Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 1: An Introduction to the Fourth Level of Learning

by Wes Penre, Written on Friday, September 6, 2013 
Posted on Saturday, January 4, 2014
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard

In the previous levels of learning, I gave the ET Invader Force different names as we moved on through the story. In the First Level of Learning, I called them the Anunnaki because we were dealing a lot with the Zecharia Sitchin material, in which the term Anunnaki is commonly used. When we learned more about these beings, I changed the name to the Sirian Alliance and even the Orion Group. Then, after I had completed the Third Level of Learning, I wrote a book called Beyond 2012—A Handbook for the New Era[1], in which I called them the Alien Invader Force. I know that all these terms for the same extraterrestrial group may seem quite confusing but also has advantages, depending on which level of the story we’re looking from.

We have advanced quite a bit since we started at The First Level of Learning, so to call this group the Anunnaki doesn’t seem appropriate anymore nor would it be correct to call them the Sirian Alliance because as we will learn in this level of learning, all of them do not originate in the Sirius solar system, although Sirius is an important part of the story—much more so than I was aware of earlier. I could call them the Orion Group, but although many of these beings actually originate in Orion, it would still be misleading because of channeled information, such as The Law of One (The Ra Material)[2]The Cassiopaean Experiment[3], and a few others. The term “Orion Group” in these materials is too general for our purpose and a bit misleading, so I chose not to use that term either. Therefore, I have decided to stay with the term Alien Invader Force (AIF)because that’s exactly what they are, and this term will cover all different beings involved in the agenda I am exposing here. So, I ask the readers to get used to the term “AIF” that I will use consistently throughout the papers from now on.

Those who have read the previous levels of learning know that we live in a multidimensional universe, which is fluid and under constant change. We, the beings who live in it, are the ones who create the Multiverse by our thoughts, intentions, and actions—every nanosecond of our existence. In a sense, the Wes Penre Papers, which is the collective term for all the levels of learning combined, is telling a very multidimensional story. Although the story about the AIF’s intervention with human evolution is told in a linear fashion in order for it to be better understood, the story is far from linear because the AIF are not third-dimensional beings. Hence, time is not as relevant to them as it is for us, and this concept is often reflected in the storyline.

When everything is constantly changing, and new information is coming in, how do we decide when to stop exposing it? To be honest, I never thought I’d write a Fourth Level of Learning. When I completed Level III, I felt quite certain that I was finished—I had told the story from my own perspective (I had even told it from different angles), and I was quite pleased with the result because I thought I’d mentioned enough so that the readers can comprehend what we are stuck in and what we can possibly do about it. After that, I thought, the readers can continue their own research if they so wish.

I soon realized I was wrong. Much of the material in the “Wes Penre Papers” is unique—it has not been published before, or at least not in modern times. Hence, it would have been next to impossible for the readers to find the information on their own without having the connections I have. So, when I sat back and looked at what I’d published thus far, I saw three levels of learning and a complete story. I thought I’d never be able to get much further with this, and that it was indeed far enough.

Then, in the middle of the book I was writing, a continuation of the papers was starting to emerge. Suddenly, I began to see a much bigger picture that had been left out from the previous three levels. Well, some of it had been touched upon, but I never thought I’d be able to present a fuller picture than I had already done. Now, however, a new hypothesis was taking form—a hypothesis that could be perfectly inserted into the previous material and thus make it much more complete. When I realized what I was about to find out, I immediately stopped what I was doing, put the book I was writing aside, and started researching this new material wholeheartedly. Soon, a much deeper understanding of Lucifer’s Rebellion, how the AIF came to Earth, where exactly they came from, who did what, and who deceived whom began to unfold. Soon, I also had a broader perspective of the Galactic and Cosmic Wars and how the universe is constructed (and it’s far from how we think it is).

Some of the material in this level of learning can be quite challenging for some readers because it may be almost the exact opposite of what we have learned from our scholars from the universities. It may also be very different from what mainstream science, and even alternative science, have taught us. Often, they know better but want to keep the information away from the public. That’s of course why NASA hires ingenious artists who can paint 3-D pictures of space and make them look as realistic as if they were photos.[4]

As usual, it’s up to the readers to discern whether this new material is science fiction, fake, a new multidimensional hypothesis, or a working way of telling the truth from a third-dimensional and a multidimensional perspective. Either way, I think the readers will definitely have their belief systems challenged, as they were for me, and after finishing it, no one will leave this level without thinking that they have changed quite dramatically—I think I dare promise you that! How this change takes shape and form, I believe, will be very individual, so I look forward to hearing from the readers afterward—that will be very interesting.

