Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 0: Introduction to the Fifth Level of Learning: Important Overview!

by Wes Penre, Written on Saturday, April 26, 2014 
Updated: Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Posted on Friday, January 8, 2015 Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. When We Thought It Was All Over…

I know what you’ll think! At first, I was determined there were only going to be two levels of learning—that should be more than enough to cover everything. However, it didn’t take long before I realized that I had put my foot in my mouth—a third level was absolutely necessary in order to make total sense of what I’d been sharing with the readers thus far. After that, it was, of course, inevitable not to publish a fourth level as well—it just fell naturally. Nevertheless, after that we were done—I thought.

It was not that I wanted it to be done—I have loved every moment of this research, and even more so to share it with my readers, and truthfully, I never wanted it to stop. My concern has been that there is too much for a reader to plow through—thousands of pages. Then one day, I happened to glance at Val Valerian’s Matrix Series, in which his books were sometimes 800 to 1,000 pages long, and I thought, if he could do it without hesitation, so can I. After all, I have never heard anybody complain about the huge number of pages I, or Valerian, have written—quite the opposite.

Therefore, I decided to publish the “First Level of Learning” as well, rather than compressing the levels I’d already written and squeeze Level V in there at the end. In other words, I decided to let it remain as it was and add this last level of learning to the series. This time, however, it is definite! You, the reader, will notice that I am serious about it when you approach the end of this level—you will see that everything comes full circle. All I’ve shared, from Level I to Level V, will make total sense, and where solid evidence and proof were missing in some instances because I couldn’t reveal them at the time, they will now be published as well, and everything I wanted to accomplish with the Wes Penre Papers have been accomplished.

I hope that the reader will find this Fifth Level of Learning to be at least as educational as the previous ones, not only because they put all the pieces and the loose ends together, but also because what is revealed in here is highly spiritual information that requires the reader’s full attention in order to be totally understood. Albeit these scriptures are about our history, this is also our present and our future that I’m writing about.

Just don’t fall into the trap, thinking that this is the ultimate truth, and then stop exploring. I honestly don’t think you will, but I still need to point it out so that you know my innermost intentions for creating this massive piece of work. Play with it—this is all yours to work with to the best of your ability. Surprise the oppressors, and make it as fun as possible—a light attitude, even toward the darkest parts of the story, is the way to go. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take it seriously, but keeping the spirit up will definitely help mankind toward and evolving to a point where most of us can see things for what and where they are and get out of the trap—having a light attitude in combination with this knowledge is the absolute best weapon we have against our oppressors—of that, I am totally convinced. Do that and we are already on our way to defeating the Alien Invader Force (AIF). I have always had this inner conviction that gaining knowledge, together with being of high spirit, are the two main traits we need to use and develop.

The AIF has always considered us being an unpredictable species, and this has been their great dilemma—they never seem to know where we’re at. We have a tendency to change direction at any time, in any second, and do something totally unpredictable. This is, and will be, our great strength, and a life saver! For example, I seriously doubt that Lord Ea[1] and his cohort had expected that this information would come out now. I don’t think he thought that the knowledge he has given to his own private Elite over the millennia would be understood by a larger and larger group of “lulus,” but it has, and now it’s too late—the cat is out of the bag!

II. Fukushima and How the Effects from Radiation can be Used by the Alien Invader Force

Even if you read this paper shortly after it was released and quite some time has passed since the Fukushima disaster, the fact remains—it’s one of the worst catastrophes we have had in modern time, not because it killed a lot of people when it happened, but because of the long-term effects it has on Mother Earth and her population. It is also one of the biggest crimes toward Mother Earth in a very long time (the oil spill in the Gulf is also way up there). The radiation that is leaking out from Japan is massive, and it’s hitting the American West Coast at full blast still—long after the disaster happened, and it will continue to do so for a very long time. There is no doubt whatsoever that this was a planned event—perhaps it went a little bit overboard—or maybe it didn’t—but either way, it was still planned. Radiation normally doesn’t kill immediately, unless you’re in the direct vicinity of the catastrophe area, but the cancer rate will increase exponentially from now and over the next ten to twenty years. The radiation will also mutate future generations, and as we shall see—in some ways it benefits the AIF. Many people will die, and to some degree, radiation-related cancer has already started developing in people. I have written about population control before—well, it can be done in many different ways, and it doesn’t have to be immediate. The AIF’s plan is to depopulate over a couple of generations or so, and a disaster like Fukushima, which very few people can really see the full future effects of, is one good way to do it. Another way is GMO food, which we’ve discussed elsewhere.

