Sixth Level of Learning, Paper 15: The Deluge and the Destruction of Tiamaat/Earth

by Wes Penre, June 11, 2020

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In the last paper, we got to the point when the Archons had seduced and raped the women of the pure bloodline, mixed their seed with them, and let their artificial Spirit enveloped them. We interrupted the story when the Spirit of Christ decided to return.

So, the archons possessed some of the human bodies, and they had intercourse with women of the pure bloodline. The archons thought that if they could get enough of their kind to do this, they could make them rulers over the humans, finally getting them under their full control. Thus, they created a despicable spirit in line with the True Spirit; they used a mockup of Sophia’s Spirit. This is obviously what humans want, the archons thought, so they created the despicable spirit. Hence, they gave them some small wisdom, jewelry, and trinkets, etc. They made the incarnated archons their mates to be the Kings and Queens to rule over the rest. They made it into a reward system. “If you do this, we give you the shiny things, you can put on makeup and look pretty,” etc. So, humans started thinking that this is what it’s all about. They still died without having found any truth. And they believed that the Archons, who came here as Kings and Queens, ruled because it was their birth right.

That’s when monarchy and the hierarchal structure began. Humans thought that governments and kings would save them. This belief has continued through the ages, and this is what the masses believe up to this day[1].

Now, let us return to the Flood story.

I. Norea Destroys Three Arks

The Seth bloodline, while in the Second Atlantis, mostly resided in what we now call Egypt. This is why the WPP mentions that Egypt was the land of the Mother Goddess.

From what it seems, close before the return of Christ, the Archons decided to create a Great Flood.

The rulers took counsel with one another and said, “Come, let us cause a flood with our hands and obliterate all flesh, from man to beast.” But when the ruler of the forces came to know of their decision, he said to Noah, “Make yourself an ark from wood that does not rot and hide in it, you and your children and the beasts and the birds of heaven from small to large—and set it upon Mount Sir.”

The Hypostasis of the Archons

The Archon who put himself in charge of the plan then tried to trick Noah into building himself a wooden ark, just like the Bible says. But who was this “ruler of the forces?” Was it Yaldabaoth, or was it…Belias/Marduk? According to other ancient texts, such as the Enûma Eliš, it was Marduk who put himself in charge of the destruction of Tiamaat (Earth). Either way, Noah was tricked in the beginning and did build an ark.

Norea was a daughter of Eve, according to The Hypostasis of the Archons. As we know by now, “daughter” could mean both physical daughter and “spiritual daughter,” or both at the same time. It does say in the Gnostic texts that Norea inhabited Zoë Sophia’s soul. In some of the texts she is called Achamoth Sophia, or just Achamoth. This would be the part of Sophia who descends and gets incarnated in the flesh.

Norea tried to board the ark but was stopped. She then burned the ark down to the ground, where after Noah built another ark, which she destroyed as well. She even set a third ark on fire.


For rain showers of god almighty will pour down so that he can destroy all flesh from the earth, using what is around them, along with people from the seed of those who received the life of knowledge. That life of knowledge came from your mother Eve and me.  They were strangers to him. Afterward great angels come on high clouds, who take those people where the spirit of life lives… The whole multitude of flesh will be left behind in the waters.

The Apocalypse of Adam

It’s clear that the Archons wanted to destroy their own creation, but at the same time, they wanted to preserve the pure bloodline to use on a new Earth, where they could mix their seed with them and once and for all control the Spirited ones. To their frustration, Norea stood up against them so that Noah could not fulfill his purpose to build an ark to survive the Flood.

As a side note: something we might want to keep in mind is what we have discussed in earlier articles. Depending on the context, Adam is not one single person—it’s a race. It’s the “black race” I’ve discussed earlier. The same goes for Noah. There was a man called Utnapishtim in the old Sumerian myth, but Noah is also a title for the Spirited humans who were of Seth’s pure bloodline. Thus, it was not only one family that was hidden in the “luminous cloud,” but the collection of humans who were able to wake up enough to let Spirit run through them.

