First Level of Learning, Paper 3: The Prime Creator Experiencing Itself

by Wes Penre, Thursday, February 17, 2011

1. From Nothingness to Somethingness

In the Beginning there was Infinity, and Infinity was Nothingness or Infinite Void. There were no thoughts, no emotions, no light, no darkness, no sound, no material universe; only silence and Nothingness. Then this silence became Aware. It developed a Super Consciousness that is All That Is. From that Super Consciousness came self awareness and thought. Out of self awareness and thought came Infinite Potential. Infinite Potential is genderless and genders at the same time, because it is All That Is.

At one time, an eternity ago in human terms, Infinite Potential, which we will call Source, who knew everything there was to know, was wondering how it would be if there were things It didn’t know. Of course, Source could experience anything and everything It wanted to, but only from Its own single point of view and in regard to Its own Infinity. If It wanted to experience another Infinity, It had to create another unique self-aware unit of awareness, just like Itself, who could create its own Infinity.[1] Therefore, the way to expand Itself and create Infinite Universes from other viewpoints was to extend Itself to a lot of unique units of awareness, which It did; It went from Oneness to Separateness.

So Source created a game to play with Itself; It created the Unum/Multiverse from Its own Infinite point of view and then populated it with an almost infinite numbers of awareness units; separate parts of Itself. Figuratively speaking, if we imagine Source being an infinite ball of clay, It took a part of Itself and created a model, or a “landscape”, which became what Life Physics Group California calls “The Unum”; then It extended Itself in consciousness into an indefinite amount of “nerve endings”, which were “miniature” parts of Itself. It gave these extended awareness units unique personalities and traits, so each one of them could create their own universes within First Source’s Unum, and bring back every thought, every move, and every experience back to Source.

The Unum became the playground (or “clayground”, according to our analogy) with its seven Levels of Manifestation. Being Infinite Potential and All That Is to begin with, Prime Creator, by using energy to create different densities and dimensions, could now, from completing the LOMs# (levels of manifestations) put players on the stage. The way It did this was to let parts of Itself go into the Unum and start seeding and creating intelligent life forms of lower densities than that of the purest form of Source. The purpose and idea was to have separated parts of Itself explore the Unum and bring back the unpredictable experiences to Itself, so Source could learn more about Itself. This game has been going on ever since and will probably go on for all Eternity.

Many have asked themselves throughout time whether 4-space/time is infinite, with an infinite number of galaxies, or not. The universe is both; it’s Infinite Potential, and we who live in it are the ones creating it (and serial and parallel universes as well, by creating probable realities) with our thoughts, emotions, and actions, each and every second of our existence. This means that the universe is potentially infinite, but ever-expanding. If I were able to measure exactly how big the universe is at this exact second, it would be false the next second, or even the next nano-second, because it would already have expanded way beyond the calculations.

The questions who God is and how everything started is of course, and should be, mind-boggling, and this is a subject for an endless series of papers itself, and it’s not my purpose at this time to speculate too much about this, because in the long run, it will be just that–speculations–and the final answer will always be that we don’t know. There is evidence in quantum and subquantum physics, and in metaphysics, that there is a Prime Creator that includes everything there is, but there is an even bigger question: if Prime Creator came out of a Nothingness and suddenly became aware, who made It aware, or how did It become aware? What came before “thought”? In other words, is there something even bigger than what we now call the Prime Creator? It’s almost self-evident that this is the case.

2. A Hierarchy of Creator Gods

To have the game started, Prime Creator appointed separated part of Itself, so-called “creator gods”, who were close to Itself in vibration and had the knowledge and capacity to create realities in the Unum; even galaxies, stars, nebulae and planets, and seed them with life. It then told the parts of Itself which were the Creator Gods: “Go out and create, and bring all things back to me! You go out and gift of yourselves freely, so that all that you create in this universe can understand its essence, my identity![2],[3]

Some say that the original Creator Gods were 7 in numbers, as 7 is the number of the Prime Creator, roaming in the higher LOMs# of the Unum, and these 7 Creator Gods, after noticing that everything went per the plan, then created hierarchies of “lesser” creator gods, who went out and seeded planets in 4-space/time with lower density life forms[4]. These lesser gods, in addition, created their own hierarchy and so on. However, because all is ONE to begin with, there is really nothing that’s greater or lesser than anything else, but in terms of creator gods, they were just assigned more or less complicated tasks, because this was the way which seemed to work the best, and the fastest way to seed life into Source’s Multiverse. These Greater Gods did not exist in time as we perceive it here on Earth, so a million years, or even billions of years, is nothing for these entities[5].

The 7 original Creator Gods are known under different names here on Earth, but I will use the term the “Founders”. Then, the “lesser” gods right underneath them in the hierarchy, are “The Family of Light[6]” or “The Tribes of Light[7]” (Note: I will from hereon use the term “Tribes of Light” only when we are discussing the WingMakers Material, otherwise I will use either “Family of Light” or specifically name the alien species in question). The Andromedans, whom were channeled by Alex Collier, mentioned the Founders as well, calling them either the “Paa Tal” or “The Founders”[8].

