Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 4: The Galactic Wars Started in the VOID

by Wes Penre, Written on Wednesday, October 3, 2013 
Posted on Friday, January 10, 2014
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. From Creation to Nanotravel

Many billions of years ago, seen from a human perspective, the Mother Goddess—the Divine Feminine and Primordial Dragon—created our Universe.

If we sped up Creation, like we can do with a movie, an imaginary bystander could witness incredible fireworks taking place in the VOID. In a second, a majestic explosion of colorful lights shot out from the nothingness, dancing around in bright colors, almost playfully—withdrawing and then again shooting off, over and over again.

In the next moment, a second majestic explosion of colorful lights, but from another part of the color spectrum, shot out in the vacuum, taking on a similar pattern. Suddenly, the two strings of lights, looking like two gigantic, beautiful, multicolored dragons, spinning around each other, to then playfully withdraw, were moving gracefully back and forth in seemingly endless and various patterns. As these two dragons continued playing with each other, they came closer and closer to one another, attracted to each other like two lovers. Together, they suddenly started spinning with such a velocity that the centrifugal power attracted the two, like magnets would, and suddenly, they merged into one big, super-bright orb.

Then, for a moment, there was almost total stillness—the orb was now vibrating very slowly. Suddenly, a cascade of light shot out from the center of the orb, like an outbreath through the nothingness—as if sprung out from a magnificent birth center—creating beautiful fireworks in our imaginary bystander’s night sky. Seconds later, in our sped up movie, stars and nebulae were forming randomly in the VOID, into an asymmetric circle, which then started spinning, turning into a giant spiral, which continued spinning without any signs, or willingness, to stop.

Our bystander had been so fascinated by this vision that he overlooked that an endless number of similar spirals had been created in all directions—although there didn’t seem to be any directions in the newborn Universe. The first galaxies were born in the VOID, which later was named the KHAA (pronounced shaa or haa, like an outbreath—the outbreath of the Mother Goddess, the Primordial Dragon). From the center of the VOID, She had given birth to the Universe, and let Her creation spread out over unbelievably long distances. Like small oases in a great Ocean of VOID, galaxies, containing billions—sometimes trillions and quadrillions—of stars were forming, so that imaginary sailors on the vast cosmic ocean had islands where they could anchor their heavenly sailboats in order to explore.

As time went by—as if time is even the correct word to use—the VOID was filled with beauty from the Creation by the First Dragon, and Her life force was present in everything She had created, and all of it was Her Creation—Hers and no one else’s.

The Universe was created from the VOID, and life was created in the VOID. The Goddess “seeded” Her Creation with life, and She had help from magnificent Creator Goddesses, whom She herself had given life for that purpose, as extensions of Her own Divine Spirit.

This universe was one of an almost endless number of universes that the Divine Feminine had created. Perhaps it was a continuation of a previous one, which had been born, matured, and died over an incredibly long period, and now the Goddess continued Her journey in this new universe, after it had been reborn from the ashes of the old—or perhaps all Creation on one level is simultaneous and can’t be measured in these terms at all.

At one time, the Goddess inserted herself in this newborn universe, in order to participate in whatever was going to unfold. This, She thought, should be a universe of Free Will—that’s what’s going to be unique with this particular universe!

If all intelligent beings in the cosmos had Free Will to create whatever they wanted, would they still be able to become compassionate with each other, would they show each other respect, and would they be willing to learn and evolve, to love, and to share with other conscious beings what they knew and had learned? This was the big “Universal Experiment,” and it was quite an interesting one.

Perhaps, there were two most important laws in this new universe:

1.      Beings have the free will to create whatever they want.

2.      Don’t interfere with another being’s free will.

Each being is responsible for his or her actions, and shall one day be judged for these actions, even if the judgment is rendered only by himself- or herself. The Divine Feminine understood that very little individual growth will occur if someone else is forcing his or her will on somebody else. These laws had to be learned from experience by the living beings inhabiting the KHAA.

