Second Level of Learning, Paper 19: The Closing of the Nano-Second

by Wes Penre, Saturday, October 13, 2012

1. Sirian Preparation in Modern Time for the Return of the Gods, and their Primary Message That They Come As Liberators

Many people, who have heard about the ‘Anunnaki’, think of Sitchin’s translation of the Sumerian tablets as being the first indication in modern time that these beings actually existed (and still do). Interestingly enough, this is not the case. Several months ago, Michael Lee Hill[1] pointed out to me that there is some old, channeled material from back in 1958 from the Anunnaki. It was apparently channeled, and was posted in ‘Flying Saucer Review Magazine’, November-December 1958, edited by editor/author Brinsley Le Poer Trench. Here is the article in full (all emphases in original):

 “We are already here, among you. Some of us have always been here, with you, yet apart from, watching, and occasionally guiding you whenever the opportunity arose. Now, however, our numbers have been increased in preparation for a further step in the development of your planet: a step of which you are not yet aware… We have been confused with the gods of many world-religions, although we are not gods, but your fellow creatures, as you will learn directly before many more years have passed. You will find records of our presence in the mysterious symbols of ancient Egypt, where we made ourselves known in order to accomplish certain ends. Our principal symbol appears in the religious art of your present civilization and occupies a position of importance upon the great seal of your country. (The United States of America) It has been preserved in certain secret societies founded originally to keep alive the knowledge of our existence and our intentions toward mankind.”

“We have left you certain landmarks, placed carefully in different parts of the globe, but most prominently in Egypt where we established our headquarters upon the occasion of our last overt, or, as you would say,  public appearance. At that time the foundations of your present civilization were ‘laid in the earth’ and the most ancient of your known landmarks established by means that would appear as miraculous to you now as they did to the pre-Egyptians, so many thousands of years ago. Since that time the whole art of building, in stone, has become symbolic, to many of you, of the work in hand—the building of the human race towards its perfection.”

“Your ancestors knew us in those days as preceptors and as friends. Now, through your own efforts, you have almost reached, in your majority, a new step on the long ladder of your liberation. You have been constantly aided by our watchful ‘inspiration’, and hindered only by the difficulties natural to your processes of physical and moral development… ”

“You have lately achieved the means of destroying yourselves. Do not be hasty in your self-congratulation. Yours is not the first civilization to have achieved—and used—such means. Yours will not be the first civilization to be offered the means of preventing that destruction and proceeding, in the full glory of its accumulated knowledge, to establish an era of enlightenment upon the earth.”

“However, if you do accept the means offered you, and if you establish such a ‘millennium’ upon the basis of your present accomplishments, yours will be the first civilization to do so. 


In a sense they succeeded, but in another sense their failure equaled their success. Human acceptance is, to a very large extent, measurable by human experience. Succeeding generations, who never knew our actual presence, translated the teachings of their elders in the terms of their own experience. For instance, a cross-sectional drawing, much simplified and stylized by many copyings, of one of our traveling machines became the ‘Eye of Horus”, and then other eyes of other gods. Finally, the ancient symbol that was once an accurate representation of an important mechanical device has been given surprising connotations by the modern priesthood of psychology.” 

“The important fact is, however, that we are here, among you, and that you, as a world-race, will know it before very much longer! The time is almost ripe but, as with all ripening things, the process may not be hurried artificially without danger of damaging the fruit. There is a right time for every action, and the right time for our revelation of ourselves to your era is approaching.”

“Some of you have seen our ‘advanced guard’ already. You have met us often in the streets of your cities, and you have not noticed us. But when we flash through your skies in the ANCIENT TRADITIONAL VEHICLES  [Vimanas, see Exhibit 14, this paper—GJ]  you are amazed, and those of you who open your mouths and tell of what you have seen are accounted dupes and fools. Actually you are prophets, seers in the true sense of the word. You in Kansas and Oklahoma, you in Oregon and in California, and Idaho, you know what you have seen: do not be dismayed by meteorologists. Their business is the weather. One of you says, ‘I saw a torpedo-shaped object’. Others report, ‘disc-like objects’, some of you say ‘spherical objects’, or ‘platter-like objects’. You are all reporting correctly and accurately what you saw, and in most cases you are describing the same sort of vehicle.” 

“… Now that the art of manufacturing plastic materials has reached a certain perfection among you, perhaps you can imagine a material, almost transparent to the rays of ordinary visible light, yet strong enough to endure the stresses of extremely rapid flight. Look again at the great nebulae, and think of the construction of your own galaxy, and behold the universal examples of what we have found to be the perfect shape for an object which is to travel through what you still fondly refer to as ‘empty’ space.”

In the centre of the discus, gyroscopically controlled within a central sphere of the same transparent material, our control rooms revolve freely, accommodating themselves and us to flat or edgewise flight. Both methods are suited to your atmosphere, and when we convert abruptly from one to the other, as we are sometimes obliged to do, and you are watching, OUR MACHINES seem suddenly to appear—or to disappear. At our possible speeds your eyes, untrained and unprepared for the maneuver, do make mistakes—but not the mistakes your scientists so often accuse them of making.”

“We pass over your hilltops in horizontal flight. You see and report a torpedo-shaped object. We pass over, in formation, flying vertically ‘edge-on’… Or we go over at night, jet-slits glowing, and you see an orange  disc. In any event you see us, and in any event we do not care. If we chose to remain invisible, we could do so, easily, and, in fact, we have done so almost without exception for hundreds of years. But you must become accustomed to our shapes in your skies, for one day they will be familiar, friendly, and reassuring sights.”

“This time, it is to be hoped that the memory of them, passed on to your children and their children, will be clear and precise. That you will not cause them to forget, as your ancestors forgot, the meaning of the diagrams and the instructions we will leave with you. If you do fail, AS OTHER CIVILIZATIONS HAVE FAILED, we will see your descendants wearing wiring-diagrams for simple machines as amulets, expecting the diagrams to do what their forefathers were taught the completed article would accomplish. 

Then their children, forgetting even that much—or little—would preserve the amulet as a general protective device—or as an intellectual curiosity—or perhaps as a religious symbol. Such is the cycle of forgetfulness” 

– The Anunnaki.

Figure 2-1. Brinsley Le Poer Trench, ‘Flying Saucer Review Magazine’

According to Trench, the editor/author and publisher of the Nov-Dec 1958 issue, the original article was found in the November 1947 issue of ‘Fantastic Stories’ (USA), written by a pseudonym, Alexander Blade[2]. Remarkably enough, after 54 years, the ‘Flying Saucer Review Magazine’ is still being published (or was at least in 2010), but I have not been able to find it online[3]. Also, 1947 triggers memories in the mass consciousness from the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

So, the Sirians have (and they apparently admitted to this in 1947) been around since ancient time, and just like I’ve said, never left. Interesting in this article is that they at that time gave us hints of what is to come. They are talking about our ‘liberation’, and that they will be a part of that. I’ve talked about this earlier, saying that everything fits perfectly into their Great Plan, and prophecy in particular. This group proceeded Sitchin, who then became the next step in preparing mankind for the ‘Return of the Gods’. Nine years later, a young boy and his dad were out fishing when they both suddenly supposedly got abducted by aliens who presented themselves as the Ša.AM.i. This young boy of 10 years old was Dr. A.R. Bordon. We all know now that he, too, was being prepared to spread a message to mankind, although not until about 50 years later, in 2007, when his essay, ‘The LINK’, was published on the Internet.

In between these events we have Sitchin publishing his books, starting in 1976, and continuing more or less until his death in 2010. Inspired by Sitchin’s work, many others have followed and ‘spread the word’, and now I’m doing the same thing, although on my own terms. Then, in the early 1980’s, the newspapers posted their article on the ‘Incoming’ for the first time. In 1998, the WingMakers site launched, and eventually S.A.A.L.M. and LPG-C got their voices heard. Both WingMakers and LPG-C talked about the same time frame; LPG-C mentioned Nibiru’s return in about 2065-2080, while in the WingMakers material, 2065-2080 corresponds with the time frame we’re going to discover ‘The Grand Portal’, which will set us free. It is when all of mankind will realize that they are ONE and part of something bigger, the Oversoul, in simplistic terms, by the WingMakers called ‘Sovereign Integral’.

2. A Pleiadian Perspective on the Return of the Sirians

Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians warned us about the ‘lizzies’ (the Sirians) already back in 1988 and have done so ever since. They tell a similar story, that the invaders came here 500,000+ years ago for the first time, and after many experiments they finally created Homo sapiens. However, they also tell about the Goddess to a certain extent (although the Pleiadians are not the source that made me look into the Divine Feminine, neither was Morning Sky), and how the Founders (they call them ‘Original Planners’ or ‘Game Makers’) came here long before the Sirians and created a Paradise on Earth, and that the first human was androgynous. But about half a million years ago, when there was a lot of alien activity here on Earth, the ‘Lizzies’ (a play on the word ‘lizard people’) there was a war in space outside Earth and Darkness won over Light. The Original Planners had to leave, but they always have had an eye on Earth and the Living Library from thereon. The Lizzies took over most of the planet and created Homo sapiens as a slave race.

The Pleiadians don’t say straight out that the Sirians have been here on Earth all the way up to modern time, but when asked during the channeled Q&A sessions, they say that some of them are here now. They are also saying that the ‘gods are returning’. They have also lately been referring to a ‘Unifying Event’ which could possibly happen this year, which will help humanity come together in some common goal. Exactly what this Unifying Event might be they are not telling us; they just say that they are not totally sure themselves. The reason for this is the following:

All metaphysical entities who people are channeling have one thing in common, and that’s how they read energy. First of all they read the energy of their vehicle (human body host) and all his or her memories in their lifetime and in their past lives. Then they read the energies of the mass consciousness, which is that of the whole human soul group. And lastly, they look at astrological charts to see probable outcomes. With all these tools, they can with some certainty predict future outcomes, or rather what most possibly will happen. This doesn’t mean that they can tell exactly what it is they are reading in all those energy sources, but they get a feeling of in which direction things are heading, unless mankind as a soul group change their minds and go in a totally different direction, which they say happens. Humans are very unpredictable (which is a good thing) and sometimes hard to read. So, the closer in time the prediction is, the more chance of accuracy. This is also one of the reasons why the messages from the channels are wrong on occasion. However, a good metaphysical source doesn’t normally give you dates. If they do, be alert, because they are almost certainly deceptive.

Figure 2-2. Nibiru, when it’s coming very close, is supposedly going to show up as a ‘second sun’ in the sky. According to some reports, that has already happened.

I have been wondering if this Unifying Event could possibly be the Return of the Gods, and if it will happen in late 2012, but I have no way to tell. It could also be a few years into the future. Although, A.R. and LPG-C claim that Nibiru is returning in December this year and that he and a group of people are currently working to steer the planet off course by following the instructions in the two essays I gave the reader in the previous paper. He, and one of the participants, which happens to be Michael Lee Hill, both say that they managed to steer Nibiru out of orbit with something like 1°, which sounds like nothing, but is fairly significant. Still, they say, it’s not enough, and the work continues. Whether there is any validity to this or not, I let future tell.

I am not giving too much credit to the WingMakers at this time, but neither James, nor the Pleiadians, can see any threat from an incoming planetary body at this time. If this means that Ša.AM.e is still coming in but is not going to be a threat, or if there is no planet coming in at the moment, I don’t know. It’s up for interpretation. I am, as the reader knows, of the opinion, based on my research, that the Sirians are still in Sirius, and Nibiru/Ša.AM.e is not the home planet of the Sirian Overlords. Something has apparently been spotted on the fridges of the solar system for a while (even reports from people working at NASA have said so), but unless it’s a natural body, unrelated to our story here, or if it’s a Sirian hollowed-out planet/spaceship is impossible to say with some certainty at this time.

The Pleiadians, just like tons of other sources, are telling us that the Middle East is very important for the Sirians who are on the planet, and for those who are coming in. The Pleiadians (the ‘P’) say that the ones who are here are living underground and have a big base in the Middle East, and that this is what the unrest in the area is mostly about. The fight over real estate between the Palestinians and the Israelis is just a front. The real fight is over the stargate, so there the P and LPG-C are in agreement. The main reason the P are mentioning this stargate as being important is because it’s the main entrance to our planet and the corridor of time which leads to our own present time line.

In an interview with Barbara Marciniak from 1996, which can still be found on YouTube[4], she is mentioning the gods who were once creating us and that they, too, need healing, and because they are connected with us, they may need us for their own spiritual progress. In other words, we may have to heal together. However, in a recent lecture from earlier this year, they are saying that the gods are returning, but they are deceptive. Just like I said already in Level I back in 2011, they tell us that when the gods come, we should resolve it by asking for the greatest outcome possible to be the result of it, and then just leave it, and not get involved with any of their business. Our greatest advantage (and I agree with the P) is our raise of consciousness. They cannot take us over with consciousness, only with machines. In the previous paper I gave the analogy about the scratch in the DVD. I believe we have already passed the moment of awareness required for us to break the time loop, but that doesn’t mean the ‘game is over’ and we can relax. The next track on the DVD will most certainly make mankind multi-d if we let ourselves, or rather those who don’t let themselves be seduced, will. The rest, unfortunately, will vote for another path, where machines and nano technology will take over, and those who choose that route will not end up in a good place if I put it mildly. In the next paper we will talk about some quite possible consequences from the choices we have to make right now and in the next few years.

The P also go on telling us that the Global Elite believe that the gods will return, and old stories and legends say that they will; the PTB are preparing for it. Some are thrilled (their masters are coming to see them face to face), while others are pretty nervous and don’t want it to happen. The Pleiadian group stresses that the capacities of the gods go far beyond coming here with a big armada of spaceships. They don’t need that; they don’t even need stargates, they say. That’s primitive. They can come through black holes small as a pin prick that are now accelerating around the Earth. Whirlwinds, tornadoes and other weather phenomena open up such mini black holes, which are basically small portals or time warps. In ancient time, to gods used to use the Sun as a stargate, but that’s not needed anymore. Figuratively speaking, they could come through flurries or mini black holes in our backyards.

