Sixth Level of Learning, Paper #5: Introduction to Thoth

by Ariel Glad, May 23, 2020

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Please allow us to introduce you to an Archon who goes by many, many, many names, but is commonly well-known as Thoth or Hermes.

Thoth, from what we can see, is one of the biggest thorns in humanity’s side when it comes to uncovering the truth for ourselves. Truth has been given to us, both directly and indirectly, to motivate us and ignite our Spirit so that we may leave.

While this may create inside you feelings of frustration and anger, let us remember that the area of creation in which we exist is one of IGNORANCE. Just as the other more spiritually oriented areas or Universes have overseers who protect their areas from outside corruption and influence, so does this one. The integrity of this area of creation depends upon a perpetual state of ignorance, in order for it to remain pristine to the qualities that created it. The overseers for this realm are just doing their job, you could say, protecting Ignorance. One of the ways that ignorance has been protected is to insert false teachings where truth exists. In the previous levels of learning, Wes mentioned that the “Overlords” don’t necessarily lie to us—they want us to see things from their perspective. This also becomes obvious in the Hermetic Gnostic texts.

We live in ignorance and there is a whole caste of overseers at various levels to make sure that ignorance is not disturbed, or else this creation becomes corrupted, and ignorance will no longer be an area to explore. Ultimately, everything is Source, and Source recognizes the value of exploring this aspect of Itself. Whether or not you disagree is your own personal perspective. It says in The Secret Book of John that Sophia’s Creation (the physical universe) was something Source expected to happen, in one way or another.

Thoth has, in EVERY way possible, it seems, been given the assignment to muddy the waters of truth and insert Archontic direction, instruction, and deception intended to provide false teachings everywhere where seeds of truth have been sown. As an overseer, he definitely is being used to protect the integrity of Ignorance. By simple reasoning, we are confident to say that this is his “job”.

We mentioned that the Gnostic texts contain both truth and deception. The TRUTH was brought here through a mission and cooperation between the Pleroma and a soul aspect in this realm who was given the Divine task to deliver a Divine message to humanity, for “all those with ears to hear”.  This message was sent and meant to lift humanity out of their ignorance so that they (we) may know who we are, where we are, where we come from, how we got here, and how to leave. This Divine message was delivered through an aspect of Perfect Creation from the Pleroma known as Christ. This is not a name, but an aspect of Source as the Highest Perfected Aeon and Grace. The Christ was an emanation of Source that contained ALL the perfected qualities/Aeons of Source. We will discuss this in very much detail soon because it is very important to understand that we have been given help to get out of here many, many times. That help has always been corrupted, however, and we have the Archon named Thoth to thank for much of that.

The salvation that we receive through the messages of Christ are NOT through the death and resurrection of Jesus, as the Bible and organized religions would have us accept. NO. This was the Hermetic insertion delivered by Thoth to lead the followers of Christ’s message astray.

Something very specific happened concerning the life and death of Jesus that was taken advantage of, twisted, and used against humanity. This has led to a lot of problems for our species ever since; especially those whose Spirit was ignited by the messages but are unaware they are no longer connecting with those original messages. Instead, they are following the Archons.

We hope you will learn to recognize Hermetic insertions and corruptions of truth by seeing how Thoth promoted worldly knowledge and powers instead of Spiritual knowledge and the power of the Spirit. Thoth taught magic and alchemy to give humanity an illusion of Spiritual connection when it cannot be further from the truth. These elemental workings are working, for sure; we are doing them all the time, even when we are unaware of it. We don’t need a secret key to discover this. We just need to pay attention in our own lives to know that this is how energy works. These are according to the Natural Laws of this Universe, so he didn’t lie, but he distracted humanity away from their purpose and he also convinced certain humans that they were more powerful than others, by teaching them this knowledge. He was also responsible for forming the priest class in the modern era.

The resurrection of Jesus became a perfect opportunity to insert imposters to corrupt and deceive the followers of the original message. One of those is the account told in what is called Pistis of Sophia.

