Sixth Level of Learning, Paper #8: The Indestructible One and the First Humans

by Wes Penre, May 30, 2020

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In the darkness of ignorance, Zoë Sophia moved back and forth in the water, and she saw how Yaldabaoth, in his perpetual creation, created a large number of demons, in addition to the twelve Chief Archons, and he elevated himself above them. Not all of them were evil because Yaldabaoth created from the Spirit he inhabited from his Mother, but at the same time, he also created out of ignorance, i.e. the lack of Spirit, which belonged to Pistis Sophia’s consort, who was not part of Pistis Sophia’s Creation. Everything was therefore a half-creation. What is created out of ignorance is evil because it’s created without Knowledge and without understanding. Therefore, it is not the Truth but a distortion of the Truth.

In the Kenoma, demons and angels are the same thing—they are just two sides of the same coin. Sometimes, they can pass themselves as more benevolent, and sometimes they can act as being very evil—it’s the duality of this universe, where everything needs to have a catalyst. When there is a feminine energy, there needs to be countercharge, for this is a universe of energy—anode and cathode.

In what had now become Yaldabaoth’s construct—the Seven Heavens—he saw himself as God, thinking he was the only one who existed, apart from his Mother. He used his Mother’s Spirit to create this dichotomy of good and evil, and when Sophia noticed what her son was doing, she could see where this was heading, so she repented.[1]

All of the divine realms (pleroma) heard her repentant prayer. They sought blessing for her from the Invisible Virgin Spirit. The Spirit consented. He poured the Holy Spirit over he brought forth from the whole full realm.

The Secret Book of John (short version)

The Monad, in Its emanations as Aeons, heard Sophia’s cry for help, and without putting any judgment or blame on her, because they knew her creation was predestined to happen, they all came together as one in order to restore Sophia and retract her Creation, so she can return in full to the Pleroma. Hence, the Aeons contributed their Spiritual Light, which included all the Knowledge there was in the Pleroma, and sent it down as Sophia’s consort—the part of Sophia that she had not brought with her in her Creation, and more. It was a joint effort to help Sophia out of her dilemma. This Spiritual Consciousness is called Christ or The Christ in the Gnostic texts.

Her consort did not come down to her on his own, but he came through the whole full realm to restore her to her original condition.

She was elevated above her [Sophia’s][2] son, but she was not restored to her own original realm. She would remain in the ninth sphere until she was fully restored.

The Secret Book of John (short version)

The gospel goes on saying,

Then came a voice from the highest realms saying: “The Man exists! And the Son of Man!”

Yaldabaoth, chief ruler, heard it. He thought it came from his mother. He did not know the true source of the voice…


The First Man [This is the one who appeared to them. He appeared in the form of a human being.]


He illuminated the waters above the world of matter, His image shown in those waters.

The Secret Book of John (short version)

So, Yaldabaoth and his Archons and angels/demons heard the “voice” of Christ in the water, and all the realms were illuminated by his Light.

Christ appeared to the Archons in the form of a human being, so Christ, we could say, was the first human—the original Adam.

But before all these things, when Adam of light appeared on the first day, he remained upon the earth about two days. He left the lower forethought in heaven and began to ascend to his light. And immediately darkness came upon the whole world. Now, when Sophia, who is in the lower heaven,  wanted to receive authority from Pistis, she created great luminaries and all the stars, and put them in the heaven to shine upon the earth and to perfect chronological signs and seasons and years and months and days and nights and seconds, and so on. And thus everything up in the sky was ordered.

On the Origin of the World

The Earth that is mentioned here is within the Archons’ Heavens. In the previous article, we mentioned that Yaldabaoth created Earth as his “footstool,” figuratively speaking. It is not the Earth we are living on now, which will be evident later.

At this moment, Zoë Sophia created “great luminaries and all the stars.” Also, being implied, she created the original astrological Constellations to light up her Creation. The Light (stars and luminaries) emanated from Sophia’s Spirit (the outbreath of the “Dragon.”) She put them above the Earth (Yaldabaoth’s “footstool”) to create an orderly version of time and seasons and perhaps to be like lighthouses for Pistis Sophia.

Now, when Adam of light wanted to enter his light, that is, the eighth heaven, he was unable because of the poverty that had mixed with his light. Then he created a great eternal realm for himself; in that eternal realm he created six realms and their worlds, six in number, which are seven times better than the heavens of chaos and their worlds. But all these realms and their worlds exist within the infinite region that is between the eighth and chaos beneath it, and they are reckoned with the world that belongs to the poverty.

