Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 7: The Solar War

by Wes Penre, Written on Thursday, October 24, 2013 
Posted on Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

I. The End of the Golden Age

In Level II, we talked about the Titanomachy—the War of the Titans—and how the Olympians—the younger gods—won the war through much destruction.

When we humans fight our wars here on Earth, we may bomb cities and destroy them in order to show our overwhelming power to the enemy, but the gods not only destroyed cities—they also blew up planets or bounced them out of orbit. Our planet, whether we want to call it Earth, Gaia, Terra, or whatnot, is no exception. Once upon a time, our planet was orbiting the Sun in a much wider orbit, and both the planet and its inhabitants were larger in stature due to its higher electromagnetic frequency. This was more than 500,000 years ago, and our planet was then populated by a lot of distinct flora and fauna, which are now extinct. An androgynous humanoid race, the Namlú’u, were here as well, being the shepherds of the wildlife on the planet. Mother Goddess’s “Administrators,” the Vulcans (also called the IGIGI), were here as well, together with their male counterparts, the Khans. They made up what in our mythology are called the Titans.[1]

The period when the Titans, under the supervision of Prince Ninurta, were stationed on the planet, was the real Golden Age, and everybody lived in peace, just as described in the previous paper. Mankind—whom I prefer to call “womankind” because Namlú’u were androgynous with a feminine essence—they were free to wander around and live the lives they loved the best. They lived close to nature and were able to communicate with it—not only with the animals but also with the trees, the flowers, the insects, the stones and rocks, and the ether. They were Beings of Fire in its deepest meaning, and they could nanotravel and communicate over long distances without even leaving their bodies. It was as if a part of Orion was brought down to this planet in the outskirts of the Galaxy. The Namlú’u were true masters of the elements, and they are our forefathers (or “foremothers,” rather). I would probably be correct if I said that they were not only living close to nature—they were of nature.

As we’ve discussed earlier, this solar system was guarded by MIKH-MAKH warriors from the Orion Empire, but everything was laid-back, and no one expected any attack from anybody—most star races loved the idea of a Living Library, even if there were some jealousy and nagging about it in the beginning. Some hinted, “Why did the humans get the Fire of the Goddess and the sacred bodies that they have that make them able to nanotravel directly from a third-dimensional location, and not us? Why can they go back to Orion with “no strings attached” while we have to work so hard for it?” Thoughts such as this were exchanged on occasion, but the Queen and the King of Orion didn’t take it too personally. They had expected some protest, but they knew that the beings who protested would never do anything violent toward this new Namlú’u species. Besides, if the Experiment were positive, it could also be beneficial for other star races. The Queen of the Stars was planning to set the Experiment as a norm for this universe, if the Experiment succeeded!

When Ar-i-du, our solar system, eventually got attacked, it was not so much because of jealousy over the Namlú’u’s privileges—it was more about revenge in general—a revenge that was directed toward Prince Ninurta, who had bypassed his brother, Prince Lucifer, as the heir of Orion. BUT, it was also directed toward Mother Goddess, in her incarnation as Tiamat, and later as Mother Gaia.

As a rebel, Prince Lucifer had to be very careful and inventive in order to pull things off. He had to use most of his brilliant thinking and his best advisors to obtain what he ultimately wanted, and in the beginning, he did it one step at the time. He started one project (often a war) in one section of Sector 9, and while that was raging, he hit somewhere else—unexpectedly. Now, he wanted Ar-i-du! His mother had manifested herself and become a “Living Planet”—a “Living Library”—while her most-beloved son walked on her surface, creating and making sure everything went by the plan. The entire solar system was given to Prince Ninurta as a gift, and he felt the responsibility to play out the Experiment as it was intended— perhaps—with his own slant to it.

Lucifer and his Fallen Angels used many different ways to travel in space. Lucifer could have chosen just to nanotravel, and that had both its pros and cons. In reality, he often nanotraveled from one place to another, but not all his minions were star beings—therefore, he sometimes used stargates to travel from A to B. The ace up his sleeve was the hollowed-out crafts, created out of asteroids and planetoids. The idea to hollow them out, like so much else, was stolen from Orion technology and expanded upon. Lucifer will never admit that he “stole it” because, after all, he was from Orion, and as a scientist, he knew their technologies, and he just used what he had learned. If it were considered “negative usage,” so be it. Lucifer never thought he was negative—he only wanted back what he considered being his, by legal rights. Now, however, when he’d been thrown out, the heirship, in Lucifer’s mind, had been stolen from him, and he intended to invade and take over the Orion Empire now!—now being as soon as possible.

Fig. 1. The Kuiper belt, located outside the orbit of Neptune.

For a long time, the Prince of Darkness, who once had been the Prince of Light, parked his armada of hollowed-out asteroids in the Kuiper belt[2], which is a large asteroid belt, located just outside Neptune, starting at approximately 30 Astronomical Units (AU) from the Sun and reaching as far out as 50 AU beyond any known planet in the solar system—1 AU being the distance between the Sun and the Earth[3]. Because of its huge number of asteroids, the Kuiper belt was the perfect place to park and hide a massive armada and shield it so that it wouldn’t be detected by MIKH-MAKH warriors on duty.  

When the time was right and the MIKH-MAKHs had their guard down, the Lucifer armada went into attack mode. They started from outside of the solar system and worked themselves inward in order to conquer and claim Ar-i-du, planet by planet, until they reached Tiamat, which was their primary goal. Lucifer wanted what his brother had and he didn’t—the ownership of the Living Library.

Pluto, which is no longer considered a planet, was an easy target,and barely being watched by Ninurta’s legion. Lucifer parked himself on the small planetoid and claimed its moons, which were considered more important than the planetoid itself because they could be used as bases and “watch stations”—not to mention that they could be hollowed out and mined.