From the Second Level of Learning and on, the story started changing shape and form. Much of what we’d learned from many other different sources out there was suddenly thrown out the window to make room for an entirely new hypothesis, which actually answered many of the questions that left many good researchers hanging after they had studied the old Sumerian cuneiform, or the translations thereof. I released my papers one after the other as soon as they were finished, eager to see the response. Could the readers see what I had seen, and perhaps even more importantly, did I communicate it well enough so that it could be understood?

It came as a big, positive surprise when the e-mails started pouring in. People apparently loved the Second and Third Levels of Learning. It came to a point where readers were telling me that the information had changed their lives! “Never again will I be fooled!” some said. To summarize it all, it went way beyond any expectations—my readers had really seen what I had seen, and they saw how the truth had been totally covered up—not in present time, but thousands of years ago. Some, who we have learned were negatively oriented extraterrestrials (ETs), such as Marduk RA, have rewritten the majority of history to their advantage. Not only that—history had been rewritten in such a way that certain beings could take advantage of it thousands of years into the future, which would be now, in our present time, and beyond.

Why in our time? Because this is the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of a new era. History has been rewritten in such a way that we can interpret today’s reality as the End of the World, the End of an Era, the Return of the Gods, or the Second Coming of Christ/Maitreya. I should also add that the Mayans were deeply influenced by the Pleiadian branch of the Alien Invader Force (but they never said that this was the end of the world).

Because of the energies of the time, there are also those who are exposed for whom they actually are—when the light of truth “shines on them,” their crimes can no longer be hidden, and their own karma is catching up with them. We can see this happen all around us amongst politicians, religious leaders, and chief executive officers (CEOs), and much more of this is to come. So, it is a mix of Cabal members being sacrificed in public and those who are exposing themselves by making fatal mistakes. Regardless of this and a weakening of the system, the control system in general is not coming down—not yet. What we see is an old control system being exchanged with a new one. The “gods” are coming back in much larger numbers, and the road is being paved so that their transition can be as smooth and seamless as possible. This is what we are really seeing. Only their most important minions are staying in power—the rest have to go. For the Global Elite, the “laid-back years” are over, and a much stricter and obedient time is ahead, when the gods have established themselves as planned, and everything is set up with new protocols.

Mind you, folks, that this is a game for some beings, while for others, such as the human family, it can be deadly serious. It’s setup to be that way, and all the ignorant people in the world (the great majority) fall for this, and their lives become extremely stressful and borderline manageable, when all we have to do is to disagree and build our own local universes and communities, letting the Lords of War play their games “out there” in the rest of the world.

I know it can be very challenging for some people to totally live off the grid and be entirely independent from society, and that is not the first step to take, except for a few, who have figured it out and are willing and capable of doing it. For the rest of us, we need to think more strategically. I explained that in the Soulution Sections of the different levels of learning and even more so in my recent e-book, “Beyond 2012—A Handbook for a New Era”—how we need to create our own local universes first and expand out from there. Eventually, we will literally find ourselves in a very different world that vibrates on a higher frequency. We are creating a new species for the New Era: Homo Novus.

I. What Has Happened in the World Since the Third Level of Learning?

This is of course a very general question, and I could probably spend the rest of these papers quoting headlines from the last three to four months. That’s, of course, not my purpose, but I’d like to mention a few things I have noticed that pertain to, or are in-line with, my own research.

