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Wes Penre


My name is Wes Penre, and I am a writer and a researcher, researching ancient text and connecting the dots, in order to rediscover the true history of this planet and beyond. This has even forced me to deeply look into the extraterrestrial influences in history, where they come from, what their agenda might have been, and more. Additional research made me realize that these ancient aliens never left–they are still here, and they are huge plans for humanity. Unfortunately, these plans are not to our benefit!

WesPenre.com, which from 2011 has been my main website, is diving into the details of the creation of our Universe/Multiverse; how and where life on Planet Earth started, the genetic manipulation of mankind, which made Homo sapiens sapiens come into existence, the War of the “gods” here on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe, much more on who are pulling the strings on the Global Elite, the upcoming difficulties and challenges we are meeting; and finally, how we can resolve this situation, which we can.

Important to understand is that this is my journey and everything in here is based on my research, and/or my own experiences and conclusions. Your journey may be slightly, or entirely, different from mine. I am not looking for “followers,” and I have no wish to be a “guru” or authority on any subject. Those who have read my work from earlier years (illuminati-news.com) can easily see, how my path has developed to the point where I am today. Hopefully, I will continue growing spiritually so that I am somewhere totally different in a few years from now; at a whole new level of reality.

My hope is that I can inspire you to continue your own research and journey into the future by perhaps take some of my material to heart and use as a springboard towards your own increased understanding of the Multiverse. I see myself as a teacher and a student at the same time, and I am a teacher only in the sense that I teach what I have learned and taken to heart up to the day of my last writing. Life is an infinite journey and a never-ending learning lesson. 

Levels of Learning

There are five “Levels of Learning” all together on this website. By reading them in order, the reader will be able to follow my progress, as I continued my research on these topics. For these papers to make the most sense, I suggest you read them in order. Start by clicking on Site map.

There is no end to learning, and there is no one on this planet who can say that they know it all, and that there’s nothing more to learn. There is always a new level of learning regardless of where we are in the process. However, with the information you are about to take part of, you will be able to break the chains you’ve been sitting in from incarnation to incarnation, you will understand who you are and where you want to go, and you will be able to decide what you want to do with your future. Authorities, using negative control to get what they want from us, and their extraterrestrial masters, will lose their stronghold over you once you understand these levels of learning!

Once we understand the ET (extraterrestrial) influence in our lives, we will also understand how everything is connected; there is no way around it; it needs to be known. There are a lot of benevolent star beings out there, but those who are directly influencing our planet do not fall under this category, which I will show beyond any reasonable doubt. Therefore, it’s crucial that as many people as possible start looking into these subjects I’m presenting; because much of this information can’t be found anywhere else on this planet!

The Wes Penre Papers are best understood if they are read in order (but don’t necessarily need to be), and just as college or university degrees, you complete one level at the time and continue to the next; hence the “Levels of Learning.” The Wes Penre Papers build information as you progress through the papers. In reality, you are basically reading my own research as it evolves. Therefore, a higher level of learning may correct some errors in the previous hypotheses and conclusions I had come to on a previous level. In the end, it all concludes, however. This is the reason why it is best to read the papers in an approximate order.

If you are totally unfamiliar with the “Illuminati” and the Powers That Be, I strongly advise you to begin by reading the paper called, Introductory Paper: Basic Information on the Global Elite a.k.a. “The Shadow Government”” before you start reading “The First Level of Learning”. Otherwise, it may be quite difficult to grasp the concepts that I am trying to explain. 

Website, Blogs, and Social Media by Wes Penre (in ascending release date order)

Illuminati News (1998)

WesPenre.com (February 2009)

Blog on the Wes Penre Papers (April 2009)

Linkedin (2012)

ISSUU — self publishing site (2015)

Facebook (2018)

Wes Penre Productions Forum (2018)

Become a Patreon (2018)

Wes Penre Publications (2018)

Videos and Articles by Wes Penre and Ariel Glad (2018)

Wes Penre, October 11, 2011

111 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Yeah.
    Check ‘Can You Stand The Truth.’ Angeliki Anagnostou.
    You won’t like it.
    Reality doesn’t give a fuck what you like or don’t like.