Pluto is being equated with Hades, the god of the Underworld, and later on it became the name for the “Underworld” itself.

Pluto (Greek: Πλούτων, Ploutōn) was the ruler of the underworld in classical mythology. The earlier name for the god was Hades, which became more common as the name of the underworld as a place.[4]

Another god, who was known as being the god of the Underworld, where he ruled together with Ereshkigal, was Nergal (see Paper 2), which is one of Lord’s true alter egos. Thus, Pluto being Lucifer’s/’s domain, makes sense. We need to remember that the planets in our solar system were not named randomly—the planets are connected with certain deities, even though ownership of the same planets may have changed over the eons. Nevertheless, by looking at their names, we can see who is related to which one.

Once Lucifer had taken over Pluto—even though he was doing it silently and carefully—he was detected, and Prince Ninurta, at that time stationed on Tiamat, was notified. He immediately gathered his legion and made them ready for war. Ninurta had no doubt who was intruding on his domains, and he was determined to chase his rebellious brother out of Ar-i-du once and for all.

A great space battle took place just outside Neptune. Archangel Mikael, Second in Command, confronted Prince Lucifer for the second time—the first time he had managed to throw his brother out of the Orion Empire, and since then has been highly regarded as a brave and very skilled warrior. Once more, he showed his brilliant skills on the battlefield and his superior abilities to strategically place his troops in areas that would potentially take the enemy by surprise.

In the beginning, the war went just fine, and the MIKH-MAKH did a great job—especially in direct confrontation when they were being far superior to the DAKH—Lucifer’s troops. Pretty soon, however, Prince Ninurta discovered that the armada Lucifer had brought from the Pleiades, Draco, and possibly Sirius, Spica, and elsewhere, was huge. An armada that filled the space suddenly departed itself from the stationary asteroids in the Kuiper belt and showed not to be asteroids at all, but a fantastic number of hollowed-out spacecraft!

Ninurta was a highly trained warrior, knowing what to do under such circumstance, and he had no trouble admitting that he was in need of assistance. Hence, he contacted his father, Khan En.lil, and asked him for help. Unfortunately, his father was caught up in a huge battle in Sirius at that moment. He said he could assist, but it would take a while before his troops would arrive. Ninurta understood that Khan En.lil had his hands full, so he didn’t count on any help from there before it was too late. He simply had to do the best he could to defeat his brother anyway, perhaps by using a superior strategy.

Prince Ninurta was losing ground, however—especially when Lucifer’s armada started using highly technological weapons that killed mercilessly and split the Avatars of the enemy into pieces. This took the battle to a whole new level, and Prince Ninurta lost many good warriors as a consequence.

Lucifer managed to conquer Neptune and its moons as well, and Neptune has since then been his primary stronghold. Neptune is still related to up to this day. Interesting to note as well is that Neptune’s moon, Triton, and Saturn’s moon, Phoebe, are believed to have originated in the Kuiper belt[5], from where this invasion started. We may want to keep in mind that these two moons, mentioned above, may be hollowed out by the AIF—hence, they are not natural satellites of Neptune and Saturn, respectively.

Lucifer’s attack was, indeed, merciless, and Ninurta understood that the chances to win this battle were very slim, but he still did his best and succeeded to make the enemy retreat on a few occasions. However, they always came back stronger. Lucifer had planned this for a long time, understanding that if he wanted to take over Ar-i-du and defeat the mighty MIKH-MAKH warriors, he could only do so by outnumbering them and hide in hollowed-out asteroids.

Soon, Lucifer had taken over Uranus as well, which was Khan En.lil’s stronghold in Ar-i-du. He also strategically put a few hollowed-out craft in position around the planet where they are stationed even today.[6] The Uranus conquest was an important one for Lucifer because now he could take on the role as Khan En.lil, the Ruler of the Orion Empire.

However, perhaps, the greatest victory of them all, for the purpose of maintaining control over the solar system, was when Lucifer took over Saturn, also known as “Father Time,” or the “Time Keeper.”[7] This was the planet of Cronus, the Titan, which in some regard has been associated with Prince Ninurta himself (also see Level III regarding Ninurta). Whoever wants to be in control of our solar system can do it from this planet. Here, as well as in the Sun, is where the exact dimension or frequency can be set for the solar system, determining its progress, evolution, and awareness level. In the rings of Saturn, the Council of Nine had been located since the time when Queen Nin created Ar-i-du, deciding who can enter and who cannot, depending on their energy level and their intentions. The Council of Nine also took advice from higher councils, such as the Council of 24, which was a council sitting in the Court of Orion.

Now, however, the Council of Nine was defeated in its own higher dimension by Lucifer himself and his greatest warriors. I don’t know if the sitting council was able to flee, if they were imprisoned by Lucifer, or if they were killed. I haven’t seen any good reference regarding what happened to them, but they were, of course, displaced, and a new Council of Nine was later set up, consisting of Lucifer’s people.

Saturn is also very important for another reason. Scientists have just recently discovered some abnormality at the planet’s north pole, as casually discussed in a previous paper. There is something looking like a huge hurricane, with the size of two Earths. NASA explains:

“Cassini has been in orbit around Saturn for 9 years and we’ve been following this hexagon which surrounds the north pole. It’s bigger than 2 Earths, and it’s a wandering jet stream. But it’s been winter in the north. So we have not been able to see what’s at the center of the hexagon. But now it’s spring. And what we’ve found at the center of the hexagon is a Saturn hurricane.

This is a view from directly over the north pole, which is made possible by the orbit of the spacecraft which is now taking us over the pole. The winds are flowing at 300 miles an hour, which is 4 times hurricane force. The fluffy white clouds in the center are about the size of Texas.

