Second Level of Learning, Paper 21: Life After the Nano-Second, Part 2 — The Dawn of a New Species: A Humanity Without Chains

by Wes Penre, Sunday, October 28, 2012
Revised: Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012 @ 12:35pm

1. The Gods and the Love Vibrations

“Now is not the time to say ‘it’s impossible’. Now is the time to ask, ‘what impossibilities can we make possible?'” – Wes Penre, Oct. 22, 2012.

Love is the highest expression in the Universe; nothing can beat that. And we’re not talking about love between a man and a woman, or love between friends etc, although that’s a part of it. The love we’re talking about is universal, because the KHAA is pure LOVE, whether it’s hijacked or not. Love means that we feel the connection to everything; everything is us and we are everything. It’s the ultimate feeling of being ONE with the Goddess energy, the Divine Feminine.

When we feel this love vibration, we get a hint of what ultimate bliss is. We are becoming ONE with the Goddess. In the future, when we are fully developed as spiritual beings and are able to feel this all the time, we will merge with the KHAA and go back to becoming ONE with it. But before that happens, there are gradient scales. As we evolve spiritually, we are getting closer and closer to that state of beingness, but we are not ready for it yet, because we have so much left to experience and create. However, if we have felt just a little bit of that state of beingness and have understood what it really is, there is much less hate, holding grudges, and blame inside of us, because we understand that all these negative feelings are just coming back on ourselves. When we think about it, the only ones we are holding grudges against is ourselves, because ultimately, I am you and you are me. We are made as individuals to have experiences, and therefore we are ‘separated’. In essence, we were all made from the same ‘clay’, physically and spiritually.

This is why it’s so ironic when the gods are making all these efforts to take over the KHAA in order to control it. What they don’t understand is that no technology, regardless of how advanced, and no knowledge (light) in the Universe, can make them take over the KHAA, because it’s not knowledge that will take them there in the first place — it is LOVE. If they don’t possess the ‘love vibrations’, they will not be able to dwell there. But they won’t believe that even if they read this.

What the Sirians don’t seem to understand is that light is less than love. They think they can overwhelm the Goddess Universe with help from technology, but in the end they will only destroy themselves. Yes, it is true that in the meantime they may be able to pollute the KHAA, but they cannot take it over; not even if they would possess the love vibrations, because they wouldn’t feel the need whatsoever to take over anything, and even if they hypothetically did, it would be impossible. They can only blend in, not control, because the Goddess Universe is not about control. So, their whole mission was doomed already before it started, and the Sirians can’t succeed, only deplete themselves from energy in the long run. The problem is, however, that they, in their naivety, are creating a lot of negativity. 

We need to think in terms that there are plans within plans. What seems to be happening on one level is only one way of looking at it. A good example is the fact that we are 7 billion people on Earth. From the Warlords’ perspective it’s a good thing, because they know that the more humans on the planet, the more fear and chaos they can feed off, and the richer and more powerful they will be. Also, they have more Super Soldiers in the future they can use as foot soldiers in the War of the Genders, in which they will attempt to take over the KHAA.

Then, there is another, higher plan, which is that we need 7 billion souls on this planet during the nano-second to raise the vibration of Earth and the human soul group in order to activate the DNA, so we can regain our position as Guardians of the Living Library. Without the numbers, we wouldn’t be able to do it. So we notice that, seen from two different perspective, the same event can have two different desired outcome. I am taking this as a good example, so we all can keep in mind that whatever happens, there is more than one plan behind it. And when I think about it, I want to take another example, which is the infamous ‘Hidden Hand’, whom we have talked about a few times earlier in my papers.

The same plans within plans are at work here. Hidden Hand and his people are trying to manipulate us into believing that by the Global Elite and the non-physicals behind them are doing all this evil to teach us a lesson. They are ‘sacrificing’ themselves for us, something I’ve described in details elsewhere. But bottom line is that Hidden Hand says they are our ‘catalysts’, and the more asleep we are, the more evil they need to do to wake us up so we can start working on raising our consciousness. Of course, from Hidden Hand’s limited awareness (believe it or not), he thinks he’s pulling our legs and protects himself and his kind. He wants us to feel empathy for them, and not condemn or attack them (they are basically afraid of us, because after all, we have outnumbered them, just like Utu told me. With that he doesn’t mean there are more humans than there are Sirians in the Universe, but there are more humans on Earth than there are Sirians able to control us here at ‘Ground Zero’, which is Earth). Hidden Hand (most possibly a Sirian) told us all this so he can continue bringing evil to the world and more easily control those who are waking up.

In reality, on a higher level of existence, Hidden Hand is basically correct. Let’s look at it this way: the Sirians are not the highest beings in the Multiverse — far from it! There is very much they do not know (although they think they know everything). There are beings in the KHAA who actually are using the Sirians for that exact purpose — to wake mankind up! But do these Higher Beings endorse violence, death, torture, child molesting, then? Not the least! But the fact remains that the Sirians are here by their own free will, and it’s a universe of Free Will, so not much can be done about that fact, except waking those up who are put into slumber by the evil-doers. So, without realizing the whole concept of what they’re doing, the Sirians are actually, under existing circumstances, helping mankind to wake up. What the Sirians are doing is a double-edged sword of sorts, seen from their point of view. They gain control over us by feeding off the fear they are creating, but as things go out of hand, it wakes us up to the fact of what they are doing. So, the Sirians’ own System is also being used against them and may eventually bring them down. It is quite remarkable how energies work themselves out in favor of love and compassion. And there are indeed Helpers, who are assisting mankind in the awakening process by using the Sirians as motivators and catalysts. So again, there is more to the picture than immediately meets the eye.

However, it’s not our task to convince the gods that what they are doing is not to their own favor; they will eventually fail, and those humans who choose to stay asleep will perish together with the Overlords, unless both they and the sleeping humans change their ways. We need to leave the gods, either to their own demise, or to their own awakening some time in the far future. They have a very long way to go, if they will ever make it, but we don’t, unless we continue walking their path. And look where it’s taken us! Our destiny is so much brighter than that, and we’re overdue in accomplishing what we’re here for. The nano-second has been the splitting of worlds (and the nano is not totally over yet when I write this), and now it’s time to say goodbye to the Sirians and leave them to their destiny, until they, too, have honestly decided to give up their doomed mission and start longing for the love vibrations. In the future, perhaps we can be their teachers. 

2. But Wait…Are We Really Evolving?

I have been telling the reader in quite a few papers now that humankind is waking up in masses. But all we can see and notice first hand, normally, is our immediate environment, and how people behave there. Some of us may be traveling to another city or another country and that way they can compare and get a wider perspective. Also, on the Internet people from all nationalities have a chance to meet and connect.

We can do all that and still don’t know in what capacity people are awakening. So what do we do if we really want to know? The best way is to ‘feel’. Let your antenna out and feel the environment; space out and feel how it is in other cities, or on the countryside. Check out foreign countries… What do you feel?