  2. There are no eetees, as penre knows,
    the L. Ron Hubbard of the present day, with his channeling cohort.
    It’s old hat ballocks.
    Same old crap, like ‘The Seth Material’ with Jane wotsername back in the 70s.
    Get outta here you old fakir.

  3. Hello. I see a lot of research went into this, and I’m amazed. But one thing’s off. Illuminati are nowhere near the negative agenda – they are here to fight it.

    I don’t know how much you’ve researched the true Pythagorean Illuminati, but this ain’t it. They are the oldest secret society devoted to researching and explaining topics such as Life and the Universe – in terms of Ontological Mathematics. It’s a society composed of highly intellectual people whose knowledge can be found on the Internet – if you know where to look.

    The Old World Order (OWO) of greedy masters in this master-slave dialectic spoken of by the illuminist Hegel are the ones responsible for the negative state of the world. As well as turning the Illuminati into a negative concept.

    The idea of a New World Order is wonderful as it marks the Age of Reason. To ‘fight the NWO’ is the program of the OWO – to keep people from accepting new paradigms.

  4. Congratulations Wes, exelente information……..Unfortunately as all we read and acquire at second hand knowledge is only and will remain as a Wonderfull Filosophical adventure in the ILLUSION OF TIME.

    IT will only become real knowledge when we experience it, and unfortunately our PAST LIFE MEMORIES HAVE BEING ERASED AS YOU SAY. Willingly by others as many assume or by PERSONAL CHOICE as other CABALISTIC KNOWLEDGE SUGGESTS!


    BECAUSE as ONE reads this fascinating story THERE IS something that keeps US wanting to know moré.

    That just might be THE SOUL MEMORY COMING BACK!

    Thanks AND BLESINGS,

  5. The Irland stuff went on for reams. You’re tramping the same trail. Anytime a pertinent comment was mooted , the reply was ‘close’, end of. Get outta here. I checked out the L. Ron Hubbard crap before you were born and Wes, you’re no Ron Hubbard. Seven levels? Orion Empire? Puhlease.

    • I can’t find anything on “Secrets of the Gods” do you know where i can get any info? I read the can’t handle the truth book and a lot of Hermes and another called “the Key” by Whitley Streiber and read through the whole Wing Makers thing and all sorts of stuff but this book you mentioned i think is a must read. I am reading the other one by Cantrell right now. There were also books by a guy named Brandon Levine but nowhere to be found now either.

      • The reason anybody like you can´t find God? is you look outside you?God is already within the I am! O am who I am!you are here to master becoming a creator god, but you need to be master the big G

    • I have the same response…???? Are you a Scientologist advocate and do you disagree because Wes’s interpretations collide with your indoctrination?

      • You nailed it Danielle. Yes, as an ex-Scion myself I can’t help but recognize that distinctive “Hubbard is god; is infallible, knows all and is always right about everything” delusion. It’s part & parcel of being in that or any cult. It involves having “certainty” (very big concept in Scn). It all involves the very essence of brainwashing. Hubbard was trained in hypnosis and used it extensivley. Members are totally unable to see it as the indoctrination is so deep, pervasive and all-encompassing. I belive that although not at first, eventually even Hubbard came to believe his own fantasies; he’d brainwashed himself. Anything actually useful was borrowed or more likely stolen by Hubbard from others; often from others in Scn. For example a married couple of Hubb’s students (the Byrners) were school teachers and actually developed the “study tech” and presented it to Hubb. He took credit for it as his own and gave zero credit for it to Byrners or anyone else. The first “clear” John McMaster, came up with “Power Processing” and again, full credit was taken by Hubbard. The Remote Viewers such as Ingo Swann were working on their own, totally aside from Hubbard. He was a compulsive, story-telling fraud who came to believe in his own B/S. Unfortunately, members of the cult are utterly unable to see or believe what it really is – which is all part of the indoctrination. He was a good organizer and some of what he stole or plagarized was useful and, along with his long-winded and imaginative story-telling was sufficient to gain a following and achieve “success”.

  6. Dreadful rubbish. The same stuff was obtained in ’94 via Ouija board and put forward by someone called Irland. Earthquakes in Alabama. Now there’s a song.
    A ouija board. Don’t ever, ever, ever use one of those. All kinds of scum are on pretend mode to f with you. Capisce?