We can use special filters to measure the heights of the clouds. The red are low clouds and the green are high clouds.

We call it a Saturn hurricane because it has the eye, it has the high winds, but it’s different from an Earth hurricane because it’s locked to the north pole. And unlike a terrestrial hurricane there’s no ocean underneath. And that’s one of the puzzles we’re trying to figure out.”[8]

It is interesting that there is an “eye” in the middle as well—something all hurricanes have—but there is no water underneath, so where does this “eye” lead to? Is it perhaps the same kind of “eye” as in the missing capstone of the Pyramid on the back of the One Dollar Bill? Could this eye indeed be the All-seeing Eye of Mother Goddess and her son, Prince Ninurta (as the supervisor of Ar-i-du), and then taken over by Lucifer, so that it now is known as the Eye of Lucifer? This is perhaps something to ponder.

BUT, it’s getting weirder. Not only do we have an abnormal consistent hurricane blowing at the north pole of Saturn, but this hurricane is in the shape of a hexagon. This mystery was revealed by NASA, but probably was known to the public because of the article at, where a moving picture clearly shows the shape of a hexagon.[9]

Fig. 2. The hexagon at the north pole of Saturn.

From what we know thus far, do we have any indicators of what this hexagon might be? We know that there is a stargate on Saturn, which not only leads in and out of this solar system, but also connects our Ar-i-du with Pesh-Meten, the commercial galactic highway, which follows the spirals of the galaxy. Pesh-Meten is starting at the Galactic center and is moving outward, following the Orion Arm, passing our solar system, and continuing out of the Milky Way toward the Andromeda Galaxy, approximately 2.2 million light-years away. Saturn’s stargate was once known as “Ninurta’s Gate,” and was highly protected. Still, with an armada such as Lucifer’s, Queen Nin’s MIKH-MAKH warriors lost that stronghold too, and Lucifer is now in charge of the stargate, deciding who is allowed to enter and who is allowed to leave the solar system. This stargate has been protected for eons, and after the Deluge, it was permanently closed. Lately, however, it seems as if it’s been opened again, for reasons unknown to me, and discarnate souls can potentially leave the solar system through that stargate. Such souls, who have seen through the manipulation and refuse to play along, will no longer be held prisoners for a few reasons. One reason is because it breaks the Law of Free Will to stop them, but these souls can also become a liability for the AIF if they are forced to reincarnate again because the AIF would have to put more efforts into these souls in later incarnations. Otherwise, they will sooner or later interfere with the AIF’s dark plans. Also, Lucifer and his minions let them go, using them as a “pay off,” as discussed in Level II. Each soul group is supposed to be able to evolve, and by letting some evolved souls leave the solar system, the AIF believe that they have proof that they let souls evolve and “move on.”

In the ancient past, however, it was very bad news that Lucifer took over Saturn, which was Ninurta’s best stronghold in the Ar-i-du system. This was the moment when Ninurta believed that the battle was lost. Still, he stayed, trying to save what could be saved. He needed to safeguard the Living Library, which consisted not only of Tiamat, but also of Mars, which was a sister planet to Tiamat at one point and a beautiful planet on its own merit. A lot a beautiful creations had arisen on these two worlds, and Ninurta wanted to save them at almost any cost. He also knew that his mother’s Fire was burning in the center of both Gaia and Mars. Venus, as well, was at that time inhabited, but from what I can tell, not by humans. The planet was still under Ninurta’s control and could have been an outpost in another dimension. Some say, however, that a species developed on that planet, but left at one point in time. This story is told, among other places, in the RA Material.[10]

Because we discussed it in details in Level II, I am not going to go into the details of the Titan War in this paper, but the result is that Tiamat, the old Living Library, was heavily bombarded at the end of the war, and a chunk of the planet broke off and was catapulted out in space, where it blew into pieces. This part of Tiamat became the asteroid belt. Tiamat, as a planet, survived, and the battle between Marduk and Tiamat (both as a planet and as Mother Goddess) is told in great detail in Enûma Eliš. Of course, Marduk and his father were very eager to tell this story because it told the story about their success. The Babylonian Creation Story says that Marduk slaughtered Tiamat, which symbolizes how the planet was split in two pieces. The surviving piece of Tiamat became Earth, or Gaia.[11]

Ninurta withdrew what was left of his troops to Mars and Tiamat, where the last resistance was going to be held. His armada surrounded both planets in order to protect them, and the most advanced weapons were used toward the DAKH.

Because of this necessary strategic move by the Original Planners, taking over Jupiter was a piece of cake for Lucifer, and as we know, Jupiter is now the planet of Zeus, which is an alias for both Lucifer/ and his son, Marduk. Both Lucifer and Marduk, as the reader has seen, participated in the invasion of Ar-i-du.

The last battle was the most intense one in the Solar War. Prince Ninurta saw his brother’s armada come closer and closer, and discouraged, he also realized how much bigger Lucifer’s armada was. This was going to be a tough fight.

Weaponry that we are not even able to perceive in our wildest imagination was used in this battle, and Ninurta managed to reduce Lucifer’s hollowed out spacecraft army considerably just by his pure intention to save his last outposts![12] This was the Solar War or the War of the Titans, when the Titans, who held the position on Tiamat, were taken over by the “younger gods”—the Olympians—led by Poseidon, which is another name for

There is no doubt that the explosion of Tiamat happened in the far past—there is overwhelming evidence of that. There are catastrophe researchers, such as Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, Tom van Flandern, Paul LaViolette, Stephen Quayle, and Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, who very precisely lay out how the event happened (some of them, such as Velikovsky, refer to two events). For those who are interested, I recommend any of these researchers’ work.