And after all, what is evolvement? The word ‘evolvement’ doesn’t really exist as a noun, but it exists as a verb, as ‘evolve’. The term ‘evolvement’ is often used in metaphysics and in the New Age movement, but describes pretty well what we want to use it for. says about ‘evolve’:

verb (used with object)1. to develop gradually: to evolve a scheme. 
2. to give off or emit, as odors or vapors.


verb (used without object)3. to come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution: The whole idea evolved from a casual remark. 
4. Biology . to develop by a process of evolution  to a different adaptive state or condition: 
The human species evolved from an ancestor that wasprobably arboreal.  

Definition #1 is probably what comes closest to what we have in mind. Although, during the nano-second we are (or were, perhaps, when you read this) said to ‘evolve’ much more rapidly; 10,000 times the normal speed. What usually takes thousands of years or more has taken 25 years during the nano-second. This is how fast things have changed. Have you noticed? I have — without a doubt!

However, there are those who say that we are not evolving, and that we actually don’t need to evolve. Someone told me we already are evolved but set back because of the Sirian trap we are sitting in. Once we let go from that, we are automatically ‘evolved’. This may be, in one sense, but it would be like letting mankind out in the ether without any education; without knowledge. Like throwing someone who can’t swim into a deep lake. They wouldn’t feel much ‘evolved’.

This is why it’s so important to take advantage of the nano-second. The gamma rays from the major electrical objects (yes, electrical) are hitting us with gamma rays (and all other rays of light on the spectrum) in ultra-speed as I’m writing this, upgrading our DNA so we can once again enjoy being multidimensional beings, just like our ancestors were, long before the dawn of mankind. These electrical devices are of course our own sun, but also Alcyone, and the Galactic Center; these are the major outside influences on our DNA. If we feel we have been like sponges during most of this last 25 years period, willing to learn, and reading and gaining wherever we can, and at the same time been getting epiphanies, we are certainly on the right track.

Most souls who were born here shortly before, or during the nano-second, did so because they wanted to partake in the enormous quantity of energy, centralized in one specific place. This is where the party was; it was here spirits could have a blast and learn something. They could choose whether they wanted to be serious and really learn stuff that they can bring with them as wisdom for eternity, or they could, like playboys and playgirls, just come here to have fun, and then just exit (die) and continue somewhere else (or unbeknown to them, get recycled). My point, however, is that we are on our own soul journey, so don’t worry about those who don’t make that much progress and those you feel missed the boat; people you love who spent it with machines and yelling during football games. Some of them come here for the Machine World, and this is their purpose; others are just not as aware yet and have a long way to go. Please let them do their thing as long as they don’t obviously harm themselves or others, because they are experiencing exactly what they need to experience. Although it’s hard, don’t interfere with their progress (because it is progress after all, even if you don’t see it). If you present a more ‘constructive’ path for them and they don’t respond, whatever you do, don’t try to force your own convictions on them; it will only halt their progress, regardless of how much you want to accomplish the opposite.

However, on a positive note, there is actual evidence that we really are waking up as a species, and we’re waking up fast. The person who is giving us proof is David Icke[2]. In his latest book, ‘Remember Who You Are — Remember “where” you are and where you “come” from. REMEMBER'”, he says:

“There are an estimated 250 million websites and, in 2011, entered the top 5,000 most visited in the United States and the top 6,500 in the world.”[3]

If we really think about it, it is a high percentage of the world population who is checking out such websites. It is very encouraging, and it means that the vibration of this planet is speeding up exponentially. The Sirian Alliance knows they can’t stop it, and they can’t prevent us from breaking the time loop, so they are desperately thinking of ways to keep their control over us after 2012 has passed and gone. They will only partly succeed, and many, many souls will see through their System (even that of the BLA), and many will return here the next lifetime without amnesia implants. They will come back here as ‘whole’, with their timelines healed, cleaned up, and ready to create the New World, outside the Sirian System. Earth will eventually once again become the Living Library it was meant to be, and a more harmonious time — a new Golden Age — will come to life. The new Phoenix will indeed arise from the ashes of the old!

If we look at the nano-second from the Sirian perspective, and that of the Global Elite, their view on it is slightly different, but it’s not like they necessarily don’t want the nano to happen. People are constantly asking me, understandably so, why the Global Elite, if they are so powerful, don’t stop me from writing this, or why don’t they stop everybody who wants to get the truth out? And why did the Global Elite, with Freemasonry, the Rosicrucian Order and the Illuminati working in the background, start the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700s, when they in fact knew that this would lead to a huge increase in the world population, and people would have a more decent living standard? The Pleiadians say that the Industrial Revolution was planned so that the planet could house 7+ billion people during the nano-second. They were looking and planning for the future.

So why did the Global Elite want the nano to happen? Well, not only do they want divine templates and Fires on the planet in abundance so they can feed off of us, but they also want us to evolve so they can harvest those who are ‘ripe’. This is why they are not working against the nano-second, but rather for it! This is why there are so many entities channeling information about ascension and the Harvest now; it’s all a deception, and a dangerous one, like we’ve discussed earlier. The only problem the Sirian dominated Global Elite have is to still keep humanity in the dark when comes to crucial things, like the real purpose of the Sirian Alliance, and other important things related to that. This is what they put their most efforts into. As I am writing this, there have been one major school shooting in Connecticut, and one shooting in a mall in Portland, Oregon — in the same week! Mind controlled slaves (Manchurian candidates) at play! This, of course, increases the fear in people, but it also keeps humanity distracted and depressed, feeling hopeless about their situation, which helps the Sirians stabilizing the order. By the same token, shootings like these also work as distractions so that we don’t look in the other direction where the real stuff is happening. These are both very old manipulation tactics, and they work most of the time.

Humankind is a product of nature; that’s basically what the 3rd Dimension is. Mankind is a product of Mother Earth; so is the animal life, the plant life, and everything else in this material 3D existence. Yes, everything here on this planet, more or less, was seeded through panspermia[def] and became native to this planet. The gods were not seeded here; they came from elsewhere. This is very important to remember; they are not native to this planet! Humans, on the other hand, are native to Mother Earth — we are her children. The goal that was set for mankind was to stay here as Guardians of the Material World, and at the same time being able to reach out with our evolved consciousness and neurological system and travel the Universes. Therefore, I can’t stress enough how important it is that we connect with nature. I brought this up extensively in ‘Level I’, but it needs to be said again.

What does ‘connecting with nature’ mean? Does it mean taking long walks in the forest and look at the trees, the flowers, the birds, and other animals? To see what’s really there? Definitely. That is part of it. If it’s summertime, take off your shoes and walk barefoot in nature — feel the connection. Stand there and do a breathing exercise and feel how your breath is going through you and connects you with the macrocosm (the Universe above and the Earth beneath your feet) and the microcosm — the cellular, microscopic subquantum world within yourself.