3. One on One with Prince Utu Shamash

Those who have followed my work, in addition to just reading my papers, know that I had an encounter with Utu Shamash[5], King Nannar’s son, and Lord ENLIL’s grandson, almost exactly a year ago. He unwittingly confirmed what the Pleiadians are saying, that these beings are still deceptive and are coming to invade rather than to liberate, although they are trying to give us a different impression. But first, let me start with telling the reader how my connection with Utu started.

Figure 2-3. Prince Utu Shamash, horned Sirian ‘god’, in the body he inhabited in old Mesopotamia. Today, he is allegedly in his 6th body.

Shortly after I had released ‘The First Level of Learning’ (‘Level I’), I got an email that stood out from all the rest of the tons of emails I usually get. It said the sender’s name was Utu Shamash. And I thought, this must be a joke.

So I opened the email, and sure enough, someone who claimed to be the old Sirian god had written a fairly long email to me. I was very skeptical at first, but read it through all the way. The message itself seemed authentic enough, but could of course have hypothetically been written by someone else. I read it through again, this time much more carefully, word by word, and found something peculiar which had also struck me during the first read-through. Even more so this time, though.

Although the letter was in English, and quite impeccably so, it had a writing style that was very odd. I have never seen anybody write like that. It’s hard to explain without posting the letter, which I can’t do out of respect, but the best way I can explain it is that the choice of words, and the way of making sentences, hinted at that he had translated the message in his head from another language into English. I can notice this thing more easily, perhaps, than someone whose first language is English, because English is my second language as well. I made the same kind of mistakes as Utu did when I was relatively new to the language, and sometimes I still do. It has to do with certain phrases that are native to Swedish, and when that is transferred to English it’s still understandable for an American or Englishman, but it’s not the way it’s normally said in an English speaking country. I found that Utu did the same thing, although I’d never seen this kind of phrasing before. That, and the whole tone of the letter made me wonder if it could be authentic after all. I was still skeptic, however.

Figure 2-3. Nannar (Utu’s father) is present here in this old depiction from 2,100 BC in form of the Crescent Moon, which is his symbol.

Next thing I did was to forward the email to Dr. A.R. Bordon, whom after a while got back to me and said it indeed was Utu who had written to me. A.R. had already told me a couple of months before that Ningishzidda (Thoth), who was born here on Earth a long time ago, and had been the Ša.AM.i Ambassador to Earth until recently, had passed away here on Earth for unknown reason. I know they can jump bodies, but it sounded on A.R. that it was time to change ambassadors, and a new ambassador had to be nominated by the Ša.AM.i King. A.R. told me this more as a by the way, embedded into a lot of other things we were discussing at the time.

Now, when I’d sent the email to A.R., he told me that Utu Shamash was the new Ambassador to Earth, and he had arrived here on the planet quite recently. LPG-C already knew him from the Annual Link Meetings, where these human scientists meet with ET representatives from different star systems once (sometimes twice) a year. So it was not surprising that LPG-C was the organization Utu got in touch with as one of the first things when he came here. Also, according to A.R., some Ša.AM.i who had preceded Utu in arriving here, including some Ša.AM.i/human hybrids of the first generation, had been captured and tortured by the Ša.AM.i rebel group, amongst LPG-C called the ‘Earthbound’. Eventually, these Ša.AM.i had managed to flee, and LPG-C took care of them and hid them in a cave somewhere in South America. One of Utu’s first tasks was to take care of these ex-prisoners and send them back to Ša.AM.e. LPG-C, however, didn’t have the resources to make the living standards acceptable for the Ša.AM.i refugees, and Utu found them in quite a bad shape. He was not happy with A.R. and LPG-C, according A.R. himself. Anyway, after had got them back in shape, they were sent back to a platform in space (read ‘spaceship’), somewhere in the solar system, for later transportation back to Ša.AM.e.

When that mission was completed, Utu apparently asked A.R. if there were any Ša.AM.i friendly humans he could get in touch with, because he had a message from the King, who wanted it posted and spread as broadly as possible. A.R. told him that there are not many humans who know the true story and therefore would post such a message, but he mentioned a few names and Wes Penre was one of them. Then LPG-C helped Utu setting up a human computer and gave him an email address. They also had to tell him how human computers work. Although Utu knew the concept of human computers since earlier, he had never had to study the mechanics of it. A.R. said Utu was a little rusty with it at first, but learned quickly. And that was another thing I noticed with Utu’s email; he didn’t headline the email, and he didn’t format the message the way a human normally does. It was kind of awkward in that way. He changed fonts and formatting in the middle of a message.

So Utu browsed the Internet and read some of the websites A.R. had recommended, and when he saw my ‘Level I’, he obviously decided that I was the person he wanted to pick first. Therefore, the purpose of the first email he sent me was for me to post the message from his father, the King of Ša.AM.e.

The tone in the email was pretty business-like and quite to the point. He told me who he was, and that he found my website surprisingly accurate when comes to describing the Ša.AM.i. Hence, this was the reason he had chosen me to post the message from the King. There was an authority to the whole email, and he never asked me if I wanted to post it or not; it was more like a statement, such as “this is what you need to do”.

So before I replied, I sent it to A.R. who confirmed its authenticity. I told him I wanted to respond to Utu, but A.R. strongly suggested against it. He said that he’ll take care of it, because I was at that time pretty new to LPG-C and the whole Ša.AM.i subject, and a message like this from Utu should probably be handled by LPG-C. He said he’d take care of it and that I could let it go. He would let me know how things progressed. He told me he’d get back to me later, because he needed to take a nap, after had just returned from South America, and he was deadly tired. So we ended our conversation with that.

Then I was sitting there before my computer, thinking this whole thing over, pondering what I should do. I was wondering why Shamash had contacted me of all people, but realized that there certainly are not many people who would be willing to post his message for various reasons. I decided to go against A.R.’s suggestion and wrote a reply to Utu, where after I sent it. Before I tell the reader what I said, here is the message the King wanted me to publish:


The work done by Mr. Penre is surprisingly accurate regarding SAM and its inhabitants.

SAMs are not invading the planet. SAMs are returning to what once was a planet they inhabited in greater numbers than human, until humans began to outnumber SAMs. This asymmetry continues today.

Those SAMs who returned and those who stayed behind are subject to the King, but reject royal authority and stand against the Kingdom as enemies in kind and in fact. This will be realigned properly on return, and those who stand with them will be eliminated as pawns and as proxies which is what they are in hopes that the power and position now held will continue with the victory of their patrons.

Nothing is further from the naked truth.

Anything that is held to the contrary is contrived, dishonest, self-serving and likely the work of proxies. Believe them not, for everyone will be held contemptible by the beliefs held and by the heart that beats in their chests — this by the word of the King, my father.

SAM is near. It will shine in the southern half first and then appear to the rest of KI in a sixth of a Royal Set. The Royal Set is the number of the King.

SAM will be red in color. Much is already known and anticipated. Much more will be disclosed and known about SAM by SAMs already here. Truth will be known. Believe what you must and be responsible for what you believe, but get information from oracles, not from anyone else.


Furthermore, Utu told me, like the King says in the beginning of this email, that they are not here to invade, and humans will not be killed unless they work for “those who returned, and those who stayed behind”. As the reader can see, he is also talking about ‘proxies’. Utu explained that this means that anyone who works for the Earthbound Ša.AM.i, whether it is the Global Elite or any politician, CEO or whomever, wittingly or unwittingly, will be killed.

This was unacceptable for me, because I could see the consequences. If these people come down here full force to kill off the Global Elite and anyone who works for them on proxy, it would trigger the Battle of Armageddon. World leaders, who just about all of them work within the Global Elite hierarchy, would freak out and take the only action that is logical under such a circumstance. They would gather the people in their country into one big army, saying that we are invaded by aliens, and that we now need to forget all our disagreements and fight this big enemy. Most nations would do the same thing. Then there would be rebel groups in each country who don’t believe their leader, and they would go against their own countrymen. Some of them would even join the aliens, thinking that it would be great if their King, President, Queen, or whomever would be killed by ETs. They would, in other words, buy the ET propaganda.

So we would have a world war, fought on several fronts, and man would turn against man, just like the Bible says. I can also see how they could use Project Blue Beam, or similar, to simply holographically stage an invasion with spaceships, laser beams and the whole science fiction stuff. Then the real invasion would happen in the nano world (here referring to the spirit world or other dimensions). The Sirians would possess bodies from bloodlines they have specifically bred (and perhaps some of those ‘special bloodlines’ would also include what would seem like ‘regular bloodlines’, like people on the street, although we don’t know about it. Hence, all the alien abductions. This means the Sirians could possess far more bodies than we think at this moment). Others could, using their avatars or hybrid space faring bodies, could manifest themselves as Dragons, Reptilians, Grays, and even demons, although real demons have already been evoked, so faking them may not even be necessary. As the reader can see, we now have the whole End Time scenario with monstrous beings coming up from the pits of Hell to kill off humans. The war would be devastating!

So I emailed Utu back and told him I would post the message from his King, but under certain premises. I told him that I did not agree with their plan and that I can’t see how they could be perceived as a peace force if they come here to kill, and I told him about the above scenario, which I feel is going to be played out if they come. I sent it off and bcc’d A.R.

A.R. got back to me perhaps an hour later. He said, “Wow, this should be interesting!” And he said that he happens to agree with me on the statement I sent back to Utu, but would have preferred that I remained silent at this point in time.

A day later or so, I got a reply from Utu. He was not very happy and started talking about that one day, we ‘lulus’ would understand that we are all ONE and come from the same Creator, and we need to get along. I totally understood that, of course, but could also see that the time was not right. On our mutual timeline, we will not experience mutual healing until they stop acting like warlords, and we humans wake up from our deep slumber. In the meantime, we humans have to heal our own timelines as we wake up. However, after some lecturing, he said that he had passed my message on to his father.

Because I’d bcc’d A.R., he got back to me pretty quickly and said that Utu apparently took me seriously and had taken the message all the way back to the King for approval. I could tell A.R. seemed quite thrilled. I didn’t know what would come out of it, and was not sure if what I had started would be of any consequence at all.

Next email from Utu was an approval from the King to let me post his message on my blog with my additional note to it, so I did, and here is the message I published, in its entirety:


Note from the Editor: First of all; this is an authentic message! I was contacted yesterday by Utu Shamash (see, who is the son of King Nannar of Nibiru, and brother of Inanna. He has returned to Earth with a message from his King to put on what the King considers “friendly websites”.

Utu found my Papers at and found them surprisingly accurate regarding Ša.A.Me. (Nibiru) and Ša.A.Mi. (the Nibiruan people). He emailed me and asked for a service. His King wanted me to post the following statement here on my blog.

I agreed to post the message Utu brought down to Earth, but said I want to put a note along with it to give the citizens of Earth (Ki) a heads up! He took my message to King Nannar, who agreed I could do that. So therefore I want to say the following:

The Ša.A.Mi. (better known as the Anunnaki) are returning! They say they want no harm to be done to us “lulus” (humans); they say they owe us and want our forgiveness for what happened in the past (to understand this you really need to read my Papers at, or Zacharia Sitchin’s books). The way to do this is to come down to Earth and fight the Anunnaki who are stationed on Earth since millennia (those who followed Marduk in his rebellion against the Ša.A.Me. Kingdom). Marduk and his cohorts have ever since been pulling the strings of most of the Global Elite, and the Ša.A.Mi. are returning to Earth to take care of business, overthrowing both the disloyal Anunnaki and the human Global Elite, by some called The Illuminati (

We don’t want history to repeat itself! I do NOT want humans to take sides in this upcoming battle of the ‘gods’ and once again be used as cannon-fodder and foot soldiers in their war. They say they come as liberators, but they do not come in peace. So humans, whatever you do if you want to change history and follow a more enlightened path: stay out of this conflict! DO NOT TAKE SIDES and DO NOT FIGHT IN THEIR WAR!

This is their conflict. We can’t stop them from coming, but we can step aside and let them do their thing without interfering. We are tired of fighting wars, and don’t let corrupt government leaders manipulate you into thinking we need to go to war against this “Invader Force”. The governments (the Global Elite) are only using us because they think we’re fearful and stupid. Show that we lulus have grown up and are a species of peace. Let everybody outside this planet learn that we are a peaceful race. Let Ša.A.Mi. take care of their own and the Global Elite, and we’ll go from there.

I have had two long correspondences with Utu so far, and I know that this is the real deal. Laugh at it if you must, but take it seriously if you are smart. Personally, I am known for being in a good mood, making jokes even in the most serious situations. However, now our future depends on how you read this email, and I’m deadly serious.

However, DON’T BE AFRAID! They say they come to bring peace, and as liberators, perhaps, but their minds are still on war, and that is in conflict with my own mindset, at least.

Let our hearts work now, more so than our heads! Be ONE in spirit through these events and we will come out on the other end; hopefully as intact as possible. Let them fight THEIR wars – it’s their karma, and we are released from ours by not participating.

Maybe one day we can unite with the Ša.A.Mi.; live together and visit each others worlds in peace. Still, they set the stage with their arrival, showing us what their real imperatives are. Will the result of their visit to Ki be REAL peace and unity, or war and separation? We shall see… We lulus are ready for peace and unity as a species; let it therefore be a guideline for the Incoming. They will show us who they are by example. Have they changed since ancient times, or is history repeating itself? That’s what we have to look at.

Let’s see how this pans out and let’s go from there…


(Here beneath is the message to all humankind, from King Nannar of Nibiru (SAM is short for Ša.A.Me. [Nibiru] and Ša.A.Mi. [the inhabitants of Nibiru]):


The work done by Mr. Penre is surprisingly accurate regarding SAM and its inhabitants.

