Sixth Level of Learning, Part 21: Reflecting Thoughts and Musings

by Wes Penre, June 25, 2020

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I. What can we Expect of Ourselves After Gaining Gnosis?

So, now we have discussed what the Gnostic texts say about the Consummation of the Age and what we might expect if everything goes per the Divine Plan. We have, of course, no idea when or if these things described as the Consummation of the Age will happen as planned, but if we look at today’s world, even if we only include this year of 2020, when this is written, there are signs everywhere that the Consummation is near. These changes are something I think we all have noticed.

The Gnostic texts were written nearly 2,000 years ago, but if we transfer that over to the modern era, what can we expect now, and what should we do?

I would like to start with a couple of Gnostic quotes,

O Shem, it is difficult for someone wearing a body to complete these things, as I said to you. And it is a small number that will complete them, those who possess the particle of the mind and the thought of the light of the spirit […]

But those who do not share in the spirit of light and in faith will dissolve in the darkness, the place where repentance did not come.

The Paraphrase of Shem

As stated above, there are not many of us who will persist and really wake up to do the job we are here to accomplish, but we who are dedicated can’t do anything else but to proceed waking ourselves up and help others do the same, by spreading our own Light around. Many “humans” on Earth are either not Spirited or are deeply asleep.

After the solution appeared, to ensure that nothing be hidden and everything be openly revealed, there are two essentials: the destruction of evil and the revelation of the elect. This solution entails the emanation of truth and spirit, and of grace bestowed by truth.

The Treatise on Resurrection

Here, Yeshua talks about how the Light will defeat Darkness, which will lead to the Apocalypse. This requires of us to live in Spirit and Grace, and to be the Truth we are inside. For those who need a reminder, Grace means benevolence, forgiveness, love, compassion, gift, and healing offered through benevolent mercy. If we live by this, we are living in Spirit, and we are spreading Light around us, inspiring and affecting others who are like us and are ready to wake up.

II. Four Types of Humans

The Gnostic texts talk about four kinds of human in On the Origin of the World. I’d like to muse on this for a moment. These types will be listed from the most ignorant to the most spiritually inclined,

1st type: Flesh oriented. These are the ones who really don’t understand anything beyond this realm–the flesh-oriented realm.  They don’t accept anything else. They are highly materialistic and completely trust the five senses to be their guide. This even includes those who consider themselves religious. Those who abide to religious or governmental laws fall into this category. They look up to authoritarian figures and listen to them, mostly without judging what these authorities say or do. They only listen to basic needs, only looking for security and pleasure. It has nothing to do with believing in God or not. It is very important to them what others think of them. They become a “plastic” person. They are the masses. You know them by their need to consume–the desire for lust for material things. They need security, image, reputation; they are consuming their very souls.

2nd type: Psychic oriented. This type is more driven in a conscious way. They are more self-aware and not so shaped by opinions of others. They have some sense of orientation to their inside world and some cognition. They also have some capacity to understand their true nature and don’t necessarily go with the masses. They are more independent. They don’t necessarily need to believe in God to belong to this type, but they often consider the possibility that there might be something Higher. This type of humans is moved by what’s going on in their internal self. These are the PSYCHIC individuals (psychic means soul-oriented). They recognize something greater than the material world. They might call it superior intelligence, soul, etc.

3rd type: The Nomadics. They understand that this realm is only one realm and there exists a higher realm. They have a longing to leave this realm; not in a suicidal way, although they might be suicidal during short moments, but not overall. They also understand the preciousness of life. They know that life requires of them to rise to the occasion and not to lowering themselves to the point of taking their own lives. They know inside that they have a mission that must be accomplished that is larger than this realm. They feel they have been seeded here for a purpose. They understand that this world is somehow artificial and that they will ascend this realm. They do not necessarily believe in a God.