On the Origin of the World

At this point, the Light of Christ had been mixed with Sophia’s Spirit, so Adam/Christ could not completely withdraw to the Eighth Heaven yet. Instead, he created six realms and different worlds (what we refer to as planets and perhaps stars, but they are and look different in these lofty realms)[4]. He created all this in a region between the Eighth and Seventh Heavens. One of these worlds was Tiamaat, the planet that was later destroyed, being discussed at length in the WPP and in Greek mythology. The asteroid belt is just another mimic/copy of the original, much lower in dimension and density. The original Tiamaat was not solid the way we mean by solid.

The part of Christ that remained in the upper regions of Sophia’s Creation was titled Khan En.lil in the previous levels of learning and KHAN.US KHAN.IM in Orion language, which translates to King of Kings, also a title for the Jesus. But that’s for a later paper.

Thus, we now have Zoë Sophia, the emanation of Christ, in the Gnostic texts called Jesus Christ (Khan En.lil), in contrast to Jesus, who was the embodiment of Christ on Earth, and Sabaoth (Prince En.lil/Ninurta) roaming in the same realms, and this is the real Trinity—the Father, son, and the Holy Spirit—The Father being represented by Khan En.lil, the son being Sabaoth (more about that much later), and the Holy Spirit being Sophia.

Before Christ withdrew his Spirit from the Chaos (the Seven Heavens), the Authorities (Archons) saw him, and they laughed at Yaldabaoth because he had lied when he’d previously told them, “I am god and there is no other god than me.[5]” Yaldabaoth had to admit to the lie, but he told them, “Yes, but if you wish that he not be able to ruin our work, come, let’s create a human being from the earth according to the image of our body and according to the likeness of this being,  to serve us, so that whenever this being sees his likeness, he may become enamored of it. Then he will no longer ruin our work, but we shall make those who are born from the light our servants through all the time of this age.[6]

In the meantime, up in the Christ’s region between the Eighth and Seventh Heavens, Sophia, who knew that the Authorities would create their version in ignorance, created the Spirited Humans on the planet Tiamaat in the upper region. The purpose was to from there spread the Light (Knowledge) into the lower Heavens and hopefully wake up Yaldabaoth, so he could be redeemed. This was (and still is) necessary, or Sophia will not be able to fully return to the Pleroma.

…all this came to pass according to the forethought of Pistis in order that humankind might appear after this likeness and condemn them on account of their fashioned bodies. And their fashioned bodies became fences for the light.

On the Origin of the World

In the Tripartite Tractate, it says that the Christ, and even humankind, were created before Sophia’s Creation. Although this seems to contradict the other gospels, it doesn’t necessarily do so—as usual, it’s a matter of perspective. Time is not a factor in the Pleroma, and the way I look at it is that everything in the Pleroma was created from the Monad’s forethought—and it was created simultaneously. In the Tripartite Tractate, Christ and humanity are in an elevated  “inner” position among the Aeons (meaning being close to the Monad), but even if Christ and humanity were created after Sophia’s Creation (in our terms), Christ, consisting of all Aeons’ combined characteristics and aspects, he would still be “elevated” to the same position as mentioned in the Tripartite Tractate because of his Light and Knowledge. Some gospels also imply that the Monad, in Its forethought, had already planned for mankind to be created, and therefore, I don’t think that the human Spirit, when returning to the Pleroma, will merge with Sophia/Christ. Just like all the Aeons, it is my impression that we were created to remain separated as a part of the Monad’s Creation.  

In a beautiful metaphor, it is described in the gospel, On the Origin of the World how the first humans, whom I called the Namlú’u in the previous levels, were created in the Upper Heavens,

She created her human being first…[before Yaldabaoth created his version].


When Sophia let a drop of light fall, it floated on the [cosmic] water. Immediately a human being appeared, being androgynous. She molded that drop first as a female body. Afterward she molded it, with the body, in the likeness of the mother who appeared, and she finished it in twelve months. An androgynous human being was conceived, whom the Greeks call Hermaphrodite, while the Jews call his mother Eve of life, that is, the instructor of life…


Eve is the first virgin who gave birth without a man. She is the one who functioned as her own midwife.

On the Origin of the World

Precisely as described in the earlier levels of learning, and as the reader can see, the first human was feminine in nature.

