First Level of Learning, Paper 25: The Great Initiation

by Wes Penre, Wednesday, August 31, 2011 

1. Male versus Female Power

As long as we can remember, there has been a “battle” between male and female power. In nature, we often see the female being in charge, like is the case with bees, ants, even lions and many other animals. There was a discussion just recently on my Facebook Wall about the Divine Female.

I can understand this concern and the need to discuss these things, because we currently live in a man’s world; the top positions in society (with exceptions) are held by men, and society is based on men’s needs more than women’s. Many jobs, not so long ago, paid women less than men for doing the exact same job.

We had something called “women’s liberation” some decades ago, where it looked like women were trying to regain their rights and their power in a man’s dominated society, but of course, this was just another program run by the PTB# to break up the family unit, which they saw as a threat to the current Order. Also, it had nothing to do with becoming equal; instead, the movement made men out of women and didn’t create a more powerful female, but a male/female, who suppressed the Divine Female even more by making them into men. In addition, they started blaming men for being men and attacked them instead of making peace with them. Agent Provocateurs at work again.

This fight is nothing new; it’s been going on for thousands of years. But who was creating the separation between woman and man? That’s a no brainier. It was done by the Anunnaki, who set up this paradigm. This separation between the sexes has served them extremely well over the millennia, and still does. The Anunnaki has a great influence over our societies up to this date and are the main manipulators behind the scenes; those who run the human hybrids PTB.

It is interesting to observe that even with the manipulators behind the scenes, there is most probably a struggle with male/female dominion. The Anunnaki are evidently male dominated, but the Reptilians, whom are working together with the Anunnaki, are female dominated (Orion Queens). Still, the Ša.A.M.i.-Anunnaki are the ones in charge; that’s why we see this male dominated society.

Around 5,000 years ago (3,000 BC), the male vibration came into power here on Earth[1]. Before that, females were the dominating sex amongst humans here on Earth. Human males were manipulated by the “gods” to totally disassociate themselves from everything that then was in power; the matriarchal movement of females. This was a brilliant move by the Anunnaki, from their perspective, because they knew, of course, that the female stands for intuition and feelings. Men have also been carriers of feelings and intuition, but in this recent separation, they didn’t bring their feeling with them, except in a much lesser degree; they lost it in the process. The schism was huge and a great conflict between males and females was played out.

This was a big setup by the creator gods to feed them, keep them alive and functioning in this reality, nourishing themselves off emotional turmoil.

We need to really understand that all the turmoil and chaos, conflicts and wars, when it happens on a greater scale is orchestrated by the PTB and ultimately the EPTB# for them to feed off. Every time we are stupid enough to fall for their little tricks (and we do it all the time, over and over again without learning), they are feeding off our energy, which is boosting them and draining us. I’m all for “giving”, but that’s a little too much of a “gift”, don’t you think? The best way to create these negative energies is to have the players fight against each other by feeding both sides of the conflict with lies about the other. It’s been done thousands of times over the years, and it seems to almost always work. We have to boost our intelligence to a point when we see through their tactics; it’s actually not that hard.

So, after they had created a conflict between man and woman, the males won, and the societal structure started changing with more men in higher position. This didn’t happen through a coup, but more subtly and slowly. When most of the Anunnaki left, around 2,500 BC, Marduk and his cohorts stayed on Earth and continued to support the male power agenda. He did not want feelings and intuition come in his way, as it threatened his own position. The more “down to Earth” (male energy) there was, the more power to him. Satan knows how to lead by the formula, “divide and conquer”.

Ultimately, the struggle between female and male power is obsolete and always was. The Prime Creator is genderless, and gender was created for biological beings to be able to reproduce and to shoot off their sexual energies out in the cosmos. If we see the creation of galaxies and stars being huge orgasmic explosions from which life eventually sprung, female and male orgasm is creation on a much grander scale than most humans realize. Orgasm is not only for our own pleasure, but has cosmic ramifications as well; something to think about and expand our consciousness around.

With the view in mind that everything was genderless from the beginning and all is ONE, we need to start working on breaking the spell of separation that has been put on us to control us. Instead of fighting and arguing about which gender is the most powerful, we need to concentrate on bringing up both sides within ourselves. Females need to develop the male energies inside of them, and men need to bring out the female side. This doesn’t mean that men should start acting like women and vice versa; this has to do with wisdom and balance. A male can still stay masculine while opening their heart chakras and let feelings and intuition guide them more in life. This, in fact, can be pretty manly. Women can still be women and keep their female energy but still bring out the male part inside of them. Once we’re able to do this comfortably, there will be no more struggle on this issue, and both men and women can equally use both masculine and feminine energies to enhance their spiritual and biological development.

The struggle we have as a species with this issue is nothing more than the struggle we have with understanding our own inner conflict of our own masculine and feminine attributes. So, as always, the conflict needs to be resolved not by looking outside of ourselves, but to the inside. Men have often been taught that they should not show feelings; that it’s “girly” or “feminine”, when in fact it’s the most masculine thing we can do, and besides that, it’s the only way for us to evolve from hereon.

When we don’t feel, we don’t value life. Unfortunately, the female gave up her intuition when she signed up to the patriarchal movement, and so no one won. I’m going to speak in generalities here for a moment, but men these days are very stuck in the second chakra and think with their genitals, while women are stuck in their throat chakra, from being quiet about their feelings and intuition. This has been so for thousands of years and is another important change we need to make.

I am happy to see that there are more women now in the spiritual and conspiratorial fields these days. When I started posting articles on the Internet 13 years ago, these fields were dominated by males. There were females too, but sort of in the background. The heavy weighing researchers, as they were perceived, were more often than not, men. Then female started coming forth in the spiritual field and that was extremely refreshing, because I could see that these women (when they were genuine) had once again opened up their feeling centers and their throat chakras; they were becoming whole. There is still difficult to find women in the conspiratorial field, but I think it’s coming. This field brings out male energies.

I notice when I talk to people about these subjects that women in general are not so interested in the conspiratorial subjects and tend to dissociate from them, while they are embracing the spiritual ones. With men it’s the opposite, but on the other hand, I can see that it’s more evened out more now than it was just 2-3 years ago, but we still have ways to go.

What I think is important to remember, though, is that both the female and the male are equally important to have balance. Both sexes are needed to bring life to the planet. Even if a woman is getting impregnated artificially, it’s still male sperm. Ultimately, I am not talking about the relationship between women and men, but to bring out both the feminine and masculine in ourselves, whether we are males or females. But before we can successfully do that, we need to acknowledge and embrace these energies in each other as well. When we have done that, there should be no problem to bring it out from inside. However, I don’t think we need to complete one before the other; my own experience is (and I believe I have accomplished this) that you start on one end and the other begins to develop as well, until you feel the balance inside yourself between male and female. For a man to bring up the female energies is something fantastic! Without it, I wouldn’t be able to write a word in this paper; most of it is written with female energies, because I am using intuition and emotions to write it, and I am connecting with my Higher Self (Oversoul), which is mostly done by the female side. Being able to naturally feel compassion, receptivity for other people’s needs and feelings, increased creativity, and nourishment is wonderful. When the female part of yourself is opening up, you feel more whole and happier in general, because there was a part of you which was suppressed that is now let free. The same thing goes for women who embrace their male part.

If we look at gay men, they are often opposites in their romantic relationships with other men. We have one person who is very feminine; sometimes much more so than women are; and is stuck in the female energies and can’t connect well with his own male energies. The other gay partner is often different. He is more masculine, and sometimes it’s even hard to tell that he is gay. He is stuck in male energy, and the two are each other’s extremes and try to balance each other out. The same goes for gay women; we have a masculine woman (more dominant) and a very feminine counter-part. Women often like gay men (the ones who have opened up their feminine side), and have them as friends, because they feel they can talk to them about female things. They even ask them for advice regarding which man they should date and how they should do it. This tells us something about us men who are not gay! We need to open up our feeling centers and get balanced.

Then, unfortunately, we have the Bible story which also promotes men before women; the male for the female. First of all, “God” is male, and he created woman out of Adam’s rib, which means man came first and woman was his delivery. It’s pretty much the opposite from what we see happen with our own eyes, isn’t it? We don’t see males giving birth to babies; it’s the other way around. But the people described in Genesis were very patriarchal, and so was the Sumerian society, from where the forerunner to the Bible was written. And now we know that “God” was in reality an Anunnaki extraterrestrial (the Enlil/Nammur). This was a very male oriented god, obviously, and so was his society. This affected all humans who listened to him (as above, so below). The Bible, and other so-called “Holy Scriptures” have certainly helped bringing the man-dominated society on.

This makes it hard for men to embrace their female side. Men rarely have an example from men in their childhood. They are raised with the old idea how a man should be, and although a male baby always has both sexes in balance, we start emphasizing the male part in a male baby right away and do not acknowledge the female side and vice versa. This creates an unbalanced child. It doesn’t mean we should dress a male baby in female clothes, of course; I am talking about letting him always show his feelings without thinking that it’s “girly”. You see, you don’t even have to tell him it’s “girly”, because babies and little kids are quite psychic and will pick up on your emotions. So if you think he is “girly” when he talks about how he feels, he will pick up on that and shut down his feeling centers, just like the majority of men have done today. And those who haven’t often keep their feelings to themselves. Very few are open and talk freely about them, because they know that people (read men) will be afraid and uncomfortable; they fear that if this person continues, they too have to meet his conversation by open up their heart chakra. This is scary for many men, but it’s a fresh breeze when someone is brave enough to do this.

We are marrying a partner of the opposite sex (even if you’re gay, you often relate to someone who has the opposite sexual energies) so we feel that we can become more “whole”, but these days we often marry to fill a more egotistical need that we hope the partner can help filling. Now it’s time to marry our “twin flame;” the mirror. When we do, we can find a life partner that we don’t choose because we need them to fill a hole in ourselves that they never can fill; we choose a partner we can grow equality together with, and this is a huge difference.

In the extension, most people will find that the constitution of marriage becomes obsolete, and the rules and regulations therein are not fitting the new way of being. This can be hard to wrap our heads around, because marriage is such an imprinted part of our programming, and it bonds people. It has worked well over the millennia, but it’s going to feel natural in the future to change this constitution. There will be much better ways to bond. Some people will probably get upset over this statement, but I would suggest that after you’ve read it and feel upset over it, just let it go for now and follow your path, as always, and see what the future brings. Nothing will be enforced on you; if it’s right, it’ll come naturally.

Most people in this world are trying to adjust themselves so that they can be loved by others and prove that they are worthy to be loved. This is a huge misconception, and this is not why we’re here. We are here to learn how to love ourselves! Once we have accomplished this, we can love others, unconditionally, and others, who have done the same thing, can love you back unconditionally, too. Still, you will find that by loving all and everything around you, you will help raising the frequency of everybody else (except those who aim in the other direction). Another misconception is that you always have to do what other people expect from you; if they ask you to build a house for them when you really have no obvious way of doing so with everything else going on in your life, it’s okay to say “no”.

Figure 1: Be a lighthouse in the dark

The greatest help you can be to mankind is to develop your Innernet (your inner self, inner network). To become that candle in the dark, or the lighthouse in the night, which inspires other lighthouses to lighten up. This is service-to-others in its finest form.

The task I am presenting here above is a very difficult one. It may sound easy, but in a world in darkness, it’s hard to find this spark inside yourself which will trigger your mission to self exploration. To master self love (and I am not speaking of egotistic love here, which is putting yourself above others) and keep the frequency is one of the most difficult things you can do, and still it needs to be done. You will find that it’s not possible to always be able to hold the frequency at all times, but when your frequency field decreases, you may want to get it back up again as soon as possible, and this is the test. Can you do it? Can you take what you learn and not just keep it inside of you as information, but also live it on a daily basis when you meet with other people? This is a big part of your initiation (if not the biggest) here on Earth.

And again, remember that Source, with whom we are all connected, is genderless. Duality only exists in 4-Space/Time, but is necessary for this reality to work. Creating equilibrium between the sexes is therefore a goal. 

1.1 More on Game Masters, Master Numbers and Divine Female Energy

Take the last two digits of your birth year, then add that to the age you’re going to be (or became) this year (in 2011) and it comes up to 111. So, for example, if you were born in 1981, you add 81+30 (your age) = 111. To cross check, here’s another example made up by me from the top of my head. If you’re born in 1968, it would add up like this: 68+43=111.

It doesn’t matter when you were born or how old you will be in 2011; it will always add up to 111. And it only works for 2011. It works for every living creature on this planet, if you were born before the shift of the millennium, or you’ll lose a 1.

This is pretty interesting in itself, and it shows a little bit how master numbers work. Every number has a signature, and the PTB love the number 11. The number 11 is also supposed to be Lucifer’s number; the “Fallen Angel”. 1 is also the beginning of something, but we can’t have a beginning without a 0 (zero). There must always be something to begin from; something that was there before the beginning. Zero is the womb and one is the phallus. Three ones equals 3, which is a Christian number, but also the number of “balance”; creates equilibrium. By playing around with numbers, you start getting associations with words which will tell you a story. E.g., 3 = Trinity; 1 = male energy; 0 = female energy; 8 = infinity, and so on. Mixing the numbers one way will tell one story, and if you mix them another way, they will tell you something else. The PTB love to play with numbers and they put them out there in plain sight, knowing that very few people will be able to interpret what they mean, and if some people do, they can just laugh it off as coincidence. However, if a mathematician starts looking into these things he may be puzzled and think, “what are the odds?” Not only if he were to look into the symbolism of the PTB, but also into the universal codes. Those who can decode them will find some very interesting things to ponder!

On a much higher level of reality, there are Game Masters, who help orchestrate realities based out of numbers and number combinations; the Universe is a highly mathematical phenomenon and quite precise. In other words, there are larger hands at play. Numbers are only symbols for concepts, something to keep in mind.

Zero is also the number of creation; a “nothingness” becoming a “somethingness”, or a beginning; zero being the Divine. Now we’re getting into the Divine Female again, where zero also represents the female. So in that capacity, the female energy is the Divine Energy, because to create universes, there first has to be a womb where creating can be born and developed, and then there’s the male, impregnating the female. This is the absolute basis of the term Divine Female, and why some say God is female. Still, a Nothingness, which becomes Intelligent Energy, does not have a gender, but once Intelligent Energy decides to create, It must become female in nature first. Then, as the male energy enters the equation we immediately have duality, and to achieve equilibrium, we need balance between the two. If one take prejudice over the other, nature is becoming imbalanced and it can have all different ramifications, as we have noticed. 