SAMs are not invading the planet. SAMs are returning to what once was a planet they inhabited in greater numbers than human, until humans began to outnumber SAMs. This asymmetry continues today.

Those SAMs who returned and those who stayed behind are subject to the King, but reject royal authority and stand against the Kingdom as enemies in kind and in fact. This will be realigned properly on return, and those who stand with them will be eliminated as pawns and as proxies which is what they are in hopes that the power and position now held will continue with the victory of their patrons.

Nothing is further from the naked truth.

Anything that is held to the contrary is contrived, dishonest, self-serving and likely the work of proxies. Believe them not, for everyone will be held contemptible by the beliefs held and by the heart that beats in their chests — this by the word of the King, my father.

SAM is near. It will shine in the southern half first and then appear to the rest of KI in a sixth of a Royal Set. The Royal Set is the number of the King.

SAM will be red in color. Much is already known and anticipated. Much more will be disclosed and known about SAM by SAMs already here. Truth will be known. Believe what you must and be responsible for what you believe, but get information from oracles, not from anyone else.


After that, I stopped hearing from Utu. The only thing I heard on the matter was from A.R., who is working in a close connection with Shamash these days, and he said that when Utu saw the picture of me on my website (it’s not the same picture I have up now), he thought I looked like a friend of his. I felt like he wanted me to feel that I am ‘one of them’, which I am definitely not. I asked Utu what he wanted me to call him; Lord Utu? He replied: “Utu, just Utu. Lord is a title you earn and you’re not there yet. Maybe one day…” And that is another thing which indicates that he is genuine, because I’ve learned elsewhere that Lord is something they call each other, and only if they have done something significant to enhance the Sirian community. The next step down in ‘Brother’. If someone is called a ‘Brother’, it’s the equivalence to a good friend.

Lastly, is there any chance that the message from Utu Shamash to me can be fake? Could his emails have been written by someone who is not who he says he is? Of course, that is always an option. The only real confirmation I have that the emails are authentic comes from A.R. Bordon, whom I trusted quite a bit at the time. Now, since he is working very close with Utu, from what he says, I am not so enthusiastic about his intentions anymore. A few people have suggested that the emails were actually written by A.R., but there are a few things that contradict that. The first thing is the writing style (and this is more evident in the other emails from Utu). Although it is hypothetically possible that A.R. could have faked it himself, I don’t feel that’s the case. Someone else from LPG-C? Possibly, but again, the writing style is very unique. Secondly, why would A.R. tell me to leave it alone, let him take care of it, and having me stay out of the loop? If it’s a fake, and A.R. is behind it somehow, wouldn’t he tell me to go on and reply to Utu? Instead he does the opposite. It was my own decision to go against A.R.’s advice and write Utu back. And when A.R. read my reply, he actually seemed genuinely shocked and a little concerned about me. Whatever people say about A.R., he has showed that he genuinely cares about me and personally likes me.

There are others, however, whom I thought were my allies in this time of awakening, who cut off all communication with me when they saw that I’d posted Utu’s message. They didn’t want to have anything to do with me until I remove it from the Internet. It’s still on the Internet a year later, and those who cut me off have so far kept their word — no communication.

Other than A.R.’s confirmation, I have no solid evidence that the emails came from Utu. But now, 12 months later, it still feels like they are as genuine as ever, although there is always a chance I may be wrong. However, I feel I am as certain of their authenticity as I possibly can be. Either way, they fit right into the agenda I know the Sirians have. The invasion is at least one of the plans on their table. Also, I have enough strong sources saying that the gods are returning and that they are ‘bad news’, and some of them are already here. So why would it be so strange if I actually had a genuine communication with Utu Shamash?

4. Attack from the Nano World

There is of course a lot that can be said about the ‘Alien Invasion’ scenario, but I think I’ve painted quite a broad picture of it already, especially so in ‘Level I’. What is new is the fact that aliens travel in the nano world and therefore, it’s more than likely that the attack will come from there. Personally, I think that is worse, because then it’s much harder to tell who is an alien and who is not; one of them could theoretically live down anybody’s block.

So in summary, if it’s still on the table, the Sirian Alliance will do what’s possible to fulfill the prophecies, and one of the next steps will probably be to ignite the War of Armageddon. One likely scenario would be to use holograms to begin with. Huge armadas of spaceships will be reported approaching Earth and surrounding it. We may see some pictures and videos on the news, even. From the mother ships, smaller ships will emerge and hover over our major cities — lots of them, like in the TV Series ‘V’, recently. To be really impressive, they may even show huge mother ships over the cities. They will look so real that they may even block the sunlight. People who don’t know better (the majority) will think these are real spaceships.

The Sirians will announce that they come in peace and there is nothing to be afraid of. All they want is to take care of their own who have oppressed the human population for millennia, and the whole Global Elite for have followed order and have benefited, financially, power-, or otherwise, from suppressing mankind.

The nations of the world will most likely react like I suggested above, and the military will start shooting at the spaceships. This will start the War of Armageddon. Although most spaceships are holograms, some will possibly be real, of the kind the human Secret Government is using; some even much more advanced. So the Sirians will open fire back. Their ground troops (possessed humans and shapeshifting avatars) will create havoc on the surface and this is all that’s needed. People will die in droves.

The Sirian Warlords will have a feast! They will feed off all the terror and fear and bloodshed that they are creating, and this will boost their psychic power. They don’t care if a large amount of the population will die, because after the war is over, they are going to create the Machine World. They will rebuild the cities, but make mega metropolitans that will make New York or Tokyo look like smaller villages. The Global Elite will be killed off just as they promised, and afterwards the Sirian will take care of the wounded and help people on their feet. Then the Second Coming of the Lord Christ will happen. King Nannar (most likely) will step down and cure all the crippled and create a series of miracles which will convince people that he is the King of Kings.

King Nannar, once he’s been put on the throne in Jerusalem, he will tell humans that he will reign for a thousand years, and he will leave a skeleton crew here on Earth who will help mankind stand on their own feet, and they will also teach us how to protect ourselves against outside alien forces who may want to take over Real Estate Earth after it has shifted owners. Then the skeleton crew will leave, and mankind will be sovereign and finally become the owners of Planet Earth.

After some time, King Nannar (if it’s true that he actually DID take over from the so-called ‘ANU’) will leave Earth and put it all in the hands of his ambassadors, of which Utu may be one. A.R. has also hinted at that LPG-C will be helping the Ša.AM.i out with the ‘enormous task’ to teach humanity how to become sovereign.

The ‘skeleton crew’ will then be our new leaders (changing of the guards) and will be the ones who introduce us to some incredible technology, which we will be totally dependent upon. People will have enhanced lifespan, because body parts can be transplanted very easily and replaced, until people will become cyborgs. It will be a society totally dependent on technology and depleted of all spirituality; there will be no room for such. The vibration of the planet will be lowered due to that the mass consciousness will decrease in frequency, and energetic implants will be activated in people so that no one will ever again think about being ‘spiritual’. Mankind will live in a virtual reality within a virtual reality within a virtual reality, and the rabbit hole will be dug deeper and deeper.

At one point, the Sirians will tell mankind they are ready to become sovereign (which is not true. We are then further away from that than ever before), but before the Sirians leave, they will need our help, maybe as an exchange for everything they’ve done for us(!) And they will tell us about the Orion Empire, but will twist the truth so that it seems like they are the enemies of the Sirians, and now when we are their allies, the Aryans are automatically considered our enemies, too. So we need to attack the Empire of the Divine Feminine. They will explain that there are other planets elsewhere who are willing to help them accomplish this goal as well. The training of super soldiers will increase to the maximum, and when someone gets wounded, they can have their body parts exchanged quickly, while still on the battlefield. The seemingly mortally wounded will be up and running, ready for fight again, in a instance. Humankind at this stage will approve to helping the Sirians.

There could of course be an endless variety to the above scenario, but if we keep this basic plot in mind, I think it will be much easier to recognize what it is that’s happening if the day comes when a whole bunch of Sirians are returning to Earth.

Another option could be that there will be no Project Blue Beam, and the invasion will come totally from the nano world/spirit world and that it has been going on for a long time. By creating all this fear and terror, which has increased exponentially in the last 75 years or so, people leave their bodies. Particularly so when the terror rate is on the maximum, but also by having jobs that are extremely insecure, worries about the future and about survival in general becomes an everyday issue. This makes people leave their bodies and operate out of the bodies, because they want to ‘escape’. This makes it possible for entities to enter the vacant body and take it over. They can sit there as sleepers, still letting the original soul be in charge, but when the time comes and the invasion is eminent, the Sirians, who possessed all those human bodies over time, one by one, two by two etc,, can now take over and start the war without any spaceships or holograms needed! This is why it is so important not to fall into fear and terror, and to keep our heads leveled. And this is also potentially the main reason why it’s so important for the Sirians to create increased fear and terror in these times.

I know this all seems like doom and gloom, but it is my absolute conviction that mankind needs to be educated before we can start working on a soulution (misspelled on purpose). If I’d had to pick one of the two scenarios I have described above: 1) a half hologrammic, half physical/nano world real invasion and 2) an invasion totally fought from the nano world, I would pick #2. This is the most logical, because here is where the real power lies, and this is from where they can control us the best.

But what is the soulution, then, and are there really any? Yes, there are! First, however, let’s complete exposing scenarios that are quite plausible (and there is one more paper to go after this one on the subject), and then we come to soulutions in the last paper. But one thing that’s really important is to recognize what is going on, always be alert, and trust your guts and your intuition. If something feels absolutely wrong, it probably is. And don’t get involved in the Nano War, because this will be the wars of the future. Soon battles will not be fought in the physical world anymore, but in the microscopical world, on a cellular level!

Figure 2-4. Wilhelm Reich

Speaking of the nano world. As late as yesterday, a good friend of mine from the Netherlands, Bart van der Zwaan, alerted me on an article in ‘The Journal of Borderline Research — Serving Higher Intelligence Since 1945’, about rogue scientist, Wilhelm Reich. It was called, ‘Reich’s Contact with Space’ and was originally posted in ‘Borderland Magazine (1988, Vol. 44, No. 5, September-October)’, where Reich mentioned aliens coming from the nano world and how he explored it. He was also talking about an invasion from outer space, and rather than coming in metallic spaceships, they may come from the nano world (he is not using this term, but it is part of what he is actually running into). Here is the article in full. Some of it may seem out of context to this paper, but I’d like to post it here nonetheless, because Reich has been very attacked and discarded, very undeserved, and it brings up a number of subjects I have covered elsewhere, in one way or another. Interesting too, that he termed the space craft, EA!:

 Reich’s Contact with Space

“There is no proof. There are no authorities whatever. No president, Academy, Court of Law, Congress or Senate on this earth has the knowledge or power to decide what will be the knowledge of tomorrow. There is no use in trying to prove something that is unknown to somebody who is ignorant of the unknown, or fearful of its threatening power. Only the good old rules of learning will eventually bring about understanding of what has invaded our earthly existence.”

The invasion that Reich refers to in his introduction to CONTACT WITH SPACE is the invasion of earth by intelligences from outer space. Very few copies of this remarkable book were made available, and Reich’s extraordinary experiences during this turbulent period have been swept under the carpet by ‘orthodox’ orgonomy.

To speak openly of UFO experiences still invites ridicule or polite smiles of disbelief. Consider then the atmosphere of the mid 1950′s when Reich was not only claiming the existence of space visitors, but carefully documenting his battle with these ‘invaders’, while developing his now well-known cloudbusting techniques.

Reich termed the space craft Ea – ‘E’ standing for ‘Energy’, ‘a’ for alpha or primordial. Ea also represented ‘Enigma’…

“Ea is a new event without precedent in our lives,” he writes. “Humanity, with the exception of a few philosophers, had no idea of the possibility of visitors from outer space. Earthman had not developed any view, method or scientific tool to cope with the problem. In addition he has developed in his offspring a character structure and a kind of thinking which obstructs the approach to the new fact by way of ridicule, slander and outright threat to the existence of the pioneer of space engineering. Therefore our new approach must start from scratch, as if no science existed at all.”

Reich’s ability to ‘start from scratch’ had characterized his revolutionary approach to psychoanalysis early in his career, long before he left the restrictive climate of Europe to pursue his ideas in ‘free’ America. He is best known for his research into the fundamental life-energy and for his controversial methods of sex therapy. His greatest contribution to real science was his discovery (or re- discovery) of what he called ‘orgone’, the life energy at the very roots of existence. Blockages in the free flow of this energy in the individual caused ‘character armoring’ which inhibited the spontaneous expression of joy and pleasure in life. The nature of this cosmic energy, depending on circumstances, functioned either as a ‘life giving, life furthering, and reproductive force (OR), or in the absence of such conditions, turns into a killer of Life (DOR).”

During his orgonomic research Reich was able to measure this orgone energy and he successfully treated many patients in the orgone accumulator, a specially layered box wherein the life-energy was concentrated. It was this unorthodox method of treatment which brought down the wrath of the Food and Drug Administration upon Reich, an attack which finally secured his imprisonment, and death, in a federal penitentiary.

“Orgone energy does not exist,” the FDA officials said to the Judge. Having declared that Cosmic Energy did not exist, it was obvious that its discoverer must either be a “quack” or a “lunatic”. That, after all, is the rationale of orthodox, mechanistic science chained to its conceptions of a dead universe.

For Reich, the Universe was very much alive and his approach to scientific research was functional, taking into account the subjective perceptions and emotions of the researcher. After all, he writes, “Classical knowledge may all be wrong, such with the perfect Copernican circles, the ellipses of Kepler, the empty space of Einstein, the airgerms of Pasteurian bacteriologists, the atomic nature of the Universe, etc. To see new things from scratch, to expect the impossible to be true, belongs to the emotional equipment of the true pioneering scientist.”

