Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 3: The Relationship Between Asterisms and Certain Star Beings

by Wes Penre, Written on Friday, September 27, 2013 
Posted on Thursday, January 9, 2014
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. Required Knowledge about the KHAA

In Level II, we discussed that our bodies are made up of millions upon millions of cells, so small that we can’t see them other than in a microscope. These cells are making up the shape and form of the body, and the body wouldn’t exist without them.

At the core of each single cell is a bioelectrical current, scientifically known as bioelectricity. Those of us who have heard this term before and knew a little about it since school, or from elsewhere, may recall that bioelectricity is what the electric eels are emitting on a grand scale in order to paralyze their prey or victims. Anyone who has been “burned” by one and survived will certainly never forget it.

Scientists, in general, and biologists, in particular, are well aware that bioelectricity is “electric potentials and currents produced by or occurring within living organisms.”[1] They are also aware that bioelectricity originates in active cells in the body of humans and other “living organisms.” However, they are not aware that bioelectricity is equivalent to what I call “Fires” in my paper. These tiny Fires are what is basically “you”—what you probably would call your “soul” or “spirit.” Thus, we are Fires or bioelectricity first and “beings” second.

Those who are at least somewhat familiar with metaphysics know that we also have at least one so-called “light-body,” which is the astral body that leaves the physical body after death and, supposedly, moves on into the astral plane. I say “supposedly,” because the astral body exists in the astral plane all the time (the astral plane being another dimension or, rather, several dimensions), although we do not become aware of this until after body death or when we leave our bodies through mediation, a bad accident, or trauma, etc. This light-body, or astral body, is what I call the Avatar. When I say that “the Fires ride the Avatar,” people probably get the picture of riding a horse or something similar, but the Avatar is our original “body,” which we carry with us when we leave the Third Dimension and travel into the Multidimensional Universe. The Fires and the Avatar are “attached” to each other and work together to be able to travel and explore the Universe. The Fires can then, when free from manipulation, change the shape of the Avatar just by thoughts and make this shape visible for others. Deceased people, who leave their dead body, often keep the same shape of their Avatar as the shape of the material body without even being aware that they’re doing that, but many discover later that they can change the shape, and sometimes they remodel it to look more like he or she appeared in his or her younger years on Earth.

This is what “shapeshifting” actually is, and trained shamans here on Earth can do it while in a physical body because they are in contact with the “Spirit World,” i.e. the dimensions outside the Third-Dimensional (3-D) trap, and star beings who are basically non-physical can take any shape or form and appear in front of us 3-D beings in any shape or form that they wish—they can even make themselves appear so physical that you can shake their hands and still think they are in an earthly body. Hence, it’s not surprising that people sometimes report seeing the strangest creatures.

All the above is a review of things I have discussed before, but I want to make sure that everybody understands these phenomena and who we are in order to fully grasp the material I’m presenting in this level.

Fig. 1. The Central Nervous System is like a tree.

Now, let us expand this a little bit further. Think of the nervous system as a tree (which is more of less what it looks like—see fig. 1) with life and knowledge attached to it. Then, when knowledge and the life force is made use of, the serpent energy increases within the central nervous system and activates the pineal gland, which is the mind (also called The Third Eye or The Sixth Chakra). This is what happens when we say that we “activate the Third Eye”—we start using our mind in a greater capacity, with the above occurring within the body. By doing this, we heighten our senses, and if we increase them enough, we become “psychic,” i.e. we can see the “Spirit World,” which is the KHAA, the VOID, or the 96% Universe, which we call “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy.” We call it “dark” because we normally can’t see it with our limited perceptions. In my recent e-book, Beyond 2012—A Handbook for the New Era[2], I included exercises that may make it easier to increase these perceptions.

It’s all about increasing the bioelectricity in the body, and when it is enhanced to such a degree that solids, liquids, or gases cease to exist, leaving only the Fires, we find ourselves in the KHAA. This may seem discouraging for some, thinking that it’s an impossible goal to achieve, but that is just because we are sitting here in a body in which a big chunk of the DNA has been altered and deactivated, and a Grid is set up around the planet to purposefully keep us from experiencing the freedom of being able to travel at will wherever we want to in the Universe. If that is not enough, our bodies are also designed so that we will have amnesia as soon as we enter them. All this was needed to keep us under control—understanding the above, the reader can imagine how powerful we really are.

This is why it’s important to evolve, and we evolve with knowledge, which we then apply in life to increase our frequency range and help others to do the same by being an example. Increasing our frequency range is the same thing as increasing the bioelectricity in the body. Of course, everybody wants to achieve this immediately, and when they don’t, there are those who give up. Don’t do that because this really is a process, and in many cases, it will not be achieved in this lifetime because we are still in limited bodies, stuck beneath the Grid. However, whether we achieve increasing our frequency in this lifetime or not is not what is important—what’s important is that we use the tools we have now, in the present, and really use them. The knowledge we are gaining now is doing more for our future than many people realize. If we have spent the time necessary to learn and practice in this lifetime, we will be in a much better place in the next. How can anybody avoid traps that they don’t know exist? On the contrary—why would anybody want to be trapped in something that he or she knows exists? The more we know, the more possibilities we have once we leave this limited body. However, it’s in this limited body we need to do the work, if you see what I mean!

What we definitely can achieve in this lifetime is to get glimpses of what the KHAA is by meditating and exercising. I have received great success stories from people who have used the exercises in my e-book and achieved stunning results, and they are very excited to tell me. I will not include these stories here because all experiences are personal, and I don’t want others attempting to achieve the same results, or they may believe that they are failing if the results are different. Instead, I encourage readers to chat on my forum, which you will find at—share experiences, and encourage each other in two-way communications or in groups.

I am just telling the readers that it’s quite possible to go to the “Other World,” although it’s hard to do it with willpower only, while in our current, limited position. Still, there are some who have managed to do it at will, but all bodies are different and in different stages of development. The Super Soldiers, whom I’ve talked about in-depth earlier, are trained to nanotravel, are mind controlled, and might be using gold to increase their bioelectricity—something I hesitate to recommend because it’s easy to get “addicted” to it in the same sense as you get addicted to drugs because they make you “happy.” In such cases, we forget to try to do it the natural way, and the purpose for evolution is lost. One story I heard was that the gods often are addicted to gold because they use it to increase their vibration, and they can’t do it naturally, like we do—not if they want to achieve what we humans are able to achieve in our pure state (I will get into this in a later paper).

Have you ever felt empowered, as if you want to embrace the whole world and no one can stop you? Your body is strong and vital and full of energy. You feel that it’s hard to just sit still, and you want to go out there and do something really powerful. If so, at that point you enhanced your body’s bioelectricity (the Fires), and you vibrated much higher than your environment. This is the beginning of how it would feel to be free from manipulation and able to experience anythingon Earth and in the KHAAThat isthe purpose of the human being!

On the other hand, when you feel a lack of energy and you just want to sit and do nothing, the bioelectricity in your cells is low, and you need to do something to enhance them. It’s important to figure out what it is that makes you feel fatigued and drained of energy because when you are feeling drained, you are not reaching the potential that you are supposed to with this knowledge.

The first thing to do, obviously, is to figure out if you are sick and cure yourself from it. If you’re healthy and still feel drained, you’d better look at your environment—who is draining your energy? Are you in touch with an “energy vampire”—one of those I talked about in Level I? There is no reason why any of us would wake up in the morning, feeling okay, but then during the day feel more and more drained until we just want to hit the bed. The energy level should be constant during the day, and if it’s not, there is something we need to work on right away.

