First Level of Learning, Paper 4: The Flow of Energy in Daily Life

by Wes Penre, Friday, February 18, 2011

1. Karma and the Law of Attraction

Some may say Karma and the Law of Attraction are the same thing, but there is a difference. Both laws are in effect and are natural to the Multiverse. 

Karma is a highly accepted part of Eastern Religion and philosophies, and has carried over as a concept to the Western world as well. Unfortunately, here in the western hemisphere we have misunderstood the concept and are separating between “good” and “bad” karma.

There is no such separation.

1.1. Karma

Karma is a universal law and is in effect to enhance the growth of the spirit. We live in a Free Will Universe where you are totally free to do and experience whatever you want, but what you do is coming back to you. This means that if you dedicate yourself to enhancing the spiritual growth of self and others, your karma will reflect that, and the universe pays your back in a currency that helps you grow. However, if you dedicate your life to theft, murder, lying, cheating, controlling others and whatnot, those kinds of energy are going to hit you back, and you will eventually, in the same lifetime, or in another, experience the other side of the coin, where someone steals from you, deceives you, and even kills you.

In the universe, everything is energy, and karma has everything to do with energy (and polarity).

Figure 4:1: The Law of Attraction

People who are blaming others or their environment for unwanted things happening to them totally miss the point. Karma should be looked at as a tool for assistance of learning. If bad things are happening to us, there is a lesson to learn. Those who are on a spiritual path and know how both karma and the Law of Attraction work, to evolve and develop from a situation is to evaluate it, they step back and tell themselves, “Ah, why did this challenging thing happen to me? How did I cause this to happen, and what is the learning experience for me in this?” Then, when they have evaluated the situation, they take appropriate action to stop having this situation recurring in their lives; lesson learned! They don’t blame others for what happened, because they know that this will not resolve the situation, as it gives their power away to somebody else, instead of taking the situation to heart and see what they can learn from it. This is the way to grow; to blame others is the way to shrink.

Each situation is unique, and karma is extremely helpful as a catalyst for how we’re doing. I think we’ve all seen how certain people seem to attract negative events and persons into their lives over and over and it never seems to stop. If we are not aware of how the laws of the Multiverse work, we are evaluating things incorrectly. Many people would probably feel sorry for the constantly “unlucky” person who pulls in all this negativity, or they would think s/he is strange and don’t want to have too much to do with that person. In fact, although it certainly is hard on the person who has to go through all the hardship, it is necessary for their learning process. It’s a fine line to realize when to interfere and when not to in such a person’s life. Too much interference would prevent that person from learning their lessons, although advice could be appropriate if the person asks for it. However, the lessons basically need to be learned by the person himself, or he won’t progress. Once he learns, less and less of the same type of negative events will happen, because now the person knows how to handle them, and these energies diminish and soon enough will not be attracted to him anymore. Karma can also be seen as a measurement of how well we can handle energy.

Although karma can be highly involved in circumstances of “bad luck”, it’s not the sole reason. We also make agreements with others and set goals for ourselves in the astral world between two lifetimes (much more about this later). Each time we exit our current body upon physical death, part of the time we spend in the aether (Sitter space) between incarnations goes to evaluations of the previous life; what goals we managed to accomplish and where we didn’t do so well. Then we decide what we need to practice on in our next life, and sometimes the goals we set can be pretty high. Still, they need to be accomplished for the biomind to evolve and be able to play a more accomplished game.

1.2 The Law of Attraction

Then there is the Law of Attraction. This is a more causative law, which differs from what we call karma. Karma happens whether we know what it is or not, while the Law of Attraction, although it still works automatically to some degree, can be worked on more consciously once a person becomes aware of how energies work. Still, it’s just another way of flow of energy than that of karma.

Many people watched the video “The Secret”, which came out a few years ago, promoting the Law of Attraction, apparently released by members of the Rosicrucian Order. Another very good reference, which is in my opinion presenting a material easier to apply and not as vague as “The Secret”, is “The Teachings of Abraham”, which is channeled material by Esther and Jerry Hicks.[1] It gives you a whole list of exercises you can do on a daily basis to learn how to attract what you want, based on how you handle energy. I highly recommend this material for the person who is interested in working consciously with energy.

In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction works like a magnet; you attract what you give out. The Universe is not judgmental, so you can decide whatever you want to attract, whether it will include hurting or helping others. However, this is where karma comes into the picture. You may be able to attract experiences that are negative to others and actively do so, but at the end of the day, so to speak, karma will hit you accordingly.