Paul LaViolette, a known researcher into the subject of exploding planets, has the following to say:

The technology required (for interstellar communication) is the same as that used in particle accelerators employed by high-energy physicists for carrying out particle collision experiments. It is also the same technology used in particle beam weapons systems such as those developed in the Pentagon’s Star Wars program. Except in this case the technology would be employed for peaceful purposes.[13]

And to expand it further:

…which promises to vastly extend the present state of the art. This id called beat-wave plasma accelerator is able to generate 10,000 to 10 million times stronger than those used in the Stanford accelerator. Two powerful laser beams of slightly differing frequencies are projected into a gas plasma tube to produce a “beat frequency wave” that moves through the plasma at tremendous speed.

Electrons “surfing” on this wave are then accelerated as the wave travels down the tube. A 10 meter long accelerator of this sort is theoretically capable of accelerating electrons to 100 billion electron volt energies.[14]

Then he concludes by elaborating on a question:

Could a civilization possessing advanced field projection technologies perhaps even engineer an entire supernova explosion? By establishing a field bridge between the two poles of a star and inducing a resonant electrodynamic oscillation between these two linked regions, the star might be induced to explode. Clearly, a civilization must reach a high degree of maturity if it is so [sic] wield such a technology. While it could be very beneficial if put to the proper use, it could also be used as a weapon of mass destruction if it fell into the wrong hands.[15]

LaViolette could be right on target. Of course, these star beings know exactly how to manipulate a star, and they certainly can make it explode if they wish to.

This gives us at least an idea of advanced weapons being involved in destroying a planet. LaViolette continues to go into details about this and discusses “phase conjugation,” which refers to a “mirror” that can retrace the path in the phase conjugating mirror. This makes the photons travel backward in time. It has to do with the angle in which you fire the weapon. In the end, you get a weapon that, when set to a target, can’t miss, even if it’s remotely fired from let’s say another solar system, thousands of light-years away.

This kind of weapon can be conceived of already today, which Paul LaViolette proves, so, even if he is on the right track, the “real deal” is probably something much more advanced. In any case, what LaViolette is talking about is bad enough—it means that it will be very hard to defend ourselves and our solar system against a weapon like that, regardless of which tactics we use—especially so, if the weapon is targeted and fired without the knowledge of the target place. This shouldn’t shock anybody because we know that the AIF is in possession of very advanced weaponry, but it’s still a chilling thought, and it puts things in perspective. Then, naturally, the opposite side, which would be the followers of the Matriarch, has at least the same capabilities themselves.

As I said, Enûma Eliš, Tablet 4, tells the story about Lucifer/ and Tiamat, although the name “Marduk” is constantly used. I don’t know for sure if he was the one who split Tiamat in two, but it is irrelevant because both Marduk and his father were in on it. Also, there is no doubt that the AIF’s mission, led by Lucifer, was as follows:

13. O Marduk, thou art our avenger!
14. We give thee sovereignty over the whole world.
15. Sit thou down in might, be exalted in thy command.[16]

Here Lucifer’s minions are saluting him for taking on this task, and they want him, Lucifer, to be the King of the World, and they will be loyal to the cause under his sovereign command.

If someone thinks that Tiamat, in this case, is only a person, the tablet quickly removes that assumption and clearly shows that we are also dealing with a planet as a celestial body. Read carefully—especially Line 90:

87. Then Tiamat heard these words,
88. She was like one possessed, she lost her reason.
89. Tiamat uttered wild piercing cries,
90. She trembled and shook to her very foundations…[17]

The word “foundations” tells us that Marduk is not fighting a human but a whole planet, presumably, with people and other life forms on it. It also shows that our mythology is disclosing a lot about our past—a past which scientists have no interest in exploring. As long as this is the case, people will never learn—not until they are willing to look into our myths are we going to be able to know our past. Even though our history has been tampered with, it’s still more correct than the official story that we learn in school.

The damage that was done seems like a lot when we look at the asteroid belt, but although there is a huge quantity of asteroids floating around, it was only a small piece of Tiamat that was torn off, and the rest of the planet was fairly intact, from what I have concluded. In Level II, I understood that half of the planet was destroyed and the other half lost its atmosphere and became barren, except for some life that survived under the surface. This, I have learned, was most probably not the case. Tiamat’s atmosphere[18] was not severely damaged, and the life on the planet survived to a large degree, although some of it was heavily flooded. Earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcano eruptions, of course, occurred, killing many living creatures, including some of the Namlú’u. The planet was in need of restoration afterward, but the damage was, as mentioned earlier, fairly minor.

Let us go back again and finish up what happened when Tiamat was hit. The Titans, under Prince Ninurta’s command, were giants—beings of very large stature, as were the Namlú’u at that point, although they decreased in height with time on the smaller Gaia—the planet that survived. When the planet decreased in size, so did the life forms on the planet—in general. On a smaller planet, smaller creatures normally have a better chance to survive in the dense environment than larger beings do. Therefore, almost everything decreased in height after a while, even if it took generations until it happened on a grander scale. The dinosaurs, for example, developed on the larger Tiamat, which orbited the Sun from a slightly farther distance from the Sun than the Earth does today. It was because of Tiamat’s larger size that the vessels/bodies that the Titans inhabited were naturally much larger in stature than today’s human. The Pleiadians say that some of the giants in ancient times could reach a height of three hundred feet, which is approximately one hundred meters (Steven Quale’s research seems to verify this, as well)!

When Tiamat exploded, it created some devastating effects on the rest of the solar system. Planets were slightly thrown out of orbit, and Mars was hit by the debris, and as a consequence, its atmosphere was sucked out in space, and all life on the surface died, almost in an instant. Mars became the Red Planet—a desert world. Even today, we can see the scar on Mars’ surface, where it was hit by the debris from Tiamat.