  7. enjoyed reading these papers several times over, and I know when somebody is being sincere and Wes Penre is honest and there are no lies being told here. I have done my own research even well before I came across these papers years ago. My research and information I sought brought me to a lot of the same topics written in these papers. Of course these papers have more information, connecting the dots, and bringing new light and I fully understand certain subjects or things that were not making sense. I follow Anton Parks work, I never really could get into Zachariah Stitchin however, because just going with my gut, I felt he was off and knowingly off, on things he published, so I don’t really refer to him or his work, I don’t discredit him either for I am not educated in the field of translating ancient languages and I only speak and understand one language myself..
    ..I agree with Wes fully and I would have to say in all honesty that of all things I have read these papers were and will always be my favorite, as I have forwarded your work and this website to over a dozen people of whom I know that were also looking for answers..
    THANK YOU WES Penre you have completely blown my mind with your research and you done more than an amazing job. These papers are a huge contribution to mankind.
    Jahara Li
    from Stockton, California

  8. Ruminate-that’s a good one. Check that with one of your local farmers. They’ve got plenty of ruminants you can talk to, exchange ideas with, and together, formulate a worldview.

  9. The traps and fissures in your journey no doubt you have encountered before this day and many another, into night and morning, again the morn’s morn as the sun rises again over us all.
    This man is a liar. There is no empire.

  10. Thank you wes and ariel for all your hard work. I’ve read your papers and followed your videos. Remarkable to say the very least. Again thanks a lot guys, sending you both love.

  11. Misinformation is like volunteer grass in a wheatfield and yes, that is a horticultural designation. The same occurence is here, in the the more acculturated sphere of ideation. The Orion Empire trope is fantasy. Be dead, have your memory excised, be left with your emotional astral kit, get drawn in to the tunnel, born yet again, a pullet to have your feathers plucked. Bye now.

    • Mikey Mittc hell,Wes Penre is a mesanger to write the paper he is compromise they have his daughterI hope you know his life story?do more reading about Wes Penre? than just judgemental comment witch you are creating more karma for your self.The rule in the cosmic universe is love unconditionally.We are here at Earth School spiritual soul to evolve.In my opinion since I have time 24 X 7 days a week to read as much time I like from 6-8-12 hrs a day 7 day a week. I educate my self specially human creation ascension speritual path of who we are human? why we are here? what is our purpose?Earth is the genetic lab of the Queen of Orion she give us her Khaa sprit sole a breath of life the love and light the tree of life the 2 snake is the code of we are the light star being, before she give to Enki her son to be in charge in this planet Earth genetic lab he is the geneses in the Bible we read in new testament.You see we are the genetic lab means we are the Orion gene pig.The rest if you are trully a seeker of truth and not a troll you be careful how you defind your self it manifest what you say thought creation.As you are here to become a creator godself creator, is our mission to master why we are here and we are at the end of the last cycle of 2020.In my opinion good lock we are already in Lockdown it will happen any time the big even.

  12. Blow it out your arse. The same shit was going round in the seventies and eighties with the Seth Books. Get outta here, though, get some regular plungers with dosh on your Orion thang, you’ll be ok. Gran Canaria is nice.

  13. Retired US Marine Corp man catches a chld in his arms, dropped from the third storey of a burning building. A man, a black man, a gentleman and a scholar and in this happenstance, also an acrobat. Many happy ret urns to him on the childs birthdays upcoming. Thank you sir!

    • Idiot, the Earth surface is almost flat. Water bending at 180 degrees naturally not gonna happen. BTW, use the Elevation above sea level wherever you chose on the Earth surface and I assure you 100% you won’t find the mighty curvature. We’re living in a Dome simulation dummy! I didn’t read all the papers yet but I see a lot of truthful information. To evolve from this life you have to solve the puzzle of it! Go to Hell bitch!

      • It’s interesting how some people use rudeness and intimidation to spread their message, thinking that will do the trick. Not very intelligent, I would say. To use to old cliche, “it tells me more about you than it does about me.” You have a very long way to go, but nothing is impossible, of course. Good luck on your journey.