From the Gnostic Text called Pistis Sophia:

Pistis Sophia:

IT came to pass, when Jesus had risen from the dead, that he passed eleven years discoursing with his disciples, and instructing them only up to the regions of the First Commandment and up to the regions of the First Mystery, that within the Veil, within the First Commandment, which is the four-and-twentieth mystery without and below–those [four-and-twenty] which are in the second space of the First Mystery which is before all mysteries,–the Father in the form of a dove.

from Pistis Sophia

The First Mystery is what Thoth/Jesus calls the time period that Christ was on Earth, delivering the Divine messages. The avatar (life) of Jesus had three distinct periods,

1) The human life as a child until about the age of twelve.

2) The awakening of the soul aspect’s mission that it agreed to take on and began speaking about his mission to others.

3) The avatar’s reception of the Spirit from the Pleroma as “Christ” (this would be known as the “baptism,” and this was represented as a dove in the Bible’s Gospels) after which Spirit is speaking directly through the avatar (man/soul of Jesus).  Thoth/Jesus uses the words “spaces” and “mysteries,” according to where Jesus was in his life and what part of his mission he was accomplishing.The Veil is what separates this world from the Upper Spiritual Realms.

And Jesus said to his disciples: “I am come forth out of that First Mystery, which is the last mystery, that is the four-and-twentieth mystery.” And his disciples have not known nor understood that anything existeth within that mystery; but they thought of that mystery, that it is the head of the universe and the head of all existence; and they thought it is the completion of all completions, because Jesus had said to them concerning that mystery, that it surroundeth the First Commandment and the five Impressions and the great Light |2. and the five Helpers and the whole Treasury of the Light.

from Pistis Sophia

Here, he is telling them that he is back. He is also telling them that he is still embodying the Holy Spirit because he says that he is the Jesus as they knew him after receiving the Holy SpiritIt is also written here that the disciples apparently did not understand anything that Jesus had taught them the first time around. Jesus had taught them about the head of the Universe (Source) and the head of all existence (Source), but Thoth/Jesus has now come back to give them more information, and the information they had was incomplete. He left some things out the first time around about the Five Helpers and the whole Treasury of Light thing (right…). *Oops!*

(For those of you wondering, I bet you can guess what the Treasury of Light is if you have read any NDE accounts of a room or space filled with light. This is where or one of his appointed Archons “sits”.)

And moreover, Jesus had not told his disciples…

The regions of the great Invisible, the total expansion of all the regions of the great Invisible and of the three triple-powers and of the four-and-twenty invisibles, and all their regions and their æons and their orders, how they are extended–those which are the emanations of the great Invisible–and their ungenerated and their self-generated and their generated and their light-givers and their unpaired and their rulers and their authorities and their lords and their archangels and their angels and their decans and their servitors and all the houses of their spheres and all the orders of every one of them.

The Treasury of the Light. And Jesus had not told his disciples the total expansion of the emanations of the Treasury, nor their orders, how they are extended; nor had he told them their saviours, according to the order of every one, how they are; nor had he told them what guard is at every [gate] of the Treasury of the Light; nor had he told them the region of the Twin-saviour, |3. who is the Child of the Child; nor had he told them the regions of the three Amēns, in what regions they are expanded; nor had he told them into what region the five Trees are expanded; nor as to the seven Amēns, that is the seven Voices, what is their region, how they are expanded.

The Light-world. And Jesus had not told his disciples of what type are the five Helpers, nor into what region they are brought; nor had he told them how the great Light hath expanded itself, nor into what region it hath been brought; nor had he told them of the five Impressions, nor as to the First Commandment, into what region they have been brought. But he had discoursed with them generally, teaching that they exist, but he had not told them their expansion and the order of their regions, how they are. For this cause they have not known that there were also other regions within that mystery.

from Pistis Sophia

(The four-and-twenty invisibles in the above text corresponds well what is conveyed in the RA Material as the Council of Saturn, consisting of nine members, who report to the Council of 24. Wes also wrote about this in the Wes Penre Papers.)