4th type: The Kingless and Perfect. They have been able to “sacrifice” themselves to the Truth[1]. They are at peace with the Truth. They are willing to go to the “cross” for this Truth. They don’t need to be cognizant of being Christos or Christinos (feminine), but their actions will show it. They will move humanity in a most transcendental way and bring humanity to a higher level of cognition. They might not know it themselves, but it will be undeniable for those left behind that the 4th type were a type of God or “Saint.” No one can force this to happen–it will only be within us when we’ve reached this point. It has essentially been seeded in us by the Monad Itself. If we force it, we will create a martyr syndrome which will cause all kinds of psychological damage to us and others around us. Instead, it unfolds naturally. It should be an effortless outcome, without forcing anything on self and others. It doesn’t mean it’s not filled with struggles–our own struggles and obstacles. People might be pushing against us. We don’t force anything or push anyone, we don’t kill anyone, and we don’t use armies. Neither did Christ. When we’re able to do that, we’re a Kingless being[2]. Right now, these are the smaller percentage of us. It’s enough for us to be psychic beings in order to go to the realm of the Holy Souls. That in itself is an enormous achievement. But everybody will, according to the texts, ascend beyond the Seven Heavens. That’s where the vast majority will go—to Orion.

All humans will fall under one of these categories or somewhere in between two of them. We might temporary fall back to a previous type, but we will usually fairly quickly return to the type of which we currently belong. If we are Spirited humans, we will, over lifetimes, transcend through these four stages of being—all in our own pace.

Once we’re awake to Spirit, we no longer feel the need to fear things that we’re surrounded by in this realm. The more we “advance,” the less the archons will be able to feed from us, which eventually only leaves them to feed off each other until they experience exhaustion and unconsciousness. So, these are the four basic types.

III. Our Reaction to the World Around Us

We have nothing to fear from 5G, forced vaccinations, or any other hidden and not so hidden agendas instigated by the Global Elite, who are completely acting and taking orders from the archons inside. These archons are in complete control over them and use them as vessels. Also, we need not fear mind control or manipulation once we’ve opened up to Spirit. None of these things can stop us from being us. They can’t harm us anymore. We’re capable of overcoming all that with our willpower—our Gnosis. We stop living in fear and start feeling an inner peace and calmness that is always there even when we sometimes lose the grip over our emotions and reactions. We will quickly recognize it for what it is, and those archontic emotions and reactions will be briefer and briefer, until we, with little effort, can keep the archons inside and around us in check. They stand no chance against Spirit—there is nothing they can do because there is nothing they can feed from when Spirit is in real control.

But if we instead put our faith in science, we will continue living in fear. Here is Philip, the disciple, talking to the other disciples, based on what Yeshua told him:

A person is either in this world or in the resurrection—or in the middle place. May I not be found there! In this world there is good and evil, but the good of the world is not really good and the evil of the world is not really evil. After this world there is evil that is really evil: this is called the middle. The middle is death. As long as we are in this world, we should acquire resurrection, so that when we take off the flesh we may be found in rest and not wander in the middle. For many go astray on the way.

Gospel of Philip

Yaldabaoth is for ascension rather than transcension. Ascension is through naivety and ignorance, while transcension is about Wisdom and Knowledge.

IV. The Singularity—the Archons are Panicking!

Yaldabaoth and his archontic forces are quite desperate by now—we can see it by observing what is going on in the world and how rapidly things move toward the Singularity[3]. For them, it’s a race against time.

We are currently living in what we call the Underworld, which is at the bottom of the part of the Kenoma that can host human bodies. If we, metaphorically speaking, currently live in a world of wet cement, we would, if we descend any further, probably transform into dry cement, like petrified—we would not be able to function as human beings. Beneath that, there is only the Abyss. The Rulers know that this realm is their last hiding place in darkness—they have nowhere else to go, and they have painted themselves into a corner. If the Light comes, they have no choice but to having their darkness/ignorance revealed.

Therefore, they have a plan—albeit a desperate one. They call it the Singularity, and we are in the middle of it already. They have managed to manipulate people, and probably even their spokes-people, such as Ray Kurzweil and Michio Kaku, into believing that the Singularity is just a transmutation of our bodies, so the physical body can live forever; so-called “cyborgs.” In addition, our consciousness will be transmitted into an A.I. Cloud, where our personality will live forever and be able to share all human Kenoma knowledge with each other in an instant. However, nothing is what it seems, so let’s take a look at what the Singularity and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) more likely is about.

Yes, they are planning for us to live “forever,” and the Cloud is a very real thing. Social media, smartphone texts and phone calls are all tracked, and 5G will enhance this tracking via satellites, until we have no privacy left at all—every movement is being registered. There will be satellites covering every inch of the planet, etc. They already know almost everything about us, and a copy (as usual) of our consciousness and personality is already in the Cloud.