The first three months or so of 2013 was a “resting period” for many, I believe. Time was really slowing down after the nanosecond, and we had the chance to enjoy a mellower period when we could take a deep breath and sit back and reflect for a while, if we wanted to. After that, however, there was a feeling that things started happening again—it was not the same feeling as when time was speeding up because it wasn’t, but more and more “unusual things” started happening around the world. All of these things were not obvious or on the front pages of the newspapers but were happening more subtly. Of course, we’ve had whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden[5], who found asylum in Russia after having fled out of the country. However, the information he revealed to the public was in some instances news for a significant number of people but, otherwise, just like Wikileaks, only touched the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes whistle-blowers are actually mind-controlled slaves with multiple personalities, whose purpose is to reveal this information to the public—in other words, it is intentionally done! The whistle-blowers may or may not be aware that they are being used, but more often than not, they are used. By that, I am not saying that Snowden or Julian Assange of Wikileaks[6] in this sense are mind controlled—that’s something which needs to be examined more carefully before we know either or. After all, there are genuine whistle-blowers who risk their own lives and safety for the greatest good of people and society. Such people should indeed be honored!

What else is happening? Well, the scientific community is working hard trying to find planets orbiting other star systems, and they have found quite a few by now—some of them, they say, may be inhabitable. In some CNN and articles on the subject, there is a vague red thread going through them, indicating that some of this research is taking place in order to be able to find a new home for humanity if the s*** hits the fan. Because it’s not announced straight out, it’s bound to make some people, who are able to read between the lines, nervous. The question is, are the scientists really that desperate, or is this just more fear-mongering? The “funny” thing is that astronomers and astrophysicists are sure that the solution lies in finding planets, which must be at a certain distance from a certain type of sun in order to develop intelligent life forms. As we shall see in this series of paper, this is not necessarily the case at all. Then again, very little is what it seems to be.

Now, what about extraterrestrials? Oh yes, they have been in the mainstream news as well. We hear from CNN and others, that the UFO phenomenon is increasing quite rapidly, and new reports come in every so often. They even have panels who are discussing if it’s the old gods coming back. On occasion, the media have started acknowledging that mankind was genetically manipulated by extraterrestrials, and the news panels are discussing if these gods may be the same ones who are potentially coming back.

This may sound very exciting for many, and people may think that finally the truth is going mainstream. Beware, however, that if something like this is making the news, there is a hidden purpose behind it. The Global Elite, controlled by the AIF, have many cards to play out, and they may use any of them in order to push a certain agenda. Because the AIF are prepared for all events, we don’t know which card they will play out at what time, so we need to learn about all of them, if we can. That way, we recognize things when we see them.

II. Fear-Mongering at its Worst

There is one single event I need to address, not because it’s in any way unique, but because it confuses people when someone who presents himself or herself as highly educated, and acts like she actually knows something, comes out and tell us about an End Time scenario. Let me explain.

In the beginning of August 2013, a self-proclaimed former NASA and Lockheed Martin engineer and rocket scientist came out in the open as an alleged whistle-blower. Her name is (again supposedly) Patricia Brassard. Mel Fabregas, who is running the Veritas Radio Show, let her on so she could tell her story[7]. Other radio hosts let her on their shows as well, and she was later discussed on forums such as Godlike Productions[8].

She sounds like a distressed woman in her late fifties or early sixties, and she claims she has done some major jobs for NASA and Lockheed Martin as a rocket engineer. Now she’s been coming out in the open, saying that the Sun is basically a binary system (meaning our solar system has two suns), and the second sun is a brown dwarf, and therefore, invisible to the naked eye most of the time. To make a long story short, this second sun is what Sitchin called Nibiru, and others call Planet X, Wormwood, and so on. She says that the name is irrelevant, but what isn’t irrelevant is that this sun, which NASA scientists call Wormwood, after the biblical name, is surrounded by seven planets, and this basically creates not only a second sun, but a whole second solar system!

Now, here is the bad news, she says! The previously hidden second solar system is now merging with ours. She says that Mars is already destroyed and Earth is next. The last time this merger happened was when the asteroid belt was formed, she claims, and the asteroid belt is the remnants of a planet that was torn to pieces in a direct collision between one of Wormwood’s planets and a previous planet in our own solar system.

She further explained that in August 2013, a major earthquake was going to hit Seattle, and the worst consequence of this earthquake would be that California sank under the ocean. This would most certainly happen around August 17, 2013, she claimed.

Lastly, sometime before November 2013, most of the United States would be under water, as well as many other areas around the world. She was showing pictures of what would happen, which could be viewed here, but these pictures are now taken down. There will also be a pole shift eventually, she added.