Eventually, when beings had spread out in all different dimensions, a third law was created as well, which was subordinate to Law #2. This law read as follows:

3.      Don’t interfere with an evolving race.

All species, whether they evolve on a planet, or elsewhere, has as a species or as an individual, the right to develop, free from interference, if they so wish. Help is allowed, but only if an individual, or a race, specifically asks for it.

More laws advanced naturally from these ones, but sparsely so, and only to prevent interference with the “First Law of Free Will.”

As the Universe slowly matured, the VOID started teeming with life. Already from the Beginning, there had been life in absolutely everything, from the most knowledgeable Creator Goddess down to the most solid rock on the most dense planet, for the Goddess is in all that is. On a subquantum level, everything is connected and is One with the Creatrix, the Divine Feminine. This Universe became a universe of great potentials, and the Goddess was pleased.

Young star races began to mature in conjunction with the Universe and went through their different stages of development, until they came to a point where they decided to explore—and sometimes with force, they conquered space. Many of these exploring and conquering star races were ignorant of the Laws of Free Will at the time when they expanded their territories.

It wasn’t until they had matured to a certain point that they realized that any harm they were doing to others, they were also ultimately doing to themselves. At that point, they usually slowed down and stopped creating wars and conflicts. Instead, they became peaceful star races, living by the Universal Laws. However, until they had reached that point, some races could be ferocious and merciless, due to their own fear of being hurt and defeated. Trying to avoid this from happening, they created fear in others so that they could increase their own power in order to feel more safe and secure. Today, we have a Universe in which beings in all different stages of maturation exist—for some, it takes longer to learn than it does for others, but all beings contribute to the greater understanding of all.

After all of this had emerged and all different stages of evolving races existed,  Lucifer’s Rebellion took place—long before the creation of Earth and humankind. Up to the point of the Rebellion, the Universe developed more or less per the plan, and the Creatrix was satisfied with her new Experiment—the Free Will Universe.

Normally, it was when a particular star race had started realizing that they were beings of Fire with a mind and an Avatar that they figured out how to move around between the dimensions across the electromagnetic spectrum.

These beings of Fire were able to nanotravel with their Avatar, thinking themselves to a certain place, and they would be there quite instantaneously. We here on Earth think of it almost as teleportation—the way it’s done in Star Trek and other science fiction movies. By simply “dematerializing” into small fires, which can be compared with the tiniest pieces of the microcosm on a subquantum level, where everything is connected, like in an unbroken spider web, they then could materialize at the destination.

However, the mind of the Divine Feminine is never resting—it is always pondering, planning, and creating. Although she was pleased with her Creation thus far, the Primordial Female Dragon wanted to expand on it even more.

What if beings who evolve on planets would be able to both be planetary-bound and to nanotravel at the same time and take a “copy” of their body with them while the “original” body stayed planet-bound? Such beings would have everything they needed and wanted and would also be able to evolve many times faster than any star being in the Universe!

An idea started taking form within the Goddess’ great mind, and the first plans to start an Experiment, unique to this and any other Universe, began to emerge. However, first she wanted to try it out in one single place in the Universe—she decided that she wanted to create a solar system at the fringe of the great Milky Way Galaxy, where, if the Experiment failed, not too many other worlds and star races would be affected. The idea of the Planet Tiamat, later to become Planet Gaia, and finally Planet Earth, had reached the drawing board. Still, it would take a few eons before the Experiment would become a reality…  

II. Dimensions Versus the Electromagnetic Spectrum and the Electric Sun

As I’ve mentioned earlier, to me, it’s now much more plausible that star beings are born and evolve in space-like environments rather than on planets alone. To understand this, we really need to stretch our minds and think outside 3-D reality. In 3-D, a solar system consists of a hot sun, who warms up the planets that revolve around her. A 3-D being would burn up if he or she came too close to the Sun. Also, humankind would not survive without sunlight and the heat from the Sun— thus, most of us can agree that the Sun is essential for our existence. That’s how it works in this dimension. Curiously, our solar system consists of at least eight planets, but only one of these planets has the perfect amount of sunlight in order to host advanced life forms. In the past, Mars, Venus, and the now destroyed planet Tiamat have also had life on them, but those life forms were not native to these planets—there were star beings using them as outposts and for storage, mining, and genetic experimentation. Therefore, there is basically only one planet in the solar system that can naturally host intelligent life. Isn’t that a waste? Why don’t all planets have life on them? Some may say that they might—it’s just that we can’t see it because it exists in other dimensions.