Whew! Apparently, Jesus forgot to tell them about A LOT of things, didn’t he? What are all those things? Those are the Archontic realms or “heavens” and sub-sections of heavens that has designed this construct to mimic, according to the structure of the Pleroma. The disciples, understandably, want to know more that Jesus will share with them.

And he had not told his disciples: “I have gone forth out of such and such regions until I entered into that mystery, and until I went forth out of it”; but, in teaching them, he said to them: “I am come forth from that mystery.” For this cause then they thought of that mystery, that it is the completion |4. of completions, and that it is the head of the universe and that it is the total Fulness. For Jesus had said to his disciples: “That mystery surroundeth that universe of which I have spoken unto you from the day when I met with you even unto this day.”

From Pistis Sophia

Thoth/Jesus is telling them that after he died, he went into these realms and discovered so much that even HE didn’t know at the time of his life on Earth, and he must tell them what he has experienced! He tells them that this “mystery” that he experienced while traveling these regions (various levels within the matrix) are the REAL total fullness, the REAL Head of the Universe. He even convinces them that the real fullness (Pleroma) that he spoke of the first time is actually located in a region within this new “mystery” he has discovered and explored. He tells them that the Universe he spoke of previously is really inside, or surrounded by, this new region he has discovered. The previous Universe can’t be the Head of the Universe for that reason, so this new region must be.

For this cause then the disciples thought there is nothing within that mystery.

from Pistis Sophia

The disciples were convinced and discarded the old version for the new version.

It came to pass then, when the disciples were sitting together on the Mount of Olives, speaking of these words and rejoicing in great joy, and exulting exceedingly and saying one to another: “Blessed are we before all men who are on the earth, because the Saviour hath revealed this unto us, and we have received the Fulness and the total completion,”–they said this to one another, while Jesus sat a little removed from them.

from Pistis Sophia

The disciples gathered around and discussed how grateful they were to receive this new information, while Thoth/Jesus sat back and listened to them.

A great light-power descendeth on Jesus. And it came to pass then, on the fifteenth day of the moon in the month Tybi, which is the day on which the moon is full, on that day then, when the sun had come forth in his going, that there came forth behind him a great light-power shining most exceedingly, and there was no measure to the light conjoined with it. For it came out of the Light of lights, and it came out of the last mystery, which is the four-and-twentieth |5.mystery, from within without,–those which are in the orders of the second space of the First Mystery. And that light-power came down over Jesus and surrounded him entirely, while he was seated removed from his disciples, and he had shone most exceedingly, and there was no measure for the light which was on him.

from Pistis Sophia

What is being described above is a great light that comes down and spotlights on Thoth/Jesus. Not just any light…it is the Light of Lights! What does that sound like to you? Hopefully, it will become obvious in a minute. Let’s keep going…

And the disciples had not seen Jesus because of the great light in which he was, or which was about him; for their eyes were darkened because of the great light in which he was. But they saw only the light, which shot forth many light-rays. And the light-rays were not like one another, but the light was of divers kind, and it was of divers type, from below upwards, one [ray] more excellent than the other, . . ., in one great immeasurable glory of light; it stretched from under the earth right up to heaven.–And when the disciples saw that light, they fell into great fear and great agitation.

from Pistis Sophia

The light was so bright that they couldn’t see anything. It blinded them, basically, and they got very afraid. It was many rays of light that were like beams or a shaft of light that stretched from above down to the ground. Can you imagine this? What must these men be feeling and thinking to witness something like this? They’ve never seen light such as this! Think about the time-period in which they live! They have the sun, fire, candles, torches, and some oil lamps; that’s about it, as far as their experience with light sources is concerned. They must have been shaking in their skin! We’ll continue…

It came to pass then, when that light-power had come down over Jesus, that it gradually surrounded him entirely. Then Jesus ascended or soared into the height, shining most exceedingly in an immeasurable light. And the disciples gazed after him and none of them spake, until he had reached unto heaven; but they all kept in deep silence. This then came to pass on the fifteenth day of the moon, on the day on which it is full in the month Tybi.

