supposedly helping out with this program. Many—if not most—of the Martians wish themselves back to Mars, despite the circumstances on Mars because they no longer feel at home here after all these generations that have passed.

Fig. 1. Grays in Flying Saucers, in shuttle traffic between Mars and the Earth.

Also, these Martian human hybrids are not Homo sapiens sapiens as we are, but they are the forerunners to our current species, which also makes things more complicated if the Martians want to start mingling with our society on Earth. What happens if we interbreed between the species, for example? This, however, may be the purpose, for all I know.

As time passed and the remote viewing of the Martians and the Grays became more sophisticated and complex, it was suspected that the Grays were actually humans who had come back to Earth from one of the future timelines—in other words, they were (are) time travelers. The readers who have followed my work and read the Level III papers know that many of the “Gray aliens” who are encountered on Earth today under different circumstances are future versions of ourselves on a timeline when the Machine Kingdom became predominant, and advanced Orion technology was chosen before Nature. They are often half human and half machine and have what we call a “hive mentality,” where their minds, to a large degree, are integrated with a “Super Computer” that controls their thought patterns and their behavior. Individuality is mostly a thing of the past in their future society, and what is best for the group is what is important—the individual is expendable.

Much of the channeled material we are taking part of today is channeled by different factions of the Grays—our future selves. They often present themselves as a “Social Memory Complex,” and in the following excerpt, the Ra people, who were presenting the “Ra Material”—some of the most well-known channeled material today—explain how a mind/body/spirit complex, such as ourselves, becomes a Social Memory Complex:

I am Ra. A mind/body/spirit social complex becomes a social memory complex when its entire group of entities are of one orientation or seeking. The group memory lost to the individuals in the roots of the tree of mind then become[s] known to the social complex, thus creating a social memory complex. The advantages of this complex are the relative lack of distortion in understanding the social beingness and the relative lack of distortion in pursuing the direction of seeking, for all understanding/distortions are available to the entities of the society.[5]

Even if this may be looked upon as an advantage by the Social Memory Complex themselves, I am personally very much a propagator of individual thinking and uniqueness and wouldn’t dream of being part of such a hive mentality.

However, in some of these future societies, the Grays are more and more breaking out of what I see as their mind controlled state and are traveling back into their past, exploring our Living Library and our human DNA in order to restore their ownindividuality. Many of the alien abductions that are reported worldwide are almost certainly done by such factions of the Grays. It seems as if it is also one of these future human hybrids that are intervening with the Martian society today. From what we understand about these Grays, it’s inevitable not to think in terms that they are helping the Martians because it has something to do with their own rehabilitation.   

i.ii. The Creation of a Special Species and their Neo-Atlantean Destiny

Instead of waiting for Planet Earth to recover after the Flood to such a degree that and his consort, Isis, could open up laboratories here again, it makes sense that started his new experiment on Mars instead of on Earth, with a purpose to create human hybrids. He already had genetic laboratories set up on Mars for such a purpose since long ago. In the past, when he used Mars as a laboratory, the engineering occurred in underground cities because Mars was depleted of its atmosphere during the Titan Wars, when Tiamat was destroyed.  

This time, he already had the seed from the Antediluvian human race, so the work went much faster. However, now he wanted to create a humanity with potentials—he wanted us to evolve faster. In order for his new creation to do so, he needed to reactivate some of the previously dormant DNA and activate a dormant “timer” in the human cells—a timer which was activated before the AIF came. Each Era (or “Astrological Age”), starting and finishing in association with the Zodiac, is about 2,160 years;[6] a so-called “Great Year” is 25, 920 years;[7] and half of a “Great Year” is 12,960 years long.[8] knew that in approximately half of a Great Year, the solar system would line up with the Galactic Center, which meant that a lot of energy in the form of gamma rays (and other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum) would hit the Earth. On gamma rays, a lot of information is carried. saw this as a great opportunity to let humans evolve enough so that he could use our abilities for his own purposes, i.e. to steal our enhanced Fire, which is connected with the increased energies, in order to break into the realms of the inner sanctuary of the Orion Empire. also knew that what the Pleiadians call the “nanosecond” is a very real concept. He understood that time would speed up a million-fold during the last 25 years before the year 2012. Thus, humanity had the chance to learn things a million times faster than they could otherwise. The amnesia we are born with prevents us from realizing how fast we have actually evolved, compared to other lifetimes. You, who read this, and I, who write it, can both look back 10, 15, or 25 years and notice how much more aware we are now than we were back then—it’s like night and day!

However, the nanosecond is not a free ride. Many people, I’m sure, are curious about why we were allowed to expand our consciousness in the way we have. Why did the AIF let us “get away” with it?

Well, actually it does make sense, if we think about it. Remember how we talked about already in Level I that the gods are thinking “long thoughts,” meaning that they live so long that planning a few thousand years ahead is like planning a week ahead for us. Hence,, and those in cahoots with him, planned exactly how they wanted the new Homo sapiens sapiens to evolve. Of course, we were still meant to be a slave race—that part has never changed—but eventually, the gods were going to disappear out of the picture and not interact with mankind directly, but let their Minions take care of it, while the full blood AIF were lurking in the background, being in control from other dimensions. The interaction with the gods would eventually only be a vague memory of a distant past, at best. Then, even that memory would fade. What I am describing here is the time from approximately 4,200 years ago and up until now, when the gods are starting to get more overly involved.

It was after the Deluge that the Bankers of Babylon saw the first light of day, and ever since, finance has been one of the major manipulative tools the Minions have used to keep mankind in check—that and religious wars and conflicts. Enhancing the DNA in mankind caused the evolution to go faster than it would have done otherwise, and as time closed in on the nanosecond and 2012, a new type of society needed to see the light of day as well.

In actuality, it was not really a new type of society—it was just Atlantis being created all over again—and this New Atlantis, as it was envisioned by Sir Francis Bacon, the famous Rosicrucian[9] (who some people say was the same person as William Shakespeare),[10] was planned to be Canada and the United States of America—at least to begin with. In the long run, Bacon, who was one of’s initiated Minions, and his like-minded, wanted a One World Government, based on enhanced Atlantean technology, which would eventually lead to the Machine Kingdom.

Let’s take first things first though. In order to make great changes from behind the scenes, a good way is often to instigate “revolutions.” Thus, we had the French and the British Revolutions in the 1700s. In the latter revolution, the British wanted to depart from the tyrannical King George. Therefore, Freemasons—with Rosicrucians working in the background—played the role as “liberators,” and founded the United States of America, which became known as the “New Atlantis” amongst the Elite and the occultists. After the American “Revolution” was completed, the Brits who moved to the U.S. and Canada thought they would be free from British tyranny, when in fact, the Freemasonic liberators and the British Kingdom were just two sides of the same coin. The United States and Canada were never free from British influence—indeed, both countries (as well as Australia, but that’s another story) are owned by the British Crown—something that seems pretty obvious when we look at it. The official leader of the United States has always been the President, and America is considered being a Republic—but the real ruler of the U.S. is Queen Elizabeth II of the British Empire (yes, you read that correctly).

One of the purposes with the American Revolution was not to become free from oppressive British influence, but to prepare for the nanosecond. wanted the Industrialism in order to be able to develop technology into an integrated society where everything is connected, and therefore, is easier to control and manipulate. For, it was now a race against time, although he was probably never overly worried or stressed. He needed to create a technological society before people evolved spiritually and neurologically from the enormous gamma rays bursts, without Ea being able to control them. If he didn’t have people registered in databases and assembled into big cities and communities, people could easily break free and turn against him. needed a society where it’s easy to communicate. This is also why it was so important to get the Internet up and running during the nanosecond. It’s my own opinion that the Global Elite were actually delayed when it comes to developing a functioning Internet, and that it was planned to be up and running already in the beginning of the nanosecond, which was in 1987. At that time, computers were still running on DOS—Windows didn’t appear until in the early 1990s and was a big revolution for its time. However, by connecting globally with the Internet, people could share their ideas and new knowledge and speed up their awareness level even more—but under surveillance!

