Second Level of Learning, Paper 18: The Obsession With Fulfilling Prophecy

by Wes Penre, Saturday, October 6, 2012
Revised: Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 @ 5:45am

1. The Energy Grids and the Cycles of Time

Here is a new concept about how time works. Well, it’s not really new; it’s actually ancient, but today’s humans have a very poor concept of time. In my papers I have already stated that all time is simultaneous and can be experienced all at once, or separately as in linear time, or a little bit of both.

When I study and research time, the following becomes more and more real to me. Any planet has layers upon layers of energy grids around her, and these grids allow her to be experienced from all her different time frames. Because of these various grids/layers of time, we feel isolated here on Earth, trapped on a planet with no first hand understanding of the Universe outside our atmosphere (unless you’re an astronaut, but even they have a very vague concept of the Universe).

If we were to experience all these energy grids at once, all time would be simultaneous. It’s a little bit like watching a movie on a DVD. A disc has tracks in it, and if we run the DVD from beginning to end, it will tell a linear story, reading track after track. But if we could watch all these tracks at once, the whole movie would play out at once and stop being linear. If this happened, we would be extremely overwhelmed, turn off the machine and return the DVD and tell the retailer that something is wrong with it.

The energy grids work in a similar fashion. If we experienced all the grids at the same moment, past, present, and future would hit us all at once, and our nervous system would go ballistic and we would turn insane from being totally overloaded with information. So instead, to have a 3D experience, we are locked into one energy grid at the time, and the ‘DVD’ can continue playing its linear ‘movie’.

If you were an alien astronaut and wanted to land on Earth, it’s a whole science to it. There are portals (or openings), and if you enter one of these portals, you will access all of the different realities and time frames and corridors that run off this particular portal. It’s very important that you enter not only the right portal, but also choose the correct corridor once you’re inside the portal, or you could end up anywhere and anytime during the history of the planet. Before you enter a certain portal you also would like to know where the planet is in comparison with the zodiac to make sure you land in the right time and place. Thus, if we use Earth as an example, you can visit the 21st Century, the 1500s, or the 3500s, respectively. All these times (and all other times) always exist and can be replayed!

The Pleiadians say:

“Portals are protective devices that are put around planets. The ownership, creation, or making of a portal is an awesome task. There is a frequency energy that must be maintained to hold that portal open. There are many portals on Earth…”[1]

Within these time frames there are cycles of time with beginnings and ends. Some cycles are longer, while others are shorter, but each cycle is supposed to accomplish something; i.e. each cycle has a purpose, like a chapter in a movie. If we’re talking about a Mayan cycle, it’s 5,125 years long, while a zodiacal cycle lasts for 26,000 years. Still, the zodiacal cycle is not the longest one and the Mayan not the shortest.

It is my understanding that when a planet is born out of the ‘womb’ of its sun, she is born with these energy grids, representing cycles of time relevant for that particular planet. Later on, when a Founder, or a group of Founders, come and ask the Sun for permission to create on one or more of her planets, they start filling these energy grids with meaning and purposes. You could say they are creating the plot to a movie that is supposed to play out over a long duration of time. Once the plot is established, the ‘characters’ in the movie are created; thus life on the planet is starting to evolve; this includes everything from the simplest single-cell organism to the most complicated, intelligent being. I am not certain that this creation even has to be in 3D, but it is my understanding that most intelligent life forms who are later becoming star travelers (if they choose to) start out in what metaphysics calls the 3rd Dimension (3D).

1.1. Haven’t We Lived This Life Before?

If we want to continue using the metaphor for a movie recorded on a DVD, one track would for example be a Great Year (26,000 years in our terms). Within that track are smaller cycles like that of the Mayan calendar. The Founders, when they create the movie, program every cycle to have a meaningful beginning and end, as a part of a bigger plot, which is a part of an even bigger plot. When they think they have decided how to do this and everything is programmed into the energy grids, they are satisfied and leave the planet to play out the script, still watching it from a ‘distance’, from other dimensions, to see if their creation was fruitful (the Pleiadians, for example, have always said that Nature, which includes us, is a program).

But, you may say, how does Free Will come into the picture then if a planet’s history and its development is just a script being played out? Well, that’s the exciting part! If a film producer (who is a creator god in his own right when he makes a movie) completes a film, the plot is set in stone. What’s in the movie is what you get; you can’t change the plot, you can only observe what others play out on the screen. In real life it’s different. The plot is made in a very similar fashion as a movie, but the actors (such as you and I) have Free Will and can change the plot with our thoughts and actions (at least to a certain extent). If we couldn’t, there wouldn’t be an Experiment, and no real experiences, because the outcome would always be what was programmed to begin with. Hence, as it is, the ‘movie’ can end totally different from how the producers (the Founders) had intended, which would usually be to their liking, unless the ending is destructive.

Now, after have entered 2012 in our energy grid we are completing a Great Year Cycle and are beginning a new. This means we are at the end of an old species and in the creation of a new. Homo sapiens will not be the same species after the nano-second! Always, at the end of a Great Year, the life forms who are being bombarded with the Geometry of Light, traveling mainly on gamma rays, from the Sun, the local Central Sun (Alcyone), and the Galactic Center, due to the lineup of these three relay stations, will have their DNA significantly upgraded. And this is being done without the necessity of any technology; it’s a natural process! However, it’s up to us how much advantage we take from this free ride we are on. Either way, we are moving from being Homo sapiens (or Homo sapiens sapiens) to becoming Homo Nova, the ‘New Human’.

This means we are becoming much more multidimensional and can perceive things along the lines of time. The purpose of this particular End Time was the Great Healing along the Lines of Time. Linear time is collapsing, and our past and future are trying to merge with our constant present. It’s up to us how much we let it, and how much fear will steer our personal destiny. A person who is terrified over what is happening to them and can’t cope with the changes they are facing (inside themselves and from outside events) will not make it. The failure will be on a gradient scale, from remaining in a state of extreme anxiety, to committing suicide. In fact, all that’s happening to us is, like I said, a natural process, and nothing to fear. When things get overwhelming we need to slow down and create a ‘stable datum’, meaning we pick out something from the confusion (it doesn’t matter what it is) and start working on that. Then we take the next thing and the next thing and so on, one thing at the time, and after a while we’ll notice that we are not so overwhelmed anymore, but in fact feel better than we did before we got overwhelmed. It is the state of doing nothing that keeps us in confusion. When we are resolving such major issues which we are dealing with, sometimes causing a person to become overwhelmed, and trigger their worst anxieties, they are healing their timelines — our Energy Grids! And this is exactly what we need to do in order to become multi-d. What is popping up in front of us, sometimes as huge problems, is exactly what we need to confront, because if we do, we are not only solving the problem in present time, but across the timelines!

Now, there’s only one major problem (of course, you may say, “isn’t there always?”). Normally, in a standard 3D situation on a standard 3D world, where evolution takes its time and moves forward, it takes the time it takes, but when the species has played their script until the end, everybody is free to move on, empowered and armed with a very useful and beneficial experience in the realm of matter. Now they can start exploring the Universe and all the dimensions, and unite with other star beings and star races out there who are excited to get to know the new race which has ‘graduated’ and now has the experience needed to become galactic citizens. All is well, and those who want to can then eventually start creating their own script and start seeding their own worlds with some help from the Goddess.

So, what’s the problem, then?

Well, when the Founders create within all these energy grids (which are like the tracks on a DVD), they have to lock in each ‘track’, or ‘grid’, so that the 3D beings who are evolving won’t experience the chaos that would be the consequence if they had access to all the grids at once; their biological neurology in 3D wouldn’t allow it. So it’s normal to ‘lock in’ the beings on a dense world of matter to protect them, like a quarantine of sorts. Then, at the end of a cycle, a code was programmed within their DNA in the creation stage, and this code works like a key which automatically ‘unlocks’ the next energy grid (the next track on the DVD), so the soul group can start a new cycle. The problem with us is that we were unfortunate enough to encounter the Sirian Overlords. One of the major thing they did to us was to lock us into one single grid and throw away the key!

What does that mean? It means that we are living in a ‘time loop’! We are reliving a DVD track over and over again. At the end of a cycle, we’re supposed to move on to the next, but the way the Sirians did it was not to give us access to the continuing grid, which would have led to the stars, making us into ‘gods’, just like them! Consequently, we have access to this particular grid we are currently experiencing, from beginning to end, and all the grids before that, but none of those are are supposed to follow after that, while optimally, if we weren’t under the control of this oppressive star race, we would have reached the stars ages ago! I am not even sure how many times we have re-experienced the same energy grid; it could have been twice, it could have been ten times, or it could have been a lot more! Each time we rewind the DVD and start all over, we change the plot to some degree because of our individual thoughts and actions, but the basic of the plot remains the same.

This is also where the recycling of souls and the amnesia implants come into play. They don’t want us to realize that we live the same thing over and over again, because then we may get the idea (God forbid!) that we want to break loose and peak into the future instead of the past, and perhaps one day reach the stars!

