Third Level of Learning, Paper 4: Channeled Entities Part II — Channeling the Grays

by Wes Penre, Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I. Abstract. A Short Summary so Far

      In the previous paper, and the latter half of the paper before that, we were talking about the channeled sources who had one obvious theme in common — the Harvest of Souls! When we look at these different sources one at the time, we tend to think that they are all separate from each other, telling their stories based upon what the questioners ask them.

     However, if we cross-reference them we find something very different. It’s hard not to get the feeling that they are all connected somehow, and at first we feel it, but we don’t know why. Then we notice that they all use terms we’ve heard so much before, and they are all Sirian terms, such as the RA Material (MARDUK RA); Elohim (the Anunnaki/Sirians); Council of An (ANU being the King of the Anunnaki); the Council of 12 (ENKI/MARDUK’S council to decide what to do with us “lulus”); the Council of Elohim (which would be the Higher Council in the Sirian Hierarchy — the “off-worldly” one), and P’taah (or Ptah, which was ENKI’s name when he was the first pharaoh of Egypt).

     So we have the RA Material; the Elohim; the Cassiopaeans; Q’uo, and the Alpha Draconians (not yet discussed), and I know there are more out there who have these Sirian terms in common, and they are all here for the Harvest. They all deny such a connection to the Sirians, and RA even said they their name was taken for totally different purposes, but there are too many coincidences just to write it all off.

     From what I can see, they are here to pull in as many “lightworkers” and “truthseekers” as they can into their fold, and they are using different channels to have as much variety as possible. They “cure the blind”, “heal the crippled” and spread an enormous amount of “love & light” around them so we will think they are genuine and positive in nature. Some sources say that they are basically here to assist us in the afterlife when this lifetime is over by handing out 4D bodies for those who have been “good” and have their heart chakras open 51% or more. After that, those 51% will enjoy their next lifetime in 4D. But if you don’t meet the criteria, your only option is to be recycled to a new 3D planet. This is what many of them want you to believe. Others, like David Wilcock’s RA people, say they will come down in spaceships and bring us to the 4th Density while we’re still here, in incarnation.[0] Wild, but many people fall for it.

     The sources belonging to this group of channels say they are riding on a cosmic Superwave which is heading our way, and on this wave both “good” and “bad” entities are riding. Once it’s here, it’s going to sweep over the solar system, and if you’re ready, it’s going to be a very uplifting event, but if you’re not, it can be quite a negative experience both for the body and the mind. Of all the people who are unprepared, not everybody will die, but many supposedly will. Laura Knight-Jadczyk, who is in contact with the Cassiopaeans, spent approximately 1,600 pages on her website explaining and discussing the Wave.

     This is as much as we’ve discussed the Harvesters of Souls and their agenda so far. However, to get the full picture of what is going on, we need to look into the “Grays”, and especially the Zeta Reticulians and establish who they really are. And lastly, we’re going for the real shocker — the Alpha Draconians. When these groups are exposed, it should be pretty clear for the reader what this is all about, and many will be shocked. In fact, I’ve found out a whole lot more even within this week and a half since I released my previous paper. 

II. Channeling the Zeta Reticulians

“Germane is a group consciousness energy, [who] states that “his” orientation is from a realm of integration that does not have a clear-cut density/dimensional levels [sic]. The term “germane” in the English language means “significant relevance”, or “coming from the same source”. Germane chose this term to somewhat personify his energy. Neither male nor female, he views us as evolving to become like him as we begin the process of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual integration, which leads us back to the Source of All.”[1]

     The above quote opens up a 360 pages long document which is basically a collection of channeling sessions, articles, and documents from between 1992 and 1999, by and with channeler, Lyssa Royal. It’s no longer online, from what I know, but has some revealing information in it. Germane is one of several group consciousnesses that Lyssa is channeling; this group extended out from an earlier Arcturian connection (Arcturus is connected to ENLIL and the Sirian Alliance, which I will prove beyond any doubts in a later paper. Many people think of Arcturus as the home of some very spiritual, non-physical beings after have read the book, “We, the Arcturians”, but like the Cassiopaeans say that these beings are not from Arcturus; the whole book was just a way to prepare us to be able to understand the concept of non-physicals. Some say that the Tall Whites, an alien group working for the Government on a military base in Nevada, near Nellis AFB, are coming from Arcturus. We are going to look into that connection and relay it to the Sirians in an upcoming paper).

     Another source Lyssa is channeling is Harone, who happens to be a Zeta Reticulian Gray hive consciousness. Harone, who is the spokesman for this hive consciousness is a project leader for some genetic projects, and we get the impression that “he” is an expert on it (the Grays are genderless, but both Lyssa and I prefer to call “him”he for simplicity). In addition to this, Lyssa is also channeling a female being, Sasha, who is from the Pleiades, and lastly Bashar, who is another Gray consciousness, claiming to be us in the far future. All these beings and group consciousnesses are connected to each other in one way or another and are assisting each other in the goal to create a future society based on human hybrids.

Figure 1. Lyssa Royal

    I have read a few interviews with Lyssa Royal, and she comes across as a very intelligent, rational woman, and I can tell she is a person with a good heart. She is the author of a number of books on metaphysics and channeling, and started channeling already in the 1970s, before she attended some classes on the subject. She channeled a lot of different entities before she decided to stay with Germaine, Harone, and Sasha. Channeling Bashar was something she did in her earlier days, and this group consciousness is more known to be channeled by Darryl Anka these days. Lyssa channeled RA as well before Carla’s group was contacted by them. Two of the more interesting earlier channels, according to Lyssa herself, were of one entity called Raydia from Arcturus, and Akbar from Orion. Raydia eventually “turned into” Germane. In a channel session, Raydia told Lyssa that this was the last time she’d hear from her, and a little bit later she “transformed” into Germane (whom we then highly suspect is connected to ENKI and the Sirians).

Figure 2. Keith Priest

     What I think people know her best from today, and what stayed most in the human consciousness, is The Prism of Lyra, a book which is more or less the story of the universe from the beginning, when life came through a prism in the Lyra star constellation into our universe, and later on moved over to Orion. Furthermore, it is explaining which star races came to Earth millions upon millions of years ago and created civilizations here. It also described how the Vegans created the dinosaurs and out of that came a reptilian race, which to some degree still lives here on Earth in underground caves and caverns, while others left the planet and went to other star systems. In other words, this channeled book is saying that at least one or a few reptilian races out there in the universe today actually originated on Earth. It also tells about the conflict between the Vegans and the Lyrans, and how mankind later on became genetically manipulated by a negative star race from Sirius, while a galactic war was raging in this sector of the universe.  

     The way Lyssa is explaining the difference between densities and dimensions is probably the best I’ve seen in channeled material. She explains the differences as follows:

Density: Density denotes a vibrational frequency and not a location, which the term “dimension” implies. The density structure of this reality is primarily expressed in seven levels, though each level has sub-levels within it. The density scale is a model used to communicate one’s perception of orientation in relation to other realities.

Dimension: Dimension refers to one’s location in space/time rather than a person’s vibrational frequency (density). Webster defines “dimension” as “Magnitude measured in a particular direction, specifically length, breadth, thickness or time.” There are an infinite number of dimensions existing with a given density or vibrational frequency.”[2]  

     Density, as most of these sources see it, is the opening of the chakras, one by one, which in turn lifts us to higher vibrations/frequencies. As long as we’re in 3D, we are reacting and acting mostly out of fear and base our decisions from that. Fear belongs to the 3rd chakra in the body, which is controlled by the belly. The 4th chakra is the heart chakra, and this is the chakra they are concentrating on in the ascension. This is, of course, a simplified explanation of what it really is, but it works for their purposes.

      I explained in Level I, “Genesis Paper #1: Human Origins and The Living Library” of March 31, 2011, the history about the Zeta Reticulian Grays, partly as it was told by Harone, the Zeta mass consciousness, and how they basically come from a planet called Apex in the Lyra star system. Once upon a time, the story goes, the Zetas were pretty much like us when comes to evolution. They, too, destroyed their planet, and the toxicity created mutations in their offspring. The babies were either stillborn, or were born with much larger skulls than their parents. This made it almost impossible for the females to have a normal birth. Then, to make a long story short, they were also invaded by another race of the Gray stock. A war broke out, which culminated in a nuclear war that ended up destroying the whole surface of Apex. The Grays thus had to live underground for many, many generations. That is supposedly how they developed their big, black eyes, so they could see in the dark where no sun ever shone.

Figure 3. ANU (note the big, black eyes)

     The radiation the Grays were subjected to during the nuclear war made their body more or less resistant to it, but it came with a price. They could no longer reproduce and had to learn how to clone themselves to keep the population on a more or less steady level. They lost their reproduction organs and the digestive tract atrophied, and instead began to absorb food through their skin. With time, they became a bee-hive community in order to survive better.