The next step is to learn how to communicate with nature. Say hello to the Sun, who is recognizing you by your energy, and feel her say ‘hello’ back, and for a second or two shine a little brighter just for you. Then start learning how to communicate with the leaves, the bugs, the trees, the birds, the squirrels, the deer, the wind, the lakes, the running water… The more you practice, the more psychic you’ll become, and you will notice it. Nature will talk back to you; you will feel it. It will recognize you when you come — not by name, but again, by feeling your energy. We are all energy beings, whether we are humans, insects, or rocks, and we all carry some form of consciousness.

After a period of practice, you will be able to sit down somewhere in a private space, in nature, and communicate with whatever is around you. When your skills are getting even better than that, you can do it anytime, even when people around you are chattering about totally different things. Once you’ve learned these skills, it won’t go away. I was very good at this 15-20 years ago. Then there was a time when I was very busy doing other things; just things I went through because I wanted to, but they weren’t directly connected with nature. Years later, I could just sit down on the porch, look at the butterflies flying around in the flowerbed, and start communicating with them. I asked them to come closer and they did. I asked them to do a circle in front of me, so I could admire them, and they did. Nature likes to be admired and feel that it’s loved and paid attention to. It’s very rewarding for us, as human beings, to become close to our environment. If you live in a highly populated area (e.g. a big city), try to find a park or some area where trees and flowers grow, because there it will also be animal life. You can learn to be friends with everything that’s in there by visiting it as often as you can and connect with it. There is always a chance for all of us, regardless of where we dwell, to get access to some nature. You can overdose on drugs, you can overdose on electronics, but you can never overdose on nature. And still, once you’ve been out there a few times, you notice how the stress comes off of you, and how good you feel. And you realize how much more clarity you get than when you sit in a room before a computer or text on a cell phone.

Yes, humankind is evolving and has done so super-rapidly over the last 25 years or so. So fast, indeed, that we haven’t had the chance to even think about what it is we want as a soul group or as individuals. I have given a few options that we can choose from, but there are more, much more. After the nano-second is over (about two months after this paper is published), there is time for reflection. As the train is slowing down we get a chance to use our new knowledge, and wisdom, hopefully, to figure out our destiny. What do we really want? Do we want the Machine Kingdom? Do we want to become Guardians of the natural world? Do we simply want to leave this existence and go somewhere else? Or do we…?

I don’t know what the majority of this soul group will actually choose. I may be positively surprised. Perhaps the Machine Kingdom is not going to get any major enthusiasts because too many people have seen through it when push actually comes to shove? Maybe most people choose to step aside and just start all over, without the control and addiction to electronics? No one can say for sure; we can only see probabilities and possibilities. The reader’s own idea of his/her own dreams about the future may be totally different from anything I’ve mentioned in any of my papers. If so, go for it! Here is our chance to eventually fulfill our dreams and visions, because now we know which inner tools to use — the substitute for the Machine Kingdom, which is human free thought!

3. Investing In What We’ve Learnt

If we ask two people what they see when they look at an impressionistic painting by Claude Monet, we will almost always get two totally different answers. One person may say they just see a lot of colors without any specific shape and form, while another sees people, houses, and objects hidden within the colors. It’s a matter of consciousness in a sense; consciousness when comes to observing things in our environment. It’s the same thing when comes to star beings who are traveling the Universe and stops to look at Earth from space outside our planet. Some of them just see a blue orb, while others see so much more than that. It really boils down to levels of consciousness.

Figure 2-1. Impressionistic painting by Claude Monet. Some people see only colors, while others see objects and details that others don’t. The same person can look at it at different times and see new things in it. It has to do with consciousness and awareness. We are unequally aware on different days…(click on image to enlarge to see better what I mean)

After the nano-second is over, some may be quite disappointed, because they notice that what they invested in was not real; it was like cotton candy and had no substance to it. Many people will die and exit the planet when the rides are over and the fairground closes. There is a big chance there will be a mass death, perhaps thousands and thousands of people in one afternoon, in a bigger event than 9/11. There could be as much as millions of people exiting over a short period of time. This will of course be a shocking event for many, but if or when it happens, remember that the nano-second was a free ride for everybody; a time period where everything goes, really. Free Will at its extreme. Those who came here just to have a blast will be very surprised afterwards, when the same things they invested in a few years earlier doesn’t work anymore. They were only in here for this time period and had perhaps decided their own demise already before they were born. Therefore, even if it’s shocking to see all the upcoming suicides and ‘accidents’, they were planned on a higher level. If we see it as such, we have an easier time going through it, because some of these people may be our friends and relatives.

The first half of the nano-second was perhaps the ‘wildest’ in the sense that you could do pretty much as you wanted. Borrow money? Sure, people just went to the bank, and often they didn’t even need a cosigner or guarantee that they could pay the money back. People consumed like crazy and thought there was no end to it. Many found themselves in huge debt, but all they needed to do to ‘resolve’ it was to extend their credit. And many people didn’t think twice about it.

At the second half of the nano, people started to realize what they had done and had to take the consequences, until the financial meltdown happened in 2008, when there was a definite stop to everything. People found themselves without jobs and with no way of paying their mortgages or to sell their house, except for much less than they owed on it. Many had to move in with relatives or, in worst cases, they had no place to go. By the same token, time continued speeding up faster than ever, and the confusion spread in the society. Many committed suicide or went insane.

So we can see that even when it comes to the Experiment, there are experiments within experiments, and this particular Experiment, which the Pleiadians call the nano-second, is soon over. In a few years, the world population will decrease. It has increased rapidly over the last 250 years, but that will not sustain itself after the nano, and the Universe will have different ways of decreasing our world population down to a more normal level. It will, like we said, happen because of mass deaths, but also because men will notice that their sperm is not as good as it used to be, and less babies will be born. The fertility problem in both men and women has already started to be looked at as a major problem. Women go to sperm banks to have kids, and women who can’t give birth rely on surrogate mothers for their babies. And the more we go towards the Machine Kingdom, the less people will be able to reproduce, which is obvious, because machines don’t make children. I am talking about a time that is not too far into the future, when people will become half machines and half human. To some degree, until things are going haywire, there will still be reproduction, but it’s going to be much more controlled. The Sirians want to have enough Super Soldiers for their army, but not more than they can manage. In such a futuristic world, people will be more interested in virtual reality than in having sex anyway, and if they need it, they go and buy a machine sex partner who can do whatever they want them to do and afterwards the surrogate lover can be put in the closet until next time. Many people are going to demand that they can marry their machine partners. That way they don’t need to show any responsibility to a real person and don’t have to take a partners needs into account. So much more time can be spent on virtual reality. So much, in fact, that the future computers will take on the consciousness of their owners.

After the nano-second, no more space will be created to accommodate a lot of people, and future generations will think back on the nano as something very special that their ancestors went through, and some of them will possibly be jealous over that they didn’t have the chance to be there. So, in other words, it is a privilege to have been part of this time period.