Here we also have the secret to what the Ra Material calls ‘The Harvest’. At the end of each cycle, a certain amount of people have woken up to the fact that they are trapped and decide to do something about it. These are the ones who ‘move on’ to ‘higher dimensions’ (or densities, as it’s often called in metaphysics). Those who are still asleep will continue living the time loop until it’s their turn to wake up. However, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT! I strongly suggest you don’t let any outside star race come and ‘beam you up’ or help relocating you with spaceships or otherwise! This process of waking up is on your own merit, and you can do it all by yourself, and you’re meant to. There are star beings who, by channeling their information, are telling you the truth about the Harvest, but add the following little ‘insignificant’ thing, as a twist to it; they say that they are the ones who will help out in the process and guide the enlightened ones so they end up in the right place.

Figure 1-1. The “Harvest”. Chosen people teleported up in spaceships.

I would suggest these channeled entities are no one else than the Sirian Alliance in disguise. The Ra Collective even blamed the Orions for being the only ETs of ‘negative density’ able to occasionally find a hole in the Earth grid (the Quarantine) and manage to land here on Earth and create havoc, or like in the case of the RA Material, a ‘5th Density Negative’ Orion being was the one who eventually had Don Elkins (the brilliant questioner in the Ra Material) commit suicide. He took on the entity that had possessed Carla Rueckert (the woman who channeled Ra) and committed suicide to mislead the Orion entity away from Carla and save her from her possession. He succeeded! This Ra Collective claim to have nothing to do with Marduk Ra, but all the evidence point in the direction that they are Sirians; these entities have a strong Sirian imprint.

The truth of the matter is that what these beings will do is to take those who are evolved, ready, and willing, transfer them, sometimes with spaceships, and sometimes in the ether, and they are, according to my research, most probably going to be placed in “enhanced” 4th or 5th dimensional bodies (or so they say) in order to be able to incarnate on Earth again as a more evolved being. In reality they will be put in hybrid bodies that are going to work as the beginning of a new “bloodline” of cyborgs that are going to assist the Sirians as Supersoldier officers in the future. So I strongly advise you, who are excited about these channeled entities who say they are going to “help” you ascend. Don’t believe them, or all your efforts to evolve yourself have most probably been in vain! Much more about this in Level III.

Then, what will happen now with all the rest of us when this cycle is finished, supposedly sometime around 2012-2013? Will we all be swept back in time and start all over on a 26,000 years cycle with full amnesia, something which has possibly happened before?

I would say it depends entirely on us! How many of us will wake up? How many will raise their frequencies? How much will the mass consciousness be affected by all the positive changes? This is the reason why I write all these endless amount of papers — to tackle our situations from different angles and wake up as many as I can. I don’t believe in the 3% Rule myself anymore (see later section of this paper), but I think enough people have to wake up in order to create what’s needed to skip over the scratch in the broken DVD to move on to the next section of the Grid, which I believe is the last one.

If we don’t make it, there is a big chance we will relive the last Great Year (the Pleiadians even tell us that if we don’t make it, we will not get another chance in another million years, albeit, I am not sure if they mean this literally or figuratively).

From what I have learned, the difference between previous cycles is that this time we have a tremendous amount of help. Many star races think it’s crucial that we make it this time. Not only for our own sake, but for theirs, and for the sake of our planet. We are polluting the Living Library to the maximum and are misusing energy to an extent that it affects large sections of the Universe. This is the reason why I think that with everything adding up, we have a chance to make it this time! But regardless, we need to continue spreading our energies and do our best to keep our high frequencies stable.

My point is, don’t be deceived now at the end of the nano-second, when you’ve made it this far!

I am sure all readers of this material are very eager to move on to the next energy grid instead of under amnesia relive yet another cycle of perhaps 26,000 years. I’ll tell you, I am done myself; no more recycling for me, thank you! And here is the good news: there is an escape and it’s fairly simple. Some say that the time loop we’re in is actually the second last of the energy grids, but we keep it in existence with our own mass consciousness, because when we agree to living in the Sirian system and are obeying their twisted laws that do nothing but enhance the power of the rich to the expense of the masses. We also agree to being implanted with amnesia and recycled, and thus we keep the whole time loop alive and well. If we break this curse, the next cycle will take us to the stars; I think that’s inevitable. Look at us, we are so close! We already know the theory behind how to do it. Set our energy free and start using our Fire and you will see what we are able to do. If we wanted to, we could blow the Sirians away a million light-years; that’s how powerful we are when we’re unleashed! They know this!

They are very afraid of us humans. Not only have they locked us into this single energy grid; they have also set the frequency to be slightly ‘off’, which means we are extremely hard to find for aliens outside our planet who don’t know in what frequency band to look. We are ‘invisible’ to the outside Universe. And the Sirians have decided to keep us separated in this loop until they know what to do with us. They have frenetically tried to steal our Divine Fire, but haven’t really succeeded, albeit it seems like they believe they now have almost gained enough power to dare confronting the Divine Feminine and the 96% Realm. But not without using us as foot soldiers and shields. If there are casualties (and there will be, believe me), it will be us and not them on the most part. At least that’s the plan. See, they will do everything they can to convince us that we need to fight this future Galactic War for them, and once we agree to do that, we will be the ones who get killed. All they need to say is, “wait a minute. We are not supposed to fight; the humans are. They have told us they want to do that for us. It’s their fault, not ours that your civilians die!” In other words, they will be able to twist it, although in a much more sophisticated way than I just described. They already do that, and the Vietnam War is a great example. American soldiers were ordered to rape and murder women and children, and when it was exposed to the American public, the military said they never gave such orders; it was done totally on the initiative of the soldiers themselves.

I want to wait until a later paper to suggest how we shall repair the ‘broken DVD’ and move on as individuals, groups, and hopefully as a species (but I highly doubt everybody will make it, unfortunately). Some say (like James the WingMakers) that we should all wait with ‘ascending’ until all humanity is ready, which will be sometime around 2065-80 (where have we heard that time frame before? Yes, the alleged return of ‘Nibiru’, although that time frame has now been changed). He says we need to move on as a whole mass consciousness and that there is no such thing as ‘personal ascension’. And he adds that even if there was, why would we want to leave our fellow man in this mess and just think about ourselves? I used to fall for that argument myself and started to get a bad conscience for wanting to move on without all the rest of humanity, something that of course held me back in my own evolvement, as guilt always does. Now I understand that this is just another trap to keep those who are ready still trapped, so we can’t escape. Yes, it’s very sad if all humanity can’t ‘make it’, but we are individuals, and as such on our own paths. If some people need more time to realize what they sit in, that’s how it needs to be. There is no reason why a person who has worked extremely hard, probably over many lifetimes to come this far, must sit and wait for those who preferred to watch football games on TV, drink beer, and vote for Bush or Obama. It goes against common sense. I am not a martyr and I don’t support martyrs, either, because they waste their own life and are remembered as heroes and idols, which is just another kind of worship. Each being is important in themselves, and what you do to evolve and enlighten yourself is more beneficial for the rest of this soul group and the Universe in general than all the help you can give others in form of money and ‘assistance’ which will deplete your own energy. I am not saying we shouldn’t help others when they ask for it, but I am saying that it has to be done in a manner so that it doesn’t inflict on your own progress. This is very important!

2. The Mechanics Around Prophecies

Now, when we know how linear time works in a 3D world, and that time is actually a construct which loses its importance when we’re multi- and interdimensional, it’s easy to comprehend that the Sirian ‘gods’ can easily get access to the Akashic Records of Planet Earth and also figure out the plot the Original Planners have made up for our original planet, Old Terra. It’s also somewhat comprehensible to think that the Sirians (with a lot of help from Aryans like ENKI) can reconstruct the Grids after the fact that Old Terra was destroyed and Earth was formed. Most certainly, Earth in its present form lost its original Terra grids and was now orbiting the Sun with grids that were ’empty’ and had to be filled. So ENKI, NIN-HUR-SAG, and their team simply created a new plot and thus filled the grids of time with their own story. It is my understanding that the full plot needs to end with that the chosen seeded life form(s) has to get the choice whether they want to reach for the stars or not, so the Sirians couldn’t get away from that, but they did have the option to lock one of the grids in so that time kept repeating itself over and over. Also, they can’t stop the nano-second and the boosts of energy and information coming onto the planet right now, but they can do whatever is in their power to diminish the positive effects — and they are. They are, indeed, but they are losing ground and are getting desperate and careless. Their counter-actions are becoming more and more obvious even for the non-educated person, and their carefully structured plans are now crumbling and they are making tons of mistakes. Even their ‘functional insanity’ (Pleiadian term) is now turning into insanity, plain and simple.