  14. Oi Wes, o que significa o covid19 para a humanidade? Qual a mensagem? De quem ? Para que? Fico intrigado com essa pandemia. Gratidão

    • Wes, I am a targeted individual being monitored by different groups including the intelligence agencies, private security contractors, and satanic cults. My question is this: why are they so interested in me?

      • Hi Anhony,
        I do not know the details of your particular situation,
        However, Princess Diana was an incarnated Light Being (one of only two on the planet then) who before he murder stated in an interview that: Everyone around her greatly feared her – simply due to the strength she carried.
        Imagine living smack in the middle of THAT reptilian family!

      • Search yourself on the FOIA sites and if you do not show up you are not a political enemy however you can still be a spiritual upset therefore my advice is to shield yourself in etheric light. I’m sure Wes can help with guidance on how to accomplish said cloaking.

  15. According to deep research in quantum physics, to use an analogy, this reality resembles a conglomeration of frequencies hardened into a reality, all floating on an original frequency base as yet uncodified into solidity by an intelligence, unlike this place, for whatever purpose.
    A brane, of which we are inherently a part.
    All that we are, or dream, or do, a patch of seaweed floating on an ocean.

  16. Do you know about the work of Lana Cantrell ? “Lana Cantrell – The Greatest Story Never Told” ?

    It’s about history and historical relationship between the gods of INdia and the sacred text.

    If you want to know more about the book (just a bit) contact me. The book is up for sale on Amazon.

  17. Hi Kevin, that old reality breaks in again. It’s a damned nuisance, ain’t it eh? Orion Empire? http://www.holographicuniverseworkshops.com
    And that’s for starters, the main course, a book, as usual.
    ‘Can You Stand The Truth’, by Agneliki Anagnostou. I hope it doesn’t disappear down the memory hole, like others I could mention. Hi Wes.

  18. Hello, Wes. I was wondering about how you’re able to contact beings outside of this matrix. I know they more than likely won’t say hello to any random person with questions, but I only contact other beings (within this matrix for that matter) when I really need it. Which is rare. Do you feel comfortable sharing how you contact them, or can you at all? If not, I totally understand! My email is sylverwillow711@gmail.com. Any answer is a suitable answer! Thanks!

  19. I have read all material. First in early 2000, now revisiting. What you share rings true. History, archaeology, religion, heritage and yes political movements. I would like to ask you the following: 1) Is Zionism the same as New World order? 2) If one accepted a religion on this planet, but internally rejects it, is there any true help when you die? From your writings, it looks like a solo journey. I want out of here.

  20. Hi Wes, still running interference? Your mix match of worlds in collision fiction and half baked selected untruths, same old,, doesn’t do you any credit, you old operative.

  21. Dear Wes:
    My first, rather long missive, disappeared into the ether because I had neglected to log into WordPress before I could post it. Ah well, that is life. Am logged in now and I will try again.
    My twin sister sent me your “death trap” article and it resonated with me. I am now reading Paper #1. I have also read your article on the Illuminati and it scared the socks off me but the signs of it’s truthfulness are all over the place, if you know where to look.

    Anyways, I have a few questions and I hope you are ok with them:

    1. Can the grid be destroyed either from within or outside the 4%?
    2. Can a soul that has gotten “out” try to get other souls out?

    This sounds like bad “made for tv” type of questions, doesn’t it. Is there further information in the other Papers?

    3. Do you know if anything is scheduled to happen in 2022?

    Two authors that I have read: Dolores Cannon and Max de Lafayette have written about changes coming in the near future or 2022..but ..I do not know.

    Dolores talks about 3 waves of beings that came to Earth to help us humans get their act together. Accordingly, I am part of the First Wave (born in 1951) and I had to start with zero memory when born.
    That always bothered me, the memory loss. Anything I read previously said that losing the memory at the start of a new life was part of a test. If I am there to help, Why?
    Reading about the trap solved part of that issue. For many years I bought into the white light/tunnel scenario with family and friends and religious icons greeting the newly departed. One life review later and then back on the mincemeat reincarnation Wheel. Over and over forever. With no memory, back to square one until, apparently you get it right. A bunch of monkeys that are locked in a room with pens/pencil or typewriter will eventually get something legible, maybe. That is what we are to the PTB. Your article solved the memory/reincarnation issue for me. Thank you.