This is very important to understand. We have all this freedom to explore whatever we want on the Internet, but every letter we type on the keyboard is being tracked. Thus, the freedom we think we have by being able to communicate globally is mostly an illusion. By exposing the Global Elite, we are not defeating them, and we are not ascending to a higher dimension just by being more aware. Our awareness level, on an individual and global level, is monitored, and “someone” is waiting for us to be ripe enough to “eat”—both literally and metaphorically. We need to work hard for our freedom without fighting for it—fighting has to be something of the past. Our revolution must be peaceful, or it’s doomed to fail.

Therefore, with this in mind, it is crucial that the evolving human understands where the traps are and how to avoid them. Again, it is not enough just to grow in awareness and consciousness. We also need to look at who or what it was that trapped us in matter in the first place, if they are still around, and what plans they have for us. This is the most important thing I have stressed in all my papers, and will always be. What good is it if a group of people are listening to some channeled material that is set up by the AIF in order for the listener to feel really nice and cozy with a lot of almost overwhelming love vibrations and even with healing processes involved, when the outcome is that they trick you into believing that they are your saviors? Does “Elohim” ring a bell? When the time comes, they will “Harvest” their members, who willingly will follow, thinking they are going to the fourth and fifth dimensions, when all that these lofty beings want is to eat our flesh and/or feed off our new awareness level in order to use it for the worst? Then they dispose of us, or perhaps they will send us to Orion as a part of the payoff of the spiritual “debt” that they owe the Orions. However, all the Orions get back are depleted spirits in a horrible, irreversible shape, when they would expect evolved beings.

I don’t know how many times I’ve warned people who are involved in the above activities, to no prevail. It’s difficult when people think they have found their “religion” or “spiritual path.” However, it’s not our job to tell them what to do or not to do—one “warning,” including providing information, is enough. Then we have done what we can. The person we are talking to can either take it in or discard it. It’s his or her right. We always have to remember that, although it’s hard. I sometimes have problems with that too. If the reader thinks I am repeating myself on this matter, be aware that it’s purposely done—it needs to be readdressed for it to really sink in.  

 II. The Cosmic War Escalates

After succeeding in closing down our solar system, got overconfident and started being more offensive in the Cosmic War drama. As we’ve discussed earlier, one war front was located in Sirius, where not only the Nommos were imprisoned in the Dark Star, but had also a hybrid race fighting against Khan En.lil’s (Archangel Mikael’s) troops.

This was an ongoing guerilla war, and just like what happens sometimes here on Earth, the war consisted of different phases. Sometimes it could be very intense, while at other times, an armistice lasted for quite a long time, until something erupted again, and a new battle took place.

Fig. 2. Guerilla war in the Sirius star system.

After he had closed the Saturn Stargate and Homo sapiens sapiens were created and started to increase in numbers, one of’s Intelligence Agencies found out exactly where Khan En.lil himself was positioned, together with a large amount of MIKH-MAKH troops. With increased confidence, decided to take on Khan En.lil in person. His plan was to storm the star where the Archangel was stationed and then battle Khan En.lil on a one-on-one basis.

Little did he know that’s DAKH warriors, when they entered the star system, had already been on Khan En.lil’s radar as soon as they left the Ar-i-du solar system.’s plan was to kill off Khan En.lil’s soldiers until only a few remained, and then himself would enter the stage and battle an almost defeated Orion King.

The plan failed almost before it was even put into action. As soon as’s fairly large battalion entered Khan En.lil’s star system, the Archangel’s MIKH-MAKH armada was ready.’s battleships were destroyed, one by one, while the Khan hardly suffered any losses. Many of’s DAKH warriors were captured in that attack and put in prison in the Dark Star together with the Nommos that were still there and hadn’t been able to be released in’s previous attack. An improved electronic net, or veil, was being set up by Mikael First in Command and his scientists, hoping would not be able to penetrate it. Also, there was nothing that prevented the Khan from terminating the prisoners totally if he so wished and entirely wipe out their consciousness. This, however, is the most severe penalty a being can get for a crime and was not executed very often, although the Khan in this situation was seriously considering it. What most of these DAKH warriors were involved in was nothing less than High Treason, and for that, the most severe penalty could be selected for the prisoners. The Khan—perhaps out of mercy—was still holding back on it.

For, however, his defeat was devastating, and his pride was seriously hurt. He had been so sure he could defeat Mikael at this point, but obviously, he still had a few things to learn.

His troops were severely diminished, and he felt vulnerable. Hence, this was the reason for the Grid, and this was the time when he put it up around Gaia to protect his stronghold. Also, in order to further secure his position, he tilted the planet, changed the distance between the Moon and the Earth, and manipulated our planet’s electromagnetic frequency in such a manner that although she was still a third-dimensional planet and the life upon it was 3-D as well, she now vibrated with a speed that was pretty odd and unnatural. did this intentionally with advanced technology so that other star beings, in case they managed to slip through the stargates around Saturn and the Sun, had a very hard time finding the Earth. Even though these star beings of course would be interdimensional in nature, they would still—hopefully so, thought—stare right onto the planet without being able to see it—all they would see was empty space. In certain terms,’s idea worked quite well, and he could work fairly uninterrupted for a long time (in human terms). This breathing room he spent setting up his control- and manipulation mechanisms to get humanity to where he wanted them—under total control.  

III. The Reincarnation System is being Refined! (Additional Ideas on How the Afterlife is Set Up)

The next thing and his son Marduk decided to do, apparently, shortly after the Deluge, was to make changes in some star constellations. R.A. Boulay writes in his book, “Flying Serpents and Dragons:”

Rabbinical legends suggest it was a cosmic event which also caused changes in the positions of the stars. It states that two stars were removed from the constellation Pleiades, and these were replaced by two stars from the constellation of the Bear. The legends also suggest there were other changes among the celestial spheres during the year of the Deluge, involving the sun and the moon, although these changes are not specified.

Whatever the cause, it was significant enough in intensity to divide the history of Mankind into two great periods. The antediluvian era is known as the time of the gods: the “golden age” in many mythologies. What had been achieved by man and god was washed away by the disaster.[11]

This may sound very “mysterious,” but if we’re thinking in terms of 4% and 96% Universe, the “mystery” is not as much a mystery anymore. It’s them, and not us who decide how we’re going to perceive the asterisms in the Heavens. It requires some reprogramming, but it can be fairly easily done.

What father and son apparently did was to change around amongst the stars in the sky, and then they created some new constellations in order to make changes in the Zodiac. By doing so, they could change the level and ways of controlling mankind. Up until this day, we are more or less following the “Babylonian Zodiac.” It is well known within secret societies (and now also in public, to some degree) that there was once a more ancient zodiac, which affected life on Gaia differently.

They also wanted to refine the “soul trap,” to make sure that no souls—or very few of them—escaped the prison after their bodies died here on Earth. The great Hologram, which we usually call “The Matrix,” and which is projected from Saturn via the Moon, and down to Earth, was now better calibrated with the human bodies. As soon as a soul entered a newborn baby’s body, a complete amnesia took place. The souls could now not remember at all who they were due to how the DNA was programmed by and his geneticists. This in itself was nothing new, but before the Flood, if someone figured out that they were trapped, they could fairly easily exit the body if they wished to, just by mentally “cutting the cord” between the body itself and the soul[12]—the cord which we call the “silver cord” in metaphysics. Then, in theory, it was nothing that held the soul to the prison, and they could escape into the Universe—even into the KHAA part of it—if they wanted to. For the rest of humanity, who hadn’t figured out that their existence in slavery was something wrong, often automatically returned into a new body after body death because they thought that this was what they were supposed to do. If a soul in her confusion went astray, there were AIF in the astral who could capture them and “shoot them” back into a baby body at random. In these cases, they had no choice in the matter and were assigned the first available body.

Now, after the Deluge, this had to change. couldn’t afford to lose any souls that had been programmed here on Earth—especially now when he had agreed to take on all these criminal souls from other star systems who were a little harder to manipulate than the human souls who were born in this solar system. What had in mind was a “Between Life Area” (BLA), which was to be set up in the ether. This location should have its own dimensional time/space. Here, souls whose bodies died would be lingering before they went back to a new life on Earth. This idea probably started with the fact that had more souls at his convenience than he had bodies to shoot them into. Therefore, he let souls stay in the BLA for a certain amount of time, until bodies were available again. He noticed that souls in the afterlife gathered in soul groups—those who’d known each other earlier tended to stay together in the afterlife, too. Here they usually discussed their lives and told each other about their dreams and wishes, e.g. who or what they wanted to become in their next life.