The disaster is much worse than the authorities want to admit. The last studies showed really depressing statistics, but of course, in their usual manner, the Elite-owned media, instead of blowing it up on the first pages in all the world’s newspapers, we could sometimes read a small article in the back pages, where many people don’t even look. Nevertheless, they like to say that we were at least informed.

Although situations such as these are bad, and undoubtedly will reduce some of the world population, we will also find that the human genome is strong—very strong! Many bodies will adapt to this kind of radiation and survive and build immunity to a higher degree of radiation than they were able to earlier. This is both good and bad news.

Fig.1. DARPA Supersoldier, model 2030.

Our bodies, if evolved enough, and with a good immune system, can survive better than we think, but there may be another side to this as well.

In earlier levels of learning, we have discussed radiation in space. I have argued that our human bodies are way too weak to be able to withstand the harsh conditions in outer space—the radiation, for one thing, would kill us rather quickly. However, the AIF needs Supersoldiers for space wars in the future, and these soldiers need to be strong enough to travel through space (we don’t use nano-travel yet, and probably won’t for quite a while—at least not on the Machine Kingdom timeline). We further discussed the “Gray alien,” whom we see everywhere in science fiction novels, in abduction scenarios, and elsewhere. Evidence has apparently shown that this Gray alien type has a great survival potential out in space, and the U.S. Military (and certainly military in other countries, too) are researching this in order to be able to use it for our Supersoldiers.

One of the latest official revelations from the “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency” (DARPA) states that they have now developed a prototype for a Supersoldier, and it’s on display how he potentially will look like approximately in 2030 (fig.1). However, as we know—if the secret government agrees to release information in this area of research, it only releases what it now considers  “stone age.” In reality, its research is far beyond this, but that information is top secret.[2]

My point is, though, that perhaps DARPA, and other more-secret agencies, are also, on the side, trying to make the human template work for space travel, as well as what I from hereon will call the Gray spacesuit. Could this be the reason why DARPA has tested so many nuclear bombs the last 70-80 years, and why it is now blowing up nuclear plants? “Efficient” as it is, the secret government may want to kill two, or more birds with one stone—these people know that they can reduce the population, per the plan, if they release large quantities of radiation into the atmosphere, but they also see which body types, and which genome, have a tendency to survive such disasters and which do not. We know that the government is doing extensive genetic research now and have been for the last century or so, but now it is more aggressive in this field than ever before in modern time. There is a domain called “,” where we can research and trace back our own bloodline, and the government, and other groups, are very supportive of such individual research. The government seems to have a deep desire to know which bloodline you descend from—it wants to know who you are. Then we must ask ourselves why? is just the beginning. We may see more of similar ideas in the near future. It is convenient for the Elite to let us do the job and the research for them. As we all know, nothing we do on the Internet is private. Once we’ve done the research for them, all the interested parties need to do is to track the people who visit these kinds of websites, and they can read the results.