If we can spot the energy vampire, or vampires, amongst friends, family, or acquaintances, it’s best to talk to them and explain that they are draining our energy, and they need to stop doing that and create their own energy source from within. If they don’t know what we’re talking about or if they don’t want to know and they continue draining us, we need to disconnect from them or we will go downhill and become very sick in the long run—we may even experience premature death. The cells can’t stay healthy in a body that is drained of bioelectricity over a long period—this is obvious if you understand what I explained in this section of this paper. This, by default, is at least one reason why people get cancer. I understand it may be a hard thing to do to disconnect from someone whom we have perhaps known for a long time, but we are here to evolve and not to let someone else drain us out, and when there is nothing more to suck out, the vampire goes to the next person and starts all over.

If we can’t spot who the vampire is, there is always one thing we can do, but we need to do it several times a day—every day (everybody should do this, even if you feel excellent).

This energy exercise is called, “Dropping the Anchor.”

1.      Imagine you drop an anchor from your feet and down to the center of the Earth. The chain can be of any color but gold supposedly works best. The anchor itself can be a diamond, an emerald, or whatever stone is your favorite.

2.      Feel the presence of Mother Gaia when you do this because in the same moment you are doing it, she feels the connection with you, and she knows who you are and that you care, and she will assist you in protecting yourself.

3.      Then imagine how this “chain,” which is more like a cord, continues from your feet to the right, up around your body, approximately 5 inches away from it and connects with your feet on the left side. You now have a golden chord protecting your auras from intrusion.

4.      Do this the first time in the morning as soon as you wake up, and continue doing it throughout the day, as often as you can remember. The more often, the better. It should only take 2-3 seconds to do it, once you get the hang of it.[3]

You can play around with this in many ways. If you’re in a huge crowd, i.e. a supermarket, and don’t want to pull in everybody’s energies, which probably will make you feel exhausted, cloak yourself. This means you imagine a cloak around you that makes you “invisible” to others (drop the anchor, too). You will then experience less energy hitting your emotional body, and you will feel stronger through the experience.

Fig. 2. The seven main “Body Chakras”

When you are in an environment where the energy is not the greatest, close your chakras, and you will be protected. Think of your chakras like roses in different colors. The seven chakras and their colors are as follow:

1.      Base chakra (genital area): color red (red)

2.      Sacral chakra (lower abdomen): color orange (orange)

3.      Solar Plexus chakra (solar plexus): color yellow (yellow)

4.      Heart chakra (heart): color green (green)

5.      Throat chakra (throat): color bright blue (bright blue)

6.      Third Eye (forehead): color indigo (indigo)

7.      Crown chakra (at the top of the head): color violet (violet)

When you are in an environment where you want to protect your chakras from intrusion, think of them as roses in the same colors as the chakras, and then you close them, one by one, or all of them at the same time.

If you are with friends, you may want to open some of the chakras (roses) to the fullest, or just a little bit—it’s your choice—and when you want to be really powerful, open them all—let all the roses be in full bloom.

Additionally, you can expand your chakras by imagining them being a certain distance from your body, but generally, if you have a day like most people, when you meet a lot of different people throughout the day—some of them whom you don’t know—it’s perhaps not a good idea to open up the chakras too much. Play with it and feel it out.

Another thing you can do is to visualize a thick armor around yourself for protection if you are somewhere where you feel extremely bad “vibes” (energies). Imagine how these bad energies bounce off your armor. Like I said, play around with it, and do what works best for you. However, “Dropping the Anchor” exercise is superior than the others—we should all do that and the rest in addition to it, as we see appropriate. The Dropping the Anchor exercise helps you stay grounded, which is extremely important these days when we are overloaded with lies and manipulative manners from media and authorities in general. Staying grounded helps us to better see things the way they are.

The last thing I want to bring up, which may be the cause why some people are almost constantly drained of energy, is if they are possessed. We have talked about the different kinds of possession in previous Levels of Learning, and if you don’t remember and you believe that possession could pertain to you, I would advise you to go back and review that material.

People who are possessed are normally drained of energy, but they also change their personalities back and forth for no obvious reasons. They may say things that they later ponder and think, “Why did I say that? Did I really say that?” Sometimes these people may not even remember that they said it, even when others point it out. This will probably be the last thing you look into if everything else fails, but it’s good to know, and more people than we think have “attachments” so to speak. These attachments are not always “bad spirits,” but they influence people’s personalities.

If you think you have attachments, there are ways to get rid of them, although sometimes it requires a strong personality, who is very determined. It’s also imperative to figure out why the attachment hooked on to the person in the first place— normally, it’s because of a certain behavior that attracted the spirit. It could be alcoholism, irresponsible sex, watching pornography, drugs in general (even pharmaceutical drugs, sometimes), and similar things. Refraining from these non-survival things often makes the attachment leave, but it requires that the person is strong enough to really stop his or her “addictions” because that’s normally what it is. If nothing else helps and the person still believes that he or she is possessed, it may be time to find professional help. However, psychiatrists often can’t do anything about it—most of them don’t even believe in possession—but there are alternative psychics who may be able to help.

I.II. What is “Space”?

When we look up in the night sky, what do we see? We see a sparse amount of stars blinking back at us, but the rest of the sky is black, or devoid of light. We call that space.

Now, if we look into a strong NASA telescope, what do we see? We see a whole lot more than we can see with the naked eye, such as nebulae, galaxies, and many other things. Still, between all this, we have the same blackness or perceived emptiness. We still call that space.

So, what the scientists have gathered is that the Universe is 4% “matter,” about 23% “dark matter,” and about 73% “dark energy.”[4] However, the scientists know very little about what dark matter and dark energy are or what they consist of, although there are plenty of wild guesses.

In Level II, we learned that due to the Grid and our limited access to our total DNA, we only see and perceive 4% of the Universe, and the rest I call the KHAA or the VOID, although some say that the 4% is part of the KHAA as well, but the only part of the KHAA that we can see, while others say that the 4% is just a hologram within a hologram and is not really real.

In any case, what is this “blackness?”

Well, there is quite an easy way to describe it. Let’s say that you go to a house and open the front door and all lights are turned off—it’s completely dark and it’s the darkest part of the year. Outside in the garden, however, you have lots of strong lights lighting up everything that’s out there. So, when you walk around in the garden, you can see and perceive almost all that’s out there. Then you walk inside and it’s totally dark—you have to feel yourself around. Still, this is not what you would normally do—instead you would turn on the light switch. However, let’s pretend there is no light switch. Because it’s a house where someone lives, you have a sense of what could be in there, but in reality, you have no idea—you can only guess. Furniture? Most probably, but the owner could be eccentric for all you know and decorated the house with something totally different.

This allegory for the 4% visible Universe and the 96% dark Universe explains quite well what we’re dealing with. Not until we turn on the light switch do we know what’s in the darkness. If it’s a normal house with regular people living there, you will see furniture when you turn on the light. Whatever it is you see, that is what it is.