This was something that certainly could take advantage of. “Spirit guides,” such as deceased relatives and friends, were told to guide their recently deceased friend or relative to make sure that the deceased chose to go into the tunnel toward the “Light.” An enormous wave of love energy was set up as well to attract the soul. This could easily be done with technology and is used by some channeled entities as well. In the long run, the spirit guides often watched over their relatives while they were on Earth, and if the incarnated spirit knew how, she could ask the spirit guide/guides for assistance or advice. This is true up until this day, and if possible, these guides will help with problems in our earthly existence.  

Once trapped in the BLA, the recently deceased soul was drawn toward a place which corresponded with their beliefs. An illusion of such a reality was often created in the ether with the help from technology and holographic projection, with a purpose to make the spirit feel comfortable, but deceptively so. With time, the spirits themselves unwittingly helped create such “islands” in the ether for likeminded spirits to go to after body death. Thus, not everybody goes to the same “place” after they’ve entered the Tunnel—it mainly depends on their beliefs. The Pleiadians call this phenomenon “Islands of Beliefs,”[13] and it is just as valid today as it was when it was set up.

The illusion of the beliefs a person has created during his or her lifetime (or several lifetimes) is then projected from his or her own mind into the astral time/space and will appear quite real, and that dimension will be shared by those who have similar beliefs. To get an idea of how it works, the term “Islands of Beliefs” is perfect. The deceased is thus “isolated” on an “island” of his or her conviction of how things are in 3-D life and after death, and the AIF can enhance that belief system with appropriate technology until it becomes self-sustaining. Alongside this island are other islands, invisible to someone who doesn’t share the belief system that is dominating the particular island. Again, the soul is creating her own reality, and each reality has its own frequency and vibration, inaccessible to others whose beliefs are quite different. This is a perfect manipulative setup, which often keeps the soul manipulated during the next lifetime because the soul memory of this artificial “Heaven,” or whatever it could be that the being projects, is still lurking in the background of the individual while living on Earth. Hence, when death is coming close, the being has some kind of feeling where to go when the body dies. This way, the recycling system is kept alive and well and is, to a large degree, sustaining itself.

Quite often, souls are gathering in soul groups in the BLA. The members of such a soul group do not necessarily share the exact beliefs, but they tie together because of the feeling of belonging to each other. Here we have soul mates, friends, spouses, and relatives, etc. However, most of the time, members of such groups do share beliefs similar enough to each other for an afterlife gathering to take place, building its own Island of Beliefs. The belief can simply be that they are convinced that they will meet each other after death.

A “Council of Elders,” consisting of AIF beings, was put in charge of the BLA, as many people in regression therapy have described.[14] A goal for the next lifetime was set, and a couple here on Earth who fit the profile of being parents to this soul were located. An astrological date, which best suited the soul to achieve her goals was also set, and the soul in the BLA “manipulated” her soon-to-become parents to have sex nine months before the chosen astrological period so that the soul could be born into the baby’s body at the designated time. All this was true then and is true today.

So why did and his cohorts make such an effort for the deceased souls? Isn’t that an action of compassion?

Fig. 3. Etheric beings in an “Island of Beliefs.”

I’d rather say that it is quite self-serving. By creating this Between Life Area, very few souls have a desire to leave the Earth plane and will happily reincarnate into a new slave body. The goals the soul sets before she is being recycled is very rarely met because of the amnesia. Instead, the soul is confused—often she knows there was something she should achieve, but can’t remember what it was. Usually, the soul instinctively goes in the right direction but gets easily distracted and fails to accomplish the goal. Sometimes, however, the goal is achieved, and a new goal is set the next time around.

Exit plans are also made in the BLA before the next reincarnation. The soul is told to create a few different exit plans so that she can expire (die) at a point of choice, although she won’t remember this once she is back on Earth. If the soul decides she will die either at the age of twenty-eight, fifty-six, or ninety-two, it then depends on the circumstances which of these exit plans will take effect. If the soul accomplishes her goal already at twenty-eight, she will exit at that point. If she needs more time, fifty-six or ninety-two could be more appropriate. An unforeseen incident, of course, often happens that forces the soul to exit at a time that was not planned—often before the goal is achieved. Failure to achieve the goal during the lifetime may also force the soul to end that lifetime prematurely. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the person commits suicide, although this may be one option.

The BLA most likely began as a storage of souls, but the entire process became more sophisticated with time, until it reached the point where we are today, as told to us through regression therapy. Thus, as long as we’re letting ourselves become manipulated into going toward the Light, we are trapped in the “Recycling System.” This is the pattern we need to break! What I’ve described above can, for the most part, be backed up by regression witnesses and from channeled material, and some of it is conclusions on my part, after having spent a lot of time attempting to connect the dots. It seems to me that this must be very close to how it really works. What I know for a fact, due to overwhelming evidence, is that going to the Light means coming back to Earth, and refusing to go through the tunnel means freedom from additional reincarnations. The choice must be up to each individual.

The Between Life Area became an important part of the whole Control System, and in many cases, the deceased doesn’t even need guidance anymore, but recognizes the Light and the Tunnel and goes there on her own, remembering the incredible feeling of love that met her every time she went there after she had died. Besides souls who have increased their consciousness recently, very few have even thought about escaping the trap, I’m sure, since the day it was set up by the AIF.  

iii.i. More on How to Escape Lucifer’s Afterlife Trap

I can understand if it may sound scary to choose not to go to the Light because many of us are afraid of the unknown—whereas, the Light feels “safe” because we’ve gone there so many times, and “everybody else” who went there seems to have done just fine. However, remember that you are being multidimensional every single night you go to sleep and dream. This is a taste of what is awaiting after we die—except, after we die, we are in charge of our “dreams” and can create consciously what we create unconsciously during REM sleep.

However, this only gives a partial picture, so let’s get a little bit more into detail about what I have learned recently on the details about escaping the AIF Afterlife Trap once and for all.

Those who have come to the point in their awareness level that they are reading this don’t have to worry about getting “stuck” in the ether and become a “lost soul.” The reader of this material is far beyond that because you know too much. Instead, when you die, you will most probably be approached by your guide of guides as usual, and he or she wants to help you “cross over,” and if you allow this, it will lead you through the Tunnel. In some cases, there are no guides in the beginning, and the Tunnel will open up in front of you, but at a distance. Normally, souls feel the attraction and gravitation from the Tunnel and start moving toward it, consciously or unconsciously—like a leaf being sucked in by a vacuum cleaner.

Here, I believe, it’s a good idea to put up a list, in order to easier absorb the information I’m about to give you.

1.       Instead of letting yourself be “hypnotized” by its attraction, turn and look in the opposite direction (you will have 360° vision, and you can still concentrate on looking in a certain direction) and move away from the Tunnel (you do this by “thinking” yourself as moving—it’s all about thoughts and intention in this dimension). Remember, you, as a soul of Fire, are far stronger than the centrifugal force that pulls you toward the Tunnel. Don’t try to fight it—that’s not the way to do it. Instead, think yourself away from it! The Tunnel with the Light on the other side of it is a sophisticated hologram, and all you need to do is to think yourself in another direction, and the Tunnel will fade away.

2.      Soon you will see the Grid as a fuzzy “barrier” in front of you, or above you (there are no ups and downs or left and right in space). You will also see that it has holes in it—like a Swiss cheese. Move through one of these holes.

3.      You will now see the Universe the way it is, i.e. you will now be truly interdimensional. This means you will see a much larger universe than you are used to. This is possible because you are outside the Grid, and you’re not in a programmed body—you are meeting the Universe as a pure spirit of Fires with an Avatar, which is your mind. When astronauts are allowed outside the Grid, they are still restricted by their bodies and will remain in 3-D, but on a slightly higher vibration because the Earth is tilted and the Grid is no longer doing its work on these astronauts.

