Sixth Level of Learning, Paper #18: The Zodiac and its Impact on our Earthly Lives

by Wes Penre, June 21, 2020

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I. Destiny and Fate

Before we start discussing astrology and the Zodiac, including their influence on human life and personality, let us define two important words, commonly used in Gnosticism:

Destiny: We have mentioned Destiny a few times in our Gnosis articles, but it would be a good idea to define them in this particular article. Destiny has to do with our soul/Spirit mission in the lower Heavens. It is our desire to fulfill our mission or task here, which is to wake up to Spirit through Knowledge, from which we can get Gnosis and enlighten the world around us in preparation for the Consummation of the Age, which is the end of the Age of Pisces just before the beginning of Aquarius. This is when our mission, which I called the Experiment in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), is timed to be completed. The next article will discuss the Consummation of the Age in more detail.

In other words, our Destiny is to spread Spiritual Light into the darkness/ignorance around us and thus assist Sophia/Christ and the Pleroma to enlighten Yaldabaoth.

Fate: This is the Demiurge’s mimic of Destiny. Human behavior and personality are to a large degree related to the movement of the fixed stars—the Zodiac—and the celestial bodies, ruled and embodied by Archons. This pertains to the material or “fleshly” part of humankind—the part of the human being that is bound up in the cosmic cycle of generation and decay and subject to the bonds of fate and time. It is the recycling of the soul, which lifetime after lifetime returns to a body that keeps us trapped in this loop of incarnations.

The only way to escape our fate is to gain Gnosis because, then we are no longer tied to the astrological signs—we are breaking the pattern. Even with Gnosis, we will still, for some time, be in the world (for now), but not of it. But for those who have received Gnosis, the Constellations will no longer have influence over them, and we break the cycle of life and death.

II. Saturn as Father Time

Many of us have probably heard the saying that the planet Saturn is “Father Time.” In Gnosticism, this is crucial to understand because Saturn is what regulates linear time. In one of our videos, we metaphorically described how this works. If we compare this planet with a giant start- and stopwatch, the timeline we are currently collectively focused on started when this construct was created and follows the movement of the Constellations. This “stopwatch” is set to a certain time, which represents the end of an Age. Each constellation “rules” for 2,156 years, give or take. After that, we go from Pisces to Aquarius, for example. However, it is Saturn that keeps track of the movements that create linear time—it’s the “control room,” as it were.

As discussed in an earlier paper; before we descended into the Underworld, where we now reside, we existed in the Third Heaven on Tiamaat/Earth. Back then, Sabaoth/Ninurta was in charge of Saturn, the Seventh Heaven and its portal/stargate into Orion (the Eighth and Ninth Heavens), but when Tiamaat was destroyed, the Saturn stargate was closed, and Yaldabaoth took over Saturn on the Kenoma side, between the Seventh and Eighth Heaven. He became the new Father Time in this realm. We mentioned this in the articles about the Second Atlantis.

III. Sophia Creating the Constellations

Originally, it was Zoë Sophia—the Queen—who created the constellations, as being told in the following Gospel:

Sophia, who is in the lower heaven,  wanted to receive authority from Pistis, she created great luminaries and all the stars, and put them in the heaven to shine upon the earth and to perfect chronological signs and seasons and years and months and days and nights and seconds, and so on. And thus everything up in the sky was ordered.

The Origin of the World

This was the beginning of time in the Universe because of the movements in the Heavens. Movement and distance in the cosmic water creates time.

As usual, it seems like Yaldabaoth imitated Sophia’s creation. The stars and the Constellations were created before the human soul group was created. Therefore, there appears to be sets of stars and Constellations in the upper Heavens as well as down here, reflected and put upon the firmament of the Underworld. The latter is what we mean by saying that the Zodiac is based on the Demiurgic concept of fate.

IV. The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac Plus One

Normally, we think of the Zodiac consisting of twelve signs, although lately, some researchers have started considering a thirteenth sign, as well. According to the Gnostic texts, there is a thirteenth sign of the Zodiac that oversees the other twelve, as told in previous levels of learning. The thirteenth sign of the original Zodiac in the Upper Heavens was Sophia at first, until she united with her consort, and now the Thirteenth sign is Sophia/Christ. Even here in the Underworld, the Thirteenth sign is Zoë Sophia/Christ, being the Overseer. The other twelve signs are ruled by Yaldabaoth and his Chief Archons—one for each Constellation. Sophia anticipated that the rulers would set things up this way, and to be honest, one doesn’t even need to be profound or prophetic to know what the Archons will do in a case like that, once one has the Knowledge. In many ways, the Rulers are quite predicable because they copy and mimic everything.

Right now, in the Age of Pisces, the Archon of Pisces rules. I wrote in previous levels of learning that this Archon/Overlord was probably Marduk (Belias), but taking into consideration that it was Thoth who was the instigator of the imposturous Christian religion, I would suggest that the Ruler of Pisces is indeed Thoth/Hermes. After all, Pisces (the fish) is the symbol for Jesus (the false Messiah).

The rulership of a Constellation is not set in stone. The Archons are constantly in conflict with each other, and they fight for rulership over a reigning Zodiac sign. However, in general, these Archons are meant to “jump” Constellation when a new age begins, so that rulership rotates.

Again, we are back to the concept of Wheels within Wheels and Wheels of Time—in this case, cosmic wheels (see our videos). It’s the Hermetic meme, “as above so below” at play, as usual (copy within copy. What is existing above—starting with the Pleroma—is copied and mimicked all the way down to this construct). Although, these cosmic “rotating” wheels heavily affect our daily existence here on Earth, as they are conducting linear time. Thus, in our human existence, we are also trapped in our own wheel of time, or time-loop. We are reexperiencing the same lifetime over and over as we are recycled back here in a seemingly endless repeat.