As discussed above, when an ethical Founder group is seeding a planet and filling the grids with their creative energies, they let the species on the planet evolve on their own, perhaps reaching the goals the Founders set, perhaps not, or maybe they chose a totally different direction, which in certain terms could be even more exciting, both for the ‘actors’ and the ‘producers’. However, when it comes to the Sirians, changing directions and not follow the script is out of the question, or something that needs to be avoided by all means!

So the Warlords created a plot where they are in charge and in one form or another are treated like Gods. The actors then need to follow the plot in the direction the Sirian Alliance wants it to go. On occasion, the actors start to act out on their own and move away from the original script. To get them back on track, something drastic needs to be done, and the more people there are on the planet, the more drastic the effects need to be to keep the unsuspecting actors on track (using the words ‘actors’ and ‘producers’ makes it sound like a play that’s not real or serious, but I want to remind the reader that this is not the case and not my intention. These terms are handy to use here, but this is not a ‘game’ or a ‘play’. It’s an Experiment out of mind).

Usually, with a little bit of creativity on the Sirians’ part, we humans can get back in line again. Letting a few people experiencing some kind of paranormal phenomena in form of ‘revelations’ with religious overtones help keeping the majority of the population in check. Even better would be to actually be truthful to the masses and tell them what their gods have planned for them. The most extreme way of doing this, and often the most effective, is to tell them the truth in form of a series of prophecies. They let people know what is to come and what is expected from them when it happens. Thus, we have the biblical Prophecies, like the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel as two prime examples. Many other prophecies, belonging to other religions, are telling a very similar story with their own twist to it, and that way the Sirians can cover most peoples of the world. Even the Native Indians (like the Hopi) have their own version of the Book of Revelation in their mythology.

Here in the western world, the most common religions are Christianity and its cousin, Roman Catholicism. So the Bible Prophecies are what will be emphasized here by the Sirian Overlords. They have a number of secret societies (which they once took over from the followers of the Divine Feminine and distorted), at their convenience, that have many things in common due to that they are top owned by the same interdimensional beings, and many of them work day and night to ensure prophecies are being fulfilled. On a higher level of these societies, the members are using a series of occult rituals to evoke spirits who can help them to accomplish the fulfillment of prophecy from the astral. Many of them go so far that they are more than willing to be possessed by spirits they evoke in order to get to where they want to go. In fact, you don’t even have to be a high level member to be willing to do whatever is necessary to fulfill your goals.

In 2009, I wrote a book called ‘The Myth about Supriem David Rockefeller’ which you can find online and downloadable from this very website. One of the characters in the book was Michael Noel Prescott, whom at that time worked together with Supriem David Rockefeller and Jarl Vidar of the German Thule Order to accomplish exactly this — fulfilling prophecies. He and Jarl are still working together towards this goal as far as I know, and at this point in time, Prescott is highly possessed by spirits he’s evoked in magickal rituals, believing he is going to be the host for no one less than Set himself. This entity is coming up from the Abyss, according to Prescott, and will inhabit Prescott’s body. Prescott is working hard to prepare himself for this event by practicing something he calls ‘Mirror Magick’ which is an extension (or perhaps an abomination) of Aleister Crowley’s work.

As I am writing this paper, I get personal threats from Prescott. He says that he is “It”, and there is nothing else to focus on than him. Thus, all my papers are a waste. When I more or less told him that my focus is elsewhere, and there are thousands of people claiming to be “It”, he started threatening me, saying that his powers are more than anyone else’s, and that he will destroy me and anybody else who are not agreeing with him. Even the ETs have to lay down before him, he claims. Then he disappeared from FaceBook. So, we have all those nice guys out there, interpreting the prophecies in their own way, doing what they can to spread fear around them. Of course, being strictly Patriarchal, they also abuse women to achieve their goals, using their powers, being the vampires they are.

Figure 1-2. Lafayette Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology

As we can see, this whole thing is very complicated, where beings like Aleister Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard (Crowley’s self-proclaimed successor) play a big role in paving the road for what’s to come. Scientology, with it’s OT levels, seem to have as their purpose to extract Fires from the person’s light-body/avatar, thus depleting the scientologist from his/her real power, and instead have them go ‘exterior’ (leave their physical body), which is an end phenomenon in most Scientology processes, and the goal is to have the ‘Thetan’ (the avatar) exterior from the physical body with full perceptions as a regular every-day state of beingness. What I can see is that by following Scientology commands in so-called ‘auditing’ (counseling, often done with an e-meter), the ‘body-thetans’ (Fires?) are told to depart from the avatar, and the avatar is now operating away from the physical body instead of ‘inside’ of it, which it should be to keep the biomind grounded, and the Fires can be replaced with entities. In other words, the Scientologist gets possessed, while the Sirians, in the astral, collect the Fires that leave the Scientologists during sessions. And Scientology is an expanding movement, supposedly with millions of members around the world. What a feast for the Sirian Overlords! I was a Scientologist myself in the mid 80’s to early 90s, and I am very happy that I was able to get out of there. And honestly, it took me years afterwards to become ‘normal’ again. It was probably the hardest work I’ve done on myself in my entire life. But I believe I came out of it as a whole person again, and if there were entity possession involved in my case as well, I feel I got rid of it. Still, as strange as it may sound, I needed the whole Scientology experience, because unwittingly on their part, it taught me a lot about myself and others, and how the mind works, and prepared me for my real work, which was still to be accomplished way in the future. However, this is nothing I wish upon anybody else, unless they really feel it’s their path in this lifetime.

Just like Prescott, there are people around the globe who really believe they are born for one single reason: to become hosts for extraterrestrials and demons of one sort or another. And from my own research, I believe they are right! The thing is that many (if not most) of them think they are doing this for a good cause in their own twisted ways. And like I’ve mentioned many times, people like Jarl Vidar of the Thule Order embraces everything and everybody who seem to have anything to do with Prophecy whatsoever. His philosophy is that it doesn’t matter if the people he is connecting with are ‘evil’ or ‘good’; that’s beside the point. All he wants is for Prophecy to be fulfilled; hence all characters who have anything to do with it need to step forward and do what they’re supposed to do. Jarl and those who share his philosophy (and they are more than we think) believe that when everything is over, and millions, if not billions of people have died in wars and disaster, the Bird Phoenix will rise from the ashes and a new Golden Age will start that will last for a thousand years. Therefore, Jarl and Prescott welcome the ‘Anunnaki’ (the Sirians) and their King, because they are the major players in the Prophecies, and the Sirian King of Kings would most certainly be accepted to sit on the Throne of Earth. Not by people like Prescott, however, who is basically their adversary, but still not in our favor, of course.

Figure 1-3. The Phoenix, rising from the ashes of an old Cycle into a new (There’s a lot of things going on in this picture!).

We are living in the End Times, and per the script, Hell itself is supposed to break loose, and portals open to the Universe and to the spirit world in the ‘Hell Dimension’. In other words, chaos is reigning and is going to do so even more, and entities of all kinds are going to show up here in our reality. So, be true to yourself, keep your mind clean, be as ethical and moral as you can, based upon your own values, take care of unfinished business, create a bubble around yourself, do breathing exercises, meditate (but ONLY if you know what you’re doing; you don’t want to invite ‘hitch-hikers’; you need to ground yourself, preferably with crystals and by being barefoot with your feet or body on the ground, and not sitting in lotus position on a couch with no earth connection), no sloppy thinking, create your own reality and concentrate on building the future you want here and now in the present, make sure you keep your vibration up, and inspire others with your beingness. Help others when help is asked for, if you feel you can be of assistance, but only as long as it does not deplete your own energies and stop you from working on your own progress. With these simple rules, you avoid psychic vampires and learn how to detect them. This is advice that is all extremely important to ponder in these times, because there are so many energies on this planet right now that we don’t want to mingle with, so we need to protect ourselves. And remember: what you read in the newspapers or watch on the TV News is usually nothing that has to do with you personally. Create your local universe! Everything that’s not in your own local universe is happening in ‘another universe’ somewhere else. You are not experiencing it first hand, so it’s something that happens to somebody else, somewhere else. You can decide if all this war, chaos, terror and disaster is going to be part of your own universe or not. So see it for what it is; it’s other people’s universes that you hear about second hand. Instead of getting involved in all that, concentrate on your own present time and your own future and the chance that you’re branching off to a version of the Multiverse which is more at your liking is most likely to happen.

Those who have read my previous papers know who the ‘God’ in the Old Testament is, and they understand the Jesus story better, so it’s logical to think that the Bible Prophecies have everything to do with the Sirians. In fact, it’s most evident! This means that the ‘Second Coming’ will also have to do with the Sirians, of course. We discussed the Prophecies a lot in ‘Level I’, but there is more to say about them, and a few more things I feel I have to add.

Nowhere in the Bible does it state that the Tribulation, the Battle of Armageddon, the Rapture and the Second Coming are events that are going to happen around 2012; in fact, there have been times in the past when people have thought that now the Prophecies are going to play out, and nothing happened, so why am I talking about 2012? After all, if this date is going to be mentioned at all, wouldn’t it be in connection to the alignment with the Galactic Center and the Mayan calendar, and possibly also with the ‘Wave of the Supernova’?

