Sixth Level of Learning, Paper #20: The Apocalypse and the Consummation of the Age

by Wes Penre, June 23, 2020

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Before you read this article, please first read Paper #19: Important Definition Before the Next Article!. There are some definitions there that will most likely help you to better understand this article. This one is perhaps the most important information in this series because it discusses what might possibly be ahead of us.

I. Our Human Mission Revisited

As mentioned in the previous article, the Consummation of the Age is about the end times, or the end of a Grand Cycle around the galactic center (the Milky Way). But let us first restate the Mission of the human soul group as it is explained in the Gnostic texts.

“All who come into the world, like a drop from the Light, are sent by him to the world of Almighty, that they might be guarded by him. And the bond of his forgetfulness bound him by the will of Sophia, that the matter might be <revealed> through it to the whole world in poverty, concerning his (Almighty’s) arrogance and blindness and the ignorance that he was named [pertaining to Yaldabaoth]. But I came from the places above by the will of the great Light, (I) who escaped from that bond; I have cut off the work of the robbers; I have awakened that drop that was sent from Sophia, that it might bear much fruit through me, and be perfected and not again be defective, but be <joined> through me, the Great Savior, that his glory might be revealed, so that Sophia might also be justified in regard to that defect, that her sons might not again become defective but might attain honor and glory and go up to their Father, and know the words of the masculine Light. And you were sent by the Son, who was sent that you might receive Light, and remove yourselves from the forgetfulness of the authorities, and that it might not again come to appearance because of you, namely, the unclean rubbing that is from the fearful fire that came from their fleshly part. Tread upon their malicious intent.”

The Sophia of Jesus Christ

We are here to receive Knowledge through Christ, leading to Gnosis, and then, our awakened Spirit will “ignite” to enlighten parts of this Construct—enough so that Christ can once again “take root” here and descend into this very dense realm.

It’s not about fighting back—that only adds fuel to the fire, and it feeds the archons perhaps more than anything else, resulting in further darkness because then we act out of the ignorant part of us instead from Spirit. It’s more division. We need to find the polarity of good and evil inside of us through inner reflection and then shine. When we clearly can define good and evil (Light and Darkness), we can distinguish between what is Spirit and what is not. Then, act from the good and discard the evil.

II. How Much Longer???

Many people have asked us how much longer we will live here in “limbo” before our mission is completed. And how long before the Consummation of the Age? Here is the answer:

Then I said, “… how much longer?” He said to me, “Until the moment when the true human, within a modeled form, reveals the existence of the spirit of truth that the father has sent.

The Hypostasis of the Archons

And moreover,

Matthew said, “Why do we not rest at once?”

The Lord said, “When you lay down these burdens!”

Matthew said, “How does the small join itself to the big?”

The Lord said, “When you abandon the works which will not be able to follow you, then you will rest.”

The Dialogue of the Savior

The first quote is telling us that this won’t be truly over for humankind in its entirety, until the Spirited humans, within their human bodies, wake up to the Spirit of Truth within. In the second quote, Matthew is impatient (like so many of us are today) and wants to rest now! However, the reply is that we can’t find complete rest in Spirit until we detach from the material realm. Anything in this world that we can’t take with us when we leave, we need to detach from—all of it. We must be completely ready to let go. Only soul and Spirit can leave.

Once awoken, Spirit inside feels the urge to let others know who they are and what is to come—but only those who are ready to see and listen. We are already at war—this is a Spiritual War, which will also become a physical war, according to the Gospels. We will lead the way and spread Light in the Realm of Darkness, and thereafter, lies cannot prevail. The archons will be destroyed, and eventually the part of Yaldabaoth that is of the material universe will be destroyed, as well—only his half-spirit will remain.

Then, in this aeon, which is the psychic one [the soul], the man will come into being who knows the great Power. He will receive (me) and he will know me. He will drink from the milk of the mother, in fact. He will speak in parables; he will proclaim the aeon that is to come, just as he spoke in the first aeon of the flesh, as Noah. Now concerning his words, which he uttered, he spoke in all of them, in seventy-two tongues. And he opened the gates of the heavens with his words. And he put to shame the ruler of Hades; he raised the dead, and he destroyed his dominion.

The Concept of our Great Power

It is anticipated that many humans will wake up into Spirit, and some of those will proclaim what is to come. There are seventy-two acknowledged languages, and the above passage, from what I understand, is an allegory. addressing people all around the world spreading the Words of Truth. This will reveal the archontic forces, who will stand before us all like emperors without clothes, and they will put themselves to shame. Raising the dead is a metaphor for waking up to Spirit (life) from having lived in Ignorance (death).