These are abstract concepts, but numbers are being used consistently by creator gods to create words and universes; they are both based on numbers.

Interestingly enough, this whole subsection “happened” to be numbered 1.1. I didn’t do that on purpose; it just tuned out to automatically fit in that way into the flow of the paper. Then again, there are no coincidences whatsoever.

2. A Short Metaphysical Aspect on Astrology

Astrology is a huge subject that takes years and years for the most brilliant of us to really grasp; and when I say “grasp” I mean in the sense humans know it, which is quite limited.

We can think of the planets in the solar system as archetypes. We know that the ancient people, almost no matter where they lived on the planet, had similar stories to tell their children. We also know that we have had ET presence on Earth since the beginning of time, but this is in another sense. The ancient people were also perceptive enough to feel the influence of cosmic forces; the ETs only taught them how it works; the ancient humans tuned into it. This is based on the idea that the Universe watches all beings, and the Multiverse remembers and records everything that is happening. This is based on the holographic principle.

The Multiverse is telling you the story of itself, of Earth, and yourself. It means that these stories come back to be told again and again on a cyclic basis as the Universe moves in cycles, of which what we call the Zodiac is a part. And think about it; Earth is a planet, too. So Earth has her stories and her archetype. When you look at astrology and how the various planets affect you, be aware that when Earth is going through her initiation and acceleration of energy, what we are broadcasting out is extraordinary powerful. So, not only are Earth and the other planets touching you, telling their stories, it’s also we, telling our stories to the planets and the Multiverse, equally. The power of what we are doing now is really going to set things into motion[2].

3. Geometric Downloads 

I don’t know if you have ever gazed at the sun for maybe 5 seconds, and then looked the other way and closed your eyes? First you’ll see an imprint of the Sun for your inner vision, but if you pay attention, there are other things patterns that may show up in the Third Eye as well. I have seen black holes, which I have followed with my inner thought and come out through a white hole on the other end. There I may see other shapes and patterns form. Then I may return through the hole and come back where I started.

Also, which is why I’m telling you this, you may see geometric figures inside your head, slowly and/or rapidly floating around. They can be any shape; triangles, rectangles, circles, pentagons, octagons–you name it. It’s quite interesting. I had noticed this for quite some time and used to do this experiment when I am outdoors in the summertime when the sun is more intense. First I didn’t know what these figures were, and if my eyes were just playing tricks with me. But then I realized that all these figures I saw were geometric in nature and had that structure to it; they were quite distinct and couldn’t be misinterpreted for something else than that.

A while ago, when I picked up Barbara Marciniak’s book, “Bringers of the Dawn”, I found the answers right there! The Pleiadians are explaining to us in that book exactly what I experienced.

The Sun, as we have discussed a few times in the papers, is downloading information into our biological beings, our biokind, most intensely through gamma rays. This information is encoded and will be decoded in our DNA, so if I look at these figures I have seen with my Third Eye, I can’t interpret or decode them with my logical mind.

What the Sun is transmitting is the Language of Light, and humans have 144,000 seals of energy that will be infused within our beings, eventually. At this point, the body can only hold 12 seals; the rest will come much, much later, and not in this lifetime, with this body.

First of all, this mutation, which includes the reactivation of the 12 strand DNA, can be achieved by any human being on this planet so long as they are willing to walk the walk and don’t give up halfway, or before they’ve even started.

When we evolve, one of the first things we become aware of is who we are. We realize without any doubt that we are cosmic beings and a part of something much bigger; something so vast that it contains everything there is; from the smallest nano particle to the largest galaxy and Universe. We realize that we are pure consciousness in a body and that we are immortal as a being and a part of God, and therefore, we, all together, and alone, are God.

Next, or somewhere down the line, we will understand that this Universe (and other universes as well) are seeded by cosmic beings, working in close connection with the Prime Creator, and many of these cosmic “beings” are pure intelligent energy that can take any shape and form. However, some of these cosmic Founders are also physical in nature, but interdimensional at the same time. This Energy, which goes under many names; the Founders and The Tribes of Light are the two names I’ve used most in these papers. It’s when we call upon this Energy that we will be implanted with the geometric forms.

How do you do that? Well, if you read this and are even remotely on the same path, this process has already started. Somewhere in the recent past you must have made a decision that you want to evolve and learn more about yourself and how the Universe works. When you did, you called upon them, and they answered.

Below I will mention the different geometric figures which the Pleiadians tell us are going to be implanted in us as we evolve, and explain a little bit about some of them. They are not in any particular order.

  1. One geometric shape that will be implanted in us is the pyramid. The pyramid is an extremely powerful symbol/geometric figure, and throughout the Universe it represent unity of consciousness. It is very difficult to create in its many facets, and is a structure of perfection. When built on a planet as huge monuments, it collects energy from the planet and send it outward; out into cosmos. The scholars, who have been puzzled about why the great pyramids on Earth are pointing directly towards a particular star, or star system, would have the answer right here; Earth energy is collected and sent out in cosmos towards the star system from which the beings who created them belonged. 
  2. Then we have the spiral, which will be implanted as well. It’s a loved and frequently used symbol here on Earth as a representation of communicating many different ideas. Spiral is a cosmic symbol of highest importance; look at the spiral galaxies; planetary bodies–both stars and planet–rotate around themselves while orbiting something more powerful.
  3. The parallel lines.
  4. The cube.
  5. The Merkaba vehicle, the five-sided figure, which represents the figure of the human being in its purest, unlimited state; a totally free human being. This implant comes when we truly commit ourselves to what we previously thought was impossible, e.g. that humans can be able to fly.
  6. The circle. This is the figure many humans will have implanted as the first one, because it represents God, unity, and completeness (a zero [0] is a circle, mind you).

These are the geometric figures mentioned in Barbara Marciniak’s book, but there are more. While many will have the circle implanted first, others will “choose” the pyramid[3]. This planet is loaded with pyramids; they are “everywhere”. We think we have discovered them all (or most of them), when in fact there are a lot of them hidden deep in the jungles, overgrown by vegetation over time, and many more under the ocean, under a ceiling of thousands of feet of water; remnants of lost civilizations long before ours.

Those who are ready and have the Merkaba implanted are already well aware of that the biomind doesn’t have any limitations. They know it’s possible to travel as pure consciousness, or as unlimited consciousness with their body, leaving the planet.

There is no set order for the implants to occur in a being; it depends on the being and what they are ready for and have their attention on. They come when they best fit our personal developments. And as I mentioned above, these six geometric shapes are not the only ones; once we start getting implanted, there will be an unending process of new forms coming into our being.

On a daily basis, we choose what is important for us and form a concept. Whatever the current concept is, it determines which shape or shapes we are going to download; it will be the one(s) that suits us best at the moment and helps us take the next step forward.

If you want to know which forms you have been implanted with, think about which forms you dream about (if any) or when you think about shapes and forms, which one(s) comes up first? Which one is biggest?

The cells in the body contain the total history of this universe. However, the trick is to be able to go within yourself and then go outside of yourself and see that they are one and the same.

The spiral is a basic form, not only in this physical universe (galaxies), but also interdimensionally. You can explore the spiral and it takes you to virtually endless dimensions. Even the DNA has the shape of the spiral. Spirals are all around you, visible or invisible, and the Language of Light rides upon the light-encoded filaments that also descend in spiral form.

The Pleiadians say:

These Language of Light geometrical shapes and forms are collections of experiences of individuals who have incarnated on this planet, defied the human laws, awakened themselves to high abilities and then manifested themselves as language and geometric components. Once these energies existed as men and women on this planet. They have evolved themselves into geometric symbols, and they exist in their sphere of activity just like you exist in your body. These entities exist in a language system or a geometric system.[4]

3.1 Crop Circles and Geometrical Figures

Crop circles don’t need any deeper explanation. We all know what they are and how they mysteriously show up on the fields; prominently so in Great Britain, where I think it all started.

First, we need to remember that Great Britain was once the north-eastern peninsula of Atlantis on its height of power. And that part of it has a lot of hidden history, ley lines and energy grids. Many of the crop circles are imitations of real, “alien” crop circles, and the manmade ones are done by the Military Complex, who have studied the real thing and learned how to copy them. Still, they can’t do it as sophisticatedly as those not from here. More importantly, they don’t carry the divine message.

There are universes of geometrical systems, and at this point in time, when we are going through the nano-second, many of these universes are visiting us. If you think that we can’t be that important, think again. What we are going through, the “Initiation” is an enormous thing for beings of many dimensions, in this universe and beyond.

The genuine crop circles are often created in geometrical shapes. Some of the shapes, like the circles, Merkaba, heptagon, and pentagon etc, we recognize immediately, while other shapes are unfamiliar to us at this time, and we have a tendency to not even notice them in the crop circle formations. These formations are a frequency more than anything else; not a process or an action by some huge spacecraft or flying saucer from our 3rd dimensional universe. They are imprinted in the fields by the Tribes of Light or those who work with them, to establish a particular frequency. In 1992, the Pleiadians said that these crop circles are going to increase in numbers over the years, and indeed they have[5].

Figure 2: Crop Circle with geometrical shapes

Eventually, when we have had more of these geometric shapes implanted in us, we will start building houses corresponding with these shapes. On other planets, where the beings are more evolved than us, their abodes would look strange to us because of their geometric forms, but they know that certain shapes, not only squares and rectangles, hold different frequencies. Even in astrology, it is known that certain angles have power points and that certain things happen with certain angles. Same thing with shapes. If we look at the Great Pyramid, it’s all about angles and shapes; nothing is built randomly; it’s a perfect construction, and the builders knew geometry down to the core (my own dominant geometric implant, by the way, is the pyramid, I have noticed). Energy collects in angles and shapes and forms. Energy itself is formed and transmitted in this way, so now you may begin to understand a little bit why it’s so important to have these geometrical shapes implanted into us; it really connects us to the cosmos, and different dimensions of reality; even other, parallel universes. If you walk inside the Great Pyramid, for example, you will notice (at least if you are an evolving person) that some angles and corners of the pyramids are very pleasant to stay in, while others have the opposite effect on us; we feel uncomfortable to be in them. That why, in your bedroom, it’s better to have the bed in the middle of the room than pushed into a corner. The energy can flow freely in the middle of the room, while in a corner you get stuck in an energy lock.

Figure 3: Crop Circle in shape of the double helix

Now the time has come when the quarantine will be lifted, the frequency fence be broken and scattered, and the energy portals will once again open so light can come in. As a matter of fact, that process is now happening, and we receive an enormous increase of geometrically encoded light into our body system and our DNA is developing rapidly. Just think back in time 2-3 years and try to remember what you were doing, how you were thinking, and how spiritually evolved you were at that time. Personally, I can see how I have grown thousand fold just in these last two years! It’s almost like we are talking about another person. I notice it the most when people are asking me questions or want me to elaborate on something I was deeply into 2-3 years ago, and I think, “no, I am not even thinking in these terms anymore. I have left that behind since long (like if it was in another lifetime) and it’s nothing I can, or have any desire to discuss anymore”. It’s not that what I did in the past is invalid, and I’m sure people will still appreciate it if they read it for the first time, but I have gone past it. I think many other people in these times feel the same about their own lives.

Going back to the crop circles; even if a small percentage of them are made by spaceships, the majority of them are not made that way. Because consciousness has many shapes and forms, they often come as a wave. The Pleiadians were talking back in 1992 about a “wave of light” that eventually will hit the Earth and sweep it[6]. This is very interesting, because the scientists at LPG-C have now found out from ET races they have met with, that a wave from a supernova will hit us around November-December 2012! They are quite concerned about this and are not sure how humankind will react to this wave, and what will happen to Earth. Will this be the End of the World?[7I will discuss the “Wave of the Supernova” in the following paper, and it’s possible negative and positive implications.

Geometrical shapes are like hieroglyphs. If we read the hieroglyphs and the pictographs on a stone wall in Egypt, carved in thousands of years ago, they would mean one thing, but if they would be read by the ancient priest of Egypt, they would mean something different. Then, in the extension, if they were read by the old creator gods, they again would mean something entirely different. This shows that intelligence is not in the words themselves, but words and combination of words hold certain intelligent frequencies that can be read differently by different people, depending on which level of initiation they are at. Same thing goes with the words and the combination of words in this paper.

So, why are the crop circles here? They are put here by other-worldly and interdimensional beings to help us hold the frequency and manage it for us to have the courage to live the light. I believe they started in Great Britain, spread throughout Europe, appeared in South America, and even here in the United States. They were made, one by one, to help activating Earth’s gridwork. By moving them from continent to continent, they move the frequency band around the planet. At this point, there is no way we can figure them out, logically, because that is not their purpose. These shapes work on a much more subtle and deeper level of the human psyche. This is a frequency we humans can use to evolve. Therefore, it’s important not to try to interpret the crop circles intellectually, but to feel them. Again, we are in for a paradigm shift where the intellect has to make room for our feeling centers; our heart chakra. It’s energy at play, and it helps us understand that we don’t always need to use our intellect to grab the concept of something; we can actually feel ourselves through something and become much wiser, much faster. Those who won’t let go off their intellect to make room for their heart chakra will not evolve at this time and stay here for another cycle. This is only natural and those who choose that path will eventually evolve as well, but perhaps not until the end of the next cycle. 

4. What is Your Personal Reality? (Multiple Earths)

The following is another very important concept to understand and can be quite hard to wrap the head around for many readers. Yet, it is how reality works from a metaphysical level down to the physical.

The Earth as a whole planet is our Living Mother who watch us being born, growing up, getting old and die. She contains the combined mass consciousness of the human race and everything that lives on this planet. Most people think of it as one planet with about 7 billion people living on it, and that’s it. However, we forget that each one of us lives on their own personal Earth, which is different from everybody else’s Earth. We can call it our “Local Earth”, or “Local Universe”, if we like.

If you pick up the newspaper in the morning and read about what is happening in Israel, Iraq, Japan, Libya, and about terrorist attacks, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc., it is happening somewhere else; it’s not happening in your personal, local Earth. It’s going on, literally on another planet, or another version of the same planet, rather. You are creating your own reality based on your current belief systems, and this reality becomes your “Local Earth”. On your version of Earth, there perhaps is no war, no starvation, terrorist attacks or Earthquakes, because these are not something that fit into your belief systems in the sense that they should be included in your reality. Are you expecting a hurricane to hit in your neighborhood? If so, you’d better recreate your local universe, unless you really want a hurricane to hit.