Figure 1-4. The red line indicates Ša.AM.e’s supposed orbit when it enters and leaves our solar system. The red planet on the line is Ša.AM.e/Nibiru’s position on October 17, 2011, then approx. 1AU from Earth — more exactly 93,000,000 miles + an extra 17,000-18.000 miles more, according to LPG-C.

Yes, and especially as the ‘Return of the Gods’ was supposed to happen about 50 years in the future, according to the Sirians themselves, and to A.R. of LPG-C. Then, suddenly, I get this urgent message that things have changed. Ša.AM.e has been spotted in the infrared spectrum, 1 AU[2] from Earth, coming in from the south (fig. 1-4. Ša.AM.e/Nibiru’s position on October 17, 2011, was approx. 1AU from Earth, but more exactly 93,000,000 miles + an extra 17,000-18.000 miles more, according to LPG-C. See,  ‘Extraordinary Times — An Epoch in Which Humankind Grows Up’ from LPG-C, and ‘Geometry of Actionable Choicemaking’ by A.R. Bordon (email me if you want pdf versions of these writings). It’s helpful to read this essay in order to understand the LPG-C version of what is happening right now), and the Supernova Wave could also be imminent, creating a great disaster on our planet, so they say. Both these events were confirmed by LPG-C, and this means, according to them, that we have two major problems to face. Still, Ša.AM.e is the immediate, major threat, they say. However, we are going to look into this a little bit more in detail in a few minutes, and this is the reason why it’s helpful to read the essays. I am currently resting my case regarding the validity of these essays, but will follow the procedures (sessions) that are currently in the making, with great interest. The readers will be informed as of any significant outcome or revelations.

Figure 1-4A. The red line indicates Ša.AM.e’s supposed orbit when it enters and leaves our solar system. The red planet on the line is Ša.AM.e/Nibiru’s estimated position on December 21, 2012, according to LPG-C.

In the meantime, the Sirians are continuing to barter with humanity, giving us technology they need and we think we need. Video and computer games are getting more and more sophisticated and violent, and the devices are getting smaller and smaller, until big PC’s like the desktop I’m writing from now will be obsolete. What parents don’t understand is that the virtual reality that the kids are getting hooked on is just a miniature of the virtual reality we ourselves live in, but is just as real. Kids are leaving their bodies and disappear into the games and become part of the scenario. This is an excellent way for the Sirians to come in, as the kids are creating portals for interdimensional entities to enter. Like I’ve hinted at before — the real invasion will not be physical but will happen in the nano world. And they are possessing our kids through technology, and their parents allow them! Maybe the reader can see the pattern now. It is done so brilliantly that the Sirians, if they are ever confronted with what they have done, can say: “We didn’t do it! We just provided the technology. The humans did it to themselves.”

So here we have two scenarios; we have the Harvest for those who are evolved and fall for the Sirians’ sweet talk, and then we have those who open up their chakras without protecting themselves, making themselves accessible for entity possession — both from the lower astral and the Sirian Alliance.

3. The Hysteria Around the Mayan Calendar

I just read an interesting article in the newspaper about 2012, the End of the World and the Mayan calendar. There are a lot of theories about what will happen in 2012 based on this old so-called ‘prophecy’. The problem is that no one has been asking the Mayans themselves, and their descendents still exist. The article in the newspaper was very short, but basically the Mayans had been asked what is really going to happen in 2012, and they said that nothing will happen; at least not something that’s based on their calendar. It has nothing to do with the End of the World, weather changes, earthquakes, or any of the sort. In fact, their calendar has never been about prophecies on a world-wide basis.

This is not the only time I hear this. Not only did Robert Morning Sky, on his Robert Bear Claw website ( says in an audio lecture the exact same thing, but I saw a video recently as well where they interviewed the Mayan descendants themselves. They said that they had been quiet, because whatever they would say would be twisted, and lies and altered information would be spread as truth on the Internet, so they are afraid that we in the modern society are not capable of keeping information intact. In that particular video, they said that they never predicted the End of the World. So, there we have it from the horse’s mouth.

In the light of this, if you read LPG-C’s essays above, you see that they tell you that the Mayans most probably foresaw the Superwave, and perhaps even the return of Nibiru. But, according to the descendants of the real Mayans, they did nothing of the sort, so LPG-C’s twist on it is exactly what they are talking about, and the reason why the Mayans have kept quiet.

Still, the Mayans knew that this is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new although they didn’t predict anything special to happen. It doesn’t mean, of course, that because the Mayans didn’t predict anything, that nothing is going to happen. It just means that if it happens, the Mayans did not predict it. While I’m writing this, I got curious and checked to see what Anton Parks has to say about it, and I noticed he says the same thing; the Mayans did not predict the End of the World ( (Note that you need to read this in a Google Chrome browser, which automatically translates French to English). There he also shows a good picture of the Mayan calendar, explaining that it is based on cycles within cycles (wheels within wheels), where the cycle around the zodiac is just one of the minor cycles.

I would personally go so far as to say that if something really bad happens in 2012 or around that time, it’s going to happen because of human and alien technology, and it’s going to be planned that way. Other than that, we are going to be just fine! I do believe that the ‘Superwave’ will hit us, and although it will possibly cause some severe weather and earth changes, and perhaps cause the death of an unknown amount of people, the wave in itself is a ultimately a good thing, meant to boost us into becoming a new, upgraded species. In fact, this Superwave has already hit us, we’re in the middle of it, and the earth changes are already happening. I think we are reaching the climax of its effect by the end of this year, and then it’s slowly going to pass our solar system and continue out in deep space to hit another solar system somewhere down its galactic path. We need to remember that LPG-C is working with the Sirian Overlords, not against them. When I heard they are joining up with Utu Shamash and that A.R. and him are ‘good friends’ and call each other ‘Lords’, I knew it was bad news. The title, ‘Lord’ is something the Sirians only give each other when they’ve ‘earned it’, as Utu put it. They have always been spreading fear-based information, but now more bluntly than ever before, as we shall see soon.

The reason the Superwave would cause deaths would be due to that people die as a direct effect from earth changes, or they are not prepared for the intense energies we are bombarded with, so their neurological system may collapse, which will lead to that the person will act irrational and in extreme cases go insane and commit suicide, or even kill other people. However, for those who live through it and come out on the other end it will show to have been very enhancing for the awakening of consciousness and awareness.

4. Primary Events

If you are hanging up a string on the wall you need a needle or something to stick through the string so that it stays on the wall. In fact, you need one needle on both end it you want it go horizontal. It is the same thing with timelines. It needs a ‘Primary Event’ to start a new timeline, so it has something to be anchored to[3]. One typical Primary Event would be the drop of the atom bombs in Japan at the end of World War II; another is 9/11. If we want to go much further back another one would be the Deluge.

Now when we’re heading towards a new cycle, it looks like the Sirians want a ‘Unifying Event’ that may be traumatizing enough to start a new timeline; something that would unify the whole world population. From the research I have done in this field, I have had the privilege to get some insight into the Sirians’ whereabouts through LPG-C, but also learned even more about their deceptive nature. They now seemingly want to use the incoming Ša.AM.e as a Primary Event once more, just like they apparently did when the biblical Deluge happened. For a while it looked like it was the Superwave, but that has now been put on the back burner. A.R. says that we are past due for the Superwave, so it may happen any time from today up to 500 years in the future, so it doesn’t sound that they are concentrating on that event right now. From have said that the Incoming Planet is no longer an issue as other things will happen first, it has now been voted up to Top 1 again. I would suggest the readers keep an eye open on the four links I put up in the last paper to see what their next step is.

I want to clarify one thing, however. According to LPG-C, it’s not just A.R.’s organization and a faction of the Sirians (including Utu Shamash, the Sirian Ambassador to Earth) who are supposedly working on saving mankind from an upcoming disaster; A.R. says his organization has been working in conjunction with several different star races they have been meeting with on an annual basis, off planet and on our planet. A.R. has told us (his email group) that in those annual meetings other human groups have attended as well (and I get the feeling he’s talking about corporate CEO’s and their top management, and groups of that caliber, but it’s apparently confidential, and he is not to mention the names of those human groups, although he has mentioned from which star systems the different ET groups come who are attending these meetings). Although these gatherings usually are held on an annual basis, it seems like they have been scheduled more frequent lately due to alleged upcoming events. However, if these meetings are taking place at all, I don’t think the attendants are a mix of random ET races who want to help; if the gatherings are real, they are held by the Sirian Alliance, and they seem rushed, because they are making serious mistakes.

