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17 thoughts on “SITE MAP

  1. WARNING! Do not try to go to Orion. I believe this is the host planet to the parasitic infection that has imprisoned humanity. Wes, what agenda do you have directing people to the very place in which our captures came from? Everyone needs to research ORION. The government would have long taken down this website if there was not misinformation. Listen to your spirit and nothing else. We listen to everything and everybody else but ourselves thus further entrapping our spirit. The one true living God is in you, find and connect with him (not her). Sophia is not the one true living God. She created the matrix.

    • @The Truth Firstly, Orion is not a planet–it’s a Universe… our Universe outside the Matrix. I am not talking about the Orion constellation, the Orion nebula, or any specific place in the Universe. I am talking about the Universe as a whole–Orion or ARY.AN. Has nothing to do with what you are talking about. You probably just saw the name Orion and immediately thought it was something bad you’d heard. To understand better what I’m talking about, please read my new book, “The ORION Book” that I just released on Amazon:

      If you don’t want to buy or read the book, go to the link and read the “Look Inside” section, where I clearly state what Orion is and what it is not in regard to alternative research. You have your answer right there.

  2. Does anyone have any information on Pollux and Castor and the planet that goes around Pollux, the beings that live there and the history? And it’s connection to Earth? Thanks , much appreciated.

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    • Are you aware of one of the 1st mandate written in ink by “society’s” frontman Weishaupt around 600yrs ago regarding “those who have the publics eyes or ears”? Well, there’s that deterant…that, and as soon as to you gain in materialism and ego you credibility of your information becomes questionable. being in the loop, whoever wrote this, I’m sure WesPenre is an alias. They most likely had his DNA and conciousness recorded to control this info if the afore mentioned deterant require the”applications” Via tech we cannot disclose till this threat is countered.

    • My two cents. I think everyone is clicking on the PDF icon, which works for Levels 1 through 4 but doesnt for 5. The link on the PDF icon gets you nowhere while the text under ““Fifth Level of Learning PART 1” (and Part 2) is the correct hyperlink. If you can correct the link for the PDF icon itself, problem solved. Love the article on escaping the death trap, will now read all your papers.

  4. Can’t seem to get the 5th level of learning PDF to work…
    PS – thank YOU for providing all this information for free!

  5. Wes,
    I am a 70 yr old tx male who has searched for truth my entire life & kissed alot of frogs along the way. YOU are the pony under that pile if shit I have been digging through.

    THANK YOU (And Ariel) for what you have gifted humankind. I am wrkg my way thru WWP & have learned more truth in the past 2
    3 months than in my previous lifetime. Your approach is wonderful because your research summaries saves so much time and your inserted intuitive commentary is RIGHT ON. As you demonstrate with such a refreshing absence of hubris, to grow we must be willing to be wrong.

    To Ariel; you have a pleasant voice to listen to as I begin the new YT Vids.

    I regret I cannot write you a big fat check to support what you are giving; I am disabled with a Morgellons-like infection. I have believed I could learn how to self-heal as ND then teach others the same but no success so far.

    No doubt we are family,

    Ansel Greer III

    • Have you tried Boron? I saw a video that referenced Boron to get rid of the crap causing Morgellions like infections. A pinch 3x a day in 8oz water

    • Nina….I had the same issue. Hover your mouse over the text “Fifth Level of Learning PART 1” and click on it, opens the PDF.

  6. Thanks Wes,
    I came across your Papers when you had only been writing for a few years and over the ensuring years at least 10+, I find that I continue to come back to your papers, in my own research to what *IS* the true story for/on this planet and *WHO* are the masters of this grand experiment and lastly perhaps most importantly ‘HOW’ did we as Soul get entrapped here.
    I love this planet for her beauty and what she gives to us as Soul’d Humans
    I could go on and on, but thought I’d just send you a ‘Thanks’ for writing your papers and giving another perspective of the Grand Illusionary Tale that’s been spun here.

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