     What the Grays did not understand while they were living underground was that their planet, due to earlier misuse of energy; both nuclear and zero-point energy; had started breaking down the planet’s energy field on a subquantum level. This created an electro-magnetic warp in the time/space fabric around the planet. This made their world change position in the time/space continuum, and when the species one day decided to go up to the surface and check things out — to see if it was perhaps inhabitable again — they noticed that the planet now revolved around a different sun in the Zeta Reticuli star system. 

     Some Grays then stayed in their new star system, while other migrated beyond Orion, where they eventually evolved into the Essassani Grays, where Essassani is the name of their planet. To us they became known as Bashar.

     This is the ball part of the story that Harone, Sasha, and sometimes Germane have been telling us in channeled sessions back in the 1990s. Furthermore, they say they have an agreement with we humans to abduct us to learn more about us, so they can regain their sexuality and their emotions by studying us. They are promising that they are not making any changes in us. This, as we shall see, is not true; they are making changes in us and are later on admitting to it.

     ii.i. The Zeta Agreement

     Regular people, but perhaps even so the major part of abductees, have a hard time understanding what this agreement between Zetas and humans consists of. We who have researched this are aware of the TTP (Technology Transfer Programs), which is an agreement between our government and the Grays (now, forget about the Sirians for a moment while I get to the point here, and you are going to be able to see a very interesting connection). This agreement allows the Grays to abduct a certain amount of humans in exchange for technology. The best known agreement was that between the Grays and the President Eisenhower government in the 1950s, but abductions had been going on long before that, and Hitler had a similar agreement.

     The TTPs certainly took place, but they are only a part of the whole Gray scenario. The TTPs were either agreements between governments and a very negative faction of the Zetas, or the Sirians themselves (in their “Gray spacesuits”), but not the main part of the Gray community. Not all Grays have been involved in those TTPs, according to Harone, Sasha, and Germaine. They say that the agreement to abduct humans is made between the separate humans themselves and the Zetas on a subconscious level, or between lives. They say that they can only abduct those who are vibrating within a certain frequency and transmit a certain “signal” which can be picked up by the Grays. The rest of humanity can’t be abducted, because the Grays, who are operating from another density, can’t physically find us.

     In other words, those who are abducted are willingly being subjected to this, and have always given their consent, whether they remember it or not, according to our sources. Still, many who are abducted are afterwards very fearful about these events and feel both anger and terror from their experiences. They are the last to admit that they have been taken with their consent. The Grays strongly disagree.

     Harone says that it all depends on how the abductee is letting themselves experiencing the event. They can meet it with fear, or they can see it as a learning experience which will benefit themselves, the Zetas, and the rest of humanity. If they choose the first alternative, the abductions are going to be very painful on many levels, but if they choose the second, the experience can be very rewarding.

     But what is this all about? Why are all these people actually taken? Harone is the first to admit that the Grays lack both emotions and understanding of human pain and needs, and they totally lack the ability to have sexual thoughts and desire.

     When these subjects are raised, Harone is giving us a comment we have heard many times before: they are us in the future! Oh no, you think, not them, too! We’ve heard that phrase so many times now that we’re sick and tired of it. Why are these sources all saying the same thing? Are they all lying, or is it just proving my point in the previous paper, that they are all us in the future, but from different timelines?

     Yes, that’s certainly how it seems to be — they are us in the future, but from different lines of time. That’s the common denominator amongst all these channels we’ve mentioned so far. But on the other hand, it’s not the first time in my papers that I’ve said that the Grays are us in the future. However, we are going to look at this from a different angle now and see if we can find some missing pieces, such as where the Grays come into the picture. If they are us in the future, how could things go so wrong?

      I already told the supposed history of the Grays and their planet, Apex, twice — here in this paper and in Level I. Albeit, a thought unmistakably pops up in the head when we read the story, and Harone mentions it as well; the story is very similar to the story of humankind! Well, that’s not so strange when we, in a totally different channeled session, are told that the Apex story is more or less a metaphor for humanity’s own history, and even future if we don’t get our act together. So, more than a real story, it’s a warning for us to change our ways.[3] However, later on Harone refers back to this story as being partly true. For our purpose, it’s actually irrelevant, as we shall see.

     Lyssa Royal’s sources all say the same thing, that humanity around this point made a collective decision (instigated by our Shadow Government as usual, but whatever they say, normally goes, and people go along with it). This decision took us on a path through a certain timeline, where we started experimenting big time with genetics. Of course, we know that this is not only something that’s currently being done only by the government and the military, but is in usual manner directed by interdimensional forces, our “friends”, the Sirians. We have already talked about how they want to create Supersoldiers that are resistant to radiation and can tolerate harsh space conditions. The Sirian Alliance already knows how to do that, because they were the ones who “created” the “Grays” in their own solar system once upon a time to use as “spacesuits” when they go on interstellar travels, and at the same time can comfortably move around in these Gray bodies on their own planet. The reason they can do that is because these Gray bodies are genetically manipulated in a way so that they can tolerate the density on the Sirian home planet. Moreover, it looks like they adjusted this body template for each star race who are allies with the Sirians, such as the Alpha Draconians, so that each race, respectively, could use the Gray space suit both for star travel and on the planets of their origins. When the Sirians and their allies first came to Earth, they came here in Gray bodies. And they still mostly do! That’s probably why some star beings call them “lizzies”, or lizards, because they look very sauroid.

     In old Sumerian times we see the “Anunnaki” depicted mostly as humanoids, but with slightly bigger eyes. The Sumerian people probably knew that the Sirians came here as Grays but jumped into human bodies when they planned on staying on Earth for a longer period of time. The Grays bodies could only stay in our 3D frequency for a short time, where after they had to leave. In humanoid bodies, the Sirian Alliance could stay as long as they wanted. However, like artists often do, the Sumerian artists added a personality, or traits, to the statue or the drawing. What perhaps stands out the most on a Gray body is the big, black eyes. If the Sumerians knew that the Sirians, when in space, used bodies with big, black eyes, it makes sense if they added that to the humanoid bodies in their artifact, to give a hint of their real, “original” appearance when space traveling.

     But where did the Sirians get the idea of creating Gray bodies for interstellar space travel in their hollowed out craft? It is my qualified guess, after have read Lyssa’s and Keith’s material, and others, that this is where the story about the Apex planet and the Zeta Reticulians is partly true. Somewhere along the line — long before the Sirians came to Earth, and probably before they encountered the Orion Empire — they invaded the Gray world and killed off the Grays in their usual cruel manner, and used the rest as slaves, possibly on the Sirian home planet. Whether the part of the story where the Grays were subjected to nuclear radiation is true or not, perhaps the Sirians quickly noticed how easily the Gray template adapted to the conditions in space, and from there, their genetic experimentation with the Grays started, which led to that they created their half biological, half machine space suits. Before they encountered the Grays, they must have either used their own original bodies and noticed their shortcomings, or traveled in some other ways, maybe even using some kind of artificial space suits, like our own astronauts do, but much more high tech. I don’t have the answer to this.

     Now, let’s go back to Earth and present time. Of course, the Sirians already know how to create efficient Gray bodies because they use them all the time. Even if they have to genetically manipulate them here on Earth, and perhaps add human genes to them, it wouldn’t take long for them to create Zeta/human hybrids. I wouldn’t be surprised if they, in underground facilities, already have a whole army of human hybrids, ready to be used, but in suspense for now. Or, they are teaching human scientists how to do this genetic engineering from scratch. We don’t know very much what’s going on deep beneath our feet in those multi-leveled underground military facilities; not to speak about the bases under the ocean floors! There are whistle-blowers, of course, but they are usually only low level ex-military with limited clearance, and even if what they tell us can be horrifying, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

     However far they have come with their hybridization, we now have quite a clear picture of what will happen in the future. Interestingly enough, an almost identical story is told by Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians, who otherwise very much dislike the Grays and most of the rest of the channeling pack, and Galactic Federations in particular. Harone, Sasha, and Germaine are telling us that far in the future mankind has become totally hybridized, with no emotions and no sexual abilities. Reproduction is done totally through cloning. But just like when you use a standard copy machine and copy paper after paper, and use copies to create new copies, eventually the text will be unreadable. It’s the same with cloning a species. The Gray’s DNA became distorted and the immune system so depleted that the future Gray/humans realize that their species will not survive unless something is done.

     So what they do is to become “time jumpers”.

     This means that they with help from technology are able to go back in time and insert themselves on our timeline from perpendicular time, a scientific term which we discussed earlier. On a linear timeline, a highly technological race like our future selves (or a race who can nano-travel, which most Grays can’t, except Bashar and a couple of others, at the most) is able to go back on this linear timeline and insert themselves perpendicularly anywhere they want. What would be more appropriate than to do it here and now around the nano-second, when the old era ends and a new has just started? This is, after all, when all the timelines merge (like we’ve discussed before) and we start anew from a starting point, which is now, and branch off into different futures, taking us to different destinations on multiple timelines.