“We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future.”

“From the historic Oranur Experiment of 1951, Reich knew that nuclear radioactivity had a deleterious effect upon the living sea of energy in which we all live. From the observations made of the reaction of a milligram of radium put inside an Orgone Energy Accumulator, Reich knew that there was an antagonistic relationship between the energy of life (Ether, Prana, etc…) and the manmade nuclear energy so recently unleashed upon the planet. The effect of the nuclear ‘irritant’ seemed all out of proportion to the physical amount of radioactive material. The distance of this irritating and wildly exciting Orgone anti-Nuclear effect seemed to reach much farther than the actual radioactivity of the nuclear material would indicate. Perhaps, Reich reasoned, the Orgone Energy was a continuum; and this anti-nuclear reaction of the life energy (Oranur) extended and perpetuated itself in a chain reaction fashion far beyond the original limits of the nuclear radiation.” (1)

The development of the Cloudbuster was a response to the aftermath of the Oranur Experiment. Around Reich’s Oranur laboratory near Rangeley, Maine, the atmosphere became polluted with DOR (Deadly Orgone Radiation). The black and bleak DOR clouds were remarkably similar to what would later be called air pollution or smog. These clouds were present even in the midst of sunshine, and where they gathered the atmosphere felt ‘suffocating’, the sky seemed to lose its sparkle and animals and humans felt lethargy and other symptoms of malaise.

Not only were the DOR clouds a noxious presence, but a black powdery substance poured down onto the area, a substance that Reich came to directly associate with the presence of Ea in the skies above Rangeley. It was here that UFOs began to appear, big yellow and reddish pulsating ‘stars’ which were easily discernible from the planets and bluish colored fixed stars.

Previous to this Reich had no experience with UFOs and had never studied the subject. Now he was faced with a direct confrontation. Some nights there would be 3 or 4 Ea hanging in the sky above Orgonon. They would make the atmosphere black, but by mobilizing the cloudbuster Reich was able to clear the air and make the sky blue again. It was under these peculiar conditions that the ‘Spacegun’ came into existence, and the war with Ea began.

“I made actual contact by way of the cloudbuster with luminous objects in the sky on May 12, 1954…During this hour men on earth saw for the first time in the history of man and his science two “Stars” to the west fade out several times when cosmic energy was drawn from them.” “Easy contact was made on that fateful day with what obviously turned out to be a heretofore unknown type of UFO. I had hesitated for weeks to turn my cloudbuster pipes toward a “star”, as if I had known that some of the blinking lights hanging in the sky were not planets or fixed stars but SPACE machines. With the fading out of the two “stars”, the cloudbuster had suddenly changed into a SPACEGUN…what had been left of the old world of human knowledge after the discovery of the OR energy 1936-40 tumbled beyond reprieve. Nothing could any longer be considered ‘impossible’. I had directed drawpipes, connected with the deep well toward an ordinary star, and the star had faded out four times.”

Reich had first hesitated on using the spacegun on the Ea, considering the possibility of them being some kind of American craft, but the situation became so intolerable with the noxious OR influence, that he finally decided to. He found the power of the Oranur Spacegun tremendous due to the sensitivity of the OR energy ocean. The energy equilibrium of Ea could be disturbed or even put out of order by withdrawing energy from it directly. The affected Ea seemed at first to struggle, pulsating erratically, then shrink and even fade out completely. But the space visitors seemed to be retaliating by increasing the DOR pollution in the vicinity.

“There was no doubt left as to the purposefulness of the activities of Ea: Energy was being drawn from the planet, with the consequences known now, 1956, far and wide as ‘DOR-emergency’; decay of vegetation, the crumbling of granite rock, a feverish atmosphere. OR energy laws, mostly unknown to us earthmen, were used technically in the Ea operations.”

A detailed report on the Ea problem was forwarded to the American Air Force who appeared to be ‘burningly interested’ in the subject, but not particularly surprised.

To further test the correlations between Ea and the desert forming DOR, Reich and the cloudbuster crew made their preparations to go to the fully developed desert, and the OROP Desert Expedition was underway.

A simple chart Reich made to differentiate between stars and UFOs hovering high in the sky. Certain facts about the appearance of the UFOs such as their noiselessness, their shimmering lights, sometimes bluish in appearance, rotating discs underlying their motion, fell into place with some of the facts Reich knew well from cosmic OR functioning:

1. The ‘CORE MEN’ (CORE = COSMIC ORGONE ENGINEERS), as he came to call them, apparently were thoroughly conversant with the laws of functioning in the cosmic OR energy ocean.
2. They used cosmic OR energy in propelling their machines.
3. Their ‘blue lights’ were in agreement with the blue color characteristic of all visible OR functions, sky, protoplasm, Aurora, sunspots, the color of OR lumination in vacor tubes, etc.
4. The CORE MEN were obviously riding their space ships on the main OR energy streams in the Universe.
5. Just as space is not empty, light does not ‘come down to us from the stars and the sun’. It is an effect of lumination in the OR energy envelope of the planets. It is a local phenomenon.

Therefore, there is theoretically no limit to speed in cosmic space, and the Ea were able to achieve tremendous speeds.

Driving across country to Arizona where the expedition would make its base, Reich closely observed the atmospheric conditions. DOR tended to concentrate over cities and became more pronounced as they entered the desert regions. Here it was observed to sink down into the valleys and hover low over the landscape like a ceiling. The tops of distant mountain ridges were seen to project clearly above the DOR shell, like islands above the ocean, and on these peaks the primal vegetation was still alive; while the lower vegetation, covered by the low-lying DOR blanket, died off, leaving only desert in the valleys – especially in the areas near atomic testing sites.

Reich described the mountain ranges as being “eaten out”, gnawed at by DOR as if a monster were feeding on the rock itself. The DOR functions were characterized by “a silent, invisible and inaudible gnawing away and insidious consumption of the life force of a host or organism.”

“The process of disintegration of trees and whole forests is due to progressive DOR prevalence in the atmosphere. A slight DOR prevalence causes dryness, dryness in turn increases DOR. Thus, in a vicious circle, the water-hunger grows together with diminishing precipitation. The process is slow and not easily discernible. Not much is known about its secret attrition of life.”

“It has great significance for the mastery of our future, that DOR surplus causes deserts in the landscape as it does in the organism. Desert souls will enhance desert development; and desert development will increase DOR or staleness in human emotions.”

DOR is hungry for nourishment, for water, for oxygen. As the DOR increases it vampirizes its host, in this case the abundant life energy indigenous to the planet.

Reich observes that “the pestilential character shows the same type of behavior. He saps juicy, emotionally rich people, deprives them of their strength, akin to the behavior of a tapeworm, within the host victim. The pestilential character thrives on the energy loss in the victim, but in the end he perishes with the host. From here to sociological conclusions regarding the secret dynamics of political dictatorship is only a logical step: from here, too, a bridge can be built toward understanding the connection between desert development on our planet and visitors from outer space. These visitors are using fresh cosmic energy for their locomotion and pour the slag, DOR, into our atmosphere. Whether this is being done on purpose or by accident does not matter as far as the effects upon life are concerned.”

Reich foresaw the complete destruction of life upon mother earth looming on the horizon, unless DOR energy could be reverted again into OR or Life Energy.

OROP DESERT Ea (1954-55)
“Life holds only a narrow wedge as its own domain in the infinite vastness of cosmic energy.”

The desert around Tucson Arizona was chosen for Operation OROP, one of the hottest and oldest deserts (25,000 years) of the U.S. There was no primary vegetation growing; there had been no rain for five years. By October, 1954, the base was operating.

It was not the primary objective of the expedition to “make rain over rainless desert”. Reich had no ambition to impress anyone with rain making. Rather he wanted to find the borderline where their artificial efforts at a new atmospheric technology could end “and be replaced by the self-regulatory, self-sustaining laws that governed the behavior of cloud formation, rain cycles, cosmic energy metabolism in the atmosphere, etc, as they do in the living organism.”

He had observed that the living organism apparently metabolizes freshly taken in OR energy into DOR, which is expelled in the form of CO2, urine, feces and sweat. In the healthy organism the energy equilibrium between the charge and the discharge was easily maintained, however, during sickness more OR seemed to change into DOR. Thus, Reich concluded, a prevalence of DOR would be a basic feature of all disease.

Subjectively Reich and his co-workers experienced the DOR atmosphere in the desert as oppressive and irritating, with the blinding heat seeming to draw the juice and life energies out of their bodies.

“Thus, having seen and felt the desert, Expedition OROP proceeded to begin cloudbuster operations, in order to find out whether such a climate could be changed.”

“With cloudbusting operations, much DOR was removed and fresh Orgone Energy was brought in from the Southwest (along the Galactic Orgone Stream). The immediate result was a freshening of the atmosphere and environment: gone was the parching dryness and gone was the blinding whiteness of the sky. Rainmaking was not the goal; in fact, noticeable results occurred prior to any rain falling on the dry, sandy desert floor. By November, the barren desert north of Tucson began to turn green with a fine growth of new grass! In December, the greening of the desert had spread to cover an area 40 to 80 miles from Tucson with new grass up to one foot high! This happened without any rain falling, due solely to the fresh atmospheric Life Energy and attendant moisture from the Pacific Ocean, 250-400 miles to the Southwest.”(1)

The arrival of denatured Radium (ORUR), from the Oranur experiment at Rangeley dramatically increased the effectiveness of the cloudbusting operations. “While the clearing of the atmosphere had previously been done by drawing off the DOR clouds into a lake, now, within a few seconds, using ORUR material, the sky cleared and became blue…The change in the atmosphere was immediately felt by all observers. Even dirty steel-gray, DOR-affected rain clouds seemed to fill up and become white in a brilliant, formerly dull, stale atmosphere.”

However, Ea were also observing the operations. Whenever the familiar pulsating craft were seen in the sky, the rain clouds disappeared and severe DOR infested the atmosphere, making conditions extremely unpleasant for the crew. If the Spacegun was not used, the atmosphere became unbearable. One operator at a Spacegun was paralyzed by DOR while drawing from an Ea. Reich wrote: “There was no escape from the fact that we were at war with a power unknown to man on earth.”

But the ORUR was found to be extremely effective in combatting the Ea menace. “One could now reach far into space with ORUR: the range was limitless theoretically, since the OR energy ocean is endless and most sensitive to stimuli as demonstrated by the processes of dawn, dusk, and our actual operations over vast stretches of space.”

Another DOR-creating problem was atomic testing within the desert region. Reich was later to consider the possibility of immunizing the atmosphere against atomic explosions, much as living systems are immunized against infection. By creating a highly ‘orurized’ atmosphere, he reasoned, the DOR energy from atomic blasts or from Ea could be siphoned off. It was noticed that during the ORUR operations, there were ‘coincidentally’ many publicly announced postponements of atomic tests.

It became apparent to Reich that although there was moisture in the atmosphere, the lack of actual rainfall around Tucson was due to a DOR barrier somewhere west of the experimental site in Arizona, preventing the clouds and moisture flowing in from the Pacific. The barrier was found to exist on the Sierra mountain divide, where a concentration of DOR was breaking up and dissolving the rain clouds coming in from the west.

By March 1955, continuous DOR removal operations were set up just to the west of the divide. Within two weeks the barrier was breaking up with a black precipitate form of DOR (“Melanor”) falling to the ground and turning the white sand dark. By the end of March rain began to occur in the desert. The breaking of the DOR barrier had accomplished the full breakthrough of fresh OR energy into the desert basin.

The expedition was successful. The atmosphere had undergone a radical change, breaking a five year drought and turning completely barren desert land into green pasture again after thousands of years.

It proved conclusively to Reich that desert development was clearly and doubtlessly reversible, that through a new kind of orgone technology, humanity could convert life-destroying energy back into life-sustaining energy.

Winding up his affairs, Reich left the desert in April 1955. It was to be his last major operation. Within two years he was to die in prison, destroyed by a system that could not tolerate the free expression of live-giving energy. But the Enigma remains…

(1) ‘The New Age’ by Klark Kent, The Journal of Borderland Research, May-June 1987.
CONTACT WITH SPACE by Wilhelm Reich, Core Pilot Press, New York, N.Y. 1957. THE WILHELM REICH MUSEUM, PO Box 687, Rangeley ME 04970.
FURY ON EARTH by Myron Sharaf, St. Martin’s Press, New York. 1983.”[7][8]

5. Satan and the Anti-Christ

I have not mentioned the Anti-Christ and Satan in this whole scenario here in ‘Level II’, but they will both most certainly have their roles to play as well. Marduk has been pointed out a few times both as the Anti-Christ and Satan, but I have another feeling about this whole aspect. If King Nannar is the ‘Christ’, then everybody who is against him would be the Anti-Christ. Therefore, it’s more like an archetype. The Anti-Christ would be the humans who stand in King Nannar’s way, and someone playing the role of Marduk may very well be the scapegoat. But, it says in the Bible that the Anti-Christ will reign for a while, fooling people into believing he is the Christ. So yes, this is a possible scenario. I do not know who this particular person would be, if any, so I think we just have to look for signs. However, I have spent very little time on this issue for a reason. I’d rather see people put their attention on a possible invasion rather than keep looking for an Anti-Christ who may, or may not even show up. It could very well be a distraction so we don’t see the mobilization of troops, and other preparations for the real invasion. That could have been the whole purpose with the Anti-Christ issue. But don’t hang your hat on it, either, I just want people to focus mainly on the events that really count.

Satan is a very old archetype, and I would say ‘he’ is a different ‘person’ depending on from which side of the story we look at it. If we see it from the Sirian side, Satan would be anyone who endorses the Divine Feminine, because Satan means ‘adversary’, and the adversary to the Patriarchal Regime is the Divine Feminine. And on a deeper level, Satan would be the Orion Empire (Divine Feminine) and even Mother Goddess herself. Seen from the perspective of the Divine Feminine, the opposite would then be true.