Take a good look at your life. Where are you located? What kind of neighbors do you have? Do you live in a house, apartment, in an RV, in a war zone, in a part of the city where street gangs are ruling? What kind of job do you have? How is your environment? Nature? Big City? Is your life stressful? Do you feel safe or insecure? Are you constantly afraid, anxious, or do you feel at peace, knowing everything will turn out just fine?

You can tell by looking at a person’s life to see what his/her belief systems are. You can tell what kind of Earth that person has created for themselves. The person whom you meet with at work does not live on the same Earth as you do. Everybody is living on their own version of our planet; you are simply visiting each other’s version when you work together and chat. And you share each other’s reality. You see, the environment you live in (if it’s a city, country side or whatnot) is a combined manifestation of everybody who lives in it (a local mass consciousness). Still, each person who shares it sees it slightly differently.

Much of the news we get from the newspapers and by watching TV is biased to fit a certain agenda. This creates a certain reality. The PTB are very aware of how this works! They let the anchor on the news channel deliver a certain message which creates a mass agreement that changes the way people look upon the Earth and what is happening on her. The Global Elite creates a version of Earth which fits into the reality they want people to live in; artificial intelligence, war and terror, control and power, rich and poor; you name it. People who listen to this often buy into it and it becomes a part of their reality. They may still live a decent life, but as soon as they add the information they get from the news anchor into their own reality, the PTB know that they “have them”. Then, when it’s time to implement something, those who embraced their previous brainwash into their local universe will now experience exactly what they feared was going to happen. Mind you, it was fear that made the person include the PTB agenda in their own reality (their own version of Earth) in the first place.

Can you see how this works? I can’t stress enough how important it is to clear your thoughts and be very precise over what it is you want. Don’t use sloppy thinking or sloppy talking, because what you think and what you say create your reality. Again, look around you and ask yourself, “Am I safe? Do I have joy and happiness in my life? What’s included in my version of Earth, is that what I want?” If not, make sure you know what you want and decide that this is what your planet will look like. Then create it in the physical, if applicable, by perhaps moving, changing jobs, or whatever it is you need to do. Then you must realize that what is happening elsewhere is not happening in your own universe, or Earth, but in others, who have for any given reason decided to live there and make it their environment to have that experience–even if they were born into it, it was a soul agreement.

People in these times are very anxious about where the best place to live would be. Of course, it’s a good idea not to live close to the ocean, a big river, or an earthquake area, but in general, the most important thing is not where you live, it’s how you perceive your reality. Wherever you go, you take your inner stability and safety with you. If you upon that use a common level of discernment you will be just fine. If your inner world is in turmoil, your environment is going to adjust to that and turmoil will show up at your door wherever you choose to live. This is one of the big reasons why we have to be clear and stable inside.

Of course, you can always go visit a war zone or a place where people are starving to help them out if you want, but be aware so that you don’t bring on those energies into your own universe. Keep in mind you’re only visiting. It’s easy to create thoughts that are counter-survival for ourselves when we see people suffer.

Not anything of what I just wrote exclude that we should help each other. We all live in our own universe, and if we see someone in need, it’s natural to show compassion and feel love and a willingness to help. But if you are visiting places which are usually not in your reality, be careful what you’re thinking while you’re there, so that part of the suffering is not implemented into your own reality, one way or the other. Even if it’s you grandparent who needs help, be aware that you are visiting that person’s reality. Do whatever you can to help, but when you leave, you are returning to your “own planet”.

This may sound strange to those who have never encountered this kind of thinking before, and it can take a while before it sinks in, but it’s important indeed to realize this for the future to come.

The PTB (Powers That Be), and the physical and metaphysical forces behind them, want to implement the ultimate control over mankind via machine technology, artificial intelligence, ET landings (fake and real), more wars, more terrorist attacks, weather changes (HAARP), etc. After have totally crashed the economy, and most people are in dire straits, not knowing what to do, they will in one way or the other (possibly by introducing a “benevolent” alien race on the stage who will help us with technology) turn this around the way they want our future to be. And they have slowly but surely prepared us in the way I described above; they have for a very long time introduced us to theirversion of a future, common Earth, and now it’s just a matter of implementing the last parts of the agenda. They want to build “smart cities” where each individual is guaranteed a job and survival, and many, many people will choose this version of Earth, which is the beginning of a new 26,556 years cycle in 3rd Density.

Those who choose this version will do so out of fear; they are so stressed out and horrified by how their lives turned out, where they may not have had enough food on the table (if they even had a table), no job, no home…The solution seems like God sent! The old governments will most probably be either overthrown by a furious mob or militia, or they will resign, or the corruption will be revealed (sometimes purposely by the PTB behind the scenes) and the politicians will be sacrificed by their “invisible Masters” for a bigger purpose. People see the corruption and find it disgusting. Being a politician in the near future will show to be the most dangerous job in the world. People may literally murder them in fury; run after them down the street and hang or shoot them.

I want to emphasize here that this is not anything I support at all! I am all for peaceful soulutions and I know that violence feeds violence.

Still, it’s very plausible that this kind of violence will happen on one level of reality, in many possible worlds.

When the corruption within governments is totally in the open (and this process has already started; many politicians have already been exposed) and there is no government anymore, or it’s very reduced in numbers, the alien card could be played out. An alien race is landing and giving us the solution. They will tell us they come in peace and will give us the technology needed to build a new, sustainable society. This may be when the smart cities take on their real identity.

This is just one version of what could happen; another card could be played out first, but smart cities is definitely on the table and is already being started on. The word “smart” will be used frequently by the Global Elite from now on and way into the future when comes to technology.

The price people who choose this route have to pay is that they will live in a totally controlled and surveiled society, a Machine World which is going to be very scary. However, it will be introduced in such a way that people won’t even realize what they are getting themselves into. In the long run they will become half machine, half human, and their bodies will no longer be good enough for souls to occupy. The vibration of this future society will be very low, with little chance to advance on a spiritual and biological level. What starts out as a blessing will turn out to be a world of horror; something taken from the most horrific science fiction novel.

The PTB know that there will be people who won’t implement their brainwash into their version of reality, but as long as we don’t physically harm them, the PTB don’t really care. They know they have the majority of mankind hooked to their agenda, and they will try to make it as difficult as possible for us (the minority), who choose another route. They will outlaw certain herbs and plants that we need for survival, and they will even outlaw certain kinds of gardening, which is also needed for us to be self sufficient. We will be forced to buy contaminated food from their industry. And if we have refused to take their implants we can’t buy and sell?

Don’t be fooled! How many people do they need to hire to go after each and every person who is seeding an outlawed herb, plant or vegetable? Is someone going to come and knock on your door, saying, “no no, can’t plant that, it’s against the law. Come with us now!” Not going to happen, although they are most certainly going to create fear within the alternative movement that this will happen, and they may win some people over, who still haven’t overcome their fear.

No, my friends, the soul-ution is to create the reality, or version of Earth, YOU want to live in and start living it, without any fear! This raises your vibration, many will follow, and in the future, we will create alternative communities on smaller scales at first, which WILL be self sufficient, and the technology we will use is going to be based on the greatest good for the community and each person who lives in it. Things will be local for quite a while. We are all going to need to use our skills to contribute to the community, but the difference between communities in the future and many communities in the past is that we now have a greater knowledge of what is going on around us, and the frequency/vibration of the people with similar ideas are much higher in general than of those in the past. Eventually, when we have created the reality we want, there will be a metaphysical split of the Earth, where we will evolve into a less dense reality, which we call the 4th Density. The Machine World Earth will split off and continue another cycle in 3-D.

The first thing we all need to realize (and I say it again) is that we are run by forces who feed on fear. Fear nurture those in power and it creates obedience. Nothing is going to change to the better for anybody, until they recognize that they have been manipulated and that this is just the beginning. The fork in the road is glaring at us; two big signs: “FOLLOW US, FEAR US, AND BE SLAVES IN HELL!” or “FEAR NOT AND BE FREE!” Still, in spite of the red, flashing signs, a majority of the population will choose the road to slavery once again.

What is there to control if there is no one who is afraid? How can you control someone who is absolutely fearless? The soulution is so simple that it’s silly. “Fear not and you are free”. Still, I’m writing hundreds upon hundreds of pages just to say these 6 words, knowing that if that would be all I said, hardly anybody would understand; it’s too simple! It’s sad, but true. If you’re fearless, the PTB can threaten you with anything they want, and their threats just fall off like water on a goose. The PTB know this and they know that their power depends solely on keeping people ignorant so they can fear what they don’t understand and thus can be controlled. They are hanging on to a rope that can break any time, but still they are confident and arrogant. How come?

Easy. If people only knew how easily we are manipulated by reading newspapers, watching TV and listening to politicians reading scripts, even when we think we’re not. It’s a piece of cake to lead the sheep wherever they want us to go, whether the sheep are 70 in quantity or 7 billion. It’s so incredibly easy and we have been stupefied to fall for it for so long that they can do it to us in their sleep. They create our collective reality through media, over which they have total control (and I’m talking mostly mainstream media now). They want to change the way of thinking of a whole population over night? Simple, to the brink of boredom; just change the script on CNN and the whole world changes their reality. We need to realize this!

Don’t listen to anything they are saying and instead create your own local universe on your own local Earth, the way you want your life to be for you! Raise your vibration and help others do the same.

I wish everybody could finally realize that everything that comes out of the mouths or the word processors of the politicians or the media is dung and only suits their agenda, which they want to pull us all into. It saddens me to see how so many people sit before their TV screens and watch the news, thinking they learn something. Even though I know everyone is on their private journey, it is still grieving me, because we could all so easily become free in a blink of an eye. But that’s not the destiny of mankind at this time. My mission is to at least make as many people as possible aware of what we’re sitting in (and it doesn’t smell good), and that’s all I can do. I am going to where freedom is, at any cost. Those who think alike, I will see you soon, that is a given! 

5. The Law of One

The first time I got in contact with the Universal Law in this lifetime, on a conscious level, was when I read “Hidden Hand”[8]“The Ra Material”[9], and “The Children of the Law of One–The Lost Teachings of Atlantis”[10]. I knew already before that, that we are all ONE, having written articles about it back in 2005, but these three teachings put everything in perspective and they pushed my awareness up 10 notches.

The Law of One is, as the term indicates, a statement that everything is ONE and that everything is created by, and connected with, the Prime Creator.

So how is this different from the Christian faith, for example? In Christianity we are also created by a One Creator, a Prime Creator, or God. There are lots of differences, actually, and Christians who are fundamental in nature know the difference. In Christianity, we were created by Jehovah (YHVH, Yahweh) in his image, but we are not connected to him as being part of him. In other words, we are not “gods” in the sense that we have a connection with Him that would make us potentially equal to him. We are totally separated from God, because he made us out of clay, and not by reproduction. Also, in Christianity, God is a man in the sky, who can come down and visit, mingle, eat with us, and chat with some selected humans. Then he casually asks for some human or animal blood sacrifices to his honor, and then takes off into the skies again, like he did with Moses[11]. Law of One in Christianity would mean the Law of God; “do as I say or succumb”; “fear me or go to Hell”.

The real Law of One is as ancient as the universes of existence:

It’s the law of omnipresence in all life, and it is the Supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions and densities; we are all ONE. All beings, and everything in existence in any universe exists within and of the Prime Creator, which is All That Is. When one is harmed, all are harmed, and when one is helped, everybody is healed. Hence, in the name of who I AM, and I am One with All, I ask that only that which is the highest good of all concerned happen here and now and through all time and space. I give thanks that this is done. SO BE IT.[12]

The above is the very powerful beginning of a short YouTube video dedicated to the Law of One. By understanding its dynamics, we can use it either for good or bad, equally. There is no personal God who is going to punish you if you do horrible things; there is no Hell; and on the other side of the coin, there is no personal God who will reward you with Heaven if you’re good, either. There is karma, which will put things in balance and help you grow, but you yourself create your now and your future, and you create your own rewards and punishments. The video continues with a quotation:

“I can do no other than be reverent before everything that is called life. I can do no other than to have compassion for all that is called life.

That is the beginning and foundation of all ethics” Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965),  theologian, organist, philosopher, physician, and medical missionary.[13]

The Law of One was strictly applied back in the early Atlantis and Lemurian days, before the Kingdom was divided into two camps; those who practiced the Law of One and those who practiced the Law of Belial. The latter were the great manipulators (where have we heard that before?) and pretended to be very ethical, compassionate and well intended, but were nothing but. They finally took over Atlantis from the practitioners of the Law of One. However, there were survivors after the Great Flood swept over Atlantis and other continents of Earth. Some fled through portals to the Inner Earth where they lived for thousands of years, and some of them live there still. Others eventually came back up to the surface again, and some of them are the Native American Indians. It’s devastating to see how the Belians (the white people of Europe) once again invaded the land of the Children of the Law of One (Native Indians) and in their evil almost wiped out the whole Indian population in today’s United States and Canada. By doing that, much wisdom and knowledge disappeared. But amongst those who survived, the legend lives on and the truth is told within the tribes still. Albeit, it’s normally not told to everybody in the tribe; only to a few selected, who hopefully can carry the wisdom further to the next generation.

Here is some proof that the Native Indians know about the Law of One:

“All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth”

“Man did not weave the web of Life; he is only a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” Chief Seattle, Nez Perce, 1854.[14]

The Law of One represents original religion: the unalterable, universal truths and laws as brought into being by the Prime Creator. The divine design of the Prime Creator and Its appointed creator gods is imbued within the created.

The original, eternal intention of the Law of One is love-based, respect for free will, and perpetual life creation. Law of One belongs to everyone of every creed.

He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self.Buddha.

Law of One perspective respectfully acknowledges the inter-connection, interdependence and intrinsic value of all components and Manifestations of Life.

Once a person has come to the insight that All is One and it becomes very real to the person, amazing things start happening. It is a 180° life changer. Nothing can shake this insight, because it’s such a basic truth. This person automatically realizes that Unconditional Love is the most basic thing in the Universe; creation is based on love and light. You begin to feel compassion for everybody; even those who you previously thought didn’t deserve it. You come to the insight that if you despise or exclude somebody from compassion and love, you exclude a part of yourself from the same emotions to the same degree.