We could say that a similar thing has been done to our DNA, and by putting a Grid around Earth we can’t easily penetrate the “darkness” to see what’s really there. Not until we pass through a hole in the Grid and get to the outside will we have an opportunity to see and perceive the whole 100% Universe (including the “Spirit Universe,” to which clairvoyant people have certain access). With “opportunity,” I mean that we have a chance to see it all, but here is the thing—if we are so manipulated that we are sure that what we perceive with our five senses is all there is, we will probably not see what’s out there even if we penetrate the Grid (and turn on the “light switch”). Why is that? It’s because our belief system is quite powerful! They also show how powerful the human soul is. We have the power to create whatever we want—even when it’s illogical and doesn’t benefit us! The rest of us, who have the knowledge and have modified many of the beliefs that didn’t serve us, would get quite a powerful feeling after penetrating the Grid without the physical body! For one, we would notice that what we previously thought was “empty space” now is filled with matter! Also, approximately 73%, allegedly, of the whole Universe is energy, which means in our terms that it’s the “Spiritual Universe.” Another thing to take into account is that we don’t know what kind of “furniture” (if we use our previous analogy) the “Dark Universe” consists of, if any. It could consist of both furniture and something else we may not even be able to grasp right now.

What we are developing more and more, the further we get on our evolutionary path, is the “sixth sense”—the one that is missing but once was there. It’s missing because we were tampered with.

In one of the later papers in this level of learning, we are going to get a deeper insight into what it really boils down to—what is it that the AIF actually and basically wants from us? Why haven’t they already taken what they want? We humans are here, severely mind controlled and manipulated. It seems as if they have most of mankind under their thumb. What is stopping them?

I believe I have the answer, and it’s going to be discussed once and for all in the later part of this level. 

I.II. Are the Planets in the Universe Really Teeming with Life, or Are We Mistaken?

I have been talking a lot about how we need to change our belief system into a new one which serve us better than the one we have been hung up in. First, like my Disclaimer at the end of each paper in this level of learning states, I don’t mean that people who read the papers should change their belief system so that all of us think uniformly, like robots. I’d like to see people take in what they believe will enhance their present and future and start thinking about it long and deeply and really ponder it. What does this information mean for you? How can you use it, or can you even use it at all? That, too, must be taken into consideration. If you cannot use the information, disregard it, but if you believe that something resonates, bring it with you and see how it may benefit you.

Anyway, I must say that if there is something I’ve really had to do since I started researching for these papers—all the way from Level I up to Level IV—is to change my own belief system. I think I’ve come a very long way since 2010, when I first came in contact with Dr. A.R. Bordon and everything escalated from there. Level I was an expansion on what I already knew before I researched it, but it was really at Level II when my old belief system started crumbling—and it went fast—faster than the speed of light (or at least that’s how it felt). I hope, and can imagine, that some readers of these papers must have felt the same way. Sometimes, when I stumble upon something, for one reason or another, I think that it’s impossible—that it’s not the way it is! However, as I continue on that path, I notice that what we’ve believed before needed to be expanded, and that led to a new belief system.

The problem we have here on Earth, whether we are just everyday researchers, as I am, or scientists and “experts,” is that we look at things from a human perspective. That’s almost always how we start out. Unfortunately, in science, that’s also where it stops—many people will never look behind what the human mind considers being a fact. It’s okay to listen to the “conscious mind,” or the “3-D mind,” but remember that our minds are deeply mind controlled and manipulated, so we shouldn’t take for granted that anything we’ve learned is true (most of it is not). The motto to change our common knowledge 180 degrees to find the truth is often a good one, I have noticed, and when I’m stuck in my research, that’s what I normally do in order to be able to “unstick” myself. Usually, it’s really helpful, and even if it’s not always the case, it assists me to move on further.

Here is a good example of how we base our research on the human “knowledge”—the “everybody knows that a stone is a stone” kind of thing because that’s what we’ve all been taught. The same thing goes withplanets. What’s the purpose for planets? Most people would say, to house life for different kinds of life forms. Therefore, we are looking out in space with more and more sophisticated technology in order to find planets out there which can house life, similar to Earth. Thus, the scientists to a large degree concentrate on looking at stars that are similar to our own Sun—similar “spectral type,” (color and density, which determines the heat of the star,) similar size, age, and so on as our own ball of fire up in the sky. Then, from watching such a foreign star to see how much it wobbles and if there are objects moving “across” the star (from one side to another), they can determine if the star has planets, how big they are, and how far away they are from their sun. In just a few years, they have gone from acknowledging the existence of just a few planets to having found a lot of them. I posted an “infograph” on my blog of stars which have been confirmed to have planets, and it can be found here, (   

The result, according to astrophysicists and others, is mixed. They have found a few planets which are approximately at the same distance from their stars as the Earth is in relation to the Sun, but most solar systems they have found do not have planets within the habitable zone, which scientists think is required in order for a planet to have intelligent life, similar to Earth, or even more advanced. The good news, they say, is that amongst the solar systems they have explored, there are actually a few stars that have planets similar to Earth, and the bad news is that the majority of stars don’t. Also, most stars out there are double or triple stars, which—again according to science—makes the solar system too unstable to develop intelligent life.

Most people who are interested in how science develops in this area, follow the progress with enthusiasm, believing that the norms which the scientists have set up are correct. However, are they really?

Who is to say that just because planet Earth is perfect for our kind of life to develop, it must also be the norm for other planets in other solar systems? Can’t life develop on a planet farther away or closer to their star than Earth is? Sure enough, we don’t have to look further than to our own solar system to see that a human body would die immediately if it was put on the surface of Mars or Venus without having some kind of oxygen tubes and a solid space suit. Still, if life exists on a planet such as Venus in another solar system, it may still be intelligent, but the bodies would be much more resilient than ours. We can go on and on, discussing the subject in this fashion, and we may come to the conclusion that we really don’t know and neither do the scientists—all they do is assume, based on what we have and don’t have, here on Earth.

Eventually, we come to the ultimate question: just because we humans have developed on a planet, does that mean that other star races must develop and evolve on planets? In general, are planets really there only to house intelligent life? After all, in all these papers, I have portrayed Earth as a Living Library and as an Experiment. If Earth is an Experiment, does that mean that we are quite a rare phenomenon in the Universe, or does it mean that all life forms develop on planets? This is an important question and well worth pondering.

Another thing that scientists have noticed is that the structure of our own solar system is quite common out there—at least in our region of the Universe. What I mean by that is that the smaller planets are closer to the star and the larger ones are farther out. We may ask ourselves why this is? Although there is quite overwhelming evidence that other planets, such as Mars and Tiamat (the planet I have called “Old Terra,” which exploded and created the asteroid belt) have housed life in the past—and most possibly Venus as well—the rest of the planets do not have life—at least not in a dimension we can perceive. So, if our solar system (or parts of it) is an Experiment, that sure sounds like it’s one of a kind (or one of only a few). If this is the case, what are the other solar systems that are not Experiments, which would be almost all of the others?

If we assume for a minute that planets are not created to support life, what are they there for? Storage, perhaps? Or maybe they are used for something we cannot even imagine with our limited senses. The problem, again, is that we look at everything from our tiny spectrum of the electromagnetic field, when the entire electromagnetic field is enormous in width compared to our little speck of existence. How can an ant imagine how life is for a human being? It’s impossible.

If we start from that end instead of thinking that what we experience is the norm, we will have an easier time understanding the KHAA and everything “out there.” If we begin by saying to ourselves that we know next to nothing, then there must be a lot to learn, and with this attitude, we are opening ourselves to actually learn something.

I am sitting here writing about the KHAA and what it is from an ant’s perspective—that’s basically what it is. Perhaps I’m an “educated ant” and can see things with a somewhat open mind, but it’s still an ant’s perspective.

Fig. 3. Q in Star Trek, who could nanotravel and shape shift and create worlds with his mind.