What you experience outside the Grid, as a discarnate spirit, can be quite overwhelming and impressive. Probably for the first time, you see the Universe as it really is, with the KHAA and everything. When you read this, you are still limited with your five senses, but a good idea is to prepare yourself mentally for what is out there. It’s not at all going to be a negative experience, just very different! You will also see the Space War that is going on in the solar system, and you will notice the soldiers fighting in other dimensions, which you now are going to have access to. In order to prepare, a recommended reading is my free e-book, “Beyond 2012—a Handbook for the New Era.” There are of course other materials that you can use as well—these papers will also do the job.

4.      As a Fire riding an Avatar, you are now free to go more or less anywhere in the Universe. I talked earlier about “Universities”—that certain star systems work as universities do here on Earth. You may go there and explore what they have to offer, to see if it interests you, but the more appropriate or easier way would be to first know what you want to do or what you want to learn. Let’s say you want to learn about how to build interdimensional space crafts. Then you think yourself to a university that teaches that, and you will nanotravel there as fast as you think it. As I see it, you need to concentrate on that thought, so it becomes dominant over your other thoughts at that moment—that’s all you need to do. 

I have talked to a few humans who are able to nanotravel—one of them gained the ability after a serious car accident. He said that we have nothing to worry about—once we’re free from our bodies, we know automatically how to do this. In the beginning, not only will we be stunned but also impressed. We will think it’s fun and probably want to play around with it. The fear and anxiety we may have while in our bodies are gone once we enter the spirit world.

Once you’re at a university, you will meet with star beings who will ask you what you wish to do. If your aura and your chakras are open like a book, they will already know because you communicate telepathically, but if it’s closed—either because of fear, or intentionally, to protect your thoughts—they will not know. Once they are told, they will advise you whether you qualify or not. If you don’t, you can ask them where you should go first to eventually qualify for their dimension of learning. 

If you want to go to Orion, you think yourself there and you will stand before the “Gates of the Orion Empire,” and a similar procedure will take place. You may want to tell them that you are a human soul, and you may most likely qualify to get into the higher dimensions of the KHAA, but once “inside,” you will find out which University level you qualify for, depending on your current knowledge as a spirit, what you want to do, and your personality.

5.      You may instead just want to travel around in the Universe as a Soul/Avatar and explore before you decide to find a new “home.” You will notice that you can think yourself anywhere and you will get there, but also you can create your own environment as you wish—similar to what Q did in Star Trek. You may want to have fun with that for a while, too, before you do anything else. Remember that you can’t really get lost because if you don’t know where you are, you can think yourself to be anywhere—even back in the solar system, if you wish.

6.      You will most certainly also meet with other beings as you think yourself away. You can tell them you’re not interested (in a polite manner), or you can join them. First, however, feel out their energies and trust your intuition! If you are still uncertain, ask where they come from and why they want your company. Always shield yourself with a golden aura by thinking it up around yourself, and make sure not to have any holes in it. You will find out for yourself that it works!

Remember that just because your creators happen to be Orions, it doesn’t mean you have to go there if you don’t want to. No one will hold that against you, and you can always go there later, whenever you want to. You may even choose to join a group of beings you like and co-create an interdimensional reality—either in space, on a planet, in a star, or in a nebula. The options are endless, only limited by your own creativity. You will notice that the Universe bends to your will, thoughts, and intentions.

Any of this sounds much better than to be recycled into slavery again, doesn’t it? We have the Fire of the Mother Goddess, so we are privileged that way –more so than other star races out there. Those out there who have access to the KHAA (just like you will) can also create without technology, but as a human soul, you automatically have access to the KHAA and to the Orion Empire, unless you’ve done things that are excessively harmful to the Empire, your fellow man, or other star races. Other star races will have to “earn” their way into Orion, while you can come in without any prerequisites, except for the ones I just mentioned.

What you do miss out on (perhaps only temporary, but still) is the loss of your human body, in case you decide not to reincarnate on Earth again. In an upcoming paper, I will discuss more about the incredible vessel we call the human body, what it is capable of, and what it can do for you as a Fire/Avatar. Once that is explained and you want to continue going back to Earth in the next incarnation to inhabit one of these vessels again—this time with a higher level of knowledge—you can. You don’t have to go into the Tunnel in order to do that. You can reincarnate on Gaia without “help” from the AIF, but you would still have amnesia. However, you would operate on a higher level here on Earth than you’ve done so far, and with time, you will expand your awareness and your consciousness even more. If you choose this path, you will help rebuilding the Library, and the reward will be a body I will be talking about later. The choice is yours, and there is no right or wrong choices here—it’s entirely up to you. The only thing I advise everybody to do is to avoid the Tunnel and the Light!  

IV. Babylon the Great—Setting the Records False

After the water level from the Deluge had subsided and the planet became more stable, it was noted that the northeastern part of Atlantis had managed to stay above the oceanic surface during the Flood, and this part of former Atlantis later became the British Isles of today. The great stone circle of Avebury now was used as another interdimensional doorway for various star systems, such as Sirius, the Pleiades, and Arcturus,[15] which were all, to a large degree, now under’s dominance. This way,’s Minions could travel in and out of our solar system and to their own star systems, although strict security, which will make our International Airport Security look like a joke, was certainly in place.  

iv.i. AIF Leaders Promoted to Khan Kings, and becomes Ea

Minions who had been promoted to leaders of a certain star system or a part of a certain star system, now took on Orion names and titles, such as Khan Kings, to mock Khan En.lil’s title. “Khan” is an Orion male title, while “Vulcan,” “Vulk[h]an,” or “Vulvakhan,” is female. Both titles are, as they imply, related to the term “KHAA.” and those who were closest to him, belonging to the so-called Clan or the “House of,” now also took on female names and titles, in addition to their original ones, and from the Babylonian times forward, researching the Sumerian-Babylonian-Akkadian records can be quite confusing and challenging because there is so much syncretism—particularly since and Marduk decided to change things around in the older records.

Lucifer no longer used his title (Lord/God of Earth)  but instead became known as Ea (House of Water)[16], which denotes the “Primordial Waters”—another term for the KHAA. The term Ea originally stems from E-Abzu, which is a title for Khan En.lil. In other words, Ea is not an appropriate title for Lucifer either because he stole it from the real Khan King of Orion.

From being able to close the stargates and safeguard the Ar-i-du domain, he promoted himself, and in a sense took Khan En.lil’s title—self-proclaimed, of course. I will also mainly call him Ea from hereon because this is one of the dominant titles Lucifer was known as in Babylonian times.  

iv.ii. Marduk Rises to Power in Babylon

The Babylonian-Akkadian Empire has always been assigned to Marduk. In conventional history, we learn that many different (human) kings were ruling in Babylon and in the vicinities of the Empire itself. Although that was true, Marduk was the one in charge behind the scenes. We learn very little about this in conventional history books because if they told us the truth, the historians would need to explain how Marduk could get so old. In fact, you may find references in mainstream history that Marduk actually died and was buried, and his son was Alexander the Great. Whether Alexander really was one of Marduk’s bastard sons or not, I don’t know at this point, but it would probably be fairly easy to research. However, it’s outside the scope of this paper.

Lord Ea would never give up his own power, but he let his son Marduk rule while he was busy doing other things. Hence, it seems as if Ea more or less disappeared from history at that point, only to return to power again, apparently with some help from his son (or that’s what it looked like) during the time of the Babylonian Empire.

Babylon, with a new race of humans evolving who had amnesia and couldn’t remember anything prior to their current lifetime, was the Era when Ea could claim the supremacy of the “Gods,” imprinting in humans that he was the Lord of the Universe, and no one else could compete.

He did this by having himself and his son taking on the personae of the “Supreme Gods” of Orion. They both used alter egos to accomplish this because the old records from ancient times were still around, and they did not have access to them all. Therefore, the best way they could accomplish this was to take on the personae of the Gods and Goddesses of the Heavens. So, when we research the old mythologies—whether it’s the Sumerian texts, the Vedas, the Incan mythos, the Mayans, or any other mythology, tradition, or culture—we find the same beings showing up in all parts of the world—under other names!

This must be understood by the researcher, or everything else after that will be a series of incorrect conclusions. What many have problems with is that there seems to be an abundance of deities all over the world, and therefore, many think that if these deities are visitors, they must be coming from different star systems, independent from each other. Thus, we talk about the Dracos, the Reptilians, the Nordics, the Grays, the Insectoids, the Praying Mantas, and all the rest of them. In our ignorance, we have created our own illusion of what is going on in the Heavens.