The immediate aftermath (the next 10-15 years perhaps) can be tough for many, who invested in things that hold no value, and I’m not necessarily talking about gold and silver, but also about not investing in increased awareness and consciousness, and make the right choices. The societal structure will change, and social security, pensions, disability claims and such things will be much harder to get, and there may not even be money enough to pay out retirement for people (although the richest people in the world have never been richer than they are now). Social services in general will be severely cut back on, because no matter what people think, things will not go back to ‘normal’ again. The Old World can no longer sustain itself, and the New World (whether it’s the Machine Kingdom or living with nature) has not yet been established. We are right now living in a ‘between world’ of drastic changes, and it will take time before things stabilize themselves. The Pleiadians don’t see that happen until in the late 2020s; perhaps as late as 2028. This will trigger self-reliance, which is actually a good thing once we get used to it, because those who can be proactive may have the chance to break out of Sirian control to some greater extent during this time period, although it may be very tough at first.

The key is to slow down and self-reflect. Hopefully, many people have already been planning for hard times by reducing their debts or perhaps even have a manageable plan how to pay them off (this is very important). There may be more urgent things to think about in the next few years than how to pay the next mortgage and the payments on that expensive car, so we’d best have that out of the way. Money may not be worth much either soon, so don’t invest in having a lot of cash on the bank account. All we need to do is read up on the ‘Great Depression’ in the first half of the 20th Century and we know that it can happen again (and is planned to happen). People had wheelbarrows with money to go to the store and buy a loaf of bread. Money wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. So invest in valuable things if you can, that will have value even through a depression. Still, the most valuable thing we can invest in is ourselves. Get a skill that is needed. Don’t educate yourself to become a school teacher or something of the sort, but rather teach yourself how to maintain a garden, how to grow things you can eat, how to become a ‘handy man’, so you can barter your skills and get food and supplies in exchange, and similar practical things that are needed in catastrophic times.

Nothing happens by accident, and there are absolutely no coincidences. Those who have followed my writings know by now that this is my true conviction. If something happens, and especially in politics, business and banking, it as planned to happen! So was the financial meltdown, of course, and the next phase will soon be implemented. They are crashing the dollar to such an extent that it can’t recover, and that is exactly the plan. They need to implement a One World Currency as soon as possible in preparation for the gods taking over on a global scale, and for the invasion from the nano-world, which I feel is going to happen (and is actually already happening. They don’t want different countries anymore; they are too hard to control. They want a global society, with one King on oneThrone, who will run the world through his loyal administrators. This King will look like you and I, or any human, and few will suspect he is not from Earth. However, it seems to me that they are falling behind on their time schedule and they are now in the process of speeding everything up so the next financial low will come. In between (like when I am writing this) the market is temporarily up, and people get their hope up that there will be better times, but don’t hold your breath! Prepare for another meltdown that can turn into a real Depression. It’s a part of the plan, and I would be surprised if it didn’t happen. And better safe than sorry.

On the brighter side, perceptional energies are sending out codes right now. They are, as usual, in the language of light and can be decoded by the nervous system, the pineal gland and the cochlea (the little bone inside the inner ear). These are frequency signals, which our cells are programmed to respond to. We can’t hear them, but they are there. These codes are triggering inner signals in both humans and animals, and they are starting to happening now, big time. We can think of it as a long term plan, first instigated by the original Creator Gods. If you write a book, you’d better plan it, chapter by chapter, section by section, or the result will most possibly not be coherent. The same thing goes with the planning done by the Builders and the Founders. When they create life, they plan it from beginning to end. They live outside of time and can therefore see the future, present, and past simultaneously, and decide when something is going to happen with a species at a certain time, i.e. a certain code will be activated at a specific time, which will have a particular consequence in the species’ development. This is what we’re talking about here, and this is at the same time something the Sirians don’t understand the mechanics of. They only see the effects of what the Creator Gods, with so much greater knowledge and compassion, created. And alas! the Warlords are working hard to counteract the effects they are seeing!

One thing the Sirians are experts on, at least, is Magick and Numbers. They understand the significance of Numbers in the whole scheme of universes and how they function. If we are observant, we can see quite clearly how they use very special dates when they want big, manufactured events to occur. It is often closely related to the movement of the Zodiac. Listen to this: Twin Towers (9/11); Fukoshima (3/11/11); the great oil spill in the Gulf (happened on Hitler’s birthday, on 4/20/2010) and the ramp sank on the Earth Day (4/22/2010), which is quite ‘coincidental’, isn’t it? We destroy the Earth on the Earth Day. And Osama bin Laden was officially killed on 5/2/11 (5+2+2+1+1 = 11). The list goes on. These dates and numbers are very significant and are chosen to have a maximum effect. The number 11, in particular, is the great power number for the Global Elite. Still, it is of little consequence what they do; they still can’t stop the explosion of consciousness. The reader may have played the game where you hammer something down that pops up from a hole in the desk or counter, but as soon as you hammer one object down, another pops up somewhere else, and you start to frantically chase objects popping up everywhere. It doesn’t matter how fast you are, the objects pop up faster than you can hammer them down. Same thing with the rise of consciousness, which the Sirians have realized that by now and are therefore slightly changing their plans. Perhaps humans aren’t as stupid as we thought after all, they seem to think. For their plans to succeed, they have been very reliant upon our stupidity as a human race. People may think of dogs and cats as less intelligent than we are, and we treat them as such, but if we really start learning about them, they possess abilities humans can only dream of; dogs and cats are quite psychic and multi-d. We underestimate them, just like the Sirians underestimate us (although, some people still choose to remain in occlusion).

I believe, however, that most people today feel that there is a change needed. Not only on a societal level, but with themselves. The ‘old ways’ don’t work anymore, and as unpleasant as it may seem to be, there are things that need to go, and new things need to take their place, “for the times they are a-changing”, as a famous poet and songwriter once sang[4].

In a previous paper I mentioned that there is another Sirian consciousness, which seems to have evolved above that of our controllers. In a channeled session, this consciousness says:

“…A knowing that the farce that is playing is but a ‘limited engagement’, and that the true nature of the human spirit is rising”[5]  

They are very right about that!

4Microcosm and Macrocosm — the Nano-World versus the Material World

These papers have been quite hard to write. Not only because of the subject matters, but because I decided to release them one by one; as soon as a papers was finished, I released it. The problem with that has been that as I’ve went along, I’ve learnt more and more. It was not like I knew everything I have written so far already when I started writing; I have found new information and had new epiphanies as I moved on. This has had no negative bearing on any of the previous material, but some of what I wrote in the beginning has been refined as I’ve continued researching and writing. So is the case, in particular, when comes to the KHAA versus the 4%, and nano-travel versus the 3D world.

There is so much to say on that subject, and I have only touched the surface. I am sure I could spend a whole series of papers just talking about that, but I leave that for someone else to do. I am sure something of that sort will happen in the near future, anyway, as more and more people will realize that the nano-world is the ‘real world’. But I want to make a last effort to bring the subject up just one more notch, and then I’ll leave it with that. The whole thing needs some kind of ‘Conclusion section’ or ‘Summary’ anyway, because it may seem quite confusing for some.