The reader may remember that I compared Q, the being in Star Trek, who could nanotravel wherever he wanted and take on any shape he wished, with a being living in the KHAA? Did Q live on a planet? Not from what we know of, and why would he? He didn’t have to—if he wanted a planet, he could just create one in his mind, or move a planet through space/time via time/space. This was actually also what he did in at least one Star Trek episode. He “kidnapped” some of the Star Trek crew and put them on a planet somewhere, and the crew had no idea where they were. After a while, it proved not to be a planet at all, only something that Q had made up with his mind to show the crew how ignorant they were. This is exactly what I am getting at. Someone with a great mind taught me to look at things this way, and it expanded my owninner vision exponentially.

I am not saying that everything that is labeled science fiction is true, but I dare say that almost all (perhaps all) science fiction is based upon fact, and some of it is channeled, as we learned in Level III. People don’t think any of it is true because it seems so “way out there.” What they don’t take into consideration is that the science fiction we watch in the theatre is only a little tidbit of what is really out there. Again, we come back to how little we really know. Most of it can’t even be explained so that our nervous system can comprehend it—it’s not yet developed enough for that.

All that I am talking about in this subsection is a tidbit of what I have learned lately. The readers may look at it as hypotheses, which is absolutely fine, but perhaps it also makes people think that there is much that is not the way it seems to be.

I am not suggesting that there aren’t planets out there with intelligent life and evolving races on them, but what I am suggesting, as a hypothesis at least, is that life on other planets may be more of an exception rather than a common occurrence. Moreover, I am not suggesting that the Universe is not teeming with intelligent life because I am certain that it is. Still, most of them live in other, totally different dimensions from our 3-D reality, and with our five senses, we wouldn’t even be able to perceive them, even if a hundred of them were appearing in your living room. These beings do not live on planets, and we are going to learn a lot more about that as we move on.

Now, how about the panspermia theory I talked a lot about in Level I and II in particular? Isn’t that what the Creator Gods do when they seed a planet? If so, where does that fit in?

Already to start with, I distinguished between two different kinds of creator gods—the ones with capital letters (Creator Gods) and those with small letters (creator gods). It would perhaps had been even more accurate to call them Creator Goddesses (they are always feminine—see Level II) and Genetic Manipulators (Genetic Engineers if I want to be nice—can be both feminine and masculine). The former are the ones who are really creating life from the beginning, while the latter are scientists and take something that is already created and altering it. The Gnostics called them archons. The reason I don’t call them that is because archons supposedly originate from this solar system, which the AIF don’t. Still, I can see where the Gnostics got the term archons from—they have most of the characteristics of the AIF.

Creator Goddesses, who fit the definition, are star beings whose purpose is to help Mother Goddess create life in the Universe so that she can continuously experience herself. Sometimes, these Creator Goddesses use planets in order to create what they want. Hypothetically, one of these Creator Goddesses may get an idea how she wants to create a certain type of symbiosis on a planet—either because she can see that it is needed and perhaps hasn’t been done before in that way, or the Goddess is doing it for her own pleasure and in order to create beauty. Anything is possible. If she decides to use a planet for her creation, she would probably use panspermia to start the process. She would steer a number of asteroids in the direction of the planet of choice—asteroids which she had put life-enhancing bacteria on, which she knew would be perfect for that particular world to develop in. The planet would then be “bombarded” with asteroids and similar celestial bodies, until all bacteria the Creator Goddess needed would have entered the atmosphere and started growing. Then evolution would take place, and after millions, perhaps billions of years, life would have developed. Sometimes, the Creator Goddess (Goddesses, if they work as a team) insert themselves in their creation to make corrections and enhancements.

So, on occasion, planets can be used in order to create life, but hypothetically, maybe they’d rather be used for mining and storage most of the time. After all, business and trade is probably as common in the Universe as it is on Earth, and Dr. Bordon (1946-2013) was right when he said to me that solar systems are consideredreal estate and are sometimes fought over, if what is there is lucrative and valuable.

I.III. What is a “Star Being”?

Here is a hypothesis I want the readers to ponder. Throughout my papers, from Level II and forward, I have used the terms ETs, Extraterrestrials, and aliens quite sparsely—hardly ever at all. Instead, I have continuously used the term star beings and star races. Most readers have probably not thought much about that—it’s just another term for “aliens,” but now, perhaps, is the time to think about what that term really means. What does the word star mean, and what are the definitions of beings and races? Can the term “star being” be a clue for where many aliens originate?

If you look up the word star in a regular dictionary, it will only tell you so much, but let’s take a look at it from a more metaphysical perspective. Those who have read the previous Wes Penre Papers may recall that the star is the Mother of the Solar System. When she has stabilized, she usually creates planets by using parts of herself and by spinning rapidly, catapulting them out in orbit, where they cool down and transform into more solid matter. These planets then become her “children”. Like I’ve mentioned on occasion in earlier papers, if these planets then are left alone—whether they are in the so-called “habitable zone” or not—they will not develop any life but will remain “lifeless” rocks and nothing else. Outside assistance is required to make life grow on any planet, and the Creator Goddess needs permission from the Sun, just like someone would need permission from the human mother (or father) in order to approach their children in any extensive manner.

However, what more is a star or a sun? I have mentioned that it can be a stargate, for example, and in energy exercises, which I have presented, I have had the reader travel inside the Sun and experience what is there. Suns are obviously creators of life and, hence, Creator Goddesses in their own right because they create star systems (solar systems). So, if they are capable of doing that, what else are they capable of? Could they actually also create star beings or complete star races? Is that where the term “star race” comes from? Something to think about.

Let’s pretend that there is some truth in this—would such star beings or star races need a planet to dwell on? Most probably not, unless we consider the star itself being a planet. If it is a common thing that star beings are born inside the star, would they be considered physical beings? Or would they be non-physicals? At least from where we sit, we would consider them non-physicals because they would not, supposedly, have a physical body—only a soul, a mind, and an Avatar. They could be semi-physical in the sense that they present themselves in a certain way by shapeshifting, but they wouldn’t have stable, physical, solid bodies like ours, and more importantly, they wouldn’t have developed on a planet.

What about the solar system in which they originated? Is that considered “their” solar system? I would say so—in the same way as we normally consider Earth being “our” planet because we live on it—even though Gaia, Mother Earth, is a living being, too, just like the Sun.

So, star beings who originate inside a star have planets at their convenience, but they may consider it not to be any reason for them to settle down on one or more of them for any longer period of time. Like I mentioned earlier in this paper, they may use them for storage or mining or something else we can’t think of. However, at one time, they may, as Creator Goddesses, decide to create life forms on one or more of them, but it may not be the norm. They can easily nanotravel in the Universe, and they don’t need bodies to do so—in fact, bodies would be a limitation.

In metaphysics, we often talk about older and younger souls, but no one has any real grasp of how souls in that case are created. Wouldn’t it be plausible, though, that souls are created from the stars, and that they are the “children” of the stars, just as the planets are? If this is so, it means that all the souls that were created from a certain star,are of the same age as the star, and this would in that case answer the question which souls are older and which ones are younger. Then, of course, we must take into consideration that souls may migrate between star systems and settle down somewhere else—i.e. an older soul may move to a younger solar system and vice versa. However, in its basic case scenario, each solar system would, therefore, have its own mass consciousness or soul group, and is this not what we have been talking about all along? These two terms have been used repetitively in these papers, and I was not the one making them up. Here on Earth, we humans who are into metaphysics often use these two terms to describe the human soul collective as well! The question is, where did the human soul group come from? Where did it originate?

