Sixth Level of Learning, Paper #13: The Second Atlantis | The Tree of Knowledge

by Wes Penre, June 8, 2020

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I. Adam Receives Soul and Spirit

Now it so happened that Adam, who had been asleep before Zoë/Eve descended, could not be awoken by Yaldabaoth and his Archons. At that moment, Yaldabaoth was tricked into blowing his own Spirit into Adam to animate and enlighten him. As mentioned earlier, his Spirit was Sophia’s Spirit,

The soul’s companion is spirit, and the spirit given to him is his mother.

The Gospel of Philip

 However, the God of Matter didn’t understand because he was ignorant.

…five Lights [were sent] down to the place of the angels of the Chief Ruler. They advised him with the goal of extracting the power of the Mother.

And they said to Yaldabaoth, ‘Breathe into his face by your spirit and his body will arise.’ And into his face he blew his spirit, which is the power of his Mother. He did not understand because he dwells in ignorance. And the power of the Mother left Yaldabaoth and went into the psychic body [artificial soul] that they had made according to the likeness of the one who exists from the beginning. The body moved and gained power, and it was luminous.

And in that moment, the rest of the powers became jealous for it was because of them all that he had come into being and they had given their power to the human.

The Secret Book of John (long version)

As it says in the above quote, Yaldabaoth, when he breathed into Adam, it was Sophia’s Spirit. At that point, the Chief Ruler lost Sophia’s innate power, which instead was transferred into Adam. Yaldabaoth didn’t lose his Spirit, but he lost his power, and from that day, he lost much of his creative abilities. He eventually realized that he had become dependent on us humans. The Archons were disturbed, as well, because they noticed they had given their power to humans because of their own creation—our physical bodies.

This also means that the Spirit of Adam (humans) now included Sophia’s feminine part but not Christ’s masculine part; so at that point, we had wisdom much greater than Yaldabaoth, but Gnosis was being hidden deep within Adam, so the Rulers couldn’t see it.

The Epinoia[1] of the light was hidden in Adam in order that the rulers might not know, but Epinoia existed as a correction for the deficiency of the Mother.

The Secret Book of John (long version)

When the Rulers/Archons noticed that Adam was more powerful than they were, they all took council. They decided to mix all the four elements together, which created great chaos and disturbance.

And they enclosed him in the shadow of death in order that they might yet again form from earth, water, fire, and spirit a thing from matter, which is the ignorance of the darkness, desire, and their counterfeit spirit. This is the tomb of the molding of the body with which the robbers clothed the human, the chain of forgetfulness. And he came to be a mortal human.

The Secret Book of John (long version)

The Epinoia of the Light from Christ that was now lying dormant within the humans was the Light that would eventually awaken his thinking.

When he had been given amnesia, the Archons put Adam in Paradise—the Garden of Eden. And they said to Adam that he could eat fruits from any tree, except from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil because then he would surely get sick and die[2]. After that, they left him in Paradise.

Orthodox Christians believe that the snake represents Satan and is evil because it was the “snake” who enlightened Eve and had her eat from the Tree of Knowledge. According to the Gnostic texts, this was not the case at all.  

II. The Appearance of the Seraph

Little did the Archons understand how Spirit works and the Desire of Sophia. When Adam was told not to eat from the tree, it made him curious and wanted him to do exactly what the Rulers told him not to do. At first, however, out of fear he hesitated, but his desire was there.

Then, Christ descended as a “snake” and asked Eve, who had the resemblance of the Mother, what it was that the Rulers had told her. She conveyed that she was forbidden to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, or she would die.

Then came the one who is wiser than all creatures, who was called the beast. When he saw the likeness of their mother, Eve, he said to her, “What is it that god said to you? ‘Don’t eat from the tree of knowledge’?” She said, “He said not only ‘Don’t eat from it’ but also ‘Don’t touch it, lest you die.’” He said to her, “Don’t be afraid! You certainly shall not die. For he knows that when you eat from it your mind will be sobered and you will become like gods, knowing the difference between evil and good people. For he said this to you because he is jealous, so that you would not eat from it.”