Now, this is all seen from the viewpoint of the ancient subject of polarity, Masculine against Feminine, and the old War of the Genders as well, but is there a real Satanic Archetype, and even a real Satan? Also, is there a real Lucifer, Archangel Michael, and Gabriel, and is there a whole Angelic Realm outside of this boxed-in ancient battle? I would at this point not exclude that option, and I am currently looking into it. Level III will most certainly be entirely a ‘spiritual’ level, with the intention and hope to make people think about who they are in a more cosmic sense, and what is outside this old battle and the old Galactic Wars that I’ve been describing in the two first levels of learning. Who were the Original Builders? How was polarity created? Was it purposely done by the Mother Goddess? Or who did it? These, and many, many other questions I hope I am intending to discuss in the next, and last Level of Learning.

6. The Building of Alternative Timelines, Changing the Course of the Entire Universe

The Sirians are still in charge over the Corridors of Time and believe they are theirs; they believe they own them. They are reconstructing the prime, and most important corridors and are organizing the New Eras of Existence, thinking they are way ahead of the game. They believe that if they can only suppress us enough so we don’t wake up too much during the nano-second (the only chance we have), they are still on top and can bridge us over the scratch in the DVD and be in control of what is going to happen on the other side. And not only that; once the new corridors are built, many forms of intelligence will be able to move back and forth through these corridors, while the Sirian Overlords can decide which ones they will let in and which they won’t.

This has been a problem the last few hundred years or so, because those beings who have been allowed to travel those corridors are the same beings who have been tampering with out DNA throughout time: The Sirians, the Kingú, the Dracos, the Grays…

But there is another plan at hand, and by this time it is already completed! Back in 1994, the Pleiadians said the following, and I strongly feel that this is true. And hang on, there is more:

“There are secondary and tertiary time lines built so that if the secondary one is raided there will be another time line still open.

When the secondary and tertiary events are established and built, it means that there will be a major opening in the corridor of time. This opening will allow many to come through the so-called officially approved channels. They will find an underground movement and doorways that simultaneously open in many other directions.”[9]

And here is the kicker. Above the Pleiadians are talking about that they are building secondary and tertiary timelines, independent of the original one, which the Sirians have controlled since they took over the planet. So the Lords of War can use the original one as much as they want for their own, selected buddies, while our Helpers are building parallel timelines. This was in 1994, and then they said that these timelines were currently being constructed to offer a greater influx of energy onto the planet. This is all done in preparation for the ‘Primary Event’ that I discussed in the previous paper. They say that the ‘webs can be connected’ again, and everything will change on Earth. And it will also change all of time. They say “it will, to some extent, rip a gigantic hole in the fabric in which [we] dwell”.[10]

They say that whole universes are worked on and being cleaned up from pollution, because of misuse of energy. When too much energy is misused, the timelines disconnect, and holes are ripped in the web that connects a certain universe with itself in all direction; on smaller and bigger scales. In a universe like that, the Pleiadians say, you could go to the store, and when you came home, your home would be a totally different place; another reality will exist there.

What is happening now, and has been happening for a long time, is that the Sirians, in total disrespect of the mechanics of the Universe and the seeding of life forms, have misused energy to the maximum on this planet, all the way from the nano level and up through the dimensions, in their efforts to suck the whole Universe up, like a band of universal vampires. Any energies that can be useful for control and conquest purposes are being sucked in and sucked dry. The problem is that they have manipulated us to become like them in many aspects. We humans are not consciously aware of what we’re doing to the Universe, but from the viewpoint of the Universe, we are still doing it, and for that we are held responsible. If we’ve let ourselves be manipulated, we’d better wake up before it’s too late.

At the time of the writing of the book ‘Earth — Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library’ in 1994, the Living Library was still on a version of the primary web that’s closed down by the owners (the Sirian Alliance). The Library, however, is now guarded and inactivated. We can still take advantage of what’s in there when living here on Earth, but these different libraries were supposed to be accessed by beings from other worlds as well; it was a universal thing. This is one reason why underlying corridors are being constructed, they say. It’s much like a spider spinning new threads in the web.

Apparently, the Pleiadians, and their teachers whom they call the ‘Keepers of Time’, and who in reality are the Mayan, have been busy connecting the web again and even spinning new threads in the web. The Mayans whom the P are working with, are not the human culture of Mayans who created the calendar, by the way, although these humans are descendants (hybrids) of another, universal group, which can be seen as another archetype, if you will. Anyway, according to the P, when the last stretch of time is completed, there will be a dimensional shift on the planet. Over the nano-second, those who have been working on their spiritual/biological selves have already noticed how they go in and out of other dimensions they have not visited before. Once the web is completed, one version of Earth will be catapulted into the 4th and even the 5th Dimension (note here that numbering the dimensions is just for our convenience, like the P say. There is no practical use in numbering them, because dimensions don’t work that way; they blend together and have no set boundaries. But for us humans, a numbering system can be helpful to better understand the structure of the Universe. In the future, when we experience such dimensional changes, number systems like this will not be needed). There will be all kinds of shades of this new version of Earth, depending on the small differences in each person’s personal Multiverse, but the Living Library will again open up, and humans who are ready for the changes will be activated, feeling drawn to the Library. They will suddenly understand what it is and feel the connection, and their own purpose in the existence of the Library.

The Earth Library is that of Nature, from which we are born. It is the rocks, the sand, the plants and the animal kingdoms. But there are other Libraries as well which will eventually open up for us that look totally different from our own, Primary Library. Some of them may look like geometrical shapes, but at this point in time we will not understand them.

Another version of Earth (also with its different ‘shades’) will go towards destruction, and it’s that version I will concentrate on in the next paper, and finally end with concentrating on the ascending version in the last paper, curiously peeking into the future.

However, my point here, and the kicker, is that the P, together with the Maïan Founders/Builders (which are more proper terms for these beings, most probably originating from and ascended and much, much older version of the Pleiadian Maïa star system), figured out that the problems the P have in our future could be traced to events that were created in our own human future (close to theirpresent time) by the Sirians (something I talked about in a previous paper). The Sirians created the blueprint for their most important prophecies in our current future, for it to manifest around our current present, while the Sirians, when doing so, did it while being manifested in our past. Complicated enough? I hope the reader is following this. If not, please read this paragraph again from the beginning, and very slowly to make sure you see how this is done. These beings are what we in metaphysics call ‘Time Jumpers’; they can literally insert themselves in any time they want and change events at will. This seems scary when we think about it, but we need to remember that although they are able to change events, it’s done on one specific potential timeline, and if they want a future event to come true, they need to control the ‘players’ (us in this case) and steer them in the right direction so the majority stay on the outlined timeline. If not, people will change events all the time, and the timeline that was set by the Sirians will not happen and fade away as a potential timeline, not having sufficient energy to be kept alive.

This makes the Sirians overly busy. They need the number of people for their overall purpose, but how can they guide such a vast population towards such a narrow goal; especially as people are waking up at the same time? Well, they have to tighten the control, without making people too suspicious. But it’s not an easy task, and they are losing control, because they have grossly underestimated the ‘lulus’, and those working with us behind the scenes. Time jumping has been a luxury only Sirians have had here in Near Earth Space, but recently they have spotted other Time Jumpers all over the planet, and this has made them go ballistic. Often, the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other letter agencies have chased Time Jumpers all over the planet, trying to catch them. They have even barricaded and isolated whole areas at times, telling the public a cover story about chasing a criminal or something similar, when in fact they are after Time Jumpers.

And who are these recent Time Jumpers if they are not Sirians? Well, the Pleiadians tell us that it’s them, and those whom they are associated with. They are here to complete the alternative time corridors, and this is freaking the Sirians out. Although apparently no Time Jumpers have been caught thus far, the Sirian Overlords have a pretty good picture of whom they are. Now they are afraid their prophecy plans will be destroyed, just as they had managed to get the majority of the Earth population ‘on track’ and moving towards their own destruction. Therefore, the Warlords are looking for alternative options at this point, because they really didn’t have a Plan B, confident as they were that they could be able to complete their goal without too much effort. They had not expected intervention!

The Pleiadians said in 1994:

“We are here to facilitate changing the past, in order to alter our present in the Pleiades, our version of now. It is being done to reroute and reorganize a tyrannical takeover that exists far in the future. In actuality, your past is racing toward our present, and yet we went into the future to change it.

Eventually, you will perceive a very different set of memories because you will change the past of your universe. This is how things are. We have told you that we come from your future and that we came back to change the past. We are very clever. We are changing the history of the entire universe by making a parallel universe. This is what parallel universes are — plans that shift the mechanisms of time from one point by changing the event. You can do the same thing in your own personal life. You can change your past as well. Be flexible as you learn to play the game.”[11]

Figure 2-5. Train out of control

Now, eighteen years later, I am listening to a lecture by the same group of Pleiadians, and they are talking about a ‘Unifying Event’ that may occur this year, depending on in what direction the energies go. It appears that this Unifying Event will also work as a Primary Event in order to throw us onto a new timeline. I like allegories, because they create pictures inside our heads which can be helpful to understand things, so the reader can imagine sitting on a train going full speed, almost out of control, and in front of you, there is a fork on the train tracks. One track is going straight forward (the Sirian timeline), a second track (the secondary timeline) is going left, and a third track (the tertiary timeline) is going to the right. The train is now moving so fast that you feel something is going to happen at the fork, and you are not sure it’s going to be good; the train needs to slow down! Then, just when the train is going to continue full speed straight ahead, there is an obstacle on the train track which the train runs over. The impact is enormous (Primary Event). However, although many people are flying out the windows of the train carriages and die, the train manages to continue on the straight track, moving forward towards the station (fulfillment of prophecy and Machine World). However, the last few carriages go off rail in full speed, fly 5 feet up in the air, but manage to hit the rails just right again when they land. But these carriages, no longer carried by the train, instead land on the track going leftward (the secondary timeline) and eventually slow down and stop. The survivors leave the carriages, still shaking and shocked, and are amazed that they are still alive. But the world they now live in seems to have changed. It’s like a totally different world, and they like it!

This is basically what is going to happen. The train is the nano-second, which is speeding up tremendously as we are reaching its end, but will decrease, slowly but surely, as the carriages don’t have the train to pull them anymore. However, for a while they will continue by their own speed until they slow down automatically.

The good news is, if we are believe the Pleiadians that the secondary and tertiary timelines are finished and have been for perhaps a year now. The P are very pleased, because they believe we have made it. However, they also explain what that means. Primarily, it means that they have been able to change our past, with help from us humans, so that the event in the past (apparently during the Atlantean times) when the Sirians decided to create the execution point around our current time when the Prophecies were going to be fulfilled, is erased, and an alternative timeline has been created. Therefore, this Pleiadian rebel group, who is channeled by Marciniak, have succeeded in their mission, because now they can handle their own present time, which is in our future. But what about us?

Well, the Sirians are losing control. They can, however, still fulfill prophecy if they can get enough people to respond to their manipulation, but the perpendicular insert points they had set in the future, from our past, is erased, so now they have to improvise and work much harder to get people to follow them all the way. This also means they will lose a lot of people on the way; people who will see through their lies and manipulation and choose the left train track (the secondary timeline), which is still open and ready to use, as is the third, although not needed for now. So, what the P say in the most recent lectures is they are very pleased with how events have unfolded, but we humans still need to work on ourselves, not to be prey for the Sirian Alliance (although they are usually calling them ‘gods’ with a small ‘g’). Many people, out of fear and convenience, will still choose the straight train track, leading to a Machine World, and that seems inevitable, but I am doing my best to educate as many as possible (with the abilities I have), so we all can make an educated choice. Whatever people’s choice will be after that is up to them; it’s none of my business, because we are all on a personal path, but at least I have exposed some stuff that previously has been hidden and is hard to find elsewhere.

Here is the Pleiadian conceptualization for us:

“If the twelve libraries that you are a part of were all activated at full capacity, they would create a gigantic instrument in space that would connect itself through conscious beams of energy. This instrument could change the course of the corridors of time and completely alter the future universe by simply erasing its presence from where it began, without annihilating anything.”[12]

This is exactly what they have done. Of course, in 1994, when this was written, it was poorly understood by people on this planet, and the P knew that would be the case. The P were clever enough to know that we would grasp it much better by the end of the nano-second. So, in other words, the twelve libraries have been activated, all connected to our human chakra system (which are twelve, not seven in numbers; five operating outside the body). This doesn’t mean that the knob will be turned on full speed in all humans and totally overwhelm us, but the gates are open, and now it’s for us to explore, little by little. The Sirians are no longer in control of the Living Libraries!

The Pleiadians are further talking about us reconnecting with our Higher Selves (our Oversouls). While being slaves here, we have had no chance to reconnect with our Oversouls, except periodically, when we’ve had epiphanies, or been guided. The latter has mainly happened with people more recently, while in the past, it was mainly done by artists, writers, and philosophers, who were ‘lucky’ enough to find a hole in the Grid so they could connect and find wisdom. Many of these artists connected with these higher aspects by the usage of different kinds of drugs. As told in earlier papers, thousands of years ago, the recycling system was put in place, and instead of returning to our Oversouls after body death, we were manipulated to go through the ‘tunnel’ and continue towards the ‘Light’. There we have been having our amnesia implant and shot back into human bodies again. Now it’s time to start connecting with our Oversouls and meet ourselves — for many people it will be for the first time!

