Second Level of Learning, Paper 22: Life After the Nano-Second, Part 3 — The New Mind

1. Healing Body and Mind

There is a new disease that has started spreading like a wildfire amongst people all over the ‘civilized’ world, and it can be quite painful for some of those who are infected. It’s quite contagious and foremost affects your neurological system. In severe cases it even prevents you from taking advantages of the downloaded energy from the Sun and the Galactic Center. In fact, it’s not only contagious, but also causes severe addiction; especially in children and young adults. If a person is contaminated in their younger years, this disease can become chronic and affect them for the rest of their life, which normally will be shorter than normal.

Which disease am I talking about?

Well, I’m talking about ‘electronicism’, the misuse of electronics! Ah, that’s funny, some may say, that is not a disease. Yes, it is! It has all the characteristics of a disease, and it certainly affects people neurology after a while. The term electronicism is of course made up, but the rest is not.

We are living in a world where people become more and more addicted to electronics; not only from using them all the time at work, but many continue when they come home as well. You see young teenagers walking down the street, and 8 out of 10 are busy doing something with their cell phones, iPods, iPads, or whatever little device it may be. Very rarely, if at all, do they look up to see what is happening around them. They are crossing the street, using their peripheral vision, hoping no one will run them over. I am always careful when I’m driving and see a young person text on their phone while they’re walking.

These are the devices of the gods. They used similar electronic machines when they were here during Sumerian time, and they, too, were addicted to them, although that was not all the gods were addicted to. Gold was another thing. For us, that will perhaps just be a matter of time, as well, as we want to prolong our lifespan. The gods sniffed it like cocaine, and according to A.R., they still do.

The main problems with electronics is that they really destroy our neurological system, and the person who is overusing them can get very sick, and it may be painful. Doctors often don’t know why the person is hurting, except that they can see it’s a neurological problem. The disease does not show up on blood tests. Especially now, during the nano-second, when the gamma rays are affecting our neurology, it’s important not to contaminate it with electronics, or people may miss out on everything they were here for. And don’t think for a moment that this wasn’t timed by the Sirian Alliance and their human puppets! They knew when to escalate the use of electronics in society. If you look back in time, 1987-2012, which is the nano-second, has also been when the rapid increase in electronics has happened. Not a coincidence.

When looking at this at a first glance, it looks like we are losing a generation or two due to electronics, and to a large degree we are. In reality, we will probably lose more than that, as many of our young generation will continue into the Machine Kingdom and embrace even more sophisticated machines. There is no shortage of technology the Sirians so generously can give us to splurge in.

The electronics won’t go away, quite the opposite. There is no use in fighting it, but it’s imperative that we, who want to work on ourselves and help others do the same, stay away from these devices as much as we can. And believe it or not, but the cell phones are spying devices as well. Big Brother can check on what you’re doing even when the phone is off. People normally think that’s bogus, but it’s not. It’s done via the same satellites they are tuned into in order to work at all. It’s a piece of cake for the Elite to use them as tracking and spy devices as well.

On the other hand, there is another kind of people who are growing up right now, who are not into high-tech at all, and some of them are contacting me. They are still in their teens and early twenties, and I am very amazed how aware and conscious these young people are. They wouldn’t dream of getting stuck in electronics; they are very well aware of the risks, and moreover, they know a whole lot of what is going on in the world and they are very spiritually evolved! It’s a pleasure to read their emails and see that there is hope. A common denominator with them is that they seem to have been born with their awareness and level of consciousness; that’s what the majority of them are telling me. Some of them are very psychic and quite multi-d, and were so before they really knew what that is. Some people call them ‘indigo children’, but I prefer just to call them ‘gifted’, because indigo children has too much stigma attached to them. It is very important not to treat these children as if they are ‘special’ in the sense that they are for more than everybody else. We need to acknowledge their abilities, of course, and support them in accomplishing their goals, but they need to be treated like everybody else in all other respects, or we lose them, too. They are a big part of our hope for the future, so we’d better make sure we support them, but at the same time treat them as normal kids. And even if they decide to live normal lives and ignore their abilities, it’s their choice.

A last advice when comes to neurological problems connected to overuse of these devices; if you experience such problems and think the problems may be connected to this, stop using the devices totally for a while (hopefully forever), and be with nature. Let nature heal the damage that has been done. It is not always helping; it depends on how severe the neurological effects may be, but it should make you feel better after a while.  

1.1. Blocked Energy and the Mechanics of ‘Healing Along the Lines of Time’

There are a lot of things we can do to heal ourselves. Many of these things we have already discussed in ‘Level II’, but also a lot in ‘Level I’, in the ‘Soulution Section’. The most effective healing we can do is to let ourselves be upgraded and educate ourselves so we know what’s going on.

Before we go on, there has been a lot of talk on the Internet about that ‘negative’ information is harmful and fear based, and people should totally avoid such information and only take in what is positive (love and light, although these people seriously don’t know what these words really mean). I want to debunk that once and for all.

The only thing that’s correct in that statement is that if information is fear based and there are no positive solutions presented, then it is harmful and will eventually put a person into a depression or state of paranoia. Information needs to be somewhat balanced, but at the same time tell it as it is without sugar-coating it. Most information can now be released to the public, because mankind is ready for it. And those who aren’t ready won’t read it anyway (Disclaimer: There are some rare things that still need to be kept hidden until mankind is ready, but to keep anything secret from mankind today, it needs to be very carefully reviewed and the reason for doing so must be very obvious).

I wish our history — the true history — was a wonderful one with lots of positive information, but that’s not how it is. And because this unfortunately is the case, should we therefore just disregard our origins and all the events that had led to what is happening today, or perhaps only selectively tell stories that are uplifting? If we do that, we can just as well skip it all, because we will forever be stuck in the problems we have, and they will get worse in the future. So, our true history is incredibly important, and is something every single person on this planet needs to know; otherwise they will not progress. If someone tells you that you shouldn’t read or partake in anything that is ‘negative’, question their agenda. Ask them exactly what they mean by that, and think about what I’ve said here. Then you should be able to figure out whether this person has been duped him/herself (or perhaps is a Secret Government agent), or if they simply mean that information can’t be only one-sided fearful, because then they would be right. At the end of this paper, I will bring up another important issue on this subject, as well.

The greatest healing, soul-wise, mentally and physically, happens when the issues and problems in your current lifetime are confronted and resolved, one by one. We have talked about that earlier and called it ‘healing along the lines of time’. Physical and mental issues almost always stem from past (and sometimes future), unresolved issues. If it’s not clear what causes these issues in present time, you can be pretty sure they come from inner conflicts, originating in ‘past lives’, or ‘future lives’, as all time is simultaneous. These issues transmute into blocked energy.

Much of this blocked energy originates from issues and problems the person didn’t resolve now, in their current life, however. Most of us, especially in relationships, have every now and then grinned and bit to maintain peace and too avoid a conflict. Sometimes it goes so far that a person in a marriage or love/friend relationship keeps quiet about how they really think and feel, because they know (or think they know) that the other person wouldn’t like it. When we stop communicating who we really are, even if it would cost us the relationship, we create blocked energy, which in the long run leads to all different kinds of illnesses. This blocked energy turn into ‘ridges’ in the physical body. This can be looked at as ‘condensed energy’ which is not moving in any direction, but just sits there, blocking any flow of energy. The reason it’s not moving is because it’s a problem that never got resolved. And the definition of a problem is ‘intention — counter-intention’, which means that someone has an intention (maybe to say something) but the other person has a counter-intention (to not being willing to accept the communication), and this creates a problem. So when these two energies, countering each other meet, they create a ‘ridge’. The soul does not want to deal with it, so she transfers the pain related to the problem to the body instead and let it ‘store’ the problem, instead of the soul dealing with it as soon as possible.

To make things a little more complicated, there is often a reason why a person does not want to confront their problems in present time. This is because there is one or more similar problems in the past, which were equally unresolved. This can result in a chain of events (causing problems) that go back in time to previous lives; either genetically or spiritually, or both. And just like with a physical chain; when you cut off the first link of the chain, the rest of it falls to the ground, and the person is free from its burden. The problem is now stored in the mind as a conscious memory, but doesn’t have any charge to it. The energy can run freely again.

Normally, when we handle a problem in present time, we only handle that particular problem. If we really handle it, the next time the same problem comes up, it may be easier to deal with, but now, during the nano-second, the ‘chain’ is rattling violently, and when we are handling a tough problem that we find hard to confront, we are not only handling the present time problem, but also the similar problems we had in previous lifetimes! The reason for this is because it’s the end of a Cycle (the End Times) and time is speeding up. But not only that, we are also ‘healing along the lines of time’, meaning that the timelines are coming together and are merging with the present. So we have a chance in a million now to really break the chain at its first link just by going to the bottom with the problems that are hitting us in the face in this present life! You may have encountered some strange difficulties this life, and you couldn’t understand what they came from. You have equally found them quite hard to confront and resolve; perhaps you just wanted to run away from them and hope they never came back. Maybe you have gone from relationship to relationship because the same, or similar problems show up in each and every relationship you’ve had? If so, this is a typical example of when you can handle these problems once and for all. It may be a very tough thing to do, but once it’s done, you have helped healing yourself in past and future lives, and changed the events for that particular fragment of self. These past life and future characters, who still exist in present time, because time is simultaneous, will then eventually be free and can merge with you, making you ‘whole’.

These are the mechanics behind the phrase, ‘healing along the lines of time’, and it’s worth every hardship we may be going through (and God knows I have had my own), because we come out on the other side as much happier beings, with psychic abilities and with multidimensional skills. We will notice the change already in this life, but we are still trapped in the Sirian Grid system and need to break out of that to regain our true abilities, as discussed in the previous paper.