I am not disputing that all these beings I just mentioned exist in a sort of way, but I do claim, backed up by evidence existing on this planet and not amongst channeled entities, that these star beings are not separate from each other. They generally belong to one of the two sides in the Cosmic War—they are either Lucifer’s Fallen Angels, or they belong to Khan En.lil’s and Queen Nin’s Orion Empire. It’s as simple as that, and this is why I have stuck to writing about the “Anunnaki” because they are really the visitors to this planet, as far back as 500,000 years, at least. Before that, the Earth was mainly visited by the Orion/Vegan crew, led by Prince Ninurta.

In addition, I am not saying that long before Lucifer came to Gaia, there haven’t been other civilizations from space who have visited this planet in distant ancient times (footprints have been found on Earth that are half a billion years old)[17], but these beings, who most people call the Anunnaki, are our so-called “aliens.” They come from different star systems, and from an interdimensional viewpoint, they may look different from each other, but they are still working for Lucifer!

I was listening to a Pleiadian CD the other day, and in that lecture, someone asked them how Pleiadians look like, and I found their answer quite interesting.[18] They said that they themselves, who were speaking on the CD, are refugees from many different star systems and have gathered together to create a more peaceful environment in their part of the Pleiades, and they are “energy beings,” meaning that they don’t have any regular, physical bodies in any dimension (although they can “mock” one up by changing the form of their Avatar), but the Pleiades is vast and consists of many, many different beings. They said that those souls who inhabit physical bodies such as ours (and they are talking about 3-D bodies here) are all created following the “human template,” meaning that they have a head, two arms, two legs, and a torso. Then, they explained, the designers can decide how they want to modify that template—some beings may be small, others may be large and tall, and some can be blue and have psychic abilities (depending on how much DNA is activated), while others have less so. Some are giants. There are those who have hair, while others don’t, and so on. The reason I find this interesting is that we know that Ea fled to the Pleiades a few times and created hybrid races there, as he’s done here. Those whom the Pleiadians are talking about on the CD are exactly these hybrids that Ea—and probably Isis as well—created over there. These humanoids are also all working for Lucifer, although they don’t have the “Fire of the Goddess” as earth humans have. They are still our “space cousins.” Only the Goddess herself can create such a Fire connection, and although we know that Lucifer has tried, using technology, he has never managed to accomplish that goal, and he never will. Such a connection can of course not be created with technology, and technology and science are more or less the only thing a Lucifer has at his convenience.  

iv.iii. Syncretism and the Babylonian Empire

With that said, let’s return to Earth to see what Ea did when he took over the Pantheon and the personae therein. What we are talking about here is called syncretism, and the meaning of syncretism is as follows:


1. the attempted reconciliation or union of different or opposing 

principles, practices, or parties, as in philosophy orreligion.

2. Grammar . the merging, as by historical change in a language, of two or more categories in a specified environmentinto one, as, in nonstandard English, 

the use of was  with both singular and plural subjects, while in standard Englishwas  is used with 


subjects (except for you  in the second person singular) and were  with plural subjects.

1610–20;  < Neo Latin syncretismus  < Greek synkrētismós  union of 

Cretans, i.e., a united front of two opposing partiesagainst a common foe, derivative of 

synkrēt ízein ) to 

syncretize + -ismos -ism[19]

Of course, when a deity is either traveling around to different areas of the world and becomes known in different countries or different places, that deity may have at least one name for each place he or she has been to. Thus, we have Lucifer hidden behind the name in Sumeria, Ea in Babylon, Ptah and Osiris in Egypt, Poseidon in Greece, and Neptune in Rome. However, when we take time to research this, we immediately find that all these beings, under different names, are just one being, named differently in different parts of the world.

This is known by most researchers. However, that’s not the syncretism I’m discussing—it gets far more complex than that.

To begin, let’s concentrate only on the Sumerian Pantheon. Those who have studied the Sumerian Pantheon to any degree are fully aware of the Triad—Anu, En.lil, and In addition, we have their consorts (who are getting much less attention in the Patriarchal Hierarchy) and their children. Most people think that this is quite straightforward, but we have a problem already here.

All three of these names are not really names, but titles. Anu means “Heaven,” En.lil means “Lord of Air/Heaven,” and means “Lord of Earth.” The readers know by now that Anu can be replaced by yet another title—Khan En.lil, which literally means “King [and] Lord of the Air/Heaven.” Anu’s consort, An.tu, means “Heaven Female [more than one]” to translate it word by word, but it can loosely be said to mean “One of the Ladies of Heaven.” Nin.lil, who is En.lil’s consort, means “Mother Air” or “Mother Heaven.” Unbeknownst to most, there are at least two beings who carry the title “En.lil,” and those are Khan En.lil (Anu), and Prince En.lil (Anu’s son, Ninurta). Herein lies a huge confusion because in Babylon, Ea made sure there was only one En.lil, and that was his brother, Ninurta. Anu totally took over the title Khan En.lil. Last, we have,’s consort, which means “Lady Earth.”

The titles of the females can then be transferred onto any female the male deity may have a relationship with because, for example, is just a title, and means that she could be one of many consorts of’s (which is also true in his case).

Thus far, we have the En.lil confusion sorted out, but we have to be very careful when we look at references in mythology to make sure which “En.lil” is addressed—Father En.lil (Anu) or Prince En.lil (Ninurta). Just because it says En.lil in the reference, it doesn’t necessarily refer to Prince En.lil. In order to figure out whom it is referring to, we need more information. Does it mention who the consort is? The son? The daughter? It can be a very tedious detective work to get this right.

In order to take over the personae in the Pantheon, Ea needed to associate himself with them, being they male or female didn’t matter—he made sure that he was associated to both. This was not a big deal, however, because in Orion, everybody associates with being females foremost, and males second, as we discussed in Level II.

In an earlier paper in Level IV, we talked about Ninhursag. We learned that this was a name given to the Goddess by her son, Ninurta, as an honorable gesture when he was given the Ar-i-du solar system as a gift from his mother and father. Ninhursag means “Lady of the Mountain,” and the mountains were Ninurta’s domain. However, if we research Ninhursag shallowly, we see that she is also’s consort in some regard and was the female who helped with creating mankind. In other words, according to these records, Homo sapiens have Ninhursag’s genes, foremost, together with’s genes, and some other genes from elsewhere as well. This is one instance when we need to look at syncretism. Because of flaws in researcher’s translations and because of distortion of records, many people now think that worked with Ninhursag to create mankind, which is false. Ninhursag is Mother Goddess herself, who had nothing to do with’s creation. As we know, she was strongly against it., as we know, in fact, destroyed “Ninhursag’s” humanoid species to create his own model of humans. However, if we dig just a little bit deeper, we soon find that Ninhursag is the Mother Goddess and not’s consort (I showed evidence of this in Paper #2). Unfortunately, we also have “mediums” who confuse the matter even more by saying that married his own mother, which is of course not true. Since took over Gaia, she wants to have nothing to do with him, unless he redeems himself.

The reason why we still can find the truth behind the alteration of records that took place in Babylon is because the old records, to a certain degree, still exist, if we only take the time to look. In research of any kind, it’s imperative to look at details, but perhaps more so than ever if we research the old cuneiform and other ancient texts. Sometimes, as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s also a matter of reading what is not written into the records, if that makes sense.

In any case, by associating himself with the Goddess, via Ninhursag, Ea came a little closer to also associating himself to Satania, the inner sanctuaries of the Orion Empire. Later on, after he had been castrated by his brother in Rigel, Ea took on the cloak of the Goddess and became “feminine” by what we may call an “interdimensional gender change.” In the Artemis story, if the reader can recall from a previous paper, also cloaked himself as the Goddess and did so under other circumstances as well, which have been discussed in these papers.

As the reader notices, we also need to have a multidimensional attitude in order to correctly research this subject because these beings are multidimensional, and thus act as such. This is why I’ve spent so much time explaining multi-d from many different angles in previous papers. If I hadn’t and the reader hadn’t studied it elsewhere, he or she would have been lost by now.