A connection most people probably haven’t done is the link between Fukushima and genetic research that we just have discussed. I don’t think it’s too farfetched to suggest that the government wants to keep track of the bloodlines who have the best resistance against radiation in large doses. Staged nuclear events, such as the Fukushima disaster, make it relatively easy for the secret government to separate the strong genome from the weaker. At the same time, as mentioned, they can kill off a chunk of the population while they’re at it. The Elite’s dream must be to have a whole population that is more or less resistant to radiation. If they could achieve this from letting those who can’t adapt die off, this dream could possibly become true. In addition, they are, of course, doing parallel research on the human genome in order to make humans adapt to certain situations, and they learn how to make the changes necessary. Well, some may say, why bother? and his team already know how to change and manipulate DNA, so why would we need to research it? It’s because the AIF wants us to do most of the job, so it won’t come back on them. It’s all about our Free Will. We did it to ourselves—not them!

The problem is that it’s hard for many people to believe that our government may have evil plans like this. Unfortunately, this is nothing compared to what some people are capable of. Think about it. Why would the Japanese government build such a dangerous power plant on top of a fault line?[3] Yes, they did! Sooner or later, it will blow up! Oh, but that must be a coincidence, right? Of course it’s not. We are talking about highly educated scientists here, who are the ones to plan the setup of such dangerous plants, and it would be the height of ignorance to think that they wouldn’t know what they were doing—particularly when the general public does! In addition, Japan is not the only country that has built power plants on top of, or very close to, fault lines. Research it if you don’t believe me—it’s out there.

It’s no longer as easy for Lord and his Minions to manipulate us the way they used to—we’re getting more clever. Still, the AIF wants to continue controlling us, so what can it do if the old, well-tested ways don’t work anymore? Are there other ways to lead the sheep back that are on their way to leave the fold?

Yes, there is. It’s called technology. This is something we have discussed in detail as well. Transhumanism and the Machine Kingdom will capture a big part of those who are on their way to escape, but far from everybody.

The AIF knows they can’t get everybody—it’s impossible, but the more of us that they can trick, the better. If some of us slip through the crack, so be it! To be able to catch some of the more spiritually “evolved,” however, there are other smart plans it has considered—one of them is the Harvest. I know that some of this is repetition, but please bear with me because this is important! Repetition is important in itself for information to sink in, but I have some points to make already here in the beginning of Level V.

There are at least two major traps that Lord Ea and his son, Marduk, have set up for more-evolved souls, and these traps are the Harvest and the Alien Savior Scenario, and then we come onto the subject of Ascended Masters, the Ashtar Command, and the general Ascension Scenario. Many are talking about a fake alien invasion as well, but I’m no longer so sure that this part of the plan is even needed. Anyway, the above scenarios are part of the same plan and lead to the same end goal—more entrapment! This time, for those who fall into it, it will be extra difficult to escape, so not only do we need to learn how to be clever—we need to be clever right now! Going through the Harvest is not more exotic than going to the Biblical “Heaven”—these are both part of the same entrapment.

When we discussed that there are beings  who eat our flesh and drink fermented blood, I was not exaggerating—there are! Therefore, if you for one minute put yourself in their mindset, who would you prefer to eat and drink—a confused, sick person, or a vital person with his or her energy intact—healthy and spiritually alert? Who of the two in the above example would you call ripe enough to harvest?

Abductees have told some horror stories, where they have seen “Grays” swim around in tanks full of dead or dying humans and animals, with these Grays seemingly absorbing the “nutrition” from these living creatures through their skin.[4]

I am not trying to traumatize the reader with horror stories like this, but I do want to make my point as clear as possible of what I consider is going on—something I know that no one wants to be part of—not ever!

We are not all meant to be harvested as food, though. Some of us are allegedly going to be harvested and taken to some of these beings’ home worlds, to be raised there in some kind of human husbandry scenario—it’s already supposed to happen.[5]

Others, as we’ve said before, will be Supersoldiers in the AIF’s  army. I think I dare to make an estimate here that most of those who will be harvested will eventually become Supersoldiers. 