     This is why we see different versions of Grays here, I’ve just found out. They are all us in the future, but in different stages of development, from different times, and perhaps even slightly different timelines! Many think these are Grays from different star systems, and that’s why they look different, but apparently, that’s not the case.[4] 

     So, the abductions by the Grays are not present time abductions so much as they are abductions by our future selves on our present time versions of themselves! And sometimes, say Lyssa’s sources, they have help from more humanoid races, who are present during the abductions, to make the abductee feel safer, because they recognize the familiarity in the humanoid presence.

Figure 4. Artist’s impression of Essassani Gray

     The end result of all these abductions from the future is the Essassani race (Bashar). Supposedly, they have settled in a star system beyond what we see in the sky as the constellation of Orion[5]. 

Figure 5. A close-up of a “Zeta” Gray, as we are used to seeing them.

     The Grays, of course, are the product of the Machine Kingdom, where the human race slowly and successively turns into half machines and half humans, with no emotions and no means to reproduce; a dying race. A lot of things, as we shall see soon, will happen on these Machine Kingdom timelines before we get to the Essassani stage. But the eerie questions is; what will happen after the Essassani society? Why does it stop there, where humanity are better off than in earlier stages where the Grays are visiting, but still quite emotionless and not able to have sex? Not a word is said about what will happen after Essassani…!

     The following quotes are directly from the Gray collective, Harone, and this is what they are currently engaged in:

1. That we will assist you in triggering latent genetic codes that will propel you into an accelerated state of genetic evolution. These codes were placed in you by your forefathers and were designed to be triggered when you achieved a certain vibratory rate. This vibratory rate occurs when your consciousness accelerates. That is what is occurring now. In our work with you, when we interact with you either physically or etherically, we work with these genetic structures, these latent genetic codes. Some of them can be activated from the etheric level; some need activation on the physical level. As we have agreed to do millennia ago, we will carry out this agreement of assisting in this species triggering.

2. Even though we do not understand the concept of emotion we seek to understand it and we watch you in order to do so. We have been told by others who interact with us that your species’ goal at the present time is in expressing and then integrating your fears. Even though we do not understand why, we understand that our interactions with you promote fear in some people. It is not our desire to promote fear in you, but those we interact with who are guardians to you tell us that your confrontation with your fear is of vital importance at this time in your development. Though we do not intentionally desire to trigger your fear, we are made aware that our interactions with you do in fact trigger that fear.”[6]

     I was just listening to a CD by the Pleiadians from late summer 2012, where they said that a group of Pleiadians who are still willing to use weaponry to protect Earth and themselves (apart from Marciniak’s group, who are against weapons) are currently in battle with the Grays here in the solar system, trying to chase them off. Whether they are succeeding or not, I don’t know yet, but Marciniak’s Pleiadians were not too optimistic about it if I should trust my feelings and senses when I listened to it.

     To the Pleiadians, the Grays 100% represent the Machine Kingdom, I can tell. Like I said, they too tell us that the Grays who are operating here in our solar system to a large degree are us in the future. In one of the more recent lectures, they finally explain what the tyranny in the Pleiades in our future (their present) is all about — and it’s more to it than I have told before.

     They say that at around this time, in the nano-second, we humans made a choice to create a very high tech society, the so-called Machine Kingdom. Of course, it’s all run by the Sirians, but humanity, more or less as a whole, chose to go in that direction. Not many people chose the more natural path, away from the technology; a technology which consequences later may become humanity’s Achilles’ heel, at least on one or more timelines.

     Eventually, say the Pleiadians, humanity is going to turn into half robot and half human and start exploring space. And not only that, we are also going to start conquering other worlds (doesn’t this sound like the Sirian evolution all over again? Only, this time the Sirians are in charge of using humans to do their job, which is more like a rehearsal for bigger tasks, like taking over Orion). Eventually, in a distant future, the tyranny we spread is going to reach the Pleiades, and supposedly, on a certain timeline, we will conquer the Pleiades and start a tyranny there. A rebel group of Pleiadians, who in fact are Sirian/Pleiadian descendants, once upon a time the creators of the Nephilim, and the ones who also used their DNA in the mix to create Homo sapiens sapiens, are leaving their bodies and meet in the ether in a “safe place”, where they can channel their message through time and space. Through their vehicle, Barbara Marciniak, they then reach humans such as myself via their lectures.

     So, what the Pleiadian rebels say they did was to trace back the tyranny in the Pleiades to our present time, where there is a “fork in the road”, and people choose different probabilities to create their own timelines in the Multiverse. Like I mentioned, in versions of the nano-second (on other timelines) where the Pleiadians are not present, only a few chose not to go for the option to create a Machine Kingdom. As usual, most humans were oblivious that they chose a timeline which would lead to such a catastrophic future. They were just fascinated by all the cool technology, and one thing slowly led to another.

     Apparently, there are thousands upon thousands of people around the world who listen to the Pleiadian lectures and get the message. What they want to do is to slightly change the timelines, and by educating people so they can make more conscious choices, the tyranny will hopefully disappear in the future (their present time). Those of us who take their teachings to heart, but also start thinking on their own and do their own research, one by one help changing the vibration of the mass consciousness, and more major changes will occur that will create more distinct options.

     The Pleiadians are suggesting in their lectures that we choose to evolve without technology, just by natural means, which is done through education and willingness to change accordingly to the changes in our belief systems. As usual, they ask us to use discernment even when listening to them, and it’s our choice if we want to believe what they teach us. 

     The Pleiadians were the first to suggest we go back to nature, which doesn’t mean we need to throw out all technology; some of it can still be of assistance to us. Technology in itself is not bad; it depends on how we use it. But it’s important that we don’t let technology run our lives, and that we only use it when we see it can really enhance our living. In other words, they suggest we create a totally new timeline, based on what they’ve taught us. Thus far, they are quite pleased and say that bigger changes than we think have been made in the mass consciousness. Most people will still choose the Machine Kingdom, but many more than anticipated will now choose the timeline that leads to natural evolution, without Harvest or Gray intervention. We may not always notice this, because not everybody who wake up are blogging or participating in discussions on the Internet.

     But shouldn’t we help the Grays, then? After all, they are our descendants! Well, that’s what the fork in the road is all about. Some souls (especially in the afterlife, apparently) made the decision to assist the Grays to achieve their goals. They probably did so because they thought that the Grays are now our future, and if we want a better future than what they have produced so far we’d better help them. Therefore, they have agreed to spend perhaps more than one lifetime as guinea pigs and abductees for the Grays.

     In the future, a branch of humanity will realize that the choices they made were non-survival and want to go back and change things, but personally I am not going to be a slave to the Sirians anymore and choose the Machine Kingdom even if it’s to help our future selves. In fact, if we choose the natural way to evolve, we are creating a brand new species, and the Grays are no longer our descendants in that sense after we’ve branched out. What they want to do and how they do it is their solution to the problem, but I for one am not going to get involved in it. I know there are many more people (perhaps you who read this) who will think like me. And besides, the Machine Kingdom does not end with the Essassani, probably. It will continue in one form or another. And somewhere along the line, things will branch off again, for sure, and one branch will go for attacking Orion, because that’s the Sirians’ goal, apparently. With all this in mind, it may be a whole lot easier for people to make a choice.

   However, it’s very important that we understand what choices we make. In the next section I want to quote a channeled session between a group of Zeta Grays and a human being from the audience. It is all happening during a Bashar section. The channeler is Darryl Anka.

     ii.ii. Grays Speak!

Figure 5. Darryl Anka channeling Bashar

“Q: Is there a way we can communicate with one of the Greys through you, by this process?

Bashar: Yes.

Q: In the mass-consciousness?

Bashar: Yes. Do you want this now?

Q: Yes I do.

Bashar: One moment, we will see if this is allowed.

Greys: Speak!

Human: Greetings, we enjoy having you here.

Greys: Enjoy?

Human: Enjoy, you don’t understand an emotion, I suppose? We understand you have a lack of emotion. And that’s why you are inbreeding with our race. Is that correct?

Greys: We are blending.

Human: Blending

Greys: For our agenda of rectitude.

Human: Is your agenda going to be complete within this next short time span?

Greys: Your time span of a decade.

Human: A decade.

Greys: Complete.

Human: If it was not extended, if it was stopped short within this next month would that effect your future race, your Essassani race?

Greys: No stoppage is imminent. Therefore no discussion is needed of this point.

Human: We feel that we do need to discuss this. This abduction scenario is …

Greys: You may feel as you wish, no stoppage is imminent!

Human: This abduction scenario needs to end.

Greys: It will end when the agenda ends.

Human: Are you in enslavement of a Draconian race, as of this moment?

Greys: No, your information is erroneous.