Well, here migration comes into play. In Level II, I talked some about the Titans, the Olympians, and the primordial human race, the Namlú’u. The Namlú’u were the Original Experiment, an idea coming from Mother Goddess herself, but Creator Goddesses and Gods, such as the Titans, were put in charge here to continue the creation of the Living Library. They were Orions, just like at least the majority of the Namlú’u’s souls—they were an Orion soul group, who voluntarily immigrated to Sol, our own solar system. then used the souls of those Namlú’u who didn’t get the chance to escape when closed the trap, but they were not the only souls he used. As the population increased, new souls had to be taken from somewhere. So, if the hypothesis with the Sun producing her own soul group, we can imagine a lot of souls hovering around Earth to see how things develop. I know that the AIF has the technology necessary to trap new souls into the system, so it’s not too farfetched to imagine that this is how it’s been done. The collectiveness of souls who are inhabiting bodies here on Earth would thus consist of both souls from Orion and our own solar system (and others, as we shall see), and all these souls together would create the “human soul group,” or the “human mass consciousness.”

While we’re continuing our journey through these papers, it would be helpful for the reader to consider and ponder what we have discussed thus far in the last few sections because there is a reason I am bringing it up at this particular time. The rest of the discussion I will put on hold until much later in this level of learning.

II. Asterisms as “Real Estate”

In these papers, we are going to use the term asterism a lot in conjunction with single star systems, such as Arcturus and Rigel. Before we continue, let’s look at the definition of asterism. This is from


  [as-tuh-riz-uhm]  Show IPA





a group of stars.


a constellation.[5]

For our purpose, both these definitions apply, but definition b. is the most appropriate. We are basically talking about star constellations, such as those used in astrology and astronomy, respectively.

When I browse the Internet and on occasion peek into forums, I notice that many skeptics, when discussing where certain star races come from, bring up that it’s pretty strange that all these alien species that are mentioned come from stars that astronomers have already discovered and given names to. Why don’t these star races come from unknown stars? Certainly, there are more unknown stars out there than there are known stars.

At a quick glance, this thought may seem quite valid, but only if we are ignorant about the asterisms and the named stars in the heavens and how they happened to be named in the first place. Who “created” the star constellations—humans or ancient star visitors? If it was humans, it would indeed be strange, just like the skeptics point out, but if certain stars in the sky were brought to our attention by visitors, then it wouldn’t be so strange because the same visitors would logically point out the stars that had some relevance to their own home locations and history.

Again, we are used to thinking in certain patterns that are based upon assumptions and not in reality. For example, we think of a certain star race coming from a certain star system, i.e. the “Dracos” come from Thuban (Alpha Draconis), the “Grays” come from Zeta Reticuli, the “Nordics” come from a star in the Pleiades, etc. On occasion, but very rarely, do we say that a star race comes from a certain asterism, and if we do, we normally don’t mean the entire asterism—we’re just referring to that particular constellation in general, meaning specifically that there is one star in that constellation which is the home star of that particular star race. In certain cases, this is correct, but not always—not at all. Star races tend to think more in asterisms than in single star systems. By using our imagination, we can see that certain constellations may have some kind of shape and form—one may look like a lion (Leo), while others look like bears (Ursa Major and Ursa Minor). The old gods drew lines between the stars that were somehow connected to each other and made us use our imagination to see the shape and form that the gods drew for them. There was, of course, a reason why they wanted us to look at one constellation as a lion and another one as a scorpion, for example. It was part of their story.

Anybody who has looked into astrology or star constellations in general know that they interact with each other to tell a bigger story. We call this mythology, and most people think it’s old superstition and has very little to do with the real story of the visitors from the stars. It doesn’t help, either, that the stories are cryptic and often not logical to the human mind—they don’t make sense, other than as fairytales for children, at best. Then again, we only use our 3-D mind, trying to understand things, rather than our much more expansive, multidimensional mind.

In fact, without looking into the stories of the asterisms and certain single stars therein, it would be very difficult to get the bigger picture of what happened in our region of the Universe before mankind was born and while we have been developing.

So far in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), we have mainly discussed three locations in the sky—the constellations of Orion, the Pleiades (Taurus the Bull) and Canis Major, where Sirius, the “Dog Star,” is a member. Still, there are so many other star systems and asterisms that are of importance for us here on Earth, and in this level of learning, we are going to address them as well. The readers may again find that not everything is what we have learned on the Internet, by channeled entities, and from others. Indeed, the hypothesis I’m going to present here is, in my opinion, far more interesting.

III. The Home Stars and Constellations of the Gods

The question where the gods come from has tickled the human mind since the beginning of time, but now when the Internet connects all people around the world who are interested in this subject, the theories and hypotheses out there are many and various, to say the least. It’s certainly not an easy question to find an answer to, but the old scriptures actually tell us with quite some accuracy where their home stars and home constellations are—we just have to look where few others have looked before, which again is between the lines. There is the answer—often clear and simple, but grossly overlooked.

Let us start with the Queen of the Stars, Queen Nin, the embodiment of Mother Goddess. We discussed in Level II how the center of the galaxies can be looked at as the female vagina and therefore a birth center. Sure enough, a birth center it is! There are black holes in the middle of each galaxy, and we have also learnt that a white hole is a portal from which we receive something. A white hole, so we’ve been taught, is the receiving end or the other side or the black hole. I would say that this is probably true, but I would add that black holes can work as both receivers and transmitters—how else can star beings travel both ways through a black hole, unless the black hole works as a white hole on the other end, and if you turn around, the black and white holes change places.

Anyway, it’s known within our science communities that there is a massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. So the first question is: if there is such a huge black hole there, why doesn’t it eat up all the stars in the galaxy? Instead, the black hole is giving birth to stars in great quantities. We can tell because the youngest and hottest stars, in general, are in the middle of the galaxy[6]. Instead of working like a sink hole, the energy, still rotating at a high speed, has an outward breath, a khaa. In other words, the Goddess, as a Creatrix, is “breathing” outwards in space, the way we look at it, or she is literally giving birth? Because the center of the Galaxy is rotating, so does everything coming out of the birth center and thus creating this rotating outward pattern, making up a spiral galaxy. There are other galaxies, too, that are not considered spiral galaxies, but we will not go into them here—they are beyond the scope of these papers. However, the Milky Way spirals look similar to a swastika, and this is where this symbol originally came from—it is a symbol for the Orion Empire. Many say that the swastika is an ancient symbol and quite benevolent, but Hitler reversed it and used it for dark purposes instead, aware of the power behind it. We are going to talk more about the swastika later on in this paper.

Fig. 4. The Swastika, symbol of the Goddess and the Milky Way Galaxy

The Milky Way Galaxy is only one galaxy of an almost endless number of galaxies in the Universe, and perhaps the Goddess has a stronghold in all these galaxies, which evidence indicates, but in our Galaxy, the oldest stronghold is that of Orion. Therefore, Queen Nin is often called the Queen of Orion or the Orion Queen. This is how she is most commonly known here on Earth.

Orion is a star constellation as well as a vast Empire. The Constellation of Orion is said to have only seven major stars, but the Orion Empire is expanding from there into other galaxies and ultimately into the KHAA, wherein it is apparently unbelievably vast. So the Queen’s Realms is quite enormous, but does not include the entire Universe (although it’s said to stretch into other universes as well, unreachable for beings living in our own Universe).

III.I. Arcturus, the Royal Star

In Level II, I called Khan En.lil and his people “Sirians” and stated that they were from Sirius. This is the common “knowledge” these days, and most researchers and some scholars say that the “Anunnaki” originate in Sirius. However, the picture is bigger than that. It is true that there was an evolving warrior race originating in Sirius, but the “Sirian Army,” the “DAKH,” consisted of so many more races than just the race which evolved on one of the Sirian planets. The “King of Kings” that I spoke of, who was the leader of the DAKH, does not originate in Sirius, something I was not aware of at the time.

