First Level of Learning, Paper 18: Present and Future Earth Changes and Their True Causes

by Wes Penre, Friday, June 17, 2011

1. Abstract

There is a lot of earth changes right now; much more than has been the norm in modern history. We have seen an increase in earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, flooding, and strange weather behavior in general; mostly out of the ordinary. Even people who usually don’t specifically notice such things are starting to wonder what is going on.

When comes to earth changes I have noticed that people could be put in these three categories;

1) those who just go on with their lives, perhaps notice a few abnormalities happening, but think it’s nothing unusual, not caring to look into it. These are the ones in oblivion and denial (this is the majority).

2) Those who notice it, have made some research and are quite alarmed and frightened about it.

3) Those who know many of the causes and reasons, but either have great confidence in that they will make it through, or at least are trying to do something constructive about it. These people are usually the ones who have a greater concept of existence than the average person.

Many people have emailed me and asked me what is going to happen in 2012, and if it’s going to be the end of the world or not? Some emails are fearful, while others are just inquiring. It’s a complicated subject, but I am going to do my best in this paper to explain our main challenges and what may happen around 2012 and beyond.

I am going to start with the more alarming challenges and end with the more positive ones. There are a few alien agendas as well which are to be counted in, but I will not bring these up them here, as they are already discussed in my earlier papers[1]. The ones we shall discuss in this paper are more cosmological, astronomical, and astrophysical in nature.

2. When Earth Nearly Died, Around 11,500 Years Ago

It’s always hard for a species to accept that something catastrophic may happen within their own lifetime or the succeeding generation. Logically we all know that catastrophes and earth changes have happened numerous times throughout history; no one would deny that. It’s quite different if someone says it may happen right here and now. Then, all of a sudden, we have a tendency to get into denial and even try to stop the “doomsayer” from speaking; we don’t want to hear and just go on with our lives. Albeit, if we think about it, and have the understanding that we live many lifetimes at once only separated by linear time, we know that this has happened to us all before. Our immediate respond could be fear, which is normal and quite appropriate–for a while, but only the knowledge of the above can sort out who has more survival potentials than another.

Figure 1: The Deluge, painting by John Martin in 1834

Sometimes physical preparation is not enough, but more of a secondary nature–one has to create a safe environment with energy coming from within. This is often the reason why some people always seem to be “lucky”, while others in a similar situation are not. It has very little to do with luck but the person’s use of energy, wittingly or unwittingly. If we raise our own vibrations and become more aware of our wholeness (which can be summarized as our biomind plus information cloud, i.e. body/mind/soul), and have all apparent pieces of the wholeness vibrate together towards a common goal, in consciousness of what they are and work asone, we create a vibration that is free from fear and full of love and light. Not only will this state of consciousness help us individually, but it will also affect others around us. By developing ourselves, become more enlightened day by day, week by week, year by year, we are thus being the ultimate service-to-others by being examples and bring our vibration of higher consciousness into our environment. A few enlightened beings can save a whole city. Then, of course, one has to be realistic, too. In some factions of the New Age movement, people think they can literally take a bullet and they believe it won’t hurt them. Ultimately, they are correct, but the odds are not that great. So, common sense and a big portion of energy work will be most helpful.

This is very important to keep in mindwhen we face what is coming. The part that may not happen in our lifetime is still our responsibility, because it will happen to our children and grand-children. Hence, it’s our responsibility to remind them of who they are–that they are spirits in a biomind, and that they create their reality beginning with their thoughts and emotions. The earlier we do this in a person’s life, the better. The reason for this is that the little kids are much more receptive than teenagers and adults due to that they have not yet been indoctrinated with false ideas from society and have their existence as pure spirit fresher in mind. It is known from studies that young children can easily perceive multi-dimensionality when taught to them–this is because it’s natural for them.

Catastrophes and disasters have been very common in Earth’s history; some of them very devastating, like the extinction of the dinosaurs and the Deluge. The latter, being much later in history (circa 9,500 BC according to Sitchin) wiped out most life forms on Earth. The most essential geophysical effects experienced by Earth were 1) a massive rupturing of the crust, 2) a realignment of Earth axial configuration, 3) elevation of new mountains, 4) a widespread realignment of sea and land, much of our planet’s animal and plant life was annihilated, and 5) these changes were accompanied by a gigantic flood[2]. Interesting is that the Deluge, just like Sitchin suggests in his “Earth Chronicle” series, happened 11,500 years ago, which coincides with when Nibiru entered the solar system, three cycles ago. But not only Sitchin is suggesting that a planetary body was the cause of the Flood.

D.S. Allen and J.B. Delair, two established researchers, who wrote “When the Earth Nearly Died: Compelling evidence of a world cataclysm 11,500 years ago” (Gateway Books, 1995, 386pp), came to a very similar conclusion, however without even mentioning Sitchin’s previous extensive work on the subject. They are describing Marduk (Nibiru), “the radiant visitor from interstellar space, spewing great jets of fire from time to time, and of its break-up of a major planetary neighbor of Mars (Tiamat), and its subsequent departure sunward with a great mass of the stricken planet’s debris.[3]

There is compelling evidence that the Flood was a direct consequence of Nibiru’s crossing at that time. Other great catastrophes in the more distant past, like the extinction of the dinosaurs some 65-66 million years ago, have been lively debated as of what could have been the cause. Although the mainstream explanation for the sudden disappearance of the dinosaurs is currently that Earth was hit by a large meteor which changed Earth forever (which could be true), it could as well have been the passing of Nibiru, just the same. If so, the meteor theory is not so farfetched, as chunks of a Nibiru moon has separated from its main body during passing and fell down on Earth, Mars and our own Moon (which is not our moon, by the way, but that’s another story). Not all encounters with the Incoming Planet have been devastating, though; it depends on its slight changes in orbit, which sometimes has been natural, from what angle it enters the inner solar system, but it has also been due to aliens watching over their Living Library, helping us through the otherwise very devastating Nibiru crossings. How Earth has been saved from Nibiru’s gravitational field as well from other major spatial events will be discussed later in this paper.