1.2. Clearing Your Energy Field

So-called ‘attachments’ have always been around, where humans have other-dimensional beings attached to their body. It’s actually much more common than we think. People hear voices in their heads that are not their own thoughts, and they wonder, who was saying that?

It’s a complex matter, because people get so used to these voices and thoughts, and they know too little about themselves to be able to clearly distinguish which voices are their own and which are not. It’s quite easy with a little training, however. First of all, the thoughts you hear in your head, are these thoughts that you believe you would think? If the thought process seems foreign to you, is distractive, repetitive, or changing your personality, there is a problem. You can have either one of the unquiet dead, hitch-hikers, or in worse cases — demons (or a mix thereof), attached to you. In rare cases, it could be an alien who’s intentionally glued his soul to your body.

It’s important to listen to the ‘voices’ and ‘thoughts’ in your head, because most of them are probably not yours. Another option is that you are actually becoming psychic and can read other people or animal thoughts. Do you recognize the thoughts as a friend of yours? Your spouse? Relative? Even your dog, wanting attention or food? Work on being psychic and to distinguish yourself from your environment.

If you once have gotten attachments, benevolent or not, they may be difficult to get rid of, unless you are very firm and your intentions are clear. Once you raise your vibrations, the entities normally leave, because they can’t hold the same frequency as yourself, but if they still stick to you, you’d better tell them to leave. You need to be quite assertive and authoritarian, but not hostile, Tell them, “I know you’re there, and whatever agreement we had that allowed you to place yourself there is now void. Thank you for giving me the learning lesson on how it is to have someone attached to you, but now the lesson is learned. I want you to go someplace where you can be around people who love you. If you think there is no such place, you should know there are always people who love you. I want you to leave now and then think of where you can find such a place, or just go back from where you came. I don’t want you to ever come into my space again. This body is mine and I own it. If you want a body, you need to learn how to get one of your own. This same message is for any entity that may be attached to me or my body.” Of course, the wording may be of your choice, but the example above would probably work pretty well. You may hear these voices coming up with reasons why they don’t want to leave, or why they shouldn’t leave, but you need to be firm and tell them, “what I just said, goes! No delays, no “buts”. I want you to leave in this instance…no, that’s not a reason to stay, either. It’s final, and there are no excuses!” You may have to repeat your will a few times when you hear the excuses in your head, and whatever you do, don’t confuse these excuses as your own thoughts! If the entity doesn’t leave immediately (or there may be many entities; sometimes a couple of hundreds or more, if the person has all their chakras wide open for anyone to come in), repeat the procedure as soon as you notice an attachment. Some of them may go silent to try and trick you by your not noticing them, but sooner or later they will make their presence heard, or you can add, “those who are silent and try to hide need to leave as leave – right now!” When they no longer can find any agreement from you to stay, they usually leave. I hope this helps, and it needs to be done, because about 11 people out of 15 may have attachments. And remember; raise your vibration! The attachments do whatever they can to still keep attached, but sooner of later they will ‘fall off’. When they do, or in the meantime, make sure you are not wide open for new attachments to come in. Claim your space and your sovereignty.

Also, create the bubble around yourself and say that no one is allowed insight this bubble, unless they are consciously invited, without being manipulative, and only have the greatest good in mind for you and your loved ones. You may want to recreate this bubble every now and then, but with time you’ll get good at it, and you ‘feel’ that now it’s there, and it’s working!

When you have cleared your energy field from entities, you will feel an unusual silence in your head. No ‘voices’, no additional thoughts which are not your own, except maybe if you’ll get very psychic, now when you don’t have your own energy field being messed with. You may hear thoughts from a loved one, knowing it is them by the signature of the thought. If thoughts from others come into your energy field too frequently, it may feel disturbing and exhausting, understanding it can drain your energy. What you can do is to think of the thoughts coming in as water running or dripping from a facet. In your mind, turn off the facet and turn it on when you want to. But again, beware of attachments! Keep your energy field clear and your bubble in place, and only invite certain people to begin with, until you get very skilled.

When your energy field is clear, it’s time to get rid of residues in the house or apartment where you live. Go and buy some sage in the local New Age store (some local grocery stores may have them, too, I’ve noticed) and start smudging the house. Incense works well, too. These two things will cleanse the place until there are no attachments. You may want to smudge both your body and your home to be sure. In my case, when writing on these subjects, it’s easy to get attachments and psychic attacks, so these procedures are very helpful. Serious conspiracy writers and exopolitical and metaphysical writers can gain a lot from using these techniques. Having incense burning near you when you write is an easy way to get into the right ‘mood’ and tune into the vibrations needed to be able to write on a certain spiritual level.

Everything changes when you stop absorbing all the energies around you and start emitting your own. Some people, when they have raised their frequency to a certain level, say that it’s hard, because they feel everybody else’s emotions and energies, and therefore, going into a grocery store for an extended time can be challenging. Having this kind of problem is an indicator that your frequency is higher than it used to be, or if you were born with this ‘problem’, you were either born with attachments, or you were quite evolved even as a little child, or both.

It’s good to become psychic, but in the above case it can be a handicap, too. Hence, it’s very important to clear your own energy field as described here, and when you successfully have done so, you will notice the problem is more or less gone. You may still pick up some just because you are psychic and more multi-d, and you are starting to get telepathic, but that’s where the bubble comes into the picture. Also, when you stop absorbing other people’s energy, which will quickly drain you (unless those around you are of exceptionally high vibrations), you will quite automatically start emitting your own energy. This will make you feel good and more powerful, although not in a negative way. Your self-esteem will increase, your space widen, and you will be more outgoing. All good traits!

1.3 Toning

The reader is, I assume, just like me; you want to separate yourself out from manipulative energies around you. A good thing to practice is ‘toning’. This is an old way of changing a person’s perceptions. And after all, the Universe is basically made from harmonious sounds; even music. We have already talked about the Songs of the Galaxies, and that each galaxy has her own song, as does each nebula, star, planet, and from a human perspective, every living creature.

The Pleiadians say:

“If you listen to Tibetan toning, you find that each person simultaneously makes a number of tones. The toners are able to carry a variety of tones and notes in one sound. These overtones tend to open and unlock energy doorways, changing your perceptions. Basically, this is what toning does — in a very subtle way, it changes your perceptions.”

“At a power site or energy vortex, you can tone with the intention of releasing energy that has been stored or trapped there, and you can tone to merge yourself with the site. When you tone, you create various vibratory rates. At sacred sites of stone, the sounds that you feel trigger data stored in the stones and in your bones. The stones work very well with your bones — the stones feed the bones and the bones feed the stones, sharing data”.[1]

This is why you hear about shamans using stones and bones; especially in the last few thousand years (before that, they didn’t have to. They had a better connection with the Goddess Universe than that). Stones and bones both contain information. The stones know the history of Earth since it was created, and the bones know the history of the person and the bloodline that person belonged to. Often, in shamanic tribes, the people saved the bones from shamans and exceptionally enlightened people, to draw the information from them via their bones. It works when you know how to do it. Credo Mutwa, the old South African shaman, whom David Icke became good friends with, uses stones and bones all the time when doing his readings.

Toning requires some practice and patience, but is said to be very effective. I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, but will as soon as time allows. As a musician, I can especially appreciate these kinds of practices.

Everything mentioned in Section 1 (and sub-sections, 1.1-1.3) is important to know, and especially sections 1 to 1.2 are very important to do in practice, because your clear energy and your high vibrations will be needed in the times to come. As the electromagnetic field around Earth becomes weaker (which i happening in present time), physical and mental structures are not held in place like they used to. When the electromagnetic field weakens, chaos occurs. This is inevitable, but is all per the cosmic plan. This is the end of an old cycle and the start of a new, so major things are going to happen. It will be scary for many people, and those who have built their energy will be of tremendous help for the rest, just by being themselves.

What is old and can’t sustain itself anymore in our current society needs to go, and will go, so the chaos we will see at the end of 2012 and a few years into the future is a restructuring of the old system, and a rebuilding of a new. This goes for both the Machine Kingdom and for those who decide not to belong to it. 

2. Traveling Back In Time: What Happened 5,120 – 5,000 Years Ago?

This is the end of the Mayan cycle, which is 5,125 years long, and not only that; it’s the end of the nano-second, something that doesn’t happen after each cycle. This is literally the end of an old human species and the beginning of a new, upgraded version, who will hopefully lead us into a future of more sovereignty. Perhaps humankind will be able to honor the legacy of the Namlú’u, the First Orion Experiment, which was so distastefully destroyed by the Sirians, and with our new upgrades become the new Guardians. Still, we need to claim our ownership of this planet first, and we haven’t even started that process yet.