Dr. Bordon and LPG-C also pointed toward Sirius and taught that the Ša.AM.i come from Nibiru, which originated in that solar system. It’s not that they were wrong, it’s just that none of us went back far enough in time, as we shall see.

The “King of Kings” does not originate in Sirius but in Arcturus, Alpha Boötis, which is the brightest star in the constellation of Boötes[7]—Sirius came into the picture far later on the Cosmic Timeline. Boötes means herdsman or plowman[8], and the star itself is today an orange giant[9].

In other words, Khan En.lil and his warriors, whom I called the Sirians in Level II, conquered Sirius at a later time, but started their conquest from the star system Arcturus, Khan En.lil’s home. This was something that was known already by the old Sumerians[10].

Fig. 5. Arcturus, an orange giant star, compared in size with our Sun

There are many references to Khan En.lil and Queen Nin having ties to Arcturus, although the Queen’s ties end with being the Khan’s consort. For the King, however, it is his home star. Here is a good reference from Yahoo Groups:

An interesting point – throughout the history of Babylonian star-maps, the circumpolar stars were considered as representing gods of the highest rank. Arcturus was called “Supa-Enlil who determines the destines of the lands.” His wife, Ninlil ruled the celestial wagon (Ursa Major), and they are associated with the yokes that bind heaven to earth. He was principally associated with farmers and farming – Aratron is the Olympic spirit of Saturn, who was originally the god of agriculture, etc. Enlil was the overall ruler of the gods, a king, and Saturn was identified as the King Star in their mythic astrology.[11]

If someone wants to connect Prince En.lil, aka Prince Ninurta, to Arcturus, the above reference clearly states that we’re talking about En.lil the Elder because it also refers to Nin.lil, whom we already showed in Paper 2 is the Orion Queen. Interesting in the above reference is that it also mentions that Khan En.lil (here “Supa-Enlil”) determines the “destinies of the lands.” This makes it sound like it’s referring to the “Tablets of Destinies,” also called the “Mes” in Mesopotamian mythology—also indicating that Khan En.lil is the owner of the Tablets of Destiny, with Ninurta being his son, helping him find the tablets when they were stolen (more about this in another paper). These tablets are also used to determine where we go after we have left the 3-D reality and have managed to escape the trap. Moreover, mythology says that En.lil reads from the tablets of Destiny so the soul can determine where it is suited to go next. All this will be discussed at a later time.

Aratron, in this example, referred to “the Olympic spirit of Saturn” and is most possibly referring to Prince Ninurta because he was the “god of agriculture,” although Ninurta/Prince En.lil was not an Olympian spirit, but a Titan (as we can see, there are a lot of misconceptions about our mythology).

Fig. 6. Boötes as depicted in Urania’s Mirror, a set of constellation cards published in London c.1825. In his left hand, Khan En.lil holds his hunting dogs, Canes Venatici. Below them is the constellation Coma Berenices. Above the head of Boötes is Quadrans Muralis, now obsolete.

Arcturus is also called the “Urania Mirror”[12], where Urania of course stands for Uranus, who is the equivalent to An, or Khan En.lil. The Khan and the Queen are connected with the yoke of the Wagon (or“plough,” which is a term we are more used to in this case), which “binds heaven to earth.” This, as we will see at a later point, is a very powerful picture because it means more than one thing when it says that it “binds heaven to earth.”

Arcturus being Khan En.lil’s star is also mentioned in the old Babylonian text, ULULU/ELULU (“Purification”):

Su-pa, “The Brilliant Star,” Arcturus. Enlil Way.[13]

Although Khan En.lil these days is associated with his marriage to the Queen of the Stars, it’s not necessarily the case that Arcturus today is a “friendly” star system. Peace may have reigned in the Heavens for a while after the classic Peace Treaty—at least in those regions of the sky, but much has changed since then. As a side note, people who have read the book, “We, the Arcturians,”[14] may be baffled over the information it contains, but the main purpose with the book was probably not to show who lived in Arcturus, but how life is for benevolent non-physical beings in general. The beings portrayed in the book did not necessarily come from Arcturus, even if they stated they did. The book worked very well as an allegory.

III.II. The Origins of the Swastika, the Ancient Symbol

The symbol connected with the most stigma of all symbols here on Earth is probably the swastika because it was used as the main symbol in Nazi Germany. Second to that is probably the all-seeing eye on the top of the Great Pyramid. This, too, has benevolent origins, but has been distorted by the Patriarchal Regime, which took over here on Earth from the Matriarchal Original Planners. Thus, the all-seeing eye is the eye of Queen Nin, whom, as Mother Goddess, keeps an “all-seeing eye” on her Creation because she exists in everything. Now, it’s looked at as a symbol for the Global Elite or “Big Brother,” who watches over their slaves, who are the rest of humanity. The uncomfortable truth is that the Patriarchal Regime stole a lot of symbols from the Matriarchs and used them for their own purposes.

We have already talked a little bit about the swastika as a benevolent symbol. What it basically symbolizes is the two major spiral arms of the Milky Way Galaxy, which have the shape of a swastika. However, this symbol can also be observed in the heavens as a group of moving stars. So, let’s take a look at something called the Ursa Major Moving Group. Wikipedia explains:

The Ursa Major Moving Group, also known as Collinder 285 or Ursa Major association, is a nearby stellar moving group, a set of stars with common velocities in space and thought to have a common origin some 300 million years ago. Its core is located roughly 80 light years away. It is rich in bright stars including most of the stars of the Big Dipper.[15]


All stars in the Ursa Major Moving Group are moving in roughly the same direction at roughly the same speed, contain roughly the same mix of metals, and, based on stellar theory, appear to be roughly the same age. This evidence suggests to astronomers that the stars in the group share a common origin.[16]

So, what I am getting at here is that this group of moving stars is a part of what looks like a moving swastika. Our own Sun is not a member, and although Sirius was once supposed to be a member, some scientists say that it probably isn’t, in spite of its brightness because it’s simply too young.

In the same Wikipedia entry, we can see a list of stars that belong to the Ursa Major Moving Group, and they are all part of the Ursa Major Constellation—the Great Bear—except for one, HD 109647, which is part of Canes Venatici[17], sometimes referred to as Arcturus’ Dogs—another reference to the later star, Sirius, the Dog Star.

Then we have a large number of Stream Stars, which are scattered more randomly across the sky than the core stars are, which are in relative vicinity to each other.

Fig. 7. Ursa Major and Arcturus

Now, to get to the point, according to the myths, as well as when we look up in the night sky, we can imagine Arcturus driving the “Wagon” of the She Bear, Ursa Major, in a circumpolar motion, which resembles the swastika. Ursa Major, in its turn, moves in motion with Sagittarius—the center of the Galaxy. This is therefore referring to Khan En.lil (Arcturus), who “drives the wagon” of the Bear Mother, which is another title for Mother Goddess[18].

As another side note, references often mention the age of certain stars, and they say they can determine the age by comparing them with the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram[19], looking at their magnitude. This is a good measurement when we want to determine the relative age of stars, but I would suggest that their absolute age cannot be determined in this fashion. Again, we are stuck in our 3-D perspective, and the way we are defining the age of things is often not accurate—archeologists have the same problem when they try to figure out the age of ancient discoveries. We are thinking in a linear perspective, which is isolated to Earth and therefore can’t really determine the age of most objects in the Universe, which is multidimensional. This is very important to understand.

