Sixth Level of Learning, Paper #9: Order, Hierarchy, and Family Relationships in the Kenoma

by Ariel Glad, June 2, 2020

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We will repeat the understanding that when things like this are described, they can only be told from an Earthly perspective, and so our ability to explain is extremely limited.

Stars, the Sun and Moon, mountains, clouds, water, even cosmology is oriented to an Earthly perspective, simply so that humans can understand the concepts of God and their reality. None of these terms represent a scientific perspective, so when we read about and write about things like planets, the sun, or even family relationships such as genetics, this is not a literal scientific explanation. These are only observations and things that a human can relate to from an Earthly perspective.

“Heaven” from this perspective can literally mean ANYTHING that exists above something else.

Above does not necessarily only mean up in the sky. It can also mean the vague and difficult to explain concept of vibration or frequency and position. Vibration or frequency is designated as either higher or lower. Lower simply means in relationship to the Pleroma. Nothing exists, in this Universe, that is as high as the Pleroma, therefore everything here can only be lower than. So, we give an order to these heavens or realms of existence within the Universe with numbers to indicate where they are located, vibrationally speaking, in relation to the Pleroma (the Pleroma, not being composed of matter, has no vibration. It is something we cannot understand from our worldly perspective and to speculate about it would immediately distort it).

Understand, however, that things are not situated in such way that you could get in a rocket ship and blast out into space with the assumption that the further you go, the higher you go. It isn’t like this. These layers or levels, or heavens, are realms which are situated at either higher or lower frequency, and distance has nothing to do with it. Each one could even be described as a Universe or sub-universe within the larger Hyper Universe (Kenoma) or Matrix. Many, many layers and levels exist in this Matrix; too many to count. ALL of it is within the Demiurgic creation we call the “construct”, or some call it the matrix. It is our Universe. ALL of it.

The Universe, from NASAs perspective, is a relatively young model. If we look at all ancient text, more or less, we see that the universe is depicted as having different heavens.

Directly beneath the Pleroma we have what is called the Eighth and Ninth Heaven. This is a sovereign position, and this is where an aspect of the Divine Feminine which descended into the darkness/ignorance of Her creation is positioned. This area of creation is not dark/ignorant, however, because it has been illuminated by the completion or conception of this Aeon when an aspect of the Pleroma, perfected by the Aeons, known as Christ, descended into this realm. As it was told in a previous Gnostic article, and also in the WWP, this pairing or coming together is to reconcile the darkness and bring it into the light. In the previous levels, this was told in the form of a marriage or an alliance that was made in order to merge two factions of opposing forces so that they may co-exist as one. This is the Queen of Orion (Sophia/Divine Feminine) and Khan En.lil (Christ/King of Kings). Within this creation/Universe, there is no one above them, thus they are referred to as Queen and Khan/consort.

I. Hierarchy

So, does hierarchy exist in this Universe? Yes, but only in the sense that there are things above and things below whichever perspective you are viewing things from. It is not rulership, as we think of it here.

Those who contain the Spirit are known as “the Kingless ones”. This is us. This means that there is none above us. We have come from the Pleroma through the Divine Feminine aspect, which is positioned in the middle and between the Pleroma and this Universe. There is nothing higher than the Pleroma and so there is nothing above our Spirit.

We can’t say, for sure, how many different realms or heavens there really are, but the common agreement is that there are seven heavens or upper realms that descend from under the eight/ninth heaven or place where the Divine Feminine is located. A firmament or veil is positioned between this realm and the seven heavens below it.

When we first entered this Universe or Demiurgic creation, we were given a home so we could have the experience of Life. This home has been referred to as Tiamaat in the WPP. It has also been called the First Atlantis.

This home was located between the seventh and eighth heavens (realms). This meant that we had a connection to our Spiritual home (Pleroma, through Zoë Sophia) through a portal or “gate”, and we were also in the Demiurgic Universe. We were in both “places” at the same time. It was a unique position.

Through a series of events, we fell from this position, or descended further down into the Universe. Our open connection to the Eight/Ninth Heaven, which is referred to as a gate (Saturn), was eventually closed. This descension is often told about in narratives such as the Enûma Elish, the WPP, and even the Bible as a “War in Heaven”. Because these realms contain both physical and intangible qualities, changes in frequency and vibration create changes not only energetically, but also physically. In other words, we as well as our planet underwent drastic physical changes, as a result.