When we dig even deeper than that into the Pantheon, we find a lot of other very interesting syncretism. We notice that Ea goes under an incredible number of different names and titles. Not only is he Neptune, Poseidon, Ptah, and Osiris, but he is also Zeus, Quetzalcoatl, Thoth, Nergal, Nannar, Sin, Ningishzidda, Oannes, and a myriad of other personae. Nonetheless, in the old records from Babylonian times, it’s pretended that many of these entities are different persons, when in fact, they are one and the same!

The list goes on and on. If we go to the Hindu, Veda, Inca, Aztec texts or generally to any ancient text we know of, we find the same deities everywhere! Still, that’s not all. The most interesting thing is that despite these almost overwhelming number of god and goddess names mentioned in ancient texts, and we have looked at syncretism, it all boils down to only a few deities under different disguises. Also, Ea took on the personae of Khan En.lil, the Goddess and his brother, Ninurta—none of them were even here on Earth at the time. Hence, all the energy that people sent to the deities of the Orion Empire through prayers and sacrifices was engulfed by Ea himself because here on Earth—on a multidimensional level—he had taken on them all—but foremost, Khan En.lil’s persona. This is symbolically told in the texts, where it sometimes says that killed Apsu (or Abzu), and he now dwells in the carcass of Apsu, while others interpret it as if Ea put Apsu “in a long sleep.” We know that the original Apsu (Khan En.lil) is still alive and well, so similar to when Marduk symbolically “slayed” Tiamat, Ea “slayed” Apsu. Both incidents are symbolic for when Lucifer came and took over our solar system and chased away the Original Planners.

Without boring the reader too much, I’d like to add a few references to clearly make my point. Apsu was known to be Khan En.lil, as we can see in many references. The following is one of them, taken from a website that lists Babylonian gods and goddesses. Tiamat, as we know, is the Mother Goddess who was defeated by Marduk, according to Enûma Eliš, the Babylonian Creation Story:

The Babylonian god Apsu is Tiamat’s husband, the ruler of gods and underworld oceans. Father of Lahmu, Lahamu, Anshar and Kishar. Ea killed him.[20]

Then we’ll see, if we look up a reference for, that he now took over the role of Apsu and is thus promoting himself as the “Father God”—the Ruler of the Universe:

Considered the master shaper of the world, god of wisdom and of all magic, Enki was characterized as the lord of the Abzu (Apsu in Akkadian), the freshwater sea or groundwater located within the earth. In the later Babylonian epic Enûma Eliš, Abzu, the “begetter of the gods”, is inert and sleepy but finds his peace disturbed by the younger gods, so sets out to destroy them. His grandson [sic] Enki, chosen to represent the younger gods, puts a spell on Abzu “casting him into a deep sleep”, thereby confining him deep underground. Enki subsequently sets up his home “in the depths of the Abzu.” Enki thus takes on all of the functions of the Abzu, including his fertilising powers as lord of the waters and lord of semen.[21]

Although it becomes evident that Ea “stole” the persona of Apsu/Khan En.lil, it states in the Babylonian texts that Ea is the “Lord of the Waters” and the “Lord of the Apsu,” which is defined as the “Underworld,” interestingly enough. Who else is connected with the Underworld? Nergal and Ereškigal are. However, there is no chance that Ea could be the Lord of the Waters (waters being a metaphor for the Universal Ocean, or the KHAA) when that title was already Khan En.lil’s, the Elder God. Ea chasing Khan En.lil out of the solar system doesn’t make him Lord of the Universe—it only does for a being with psychopathic tendencies—someone a psychiatrist would diagnose as having an antisocial personality.

Perhaps, I should also mention, while we’re talking about the KHAA, that Ka in the old Egyptian language means soul,[22] which I think is interesting. The 4% Universe is the 3-D physical universe, while the KHAA is dark matterand the spirit universe. The Ka does also have to do with “breathing” the soul into existence so that it can attach to the baby’s body, according to Egyptian beliefs.[23] If you recall, the Goddess “breathed out” the Universe in the beginning, as was told in Level II. Things are, thus, on some level, connected in one way or the other.

The conclusion, in regards to syncretism, is quite obvious, but it is something that most people have missed when they have researched the ancient records. Still, these are just a few examples of many. It’s very easy to miss these things, however, because if we misinterpret an important reference earlier on, we will not be able to get the rest correct, either, and we miss obvious conclusions, such as the one between Apsu and Ea. The confusion, of course, is not accidental, but by design. Ea and his son didn’t want to make it easy for those who came later and wanted to translate and interpret the records that he and his son had tampered with.

These few beings, who appear to be so many, basically consist of Ea, his son Marduk, Isis, and Ereškigal, Queen of the Underworld. So, in reality, it is more or less only four beings who are passing themselves off as many more! Thus, I have just revealed the four entities who rule our planet behind the scenes! If I really want to narrow it down, I would take Isis out of the equation because she has rebelled against her husband, Ea, and is on the run from him and the rest of the AIF. The real Triad, in command of the Earth, consists of Ea, his consort Ereškigal, and Marduk. On the flip side, the earthly Triad corresponds with, and works as a counterpart to, the Heavenly Triad, consisting of Queen Nin, Khan En.lil, and Prince Ninurta.

I have already exposed some of this and showed evidence of its validity, but more proof will follow as we move on.

I must emphasize again that there are no guarantees that the older records, with which Ea and Marduk tampered, are totally correct either. There are probably no records whatsoever, preserved or hidden here on Earth, that are genuinely correct. Those who wrote them may have had their own agenda, and may, therefore, have omitted or added to the true story. All we can do in that respect is to connect the dots as well as we can with what we have and make some sense out of it. This is when it becomes fortunate to have other sources as well, telling their version of history, sometimes independent from both the records and each other. Some channeled material can be helpful in this respect, as well as, perhaps, anonymous sources, who for any given reason may know more than what the rest of us do, and we feel that we can really trust them. There is of course always a chance of deceit that comes into play, but sometimes, there are tools we can use to see whether a source is genuine or not, and regardless of what others may think about it, the person who’s got that “genuine source” sometimes knows that it’s a genuine one and is, therefore, not overly concerned about what other people think.  

iv.iv. Ruling with Help from the Zodiac

Now, when we have narrowed down all these gods and goddesses to three or four deities, it’s time to look at rulership in regards to the Zodiac. Sitchin and others say that different deities ruled in different Ages of the Zodiac, e.g. Yahweh ruled in the Age of Aries, and now, when the Age of Aquarius is coming up, many think that this is the Age of Ea (Aquarius equating “House of Water,”), and therefore, they are waiting for Ea to show up in one disguise or another. In this particular case, I would say they are correct, but only by coincidence because Ea has ruled all the time, regardless of which Age it was been—at least the last 500,000 years or so.

The Zodiac, as we see it, has an elliptic movement. Let’s, for arguments sake, say that the Zodiac keeps this elliptic movement because it rides on galactic currents. At each “Age,” a certain galactic current may be stronger than the other, so to be in charge, as one of the gods, one would have to take control over that specific galactic current. For example, if we go into the Age of Aquarius, it is the being who takes control over the House of Aquarius who will rule. He will enter the Sun via the House of Aquarius, so once again, we have the Sun as a “gate”—literally a “stargate”—a regulating force of energies that can pass through at certain times. So, if this is true, all it would take would be for one being to “jump” from one House of the Zodiac to the next, in a clockwise motion, and thus be in charge of time. Then we have another “stargate,” in connection with the first stargate—the Sun. This second stargate is Saturn, known as “Father Time,” interestingly enough.[24]

Fig. 4. “Detail of Father Time in the Rotunda Clock (1896) by John Flanagan, Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C.”

With this in mind, who would be the “jumper” between Houses? The answer is, of course, Lucifer/ Many are, as I mentioned, anticipating that Ea is coming back now in the Age of Aquarius because Aquarius equates water, but what about Pieces, the sign we are about to leave? Doesn’t that equate water, as well as fish? Who is associated with fish? Jesus Christ. Isn’t it appropriate to presume, then, that Ea and Jesus (Ea-Su, or Ea-Zeus) are the same deity? If so, doesn’t that indicate that Ea was in charge during Pieces as well? Although I am claiming that Ea has been in charge the last half a million years or so, I believe that I have to point this out because I haven’t seen many people making the connection—or if they have, they may have discarded it because they really want Ea to come back very soon, thinking he is the returning Messiah in the Age of Aquarius, and thus could not possible have anything to do with Pieces, which is erroneous. However, if Ea shows up in the disguise of the Messiah, he will be the “Second Coming” in the Bible but certainly not the Second Coming that good-hearted people are waiting for. Lucifer is never coming with freedom, he’s coming with slavery.