Fig 1. The Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM), showing the tiny piece we humans are existing within, and how much more there is to explore—the EM is teeming with life!

Although this can be true under certain circumstances, I think in general it is not. I have become quite convinced that planets exist mostly for other purposes than to host intelligent life forms. Instead, if we move around a little bit within the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM) as a whole, into higher dimensions, the stars (suns) are no longer super-hot balls of fire, but can be quite comfortable. In fact, I don’t believe the scientific model that the Sun is a nuclear “furnace,” when in fact the explanation that it is an electric, sentient being makes a lot more sense—it answers many questions people have had about the Sun. For example, why does the Sun have a corona? It doesn’t fit with the fusion-only model at all. If it is electric in nature, however, the corona makes sense.[1]

Another interesting thing is that NASA just recently (in 2012) discovered portals between the Sun and the Earth! These portals often start around 10,000 miles up through the Earth’s atmosphere, and continue, uninterrupted, until they reach the Sun’s atmosphere.[2] Most of these portals are very small and open and close in a matter of seconds, while others are wide open and fairly stable.

Fig. 2. A portal between the Earth and the Sun (courtesy of NASA).

Now, what are these portals? Science doesn’t know yet, but will send up a probe in 2014 in order to investigate them. What they do know, however, is that particles are transported, back and forth, in this portal between the Earth and the Sun. One of the effects of this exchange of particles is, believe it or not, the Aurora Borealis![3] Hence, let me ask the reader this: is the Aurora Borealis a nuclear or an electric phenomenon? It’s not nuclear, is it? Isn’t this just another indication of an electric Sun?

This falls naturally into parts of my research that go years back, when I have been talking about portals and their different functions. If particles can travel through these portals—in both directions—and perhaps may be able to come out intact on the other end, this opens up a lot of possibilities and opportunities. 

III. Stars as Portals and Birth Centers of Soul Fire

If the Sun is electric, wouldn’t that also explain how we can see UFOs flying in and out of the Sun? There are plenty of YouTube videos of this phenomenon. Scientists try to explain it away with one unbelievable hypothesis after another, but at the end of the day, they know that they have no clue what it is that they are seeing.  Could these UFOs, perhaps, be either bleed-throughs of other-dimensional spacecraft—or perhaps, even other-dimensional life forms—adjusting to our 3-D wavelength? Why do all UFOs we are seeing have to be spaceships? Can we really tell the difference between advanced space vehicles and other-dimensional life forms with our limited perceptions? After all, we know next to nothing about how life forms look like in other dimensions.

Moreover, we learn from many metaphysicists and channeled material that the Sun is actually a portal but also ourOversoul. Therefore, let’s take a look at both of these ideas.

Is it possible that our sun works as a “hub,” and other suns do the same thing? One of many people who think that this is the case is the “astrophysicist,” Nassim Haramein.[4] Some people (especially in the scientific community) have discarded him as a fraud because they can’t find any university records showing his credentials. When I heard this, I smiled. In order to listen to someone’s ideas, does that person need to have a university degree? Can’t a person be an astrophysicist if he or she has studied the subject more or less on his or her own, instead of going through years of mainstream schooling? In some cases, too much education can be in the way of knowledge—there’s a fine line between education and manipulation—and after all, they don’t even teach the kids “critical thinking” in school anymore. However, to make them conform, they educate them until they almost drop, in order for them to become useful puppets in the societal structure. Personally, I would call that “indoctrination.” I’d much rather listen to someone with fresh ideas that fit into the puzzle that builds higher consciousness than to someone who can’t think outside the scientific box because he or she has been so severely indoctrinated that what the person learned in school has become dogma and religion.