The current plandemic (COVID-19) is a major step in separating us physically, so we can’t interact with each other anymore, and children can’t play and bond with each other. Everybody will be prepared to permanently work from home on their Internet devices. Everything will be done in solitude and on the computers, which will become much more sophisticated. We will no longer be able to leave our houses, and to begin with, androids will deliver what we order online—even food. Humankind will get used to working from home and interacting with each other through their devices alone. Implants and other technology will force us to merge with the virtual reality inside the devices. As the saying goes, “consciousness goes where our focus is.” Our biological bodies will eventually be obsolete, and we will make a transition into the virtual reality world, and it will be quite seamless.

If you think this is way out there, consider this: there was a young man who put his virtual reality glasses on, and just as an experiment, he lived in a virtual reality game for a week on his computer, without taking his glasses off. When he finally did, he told us what he’d experienced. After a while, he was so engaged in the virtual reality (VR) that he couldn’t tell that it wasn’t the real world—it was just as real as this one, and his consciousness had transformed into it. After his experiment, when he took his glasses off, this world felt like the virtual world, rather than the VR world he’d experienced for a week. He was quite shocked. We highly recommend that you watch this video—it’s only 16 minutes long: It eerily reminds us of the movie The Matrix! Only, this is for real! We will not be attached to the new Matrix with cables, like in the movies, but with our minds, until our physical bodies become obsolete. In the VR world, there is no sickness and no death. If your avatar gets damaged, you just get a new one, or it will be fixed by adjusting the software.

This is a frightening scenario, but it becomes more and more obvious that this is the direction humankind is taking, unless we do our best to complete our task so the Divine Spirit can return to this solid realm and be successful.

V. The Invasion of Orion

Why are the Rulers doing all this?

In the previous Wes Penre Papers’ Levels of Learning, I wrote about a planned invasion of Orion (the Eighth and Ninth Heavens). It certainly doesn’t seem like this has changed in any way. If they have our soul consciousness, sprinkled with Spirit, their plan seems to be to first collect the entire human soul group’s soul-fire in the Cloud and then let us go.

This can probably be accomplished in two ways. The archons will let us know that it’s time to ascend and go home, and they manipulate us into believing this is our next step. Another way to do it is just to program our mass consciousness to go to Orion and invade it, convincing us that Orion is the enemy. From what it looks like, it could be a mix of both, but the latter is what they apparently are most concentrated on. So, how can they get us on their side?

Well, most people in the human soul group already are on the side of the archons, unbeknownst to them. We have been groomed since this construct was created through manipulations, unjust wars, laws, conflicts, trauma, conformation, and narcissism.

As mentioned, because of Yaldabaoth and his Minion’s desperation, their agenda is now escalating. Social media and social distancing play a huge part in this. Now, they are also suggesting we should defund the police force. All this together creates a highly narcissistic society, where it’s all about me, me, me! It’s become pure survival, first of all, and second, in order to get attention and admiration, young people, in particular, feel forced to seek admiration on Facebook and other social media. “Look at me, I am better than that other person who has so many likes on his/her page!” To not feel left out and lose admirers, young people photoshop their pictures, make up interesting life stories, and feel forced to lie about themselves on social media to draw attention. They know they will probably never meet their social media “friends” in real life anyway, so what does it matter? Young people create a false self on the Internet, and this is the false self they eventually come to believe is them. This creates narcissism, which is all about “false self.” This, in combination with social distancing—particularly with children—will create a new generation of narcissistic people. And the archons are specifically targeting the younger generation, which is the future.

In other words, the archons want us to be like them! They want to create a narcissistic global society, and we’re getting very close to it. Mental health professionals have noticed the great increase in narcissism[4], and they blame it to a large degree on social media, which is absolutely correct. Then, when we become more like them, it’s a piece of cake to manipulate the population to invade Orion because then we and the archons understand each other and can “communicate” on the same wavelength. Humankind will be more robotic/cyborgic. Once we are operating from the Cloud as a mass consciousness, the archons no longer need to manipulate individuals or smaller or larger groups of people—they can manipulate the entire soul population at once because in the Cloud they have access to all of us simultaneously—it’s a network where we all are literally connected.