Just to get a perspective on time, let us take a brief look and see what happened at the end of the last Mayan cycle, about 5,125 years ago:

  • c. 3,100 BC: Narmer (Menes) unifies Upper and Lower Egypt into one country; he rules this new country from Memphis.
  • c. 3100 BC: Narmer, pharaoh, rules (other dates are 3150 BC–3125 BC).
  • c. 3100 BC: Predynastic period (Neolithic) ends in Ancient Egypt (other date is 3150 BC).
  • c. 3100 BC: Early Dynastic (Archaic) period starts in Ancient Egypt (other date is 3150 BC).
  • c. 3100 BC: The first temple of Tarxien is in use by the Neolithic inhabitants of Malta.
  • c. 3100 BC: First stage in the construction of Stonehenge.
  • c. 3100 BC – 2600 BC: Skara Brae, Orkney Islands, Scotland is inhabited. Discovered 1850.
  • c. 3100 BC: Anu Ziggurat and White Temple in Uruk, Mesopotamia (modern Warka, Iraq) are built.
  • c. 3100 BC: Humans develop their first writing system, cuneiform script.[2]

As we can see, there were a few major events happening at that time, but it was not the end of a Galactic Cycle, when our solar system completes one orbit around the Zodiac, and we were not aligned with the Galactic Center, either. The most significant changes in the beginning of the cycle we are just now completing, are,

  1. The development of the Mesopotamian writing system, the cuneiform script. This was taught to mankind so we could write down our own history that we’ve had together with the ‘gods’. Of course, it was not the true history, but the Sirians needed human scribes, who could write down exactly what was dictated to them in order to trigger future events, like prophecies. However, when we really think about it, the scribe didn’t even have to be human; he (I’m sure the scribes were males) could be a Sirian in human’s clothing, but they still needed us to be able to read or write for future generations to see that humans actually inhibited this skill.
  2. The first stage in the construction of Stonehenge. This monument, built on a lay line, has been such an important place for rituals and fertility rites over time, that even today, everybody has heard of Stonehenge.
  3. The Early Dynastic (Archaic) period starts in Ancient Egypt. This was the beginning of a whole new era.
  4. Upper and Lower Egypt unified into one country. Again, a major change in the history of mankind.

Egypt and Mesopotamia/Sumer were of course major Sirian centers, and 5,000 years ago, the two Empires were flourishing.

3. Blood and Sex, and how to Integrate the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ with the ‘Tree of Life’

The main thread throughout the papers in ‘Level II’ is that the Goddess’ Creation is Feminine. So, what then is the ‘Tree of Life’? Well, it sort of depends on whom you ask. Many people who have dug deeply into the esoteric material of the Mystery Schools and Secret Societies have their view on it, while the Gnostics have another. Separate researchers may have their own idea, and channelers only relay what the entities tell them. Often these ideas differ from each other in detail, although the main theme is often the same; it has something to do with Eternal Life. So, if we make this the common denominator to use as a basic truth, let’s go on from there.

As the Universe is feminine, and God is feminine, and the energy of the Universe is feminine, then the Tree of Life should have something to do with the female as well. And indeed it does! The ‘Tree of Knowledge’ has to do with Divine sex (Sex Magick) and the ‘Tree of Life’ with the Divine Blood of the Goddess, as we shall see. Here we will learn how to integrate the two to easier be able to break the ‘godspell’ and connect with the Goddess Universe (the KHAA) in which we belong.

Over time, humans have tried to find a way to extend their lives, which were significantly reduced by the Sirian/Aryan geneticists in the past. This longing for the Eternal Life of the Gods is exemplified by the Sumerian ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’, he who found the key to longevity but lost it.

Figure 3-1. The human nervous system — the ‘Tree of Life’

In ancient times, people understood that the fruit of the Tree of Life was the blood of the Goddess[3]. This will be much easier to understand if we think of our nervous system as a tree. We think that the Tree of Life has to do with fruits on a tree, but in fact, it is all about the fruits of the body; the secretions and substances that are the gifts of the gods. However, the same gods have done all that’s in their power to suppress this same knowledge, because they didn’t give these ‘fruits’ to us, and created our bodies the way they are, for our benefit, but for theirs. They were the ones who wanted to ‘eat the fruits’ from the human ‘tree’.

The menstrual blood is a gift from the Goddess, and the menstrual periods was something she wanted the females to go through as something sacred. On the battlefield, or when a person hurts themselves, they bleed, but that blood is often associated with trauma (lesser of bigger) and is therefore in that sense ‘contaminated’. The menstrual blood, however, is not. Though women may have cramps and different levels of menstrual pain connected with their periods, it is not in general connected with traumatic circumstances; hence the menses are ‘clean’.

The Global Elite and other black magicians are using the Holy Blood from children, females and men when in a state of trauma, extreme fear and horror, which brings on an adrenaline rush they then can gain power from if they drink it. Although there are PTB that use menstrual blood in their rituals as well, we don’t hear about it as much when we research our perverted leaders. It’s because they are unable to connect with their victim in a mutual lovable way needed for the menses to have the intended effect. So for the Sirians, the menstrual blood is useless.

When the Mother Goddess told Prince EA and Princess NIN to create Homo sapiens, she gave us an incredible gift, which is the ability to have Sacred Sex, and thus eat the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge. But it is through the blood she had run through our veins, combined with Sex Magick that makes us able to connect to the Inner Sanctuaries of the KHAA. We humans can achieve this between two people having sex during the menstrual cycle.

But don’t the Sirian women bleed? Actually, they do, albeit they can’t achieve what we humans quite easily can achieve if we know how (and I am going to tell you how in a minute). There are two things missing in the Sirian men and women, which makes it nearly impossible for them to connect in such a way by having sex with each other. These two things are pure Divine Blood, and true, deep love for the partner.

All blood, in all beings, is the life force of the Goddess, but the Goddess can make the blood purer or more diluted as she wishes. Not all beings are most possibly not meant to enter the Sacred Dimensions of the KHAA too easily. Normally, this is something a star being (or soul group) accomplishes by showing their ability to express Divine Love. But humans is a very special Experiment, and the Goddess let us have this ability by letting us humans combine the Tree of Knowledge with the Tree of Life and practice its sacredness simultaneously, in one single act! This is a gift almost unheard of in the Universe. It may very well be that we are the only experiment in that capacity.

Figure 3-2. Sacred sex.

In the beginning, when they realized what the Goddess had done, the Sirians worked extremely hard to achieve the same thing humans could achieve by having sex. When they failed, they first probably couldn’t figure out why, but after a while it became quite obvious. What was required, they realized, was the pure blood of the Goddess and a true and very deep love and connection with the partner.

So much has been written about Sacred Sex, and it has been made really complicated, and there is of course a reason for that, of course. The Sirians complicated the matter so that humans forgot how to accomplish the goal! Today, hardly anybody knows how to do it. However, if two people truly have this much love for each other, they may do it correctly without even knowing anything about the story behind it. But even if so, they normally don’t know that they need to set distinct goals, or their sexual energy will be hijacked. By hijacking these energies from two lovers, the Sirians can experience a watered-down version of what is actually possible. So, from their perspective, as usual, it’s best to keep mankind ignorant.

For the goals of Sacred Sex to be achieved, two human beings must not only love each other, truly and honestly (Sacred Sex would probably work between two women as well), and know each other very well. They also need to keep no secrets from each other, and to be very honest in their relationship, even when comes to their own needs and wishes. When this is accomplished, and these two people have sex (especially during the menstruation period), magickal things can happen! The eyes are the mirrors of the soul, so both persons would gain so much more if they keep eye contact during the act. This way, they can see the emotions and the ecstasy in each other’s eyes, and they blend together and become as ONE. Although this works between two women as well, the male sperm has its own magick, and adds to the process. And the woman giving away her most inner secrets by sharing her blood with her lover is the ultimate gift she can give a man. During the act, the man also has the opportunity to drink from the fountain of the Goddess, and they both get electrified.

When the orgasm comes, the explosion this creates in the 4% as well as in the KHAA is a merge with the Goddess herself. The power in that, but also the whole sex act, is enormous. Therefore, it is extremely important to set a goal before you have Sacred Sex. What do you want this powerful act to accomplish? It could be anything from empowering oneself so you can use this extended power to create good for yourself, your family, and your friends, to extend the effects to include the whole planet in a positive way. Anything in between is great! Sometimes, when something needs to be healed and repaired in one’s own life, it is perfectly okay to let the energies go in that direction. What the goals are is your personal choice and something no one else has any say in, but it’s very important to set the goals so that the energy are not hijacked by the Sirians in the astral. Like I’ve described before, the Earth, seen from the astral, is a planet full of explosions, like erupting volcanoes shooting their lava up into the atmosphere. These are the energies of people having sex and orgasms down here on Earth. It’s easy for the Sirians to suck this energy in as much as they want, and nothing (or very little) go into the KHAA, which was the basic intention.

Figure 3-3. Eye contact during the sexual act is very important

As I’m sure the reader understands, much has been done to suppress this knowledge, and the bleeding cycle of the woman has been degraded to something dirty and messy, when in fact it is the ultimate share! This doesn’t mean, of course, that a man and a woman should only have sex during the menstruation periods. Sacred Sex can be done anytime, if the right love connection is there between two people. They can still achieve goals that are very powerful without the blood connection, by just sharing their emotions and by looking into each other’s eyes during intercourse. This way, it’s not only the second chakra that’s involved in the sex act, but all the upper chakras as well, and it even opens up the eight to twelfth chakras outside of the body, which are normally quite closed while being stuck here in 3D.

The Sirians can never do this themselves, even if they seduce a woman to such a degree that she is fooled into loving him dearly (which happens). The problem is that he can’t love her back like she loves him; it’s currently not in their system to be able to feel that much love. The only true love they can feel is the love for power and technology. And that’s where they want humans to end up as well. And we will, unless we change our ways.   

3.1 Menopause

In today’s world, many women are sad when they enter menopause. They think they are less attractive as women and as sexual beings; it reminds them that they are aging; and their ability to have children disappears as the menopause progresses. Even if the woman is not planning on having more children, she may feel the loss, thinking that the main ability of being a woman is gone.

Interestingly enough, all these emotions connected with menopause are created by the Patriarchal Regime. Then Men of Power want the women young and full of estrogen and sexual energy to please them, for one, but mainly to use the women for more sinister purposes, as we know. It is true, that after menopause, the woman can no longer share her menstrual blood with her lover, but she is now entering another phase in her development as a Divine Female Being, and the ancients knew this.

