Sixth Level of Learning, Paper #11: The Second Atlantis | The Beginning…

by Wes Penre, June 5, 2020

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I. A Recap

A few papers ago, we ended the story with Sabaoth telling the First Humans (the Namlú’u) on Tiamaat in the Seventh-Eighth Heaven (the First Atlantis) that humanity’s Destiny is to descend into bodies created by Yaldabaoth in order to shine our Light/Spirit on his realm and reveal his Ignorance, so he can wake up to Spirit and thus have it redeemed and retrieved into Sophia again.

The First Atlantis/Tiamaat was a paradise. There were no wars or conflicts, and everybody lived in peace (the lion/wolf sleeping with the lamb). It seems like the human soul group (containing Spirit) were being prepared in the First Atlantis for their forthcoming mission in Yaldabaoth’s lower realms.

In the past levels of learning, I wrote about how the Sirians (Archons) came upon Tiamaat and saw humans walking around on a planet, and they said to themselves, “What are these beings doing on our planet?” In the Gnostic texts, this refers to Khan En.lil creating his own domain between the Seventh and Eighth Heaven, as discussed in Paper #8, and because Khan En.lil’s (Jesus Christ’s) realm was not entirely in Sophia’s Eighth Heaven, the Archons considered Tiamaat being located in their realm. As the reader might recall, Yaldabaoth was designated the Seven Heavens by Sophia to rule over. Therefore, the Archons looked at this as an intrusion.

Before the creation of the First Humans, Sabaoth had been elevated to be in charge over all the Archons and over Yaldabaoth, too, to balance out the injustice which Yaldabaoth represents. Laws and rules, which still dominate our world today, are Yaldabaoth’s creation and is his way of trying to create order out of chaos. He’s the ruler over chaos, and in his ignorance, the only way he knows how to bring order into chaos is by controlling all and everything. From such actions, there is injustice. One of Sabaoth’s tasks is to balance this injustice out, and therefore, he is considered the Lord of Justice,

Over all the archons he appointed an Archon with no one commanding him. He[1] is the lord of all of them, that is, the countenance which the Logos brought forth in his thought as a representation of the Father of the Totalities. Therefore, he is adorned with every <name> which <is> a representation of him, since he is characterized by every property and glorious quality. 

The Tripartite Tractate

The below quote refers to “justice,” Sabaoth, creating the Garden of Eden in the First Atlantis, also mentioning the Tree of Life, representing the immortality of the First Humans—there was no death. Spirit can of course not die, and nor can the souls that were given to us from the Pleroma, until it’s time for Spirit to return there. The body was etheric and a part of the soul construct, so it didn’t die, either.

Then justice created the beautiful paradise…And desire is in the midst of trees, since they are beautiful and appealing. And the tree of immortal life, as it was revealed by the will of god, is in the north of paradise to give life to the immortal saints, who will come out of the fashioned bodies of poverty in the consummation of the age.

On the Origin of the World

When Sabaoth was elevated by Zoë Sophia, Yaldabaoth became envious and jealous, and thus, envy and jealousy became part of Yaldabaoth’s creation and were emanated to become the characteristics of some of his Archons. Yaldabaoth felt that he was bypassed as the God/Ruler of the Kenoma, and this was the spark that instigated Lucifer’s Rebellion, also discussed in depth in the Fourth Level of Learning. Sabaoth now considered Zoë Sophia being his mother, and because she is also Yaldabaoth’s mother, they are, from that perspective, considered half-brothers or stepbrothers, as mentioned in the earlier levels of learning.

Sabaoth/Prince En.lil became more powerful than the rest of the Archons because he had been given Knowledge from Sophia and given “sparks” of Spirit. This made the other Archons afraid of him. Sabaoth now became the ruler of the Seventh Heaven, which is Saturn.

When the chief creator of chaos [Yaldabaoth] saw his son Sabaoth, and that the glory in which he dwells is more exquisite than all the authorities of chaos, he was jealous of him. And when he was angry, he conceived death from his own death.  It was set up over the sixth heaven; Sabaoth had been snatched away from there. And thus the number of the six authorities of chaos was completed.

On the Origin of the World

In the Seventh Heaven, Sabaoth created his own Kingdom and Helpers, i.e. angels, cherubim[2], and Seraphim. From Sophia, he was also given an army of angels, which resembles the MIKH-MAKH. With their assistance, Sabaoth, as Archangel Michael, Second in Command, guarded the stargate of Saturn, which was leading directly into the Eighth Heaven—Orion. As far as I can see, the angels who became the Helpers correspond with the Vulcans/Vegans, discussed in Level 2 and Level 4. I also discussed how some of the Sirian DAKH warriors changed sides and started working for the Queen and Sabaoth. These correspond with the Seraphim, who according to the Gnostic texts were originally Yaldabaoth’s angels and warriors but at one point turned against their creator, just like Sabaoth did.