Which brings us closer to the discussion what will happen this time when Nibiru pays a visit, some 60-100 years from now.

3. Planet X, Nibiru–The Effects of the Incoming

Subjects that have to do with catastrophes and threats to mankind, which can potentially instigate fear in the receiver, are the ones I always dread to write–I really have to force myself. Analytically I know that it has to be done, but I’d much rather stick to more uplifting writing. Still, if I ignored it, my attention would go on it constantly, understanding that people need to know, or I’ll do them a disfavor. And remember while reading the following that we do have choices and that there are solutions to any problem. I will go over the ones I can think of in the “Soulution Papers”, so I hope you’ll stay with me until then.

There was a time when I didn’t think Nibiru is going to affect us in any greater sense, if it even exists at all. However, intense research has made me convinced that it really is quite an issue. It is not going to wipe out humanity, but its passing through our solar system is going to affect us to such a degree that many people will not survive. This may sound like fear-mongering to some, but I think it’s more honest to share the truth with you, rather than suppress it, like they have in done the Media and in the higher echelons of society. If we face our real challenges (the ones that matter) for what they are, we can do our best to work in unison on a solution. If we are oblivious, we are going to be taken by surprise, and we will not like it then, wishing we would have known.

Figure 2: A bird’s perspective of Nibiru’s orbit (again not in scale)

The Global Elite certainly know at least some of what is ahead of us and they are preparing. Many who have read books and articles by true and honest reporters have seen evidence of the Elite building bunkers, and whistleblowers are coming out reporting that some of the higher ranking Elite Members and their families are preparing to move underground to survive. Some may even hope to move off-planet with help from alien allies. Little do they understand that bunkers and underground facilities won’t help them much when Mother Earth is shaking in her transition, in great pain in her efforts to give birth to a New World, while responding to the wounds and pain we are creating by sticking holes in her veins (oil extraction), cutting off her source of oxygen (exploitation of the rain forests), destroying her auras (the atmosphere) with pollution so that she loses her multidimensional connections, and by misusing negative energy, unwittingly but stupidly destroying nuclear power stations, doing nuclear bomb testing, and so much more. The list goes on, and we, the people just let it happen. We may disagree to what is being done to Earth, but that doesn’t do much good.

And this is just what we humans are doing, and does not include outside forces. However, the reason I brought up the issues in the last paragraph is because the more negligent and brutal we are to Mother Earth, without whom we wouldn’t be physically alive, the worse the karma we will bring in from outside. Some of these outside threats have natural causes and are just part of the cycles of the universe, but depending on how we are moving our energy here on Earth is directly equivalent to how well we will survive future events. We, as a human species, have a lot of energy work to do to help calming the forces of nature.

Figure 3: The approximate orbit of Nibiru, and its path through our solar system

With this said, let’s return to Nibiru. According to Zecharia Sitchin and other researchers, Nibiru is on a 3,600 years orbit around our sun. Every time this giant planet, 5 times the size of Earth enters our solar system, the gravity pull is very significant and affects all the planets in one way or the other. It comes in from the south, at an angle, and will at its closest pass between Mars and Jupiter (fig. 3). This, however, is close enough to create great earth changes. At the time this will happen, we will see what appear to be two suns in the sky, Nibiru being one of them and our natural sun the other.

The evidence of this planet being a part of our solar system and now on its way to hit us again after 3,600 years is overwhelming. Not only did Sitchin do a good job with documenting this from his translations of the Sumerian tablets, but if we look back in history, we can see that major earth changes happened approximately every 3,600 years. This, of course, coincides exactly with Nibiru’s cycle.

Also, like Sitchin and other scholars of today say, Nibiru is inhabited by an advanced species of giants, in their own language called Ša.A.Mi. (see previous papers), who are to a large degree responsible for creating us, the modern homo sapiens sapiens (the “thinking man”) from their own DNA.

Now, how can a planet, which is supposedly many times larger than Earth, have intelligent life? That goes against everything we have learnt in school. Until recently, one of the things Sitchin was criticized for was just that; how an advanced race could have developed on such a huge planet, which upon everything else spent most of its existence out in deep space, far away from any heated star?

We have evidence that this is the case, nevertheless, which gives us indications of how little we still know, and how rigid we are in our thinking. Cosmologists and astrophysicists have, until recently, stubbornly compared everything we don’t know anything about with what we know. If we can’t wrap our heads around it, it’s not true. The thinking amongst scientists has been that if Earth is a perfect life-bearing planet, we need to look for other planets that are very similar to our own. If a planet is not of earth-size or revolve around its sun (which has to be similar in density to our own) within a certain distance, it’s out of the question that it can contain higher life forms.

Science is still quite rigid about this in general, but lately a new way of thinking has started to emerge. Here is an excerpt from an article at “” from May 10, 2011, titled “How Rogue Alien Planets Could Host Extraterrestrial Life”:

Interstellar planets might either be rogue planets that were originally born around a star and were later cast out by gravitational tugs of war, or sub-brown dwarfs that formed alone in interstellar space. Scientists have suggested that interstellar planets could support life under or even on their surfaces.