Unconditional Love does not mean that you agree with what everybody is saying and doing. Sometimes it can be the opposite of that; you notice how somebody is walking astray in life. Then, having the wisdom that you have, you can see that this person is in a learning process of some sort, and is heading in a direction that is counter survival. You know it’s their path and they need to learn, but you also know you can give a few pieces of advice to guide them on the way. This advice can be contrary to this person’s current beliefs and make him/her upset and even start yelling at you, but you know in your heart that in spite of that, you create a seed in that person, and this seed can grow ever so subconsciously in them, to be looked at some time in the future. You may never receive gratitude from some of the people you help, but it doesn’t bother you. It’s the knowledge that you seeded something positive in that person that makes you happy. This is unconditional love.

5.1 Jesus and the Law of One

This brings me to the subject of Jesus Christ. If we read the New Testament we can see that Jesus definitely taught the people of his time the Law of One. He always said, “Love thy enemy”, and even when he supposedly died on the cross, he asked God to forgive those who killed him. That’s Unconditional Love. He also said that “the Kingdom of Heaven lies within”. How much clearer can he be?

There are researchers today who deny that Jesus even existed. They refer back to Mithra, Osiris, and Horus, Krishna and others, and say that all these “mythological” beings were all born on Winter Solstice, and were crucified. Thus, Jesus is just a myth too, created by the PTB to have someone to worship. In fact, none of these entities ever existed.

I don’t know how they can still hang on to this concept, because it’s so obviously wrong. First of all, we know that none of these beings who proceeded Jesus were mythological; they have all existed, something I have proved in previous papers about the Anunnaki and their business here on Earth.

The claim that all these beings had the same birthday is not correct either; even educated Christians know Jesus wasn’t born on Winter Solstice, and his “predecessors” were probably not either. Icke, Maxwell, and others go back and compare other events in the lives of these beings and thus give power to these conclusions.

Of course Jesus existed, although he wasn’t whom the Bible describes him. Who would make up such a story as that of Jesus Christ if it wasn’t true? The teachings in the NT are extraordinary profound and enlightening. Would the Global Elite make this up and distribute it to us to enlighten us?

No, the only conclusion would be that Jesus existed, was a man who incarnated on Earth to teach the Law of One to a world who was in great need of it. He was so successful that when the PTB of the time realized he had to be silenced, it was already too late. Too many people had already taken his teachings to heart. Instead, they probably planned to kill him, but he managed to escape to Europe (there is a lot of good books describing how this happened), got married, had children, and possible lived his last days in Tibet, where he died of old age and was buried.

Figure 4: Pope Leo X

It was the members of the Council of Nicea, in 325 AD, who distorted and corrupted Jesus’ true teachings. Jesus never intended to build a religion around himself, and had no wish to be worshipped. The Council knew they couldn’t just pretend he never existed–it was too late for that–but they could distort and take out the most powerful teachings from the Bible and then make the rest into a religion. So long as people worship somebody and give their power away to someone else instead of finding the power within themselves, the PTB are safe. Let the fools worship, they thought. In fact, it was an ingenious move on the part of the Power Elite, and “this myth of Jesus has served us well”, as one pope allegedly said a long time ago[15].

Jesus was not the first, and not the last, person who came to Earth to teach the Law of One and got either killed, harassed, or imprisoned for his/her beliefs, but that is just the way it goes as long as the planet is run by forces which are servants of darkness. All these teachers throughout the Ages knew they probably would not be totally successful, but that is okay. They all planted a seed or two in humanity, and their assistance has helped us and guided us tremendously over time. Now, when we are approaching the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new, let’s send some gratitude and positive energies to those who came before us; they will feel it. I know they don’t expect any gratitude or compassion, but let’s give it to them anyway. They were indeed successful, after all.

6. The Initiation Process

Imagine a world which is stunningly beautiful, even more beautiful than the Earth we know. Imagine highly intelligent beings who are so highly evolved that they can move freely between densities and dimensions. There is no need to kill anybody because no one on this world is eating meat; they feed off of light and pure energy. There is no fear, because there is no reason to be afraid; there is no one who is threatening. Yes, there is an alertness, an instinct to avoid dangerous situations which can harm even the high density body, but if worse comes to worse and the accident is happening, the soul can just jump into another body, or “create” a new one, or have one created for them, because they are androgynous male-female. Also, they can travel through space and time quite freely, because they understand that they exist on many different levels of reality. There is no need for heavy density spaceships, or even higher density craft. They can travel without any other vehicle than their own body.

So, what am I talking about here? Am I paraphrasing a science fiction book, or am I talking about us in a very distant future?

Actually, it’s none of the above. What I am describing is a distant past; it is us a long, long time ago, in a Golden Age, in a version of Atlantis that existed in another density before the Atlantis Plato mentioned being swept away with the Deluge.

I am indeed paraphrasing, but not from a science fiction novel, but from the most recent book by David Icke[16]. He doesn’t mention where he gets his information from, whether it is channeled, a communication with his Oversoul, Sensory Data Streaming, or perhaps all of it? Still, it doesn’t matter, because when I read this part of his book, shortly after it came out, it confirmed almost to the word what I already felt inside was the truth. I don’t care how many people say that we were upgraded by the Anunnaki when they landed here and started manipulating our DNA; I instinctively and very strongly feel that this is a big lie. I always did, and I couldn’t explain why. I read Sitchin and found his series of books highly interesting and it felt like it was right to the point many times, but something was missing. It’s like when you have this higher knowledge about something, but you can’t prove it. You just “know” it’s true.

Not only did Icke acknowledge what I felt; others, like Ashayana Deane and her Guardian Alliance did the same thing, as did Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest, and the Pleiadians. I basically found that most metaphysical sources (or at least the ones that are credible) indicate the same thing; that we were highly evolved beings before the Anunnaki came and chased the original planners of the Living Library away with warfare and atomic weapons. 

I strongly advise you to read “The War of Gods and Men” by Zachariah Sitchin; you don’t need to read many pages until you realize that this alien species is a highly disturbed race, and what’s described in the book of what they did to each other and to humans can be quite an upsetting read. I, for one, have this “strange feeling” that a big, important lie was inserted into their own part of the history of Earth when they mentioned the visions of Galzu; this mysterious being whom supposedly planted seeds into the Anunnaki minds that they need to leave us humans alone and give Earth to us. In Sitchin’s translation of the Sumerian tablets it says that King Anu, the previous king of the Anunnaki, eventually realized that the Ša.A.M.i. “were only emissaries for the human species, and humankind is destined to inherit the Earth and make it their own. Anu now believed it was his and his people’s job to educate them and give them knowledge so they can advance. Then, when they were educated enough, the Anunnaki should leave the planet!”[17]

This lie I believe was put there so that it could be used a few thousands year into the future (which would be about now) to serve them when they return so that humankind think they come in peace. I am even doubting that Galzu ever existed; it reads like a bad b-movie script. Anu would suddenly realize that Earth belongs to us after all the wars and the terror and destruction they’ve created over the span of millennia because of a couple of unusual circumstances? Come on! Anyone with any knowledge into how the mind works knows that someone with so many destructive acts on their conscience in an area would never just come to their senses like that. It’s not credible. Use discernment and common sense here.

The gods that took over the real estate were highly sexual to the degree that they even used sex for control, and it seems like they were actually the ones who made us sexual beings from had been androgynous and multidimensional.

So did the gods really come here to mine for gold and precious metals? Yes, there is a lot of physical evidence that they did. That part is certainly true, but they were also conquerors and came here to expand their empire and to take charge of something that was located in the center of the Earth. This is something I will expose in details later. For now, let us just say that they stole something more than just the Living Library and our DNA; they also stole and safeguarded what could have set us free again; something located in the center of the Earth.

In my papers, “First Level of Learning”, I have introduced Sitchin’s version of history, and in the “Second Level of Learning” I will introduce the extended versions of what really happened, so stay tuned. It will be a jaw-dropping adventure to read. So it’s not that I’m taking my claims out of the blue. I have taken part of evidence that shows a much richer and fuller story.

6.1 The Fall From Grace

But how did we become trapped like this if we were such highly evolved beings? After all, I said it was a co-creation?

We have all heard about the Fall of Man and the Fallen Angels. I think the reader knows who the Fallen Angels are, and how they came down to Earth to interbreed with humans (genetic manipulation, but also from pure sexual desire and an inner drive to dominate). When they did, and deactivated most of our DNA, we fell from grace, like the Bible talks about.

I think Mahu Nahi (James) of the WingMakers is getting pretty close when he described in an interview with Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot how Anu and his cohorts (the master manipulators, remember?) lied to us and manipulated us into taking 3rd Density bodies[18].

In a nutshell, I believe the following is more or less what happened. The Ša.A.M.i. landed on Earth, knowing that it was already occupied by highly evolved being who were still working with their original creator gods, who had seeded them more than once. Earth was a planet of peace and had already started on its mission of being a Living Library, but it was “under construction”. The Ša.A.M.i. came down in spaceships, fully armored and ready for war. For a while, they coexisted with the original planners, but they had no intention to share the real estate with other cosmic races. If the original creators didn’t voluntarily leave the planet and signed over the real estate to the Ša.A.M.i., they were going to be forced away from the planet.

The original planners did not give up so easily, and although they were not prepared for a fully blown up war, they did what they could to defend themselves and the Living Library. However, the Builders lost the war after the Nibiruan human-reptilian hybrid Ša.A.M.i. species had nuked them a few times, and the original planner had to leave, although they never ever gave up on us. They are still around, taking every opportunity to help out.

But why couldn’t other races who saw what happened, intervene? Well, some did, but one misconception is that the Ša.A.M.i. are working alone. This is not true; there is a whole Galactic Federation which is supporting them. So we’re peeling off one lie and withhold after the other here. At this point in time, the Anunnaki were simply too powerful, although those supporting the Builders waited for the right moment to remove the intruders.

What happened next made it more or less impossible to intervene, though:

There may be a chance that the Anunnaki workers they used in the mines, and as slave labor in general, were a faction of the Zeta Grays, a hybrid biological-artificial machine cloned race used by many beings as their “working ants”. There is also some evidence that the Anunnaki and the Grays are working together up to this day, as do the Dracos, a faction of the Orion Reptilians (originating from Earth), and another faction of the Grays. The Anunnaki Lords knew that the Zetas/slave labor were too weak to endure the hard mining job for any longer period of time, and it was too much of a hassle to patch them up or clone them. So they aimed for us, the highly evolved beings of Earth.

Let’s ponder this story: the Anunnaki kidnapped some of the evolved humans and began experimenting on them in their genetic laboratories here on Earth and on Mars. At first, they mixed the human genes with horses to get a strong species, and we got the centaurs, and they went on and created some quite horrendous species in the process, until they finally got a good 3-D prototype. In the beginning they cloned them and put them to work in secret locations, perhaps on Mars or in remote areas on Earth, away from scrutiny of the evolved humans.

They quickly understood that the cloning process took too long and they needed this former androgynous race to mass produce again; preferably as two sexes. So the experiments went on until they had a prototype they thought would work.

Hundreds of thousands of years had now passed since the Builders were forced to leave our planet, and the evolved humans had learned to intermingle with the Anunnaki, although I’m sure they weren’t really buddies. These humans respected the Anunnaki presence, but were still naive and trusting, because this was the nature of these beings.

So, the Anunnaki had a plan. In the biomind of the genetically manipulated 3-D human, they inserted a lot of pleasant pictures, almost like a CD running over and over of a very beautiful and exiting reality. They manipulated a few evolved human souls to jump from their own bodies to this new, 3-D body just to “try it out”. When they did so, this “CD” started playing in their heads, and as very pleasant emotions were also implanted in the brain of the 3-D prototype, those who tried it out experienced it as very pleasant and exiting. At first, they were allowed to jump back into their original, lighter density bodies.

Rumors spread quickly, because this early human race was pretty psychic and could feel each others emotions on a distance, on a subquantum level. The Anunnaki understood this. So, the more humans tried out these new bodies, the higher the overall excitement, even amongst those who hadn’t tried them. The Anunnaki, whom did not have the range of emotions that this higher evolved human species had, also had (and still have up to this day) the ability to cloak or copy-cat emotions of those in the environment, and could thus probably deceive the humans.

The Anunnaki were pleased and went back to the laboratories. Now, they reconstructed the biomind of this new creature they’d created to include a soul trap. Once a soul attached itself to one of these bodies, it couldn’t leave. A program embedded in it kept the soul glued to the body until the body died. There was also another mechanism implanted in this new version, sending out low frequency waves which included a message that evolved humans from all over the place should come and get one of these bodies.

The plan worked almost without glitches. Evolved souls got trapped into a number of cloned 3-D bodies and now found themselves unable to move away from them. This is possibly where basic claustrophobia comes from. The rest of the evolved souls, who couldn’t get one of these new bodies, because there weren’t enough of them, soon realized that their fellow man had been trapped, and as they did not know of warfare, they instead decided to leave the planet and go elsewhere, while part of their mass consciousness stayed trapped here on Earth as a slave race to the Anunnaki.

At that moment the rest of the evolved humans left the planet, Earth devolved into a 3rd Density planet, because this was the new, lower frequency humans were trapped in within their bodies. The Anunnaki scientists, such as the Enki and Nin-Hur-Sag had created a new species with only 2 strands of DNA, which very significantly reduced the abilities of this new race.

6.2 Rising From The Fall

Although we can say that we were deceived into taking these lesser evolved human bodies of a much heavier, denser kind, it was a co-creation from the perspective of the Multiverse. We agreed to do it, and therefore, there was an agreement, and no one could any longer tell the Anunnaki to leave the planet; it had become their real estate because we decided we liked this new body and eventually got trapped in it and became property of the Anunnaki. Not until we “rebel” in a sort of “revolution of the mind” can we break free and take the real estate back. The ancient agreement we have with the Anunnaki is still valid, until we decide that the agreement is broken and we want to regain sovereignty over our biokind and biominds.

This must be done peacefully, though, or it won’t work. Some readers by now may feel quite upset and want to go to war against the PTB and the Anunnaki Lords who control them (and us). This is a natural reaction, but first of all, we stand no chance against them. We can’t unite ourselves to the extent that we can overthrow them worldwide simultaneously. If a rebellion or an uproar happens in one part of the world (and it most probably will when people in general start finding out), the resistance will effectively be taken care of, and many people will die. Many others, who hear about an exaggerated version on the news, become fearful enough to withdraw from further resistance, and the PTB, with their military, made an example of a few.

You may argue and say that people have succeeded in Egypt and Libya just recently. It may seem that way, but like one of our former U.S. Presidents allegedly said: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”[19] This is very true. And I would add, that on a higher level nothing happens by accident; it’s well planned. There are different races of ETswho are competing over Earth right now. So in certain terms, we also see a “changing of the guards”, or “changing of the puppets”.

