Fourth Level of Learning, Appendix Paper A: Protocol of a Meeting Between Human and Extraterrestrial Galactic Representatives on Planet Earth in 2011

Published by Dr. A.R. Bordon, LPG-C, for the Linkage Institute Members in January 2011  
Posted at on Friday, March 7, 2014

i. Introduction to the 2010-2011 Plenum Meeting, Presented by Wes Penre

At the time of this meeting, the anticipations were overall quite great amongst us member of the Linkage Institute; at least amongst us who were relatively new to this group. Even those who had been connected with Life Physics Group—California since longs were, most of them, hoping for something big because we were closing in on 2012—the end of an Era, and the beginning of a new. LPG-C was very much into prophecies and their fulfillment.

In retrospect, when I read the protocol below, which Dr. A.R. Bordon of LPG-C sent out to us members, shortly after their return from the Plenum Meeting in January 2011, may seem fascinating in some ways, but now, after these events are supposed to have happened, it’s hard to prove if they really did happen or not. The reason for this, as the reader will see, is because whether the events occurred or not, and due to the the nature of the implications of events, we humans would never know either way.

 Therefore, take the Protocol any way you feel indicates to you, the reader. I am including it here, in the Fourth Level of Learning of the Wes Penre Papers because it may be in the public’s interest that I do so. At the time when the Protocol was first released, it was highly confidential, and could only be read by LPG-C and the members of the Linkage Institue, but times have changed. Dr. Bordon is now diseased, but a few months before he passed away, he clearly stated that the time of secrecy is over, and from now on we should be working in the open.

Moreover, another member of the Inner Circle of the LPG-C posted this Protocol on his public facebook page about a year, to a year and a half, ago. Although he shortly thereafter removed his entire facebook from the Internet, he still gave a go-ahead to us to publish this material by being the first to do so. With this in mind, I am hereby publishing this material. 

 In addition, for the reader’s convenience, I have provided endnotes, including definitions and other clarifications to this protocol.

 I hope you enjoy the information!

May love and peace be with us all!

Wes Penre

Wes Penre,    

ii. The Protocol: Link Report from Extraterrestrial Meeting in 2011, by Dr. A.R. Bordon

Below please find capsule of what’s so far written for the report on a subject you’ll find interesting. This does not go out to the net. Not yet. Please.  

A. Executive Summary

The 13th Annual Gathering of the Link association took place between Wednesday 5 January and Friday 14 January, 2001 [sic. Correction: 2011], at an undisclosed location in the southern hemisphere of the American continent.  Present were all sitting members of the Link Gathering and 17 observers from 6 observer member biokinds. Present and attending from the Life Physics Group – California were A. R. Bordon, Managing Scientist, Robert B. Solingen, Director of Research, and James T. Traveler, Exopolitical Constituencies and Human Memes.

Sitting members of the Link came from planets and (star systems): BH-5 (Beta Hydris), MA-b (Mu Arae), UA-A/ua:c-d (Upsilon Andromedae), DhE-3X (Fomalhaut), HRE-2 (Gliese 86), CnC-c (55 Cancri), HD69830-c (HD69830) [Puppis Constellation], PhE-X (Pollux [twins]), 82E-5 (82 Eridani), 82E-4 (82 Eridani), 83L-B/a  (83 Leonis) Earth (Sol), and Sa.A.Mi. (Sol). Observer members came from Gliese 581-g, Gliese 581-f, GJ 1214b (OGLE-2005), PSR B1257+12 B (PSR), and two planets from the HD Iota Draconis b and 47 Ursae Majoris  systems.      

By biokind/biotypes,[1] those present were humanoids (16 different planet origins), sauroid[2] (eight different planet origins), hybrid humanoid/sauroid (2 different planet origins) and hybrid humanoid/crystalloids (2 different planet origins). 

In this Gathering, the Plenum[3] (all members present) focused on several areas of common interests and several other topical areas of particular interest to specific biokind groups present. The general areas of common interest were:

(1) meeting the challenge presented by the passing through aphelion of Sa.A.Mi./Nibiru and its effects on the inner solar system planets,

(2) scientific/technologic measures taken to ameliorate the main- and side-effects of said passing through,  

(3) the episodic presence of the itinerant gravitational wavefront[4] passing through the solar system in approximately 22 months, and   

(4) the petition of acceptance to the Linkage by the HumanOrg Linkage Institute[5], as represented by A. R. Bordon before the Plenum, including the global issue of one-connectivity singular set (core or critical mass of human beings on Earth aware, available and open to dealing with upcoming events involving extraterrestrial presence, catastrophic and natural-cause events related to the passage of Sa.A.Mi)[6]

Topical areas also dealt within grouping subsets of the present Plenum totality included the following:

(1)     the Sa.A.Mi. contest for hegemony as an overall context for the SAM [short for Ša.A.Mi., editor’s note.] exercise of measured restraining of surface cadre, including access to communications and face-to-face negotiations with known and potential allies.   