III. The Different Sections of the “Fifth Level of Learning”

Fig. 2. The ruins of the Roman Coliseum

The AIF loves to play games. They were the ones who set up the Roman Coliseum, where the audience could sit at a safe distance while a group of people were slaughtered by lions in the arena, with blood splashing in all directions and with people screaming in agony while they slowly were eaten alive. The audience, on the other hand, watching this horrific scenario, were cheering in pure ecstasy while their human brothers were slaughtered down there! The AIF were the ones who set up the Gladiator games, where only the best gladiator survived and was praised for his bravery and skills. Of course, the next time, this winner may have been the one who got killed, and then he was not the hero anymore—his name would soon be forgotten. How many of these gladiators’ names made it into the history books? A very small percentage of all those who died on the Coliseum arena are remembered. The AIF loves these kinds of games, and they taught humanity to love them too—the bloodier they were, the better!

Today, these games live on, but are, here in the western world, instead called everything from the Olympics, football, soccer, ice-hockey, wrestling, boxing, super-ball, rugby, basketball, and more. People buy tickets to watch these shows live, or watch them on TV, while they sit there screaming, cursing, and applauding, from beginning to end, giving all their energy and power away to the waiting gods, who thankfully suck it all in and at that moment gain a little more power over us. Games and wars are two things that the AIF definitely wants us to like in order to better control us—something we also learned in earlier levels of learning.

Sports is a big AIF thing—they are the ones who introduced competition into the human psyche. Their whole existence is based on competition. This can also be shown in the Sumerian cuneiform, as well as in other ancient texts, as we shall see in this level of learning. Competition is so deeply imprinted in the AIF’s psyche that they can’t help themselves—they don’t just compete with each other, or beings on a similar level, but also with ignorant humans. This is why they almost always show us the truth in plain sight, but that’s also why it is possible to beat them at their own game. The ancient texts are often deeply encoded—full of symbolism, syncretism, and stories within stories. They used allegories, analogies, silly stories, and you name it, in order to confuse the matter, but in there, somewhere, the truth is hidden! If we only know how they think, we can get a clue how to find the diamonds in there, and we can start digging. Soon the diamonds become more in number, and a whole mine of them open up before our eyes. That’s when we know we have found the “secrets” that they had hidden in plain sight.

When Level IV was finished, a lot of codes, embedded in the Sumerian and Babylonian texts, were broken. However, I couldn’t stop there. What about other ancient texts? Were they all composed in the same subtle way, or was this only isolated to the Mesopotamian history? I knew that the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythologies were, as well. However, although I’ve never really looked into them before, the Vedic texts—the little I knew about them—were fascinating to me. Also, even from the little I knew about them, I could see that they were connected to the Sumerian texts in particular, and it also seemed as if they told the same story. At the same time, it felt overwhelming because the Vedic scriptures are so massive. How can one start to tackle them? Probably in the same manner as I tackled the Sumerian texts, I thought. So I did, and soon an even bigger picture emerged, and it became crystal clear how the AIF has infiltrated the major religions and the mythologies. It was breathtaking to see how this invader force has worked itself to the inner core of people’s belief system and trapped them. It was brilliant in one way. I could see this same thing, regardless of which part of the world’s mythologies we research—we will find the same entities behind them.

It would be the job of a lifetime, minimally speaking, to dig into each and every religion, cult, sect, and ancient text there is and decode them. That is certainly a job I do not want to take on. Therefore, I decided to do my best to decode the Vedic texts to see what they would reveal to me and, hopefully, end it there. Now, looking at it afterward, I can see that not only do they contribute to a much bigger picture—they also made the four previous levels of learning come together, pretty well concluded. Now, at last, I feel that the Wes Penre Papers are finished, and have come full circle.

iii.i. The Vedic Books in Comparison with other Sacred Scriptures

The Vedas are space opera to the tenth power, but not only that—they are an organized space opera, which is definitely built on reality. As the Vedas use mythology in a similar manner as the Sumerian cuneiform, it’s becoming easier and easier, as the reader will see, to read between the lines of this enormous, sometimes more than 5000 year-old epic[6].