“Blessings on those who guard themselves against the heritage of death, which is the burdensome water of darkness. For it will not be possible to conquer them in a few moments, since they hasten to come forth from the error of the world. And if they are conquered, they will be kept back from them and be tormented in the darkness until the time of the consummation.  When the consummation has come and nature has been destroyed, then their thoughts will separate from the darkness. Nature has burdened them for a short time[1]. And they will be in the ineffable light of the unconceived spirit without a form. And thus is the mind, as I have said from the first.

“Henceforth, O Shem, go in grace and continue in faith upon the earth. For every power of light and fire will be completed by me because of you. For without you they will not be revealed until you speak of them openly…

The Paraphrase of Shem

Here, Christ is talking further about our awakening and what this entails. These who are “conquered,” i.e. do not wake up before the Consummation, will continue being tormented in Ignorance, not understanding what is going on. When this realm has been destroyed, however, people who are still asleep will have an abrupt awakening. Moreover, he says that this final mission can’t come to fruition without people waking up and speaking of what is going on around us and what is keeping us imprisoned in our own artificial soul/body. Shem, in this case, represents the Spirited souls who came into this lower construct after Noah’s Flood.

III. The Consummation of the Age

We live in turbulent times—not even those who are asleep can deny that. However, it’s going to get worse before it’s getting better, and we need to be prepared for that. Here is what the texts say,

So if you are going to be afraid of what is about to come upon you, it will engulf you. For there is not one among them [the archons and their human minions] who will spare you or show you mercy. 

The Dialogue of the Savior

Thus, it is very important that we do our best to wake up as much as we can to Spirit, so we can conquer as many fears as possible, in order to stay strong through what is coming. And be aware of that,

…beings that merely have soul cannot lay hold of those that have spirit. For they were from below, while it was from above.

The Hypostasis of the Archons.

There are a few clear passages in the Gnostic texts about the end of our time. Let us start with this one (I have divided this passage into shorter paragraphs for easier absorption):

Now, the word [Christ], who is more exalted than anyone, was sent for this work only, to announce what is unknown. He said, “There is nothing hidden that will not appear, and what was unknown will be known.” [That’s what is happening now, isn’t it?] Now these were sent so they might reveal what is hidden and expose the seven authorities of chaos and their impiety. And they were condemned to be killed. So when all the perfect ones [we humans in Spirit] appeared in the fashioned bodies of the rulers [homo sapiens sapiens] and revealed incomparable truth [us receiving Gnosis], they put to shame every wisdom of the gods, and their fate was discovered to be condemnable, their power dried up, their dominion was destroyed, and their forethought and their glory became empty.

Before the consummation of the age, the whole place will be shaken by great thunder. Then the rulers will lament, crying out on account of their death. The angels [archons] will mourn for their human beings, and the demons [archons] will weep for their times and seasons, and their people will mourn and cry out on account of their death.

Then the age will begin, and they will be disturbed. Their kings will be drunk from the flaming sword and will make war against one another, so that the earth will be drunk from the blood that is poured out. And the seas will be troubled by that war.

Then the sun will darken and the moon will lose its light. The stars of the heaven will disregard their course, and great thunder will come out of great power [Spirit] that is above all the powers of chaos, the place where the firmament of the woman [Sophia]  is situated. When she has created the first work, she will take off her wise flame of afterthought and will put on irrational wrath. Then she will drive out the gods of chaos, whom she had created together with the chief creator. She will cast them down to the abyss. They will be wiped out by their own injustice.

For they will become like the mountains that blaze out fire,  and they will consume one another until they are destroyed by their chief creator. When he destroys them, he will turn against himself and destroy himself until he ceases to be. And their heavens will fall upon one another and their powers will burn. Their realms will also be overthrown. And the chief creator’s heaven will fall and split in two. Likewise, his stars in their sphere will fall down to the earth, and the earth will not be able to support them. They will fall down to the abyss, and the abyss will be overthrown.

The light will cover the darkness and obliterate it. It will become like something that never existed. And the source of the darkness will be dissolved. The deficiency will be plucked out at its root and thrown down to the darkness. And the light will withdraw up to its root, and the glory of the unconceived [Christ] will appear, and it will fill all the eternal realms, when the prophetic utterances and the writings of those who are rulers are revealed and are fulfilled by those who are called perfect [the human Spirit]. Those who were not perfected in the unconceived father will receive their glories in their realms and in the kingdoms of immortals [Orion]. But they will not ever enter the kingless realm [Pleroma].

