Sixth Level of Learning, Paper #16: After the Deluge–The Current Construct

by Wes Penre, June 15, 2020

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It is challenging to put the Gnostic texts in a “perfect” timeline because the story sometimes seems to fluctuate between a previous Earth and the one we are currently living on. However, the fact that we live in a multiverse could have a whole new meaning to it, and Ariel and I are currently researching it, and if our current theory seems to be very likely, we will post the result in an upcoming article. In the meantime, we will continue our story, explaining what happened after the Flood that destroyed Tiamaat/Earth.

I. In the Aftermath of the Deluge

In the Second and Fourth Levels of Learning, I told the story in detail about the War in Heaven and the destruction of Tiamaat. What is left of our previous home is now reflected in the sky as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This is not the remnants of the actual planet but a reflection of it that is “mirrored” from the Third Heaven above the firmament of the Underworld, in which we now reside. The same goes for the rest of the heavenly celestial bodies we see in our telescopes—they are mere reflections mirrored down the dimensions.

After the Flood, Yaldabaoth was “cast down” deeper into matter, where everything is more solid. There, creation started all over again. The current humans, homo sapiens sapiens, were thus created in a similar manner as homo sapiens of the Second Atlantis but were more solid. Consequently, the deeper into matter Earth “fell,” the more ignorance and darkness there was. In the Enûma Eliš it says that Yaldabaoth/ took a chunk of Tiamaat and created the new Earth, which most likely is a metaphor for using a copy of the previous version of our planet.

In the most recent article we said that physically, no one survived the destruction of Tiamaat, but many, if not all of the Spirited humans returned to this new construct because our Destiny is to wake up the Spirit deep within Yaldabaoth, and that mission is still ongoing.

In our videos, we also talked about wheels within wheel, and we believe that applies here, too. We are multidimensional, and we could say that each version of planet Earth, upon which we’ve lived, is a wheel that is eventually broken, and we move down to the next version of Earth, where a new wheel starts spinning. Therefore, time almost literally starts all over again. It seems to be tied to astronomical and astrological movements and the “consummation of ages”—something we will discuss in an upcoming article.

II. Rebuilding of the Construct

Thus, the “Adam and Eve” story started all over again, and a new Divine seed-line/bloodline was inserted into this new construct. According to the Bible, the most current “Adam” was born about 6,000 years ago, which is about half as far back as when the Tiamaat Flood supposedly happened, which allegedly was about 11,500-13,000 years ago, depending on whose research we go by. The Bible might be correct, in a sense—also something we will come to later when it fits better into our narrative. The Christians and the Gnostics did their best to glue all the pieces together, but I’m sure it was challenging for them, as well.

In the Gnostic texts, it says that Seth, son of Adam and Eve in the Second Atlantis/Tiamaat, was meant to be the genitor of the Jesus bloodline, which was divinely protected to keep it as pure as possible. It inevitably seems like the same thing is happening here on this current Earth. Some of the names of the humans of the Spirited bloodline, which later branched out, seem to be the same, or similar, in this construct as they were in the Second Atlantis—thus, this creates the confusion of timelines. Again, this might have to do with the wheels within wheels hypothesis. In our videos, Ariel and I have discussed time-loops, and as Thoth used to say, “as above so below.” We have our own personal time-loops that repeat life after life, and on a grander scale, ages repeat themselves, as well, and it goes on and on.

Yaldabaoth and his archons continued their dominion, now in a more solid realm, which made it easier for them, in some ways, to control the population because the amnesia was thicker.

“The souls of every human generation will die. When these people, however, have completed the time of the kingdom and the spirit leaves them, their bodies will die but their souls will be alive, and they will be taken up.”

The Gospel of Judas

I believe that the above passage talks about the Archontic recycling center. After each lifetime, human souls “die,” in the sense that they are given amnesia, but when the mission is completed and the Spirit leaves this realm (kingdom), the souls will remain alive, i.e. free from amnesia, and will be redeemed.

… they [Yaldabaoth and his Chief Archons] created for themselves angels, many demonic angels, to serve them. But these demons taught humankind many errors with magic and potions and idolatry, and shedding of blood, and altars, and temples, and sacrifices, and libations to all the demons of the earth, having as their co-worker fate[1],  who came into being according to the agreement by the gods of injustice and justice. And thus, when the world came into being, it wandered astray in distraction throughout all time. For all the people who are on the earth served the demons from the creation until the consummation of the age—both the angels of justice and the people of injustice. Thus the world came to be in distraction and ignorance and stupor. They all erred, until the appearance of the true human [Christ through the man Jesus].

On the Origin of the World

As we can see, they started all over again. Some readers might ask themselves why this continues repeating itself as if it was a program. In a sense, it is! Yaldabaoth sees himself as God and the Demiurge at the same time—he sees himself as the Monad of the material Universe. He literally copied everything he once saw in his “vision” from the Pleroma, albeit out of Ignorance, so his copy/creation is very much incomplete, in addition to that the Monad can’t be copied. He is the Monad (the Demiurge) and his Archons are his Aeons—each one androgynous with their own creative characteristics, just like the Aeons of the Pleroma. The Demiurge is the entire Kenoma, and Yaldabaoth sees himself as a copy of Zoë Sophia—thus, believing himself to be a manifestation of the Monad/Demiurge and its manifestations. Therefore, he can barely help it—he needs to maintain his status as the Chief Creator, and in his ignorance, and if his creation gets destroyed, he just starts all over again. It’s like when you study an ant house, you see all these ants working hard to create their community. Then, if you take numerous ants, including the queen ant, and move them to another place, they just start all over again, building a new ant house, doing the same thing all over again.