The Pleiadians say that there have been some of us (and they are mainly concentrating on the nano-second here) who have had quite a steady contact with our Higher Selves and made sense of this multidimensional experimentation, which is designed to provide a sense of unity in the future. What they are talking about is the part of the DNA which is the Namlú’u legacy; the multidimensional part, which is our true selves. Soon enough, humanity is going to be able to explore the stars, the Universe, and all its dimensions and densities for the very first time. Most souls in this human soul group were born here on Earth and have never had the opportunity to travel to the stars. However, for some souls, who got stuck here after ENKI created the first manipulated humans, there are other aspects of self (of the Oversoul) who are already multi-d, and have always been, but these aspects of self have been out of reach for the most part due to the energy trap the Sirians created in a distant past. Humanity is rattling their chains and the chains are rusty and just about to break. Then we are free — but only if we choose to.

There are a lot of civilizations out there who want to get access to the Living Library again so they can change the course of the Universe. They are very excited to connect with us once we’re ready, although they understand that their energies are much different from those of us humans, who have been dwelling in the material world for such a vast time period, but they also know we are able to integrate, and in the future they are hoping we can all work together to change the Universe to the better. The tyranny we have experienced on this planet is not unique; the Sirians have taken over many sectors of the Universe at this time, and even more in the future, and especially on the timeline we can meet the Pleiadian group. The Pleiadians are under Sirian control. However, according to them, and thanks to us to a large degree, the timelines are changing and the Sirians are losing their grip! Ponder this for a while, because this is good news! Do I believe it? Yes, I do! I both can see and feel it happen. Instead of freaking out about all the insanity around me, I am smiling, because I can see what it means. It only means that the Sirians are out of control and they are desperate for the first time in ages! And they have all the reasons to! I have learnt to see it from the Pleiadian perspective; this is what they have been working on since they arrived in 1988, and what I just have explained is the mechanics of it; how it was planned, how it was done, and how it could become successful. I will explain more about the implications of all this in the following, last papers.

7. The Importance of Understanding the Real Meaning Behind ‘Service to Self’ and ‘Service to Others’

“A great battle exists, a fight for the souls, spirits, and bodies of humankind, for the core of your being is so vital that many seek it. Keeping you in ignorance, most particularly in linear thinking, forces you to produce the frequency of fear rather than the frequency of your own natural biological inheritance, unique to you, which is the vitality of love. Love is not stored anywhere quite like it is stored in you because you are part of a library and are a priceless experiment as well.”[13]

This message from the Pleiadians (this time from 1998), tells us a lot. It educates us that there is a battle for our souls, and it is fought in the non-physical, in other dimensions. We are ‘special’ in more than one way, as I have said throughout this level of learning. We are royal, because we were originally seeded as an Experiment, directly orchestrated by the Queen of the Stars, and we have her DNA, which makes us directly connected with the 96% of Dark Matter and Dark Energy; the Goddess Universe. By capturing us, modifying us, and keeping us ignorant, those who ‘took us under their wings’ and let no other have us, could then start sucking our life energy out, until very little was left, and substituted with other kinds of energies, belonging to the 4% Universe. However, this ‘lesser’ energy is not sustaining us very much longer, because it’s not how we were made to be, and we don’t absorb it as well as beings who were created here. This is another reason the Sirians want to create a Machine World with half humans, half cyborgs, and less soul energy. This way, they can still suck the last of our Goddess Energy out and use us as Super Soldiers and invincible star warriors.

7.1 The Term ‘Unconditional Love’ Misunderstood

The love inside that the Pleiadians are talking about is the Love of the Goddess; the Ultimate Love (some call it ‘unconditional’, but even that word has been misunderstood, therefore I prefer calling it ‘Ultimate Love’). Ultimate Love is greater than we think, because it spans over all spectrums. On one level it can be when you have such understanding for yourself and fellow man that you let other people be the way they really are without feeling judgmental about them. You give them Ultimate Love, which is Ultimate Knowledge + Ultimate Understanding of that Knowledge, and the application of it. The other being feels he or she can be totally themselves all the time when they are with you; whether they are sad, angry, happy, quiet, chatty…When you show this attribute, the other person will eventually peel off their layers of ‘pretense’ and personae they have taken on in this lifetime and previous ones, just to please other people in hope of being accepted by people and society as a whole. You are doing people the Ultimate Favor by applying this wisdom on them.

The reason I am not using the term Unconditional Love anymore is because I noticed how it had been misunderstood and misused, so the person who tried to practice it became a target for those who wanted to hurt them. It has gone so far that people believe that Unconditional Love is when you are accepting people’s most horrible behavior, because that’s a part of their journey. So when someone who is evil is spreading lies about you, or somebody else, or is beating up his wife and kids, the person who thinks he or she is all about Unconditional Love doesn’t necessarily like what they’re seeing, but they think it’s part of the other person’s journey, and therefore it should be left alone.

Ultimate Love, on the other hand, is when you have a person in front of you whom you know is beating his wife, and dare to confront him with it. You have such an ethics presence that you can go up to a person that is evil and tell them what they’re doing is destructive and not acceptable behavior. You say it without anger or any ‘misemotions’, but with a presence that is unshakable. The other person will back off and either listen from the shock of it all, or start running. But you know that this evil person can’t get better until they are confronted with what they’re doing (and maybe you’re so skilled that you can even spot entity possession. If so, be careful not to challenge the entity — it can be very dangerous — but tell the entity you want to talk to the real person, not the entity. The Pleiadians are experts on this in their lectures when someone in the audience with entity possession let the entity speak. They have no tolerance for that). You know that underneath all that evil, is a scared little being who doesn’t dare to be himself, but think they can survive better by controlling others. Ultimate Love shows that you love that person and want to bring him/her out, but have no empathy for the part of them (or the entity) who is causing the evil. None whatsoever.

Figure 2-4.1. Jim Morrison, 1969

The late American singer, poet, and songwriter, Jim Morrison of the Doors, was interviewed by Lizzie James sometime in the late 1960s. I was told about this interview a few days ago and was amazed how profound Jim was — and this was way back. It took the world more than 40 years to catch up, but to be honest, we have actually not caught up yet. Please read, because it is pretty good and thought provoking:

“Interview with Jim Morrison

Lizzie James: I think fans of The Doors see you as a savior, the leader who’ll set them all free. How do you feel about that? It’s kind of a heavy burden, isn’t it?

Jim Morrison: It’s absurd. How can I set free anyone who dosen’t [sic] have the guts to stand up alone and declare his own freedom? I think it’s a lie–people claim they want to be free–everybody insists that freedom is what they want the most, the most sacred and precious thing a man can possess. But that’s bullshit! People are terrified to be set free-they hold on to their chains. They fight anyone who tries to break those chains. It’s their security….How can they expect me or anyone to set them free if they don’t really want to be free?

Lizzie: Why do you think people fear freedom?

Jim: I think people resist freedom because they’re afraid of the unknown. But it’s ironic … That unknown was once very well known. It’s where our souls belong … The only solution is to confront them — confront yourself — with the greatest fear imaginable. Expose yourself to yourself to your deepest fear. After that, fear has no power, and fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

Lizzie: What do mean when you say “freedom”?

Jim: There are different kinds of freedom — there’s a lot of misunderstanding … The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your senses for an act. You give up your ability to feel and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.

You can take away a man’s political freedom and you won’t hurt him — unless you take away his freedom to feel. That can destroy him.

Lizzie: But how can anyone else have the power to take away from your freedom to feel?

Jim: Some people surrender their freedom willingly–but others are are forced to surrender it. Imprisonment begins with birth. Society, parents; they refuse to allow you to keep the freedom you are born with. There are subtle ways to punish a person for daring to feel. You see that everyone around you has destroyed his true feeling nature. You imitate what you see.

Lizzie: Are you saying that we are, in effect, brought up to defend and perpetuate a society that deprives people of the freedom to feel?

Jim: Sure … teachers, religious leaders-even friends, or so-called friends — take over where the parents leave off. They demand that we feel the only feelings they want and expect from us. They demand all the time that we preform[sic] feelings for them. We’re like actors-turned loose in this world to wander in search of a phantom … endlessly searching for a half-forgotten shadow of our lost reality. When others demand that we become the people they want us to be, they force us to destroy the person we really are. It’s a subtle kind of murder … the most loving parents and relatives commit this murder with smiles on their faces.

Lizzie: Do you think it’s possible for an individual to free himself from these repressive forces on his own — all alone?

Jim: That kind of freedom can’t be granted. Nobody can win it for you. You have to do it on your own. If you look to somebody else to do it for you — somebody outside yourself — you’re still depending on others. You’re still vulnerable to those repressive, evil outside forces, too.

Lizzie: But isn’t it possible for people who want that freedom to unite — to combine their strength, maybe just to strengthen each other? It must be possible.

Jim: Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself-and especially to feel. Or not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. That’s what real love amounts to — letting a person be what he really is … Most people love you for who you pretend to be … To keep their love, you keep pretending — preforming [sic]. You get to love your pretense … It’s true, we’re locked in an image, an act — and the sad thing is, people get so used to their image — they grow attached to their masks. They love their chains. They forgot all about who they really are. And if you try to remind them, they hate you for it — they feel like you’re trying to steal their most precious possession.

Lizzie: It’s ironic — it’s sad. Can’t they see that what you’re trying to show them is the way to freedom?

Jim: Most people have no idea what they’re missing. Or society places a supreme value on control — hiding what you feel. Our culture mocks “primitive cultures” and prides itself on suppression of natural instincts and impulses.

Lizzie: In some of your poetry, you openly admire and praise primitive people — Indians, for instance. Do you mean that it’s not human beings in general but our particular society that’s flawed and destructive?

Jim: Look at how other cultures live –peacefully, in harmony with the earth, the forest — animals. They don’t build war machines and invest millions of dollars in attacking other countries whose political ideals don’t happen to agree with their own.

Lizzie: We live in a sick society.

Jim: It’s true … and part of the disease is not being aware that we’re diseased … Our society has too much to hold on to,and value — freedom ends up at the bottom of the list.

Lizzie: But isn’t there something an artist con do? If you didn’t feel you, as an artist, could accomplish something, how could you go on?

Jim: I offer images — I conjure memories of freedom that can still be reached — like The Doors, right? But we can only open the doors — we can’t drag people through. I can’t free them unless they want to be free — more than anything else … Maybe primitive people have less bullshit to let go of, to give up. A person has to be willing to give up everything — not just wealth. All the bullshit he’s been taught — all society brainwashing. You have to let go of all that to get to the other side. Most people aren’t willing to do that.”[14]

7.2 The Term ‘Catalyst’ Misunderstood

It’s the same thing when you see people starving in Africa, and you hear children and women being raped in war. It could be any horrific situation that you hear of. There is no justification for letting such things happen among us.

At the end of 2008, a ‘self-proclaimed Illuminati Insider’ who called himself ‘Hidden Hand’ started a cult-like following on the Internet. He showed up on the ‘Above Top Secret Forum’[15] and answered questions from the members. This Q&A session was of quite high quality in the sense that it is pretty easy to see that Hidden Hand was genuine. Very few people have doubted his authenticity. I collected this entire interview and posted it on my Illuminati News website[16].

Hidden Hand was very slick. He and his likes (not sure about gender, but use male here for simplicity) must have felt threatened by the awakening, and thought that people may turn against them, because he justified his own extremely evil deeds, and those of his kind, with saying that they had sacrificed themselves for us to become our ‘catalysts’. They had arrived in the past from a much higher dimension and descended here to do as much evil deeds as necessary to wake mankind up. By doing so, he said, they have created their own karma, and soon have to experience the other side of them coin, when it’s their turn to be extremely suppressed. Hidden Hand also referred us to the RA Material, which he suggested that we read for a fuller understanding. The RA Material is talking about negative and positive densities and Service to Self versus Service to Others. Hidden Hand (HH) referred to himself as coming from a higher positive density, but decided to come back here and switch to a negative density in order to become our catalysts. So he is thus doing ultimate Service to Others (STO) by being ultimate Service to Self (STS), according to himself.

He won many sympathizers, and people started thinking of the Global Elite and all the evil they do as something good, because it enhances our own development. How? Because by doing this amount of evil, it helps us seeing that something is wrong, and we can more easily wake up and evolve. As a matter of fact, HH said that without people like him, we would continue living in our slumber and never evolve. We would be slaves forever. This rang true to a lot of people.

Now it is time to debunk what Hidden Hand was teaching us. Being extremely clever, he was very well prepared. By saying what he was saying, those who were the worst threats to the Sirians once again would agree with them and their actions! Twisted and turned, of course, but it worked! However, the reason it worked was because under current circumstances there is truth in this, which he could use to twist into his favor and fool us once again.

Here is the plain truth: if the Sirians hadn’t trapped us in the beginning and exposed us to all this evil that they have no problems manifesting, we wouldn’t have needed any catalysts at all. The reason we need catalysts now is because they are still keeping us trapped and manipulated, and continue treating us like slaves and guinea pigs. If they instead leave or planets and don’t return until they have evolved spiritually, and we let them(!), we won’t need them as evil catalysts! This, dear reader, is the naked truth, and this is what they hid from us in the Hidden Hand interview!

So don’t fall for their manipulative agenda to get the sheep back into the fold again, which they managed to do pretty well back in 2008. Now, when you know the truth about the Sirian Overlords you can more easily see how people like Hidden Hand deceive us. I fell for it, too, for a while.

In summary: there is no reason why we human should justify any of the evil the Sirian Overlords manifests here among us, and there is no reason why we should accept the evil some of the humans do to others. Evil is evil and it is degraded and misuse of energy! Therefore, Ultimate Love is to understand this and point it out where we see it, in order to get mankind on track. It is also our hope that in the future, those who now refuse to look at their own horrible behavior, will come to their senses and get affected by the divine energies of Ultimate Love and Light the rest of us are working with. In the end, we want a Universe where Ultimate Love is the norm, and all star races have the knowledge necessary to apply this wisdom to self and others.