For it is necessary that everyone enter the place from which he has come. Each one by his deeds and his gnosis will reveal his nature.

On the Origin of the World

So, during the Consummation, Sophia will cast the archon into the Abyss, where they will start consuming each other. Yaldabaoth will eventually destroy them in their own Hades, and then he will destroy himself, until the part of him that is of Matter will cease to exist. Then, the Seven Heavens will fall upon one another, and the house of cards will implode. Yaldabaoth’s stars, previously possessed by the archons, will fall down to Earth, and the Earth will also be destroyed in that process. Everything will then fall into the Abyss, which will also be overthrown.

It seems like those who are not of the Unconceived Father (the Christ), but have served Sophia/Christ, will be granted to ascend to Orion and stay there. What comes to mind is Sabaoth, the Seraphim, the Cherubim, and Sabaoth’s archangels to name some. This also makes sense if we think back on the Wes Penre Papers, where it’s written that Prince Ninurta is the Crown Prince of Orion—something that was revealed to me during the writing of the papers. It didn’t make full sense to me then because Orion is a Queendom. Why would someone who is considered a male be the heir of Orion? Now, that part makes more sense if Sabaoth/Ninurta will inherit the Throne. The original Archons and their offspring will be destroyed at the Consummation of the Age, but Sabaoth, who repented, and who accepted Zoë Sophia’s compassion and received some Spirit from her, will be rewarded to become Zoë’s successor when her own Spirit returns to the Pleroma. Orion will then become a Kingdom, and Sabaoth will be the King of Orion, where he will roam together with his loyal crew and almost certainly have the power to create within the Eighth and Ninth Heaven. There will be nothing below these two Heavens because Yaldabaoth’s Heavens have then been destroyed and Spirit retrieved—including Yaldabaoth’s half-spirit.

Furthermore, the humans who have woken up to Spirit will have their soul and Spirit withdrawn from the Kenoma before the Consummation of the Age that will destroy the Kenoma starts. We have by then done our job. We will probably wait in Orion until all Spirit is withdrawn from the Kenoma–including Yaldabaoth–and the Kenoma is destroyed.

Those Spirited humans who have not woken up yet by the time of the Consummation will still have their Spirit withdrawn together with us, but their soul remains in the Kenoma. The soul, with its Earthly personality intact, but without Spirit, will be participating in the Last Battle and succumb together with the archons. The reason for this is that these souls, who are not enlightened, don’t vibrate within the correct frequency band to be able to enter Orion. Thus, if “Lisa” has not woken up, her Spirit will be withdrawn before the Last Battle, but the personality I call Lisa (soul/mind) will remain and succumb in the battle.

Then, when the Kenoma is destroyed, all of us who are then residing in Orion will probably have a choice–we either stay in Orion as a Spirited soul, still with our individuality intact, and become creator gods there, or we continue as Spirit into the Pleroma through Sophia, who will leave together with us. At that point, our Genuine Soul/personality will be dissolved. We will then be an Aeon in the Pleroma and become our own universes, based on all the Aeontic characters we’ve been blessed with by the Monad through Christ.

There is more written on the Consummation of the Age,

Then the wrath of the archons burned. They were ashamed of their dissolution. And they fumed and were angry at the life. The cities were <overturned>; the mountains dissolve. The archon came, with the archons of the western regions, to the East, i.e., that place where the Logos appeared at first. Then the earth trembled, and the cities were troubled. Moreover, the birds ate and were filled with their dead. The earth mourned together with the inhabited world; they became desolate.

Then when the times were completed, then wickedness arose mightily even until the final end of the Logos [the Christ Spirit]. Then the archon of the western regions arose, and from the East he will perform a work, and he will instruct men in his wickedness. And he wants to nullify all teaching, the words of true wisdom, while loving the lying wisdom. For he attacked the old, wishing to introduce wickedness and to put on dignity. He was incapable, because the defilement of his garments is great. Then he became angry. He appeared and desired to go up and to pass up to that place.

When he has completed the established time of the kingdom of the earth, then the cleansing of the souls will come, since wickedness is stronger than you. All the powers of the sea will tremble and dry up, And the firmament will not pour down dew. The springs will cease. The rivers will not flow down to their springs. And the waters of the springs of the earth will cease. Then the depths will be laid bare and they will open. The stars will grow in size, and the sun will cease.