You may think that if being deceived into an agreement is a valid way of making agreements in the universe, it is a very unfair and hostile universe. However, we live in a free will universe where “everything goes” as a part of a bigger experiment, but everything that you do is coming back at you in form of karma. This is how the universe balances itself and makes each of us learn and expand our consciousness. And agreements that are seemingly unfair are often made on a much higher level of existence and not in the density they play out. Even most of the alien abductions done by apparent malevolent Grays and others have an agreement attached to them. It could be an agreement made in a higher dimension or density, or a “manipulated” agreement, where the Grays ask for permission before they abduct you, but in a way that it sounds like you are doing yourself and/or humanity a favor. If this was happening spontaneously, seemingly without any previous soul agreement, it is still part of the abductee’s learning lessons–perhaps a lesson to learn how to say no, or to see through manipulation. Sometimes the universe is a tough teacher.

Violence feeds violence–always! “If you use the sword, you will be destroyed by the sword”. This is old wisdom. We are not here to combat or otherwise fight the dark forces, we are here to spread light into the darkness and make the darkness disappear by inner light-work. We have a chance in approximately 26,000 years to break free from our chains and create the Golden Age once again. We have been aligning with the Galactic Center now, more or less since 1987, which was the beginning of the nano-second, and all you need to do is to be here and be available for the download of gamma ray information into your DNA, and use your increasing consciousness and awareness to be an example for others. Those who are not yet understanding what is happening will look at you in wonder and ask you how you can be the way you are. From where did you get all your wisdom? All that love you hold in your heart for everybody; where did it come from? People will ask you these questions, and they do all the time with me, I guarantee you.

When you can hold your frequency most of the time in spite of chaos around, people will feel that you are different and they want to be like you. Then you can explain to them what you are doing, and why? People will be in awe, because you may work at a gas station, at McDonalds and still carry a wisdom that no professor in any University in the world comes close to. People will notice this!

This is a major part of the Initiation Process; being able to keep the frequency. This is not as easy as it sounds. We all may get into this state of exhilaration on occasion, where we feel powerful and in love with everybody and everything around us. It’s a wonderful feeling and a very high frequency. The trick is to keep this frequency (or a frequency close to it) most of the time when the world around us operates on a much lower frequency band. This is very hard work and learned step by step, little by little, until we can even it out on this high level. It is very possible, and I am able to do it most of the time. I have my moments when my frequency drops, but I am always able to raise myself quite quickly again and be where I want to be. If I can do it, anybody can, because I am not special in that way! Only difference between me and someone who can’t do it is how much work we put into it. It’s all about managing energy in spite of constant distractions and interference.

Nothing is for free; if we want to regain our sovereignty over our biokind/biominds, we need to raise ourselves above the crowd and take as many of the crowd with us by example and by being able to vibrate on a frequency that can raise other people as well. This is our duty. Once we’re “enlightened”, we need to take the responsibility required. Wherever we go, we need to bring love and light into our environment, whether it’s to the grocery store, a job meeting, or a place where there is a lot of chaos and darkness.

Here is another part of the Initiation: tell yourself that everything will work out better than best and everything in your present and your future will work in your favor. Your timelines will be healed because of what you do in this lifetime, and you will become whole and multidimensional again. In spite of disasters and catastrophes around you, you will be safe and like a big rock in the middle of a turbulent river; it will not affect you.

You need to picture in your mind that “all will be better than fine” and feel it in your heart and your whole body. Let the body work with you, and stay grounded.

You know that you are successful when you experience the following: on the news they are saying hurricanes and earthquakes are going to hit, one after the other (you notice that the End Times are really approaching with all that goes with it); not-so-good aliens (presented as our saviors) will land and take control; you have no guarantees that your job will be there next week, and there is a logic possibility that if you get laid off, you have to go away from your home.

In spite of all these threats which are present in an attempt to test you, to frighten you, you feel safe inside and “know” that you will be better than fine. You feel no fear; you find that fear is something you have overcome. Nothing can really shake you in the belief that you will be fine and better than fine no matter what, and you feel at peace inside. Instead of being terrified, you are able, in your peaceful state of mind, to calm others down around you; often without saying a word; your sole present may be all that’s needed. You have already managed to stabilized your local Earth and your local Universe and by letting other people in, you will stabilize theirs too.

This is exactly what we need to do. When things are going to really take off, people will be so terrified that they don’t know what to do. People like us will be what’s needed. We will find that our power to stabilize Earth and people and animals around us will increase exponentially once these powers are really needed and our new potentials, which have laid dormant, will surprise even us! To how much help can you be? It is all equivalent to how much prep work you put into it before it all hits the fan.

We are the new humanity. When the worst is over, the split will remain; some will stay in the false safety of the smart cities, while those who want to stay on the evolving track will find themselves more in nature, feeling the connection with All That Is, and the density created due to our joint efforts will take us into a new density; a new Earth.

What may sound strange to some readers is the fact that it really doesn’t matter what religion you subscribe to, if you’re an atheist or a pagan; you can still evolve. It’s your attitude to what is coming towards you in form of energy that is the measure. Are you willing to receive and learn? Are you willing to practice what you learn? Then, if you’re a Christian, Buddhist, Catholic, or whatever, you will still be taking advantage of these extraordinary times.

6.3 It’s All About Numbers

Two million people couldn’t do it! One billion people couldn’t do it! Seven billion could!

We need numbers. On a level where games are planned and measuring of consciousness calculated, it was found out that Earth needs a population of around 7 billion people to be able to create the chaos necessary to regain order. We need a great catalyst to pull this off, and we have it now.

The Pleiadians tell us that there are many, many more souls watching this earthly drama evolve, wanting to have a body at this time, than it is people on the planet. So if you have a body right now, here on Earth, you are lucky. Hence the importance to take care of it because we need it to evolve.

The Pleiadians also say that we have, at this time, reached about the maximum of people incarnated on Earth; from now on the number will be reduced. This will be done through war, natural and manmade disasters and catastrophes, and cosmic influence to name a few. Still, we now have what we need to have the possibility to raise the frequency on our planet.

Many who incarnated at this time did not do so to evolve; they just wanted to help out and be part of the enormous flow of energy dancing around on Earth in the End Times. There will be a lot of people exiting their bodies before 2012 and shortly after. People will suddenly get sick and die, or exit in other ways. We’re going to see a decrease in the population.

Others are here to be our direct catalysts; they will be of darkness for us to be able to see the light. There are those who are asking me how you can love those who do harm to others, and once again, it has to do with the Bigger Picture. I do not agree with their actions, in the sense that I would never do it myself, and it causes much suffering. I know that this is not a popular viewpoint, but I will say it anyway; the suffering on the physical level is necessary for us all to take the next step further! Those of Darkness are those who make the biggest sacrifices. It takes a lot of courage to decide to play that role, because their karma will hit them very hard, and their suffering before they can evolve will be worse than the suffering they caused to others. Would you like to be one of them? I, for one, am not brave enough to…Still, without them we wouldn’t know that there are higher realms to reach.

None of us likes to see suffering in others. We automatically feel the urge to help, and there is no reason that we wouldn’t. However, the difference between a person who yet hasn’t seen the light and one who has is that, the first normally does all the work in helping the other one until they have made sure the other person is okay and then call it finished. The enlightened person normally does the same thing, except before leaving the person whom we helped, he does what he can to make that person aware of that there may have been a reason for what happened and that there may be some learning lesson connected with it. This way, it’s help to self-help, and if we manage to have the other person see this, we can leave him or her and know that they came out of it with a new insight, and perhaps this person does not get into the same situation again. At least we made them think.

So, whatever you decide to do this lifetime; if you’re here, you are here to contribute to the raise of consciousness on this planet, whether you’re aware of it or not. The energies are such that all contribute in their own way, and it’s the number of souls being here now that matters. Those who have decided not to develop spiritually will choose other paths, or exit, but they still assist those who have. My job is to wake up those who did decide to evolve, but are so caught up in life that they more or less have forgotten, or were led astray. Maybe something I say will trigger those who are still not totally awake, or are slightly off task. For others, these papers will be a confirmation of who they are and what they already know. Perhaps even then, there is a section or two which will contribute and be a springboard on their journey.

7. Service-to-Others/Service-to-Self

I believe that since people in the spiritual movement read “Hidden Hand”[20], and perhaps after that got familiar with the RA Material[21], they consciously started practicing Service to Others (STO). So did I, not being familiar with this concept before 2008.

First indicator that not everything was as it should was the emails I got. People started asking me questions about this. If they were doing this or doing that, was that service to others or service to self? Not only did people misunderstand the concept, but there was also fear involved; they were so afraid they weren’t in the 51% category[22], and therefore were either going to perish or have to relive the whole 3 Density cycle again. Afraid is probably not the correct word; some people who wrote to me were on the brink of terror. Reminded me too much of a certain religion, where you go to a particular warm place if you don’t stay in the fold. Same fear!

So let us straighten this out, once and for all, and build the case in reference to the RA Material, but also other material which is highly relevant on this subject.

How do we know exactly when we are service to self and service to others? Before we discuss that I need to emphasize the misconception here, which probably has created a lot of anxiety in people, just like it does for a Christian who doesn’t know if they will be part of the Rapture or not.

Many seem to think that now that they know about Service to Others (STO) and Service to Self (STS) they have to be available for everybody at all times and sacrifice themselves in the effort. The more they sacrifice themselves, the closer to 51% they are. As soon as they hear about someone who needs some kind of help, they need to be there for them after have dropped everything they’re doing. Then another person needs help right after, and then another one. When they’re done, the first person, who notices that the “STO” took care of the problem from beginning to end thought this was convenient and asks for help again. After a while, the STO is so overwhelmed with helping people that there is little time for anything else.

This, of course, is not right. How could someone go to such extreme? The answer is, as usual, fear; fear not to be a 51-percenter. Good people, who have spiritual knowledge, want to be better people every day, so even in the above extreme, it’s understandable. Now, let’s clear these concepts up.

  1. Service-to-Self (STS)# is when a person, or group, has decided, consciously, or subconsciously over time, to enrich their own well-being or power on dispense of others. They always ask themselves or others, “what is in it for me?” When they “help” they do so with this in mind to get something back that they really want. They are willing to give (but as little as possible) only if they get something back. Otherwise, they are not interested. If the reward is not big enough, it’s not worth the effort, so to speak.

    It depends how much STS the person is, but for example, if they see somebody fainting on the street, they pretend they didn’t see it and pass the person, looking the other way, unless a movie star is watching and by helping the person the STS can get the movie star’s attention. Other than that, if there is nothing in it for them, why help? There are better things to do. This is the mentality in general of an STS.

    A criminal is always STS. He wants to get something for nothing by robbing others of their possessions or their lives. They take no responsibility for their actions. They don’t know how to make a decent living by creating it, but have to steal from what other people created in sweat and tears and now call it “theirs”. In a twisted way, they think they “deserve it”.

    Others put themselves in power by stepping on other people’s toes, or by being nice to the right people on their way up, just to fire them once they get into a higher position than the ones they used to be nice to. They are back-stabbing when they can, if for no other reason than to earn respect (which is not really respect, but a way of inducing fear and terror in others around them). They have no remorse and think that the sneakiest person is the smartest, and therefore earns the position of power. They admire, and are jealous of people who are experts in tricking, deceiving and making clever moves in dispense of others. They love brilliance and learn from it, but only so they can use it destructively. 

    We all have traits of STS within us, or we wouldn’t be here. STS is the Ego, the Analytical Mind. It has to do with survival and logic. It’s not a problem until STS gone wild and starts to dominate our lives. STS is always based on fear; fear of death and fear of not being able to survive, or fear of being alone. The Ego feels it needs to dominate others to be able to survive in an eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth society. Deep inside, an STS who’ve gone wild is like a frightened little child, who doesn’t have any means left to create their own lives; they have to suck the life energies out of others; they feed off other people’s fear. They think they can put themselves in respect this way. They have no real friends, because most people fear them, and those who decide to stay by their side are always sucked out of energy and will sooner of later get very sick, and perhaps die, when the immune system is totally depleted. 

    So, STS is nothing wrong; it’s only when it’s taken over our lives that we will be considered “negative people” and on the negative path. The PTB are STS to the extreme, while “normal people”, who could be considered STS don’t even come close to the PTB; not even the worst criminal we have ever heard of comes even close in comparison. Over and over you see these well-dressed people of high power being interviewed on TV, and you think nothing of it, but behind that “neutral”, or sometimes half friendly facade, dwells a very sick and insanely dangerous person. 
  2. Service-to-Others (STO)#: Most of us want to do good. We feel good when we are able to help others. When we are STO, we use our more of our heart chakra (the Energetic Heart) than our Ego.

STO means that we are willing to assist others without expecting anything back. Sometimes we even prefer to help anonymously, although this is not required to fall into the STO category. 

STO is not about always being available to each and every person who is in need. If you want to help someone, first be sure the person really wants help before you intervene. It’s a fine line between help and intervention with another person’s learning lessons.

If there is an accident and a person lies bleeding and unconscious on the street, you don’t first ask them if they need help; you just help them despite. This is obvious. I am talking about every-day life situations. You may see someone who seems to be in some sort of trouble, but that person doesn’t say anything about it. The best thing to do would to first observe to see if this “Person A” is capable of resolving her situation. If after a while you notice that Person A seems to have handled it, just drop it. It was part of A’s learning lessons, and she was fully capable of learning from it. In this situation it’s quite important not to interfere. You may have the best of solutions and intentions, but Person A needed to figure it out herself to be able to grow. If you solve other people’s problems all the time, they don’t learn as quickly; they will start relying on outside forces to be able to solve their problems, and this, more often than we may think, creates huge problems. We make this mistake with children all the time, and they grow up insecure, unwilling and unable to solve their own problems.

Here is another scenario: Person B seems to have problems with her husband. She is giving you hints and she looks depressed without getting any better. You ask her if she wants to talk about it, and she does. You just listen to what she has to say without interrupting. While listening, you get the grasp of the situation and why it seems to be an unresolved issue. When she’s done talking, you ask some questions if you need to, until you understand from the best of your ability. Then you repeat the important parts of her story back to her so she can see that you grasped it, and if you didn’t, she will correct you. This shows her that you care and it creates confidence and trust. Now you tell her that the following is what you can see could be something she and her husband could work on, making sure she understands that this is only your viewpoint, based on experience, and from have seen other couples having a similar situation this is the conclusion you’ve come to. Ask her if this makes sense to her, or if she feels it doesn’t apply to her situation. If it applies, give her advice (if you can) which helps her to see the bigger picture, but always when possible, give help with the intention to self-help. You know you were doing a really good job if you made that person see her situation from another angle and is now willing to resolve the issue herself, together with her husband. Tell her you will always be there in the background in case you can be or further assistance. If you notice that you don’t have enough experience or knowledge in the area Person A has problems, tell her so and don’t give advice that is pure guess. If you can assist, do, but if you can’t, tell the person that so she can get assistance elsewhere. Never feel bad because you were not able to help the way you intended. You were doing what you could and you were honest about it.