On the Origin of the World

And Eve believed the “Instructor,” symbolized by a snake. However, the Instructor was a Seraph—an angel of the highest order in the Seventh Heaven. The Seraphim (plural) were originally created by Yaldabaoth, according to some gospels[3], while in On the Origin of the World it says that they were created by Sabaoth in the Seventh Heaven, over which he was in control at the time. According to the former, the Seraphim rebelled at one time, and just like Sabaoth, they went against Yaldabaoth, their creator, and started serving Sophia and Christ instead. Either way, Sabaoth is in charge over the Seraphim. This particular Seraph had Christ’s Spirit attached to it, so it could give Eve some Light/Knowledge.

And by that throne he [Sabaoth] created other dragon-shaped angels called seraphim, who glorify him continually.

On the Origin of the World

If we think of the archetype of a dragon, it is like a snake with wings, so it makes sense that the Instructor has been depicted as a snake/serpent.

Eve believed the Seraph and ate from the Tree of Knowledge, and she then told Adam to do the same, which he did. Thus, Adam now had a spark of Knowledge buried inside of him, which made him wiser than the Rulers.

But God [Yaldabaoth] came at the time of evening, walking in the midst of Paradise. When Adam saw him, he hid himself. And he said, “Adam, where are you?” He answered (and) said, “I have come under the fig tree.” And at that very moment, God knew that he had eaten from the tree of which he had commanded him, “Do not eat of it.” And he said to him, “Who is it who has instructed you?” And Adam answered, “The woman whom you have given me.” And the woman said, “It is the serpent who instructed me.” … And he said, “Behold, Adam has become like one of us, knowing evil and good.” Then he said, “Let us cast him out of paradise, lest he take from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.”

The Testimony of Truth

Thus, Adam and Eve were cast out of Paradise, i.e. the Ruler’s copy/mimic of the original Garden of Eden in the First Atlantis.

When the Pronoia[4] of the All knew, she sent some beings and they snatched Zoë from Eve.

The Secret Book of John (long version)

III. Zoë Returns to the Eighth and Ninth Heaven

Thus, Zoë returned to the Eighth and Ninth Heavens, and Adam and Eve were left within their bodily “armor,” having Spirit inside them. Adam and Eve copulated and begot two sons, Cain and Abel.

From intercourse he caused birth in the likeness of bodies and he supplied them from his counterfeit spirit. He set two rulers over the principalities so that they might rule over the tomb.

When Adam perceived the likeness of his own foreknowledge, he begot the likeness of the Child of the Human; he called him Seth following the way of the generation in the aeons.

The Secret Book of John (long version)

Most of us know the story about Cain and Abel. Abel was the righteous, who was killed by his brother, the unrighteous, out of jealousy because “God” (Yaldabaoth) pretended to favor Abel, when indeed he favored Cain. But it was a setup, and the murder of Abel was a part of Yaldabaoth’s plot.

And they [humans] were made to drink water of forgetfulness by the Chief Ruler so that they would not know themselves (and would not know) where they had come from.

And the seed existed like this for while: providing assistance, so that when the Spirit descends from the holy aeons, it will correct (the seed) and heal it from the deficiency so that the entire Fullness might become holy and without deficiency.

The Secret Book of John (long version)

And thus was the Divine Plan. Sophia/Christ had put the spark of Light into humans, so when Spirit/Christ would descend in full, we were meant to having done the groundwork and prepared for the destruction of the Kenoma, and at that time, we could be fully baptized in Spirit.

Now, the progeny of the earthly Adam multiplied and was completed and produced within itself all the technical skill of the Adam with soul. But all were in ignorance.