Human: You do this only for your self-preservation, is that correct?

Greys: There are levels to our species, what you would call factions. Our faction is dying, our faction has need, our faction also recognizes that you are dying; our faction is attracted to your faction through death and resurrection of both species simultaneously, through the agreement of our simultaneously co-created agendas.

Human: This is against free will of human nature.

Greys: It is not. It is agreed, you have given your agreement on other levels.

Human: You have technologically manipulated our free will in order to accomplish this. This is not allowed!

Greys: You have emotionally usurped our will.

Human: This is not allowed!

Greys: This is allowed because you have created it.

Human: And you have created your death scenario also.

Greys: And you are creating yours.

Human: We have passed that point.

Greys: You have not!

Human: Your technology has put us to that point where we obviously became extinct a decade ago.

Greys: You have not, you still have not allowed your world the balance it needs for there to be the transition as smoothly as it could.

Human: The transition is happening right now. 

Greys: It is in process, and you see upheaval and what you call detrimental environmental impact around your planet.

Human: Well, we also see too that there’s an abduction scenario that needs to stop and should not be continued any longer; it should be stopped at this present time.

This is the mass consciousness of this planet of our free world.

Greys: What you are referring to as stoppage is not stoppage that you seek, what you seek is transformation and equality of terms. You do not seek stoppage; you seek conscious participation.

Human: Well, our negotiations need to be re-evaluated.

Greys: Then evaluate them.

Human: We are evaluating at the moment and this needs to cease.

Greys: You do not need to evaluate them with us; you need to evaluate them with yourselves.

Human: With you because technologically you are at an advantage point at this moment.

Greys: You do not understand the concept of technology as we experience it.

Human: And you do not understand love emotion, the energy that you need to exist with, and that’s why you are becoming extinct.

Greys: It is now through hybridization that we are beginning to connect to the understanding of what you experience and label as love energy, but you as species, do not exhibit love energy in the way you ask us to.

Human: We are being manipulated at this point and that’s why we want our free will back, we want it back!

Greys: You have your free will, you have no manipulation of your will with regard to your ability to express what you call your emotional context.

Human: We do not want any more of your technology here on this planet; it is self destructive.

Greys: You have no more of our technology.

Human: And it will be agreed upon.

Greys: You have no more of our technology. What you experience as the idea you refer to as our technology is not our technology any longer. It is your technology; you have your FACTION; you have your structure; you have your military; you have your [secret/shadow] government. These are exploitation of your free will. We do not participate in that.

Human: Not at the present moment, but who has manipulated that to start that?

Greys: In time, agreements were made between what were deemed to be the representatives of your world. You still allow those individuals to represent, but we are no longer engaged. 

Human: Well, we do understand what you are saying with our emotions as you look at it, as our shortcomings, but we do as a mass-consciousness want it to end.

Greys: It will change, and in that it will experience what you call an end, but you are required to change before it can be experienced as an equal transition.

Human: Well we are here and we know what is going on, and we do expect action and we expect you to keep hold up your end of the bargain.

Greys: Our end is met. Your end is within yourselves. End of transmission.

Human: Thank you.

Bashar: One moment, one moment, one moment – did you have a satisfactory conversation with the entity?

Q: Pretty much. He’s not very emotional but I knew that.

Bashar: But you knew that.

Q: Yes, I knew that. I knew that I was dealing with a machine that…

Bashar: Well, so to speak. You are dealing with a type of hive mentality.

Q: Right.

Bashar: You are dealing with an entity that only experiences, shall we say, the closest approximation of what you would call an emotion: the sensation of irony.

Q: I see.

Bashar: And that is all that they can experience in that state. Now understand that what you ask to converse with, was one of the more primitive factions. We thought it best to simply start at the beginning with one of the older and more primitive factions. You must understand that there already more evolved factions of what you call the Grey, but do understand more concretely the blending and incorporation of the emotional body.

Q: And that is your future selves.

Bashar: Yes, but in that sense, it is the idea that we gave you first as the opportunity to interact with, what you call, the foundation, so that the interactions could ripple upwards through the incorporation of the entities’ hive mentality and have some kind of an effect, as you would say, up the line.

Q: Well, do you feel that I had an effect on him that you can see or feel at the moment?

Bashar: I feel that you had an effect on yourself, and that will make all the difference in their capability of interacting or not interacting with you, in the way that they determine that they must. That’s the difference.

Q: Well, I just concerned with the present time and what is going on here. That’s why I’m here.

Bashar: But watch your levels of fear, for you yourself, are exhibiting some of that vibration still. And the idea is that, as much of that vibration of fear and anger as you in yourself experience it, only reinforces the idea of the agenda that you say you would like to transform.

Q: That is true.

Bashar: So you yourself must come from UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, even as you state your preferences and stand your ground. That is what will create the equality of terminology that will allow conscious interaction and participation with the level of the Greys that ultimately does have the incorporation of the emotional body, sufficiently to understand what you are saying and interact with you on a more equal basis.

Q: If they were to end their agenda at the moment and be prematurely short for months instead of a decade how would that effect the Essassani race?

Bashar: It would not affect us since we are in what you would call a parallel reality time track. But, in terms of their reality time track, they would cease to exist. They would die.

Q: They would die at the present moment?

Bashar: Yes.

Q: Is there any other way that you can salvage them or can save them in any other way, if they had to end it at this moment?

Bashar: One moment.

Q: A cosmic reason?

Bashar: One moment one moment one moment – there was an offer made by another species to them as an alternative, that they rejected.

This offer, if it can be, perhaps, translated into your language, would be something as follows; it was likened to the idea, of offering to render their essence down into a mathematical construct, and to be deposited in an artificially created matrix. Until such time that evolution would allow there to be, incarnationally speaking, automatically bodies available for their constructs to evolve into, or incarnate into, that would allow them to express themselves and learn to express themselves in a more balanced way. However, they rejected this because they feared, from their fear, in that sense, as best as they can experience fear, that it was a trap.

The idea being that they reflect that aspect of your civilization that does not trust itself, for they contain that idea of not trusting since they are not in balance with themselves, and therefore only deem themselves to be capable of deciding how it is that they should allow this agenda to play out, and will not allow others to help them in that sense.

Q: Is there a way that we can have that negotiated?

Bashar: Again, the idea is, to keep it at home. Allow yourself to strengthen your own unconditional love for yourself, and allow yourself to make the changes that you need to make within your own society, for it is only the changes that you need to make within your own society that will allow your society to have the collective critical mass to be able to deal with them on a more equal and loving basis. 

Q: Well, we also do have help from other entities from other sources.

Bashar: Yes, of course. But help is not doing it for you. We cannot do that. It is your hands. You have had, and always do have, the free will. But, again, it comes down to the fear that exists within your society, and it is that that needs to be transformed.

Q: Also their fear of extinction.

Bashar: Yes. But they are only reflecting and are attracted to your society, because your society also contains that kind of vibrational resonance.

Q: I did understand that, yes.

Bashar: So, work on that and that will help them as well as yourself.

Q: Okay, and tell them to work on theirs also.

Bashar: We do not need to.

Q: I see, okay, well thank you for this communication.

Bashar: Thank you.”[7]

     Isn’t this clearly showing the reader what a mess we have got ourselves into? The person in the audience is trying over and over to convince the Grays that the abductions and their interference must stop. However, the Grays are, ironically enough, correct. There was an agreement made and the Grays are playing out their part in it. Our representatives, just like the Grays say, made the decisions for us, and the Grays will not stop until they are done, and by doing so, they are still not inflicting on Free Will, because they have our consent through our representatives. You see how they do it? This is Sirian tactics, as the reader has noticed from earlier papers, especially from Level II. We can also tell from what we discussed earlier, that this is a less advanced future Zeta/human hybrid, just like Bashar indicates.

     Bashar is right, too. We can’t go out and more or less shoot Grays and think that it will take care of it. We have to work on our own fears and shortcomings. When we’ve done that, we can, as individuals and as a people, reevaluate old agreements between humans and ETs and void those we don’t like, but in our current sorry state, there is not much we can do, except inner work — it all comes back to that. Inner work and disagreement with being controlled by anybody outside of ourselves. It comes back to claiming our sovereignty as a species, and we don’t do that by watching “Bachelor” on TV.

     What I am doing in these papers is that I bring our worst fears to the surface by telling it as it is, from what I have concluded in my research (please evaluate and keep and discard as needed), so we can process it on a conscious level instead of letting it sitting there, deep in our unconscious, unreachable and used by the Sirian Alliance as fear-triggers. We have no choice but to look at our fears and our dark sides and evaluate them by recognizing them for what they are and let go. Hopefully, I’m being successful enough in doing this and more people will, like I have, learn not to fear the dark side anymore. Some may say that they were never afraid of this in the first place, but they were, whether aware of it or not, or all this wouldn’t have been buried away from them in their unconscious. Fear does that. Only reading this material shows you are a brave soul and are willing to look and make decision based on what you read. Much fewer people than you think are willing to confront these papers.

     ii.iii. The Collective “We” — Who Are They?