Going back to where we were—if the hub hypothesis is true, it would explain how many star beings travel between the stars—they follow the galactic, electric currents between the stars, and thus, they reach their destination. It would be the same principle as traveling through the newly discovered portals between the Earth and the Sun—we would know what the destination would be. For some star beings, couldn’t it be that they ride on galactic currents, using some kind of star maps so that they know how to reach their destination, and then via “sun hubs” get there without any major mishaps? I am not even talking about beings traveling in spaceships, necessarily, but also those who nanotravel without vessels. Others, perhaps, don’t even need these portals to go from A to B—it is possible to just think yourself to where you want to go. The options seem to be many.

Another option is that these portals are normally not used for star travel at all—only to transport particles and electric pulses and information between two stars or between a planet and a star. In a sense, maybe the Sun is a hub, nonetheless, but in another way. There are those who say that without the Sirius star system, our Sun would be “dead” and no life would be possible on Earth or any place else in our solar system.[5] The hypothesis states that Sirius A (and perhaps Sirius B and C as well) transports a huge quantity of energy to the Sun, and lights it up by igniting it. Sirius, after all, is a much brighter and “warmer” star (in our 3-D reality), or it is simply just emitting much more energy than our Sun. Via portals, this energy is then transported to our Sun, making our Sun the “slave,” and Sirius the “master” in this capacity—similar to computers in a peer-to-peer network, where one computer is the master and another is the slave.

Fig. 3. Sirius feeding our sun with its energy via one of more portals.

This hypothesis is quite interesting but at the same time concerning because if our sun is dependent upon Sirius for its warmth and emission of energy, doesn’t this make the AIF more in charge of our potential development as a species? We know that Sirius has a big role in the ancient stories about the AIF, and some of these beings are from there. If they are as technologically advanced as we have reasons to believe, can they also control this electrical current going from Sirius to the Sun? Can they “turn the knob” up and down, in a manner of speaking, to either increase or decrease the energy, thus creating “cycles” in the development of mankind? It’s a mind-boggling thought but quite plausible, taking into consideration that our own technology is on a Stone Age level.

On the website, there is a reference to Sirius transmuting galactic karma onto Earth:

Thoth also tells us that the star Sirius holds the key for transmutation of galactic karma. In fact, one of its ancient names in Lemuria was Magha.[6]

If this is true, the AIF can control the “Law of Karma” here on Earth, but even if there may be some truth to the above reference, one would perhaps think that the Law of Karma we are subjected to here on our planet can be implemented much easier by just manipulating us. They could plant into our DNA, or our mass consciousness, that if we do something—good or bad—the effect comes back to us in a greater capacity than it was emitted. If people believe this—consciously or subconsciously—it will put the law into effect. Consequently, if we consider what we have discussed in earlier papers, i.e. the “Hundredth Monkey Syndrome,” which means that if a certain percentage of a population believes that something is true, the rest will adjust accordingly, the Law of Karma is put into effect here on Earth, following those same rules. It would also explain why it seems like the Global Elite—or at least the majority of them—can get away with all their crimes without getting karmic effect from them—they simply don’t believe in the Law of Karma because they were the ones who “invented” it. 

If stars are basically electric rather than nuclear, it also punches a big hole in the scientific balloon. The scientific community says that as nuclear objects, stars burn themselves out, and after x amount of years, they usually become novae or supernovae, after which they shrink into white dwarfs, from where they slowly, but surely, become colder, perhaps, ending their life cycles as black holes.