II. Eleleth and Christ Descend into Atlantis

After Noah had failed at building the arks, Barbelo of the Pleroma, who had emanated as the Aeon Eleleth in the Kenoma, descended to give Knowledge to Noah. When Noah saw he had been deceived by the Rulers, he followed Eleleth.

They entered a place. They were hidden in a luminous cloud. And he understood his authority. And she who belongs to the light was with him for she illumined them…

The Secret Book of John (long version)

Christ now descended to help the Spirited humans to wake up, and he brought with him Sabaoth and his angels (the MIKH-MAKH warriors and the Vulcans in the WPP) to assist in the process. That started the War in Heaven, or the War of the Titans, as discussed in Greek mythology, the Enûma Eliš, and other ancient texts.

Therefore I [Jesus Christ/Khan En.lil], the perfect Pronoia of the All, changed into my seed. For I existed from the first, traveling on every road. For I am the wealth of the light. I am the remembrance of the fullness. I traveled into the vastness of the dark, and I persevered until I entered the midst of the prison. And the foundations of chaos quaked. And I hid myself from them because of their evil, and they did not recognize me.

Again I returned for the second time and I traveled. I came forth into those who belong to the light, which is I, the remembrance of the Pronoia. I entered the midst of the dark and the inside of Hades, seeking to put my household in order. And the foundations of chaos quaked such that (it seemed) they would fall down upon those who dwell in the chaos and destroy them. And again I fled up to my luminous root so that they would not be destroyed before the time was right.

Still for a third time, I who am the light that exists in the light and the remembrance of the Pronoia, I traveled in order to enter into the midst of the darkness and the inside of Hades. I filled my countenance with the light of the consummation of their aeon. And I entered the midst of their prison, which is the prison of the body. And I said, ‘Whoever hears, arise from lethargic sleep!’

The Secret Book of John (long version)

III. The Flood and the Destruction of Tiamaat

While battling the rulers of Darkness, Jesus Christ (Christ who had emanated and now dwells in the Eighth and Ninth Heaven) also approached the Spirited humans to have them wake up. However, because Yaldabaoth and his Rulers had polluted the bloodline and started a Flood, time was short, and the Spirited humans were not yet awake. Most of them didn’t heed his call.

And he [Yaldabaoth] caused a flood, and he destroyed your race, to take the light and to take away from faith.

The Paraphrase of Shem

There was more happening than just a Flood and the destruction of a planet. In the Fourth Level of Learning, I wrote that Sabaoth/Ninurta withdrew and eventually escaped from the inferno that was taking place. Because of the actions of the Rulers, described above, it was not possible to redeem Yaldabaoth at this time, and because the latter had decided to destroy his own creation, there was not much the Spirited forces could do at that moment.

Then fire and sulfur and asphalt are cast upon those people, and fire and blinding mist come over those realms, and the eyes of the powers of the luminaries  are darkened, and the inhabitants of the realms cannot see in those days.

The Apocalypse of Adam


But God [Yaldabaoth and his archons] bade each drop pass through Gehenna before it fell to earth, and the hot rain scalded the skin of the sinners [humans].

The Book of Noah[2]

The above indicates that the hot rain was not water but lava from erupting volcanoes.


And great clouds of light descend, and other clouds of light come down on them from the great eternal realms. Abrasax and Sablo and Gamaliel  descend and bring those people out of the fire and the wrath, and take them above the eternal realms and the rulers of the powers, and take them away . . . there with the holy angels and the eternal beings. The people will be like those angels, for they are not strangers to them. But they work with the imperishable seed

The Apocalypse of Adam

Thus, the souls of the Spirited humans, whose bodies were dying in the Flood, were lifted out of the inferno and into the higher Heavens, while the destruction was completed.