7.3 The Importance of ‘Love of Self’ (STO vs. STS Revisited for the Last Time)

I once again want to address the subject of Service to Self (STS) and Service to Others (STO), because these terms are used a lot in channeled material. If I am correct, these terms started with the RA Material in the early 1980s, and continued with the ‘Cassiopaeans’, a channeled collective which has a very similar signature to that of the RA collective. After that, many other entities started using the same terms, interestingly enough. The only ones I’ve seen debunking them are the Pleiadians, and again I must say I agree with them. They have provided me and others with so much profound information over the years and have had a great influence on my awakening; more than many people think. They are far from the only ones, but they have been a major influence, and extremely helpful. Therefore, when people say they have an agenda and we shouldn’t trust them, I know they are correct about the ‘agenda’ (it’s out in the open — the Pleiadians were the first to admit to that), but the information is often invaluable!

I see and hear about people who are very concerned that if they don’t manage to do 51%, or more, STO than STS, they are doomed and can’t ascend to the 4th and 5th Dimensions. Therefore, they are constantly in stress and are anxious about their status. That itself, if we are cynical, is STS, because if you constantly think about how you are going to save yourself, by default you are STS. So, whomever came up with this nonsense knew what they were doing. It is absolutely nothing wrong with helping others, but your first responsibility is that to YOURSELF! Hence, in terms of STS and STO as stated in the RA Material, that would be very STS, wouldn’t it? Well, I am going to state that STS is actually more important than STO, if we have to choose one of the two. But it’s more complex than that, so let’s continue.

Let’s start with the following Pleiadian statement: “Humans who do not operate with love of self and love of the planet will be departing in vast numbers very quickly after exposure to the rays entering Earth.”[17]

This is how important the Pleiadians think STS is. If we don’t feel this immense love of self (and the planet), people will die in vast numbers. Here is another Pleiadian quote before we round it off: “Often those who continue to take care of others get caught up in the role of providing, and mistake this for their identity and purpose”.[18]

What has come out of the STS/STO debate is a new kind of fear, which is very serious, because it addresses the person’s possibilities to evolve and ascend to higher dimensions and densities. Very little can be more stressful than that. Of course, not everybody see it as stressful, either, but enjoy what they’re doing. At least this is what they say, when perhaps, if they look deep enough inside, underneath any type of denial, they may actually be very stressed, too. But I leave that for each person to look at for themselves.

The way I see it (and I find this very important) is that we need to mainly concentrate on our own issues. In the nano-second, we have a ‘free ride’ on the waves of Enlightenment, where we have the chance to deal with our timeline issues and ‘become whole’ as a spirit, and eventually merge with our Oversouls. We do that by raising our own frequency and become an example for others. Those who are connected to you in one way or another will feel your energies (distances don’t matter), and they will be affected positively from your just being you. But by raising your own frequency you are doing so much more than that, too. You help raising the frequency of the whole planet, which will eventually break down the prison walls. This is so, because Earth, from Sirian manipulation, is set to a certain frequency, which will hide the planet from being ‘seen’ by other star beings, and inaccessible by most. By raising the frequency of the mass consciousness, we change the frequency of the whole planet, and this is our main task right now!

Does this mean that we should just neglect others who need help? No, not at all. We can still give help when asked for, but there are certain Universal Rules when doing so, which have to be taken into consideration. I have talked about this before, but I have seen how hard it is for it to sink in, because good people are so used to helping out, hands on.

1. Only help someone when help is asked for. Don’t help just because you see somebody struggle with a problem. Of course, if someone falls on the street, you will be there to help; that’s obvious, but I am talking about somebody else’s life situations — either for the first time or recurring. Observe, but don’t offer help until help is asked for. I will explain why in a moment.

2. When help is given, it must be help to self-help, as much as it’s possible. Don’t do the job for somebody else; let the person do the job themselves, but when asked for, give advice if you feel you can, but the advice should cause an insight for the other person.

These are the two simple rules, and they are based upon the same core value: each person is learning their own lessons in life and must not be interfered with. Too often people interfere and believe they are helping. Then they get surprised when the person they help doesn’t seem very appreciative, and sometimes even start attacking the one who’s ‘assisting’. This often happens in parents/children relationships and between married couples. The core thing here is that if a person is told exactly what to do, or someone is doing it for them, they never learn. Even if something seems obvious to you, it may not be to the other person, who needs to figure it out. By figuring it out themselves, no matter what it takes and they have to go through, they are perhaps figuring out something that has bothered them for lifetimes, and once they solve the problem themselves, they have accomplished a lot. This is how we heal along the lines of time. It can only be done by the person themselves, not by somebody else, because it’s inner work.

I know it’s hard not to interfere when we see that we can solve a problem for another, but Ultimate Love is to let that person have their space and figure it out on their own, and when asked for, give advice which will help them see by doing their own thinking. And just to be more obvious; if the neighbor comes over and asks you to help him carry something up on this truck, of course it’s okay to help out. This is not the kind of help I’m talking about. I am relating to life issues and life problems a person seems to have, which may be recurring; patterns that the person has a hard time to break. This is were profound advice can be the best help to self-help. This is when the person afterwards comes up and thanks you from all their heart. Because you granted them the opportunity to solve the problem themselves; you only provided something they could think about.

On a grander scale, this is why star beings from other worlds should not interfere with an evolving race. It’s a break in the Law of Non-Interference. We break that law all the time on a smaller scale, and it creates upsets at best, and confusion along the lines of time at worst. Also, when you solve a problem for another, they feel less powerful than you when they are not. Brought to more of an extreme, this is how idolism and heroism is created.

8. The Atlantic Karma, Triple Helix DNA, and the Cleansing of the Planet

It’s quite obvious that we are living out the Atlantean karma in present time; especially here in America, but also in many other parts of the world. When it was decided upon that Amerika was going to become the New Atlantis, and the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians arrived here in the late 1400s, the stage was set. This is where people who had any major connection with Atlantis were going to live out their karma, and hopefully resolve it.

There is a big cleansing going on on this planet at this particular time, and like the Pleiadians say, there is nothing we can do about it[19]. We can see how old magicians from that time are now coming back; the same people, another time, but somewhat similar. The technology we have now is different but still similar. Overall, we are reliving that epoch once again. We know Atlantis was destroyed, much so due to misuse of energy, and we now stand in front of the same fork on the road. Last time we chose destruction, so what are we going to choose this time?

Just like then, there are now people who can see what is playing out before their eyes, and it’s pretty stunning at times. We literally see the same people doing the same thing over again for the same purpose. This time we are misusing energy even worse than we did back then, and it’s alarming even for star races outside our solar system.

We are manipulating DNA again, and black magicians are trying to produce what they call Triple Helix DNA; something that is not only isolated to the Thule Order and people such as Jarl Vidar, Michael Noel Prescott and Supriem Rockefeller. The Pleiadians are also talking about it in their books and lectures. They say the following about Triple Helix:

“The Great Tidal Wave of Light, as expressed through the great Uranus/Neptune conjunctions of 1993, brought an infusion of cosmic rays onto the planet, creating a potential third strand of DNA in the masses.”


“As the rebundling and reordering progresses, you will create a more evolved nervous system that will facilitate new data to move itself into your consciousness…”[20]


“It [The Great Tidal Wave of Light] triggered the light-encoded filaments to draw together and bundle that third helix. This bridged the electrical current inside your bodies that will access the self you know to the multidimensional self.”[21]

So, according to the Pleiadians, the Triple Helix was created in the DNA of the masses already in 1993. What Jarl Vidar does back in Germany is to test the blood of a person to see if he or she has the dormant Triple Helix in their DNA. If they do, he uses the ‘Vril Machine’, which is basically hooked up to the Níama, the Universal Energy, which in ‘Star Wars’ is called ‘The Force’, so the person can be activated on a distance. Time and distance are no longer of any significance. If the person activates, he or she becomes multidimensional in some terms, and for many, it can be a pretty overwhelming thing. Prescott told me about his own activation back in 2009, and he said it took quite a while for him to get used to it, and it was even scary at first when he noticed he had access to the ‘invisible realms’. He could now see what we can’t see with our five senses.

The problem with Triple Helix activation the way it is done by the Thule Order is not only that it overwhelms people and can even make them go insane, but it is also not lasting; the blood activation has to be repeated once a year. Also, it’s not meant to be tampered with like they do; it’s a natural procedure which will take its time and activate gradually. However, the Thule Order and those who work on fulfilling prophecy don’t have time to wait; they think they need activated people now to do the job required by them.

Needless to say, the Pleiadians oppose to any such behavior. They were asked in a lecture a couple of years ago about Triple Helix, and they said that no one should get involved in any such project (although they never mentioned the Thule Order in specific, although it is project like theirs they are referring to). Our chance to get out of this mess needs to happen on a level that is natural and is given the time it needs to develop. Everything else is a step backwards. 

9. The Silent Invasion

I have saved this section until last in the discussion about the invading Sirian forces, because it’s the one I’ve hesitated about the most, hoping it’s not true.

When us researchers of old prophecies (which include aliens), talk about invader forces, in general we either discuss them in terms of huge battleships surrounding Earth, Project Blue Beam, or like me, Project Blue Beam as a distraction, while the invasion happens elsewhere. That’s bad enough, but there is another option as well,

The invasion could be totally silent; no Blue Beam or any hologram whatsoever needed. The holograms could just be something they leaked out to us so that we keep our eyes towards the sky instead of here, down on the surface. We were talking earlier about alien/military abductions and a Prime Event. It could possibly be that at least a big part of the abductions of people could be not so much to explore our DNA as it would to reprogram it for the Prime Event that will set humanity off towards the Machine Kingdom. Could it be that they are opening up certain chakras and manipulating certain parts of our DNA so that we can be open for entity possession? The entities I am talking about now are the Sirian, taking over our bodies from the nano world. After all, there are many million Americans who claim they have been kidnapped by aliens (someone said, one in twenty Americans have been abducted!!!). Even if just a third of these stories are true and include real aliens, it’s still a huge amount! If all those, of the majority of them, were abducted for the above purpose, the Sirians have a lot of bodies they can inhabit here. No bloody war needed, and no major loss of human lives.

Let’s say that the alien/military abduction part of the plan is coming to a completion, then it’s just a Prime- or Unifying Event that’s missing; something that’s perhaps at least twice as traumatic as 9/11. I assume it must have to do with loss of human lives, because that seems to be what affects us the most, emotionally. In any case, it has to be an event that will cause tremendous trauma even for those who are not directly affected. And it must be of a magnitude so that it affects the whole world at once for it to be most effective. Boom! and from the shock, people all over the world leave their bodies! Not permanently, but under trauma, people usually leave their bodies, because they want to escape from the terrible situation. It happened during 9/11 as well, and many people got possessed. When the spirit leaves the body during such an event, it’s a perfect opportunity for non-physicals to enter the body and coexist with the original soul.

If this theory is correct, 9/11 could very well have been a pilot; a test to see how well it worked out. If it was successful (which I believe it was), all they have to do now is to wrap it up, tie together the loose ends and execute a really powerful event. Then, if let’s say a billion people get terrified enough to leave their body for an extensive amount of time (let’s say 24 hours), there is plenty of time for the Sirians to invade and take over a lot of these bodies. They may not be able to inhabit all the one billion bodies (not all vessels are suitable for them), but the ones who were genetically altered during abductions were most certainly trained and implanted with fear so that it would be a 100% certain thing that these people would ‘exteriorize’ (leave their bodies) so the Sirians could enter. Interdimensional Sirians would hang around in the astral, waiting for people around the globe, abductees or not, to exteriorize so they could attempt to invade the vehicles.

In case this is successful, the invasion may be over in a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, with the technology the Warlords inhabit, this version of an invasion seems the most plausible, because it’s the easiest and most effective way to do it. And they can still have use for all the bodies that survive the Prime Event, so the plan may be to create a catastrophe big enough to get the desired effect, but small enough to save as many lives as possible, unless they are planning to take advantage of a huge human exit from the planet, feeding off the fear and Fire (soul energy) that’s shoots off into the astral during such an event.

This time, when the Sirians take over the human bodies in shock, they will most likely kick out the original avatar/fire and cut off the astral cord so they can’t return; they die, but the body is still functioning, now taken over by a star being; by someone from the Sirian Alliance, be it a ‘Gray’, ‘Draco’, ‘Wolfen/Reptilian’, or whomever.

Afterwards, in the aftermath, the same Sirian forces who took over the human bodies will help humankind on their feet. Beings from this new Sirian/human community will now put themselves in positions of power, first showing quite a lot a empathy and love. If this is true, it unfortunately fits in with what I have noticed lately. All of a sudden, there are those strange channeled messages coming through to channelers all over the world. They say they are Beings of the Light (some even say they are ascended ‘Nibiruans’ and that the old, warlike ‘Anunnaki’ don’t exist anymore — they have evolved and are now a 9D collective). The message these entities spread through their human vessel is that of love and light and that we have to start trusting the Sirians, because they now have our best interests in mind. I got one of these messages emailed to me yesterday by a reader of my material, who wanted to help and asked me what I thought about it. The message I was sent is rather short, so I’ll include it here for your discernment. Please read and we’ll discuss it more afterwards:

A message from Nibiru and the AnAnnUki~ Channeled by Méline Lafont | Here and Now

Allow us to introduce ourselves and, by the same token, to greet you most heartily as we now enter the times in which it is paramount to address you all and to share important information. We are the so-called AnAnnUki and in the course of our evolution we have spiritually evolved into the Light. Our predecessors, who have been generally known by the term AnUnnAki, are no longer existing now, as we have evolved spiritually into the Light causing that designation to become obsolete. We are reborn and so is our designation. We speak from the Collective and we are most grateful for this opportunity to step forward. We get a distinct feeling that this is not so easy because our scribe is not convinced enough as to our intentions. For this reason we had to wait quite a long time for this opportunity to be granted. Now she has consented to function as a scribe for us, for which we are immensely grateful. It is quite obvious that there still exist thoughts and judgments about us all referencing to the deeds of our predecessors. We firmly take our stand that we do not want to be compared with them anymore, as we no longer embody those energies and we have absolutely seen the error of our ways. In realising this we have been uplifted into a higher level of consciousness that is linked to the Christ Consciousness, to the Office of the Christ also known as the Highest Light possible. We request of you now, to open yourselves for our conversations in the firm belief that we no longer have the same intentions as in the past, for we no longer embody that disposition. We are loving entities now and we approach you with loving intentions to assist you and to make amends for our previous erroneous ways. We thank you in advance for this opportunity!