The confusion of the powers and the great earthquake. It came to pass then, when Jesus had reached the heaven, after three hours, that all the powers of the heaven fell into agitation, and all were set in motion one against the other, they and all their æons and all their regions and all their orders, and the whole earth was agitated and all they who dwell thereon. And all men who are in the world fell into agitation, and also the disciples, and all thought: Peradventure the world will be rolled up.

And all the powers in the heavens ceased not from their agitation, they and the whole world, and all were moved one against the other, from the third hour of the fifteenth day of the moon of Tybi until the ninth hour of the morrow. And all the angels and their archangels and all the powers of the height, all sang praises to the interiors of the |7. interiors, so that the whole world heard their voices, without their ceasing till the ninth hour of the morrow.

from Pistis Sophia

My interpretations will be shorter from here because I hope it is becoming obvious to you now. What this passage above is describing is Thoth/Jesus going up in this shaft of light, a great shaking, and terrible noise. To me, this cannot be anything but a craft of some type, and it seems that they witness a spectacular aerial show or event for quite some time.

But the disciples sat together in fear and were in exceedingly great agitation and were afraid because of the great earthquake which took place, and they wept together, saying: “What will then be? Peradventure the Saviour will destroy all regions?” Thus saying, they wept together.

Jesus deseendeth again. While they then said this and wept together, then, on the ninth hour of the morrow, the heavens opened, and they saw Jesus descend, shining most exceedingly, and there was no measure for his light in which he was. For he shone more [radiantly] than at the hour when he had ascended to the heavens, so that men in the world cannot describe the light which was on him; and it shot forth light-rays in great abundance, and there was no measure for its rays, and its light was not alike together, but it was of divers kind and of divers type, some [rays] being more excellent than others . . .; and the whole light consisted together.

The nature of his glory, It was of threefold kind, and the one [kind] was more excellent than the other. . . . The second, that in the midst, was more excellent than the first which was below, and the third, which was above them all, was more excellent than the two which were below. And the first glory, which was placed below them all, was like to the light which had come over Jesus before he had ascended |8. into the heavens, and was like only itself in its light. And the three light-modes were of divers light-kinds, and they were of divers type, one being more excellent than the other. . .

from Pistis Sophia

They were frightened. When the ruckus ended, Thoth/Jesus came down again in a beam of light, only this one was even better than the last. It was three beams of light with one (the one in the middle) being brighter than the other two.

And it came to pass then, when the disciples saw this, that they feared exceedingly, and were in agitation. Then Jesus, the compassionate and tender-hearted, when he saw his disciples, that they were in great agitation, spake with them, saying: “Take courage. It is I, be not afraid.”

It came to pass then, when the disciples had heard this word, that they said: “Lord, if it be thou, withdraw thy light-glory into thyself that we may be able to stand; otherwise our eyes are darkened, and we are agitated, and the whole world also is in agitation because of the great light which is about thee.”

from Pistis Sophia

This light is so bright and so blinding that they can’t see him, and they can’t even get up. They ask him to turn his spotlight down. This really made me laugh so hard. It is sad to read about this deception, but the spectacle, the show, and the effort that Thoth/Jesus is expending to convince them that he is Jesus Christ is really over the top, in my opinion. He’s terrifying them into believing something that he intends to be a deception, but he needs them to believe in order for it to work. Sound familiar? They are still doing this to humanity.