A few hundred years ago, when a woman stopped her menses, it was believed that she was to be feared, because she could hold the blood and keep all the power to herself. In reality, when a woman goes through this period of less and less menses, or a longer period of time between them (albeit, it’s not uncommon that women bleed more during menopause than they did before), she literally experiences a pause. If she is aware of this, and doesn’t feel guilt, shame, or sadness during this time period, she is actually transforming something inside, and she is landing in a place of more wisdom. Instead of absorbing this wisdom, most women are taught that they are less attractive and are getting closer to death, and they learn to hate and curse their bodies, and in other, perhaps less extreme ways, learn to dislike their vessels. This puts the body off balance, and it can react in the most unpredictable ways, which then is being falsely connected to menopause. Other women (who may not feel these negative emotions and instead continue loving their body) don’t have any particular problems during menopause. I know women (my mother included) who had their menses as usual, and one day they just stop. They didn’t feel anything unusual with their bodies during the whole menopause. Now, I’m not saying that all women who have problems during menopause hate their bodies, but I am suggesting that if women washed away all these patriarchal ideas added to the menopause process, women in general would be able to go through the experience as something quite positive.

3.2 Blood (and Menstrual Blood in particular) as the Genetic Code

Our thoughts are recorded by our blood. They are imprinted together with our feelings and radiated outwards for everyone who wants to, to read. We are the sum of ourselves in the physical form because of our blood. This is why having a blood transfusion is a very critical thing to do, and this is also the reason why certain religious groups refuse to have one, and prefer to die (they even let their children die rather than having them go through a transfusion). What happens when we get someone else’s blood in our veins is that we also adopt that person’s personality, emotions, and memories to a larger or lesser degree; i.e. our personality may change afterwards. These same religious groups believe that their personality (and the reason for their lives) disappears during such an interference.

The blood is produced within our bone caverns which serve as our skeletal structure. This is why shamans and others use the bones of their ancestors in their rituals; they believe that the memories of the dead ones are stored in the bones. This is actually quite correct, because the memories are stored in the blood, and the blood is created in our bones.

When we align our consciousness and become more aware, we also automatically purify our blood, and our blood becomes something very, very sacred[4]. The red blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrow, and when we realign the bone, the bone purifies the blood, and sorts out the inner secrets of identity. This is why bodywork changes the structure of our blood.

What women have forgotten is that the blood is the source of their power[5]. The Pleiadians say:

“The blood carries the genetic code, and because the Mother Goddess is the source of all things, this is where the code comes from. It is where the story is hidden. Menstrual blood can be used to nurture plant life, to mark Earth, and to let Earth know that the Goddess lives again. In general, women don’t bleed into Earth anymore. Doing so is a direct transference of the energy of the Goddess.”[6]

They go on telling us that by letting the menstrual blood touch the Earth, women nurture her. Therefore, in a society where we spend most of our time inside, and we have clothes on, I think it may be a good idea to let some of the menses be spread out over the property to nurture Mother Earth. The Pleiadians relay a message to all women so that you understand that your menstrual blood is the source of your power and your deepest inner knowledge. In the bleeding process lie many of the keys to bringing the Goddess back onto a planet, which is so energetically altered towards male dominance and negative power.

Furthermore, we are told that if we are not interested in the Goddess energy and the mysteries of the blood, we miss out on an integral part of life and will not understand what is really occurring on our planet. Men need to learn how to honor the blood (especially the pure menstrual blood), and women must do the same thing, and if these things turn us off, or we think it’s not important, we are completely missing the point. The Pleiadians say that this is the most powerful teachings they can give us at this point to help us understand what is coming. They emphasize that we need to honor the Goddess vibration that comes through our hearts and helps our hearts open![7]

Menstrual blood is highly oxygenated, and the purest of all blood, and in humans, it carries the decoded DNA. The Pleiadians tell us it’s the oxygen which decodes those strands and allows the restructuring of the data.

I have been planning to post my paper about the Moon and what has been found there, and also what effect this satellite has on life here on Earth, but haven’t had the chance yet, but will probably be done eventually as an Appendix to ‘Level II’, but that’s something for the future. However, I stumble upon information about the Moon ‘everywhere’. Even the Pleiadians in their material talk about that it is a construct, and that it highly affects we humans and all life on Earth (which is quite commonly known), and especially the menstruation cycles. The Pleiadians say the Moon is a very powerful electromagnetic computer[8].

As we know, men don’t bleed. Therefore, the only way for men to, in an appropriate way, take into himself the power of blood is for a woman to gift him with her blood; to share her sacred elixir. It can be done through oral sex, or to eat fruit and vegetables which have been grown in the soil where a woman has spread her menses, or a man can be marked on the back of his neck or the soles of his feet with the blood from a woman. His body will absorb the knowledge.

Unfortunately, having sex during menstruation has such a deep negative imprint in the human mind, that many people think it’s repelling. If the reader (whether a man or a woman) enjoys having sex during the bleeding period, you have overcome a deep imprint. This is a very ancient ritual which stems from the time when the Matriarchs were dominant on our planet, before the Patriarchal Sirian Regime took over. It was very powerful and kept the inhabitants in connection with the Goddess.

The men’s equivalence to menstruation is the sperm. The sperm is the Mother’s [Goddess] story encoded in the male vibration, and contains the interpretation of how the male remembers that story.[9] And here is the interesting thing for us men: when we have sex with a woman during her period, our sperms can act as explorers and telepath back to us the power and knowledge of the woman! A man can, under these circumstances, get access to the woman’s full identity. This is why it’s so important that the partners are very honest with each other and don’t mind sharing all the secrets with each other, because if the woman is willing to share her menses with a man during the sexual act, he will get access to her inner sanctum! And her inner sanctum is what? That’s right, the heart of the KHAA.

Lord ENKI followed his Mother’s directions to a certain extent when he created Homo sapiens. He gave humankind the Fire of the Goddess, which is directly connected with the blood; he let the women bleed, and gave them some of the sexual knowledge; more than his stepbrother ENLIL was comfortable with, and the two had conflicts about this more than once. ENLIL was afraid that human would be too ‘Goddess-like’.

And here we come to the point where we are going to reveal some ancient knowledge that was hidden from mankind by the Sirians a long time ago. It has directly to do with the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. Like we already discussed, the Tree of Knowledge has to do with Sacred Sex, and the Tree of Life with blood. We know that blood is red, and sperm is white. These two, mixed together, is the key to longevity and ‘eternal life’! In the Secret Societies, this is well known (especially on the upper levels) and men, especially, who had (and still have) this knowledge, go crazy about mixing semen and blood and drink it. This is what Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard were involved in when practicing Aleister Crowley’s OTO sex magick of the 8th and 9th Grade. It is supposed to give you a longer life (taking into account, of course, that you live relatively healthy otherwise). Neither Parsons (who blew himself up), nor Hubbard (who was either murdered or died from cancer) had particularly long lives, however. Parsons was very young when he died, and Hubbard was 75.

This brings us right into the next subject; something that has been extremely misunderstood and has a lot of stigma to it. Conspiracy writers (more often so in earlier years than now, unless they are Christian) curse everything that has to do with mixing these fluids, when indeed it is something extremely important for us to understand and even practice. It’s the negative, Sirian aspect of it that has given it the bad reputation. It was practiced in full in ancient times, when the Goddess was still acknowledged and the Divine Feminine considered being the driving force in the Universe.

4. Sex Magick and the ‘War of the Genders’ Revisited

In his book, ‘Human Race, Get Off Your Knees…’, David Icke describes the ‘software program’ that is gender and sex. He talks about that it’s a program within the hologram that is producing sexes and decides how you’re supposed to behave when you take a male or female body, respectively. The hormones are also added by the program.

This is true, ultimately. However, there are holograms within holograms, starting with the whole hologram which is the entire Universe. So holograms are not very exceptional, although the one we are mainly experiencing here on Earth is, just like Icke suggests, controlled by the ‘Reptilians’ — or rather the Sirian Alliance. However, this hologram is just a miniature hologram of the bigger one, keeping us in control here, but bodies and their hormones work the same here as elsewhere in the Universe, if the species is sexually oriented. It’s not that the ‘Reptilians from the lower 4th Dimension’ are creating the gender hologram for us humans exceptionally; there are quite a few sexual races in the Universe, who are not particularly in the same tight situation as we are.

As long as we are human beings, sex is nothing wrong, whether it’s a software program or not; it’s a part of being human. There has been enough stigma put on this subject; we don’t need more by saying that sex is a program, produced by an evil Reptilian race. It’s important to understand that sex actually brings us to the Heavens.

As we have seen now, it’s basically both sex (female orgasm, mostly) and the blood of the female (mostly), which take us to the Heavens, not just one or the other. Real Sex Magick is when two individuals have such a closeness with each other, and so much love, that they can blend into each other during the sexual act, after have put a goal for where the sexual energy should go. With a lot of training, it can literally take both you and your partner right into the KHAA in such a manner that you can blend in and stay there.

This is your choice as a human being. You are basically from ‘Orion’, and you have the right to return there whenever you can; whenever you have figured out how to get there. You can also choose to stay here on Earth and learn more from this physical realm and become a Guardian again, and only visit the KHAA when you wish to.

Most humans are not used to mix our juices the way we discussed above, and I understand if it feels repelling. First of all, no one needs to go to the ‘extreme’ and start drinking blood mixed with semen; there are other way to reach the Heavens. But I am mentioning this, because especially now, as long as we are still in the Sirian entrapment, it’s an excellent way of breaking through to the KHAA and get strength — a lot of strength. I would suggest, however, that if you and your partner are very, very close and don’t build up secrets and have withholds from each other, I would work on getting used to having sex both when the woman bleeds and when she doesn’t. And if you’re a woman, make very sure that the man you are sharing your blood with is someone you are very much in love with, because your menstrual blood is very sacred and if you share it, the man will get to know your inner secrets. They are hidden inside the blood; the blood of the Goddess (the same thing goes for other star beings which are sexually oriented. If the male is allowed to share the woman’s blood, he will find out her inner secrets). This doesn’t necessarily mean that the man can sit down and tell his lover afterwards all about her, but we’re talking about knowing somebody ‘instinctively’, like in ‘figuring someone out totally’, if this makes sense.