3. The Galactic Tributary Zone and the 7 Planetary Zones

The 4-space/time universe expands from the center and out in a spinning, spiral fashion; counter-clockwise, like the Merkaba. In the center of the universe there is something called a Tributary Zone. When the Founders create a galaxy, they export this zone from the center of the universe and place it in the center of the galaxy.[9] This zone is located on a planet close to the core (or Central Sun) of the galaxy, but “hidden” within a frequency that ordinary galactic and intergalactic beings can’t enter, unless they are able to vibrate on that frequency. Or as the Lyricus Teaching Order (originating from the Tribes of Light) puts it:

Within the galaxy is a Tributary Zone, which is a synthetic “planet” that is designed to house the knowledge system appropriate for the species of that particular galaxy. Lyricus uses these Tributary Zones as research and training centers wherein its teachers can gather the information, translate it into the indigenous cultural or scientific formats of the species, and then export it to a specific planetary species.[10]

Figure 1 – Artist’s perspective of a galaxy with its Central Sun, 
where the Tributary Zone is located.

The Lyricus Teaching Order members, in the WingMakers Story ( are ambassadors to the Tribes of Light. The basic philosophy of the WingMakers and the Lyricus Teaching Order is that there are 7 superuniverses, just like we are taught when reading the Urantia Papers[11]. Each superuniverse has its own Tributary Zone; thus 7 Tributary Zones all together. These Tributary Zones exist as places of inquiry and knowledge dissemination, perhaps as another “nerve ending” of the Thought Superdomain, where the entire Akashic Records are contained. Then, like the Lyricus Order says, the zone placed in each galaxy would more specifically contain the Akashic Records of a particular galaxy, and everything that has happened within it from its creation to its fulfillment. It’s like exporting a part of a gigantic library.

Figure 2 – Artist’s vision of a galactic Tributary Zone (source:

Even the Tributary Zones work like a hierarchy. From the galactic Tributary Zone, the Tribe of Light is then exporting 7 zones to each life-bearing planet, and in the case of Planet Earth, there is one zone on each continent. It’s unclear how this works on other planets, which have less or more than seven continents, but that’s beyond the scope of this paper. Each planetary Tributary Zone is like a mini-library, each one specific to a certain field of knowledge, such as cosmology, metaphysics, science, religion etc.

Figure 3 – Global Positioning of WingMakers Tributary Zones

These 7 Tributary Zones are real locations, despite what has sometimes been said even on the WingMakers site, and they are apparently stationed where they are indicated in fig 3, and these sites are supposed to be found and explored, one by one, decoded and revealed to the human race when we’re ready. Thus far, only the site in New Mexico has been officially located (see The original purpose of the WingMakers site was for incarnated member of the Lyricus Teaching Order to help locating and decoding the material, which in its original form was exported from higher LOMs# and not in a language known to any species in the galaxy. Each Tributary Zone, on each planet, needs to be decoded so it can be communicated in one or more languages spoken on the planet in question, according to both the WingMakers and LPG-C.

Diagram 2: Distribution of the Tributary Zone in the center of our superuniverse
(right-click on image and choose “open image in new tab” to enlarge )

My own research has shown that this issue with the Tributary Zones is very complicated and involves the focus of many different alien species, much more so than is indicated both by the Lyricus/WingMakers and LPG-C. But to understand this very important subject, we need to peel the onion, and this is where we start. In the papers of the “Second Level of Learning” I will expand on this pretty extensively. As we shall see, there is a connection between the WingMakers Material ( and LPG-C (Life Physics Group California) (

From Lyricus Teaching Order:

Each galactic Tributary Zone is different in terms of the knowledge system that it houses. The leader of the cultural quarter of power – in this case, James – reviews the content contained within the Tributary Zone and aligns it with his knowledge of the species’ belief systems and historical context, and then translates the content into human terms. This is done as a means to establish the first exterial “footprint” of Lyricus on the planet.

The primary purpose of this initial facet of the knowledge system is to bring encoded sensory data streams to the species that can help individuals shift their consciousness from an individual, planetary-based set of objectives, to a more cosmologically-based set of objectives for the species as a whole – namely the discovery of the Grand Portal. This is generally done without too much definition given to Lyricus.


The knowledge system is brought to the species gradually and in a manner that the species assimilates it as its own. Complementary to the exterial unfolding of Lyricus is the unfolding of the inward process to implant certain aspects of the Lyricus knowledge system within the Genetic Mind of the species, thus making it accessible to all humanity. This process is conducted through the combined efforts and technologies of the Lyricus team residing within the Tributary Zone.

What is being done on the planet and off the planet (the inner and outer work) is coordinated by the Lyricus leader of the religious quarter. This is the individual who is last to incarnate within the human species and is the one that will step forward in the final days just prior to, or directly after, the discovery of the Grand Portal. This is the individual who will unify the disparate beliefs of the species and anchor them on the science of multidimensional reality and the all-encompassing brotherhood of the individuated consciousness.[12]

The Grand Portal they are talking about in this quote is allegoric to the time when religion and science merge into one, and the human race realizes as ONE that we are spiritual beings inhabiting a body. When this happens, according to Lyricus and the WingMakers, we can become multi-dimensional as a species. Religion here does not mean the established religions here on Earth with their different dogmatic teachings, but rather religion as spiritual awareness. I got first interested in LPG-C, and to some extent also the Bavarian Illuminati[13], because they both seem to work on establishing this goal. We will see how this works out in the long run.

(As a side note for now, but still worth mentioning here, is that the Pleiadians are using the 12 system[14] rather than the 7 system when dealing with humans, and so do the Guardians[15], with whom Ashayana Deane is in contact. More about that later).

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