This major event stopped the war for a while. Despite the fewer number of soldiers in his army, Prince Ninurta had fought well, and Lucifer’s armada was severely reduced, and for a while, Lucifer had to retreat farther back in the solar system.

This gave Ninurta some time and space to return to the wounded Tiamat to see how badly she was hurt. He found that although catastrophes had happened on the surface and land and water in some regions had changed location, many beings, and much of the Living Library in general, had survived. This was a big relief, and he and his Helpers (the Vulcans) quickly restored and repaired what was needed in order to save the planet on a long-term basis. Tiamat was gone, but Gaia had survived, and so had Ninurta’s Mountain Paradise.

The armistice didn’t last very long, however. Suddenly, Lucifer’s armada had stationed itself around Gaia, ready to take over. The skies were filled with fire, and deadly weaponry was used. Ninurta knew that this was the end, and it was time to leave—he no longer had a choice. He hurried up to warn the rest of the surviving Vulcans, and some managed to flee with him, while some of them stayed on Gaia, unwilling to leave. They wanted to remain with the Namlú’u and the Living Library even if they would be killed.

Prince Ninurta, followed by a crew of Vulcans and MIKH-MAKH warriors, fled through the stargate of Saturn and returned to Orion in the last moment before Lucifer took possession of the gate. The War of the Titans was over, and it had been devastating. Lucifer, however, was in a wonderful mood because he was now in charge of his mother’s, father’s, and brother’s Living Library, and he had also managed to insult his mother by defeating her as Tiamat, the Living Planet.

Some of the Vulcans who stayed behind were killed and slaughtered, while others were imprisoned inTartarus, the Underground prison, which the Olympian gods created for the Titans.[19]

When Lucifer took over, it means that he took over everything. Once he had taken charge of the planets of Ar-i-du, together with their moons, he also took over the “personae” of the Gods whom he had defeated. By taking over Uranus, he could take on the persona of “Anu,” also known as Khan En.lil, Abzu, Anshar, etc., which I showed in Paper 2.

The following excerpt from Enûma Eliš is very telling and proves my story in just a few lines. We can see here that and his son, Marduk, were fighting against their own mother, the Goddess, just like I’ve said for such a long time now:

39. He set the lightning in front of him,
40. With burning flame he filled his body,
41. He made a net to enclose the inward parts of Tiamat,
42. The four winds he stationed so that nothing of her might escape;…
43. The South wind and the North wind and the East wind and the West wind
44. He brought near to the net, the gift of his father Anu,[20]

Fig. 3. “Prince Ninurta, followed by a crew of Vulcans and MIKH-MAKH warriors, fled through the stargate of Saturn, and returned to Orion in the last moment, before Lucifer took possession of the gate.”

The above excerpt is, obviously, frfrom “Marduk’s” fight with Tiamat. The emphasis on Line 44 is mine. If we look at this excerpt, it describes the battle in which Tiamat, the Goddess, was defeated. But take a deeper look—what is it telling us? It’s telling us that Marduk, in Line 44, brought near to the net, the gift of his father, Anu. This can be interpreted in two ways, but both ways are showing’s direct involvement in defeating his own mother. It proves that and his son are impostors, beyond any reasonable doubt. Let us look at the two ways in which we can interpret this text, as I see it:

1.      The gift came from Marduk’s father, Anu, it says. If so, “Marduk” presented in these lines is not’s son, but himself, who brought the gift from his father, whom we know is Anu/Khan En.lil.

2.      Anu in this case is not Khan En.lil, but, portraying himself as “Anu,” which means he is giving the net to his son, Marduk, in order for Marduk to slay Tiamat, his grandmother—’s mother.

As the readers can see, it doesn’t matter if we interpret the text as in number 1, or number 2—we still get a similar story, which means that both and his son, Marduk, were directly involved in “slaying” Mother Goddess. The first line also talks about “lightning,” which is typical for Zeus, who is connected with lightning and thunder. Zeus, in general, is Lucifer, aka, but on occasion, Marduk took on that name as well.

I would still say that number 2 is the more correct interpretation of the two because why would Anu/Khan En.lil give the net to Marduk so he can slay his consort, Queen Nin? Hence, is here portraying himself to the scribe as Anu, giving the net to his son, in order to make the process short when slaying Mother Goddess. We are going to see a lot of how Lucifer/, after he took over Ar-i-du, is showing himself off as one of the older Gods, such as father Khan En.lil and mother Queen Nin (also known as Lady Nin).

Although the forgeries are quite cleverly done, the truth becomes very obvious once we examine the records that we have at our convenience. Perhaps Sitchin thought he would get away with it because there was no Internet when he wrote the major parts or his “Earth Chronicles,” and maybe he counted on that no one would care to check his work because they could not read the Sumerian language. Other impostors, such as Barbara Marciniak’s “Pleiadians,” who are self-proclaimed “Enkiites,”[21] promote both Sitchin and Michael Tellinger (“Slave Species of the Gods”) in their recent lectures. It becomes easier and easier to see who is friend and who is foe.

I will show much more in these papers how records have been rewritten and distorted, but I also want to show the reader the real history of mankind, backed up by relevant sources, so that the reader can see—beyond reasonable doubt—who is our friend and who is our enemy. 

II. In the Aftermath of the Solar War

There are very few records available of Planet Gaia’s very early years. Our planet is much, much older than scientists claim (which is 4.5-5 million years old), and many early civilizations were present on Earth before my own story begins.[22] We are talking about the Titan War and events that happened what we think is a long ago, when in fact, if we consider Tiamat’s/Gaia’s age, are very recent. A half of a million years is nothing compared with the planet’s real age.