III. The New Divine Bloodline

The archons see the Spirited humans as a threat to themselves and their “ant house,” and because they can’t destroy Spirit, they need to do what’s second best—they suppress, manipulate, ridicule, and kill us when necessary.

But these – the ones who are ignorant – do not seek after God. Nor do they inquire about their dwelling-place, which exists in rest, but they go about in bestiality. They are more wicked than the pagans, because first of all they do not inquire about God, for their hardness of heart draws them down to make them their cruelty. Furthermore, if they find someone else who asks about his salvation, their hardness of heart sets to work upon that man. And if he does not stop asking, they kill him by their cruelty, thinking that they have done a good thing for themselves.

Authoritative Teaching

In other words, the Rulers were jealous of the Spirited humans, realizing we were much more powerful than them, so they made Adam “go to sleep,” by burying him in the most solid part of matter—they created their own recycling center, which we believe is the moon within the Firmament, i.e. the upper layers of the atmosphere. This added another layer to the ignorance/darkness, with an attempt to prevent us from waking up. Until Christ came back through Jesus, humankind was as ignorant as can be, and we created wars, conflicts, crimes, and other sinful acts out of ignorance. We became more and more like them—the archons. They also planted humans who lacked Genuine Soul and Spirit among us to make us fall even deeper into darkness. Through kings, queens, governments, priesthoods, and other authorities, we started serving the archons.

The following quote is as valid today as it was back then,

And the darkness rose for you like the light, for you surrendered your freedom for servitude!

The Book of Thomas

The following passage is talking about the seed of Noah’s sons, Japheth and Ham, being Divine. Because Noah is not only a person but a collective of Spirited souls that were withdrawn from the Second Atlantis, the following makes sense. Spirit was entering the Divine bloodlines, spiritually named after the “righteous ones” who were withdrawn from the lower Heavens before the Flood. Thus, the “names” Ham and Japheth, are just the names of two Divine bloodlines, possessed by Spirited humans who preexisted before the Flood,

Then the seed of Ham and Japheth forms twelve kingdoms, and their other seed enters into the kingdom of other people.

. . . they take counsel . . . aeons . . . that are dead . . . the great aeons of incorruptibility.  And they go to their god Sakla [Yaldabaoth].  They go in to the powers, accusing the great ones who are in their glory.

They say to Sakla, “What is the power of these people who stood in your presence, who were taken from the seed [spiritual seed] of Ham and Japheth, who number four hundred thousand?  They were received into another realm from which they came, and they overturned all the glory of your power and the dominion of your hand. The seed of Noah through his sons has done your will, and so have all the powers in the realms over which your might rules. Both those people and those who reside in their glory have not done your will. But they have turned aside your whole throng.”

Then the god of the realms gives them some of those who serve him. . . . They come on that land where the great ones are who have not been defiled, nor will they be defiled by any desire. For their souls did not come from a defiled hand, but from an eternal angel’s great command.

The Apocalypse of Adam

Here we just got a hint how many spirited humans there was on the planet at that time—400,000.

IV. The Illuminator Appears—Again!

Let us continue,

Once again, for the third time, the illuminator of knowledge passes by in great glory to leave some of the seed of Noah and the sons of Ham and Japheth—to leave fruit-bearing trees for himself.  And he redeems their souls from the day of death. The whole creation that came from the dead earth will be under the authority of death. But those who reflect on the knowledge of the eternal god in their hearts will not perish. They have not received spirit from this kingdom but from something eternal, angelic. . . . The illuminator will come . . . Seth. And he will perform signs and wonders to scorn the powers and their ruler.

Then the god of the powers is disturbed and says, “What is the power of this person who is higher than we are?”  Then he brings a great wrath against that person. And glory withdraws and lives in holy houses it has chosen for itself. The powers do not see it with their eyes, nor do they see the illuminator. They punish the flesh of the one over whom the holy spirit has come.

The Apocalypse of Adam

The Illuminator is one of the Aeons—it could have been Eleleth or Christ, it doesn’t say. The important thing is that someone gave at least one or some of the humans Knowledge (something that’s happened over and over throughout time), although not enough to bring about Gnosis because that had never been done before Christ descended about 2,000 years ago.

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood—as he said—but against the world rulers of this darkness and the spirits of evil.

The Exegesis on the Soul

There is of course much more we could go into about the time between the Flood and when Christ descended to give us the Message, but that in-between time period is not specifically emphasized in the Gnostic texts, and that, I believe, is for a reason; it does not hold much relevance in the bigger scheme of things, and won’t impact whether a person will receive Gnosis or not.

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[1] Fate is related to astrology, which we will discuss in more details in an upcoming article in this series.

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Authoritative Teaching

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