The heaven and his earth were destroyed by the troublemaker that was below them all. And the six heavens shook violently; for the forces of chaos knew who it was that had destroyed the heaven that was below them. And when Pistis knew about the breakage resulting from the disturbance, she sent forth her breath and bound him and cast him down into Tartaros.

On the Origin of the World

IV. Yaldabaoth Being “Cast Down” and Sophia Sealing Her Heaven

Not only did the Earth (Tiamaat) in the Third Heaven get destroyed, but the entire Kenoma was shaking in its foundations during this incident, and the Chief Ruler was cast down into Tartaros (somethings spelled Tartarus), or the Abyss. Tartaros are the realms of the Underworld, and the Abyss is its lowest part. We, the current human civilization, exist together with Yaldabaoth in the Underworld. The Archons and their offspring still reside in the Seven Heavens, however—it was only Yaldabaoth who was cast down.

Sabaoth, together with his angels (the Vulcans/Vegas) and human souls and Spirit, went through the Saturn stargate between the Seventh and Eighth Heaven, and the stargate closed behind them. Since then, the Saturn stargate has been guarded from both sides.

… and [Sophia] sealed her heaven until the consummation of the age.

The Origin of the World

That was the end of Tiamaat and the Second Atlantis. In the next sequence of this story, we will discuss how Yaldabaoth continued his creation on the new Earth in the Underworld from the “remnants” of the previous one, as mentioned in the Enûma Eliš. That is where we live now—a much denser and more solid material realm than that of the Second Atlantis.

V. Did Noah and his “Family” Survive the Flood?

In the Bible it says that Noah and his “family” physically survived the Flood, but that is not my interpretation when I read the Gnostic texts. Everybody died because Earth/Tiamaat was destroyed, but when Yaldabaoth continued in our current construct, the Spirited Genuine Souls with some dormant Spirit attached, were once again inserted into new homo sapiens sapiens bodies and thus continued the pure Seth bloodline, which is the metaphor of a bloodline free from pollution and corruption by the Rulers. In the continuation of this story, we will include quotes that indicate that this is how it was done. The Rulers, on the other hand, when the human Spirit/Soul group descended again, continued the contamination of human bodies and minds, exactly like before the Flood, but at least one bloodline remained pure and wasn’t polluted with “bad seed”—at least up and through the incarnation of Jesus 2,000 years ago.

VI. Why did we Return to Yaldabaoth’s new Earth?

So, why did Spirit incarnate again into this current Earth? It’s because the mission was still not fulfilled. We understand that people might be frustrated and angry over how we’ve been treated throughout our lifetimes in the Kenoma, but we need to learn to look at this from a spiritual perspective—as Observers with a bird-eye view. Our mission is to wake Yaldabaoth up, so the Kenoma can be dissolved and all Spirit retrieved.

Already when Yaldabaoth created the first set of physical bodies in the Second Atlantis, he didn’t realize that Sophia/Christ and the Aeons were going to use his own creation against him (or for his benefit, depending on how we look at it). The Divine saw an opportunity to wake Yaldabaoth up from within his own construct. If Spirit would descend in a more or less dormant form into Yaldabaoth’s mimicked/copied physical bodies, we could slowly wake up from within, connect to Spirit, and thus also wake up Yaldabaoth enough for Christ/Light to eventually descend and do the rest. True Light (we humans) would arise in the Demiurgic construct and successively wake the Chief Ruler up. This is, and has always been, our mission. We knew that it would be a tough job, but it has to be done.

VII. Our Resistance to Waking up to Spirit

Many humans might feel resentment when they read the WPP and/or the Gnostic texts, and that’s understandable. Just remember that we are neither body nor soul—we are Spirit, and we are not of the Kenoma. Spirit is not traumatized—it’s only the Kenoma part of us that is; the part of us that lives in ignorance. The resentment comes from our ignorant part (Sophia’s ignorance). It’s the resistance against waking up. When we wake up to Knowledge and are receiving Gnosis, our attitude will automatically change.