In order to figure things out, I have stayed as a member of LPG-C’s ‘Linkage Institute’, which consists of people from different walks in life, but in one way or the other I have done something LPG-C finds worthwhile so that they can become members in this closed group. It is nothing more than a group where we members can share ideas, ask questions, and make comments. The goal is to find a solution to the End Time problems and start working on them. By being on that group, I was able to hear what was happening on LPG-C’s, and the Sirians’ end of the spectrum, but couldn’t say much about it. I wanted to know enough, or all I needed to know, before I came out in public with my disagreements with the group.

The entire papers in the ‘Second Level of Learning’ have been a counter-act to what LPG-C is teaching. I have been exposing the Sirians for what they are, presented a Feminine Universe, and done my best to de-demonize the Aryans, who have gotten an undeserved bad reputation thanks to Sirian propaganda. All this goes totally against what LPG-C stands for. If I’d done the exact opposite, I would have been doing their work. A.R. has been quiet about my Level II papers, but then the story goes that he’s been pretty busy elsewhere. Then again, he and the Sirians may not care, because they think people like me can’t make much of an impact and/or in anyway threaten the Sirian power. It’s the same arrogance they have when comes to researchers into the New World Order and the so-called Illuminati. They think, “let them have it. They can’t stop us!” I think that is their biggest mistake.

5. The 3% Rule Revisited

Perhaps the reader remembers how I talked about the ‘3% Rule’ in ‘Level I’? If not, the 3% Rule means that there is a theory that if 3% of a world population are on the same page and agree to the same thing, the rest of the population will follow, quite like the ‘100th Monkey Syndrome’ (please Google this if you are unfamiliar with it). So, the story goes that if 3% will unite in a common goal of any kind, the rest of the world population will join in.

I have a problem with that, because if we look at religions, just to take an example, those who endorse Roman Catholicism exceed 3% of the world population, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of mankind have become Catholics. So I don’t see how that would work.

Well, if we do succeed in uniting 3% to agree to a certain goal for mankind and its future, the ET races who are observing us are allegedly going to take us seriously and listen to us, and perhaps also help us. They say that humankind is scattered all over and can’t agree to anything, and we don’t even have any goals for our future. We are just going with the flow and let the Sirians steer us wherever they want. Like cattle, we just follow the leaders to the slaughter house. It’s not only about ourselves, but our planet and parts of the Universe also, as we shall see. We are responsible for our planet, what we do with it, and what effect that has on the rest of the Universe.

It is true that mankind does not have a goal for the future. If you ask world leaders, it certainly depends on whom you ask and you will get a different answer depending on that particular world leader’s vision. If you ask Mr. and Mrs. Jones on the street, a large percentage would probably not have an answer at all because they have not even thought about it; others may make something up on the spot to ‘save their faces’, while a few may actually have an answer they have thought through, but often based on ignorance due to that information is missing from their world view. They don’t know anything about the situation we’re sitting in on the most part. Those who do may know about a Shadow Government, but still don’t have the knowledge required to make a rational decision.

This is where mankind stands today, and it’s pitiful to say the least. How can we have a future at all if we can’t get together and agree on one? However, it now looks like the same ETs who did not believe in us 1 1/2 years ago have decided to give us a hand anyway, if we are to believe LPG-C. Therefore, LPG-C are apparently super-busy doing something to save our future; one thing being setting up these 4 websites (if we include their own LPG-C website). It says in their ‘Mission Statement”[4], and I quote: “What do we hope for? We hope for that at least 3 percent of the world’s population can see this message and awaken to remember what has to be done for all of us to continue existing as a biokind, either here on Earth or anywhere else in the universe.”[5] This means in other words that they are hoping that 3% of the population, which is 3% out of 7 billion are going to visit their sites. Simple math shows us that this equates 210 million people! That is a lot of visitors, and to be honest, I am not even sure which websites at all have had 210 million visitors in a few months (Nibiru is supposed to hit December 2012, or latest January 2013). So I am not sure why they think we can reach such a lofty goal. I wish they had a site counter on their four pages, so we all can see how many visitors they will have. I am actually going to suggest that, because I think we all should have the right to keep track of that. Still, it’s not feasible; especially when all that’s written so far is the Mission Statement.

Also, LPG-C’s main website, is down since several weeks. This has been brought to LPG-C’s attention several times, myself included, but the answer we get is that the group is super-busy doing other things, so that has to wait. I can understand that, but if we are to promote these sites, their main website needs to be up and running. And after all, they have a separate webmaster who is usually taking care of that business, and I am quite sure he is not on their mission. Anyway, I suggest the reader reads the LPG-C Mission Statement at to see for themselves and get a feeling for it.

6. What to Expect

The groups (mostly secret societies) who are working hard to make prophecies come true are not to be taken lightly. Especially those who know their magick often understand what they’re doing; at least on a higher level of society. They understand the Power of Thought and how thought and intention can manifest in reality. Those who are skilled take assistance from demons and non-physicals to help them provoke the catastrophes and changes necessary to fulfill the perpendicularly inserted blueprints from the future on a linear timeline, followed by vector-inserted and intended thought forms from past to future and vice versa. The more power they can put toward that timeline, the more likely it is that it manifests and not only fades away as a probable one.

So, I emphasize that the only really serious problems we may have in regards to 2012 or the years that follow would be if we let these black magicians decide our future. People may say, how can we stop them; we are not as powerful as they are and we know nothing about magick?! It is true that most people know nothing about magick, but it’s not true that we are less powerful than them. I would say quite the contrary. Our problem is that we don’t use the powers we have but let others make our decisions. This is why it’s so devastating for the children when we constantly make decisions for them. This is one of the reasons we are sitting in a jam; the kids, when they grow up expect someone else to be the decision makers for them, and quite often, it is still the parents — even when the kids have grown up. Instead, let the kids make their own decisions as much as possible and guide them instead and support their dreams and visions from when they are very little. Of course, interfere when they are doing something that is not ethical and explain to them why it’s not a good idea to do what they did, what the consequences of their actions are, and protect them from themselves and others when necessary. But I see way too often that parents still solve the kids’ problems when they are adults. This makes the parents all powerful. And of course, when the parents are not there, they give the grown up children give their power away to somebody else. I think the reader can see the point I’m making.

If we all started realizing how powerful we are, and how strong our Fires can burn inside of us if we only give it all a chance, the magicians would be failing in no time, because there would be no room for them. If we are creating our own timelines, far from the prophetic ones that lead us straight to hell (including the ones in the Bible), the timeline the Sirians have given power to for so long will diminish to a ‘probable timeline’, which then will fade away and cease to exist. The Multiverse no longer has any place for it, because not enough energy is transmitted onto it.

This is the easiest way to do it: keep yourself informed of what’s really going on (not what the Media say is going on), but don’t endorse anything that you don’t want to bring into being. However, to be able to do so, you must (and I can’t emphasize this enough), you must have a strong vision of which probable future you want to live in. Make sure you have it all planned in your mind, and if applicable, in the physical universe as well. Then, whatever happens in your life, contradicting your vision, throw it out! Don’t fall for temptations that are leading you astray; keep your goal of your own future intact and restate it to yourself on a daily basis, and when times are rough, do it several times a day. All this is much more important today than it was even a year ago, because the energies are moving super-quickly, and your thoughts manifest faster and more solid than ever before. So no sloppy thinking!

I can tell you one hundred percent that it works! I can tell because I have firsthand experience, and nothing can beat that. The last 3-4 years have been very tough in my own life, and the situation seemed totally hopeless. Then I came up with this idea in my own mind of how I wanted this to progress, and what my learning process in this was. I set a straight goal of how I wanted things to be in the very near future, and I put a very strong intention there that my goal was going to be reached. I felt inside that something very powerful happened, because when this situation would turn around, it was going to lead to something I couldn’t dream of before.

So, life went on, but with one big difference! As soon as something happened, or someone had ideas that countered my goal, I always said “no, that’s not what I want. I want this…” I didn’t accept anything which did not lead directly towards my goal, and it worked like a clock! It wasn’t even that hard. Now I have almost reached the goal all together and only have a little bit left to go, but what is left to be accomplished is relatively easy to accomplish, and there is nothing that can stop it from happening; it’s just some small things that need to get in place, which they will. So, I went from something that looked like it was going to lead to a total disaster to something very positive, and all this only because I had 1) a vision of a future that I wanted, and 2) I put a strong intention towards it, saying to myself that I will not accept anything that counters my vision to manifest in my life for any reason. I will become unreasonable with this. Then the Universe bent to my will, or rather, I created a slight change in the Multiverse, and everything that was close to meeting that vibration had to adjust to my will. So, I now live in a Multiverse which is slightly different from the one I would have lived in if I had given up at one point or another.

This in itself is what magick is all about; to manifest one’s own thoughts by putting a strong intention out and put energy on that line of intention. Learn to throw out distractions, and your goal will manifest. If we could do this on a grand scale, we could wipe the whole planet clean from controlling forces.