And I shall withdraw with everyone who will know me. And they will enter into the immeasurable light, (where) there is no one of the flesh nor the wantonness of the first to seize them. They will be unhampered (and) holy, since nothing drags them down. I myself protect them, since they have holy garments, which the fire cannot touch, nor darkness nor wind nor a moment, so as to cause one to shut the eyes.

Then he will come to destroy all of them. And they will be chastised until they become pure. Moreover their period, which was given to them to have power, which was apportioned to them, (is) fourteen hundred and sixty years. When the fire has consumed them all, and when it does not find anything else to burn, then it will perish by its own hand. Then the […] will be completed […] the second power […] the mercy will come […] through wisdom […]. Then the firmaments will fall down into the depth. Then the sons of matter will perish; they will not be, henceforth.

Then the souls will appear, who are holy through the light of the Power, who is exalted, above all powers, the immeasurable, the universal one, I and all those who will know me. And they will be in the aeon of beauty of the aeon of judgment, since they are ready in wisdom, having given glory to him who is in the incomprehensible unity; and they see him because of his will, which is in them. And they all have become as reflections in his light. They all have shone, and they have found rest in his rest.

The Concept of our Great Power

Here, Christ is telling us that “those who know him,” i.e. those in Spirit, will withdraw with him into the Pleroma. That would be us. He also says that we will recognize him when he comes because he is within us.

And more…,

Then nature will have a final opportunity. And the stars will cease from the sky. The mouth of error will be opened that the evil darkness may become idle and silent. And in the last day the forms of nature will be destroyed with the winds and all their demons; they will become a dark lump, just as they were from the beginning.  And the sweet waters that were burdened by the demons will perish. For where the power of the spirit has gone, there are my sweet waters. The other works of nature will not be manifest. They will mix with the infinite waters of darkness. And all her forms will cease from the middle region.

The Paraphrase of Shem

And that’s the end of the Consummation of the Age.

The following passage is reassuring us that we will be taken out of the Kenoma, and it will be done immediately before the Consummation:

Some ask whether one will be saved immediately, if the body is left behind. Let no one doubt. The visible parts of the body that are dead will not be saved. Only the living parts that exist inside will rise. What is the resurrection? It is the revelation of those who have risen. If you remember reading in the gospel that Elijah appeared and Moses with him, do not suppose that the resurrection is an illusion. It is no illusion. It is truth. It is more proper to say that the world is illusion, rather than the resurrection that is because of our lord the savior, Jesus the Christ.

The Treatise of Resurrection

Thus, this is what is being planned. Will it work out? Ariel and I have no way of knowing—we can only go by what is being told. What will happen in case not enough humans have woken up is an open question—we don’t know. Right now, all we can do is our part, and the more people who wake up and spread their Light, the more seed is being ignited in others—them unbeknownst—and we can hopefully create a chain reaction. The rest is out of our hands…

IV. Life After Death Before the Consummation

We have said this countless times, but it’s still worth repeating; if you would die before all this happens, spot the Grid above your head, once you’ve left the body, and use the deserted body as a reference. Once you’re on the other side of the Grid, you will have left the Underworld with its five Heavens, and you will then bypass the Seven Heavens above. This is all that is needed—after that, your Spirit/soul will automatically go where it’s supposed to go. Because we all know that we are soul and Spirit, we will be drawn to Orion (the Eighth or Ninth Heaven), which will be our destination. We do not need to fear any dark lords or any other obstacles, so long as we don’t let them lure us in. The way to avoid that is simple—just don’t put any attention on anything, and just let soul and Spirit travel to the destination—they will be drawn to it. The journey to Orion will be fast and direct. Only if you let your fear guide you, and unless you stop to greet friends and relatives, who are archons in disguise, or ask any of them for help, can you fail. And even if you are afraid, you need to put that aside and not pay attention to anything. You will quickly be at your destination, away from the Kenoma.

If it makes you feel more confident, you can also think yourself to the highest possible aspect of yourself.

In one of the first articles in this series, we said that we are going to write more about Thoth, which we are planning to do in the next article. We think it’s important that people who read the original Gnostic gospels (which we HIGHLY recommend) can fairly easily distinguish between the genuine material and Thoth’s Hermetic gospels. The Gnostic texts can be read for free online:

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[1] From a cosmic perspective, we have been here for a “short time.’

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The Concept of our Great Power

The Hypostasis of the Archons

The Dialogue of the Savior

The Sophia of Jesus Christ

The Gnostic Society Library

The Wes Penre Papers

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