Our mythology, naturally, is also talking about these “Zodiac Jumpers,” who in actuality are just one being—Lucifer—or Osiris, as is pointed out by some sources. The informative “” teaches us about the Zep Teti:

Along with the list of mythological gods we find encoded in the grid stories of the creation of the human experiment, we find the Zep Tepi. Within the void called Time and Space there are those who move from reality to reality creating the programs in which souls experience. They move through the place known as Zero Point, where matter and antimatter merge to create new realities. It is the place where positive and negative collide to destroy matter and recreate again.

Zep Tei refers to “First Time”, a remote epoch prior to ancient Egypt. It is a place of awakening and a place of forgetfulness. It is the beginning and the end of all and everything. It is the home of the creational forces, those who bend and shape realities through sound, light and color. The term Zep, Zipper, closing and opening, rips in time, movement through space time, DNA is a polymer or encoded DNA.

Zep Tepi is Genesis. Zep means Time. Tepi means First. Together they are the First Time or the Golden Age of Alchemy where the gods moved through the Void and created the grids of our reality. We know them as the Egyptian Gods highlighted by Osiris who is associated with Orion, god of resurrection and rebirth. They allegedly came to this reality, loosely based on the precession of the equinoxes, approximately 12,500 year ago.

At Zep Tepi, the constellation Orion acknowledged as the most significant constellation to the ancient Egyptians, was at its lowest position in the southern sky. From Zep Tepi onward, precession of the equinoxes has been gradually carrying Orion/Osiris higher and higher in the sky. The Sphinx is positioned such that in 10,500 BC – time of Zep Tepi – give or take a few hundred years, a remarkable astronomical arrangement of the Sun, Orion, and the constellation of Leo occurred. Leo, Lion, Crown, King.

Aker signifies the horizon, the point where night turns to day, where day turns to night – Zero Point or Zep Tepi. It is depicted as two lions seated back to back, facing away from each other. They are also called Yesterday and Tomorrow, as one lion faces towards the east where the sun rises and begins the new day, the other lion faces west where the sun sets and descends into the Underworld.[25] Aker also guards the gate to the Underworld and opens it for the King to pass through. We also find this pattern on the breastplate of the Sphinx and represents duality.

The area between the lions’ backs often shows the circle of the sun as if rising between two hills. This also signifies the sun’s journey across the sky during the day, as well as it being safely carried on the back of Aker during its dangerous night journey in the Underworld each night. Aker was not worshipped in temples as a Netjer. He was more connected perhaps to the primeval concepts and Earth powers.

According to a prominent Ancient Egyptian myth, the legendary Gates of the Afterworld were guarded by two gigantic lions or sphinxes called Aker. In New Kingdom tomb drawings the aker-sphinx of the eastern gate sits proud with its hind parts in a hollow. Underneath it can be seen an curious underground stream or duct. Behind the lion towers a huge mound or pyramid and under it is found a large, oval chamber which appears to be hermetically sealed.

In this mysterious chamber it said to be some lofty secret, no doubt from the ‘gods’ who ruled the land of Egypt during the remote epoch of Zep Tepi -‘The First Time’. This strange chamber was called the ‘House of Sokar’ in Rostau. The resemblance with the Sphinx complex at Giza is uncanny. Giza, in ancient time, was called Rostau. Sokar, a hawk-headed deity, was identified as Horus.[26]

This quote is full of great references to what we’ve been talking about, and the more time we read through it, the more we will find.  

iv.v. Nimrod and the Tower of Babel

I believe we need to set the record straight, as well, when it comes to the Tower of Babel because it has created so much confusion—both in the times when the Tower incident was supposed to have happened and today, when the scholars are very divided on this subject, to say the least.

The Bible, and some ancient texts, indicate that King Nimrod of Shinar was in charge of those who built the Tower of Babylon. We know that, symbolically, the Tower was intended to be built into the Heavens, so the mortals could mingle with the gods (or the “God” in the Old Testament) and become immortal, just like them. When the gods found out what was going on, they were furious and destroyed the Tower. People were now scattered all over the world, and after talking the same language, they now had to speak different languages so that they could no longer understand each other.

Period. End of story.

Or is it really? Let’s backtrack and take a look. If we start with Nimrod—who was this man? The Bible, which is a rewrite of old ancient texts (which, in turn, are rewrites of even older texts) tells us that Nimrod was the great-grandson of Noah. This would make him a hybrid king, wouldn’t it? Half blood and half human, if we take it for granted that Noah’s sons and grandsons kept the bloodline “clean.” Assumingly, this was what they did. The question is, was Nimrod really Noah’s great-grandson?

If we look in the records, we also see that it’s often repeated that he was a “great” or “mighty hunter,”[27] which are titles for Ninurta and the Mother Goddess. We know that none of the two were here at the time—instead, we understand that Ea took on multiple personae when he had scribes rewrite history in Babylon. Ea took on the characters of both Ninurta and the Goddess at times, and often called himself the “great hunter.” Also, Nimrod is depicted in the “Tanakh” (the Jewish “Oral Torah”) as a man of power “in the earth.”[28] The man of power “in the earth” (the Underworld) was Nergal/ Then, Shinar, over which Nimrod was supposed to have been the King, was, according to the records, some unspecified region of Mesopotamia,[29] so, in other words, he was a Sumerian King.

This put together sounds mysteriously similar to the Orion god Ea. The “hints” are still there in the records, as we can see, but they are overridden by newer information, including Nimrod being Noah’s descendent, and hence, a hybrid king. Therefore, the Tower of Babel incident is blamed on a hybrid who never existed in the form described, and the “God” of the Bible was blamed for being the furious one who separated people with different languages.

How about if, before the Flood, everybody spoke the same language, which still was the Orion language (and in some cases, telepathy) taught to the Primordial Namlú’u by Ninurta and Khan En.lil? After the Flood, building a new mankind, whom he wanted total control over, wouldn’t it be easier for the controller if he made sure that there was a language barrier between different people and different nations so that they couldn’t join together as easily? Then, if we look at the indicators, suggesting who King Nimrod may have been, we have a certain scenario played out before us.

The whole Tower of Babel metaphor could then, hypothetically, if we are to believe these findings, be Ea playing both sides of the coin and confusing the languages in people, who started becoming a little too smart and too close to the gods when it came to knowledge. An adjustment of the DNA would be appropriate for Ea, in order to resolve that problem. After all, who was it that became overly furious when people started building the Tower for the purpose of being like the gods? Well, according to the Old Testament, it was God himself who became furious, and his solution was to confuse the languages. Then, who was the “God” of the Old Testament? Exactly, it was Lucifer/!

Fig 5. Ninus equating Ea/

The consort of Nimrod was said to be Semiramis[30], and if we research her, it says that her consort was King Ninus of Assyria. Consequently, who was King Ninus? When I looked, I found that in some records, Ninus is the same person as Nimrod,[31] who certainly seems to have been himself (more syncretism).

BUT there is more. Let’s not forget about Semiramis. Who was she? I bet that very few readers have heard of her. Now, if we conclude that King Ninus is Nimrod, and Nimrod is, then Semiramis must be either Ereškigal, Queen of the Underworld, or Isis/Inanna/Ishtar because these two goddesses were his main consorts, as we have discovered earlier. So, let’s take a look at Semiramis.

Minister Alexander Hislop, in his 1853 book, “The Two Babylons,” also suggests that Semiramis, indeed, is Nimrod’s consort. Not only that—he also tells us who Semiramis really is. He wrote, to support his claim:

According to Hislop, Semiramis invented polytheism in an effort to corrupt her subjects’ original faith in the God of Genesis. She deified herself as Ishtar and her son as Gilgamesh, as well as various members of her court and her then deceased husband.