Electric stars don’t burn out! They only have different colors and sizes because they transmit a different amount of electricity, and that’s the bottom line. An orange giant star is not the effect of a supernova, but in fact, it may always have been an orange giant, just like our own sun is a yellow dwarf. Sometimes, I can imagine, if the hypothesis with the electric universe is correct, stars can change size and color if they are slaves to a “master star,” and intelligent beings, in charge of the master star, change the amount of energy they are sending/transmitting to the slave star. Subsequently, they can also destroy stars at will by using, for them, basic nuclear technology. This happens on occasion in Cosmic Wars and is sometimes the reason for supernova explosions, and even if we haven’t seen that happen in our solar system, it did happen to our own planet in a distant past, when it went under the name “Tiamat.” During the Solar War, or The War of the Titans,which we will discuss in a later paper, the Olympians used superior weapons to split Tiamat into two pieces, where the larger piece became Earth and the smaller piece became the asteroid belt.

Then we mentioned the hypothesis that the Sun is the Oversoul of mankind as a soul group. Channeled entities, such as the Pleiadians, suggest that we say hello to the Sun when we see her first thing in the morning, and keep track of where the Sun is in the sky as the day progresses. The Pleiadians also say that the Sun knows who you are as an individual, although she doesn’t “think” in the same way we do. It’s all about creating a connection with the Sun, who can be considered an Oversoul for the human mass consciousness.[7] Still, if this is the case, and the Sun knows us, individual by individual, it must also mean that the individual can address her as his or her individual Oversoul, if he or she so wishes.

Let’s expand on this a little bit more. If the Sun, amongst a lot of other things, is also a giant Oversoul, and we use the model we have been using in previous levels of learning, where the Oversoul splits up into many “smaller” souls in order to more efficiently explore cosmos, we can create a very similar model using the Sun as the Oversoul and you as an individual soul. We learn that Earth is an Experiment, and as such, it is unique. So, let’s ponder that we, as souls, were born from the Sun as Fires/Avatars, free to do whatever we please—this solar system is our “domain.” When the Orion Creator Goddesses, the Helpers of Mother Goddess, came here millions of years ago to start creating the Experiment, which the Pleiadians call “The Living Library,” (which it is), some of the “Fires of the Sun” decided to participate in this 3-D Experiment and descended into the “physical realm.” Some were in charge of the flora, others of the fauna, some became elementals, and others became Fires/souls of the Shepherds, or the Guardians of the Living Library, whom I’ve been calling the Namlú’u species.

Then, when Lucifer and his rebels came and took over, they captured some of the Namlú’u spirits—those who never got a chance to escape—and also used the body type of this primordial humanoid and mixed it with other beings, such as human apes, in order to get efficient human workers for the mines. Then the story goes on from there… 

IV. What Do Beings in Other Parts of the Electromagnetic Spectrum Look Like?

What I want to suggest, as an expansion of the above hypothesis, is that souls do not originate on a planet, and they don’t need planets to evolve after they have been born from a star (thus, star beings). My research has showed me, and I have heard from certain star beings themselves, that just because they are not “physical” in our terms but travel freely between the dimensions across the electromagnetic spectrum, they see themselves as being just as physical as you and I are, with the exception that their physical bodies are not as dense as ours.

The Third Dimension, in which we humans live, is not some esoteric phenomenon in the Universe. Again, if we look at the electromagnetic spectrum (fig. 1) and think of it as a ruler, the small “inch” that is 3-D is a very small part of the EM spectrum. The problem, as we have addressed earlier, is that we are stuck in this small band, or wavelength. Other star beings are free to navigate to and through the Third Dimension without being stuck in it. I am repeating this because taking the recent information into perspective, the readers may get a clearer picture of how it works. Hence, if a group of star beings wished to descend to 3-D reality, they could, just as well as they can travel within other dimensions, and if they are Creator Goddesses, they can create 3-D life on a planet and live there if they so wish—or they can create their own life forms to inhabit this realm of reality. All this is very possible.