     So where do the Harvesters of Souls come into the picture? This is a very interesting question, and I am not sure if the reader has figured it out yet or not. If not, no problem, because this is all tricky and quite manipulative.

     Have you ever wondered why almost all these channeled sources call themselves “we”? “We are the Cassiopaeans!”; “We are the Elohim!”; “We are the Zeta Reticuli!”; “We are the Pleiadians!”… I can go on and on. Then we have “I am RA!”, which is singular. However, RA explain to us that they are a Social Memory Complex, and therefore a group consciousness, and that’s what most of these channeled entities call themselves — group consciousness! But what does that really mean?

     Well, they tell us that this is “natural evolution”, and we present time humans will eventually be a group consciousness as well. Then they go on telling us that they are of 5th, 6th, 7th Density, or whatever it may be, and when we reach the same level as they are at, we will be like them. But first, we must be subjected to a Harvest before reaching each new density, and the Harvest from 3rd to 4th Density is now! So we’d better be prepared and have our heart chakras open, right? What happens is that many people stress out and ask themselves over and over, “Am I good enough? Will I be part of the Harvest, or am I doomed???” There is a lot of fear involved in this Harvest process. As we shall see, there is this future human hybrid who tells us through Lyssa Royal that machine technology is the natural way to evolve, and we need help to do it; help from those who know how to use nano-technology. That is true for them, because they may not know better, but it’s a lie. A species can, and is supposed to, evolve on their own, without external “help”.

     Now, let’s think about it. Who else do we know who think of themselves as “we”, a “collective”, or a “bee hive community” where the group is everything and the individual next to nothing? Ah! The Grays!!! So who can all these channeled sources be? You got it! They all have to be Grays; there is no other logical option. They all say 1) they are us in the future, 2) a group consciousness, 3) they are all giving us the same message, but from slightly different angles, so they can attract more truthseekers, and 4) they are able to channel love & light in huge quantities (which is done by machine technology, which we shall see later in this paper), while still sounding like monotonous machines, and 5) they all hope we’ll make it through the Harvest, so we can be like them.

       But why the Harvest? Well, it’s obvious that they want to change things on their future timeline, which ended up with the Bashar group consciousness. In other word, they failed and are now coming back from different places in time and space to start all over again. They want a soul, that’s what they want, and they want evolved souls! Why wouldn’t they? They want as many spiritually evolved people gathered together as possible, focusing on one thing — the Harvest. Then, when the Harvest is happening, after this lifetime is over, they hijack our souls, steal our Fire and try to figure out our emotion by researching our light-bodies. And God knows what else they have planned to do with these people in the ether whom they subject to the Harvest?

     We need to remember that the Grays don’t necessarily look at themselves as evil; they simply want to survive, and we are their guinea pigs. They have no emotions and no remorse, so they can’t see that it would be something wrong with using evolved souls, trying to figure out how they work.

     Even the Pleiadians say they are a collective. They are different, however, in that they want to stop the Gray’s experiments, and they give us the option how to not participate in this quite horrendous future by creating an alternative timeline. I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up being Grays as well, but are a splinter group who is hoping that they can ride on the wave we create when we naturally build a new future — without being dependent upon technology. I am not saying this is the case, but it’s a possibility. If so, they are still correct, because that’s the way out. Yes, the Pleiadians say they are us in the future as well, but rather than saying they are the Grays, they claim to be those who mated with human women and created the Nephilim, but also contributed with their DNA, which is still in our bodies – in other words, the Fallen Angels. Therefore they are us in the future, and also our ancestors. So, that’s a paradox, but like Harone says (the quote is at the end of this paper), when we get into paradoxes, we are getting closer to the truth.

     And where are the Sirian Alliance in all this? It looks like the tyranny and the machine people (the Grays) are related to humans, not Sirians. This may be so, but let’s say something happens in the future, and the Sirians need to step back for a while and say, “We didn’t do it, it’s the humans. They did it!” And whatever created that situation forced the Zeta/Gray hybrids — the future humans — to rectify their past before they once again can be used for Sirian purposes. We know very little about what will happen in the future, and all we have here is the Grays’ stories, and they are not complete. They simply tell it from the viewpoint of their searching for their Holy Grail — human emotions and sexuality.

     Another possibility is that the future human/Grays are in fact controlled by the Sirians all the way through; even in the Grays’ attempt to “rectify” themselves. Perhaps the Sirians are not happy either with how we humans turn out 2,000-10,000 years from now, and are indeed in charge of the Zeta program to recreate the human race in our present time and forward. The Harvest would in that case be a part of that whole scheme. I would not be surprised if it ends up being this way! 

     When I think about it, the only channeled source that comes to mind which is not a hive community is the Seth Material by Jane Roberts. Seth is one individual, and I strongly recommend Jane’s books; they are very enlightening! And I am pretty sure Seth is not a Gray! 

     As long as we are in our current bodies, we can only raise our frequency so much during one lifetime. However, if we do what we can, become an inspiration for others, and continue to work on yourselves, that’s the best we can do. Then, when our bodies die, and we eventually come back to Earth again (if this is what we decide to do), we will incarnate in a version of the world that matches our new frequency. Then, the next time around, it gets a little better again and so forth. We will get ideas, or get together in groups to create whatever communities we wish to live in. The Global Elite, the Sirians, or whomever is on their wavelength, will probably still be here the first few lifetimes, because they still match the range of frequency we are operating within. However, each lifetime we will incarnate on a version of the Earth that has a higher frequency range than that of the previous lifetime, and soon enough those who do not vibrate within the same range will not be able to live in the same reality as we do. Then, perhaps a few incarnations or so from now, we will be born on an Earth where the Global Elite, the Sirians, and humans who vibrate within their frequency band, will no longer exist in our world. The ones who do exist there are people quite similar to us, who are more into expressing love, compassion, and understanding. Our reality will be less and less dense. 

     This doesn’t mean that the Sirians and the Global Elite have lost their stronghold; they will still be here on Earth, doing their thing, but in another reality, because of the difference in frequencies. However, the negative forces and the humans who chose to follow them will not move to a world, thousands of light-years away, like the channeled sources suggest, but will still be here, on a lower frequency version of Earth. Albeit, if the Sirians get it the way they want it, some people probably will be moved to another planet. We can only speculate.

     Now, many of us will not return to Earth for a very long time after this lifetime is over. Does that come as a shock? Well, we are the forerunners, and our job is to build the energy so that the rest of humanity can make their choices based on a knowledge base that will soon come more and more to the surface in the mass consciousness. Those who wake up due to our work will be the ones who build the New Earth, the one which will eventually not be able to house the lower vibrational Invader Forces with their global control. When our job is done, it’s time for many of us to move on. Of course, there will be those among us who still choose to stay here and come back again after this lifetime is over and help building this New World, and that’s a very noble thing to do. And there are those among us who look forward to living in the New World, because Mother Earth, the Goddess, is after all one of the most beautiful planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, and ‘m sure it will be even more beautiful when experienced from a higher dimension.

III. Understanding More About the Gray Hive Mentality

     If we take everything else we’ve discussed in regards to the channeled visitors and add what Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest have put together in their book Visitors from Within to the soup as well, we get an even closer picture. Hence, I have selected a few sections from the Royal/Priest book to quote and/or analyze and discuss before I finish this paper. 

     We talked about the agreement between the Zetas and the U.S. Government in the 1950s, which resulted in a TTP, allowing the Zetas to abduct humans, especially in the United States. This was done by a faction of the Zetas, which the rest of them call the “negative faction”, but the rest (if they want to call themselves the “positive faction”?) have not hesitated to take advantage of that program. Although the “positive faction” doesn’t deliver technology to the Government at this time (but will in the future), they sometimes refer to this program to justify the abduction scenarios, and the way things transformed on that day back in the 50s, the Zetas do have right to take us, according to universal laws.

     However, what the “positive faction” likes to address more frequently is the voluntarily program, where humans, either between lives or otherwise, agree to help the Zetas regain their human abilities in the future, and thus also safeguard their own future existence; or so they think! We have no solid evidence that this is the Grays’ real agenda, although it seems to at least be one of them, but also, it looks like the Grays will not succeed, either, because when humankind decided to become half machine and half human, there was no way back. After that it seems like they will have a peak in their efforts when the Essassani race is created, but after that — an eerie silence! Also, the Essassani race is being created very far away into the future, so it sure will take the Grays a lot of time even to get to that point, and still they will not be like we are now, because they lack most of their Fire. That’s why we say they are “soulless”. They are clones, left only with a machine-like brain which is half physical and half etheric, and a soul that seems hopelessly depleted from its Fire due to that the Sirians have used it up, and that’s a long way from a soul. The Essassani, however, seem to have managed to create bodies which are good enough to work as soul carriers, and they can even nano-travel, but they can’t regain an emotional state of mind.