“It has been speculated that Earth-like rogue planets could have very thick atmosphere that keeps them relatively warm, or moons of giant rogue planets could experience tidal heating and have oceans beneath their icy surface,” said planetary scientist Heikki Vanhamaki at the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki.[5]

This is precisely the situation with Nibiru. When Sirius C turned nova, the Ša.A.Mi. survived by moving underground, living off the energy which was still emitting from Nibiru’s core. Later on, when Alalu, allegedly the first of their kind who visited Earth around 500,000 years ago and found gold in huge quantities on our planet, could they start mining for it and use it as a conductor for their atmosphere so that life could be supported and sustained on Nibiru’s surface as well. Soon enough the inhabitants could reestablish themselves on the only giant continent existing on the Red Planet. These beings, who later became known as the Anunnaki, continued there mining for gold here on Earth and elsewhere in the solar system, and even in other star systems in the galaxy, as they were (and are) very capable of space travel.

So, is the incoming planet going to affect us big time now in 2012? Not really. In that sense it is not part of the 2012 prophecies. Nibiru is not coming to its closest point to Earth until 60-100 years from now, but we are already feeling the effect from its gravity pull; this is partly why the abnormal earth changes are taking place right now. Still, this is just a mild beginning of a natural cycle that humankind has been subjected to many, many times in the past and survived (albeit reduced in numbers).

Not all earth changes can be blamed on Nibiru, however. We are also aligning with the Galactic Center, with the perfect alignment happening by the end of 2012, something we will talk more about in a while. Some of them are also due to not-so-natural causes, like HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)[6] and other similar weather modification programs run by our own government to create earthquakes, tsunamis, and extreme weather changes in general for their own service-to-self purposes. HAARP, which main facilities are based in Alaska, was for long a secret government program, but after a while, the evidence that this program is really up and running became so obvious that the government is no longer denying it. Of course, in line with their standard operating procedure, they just ignore people’s protests. The government has learned since long that protests are like empty barks in the wind.     

3.1. A Detailed Description of What Nibiru Looks Like

Dr. A.R. Bordon of LPG-C, gives a detailed description of Nibiru in his essay, “THE LINK”, chapter 8[7], which I am directly going to quote here:

Ša.A.Me. is reportedly a rocky, watery planet some 4.8 times the size of Earth. It is also reportedly a much older planet than Earth (approximately 6.8 billion years old). Its solid core density is said to be 4.2 times that of Earth, with a considerably larger electromagnetic charge. Its crust, converted into miles, runs a average of 427 miles, within a spectrum of 149 at its minimum and 820 at its maximum. The magmatic core makes the planet to be still volcanically active, with some two hundred volcanoes said to be harvested on the surface for heat, carbon dioxide, trace gases and oxygen. The planetary orbit of Ša.A.Me. I render here is based on a privately calculated ephemeris (the position of the planet every decade since its initial identification in the early 1980s).[8]

He also includes a more detailed image of Nibiru’s orbit and its passing through the solar system, which we shall discuss (fig. 4).

Figure 4: Ša.A.Me. at Perihelion in the Solar System (not in scale and is not showing the current position of the Incoming Planet)

Here we can see that Nibiru is coming in at a retrograde angle, not showing the 11 satellites accompanying it. These satellites, according to researcher James McCanney (M.S.), in his breath-taking, but very well researched book, “SURVIVING PLANET X PASSAGE–A supplement to the text PLANET X COMETS AND EARTH CHANGES”[9], will behave just like comets, they too being rocky objects with a lot of frozen water, contrary to the actual planet, which has internal heat sources and therefore has liquid water. Nibiru itself will look and behave like a huge comet, followed by a trail, which is due to loss of water mass because of electromagnetic interaction and other reasons.

3.2 Nibiru’s Effects on Earth and the Other Planets in the Solar System

Now that we have a grasp of how Nibiru will behave and look like, let’s talk about what the direct effects will be on our planet an the solar system this time around.

Dr. Bordon is referring to McCanney as a bona fied source in this matter, and perhaps the only one who has described this in detail (in the above mentioned book, and others in a series. I would highly recommend that you get it. I believe it’s available for a symbolic $5.00. The reader should be aware that the book is written in an intention to shock, which is the author’s way of saying, “if it’s not shocking, people will ignore it”). I haven’t been able to find any other sources, either, that are more to the point than McCanney. So let’s see what he has to say about what most probably will happen:

  1. Electrical interaction as weather effects. Very unstable weather patterns will be the result (McCanney 2003, p.20).
  2. Results on Earth: Water. Violent storms, with excessive lightning, wind and water, with much of the water coming in from outer space. This will last for days, even weeks at the time. These will start occurring month, even years, before its passing. Secondary effects will be that the infrastructure will be destroyed to such a degree what we will not be able to repair the damage. (McCanney 2003, p.20).
  3. Result on Earth: Wind. Cyclones coming in groups will destroys whole towns, so those with houses will be left with only debris. Rains will be intense and last for a long time, creating mudslides, weakening the roadbeds. Rivers will flood, and people will be isolated, surrounded by rising water levels. Jet streams will also become erratic, with the consequence that one day will be extremely hot, while on the next day it may snow–even in the tropics (McCanney 2003, p.21).
  4. Effects on Life on Earth. Animals will die of starvation, and the water, which will be everywhere in abundance, will be undrinkable[10]. Those who haven’t made it to very high ground at this point will find it harder and harder to be able to do so, until they are unable to move (McCanney 2003, p.21). 
  5. Chemicals Other Than Water. “Chemicals other than water such as ammonia, hydrocarbons and other complex oils may start to influx from outer space as Earth becomes more electrically active and reacts to the increase in solar electrical activity caused by the approach of the large comet and its nucleus (Planet X)” (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 21). “If the comet’s orbital path brings it so that Earth passes through its tail, the  interactions will increase and we would see severe flooding and immense hurricanes with associated tornadoes and cyclones on both land and sea. The influx of hundreds of other chemicals would also occur” (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 22-23).
  6. Interplanetary Electromagnetic Interactions. Streaming of large, electrical discharges between planets and their moons, as between the planets themselves, will be clearly noticeable from Earth: “Jupiter especially, with its large electrical interaction with the Sun will seem to be throwing lightening bolts across the sky. The huge comet will likewise begin to discharge electrically to the other planets and a huge trumpet like call will ring through Earth’s atmosphere as the searing electrical discharges interact with the upper atmosphere. Colorful auroras will light up even the daytime sky with finger like dancing lights as the electrical discharges continually interact with the ionosphere” (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 21).