When Sabaoth received the place of rest because of his repentance, Pistis also gave him her daughter, Zoë, with great authority, so that she might inform him about everything that exists in the eighth heaven. And since he had authority, he first created a dwelling place for himself. It is huge, magnificent, seven times as great as all those that exist in the seven heavens.

Then in front of his dwelling place he created a great throne on a chariot with four faces, called cherubim.  And the cherubim throne has eight shapes on each side of the four corners—forms of lions and bulls and humans and eagles—so that all of the forms total sixty-four forms. And seven archangels stand before him. He is the eighth, having authority.

Afterward he created an angelic assembly —thousands, myriads without number belong to it—that was like the assembly in the eighth heaven, and a first-born called Israel, that is, the one who sees god … And all of the armies of angels [MIKH-MAKH] glorify him and praise him. But he sits on a throne concealed by a great light-cloud. And there was no one with him in the cloud except Sophia, the daughter of Pistis, teaching him about all those that exist in the eighth heaven, so that the likeness of those might be created, in order that his kingdom might continue until the consummation of the heavens of chaos and their powers.

Now, Pistis Sophia separated him from the darkness and summoned him to her right, but the chief creator she put at her left. Since that day right has been called justice, but left has been called injustice.

On the Origin of the World

Although Sabaoth now had his own Kingdom in the Seventh Heaven, Yaldabaoth, and the Archons, at the time of the Frist Atlantis, did still have access to the Seventh Heaven.

The more glory Sabaoth got, the more envious Yaldabaoth became, until he started the first phase in his retaliation/rebellion by creating Death.

Then, since death was androgynous, he mixed with his nature and conceived seven androgynous children.  These are the names of the males: envy, wrath, weeping, sighing, mourning, lamenting, tearful groaning. And these are the names of the females: wrath, grief, lust, sighing, cursing, bitterness, quarrelsomeness. They had intercourse with one another, and each one conceived seven, so that the children total forty-nine androgynous demons.

On the Origin of the World

As we can see, the attributes he gave to his Archons/Demons were the emotions Yaldabaoth had when he felt he was unjustly bypassed. In juxtaposition to this, Zoë, to balance these characteristics, created her own angels,

In the presence of these, Zoe, who dwells with Sabaoth, created seven good androgynous powers.  These are the names of the males: not-jealous, blessed, joyful, true, not-envious, beloved, trustworthy. And these are the names of the females: peace, gladness, rejoicing, blessedness, truth, love, faith. And many good and guileless spirits come from these.

On the Origin of the World

II. Creation of the Second Atlantis

The Archons, who now knew that Yaldabaoth was not only less powerful than those whom they had witnessed, but also wasn’t the only God, laughed at him and told him that he was not the Highest God. Yaldabaoth replied,

“Yes, but if you wish that he not be able to ruin our work, come, let’s create a human being from the earth according to the image of our body and according to the likeness of this being,  to serve us, so that whenever this being sees his likeness, he may become enamored of it. Then he will no longer ruin our work, but we shall make those who are born from the light our servants through all the time of this age.”

Now, all this came to pass according to the forethought of Pistis in order that humankind might appear after this likeness and condemn them on account of their fashioned bodies. And their fashioned bodies became fences for the light.


Then the authorities received knowledge necessary to create people.

On the Origin of the World

This was all according to the Divine Plan that Sabaoth had told the Original Humans about. We, the human soul group, were to descend into Yaldabaoth’s Earth in the Third Heaven (Venus) to eventually shine spiritual light into the darkness.

Before the Authorities/Archons started molding mankind, they created trees and animals in the likeness of had appeared in front of them in the First Atlantis,

…every herb sprouted up in the earth according to its kind, having the seed of the authorities and their angels. After these things the authorities created from the waters all species of beasts and reptiles and birds according to their kind, having the seed of the authorities and their angels.

On the Origin of the World

III. Yaldabaoth Creates Homo Sapiens

Then, it was time to create their own copy/mimic of the humans they had seen in the upper heavens,

At that time the chief creator then expressed his opinion about humankind to those who were with him. Then each of them cast his seed into the midst of the navel of the earth. Since that day, the seven rulers have formed humankind with his body like their body, but his likeness is like the human who appeared to them. His fashioned body came into being one part at a time, and their chief created the brain and nervous system. Afterward the person appeared like the one before him.  He became a person with soul, and he was called Adam, that is, father, after the name of the one who was before him.