In the beginning of this paper, we discussed Yaldabaoth’s ascension process. In previous papers across the levels of learning I have also written about the Between Lives Area (BLA), where souls are recycled. For thousands of years, souls have ascended within Yaldabaoth’s Seven Heavens, in order to eventually reach the Christian Heaven, or any Heaven a person perceives as real, based on their religious beliefs or their beliefs in general. The question is, has this process stopped? Is the BLA closed, and instead of going into the BLA, our consciousness goes into the Cloud? We don’t know if this process has already begun or not, but if not, it is just a matter of a short time. I personally believe that their database and cloning of our personality to build appropriate avatars in their VR world is a mission that’s completed. If not, there are only a few fine adjustments left to do.

It makes sense that Yaldabaoth will close the recycling center and instead let souls who depart from their physical body go into the Cloud instead. In their ignorance, they will be drawn into the Machine Kingdom rather than going through the Grid and out of here.

Then, when they let us all loose, and Yaldabaoth opens the gates to the Heavens and let us go, they attach themselves to our souls and “ride our Avatar,” as I wrote in previous levels. This way, they hope to be able to break through the Saturn stargate and invade the upper Heavens and take them over and defeat Sophia/Christ, Sabaoth, his army, and any other beings who live in Orion at the moment. We will be like batteries to them, and our soul energy and our Spirit will keep them alive. They see this as their last and only chance to survive. For the archons, it’s really about life and death. Yaldabaoth, however, can be redeemed, and needs to be redeemed, but if he tries to invade Orion, his redemption will probably be at stake. He will act out of such ignorance that he will be even more difficult to wake up.

Personally, from all I’ve learned, I don’t think they will succeed. It’s a desperate plan by desperate beings. But many human souls will probably succumb in the effort. Now, with all this in mind, we can much more clearly see how important our own mission is, can’t we?

VI. What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is everything in this universe that lacks spirit or lives in complete ignorance (such as Human Type 1 above) and is created within the Kenoma. It’s not necessarily about making our current bodies into some kind of cyborgs—it’s more a transmutation into merging with the “machine,” i.e. virtual reality. Thus, the “Machine Kingdom” I wrote about in the First Level of Learning.

From what it seems to me, the nanobots that are put in our bodies through chemtrails, vaccines, medicines, and food, etc., is not an effort to make our biological bodies live forever—it’s just a part of the transmutation into the merge with the new virtual Kingdom. I think the nanobots, like any implants, are just put into us being a part of the transition. They might respond to whatever technology is in Elon Musk’s satellites to make it easier to transmute. A.I. and the Singularity has nothing to do with robots, Android Sophias, or anything like it. Although androids may be useful to begin with, not even they will be necessary, long-term.

Yaldabaoth can be said to be part artificial intelligence and part Spirit. In this sense, he is a cyborg, and his archons are artificial intelligence because they come from him and are basically advanced thought-forms of Yaldabaoth’s different characteristics—they are artificial intelligence in its true meaning. Although humankind can never be completely artificial intelligence because we have a Genuine Soul and Spirit attached, we can begin to act exactly like real A.I., i.e. the archons. And that seems to be the purpose. They want to completely outsmart us and use the genuine part of us as batteries. They know they can’t get into Orion without us, and taking Orion by force is their last chance to survive from what they know lies ahead—the Consummation of the Age.

VII. Back to Gnosis

I hope this last paper in the Sixth Level of Learning has made sense. Can the reader see how important it is to wake up to Spirit and spread our Light in all this darkness? If we don’t, who is going to do it? There are many people who have contacted us over the years, being upset over why Orion, or somebody else benevolent, is not coming to save or rescue us. This is victimhood, and the truth is the absolute opposite—we are here to do the job and to be the saviors. Yes, we will be withdrawn from the Kenoma when the Light of Sophia/Christ is coming down for the Consummation of the Age, but first, we need to do the groundwork so this can happen.

I understand that people are concerned about their friends and relatives, who might not have woken up yet, but as explained in the previous paper, all human Spirit will be withdrawn from the Kenoma. Yes, people who are still in darkness can’t have their soul withdrawn—only Spirit—and the soul/Kenoma personality/ego will need to stay here until the Consummation is over, but the Spirit will return to Sophia in Orion.