Most people know that the Vedic texts are nearly endless—there is so much to read if we really want to know it all. Or, rather, that is how it seems. It all depends on what we are looking for. In our case, it’s fortunately not necessary to read it all, thanks to what we have already looked into by studying the Sumerian texts—we already know many of the characters, who evidently will show up again in the Hindu religion under totally different names. The reader should not worry, however, because I believe that Level V will be easier to comprehend than Level IV, for the single reason that we are getting used to the style of research I’ve used in the Fourth Level of Learning, and this time it’s getting easier to follow the trail. Also, I promise to do my very best to make it as clear as I possibly can—no fancy terms that no one knows what they mean and no intimidating language that no one understands—just everything put in a normal, everyday language.

Although Level V is mostly dedicated to the Vedas, there are three other subjects that I will cover here as well because it feels necessary to include them. These main four subjects are (in correct order):

1.      The Vedic Books in comparison with other sacred scriptures

2.      Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the ET connection

3.      Maitreya and the Second Coming—not only a New Age Program?

4.      Our Destiny

Fig. 3. The four Vedas.

There are four main Vedic books, and they are called Rig Veda or Rigveda (Rg), Sāma, Yajur, and Atharva, and they were originally written in Sanskrit, which has its linguistic ancestry traced back ultimately to Proto-Indo-European.[7] Today, the language is still in use in Hindu hymns and poetry, and here in the western world we use it mostly when we are repeating mantras. The pre-Classical form of Sanskrit, however, is known as Vedic Sanskrit, with the Rigveda language being the oldest and most archaic stage preserved (see fig. 3 above). It’s core is apparently going back to 1700-1200 BC. This qualifies Rigveda Sanskrit as the oldest of any Indo-Iranian language and also as one of the earliest members of the Indo-European languages, which includes the English language I am now writing in and most other European languages.[8] Just like the Sumerian language, their roots, of course, go much further back than that, being the language of the “gods,” and ultimately, it stems from the Orion language, like most languages do on Earth. They are all embedded into our DNA, and that’s why it’s getting easier and easier for true linguists to learn so many different languages—at one point, the linguist starts seeing the similarities and the common denominators that connect all languages on Earth. For a common person, who is not a linguist, it may seem incredible how someone can speak 30 languages, or more, fluently, but that’s how it works. I’m not saying that it’s easy—of course not—but  it’s supposedly getting easier and easier.

Fig. 4. Vedic Sanskrit.

Also, just as the Sumerian text has its own specific characters, such as š, and û, etc., so does Sanskrit—albeit, Sanskrit has a lot more, with almost every word having some kind of character attached to it. Typical examples are the characters in words and names such as Sāma, Kṛṣṇa (Krishna), Śakra, Devī, and many more. I decided, to make it simpler, to write the words with their correct spelling (including the characters, called “diacritics”) the first time we encounter them in the text, with the more common spelling within parentheses (as in the Krishna example above), when I see it necessary, and after that, I will skip the diacritics most of the time, and spell out the words without them or use the correct spelling with the western world spelling, interchangeably. This way, the reader will get a feel for how the words look like in its original form (if we can call Sanskrit with Arabic letters “original form,” of course). If it sounds confusing now—no worries—it will feel natural when we get there.

The East Indian scholars say that it is very difficult for “a man of ordinary understanding”[9] to understand the Veda books. Therefore, for elucidation, the four Vedas are more easily explained in the historical epic called Mahābhārata and in the eighteen Purānas.[10] Vyāsa, a man of mystic powers, is said to be the one who compiled the Vedas. He was a Sage, which, among other things, is the equivalent to a scribe, and he also was an ancient king, who is said to have been in telepathic communication with Satyavatī, his deceased mother.[11]

The plots are indeed complicated, and it doesn’t get easier when we realize that the stories shift, depending on from which Vedic book we are reading. For our purpose, however (fortunately, I must say), we don’t need to know these scriptures by heart—what we’re looking for are differences and similarities between the Vedic texts in general and the ancient texts from other cultures—foremost, the Sumerian cuneiform, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology. This makes it much easier, which the reader will see, although it would be a stretch to say that it’s been easy. It has required a lot of cross-checking and being alert for syncretism. Albeit soon enough, a pattern will emerge, and then it’s a matter of following the trail. It has been fun, and at the same time, enormously enlightening.