The Archons counteracted,

Yaldabaoth said to his subordinate demons: “Let’s create a man according to the image of God and our own liken so that his image will illuminate us.”

Each one through another’s Power created aspects of the man; each added a characteristic corresponding to the psychic factors they had seen in the Image above them. They made a creature of substance in the likeness of that perfect First Man. And they said, “Let us call him Adam, so that his name will give us the power of light.”

On the Origin of the World

So, the Archons/Authorities decided to give their version of humankind the same name/title as the Christ to gain power in their mimicking. Also note that the Archons wanted to take advantage of keeping the human Spirit in servitude because they wanted to learn about Spirit and what it was. They themselves lacked it and could therefore not understand it. Up to our present time, they still don’t understand Spirit and never will.

Zoë Sophia put Sabaoth in charge of the creation of Tiamaat and of humankind (womankind, as I sometimes called them in the WPP because of their feminine origin). He was also the one who told the Namlu’u about their Destiny:

Now these things were revealed by the will of Sabaoth and his Christ to the souls who will come to the fashioned bodies of the authorities.  Concerning these the holy voice said, “Multiply and flourish to rule over all the creatures.”  And these are the ones who are taken captive by the chief creator according to their destinies, and thus they were locked in the prisons of the fashioned bodies until the consummation of the age.

On the Origin of the World

What does this mean? “Sabaoth and his Christ,” as I interpret it, is Sabaoth with his Knowledge (Light). He told them (which is actually us Spirited humans, who are now “prisoned” in this Matrix) that their/our destiny was, said Sabaoth, to eventually enter the bodies that the Authorities created to fulfill a mission to retrieve Sophia’s Spirit from the lower realms so we, as Sophia’s “children,” can help her return to the Pleroma. Our destiny was/is to complete this mission before or by the “consummation of the age,” after which the mission is finished. We will discuss what the “consummation of the age” might mean in an upcoming article. The briefing Sabaoth gave us happened while we were still on Tiamaat in the Upper Heavens.

Tiamaat was the First Atlantis and we were immortal in our upper dimensional etheric bodies. The soul was given to us by the Logos, which is another term for Christ.

It is fitting that we explain about the soul of the first human being, that it is from the spiritual Logos, while the creator [Yaldabaoth] thinks that it is his, since it is from him, as from a mouth through which one breathes. The creator also sent down souls from his substance, since he, too, has a power of procreation, because he is something which has come into being from the representation of the Father[7]. Also those of the left brought forth, as it were, men of their own, since they have the likeness of <being>.

The Tripartite Tractate

Here, the text indicates that not only are there human souls (and Spirit) among humanity, but Yaldabaoth created his own souls from his “substance.” This is perfectly in line with what Ariel and I have talked a lot about in our videos; not all humans are spirited.

Although the Spirit is immortal, contrary to the soul and the bodies we now inhabit, we eventually descended to the Realms of Death, which we live in now. There was a Second Atlantis, as well, which we will discuss later, where we were supposed to complete our mission in “one go,” but there were consequences that prevented this to happen…

In the next article, we will describe in detail, and with diagrams, how our current Matrix, the Nine Heavens, and the Pleroma are constructed—both in relation to each other and separate from each other. I was not joking when I wrote in earlier levels that the Universe is nothing like NASA has taught us, and they know that what they are teaching us is not correct. But little did Ariel and I know that the real universe model is so tremendously different. We feel that the reader will get a lot of confusion sorted out after that article.

The article after that will go into the first fall of humankind—all in line with our Destiny, as Sabaoth once told us.

If what Ariel and I are writing about in these articles resonates, we strongly suggest you read the original Gnostic texts to get the full picture. We can’t include everything in these articles. Again, here is a link to where all the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts are gathered, in alphabetic order, . They are free to read online.

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[1] The Book of John (short version)

[2] Words in brackets [ ] are my comments.

[3] […] means that words, sentences, or sections in the quote are left out because of its irrelevance to the current discussion. Please read the original text for the entire quotation.

[4] See Gnosis 9 for an in-depth description of the Kenoma.

[5] On the Origin of the World

[6] On the Origin of the World

[7] The Tripartite Tractate is written from the perspective of a masculine Sophia, so “Father” in this sentence should be exchanged for “Mother” (Pistis Sophia).

References and Resources:

The Secret Book of John (short version)

On the Origin of the World

The Sophia of Jesus Christ

The Tripartite Tractate

The Wes Penre Papers

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