Is it so strange now if the Sirians, and other not-so-ethical males out there in the Universe, have fought long and devastating wars to be able to get to the Inner Sanctuary of the female?

And remember that both males and females out there in the Universe have been equally ‘bad’. The Universe is feminine; I am 100% convinced about this; and the energies of the Universe are basically feminine. When the male energy was eventually created, the female was still the one who held the real power, because she was more ONE with the feminine energies and the Mother Goddess herself. So Mother Goddess divided herself into physical manifestations of herself, in order to have experiences in the Universes she herself had created to begin with.

These manifested Goddesses ‘split’ themselves into ‘lesser’ goddesses, who started to reign in different parts of the Universe. Some of these manifestations began to look at males as inferior and picked them as lovers, merely. Once they were done with them, they either ate them, killed them, or just ‘got rid of them’ in one way or another, just to find someone else who could please them.

The males, on the other hand, noticed the power that was within the female soul/mind/body complex and wanted to know how to achieve the same power, so they themselves could overcome their shortcomings. So, instead of the females treating the males badly, the males could gain female powers and treat the females as theywanted, if only they could figure them out. So, males out there in the Universe kidnapped, tortured, and raped females to extract their power. They never succeeded to steal the real power of the female, but they learned how to gain some of it. So, they overthrew the Queens where they could and instead of having a Matriarchal Regime, they created a Patriarchal Regime that was even worse! The Sirians became the Patriarchs personified, although there were other species out there, too, who stole the power from the Divine Feminine. Many of those species came together as one, and the Sirian Alliance was created — a totally male dominated Federation. This Alliance is now on a mission to take over as many universes as they can, but has lately mainly concentrated on invading the KHAA. They feel they have an axe to grind with the Divine Feminine, and want to create a male dominated 100% Universe. Moreover, they want to overthrow the Mother Goddess herself, in her form as pure energy, and make this energy masculine and more powerful than her.

This is how it is in a very small nutshell. What I am trying to say here is that males and females have both done bad things towards each other and towards star races in general. Both sides of the coin (if we want to look at it from a viewpoint of separation) have been oppressive, because they have reigned in the extreme. Here on Earth, we should not be looking at overthrowing everything that has to do with the masculine or the feminine; we all are bothmasculine and feminineinside ourselves, and we need to find that balance. The last thing we need to do now is to overthrow the Patriarchs and create a Matriarchal Regime again. That would be a horrible idea, and our conditions here on Earth would certainly not improve.

We need a world where the feminine and the masculine are in balance; not only within ourselves but in relationship with each other and within society as a whole. Not until then can we have freedom. Love is the ultimate soulution! We can see that everywhere that a real solution is coming up, love is the main ingredience in it. Love can overcome everything, but it has to start within ourselves. We can never ever love anybody else genuinely if we don’t love ourselves first. So, everything comes back on self. This is why it’s so important to raise our own frequencies. It is the other peoples responsibility to raise theirs. But we inspire each other and we grow as a soul group, and eventually we grow out of the pettiness of gender wars, and any other wars as well for that matter. War is always a sign of a lower consciousness — yes, even when came to Queens and Kings of the Stars, when they started fighting over which gender was above the other. We need to show the Universe that humans are above that. And we are, once we’re left alone.

It may sound pretentious, perhaps, that we would be able to achieve something that the ‘lesser’ Queens and Kings couldn’t achieve. If so, think again, because this is exactly a part of what we were created for! It was programmed into our DNA to have as a goal to overcome such pettiness as war and conflict; whatever those may be about. That is part of the Experiment, to be able to do some things that the gods and goddesses were not able to do. This is precisely why stern patriarchs like Prince ENLIL and King ANU wanted to suppress the powers of mankind — especially the sexual powers and the power of the blood. They didn’t want us to be more powerful than they are. I don’t know how much Prince EA actually cared about that — he seemed a little more liberal — because he was an Aryan to begin with, and the son of the first manifestation of the Mother Goddess. He may have been less concerned about the humans being more powerful than he than the Sirians were. EA was apparently more concerned about that humankind was too stupid to rule themselves, and therefore had to create certain bloodlines whom he put in charge over the rest of mankind, thus creating a ruling Elite Class with no ‘middle man’. Only an Elite on top, and then the people as a slave race below them, to follow every command from the ‘Authorities’.

So, in summary, parts of how we can break our chains are through sex and our Divine blood. These two things are very powerful, and when we practice Sex Magick routinely, we can be more powerful, and much stronger.

Then, of course, we have the Fire of the Goddess, but part of that Fire is in the blood. That doesn’t mean that if our body dies, our Fire will diminish, but it means that the body itself has the power of the Goddess when powered up by the Fire, and we are very powerful even in the physical, here in 3D.

What we, as human beings, need to do is to explore the Goddess. We have lived millennia after millennia, believing that God is a stern, quite aggressive, testosterone driven male with long white hair and a long beard, and we’ve gotten pretty used to that. Now, when we learn that the opposite is true, we have a harder time. Nonetheless, we need to do this; it’s essential to our survival in the future. If we ignore the Goddess in our lives, we keep staying disconnected from the Prime Creator, because we don’t understand her, and we don’t understand we are her children, and therefore a part of her.

This is also why I have a hard time with material such as the WingMakers, and even LPG-C. There is so much truth and wisdom in both these teachings, although the two are supposedly on the opposite side from each other, but none of the two embraces or acknowledges the Goddess as the Prime Creator, or First Source, if we use the WingMakers’ term. And as long as God is not acknowledged as Feminine, the rest of the information is misleading, in spite of how much truth and value the information has otherwise. And don’t think for a second that the WingMakers or LPG-C don’t know about the Female Energy. They both do!

The Goddess is very loving and compassionate, and she cares more about your personal well-being than you may think. The pure Goddess energy in this Universe became very distorted at one time, and the females had a big part in it, but now it’s time to restore balance. That’s partly what we’re here for. ‘The War of the Genders’ is still being fought in many places across the Universe, and with all our Goddess energy inside of us we are capable of creating the balance necessary, and if done properly, it will ripple out over cosmos and across the billions of galaxies and affect other beings on other planets, far away from Earth.

We humans have these capabilities, and many good-hearted beings out there are waiting for us to finally graduate so we can help the Goddess with this task, because she sees how beings in this Universe, and beyond, suffer. It’s a Universe of Free Will, so suffering is allowed; it’s ‘just’ another experience, but after a while, when the lessons are all learned, it’s time to move on. If the beings in the Free Will Zone don’t, there is one way the Goddess apparently can ‘intervene’. She can create a new Experiment, which can help her in her mission to accomplish a certain goal which will make less star beings suffer. We are part of such an Experiment; hence we have so much of the Goddess inside of us. However, the Sirian Alliance have not forgotten how males were treated in the far gone past, and they are still on their mission to destroy everything that has to do with the Divine Feminine. They don’t understand that what happened had nothing to do with the Mother Goddess herself; nor had it anything to do with the Queen of the Stars. The suppression of the males was done by ‘lesser goddesses’, whom had since long forgotten the Way of the Mother.

Once we really start to explore the Goddess, we begin to value all life. When we value life, we don’t overpopulate our planet, and we don’t kill. This is why it’s so important that I (or somebody else) explain what life is, what death is, what all species are, and the fact that everything is connected through the Mother Goddess — even the Sirians. They may have disconnected themselves now, but by repenting and finding their way back, they still have a small chance to reconnect as well. The problem is that if they don’t, this Universe will ‘fail’, as I was talking about in ‘Level I’, and will not be completed. Instead, it will deplete itself of energy, and float around in the void as a lifeless universe with dead galaxies, dead stars, and dead planets, totally depleted of life. It will become uninhabitable. And it has happened before with universes. For a universe to succeed, it must complete its goal, and everything in it must realize that it’s all part of the same Creation! We are all the creation of the Mother Goddess. Then, and first then, will a universe come full circle, implode, and start again in a new cycle.

Speaking of overpopulation. We are currently 7 billion people, rubbing shoulders on this tiny globe; a little bit too many for everybody’s comfort. However, we have already covered the main reasons why we have been allowed to reproduce to such a degree that we have reached this huge amount of people. I have also suggested that we have reached the peak of humanity; if our population grows beyond what we have now, it’s not going to be with much. In contrary, the world population is going to decrease quite a bit in the future, even if there are no wars, illnesses, or mass extinction (manmade or not).

Currently, the woman is basically fertile once a month, and her fertility is to a large degree dependent upon the Moon; this artificial, electrical device in the sky. Just like the tide is a consequence of the Moon pulling and pushing, so is the menstrual cycle. The Moon has always been thought of as female; as Goddess Energy. This is correct in the sense that this is how it used to be. The Moon was owned and controlled by Orion and the Queen of the Stars. The Moon changed ownership as time went by, of course, and is no longer in the hands of the Orion Empire, but of the Sirian Alliance. So, the Patriarchal Regime took over the Moon, just like they took over Old Terra (Maldek) and Earth once upon a time.

There is a totally different ‘software program’ being run from the Moon today than it was when the Aryans were in charge, and how humans react on things has a lot to do with the distance between the Moon and Earth. Now, the menstrual cycle happens approximately once a month. This will change, however, and females will only be fertile once a year. This information was given to us already in 1994 by the Pleiadians, based upon their ability to read the planetary energies and the Zodiac at that time, but they are still insisting that this will be the case[10].