(2)     Low-intensity conflicts between GovOrg[7] memberships in favor of violent repression and extermination of all off-world membership on the surface and in near Earth space – Issues and useful contexts in which to open dialogue to manage and hopefully eliminate possible conflagrations due to official human xenophobic behavior and policies.   

(3)     Continuing need for expansion of population to resource planetary sites available in all star systems, including Earth (issues of [a] origin-biokind residence, [b] squatter’s rights[8] by any other biokind presently neither residing on nor originating from Earth, and [c] interbiokind frictions associated with these expansions. And,

(4)     The relationships between ontobioenergetic (biokinds) and ontoenergetic life forms (without physical/biological body-forms) in exopolitical terms – an issue that is about to concern us directly (as there are already ontobioenergetic groups as well as ontoenergetic forms vying for an alignment of Earth with any one of several such life forms. This was a topic of active, energetic participation by us and by those vying to establish client-relationships between us and them.

The Gathering came to a close at approximately noon (Pacific Standard Time) (3:00 pm local time) on Friday 14 January, with membership dispersal following the closing ceremony. A grand reception was given by LPG-C after the closing ceremony, attended by all Plenum members and some of the Observer Members.   

B. Scientific/Technologic Measures Taken to Ameliorate the Main- and Side-Effects of Said Passing Through

The chief measures devised, aligned and being taken currently are scientific/technological steps to stabilizing the space medium by means of spacetime/subquantal (S/Sq) stabilizers that work like beacons emitting broadband signals as electrostatic/electromagnetic and gravitational fields designed to strengthen the gravitational balance of a planet’s orbit. These are multiple nodal networks of special matter designed and fashioned like Arthur C. Clark’s monoliths in the film version of his 2001 Space Odyssey. These items are located along gravity pathways of all major astronomical objects up to the seventh planetary body from Sol. There are also nodes along all gravitational boundaries between astronomical objects (i.e., Laplace points or boundaries) to further strengthen the gravitational fields of the astronomical objects in question[9]. While new in its use as stability promotion networks, they are said to have performed very well in the last passage some 3,532 years ago (Sa.A.Mi. estimate converted into Earth years).  There is now available data to the intergroup consortium managing the system network from each of the major astronomical bodies, including substantial correlatable data from the incoming planetary object to construct an energetic level-appropriate intervention medium which can sustain electrostatic exchanges between the incoming and the four major inner planets without any major gravitational disruptions in orbital pathways, planetary wobble, polar changes, and FTEs (flux transfer event). FTEs are burst of reconnection at the Earth’s magnetopause, i.e., the boundary between terrestrial magnetic field lines and the interplanetary magnetic field. FTEs can be observed either via their signatures (in the magnetic field and plasma distributions) or by the effect they have on the ionosphere (pulsed flows and poleward-moving auroral and radar features).

An attempt at using a S/Sq stabilizer on Earth surface has failed to yield results similar to those in interplanetary space, and all attempts at directly affecting current and growing effects of interplanetary electrostatic and electro-gravitational interactions due to proximity effects between the incoming and Earth by means of said stabilizer have been abandoned. It appears that using such stabilizers on Earth surface have a reverse effect on the planetary eco- and weather systems. However, research on Earth continues along similar principles, but using other subquantal applications of electrogravitoenergetics (EGE) and mainline wormhole connector electroducts (MWCE). (Note of Editor [Tongue-in-cheek]: Nikola, where are you when we need you most?)  Some, but not all, of these applications make use of available HAARP and other generative EGEs in conjunction with the Earth’s MWCE. All of these campaigns involve Link Plenum members[10], who have been sufficiently forthcoming in informing us of their existence and results. This issue is also interwoven with the expected gravitational wavefront to pass through the solar system in approximately 22 months from now. It is expected that there will be time/space and space/time effects in ratios in which our solar system exists.

Thus, it is not altogether out of the question to consider that the effects of such a passage may affect all current ameliorative efforts by an effect known as “edit history.” Theoretical and experimental work continues on Earth with regards to cloaking as a means of looking at the edit history of an object. The idea is to create a tunnel through which an object could perform an action – move or change shape, for example – while appearing as though it is doing nothing at all.  The intent is to see if the entire planet could be phase shifted onto a parallel timeline to a timeline position after the passage while preserving configurations of desirable activities and technologies in relation to the original objective of said activities and technologies. This is not unlike the effect achieved in the Philadelphia port object translation of a large object (war ship), but on a much more ratio (time/space) encompassing than that achieved by Townsend Brown et al. See Part III for more.    