He draweth his light unto himself. Then Jesus drew to himself the glory of his light; and when this was done, all the disciples took courage, stepped forward to Jesus, fell down all together, adored him, rejoicing in great joy, and said unto him: “Rabbi, whither hast thou gone, or what was thy ministry on which thou hast gone, or wherefor rather were all these confusions and all the earth-quakings which have taken place?”

from Pistis Sophia

Thoth/Jesus turned down the light, they adored him, having been successfully impressed by his display and convinced of his Divinity, and they peppered him with questions about where we went, what he was doing there, and they ask him to explain all the ruckus they have been witnessing while he was gone.

Then Jesus, the compassionate, said unto them: “Rejoice and exult from this hour on, for I have gone to the regions out of which I had come forth. From this day on then will I discourse with you in openness, |9. from the beginning of the Truth unto its completion; and I will discourse with you face to face without similitude. From this hour on will I not hide anything from you of the [mystery] of the height and of that of the region of Truth. For authority hath been given me through the Ineffable and through the First Mystery of all mysteries to speak with you, from the Beginning right up to the Fulness,. both from within without and from without within. Hearken, therefore, that I may tell you all things.

“It came to pass, when I sat a little removed from you on the Mount of Olives, that I thought on the order of the ministry for the sake of which I was sent, that it was completed, and that the last mystery, that is the four-and-twentieth mystery from within without,–those which are in the second space of the First Mystery, in the orders of that space,–had not yet sent me my Vesture. It came to pass then, when I had known that the order of the ministry for the sake of which I had come, was completed, and that that mystery had not yet sent me my Vesture, which I had left behind in it, until its time was completed, thinking then this, I sat on the Mount of Olives a little removed from you.

from Pistis Sophia

He tells them that he was contemplating his mission, while he listened to them talk among themselves. Now, he understands that he just didn’t have the authority or the “initiation” that he was required to have in order to receive this new, secret information of the inner regions that he experienced. He, now, has the authority to share with him all he has learned there. He will tell them the complete truth in all its fullness! He won’t hide anything from them this time around! He has been given permission and authority to do this from his Father (who is or Yaldabaoth). He will retell them the first mystery (truth) that he told them the first time, only this time, it will be the complete truth and he won’t keep anything hidden from them the way it was last time. He also tells them how lucky they are.

The rest of these books in the Pistis Sophia go on with Thoth/Jesus and the retelling of the “mysteries” surrounding his birth, the secret knowledge that he now has permission to share, his own initiation within these new regions which gave him “garments” made of this fabulous Light. He also taught them about astrology and cosmology in detail.

He flatters them, tells them they are special, tells them that he was just waiting to see whether they were worthy to receive all that he would share. He will initiate (baptize) them in the same way he was initiated. Basically, he is forming them into a priest class that will serve his Father, according to the rules and methods that he will teach them. They must pass tests to deem their worthiness, and they are given the command to initiate others, following all the very specific rules. He tells them of secret words, prayers, and invocations. He makes them each tell him, in their own interpretation of his words, so that he knows they understand. They do this using the Odes of Solomon. He’s testing them. He tells them, “Whoever has understood, let him speak.”

This was how the churches were formed. This is how ALL the secret societies and fraternities were formed. This is how those who had the Spirit to receive the Divine Message from Christ were deceived by an Archontic messenger we know as Thoth to steer humanity and corrupt the truth.

Now, read the Sophia of Jesus Christ for another version of this account. Take note of how there is no fear, no spectacle, no lights, no mention of secret knowledge/initiation, no “chosen” ones.

Compare the way the Pistis Sophia (Hermetic) is written to the Sophia of Jesus Christ (true Gnostic) and see if you can tell the difference. One obvious difference that I use is that Jesus always inserts, “Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear!” This was not special knowledge that Jesus wanted only these people to know. They weren’t “chosen ones”.  Jesus was confident that anyone searching for truth would eventually find it with these words, and by saying those words, he called out (in Spirit) to all of those who would hear what he was saying.