    “Sharp whistling noises will be as music choreographed with the electrical light show in the heavens. The comet itself will appear as many colors but through its middle will be an intense blue or purple neon-like light that will be visible in even the daytime sky. This is due to the extreme amounts of electrical currents flowing through the comet as it interacts with the Sun. If the comet is close to Earth, it may at times be mistaken for the Sun or Moon” (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 22).
  7. What It Will Look Like. “Historical records indicate that it could be reddish or bluish in color…” (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 22).
  8. Magnetic Field Reversals. “As Earth’s magnetic field reverses more frequently, large sprays of high-energy atomic particles will pummel Earth’s upper atmosphere causing severe levels of radiation that would cause cancer in large numbers of survivors unless they were properly sheltered. These may also cause gene mutations in the species causing new or altered animal or plant types to form in a fairly short time” (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 22).
  9. Problems Presented by Companion Objects. “There could be one major complication, however. If, as in the past, the large comet is accompanied by companions, these might be large and of planet size themselves and if they are perturbed away from the main comet nucleus . . . these too could become captured into the solar system. These then could remain to continually harass Earth as they wander through the solar system for possibly hundreds of years to follow” (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 22).
  10. Temperature and weather. “The Sun would be blotted out for days or even weeks as the huge comet passed by and Earth’s temperature would fall rapidly. Heavy rain would turn into snow and cover numerous parts of the globe, forming glaciers. Animals would be quick frozen into these glaciers and would be perfectly preserved for thousands of years to come. Our Moon would likewise flood and experience the same effects although it does not have an atmosphere like Earth.” (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 23).
  11. Fire and Brimstone. “There could be the possibility of meteor streams coming into Earth’s atmosphere and seeming like a rain of stars from the heavens. Mixed with the influx of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere this would be the fire and brimstone spoken of by the ancients” (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 23).
  12. Possible secondary effects. “One example is that all the vermin (bugs, snakes, frogs, locust, bats etc.) would be forced to come to the surface and out of caves and historical accounts say that they covered the Earth as one of the “plagues”. The ancients also tell us of the water turning to blood, which must have been due to a chemical that polluted the waters. The vermin are forced out due to the electrical currents set up in the mantle of the Earth.” (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 23). 

    “If the comet comes close enough to the Earth to make a direct “electrical attachment”, then those in the immediate area where the snake like electrical current would touch Earth would see a huge pillar of fire as if a vast cyclone reaching into the heavens. The air would reek of ozone and the pounding noise would scorch the Earth and deafen those within hundreds of miles distance.” (McCanney 2003, p. 23). Furthermore, “if the surface gravity of the nucleus of the [planet] is greater that that of Earth, then the comet could literally suck the atmosphere and oceans off of Earth leaving it to look like our sister planet Mars” (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 23).
  13. Gravitational effects. “The final and most severe Earth Changes would occur if the intruder passed close enough to Earth to cause gravitational effects. There has been a tremendous amount of incorrect information propagated on the Internet stating that magnetic fields would couple and cause a pole shift. The real cause of the physical pole shift is caused when a large gravitational “wave” or impulse passes through the mantle of Earth and basically jerks it around the core beneath. The physical pole shift (as opposed to a magnetic pole shift) is where the north rotational pole of Earth is shifted southward and a previous southern area becomes the new north rotational pole. The south rotational pole is likewise shifted. In a previous pole shift, the old north pole was somewhere just north of the state of Wisconsin while the old south pole was in what we now call the south Indian Ocean. The shift moved the tropical area of Siberia northwards in a matter of hours, flash-freezing entire herds of tropical mastodons and wooly mammoths in their tracks while they were still standing on all four feet. Today we are discovering them thousands of years later with the meat as fresh as the day it froze. Tropical plants including delicate flowers were found undigested in the throats of these animals. (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 24). 

    “During a mantle shift caused by gravitational impulse of the passing large comet nucleus, tremendous earthquakes develop and the Earth is recovering from these and adjusting for centuries to come. Volcanoes will become active and new fissures in the Earth’s surface will bring fourth new volcanoes where none existed previously. There is a second type of gravitational wave pole shift I call the “precession” pole shift. It is induced as Earth’s spinning core processes in the gravitational field of a near by passing large comet nucleus and is illustrated later in the text. The Earth’s mantle rides over the core in a separate type of pole shift, and may move in a totally different direction” (McCanney 2003, op. cit. p. 25).

What is very clear from the above quotes is the resemblance with Biblical, and other prophecy. I would sincerely suggest that much of the Biblical predictions, spelled out in the “Book of Revelation” and the “Book of Daniel”, have everything to do with the incoming Nibiru and its inhabitants. And it’s all backed up by both known history, hidden (but now revealed) history, and myth. In my mind it makes it quite solid evidence. If we also take time and listen to our channeled friends from cosmos, whom so patiently are working on putting the records straight after all the lies we’ve been subjected to, they are telling us the same thing.

The reader may argue that McCanney had already made up his mind and therefore could use his own imagination to make it look like prophecy when describing the passing of this big planetary body, but if so, I again would advise the reader to get hold of the book and read it. The author is making very solid points and his arguments are very well researched. I would love to say that it’s all fiction, but then I would mislead the reader.