So, what we can expect in the future depends on us rather than those who are working on manifesting things we don’t want. Timelines split and merge all the time, and we all live in slightly different Multiverses, and in the future, not all of us will live in the same reality; not even the same version of Earth. If enough people give energy to a Machine World, it is certainly going to manifest for those people, or it’s even enough to do nothing and we will all end up in this android world. But there will be others who will manifest other realities, where being controlled by machines is not an option, and by changing and building a new timeline without having extraterrestrial control over our lives, we will incrementally create a world without negative influences from power-hungry entities. The purpose of my papers is to present the common part of the Multiverse we humans, as a soul group — as a mass consciousness — are living in currently, and present different choices we have. It is not up to me to decide for others which choice they are going to make; each one is their own master and has the right to choose whatever they want. But I also want to present the potential consequences of the decisions we make. In some instances, the consequences are a good and happy life and a journey which is leading to the stars, while on other occasions, the consequences are harsh, at least in the long run. Those who choose the latter need to ponder if they are willing to take those consequences or not. If they are, it’s their choice, but I want them to walk into them fully knowing what they’re doing to self and others. So those who don’t want to know should stop reading here, because the next couple of papers will tell more about the serious consequences of choosing to put energy towards certain timelines, and it is quite shocking. I know some people will still choose to do that anyway, even with adequate knowledge, by simply continue doing nothing, and I can’t do anything about that, nor is it my task to do so. Many of those who will choose the Machine World in spite of warnings are those who don’t want to believe what they’re reading. They may think it’s interesting, but they have no wish to change. I just want to make sure I have covered everything I can think of is relevant for people to know, for the sake of the future of humanity. That is my task and my mission in this life.

7. The ‘High Council’ from Sirius B

I believe I’ve said it before, but there is one source of channeled material that I have stayed connected to for many years. I have listened to many other metaphysical sources and indeed found gems in many of them, and I have used them as sources as well, where applicable. But the ones who have been most consistent in telling us the truth of all the ones I’ve listened to is Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian rebel group. It’s been a great investment for me, and their teachings have many, many times helped enhancing my own life, like no other source has so far. But, there are indeed others who bring us good, enlightening news as well.

A couple of months ago, while I was writing on the first parts of the ‘Level II’ papers, I found another quite interesting source on the Internet. Again, it was channeled material, and this group presented themselves as the ‘Sirian High Council’. Oh well, I thought, if these beings are genuine, they are really blunt. So, the Sirians are exposing themselves in the metaphysical realm to psychic channelers, telling us exactly who they are? I was quite curious and dug into the material to see what they had to say, but I didn’t expect to find what I actually did find.

Figure 1-5. Patricia Cori is channeling the ‘Sirian High Council’

This group of entities is channeled by Patricia Cori, and her website is, When you first pull it up, it looks more like a New Age page with some kind of mysterious Gypsy woman with a crystal ball running it. But don’t let yourself be fooled just because she is presenting tarot readings and other ‘occult’ practices. Most researchers into the New World Order and the ‘Illuminati’ etc. frown upon these kind of practices, treating them as evil, and something only the Global Elite and other evil or misled people dedicate themselves to. I made the same mistake in the past, when I was new to all this and had just started my Illuminati News website. Now I understand that the concept that is generally shared regarding these practices come from Christian researchers who are also exposing the New World Order. However, they see it from a biblical perspective (or think they do), and the rest of us, who are not Christians, unfortunately bought the idea without understanding where it came from. With that said, astrology, tarot cards, palm readings, crystals, stones and bones and such can have real value when comes to understanding certain concepts. Much of it is not so much the objects themselves as it is the energies put into them. But if people get results from them, no harm done.

I haven’t had the chance, however, to check out Ms. Cori’s website in detail, and the channeled session I am referring to above, I didn’t even find on her website to begin with (although it’s there), but at[7]. I started reading the article, thinking these were the bad guys. However, as I moved on I noticed that these entities had some quite valuable things to day, and there were indications that they may be benevolent. One of the indications that they after all were here to help was that they stressed that we humans need to claim our sovereignty and not let anybody else control us. In other words, they had the signature of a helpful group. They reminded me of the Pleiadians in certain terms, having a similar message. Then again, the Pleiadians have Sirian connections as well. Somewhat surprised, I continued reading.

Patricia is saying that this particular group of Sirians originates from an ascended Sirian star, Satais, which is the equivalent to Sirius B. If so, they come from an ascended Sirius B, which in itself is not as peculiar as it may sound, because there are ascended versions of stars as well as planets. They are supposedly not the same beings as Sitchin called the Anunnaki; these ascended beings Cori is channeling were once part of seeding an earlier race of humans, and were also present on Earth in the second cycle of Atlantis, and in Egypt. Instead, they tell us, quite like LPG that the Anunnaki come from Sirius C. This star was known to the Dogon as Enome Ya, and said that it, just like Sirius B, orbits Sirius A. Sirius A has still a 3D stellar presence, while Sirius B went through its cycle and became a white dwarf, in which she ascended to what the Sirian High Council (SHC) calls the 6th Dimension (which is just a number for us in order to grasp the concept. There is no ‘6th Dimension’ in Universal terms; it’s just a label. There are no set boundaries between dimensions[8]), but this is where the Sirian High Council allegedly dwells. Sirius C went through a similar process as Sirius B and became a white dwarf, but it didn’t make it all the way to the 6th Dimension but landed in the 4th.

The Anunnaki, the SHC says, stem from Sirius C, and their planet was slingshot out of orbit when Sirius C became nova. Since then this planet is on a 3,600 years orbit between our star system and Sirius. As the reader can see, there are many different theories as of where the Sirian Overlords come from. My most solid sources mention the Dog Star (Sirius A) as the home star and headquarters of the wolfen/reptilian species which has haunted mankind for almost 1/2 million years. They have no information on Ša.AM.e and Sirius C, and this is why I want to leave it a little bit in the open as of whom the Sirius C people are for now. What my best sources say, however, is that Sirius A is definitely the headquarters of the Sirian wolfen/reptilians.

The SHC, just like the Pleiadians and other channeled sources of high quality, say that our worst enemy is fear, and that this is exactly what the Sirians who control our world are putting us under, over and over. They even call these controlling forces the “False Lords of Earth”[9].

Interestingly enough, on a grander scale, the One Mind of humanity (our mass consciousness; the collective frequency of this soul group) will determine time and place when we will have alien visitors landing on Earth, and whether it will be a hostile or benevolent contact. Of course, ETs have already ‘landed’ on Earth, but they are talking about on a scale where they will make themselves known. The governments of this world are quite afraid of what is going to happen in this respect, because they know that if the Sirians land en masse, they will overthrow the world governments, just like Utu Shamash said to me.

Moreover, the SHC says that the dimensions are bleeding into each other (as we wake up to our multidimensionality and due to cosmic events) and beings from every level are now able to pass through the portals. And here is the kicker; something I rarely hear channeled entities say:

“Craft and ships are not needed to make the journey and you know this deep within you. Some are mere holograms,, helping you understand the essence of contact.” [Emphasis in original][10] 

What they are saying here is that ETs are traveling in the nano-world and don’t need space craft. Other entities have hinted at this as well through channels, but not as bluntly as this group. Interestingly enough, she is talking about beings who possess the Fire, because as we know, normally star races need technology to travel across the Universe. Due to that only humans and a very few other races possess the Fire, so whom are she talking about? The above statement could after all be a sign that the message of this lady’s channel is deceptive, time will tell…

They are also mentioning that we are not alone and there are those who are very eager that we succeed in our quest and that they are always willing to help, but within the boundaries of Universal Laws (which is more evidence that this may be a benevolent group). They also mention certain Pleiadian and Andromedan groups who are affiliated with them, but still work separately, from what I understand, to help us out, amongst many others. And not only are they willing to help us humans, but every living creature on this planet (which indicates that they are very concerned about the Living Library).

In addition, they say something I was waiting for, which would determine pretty much what kind of group this is.

“Now is the time when you truly realize that you are the saviors — you are the Earth Light Brigades and you are succeeding in your missions as light bearers of your sphere, in this pivotal point upon the time-space continuum…”[11]

This means they are acknowledging our own soul group as being our own saviors, and the ‘forerunners’ have as their task to spread their light (in form of knowledge) and love (Universal Love) to their fellow man by simply raising their vibrations. This has, as we have discussed many times, profound effects on other people around.

These being also know about the Sirian hollowed-out craft, which is indicated in the following quote:

“Deflect the comets from your sovereign space, refuse the bearers of dark tidings, stand tall against the winds of change.”[12]

These are definitely not the same beings who are controlling Earth space, and have been for ages. Although they come from the same star system, basically, they are a different species, who ascended long ago to become interdimensional beings, just like the Overlords, but the difference is that the first chose a path of ethics and morals, while the latter did the opposite. Certain metaphysical entities would group them ‘Service to Others’ and ‘Service to Self’ (STO and STS). Interesting is that both these groups have been involved in genetic engineering and/or manipulation here on Earth in the distant past.

By any token, there are beings who are watching us who want us to succeed, and we are free to ask for help when we need to. Help will come, but within the boundaries of Universal Laws.