Figure 8. The chambers in the Great Pyramid in Giza and the asterisms they are pointing toward.

Ursa Minor, the Lesser Bear, is the tail of Draco. Thus, the Goddess “gave birth” to the “Lesser Bear,” which is attached to Draco. Therefore, we could say that the Goddess, as the Mother Bear (Ursa Major), gave birth to the Lesser Bear (Ursa Minor) and Draco. Then, if we take a look at the night sky from the Great Pyramid of Giza and concentrate on the stars connected to the King’s Chamber (remember we talked about in Level II how Marduk and changed the chambers around so that the King’s Chamber became the Queen’s Chamber and vice versa), we find that Sirius is connected to Ursa Minor as well (see fig 8. above).

Hence, Orion (also depicted in fig 8. ) and Ursa Major, which is the “Older Bear,” gave birth to Ursa Minor (the Lesser Bear), Draco, andSirius. This means that Orion and Ursa Major are the two major Goddess constellations in the Northern sky, and she birthed, the “Lesser Bear,” who through conquest took over Ursa Minor, Draco, and eventually also parts of the Sirius system. Draco, ultimately, as we shall see, with the Cosmic Wars raging in the next few papers, is conquered by Marduk and becomes his constellation. Consequently, when we are talking about the Dracos, we are not necessarily talking about Reptilians, or literal Dragons, but Marduk and his army. The great misunderstanding is that the Dragons are the “evil ones” and in conspiracy with the likeminded Reptilians, when in fact it was the Dragons who created the Universe—they are the Goddess’ “bloodline.” They are called “Dragons” here on Earth because they breathe “fire” and are “serpents of “Wisdom.” The fire they breathe is the “fire of life,” and not fire which will burn everything it comes in contact with. The dragons in the folklore are distortions of the Dragons of Creation, and in the Regime’s usual manner, they have instigated fear in something that could be awed as extraordinary positive and beautiful.

To complete the discussion about the swastika, we go from Arcturus (Khan En.lil’s original star system), to Virgo, from Virgo to Antares (Alpha Scorpio), and to Sagittarius—the Center of the Galaxy. There we have the original swastika, and also some star systems and constellations initially belonging to the Orion Empire.

Next, I would like the reader to recall the so-called Ashtar Command, discussed in Level III. They claimed that they originate from Arcturus. As we shall see, it was at the Arcturus system where Lucifer’s army attacked as their first target—long after the Peace Treaty was signed. At the time of the Rebellion, Arcturus still belonged to Orion, via Khan En.lil. However, the rebels, who basically seem to have originated somewhere in that area, probably around Spica and Arcturus, took over both systems with force and drove out the beings from Arcturus, who were loyal to Orion. Thus, Arcturus came in the hands of the rebels and has been ever since.

Basically, what the Rebels did was to take control over Ursa Minor and Draco, from where they created their own Empire, which they wanted to become greater than Ursa Major and Orion, who were both in possession of the Queen and the King of Orion. When and his rebels at a later point also came in possession of Sirius (or at least a part of the Sirius system), we since then have what we call the Sirian Empire. This is not the only parts of the night sky which Lucifer and his Fallen Angels are in possession of, but we will go into that in more detail later.

III.III. More about Draco and the Bear Constellation

Earlier, we discussed the fact that the gods, both with small “g” and capital “G,” have a lot of different names, titles, and epithets, and this is often related to their location or their characteristics. Here I want to show the reader a classical example of this, which has to do with the Goddess in her physical embodiment as Ninhursag. The Orion words, just like in the Sumerian and Akkadian languages, can be spelled in many different ways, and letters are interchangeable with each other, while others can just be dropped in certain circumstances.

Fig. 9. The Big Dipper

Hence, Nin-hur-sag can also be spelled Ninhursaya. Then, if we play on that word a little bit more, we get, NIN URSA AYA. Thus, we have Nin=Lady, Ursa=She Bear, and Aya=Queen. Loosely translated, we haveLady Queen She Bear. Consequently, it is as Queen Ninhursag that she is in charge of Ursa Major, the “Big Dipper,” a star constellation which most people in the northern hemisphere have seen in the night sky and are quite familiar with. Another name associating the Goddess with Ursa Major is Artemis[20]. We also know by now that Arcturus is originally Khan En.lil’s star, and a clear connection between Arcturus and Ursa Major is shown in the following reference, where it says that Arcturus derives from Ancient Greek and means “Guardian of the Bear:”

The name of the star [Arcturus] derives from Ancient Greek Αρκτοῦρος (Arktouros) and means “Guardian of the Bear,” ultimately from ἄρκτος (arktos), “bear”+ οὖρος (ouros), “watcher, guardian”.[21]  

Here we see that Khan En.lil, after having signed the Peace Treaty, became the “Guardian of the Bear,” i.e. he and his best warriors became the Queen’s personal Guardians, just like I stated in Level II.

Artemis is also known as the “Goddess of the Hunt,”[22] and her hunting partner was Orion[23]. One of the symbols for Artemis is, therefore, the bow and arrow, which also becomes a symbol for the Orion Empire. One of Ninurta’s (Prince En.lil) symbols is also the bow and arrow[24], which then, of course, ties him to Orion and the Mother Goddess herself. As explained in Paper #2 of September 20, 2013: “Setting the Ancient Records Straight: Who is Who and Who Did What in the Pantheon?,” Ninurta was the God who named Orion and is thus Orion himself, Artemis’ hunting partner in the old mythos.

Another star constellation which is symbolized by the bow and arrow is Sagittarius[25]. Sagittarius is easy to see in the southern hemisphere because it’s positioned right on the Milky Way. Sagittarius is also connected to the Galactic Center, the Womb of the Mother, which we have talked a lot about earlier. What is interesting, however, is that Babylonian mythology connects Sagittarius with Nergal[26], who I have suggested is another alias for

Nergal/ being associated with Sagittarius is not correct, however, from what I’ve learned through my research (see Level IV, Paper #2). Instead, Ninurta is the one associated with Sagittarius. Many records originating in Babylon have been altered—Babylon being Marduk’s domain, as we know. It was in Lord’s interest, as well as Marduk’s, to sometimes associate Nergal with Ninurta. In one instance, it was because none of the two, Lord and Marduk, wanted to be associated with the Underworld and manipulation of the Afterlife—something that is associated with Nergal, which we will discuss in a separate paper. Instead, Lord, by altering the records, blamed his brother, Ninurta, for what he himself did. Of course, if Lord wanted to connect himself with the Creation Story, being the Prime Creator—the One and Only God—he also had to make sure he was associated with Sagittarius, which is deeply related to Creation itself. Therefore, in this particular instance, he took on the role of his brother, Ninurta because it fit his purpose at a particular time.

The problem with manipulating and altering records is that once you have started lying and you notice that a particular lie no longer suits your agenda, it has to be altered once again, even though the original lie has to remain in the records—it’s simply too late to change it. This is what has happened in the myths at times, and this is the main reason for much of the confusion. Depending on when certain records were altered, you find different stories being told about the same beings, and they sometimes contradict each other. Again, this is father and son altering the story as they go along. Then, of course, we are just “lulus,” so what do we know? We would never figure that out, would we?

Since Lucifer’s Rebellion, when and his “angels” were thrown out of Orion, they lost all legal connections to the star constellations belonging to the Orion Empire, as well as any connection to theCreation, i.e. star constellations and regions of the Milky Way which are directly connected with the origins of our galaxy. In reality, as stated earlier, they are all connected with Mother Goddess and her incarnation as the Queen, Khan En.lil, and Prince Ninurta. This hasn’t stopped the rebels, however from constantly associating themselves with God, the Goddess, Creation, the “Second Coming,” Jesus, Maitreya, and more.