Let’s start with taking a look at the following drawing (you can also click on it, and it should open either in a new window or a new tab, depending on which browser you are using. This is if you prefer to have the picture in a separate window/tab to ALT/TAB between this paper and the picture. You may think it’s easier to follow than to scroll up and down on this page while we’re discussing the picture).

Figure 2-2. The journey of a soul/Fire from the material experience with a physical body to its reunion with the Oversoul in the KHAA (right-click on image and choose “open image in new tab” to enlarge).

In the flow chart above, the whole thing is explained, hopefully in more visual terms. It can be hard to visualize the whole process otherwise. Of course, this is just a picture, and it has to be drawn this way to make sense for our earthly 5 senses. In reality, the KHAA is not some kind of ‘realm’ above our head; it’s inside of us and all around us. It’s the 96% of reality which, according to scientists, is composed of dark matter and dark energy (although I suggest it’s composed of soul energy and has its own entities, dimensions, and densities). Likewise, if we take a look at the physical body (number three [3] in the drawing) it says ’emotional body’, something I haven’t brought up that much, although it exists more as a composite of the physical body and the avatar. In reality, the Fires are attached directly to the avatar.

But let’s start from the beginning to explain the flow chart. As we can see, ‘reality’ consists of two major components; the KHAA (the 96%, the VOID, or the Goddess Universe, which is the blackness we see when we look up in the night sky, or the ‘space’ astronauts see when they leave the atmosphere, although they never really enter the KHAA; they are still floating around in the 4% Universe). The KHAA consists of Fires (or we may call them Oversouls from our perspective), and different dimensions and densities, just like in the 4% Universe. In fact, the 4% Universe and the 96% are the same thing, it’s just that the Sirians have manipulated us into perceiving only approximately 4% of the entire Universe; the rest seems dark to us, although in other dimensions, which we need more than 5 senses to experience, space is not dark, but filled with light from stars and galaxies.

The KHAA is the Goddess energy in her purest form, and within the KHAA (in its highest dimensions) dwell what we would call the Angelic Beings, in my papers called the ‘Builders’, and other being of high consciousness. The Oversouls depicted in the flow chart, located within the KHAA, represent our ‘main Fire’, which is the collective information and memories of experiences that the Fire in the physical realm has gathered. Lifetime after lifetime, we create our own Oversoul with our common experiences of all lifetimes on Earth. Most Fires/souls here on Earth started out their existence here and haven’t lived anywhere else in the Universe, but there are some who came here from elsewhere as teachers over the eons, and got trapped in the recycling system and are still here. Others came here a few lifetimes before the nano-second as teachers and entered the material world with the intention to help out during the nano. The reason they came a few lifetimes before the nano was because they needed the experience of being human in order to help out to their best abilities. There are millions of those ‘alien souls’ here on Earth right now.

Now, let’s go down the flow chart and look within the black sphere, which represents Earth. Let’s pretend the physical body you see there on Earth is the body you possess as you’re reading this. My picture is very simplistic, but complicated enough to fit the purpose. There are esoteric writings you can read if you want a more sophisticated and complicated description of the body/mind/soul connection, although it’s hard to find one that’s totally correct.

In the drawing, the body is made up of a  grayish/bluish field of light, which pretty much follows the structure of the physical body. This is what I call the ‘avatar’ or the ‘Light Body’. It’s made up of soul energy from the 4% Universe. Then, we have the Emotional Body, which is basically the composite of the physical body and the avatar. The blue, bold field surrounding the avatar is the composite of Fires that are attached to the avatar. The purple dots attached to the blue field are the individual Fires, who come together as one big Fire which make up the human mind/soul/body complex. In reality, they are individual Fires who are ‘glued’ into one great Fire, which is you. This is a complicated matter, because sometimes we hear ‘voices’ in our heads, which we have a distinct feeling is not our own, and most of the time we’re probably right. They can be the ‘voices’ of Fire fragments communicating in your ‘head’, or they can be ‘Hitch-Hikers’, ‘Unquiet Dead’, or even demons on rare occasions[6]. If you are a ‘chosen one’ and of the ‘right’ bloodline, it could even be an alien being from the Sirian Alliance, but that should not be the reader’s first suspicion, however.

Our chakras were more or less closed down, except the two lower ones, when the Sirians started manipulating us. The dormant DNA has to do with our connection with the outside Universe, which exists outside the Grid (and ultimately in the KHAA). Now, fortunately, there are holes in the Grid so we can take advantage of the ‘upgrade’ from the gamma rays. This is reconnecting us with the Universe again and our ‘junk DNA’ is getting reactivated as we speak — in all humans. The holes in the Grid are to some degree ‘natural’, in the sense that the Grid has deteriorated lately, and the Sirians haven’t been able to keep up with it. It mainly deteriorates because we humans are the ones who keep much of the Grid in place with our thoughts and our energies — and especially our belief systems — and now when we are evolving back to where we once were (as Namlú’u), the Grid can’t sustain itself. Also, we have had help from positive ETs, who have assisted us in destroying the Grid, according to the Pleiadians[7].

In fig. 2-2 we can see the Grid surrounding Earth. In the space between the Earth’s atmosphere and the Universe beyond is where the Astral Plane is located. This is where discarnate soul complexes go after the physical body in 3D has died. This is also where confused souls stay if they don’t want to go to the Tunnel and the Light, and can’t even find their way to it. However, most souls (composed of avatar, Emotional Body, and the composite of Fires, appearing in the flow chart under the common name, ‘Energetic Body’) go to the Tunnel and get sucked in towards the Light at the end of the Tunnel. Well inside, the deceased is met by dead relatives and friends, and what they experience is pretty much based to a large degree on their own belief systems. Not every discarnate Energetic Body goes to the same place in the Afterlife. To be more specific, they actually do, but may experience a slightly different reality from living in a different hologram, with all holograms instigated by the Sirians). So, depending on whom we ask, we are either shot down into a new human body right away, and we have no choice in the matter, or we go through the whole process of setting up new goals for the next lifetime and lastly, we are implanted with false memories and amnesia before we finally are shot down into a body of choice, correlated with whatever position the Zodiac is in when we are born. All this, so we have a better chance to reach our goals, due to the influence the Zodiac has on our personality. I personally think that the truth is somewhere in between being shot down immediately and being set up as thoroughly as Dr. Michael Newton suggests in his book, based on 7,000+ case studies. The problem with hypnosis and regression therapy (as in Dr. Newton’s case studies) is that the client can be manipulated from the astral while in session with the therapist, and also, false memories can be downloaded into the client in one big chunk before the Energetic Body is being shot down into the physical realms again (isn’t that how some ‘data streaming’ works, after all? Information arrives from someone outside 3D, delivering it into the human ‘brain’ in whole packages at once, such as in the case of A’shayana Deane and the ‘Guardian Alliance’). So 7,000+ case studies doesn’t really prove much, unfortunately. I am additionally suspicious because Dr. Newton says that the person’s ‘spirit guide’ is often there with them in the session, putting boundaries to what the client can say to the therapist, even when under deep regression therapy. However, if we are to trust the Pleiadians in this matter, they are more inclined to stick to Dr. Newton’s case studies than anything else, although they admit to that the BLA is controlled by the Sirians (Anunnaki, lizzies, or simply ‘the gods with a small “g”‘, as they call them). They don’t mention Dr. Newton, per se, but the way they explain life after death corresponds quite well with Dr. Newton’s studies, with a few exceptions.