The takeover of the solar system by Lucifer after his Fall from Heaven is written about in many esoteric writings, my own papers aside, and Manly P. Hall, the world-famous researcher on Freemasonic history and teachings, mentions Lucifer and his Fall from Heaven in his research. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, who has been writing extensively about the “Anunnaki” and the Exploding Planet, says the following about Manly P. Hall’s exposure on this subject in footnote #30 of his book, “Cosmic War,” Chapter 9:

…it is worth noting that [Manly P.] Hall records that in some versions of the esoteric tradition, the solar system itself becomes “Lucifer’s realm” following his fall and exile from heaven (Hall, op. cit., p. 473)[23]

Who the star races were that built those civilizations, we don’t know at this time. Right now, for the purpose of this story, it’s probably not extremely important, but depending on how these very early events turned out, it may have some unknown effects for us on today’s events. If so, I’m sure that the history of these very ancient civilizations will be revealed someday.

What we know is that long before Lucifer landed on Tiamat, it was inhabited by Titans of impressive stature, and they were here on behalf of the Goddess. In charge of Terra was Prince Ninurta, who created the first Golden Age, which lasted for a very long time.

We can now, with all the overwhelming evidence out there, comfortably state that there was a planet in our solar system, which exploded. Although scholars are divided regarding details about this planet, I am saying, with quite some certainty, that it was a predecessor of our own planet Earth.

Scholars, such as LaViolette and Velikovsky, say that planets just don’t explode by themselves, unless someone makes them explode, and they both spent a lot of time to scientifically explain why this is the case. Of course, then the question arises, who had such technology that they could make a planet explode? Certainly not mankind. It becomes obvious that the exploding planet must have been destroyed with extremely advanced weaponry of such a kind that we humans up until this day can’t comprehend its power.

Zechariah Sitchin, the Pleiadians, and a few other sources indicate that the “Anunnaki” landed on Tiamat around 500,000 years ago[24], so this is the time span I’ve been working with as well throughout all the levels of learning. The explosion of the planet is also, by most scholars, said to have happened around that time.

Lucifer’s punishment for rebelling against his parents was expulsion from the Court of Orion, the so-called Satania—the inner sanctions of the Orion Empire and the KHAA—but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t move around freely in other parts of the Universe. Tiamat was Prince Ninurta’s designated domain—his own Garden of Edin (in fact, the first Garden of Eden)—but his brother had defeated him in a devastating war, and Tiamat, now being called Gaia, or Earth, was now his domain—or rather, that’s what he wanted to believe. Orion laws are not very different from ours when it comes to theft. If you take something that does not belong to you, without permission, you’re a thief. If you take over a planet, or a solar system, that doesn’t belong to you, you’re a thief and an impostor. This means, that just like in our society, you get penalized for having committed these crimes—once you’re caught.

The reader may wonder where the word “Edin” or “Eden” stems from. We know that Ninurta is from Orion, so we can presume that Edin is an Orion word. I have also suggested earlier that the Sumerian language is based on the Orion language and is, therefore, broken down similarly. Thus, we can with fairly good accuracy break down the word “EDIN.” One word for “mother” is AYA, from what I’ve learned, and it is very plausible, in this case, that the first letter “E” stands for “AYA,” if we compare with other Orion/Sumerian words. The letter “D” in Sumerian and Orion languages is interchangeable with “T”, which denotes “feminine”. Thus, we have AYA.D.AN, or AYA.DAN, where “AN” means “Heaven, the Orion Empire,” as we discussed in Level II. The Garden of AYA.DAN, “The [Divine] Feminine Mother of Heaven, the Orion Empire,” then with time became “ED.IN,”, “Edin,” or “Eden.”

We are talking a lot about planets as “real estate,” and I spent a lot of space to explain this in Level I. Planets, and even more so, star systems are taken over quite often by conquering races, and according to the Pleiadians, conquest is a part of the development in more advanced civilizations.[25] I also explained that if a conquering race takes over a star system, they consider themselves being the new “owners.” This needs some further clarification.

Theft is theft, no matter how we look at it, and if a planetary race is evolving, it is considered a high crime to interfere with that species’ evolution, so in that sense, conquering races are out on very thin ice. A conquering race who takes over such a planet will later have a very hard time getting into the “universities” and get access to the upper levels of the electromagnetic spectrum. Before they can get in, they have to make a lot of amends. Interestingly enough, Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians say in their book, “Bringers of the Dawn,” that they have contacted us humans for two major reasons:

1.      They want us to evolve naturally rather than through technology because they found out that it was at this time (from their future perspective)—in the nanosecond—that we humans branched off into different timelines, and the timeline that ended up where they now exist, created a tyranny, which they now are trying to eliminate by helping us evolve. If they succeed, their own timeline will be changed accordingly.

2.      They are making amends to the Goddess for coming to Earth in the ancient past and mating with humans—something that is considered a universal crime.

The Pleiadians are, therefore, a typical example of how an intruding race, sooner or later, has to make amends for having committed crimes such as these. Then, in the Pleiadians’ case, it’s up for debate whether they are honest in what they’re saying or not. Are they trying to make amends? They are working with—so they say—and this means that if they are trying to make amends, so is, or is tricking them. So far, I haven’t seen any evidence, whatsoever, that is making amends—quite the contrary.

At any rate, if a conquering race takes over a planet that is abandoned or barren, it’s okay for them to claim it as theirs, if they first ask for permission from any star race that may live in the sun of that solar system. If no such star race exists, it’s my understanding that an outside species may claim a certain planet in that particular solar system as their own.

Fig. 4. The rings of Saturn

My case in point is that Lucifer had no rights to Ar-i-du whatsoever because it was undergoing evolution, and a very sensitive experiment was in progress. In addition, he used overwhelming military power in order to take over what had never been his. In fact, since the day Khan En.lil and Queen Nin decided that Prince Ninurta would become the heir of Orion, Prince Lucifer had no claim to anything—he was “just” a prince. He could have been assigned certain areas by his parents if he had played his cards better.