So what is the solution? Well, Ms. Brassard says that electrical storms will hit Earth and everything that can catch fire will do so, and if we don’t stay grounded, we will be fried from inside. All we can do is to find high ground (above 12,000ft), hide in a cave, or buy a trailer, which we bury at least 3 feet under the ground and stay in there with a few months of water and food supplies. We also need to dig a tunnel, through which we can get out later, but the tunnel can’t be built with any material which can run electricity through it, or again, we may be fried.

Those who don’t comply will either drown or burn up!

Alright, this may sound like a bad B-movie when it’s paraphrased this way, but why do people buy into stories like this? They do so because a person like Ms. Brassard doesn’t just present herself as highly educated with a lot of credentials, but she is also very well prepared for what she wants to say. Listeners think that she really knows her stuff, and that’s where people get hooked. Her replies to the radio host’s questions come instantly, and they sound legitimate, like coming from a highly educated person.

However, don’t let this fool you. Of course, when I’m writing this, it’s past August 17, 2013, and California is still above water, and there are no signs of any earthquakes in Seattle.

There are no other signs of any major disaster that’s on its way either. This is similar to the earlier scenario with Nibiru, which was supposed to come in before 2012 was over, and a lot of people were concerned about this—former Life Physics Group California (LPG-C), led by Dr. A.R. Bordon[9], was even creating a “Beta Group,” which consisted of Nephilim hybrids, to meditate Nibiru out of orbit in order to save mankind. Why Nephilim hybrids? Because they supposedly are of’s bloodline (Orion blood), and are “purer” than ordinary humans. Hence, they also have more psychic abilities, as the story goes. According to a few of these hybrid whom I’ve been talking to, they consider themselves to have been able to accomplish this task under the guidance of Dr. Bordon.

I would say that meditating to alter Nibiru’s orbit is highly unlikely. Dr. Bordon told me that at that time Nibiru was coming in from the South and was only one astronomical unit (AU) from the Earth when they started meditating. One U, mind you, is the distance from the Sun to the Earth. If this would have been the case, we would have felt the Earth changes, which would have been many times worse than the few storms, hurricanes, and tsunamis our planet has experienced. A foreign incoming planet the size of Nibiru has major consequences for Earth and other planets in our solar system. Secondly, Nibiru is not a planet on a 3,600-year orbit around our Sun—it’s more like a giant spaceship, which at any time can leave its orbit and travel anywhere in space/time and even in time/space.

The Beta Group, just like in the Brassard case, used a highly educated front person (Dr. Bordon) first to scare people and then to tell them that they are safe. In the case of the Beta Group, the agenda seems obvious—they want to welcome the “Anunnaki,” who in conjunction with the Beta Group, supposedly worked on saving the Earth from the giant impact from Nibiru. It’s all for the show and to put the AIF in a better light when this is needed.

In Brassard’s case, it’s also about fear and destruction. She presents herself as having severe heart problems from being subjected to radiation, and her left arm, she claims, is more or less unusable. When asked what she is going to do, she says she’s going to stay in Georgia, where she lives, and die when the time comes because, as she puts it, “I am living on overtime anyway.” Alleged relatives who have come forth, however, blame her heart condition on a sex change operation that was only half done due to lack of funds. In other words, they accuse her of being a man, wanting to be a woman, and thus her low, almost manly voice (which also could be a consequence from menopause—it happens with many women).

The world didn’t come to an end on December 21, 2012, but the doomsayers don’t give up. Mel Fabregas, with the Veritas Show, asked the question that now, when 2012 has come and gone, does that mean that 2013 is the actual doomsday year, which was hidden from the public until now, when Ms. Brassard exposed it? So now, because of people’s current apathy regarding everything that has to do with Doomsday Prophecies, no one will believe her. Is this a good summary of the scenario? Mr. Fabregas asks. Ms. Brassard confirms that this is certainly the case.

Be careful not to take these things seriously. Only because a person seems educated and seems to know what she’s talking about, it doesn’t mean that what she’s predicting is going to happen. I believe they found some records of her being a NASA employee but, again, probably under mind control. She may very well believe in what she’s saying, but that doesn’t make it true.