    Max wrote that in 2022, the Anunnaki are supposed to come and close down the great Earth experiment and do a cleansing/judgement of the planet’s people. But, their bar of who is “saved” is so high,
    I think you would have to have lived your whole life in a cave to qualify. From what I have read about the Anunnaki, they were no saints. Just pissed off scientists.

    Anyways, thank you for your research and writing and thank you for make it readily available to people like me.

    Hugs and blessings.
    PS. Read some of the previous comments. If all a person has to say is rudeness and crude insults, they really should not comment. It helps no one.

  22. Hi Wes
    I’ve been reading your material for past few weeks and i am overwhelmed by the volume of the content you are providing. Both the illuminati-news website and the learning levels, i found highly informing. I found myself reading your articles for hours and branching to other researches when i found a keyword from your articles. And I’m reading the learning levels paper by paper.
    I just wanted to thank you and and tell you that I’ve learned a lot from your content. And as i diving deep down into this (the shadow government and the knowledge they have hide from rest) I’m getting more and more serious about learning all i can find. Living in a country of decay like mine (Iran) with a lot of negativity (in form of energy) i can clearly see how the government is trying to direct people in its own interest using lots of tools including religion, mass media and etc. Here is a playground for the shadow government you are talking about. They tests things here, before they incorporate them into their plans for the rest of the world. Things as small as playing groceries are in the hands of government here in form of small malls.

    Thanks you
    And keep adding to the learning levels 🙂

  23. Dear Wes I am looking at a you tube site called Cosmic Agency that claims to be in an internet contact with Taygetens from the Plaeides. A highly technological race who say they are here to help humanity ascend to the next dimension. Some of their techno disclosures are interesting but I am long enough in the tooth to know that I should beware of Greeks bearing gifts they are usually Trojan Horses. Have you come across this channel? Whilst they say they have a strict code of non interference called THE PRIME DIRECTIVE some of their actions on ‘our behalf ‘ seem otherwise They are very keen to promote the ascension paradigm. Many thanks for all your research Philip

  24. I have a really rare blood type and the amount of coincidences that lead me to your website is pretty amazing i dont really have any questions at the moment but if do i will be trying to contact you i dont want to put my blood type out there but if interested please respond

  25. Theres a lot of misinformation around the internet ,some of the lies are so big there like Ripley’s believe or not ,because there so entrenched so wide they become the Norm when in fact there a deception sold perfectly…

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    • Thankyou for taking the time to answer my question. I’d love to have access to these ancient texts. Can they be found easily or are they restricted from the public. Freemasons know about the Namlu oo. I have asked two members of the organization and they both said they knew of them.

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  29. Hi,my name is Heart, from South Africa,eastrand, Springs. I have all your learning papers even thou I read them zigzag but not in order as you recommend sometimes. Can you clarify for me between Higher self and Guardian Angels in respect to human and their relative abode .and also about the spirit called Aiwass in brief. And lastly are the kumaras sons of which God. And not to forget about the old ones and Egyptian Horus as whether are they also within the densities trap?

    • Hello Wes, what is your research saying on the benevolent race called “The Blue Avians” spoken by Corey Goode? Evelyn

    • Hello Wes,my name is Gheorghe and i am from Romania,thank you for all your informations you gave us,but I’m interested in where you got all the information, the source of the information you posted over time,because as far as I know, a galactic encyclopedia has not yet been published.
      Thank you!

      • Namlu’u is a name I borrowed from Anton Parks (French researcher into the Anunnaki). There is no known name for the orgininal human species, and I liked that name. There is information in the ancient texts about this primordial humankind that existed before homo sapiens. I’ve also had the priviledge of communicating with sources not from within this Matrix, and from there, I’ve learned a lot. No, I’m not channeling :). The sources need to be anonymous because they are not welcome here by En.ki and the other Overlords.

    • Hi Wes, What a brilliant piece of work ..I am slowly trawling through the papers but may need to re read them as there is a lot of information…its brilliant for me as it ties up a lot of loose strings so to speak in what I have learned over the last 50 years…it is extremely thought provoking, well written and researched. I will write again when I have finished studying this…..Thank you for your offering which must have entailed many many hours of work… it seems true to me but I like the fact room is left for further investigation and rumination…

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