So you, who are reading this, are the same person you have always been, lifetime after lifetime, from the day you were created by ENKI’s team. That’s when the avatar was created, and the Fires of the Divine Beings of the KHAA were glued together. All this became you. You got stuck in linear time, which is the agreed upon concept how time works on this planet, and because ENKI and the Sirians decided that a human body should only be able to reach a certain age and then die (or the ‘lulus’ would become too clever and able to figure it all out), you have died several times and lived again in a new body. Every time you get born, you are in the hands of circumstances, such as genetics of your parents, environment, and level of indoctrination. This is why your personality may change drastically from one lifetime to another. From being a ‘Mother Theresa’ figure in one lifetime, you may be the worst criminal in the next.

Now, time on Earth is just a consideration and a mass agreement; it’s not really how time works. All time is simultaneous, and therefore all lifetimes you’ve experienced, which all seem to be in the past, are happening now, in the present. This is why I’ve stressed that in the nano-second (1987-2012) we have had the chance to ‘heal along the lines of time’, i.e. heal all our previous (and future) incarnations. If we do so, and patiently and bravely meet the challenges we have in this lifetime, we are healing our past and future, because now, at the end of a cycle (the so-called End Time), all timelines merge, and the problems you had, let’s say 600 years ago, are popping up in front of you in this lifetime, causing you problems without your knowing why it pops up and where it comes from. Resolve them, and you resolve the main negative impact your previous incarnations have had, and will have, on you in the future.

If you manage to do this, you go into the future with a ‘clean slate’ and can start a life without the heavy baggage you’ve had to carry lifetime after lifetime because of inner conflicts and unresolved issues. This is why it’s important to confront the dark side of ourselves as well, because that’s where your freedom lies; release what’s there, and apply the ‘Six Heart Virtues’[8] to them, and they will dissolve, from have been accumulated ridges of energy in your current, and previous body/bodies. Your body will feel lighter and your mind so much clearer. You will become a happy human being, able to hold your frequency in spite of what is happening around you (most of the time, at least), because you have very little left which will trigger negative emotions in you.

Eventually, your previous lifetimes, one by one, will be resolved within the short breath of this current lifetime, which is an incredible opportunity and achievement, if completed, and you will become ‘whole’. This will even work with people who do not have this information, if they are prone to being problem solvers and are persistent in resolving the problems that show up in their lives. If we see them all as learning lessons, it’s easier to look at the dark sides of ourselves as well, without feeling shame or guilt, which both are very destructive feelings. And remember above everything else on this subject: never hold grudges, and forgive yourself and others. That will change you, even if it doesn’t necessarily change the persons you forgive. But that’s their problem, not yours. This is very important to keep in mind!

Once you’re a whole being again, so to speak, you will see a whole lot of opportunities open up rather than a whole lot of problems. You will more so become the master of your own reality and you will much easier be able to anchor your thoughts into your reality and make them come true. This can be tricky at first, because that means that when you think negative thoughts, those  may manifest as well. So again — no sloppy thoughts!

The next time our body dies, we will have an immediate choice, something I brought up earlier. We can either go into the Tunnel and be recycled again with full amnesia, or we can return to Earth by taking a new baby body, without first going to the Amnesia Station to help building the New Earth. Or lastly, we can (like the Energetic body in the top section of fig. 2-2) slip through a hole in the Grid and leave Earth once and for all, and find our luck somewhere else. We will have access to all those dimensions that we so far have only heard of but not really experienced, and use our avatar to manifest in realities you encounter on your Multiversal journey. The only ‘problem’ with doing this is that you miss out on having a physical, multidimensional body like that of a human divine being. You are still divine and can visit wherever you want, but there is a big chance you will miss the physical realm after a while. Or maybe you wont; it’s all individual. And of course, you can take a baby body on any planet you want and become a part of another soul group, or try your luck later here on Earth, although it’s going to be harder and harder to get a body here in the future when the population is less and there are many Fires in line, wanting a body here.

There are many universes, as explained in the second and third paper of ‘The Second Level of Learning’, and each being in any of these many universes contributes to letting the Goddess experiencing different life scenarios. Every thought you think and every move you make is helping the Goddess and yourself expand, and thus the Multiverse expands with you.

We have been trapped here for hundreds of thousands of years and been deprived of our birth right, which is to explore the Multiverse from a multidimensional human body, and now it’s time for us to reclaim who we are so we can enjoy what was created for us. This must be done peacefully and by expanding ourselves from the inside. We are very, very close to making it, but make sure you stay away from channeled so-called angelic beings, or higher dimensional beings who seduce you with a Harvest package. It would be so sad if we’ve come this far, and when we are just about to take our first baby steps into joining the Galactic Community, we would fall into another trap like that. I don’t wish that for anybody…

5. The Aryan/Sirian Peace Agreement Revisited

The mechanics which involve how the Sirian Overlords can keep the 4% Universes gridlocked is unknown to me; I just know they do. Sometime in the ancient past, they must have found a way (with technology, I presume) to control the energy in these universes. The fact that they have not been able to gridlock all 4% universes indicates that either the Goddess stopped them somewhere along the line, and they are no longer able to expand their Kingdom in that direction and are now instead aiming for the KHAA, or the Sirians haven’t had the chance yet. Perhaps it’s just a matter of time?

I understand that there is a piece in my research that is missing here, because something apparently happened from when the Sirians first ran into the Orion Empire until they landed on Earth. The missing time is apparently when they figured out how to steal the energy. After all, they were already technologically advanced; much more so than most other young races like them. Well, much more than most other races, period.

It always made me wonder why the Orion Queen was so concerned about this younger star race if her Empire was as solid as it’s said to be, and so much more technologically advanced than that of the Sirians.