The way I see it is that the Sirians, who are in charge of the Moon in the present, will be the ones who will move the Moon into a new position so the female body will be automatically programmed differently. This may very well be the solution to the overpopulation problem they have had with us humans for quite some time. We have heard horror stories that they want to reduce the world population to 500 million people, which is a drastic reduction. I would think that after the natural and manmade earth changes have done their part, and wars and diseases have done another part, moving the Moon will actually take care of the problem. Much more people will exit the planet than will be born, and things will reduce heavily and eventually level out. Whether it’s going to level out at around 500 million people or not is hard to say (especially for me, who’s not a mathematician), but there’s going to be much less people on the planet. I would think the Sirians want a little more than 500 million on the planet, in order to establish their Machine Kingdom and create enough Super Soldiers to attack Orion, but it all remains to be seen. I can only speculate.

The Pleiadians say, from the same book source (‘The Earth…’) that we will start seeing a reduction in population due to the change of the Moon within 50 years (counted from 1994, when the book was written, 50 years in the future would then be around 2044). This means we are going to see women being less and less fertile. In the beginning the doctors’ offices are going to be overcrowded with women who can’t get pregnant, until the medical field will start seeing a trend (unless the Sirians have already taken over totally at that time, and things will develop differently). Sperm banks, however, will be a flourishing business — at least at first — but normally, mankind has adopted to new situations after a while, and will probably start accepting that our women are fertile only once a year. Besides, the male sperm is getting weaker and weaker as well, and cannot as easily produce offspring as they could before. We’ve seen more miscarriages the last few decades, and we need to remember that the males, as well as the females, are affected by the cycles of the Moon. So perhaps we men will follow the same trend as women supposedly will? Either way, if the Sirians are in charge, and they want women to be fertile once a year, that’s how it will be.

5. The New Cosmic Mind

We’re now coming towards the end of ‘The Second Level of Learning’ and it’s time both to summarize our responsibilities and possibilities as human beings, and perhaps add a few things a well.

If we don’t have a multidimensional perspective on the situation we’re in, it would look pretty depressing and there wouldn’t be any obvious solutions. Fortunately, we have possibilities to see things from a much higher perspective than that of the 3rd Dimension; perhaps even a higher perspective than our ‘prison guards’ as well. Anyone who is stuck in an idea, and act out of that idea only, is very limited in their perspective and their view of the Universe. The Sirian Alliance are in that very narrow position, and therefore they can’t see what’s outside their limited world view. Anger, hate, and revenge are emotions and thought patterns that are not going to bring them to higher consciousness. And as long as we humans go along for the ride, we are going down with them.

There are probably a lot of people who wouldn’t read a paper like this if their life depended on it (which it does). They basically don’t want to know; it’s too much responsibility. They don’t care if the information includes the well fare of their children either; they just ‘hope for the best’.

I know of people who have been asked, “Do you want to know what really happened at 9/11?” and they answer, “No, I don’t want to know. Maybe my children want to know in the future, but I really don’t want to know.”

Our responsibility is not to try and talk these people into accepting the truth. It’s out on the Internet, and in books, for everyone to see. If there is a desire to know why people are literally treated like slaves, and why some races are treated worse than others, the information is there. It’s not for us to judge; everybody has the right to choose their own paths, even if it is to move forwards with their blinders on.

There were many souls who wanted to come here only for the nano-second for several reasons. Some wanted to have fun, others saw an opportunity to learn something in 25 years what it may take a million years to learn otherwise. There were a lot more than 7 billion souls who wanted a body here, but Earth was full. Instead, these souls who didn’t get a body are impatiently waiting for us down here to evolve so we can teach them something, and perhaps give them access to the Living Library.

I am writing for those who are waking up. The ones who refuse we must leave to their own destiny, in spite of the fact that we know they can’t look forward to a good future. They may think now that it’s the easy way out, when in fact they are choosing the path with the toughest and hardest lessons — a path from which there may not be a return. They will be left in the hands of the Sirians. It’s hard when we see our own children and friends choose what is obviously destructive, in spite of our efforts to teach them. Still, the journey is theirs. In their reality, the love of the machine is greater than the love of a fellow human. This is what the splitting of worlds is about. It’s about to gain and let go. Both will happen to some degree to us all.

5.1 Gods in the Making — Humans as Creator Gods

We should have become Creator Gods, or Founders, a long time ago, if it wasn’t for the trap we’ve been sitting in. Being too long in 3D has halted our progress rather than sped it up, except for the last 25+ years. We humans are the essential part of the Living Library.

We have talked about Library Cards and becoming the Guardians of the Living Library. This is actually what ETs from other places in the Universe, monitoring Earth, are waiting for. They need access to the Living Library, and they need for us to break the code! Once we’ve broken the code, our full DNA and our full brain capacity supposedly will be developed. Allegedly, this is absolutely necessary for other star beings to take advantage of the Library the way it was supposed to be. So the New Cosmic Mind includes us having access to all 12 chakras (which used to be called ’12 Strand DNA’) — 7 chakras in the body and 5 outside of the body; the latter are what I call the ‘Cosmic Chakras’. To become truly multidimensional, that’s what we need activated. We also desperately need to get away from the influence of the Sirian Alliance and their mind control techniques and manipulation.

Before humans can become Guardians again, they apparently need to be open enough to meet the energies of those who are seeking information here. If they are not, how can humans accommodate them? Mankind need to be able to match the frequency of the ETs, or there will be no access for the star beings.

We discussed earlier the fact that there are devices placed in secret places on our planet, measuring the overall level of consciousness. When certain levels are obtained, portals leading to information bases directly interconnected with the Living Library, will be activated. The WingMakers called them Tributary Zones and they are storage places of encoded data set up on the seven continents here on Earth. According to the WingMakers, two Tributary Zones have been found so far. The first one was in New Mexico, the other one is in an unknown location. However, these zones here on Earth are just ‘activator sites’, and the real zones are located near the Galactic Center. The WingMakers claim that we need to find all the seven of them for the encoded data to makes sense. There is also some mentioning that these sites are not going to be found by those who search; the sites will find us when the time is right.

These Tributary Zones (TZ) correspond directly with our DNA, and art, music, and the poetry are supposed to help activate us in conjunction with everything else, like the Sun and the alignment with the Galactic Center. These TZ were supposedly put there by the Original Planners, whom the Pleiadians call the ‘Game Masters’, i.e. the Creator Gods from the Orion Empire, and the Mother Goddess herself.

With two sites out of seven being activated tell us an approximation of where we are in the process. There are five more sites to go before we have full access to the Library. I am expecting to see more sites being found when the ‘splitting of the worlds’ is taking place and people make decisions to leave the suppressive monster we call society and build their own communities within the smaller cities and villages. These people are going to be the real Guardians and the Library Cards. This is why there must be a splitting of worlds, or the whole idea with recreating the Library would not be possible. 

6. A New Earth for the New Mind

A time will come when you who are reading this may think, “Look, the world is so much more peaceful now than it was ten years ago!” All of a sudden you notice that neighborhood dramas have stopped and become memories of the past. The Media is still broadcasting their doom and gloom, but it’s like people are not paying attention so much attention to that anymore. And you say to yourself, “Wow! The world has really changed! It’s a much better place to live in now!”

When this happens, much has been gained, and kudos to you, because you are basically the one who created this better place to live in. It’s not that you went along with your business as usual and the world around you started to change. Ultimately, it is you who are changing! If you live in a world that is threatening to you and your family today, and tomorrow you live in a world which is much less so, then you created that change inside, and your mind adopted to a possibility which vibrates on your heightened frequency. These frequencies already exist, and today they exist as probabilities for you. Once we change our vibrations so that the threats to our survival and well-being are no longer a real issue, then we have adapted to a New World with much better probabilities.

This is the beauty of the Multiverse — it is fluid and ever changing! Actually, it’s the whole purpose with the Goddess experiencing herself; if the Multiverse wasn’t fluid, many things could not be experienced. You are contributing to the Goddess’ learning process every day of your life, and so does everybody else in existence in this Universe. And it works, even if the individual doesn’t grasp the mechanics around it (although it’s easier when they do).

The example above is not science fiction. It will happen to many of us in the very near future. We will walk around doing our things, and all of a sudden we will stop what we’re doing and look around in awe, thinking, “My goodness! The world is really different, isn’t it?” And you will get epiphany after epiphany, realizing that you are happy; your life is sorted out, the turmoil that may or may not have been in your life before is gone (the ‘healing along the lines of time’); you have more time to reflect and discuss your insights with your spouse, friends, relatives, or whomever it may be. You may also notice that your friends are all (or for the most part) on the same ‘wavelength’ as you are, and when you meet you are having a real good time, not discussing weather and wind and trivial things, but subject which lead to quite some insights.

And what about the Global Elite? What about the Sirians? Well, the newspapers may still indicate that they are there, but you get the feeling that they are more in the ‘background’ of things, and they are no longer so much of your concern. It basically feels like they are part of another universe (which would be true). You realize that if you just keep your frequency on the level you are on in this possible future, and raise it even more, happiness will remain and increase in your life, and the shadows of darkness that was overpowering the world before start fading away, slowly but surely. It’s like when you quit an old habit, e.g. smoking cigarettes. In the beginning you miss the feeling of having one in your hand, your lungs feel like they are caving in on themselves, and your body is screaming for a smoke. However, with time it gets easier, and after a while you still feel the cravings, but they are not overpowering. A few years down the line, a few seconds of cravings which remind you of your old habits will hit you, but you easily shake them off and they disappear.