Most people in today’s modern society are more STS than they are STO. It’s nothing wrong either way, but to raise our frequency, we need to be more positively oriented. We do this, of course, by helping others when appropriate, but there is one primary thing we need to do, which is more important than anything else if we want to evolve, and here is where the big misunderstanding lies: we need to raise our own frequency by working on our own spiritual and individual growth! This is the most important statement I have ever made! People have had this misconception that if you do that, it’s STS. Hence, many are burning themselves out helping others with everyday things, and it takes all of their time. Suddenly, they are in a position where they have no time at all to work on their own spiritual growth! Here is an example where we are able to distinguish between good and bad channeled material: there are those who try to trick us by stressing we need to be STO but basically neglect and sacrifice ourselves in our efforts to help others with their daily life. This is disinformation.

It is not STS to work on yourself; it’s actually the ultimate STO. I have talked about this a lot already in my papers, but by raising our own frequency, we become candles in the dark; lighthouses on the shore. Others see the light and will follow. This is the “quiet movement” which will set humankind free. That’s why it’s so important not to interfere with someone else’s progress and learning lessons. You may think you have the perfect solution for a person in need and can’t wait to tell him. However, on occasion, when you do, the other person rejects and discards your “obvious” solution and instead chooses to do something else which in your eyes looks totally wrong. If this happens, you needto let it go, because he has to learn his own way, even if he smashes his head against the wall again. This is particularly hard when you see your kids growing up and start making “wrong” decisions. Bear in mind, though, that there are no wrong decisions, only the next step on another person’s journey. Let him learn in his own speed, or you’ll slow him down even more. People make this mistake all the time without being aware of it, thinking they are STO. A very important subject. All you can do is to support your kids in their life decisions and give advice when asked for, and be there for them if something happens. But always remember; just because they are your children, they are not you. They may have your genetics, but their life mission is set out differently than yours–sometimes way different–and as parents we have to accept this.

You are not here to “force” others to do things the same way you do them because it works for you. We are here to graduate from the 3rd Density, which requires personal work and a clear connection with our “Innernet”, our Inner Selves. We do so by learning how the Multiverse works on a metaphysical level and to some degree on a quantum and subquantum level. We are here to realize that we all are ONE and therefore everything is connected, and what you do to others, you do to yourself. We are here to open up our chakras, and at this point in time, the heart chakra in particular, and the “Third Eye” as well. However, the Heart Energy is what will connect us with the Multiverse.

People may believe that they create their own realities, but when they see starving people, or babies that suffer, they suddenly change their minds and those who suffer now become “victims” and what happens now doesn’t have anything to do with “creating your own reality”. This concept may be hard to understand for many, but there are no victims. Even those who are starving in Africa, and babies who are abused, are creating their own reality. When this is pointed out, I may sound emotionless, but I am certainly not. Although the above is true, it doesn’t mean we are not feeling compassion. Still, when we buy into the victim hood mentality, we do these people a disfavor, depleting them of their own power; we say they have no power. How on Earth are they going to get better if we have already given up on them? Even though it’s extremely hard sometimes, we need to learn to honor other people’s dramas and learning lessons; even if it’s in the middle of a war zone, like with the ever-lasting conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Why were certain people born in that area and not you? The answer is because people living there have lessons to learn, ancient karma to take care of, and they need to live it out and learn, and you do not. I’m not being judgmental; it’s simply the work of energy. You read about it in the news and feel empathy with certain groups or certain people who are in dire straits, but it doesn’t mean you want to, or need to, experience the same thing; it’s not part of your own learning experience. Although, if you take the next plane over to a war zone and build a house there, then it is a part of your learning experience; you move from one Earth to another because you consciously or subconsciously feel you need to take care of some karma on that collective version of Earth.

Many people ask themselves how it can be that a sweet, innocent baby or child is subjected to such tremendous horror. How can that be karma? The child hasn’t done anything remotely proportional to what happened to her. This is always traumatic because we feel the need to protect our children.

There could be many different reasons why a certain horrible situation happened to a child; it could be karma from other lifetimes, but it could also be soul agreements on a higher level, something made in the astral. A certain brave soul decides to go through a particular traumatic incident which may even lead to an early death to help others have a learning lesson. When things of this nature happens, there is always a bigger picture.

My series of papers are all directed towards this one goal; to help others open up their chakras so they can evolve and break the frequency fence. I am not a guru or a cult leader, I am not promoting any religion, dogma, or rigid ways of thinking; I leave it all up to the reader to interpret this and take to heart what will work for you. These are universal concepts and what is happening now is to a large degree normal evolution and nothing strange. Still, the way how to raise your own frequency is your own choice; I am only giving guidelines. Each one of us will find our own ways that work for us personally, and no one’s path is better than another’s. The end goal will be the same. Although I am a teacher in my papers, I am always a student as well. I learn something and then I teach it to others, but I am always both a teacher and a student. This relationship with self is never-ending, because there are no limits to what there is to learn.

Always feel gratitude for what you have. Find something in your current life to feel grateful for and express it. Thank the Prime Creator, thank your Oversoul and your Spirit Guides for all their assistance, and acknowledge yourself for your progress. If you think of it this way, you will find more and more things to feel grateful for and you will grow. It’s not about fearing whether we’re “good enough” to ascend to another reality, it’s about overcoming fear itself. Once we’ve done that, we have automatically made it. Important to say, though, is that it is perfectly in order to be afraid if you are on the African Savannah and suddenly find yourself standing face to face with a wild lion; that’s instinct (fight or flight), and that’s when fear can come in handy. However, even then we can potentially control our fear as long as we are conscious of the threatening situation, because when we feel less fear, we think clearer, but also sends a signal to the lion that we are not afraid, we are powerful and not a threat to the lion. So in certain terms, overcoming fear also applies to the lion situation. On the other hand, you will find that when you fear less and less in life in general, even a “lion situation” would trigger much less fear in you than it did before. Still, the fear we’re talking about in these papers is the induced fear by powers who want to control you, and those who want to keep us in check and ignorance. The saying goes: “Your power ends where your fear begins”.

Service (to others) is not going out and martyring yourself and saying, “I’m going to save you.” Service is doing the work yourself and living in such a way that everyone you touch is affected by your journey. The Pleiadians.[23]

It’s perfectly okay not to answer your phone or ignore the door bell when you feel you don’t want to interact. You are the one who is setting limits and tell people what you are available for and not. Your Inner Work is always the most important, and something we need to prioritize. Everything else, in these times, is secondary. Each one of us came to Earth at this time to do a task, and that time is now, today. Even if everything you are here to do is to just be here and contribute to the overall energy of the planet, that is very well and extremely helpful.

And again, honor your friends and relatives as they go through their lessons; just don’t get involved in it. Whatever you do, don’t “help” in a way that will prolong their dramas. It is time for people to move through stuff and not for you to get involved in someone else’s program; you have your own stuff to get through. If something happens to you and you need to talk to someone about it, tell them a couple of times or so, but don’t dwell on it, and don’t necessarily tell everybody you know and discuss it over and over. They have their own stuff to go through and what you are going through is not part of their reality. Always look at your situation, whatever it may be, and pick out anything you may find that could be a learning lesson for you and start learning from it. This is the advice you give to others as well, who are sharing their dramas with you. Tell them to look for learning lessons. The best you can do is to explain this to people, and although it may not be real for everybody, it’s okay. You plant a seed of truth in the other person, and one day they will realize you were correct.

8. The New Earth

The late stand-up comedian George Carlin was a genius. Years ago he told us about the “club” that none of us are invited into, which only gets richer and wants more and more, and soon they are coming for our social security money. And he tells us that they will get it; oh yes, they will get it!

Carlin chose stand-up comedy as his way of educating people; this was his forum, just like writing papers is mine. But the way Carlin communicates is very powerful and he knows what he’s doing.

When everything is taken away from people and they have nothing left to lose, they will rebel. Unfortunately, this is what the PTB hope for, so they can slaughter a big bunch of those who are storming the White House and other facilities to get to the politicians inside. What the outcome will be remains to be seen, but no matter what I say here, there are still going to be a lot of people uproaring and many will be killed; both regular people and politicians. It sucks to be a politician now and in the near future. People will run them down the street and kill them for what they’ve done to us. The mob will not discriminate between the good and the rotten apples.

Still, there’s going to be some who simply say, “I’ve had enough”, leave the big cities and move into the countryside. There they will grow their own food in spite of it’s illegality, and separate themselves from what is happening in the metropolitans. It’s already happening.

8.1 The Split in Consciousness

When enough people start creating their reality consciously, we will create a new planet; a new Earth. There will be a metaphysical splitting of worlds. This doesn’t mean our current Earth will physically be split in two pieces, floating away from each other in space/time. It will more be like what you see on movies sometimes; they show you a picture of Earth, then it becomes a little blurry and a phantom picture of the planet separates itself from the first one and eventually there are two Earth beside each other, but in different densities.

Figure 5: Earth splitting in two with raise of consciousness

When will this happen? Some say it will happen quite soon, in a few years. I think it will take longer. Humankind’s greatest leap in consciousness happens in the nano-second (1987-2012); that’s when we build the cornerstones for the future. Once the nano-second is over (Dec 21, 2012), time will either slow down to “normal” again pretty quickly, or it’s going to be like a race car; once you’ve passed the finish line, it takes a while before you’ve managed to slow down the car from its high speed.

Either way, the building blocks we created as a mass consciousness during the nano-second will be what we use in the future. Are we going to be able to reach our goals and ascend into this new level of consciousness and make the splitting of Earth occur?

First of all, this is a part of normal evolution of a species, so it’s nothing specific for Earth, and many other planets in the galaxy are going through a similar process right now. However, in Earth’s case there are some specific mechanics involved as of how this ascension will take place, but this is something that will be discussed in more details in the “Second Level of Learning”. For now, we only need to concentrate on what we’ve discussed earlier in these papers.

The splitting of Earth will most likely not occur yet, but numbers are important. How much chaos did the mass consciousness manage to stir up during the nano-second? How many beings were able to wake up from their sleep and start working on themselves? This is what matters.

Most of us have heard of the “Hundredth Monkey Syndrome”, while others call it the “3% Rule”. In a series of experiments, decades ago, they noticed that if one monkey changed its behavior, like washing its food by dropping it in the water so dirt got separated from the food, and enough monkeys in the group started doing it, the rest followed automatically. But not only that; it also worked on a global scale, the scientists noticed. If about 3% of the whole monkey species started changing a certain behavior, all the rest started doing the same thing, although they were living in different areas and had never met each other.

A change had occurred in the collective DNA of the monkey species and the behavior was changed everywhere. What many are hoping for now is that if enough people (3%) change their behavior and become more aware, the rest will wake up, and there will be a mass awakening on a global scale.

Although the 100th Monkey Syndrome showed successful among a certain species of monkeys, it didn’t change the behavior of all monkey species on Earth; only those that had that specific DNA structure. This structure interconnects the species wherever they are, because they are working out of the same programming.

We may argue why not all people of the planet are Catholics, when way more than 3% of the world population are Roman Catholics (around 1.2 billion worldwide in 2011)?[24] It is indeed an enormous amount of Catholics in the world, but the remaining 5 billion people have other religious beliefs, and some have none. How do we explain that? I am not a scientist, and I must admit I haven’t researched it as well as I should yet to have an opinion, but in the near future I may come back to this subject. Are we like the monkeys, in the sense that a group of population with a certain DNA pattern in common follows the rest of their forerunners. Is this why some people are just impossible to make see that there is more to this world than what can be perceived with our five senses?

We know by now that we humans come from different stock and therefore are not exactly the same, genetically, but there seems to be a mix of people, with different genetic traits in the Catholic Church, if we use them as an example, unless there is something more and deeper with our genetics that we are not aware of yet (at least I am not).

When 2012 has come and gone, after the “Wave of the Supernova”, which was discussed briefly in a previous paper, we will see how many people have downloaded enough information from the Cosmos to be able to work with it in the years that follow. Unfortunately, even if time itself will slow down after 2012, the wars and agendas of the PTB and their metaphysical masters will not cease immediately, but rather escalate. The Master Manipulators (I am now talking about the Anunnaki) have managed to get support both from the Global Elite and amongst regular people. They are both waiting for them to arrive, but for different reasons; that’s the genius behind the manipulation.

8.2 Technology in the New World

Many of you, who like me are on a spiritual path, may have noticed how your way of thinking is constantly changing. You have started to think about things that you previously didn’t even believe existed, and now they are more real than your old thoughts. This means that we are changing our belief systems by looking outside the box. It’s not that we are changing the world, but we are changing which world we occupy. This is possible, because the world is not solid (although it appears to be), but constructed of energy, and reality takes form from the thoughts that we think amongst those who participate on the spiritual path.

With our thoughts and emotions we are rewiring and reconstructing our nervous system as we reactivate strand after strand of DNA. According to the Guardian Alliance, we need 4 strands activated before we can ascend, which I believe sounds plausible. The remaining 8 strands will be activated after we have moved to this new reality Earth. Animals and plants already exist in the new reality we are heading towards. They, of course, do not have 12, no less 4 strands of DNA activated, but they are not human and are not on the same evolutionary path.

When the Earth changes occur, which will precede the shift, they will be experienced differently by different people, depending on which awareness level they are at. Some will be very terrified, and it may even be the end of their lives, while others experience a state of ecstasy. Again, this has to do with what kind of personal reality we have created up to that point. How safe are we? Is our life in chaos or in order? If we have created an internal and external local universe of safety and order, the wave that will hit us is going to bring us through ecstasy to even higher awareness. This is how different reality will be for different people. One is not better than the other; our experiences are just a matter of what choices we have made.

Those who have chosen to embrace a new world will also embrace the changes in society and the environment; knowing that the chaos and confusion that will come is a part of the transition. We will meet the changes with love and without fear and anxiety. It is our job to be vibrating on a level of love and light, and share this stability of higher vibration where it’s needed, to keep others safe as well. It may sound like a big task, but it will come quite naturally for those who have prepared themselves.