One option could be that the Sirians, already when they ran into the Aryans, were about to take over this Universe and others, and perhaps they are not such a young race after all (which would make more sense). Perhaps the Queen was nervous that the Sirians, with their advanced weapon industry, would fight her off and force her to return to the KHAA, unable to keep her physical manifestation in this universe. Therefore, she felt she needed to show off as being more technologically advanced than she was (maybe she hadn’t had the reason to build a weapon industry as advanced as that of the Sirians, because she was no longer on offense. Her concern was to defend her Empire. So now she noticed she couldn’t compete with the Warlords) and manipulated the mind of the Sirian King of Kings, and had him see something that didn’t exist, and whatever it was, it made him so scared and impressed that he decided to negotiate with the Queen. It resulted in the ‘Peace Agreement’, which included quite a few business marriages between the two star races, the Sirians staying away from PESH-METEN, and in exchange, the Sirians would always have backup from Orion if they were ever to be attacked. Additionally, the Sirians were given parts of the Queen’s Empire to use for their own expansion. Also, the Sirians were made her ‘Advanced Guards’. Once the Queen had the King sign, she knew her position in this Universe was guaranteed — at least long enough for her to tighten her stronghold here.

The Peace Treaty, and what happened before and after, raises a lot of questions that I need to address, because I’m sure a lot of readers will think about these things as well, and I want to make sure you know I have thought about them, but don’t necessarily have any real answers. So the following has to be viewed as pure ideas and speculation.

I find it disturbing that the Queen promised to fight side by side with the Sirians against their enemies. This means, in reality, that whoever is attacking the Sirians will have backup from the Queen and her Empire! This makes little sense to me (but this has been backed up by all my sources as being the case), because how can the Sirians be stopped if that is so? As soon as a ‘good-hearted’ star race, who wants peace and freedom, is forced to fight off this evil star race, the Orion Empire will fight on the side of the oppressors, because the freedom fighters automatically become the enemies of the Sirians! All the Sirians need to do to have the Queen back them up is to refer to the Pace Agreement. If the Queen of the Stars is the embodiment of the Mother Goddess, why would she sign such a contract? Of course, something is wrong with that picture, and there is information missing here.

My next question is, why would the Sirians be able to relatively easily fight off the Aryans so they had to leave Earth in the hands of these oppressors? And the Aryans never returned to take back what they lost. The thing is that Orion didn’t losejust any solar system to the Sirians; they lost our solar system, where her Great Experiment was going on. It was obviously important to her, so why didn’t she return?

Another unanswered question is why she gave away this sub-sector of her Empire, where the Experiment with the Living Library was taking place? It was a part of the Agreement that this sub-sector of Sector 9 was given to the Sirians to explore and consider their own.

Queen NEKH’TT is very clever, so why couldn’t she foresee that the Sirians would interfere with her Experiment? After all, she knew their mentality. Well, there is actually some evidence that she actually predicted it, and she and her Helpers put a code in the Namlú’u’s DNA, which could not be decoded by anyone beside herself. This code had to do with that whatever happens, no interference or manipulation can stop us humans from evolving and become multi-d. This code also involves us being the Guardians of the Living Library. All the extended knowledge that is embedded in our DNA has been encoded and hidden, and the code impossible for the Sirians to break, in spite of their trying very hard. It is my conviction that ENKI and the Sirians kept the Namlú’u DNA in many humans because they wanted the code (and still do, fortunately for us).

For this to make sense, it couldn’t have been that the Queen foresaw that the Sirians in particular would destroy her Experiment, but the code was put in the Namlú’u’s DNA for all eventualities. If a star race sometime in the future would interfere with her Experiment, the code was there to protect not only our ancestors (and eventually us), but also the Living Library, over which the Namlú’u were the Guardians.

The question remains: why did the Queen let the Sirians have a sector of her Empire which to her was so precious? Or was the Agreement written in such a way that the Sirians misinterpreted it and believed they had ownership of our solar system? This is not plausible, either, because somewhere along the line, they would have found out they were wrong, and that would have been before the War of the Titans. Things could have been explained, and matters cleared up before it went so far that the Sirians fought off all Aryan influence from our planet. It makes me think that either the Sirians actually did have the rights to our planet, or the Agreement could be interpreted both ways. We don’t know. What we know, however, is that the codes we inherited from the Namlú’u has kept us safe, because the Sirians have tried hard to break the code (and they have still not given up). This has caused us a lot of pain and misery, but it has helped us survive as a species.

The evidence of a code is again coming from the Pleiadians[9], who independently back up that information. They are talking a lot about how the Original Planners (the Aryans and the Founders who helped the Mother Goddess seed Earth) lost the war and the ‘lizzies’ took over about 500,000 years ago. Furthermore, they talk about the code that was put into the human DNA before the Sirians came (I need to add here that the majority of information in these papers doesn’t come from the Pleiadians at all, but they have helped me enormously, because they have time after another verified and confirmed the information I have discovered elsewhere. They have done so in their books and lectures. And I know for a fact that the Pleiadians don’t know about my sources, and most of my major sources actually don’t know about the Pleiadians, either).

Still, if it’s true that the Queen did the above, it suggests that the Sirians were superior when came to warfare, and that the Queen knew it.

There is another reason why ENLIL and his team were allowed to land on Earth. They were the Advanced Guards of the Queen, and as such, they were allowed to travel anywhere within the Orion Empire (to which our solar system belonged before the Sirians won the war and took over. It now officially belongs to the Sirian Empire). I can see that as being a possibility, but we still have the Peace Agreement to take into consideration; the Sirians were allowed to expand their Empire in this sub-sector of the Galaxy! This means that they were allowed to claim Earth as their planet. And that makes sense, because one very reliable source has told me that ENLIL was very disturbed and angry when he saw the Namlú’u and the TITANS being situated here on the King of King’s planet. So there are still questions that need answers here.

A third thing I have been pondering is why the Queen and the Aryans have let the Sirians go on fo so long here on Earth, and of course, elsewhere, if the Orion Empire is so powerful. Again, it must have to do with that the Sirians are superior in warfare, and the Queen is holding back so she can keep her position in the 4% as a physical manifestation of herself. This is the only answer I can find to this question. It all comes back to the same thing; the Orion Empire is not as technologically advanced as the Sirian Empire.

And lastly (and this question may actually have a quite satisfactory answer); when the Queen told ENKI to start a new Experiment, why did he do it on Earth, where his stepbrother had such a stronghold and was acting in such a violent manner? We know that Prince EA somewhere along the line started working with his brother and his father, but the question is, did the Queen suggest that her son started the new Experiment on Earth, or was this EA’s own plan?

There are indicators that this was Prince EA’s idea, and that the Queen wanted him to start it elsewhere, away from Lord ENLIL and the Sirian occupants, but at the same time, if we humans have the code embedded in our DNA (and I really think we do. In fact, I’m pretty sure), why would he start the Experiment elsewhere? The code, when broken at the right time (which is now, in the nano-second and after) has to do directly with Earth, the Living Library. So, I don’t see how EA could have taken the Experiment elsewhere. Therefore, it’s much more plausible that the Queen actually asked Prince EA to take her Experiment to Earth and develop her new star race here. She knew it would be a very tough, and often heart-breaking thing to do, knowing how the Sirians are and how they oppress their slave races, but putting us here was the only way to save the Living Library! The Queen knew we would suffer in the hands of the Sirians, but it was the price she, and we humans, have had to pay to be able to reestablish ourselves as the Guardians of the Living Library now when the Namlú’u are gone. However, EA was his father’s son and took the Experiment in a totally different direction, far from how the Queen wanted it to be, but perhaps the Queen foresaw this as well, knowing that EA would rather follow his stepfather’s directions than hers, but again, this was the only way to do it, and there would still be a slim chance that the Experiment would succeed, in spite of ENKI’s betrayal and the Sirian domination. I feel this is quite close to the truth.