The Law of Attraction works the same on romantic relationships as it does in every corner of life. You attract what you give out. Some people may protest and say that they attract abusive boyfriends, one after the other, and that’s not what they want, so therefore the Law of Attraction does not work. Well, it does, but the person who attracts abusive men (or women) has karma to confront in this particular area of life. In almost all these cases, the person has had an abusive childhood in one way or another, and needs to handle and take charge of that past situation before they can attract more positive persons into their lives. 

Some may argue and say that karma doesn’t work because the Global Elite for example (the cabal that is working behind the scenes to control mankind negatively [see, can get away with all the evil they’re doing, and still don’t get hit by any proportional amount of “bad” karma. Others, who do good deeds and think good thoughts don’t seem to get back the “good” karma they deserve. 

Although this may seem to be a valid point, karma is not always instant. Energies are sometimes delayed and different karmic influences can be at work simultaneously on a person. This means that energies merge, distract, clash, and cancel out etc., but in the end the appropriate karma will always come back on the person.

Positive people, when they are doing something against their own moral and ethics codes, seem to get their karma back faster than if they do good work. This has to do with your own judgment and evaluation of your actions. If you feel bad about something you did, the karma seems to hit faster than if you were a negative person who has a lot of justifications for the negative energies they put out. The way you control your own thoughts to some extent delays karma, but sooner or later (in the same lifetimes or in a future one, in terms of linear time) it will always come back. People who are extremely negative, who have some idea of how karma works, think they are mentally “strong enough” to keep “bad” karma away from them, and to some degree they seem to be successful, which further encourage them. However, when it hits, it hits back much harder than the energy they sent out. These people will, to their own dismay, find themselves on the other side of the coin and will now be the receiver of the same energies they put out.

Good karma can be delayed sometimes as well, but just like bad karma, it can also be instant. The delay often depends on what kind of energies you surround yourself with. Ask yourself, who are you connected with? Are all your friends and family members nice and supportive of you, or are there one or two who are either hostile or seem to draw energy out of you? If the latter is true, you have negative people close to you who prevent you from gaining what you should from what you do. I will talk more about these kinds of people in the next sub-section and what to do about it.

Still, from a bigger perspective, there is no “bad” and “good” karma, they are all just experiences, some of them are just tougher than others. As explained in previous paper, Source created the Multiverse so It can have experiences that are not predictable, so therefore we are here to learn. If karma hits once and we ignore it, it will hit harder next time, and next time, until we come to a point where we have to face it, because we feel we have no other choice. Thus, it’s much easier on us if we are able to learn the first, or second time. Karma is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of, or something to avoid; it always works in our favor.

The Law of Attraction is very useful even to break karmic cycles. If you break patterns and start attracting what enhances your spiritual growth, the energies will adjust accordingly and cancel out some karma, and as we shall go into later, you can, and will, heal your previous lives.

If you, the reader, is interested in learning more about the Law of Attraction, I strongly advise you to start reading the Abraham/Hicks material[2].

2. Psychic Vampirism

As an important spin on the Law of Attraction I also want to bring up the subject of “psychic vampires”. We all know the myth about the vampires who suck blood from their victims and make them into vampires as well. Although there is some truth to this myth, it can also be seen as a metaphor.

The worst vampires you can imagine are not necessarily those who suck your blood, but those who suck your energy!

We have all encountered them, and it’s always traumatic when we do.

I have been aware of the existence of such people since I was young and used to avoid them when I could, after have had a few quite horrible encounters with them. They are not large in numbers–perhaps 5-8% of the whole population, but the damage they do to their environment is so devastating that it seems like they are larger in number.

Michael Tsarion is a researcher like myself, and he once wrote quite a short, but very down-to-the-point article about psychic vampirism. When I have encountered people in my life lately, who seem to have a problem with one or more of these vampires, I always give them a copy of this article, and so far it has always blown their minds and helped them in their process of turning a bad situation around. Once they have recognized it for what it is, most people are then willing to take steps to disconnect from such people, or if a family member, be able to come up with ideas to handle their own unique situation.

The article is so short that I am going to post it here for the reader’s convenience. I hope it will help some who are in this situation:


How much do you know about the people you think you know?

Do your emotional attachments to people blind you to their real natures, and if so, how much?