It will be the same thing with the negative forces in people’s lives. They are here because we allow them to be here, and we even welcome them. Our first step will be to not agree with their rules and regulations. This is really the hardest part, because we have their mind control so deeply rooted within ourselves. Things we are not thinking about the slightest as being such are only suppressive ideas that we would do a hundred times better without. Realizing this and take action in order to build our own lives the way we want them to be is the equivalence to stop smoking and get all the cravings. We may even go back and forth in the beginning; longing back to being slaves, because it seemed so easy in some ways. We didn’t have to think, we only had to work in the Sirian goldmines, letting the global corporations run over us and treat us less than ants. However, if we persist past this withdrawal period, and keep pushing forward our own will and our own agenda, the cravings will lessen and we’re going to notice that we are getting happier and happier, because we are more in charge of our own lives. We may read about some new laws and regulations that will suppress people even more, and we understand that we are no longer part of that, because we have reorganized our lives so we don’t have to adjust to their suppressive ideas.

Eventually, we will be not only self-sufficient in our own way — a way that works for us — but our local universe will seem to adjust to what we are working towards. In fact, we are tuning into vibrations and frequencies that match our new consciousness and awareness, and we think that we will never again go back and live the way we used to live; like worthless slaved in a worthless society. Now we are worth something; we have developed skills in areas of our lives where our passion is, and perhaps we didn’t even know a few years ago that we had any passions! That’s how suppressed they were! I would say that everybody has passions; even those who tell me straight out that they don’t. Just find them; they are there! We don’t even have to look for them, actually, but just start working towards a better life for ourselves and our dear ones, and the rest will come into place as it may. The Multiverse will adjust to us and vice versa!

It’s that simple. No one needs to go out in the streets with protest signs, or storm the government buildings. Indeed, that would defeat the purpose, because it will make the things we don’t want even stronger. We solidify the problem when we put our energy on it and it becomes bigger and bigger. The soulution is to educate ourselves (even if the subject is negative), and when we know how things work and what is causing the halt in our progress towards gaining higher consciousness, we don’t fight it, but let it go, knowing it’s there, but not anything we want to be part of anymore. Instead, we look in another direction and start creating something else; something that we want, not what the suppressive government wants for us. This is why Gandhi said that we need to be the change we want to see in the world! Because when we become what we want, we are literally changing our world, and we will merge with others who did the same.

So, it all comes down on the individual. This is why I can’t judge someone who doesn’t think like me, just as little as you can’t judge someone who is not like you. We all have the right to be whoever and whatever we want; and if we choose the dark path where we harm each other and play the ‘I’m-better-than-you’ game, we also have to take the consequences, and they are harsh. They will eventually lead to the person’s own demise — even on a soul level, as I have mentioned earlier.

Instead, go out in nature and look at all the beauty. It is when you realize that there is life in all things and you can really feel it, and not because someone says it is that way, then you can start communicate with everything in your environment and get communication back which you can easily perceive. As a real example that there is life in everything, let’s take a look at the background I am using for this paper (for you who may read a pdf version, or maybe even a printed version, I will post the most significant part of the picture here below (fig. 3-4):

Figure 3-4. The Alive Universe. There is consciousness in everything! Even in the clouds.

A person who is not thinking about these things, or doesn’t believe in the conscious Universe, will only see clouds sweeping over a field. But for the conscious mind, take a deep look at this picture. The ancient people used to talk about the Storm Lords, the Wind Lords, the Mountain Lords etc., and they considered them being very much alive and conscious. In the picture above, can you see how the upper, grayish cloud consists of a giant head and a torso? The head that is seen in profile is obviously a male’s head — quite bird-like — with a long, crooked nose (or beak), and his mouth is open. His right arm is very ‘muscular’, and it’s almost like he is wearing some kind of armor. Underneath his right armpit is a bear (you can see the head in his grip and the bear’s body continuing behind him, with a small tail and all). The white part of the front cloud looks like a bird with feathers, and you can vaguely see a beak, as the bird is looking down, towards the ground. It seems like she (it’s female energies) is peddling herself forward with both arms. For the very perceptive, there are smaller figures hidden in the white section as well.

Figure 3-5. Just a lively imagination? The reader decides…

Am I just imagining these things? Well, it’s up to you to decide, because what is real for you is real for you, and what’s real for me is real for me. I would suggest that when a big storm is on its way and is getting closer, we can actually talk to it, telepathically, and ask it to please change its path, and that there would be less harm done if it changed its direction and took course elsewhere.

J.R.R. Tolkien was right to the point when he described the Ents, which for those who haven’t read his books or seen the movies are the Tree People. The trees are very much alive and conscious. In fact, they hold an incredible amount of memories. Not only are many trees very old, but they have a genetic memory just like us. And through the soil of the Earth they are all connected and share memories all over the planet. They are very much in communication with each other. I’ve almost always lived relatively close to nature, and I used to communicate with the trees with no problem. They don’t ‘talk’ like you and I; they share their pictures, and sometimes they can even reproduce the sounds of certain incidents that happened in their area a long time ago. I have personally experienced these things, and they were very real.

Mankind has so much to look forward to, and the struggle we may still be experiencing as we are healing our timelines may prevent us from realizing what is on the other side of these struggles. Sooner or later, the urge to connect with nature in a telepathic way and become a part of it again will become prominent, and mankind will eventually become ONE with it. As long as we are humans, nature is our home, and there is where we find happiness and spiritual strength. So, when times get rough and no solutions seems to be in sight, take a break and go out in nature and look around. Touch it, smell it, look at it, listen to it… talk to it. After a while, nature washes away the worries and the heavy loads, and life feels lighter again. Then, when you return to ‘reality’, the solutions may come to you quicker and easier.

6.1. New Communities

When people think of living in new communities, they probably think about leaving their homes, packing things in backpacks and move in with a community around a campfire somewhere, perhaps living a life without any technology whatsoever.

Although there will be people who are going to act in such extreme (which is perfectly fine), the community I am talking about may very well be the community you are already living in. You may say to yourself, “Why do I want to move? I like it here and I don’t want to move out in the woods!” If this is the case, and you feel that where you are right now is the place you would like to spend your time long after the nano-second is over, then you probably already are where you are supposed to be.

Once we’re in the right place (and it could be a small city, or a suburb somewhere), we will soon start to see a lot of people moving out of town and others moving in. There’s probably going to be a lot of changes in the next few years. The people who don’t meet the frequency will leave, and those from outside who feel that your little town is the perfect place for them, are probably meeting the frequencies of your town. Even if your environment at the moment is already quite nice, and the people are nice as well, there’s going to be more of that. It’s a big chance that your town will be your ‘community’. That’s where your base is going to be and your friends are going to live, and they will share your frequency. The ones who moved out will choose another ‘community’, vibrating higher or lower than the one you live in, depending on their own frequency.

This is more in line with what is going to happen. And those who prefer a machine society where everything is happening fast and technology and money is everything will move into the big cities, which will turn into huge metropolitans. The people in your community, where you all will share a similar frequency, will become very strong in their collective vibration, and even if the Global Elite want to move the businesses out of your town to make you all move into the metropolitans, your society is already strong enough to be self-sufficient. In the beginning, the PTB may want to threaten you into moving, saying they will take your home because they own the land your house is sitting on, but things will be different then. Now, in most neighborhoods, each person minds their own business, and if someone’s house or land is threatened to be confiscated by the government, the rest of the neighborhood may think it’s bad and it will be the big subject to discuss over the next few weeks, but in a future, high frequency neighborhood, everybody will support each other, feeling that we are all ONE, and what happens to one happens to everybody, so it will be very hard for the government to do anything too negative in such a strong community. This is one of the positive effects of the ‘splitting of the worlds’. Later, like-minded communities will be in touch with each other and do their own business with each other, using a much more ethical system than that based on interest-bearing money.

So, when will this all happen on a grand scale? First of all, after the nano-second is over and things are starting to slow down, all the chaos needs to be looked at and order has to come out of it. Things that have been stirred up need to be addressed and either thrown out or taken into account. We will still hear the barks from the Sirian wolves when they try to get everybody under the same umbrella, so the real splitting, leading to a calmer, less stressful society on behalf of the enlightened, may not happen until around 2028. This is a date I’ve heard from the Pleiadians. The WingMakers are less optimistic and mention 2065-2080, but the point is that it will take a while, although things will settle down in increments. This means that we may experience more peaceful and happy lives before that; those years rather indicate when things have finally settled down, and the different worlds start drifting apart more and more, until they eventually, in a not too distant future, will cease to coexist.

6.2. Loose Ends and Imperative Bits and Pieces

Before we start talking about the energy exercises that it’s really important that we all do, let’s wrap things up by addressing some bits and pieces that I still want to mention before we’re finished with ‘The Second Level of Learning’.

One thing I need to emphasize again, because I know it’s very difficult for many of us, has to do with forgiveness. I have talked about ‘The 6 Heart Virtues’ earlier, and the material can be downloaded from this site. It’s imperative that we start applying those to our lives, or we’re not going to be able to raise our frequencies and keep them stable. If we don’t forgive ourselves and others, we will become like rollercoasters; we’re going to go up and down on the emotional scale and in frequency as well. We don’t forgive our enemies because we all of a sudden agree with what they’re doing (in case they kill, rape, and commit adultery or whatever), but because we want to let go off their energies. Otherwise we’ll continue being affected by them even in the future, and we will not vibrate on the same high level as those people who managed to master forgiveness. Also, equally important to forgiving others is to forgive yourself for things you have done which you are not proud of. If it includes saying “I’m sorry” to someone, or to make amends, do so, but it doesn’t always include saying or doing something for another person. You can for example forgive yourself for have been part of the Sirian control system, and that doesn’t mean you should make amends to the Sirians, of course. If you feel you want to make amends to humanity for have been part of the suppressive system, the best way to do that is to leave this same system, raise your own vibration, and build, or become part of, a higher community. Your own thoughts and actions will inspire others. That’s the way to do it.