Again, McCanney’s book is written with an intention to shock, by not holding back on facts, no matter how devastating they may sound. The reason for doing so is because he knows that most people need “high voltage” to be able to wake up from their daily busy lives and dramas. If you want to impinge, you’d better do it with all your might! In this case, I agree. After been asleep for so long, we need a high power jolt to focus our distracted and scattered attention units. Furthermore, he is of the opinion that only an uninformed society would succumb; if we know what is ahead of us, as a mass consciousness, there are no limits to what we can do. People in the worst situations are often the most inventive. This has been proven over and over again; those who thought they would be powerless in a life and death situation suddenly find themselves unusually proactive. Survival is a very strong instinct!

In the book, James McCanney is quite to-the-point describing what we need to do to prepare:

…the preparation will require not only preparing stores of goods to weather the situation, but it will require people to be settled in their new surroundings with a complete life style change that has no dependencies on standard utilities or infrastructure of society. Those that make the break early will have the greatest chance of survival. Those that wait to the last minute will be left unable to cope with all that will have to be done. The stress levels will be severe in the worst case scenario, so being in the new surroundings and already adjusted will be of utmost importance.[11]

This is good advice, and the sooner we prepare, the better. Not only because we stand a better chance to survive in general, but knowing how the Western Society in particular reacts to disasters, it would be a great idea if we’re already settled and ready to go when things start changing drastically.

It’s discouraging to see what happens here in the United States and elsewhere in the Western World when disasters hit. I am thinking about Hurricane Katrina as a typical example. People grouped together in families and close fiends (when possible), and protected their territory. Looting was way too common and couldn’t be kept under control. Of course, I can understand when people are starving that they need to grab what they can, but onlybecause we are not helping each other across the domains of families and friends.

I am also running a blog called, “News From Behind the Scenes” (, where I posted an article about which products would be the most possible ones that were going to be off the shelves in case of a catastrophe[12]. Weapons, like guns, and ammunition was listed as item #7. People often comment on the articles I’ve posted, and in this case, the majority of the people thought that guns should be #1 on the list what to get under these circumstances in order to be able to protect themselves, family, and property.

This is very sad, in my opinion. It only shows how service-to-self and separated we are from each other. If a stranger passes by, we have a tendency to think of them as a potential looter, thief, rapist or murderer, rather than a hungry soul wanting something to eat, and in such circumstance we could share what we have with this starving wanderer. So, instead we threaten the person at gun point and shoot if they are doing anything “suspicious”.

Then compare this with what happened in Japan when the tsunami hit just recently, and the nuclear reactors started leaking. There was no looting reported whatsoever. Instead, people all over the catastrophe area helped each other out to the absolute best of their abilities and contributed with whatever skill they had to save as many people as possible. People were less concerned about starving than we would here in the West under the same circumstances. In Japan, people knew that if someone had something they needed, they would share. They actually even put out signs outside their houses: “WE HAVE WATER!”

Here is polarity; service-to-self vs. service-to-others. If a world-wide catastrophe would hit today, who do you think would have the best survival potentials? The Japanese or the Americans? We have a lot (and I mean A LOT) to learn from what happened in the aftermath of the Japan tsunami. Unfortunately, people in the Western Societies have developed a culture very similar to that of the legendary Atlantis, which went from a highly spiritually evolved empire to a very service-to-self society. This was the main reason why so many from that culture was swept away in the Flood, 11,500 years ago.

Barbara Marcinak’s Pleiadians have suggested for a very long time that we get away from machine technology as much as possible and start returning to nature. They even go as far as to say that Earth will eventually split into two worlds; one machine world, where people walk around like zombies, totally relying on technology to get through the day, and one world where people get together in communities and help each other out, living with nature and can thus evolve, in our bodies, together with Earth (the 5 elements [the aether being the 5th]). Entities like the Pleiadians, whom are channeled through a human vehicle/biomind, have an ability to read a person’s energy field and also that of the planet itself. They can not totally predict the future, because we are making choices and change our minds constantly, but they can read the trend. And what I mentioned above is the trend, and I can see it. Personally, I know there will be a time (after I am finished with what I need to do), when I, too will return to nature, just like I did years ago, until I decided to return to society because I knew I was ready to do what I came here to do. These papers are part of it.

My suggestion is that we prove the Pleiadians wrong and work on creating one world, free from intrusive and controlling technology, which make us passive and non-responsive to outside events. Let’s show them that we, as humanity, can do better than that and join together as one, similar to the movie “Avatar”, when the blue beings joined together with combined energies and intentions to make changes happen. We are capable of doing the same thing, and much, much more. We just have to grant ourselves that power and educate ourselves as to understand who we really are and what our combined purpose here on Earth is. Let’s not sink deeper into oblivion.

In his own blunt, but highly accurate way, McCanney is also elaborating on the resistance to having people prepare themselves. He says the following:

The economic structures do not want to see people moving in this direction since a good deal of money is made by having people locked into dependency on the utilities and infrastructures of modern society. But before, during and after a passage, there will not be any use for any of these, as they will be rendered useless as the time of passage approaches.[13]

Again we can see the lack of higher consciousness in these so-called “brilliant minds” who run this planet. What good does their intelligence do, both to themselves and others if it doesn’t contribute to all our survival and evolution? Nothing but unsustainable power that will kick back at them ten times harder than they themselves hit the ball. This is not some “vicious wish” on my part, but the application of the universal law called “karma”. Still, on a higher level of consciousness, we need to remember that we are here as part of a larger learning process, and there is no good or bad karma, only karma. It’s there as a catalyst so we can learn from mistakes; we learn that there are consequences. Karma can be instant but also drawn out in linear time so that it hits back on future and past incarnations of self. From a higher perspective, where time as we know it here doesn’t exist and everything happens instantaneously, learning lessons over the lines of time are stored in our information cloud, and more, to be used as a springboard towards more experiences. Although it looks like a person can get away with murder, he’s really not. The longer it takes for karma to play out on a person, the more in denial he of she is, and the more forcefully it will hit.