8. The Cover-Up of the Results from the Technology Transfer Programs

Most researchers today who are into the UFO and Exopolitical field, believe that most ETs travel in spaceships between the stars, with mother ships of quite enormous sizes to house a large group of star beings. Therefore, they are looking up in the sky, hoping to see a glimpse of one or two of them. The truth of the matter is that if you look up in the sky often enough, there is a chance you may actually see a few UFOs now and then, and if you are a researcher you can tell your listeners or readers that you have seen one first hand, and you are therefore sure they do exist.

And you wouldn’t be wrong, because they do exist. However, the same researcher may state that the UFO he or she saw must have been of extraterrestrial origins, because no known earth technology can do what this particular UFO did (whatever it was). This is exactly where they go wrong. I would say, “yes, they certainly can!”

People have no idea what humans can build today and have fly across the airways. The technology the Powers That Be are in control of is no less than jaw dropping. Hence, it is totally understandable that people who see UFOs believe they are not human crafts. Although, the more advanced UFO researcher knows that the governments of the world are in possession of complicated technology, and that not all UFOs flying in the skies are alien craft, but they think it’s both. And like I’ve said before, again I beg to differ. It is true that the technology often comes from Technology Transfer Programs (TTPs), and that some ETs may use some of the craft themselves when they travel short distances, the vast majority of the UFOs we see in the sky have human origins.

To be able to test-fly all this new technology, the government needs to come up with a disinformation campaign and a cover-up. This is where the UFO community is very helpful to the PTB. Therefore, the government is paying disinformation agents to put out pictures of UFOs on the Internet and in other places to get the UFO community on the hook. Often, the same disinformation agents are actually members of the UFO community themselves and sometimes are the ones in charge of them. After have put photos of the new government craft on the Internet they just say that this is way too advanced to be human craft. Also, when others have seen UFOs and photographed and filmed them and put this evidence on the Internet and YouTube, the same agents are verifying that they are alien craft. All with the purpose of steering the researcher away from the fact that they are secret government programs. Then, of course, the government is always covering both sides of the story. They have so-called ‘debunkers’ employed as well, who debunk everything that has to do with UFOs, saying it is human technology, or just a bird or something. This way the disinformation agents have covered all aspects of the subject, and the general public is utterly confused. The best part (the part the government loves) is when people who are confused of what is what start debating the subject and fight internally. Then they put new disinfo agents in these debates as well and confuse the matter even more.

In the meantime, serious UFO researchers continue looking up in the sky, hoping to see another UFO they can report as being of extraterrestrial origin.

The same formula is applied to alien abductions. The government is abducting people themselves, to use their own species as guinea pigs in their own absurd experiments, sometimes dressing up like aliens, and sometimes just showing up as humans. Afterwards, the abductee is given an amnesia implant, similar to the type of implant people get between lives, and taken back to where he or she was abducted. There are often layers of false memories implanted as well, so during a hypnosis session, or under regression therapy, it is still hard to figure out what really happened. And even if it’s figured out, it doesn’t tell the abductee much anyway. The real alien abductions are often metaphysical, and if they are physical, the ETs are mostly using human bodies.

My point here is to stress that the fake alien invasion will most probably include so-called ‘alien spaceships’ (hologrammic and 3rd dimensional in nature), while the real invasion will happen in the nano-world, where the ETs don’t need to come in spaceships. Most of them will come as souls/avatars, and if they are using 3D bodies, these bodies will for the most part be human, almost impossible to distinguish from real humans, unless they want to show off as terrifying Reptilians or Grays, or Dracos with wings, just to create an effect. If so, it’s easily accomplished with technology, shapeshifting, or genetically manipulated bodies in storage, corresponding with any of the above.

A couple of months ago, I got a comment from someone who said she is a member of the Causa Nostra Vril Society[13] (female membership only). I found it pretty interesting, as she was explaining the way human technology has taken since the days of Nazi Germany. Here follows the comment in its entirety:

“The GERMANS had flying flying discs. (one of the wonder weapons) These crafts evolved ever bigger and ever more dangerous. The early ones uses petrol-fueled engines to drive the electrical anti-gravity system. Eventually, they were able to come up with a near nuclear type of power plant to power the lift and propulsion systems on the larger heavier craft…with the affects of bending and distorting time and matter. The discovery of the BELL device by the allies also was the power source to the Haunebu craft. A discovery that the allies made sure was cloaked in secrecy ever since. Both the existence of Haunebu and the Bell have been targeted by disinformation.

Whether or not you can accept it, or believe that other RACES of beings inhabit the cosmos does not negate the fact that they do. Humans have seen them and had contact with them since the beginnings of cave-and rock wall art, and records kept on clay tablets or papyrus. This is why German explorers were combing all of ancient Eastern Culture resources for any evidence of “lost technology”. They found numerous examples. The Vimana’s are just one example.
The Vril society/ Thule society / DHvSS members all came together under one umbrella. It was a Uber metaphysical society looking to discover a NEW never before tried avenue of ” super-natural ” achievement. This is where the cult of the “Black Sun” arose. Consider it something akin to the “dark force” side of the universe. This doesn’t mean it is satanic or demonic. It simply means that there is another force… Just like a black hole is a cosmic force that behaves completely outside of our known laws of physic’s… There are other forces that most are unaware exist.

Currently there are other races of Beings that inhabit the Earth that are not Humans. Some are rather nasty and do not like humans.

Others exist in places we don’t normally see. Like the far side of the moon. There’s enough evidence to support that something once inhabited the subterranean of Mars. They are out there.

They take mammals from earth, and use pieces and parts of them for god only knows what. This includes humans.

The Human mind is a conduit and it can be opened to ” other worldly influences ” if you are trained for it. The Vril mediums practiced an ancient form of Telepathic-Psychic Trance. They connected to the waves of a group of “alien” telepathics. Thought is energy, and it transcends time and space. Apparently these “off world” intelligences were also technologically far ahead of us. Why these entities would share/transmit knowledge with humans is open to debate. There are reasons why the inhabitants of the cosmos are largely quarantined from each other by vast distances that are not easily traveled. The are some societies of other intelligent beings that are not benevolent. Humans themselves are not benevolent. We are war like, aggressive, destructive, selfish, racist, and also extremely arrogant in our nescience. The highly politicized and propagandized atrociousness of the Nazis pales in comparison to the Christian Crusades, the Inquisition, The Conquistadors, Napoleon, The Marxist revolution, Pol Pot, or other long ago conquests by mad men with armies. The Germans wanted to purify the Germanic Culture. In every society there are the dead end links, the undesirables, the trouble makers, the anarchists, criminally insane, the half breed, and those who poison the well genetically. Those that refuse to leave or get out, have to be death with. What the Nazi regime decided it had to do to accomplish it aims is nothing new. The USA wiped out the native American Indian culture… was that right? No it wasn’t.

The USA with Socialized Health Care will have death panels… the money mongers will decide who lives, and who dies. It won’t be pretty. It’ll also depend on who you are, and what your value to society will be. The Nazi’s wanted to create a thousand year Reich. A new order.

The USA is the new Holy Roman Empire. The newest attempt towards a Thousand Year Realm.

We are only 236 years into it…

Some of the former German Haunebu craft did survive. Some ended up in Brazil. Some in Russia. Some Antarctica, Others in the USA. Some continued to fly well into the 1970′ and early 80′s. There are one or two that operate off and on out of South America. Most of the earlier types today are no longer operating. The USA has anti-gravity lifting devices. The huge black triangles that are sometimes seen, and the flying V’s are ours. Some are pilot-less craft controlled via satellite navigation’s. These vehicles were developed in the 70′s and 80′s. They are a testing platform. The latest craft are spookily able to cloak into thin air, and are so undetectable that they operate in the daytime.

The other flying wonders the US is developing is super Hyper sonic scram jet craft that can fly near zero gravity, be invisible to any radar, and circumnavigate the globe in mere hours. We are also developing stealth missiles. Stealth Submarines are being developed. We cannot as of yet light year travel time. We can however clip time. The Germans found they could jump in and out of spacial [sic] time…with mostly bad results.

I am a current member of the Causa Nostra Vril Society. I also am a Theology practitioner. I do not do physic readings for others. I have seen the sign posts of the psychic travelers who are still putting out signals. It is truly mind opening.”[14]

This explains a lot about what people have seen in the skies over the decades. Although there are people who are sensitive enough to see nano-sized spaceships bleeding through (but these people are rare), there is now enough evidence to understand that the governments have spaceships that can go in and out of the visible spectrum, and therefore being perceived as interdimensional. This whole concept is so very important to understand if we stand in front of an event where not-so-benevolent ETs are trying to win us over, using holograms and advanced technology to ‘prove’ that they are real and are coming from outer space in advanced ‘spaceships’, when they are nothing but.