III. What This Level is About

Just as all previous levels of learning are building on each other, so does this one, but this time, I have worked a little differently. Although this level, too, is loosely following a timeline, it does not do so as strictly as the previous ones did. This is partly because of simultaneous incidents that affect each other in a later time, and thus it makes sense to postpone certain stories until a later paper, or only tell a partial story and complete it at a later time.

Also, some of the hypotheses in this level are parallel to those in other levels. They don’t contradict each other by any means, but they drive the stories forward and give the reader a slightly new angle on the whole invader story. The Alien Invader Force (AIF) is still the ET group I will concentrate on because it is, by and large, the one group that has influenced us the most during the last 500,000 years. In all fairness, there are other star races, or even civilizations, that have arisen on this planet that were not AIF, but they didn’t last long because of the AIF influence over the Living Library, and after a short time, they disappeared and the beings left.

So how could civilizations just appear while the AIF were still in control here? The answer is easy if we think of it from a multidimensional perspective. Let’s say you are a kid and you build a landscape in your room. Part of that landscape is for your cowboys and Indians—plastic little figures that are fighting each other. However, suddenly you think that you want to play more with the Second World War, so at another place in the landscape, you insert a town with WWII soldiers. It would happen instantaneously, and the 1800s and the 1900s would happen next to each other, in the same world. When you get tired of either, you just remove them. The analogy is not perfect, but it explains a little bit how this would work. If the beings are multidimensional and Creator Gods at the same time, they can nano-travel and create civilizations at will. However, these civilizations did not have any direct influences on humanity.

Instead of making a straight timeline, I open these papers by discussing what has taken place in the Heavens. Then, I eventually move down to Earth, followed by the Underworld, and then back up again. In retrospect, I think this worked well for me because I said what I needed to say.

Here on Earth, we are still going to stay in the Mesopotamian area, stretching out toward Atlantis, Egypt, a little of Greece, and to Siberia. I want to emphasize, however, that the AIF were not just located in these famous regions but were spread all over the planet—literally. They even had civilizations in the Arctic and Antarctica, at times when these regions were not covered with ice. Maybe at another time, I will go deeper into the civilizations outside of what we may call the “Mesopotamian Region,” but for now, it will still be sufficient to stay in these famous areas for the purpose of this material.

As usual, I have tried to keep footnotes where I can. When footnotes are not provided, I’m either writing about my own conclusions or information I have gained from anonymous sources. However, I never pick something unexpectedly to make the stories fit—there is always logic to what I write, and I wouldn’t for one moment consider putting anything down in writing which I hadn’t deeply looked into. This doesn’t mean that everything in these papers are “written in stone,” so to speak (a little double meaning there), and some is open for interpretation. Like I’ve said numerous times before, I do not want the reader to take something to heart because it’s written here—I’d rather see people reject my whole work because they thought about it and came to that conclusion than saying that they believe everything I say only because I should know best, as I am the one who has researched the material. Remember that these are my conclusions, which are coming full circle with Level IV. However, in our Multiverse, which is fluid and ever changing, one can interpret things in different ways.

Speaking of conclusions and standpoints, I think it’s fair that the reader knows where I stand in all this I have written. This must be looked at as a small summary because there is, of course, a lot of information to go through.

1.   I am convinced that the only way to overcome the electronic prison we are sitting in is to raise our vibrations, i.e. increase our awareness and our consciousness. If we don’t, we will be “forever” trapped in this reality—or until either the AIF, or we in conjunction with them, realize the stupidity in what we’re doing. This latter, I am certain will take a much longer time.

2.   I believe that we create our own reality via our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Depending on how we think, we will accrue “positive” or “negative” karma, and if negative, it needs to be dealt with. Karma is something that we accrue because of amnesia between lives. If we didn’t have that, everything would be in the open, and there would be no place for karma to build.

3.   I don’t agree with the idea that if something horrible is happening to people, it’s only because it’s part of their learning lessons, or they “pulled it in” because of karma. I’ve realized that this is not necessarily true, although it can be in certain circumstances. However, there is no “learning lesson” involved when a little baby or child is raped and killed in Africa, or in any other place either, for that matter. Saying that this is an agreement and a learning lesson for the “victim” is pure arrogance, and channeled entities and other otherworldly people and disinformation agents who claim otherwise, I will consider being just that—disinformation agents with their own agenda, which is not corresponding with our own purpose as human beings. Again, on rare occasions, such agreements may take place, but if we look at the quantities of these negative events, is it really feasible to think that they were all agreements with soul mates, or worse—with the AIF?