     The agreement the so-called positive faction wants to stress is the following:

“There is an agreement between our species. You are teaching us about the love we supposedly have within us that we want to unlock, and how not to fear our own individuality. We are teaching you about your fears and how you can turn those fears into your strengths. Our relationship is a symbiotic one, for we are all part of the same Whole.”[8]

     I find this particularly interesting, because Prince UTU, when he contacted me, said basically the same thing that our relationship is symbiotic in nature, and we are all part of the same Whole. The Grays further comment:

“There are many who protest what is occurring with abductions and genetic experiments. Those who protest can only protest when they feel they are victims. Those who feel they are not victims will not protest. Do you follow what we mean? The act of protestation means that in some way there must be a feeling of victimization.”

     There is some twisted logic in this statement, if we really look at it. It is their conviction that it’s not only when an abductee protests that the above applies, but also if someone like you and I do it; they want us to “realize” that we feel like victims and need to change our mentality. This is very similar to Hidden Hand’s logic, as well.

     What about if we don’t agree when we see someone who can’t defend themselves being carried away and experimented upon? Is that victimhood or is it caring about another, defenseless individual? Even if that individual does have an agreement somewhere down the line, agreements should be allowed to be changed and re-evaluated. In this case they can’t, because once you make an individual agreement with them and want to break it, the Zetas are referring to the Government agreement, and thus the individual has no longer any say in the matter. That’s the twisted logic. Anybody has the right to say no, but the abductees don’t know how, and the Zetas are certainly not teaching them. All the abductees need to say is something to the effect: “I understand that we may have had a one on one agreement once upon a time, and I may even transmit on an unconscious level that I still am part of this agreement, but I am telling you here and now that our contract is void. I no longer want to take part in this experiment, and I don’t want to encounter you again. So now, bring me back where you took me and leave without coming back again.”  

     Some may argue that this is us in the future, so we owe it to ourselves to set things straight, but people don’t understand that all they need to do is to choose another reality — now, in the present. If they change their belief systems, they choose another timeline. This may in the long run lead to the termination of the “Gray timeline”, but in my opinion, that’s what needs to be done. If not, our future is going to become a living hell — at least for those who choose to become mesmerized by Sirian technology.

     Bashar says that we are moving towards a time when we “much more openly and freely choose to confront that which [we] fear”.[9] He is correct in this, but if we do what they want, it will just slingshot us right into the Machine Kingdom. I must say I like to listen to Bashar; he — or they, rather, as they are a Social Memory Complex — have some very empowering information to give us, and these Essassani Grays may even have good intentions, seen from their perspective. They have even gained a good sense of humor. However, it is in their interest that we choose a certain timeline, or they may cease to exist in our future! This is most probably the real reason why they are here. They know the intentions of the less evolved Grays and know that if things are not going in the right direction this time around, things may be worse for the Essassani as well. They want to go further in their development, as well as we want to go further with ours. It’s up to each person to choose; I simply lay out the stepping stones and what the consequences most possibly will be when we follow one or the other, or any alternatives thereof. You see, these Grays, I’ve noticed, have the same philosophy as I have, because it’s just how metaphysics works. Bashar says that the contact with the Grays will lead to a personal transformation on a widespread level, and then lead to species transformation, very similar to what I want, but without nano-technology.

     So it really boils down to in what direction we put our thoughts, intentions, emotions, and actions. Our future depends on it, as the reader can clearly see. If we agree to help the Grays out of the mess they’re in (we humans are creating it) will also continue the slavery we are experiencing right now, but it will become worse and really won’t resolve much, from what I can see. The Essassani are definitely not the solution, in my opinion. But now, at the end of the Old Era, we get a new chance to start all over and create a new future, and I doubt we get another chance in a very long time.

     Right now, as we speak (and this has been going on for a while), members of the Zeta community are incarnating in human bodies with an agreement they have with their own to be abducted and experimented on from early childhood and throughout life. This is another type of agreement, and is the only reason these Zetas are incarnating on this planet in human bodies. Obviously, this doesn’t work either, because the Zetas don’t understand the nature of the human soul. If they incarnate in a human body with the little individual consciousness they have left, they will never figure out how it all works, because they exclude the human Fire from the equation, just like our own scientists do.

     Sex is of course another thing they want to be able to re-explore. Therefore, from another dimension, they are spying on humans having sex without the humans knowing about it. Hearing about this, people in the audience protest and say this is a intrusion of privacy, but again the Zetas say they only do it with people who respond with their “wavelength”, and therefore are part of their project. To them, there is no difference between a conscious decision on the part of the human, or a sub- or unconscious response. The Grays respond to the part of the human mind which is the “loudest” at the moment. Their goal for now is to be able to have sex with a human. They say they can do that already now, even without having any genitals, because according to them, they can manifest a penis by just using their thoughts, and even have sex. However, they are not able to get the sensations a human gets in that situation, and they can’t make a female pregnant.

     Harone explains that the Zetas are here in our local space, in what they call interdimensional space, and all they need is the flip of a switch in order to enter our reality and time continuum. But interestingly enough, none of them can nano-travel naturally until they reach the Essassani stage in their development. Before that, the Zetas are “nano-traveling” with the help of nano-technology! This is partly what the current investment in this technology will lead to. We will discuss nano-technology much more in one of the last papers, and I’m sure the reader will find that interesting. I am going to explain it in a very simple way, so people can really understand it. But bottom line is that when people see Zetas go through walls, they usually do this with help of technology, and not because they can do it as a part of their natural evolvement, which we who choose to evolve naturally are going to be able to do in the near future. With machine technology, they can also slightly change the vibration of the abductee, so they vibrate on a different frequency than the solid wall, and thus the Grays can lead them through solid objects. This, too, is coming from the horse’s mouth.

     Many of the future Zetas are half etheric, like I said before, and Harone confirms what I told you earlier in my papers, that we humans have a tendency to call everything non-physical which we can’t see, or perceive with our 5 senses, but Harone says that what we call non-physical can be very physical in other dimensions; it’s just in other light and sound frequencies.

     Furthermore, they are talking about the 60% group versus the 40% group, where the 60% are the Meta Group, and we’re talking about visitors here. They explain that the 60% group are of a slightly higher dimension and density and are able to shapeshift by changing their vibratory frequency so we perceive them as something different from what they really are. The 40% are more truly physical (which means 3D beings). These two groups represent present and future visitors to Earth. Interestingly enough, some of the 60% they call the meta-Lyrans, meta-Pleiadians, and meta-Terrans. The Lyrans, without any doubts, the way Harone, Sasha, and Germane describe them, are the same old Sirians under another guise. So, in other words, they are talking about the Sirian Alliance as those who can manipulate energy in the above ways, just like I’ve said many times before. The meta-Terrans are future humans whom the Sirians have taught how to do this. There are most probably already those who can. We know for a fact that the old shamans could do it in the ancient past – without technology.

     In the previous section, I said that the story about Apex is at least partly the story about we humans. For those who are interested, I want to give you the whole conversation where Sasha, the female Pleiadian who is working with the Grays, is telling us this. Keith, who is asking the questions, is Keith Priest, co-author to the book:

Keith: Obviously the Zetas are not truly alien to humanity. There has to be a deep connection that brings the two species together. It is a reunification of something in a unique way to create something new. I would go so far as to say that those who had a hand in engineering the humans also had a hand in engineering the Zetas. How else could it be?

Sasha: Yes, that race would be called the Founders, and you discussed them in your book The Prism of Lyra. We would also like to bring up an issue that has been debated many times in your past about who, exactly, the Zetas are. In Visitors from Within the Apexians were discussed as being the species who became the Zetas. It has also been debated by others that the Zetas are really humans coming from the future to influence yourselves.

Keith: Considering the nature of time and space, couldn’t it be both?

Sasha: Absolutely yes! Many people would feel that they need a definitive, either/or answer. Are the Zetas Apexians (a race outside of yourselves) or are they future humans – a literal aspect of yourselves returning to heal its past and change its future? It does not have to be one or the other. In fact, because reality is cyclical and not linear, a definitive answer does not make sense. It is both! Therein lies the paradox. As we have said many times, when one approaches a paradox, one is the closest to the truth.”[10]

     And Sasha adds in another place in the book:

“…different factions of Zetas and/or humans who are conducting various contact activities. Each of these groups has a different agenda”[11]

     So is it a wonder that people think the ET issue is complex and confusing? This is particularly true when we learn that part of the so-called “ET issue” is not about ETs at all, but about time jumpers. Many of them are humans from the future. 

