Sixth Level of Learning, Paper #2: A Deep Spiritual Path

by Wes Penre, May 15, 2020

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Have you ever felt an “inner knowing” that is so strong that no one can shake it? You just know that it’s true, without having any physical proof?

Let’s take a practical 3-D example. Imagine an eight-year-old boy who gets his first guitar from his parents. He plays it every day, hour upon hour, and becomes very good at playing. He “knows” for a fact that one day, he is going to be a professional musician. In his adolescence, his parents and teachers want him to be something else that he does not want to be, but the boy insists and goes against everything and everybody who tells him he can’t  be a professional musician. Although almost the entire world is against him, he walks his path alone, and sure enough; he becomes a great professional musician and gets to do what he always wanted to do—against all odds. Only his passion, talent, and determination made him accomplish what he always knew inside was him.

This is how I felt, but on a spiritual level, when I wrote the Wes Penre Papers, First-Fifth Level of Learning, years ago, and this is how I feel when I read and study the Gnostic texts—the information transformed into an “inner knowing”— more so than just an intellectual knowing.

All information goes through our minds first, and much of it stays in the mind without being transitioned anywhere else inside us. Other information, however, starts in the mind, on an intellectual level, but as soon as it is grasped, it transfers right into the “Heart,” meaning the “Spiritual Heart.” The information becomes spiritual knowledge that can’t be changed, reversed, or taken away under any circumstances—it can only be expanded upon. When we feel we have received spiritual truth, we understand that it’s part of the Ultimate Truth that we receive from the Spirit inside us—the True Self that has been lying dormant and mostly disconnected for millennia. Spirit is the highest version of us because it’s perfectly in unison with Source, having many names, such as First SourceAll That Is, the Divine FeminineThe Father, the Father/Mother, etc. However, there are also impostors, who claim to be this Source, calling themselves God or the Goddess when they are not. The most prominent trickster, in this respect, is the being we best know under the title Lord, who has placed himself as God in this construct.

We humans have a direct connection to the True Source—we originate in the Spiritual Realm, and when we feel it inside, we know this to be true, and nothing can ever again take that away from us. Some call this “being in connection with our Oversoul,” but Spirit and soul are two completely different things, which we are going to discuss in depth throughout this Level of Learning. What people mean when they say they connect to their Oversoul is, for the most part, their own true self—Spirit. Spirit is the part inside us that knows! The soul is the instrument we use in this universe to obtain gnosis—it is an intermediary of sorts. Spirit is what has gnosis/knowledge and gives us epiphanies. Because we’ve been tricked into burying this essential part of us, while living in this Earth Construct, we don’t know who we really are, until we, under personal experiences, wake up to Spirit again. This is the true Wake-Up!

Once we have reconnected with our Inner Spirit, we are incrementally capable of distinguishing between what is the real us (Spirit) and what is the artificial soul/spirit. But to be able to reach that point, we need knowledge/gnosis. This is something I feel I am gaining from having researched and completed the Wes Penre Papers and now by reading the Gnostic texts.

The first five levels of learning tell the story of the 4% and the 96% Universe, how it all works, and to a large degree they also tell us who we are, and we hope that the reader of this Sixth Level is at least moderately familiar with the previous levels because we think that will help tremendously when it comes to understanding the Gnostic texts.

I always felt that my papers were not complete—there was a part of the spiritual aspect that was missing and somehow needed to be added, so that the original human soul group, which I have called the Namlu’u, can finally understand who they are, where they come from, and why they are here in this realm to begin with. From our point of view, the Gnostic texts answer these questions, and they have given us a new perspective on what it means to “go through the Grid.” The first five levels of learning told the story in a more “down to earth” way, while the Gnostic texts elevate us to a higher spiritual level. The two, in our opinion, are like hand in glove. For me, the Gnostic texts answered the questions I still had after completing the first levels. Perhaps, they may also answer the questions you have had.

There is already a lot of Gnosticism in the the previous levels—something I was unaware of, as I hadn’t read the Gnostic texts when I’d completed my papers. Now, after finally having done so, the similarities are stunning. All this level is about is to add the Spiritual Realm and humanity’s Destiny to the picture–a very important part of the entire journey!

In the next paper, we are going to start telling the story from the beginning of the Universe and up to present time, but from a Gnostic and more spiritual perspective. As we are doing that, we are also simultaneously, and side by side, going to compare the Gnostic texts with what is written in the previous levels, so the reader can get a fuller picture. You will not only notice how similar they are, but also how the former complement the latter to make the work more complete.

We want to stress that what we write in this series are Ariel’s and my own experiences after having read the Gnostic texts—they might not be yours, and that is fine. One thing we don’t want to do is to force information upon anybody—we are always only sharing our own research and experiences, for others to consider or discard.

There is one thing, however, that we highly suggest you do, if you decide to read this level of learniong. After having read an article, ponder it long and hard and read it more than once, if needed! Don’t just read it as mind candy, or it won’t do anything for you. This is advanced spiritual knowledge—far beyond any religion—and it needs to be “heart-felt.” It’s not just an intellectual read that you just absorb, store in your mind’s data-bank, and then immediately continue doing something else. If it doesn’t wake your Spirit up when absorbing this, we suggest you either leave it for now and come back to it at a later time, or you can of course decide that it’s not for you. There is nothing right or wrong with either or—we’re all on a personal journey.

For those who will follow this series from beginning to end and can feel this deep connection with the True Self (Spirit), we would suggest you also read the original Nag Hammadi texts, from which this sixth level originates, to get an even deeper understanding. They can be found in alphabetical order here:

You are of course free to ask questions and leave comments about any of these articles, but we will not always provide a direct answer because it’s crucial that each individual processes this information within themselves. Otherwise, it will never reach the “Heart,” and an awakening might not take place. However, we are more than willing to support and guide you when needed, so don’t be afraid to make comments. We will answer them the best we can. Just keep in mind that we don’t know everything, either. We are also on this journey, and the awakening to Spirit and the true understanding of ourselves and the universe around us is a process. But we can all support and assist each other on our journey home.

There are completely new concepts the reader who is unfamiliar with the Gnostic texts needs to consider, and to be able to go back and forth in the texts is crucial, in our opinion. Thus, we will not use many pictures, either, unless it’s absolutely necessary for comprehension. We want the readers to create their own images in their minds and not let our images side-track you.

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