In reality, from what it seems, this is not the norm. Someone who creates a 3-D planetary world also becomes responsible for that creation, and not too many star beings seem to be willing to accept that responsibility because to them it’s not tempting or, perhaps, challenging enough —there are so many other things they can do. On some occasions, accepting the responsibility for their creation fits within their plans, and then it’s a different matter. If they temporarily want to create a planet and live on it, they can do so by just “thinking it” into existence, like Q did in Star Trek. Then, when they get tired of the “illusion,” they just erase it with a thought and no responsibility attached! Earth, however, with its Living Library, was a unique project (or Experiment), and a wonderful idea. When the Experiment was at its peak during the “Golden Age,” other star beings realized what the Orions had done, and many wanted to come visit and/or participate in the project[8], but few could stay on Earth because there weren’t enough physical bodies to host the hovering souls from other star systems. I also believe that the Orions wanted this to be a unique Orion project, although other star races contributed with fauna and flora.[9]

Metaphysics is full of statements that the “human template” is the standard template for our galaxy, although some say that it’s a standard for this entire Universe. The question is, what exactly does this mean? Are we talking about 3-D only or throughout the whole electromagnetic spectrum? Some insist that it doesn’t matter in which dimension a star race is dwelling—they still use the human template, which consists of at least one head, two arms, two legs, and a torso. I would say that the statement is true when we are talking about 3-D beings, i.e. beings living in the physical and evolving on planets. These races are relatively few in comparison.[10] When we’re discussing beings throughout the spectrum, we should be able to find all kinds of entities having shapes and forms totally foreign to humans and not following the standards of the human template.

When we’re discussing what I call Sun Born or Star Born, it looks as if each star creates its own souls, and they become the mass consciousness of that particular star, which then will function as an Oversoul—so we haveoversouls within oversouls. These souls, when they evolve, create (or agree to?) their own body type which is typical for that star system. Therefore, if we really look at this deep enough, we will see that the spiritual realm and the physical realm are one and the same! The being’s Avatar (light-body) creates the physical body, which the soul uses when nanotraveling through the dimensions. However, this body template, which they share with their fellow soul from their own mass consciousness, is in our terms “fluid,” and by changing the shape of the Avatar, from moving fires around, they can “shapeshift” into anything that particular soul can imagine. 

V. The KHAA “Universities”

These soul/body/mind complexes can then travel freely in time and space—well, almost freely. Just like humans on Earth, a little child does not have the experience, mind capacity, knowledge, and wisdom required to do things a grown-up can do. In addition, one grown-up may not be as experienced and knowledgeable as another—it differs from individual to individual. It doesn’t only have to do with IQ, but also with what a person wishes to do with his or her life. One person may want to become highly educated because he or she wants to become a scientist—whereas, another person, who may actually have the capacity to become a scientist as well, prefers not to educate himself or herself because that individual wants to do something else with his or her life.

It’s similar up in the Heavens, from what I have researched (as above, so below). Our own Earth is divided into countries, and each country has its own educational system and its own universities. Within these universities, you can learn different things—you choose a certain direction in your education, which you then can use in your professional life. Up in the Heavens, we have different stars and star constellations, owned and managed by different star races. One group of star races may also be in charge of many star systems and constellations, as we have seen in the previous paper, and then we usually say that this or that star race is in charge of its own “Empire” (such as the Orion Empire, etc.).

For star beings to get access to the Orion Empire, for example, they need to meet certain standards and have certain qualifications. It can be compared with that the United States has many universities, but to get into Yale or Harvard, to name two, you must first meet certain criteria. You can’t be totally uneducated and be accepted at Harvard University—you must first be educated and prepared somewhere else.[11] Many of the star systems and constellations in the Universe work like this—if you want to get into Orion, you will find out what you need to do first, and then you can “knock on the gate” and see if you meet the right criteria. If you do, you can be a citizen of the Orion Empire, and perhaps, you want to learn how to become a Creator Goddess. If so, that’s the path you can take, once you get in. Another star system, such as Alpha Centauri (as a random example), may teach you something else. Hence, it’s not just beings on Earth who are learning things—all beings in the Universe evolve, and just like here, they evolve at a different speed. Just because most star beings have not been locked in like we humans have been, they are more “advanced” in some aspects, such as with technology. Scientists here on Earth call this phenomenon “Civilization Type 0-V,”[12] depending on how advanced they are. Although we could say that most civilizations in space are Civilizations II-IV, this scientific classification system has much to wish for—being a classification system measuring technological advancement only. It is not at all measuring the spiritual advancement of a star race.