If we’re evolved enough, we will heal both our past and future incarnation equally and help us gain spiritual power and understanding. Our lack of willingness to reach more enlightenment will also do the opposite; it will sicken instead of healing. Ultimately, nothing is “better” than the other, just different choices of experience.

On page 27 in his book, McCanney is revealing that the choice of keeping the public ignorant about what is ahead was done long ago by the governments of the world to avoid panic. In the meantime, our economies are failing, and instead of letting much of it go and suggest that we all join together in attempts to survive, they are planning for more wars. And the ignorant citizens are over and again falling into the trap, unwittingly sacrificing their lives for nothing. It’s childish to think that going down in a bunker or hide in underground facilities would provide a better shelter for Elite members than would some people left on the surface. Yes, there will certainly be mass deaths, and because it seems like this time over, Nibiru will come closer to Earth than it did the last few passages, at least since the Deluge. However, those who have a higher potential to survive are not those who hide under the surface, but those who migrate to high land, up the mountains. However, as McCanney puts it:

…a gravitational wave is sufficient to move waves of land and rock at speeds in excess of a thousand miles per hour across the land. It can take deposited sandstone layers from the depths of the ocean and cast them 15,000 feet upwards as new mountain ranges form. Entire continents are altered and the northern polar caps move and begin to melt as new ones form at the new locations of the north and south rotational poles.[14]

This, of course, will affect current mountain ranges as well as the lowlands, but if we look at all the consequences of the Incoming and add them together, we’ll see that the mountains are probably the safest; especially when the rivers and oceans start to swallow land. But (and there is always a but) in case of severe earthquakes, the mountains may not be that safe either.

You would need a FaceBook account to see the following video, and if you do, you will find it very interesting. It clearly shows how NASA is deleting images so that the public will not discover that a huge planetary body is on its way to our solar system:

I know this sounds hopeless, but hang in there, because there are solutions and I will come to them in a while.

4. Monoliths in Space–Was Arthur C. Clarke Right?

All science-fiction fans are familiar with the late author, Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008). This man, with no doubt, was an Insider who knew much more about what’s going on between Heaven and Earth than he was letting us know. This shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore, because as I have mentioned before: fantasy- and science-fiction writers who are being published by the big publishers are Insiders who know what is going on on a level which the average people don’t. They are initiated in secret societies, sometimes disguised as “science fiction clubs” or whatnot, where they learn what they need to know to be able to write about it in fiction form. Jules Verne and H.G. Wells are just two perfect example of this.

Why is this so? Because the Powers That Be (PTB) want to prepare the world for upcoming events, staged or real, to avoid mass panic, and in some instances, to do the opposite–to bring about mass panic. In a latter scenario, the PTB would instigate a catastrophe, or perhaps an alien invasion, creating mass panic (problem). Then people would scream for help and ask the government to solve the problem (reaction). The government would then present a solution that serves them and not the people (solution). So the PTB present a solution to a problem they themselves instigated. This formula, called Problem-Reaction-Solution is as old as the Anunnaki and probably older. It’s been used by the controllers of the world since the beginning of time.

4.1 2001–A Space Odyssey

All of us remember the masterpiece “2001–A Space Odyssey”, the movie made by Stanley Kubrick in 1968. It was based on a novel with the same name, written by Arthur C. Clarke.

Figure 5: Arthur C. Clarke

The movie, which follows the novel quite closely (Clarke and Kubrick worked together on both projects), starts out with an alien race coming down to Earth (ancient Africa) in spaceships, 4 million years ago, placing a huge, black monolith on Earth to the astonishment of early cavemen. This monolith speeds up the intelligence and evolution of these early cavemen as shown in the movie when the cavemen all of a sudden started using tools.

Then the movie makes a leap into the future (1999), where an identical monolith as the one found by the ape men is found, deliberately buried on the moon in an inconceivably distant past.

One and a half years later, a space expedition is heading for Jupiter, where they find a third monolith in orbit around the largest planet in the solar system. When approaching it, the pod is drawn into a tunnel and moves with incredible speed through space and time to land in what could possibly be described as another dimension, where the main character’s past, present and future exist simultaneously.

This is the extremely condensed story-line, but it’s a very interesting one, because the basic of it is true! When the book and film came out in 1968, it was presented as pure sci fi, of course, but in all science fiction that makes the bookstores or Hollywood has truth in it. I mentioned above how successful writers often have access to occult knowledge, and f course, Stanley Kubrick, as a filmmaker, was not exactly ignorant in this respect. It certainly looks as if the two were trying to prepare us for future events. Clarke, however, was the one with the deepest knowledge, I’m sure. In fact, the 2001 novel is based on earlier work by the same author, released already back in 1948 and 1953. In 1948, Clarke released a short-story called “The Sentinel” and 5 years later, he wrote “Encounter in the Dawn”[15]. These two short-stories then became the base for creating the bigger epos, consisting of four sequential novels by Clarke: “2001–A Space Odyssey (1968)”; “2010–Odyssey 2 (1982)”, “2061–Odyssey 3 (1987)” and “3001–The Final Odyssey (1997).

All four novels circle around the existence of these monoliths, left behind by an advanced alien race who was traveling around the universe trying to find worlds where intelligent life had evolved, or just begun to evolve. Due to that they had found out that intelligent life was pretty rare in the universe, they selected worlds with potentials and left monoliths behind which would speed up evolution (another version of saying that creator gods are interacting with the evolvement on different planets throughout the universe). Eventually, this alien race evolved into non-corporeal, energy-based life-form, but left the monoliths behind.

Although the monoliths in this story has a different purpose than the real ones (as we shall see), it’s a comparison interesting enough to make. Now I am going to show how science fiction becomes reality, backed up by University photos and statements by former astronaut “Buzz” Aldrin. Finally, we are going to take a look at what these monoliths really are.