9. Portals and Stargates

I have covered portals and stargates before; both here in Level II and in Level I, but there is more to say on this subject; especially when comes to Prophecies, alien invasions, and the End Times in general. I am the first to admit that although I have gathered quite some information on this subject, I have the feeling there is a lot more to understand on a much higher level that is missing in my own and other people’s research. No one, as far as I know, comprehends this subject totally. I hope that one day I will be able to either get the insights, or have someone explain this whole phenomenon to me from a higher perspective. But until then, at least we have information that is valuable and crucial in order to grasp its relative importance.

Figure 1-6. Stonehenge, a vortex of sacred sexuality and fertility.

Stargates were very important in the past; not only to enter into a certain location on the planet, but to enter the correct Energy Grid, and therefore the correct time frame. Our planet is full of them, and if we have a ‘sacred site’, we can pretty much take for granted that there is a stargate there which has been used in the past or is used in the present, and even in the future. For example, we have this amazing stone formation at Stonehenge, which was built by giants a long time ago, during the Atlantean Era. Aside from being used as a sacred site where rituals were performed by druids and many other throughout history, it was also used as a stargate for the Sirians, the Pleiadians, and the Arcturians[15]. The stone formations were constructed in such a way that they used light as the key to draw these stellar energies to our planet. Sites like Stonehenge offered the energies of fertility, and many traveled to make love at the site in order to conceive a baby, something that was enhanced by the vortices. Other sites were designed to be broadcast stations, calendars, or as oracles to read the future and expand people’s reality. Stonehenge is still a very ‘active’ place, and although rarely used today, it is still working.

Other stargates and portals worth mentioning because they may open (and some of them may already have been opened) are: Knossos on Crete, the Great Pyramid, the Acropolis, Delphi, Machu Picchu, Tiahuanaco, Sinai (the Middle East), Mexico, Central and South America, Bermuda (used during the Atlantean Era as a main portal), Easter Island, Fuji, Mt. Shasta in California, Lake Titicaca, the Mazca Lines, Uluru, Lapland (Northern Sweden), Gotland (Sweden), the Arctic, Antarctica, and Tibet (a huge energetic opening). The Tibetans maintained this opening all the way up until the 1950s. Over hundreds of years they have been the guardians of the stargate, and emissaries for those who came through[16]. Many of them came from Inner Earth and not particularly from our own 3rd Dimension.

The Pleiadians tell us that the Tibetans have been working with ETs for ages. Once upon a time the Himalayas was at sea level (yes, many who thought that the movie ‘2012’ was exaggerated when the Himalayas was swept under water may need to think again). Under the mountains of Tibet there were huge veins of gold and caves filled with crystals. Also, many bodies have been preserved. They mummified the dead. just like the Egyptians did, only the Tibetans used gold as the preservation method. This was something they had inherited from the old Atlantean times, where bodies were preserved with gold if their DNA was still intact at the time of death. This possibility of rejuvenation is being rediscovered and applied today.[17]

However, the Tibetans were not so interested in rejuvenating the bodies. Instead, if a person had kept a certain high vibration throughout their lives, at the time just before death, the person was laid in a particular position, and when death came, the Tibetans started preserving the person. Now there are lots of gold statues under the mountains of Tibet, and if a person goes there to visit, they will feel the high vibration in those chambers underground, and it will trigger certain frequencies of consciousness.[18]

The point in case is that gold is what allows dimensional doorways to be opened. It anchors portals and brings about transmutation. When gold is stored in great abundance, light portals can be opened and access to other dimensions unfolds.[19] So, now we get another perspective on why star races have been here on Earth, digging for gold, quartz and precious stones of various kind. Gold and quartz are very important to bring about life, and we humans have been created under great influence of both gold and quartz.

What Jarl Vidar of the Thule Order was well aware of when he contacted me in 2009, knowing I am a former musician, to help him open up a certain stargate, was the secrets of ‘toning’. I am sure he has studied a lot of Tibetan philosophy, myths, and history, and he knows that the Tibetans were masters of toning. If you listen to them, each person simultaneously makes a number of tones. One single toner is able to carry many different tones and notes in one single sound. These so-called ‘overtones’ can open and unlock energy doorways, changing your perceptions. Jarl wanted to figure out which exact overtones opens the stargate. I did not comply with this, of course, knowing that this would bring a lot of unwanted activity to this planet. However, whether true or not, Jarl stated afterwards on his website that the stargate is now opened.

What is true is that portals have been opened all over the planet. Some are still guarded, while others have let all kinds of star beings in. According to the WingMakers, the first portal was opened back in 1998.[20]

In our line of focus, the stargate in the Middle East, known as the Sinai Spaceport in Sumerian times, is still the most important stargate on the whole planet, because it leads directly through a corridor ending up on PESH-METEN, the Intergalactic Highway so crucial for business and trade within the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. Like we’ve discussed before, it used to be owned and controlled by the Orion Empire and is extremely important for the Queen of the Stars, because it runs directly through the heart of her Empire — the Orion’s Belt. Earth sits like a plug in the middle of the highway, and now when the Sirian Overlords have taken over the stewardship of the planet, they have closed the stargate and created the Earth Grid, which vibrates on a frequency that is slightly off, making us hard to find. The best way to describe it is to get the image that all dimensions and frequencies in the Universe are normally ‘in tune’ with each other, quite like a perfectly tuned instrument with no dissonant overtones. What the Sirians did was to tune the ‘Earth instrument’ slightly ‘out of tune’ with the rest of the Universe. This makes it very difficult for star beings who are used to a harmonious Universe to find this out-of-tune planet. Where should they look? They more or less already had to know the correct coordinates and frequency band to be able to find us. But like I said before, the splitting of the atom and the drop of the atom bombs in the 1930s-40s told many star beings out there where we are located, good and bad. This also shows us that the Sirians, although they want to make that impression, are not in total control.

One of the most serious things with having the Sirians being in control of the main PESH-METEN stargate is that whomever is in control of it is also in control over, and can manipulate time. This is where Blank Slate Technology (BST, or the BeaST as it’s called as well) comes into the picture, something I brought up in great detail in Level I. BST means that whoever has the technology can create a ‘blank slate’ and erase all memories of all people on the planet if they so wish. It’s been done before; both by Marduk and Lord ENLIL (and possibly by other gods as well). Some say that this is exactly what the Sirians want to do here at the end of the cycle (December 2012), so they can start anew in 2013 and call it Year 1 again. I’ve heard this from Supriem Rockefeller, who told me in private emails, but more importantly from the S.A.A.L.M. group in Pine Gap, Australia.

Will they proceed with this technology and use it against us to erase our memories? It’s impossible to know exactly what they are planning to do, and there is no use in worrying about it. The Sirians are desperate now and are running out of time, and they know it. We will talk more about that in the paper after the next. Due to time issues, they could use their own dilemma — time — against us in one way or another, and they might, but I think the best we can do is to start with learning about all the different things on the agenda and go from there. In the last paper we are going to discuss more about our own abilities to change events as well.

10. Last Notes on Crop Circles

There is no doubt that the majority of crop circles are made by interdimensional beings to inform us in one way or another. Some of the informants are benevolent and others not so much. The latter are creating formations that are supposed to be read by ‘their own people’ so to speak. They are messages from the different dimensions to the Global Elite and others who are incarnated here and may not have the same abilities here in the locked-in 3D reality to communicate through the dimensions as the non-physicals do. Then, crop circles is a good communication forum.

Other formations are made by beings of a much higher vibration who want to communicate directly to our DNA. People spend too much time trying to interpret the crop circles, believing they need a ‘key’ or something to be able to interpret the messages from time/space. A great example of this is the two Russian scientists (one of them the first female cosmonaut in space), whom I was talking about in the beginning of this paper. They were basing their doomsday messages on their own channeled material and from have interpreted the crop circles. They say on their website[21] that these ETs whom they channel gave them the ‘key’ so they could interpret any crop circle and stone formation on the planet and make sense out of them. Their conclusion was that the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012, but two great cataclysms, where billions of people will die, were supposed to happen on September 21 and 22, 2012. As the reader well knows when he/she reads this, those dates have both passed and we are still here, relatively intact. The two female scientists still have their site up, promoting the same dates, interestingly enough.

So, in other words, they were totally misled by malevolent ETs and fell right into the trap and are now discredited, exactly per the plan. My point is that the crop formations should not be interpreted literally. If they come from benevolent ETs, their purpose is to increase our awareness and consciousness and raise the frequency on the planet in an attempt to help us out during the nano-second. They will impact you whether you actually visit them and look at them, or not. They are constructed that way, made by sound, which is the basic frequency of the Universe.

In the next paper we are exclusively going to discuss the return of the Sirian Overlords…

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  1. I just got here by accident and have to say that this site is awesome.
    It explaines everything that is happening to me lately.
    After going through very difficult times from 2008 onwards (slowly getting better in 2012-2013) which I would call the “dark night of the soul” I recently discovered that suddenly I have new “talents”.
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