The Vedic books, together, are telling the story of the gods of the Hindu religion. However, as in every religion, there are cults or sects, where the members may have diverted from the original concept just to worship perhaps one, or maybe a few, deities, instead of worshipping what would appear to be a large number of deities. An example of this are the many Krishna sects, who have decided that Krishna is the head of the Hindu Pantheon instead of Brahma-Vishnu, and so on. To be able to have their own slant on their religion, they must, of course, alter some things from the original text, or it wouldn’t justify their choice of gods and goddesses. In an already large and confusing religion, this makes it even harder to grasp by someone who wants to understand the important concepts. Then, there is these additional books to the four Vedas, called the Purānas, which were written by this mythical Sage I mentioned. The word Purāna means “ancient,” and the Bhāgavata Purāna dates back to at least 3000 BC[12]. The Puranas summarize the Vedic cosmological accounts and postulates a single, original Veda. The information in the Fifth Level of Learning will contain material from all of the above, but perhaps foremost from the Puranas.

The reader[RGS1]  will notice that I need to go back and forth between India and Egypt and compare the two with the Sumerian texts and the storyline I used in the previous levels of papers. You will notice how things are starting to make even more sense than they ever did before, and what earlier seemed to be conflicting data at times, in fact, is not conflicting at all. You will see how everything ties neatly together and that it all makes sense, from Level I all the way up to Level V in an amazing way. You will also realize why it has been so important to read this series of papers in the correct order and not skip around if you want to understand the entire concept. Skipping around is possible to do, however, but for the serious researcher, a cover-to-cover read would be the most rewarding way to learn. Once everything’s been read, the papers are meant to be used as future references and source material, and by doing a website search, a person can find the data and information he or she is looking for.

One part of Level V will bring up more important links between the AIF and certain star systems and star constellations—something we discussed a lot in Level IV, but needs to be readdressed here because more information has been revealed through the Vedic texts.

Other important aspects in this part are how we are being able to see exactly how the controlling gods are keeping us in check and what they have planned for us, unless we kick our old habits and start reaching for the stars again.

iii.ii. Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the ET Connection

The next subject we are going to examine makes us advance in time close to present day—to pre-World War II and Hitler’s Nazi Germany. There is so much convincing information that details Hitler’s ET connection that it is likely that Hitler was in contact with negative ETs. By now, we know  who these negative ETs are, don’t we? Although, I should say, there is no solid proof of this Nazi connection with the ETs, the data and information available is so convincing and fits so well into the puzzle that it would be a real omission to exclude it from the research. Hitler’s use of the occult to run Nazi Germany is, however, well documented, and I believe that it’s quite easy to see how that, in turn, relates to a secret ET exchange program. Hitler’s correlation with the early Thule Gesällschaft and the Vril society (pronounced frill) has become almost legendary. There is a lot of information about the Vril Society, the Thule Gesällschaft (society), and the channeling Vril Ladies, led by a beautiful young woman named Maria Orsic. There is quite some information about how this group of women had psychic abilities, just like today’s ET channelers. Allegedly, Maria Orsic was in telepathic connection with a branch of the “Anunnaki,” who dwells in the star system Aldebaran in the Taurus star constellation, which is also the constellation to which the Pleiades belong. As we know, Lord, when he was Lucifer, escaped to the Pleiades. The Vedas will show that he actually fled to Aldebaran!

Through the information that the Vril Ladies allegedly managed to gather from this ET race, Hitler was able to upgrade his air force tremendously, and some say he actually built Flying Saucers that could stop in midair and immediately change direction 180°. Some called these secret aircraft the Foo Fighters.