Interestingly enough, in Theosophy it is believed that…

…the Seven Stars of the Pleiades focus the spiritual energy of the Seven Rays from the Galactic Logos to the Seven Stars of the Great Bear, then to Sirius, then to the Sun, then to the god of Earth (Sanat Kumara), and finally through the seven Masters of the Seven Rays to the human race.[27]

So, according to their philosophy, which is basically built on information received from the Great White Brotherhoodof Ascended Masters, the energy goes from Sirius to the Sun, then to the “god of Earth (Sanat Kumara),” and farther until it reaches the human race through the “Masters of the Seven Rays.”

Without going too much into Theosophy, Sanat Kumara is associated with Venus, the “Morning Star,” which equates to Lucifer (Prince The Masters of the Seven Rays are the “Ascended Masters” and the “Ashtar Command,” both associated with Sirius. The Ashtar Command is promoting “Space Jesus,” or Sananda[28], who is, like we discussed in Level III, himself, coming down from the Heavens as our savior.

I find this an interesting correlation because we can get a hint of how the Galactic Rays are being hijacked once they leave the Big Dipper and perhaps in some prism fashion reach Sirius and from there are steered toward our own Sun, most possibly with the help from advanced technology.

As a side note, it’s fascinating how the Theosophists claim that the Sun gets its energy from Sirius and how we in that fashion would be connected to the Dog Star. Then, some say that the Sun is simply a “reflection” of Sirius A (now we’re being very metaphysical here). If this is the case, it means that the “Sirians”—intended to refer to the AIF, when Sirius, in actuality, is only one engaged star system of many—are controlling our planet in yet another way, such as follows.

Without the light and the heat from the Sun, humans can’t survive, so if the Sirius A hypothesis is correct, it may expose quite a horrific agenda. Humans grow from being nurtured from Sirius A (via the Sun)! If this is true, the question is, for how long has this been going on? Since the AIF decided that it’s time for us to evolve? If this is the case, perhaps they concluded that our evolution would have taken too long if we humans were dependent only on our own Sun, which is fainter than Sirius, and the AIF decided that we need a warmer sun (Sirius A), which is transmitting more gamma rays, in order to evolve faster. It inevitably makes me think about plants being nurtured with different kinds of light in order to make them grow faster.

Why does the AIF want us to evolve? Don’t they actually want the opposite, like so many people think? Don’t they want us to be kept “dumbed down,” so we can’t expose their agenda? I believe nothing could be further from the truth. The AIF wants us to start evolving at a fast pace because from their perspective, the time has come—or even better, their time has come! If we are to believe Sitchin, the AIF decided already approximately 4,000 years ago, before they bombed the Sinai Spaceport and Sodom and Gomorrah, that humans need to evolve, and since then, we have. They even sent down “Jesus” to make it go faster, didn’t they? Jesus was the AIF’s own Savior. That only worked to some degree because mankind was still not ready for that kind of approach, so the AIF had to ad-lib and create the crucifix story, which was later being emphasized by the Roman Emperor, Constantine, in the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, when the Bible was put together in a fashion which could help the AIF making humanity evolve.

Could it have been somewhere around this time or, perhaps, closer to the Industrial Revolution that they started sending energy from Sirius A to the Sun? After all, it was around that time evolution started speeding up, wasn’t it?

Then we have the Pleiadians talking about the nanosecond, the time period from 1987 to 2012, when time incrementally sped up to a millionfold, meaning that we evolved a million times faster by the last years of the nanosecond, than we would have if the nanosecond would never have happened. That there was a nanosecond is beyond doubt. Anyone with any spiritual awareness noticed the rapid change in their own development as spiritual beings. Sometimes everything went almost overwhelmingly fast. Then, around October 2012, I started noticing that time was slowing down again quite remarkably, and now everything is happening at a much slower pace, compared to the last few years of the nanosecond. Interestingly enough, the Pleiadians said in a lecture held after the nanosecond (i.e. in 2013), that “good ETs” had a hand in creating some of the effects of the nanosecond, although it also had its own natural cycle. Sirius A? Was that the “helping hand”? Mind you, that the Pleiadians were working with Lord during the 1987-2012 time period—something that they themselves proclaimed.

So, we are back to the question: why does the AIF want us to evolve? Well, we have discussed the “Harvest” many times in the Levels of Learning. It definitely has an eerie sound to it now, doesn’t it? The Harvest! Are they growing us for food? Do they want us to get “ripe?” Yes, I am positive that this is a part of it, but there is another factor which is no less concerning, which we will bring up in a long discussion in one of the later papers in this Fourth Level of Learning.

Still, isn’t evolving a good thing? Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? The answer is yes, but at the same time, we sit in in a serious dilemma, which I hadn’t thought about until recently, when I started putting things together. However, this dilemma can quite easily be resolved if we have enough knowledge to avoid the negative part of it. So hang in there—we will discuss this at length in a later paper. First, however, we need “background material,” and that’s what the story of the Cosmic Wars, which will follow this paper, is about. Once we understand the story of the cosmos in our neck of the galactic woods and how it is related to us humans here on Earth, we can better understand the entire subject with the Harvest and our own evolution. The problem is not how we are going to resolve it once we understand the problem, but again, what about the rest of humanity, who keeps this reality faithfully solid by bathing in ignorance? This is my main concern, even though I know that it’s up to each one of us to find our way out. Anyhow, we will be back on this subject.

IV. Some Last Words in Preparation…

It would take up too much space if I went into details about every star and star constellation that was connected with the Orion Empire, but a few others I want to mention are Alpha Corona BorealisBeta Aurigae,Delta AurigaeGamma Leporis (the “rabbit” at the foot of Orion), and Beta Serpentis.

For readers who are interested in following the story of the Cosmic Wars that I will tell in this Level of Learning on a star map, I would suggest you find good star maps of the northern and the southern hemispheres, so you can follow the route of these star beings as they move across the night sky. There are many of these maps online—it’s just a matter of finding one which meets your preferences. This is not mandatory, and you will be able to follow the plot anyway—my suggestion is just for those who want to go deeper into it.

As the reader may have noticed, the star beings—both those who are still connected with Orion and those who rebelled against the Queen and the King—seem to be concentrating their business to a limited section of the Milky Way, i.e. the proximity of our own Sun and solar system. This, however, is not necessarily the case, but the Rebellion happened here in our galactic neighborhood (if we consider a few hundred to maybe a thousand light years being our “neighborhood,” which it actually is). It would be too confusing to involve remote parts of the Galaxy in our story—regions that have no, or very little, connections with Earth at this moment (with “this moment” I mean a few million years ago and up to present time). The Cosmic Wars and the Battles of the Gods that have directly affected us have been fought in this particular area of the night sky, which is called Sector 9.

The first three papers of the Fourth Level of Learning have been written in preparation for the reader to fully appreciate the rest of the papers and the story I am about to tell. We are now getting closer to the point where we can start digging into the story of Lucifer’s Rebellion and the severe consequences it has had for the human soul group.

The first three Levels of Learning have told the story from a more general perspective, but in this level, we are concentrating more on details. Just like when we discussed mythology in the previous papers, where the details were of the utmost importance, the same thing could be said about the Cosmic Wars and their consequences.


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Wes Penre

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[6] This is a truth that needs some modification, because stars are still born within the galaxies, long after the galaxy herself is born. Even today, new stars are born in the spiral arms.








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