From the Sophia of Jesus Christ:

“He called out, saying: “Whoever has ears to hear about the infinities, let him hear!”; and “I have addressed those who are awake.” Still he continued and said: “Everything that came from the perishable will perish, since it came from the perishable. But whatever came from imperishableness does not perish but becomes imperishable. So, many men went astray because they had not known this difference and they died.”

Mary said to him: “Lord, then how will we know that?”

The perfect Savior said: “Come (you) from invisible things to the end of those that are visible, and the very emanation of Thought will reveal to you how faith in those things that are not visible was found in those that are visible, those that belong to Unbegotten Father. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear!

from Sophia of Jesus Christ

At the end, he simply tells them that he has given them the truth so that they may also go out and spread the truth to others. No special assignments, vestments, initiations, or tests are required.

In the Sophia of Jesus Christ, they were afraid when they saw him, but they were quickly calmed when they recognized who it was. No lightshow was necessary, and he didn’t go out of his way to scare them half-way to death in the process. What was too beautiful for words in the Sophia of Jesus Christ was a terrifying and earth-shaking display in the Pistis Sophia.

A great distinction between the original Gnostic texts and the Hermetic Gnostic texts is that the original, spiritual version, is conveyed with love, compassion, patience, a lack of rules and laws, and pure benevolence, while Thoth’s message includes intimidations, condescendence, impatience, fear-mongering, rules, control, initiation, and patriarchy.

Some other areas of research that may be beneficial are:

  • Research the inconsistencies and controversy surrounding the last chapters of the Biblical Gospels of Mark and John, concerning the accounts of the resurrection and the miracles that Jesus performed to prove that he was, indeed, the same man they had met.
  • Keep in mind that Thomas did not believe that Jesus had “come back”, and he wasn’t the only one. This is where we get the idiom of “Doubting Thomas”. There are several account for that the followers of Jesus did not recognize him, alongside accounts where they clearly recognized him. One is a distortion of the original accounts.

With all this said, I want to add that it’s uncertain whether Thoth, as Jesus, was actually present before the disciples or if this narrative was added after the true Jesus had ascended. The Thoth revelations might or might not have happened for real—it could have been enough for the Archons to make up an inverted story, in order to distort and contradict the original Message.

Other Hermetic insertions of “truth” –

The Sumerian Anunnaki

The Enûma Elish

The Emerald Tablets

The Gospel of the Egyptians


Words and descriptions that help discern information coming from Thoth:

Astrology and cosmology

The mention and use of symbols of any kind

Secret names



Sounds that give power (words, mantras, prayers, syllables, etc.)

Rules and codes of conduct and ritual

ANYTHING that can be compared or resembles what we would recognize as a type of “space craft”. It seems that wherever Thoth shows up, he shows up in a flying thing with lights.

Information that indicates or implies a chosen group that is worthy

“Traveling” between realms, either upper or lower

As with everything else, context is key. Just because the word Gabriel is mentioned does not make it Hermetic. The context does. We have just noticed that Thoth has a certain style that he uses repeatedly, and the context will help you to not discard helpful information.

We will be discussing Thoth later in this series, as well, but as many of you are beginning to do your own research into these texts, we hope this helps to clear up some confusion you may experience. As always, this is only our experiences and personal conclusions. You may agree or disagree.

As a side note: If you want to start studying the real translations of the Gnostic texts, we suggest you do not start with The Tripartite Tractate. What we have noticed is that it seems to contain a mixture of a true spiritual message and that of an imposter. For instance, it’s written from a patriarchal perspective, excluding the feminine—Sophia, as being feminine, has been excluded from the text. Once you are relatively confident in your own discernment and have learned to use intuition when reading the Gnostic texts, you can read The Tripartite Tractate, as well, and be able to separate the wheat from the chaff because there is good information in it, as well. Instead, our personal suggestion is to maybe start with The Secret Book of John—the short or the long version.

References and Resources:

Pistis Sophia

Sophia of Jesus Christ

Gospel of the Egyptians

The Sumerian Texts

The Enûma Elish

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth


The Wes Penre Papers

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