C. Episodic Presence of the Itinerant Gravitational Wavefront Passing Through the Solar System in Approximately 22 Months

The current forecast is in the 22 months range. That is, it is expected that the solar system would sustain the passage of an itinerant gravitational wavefront generated by a supernova explosion in the (find source for this) some (0000 light-years ago, find source for this as well). This is where things get interesting. A gravity wave is a different sort of animal, as it is not electromagnetic in nature, and does depend upon dark energy for its sustenance and does involve time in a most unexpected of ways.

In the American culture, to speak of time is to imply money and the making of money. In this itinerant gravity wavefront phenomenon, to speak of time is really to speak of sub-quantal energetics in the form of dark energy. This is the inhomogeneous vacuum energy that Vyacheslav Lukich Dyatlov spoke about so ably before our group (LPG-C) over a dec-ade ago. We already knew that gravity is not an electromagnetic force, that the graviton is but a mere assumption, virtual photon carry no gravitational charge, and electromagnetic fields have no gravitational mass. This then leads to the consideration of an isomorphism that holds the gravitational equivalent of a photon, which we on Earth have already dubbed it as the graviphoton. Our Link counterparts have something similar to this, which made discourse quite easy. All of this here is necessary as preview to an understanding of the potential disruptions that could be caused by the itinerant wavefront.

One of the best ways to conceptualize effects of such itinerant wavefront moving through solar system spacetime (which is to say, Earth spacetime also), is to conceptualize it as a wave of a force that expresses motion in both subquantal and spacetime space/time and time/space ratios. When an object moves in spacetime of three dimensions and one dimension of time, we are told the same object causes a forward parting of the subquantal vacuum and leaves a wake behind – a track of discernible turbulence left throughout homogeneous and inhomogeneous vacuum media. Strangely enough, we are told (and we ourselves find gnosive evidence that) matter in space can be both  matter and antimatter, depending upon the gravitational lensing we use in observing it.  This does not directly play a role in the range of effects we can anticipate from this itinerant wavefront moving through our spacetime/vacuum solar system medium, but it does affect the aftermath of what remains once it creates a wake in passage. (The figure to the right is from an animation of a gravity wave series superimposed on a SPC photo series, and is only a visual aid, not a real wavefront.)  In other words, we may at minimum find ourselves reliving moments before the passage as though it never happened before but with us experiencing it as déjà vu. At maximum, the passage may literally induce a sufficiently severe wake such that our medium is momentarily cloaked (as in gone off-phase) from the rest of our local solar system space/time ratio
(internally, this would be much like the “day of the Lord” where-in/when-in time stops completely, such that the Earth/solar system would seem to go through a tunnel and come out at the other end hopefully on the same timeline as when it entered the wake. The operative word here is hopefully.Civilization-III members of the Link Plenum and observer groups have reported in previous annual Gatherings experiences, theirs and those of others known to them, with other like-kind itinerant wavefronts generated by the collapse of stars as supernovae, and the collapse of black holes into singularities. Thus, it seems to us from these reports that this type of astronomical seeming anomaly is much more normal that we have heretofore realized here on Earth. See Part III for more on this.


These are for you only. Comment back when you can.

A. R.

[1] def. Biokind: Biological beings, such as ourselves.

[2] def. Sauroid: Reptilian being, also including those who go under the term Grays or Greys.

[3] def. Plenum: Basically means space, but here a name for the whole group of terrestrial and extraterrestrial beings who have met annually and semi-annually, either here on Earth, or on spaceships in orbit around Earth. These meetings were held on Earth (as this one was) only when humans were the hosts. If an alien race were hosts, the meeting was held in space.

[4] For more on the superwave, see my Level I paper,, Section 5.

[5] The Linkage Institute is an organization consisting of selected members of the public; such as researchers into the exopolitical field. I was (and possibly still am) a member of this group, although no longer playing an active role.

[6] [sic] Ša.A.Mi is the name of the beings living on the planet called Ša.A.Me, not the other way around. Ša.A.Me is supposedly the name of the Planet Nibiru, on which the so-called “Anunnaki” live, according to LPG-C. This is a typo on Dr. Bordon’s behalf because he knew the difference of the terms Ša.A.Mi and Ša.A.Me.

[7] def. GovOrg: Government Organizations; also including such organizations as the NSA, CIA, and the FBI.

[8] def. Squatter’s Right: The squatters are we humans, who have multiplied here on Earth over the milliennia. LPG-C’s objective is to make extraterrestrial groups and races, such as the Ša.A.Mi, to understand that we, as squatters, have rights to this planet, and to our own biokind/biomind (biological bodies and minds).

[9] For more on the monoliths, see “The First Level of Learning,”, Sections 4.3; 4.4.

[10] def. Link Plenum Members: See endnote [3] above. These are the members of this united group, which meets annually, and sometimes semi-annually.

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