Also, once everything is over, none of us will linger on any of that which has happened to us while we were on our mission. Spirit does not feel resentment, and time is not a factor in the Spiritual Realms. Just like digging ditches and do dirty work might not be very pleasant, it sometimes needs to be done. On a larger scale, our spiritual mission can be viewed from that same perspective.

Here is another thing we need to understand. We, the human soul group (the Spirited humans) don’t have our entire Spirit inside our bodies—we still reside in the Pleroma, and to a certain degree in Orion (the Eighth and Ninth Heavens). A spark of Spirit was put inside our physical bodies, but just enough to use as a catalyst for waking up, so our entire Spirit can eventually flow through us like a river. That’s what Gnosis is.

What we do possess, however, is a Genuine Soul, which is (like we have discussed in previous articles) an intermediary that is searching for Spirit, and when Spirit is found through Gnosis, it can freely flow through us like a river, where after we can shine our Light within the Construct.

Therefore, while incarnated in the physical realm, we are mainly a Genuine Soul, searching for Spirit, in contrast to the artificial soul/spirit that is of Yaldabaoth and does not search for Spirit because it doesn’t know Spirit and what Spirit is.

Thus, when we were retrieved from this construct during the Flood, it was our Genuine Soul with sparks of Spirit attached that were returning to the Upper Heavens. Most of our Spirit has always been residing in the Pleroma, and to some degree in Orion.

VIII. Where did all the Souls Go?

Where did the deceased humans go when the Second Atlantis/Tiamaat was destroyed? Well, we know that Sabaoth saved his angels and took humans (the soul/spirit part of them) with him through the Saturn stargate into Orion, but we don’t know for sure if that included all human souls.

If we put together what we’ve learned from the Wes Penre Papers and the Gnostic texts so far, it makes sense to me that Spirited souls in the Second Atlantis were in different states of development, just like we are now. On top of that, the archons inserted themselves into the Divine bloodline and corrupted most of it before the Flood, which affected the Genuine soul’s development and made people more ignorant. Therefore, it would be logical to think that some souls, when they died in the Flood incident, were ready to go to Orion, while others were not. Those who were not went to the Fifth Heaven after death and waited there until the new construct, which we live in now, was ready to receive them.

It is my interpretation that those who followed Sabaoth into Orion later might have decided to reincarnate into a new pure bloodline in this new construct because the mission to withdraw all Spirit from the Kenoma was still not accomplished and still isn’t. This new bloodline or bloodlines are technically not a direct continuation of the Adam and Seth bloodline because the Flood killed everybody, but in an abstract sense, they are. The important thing was not, as I see it, that the bloodline came from Seth—the important thing was that it remained pure, so Jesus could funnel the full Christ Spirit through his body. The souls who potentially reincarnated from Orion after the Flood had more Knowledge than the rest of the human soul group because of the Knowledge they received from Eleleth, and therefore, they probably knew that they needed to keep one or more bloodlines pure and not interbreed and be corrupted by the archons.

IX. Uranus and Neptune

While we are still discussing Tiamaat, I want to add something just for curiosity. Uranus is Khan En.lil’s planet, and if we look up in our current limited heaven, we see that Uranus, or rather the reflection of the real Uranus, is located outside Saturn, which is the Seventh Heaven. In a previous paper, we mentioned that the first Tiamaat was located between the Seventh and Eighth Heavens, which at that time was Khan En.lil’s (Jesus Christ’s) realm. Yaldabaoth and the Archons did have access to Khan En.lil’s Realm at the time, and Yaldabaoth, in his usual manner, then probably created Neptune as a mimic/copy of the original Tiamaat and called it his.

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[1] Musings based on The Secret Book of John (long version)

[2] The Book of Noah is a Hermetic text, so what is written in it is seen from an archontic perspective.

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On the Origin of the World

The Hypostasis of the Archons

The Apocalypse of Adam

The Paraphrase of Shem

The Book of Noah

The Enûma Eliš

The Wes Penre Papers

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