     Moreover, they tell us that another thing they were doing from the future was to “insert” the Asian race into the melting pot of Homo sapiens when they saw that the evolution “didn’t work”[12] Not only do the Asians have similarities with the Grays when comes to their physical appearance, but they are also more of a “hive community”, where the group means everything and the individual means less (I’m not saying this to insult Asian people, just as a matter of fact). They thought the Asian people would be the solution, but it wasn’t.

     The Grays have always been fumbling in the dark, due to their lack of emotions and comprehension of their own past. One would think that even if they can’t feel pain (which they can’t in the sense we do it), they could at least notice that something is wrong when we do, during the abductions, and do something about it. Apparently, when they have humanoids with them at the abductions, something is done about it, thanks to the humanoids, but then the next time around when the Grays are alone with the abductee, they seem clueless again. How can something like that evolve, or change anything? To evolve as a species, you need to be able to learn these basic concepts, otherwise it’s useless. And future history shows that it apparently is useless. Sasha says that humans will experience a leap in consciousness due to the Zetas’ present interaction, but even if this is the case, it only propels us towards the Machine Kingdom, and we’re running right into the arms of the Sirians. And the Harvest, according to the Alpha Draconians (whom we are visiting in the next paper), started its first phase in 2011, when the first people were harvested. This means that “evolved people” who died around that time were harvested in the between-lives-area.

     Now we’re supposedly only waiting for the Superwave. If the reader still has doubts which future you want to experience, a future hybrid child named Ethil in Royal’s and Priest’s book tells us that in his reality there is no difference between technology and spirituality, because they have blended so much. Apparently, in his time they have also managed to extend their lives considerably with technology. Ethil says that he basically can stay in the same body as long as he wants (thousands, perhaps millions of years if he so wishes), and when he gets bored, he can choose another one. Sounds exactly like what the Sirians do. And in the case of Ethil and his likes, they are at a point in the future development where humans are almost all machine, and as long as you can repair machine body parts, you can hypothetically live forever. Besides, if time is not linear, we have a totally different ball game. Furthermore, Ethil says that the natural way to evolve is with technology, and we need “outside help” to be able to take the leap.

IV. How a Hybrid is Created
     Now the reader hopefully has a better comprehension of what I meant when I talked about the “enhanced human”, “the evolved human”, or even the “new species”. This is literally so, because our DNA structure is changing radically as we learn new things and start living more in line with the cosmos and less within the current societal structure. Most of us still need to have a job and a roof over our heads, but we have a better understanding of how things are set up here, and know the difference between the 4% universe the Sirians want us to see and experience, and the real, 96% universe.

     We also know what the goals of the channeled sources are, and we need to remember that our branch of the Tree of Life — a branch which is slowly but surely growing out — is the natural evolution. No future being whatsoever is going to tell me that we needmore genetic manipulation to be able to evolve. The Pleiadians said recently that this is a Living Library after all, and generic engineering and manipulation has always been going on here, and always will. Still, they say (and I agree), we are now an evolving species and must be left alone to do our thing. Hence, we need to claim our sovereignty, just like I’ve stressed as well throughout these papers, and one of the reasons I got interested in LPG-C and their projects, which were based on this same principle. We need to take a step outside of all agendas and create our own goals — individually and as a soul group.

     We still have a few papers to go before Level III is finished and what’s been hidden deep inside of us has come to the surface. So I suggest we move on to explain a little bit about how human hybrids are created; the real process. Again, this comes from the Grays themselves, but is it true? I would say it is, because it makes sense, it fits, and it feels right. The process the Grays use when they genetically manipulate a race is told by Harone, whom allegedly is the expert, being in charge of many of these projects.

     Here on Earth, the military has been involved in genetic engineering and manipulation for quite a while. But like with so many other things, there are always different factions, and each faction only knows so much. There is the “mainstream faction”, which basically doesn’t know enough to succeed in this field, and we have the “hidden section”, which is overseen by military officers from the Shadow Government and the Sirians themselves. One faction is for the public, where a small percentage of what has been accomplished is released, so that the other faction can get more funding.

     Harone says that the problem in the mainstream faction is that scientists only look in the physical realm, and therefore miss out on 50% of the process, or more. So now Harone will reveal how to work with both the etheric and physical realms.

     The Etheric Levels: The etheric work is done on a meta-atomic level (where meta means “beyond”). It means it exists outside the physical dimensions, but exists here as well. The manipulation on this level is plasmic. Light plasma is induced in different areas to create specific coding, or for language. The physical adjacent to this non-physical state forms itself according to the light plasmic language that is set up.

     When they do their genetic work in the creation of hybrids, they first begin on the most basic of levels. They create a template around which physical life will eventually form itself. Chromosomes, RNA, DNA — what we call the genetic structure — represent some of the smallest genetic codes we can read right now. But there is a whole world beyond that, and that’s where they begin.

     They start, first of all, by harnessing the template that exists for all forms of life in the reality the Zetas share with us. This template is a triadic structure that represents one polarity, its opposite, and the integration and the joining of the two. Life forms the way it does because of this template, which exists in the reality they share with us. They begin with the triadic template.

     Within the energy dynamic of this template they then insert plasmic light energy with the language encoded into it at the most basic levels. It is difficult to exactly describe what this language “says”, they tell us, because it is a language that does not exist in physical reality. Its components eventually instruct physical matter how to create body structures. The language first affects the non-physical, and then the physical realms. Work on the etheric levels can be compared to building blocks. From the most basic level, plasmic light language instructs the physical matter to arrange itself according to these etheric templates. They have been working on many different strains of hybrid beings to find the most resilient ones, so they alter the plasmic light language attached to the triadic template in order to find the most perfect body structure that can serve them.

     Physicality is always connected to the non-physical, so what is done in the non-physical always affects the physical realms. There may be, in our terms, a time lag between the non-physical work and the physical manifestation, but that is only because of the idea of growth in an exponential sense from non-physicality to physicality. Matter is matter because it has compressed itself enough from the energetic state to form a densified field. When the template is given enough light plasmic energy, it becomes compressed and enters the physical realm. This is the bridge between the etheric and the physical.

     The Physical Level: Our scientists may think that the physical aspects are much more easily manipulated. But once they have what we would consider to be a fetus, they then can monitor and direct its biochemical development so it will have the right mixtures and proportions of chemicals needed to develop the type of being they would like to create.

     The physical genetic work continues throughout the life of the hybrid simply because they haven’t perfected the strain. They must continue to achieve the perfection that they seek. This is done through experiments and neurochemicals, adrenal chemicals, and basic chemical function in the body. It is also achieved by directing various light and sound frequencies on the developing fetus that will give it the signature vibration it needs in order to develop according to their plans. On all levels, then, the genetic work is done. The etheric level is the most basic, but is instrumental in the forming of the physical level.[13]

     So the above is, in general terms, how a hybrid is created, according to the Zetas.

     The questioner at one point is asking what the humans can gain from the visitations we currently have, and Sasha, the Pleiadian female, is the one who gives the answer:

“Again we must understand that we must speak in generalities because each group has its own desires. They are always looking for ways to rectify their past. So the humanoids see this as a way to give back to humans what they perceive they’ve removed from Earth for thousands of years.”[14]

     Think and ponder this statement. Why do all these star beings have to come here and rectify their past? And if this really is what they’re doing, what does the following statement from Sasha mean? (Remember that the “metahumans”, which are the Zeta/human hybrids, come back here in time in different stages of development and on different timelines. Therefore, they may have different agendas, even when they come as channeled sources):

“The metahuman from the future has several different agendas, but they are all intertwined. This has to do with stimulating the energy necessary in the individual or the mass-conscious mind or a society to trigger the evolutionary process — to make the leap.”


 “The Zeta Reticuli, even in the future, have not yet mastered the understanding of emotions, but they have learned the value to using empaths to translate to them what the human is experiencing. The humanoids take the  emotional expressions from the human, synthesize them into a form that the Zeta Reticuli can identify with, and channel those emotions through themselves so that the Zetas can understand. [Emphasis not in original].[15]

     So, their agendas may be different, but they are all intertwined. And then, the humanoids have the ability to take human emotions and funnel them through themselves so that the Zetas can understand. If they can do that, they can do exactly the same thing when they channel through a human vehicle! And this is precisely, just like I’ve said so many times, why the audience who listens to a channeled source can feel all this love and light inside themselves during a channeled session, when in fact the entities are not even able to feel emotions!

     In my papers I have talked a lot about possession and how entities can attach to humans if people are not protecting themselves. What do you think happens when a channeled source is transmitting all this love and light, which is nothing but human emotions that they “steal” and funnel back through the vehicle and into the minds of the audience? Well, people feel so good about this boost of energy that they temporarily leave their bodies. And what can happen when someone leaves their body unprotected? They put up a “vacant sign” on it, and entities feel free to enter the empty body! This is entity possession.

     This may be one reason why the source is funneling all this love & light through the audience, but not the only reason. Of course, they also want to win people over so they can harvest them.