4.2 Revealing Photos From Leading University, and Video Taped Monolith Statement From Famous Former NASA Astronaut

In an article in the British newspaper, “The Telegraph”, on August 6, 2009, titled, “Mars ‘Monolith’ Fuels Theories of Alien Life”[16], it’s revealed that scientists at the University of Arizona captured an image from a powerful camera on board an orbiting satellite, where an object looking strikingly similar to Kubrick’s monolith in the film was showing up. Although the University has no problem verifying that the image is actually a real Mars photo, they discard the idea that it could be a monolith made by intelligent beings.

In the article, they are quick to bring up that sci-fi fans are drawing a parallel between the real photo and the monolith in the movie. In normal fashion, the university is trying to debunk any such link. Professor Alfred McEwen at the University says to The Telegraph:

Layering from rock deposition combined with tectonic fractures creates right-angle planes of weakness such that rectangular blocks tend to weather out and separate from the bedrock.


It is not that unusual. There are lots of rectangular structures on Mars.

It is striking when you see one that is isolated, but they are common[17].

If it’s true that it’s common, first of all, are they all just bedrocks? Well, here is first a photo of a monolith created for the “2001” movie (fig. 6a), followed by the University picture:

Figure 6a: Monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 moive, “2001–A Space Odessey”

Figure 6b: Monolith captured by Arizona University.

Lastly, here is an animated .gif showing the same object, for your consideration:

Figure 6c: Monolith showed as animated gif.

One has to have a wild imagination to think that the University image is a natural phenomenon. Sorry, Professor McEwan, but I think that you are the one writing science fiction–more so than A.C. Clarke.

Moreover, just to make sure no “conspiracy theorist” will make a good point, the newspaper article is also mentioning Buzz Aldrin, the veteran astronaut, going live on C-Span, telling the audience that there is a monolith on one of Mars’ moons (Phobos). They are explaining it by saying it was a fund raiser to be pumped into space exploration. Interestingly enough, in the tradition of “professional debunkers”, the newspaper doesn’t say Aldrin is wrong; they just say that it was a fundraiser. Very clever. Here is the video and a link to my own blog posting on the subject, so you can hear Mr. Aldrin in his own words:

Multimedia 1:

Buzz Aldrin has been on air before, talking about UFOs and aliens. Quite recently, he went on air talking about the UFO they saw on their trip to the moon with Apollo 11 in 1969. This is real footage and the commentary made by a senior scientist. Furthermore, we get to hear real conversation between Houston and the Apollo ship. Aldrin is trying to tell us something, and he is not alone. It’s well known that he used to suffer from depression and alcoholism (however, seeming to be sober these days)[18], but he is pretty sober in both these interviews, and I have no doubts he’s speaking the truth, although it’s just a tiny part of what he really knows:

4.3 Reports on Monoliths in Space

Dr. Richard Boylan (  is a UFO researcher, who is working on having the government disclose the UFO phenomenon and that the aliens are already here, ready to work with us to become galactic citizens. He has a lot of followers, just like Dr. Steven Greer, who started the “Disclosure Project” back in 2001 ( Like I’ve said in an early paper, I have some problems with that they are both accepting all aliens, no matter who they are, where they come from, and what their motives may be. They more or less say we should welcome them all with open arms, claiming that they all have our best interest in mind. This, of course, is not true, as they all have collective and individual imperatives, just like us. However, if the collective imperatives are counter-survival in comparison to our own, we have a problem. As I have documented in these, my papers, there are aliens out there of all kinds. We can’t just bluntly accept everything they are saying.

Aside from that, Dr. Boylan posted an article which caught my interest. Here he is talking about an anonymous informants from the NSA, who reports to Dr. Boylan that the Apollo X crew saw a monolith in space[20]. A second informant, Dr. Michael Wolf of the National Security Council confirms the first source, according to Boylan. He further says that this is not a “leak”, but based on planned releases of information.

Stafford, Cernan, and Young, the three astronauts of the Apollo X crew, apparently saw a monolith, similar to, but smaller than the one in the “2001” movie. Still, they were not the first humans in space spotting these monoliths; cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin saw the same thing, says Boylan, back in 1961. The same year, astronaut Alan Shephard saw the exact same thing as well when he was sent up, shortly after Gagarin. Apollo 10, years later, filmed it from every angle. Apparently, it acted like a communication device, with a message imprinted on it, revealing which alien races put it there.

Interestingly enough, Boylan tells us that the monolith was brought down to Earth in 1972 to be studied in detail. Michael Wolf is elaborating on this by telling us that this monolith emitted both sound and light, like if it was really communicating. Supposedly, Dr. Carl Sagan was working on this project as well. Everyone who was subjected to the monolith over a long period of time developed cancer. This killed both Dr. Wolf and Dr. Sagan, eventually. Boylan’s first information thinks there are more monoliths like this out there in space, acting like “postcards”. However, as we shall see, they are not postcards, but something entirely different.

4.4 What the Off-Planet Monoliths Really Are

In the beginning of 2011, members of LPG-C, including Dr. A.R. Bordon, went to the annual LINK meeting at a nondisclosed location to meet with aliens from a number of different planets to discuss the problem we as human species are facing, as well as to function as Observer Members, taking part of what other off-worldly groups, not being parts of any governmental (govorg) bodies, are facing. To read more in detail about this group and the basics on how it works, see Dr.  A.R. Bordon’s essay, “THE LINK”, beginning of chapter 6.[21] This meeting lasted for 9 days, and I have taken part of the full report from this particular gathering. Although most of it will be revealed in public when time is right, I can give out a few bits and pieces, and about the monoliths in general. The report I’ve seen is very detailed, showing exactly who was in the meeting, and from which star system they come. It even tells you what they look like.