It’s easy for us humans to feel intimidated by star races out there. They seem so powerful and all-knowing, while we, on the other hand, have no clue how to approach any of these beings—especially as they are inter- and multidimensional, and seem to have much more energy and magical powers than we do. Even if this, to some extent, is true, let us never underestimate our own powers. We are soul/body/mind complexes (SBMC) just like they are—we are just not as knowledgeable in certain terms yet. Still, we have the Fire of the Goddess, and she gave us other gifts as well, which we shall see in a later paper— things that other star beings lack, but wish they had. We have a wide range of emotions and can feel deep compassion and empathy for each other—something other star beings can’t feel to the same extent. It’s our blessing and our curse at the same time, because just like the Goddess, we potentially have the ability to feel similar to her. It was part of the Experiment and abilities unique for the soul group belonging to this particular sun.

Spiritually, we are also more evolved than most of the star races in our galaxy—something that may come as a shock to some. If they are so advanced out there, aren’t they more “spiritual” than we are? Unfortunately, technology and war is the path many star races have chosen. This doesn’t mean that all of them are hostile and would attack us if we went out there, although there are those who would if we are not aware of it and cannot shield ourselves. There are many friendly races in the KHAA who would meet us with open arms, but it doesn’t mean that they necessarily are advanced in what we call a “spiritual level,” although some are, of course. This is a clear advantage humanity has, so we have a lot to teach the star races, too, and they have a lot to teach us.

Many people have asked me about the DAL (also spelled DAAL) Universe[13], and whether it has anything to do with the KHAA, and the answer is yes. I don’t want to use the term DAL because I believe it was used both by Billy Meier and his Pleiadians, A’shayana Deane and Alex Collier, and I don’t want to be associated with their research in this regard. It’s not because I try to minimize their research—I just want to show that I am not related to them, and my research is different. However, the term they use—DAL/DAAL—is their way to explain the 96% Universe or the KHAA/VOID.

When I started writing on Level I, my intention was to also go deeper into other star races, besides those who are connected with the so-called Anunnaki, because there has certainly been other species who have had influences on Earth’s history. However, so far, the “Anunnaki story” has been complicated enough to unfold and has so far taken four levels of learning. I still have the intention to write about other races, but it will not be in this level.

In the next paper, we are beginning our story about Lucifer’s Rebellion and its consequences on us humans and in many other parts of the Galaxy and even on galaxies beyond ours. It’s an interesting story on many levels, and by telling it, I believe the reader will get a better and deeper picture of who these star beings are and why they act like they do.

It will also be easier to understand that there are two major mindsets here on Earth—that of the Global Elite and that of ordinary people. We will clearly see that those who run us—whether they are “humans” or extraterrestrials—think very differently than we do. We will also be able to understand why that is. How many of the “authorities” are actually “human” other than in body? This is a very important question we need to ask ourselves because within the answer to that question lies the road to our “salvation.” The longer we ignore what we already “know” inside of us, the worse off mankind will become. On the flip side—the faster we start opening our heart chakra and our Third Eye, the better off we will be. If we choose the latter path, our recovery can be relatively fast.


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Wes Penre

Thank you!



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[10] I don’t want the reader to believe that there are no populated planets, because there are. However, in comparison with how many planets there are out there, as a percentage, very few contain what we define as “life.” Most “advanced” beings live their existence elsewhere.

[11] In reality, to be accepted into Harvard or Yale, you normally need to already be part of a Global Elite family, or to be so smart that the Global Elite include you in their future plans, but I mention these two universities because they are well-known.

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