I understand if many readers are wondering why the Orion Empire have let Lucifer rule Earth for so many millennia without coming down to put him to justice. The answer is quite simple but mainly overlooked. If the Empire would come back with a large enough armada, Lucifer wouldn’t stand a chance in a confrontation, but on the other hand, Lucifer has an important ace up his sleeve—he’s got an evolving race under his control. If Orion would attack, he would definitely use humankind as his shield, and the Empire would have to kill this race and probably everything else on this planet as well because weapons of mass destruction would inevitably be used. However, there have been a few times in history when the Gods have considered coming back anyway, but changed their minds—they do not want mankind terminated. Still, it’s by grace we are still breathing air here on Earth. We could have been eliminated more than once! In addition, if Lucifer would be backed into a corner, he wouldn’t hesitate to destroy our planet and terminate what he considers his own creation—us!

Despite the ace up his sleeve, Lucifer is still afraid of Orion and has always been. He does not want to interfere too much with Free Will because if he does, he is pushing it. Instead, he has used what he is absolutely best at—manipulation and seduction. Lucifer learned all he knows from his mother, and as with any knowledge, it can be used to enhance life for oneself and others or for oneself at the expense of others. There is no doubt which route Lucifer took.  

As soon as Lucifer had taken control of the Stargate of Saturn, he administered a new Council of Nine, made sure that the most strategic moons of the big gas planets were mined and hollowed out, and put DAKH warriors and scientists on the rest of the satellites. Military people were put to mine and drill on asteroids—both in the Kuiper belt and in the new asteroid belt between the destroyed Mars and Jupiter—in order to create more spaceships for the DAKH space army.

The Stargate of Saturn was very well guarded—Lucifer didn’t want any unwanted surprises. According to many channeled sources, the Council of Nine still has a higher council they are reporting to, and I can only assume that the Higher Council of 24 is sitting in Spica, Arcturus, or Alpha Draconis, but I have no definite information on that.

The next step was to take care of business down on Gaia herself. Lucifer was very proud about what he’d achieved, and taking over Ar-i-du was a very important part of his Bigger Plan, which I am soon going to reveal to the reader.

Lucifer found Gaia being mostly intact—his brother had done a good job restoring the planet after the war. He didn’t like this half-naked androgynous people running around on the planet, however, but for the moment, he let them be. He had plans for them later. 

III. The Mining Operations, and Lucifer Becomes “”

The next thing Lucifer did was to chase down the Vulcans who were still left here on Earth, and when he found and captured them, most of them were brutally murdered. A small faction of these “Ladies of Fire” were imprisoned underground and were later used as slave labor together with the first human hybrids.

When that was taken care of, Lucifer took his best scientists and brightest administrators and went on a “sightseeing” tour around Gaia to get an idea of what kind of planet his mother and his brother had created. He was quite impressed by the Living Library and all the beauty they had created, but personally he thought it was a waste of time. He couldn’t see any signs that the planet had been mined, which puzzled him. This was good, however, because he needed gold and precious stones, which he found Gaia having an abundance of. For now, he definitely needed the gold for life extension and to shield the drifting planet, which was soon going to come in from the Sirius system, from radiation. Nibiru wasn’t too far away from Ar-i-du, and it needed more gold—therefore, it was essential that he started a mining project soon.

In the northeast, in what today is the southern part of Siberia in Russia, Lucifer’s team found a closed mountain area, which was protected by some strong magic, and none on his team could figure out how it worked. This made Lucifer furious because he knew that something valuable was hidden in there—something that his mother and his brother were hiding from him. He might not have been able to break into that mountain area when he first tried, but he swore that in due time, he was going to find out how to do it!

It was in South Africa, however, that he found the real gold mine—literally and figuratively. This planet seemed to have everything in abundance, but here was one of the most lucrative gold veins on the planet—a “gold aorta” was probably a better term. This was where he was going to start his major digging. He also found some good places in South America, which he wanted to exploit.

Lucifer returned to his home, located in the area where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers ran in Mesopotamian times. This is where he had his palace, which in Akkadian days became known as E-Abzu, after Abzu, which was his father, whom he considered he had defeated in the Titan War. Abzu was one of the personae Lucifer took over. From E-Abzu he also took his name Ea, which was one of the names he was known under during the Akkadian times. However, because he foremost thought of himself as the self-proclaimed Lord of the Earth (Lucifer doesn’t call Earth Gaia—he calls it “Ki”), he was known as in the early days, before the Akkadian/Babylonian Empire arose (“En” meaning “Lord,” and “Ki” meaning “earth”—therefore, “Lord Earth”). Because Lucifer is an impostor and not the Lord, or King, of the Earth, the title is highly inappropriate, as is Ea, because he stole his father’s domain and has no right to claim the name and title, Abzu. I will still call him by these names, for historical reasons only—these are the main names or titles Lucifer was known by in the old stone tablets, clay tablets, and scrolls. However (and this is very important to understand), as we saw in Paper 2, used an array of names and titles, which has made it extremely hard for scholars to get the story correct. I am sure there were those who were on the right track, but they were heavily suppressed and intimidated by the establishment and never got their work published. Those who did get their work published were those who were willing to follow the directions from the establishment and their superiors.

Fig. 5. “The remnants of these ancient gold mines are still evident…as gigantic holes in the ground.”

By now, we all know the main story of what happened here on Earth when started mining in South Africa. In the beginning, he was using his own people, who were working day and night to mine gold and precious stones. The remnants of these ancient gold mines are still evident in South Africa today, as gigantic holes in the ground. The mining procedures are told in details in Zecharia Sitchin’s books, and he got at least the major part of that story correct from what I can see in my own research.