In the times to come, it is important for us to realize that we will always be in the right place at the right time, and everything will adjust itself in our favor. If you know inside that this is true, and not just something you read here or elsewhere but never really took to heart, you will get all the guidance you need to get through the hard times ahead. You will understand, without any doubt, that everything that is happening around you is absolutely necessary to ring in the New Era, a new paradigm.

Once this is over, we who choose to live in the New World will still have some technology. Technology in itself is neutral, but it is presently used destructively, in general, and is not enhancing us or our environment. Cell phones and electronics will be banned in many communities, because people will realize how incredibly destructive these devices are for our nervous system and our energy fields. And upon that, electronics are addictive; even more so than heroin and methamphetamines. The technologies that will be used will be there to enhance our lives and our development as a species and not be used destructively, like they are now. Due to the vibration of the New Earth, we are much more likely to be able to accomplish this positive development of technology than we are here on this low frequency Earth.

People will find themselves coming up with new inventive ideas, seemingly from nowhere, and these ideas will develop into new technologies which are in line with nature and the elements in general and will not interfere with the environment, the development of the planet and the species living on it. Technology with love is the key. It will probably be sparse and only serve ourreal needs and not be made for profit and for a few to make a lot of money from.

By loving the land and nature, like the Native Indians did (and still do) is one of the major things here. We need to understand that Earth is a living, energetic being, and if we nurture her and treat her with love and respect, bless the food and the land, she will give us all we need.

The real question to ask to see for yourself whether you will choose Nature before technology is as follows: if the economy crashes totally, and natural and manmade disasters hit land and waterand afterwards, when people who have survived are scattered all over, the government is offering you to live in highly technological cities where you need to be chipped and otherwise implanted to be allowed to participate, but nevertheless will be “taken care of” and have a roof over your head and a job, will you choose that, or will you say no and build your own community with others, or join one that’s already existing? This is what it may come down to.

8.3 Smart Cities; Safe Places to Be; and Map Dowsing

People who have had enough will migrate out of the big cities, which will be called smart cities. Many things will have the word “smart” to it, so the ignorant people think they make a good choice by buying the product or moving to the metropolitans.

The reasons to move out of the big cities are at least twofold. When the earth changes happen, especially those which have to do with the incoming Nibiru, it’s not a good thing to live in the cities. Things will cave in and the survival potential will be much lower. The other reason we have discussed already and has to do with advanced technology and the Machine Kingdom. We don’t need to wait for the Anunnaki to come down before the Machine Kingdom is set up; this too has already started. Much (but not all) of the technology is already in the hands of mankind but released in increments. So moving into the metropolitans or bigger cities is perhaps not such a good idea.

So where is it safe then? Which areas are not going to be affected by earth changes; natural and manmade?

Some say we should head for the mountains, which is reasonable. Still, it’s very hard to know exactly where it’s going to be safe to live. We know where it’s not going to be safe to live, and that is near the oceans (east and west coast of America, all the way from Alaska to Mexico, and from Quebec to Florida) or near big lakes and rivers. It’s also not a good idea to live close to volcanoes and close to known earthquake centers.

Others say that the Appalachia are the safest place to live in the U.S.; all the way from Maine and down. The Pleiadians tell us that’s where many spiritual people will move to build their new home in the near future; that there will be a mass migration. This sounds plausible, but if you can’t do that for any given reason, use your discernment. Look at your environment, check with the few examples mentioned above, and see if it looks like a relatively safe place. If it does, “feel” inside, use intuition and your inner guidance. How does it feel? Is there an inner voice telling you, “nah, I’d better move”, or “yes, this is a good place to be”? Listen to it! More so than how the environment looks like.

But most importantly, remember you create your own Earth and your own local universe. Be sure you create a safe one around you until you feel the calmness inside and the body tells you, “We’re safe; no matter what happens in the world, we are safe!” I know this works, because that is exactly what I feel inside. There are people around me who are anxious about the future and tell me that it’s pretty scary and there seems to be no place to go.

This is where it’s crucial to be the Keeper of Frequency. One or a few people can create a safe environment for a whole community if they can keep their vibrations up most of the time! And also important; wherever you go you bring your inner safety and stability with you. If you have no fear and your frequency is high, you “know” that wherever you go you’ll be safe. Still, we can’t be foolish and make stupid decisions. It’s obvious that we don’t want to move close to a nuclear reactor build near the ocean even if we feel safe and stable inside.

Those who don’t feel this safety inside and seem to be unable to create it can do “map dowsing”, using a pendulum. Map dowsing is when you take a map over an area that you have had in mind when comes to where you want to live in hope to be safe. First you decide where on the planet you want to live; United States, Europe, Mexico? Whatever it may be, get a big map over the area and spread it out on the table. If you have no idea, pick the first map that comes to your mind; that is often the correct one. If not, you’ll notice.

Then take a look at the map and see if there’s an area you want to live. Let’s say it’s the Midwest. You swing the pendulum over that area and ask, “is the Midwest a good place for me to live through the earth changes”? After have decided what movements you want the pendulum to use (e.g. swing for “yes” and be still for “no”), you check the reaction. If it seems like a good place, you narrow it down. Once you found the place the pendulum gives you, go and do something else and come back and ask the question again, while concentrating on the exact area that was chosen earlier. If the pendulum still tells you to go there, consider it! If you try three times and it shows different results on that area every time, start anew with another area on the map.

This is an old technique and it’s working because it’s addressing the unconscious mind, which has all your memories stored and is multi-dimensional. The unconscious mind knows where it’s the safest place for you. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to have some obstacles in your way even if you move there, but the chance of coming out of it alive is probably greater.

Someone told me that somewhere in the middle of the United States someone is offering homesteading and free land for those who are interested. There are no facilities, it does not come with setup on a grid, but there will be people who had no idea what they are capable of to come into high innovation. When Uranus goes into Aries it will activate the Higher Mind in humanity[25], but it will also activate the “war mind” in humanity.

The Sun, in the next couple of years, is approaching solar maximum stage; it happens every 11 years, activating the solar sunspot cycle. When the Sun gets up in gear, it can interrupt and even destroy electronic systems. The Sun is also a sentient being, and doesn’t shoot out random energy. It has the ability to read the vibration of every single person and every single being on Earth and elsewhere in the solar system. That’s why when you say “hi” to the Sun, she knows who you are. She knows the smallest creature and the largest and sends information along its rays. Just recently (August 2011), even scientists noticed that we were just hit by a significant amount of gamma rays, which even made some people hear a “disturbing noise”[26]. The scientists, of course, do not know what this means, but it means that the Sun is sending us packages of information that when we receive them, we are decoding them and upgrade ourselves accordingly (if we are receptive). These rays affect our biology, our endocrine system and our pharmacopeias. So the higher mind, the innovations, the bigger way of thinking will be consciously supported by the Sun.

8.4 The Fusing of Probable Realities

We are all going to be on a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes we are on top of the world, thinking we are invincible, and then we’re going to deep dive again; up and down. This is what we could call probable realities fusing together as timelines are merging. Are you starting to see how big this all is? Probable timelines will join and then take off again; back and forth. In the long run we are going to branch off from the realities that do not match the higher vibration we are creating. This is what the rollercoaster ride is all about. To understand this, you need to know and really grasp the following:

  1. There is an Earth which contains our current collective consciousness, and our collective consciousness determines which density we live in. This Earth is the one the astronauts see when they are in space, and the Earth they take photographs of. It’s the 3rd Density Earth.
  2. You, and everybody in the world, are all creating your own reality.
  3. Your own reality is forming your own, personal Earth and local universe. Everything you experience first hand is your own Earth/local universe. You can expand it as much as you want.
  4. You will create the New Earth firstly in your own local environment after first have visualized it inside. These visions will then project in your environment by thought, emotion, and action, which raise the frequency. 
  5. When enough people are branching off from the current low frequency collective Earth consciousness, the lower frequencies no longer match these people’s higher frequency, and there will eventually be a split where people are going to live in their own local, higher density Earth, and the Earth that we see from space, which is our collective consciousness (collective energies) will now branch off and split, so a New Collective Earth can emerge. This new, collective consciousness will be our new shared Earth, vibrating on a higher frequency; in a higher density.
  6. People who vibrate on this frequency will now create the new collective reality on the New Earth, and because the frequency is higher than that of the Collective Earth we are now living on, the choices we make will be based much more on love and understanding, which is the 4th Density.
  7. Everything is fluid; this is important to understand. Nothing is solid, but is basically metaphysical and subquantum physical in nature. We form apparent solidity out of fluidity with our thoughts and emotions, which are projected from inside ourselves via our senses to the outside world. You are the creator, which starts the film projector inside yourself and projects the film on the apparent outside. The film you start is both your genuine projection and that of the collective consciousness; the program that is implemented for us to experience on this particular planet. The film (collective consciousness) will not be the same on another planet in the Universe.

I hope these seven points will help the reader make sense of what is happening. Because you are moving into a higher, more harmonious inner state of being, you may experience that more and more people are doing the same thing. This is due to that frequency looks for similar frequency. Those who are on a lower vibration will not experience this, but think that those who are “spiritual” are just a few New Agers in a world full of people who are not into “that stuff”.

We need to understand how many versions of Earth there is; it should be mind-boggling if you start thinking about it. There are endless probabilities, because we are all creating several probable worlds every day with our thoughts. This is why it’s very important to be clear of what you really want. Your vision of your own future needs to be crystal clear, because this is the Earth you will create. If what you create doesn’t match the higher vibration, you can’t enter the higher density Earth. On the other hand, devastating wars and terror will not be part of this new, higher form of frequency because it’s not going to match the higher vibrations. It’s going to be a leap in consciousness that is hard to imagine until it really happens. You can create it on a local level, but when you see it’s starting to happen on a global scale, and things begin to get easier and everything is less solid, people become friendlier, calmer, more loving, and honest in their feelings and actions, it’s going to be mind-boggling. All the work you put into this will pay off a thousand times. The world will suddenly seem to be a much friendlier place to live in!

This is why we can’t “fight” things. What we fight, we create (the Global Elite knows this), and that will be the reality we get. If you want to fight the Global Elite, you’re going to have to stay in a possible reality where you fight the Global Elite for at least another 26,000 years or so. If that’s the reality you want, there is no problem to get it; just continue doing what the majority does. However, if you instead learn about that they exist and get a grasp of how this world in 3-D reality is set up, you can then ignore the PTB, deceitful aliens or whatnot, and create the reality you want instead of fighting the one you don’t want. In a sense, you will then get a reality where you did defeat them, because they are no longer in your reality. It doesn’t mean the Global Elite stop to exist, but it means you are no longer available for them and as your frequency increases together with others of your kind, the Global Elite will no longer be a problem.

In Summary: it’s extremely important that we keep focused in these times. Don’t get involved in, and part of other people’s dramas; realize that what you read in the papers happening somewhere else in the word are still always “local events” wherever they happen, and part of a local consciousness that is not yours, only something you hear or read about. If it’s a bad thing happening and you feel empathy for people, animals, plants, or whatever is involved, send good energies to that place, but don’t get involved, unless you feel that’s you mission, your goal in this lifetime. Instead, create the local reality you want to experience. This is not “selfish” or service-to-self; it’s imperative for us to be able to create the New World. If all of us got involved in other people’s negativities over and over, we miss the chance. We are not here to get involved in dramas, we are here to raise the frequency. That is far more important. The dramas will be taken care of in that local universe; it’s not in your reality, unless you created the drama in the first place. We need to look at things from this perspective, or we’ll lose our chance.

We are the “System Busters”. We came here to deplete the vampires of their food! Energy and consciousness can also be a food source for some. We know how certain entities feed out of fear. Once we have taken their food source away, they have no choice “but to change their diet or leave the planet.”[27] Our new collective version of the planet, that is…

8.5 2015-2024; the Formation of a New Society

2012 is not the “End of the World” like they suggest in movies and elsewhere. However, to use a phrase that has been used extensively the last 10-15 years: “it’s the end of the world as we know it”. 2012 is the peak and the end of the nano-second where we receive increased gamma rays from our Sun, the Galactic Center, but even other stars that are lining up with us. There will most likely also be this so-called “wave of the supernova” by the end of 2012; something we will bring up more in the subsequent paper.

The earth changes, the passing of Nibiru, both the planet and the “Battleship”[28], man orchestrated changes and more will still continue happening after December 21, 2012, and peak later on, but the way things come together, it looks like 2015-2017 will be the time period where people in larger quantity will move away from electronics and leave the big cities after have had enough and time to plan.

Small communities will be set up, more and more self-sufficient. People will use their skills (and learn new ones by those who are savvy) to become multi-talented. The most important thing is that they will build gardens; not only to build beautiful flowerbeds, but to plant everything needed to be self-sufficient when comes to food. These people will be of higher consciousness than those who stay in the cities, and they know how to bless the earth and the food before they take something from it, and they will plant their food with love and treat what is growing with wisdom (light) and love. They will make love in the garden as well, because they know that all this put together will nourish the Earth and what’s growing from it, and the food will be excellent.

These communities in general will not sell their products, and when communities want to support each other and see to their own survival, they will barter. Money will not be part of the future society. When those in the cities hear about the excellent food, free from poison, many of them may want to buy it, but the government will make sure that won’t happen. They will attempt to outlaw these communities, which may have to go “underground” for a while, but will sustain. In the cities, you can only buy contaminated food from the big corporations, like Monsanto and a few others, or they put you in jail. Some brave souls in the city will make weekend trips to rebellious communities they’ve heard of and barter food with them in secret. This will eventually stop, as restrictions become even tighter and the Machine Kingdom takes over more and more, and an interest to buy “natural and organic” will gradually disappear from the city people’s minds.

But not everybody will go out in the bushes and build communities. Many will stay in the minor cities, where the energy is still good, and start building their own food sources there. They will use their backyards and root cellars to plant what they need to survive, make sure they are debt free and live on the land. The people I am talking about are not gun owners; they don’t believe in violence, because they know that any formof violence is a manifestation of lower consciousness. They know that only by owning a gun they attract violence, and thus most likely will have to use it, sooner or later.

So what would be good to start out with when comes to growing your own food? This is something that would be a very good thing to start researching; there are plenty of good sites on the Internet, which can tell you. Here I want to name a few herbs etc., which will enhance your body in different ways, in addition to the basics, like potatoes and such.