As human beings, we are here to graduate. Things are what they are, and we have lived through what we’ve lived through for all these eons of existence, under strong supervision of a very dark force. We can’t make this force change, so the best we can do is to forgive them and move on, and not judge them. You see, we don’t need to; they will judge themselves, and some of them are already breaking out of their own prison. Let’s think about it; which would be harder? For we humans to break out of the prison the Sirians have created for us, or for the Sirians to break out of their own suppressive system? I would instantly say the latter. Still, there are those who have; the Pleiadians being some of them, while random beings from their society are breaking out just by feeling our new increased human vibrations. There is no better way to help than to work on ourselves! How many times have I said that now? (I’m smiling as I’m asking this question, because I know it’s important to repeat it).

Whatever you do if you want to lead a happy life; don’t hold grudges! These papers are not only for an informational purpose; it has a much deeper purpose than that. They have discussed some very dark subjects, and they have probably stirred up a lot of emotions in the reader; both negative and positive. Many probably have felt a great deal of anger when they realize what mankind has had to suffer in the hands of the gods.

But the papers are also a test! Will the reader be able to feel love and forgiveness after have finished them? Will you still be able to feel non-judgmental towards those who are torturing us, realizing that their hell is even worse than the one they put us in? Can you still let go and not hold grudges against these people, who under some circumstances would eat you alive and rape kids and kill them?

Can you see the difference between forgiving, loving, understanding, being non-judgmental and holding no grudges against these beings because it will set you free, contrary to having all these negative feelings against them (perhaps even an urge to kill them), which will not only hold yourself back and make you miserable, but it will also make the negative Sirian energies stronger, and this tension will continue forever between mankind and the Sirian Alliance. If we leave them to their own judgment and instead raise our own frequencies in spite of the fear frequency that we are constantly bombarded with from them, we can also create splits amongst the Sirians themselves.

The highest Goddess energy is LOVE. Love is in everything that’s ever created, and believe it or not — it’s in the Sirians as well! They, too, can tune into the Love Vibration if they wish to and are brave enough to break out of the mind control they themselves are living under. As you can see, there are layers upon layers of existence, and we don’t understand them all. But if we really understand what we’ve discussed here, we know enough to break out of the prison and perhaps take a few Sirians with us. After all, we are all Mother Goddess’ creation!

On the frequency of pure love, fear can not exist. Does somebody who is vibrating out of pure love hold grudges, and are they judgmental to their fellow being? No, we all understand that they won’t. With that in mind, would what we discussed here above be wrong? Would it be an error to let all our negative feelings towards the oppressors go out the window? It would be great if everybody who reads this thinks about it long and hard and then start acting on the result of their contemplation. Those who work with the love energies will go along with what I suggest, and those who are not yet there will choose another path. Either way is accepted in a Free Will Universe; we operate on the level we’re at. That’s how it works.

7. Energy Exercises

I watched a video the other day, posted on the LPG-C facebook by Michael Lee Hill. It is on YouTube and is called, ‘Can Group Meditation Bring World Peace? Quantum Physicist, John Hagelin Explains’[11].

Multimedia 3-1. John Hagelin (PhD) explains how energy works can assist the world population

This is a short, very interesting video. Dr. Hagelin explains how a group of let’s say a thousand individuals who meditate on world peace can actually make soldiers at war stop fighting, although these soldiers didn’t know anything about the experiment. To make sure it was not a coincident, the experiment has been repeated and repeated and showed the same results! This means that the few can affect the outcome of battles and war situations (of course, the same thing can be used by the Global Elite to solidify the outcome of events they have orchestrated, as well. They usually accomplish this with dark rituals, which we call ‘Black Magick’. Their magick only works, however, if the people they want to affect are ignorant of what they’re doing).

What this video clearly shows, and which is the most important part, is that it can be proven that on a subquantum level, humanity as a soul group are all ONE, and we affect each other with our thoughts and decisions. Therefore, meditation and breathing exercises (where we get in contact with the subquantum, which is the Goddess energies) are extremely important when we want to raise our own frequency and that of our environment, and the whole planet! The good thing is that it won’t take long. All we really need to do is to spend 10-15 minutes a day, in average; time well invested!

Those who feel that prayers work well for them, it’s another great way to create a wishful outcome. As long as the prayers are clean, to the point, and do not include purely selfish wishes, they are heard and acted upon. Just like group mediations, group prayers fill the same function and can create the same amazing effects. What method to use is really up to each and everyone; whatever works best for the individual is good enough.

Doing Breathing Exercises, Mediation Exercises, Prayers, Yoga, or any other form of raining consciousness on a personal basis can be extremely powerful, but you can’t beat doing it in a group setting! Often, the person does not belong to a group big enough to accomplish the goals (or at least, that’s how they feel). Fortunately, there are big groups on the Internet who do these things on certain times of the day or week, and anyone is free to join. However, I have a few words of caution! When a lot of energy is released from such joined efforts, the Sirians are very eager to eat that energy up. You may feel very empowered and energized during the session, only to crash shortly afterwards. If this happens, the energy has been stolen by non-physicals. Hence, it’s imperative that clear goals are set before the session and that a bubble of protection is created by everybody to safeguard the energy.

For the individual who doesn’t have that much time at their convenience, I highly recommend the ‘Quantum Pause’. It is highly effective and will always be, today and hundreds of years into the future.

8. The Omega

In these papers we have mainly concentrated on the Orion Empire and the Sirian Alliance, when in fact there is a multitude of star beings and star races out there in the Galaxy and beyond. And more profoundly, even here around Earth and on the planet, in the planet, and in its atmosphere as well. People are seeing UFOs in the skies which seem to be drawn in and out of our reality, and we see orbs and odd shapes no one can explain. Therefore, the easiest explanation is that they are spaceships from other dimensions, visiting us for one reason or another.

There are a lot of things we see in the sky that could have a lot of different origins. One thing we haven’t discussed in these papers so far in that regard is that many of these odd shapes and forms we confuse with UFOs are ‘atmosphere dwellers’, i.e. just like our home is on the ground, their home is in the atmosphere. But where do they come from? I would say that the RA Material perhaps has the best answer to this question. They say that when Maldek was destroyed (Maldek is another name for ‘Old Terra’, of ‘Tiamat’; names I used in my papers), millions of souls got stuck in the aether. The destruction which was caused by the war between the Aryans and the Sirians, and which split old Earth in half, shocked the affected souls so badly that they couldn’t move on from there. Eventually, the ‘Council of Saturn’ (which I interpret as the ‘Sirian Council’) had to intervene and help these souls back on track (many of them were their own people). They ended up landing in spiritual form in our atmosphere here on Earth, millions of years after the catastrophe, and this is now their home. They are still discarnate, but are now and then playing tricks on us, showing themselves off to make us curious, and perhaps they have other reasons as well. So far, none of them has showed any hostility towards mankind or any other living creatures on Earth. It is my understanding that they are separate from the Sirian Alliance these days and have their own civilization.

The reason that I call this section ‘The Omega’ is not because it’s the end of humanity or the end of the Universe. It’s just the end of a major cycle, and the end of an old species and the birth of a new, upgraded one. So, this is not the end, it’s the beginning! And it’s not any beginning; it’s a breakthrough, because mankind is breaking the time loop and the stars are waiting! The Universe is still young and has a lot to experience before she meets her goal and goes back to become pure Goddess energy, and a new universe will emerge from the old; at that time with new goals and new opportunities to learn from.

But mankind has a bigger role in the development of this particular Universe than they think! Mankind can help the Universe tremendously to reach her goal by being who they are, or on the flipside, they can also bring the Universe down together with those who are keeping them in chains, if they are not careful. If the Universe fails, so does all beings who dwell in it, and all energy will be depleted. It is my wish that mankind as a whole, sooner or later, break loose from their imprisonment, and can inspire the Sirians to do the same. Only then can this Universe succeed! The fact that some Sirians have, and are breaking out, is after all a good sign, even if they are not that many yet. It’s the fact that they can that is important, and that creates some hope after all.

And now, having all this said, I have done my absolute best to educate both myself and others about the situation we are in, and what led up to it. I did so by going back in time, close to the beginning of the Universe, and all the way up to the present, and even into the future, because it’s my conviction that to understand the present we must understand our past, or we won’t know where we’re going. So these papers, ‘The First Level of Learning’ and ‘The Second Level of Learning’, have presented my view on the reality we live in, and beyond. I need to emphasize once again, that this is my view, backed up by references which partly made me come to these conclusions. The rest has either been provided by anonymous sources, or been ‘data-streamed’ by myself by placing myself in an environment as free from interruptions as possible, and tuned into higher vibrations, where a higher aspect of myself has provided me with data and information I have been able to make sense of. All this in conjunction has formed the context in these papers and made it possible for me to sort out the data and made it coherent (hopefully).

However, I urge the reader to make up your own mind and don’t take everything I have been saying face value before first have investigated it further, or ‘listened to your heart’ and your belly to tell you if it rings true or not. If my material still passes the test after that, please feel free to take it to heart. If it doesn’t, discard what you feel is not fitting into your view or reality and beyond, and keep what you think will be helpful.

The Omega is not the end, but the beginning of something new. Or, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Ponder long and hard over your decision (and I am talking to all mankind now). Before you decide to join this or that, or become sovereign and be your own master, think ahead; think about the consequences, not in this lifetime or the next, but millions and billions of years ahead as well. Your decision — the decision of one single being — may, in the scheme of things, be more important than you think!

I’ll see you again in ‘The Third Level of Learning’. It has been a true pleasure, and I love you all!

(P.S. Don’t forget to read the important ‘Appendices’ . See Site Map)

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