Although we do not know for sure, there are some indications that we were repositioned in the third Heaven (Venus). This position was known as the Second Atlantis.In the Wes Penre Papers, it was called Tiamaat. This is when took control of the experiment and began to do very much experimenting of his own and co-mingling with the human population that produced a chaotic mess of hybrid and interspecies creations. Humans were also terribly traumatized and heavily influenced by technology during this period. Humans still lived a very long time in their physical bodies, and a reincarnation or recycling system was in place within these seven heavens. We are not sure in which realm it was located. There has been some information to suggest that it was in the Fifth Heaven (Mars), and to the best of our understanding, it is still operational and being used. There will be more on this in the next paper. Not much about this period in our history is known to us, and what little information there is, has been, to a very large degree, corrupted by the Hermetic insertions of history through the archon known as Thoth/Hermes.

Another event caused us to descend a second time, which has landed us in the position we are into this day.

After this second descension, we became trapped into what is commonly known of as the Underworld. This Underworld consists of a copy of the top five heavens, and we are at the bottom, or in the last realm.

After this second relocation, a firmament or a “veil” was placed between the upper realms and the lower realms, once again like a copy of the previous station or position that Yaldabaoth experienced in the upper realms.

Copy, copy, copy into infinity! To see things from this perspective really gives a very good perspective, we think, into the character and qualities of Yaldabaoth. He is nearly identical to a self-replicating program that keeps copying itself with no end in sight. The more this happens, the further away from the Pleroma we descend and the darker these copies become. “He” loses a lot of his personably identifiable qualities at this point and begins to resemble something closer to Artificial Intelligence. Something to think about, perhaps.

The location of the moon and the Sun are within the firmament and act as functions of relay to either recycling or reincarnation, depending on the soul qualities of the one passing through. For those who are not immediately reincarnated (through the moon relay), they may briefly pass through the Sun(Light) and into the upper realms or seven Heavens for various experiences before reincarnating back to Earth or they may pass into other realms (sub-universes/Heavens) for other worldly experiences on different “planets” or in different simulations. Each Heaven being designated and appropriate for certain actions and experiences based on a person’s individual soul qualities and the Archon in charge of that realm.

What science tells us of “space” is nothing of the truth. We simply cannot get into the upper realms or levels of these seven Heavens without passing through the Sun (Light), and for that we must shed our physical body. The Sun acts as a portal through which energy from the upper realms passes through into this lower Underworld.

So, what IS space? “Space” is simply scientific measurements that satellites, telescopes, and other instruments (computers) take and record to map out what they see through the firmament. “Space” is literally the distance between objects, and this is ALL science can do from here – measure the distance between objects it “sees” through the reflection of the firmament. When things pass close to the firmament, or when they enter into the atmosphere of this Underworld (it’s called Underworld because it sits under the firmament) we can see them with our own eyes, but we cannot and never will be able to “go there”.

II. Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Son, and Daughter

Keep in mind that Yaldabaoth created Archons (Aeons, Archangels, Angels, and demons) from his own emanations in the same way that the Aeons of the Pleroma were emanations of the qualities of Source. These are not literal genetic lines of offspring in the way we think of a family. These designations or relationships are labeled according to where these emanations reside in relation to Yaldabaoth. An offspring or emanation from Yaldabaoth (who is Father in this Universe, meaning the Highest or the Begetter) is considered a son or daughter because they are “lower” than he.

If one of these Archons should be elevated to a higher position, to then be in the same position as or equal to Yaldabaoth, this Archon will be called a “brother”. This is why Sabaoth/Prince En.lil can be both Yaldabaoth’s son and his half-brother. When he was elevated by the Queen and was given his residence/Kingdom in the upper Heavens, he was now on a higher level than Yaldabaoth (for more details, see Paper 11). He is younger than Yaldabaoth because Yaldabaoth created him, but he was elevated to a higher position, so he is now considered the younger brother.

When reading some of the ancient texts, it can be very confusing to reconcile all these relationships if we are only thinking of them in terms of the human family. They are all emanations of Yaldabaoth, but their position or rank will determine their relationship with him. Also, the Divine Feminine, as we have seen, is given a different name depending on which level or aspect of Her we are referring to. ALL of them are the Divine Feminine in different expressions or at different ranks.  Each of these expressions or aspects are given independent will and ability to act according to their attributes or quality of character. An emanation or quality of Yaldabaoth, for example, which is envy, will produce an offspring or an Archon who imbues all the qualities of Envy. If this Archon is given Lordship over a realm, then this realm (heaven/sub-universe) will be formed out of this quality and also another quality to act as co-creation because just like in the Pleroma, they come in androgynous pairs, where one facilitates the creation of the other. These two Archontic forces will be called brother and sister.

We hope this clears up any confusion when it comes to family relationships and why these are not really families, but positions within the heavens.

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Various Gnostic texts

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