Person A – becomes dependant on others, under the name of love
Person B – makes others dependent upon them, under the name of love
Person C – does both
Person D – does neither


There is no gadget or meter to know when a potential psychic or energy vamp is sucking you dry…The only way to tell you are under attack are…Feel like shit for no reasonLife starts to suck, for no reasonConstant anxiety, for no reasonHealth suffers, energy is down, for no reasonYour depressed and feelings of futility abound, for no reasonBad dreams, for no reasonBad attitude, for no reasonAttracting obstacles, for no reasonGetting suspicious, for no reasonBegin to doubt yourself, your god, your destiny, your fate, your sanity, for no reasonoh yes, and you think its ALL YOUR OWN FAULT…Well, maybe it is, and maybe there is something else to learn…

Yes, there is no physical meter with a dial that goes to the red when your being drained and dumped on by others…but there is one kind of meter that has been with us from the beginning…THE HUMAN INTUITION…backed up by arts like Vibrational Kinesiology, and with a healthy dose of REASON, and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE…it may all start making sense.

It had better…cause they don’t all live in Transylvania, and they don’t all dress in black…

A few mainstream psychoanalysts have been getting rather frustrated with those clients who just cannot get better, and who seem to backslide, or whose issues seem vague and insurmountable…Yes, they have tried it all, going along with the traditional theories concerning Personal Responsibility, and that we create our own sickness, and all that.

These are important theories…but guess what?

After getting nowhere, a few smart psychologists have put down the textbooks and taken of their spectacles, and have asked those poor patients, the ones with their heads in their hands, questions like…

“So who is around you at this time…” or “So who are you hanging around with…” or “tell us about the people you love…”

Aaaah! – Answers at last. The light shines in at last…The red flags are waving and the mist clears…

Dont believe me? Well, I did not invent it…

Healing fails to occur because it is easier to harm another than heal oneself – Vernon Howard

Humanity must perforce prey on itself, like monsters from the deep –William Shakespeare

Now the betrayer had given them a sign, saying, “The one I shall kiss is the man; seize him – Matt 26:48

For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar’s angel: Judge, O you gods! how dearly Caesar loved him. This was the most unkindest cut of all; For when the noble Caesar saw him stab, Ingratitude, more strong than traitors’ arms, Quite vanquish’d him: then burst his mighty heart…William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved –(Matt 10:21-22)

And when his twelve disciples were called together, he gave to them power of unclean spirits, to cast them out of men, and to heal every languor, and sickness – (Matt 10:1)

They that are not as I am made themselves like me. They that are unworthy of me made me angry. The wretches that belong not to the house of my father rose, they took arms against me, they rose, they took arms against me, making war with me, making war with me, fighting for my holy robe, for my enlightening light, that it might lighten their darkness, for my sweet fragrance, that it might sweeten their foulness, because of my brethren, the sons of light, that they might give a peace to their land, because of my sister, the hour of light, that she might be a strengthening of their building – (The Manichean Psalms of Thomas)

Their webs shall not become garments, neither shall they cover themselves with their works: their works are works of iniquity, and the act of violence is in their hands – (Isaiah 59:6)

and the salvation?…That’s easy…

I’m ain’t looking for nothing in nobody’s eyes – (Bob Dylan)[3]—you there yet?[4]The reason I’m bringing this subject up is because it is extremely important that we have the knowledge of these people and entities, or it will seriously halt our progress and can even be a threat to our immediate lives. If nothing else, these vampires put deep scars in our souls that always need healing.

So, bottom-line is: when you notice that someone you are connected with constantly makes you feel uncomfortable and tired for no apparent reason and things start to go wrong in your life, then take into consideration that this other person may be a psychic vampire. Sometimes the psychic vampire is not obvious and it will take a while to stop them. Important, though, is to not go on a witch hunt and start accusing innocent people for being vampires; it doesn’t help the situation. I am saying this, because when somebody has been drained of energy for a long time, they have a tendency to become more or less paranoid, feeling like they are boxing shadows. The way to spot a vampire is to be aware of how you feel in the presence of a certain person. When you interact with them, do you feel empowered, neutral or drained and/or depressed during the visit and/or afterwards? Is there somebody you are connected with who makes you feel intimidated, useless, ugly, or stupid? If so, that’s your vampire.Still, before you decide who it is, always notice how you feel every time you connect with him/her, and afterwards, and how you feel when that person is not connected with you for a few days or longer. Never judge somebody just because they happen to act like one once or twice. That person could have a bad day or in their turn be in contact with a vampire. It’s the recurrence that is the indicator! 