V. Astrology and Wheels within Wheels

Many of us have probably had our astrological chart read at least once, and if the astrologer knows his craft, he or she can be quite accurate, and there is a reason for that.

When we are born, our wheels start spinning. We are once again trapped in the same lifetime cycle as in previous incarnation and with amnesia—starting all over. In addition, we’re affected by which Constellation (age/eon[1]) rules the Earth at the moment, but also by planetary positions and by which Constellation is in opposition to the one we’re born in.

Because these alignments altogether emanate certain kinds of energies, they determine the fate of our lifetime. They also lay the groundwork for our basic personality traits, determined at the moment of birth. Thus, Geminis or Libras, for example, have their own common traits and fate, and therefore, with the right knowledge, astrologers can read people’s personalities, past, and future in the charts.

Although humankind is bound by fate, it doesn’t mean we can’t change it. However, unless people are searching for their inner self (we call it being “spiritual,” interesting enough), very little changes from lifetime to lifetime—people are repeating the same old patterns, making the same mistakes, and usually reaching for the same fated goals, or fail to do so. The only way to break that cycle and break the wheel is to search for Spirit. Then, when we’ve found it, we are no longer bound by the Zodiacal movements.

VI. The Long-Term Divine Plan

Before Sophia was enlightened by merging with her consort, Christ, she made a “peace agreement” (as written in the WPP) with the Archons (I have made the following long paragraph into shorter paragraphs for easier comprehension).

“And in her ignorance, as if she were doing a great thing, she granted the demons and the winds a star each. For without wind and star nothing happens upon the earth. For every power is filled by them after they were released from the darkness and the fire and the power and the light.

For in the place where their darkness and their fire were mixed with each other, beasts were brought forth. And in the place of the darkness and the fire, and the power of the mind, and the light, human beings came into existence.

Being from the spirit, the thought of the light, my eye, does not exist in every person. For before the flood came from the winds and the demons, rain came to people. But then, in order that the power that is in the tower might be brought forth and might rest upon the earth, nature, which had been disturbed, wanted to harm the seed that will be upon the earth after the flood. Demons were sent to them, and a deviation of the winds, and a burden of the angels, and a fear of the prophet, a condemnation of speech, that I may teach you, O Shem, from what blindness your race is protected.

When I have revealed to you all that has been spoken, then the righteous one will shine upon the world with my garment. And night and day will be separated.  For I shall hasten down to the world to take the light of that place, the one that faith possesses. And I shall appear to those who will acquire the thought of the light of the spirit. For because of them my majesty appeared.

The Paraphrase of Shem

Thus, Sophia, who created all the stars, Constellation, galaxies, and the rest of what is manifested in the Kenoma, gave some of that away to the Archons for them to possess.

Because Sophia was “ignorant,” it doesn’t mean that she didn’t know at all what she was doing—she was just restricted by her own ignorance. She realized that to reverse the entire creation, some things needed to be put in place, and the “peace agreement” was one of those things.

Often, when it comes to the Gnostic texts, a certain thing can mean more than one thing. Mentioned before; as a part of the Peace Agreement, the Queen (Sophia) symbolically “married” the head of the Sirians. The one she “married” was not Christ—it was Sabaoth, who had been “promoted” to the KHAN.US KHAN.IM of the Archons by Sophia, and he was given Knowledge/Spirit. In cosmic terms, this can be viewed as a marriage—a bond. This must not be confused with the “marriage” between Sophia and Christ, which was a marriage in form of a “merge” between Sophia’s feminine and masculine aspects—thus, she was regaining her androgyny.

In the above quote, Christ mentions once again that not all humans are Spirited and of his seed, his “eye.” The quote also implies that Shem is the metaphor for the new Divine bloodline that started all over after the Flood, and that we are protected from blindness when we are willing to take in Gnosis. Christ also says here that he will come down and give Knowledge to those who acquire it for it’s because of those who are waking up that Christ can come into this realm at all. I think of it, metaphorically, that the Spirited humans who wake up function as a “grounding cord” for Christ’s Spirit to enter these lower realms. Our physical bodies are the ground.

Judas said to Jesus,

“So what will those generations do?”

Jesus said, “Truly I say to you, the stars complete all these things. When Saklas [Yaldabaoth] completes the time span that’s been determined for him, their first star will appear with the generations, and they’ll finish what’s been said. Then they’ll sleep around in my name, murder their children, 55 and [they’ll …] evil and […] the realms, bringing the generations and presenting them to Saklas [Yaldabaoth]. [And] after that […] will bring the twelve tribes of [Israel] from […], and the [generations] will all serve Saklas, sinning in my name. And your star will [rule] over the thirteenth realm.”


I wasn’t sent to the corruptible generation, but to the strong and incorruptible generation, because no enemy has ruled [over] that generation, nor any of the stars. Truly I say to you, the pillar of fire will fall quickly and that generation won’t be moved by the stars.”

The Gospel of Judas

This is another interesting passage that further confirms that those who have the Knowledge and Gnosis won’t be affected by our fate anymore—the stars in the sky will no longer keep us chained to the physical world.

The twelves tribes of Israel refers to the twelve Constellations in this case, controlling the part of humanity that won’t take on Gnosis, and those who do accept Gnosis will be with Sophia/Christ in the Thirteenth Constellation—we will be Overseers and Observers, in a sense, only to eventually return to Orion and then the Pleroma.

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[1] It’s interesting that we use the term eon (Aeon) for age. In some Gnostic texts, archons are called Aeons as well.

References and Resources:

The Origin of the World

The Gospel of Judas

The Paraphrase of Shem

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