We want to complete this level of learning by repeating that once you’ve woken up to Spirit, you have nothing to fear, regardless of what happens. No one can harm you, and you will know that once you are awakened. Your flesh can be harmed, but that is of the Kenoma. Your Spirit is immortal and untouchable. Spirit will inevitably be withdrawn from the Kenoma and eventually return to the Pleroma when we’re ready to do so. This doesn’t mean that we should just accept everything the authorities tell us—quite the contrary. Feel confident, once in Spirit, that you will KNOW what to do when the governments of the world are implementing one thing after the other to get us into the Singularity. Overcome you fears, and the best way to do that is, again, to wake up to Spirit. That alone will take away a lot of fear because you will know who you are. Many people who have read these papers have probably already woken up to Spirit, but we highly, highly recommend that you read the original Gnostic texts because if you haven’t woken up to Spirit yet, the original text might very well do the job—we can’t stress that enough! It’s very important that each person does their part to help both humanity and our Higher Self—Sophia. These texts can be read for free online on this website:

Once Spirit and soul have been withdrawn from the Kenoma, just before the Consummation, Orion will be our next destination. Even if we die a natural death tomorrow, we will still go to Orion, of course, and the same procedure applies. It’s our understanding that whether we die naturally tomorrow or will be withdrawn by the Consummation, we will wait in Orion until all Spirit is retrieved from the Kenoma, and the lower Heavens have imploded.

VIII. What’s Next? Orion or the Pleroma?

After that, it seems like we will be given a choice. We can either stay in Orion (the Eighth and Ninth Heavens, which will be all that remains of the Universe) as Genuine Soul/Spirit and become Creator Gods in these realms, or we can choose to completely become Zoë Sophia/Jesus Christ again, and we let Zoë retrieve our Spirit because we are her. Together with her and Jesus Christ (Khan En.lil), we then return to the Pleroma and become Pistis Sophia/Christ, the Aeon. It is quite apparent that not everybody is ready to return to the Pleroma yet, even after entering Orion, which seems to be perfectly fine. The majority of humans might want to continue their journey for as long as necessary as Creator Gods in Orion, which is vast with lots of creative opportunities. Then, one “day,” these human souls will feel they are done and will return to the Pleroma, as well.

Last, we want to clarify something. Our ego/personality, e.g. Lisa, John, Bob, etc. is just a summary of our experiences in the Kenoma—a compellation of the experiences of soul/mind/body and is not following us into the Pleroma. The soul is just a “loan,” and when we don’t need to experience the Kenoma or Orion anymore, the soul/mind, as we know it, will cease to exist. We ARE Sophia and will go back to Sophia in Spirit because that’s where we came from. Thus, we will BE Sophia/Christ in the Pleroma and experience the Pleroma existence from her/his perspective. However, the Kenoma experiences will be stored as memories in Spirit. If you were Lisa in the Kenoma, not only all of Lisa’s experiences will be stored in Sophia’s memory, but also the memories of all Spirited humans who have ever existed, so it’s not like your memories will be wiped out. The difference is that you will no longer be emotionally attached to all these lives you and others have lived—they will just stay as experiences.

Perhaps, a good metaphor would be to imagine Sophia as a sun. The sun sent out her sunbeams and attached them to x number of souls, who in turn were attached to human physical bodies. That’s the part of Spirit we currently have within us. Then, when time is right, Sophia will retract those beams into herself and return in full to the Pleroma. Thus, we become her. In other words, we are not individual Spirits—at least not originally—we only have the illusion of separation. Before we even became human, we were her, and to her we will return. We are eventually going home.

How will the existence be as Sophia/Christ in the Pleroma? We will become an androgynous Aeon. Because Christ was emanated with the attributes and characteristics of all the other Aeons together, we will, as Sophia, be able to create, using all these characteristics. We will be able to create our own universes in a balanced way, without deficiency.

We want to make clear that because we will lose our ego (Lisa) it doesn’t mean we become “someone else.” We have always been Sophia.

This is the end of the Sixth Level of Learning. We wish everybody Good Luck with their own Awakening to Spirit and finding Gnosis. You will find our email address in the “About” section of this website if you have questions, and you can also leave comments below. We are doing our best to keep up with these comments and reply to them.

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[1] When I use the word “Truth” with a capital T, it means the Highest Spiritual Truth. Truth with a small t denotes the relative truth we perceive as humans in the Kenoma.

[2] Kingless means that we are still in this world but no longer of it. We belong to the Kingless Realm, i.e. the Pleroma.

[3] For more on the Singularity, please read my book, “Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind—A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond” [Second edition, 2016]

[4] See Richard Grannon’s and Dr. Sam Vaknin’s YouTube channels, for example. They both have posted long discussions about the danger of social media.

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The Gnostic Library (here you can find all Nag Hammadi Gospels online for free)

The Paraphrase of Shem

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