Records indicate that the miners here on Earth started complaining very loudly after a while and felt that they were treated like slaves. Some of them started screaming for “En.lil,” wording that they would rather have him back than being under the command of This is where many people have gone wrong—including myself in the past. The truth is that neither Khan En.lil nor Prince En.lil (Ninurta) were present on Gaia after the Titan War. Sitchin was the one, I believe, who told the story of the two brothers working together here on Earth, and that is not correct. Why would Khan En.lil or Prince Ninurta be here, working together with, when they were archenemies? It didn’t happened. This doesn’t mean that Ninurta and Khan En.lil were not in contact with—they were—but rarely in a 3-D physical form. When they were meeting in the physical, it was always outside Ar-i-du. They did, however, communicate in different ways with and his team, as we shall see, without being physically present. The problem often lies in misinterpretations of records, falsified records, and and his cohorts taking on the personae of the Gods and the Goddess, when none of them were here. Of course, many of the conflicts and internal battles that went on between the gods did happen, despite the fact that “En.lil” and his side of the Royal bloodline were absent from Earth. The thing that is missing, however, is that many of the conflicts described in Sitichin’s work, and others, did not happen here on Earth, but in other places in the cosmos. This is an entirely new concept for most people, but we will, of course, discuss much more of this as we go along.

At first, didn’t listen to the moaning and groaning from his “workers” (I would call them slaves) because they produced a lot of gold and precious stones—therefore, Lucifer gave them his deaf ear. Then, when Nibiru arrived in the solar system, was ready to help them with their radiation problem. The gold that had previously been spread in Nibiru’s atmosphere was almost gone, but now had gold in abundance and could create a good protective shields around the planet. Thus, the inhabitants could come up to the surface after having spent most of their time underground.

Normally, we hear the term šar (pronounced, “shar”) when people are talking about Nibiru, where a šar equals one Nibiru year, which is about 3,600 Gaia years. For simplicity, we are going to use the same term here, although it was only at first that Nibiru was orbiting Sirius and Ar-i-du, respectively, on a somewhat regular time period. Later on, made Nibiru into a giant warship, and from thereon, the planet could be maneuvered like any vessel in space.[26]

Eventually, the miners started rebelling against, and he had increasingly difficult time keeping them in check. This also corresponds with the time when he decided to go up north again and figure out what was hidden behind the mountains that were protected by energies stronger and stranger than any spellbound energies that had created or encountered before. So, once again he gathered his best people and went on another expedition to the mountains, which protected what today is Lake Baikal in Siberia.

What happened once Lord had managed to sneak into what is considered the Garden of Edin (or Eden) in the Bible is also told in the old Sumerian records as the “Orion and the Artemis Story”. In the next paper, I want to tell the original story and add my own comments to it because it is very revealing and teaches us a slightly different version of what happened when “Satan” manipulated “Eve” to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you!

Wes Penre

[1] I have another hypothesis regarding the “Old Terra” as well. What if Old Terra never changed position and was located where Earth is located today—or at least close to it. When the War was in its most intense period, a chunk of Old Terra was hit by cosmic technological weapons and blew to pieces. This debris then flew off outward in the solar system, and got caught in an orbit around our Sun in a position between Mars and Jupiter, where this debris is still floating around. So, instead of Old Terra being shot out in space, inward toward the Sun, landing between Mars and Venus, it didn’t move that much at all, and has “always” been stationed where it is now. This hypothesis, which I find plausible, still needs some work and research, but I present it here as an alternative. 





[6] Many moons that are orbiting the planets in our solar system are hollowed-out spaceships on watch, ready to be used with short notice. Some of these crafts have other functions than being battleships.

[7] and




[11] The Earth is normally used when our planet is discussed as a celestial body, while Planet Gaia, or just Gaia, is used when the planet is discussed as a celestial body and a spiritual being (Mother Goddess).

[12] This battle and the weaponry that was possibly used is profoundly described in Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s book, “The Cosmic War—Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts.” It can be ordered at, . It is in many ways an excellent book, although he sometimes gets the characters wrong, like most other scholars. In his case, I’m quite sure it’s unintentional.

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[18] I called the planet Old Terra in Level II, instead of Tiamat.

[19] Tartarus (or Tartaros) is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked, and as a prison for the Titans. This was the place, according to Plato, where souls were judged after death and where the wicked received punishment (an equivalent to Hell, I would presume).

[20] Enûma Eliš, Tablet 4, p. 63, emphasis added.

[21] In a lecture from the beginning of 2013, the Pleiadians say that they have worked together with since the beginning of the nanosecond, 1987. The Pleiadians are embracing the Sitchin version of our history, although they admit to that he made a few errors.

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[23] Dr. Joseph P. Farrell ©2007, “The Cosmic War—Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts”, p. 250 op. cit. (Dr. Farrell, when he quotes Manly P. Hall, is referring to his perhaps most famous work, the book, “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”).

[24] Scholars are using different names for this planet, such as Maldek, Marduk, Terra, and Earth.

[25] Pleiadian lecture, summer 2013.

[26] In a very recent Pleiadian lecture, they are telling us for the first time that the “Anunnaki” are travelling in hollowed-out crafts. I found that interesting because I have certainly not gotten the information about hollowed-out craft from the Pleiadians nor from Robert Morning Sky’s “Terra Papers” either, although he goes into detail about that in there as well. My information regarding this subject comes from an “anonymous source”, who we could say is “not from here.” In that sense, the Pleiadian “revelation” about the Anunnaki’s hollowed-out craft is a confirmation, at least, of my own research and of the very different sources that I’m using.

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