On the Origin of the World

In other ancient texts, they distinguish between Adama and Adapa, but not so in the Gnostic texts. Yaldabaoth, as we can see here, used the same name for humans in his own creations as for those created in the First Atlantis.

In the meantime, on Tiamaat in the Seventh/Eighth Heaven, the human soul group was being informed,

Now these things were revealed … to the souls who will come to the fashioned bodies of the authorities.  Concerning these the holy voice [Christ] said, “Multiply and flourish to rule over all the creatures.”  And these are the ones who are taken captive by the chief creator according to their destinies, and thus they were locked in the prisons of the fashioned bodies until the consummation of the age.

On the Origin of the World

When the first flesh body was created in the Second Atlantis, it was lifeless because there was no Spirit in it—and it could not be animated. When Yaldabaoth noticed he was unable to animate the body, he was afraid that the true human would come into his fashioned body and rule over it. Thus, he left Adam[3] lifeless and without a soul.

After forty days, Zoë Sophia blew her breath [Spirit] into the lifeless Adam, who was still without a soul. He started moving around but couldn’t stand up. Then, the Authorities came down again and saw the human move around, and they got very disturbed. They asked “the breath within him” who he was and whence he came. Adam answered them, “I came through the power of the human for the destruction of your work[4].” The Authorities rejoiced because they saw how helpless Adam was, and they celebrated. Relieved, they then ascended to their respective Heaven and left Adam alone.

While the Archons were gone, Sophia sent her daughter, Zoë, also called Eve, as an “instructor” to raise Adam up. She gave him a soul so the body could become fully functional.

When the Archons found out about this, they were once again disturbed and sent seven archangels to see what was going on. Who was this enlightened female, who resembled the likeness that had appeared to them earlier in the cosmic waters? In their fear, they decided to rape Eve/Zoë, so she would become “polluted,” and hopefully, from their perspective, prevent her from returning to the Light[5]. Furthermore, they decided not to tell Adam, but instead, they put Adam to sleep, i.e. made him ignorant. They decided they would tell him that Eve was created from Adam’s rib, so that the woman would serve, and Adam would rule. In other words, they wanted the spiritually asleep humans to rule over the spirited.

This time, they managed to rape Eve, but now it was with her consent and per the plan. A physical body was conceived, which became Adam’s counterpart. Thus, a division between male and female had been created, instead of the androgynous human that had roamed the First Atlantis. Yaldabaoth’s and his Archon’s plan was that once the Spirit of Eve entered their fashioned body, it would be stuck there, being unable to return to the Light that they knew next to nothing about, and at the Consummation of the Age, she would be helpless and not able to disturb their work, i.e. their rulership over matter.

However, the Archons were deceived because they did not know the Divine Plan. As mentioned above, Sophia and Christ wanted the human Spirit to be able to enter Yaldabaoth’s fashioned bodies, so they could work on enlightening the construct from within. So, the Light will eventually condemn the Archons, and it will be done from their own fashioned , spirited bodies.

IV. In Summary

The story of the Second Atlantis, i.e. the Tiamaat which is now perceived as the asteroid belt, will continue in the article after the next one. The next article will discuss in detail how our physical homo sapiens bodies are controlled and who is in control of our emotions and how.

When I wrote the WPP and didn’t have the full story, I mistakenly combined the First Atlantis with the Second, i.e. I told the story as if the first and second Tiamaat were one and the same. I wrote that it started out as a Paradise, until the Invaders (Sirians/Archons) came and destroyed Tiamaat. Taking the Gnostic texts into consideration, we can now clearly see they were two different occasions. The First Atlantis/Tiamaat was a paradise in the Seventh-Eighth Heaven, and the second was Earth/Tiamaat in the Third Heaven (Venus), i.e. the story we are now discussing. This Earth is the asteroid belt we can see in telescopes and on satellite images. Now, in our present time, we have descended further, which will be discusses later, and the destroyed Earth/Tiamaat we can see is just a reflection of the real planet, which existed “above” our current firmament before it was destroyed.

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[1] The Tripartite Tractate refers to Sophia as “he,” so in order to make this more coherent, replace “he” with “she.”

[2] Notice the suffix of the word cherub-im. This is Orion language, where IM denotes plural (compare KHAN.US KHAN.IM, meaning King of Kings (US being singular and IM being plural).

[3] In some instances, Adam is referred to as one single human, and other times this name refers to the entire human soul group.

[4] On the Origin of the World

[5] Ibid.

References and Resources:

On the Origin of the World

The Tripartite Tractate

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