In support of his claim, Hislop talked about legends of Semiramis being raised by doves. He referred to the writings by the church’s Ante-Nicene Fathers to suggest that these stories began as propaganda invented and circulated by Semiramis herself, so her subjects would ascribe to her the status of Queen of Heaven [citation needed] and view her child as divine.

Hislop believed Semiramis’ child to be the Akkadian deity Tammuz, a god of vegetation as well as a life-death-rebirth deity.[32]

Thus, not only did Hislop claim that Semiramis was Ishtar (’s consort), but also that she would ascribe herself as the Orion Queen, which of course, is the case in the “fantasy world” which and Ishtar created, where became Ea, the “Lord of the Primordial Waters,” and his spouse became the Queen of the Stars. Her child is Marduk or Horus, who in the ancient texts was indeed considered divine—son of Osiris/, and Ishtar/Isis. Tammuz and Horus are one and the same, as we have talked about earlier.

Hislop apparently figured out quite a lot, as we can see here:

He maintained that all divine pairings in religions e.g. Isis/Osiris, Aphrodite/Cupid, and others, are retellings of the tale of Semiramis and Tammuz, and that this was then applied to Mary/Jesus in Catholicism, even though Christianity does not support a special divinity of Mary rather the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The figure of Semiramis was later developed into the Blessed Virgin Mary, according to Hislop’s book. Hislop used this in support of his claim that Roman Catholicism is in fact paganism.

Hislop took literary references to Osiris and Orion as “seed of woman” as evidence in support of his thesis.[33]

Here, Hislop also gives reference to Orion and the “seed of women,” which I find quite astonishing, taking into consideration that this was in 1853!

Last, Semiramis, as the consort of Nimrod/, was also considered a harlot. Who else was considered a harlot? Well, we know her from the Bible, but also from Enûma Eliš, the Babylonian Creation story, as Inanna/Ishtar/Isis. Here is from Armenian legend:

Armenian tradition portrays her [Semiramis] as a homewrecker and a harlot. These facts are partly to be explained by observing that, according to the legends, in her birth as well as in her disappearance from earth, Semiramis appears as a goddess, the daughter of the fish-goddess Atargatis, and herself connected with the doves of Ishtar or Astartë.[34]

In this tradition, she is also the daughter of the fish-goddess Atargatis, who through syncretism is associated with Ishtar and Inanna.[35] This is again where we can see how records have been tampered with because Semiramis/Isis can’t be both the daughter of Isis/Ishtar and being Isis herself. The confusion lies in that Isis was not the daughter of to begin with, but she was the daughter of Ninurta, as I pointed out earlier. However, took her as a consort after he had raped her, and he also claimed her as his daughter—erroneously so. If we set the records straight, the above quote makes more sense. However, we can see in the Armenian tradition that Semiramis, who is Isis/Inanna, is considered the Harlot, which we know is associated with Inanna.[36]

We also see the association with fish gods and goddesses, which is something that is related to Ea as well, in his appearance as the fish god Oannes, who ascends from the water as a “fish man”—a man with a fish head and a human torso. The fish head has since then been adopted by the Pope and the Catholic Church, in the form of the “Mitre.” The Catholic Church is big-time Luciferian (see fig. 6)

Fig 6. The Popes, throughout history, have been wearing the “Mitre,” which is a symbol of Oannes, another version of Ea/Lucifer.

As the readers can see, in order to figure out how things are connected, taking syncretism into deep consideration when doing this kind of research is imperative, or it is impossible to figure out our own history.

In summary, it was Ea himself, as Nimrod, who confused the languages in the Bible and the old Babylonian texts, in the incident called the Tower of Babel, and he did this by playing both sides of the story, blaming the entire incident on a king who never existed, except through syncretism (Nimrod = Ea)  and a God that was non-existent as well, except through syncretism (Ea = Jehovah/YHWH).[37] The Everlasting Babylonian Empire

The word “Babylon,” as far back as it can be traced at this time, stems from the Akkadian word Babili, which means “Gate of the God” or “Gateway of the God.” The earlier name, which is Babila, is of non-Semitic origins and has an unknown meaning.[38]Note that it says “God” in singular and not “Gods” in plural. This is because in Babylon, Marduk was the God with a capital “G,” and he and his father did the best they could to erase the memories of earlier times from the human mass consciousness, when other gods and goddesses had been worshipped. Sumer (or Shumer/Šumer), according to Sitchin, is translated to “The Land of the Watchers,” or “The Land of the Guardians.”[39]

Today, Iraq is the place where the old Babylonian Empire, with its capital, Babylon, was located. Of course, the reason for the Iraq War and the defeat of Saddam Hussein was to get access to the old artifacts that he was sitting on and to be able to safeguard what is buried underground. According to the Pleiadians, in many of their lectures, the “Anunnaki” still dwell under the Earth, and a “Gateway to the gods” can supposedly be found where Iraq is now located. The reason the U.S. needed access to Saddam’s land at that time was because time was running out, and the “return of the gods” was coming up. Iraq is still Ea’s and Marduk’s domains, and it is said, not only by Sitchin, that there is a stargate located somewhere in that neighborhood, being titled “The old Atlantis.” It is important for the U.S. to get in charge of that gate because that’s where some of the Minions are going to line up to “welcome the gods.” It is my own belief that it’s through that gate most of the Invaders, who are now coming in droves, in form of non-physicals, to possess those of the “correct” bloodlines, will enter. Saddam was probably quite furious that he was not the one who would stand there and welcome the major gods. Instead, they captured him and hanged him.

This Gate was probably created in Babylonian times, with the future in mind—remember that the gods are thinking long thoughts.

Most historians, I believe, say that the Babylonian Empire existed between approximately 2350-323BC, ending with the death of Alexander the Great.

Eventually, the Babylonian Empire “migrated” and became the Roman Empire. Not much changed—the same gods were worshipped—only the names changed, creating more syncretism. I am not going to go into talking about the Roman Empire and all the following empires because that’s something anyone can look into if they want to—if the groundwork been done in these papers fresh in mind, it should be somewhat easier to do. However, it’s just history repeating itself—the same control, the same kind of conflicts, and the same kinds of wars. When we think about it, we can see how convenient it is, from the gods’ perspective, when we have amnesia—we are unable to learn from history because our lifespan is so short, and the next time we come back, we have forgotten everything that occurred in the past lifetime. With history being manipulated and with immortal beings running the show, repeating history over and over, how are we supposed to be able to learn? We only know what we are being told, which is not the truth—not even close.

Including today, the same deities are worshipped, so the story remains the same, in that sense, over the millennia. Babylon, under whatever disguise, has never ceased to exist, and if we would have asked Saddam Hussein, he would certainly have considered “his” country being more Babylon than Iraq—just two different names for the same thing. Of course, Babylon at its peak, was much bigger than Iraq is today, but the core of Babylon still stands today, and is a very important outpost for the gods.

The AIF—and even those who were here prior to them—left a lot of records behind. Some of them have been found, but there are still a lot that are buried, waiting for the right time to “reveal themselves.” Records were left in the Underworld, Antarctica, East and South Africa, America, and Latin and South America.[40]

The number seven is an Anunnaki number as well as a Pleiadian number (the Seven Sisters), according to themselves.[41] The WingMakers, who are the AIF (Anunnaki), also stress the number seven when they talk about the seven Tributary Zones.[42]Again, according to the Pleiadians, the number seven will be the key to translating records.[43]

In the next paper, we are going to conclude what it is that and his son really want from us humans. We are also going to look into what kind of potentials our bodies actually have—potentials much greater than any of us had any ideas about. What is matter, and what is spirit? What is the difference between them, if any? In this respect, what is it the gods know that we don’t?

These are questions we will discuss in the next paper, which will be Paper #16.


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you,

Wes Penre


[2] Stephanie Dalley, New York, Oxford UP ©1991, “Myths from Mesopotamia”, ed. and trans. p. 33, op. cit.

[3] When taking part of data coming from government employed remote viewers, we need to use a lot of discernment because what they are telling us is often either disinformation or only a small part of the whole picture. The “Martian situation” makes a lot of sense, however—at least if we look at the general picture. The details may be slightly off, but I believe this part of the story is more or less correct. As we move on, the reason why I believe this to be the case will be more apparent.

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