  • Comfrey has long been used to strengthen your bones; 
  • Peppermint calms the intestines; 
  • Chamomile calms the whole energy field; 
  • Red Clover, when you dry the flowers, is a super-enhancer of the immune system (many even use red clover to combat cancer and other immune system disorders); 
  • The root of the Echinacea is also an excellent immune system booster; 
  • Stevia instead of sugar (although sugar in small doses is not bad for us); 
  • Parsley is good for the kidneys; 
  • Basil is known as the “royal herb”; 
  • Ginger for health in general and to enhance your energetic field; 
  • Turmeric (Yu Jin) is an anti-cancer agent and protects the DNA and is supposed to slow down your aging; 
  • Mustard and Onion are wonderful for your bodily health in general.

The list can go on, and you may already have thought of a few good ones.

Now, let’s ask ourselves, if they outlaw all, or some of this, who is going to walk around all the houses, knock on the door and ask to see your backyard and question you about any “hidden” root cellars? Are they going to stand there, saying, “No, no, no, that’s parsley, can’t plant that, it’s illegal. Look at that, isn’t that Stevia?”. They will not have staff enough to do that. However, the threat in itself that this may be done (and they may make some random visit to begin with) could be enough to scare some people away from doing it. Still, there are going to be enough vigilante people to make this movement grow rapidly, and eventually get out of hands from the control of the governmental bodies. We create our reality and they create theirs. They are going to make a few lame attempts to stop us from departing from their plans, but they always knew there is going to be a split, and eventually they will let us go our own way, because they have no choice. When their vibration no longer matches ours, it’s not much they can do, and they won’t care, because in the long run we are not a real threat to them; they already have their fans and followers. And also, we are no longer a food source for them, because we don’t vibrate on a frequency of fear. 

Figure 6: Dragonfly Drone

For a while, they will use drones (already do) in shape of dragonflies, hummingbirds etc., that will spy on us, but that’s not going to be sustainable in the long run. I have had my share of drones lately; dragonflies that definitely are artificial. The same one followed me, picked me out several times in a line of cars, and later in the evening, when I was home and went outside, the same one was there (just like humans, dragonflies don’t look exactly the same, but this one did). Still, I was miles away from where my first encounter was. The day after I was in a place totally different, and there it was again, flying close to my head. I told “it”, “I know what you are and I know what you’re doing. You can stop now!” It disappeared immediately and never came back. This drone was not really out to spy on me, hoping to find some classified material that I’m walking around with outdoors, it was simply there to intimidate. When it didn’t work, it discontinued. They may find other ways, but I couldn’t care less. No one, and nothing can stop me at this point from going where I want to go.

People of the same soul groups, with the same kind of soul agreements, will meet here in this lifetime. You may meet with people whom you think you’ve never seen before, but they seem kind of familiar. These people could very well be someone from your own timeline; someone you worked together with thousands of years ago, or you were lovers, friends, or something else. These communities or connections between people on the same “wavelength” will not be random; they are old soul agreements, and everything is coming full circle. We live in interesting times.

9. How to Emit Good Energy

Our times require of us to learn how to manage energy. We have to make this choice whether we want to be experts on managing it to spread good energies around us, or be lazy and therefore both be deceived, taken advantage of, and stay in a low frequency.

These times will bring about a lot of challenges. Once you start practicing on managing energies and emit light and understanding around you, there will be those who really challenge your patience and abilities to do so. I have become good at it with a lot of practice and I am able to create a safe environment almost wherever I go, but I am still not perfect. I am pulling in energies from people that makes the job very challenging indeed, because the energies clash and the other party is trying you out, consciously or subconsciously. They are my catalysts and I need them to improve, so even if my energy field is being pulled down to a frequency that is not of my choice and I experience emotions I don’t want to emit, I learn a lot from it. Here on Earth, in 3-D reality, it’s impossible to keep the energy field in a constant high, but we have the tools and we keep on practicing until we reach a level when we can keep the frequency most of the time. I believe I’ve reached that point, but still want to get better at it.

Laughter is a wonderful play with energy. If you can laugh, you are free. Laughter is extremely important. To be able to laugh even in challenging situations is very healthy, not only for the person who laughs, but because it’s also contagious, which you may have noticed. Lots of laughter makes you Multi-D; it puts you way beyond your body. The energies that come in when you laugh are very powerful and uplifting; it opens the chakras. It takes away the doom and gloom of a situation and solutions come much more easily because laughter creates fluidity and literally bursts the clouds inside.

In the future society, entertainment will be a very important part. People like to laugh, and good comedians, uplifting entertainment, art and music will be highly valued. Artist will be truly appreciated in a way they are not today. In the modern society, the record labels decide what we should listen to or not, depending on in which direction they want to lead the sheep, and many good musicians and entertainers therefore won’t get the chance. In the new society, uplifting entertainment will be what people will ask for. Drumming and people coming together to sing and play will be some of the highlights. This brings people’s energy fields to higher levels and opens up the chakras big time. Drumming together puts us in a higher state of beingness and helps us connect with the Multiverse. You’re moving energy with sound and rhythm; very powerful. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring the most joy. We don’t need complicated technology to be happy and loving beings; a harmonica, a guitar, drums, flutes, and whatever else you can think of is sometimes all we need. Even a nice gathering with friends you love, sharing a good dinner out on the porch on a beautiful summer evening is increasing the vibration on the planet. 

10. The Six Heart Virtues

The last thing I want to bring up in this paper is something I’ve discovered through the WingMakers Material (WMM#), and something perhaps some of my readers from the old website are already familiar with. Some know it from the WMM website (, but I want to address it again, because I think this is a gem; something we can use in life on a daily basis, and if we do, it will help us quite significantly in managing our energies.

Ever so often we all stand before challenges. People may seem mean to us, bad things happen during the day, other challenges hit us like a bomb. There are all different kinds of things that occur on a daily basis that potentially can bring us down into lower frequencies. The Six Heart Virtues is something we can implement on any situation that may occur, and it helps us seeing the bigger picture and use our hearts to dissolve a solid situation. One or more of the six virtues can be used on any situation. You choose which one(s) is applicable to what you are experiencing, then apply it.

Here they are, as presented on the WingMakers site:

Appreciation: At the subtle levels, this virtue is focused on a specific awareness that First Source surrounds our fellow beings as a field of consciousness and that this consciousness unifies us. If we are unified, it follows that we operate as a collective consciousness at some deeper level, and in this place, we share a common purpose that is richly textured, supremely vital, and yet mysterious, dynamic and uncertain. This awareness, or even belief, shifts our focus from the small details of our personal life to the vision of our purpose as a species.

At a more practical level, appreciation expresses itself in the small gestures of gratitude that support relationship loyalty and bonding. The deeper levels of appreciation make the relatively surface level expressions genuine because they stem from the frequencies of soul instead of the motives of the ego or mind.

Humility: The soul expresses the love frequency derived from First Source. It is its most important purpose, while embodied within the human instrument, to circulate this delicate, sublime frequency of love to the human instrument. It will come as no surprise that it finds the heart a more willing collaborator than the mind. Humility is the realization that the heart, mind and soul co-mingle in the grace of First Source. That their very existence is upheld through the dispensation of love from First Source just as surely as a tree is sustained by sunlight.

In the religious, psychological and philosophical materials of our planet there is great consideration given to the mind. As a man thinketh so is he. At a more granular level, many people believe that what they think causes their feelings, which in turn creates their vibratory rate and this vibratory rate attracts their life experience. So, applying this logic, the way to attract good things into our life is to think rightly, lest we attract evil or hardship.

Humility understands that the being that represents you–your fullest identity–is not constituted as a chain reaction of the mind. Rather, it is the presence of love embodied in human form, and this love expresses itself in the virtues of the heart, the pure intellect of the contemplative mind, and the co-creative pursuits of the heart, mind, and soul. Humility is the expression of this love frequency knowing it derives from what already exists in a higher dimension, and in this dimension love is not a thing of sentiment and emotional heaviness. It is a liberating force that acts according to the archetype of First Source: All is one. All is equal. All is divine. All is immortal.

Valor: While valor is generally used in the context of war or the battlefield, it is, as an element of love, linked with the act of speaking truth to power, especially when an injustice is committed. It is common in today’s social order to pretend ignorance of the injustices of our world. Self-absorption in one’s own world is a key threat that undermines the expression of valor, and fear of consequence is the other.

Individuals who fear consequence in pointing out an injustice misunderstand the co- creative force of First Source. When you operate as a co-creator, you are ever vigilant to the incremental or sudden onset of injustice, and when it occurs in your life path, it must be identified for what it is and dealt with. Valor is the aspect of your love that defends its presence in the face of injustice as measured in the social order. If you don’t defend your virtues–or those too weak to defend their own–you have separated from them and have lost an opportunity to be a co-creative force in the world of form.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must become an activist or advocate for a list of social causes. It simply requires that you defend yourself from injustice. Children in particular require this protection. When I was only about seven years old I vividly remember going to a store with my father and while we were walking in from the parking lot we noticed a mother quite literally beating her child in the backseat of her car. It was a busy Saturday and there were many people in the parking lot, but it was my father who approached the woman and asked her to stop. His voice was firm from his conviction and the woman immediately stopped.

This was an act of valor because there was no real judgment associated with it; it was simply an injustice that required intervention in the moment. Compassion for both the child and the mother were present in my father, and I believe the mother knew this. This is an example of how the virtues of the heart seldom appear in isolation, but rather as an ensemble that braid themselves for strength and potency for a given situation.

Compassion: Many teachers have spoken eloquently about compassion as the deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled to the desire to relieve that suffering. In the context of the new intelligence that is seating itself on our planet, compassion is an active desire to assist others to align with the new fields of intelligence that are manifesting in the three dimensional world, aware that their desire and ability to align is distorted by their social enculturation; it does not accurately reflect their intelligence, spiritual inclinations, or purpose.

The planet we live on is an intelligence unto itself. It is both physical and has very high frequency energetic structures just as we do. It is shifting from the 3rd dimension to the higher 4th dimension and it has been planning this before humanity was even seeded on the planet. It is part of the evolutionary cycle of planetary systems to transmute accumulated densities from one dimension before passing into a higher dimensional grid.

Compassion therefore is extended to both our fellow beings and the planet itself with the realization that we are part of one another’s destiny if only for a single lifetime. Planet and person dance in the ascending currents of First Source in a collaborative process of regeneration and renewal. We are all part of the mysterious overtures and energetic transcendence that is occurring between earth and the universe, and as earth transforms its accumulated densities each of us will be challenged to transform our own, or become further embedded in our fears and emotional turmoil.

We are privileged to be part of the ascending planetary structure of earth’s nurturing spirit and universe importance. There is now present on earth an amazing diversity of cosmic beings sheathed in human instruments, but hailing from incredibly diverse sectors of the cosmos. We are here to witness and support this transcendence of earth over the densities and entrainment of the three dimensional intelligence and its artifacts. We are here to accelerate our spiritual growth in an order of magnitude seldom achieved elsewhere in the multiverse. This is a gift of the earth to those present on the planet at this time, and, in some small measure, the motive for our compassion.

Understanding: The world of form, just as the formless worlds, is composed of energetic structures beneath its denser expression. In a real sense, everything in the multiverse is energy with incalculably long, energy-based lifespans. Energy is transformational; that is, it can alter or shift into other states of being or, in the case of humans, consciousness. The human energetic structure is often described as the chakra system or electromagnetic body, but it is more than these components. The energetic structure is a form of light, which in turn is a texture of divine love.

It is a fact that we are composed of love at our core structure, and it is this love frequency that is the basis of our immortal consciousness or soul. All of the lower densities are shadows of this light and operate in time and space, which provide a sheath of density and separation from this core love frequency. The worlds of time and space alter or dilute this connection we feel to the core energetic structure we all are composed of.

Herein is the paradox of being human: our innermost structure is divine love and our outermost structure is a means of experience for the innermost structure, but we have become entrained by the outer vehicle to the degree where we identify with it more than the occupant–our true self–inside.

All of us feel this dissociation with our true self and over-identification with our vehicle (human instrument); perhaps only in degree is there any difference among us. Understanding is the aspect of heart intelligence that recognizes this dissociation from the love frequency is a necessary design component of the larger blueprint that is occurring on the planet. In other words, it is not that humanity has fallen from grace or is tilted irrevocably toward sin. Rather, we have simply accepted the picture of reality that is dominant, and its dominance is not by accident but by the designs of First Source.

There is a well-known phrase within Lyricus that roughly translated says: “The elegance of time is that it unravels the structures of space that have sealed love from itself.” The structures of space, in this case, refer to the human instrument. Only time can break down the rigid barriers or subtle membranes that prevent or diminish the love frequency from exerting its wisdom in the behaviors of the individual.

If time is the variable of importance, it stands to reason that everyone is on his or her way to this realization, it is simply a matter of time before they achieve it. Thus, time is the differential that separates us. In a sense, we are all time shifted from one another. No one operates in exactly the same time relative to unsealing his or her love frequency from the world of form.

Realizing this helps you to understand the relation of unity to reality, and in this realization you are able to accelerate time for yourself and those with whom your life touches. It is the true purpose and noble definition of time travel.

Forgiveness: Forgiveness operates out of the construct that each of us is doing the best we can under the circumstance of our life experience and the degree that our love frequency saturates our human instrument. When a person operates from the heart virtues and the rich textures of its authentic frequencies, forgiveness is a natural state of acceptance.

When a perceived injustice enters our experience–no matter how significant or whether we perceive ourselves to be the cause or the effect–we may initially react with the sharp emotions of victimhood or annoyance, but this emotional clutter and distortion can be quickly transformed by experiencing understanding –> compassion–> forgiveness –> appreciation. This is the equation that transforms the murky turbulence of victimhood or co-reaction into the crucible of light, leaving behind only the purest frequency of love stripped of all purpose.

Forgiveness is really the outward expression of understanding and compassion without the heavy sentiments of duality (i.e., good and bad) that typically introduce the presence of judgment. It is a neutral expression without design or purpose other than to release yourself from the clutches of time, which is similar to energetic quicksand, entangling you energetically to a time-based emotional state.


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Acronyms (in alphabetical order)(words followed by a pound sign #):

EPTB: Extra-terrestrial Powers That Be; the ones who run the PTB (see this acronym below)

PTB: Powers That Be; those who run things on top levels, in secret behind the scenes.

STO: Service-to-Others.

STS: Service-to-Self.

WMM: WingMakers Material

For Additional Research:

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