The 6th Level of Learning Removed!

by Wes Penre, March 21, 2021

Dear visitors,

The 6th Level of Learning was about the Gnostic Texts and consisted of 21 Papers. They have been temporarily removed because this was a joint effort by me and my ex-partner, Ariel Glad. Because of our separation, the articles and topics Ariel wrote on this subject need to be rewritten by me, and it will take a while, but it can be done.

So, please be patient and enjoy the material on my blog in the meantime at

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Warm regards,
Wes Penre

232 thoughts on “The 6th Level of Learning Removed!

  1. Hi Friends, Chris-Minoan thanks for being so kind as to help Others out with the 6th level here. I would like a copy when You can please too. Thanks again to You or Anyone who helps Me out with this, and to Wes also. May there be P E A C E in the World. With love and light, We are One


  2. “The Prayer Of Achilles”
    Lyrics from Iliad Epic, in original ancient Hellenic language made to a great song and music by Roni Iron…



    Another Researcher mentioned by Wes himself in his work
    And here is one of his very interesting recent videos:

    My wishes for a -no matter what- good new month April 2022 to All Human People


    • Greetings again. In working through the WPP, I have not yet found a diagram of an family tree. I am finding that trying to keep track of the entities is confusing. A family tree diagram or chart of all the characters would be very helpful. I suspect it’s out there, I just haven’t found it. Any info or direction as to where that might be is appreciated. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Brent


  4. Dear mister Wes Penre, can you please send me the sixt level by email.
    I follow you for years and especially in these special covid-19 last years.


        • Hello Cedric, it seems there is a problem with your email address !!!
          I’ve been trying (multiple times) to send you some things related to your last email reply to me but all times it proved a failure!
          Maybe your inbox needs cleaning to unblock
          A big file already sent by myself to the above email address (about Knossos) is also pending!!!
          Contact me a.s.a.p.!


  5. Hello everyone,
    One more big THANK YOU to Wes for all his tremendous and so eye-opening work through the years, doesn’t seem to be enough but that’s the least I can do and write down here for him.
    Anyways, although I’m not Wes and cannot speak for him and in order to let’s say give a helping hand, anyone who would like to receive the “6th Level of Learning” complete in PDF form, just let me know via a comment here, including an email address, and I’ll be sending them the file via email.
    Wes, although I’ve read the (1st as well as the new “hidden hand” one) “Hidden Hand” book in the past on your site, I recently purchased and have now received the paper back version from “amazon”, which is great to have and read thoroughly.

    THANK you Wes, and thanks everyone for taking the time to read this comment
    – Chris-Minoan


  6. Hello. It’s a f*cking horror. This is a tragedy! I would have found your site a year earlier, I would have found the sixth level of study. Now, as I understand it, you were forcibly ordered to delete the section, as it contained knowledge that should not have reached the masses. Apparently for the bottom, all five sections were acceptable, but on the sixth section their patience ran out.


  7. Karolien, ik ga mijn telenet account niet opzeggen.

    rik pieters boelare 142 eeklo

    zoek naar vrijheid probeer je droom waar te maken ondanks het vallen in het opstaan



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