Much of the above is brought up here because I am hearing from many sources that the Orion Empire is more or less unbreakable and much superior to the Sirian. If I were to hold that position as well, my papers wouldn’t make sense. So this section must be seen as a disclaimer to the information available to us humans today. In spite of that the sources we have available to us are telling us differently, the Orion Empire is not unbreakable, and everything points in the direction that the Sirians are technologically stronger than the Aryans, although the Aryans may be stronger in many other, more important ways. I see no problem with this, because really, what is wrong with that? I understand that the information I have had available to me, and which overall is the information that absolutely seems most plausible of all information out there, for different reasons want to put Orion before Sirius when comes to being most technologically powerful, but if the facts show differently, we need to stick to what the facts indicate.

And let’s think about it. Many people believe that ‘God’, or the ‘Goddess’, or whomever they think is the Prime Creator, must be ‘all knowing’. This is not true. If this would be the case, why then did the Goddess create the 4% Universes for parts of herself to explore and experience in order for her to get to know herself? Therefore, it’s no contradiction that the Sirians very well can be more technologically advanced than the Queen. They have learned something new, which would only be possible if the Goddess let her creations create freely.

Some of the above questions I have is just missing information and not a big deal. The only thing that really bothers me is: why did the Queen promise to back up the Sirians against their enemies (which would most of the time be our friends)? I hope that one day I will get an answer to this question. Often the answer is so simple that it’s overlooked, so we’ll see…

The last paper in ‘The Second Level of Learning’ will be a continuation of this paper, suggesting more soulutions to problems we are facing and which I have described. And of course, use discernment when reading it, and feel if it resonates with you or not.

‘The Third Level of Learning’, which will be the last, is planned to be pure spiritual/metaphysical, where I’ll be sharing my own thoughts on these subjects, most of it not being backed up by references or evidence. It will be purely subjective, and for the reader’s consideration only.

5.1 Update on the Aryan/Sirian Peace Agreement

This update is made on November 20, 2012. I have actually found out the answers to many of the questions I had in ‘Section 5’ above, and it’s not pretty. I now understand what happened way back when and how the Sirian effectively (at that time) stopped the Aryans from saving us from the Warlords.

Here were a few questions I had, and they are followed by the answers. I have carefully reviewed my research files and found them there, embedded in so much more information I have on this whole subject.

1. Why didn’t the Queen of the Stars come back with an extended fleet to chase the Sirians away and thus save the humans?

Answer: She did, but when her fleet arrived, the Sirians used the early humans as shields, and if the Aryans had attacked, all or most humans would have been killed. The Queen tried to avoid that her First Experiment (the Namlú’u) would be destroyed, but unfortunately, the Sirians destroyed it later anyway, so the strategy failed. The Namlú’u understood the Queen’s rationale, and that there wasn’t much she could do at the moment. So it wasn’t out of negligence but out of compassion for her creation; something the Sirians have never shown.

2. Why doesn’t the Queen of Orion intervene now?

Answer: I have hinted at this before, but let’s bring it up again: if the Aryan would come and try to take over the stargates, or in any way intervene — even if it’s within the guidelines of the Law of Free Will — we humans, in our ignorance, would see Orion as our enemy and fight on the Sirian side. The Queen knows what’s going on here, but she is waiting to see which path humankind will choose. Everything would be so much easier if we humans woke up from our manipulated state and stopped agreeing with being slaves to the Sirians. If we broke that manipulation, we would get enormous support from star beings out there.

Also, humans are so afraid to lose their material standards, that even if they knew the truth, most would probably stay with the Sirians in order to keep their current ‘comfort level’, not understanding that the change and the fear of loss is temporary, and what is waiting on the other side is a Golden Age. But only if the Sirians are out of the equation.

3. Are the Sirians more technologically advanced than the Aryans? Do they have a better war industry?

Answer: The Sirians (since a long time back) have invested most of their research in the war industry; that’s where they have their focus because they are invaders. However, the ‘advanced technology’ we are so impressed by, is Aryan technology that the Sirians got from Orion when they were Advanced Guards to the Queen, and some of it they stole from Orion. The most advanced technologies are basically not their own inventions.

4. In the Peace Treaty, why did the Queen of Orion say she would back up the Sirians in case they went to war, and that Orion would fight side by side with the Sirians against all Sirian enemies?

Answer: I researched this further and happened to find the answer to this as well: The Queen did not promise to fight on the side of the Sirians. She told the Sirian King of Kings that she would back up his star race on the condition that they do not interfere with any other star race without that star race’s consent. In fact, she was empathizing love and compassion. One of the reasons for the Peace Treaty was that the Orion Queen wanted peace in Sector 9. She knew that if she didn’t do something, there was going to be war. Did it help? To a certain degree it did, as it probably halted the Sirians, but they found ways around the agreement by using advanced manipulation on ignorant star races like humankind. So they got the consent by manipulation, without breaking the contract.

The thing is that humankind is in danger. If we side with the Sirians in the future and attack or challenge Orion so that the Queen has to react, we must be considered the enemies of Orion. Not because the Queen wants to fight us, but because we make the decision to fight her.

5. Why did the Sirians think that Earth was theirs to begin with?

Answer: The idea that the Queen gave this part of Sector 9 to the Sirians was Robert Morning Sky’s interpretation in his early work. That’s not what happened. However, what she did do was to make them her Advanced Guards, which means they could travel freely within the Orion Empire (of which we were part at that time. Now the Sirians claim Earth as part of the Sirian Empire, due to that they took over Real Estate Earth in a battle a long time ago). The Sirian mentality is that they think that everything is ‘theirs’. So, being Advanced Guards to the Queen of the Stars made them, in their own mind, divine, and they could do whatever they wanted. They have their own rationale. By rights, however, it should now be our planet (the ‘squatters’ right’), and the Queen agrees. So the Sirians needs our consent to operate here, and through manipulation, they have it! The Queen would only interfere if we asked her to help us. She would, because apparently,she still cares for the Experiment, even if it’s a ‘watered down’ version of it. Namlú’u was her Experiment. When the Sirians came and manipulated the DNA of existing species here and mixed their own genes with that of the First Experiment, and upon all had the Namlú’u leave their bodies in a mass exit, not much was left of what once was. But mankind still has the Fire and the ability to become the Guardians of the Living Library!

The above makes a lot of sense to me, and I am glad I could sort it out; both for myself and the readers. I hope it answers some questions for you as well.

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