What we wish to convey to you all is that we are now in the process of gradually approaching your planet Earth. We are hiding behind your Sun and, rather unperceivedly, approach you because a direct approach would be too overwhelming and too shocking. The energies that our planet Nibiru generates for the population of Earth and for Earth Herself are enormously powerful. But please do not consider this a negative fact! We do not approach you with bad or with destructive intentions but rather with enlightened intentions. The results of our presence, in the sense of an approach, will cause many shifts and will more specifically see to it that all remaining negative energies, still firmly anchored in your planet, will be released in their totality. Much negativity has already left but still some has to leave. This can be accomplished thanks to the energetic shifts that we cause in passing alongside your planet. We will not arrive on your shores, our mission is to assist you by merely approaching you and than passing you by. That fact in itself will be more than sufficient to witness some beneficial shifts.

You are not up for destruction, far from it. Please let that sink in. We only ask that you do not consider us our even link us with terms as “destruction”, “negative thoughts” or “negative intentions”. It is of the utmost importance to distance yourselves from this line of thought and to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we come from the Light with the best of intentions. This is our mission, this is our assistance towards all of you. This assistance can be seen as a restitution. To be aware that we come to help you, will bring further enlightenment to us as well as to you resulting in perfect harmony on your Earth. Admittedly, harbouring thoughts and fears about destruction or about our alleged ill intentions, can lead to more chaos and confusion resulting in the fact that our approaching planet Nibiru will energetically reinforce those thoughtforms.

The arrival of our planet fortifies the collective thoughtpatterns and the collective consicousness of humanity. So please think and create what it is that you want to achieve from a heart filled with Love and Light. To exist in complete harmony within yourself will empower that what you want to become. Our planet Nibiru will shift everything meaning that all that has to happen to bring forth Ascension, will duly come to pass. The more your thoughts and your creations are outright positive, the more there are only loving thoughts and feelings towards one another, the more positively harmonious the effects will be.

It is very important that you familiarize yourself with this fact! Your own destiny and your own path lie within your own hands. You decide what your future or what your NOW moment, will look like. Your thoughts and your creations determine your state of being and your experiences. When you Love, when you remain and act from Love all will be good and all will stay good. Your inner peace is important as is your complete trust in the Divine. We originate from the Divine and we strive to cooperate with this Divine Plan which we serve. It is our hope that we have clarified what our purpose and our mission entails within this great Ascension process, which in itself is accelerating more and more. Have faith in the Divine and in our intentions as they are solely based in Love. We love you all so dearly and we only have your best interest at heart!

At this present moment, Nibiru is situated at the distance of the sun from your Earth, what you would call an astronomical unit, and our energies are already clearly perceived and felt by all of you. These are intense energies for which also beloved GAIA remains not numb. She knows of our upcoming arrival to help Her as well as Her population and is most grateful for this. For centuries she has asked for help and She is now thrilled to see and feel us responding to Her request.

The time is NOW for you to shift over to the state of enlightenment and everything in that regards is worked out meticulously. This project implies and has drawn enormous energies even from all over the cosmos because this solar system will now take its rightful place and will start executing its assigned galactic duties. Everything moves up a notch from a galactic point of view as we all continue to evolve at infinitum. Nibiru is our planet but it is also our enlightened homeworld on which schools will be established for students such as yourselves.

We are very pleased to see you all evolve on a large scale as is effectively foreseen that way. The ones who are ready will also evolve and will take the big leap into Ascension. The ones who are not yet ready will evolve along other ways and will continue to live on in their own creations of duality until the time has come for them to make the leap into Ascension. You are the precursors and the guides showing the way to what can be and what will be possible. We respect all choices and Nibiru will make a clear distinction in what the possibilities are because all worlds, all creations will be fortified and there will definitely be clarity!

In no circumstances do we wish to bring fear, we want to clarify the fact that you must proceed thoroughly in the best interest for all of us and for all of you. Your thoughts and creations will materialize and that’s the reason why it is so important to remain positive and to be Love. Our arrival will empower everything, so make sure that you are at all times positive and loving, so that you will experience just that.

Your inner guide is now your only guide so work on establishing a direct link and connection to your inner guide when you feel that this connection is not fully activated. You are assisted enormously by the beloved Archangels, by the Ascended Masters and by other Galactic Civilizations who take on the role of helping and protecting you wherever necessary. Call on them when you think you need help to activate yourself so that you can rely on yourself at all times. All that surrounds you is something outside of yourself on which you cannot rely in times of chaos and changes. It is your inner guidance that will become important, your inner feelings as prompted by following your heart for your heart is always with you at all times.

The old and familiar that surrounds you will never be the same again, a fact that will be felt by many as a deep hole : the familiar has always been a kind of hold for you. It is time to let it all go as in fact they are non-existent. Only you are eternal, life itself is eternal! Your own essence, your spark, your love and your colour makes you what you are now and what you will always be no matter what. So be Love in all ways and have faith in yourself and in the Divine Plan. You have arrived at a most significant shift which will alter your whole world forever.

We thank you for this opportunity to share our message, we are the Anannuki and we greet you most lovingly.”[22]

Interestingly enough, this group is changing their name from Anunnaki to Anannuki, thinking that this will take care of the problem with their bad reputation. Also, they mention that if we don’t stop thinking negatively about them, something bad can happen to us when Nibiru comes closer to us. The only thing that caught my attention in this message is the current distance between Nibiru and Earth, which this group says is 1 AU (astronomical unit), which is the same distance LPG-C has promoted.

But my real purpose with posting this channeled session is to show the reader what the potential reason for this ET group to channel this message is. They may very well be testing the waters. Are they, the Sirians (who are not at all beings of love and light), able to fake those higher emotions and vibrations and fool mankind? If you go to the website where the session is posted (click on endnote [22] above) and read the plenty of comments underneath, it sure looks like most people get fooled.

As we speak, the Sirians are testing other channelers as well, who have their chakras wide open, ready to take in any entities, good or bad. The Sirians apparently want to see how well they can perform the ability to spread fake love and light. If people respond positively to this obvious fraud, the Sirians know they can invade and after the Prime Event be the ones who ‘comfort’ the survivors and start building up what has been torn down. These Sirian ‘walk-ins’ will all be very gentle, loving, and helpful in nature, but will be faking it. However, if they do a good job with it, these people will be the ones the population wants as their future leaders. If they decide to go this route, the Sirians have millions, perhaps close to a billion human bodies they can take over here on Earth and they will then be in direct control of Earth in a fashion that has not been the case earlier — not in this capacity. If this succeeds, the Sirians, I’m sure, are pretty confident that they can lead the sheep into embracing the Machine Kingdom — rightfully so.

Therefore, whatever happens, keep your calm, think about this paper, and do whatever necessary to stay in your body. Stay grounded! Have a crystal always handy (keep it in your pocket wherever you go); it will help grounding you — go to a New Age store or similar and choose one or more that attract your attention, it doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. Also, if a traumatic event happens, take deep breaths, which will also ground you, and if possible, do the ‘Quantum Pause’ breathing exercise (email me if you want the exercise in pdf). All these things will prevent you from being possessed or taken over by someone from the Sirian Alliance. This is why I am stressing this breathing exercise so much; we need to do it on a daily basis; at least twice a day, or if time won’t allow us, do a short one, perhaps just 2-3 breathing loops! This way you will stay grounded, at least most of the time.

And lastly, if the above is indeed their plan, make sure not to get too involved. Such a plan would be ingenious, because the Sirians know about the good heart of humans, and our willingness to help others in a situation of crisis. Of course we will help out under the circumstance of a Prime Event like that and assist those who are badly affected by it, but when everything has settled, it’s imperative that we, who don’t want to have anything to do with the Sirian invaders, are starting to go in our own direction. They can only hurt and harm us if we let them manipulate us into agreeing to that they can harm us. We need to claim the sovereignty over our bodies and the planet and connect with nature, which will be where we are the most grounded.

After the fact, the Sirian King may show up in some kind of ‘Second Coming’ and perhaps there will be a Rapture, too, both of religious people (Christians in particular) and New Agers, who think the saviors will come in spaceships and beam them up, or invite them on board. These people, rather than ascending to Heaven or higher dimensions, will be reprogrammed and used for something else, probably, with all memories erased. This way, the Sirians will get rid of minds which are disruptive to their plans.

So, with that the Sirian invasion will be more or less complete. Gigantic metropolitans will be built to house the Machine Kingdom, and the majority of people will be seduced into living there, and many feel they need to do it out of necessity. It will happen gradually, and most people will not even notice, so be very alert!

Another last option for now when comes to Sirian invasions would be an even more silent invasion, without a Prime Event. 2012 will just pass by as any year (well, more or less; 2012 has so far not passed by just as ‘any year’) with not too much commotion, because the take-over has already happened! Or most of it, perhaps. In other words, the Sirians from the spirit world are able to occupy the bodies they need without the rest of the planet having a clue. Maybe a Prime Event is obsolete?! If this is the case, it’s even more important to be alert, because everybody is waiting for something big to happen. When it doesn’t, people write it off as just another fraud, hoax, fake, conspiracy nutcase, and all the rest of it, when in fact everything happened behind the scenes!

In fact, Dr. Raymond Kurzweil, one of the pioneers in nano technology, said just recently that the turnover from a machine just being a machine into ‘singularity’, which means that the machine becomes intelligent enough to think without human interaction, can and will be very subtle, and people will probably not notice. And not only will machines be as intelligent as humans — they will exceed human intelligence! I talked about this a lot in ‘Level I’ as well (see, and

But it doesn’t end there. Kurzweil and his conspiratorial scientists, who receive billions of dollars of tax money, and an unknown quantity from the ‘Black Budget’, to finance research into nano technology, know that one day man and machine will become one, and that’s the exact purpose. Instead of like now, when they have slaves (us) who are hybrids (human/alien), they will have what science fiction writers call ‘cyborgs’, so-called ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (abbr. ‘AI’). Our body parts will be replaced by machine parts. This way, like the Pleiadians say as well in recent lectures, the invaders will have a human slave race which is much more obedient and can function as fabulous super soldiers!

So, constant alertness is our best weapon right now. It’s easy even for the most enlightened of us to fall for new technology, because it seems to make life simpler. And it does, for a while, until we, too, are sucked into this new Machine Kingdom, and we didn’t even notice. It’s very seductive and very, very addictive! More so than any known drug on Earth, I dare say!

The following video from a dying NASA scientist is from 2008. It was sent to me by a supporter of my work on Nov. 4, 2012, the day after I completed the whole ‘Level II’. It confirms everything I’ve been trying to explain. He is very accurate — unfortunately!

10. The Superwave as a Positive Event

There are those, as we have seen, who want to present the Superwave, in which we are now currently bathing, as something dangerous and potentially so lethal that it will kill off the whole population, and we need to evacuate before Winter Solstice, 2012 (December 21).This, I believe, is even more fear mongering, feeding those who are in charge of our planet.

Figure 2-6. The Superwave

In reality, the Superwave is a wave of light frequency from the higher part of the spectrum, and it will boost us with all this energy before it moves on and disappears out in deep space on its continuous journey in 2013, signaling the end of the nano-second. By then, we should be fully upgraded and able to more easily start using our new abilities to build a new world, free from Sirian involvement (more about this in the last paper).

The problem is that many people who are aware of the Superwave see it as something potentially very dangerous that can destroy big parts of Earth. The wave is so powerful that those who observe it may think we won’t survive the ramifications.

Much of the fear and negativity when comes to the Superwave I believe comes from Paul LaViolette’s work on the subject[23]. LaViolette has a frightening perspective of what it all may bring to Earth when it hits, and LPG-C, among others, have taken this approach as well. LPG-C also took the most frightening information out there when comes to the Incoming Planet that’s in existence, and embraced it.

Personally, I prefer a most balanced look at the Superwave, and the explosions that are occurring something around every 26,000 years in the Center of the Galaxy, from the ‘Galactic Central Sun’ (not to be confused with Alcyone, the ‘Central Sun’). This is a very natural phenomenon, and a part of a natural cycle. Due to these explosions, star races like ourselves are able to take the leap from being planetary bound in an evolutionary cycle, to become more multidimensional and eventually star travelers. Perhaps, without these regular explosions, this wouldn’t be possible, or at least take so much longer. But I do not fear it; indeed, I look forward to it!

The next paper will bring up what awaits for mankind if we continue doing nothing and refuse to get rid of our chains, like Jim Morrison said in the above interview. It’s the quite inevitable future waiting for those who’d rather be manipulated than create their own lives, free from chains. Finally, the last paper will be discussing a probable future for those who choose to still stay here on Earth and rebuild it to become the Paradise many of us have dreamed about. Of course, there is going to be challenges even in the positive future we are building, and this is as it should be. A life without challenges is a boring life, indeed. Souls need challenges to be happy and feel they accomplish something, but in the future, the challenges will be set by us, without the interference of an oppressive star race, such as the Sirians. The difference should be mind blowing, because we can now work on our own personal goals, not some false goals that have been implanted into us, together with a belief in our own limitations!

“A time will come when there will actually be a wave of light that sweeps Earth.” — The Pleiadians.[24]

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