     Does this mean that we can’t listen to channeling anymore, because we may become possessed? Not necessarily. But it is important that you protest yourself by putting an imaginary bubble around you before you start listening to any of that kind of material. Not all of it will make you possessed, of course, and not everybody get possessed, either, when they leave their body, but what I’m saying is that there is a chance. And if it is the purpose of the source to possess people, they will do what they can to take advantage of the vacancy.

     Mother Earth will continue orbiting the Sun in all the different versions of herself. The Machine Kingdom will happen here and not on a third party planet, and so will the splitting of worlds, where higher dimensional versions of Earth will exist simultaneously, and in the same space as the versions containing the Machine Kingdom. The only difference will be that they exist in different densities and dimensions, like Earth always has had its different densities and dimensions. The question is, which version do you want to live in?

     We have talked about many reasons why it’s important that we do our inner work and how important it was to take advantage of the leap in consciousness and awareness that came, almost like a free ride, with the nano-second. Not only because this is the natural way to evolve, and we need as many people as possible to start realizing what is going on so they can begin to work on themselves, but it’s also been (and still is) a race against time. The future hybrid Machine Kingdom Zeta/human hybrids are doing exactly what we are doing, but they are doing it with technology! They, too, are trying to get as many people as possible to realize that we belong to a cosmic consciousness and that we need to reach for the stars so we can apply for membership in the Galactic Community.

     But there is a major difference! The steps they are taking will lead humanity to a community where we become members in different Galactic Federations; most of those are just different names for the Sirian Alliance. The Zetas are mentioning the Association of Worlds, where the end product, the Essassani Grays are members. Indeed, Bashar and Sasha say that the Association of Worlds is the same as the Galactic Federation, which is the Sirian Alliance!

     The following is what the Zetas are doing with humans right now as we speak. They are talking about thousands of people, but that was in the 1990s. Imagine how many they are now. This is why we can’t win the race and hope for all mankind to evolve like we want to do it. This is why we simply need to do the best we can and affect as many as possible — as many as are willing to listen. Our job is not to force our ideas on others. All we can do is to work on ourselves, be of assistance when and where it’s asked for, and that’s it. The ripple effect will do the rest, and time will tell how many will go in this or that direction.

“…we are facilitating something within you that is the culmination of a very ancient agreement.

The genetic work on your planet with your species began from a more primitive form of life over a million of your years ago.” […] “At that time, it was not the Zeta Reticuli doing that work. In this time that you call the present we are picking up where your forefathers have left off…”


“But we also give you something. That something is more codes, more activation on the light-plasmic language level. This is occurring with literally thousands of people on your planet. There will be a critical mass reached, and when this happens, the species leap will occur in force.”

“What type of code? Can you explain the ideas that are represented there?”

“…Primarily, the code we are triggering within you is the recognition of yourselves as part of a galactic ecosystem, a working piece of the whole…”

“…We see the work we do with you as a galactic evolution, and since you’ve experienced only species planetary evolution, it is a new arena for you. But there are guides, there are facilitators who have been there before who assist you…”

“…You will begin to speak the same language symbolically.”

“Do you mean in our thinking and feeling?”


     In the first part of this quotation they are telling us that they are continuing the work of the Sirians (which basically means that they are working on behalf of the Overlords), and that they are making changes to us, in spite of what they told us earlier (see the beginning of this paper).

     You can also see at the end of the quote that by coding us differently, they will alter our ways of thinking into thinking more collectively (and become more of a bee-hive collective, i.e. a Social Memory Complex(!)), and of course in a way that will fit into their agenda. If we let them do that, we are left with no choice. Can you see now why it is so important that I let people get the chance to take part of all this information? I haven’t seen all this being revealed in its context anywhere else (and I mean the Levels I-III as a whole), but as soon as I’m done, it will be, and I will feel more at peace.

     My next paper, which will finish the series on channeling, is going to be all about the Alpha Draconians. Believe it or not, but it will take a whole paper, and it is totally necessary. I have never seen such a revealing information anywhere else when comes to channeling and what the real purpose of the Harvest is. We have already talked about that here, in relation to the information we get from the sources discussed thus far. But the Alpha Draconians take it ten steps further, if I may say so. It’s too much to include in this paper, so I decided to give this information a paper of its own. You will see what I mean when you get the chance to read it.

V. Disclosure

     People who are into channeling and have found it exciting may feel discouraged now after I’ve written these papers. Don’t be! First of all I wanted to inform people about the true nature of the Harvest, and second, the more we learn about these things, the more we can use our discernment and figure out what information can be useful for us, and what is not. Even the most conspiratorial channel has good material in it which can be used for our growth. Again, let’s never throw out the baby with the bathwater. I listen to channeled material myself and learn how to discern.

     The bottom line, however, is probably as follows: the star beings who are really genuinely here as our friends are still mostly lurking in the background without intervening. Some may have incarnated here in the same manner as we humans, and grown up here in order to directly assist, while others (most of them) are still observing. The latter are hoping that we can figure out on our own how to say no to the Sirian Alliance, raise our frequency, evolve, and be ready to make contact with a Galactic Community. When we are ready, contact will happen on an individual basis with this Galactic Community, and the information will be shared on channels who can handle it and are prepared. This is already happening and has been for a while.

     So many people are talking about Disclosure, which has become a subject with a capital “D” these days, and they are writing to the government, or even make appointment with our “representatives” to discuss the matter that the ET issue, which has been kept secret from humanity, now must be disclosed. There are those who want all files opened and let the ETs show themselves to the peoples of the world.

     I am sorry to make the reader disappointed again, if this is what you are hoping for, because the chance it will happen is next to zero. This is for several reasons, but the two most important ones are,

     1) The government is hiding so many crimes on this subject and many representatives in high positions are afraid for their lives if the UFO issue will be disclosed. They will do all that’s in their power to keep the real X-Files hidden. And there are more people involved in the cover-up than we may think. However, there are factions of the military and the government who also want an end to secrecy and are working behind the scenes to make Disclosure happen, but they tread lightly, because they have families and don’t want to end up like JFK and others who have “gone too far”. Then when have something which is perhaps even more important:

    2) What do you think would happen if ETs start showing up here on Earth? Many of them are interdimensional and “materialize” from thin air. Many may look like us, but not all of them will behave like us. Then two things are bound to happen, which are 
       a) people will freak out, because they are not ready. They will deny the truth as if their lives depended on it, because “everybody knows” they are demons, and many religious people will call them demons, Devas, Jinns, or whatever fits into their rigid belief systems. And they will demand that this horrific alliance with demons will stop. In the name of God they will invade the White House or whatnot and call everybody in there Satanists. Others will be scared out of mind, and our mental hospitals will be overfilled, and 
       b) most peoples’ nervous systems can’t handle the energy from an alien. These energies that mankind would have to deal with are much stronger than our own at this point, and we have not been trained and prepared for such an encounter. Many, if not most peoples’ nervous systems would fry. So, before the positive ETs show up in our cities, mankind needs to be prepared, and this is something I will talk about in my book, which will follow upon Level III.

     So, in other words, Disclosure in the sense most people think of it is not written in the stars at the moment. I have talked about the Machine Kingdom and a world ruled openly by negative ETs, so is that not a kind of Disclosure, after all? Yes and no. Of course, it is Disclosure in the sense that humankind will start mingling with this group of ETs directly, but they will live among us in enhanced human bodies that can handle their energies, and well established in those, they can hold back the powerful energies that are destructive to us, except when they want to show what they can do, or want to punish us. In these cases, people are bound to witness some phenomena they have so far only seen in movies. But remember that ETs walked among us in Sumerian times, and earlier. In those times, believe it or not, peoples’ neurological systems were much stronger and they could more easily handle ET energies, because ETs were part of their daily life.

     For those who plan to come back to Earth and be part of building a higher density world, I would suggest you start preparing yourself for encounters that are much more beneficial for you than the Sirians. They are here in Near Earth Space, just waiting for you to be strong enough for an exchange to take place, without any exterior motives. Those who plan not to come back to Earth still need to practice this for the same reason. Many of us will move on and perhaps start an interaction with the Galactic Community already after this lifetime, and at that time we need our personal issues resolved — at least those which hold our energies back. It’s very important. That’s why I, and many other researchers, have stressed how imperative it is that we take a look at our dark side, let them face the surface, take a look at them for what they are and let them go. This is the simple procedure that needs to be done right away if you haven’t already started on it. And whatever comes up, it is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have done things we weren’t proud of, which we throw down into the abyss of our minds, hoping to never have to dig them up again. Surprise, surprise! Now is the time!

     I know there are a lot of channeled material I haven’t covered; the above is just a scratch on the surface. Some groups I will present in the Galactic Federation Paper later on, but if I have missed your favorite channeled source, I am sorry. However, the ones I’ve mentioned are enough to dig into in order to understand the agenda. 

Wes Penre

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