4.   Furthermore—and this is very important—I am not an “Enkiite,” an “Enlilite,” a “Kryptonite,” a “Meteorite,” or any other “ite” for that matter. I am not on anybody’s “side,” except humanity’s. All I am presenting in these papers is the truth as I see it, and my conviction after long and often exhausting research. My purpose is to show the readers that we have been so utterly deceived that hardly anything in our lives is true, and I am going to show how this was done, and by whom. If this happens to upset some people, I must consider that is their problem and not mine. My job is to release what I consider being most likely to be true and not what other people want me to release.

5.   I don’t subscribe to or believe in any organized religion, sect, or cult, and I do not belong to any secret organization of society—actually, I don’t belong to any group whatsoever, except for my family and close friends. However, I am convinced that I am made up of a number of small “fires,” which make up a larger Fire, which is my soul. This Fire is eternal and feminine in nature. The Creatrix of this Universe and others is the Mother Goddess, the Divine Feminine force, whose highest level of awareness is pure love and compassion.

6.   I do not believe that another alien species will come and “save us,” and I don’t believe in a genuine “Second Coming.” However, I do believe that we create our own Freedom and Independence from slavery and oppression, and it is our responsibility as a human species to raise above the level of awareness that keeps us trapped here. When we manage to do this, I believe that the Universe lies open to us.

7.   I believe that anything we can imagine is possible to achieve, and imagination will increase in conjunction with higher levels of awareness and consciousness.

This Fourth Level of Learning can be challenging for some, but all I want is for the readers to stop frequently and digest what they just read in order to see if there may be truth to it or not. It is not that the material is too esoteric for a reader to understand, but it will change his or her view on reality very drastically, in a very fast pace, and not everybody is ready for that. If you think that you are not ready, don’t feel bad about that, but just put the material away for a while and come back to it later—perhaps after having studied some other material first.

Finally, I want to include a disclaimer, which I think is essential and important to understand. Please read it and don’t skip over it. Then, continue with Paper #2, which will eliminate the confusion that I know is very common amongst people who are interested in the ancient texts and the alien invasion. It has to do with who is who in the Pantheon of the “gods.” When you read it, you will see what I mean.

I hope that you’ll have a wonderful read and that this level of learning will assist you on your inner journey!


The purpose for this series of papers, as with anything and everything I have been writing, is to express my own conclusions, based on the research I have done. It must in no way be considered the ultimate truth and must not be considered anybody else’s truth until that person has thoroughly thought these things through and decided that he or she may agree with what I have concluded, in part or as a whole. If somebody does not agree, it must be that person’s right to individual thinking.

Moreover, I do not want any religion, cult, secret society, or followers to be created out of my material. Also, I am not a guru or a leader of any kind, and I refuse to be treated or viewed as such. At the most, I am a student of the unknown and the mystics who wants to teach and share my experiences and the knowledge I think that I have gained.

Thank you,

Wes Penre

References and Endnotes:

[1] This free e-book can be downloaded in pdf here:

[2] See Free pdf downloads here:


[4] “NASA Whistleblower Image Hoaxster:





[9] I am sad to say that Dr. A.R. Bordon died in early July 2013 from Stage-VPancreatic Cancer. This news came as a shock to most people—even some of his own fellow scientists—because apparently, Dr. Bordon kept his illness to himself until close to the end. The official announcement did not come until August 16.

I am hereby sending my condolences to his family members and to those who knew him well.

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  1. Hi Wes, interesting stuff you have found out. l have been looking into much that is going on on our planet, & have found many th1lings are not what we are told. You mentioned Tsunamis in this paper. “Project Seal,” was set up in N.Z. just after WW2 to make Tsunamis using vertical explosions for coastal areas. The test one in Ache, lndonesia , & subsequent one in Japan were both set ups. China has also been set up with underwater Atomic bombs.
    Dr. Borden could have been helped, as there are many Cancer cures but no money in them, or control. ln lndonesia we helped a dog & a woman get rid of Cervical Cancer in 1 month & 2 weeks respectivally with Colloidal Silver. Keep up the good work, Graeme.

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