It’s often hard to get rid of such people; they tend to hang on like parasites and are experts in pushing your buttons. They may cry and beg for you to stay, or they’ll tell you that you can’t live without them; that you need them for your survival. Often, after a traumatic argument or violent incident, they bring flowers and cry at the door. Some fall for this, especially when they have had this connection for a long time. The positive person has been so dependent upon the dominant vampire that s/he thinks s/he can’t live without him/her. This, of course, is not true, and due to that the “victim” (although I don’t like to use this word) is already weak from have had her/his energies pulled, thinks the vampire is correct and chooses to stay in the bad situation. They often also feel sorry for the vampire, because these beings are experts in making you feel bad and not caring enough for them. They are also often super-jealous. To stay connected with a person like that can be fatal for many reasons. One being that when your life energy is sucked out, your immune system will become depleted and you’re prone to getting seriously ill.

Why do vampires do this? Well, these people have a hard time creating their own energy because they don’t know how to, so they need someone else (preferably someone with lots of positive energies) to feed their own energy. And they always feed out of fear. They create fear in the other person and that fear is their life energy. Vampires have forgotten how to genuinely give something “from their heart”; their heart chakra is hopelessly closed, they are disconnected from Prime Creator to the 10th degree, and when they do give, it’s always with a “what’s in it for me?” They are out of balance with their energy flows to the extreme. Many are also possessed by entities from the lower astral planes who use these human vehicles to feed off of your fear. As long as they can feed from someone else, they feel strong and vital, but when the victim is too low on energy, they may walk away as destructively as possible and choose a new victim; or they have several victims whom they are working on at the same time. 

Whatever the case, if such person should be exposed and no longer is able to pull life energy out of somebody else, they would collapse and eventually die, unless they start on building their own energy by being more positively oriented and thus more in balance.
 3. Schrödinger’s Cat and Different Timelines

A good example of what the Multiverse is in relation to timelines can be studied in the theorem called “Schrödinger’s Cat”.[5] It is the paradox which was described by the Austrian Physicist, Erwin Schrödinger back in 1935. Although he doesn’t use the word Multiverse in his research, as I see it, he is describing how the Multiverse works.

Schrödinger, in simple terms, is picturing a cat in a box. The person outside the box knows there is a cat inside, but can’t see it because the box is blocking the view of the animal. The question is if the cat inside the box is dead or alive. From this person’s perspective, he will know when he opens the box, but from a quantum viewpoint, the cat is both dead and alive before the box is even opened. At the same moment the person thinks the animal can be either way, both realities are initiated. In that instant, at least two timelines are created simultaneously, one as real as the other.
Figure 3 – Schrödinger’s CatIt’s a big leap in consciousness to go from a belief system where we think there is only one Universe to the concept of a Multiverse and Infinite Potential; especially when we realize that we may exist in many of them at the same time, often unaware of our other-selves. We are bound to the laws of time we to some degree have made up here, and are from this aspect dependent upon the cycles of the stars, planets and galaxies. 

Who can imagine what would happen if all these potential realities would become known to us in an instant? The charge would be so great that we would probably literally explode. No one would be able to handle the complexity of that when brought up to a conscious level. Insanity is not even the word to start describing it. We may get a glimpse of this if we look at a schizophrenic person talking to herself; she has all these voices in her head, talking to her and with each other, simultaneously. But are the schizophrenics really just delusional? I would say, no. Whether it’s from trauma or otherwise, these people have opened up themselves to the Multiverse to an extent that they are totally overwhelmed. It’s too much download and inter-connection at once. In this sense, schizophrenic people are more multi-dimensional than the average person, but they have no idea what they are experiencing, and they got a big chunk of it at once, which overloads the system. 

Fortunately for the big majority, this is not how it’s going to pan out. We are experiencing a gradual awakening, so we can handle the increase of information. That’s the normal evolution of the biomind. Also, becoming multi-dimensional is a learning process, and there are tools we can use to accomplish the task quicker. How this works will be discussed later, in the “Soulution Papers.


[1]”Ask and It is Given” is the name of the website of Esther and Jerry Hicks, Esther being the channeler of the entity who calls himself “Abraham”, and this is their online address: . A .pdf version of the material, including exercises, can be found here:—Abraham.pdf


[3] © 1997. “Not Dark Yet”, by Bob Dylan, from his album “Time Out of Mind”. His line is slightly misquoted and should read like this: “I ain’t lookin for nothin’ in anyone’s eyes” (

[4] Ref:


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