On the Origin of the world

IV. More on Baptism

I found another reference pertaining to our human mission and how it was supposed to be done. In Paper #10: Where Souls and Spirits go After Death, we talked about the three baptisms we human are meant to go through. When we were descending into the Second Atlantis, we were meant to do it in “one go,” as explained in previous articles, but this process includes the three stages of baptisms. Our physical bodies, in the Second Atlantis, lived for about 1,000 years, but when we died, and because of our ignorance and amnesia, the three baptisms were meant to be applied already then, just like they are now, in our current construct,

…the first [human] is immortal; the second attains one thousand years; as for the third, it is written in the Holy Book that it is consumed. Likewise three baptisms exist: the first is spiritual, the second is by fire, the third is by water.

On the Origin of the World

Thus, as I understand it, depending on our individual spiritual awakening after a lifetime of 1,000 years, we either went to the Fifth Heaven (those who were about to wake up to having a soul), the Eighth Heaven (those who knew they had a soul), or the Ninth Heaven (for those who had woken up to Spirit and were prepared when Christ would descend to the Second Atlantis, i.e. at the End of Days. The Third Construct, in which we now dwell, was never meant to be. It came into existence because of Yaldabaoth’s trickery, as we shall see in upcoming articles). If my interpretation is correct, we died after 1,000 years and were reincarnated until we got to the point where we were ready for Christ’s Coming.

V. Three Perspectives of Adam

  1.  The Spiritual Adam–the nomadic Adam. The little ‘voice’ that is speaking within us; the strong part that stays on track despite all nay-sayers. We adhere to that intuition/instinct even if we would be alone in thinking in these terms. It’s the certainty within; passions that move and motive us. It tells us what’s false and what is a lie. We follow the route toward truth, no matter what. It’s the message within that is guiding us; the power within; the reason we’re here. This is what we call the Tree of Life. But to receive the Tree of Life we MUST first ‘eat’ from the Tree of Knowledge–BOTH good and evil.

“Sin” means missing the mark of understanding. If we’re not true to ourselves, we will literally live in Hell. We will continually reincarnate to find ourselves. What will help us finding this truth is the second Adam, the soul. The Genuine Soul is the intermediary. This is worth repeating.

2. The soul Adam–the psyche. God provided us with a soul. Astro also means soul. We are made of star stuff in the Eighth or Ninth Heaven. We must experience exquisite abandonment, emptiness inside, and silence in order to receive the word of god (Light/Spirit). Empty the old and in with the new. We can’t find Gnosis without it. It’s a gift so we may have a radar system to find our true self. The soul is made up of the configuration of the ages–the astrological will. That’s how we gain experience and insights over time in the Kenoma. It’s about our unique accomplishments and gifts. We are fated. Blood coagulates and forms in the material realm, giving manifestation in the flesh realm. That’s why life is carried in the blood. It’s the soul; it’s the waters of life that is running through our veins. The soul speaks to us through an internal knowing and instinct,  dreams, and OBEs, etc. We all have our own way to connect to soul.

3. The Adam of flesh. Man of Law. Adheres to earthly spiritual laws; Man who makes up spiritual laws. These are the laws of the gods (we’re not necessarily talking about governmental laws here, but it’s related). It looks up to authority figures. More and more people are going back to this way of thinking; strong figures, fascist figures. It seems to be the way to rebel against the globalist agenda when we operate from The Adam of Flesh. It’s inconsequential to finding truth; mechanizations of the Demiurge.[5]

 And last,

Beings that merely have soul cannot lay hold of those that have spirit. For they were from below, while it was from above.

The Hypostasis of the Archons

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[1] Epinoia means the Monad’s “afterthought.” It’s an intervention in an event that was already forethought. Epinoia spark the gnosis within us when we are focused, and so it did in the Adamic human.

[2] From The Origin of the World

[3] E.g. The Second Treatise of the Great Seth

[4] The feminine Forethought, i.e. Barbelo, the Divine Feminine, closest in “location” to the Monad.

[5] The Tripartite Tractate

References and Resources:

The Secret Book of John (long version)

On the Origin of the World

The Gospel of Philips

The Second Treatise of the Great Seth

The Hypostatis of the Archons

The First Gnostic Church of Christ (YouTube channel)

The Wes Penre Papers

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