Was Hitler using zero-point energy—an ET technology, which after the war was transferred to the U.S. through Operation Paperclip? Has this ET knowledge been in the hands of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex since then, and did Werner von Braun, the famous ex-Nazi rocket scientist, together with his competent staff, in secrecy, work on this technology in underground bases in the United States? Is much of the UFO phenomenon we see today aircraft used by the military, and therefore, consists of perhaps most of the UFOs we see flown by humans?

Although there is a lot of disinformation on this subject, I find that there is a core of truth in it. Because of all the disinformation around it, there must be truth in it as well—why else bother? It is beyond doubt that most of the disinformation comes from so-called shills,[13] which usually is slang for government agents who get paid to spread disinformation—particularly on subjects that are sensitive. When researchers start getting too close to the truth, the shills are there to confuse the matter. This is also the case with this whole Vril/Thule/Aldebaran subject. I am going to get into it just enough to show how it’s linked to the rest of the story in these papers.

iii.iii. Maitreya and the Second Coming—not only a New Age Program

This is a very interesting section of Level V. Most readers have heard about Maitreya, and many think it’s either disinformation or a distraction, but I have put the puzzle pieces together, which will show the readers that it’s much more than just disinformation.

I don’t want to reveal too much here in this Introduction, but I can tell the readers this—the people on various government levels, and officials in the United Nations, take Maitreya very, very seriously, and I have this well-documented. These people all believe that Maitreya is the New Messiah—the Second Coming of Christ. I will also show that many of these people, who believe this is the case, are not “evil” or “bad” people, per se, but want to see a New World Order and a One World Government arise in order to be able to introduce this new World Leader—Maitreya! This, they believe, will lead to a much better world for everybody—Maitreya will take care of starvation in the world, stop wars from happening, and cure the sick (which he evidently already has done). He is here to ring in the New Golden Age. This is what these people seriously believe. 

iii.iv. Our Destiny

I will end the entire the Wes Penre Papers on a slightly different account than I usually have ended each level of learning. Normally, I have dedicated the last paper to cover the bright side, showing people how we can defeat the terror we’re living under. It’s not that I’m going to end this one in a negative way, but it’s going to be on a more sober account this time, if the readers understand what I mean by that.

I will bring up a few very serious problems we have as a species. These problems are far from new—they have followed us all the way throughout history, but I have researched them from a new angle and found out so much more that the readers really need to know! It’s a paradigm shaker (again?), and it’s a big one! The soulution, as I sometimes call it, is the same as I’ve always stressed, with a few emphases on must-dos! in case the reader is serious about getting free. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to end it all with a shocker, but then I realized that this is probably the best thing to do. Hopefully, then, the readers will start thinking for real, and those who weren’t totally serious before may become so now.

This last level of learning will show the reader exactly where the New Age and the “Spiritual” movements are leading us, if we are so inclined to follow their deceptive paths.

It will also show what the AIF has in preparation for us, unless we are willing to see through its manipulation and learn how to discern. This level will peel off yet another layer of the onion of the clever manipulation—the last layer needed for us to find freedom from enslavement. For most souls here on Earth, this means freedom experienced for the first time since they were born into spirits of individual consciousness. Learn, and this freedom is just around the corner.

Does it sound too good to be true? You, the readers, will be the judge of that after you’ve completed the Fifth Level of Learning.

It’s been an incredible journey for us all—for me, not the least—since I started researching and writing Level I, which was written back in 2010-2011. Do you feel that you have, at least to some degree, expanded your awareness and your consciousness since then because of these papers? If so, I feel that I have achieved my goal with this extensive material. I understand that it has been a massive amount of information to plow through, and it’s impossible to grasp it all and remember it after only one read. However, if you download the pdf version of all the papers, you will have a huge, almost 3000 pages, data file that is searchable.

I hope Level V will add to your awakening and that you have as much fun reading it as I had researching and writing it!

Wes Penre, April 26, 2014 (updated January 7, 2015).


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you!

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