Figure 6: Our solar system

The monoliths are placed in space by alien species to stabilize the orbits of planetary bodies. These items, as Dr. Bordon describes in his report, are located along the pathways of all major astronomical objects up to the seventh planet (which would be Uranus). There are also nodes along all gravitational boundaries between astronomical objects to further strengthen the gravitational field. This setup worked quite well during the last passage of Nibiru, 3,532 years ago.

Dr. Bordon goes on in the report with more scientific details about how this all works on a physics level due to that this report is in circulation amongst other scientists, who did not attend the meeting. I am not a scientist myself, and can’t understand all of the jargon, but the concept is pretty clear: the monoliths in space, on Phobos, and other planets, are put there as gravitational stabilizers. If this hadn’t been done in a distant past, life on this planet would most probably have been extinct by now, or back to a very primitive level because of incoming objects, like planets, comets and asteroids clashing with Earth once and again.

Aliens in general normally don’t interfere with our progress and experiences here on Earth, but theyare protective of the Living Library, the “Great Experiment”. Therefore, it’s important to them that we don’t get extinct due to processes we have no, or little control over. Also it’s to protect Nibiru and its satellites during the crossing. LPG-C and certain alien races are currently working on solving the problem with the next passage of Nibiru to try and make it as smooth as it’s possible. This time around, like I said earlier, is a tough one, and not easy even for the more advanced alien races to deal with. Nibiru is sometimes called “The Destroyer”, and this time it looks like it certainly deserves its nickname.

5. The Year 2012 and The Wave of the Supernova

The last big challenge we have is closer in time and has everything to do with 2012 and the Mayan Calendar. It appears that we are facing the End Times, the End of the World as we know it. We are talking about November-December 2012. It will not be the End, like in the destruction of mankind and planet Earth, but it seems like we are facing the death of an old world and the rebirth of a new.

In the LINK meeting with the Plenum (all alien members and observers), another most important issue was brought up. Dr. Bordon, in his report, named this section, “Episodic Presence of the Itinerant Gravitational Wavefront Passing Through the Solar System in Approximately 22 Months”. Twenty-two months, counting from January, 2011 will be around November-December of 2012.

According to what members of the Plenum told the LPG-C members, a wave of a supernova is going to hit the solar system around this time. This is something they have discovered, but it is not clear yet which star it’s related to, or how many light-years away.

This gravity wave is not electromagnetic in nature, and depends upon dark energy for its sustenance and involves time in a most unexpected way. This, again, is quite scientific and requires an understanding of how space/time and time/space works–matter and anti-matter. Excluding most of the scientific language here in this paper, a summary of the report would be that the wavefront in itself will perhaps not affect us to any major extent, but the aftermath might.

The report says that we, at a minimum, would feel like we are reliving moments before the passage as though it never happened before, but we would experience them as a déjà vu. At maximum (and I quote), “the passage may literally induce a sufficiently severe wake such that our medium is momentarily cloaked (as in gone off-phase) from the rest of our local solar system space/time ratio (internally, this would be much like the “day of the Lord” where-in/when-in time stops completely, such that the Earth/solar system would seem to go through a tunnel and come out at the other end hopefully on the same timeline as when it entered the wake.” Apparently, this kind of phenomenon, according to more advanced Civilization III members, is not too uncommon, which makes sense, if all supernovae send out a wavefront in all directions. With only space, and no significant objects to stop its progress, it may only gradually lose its intensity, if at all. If this is true, and only my own speculations, many other solar systems will be, and have been already affected as well.

Figure 7: A supernova (photo by NASA)

So in this case, just like with the passing of Nibiru, it’s uncertain exactly what will happen, but it’s interesting to compare this information with both the Ra Material, Royal/Priest in their “Prism of Lyra” and the teachings of Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians. The Ra Material talk about “The Harvest”, where certain members of humanity who have reached a specific vibration will be harvested into the 4th Density together with Earth, while those who have not reached that point in their evolvement will reincarnate on another 3rd Density planet and work themselves through another cycle, until it’s time for a new Harvest. Reading the material with the supernova in mind should be quite interesting.

The Pleiadians are even more so. In their lecture, “Moon Musings #55”, September 11, 2010, CD #2, they are talking about “The Wave of the Supernova”, in quite an encoded, many faceted language, referring to the same time period as Dr. Bordon and his ET friends describe. The Pleiadians refer to it as a part of the enlightening wave coming in and hitting us both from the Sun and the Galactic Center at the end of the nano-second (1987-2012). The effects of this wave will be, that those who are ready for it and have done their “homework”, meaning educating themselves, raised their vibrations and had their chakras opened and DNA at least partly reactivated, will find themselves in a far better situation than ever before, while others, who are living in ignorance and oblivion may have a very hard time, because time as we know it is speeding up exponentially right now, and if we don’t have our ducks in a row, our issues (or karma) will hit us in the face much more severely than normal.

So, is this true? I would say it is, because I can see this happening all around me, and it happens to me as well. The issues we have put aside and don’t want to deal with will pop up right in front of our faces with full force until we confront them and deal with them. The key to survival (because many will go insane and die, according to the Pleiadians), is to be able to keep our higher vibrations in spite of the chaos around us, and be an example for others, and just by being us, we help increasing the vibration on those in our environment.

Then, in “The Prisms of Lyra”, Royal and Priest are telling us, like I explained in a previous paper, that the stars/suns in this universe are the Founders in one of their many forms, and I would suggest that when a star is exploding into a supernova, the Founder is basically separating Itself into smaller pieces of self and spreads Its awareness over cosmos, perhaps with the intention to take other forms. And on this divine wave, many layers of information are carried.

So, the “Wave of the Supernova” may be a mixed bag. Whatever will happen, it’s going to be the end of the time we live in, and the beginning of a new. Personally, I look forward to it!


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Acronyms (in alphabetical order)(words followed by a pound sign #):

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